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OPPOSITE PAGE, Clockwise from top left: Mike and Stacy Isabella love having a view of the bustling city life but wish they could take advantage of their rooftop deck more often; Surprisingly, Stacy is the main chef in the Isabella household, but Stacy admits she loves Mike’s gravy; The shades are never drawn at the Isabellas’ home because they love bright, sunny spaces; A pinwheel shelf and rolling cabinet are among Stacy’s favorite items in the apartment because they add a homey touch.

THIS PAGE, FROM TOP: Mike spends most of his time at home on this couch — except when the family is entertaining; Stacy kept the purple color scheme in the bedroom’s linens and artwork. (The piece above the bed was the first art she and Mike bought together as a couple, as they were both drawn to the paneling depths and the peacock design); Along with a killer view, the roof also features a full-length lap pool, an abundance of lounge chairs and several grills for summer cookouts.


kitchen whipping up culinary treats for the family. “Stacy does the cooking, and it is all fantastic,” he says. “She likes to mix it up and try new things, but her ethnic cuisines are always very flavorful. And she knows if I’m not in the mood for anything, pasta is a safe bet.” Although the restaurateur admits that he isn’t home every night when he is in the middle of opening a new place — which at press time was the Kapnos and G Sandwich Shop — he can typically be found plopped on the couch with pup Santino watching TV. But don’t assume that means the Isabellas are homebodies. Quite the opposite in fact, since both Mike and Stacy emphatically agreed that their favorite Washington activities include testing newly opened joints such as Del Campo and Daikaya, frequenting neighborhood favorites like Proof and Poste, and pulling up a stool at quite a few bars around town. When the Nats or Caps are home you might even catch Mike rooting for his adopted teams. “I am 100 percent a Washington fan, even though my New Jersey friends rib me a bit for it,” he says. “But we plan on being here for the rest of our lives. This is my home, and I’m going to root for our teams.” While President Barack Obama is still at the top of Mike’s list of Washingtonians he’d love to cook for, Redskins Quarterback RGIII isn’t far behind. “He’s a national phenom right now. Who wouldn’t want to cook him a meal, sit down, eat with him and just shoot the shit?”

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