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2021 Competitive Capacity‐Building Grants

Taking Charities to the Next Level with Competitive Capacity‐Building Grant Cycles In order to effect change, it is important to think big! But effective growth requires strategic, mindful planning. Taking that concept into consideration, the Washington County Community Foundation has been placing increased emphasis on supporting capacity‐ building requests.

Many grants have been issued to enable local charities to increase their capacity to better address their missions through the purchase of technology, improved financial reporting, marketing campaigns, strategic plans, or increased staffing, just to name a few.

Due to a recent influx of discretionary grant‐ making dollars from the late Alvin and Carol What is “Capacity Building?” Berthold, the Foundation restructured its Our definition of “capacity building” is any annual competitive grants cycles specifically to activity that increases a nonprofit’s operational, support capacity‐building endeavors. programmatic, financial, or organizational In 2021, a total of $410,000 in capacity‐building maturity. grants was issued through the competitive Each year, the WCCF awards an array of grants cycles, with awards ranging from $5,000 to from discretionary resources, through an open $50,000. The recipients included 31 different and competitive process that seeks to address charities in Washington County, and the grants the changing and unmet needs of Washington were issued from a variety of component funds County. in an effort to impactfully honor donor intent.

Competitive Grants Awarded by Funding Area


James H. McCune, WCCF Chairman of the Board

to our supporters who understand the boundless capabilities of their discretionary gifts.

Fueling Economic Development

The competitive capacity‐building grant recipients are featured throughout this The 2021 competitive cycles also presented the publication, both on the cover and in the bubbles Foundation with an opportunity to enter the scattered among the detailed grant listing. All of economic development area through its support our nonprofits are performing amazing work of the Mon Valley Alliance Foundation, which “Close to Home,” and the WCCF is privileged to received $50,000 to purchase a former bank be able to play a role in supporting their building in downtown Monongahela. missions through our grant‐making. In fact, The building will serve as the home of the Mon 2021 marked a record‐breaking year with a total of more than $4,300,000 in awards. What a Valley Alliance as well as the Mon Valley testament to our growth! Alliance Foundation, both of which were formerly located in Allegheny County. The facility will also house the Mon Valley Business PICTURED ON THE COVER GRANT RECIPIENTS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Resource Center, which will be a hub for  The Marianna Outdoorsmen Association was awarded $5,000 to construct an accessible fishing pier. business development, training, support  Bradford House Historical Association was awarded services, and incubation for new and growing $10,000 to pursue museum accreditation. businesses in the Mon Valley region. Supporting  The Montour Trail Council was awarded $15,000 for the Montour‐Panhandle Connector restoration project. an initiative such as this, at this level, would not  The Village of FPC was awarded $20,000 to expand have been possible without the flexibility offered their staff with a business manager. by our discretionary funds.  Harmony Life Center was awarded $10,000 for a The Foundation is so grateful for its many donors, and we owe a special debt of gratitude


financial audit. The Washington Area Humane Society was awarded $10,000 to purchase new animal wellness equipment. 3 .

2021 Competitive Capacity‐Building Grants

“We are thrilled to award a total of $410,000 to enable local charities to increase their capacity to meet their charitable missions. Our generous donors have enabled us to make these very meaningful grants that undoubtedly will have a tremendous impact in our community.”

Blueprints – $75,605 Bodiography – $2,552 Bowling Green State University – $1,000 Bradford House Historical Assoc. – $47,411 Bridge to Home Animal Rescue – $4,081 Bucks for Bucs Educational Fdtn. – $890 Burgettstown Area Comm. Dev. Corp. – $12,176 Burgettstown Area School District – $5,625 Burgettstown Community Library – $27,856

Arc Human Services was awarded $25,000 for its Canonsburg headquarters renovation.

Grants Awarded

A.D. White Research Society – $1,448 Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders

Bethlehem Lutheran Church was awarded $15,000 for Marianna Christian Outreach upgrades.

Assoc. – $2,189 Ambulance & Chair EMS – $3,000 AMC Cold River Camp – $546 American Cancer Society – $5,757 Amwell Township Vol. Fire Co. – $8,151 Angel Ridge Animal Rescue – $30,647 Arc Human Services – $26,971 Arizona State University – $4,000 Avella Area Comm. Assoc. – $2,480 Avella Area Public Library Center – $30,214 Avella Area School District – $5,625 Avella Vol. Fire Dept. – $5,000 Bella Capelli Academy – $6,000 Bentleyville Public Library – $30,871 Bentworth School District – $5,225 Bethany College – $500 Bethlehem Center School District – $5,225 Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church – $15,000 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh – $1,502 Bishop Canevin High School – $1,200 4

Blueprints was awarded $10,000 for its foster parent recruitment and retention program.

Burgettstown Vol. Fire Co. – $1,000 Butler Co. Community College – $1,000

The Childrenʹs Hospital of Pittsburgh Specialty Care Center at Washington Hospital was awarded $15,000 for distraction therapy artwork.

California Area Historical Society – $3,469 California Area Public Library – $7,784 California Area School District – $6,225 California University of PA – $12,500 Calvary Chapel Christian School – $48,585 Canon‐McMillan Horizon Fdtn. – $5,494 Canon‐McMillan School District – $5,625 Canonsburg Lake Restor. & Improvement Assoc. – $1,149 Canonsburg Vol. Fire Dept. – $2,500 CASA for Kids – $45,708 Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pittsburgh – $4,576 Cecil Twp. Vol. Fire Co. #1 – $3,500

Grants Awarded

Cecil Twp. Vol. Fire Co. #3 – $8,841 Center in the Woods – $1,096 Center Presbyterian Church – $743 Central Christian Academy – $3,400 Charleroi Area Historical Society – $264 Charleroi Area Public Library – $39,898 Charleroi Area School District – $15,225 Charleroi Area School District Edu. Fdtn. – $14,276 Chartiers Township Police Dept. – $5,000 Chartiers‐Houston Community Library – $13,575 Chartiers‐Houston School District – $5,225

Low Cost Spay Neuter/Fix ʹUr Cat was awarded $5,000 for technology upgrades.

Child Evangelism Outreach – $5,188 Childrenʹs Hospital of Pittsburgh Fdtn. – $25,543 Church of the Covenant – $583 Citizens Library Assoc. of Washington PA – $28,644 City of Monongahela – $277 Coalition for Christian Outreach – $22,855 Community Circle Food Pantry – $5,554

Genesis of Pittsburgh was awarded $10,000 for a new website.

Community College of Allegheny Co. – $2,000 Connect – $50,000 DePaul University – $4,000 Dickinson College – $400 Domestic Violence Services of SW PA – $179,714 Donora Historical Society – $1,572 5.

Gannon University – $1,500 Genesis of Pittsburgh – $26,176 George Washington Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution – $10,000 Girl Scouts Western PA – $964 Goodwill of Southwestern PA – $388 Grantmakers of Western PA – $3,828 Greater Canonsburg‐Houston Ministerium – $10,000

Kleine Klasse Schule was awarded $10,000 for an audit and fundraising software.

Grants Awarded

Donora Public Library – $37,453 Dress For Success Pittsburgh – $7,145 Ellsworth Vol. Fire Co. – $2,500 Leadership Washington County was awarded $10,000 to strengthen its financial procedures and to purchase technology.

Faith Christian School & Institute – $9,510 Fallowfield Township Vol. Fire Co. – $1,000 First Christian Church – $1,085 First Presbyterian Church – $777 First United Methodist Church – $277 Fort Cherry School District – $5,625 Foundation for California University – $228

Greater Washington Co. Food Bank (Food Helpers) – $389,227

Frank Sarris Public Library Assoc. – $32,197

Greene Co. Historical Society & Museum – $1,000

Fredericktown Area Public Library – $13,809

Habitat for Humanity – $6,895

Front Line COVID‐19 Critical Care Alliance – $4,500

Hanover Vol. Fire Dept. – $5,000 Harmony Life Center – $10,000 Heritage Public Library – $44,011 Highland Ridge Community Development – $3,213 Historical Society of Western PA – $22,157 Houston Vol. Fire Dept. – $2,500 Independence Conservancy – $552 Independence Vol. Fire Dept. 1 – $3,500 Indiana University of PA – $34,000 Jefferson Township Vol. Fire Dept. – $2,500 John F. Kennedy Catholic School – $20,710

The LeMoyne Community Center was awarded $5,000 to initiate a new drug and alcohol prevention program.


Kentucky Welding Institute – $2,000

The Historical Society of Western PA was awarded $15,000 for an emergency electrical generator at Meadowcroft Rockshelter & Historic Village.

Little Lake Theatre was awarded $40,000 for significant facility upgrades.

Meals on Wheels @ the Crossroads – $86,421 Memorial Park Post 764 VFW Ambulance Services – $1,000 Kenyon College – $1,000

Mental Health Assoc. – $2,939

Kleine Klasse Schule – $10,098

Metro Pittsburgh Youth for Christ – $337

Laurel Highlands Council Boy Scouts

Midway Vol. Fire Dept. of Washington Co. – $2,000

of America – $249

Mon Valley Alliance Fdtn. – $50,669

Leadership Washington County – $16,924

Mon Valley Career & Technology Center – $5,225

Liberty United Methodist Church – $576

Mon Valley YMCA – $167,796

Literacy Council of SW PA – $91,266

Mon Valley Youth & Teen Assoc. – $26,530

Little Lake Theatre Co. – $56,267

Monongahela Area Library – $35,097

Low Cost Spay Neuter Washington Co. – $20,778 Madonna Catholic Regional School – $18,964 Main Street Farmers Market – $4,166 Marianna Community Public Library – $12,684

The Mon Valley Alliance was awarded $50,000 for the purchase of its new facility in Monongahela.

Marianna Outdoorsmen Assoc. – $5,000 Maridon Museum – $2,552 Marine Toys for Tots Fdtn. – $4,690 Mario Lemieux Fdtn. – $500 McDonald Police Dept. – $2,205 McDonald Presbyterian Church – $25,857 McDonald Vol. Fire Dept. – $12,757 7.

Grants Awarded

McGuffey School District – $6,225

Casting a Lifeline: Featured Grant: Domestic Violence Services of SW PA

$150,000 Line of Credit Grant Deemed a “Godsend” Combating Cash Flow Woes

Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA works to empower survivors of domestic violence and reassure them that they deserve to be safe and free from violence.

The strain of COVID‐19’s financial impact is still being dealt with by many nonprofits. When the priority of the budget is to maintain all‐important services for clients, other elements of the operation may take a painful hit. These challenges can become even more acute when there is a delay in reimbursement funds from the government. Lisa Hannum, Executive Director of Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA (DVSSP), found her organization in this stressful situation: “It was an ongoing struggle for us to find the cash to pay our staff and other bills as we would wait to receive government reimbursements for services provided several months prior.” 8

At the time, DVSSP had a $50,000 line of credit; but, unfortunately, it was insufficient to meet cash flow needs. Tremendous growth in programming coupled with the delay in payment for services rendered was forcing DVSSP to pull cash from its Administrative Reserve. This investment was held in a brokerage account that contained only three months of the organization’s operating budget. While the Administrative Reserve was intended to be used when the charity was in dire need of cash (as was the case), it was not a sustainable long‐term solution for an unexpected increase in expenses or an unexpected loss of income. Withdrawing cash from the Reserve was only addressing their financial problems for the moment, and at the same time, they were limiting the Reserve’s earning potential, which could have severe consequences in the future. Lisa knew that DVSSP needed to fix this situation before it was too late. The organization couldn’t afford to continue to gamble its limited reserves on equally limited time — not when the welfare of DVSSP’s vulnerable clients so critically depended on them. Discussions among DVSSP’s leadership

were held, plans were made, and then those plans were quickly put into action.

The grant was issued in April 2021, and it did not take long for DVSSP to see the benefits. In fact, in Lisa’s words, the grant has been “a godsend.”

She remarked, “We have drawn upon the line of credit several times, and then paid off the balance as A DVSSP employee carefully the reimbursement grants have reviews client information. been received. Rather than The Community CARE Fund Offers stressing on how to make an Innovative Solution payroll, we can now focus our energies on After carefully considering the different facets of providing services to our clients and communities. And we have been able to keep DVSSP’s situation, the WCCF proposed an our Administrative Reserve fully invested!” outside‐the‐box idea. It marked the first donor‐ As it has been such a success, the model for the restricted line of credit grant is already being A restricted grant of $150,000 from the explored for another local charity facing a Community CARE Fund was awarded to situation that is similar to DVSSP’s. As the purchase a designated Certificate of Deposit (CD) with DVSSP’s financial institution. With the WCCF knows, the key to effective grant‐making CD as collateral, the existing line of credit could is truly understanding charities and their needs! be increased to $250,000. DVSSP agreed that all of the earnings from the CD would be reinvested as the CD is renewed, which will provide for future increases to the line of credit.

advised capacity‐building grant of its kind.

“The WCCF grant for the line of credit was a godsend! . . . Rather than stressing on how to make payroll, we can now focus our energies on providing services to our clients and communities.” Lisa Hannum, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA


Featured Grant: Domestic Violence Services of SWPA

DVSSP’s financial institution was willing to increase its line of credit from $50,000 to $100,000 using its building and other assets as collateral. But, based on Lisa’s current cash flow needs, the increase still wouldn’t be enough to solve the problem. It was then that she turned to the WCCF for help.

Timing is Everything

Monongahela Area Revitalization Corp. – $590 Monongahela Fire Dept. – $277 Monongahela Main Street Program – $2,422 Monongahela Valley Hospital – $277 Montour Trail Council – $15,000 Mon‐Vale Health Resources – $214 Morris Twp. Vol. Fire Dept. & Relief Assoc. – $5,132 Mt. Pleasant Township Police Dept. – $4,528 Mt. Pleasant Township Vol. Fire Co. – $3,600 National Duncan Glass Society – $71,246 Nazareth Baptist Church – $576 Mon Valley Youth & Teen Association was awarded $20,000 for facility improvements.

New Eagle Vol. Fire Dept. – $277 North Franklin Township – $5,000 North Franklin Vol. Fire Dept. – $5,000

Grants Awarded

North Strabane Township Police Dept. – $4,590 North Strabane Vol. Fire Dept. – $5,000 North Ten Mile Cemetery Assoc. – $1,825 Ohio University – $1,000 Old Schoolhouse Players – $6,232 Olivia Scott Fdtn. – $6,023 Pathways of SW PA – $15,219 Penn State University – $25,000 The National Duncan Glass Society was awarded $10,000 for new facility consultation fees.

Pennsylvania Elks Major Projects – $78,877 Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team – $3,311 Pennsylvania Trolley Museum – $158,961 Pet Search – $19,454 Peters Creek Historical Society – $6,613 Peters Creek United Presbyterian Church – $493 Peters Township Education Fdtn. – $5,920 Peters Township School District – $5,625 PONY Baseball/Softball – $2,027 Presbyterian Senior Care Fdtn. – $7,615 Primrose School & Museum – $8,318 Resurrection Power – $15,000

North Franklin Township was awarded $5,000 for the Lincoln Hill Community Park improvement project.

Ringgold School District – $5,225 Rochester Institute of Technology – $1,000 Sacred Heart Elementary School – $2,650 Saint Vincent College – $1,000


Smith Township Police Dept. – $10,000 South Hills Pet Rescue & Rehabilitation – $4,100 South Strabane Fire Dept. – $2,500 South Strabane Township Police Dept. – $2,000 SouthBridge Emergency Medical Services – $3,500 Southwestern PA Legal Services – $905 SPHS C.A.R.E. Center – $568 St. James Parish – $12,329 St. Paul Seminary – $11,787 Taylorstown Vol. Fire Co. – $5,000 Resurrection Power was awarded $15,000 to hire an advancement manager.

The Brownson House – $45,201 The Catholic Parish Cemeteries Assoc. – $1,964 The Childrenʹs Home & Lemieux

Savannah College of Arts & Design – $24,000

Family Center – $1,000

Grants Awarded

Seton Hill University – $1,000 Seton‐LaSalle High School – $72,340 Sharp as an Errol – $2,000 Shekinah Ranch of the Mon Valley – $3,320 Sisters of St. Francis of Providence of God – $11,787 Slippery Rock University – $16,250 Slovan Vol. Fire Dept. – $10,000

United Way of Washington County was awarded $5,000 to acquire new technology for interns.

The Dreamers Co. Intl. – $500 The Fdtn. for Enhancing Communities – $2,500 The LeMoyne Community Center – $70,784 The Peters Township Library Fdtn. – $10,964 The Salvation Army, Western PA Division – $77,168 Peters Creek Historical Society was awarded $5,000 for facility upgrades.

11 .

Washington County Watershed Alliance was awarded $10,000 to fund the development of a strategic growth plan.

Grants Awarded

The George Washington Chapter of Sons of the American Revolution was awarded $10,000 to place memorial signs in Washington County cemeteries.

Thomas Presbyterian Church – $2,054 Transitional Employ. Consultants – $2,431 Tri‐Community Ambulance – $277 Trinity Area School District – $6,126 Trinity United Methodist Church – $2,474 Tri‐State Christian Academy – $4,200

University of South Carolina – $4,000

TRPIL – $19,473

United States Air Force Academy – $4,000

United Way of Washington Co. – $31,478

Village of FPC – $25,284

Universal Technical Institute – $1,000

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State

University of Arizona – $1,000 University of Pittsburgh – $95,000

University – $2,000 Visions Services of Washington‐Greene – $6,005 Washington & Jefferson College – $42,906 Washington Area Humane Society – $80,175

TRPIL was awarded $15,000 to upgrade mobile technology.

Washington Area Senior Citizen Center – $3,994 Washington Christian Outreach – $6,451 Washington City Mission – $192,316 Washington Communities Human Services – $263,398 Washington Community Theatre – $17,298 Washington Co. Bar Fdtn. – $5,828 Washington Co. Community Fdtn. – $114,379 Washington Co. Gay Straight Alliance – $17,902 Washington Co. Historical Society – $20,241


Washington Co. History & Landmarks – $1,561 Washington Co. Watershed Alliance – $13,550

Western Area Career & Technology Center – $5,625 Western PA Conservancy – $2,246 Westminster College – $4,000 Wheeling Jesuit University – $3,000 Wilson Central Academy – $50,376 Wittenberg University – $4,000 Women of SW PA – $3,791 World Series Tournaments – $35,000 YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh – $1,400

Washington City Mission was awarded $10,000 for a needs assessment for its new facility.

Washington Hospital Fdtn. – $68,864 Washington Hospital School of Nursing – $1,000 Washington Jazz Society – $4,845 Washington Regional Special Weapons & Tactics – $5,000 Washington School District – $12,066 Washington Symphonic Orchestra – $28,377 Watchful Shepherd – $23,279 Waynesburg University – $4,000

Washington & Jefferson College was awarded $10,000 for new infrastructure at the Ignite business incubator.

West Alexander Vol. Fire Dept. – $2,500 West Finley Vol. Fire Co. – $2,500 West Liberty University – $2,500 West Virginia University – $8,000

Pathways of Southwestern PA was awarded $10,000 for the purchase of medical equipment at Your Child’s Place.

The Washington Symphony Orchestra was awarded $5,000 for new software and technology upgrades.

13 .

Grants Awarded

Washington Festival Chorale – $1,053

Funds That Issued Grants in 2021

 Abernathy

 DiSalle

 Acorn

Fund for Conservation Fund  Acorn Fund Pass‐Through  Alice Boone Main Memorial Fund  Alvin W. & Carol L. Berthold Fund  Andrew G. & Juliana J. Uram Fund  Armand C. Dellovade Charitable Fund  Arthur V. Ciervo Scholarship Fund  Arts Fund  Beichner Family Fund  Ben Franklin Fund  Berman Family Fund  Betty R. & Clarke M .Carlisle Fund  Bill & Suzette McGowen Family Fund  Black Family Scholarship Fund  Bridget Broaddrick Fund  Brownlee House Preservation Fund  Buckholt Science Scholarship Fund  Burgettstown Jr.‐Sr. High School Student Council Leadership Scholarship Fund  Burgettstown Lions Club Scholarship Fund  CARE Administrative Endowment  Carol L. Berthold Scholarship Fund for Dance  CAS/Dr. Kim Stacher Scholarship Fund  Catholic Endowment for Educational Development of Washington, PA (CEED)  Center Presbyterian Church Fund  Chambers‐Phelan Fund  Chapman Family Scholarship Fund  Charles & Barbara Manning Fund  Charles & Carol Keller Fund  Charles Pappas, Sr. Scholarship Fund  Chartiers Houston Community Library Fund  Christian Gathering Church Fund  Christman Family Scholarship Fund  Close to Home Disaster & Emergency Fund  Clyde J. Tracanna/Washington Rotary Club Educational & Vocational Fund  Community CARE Fund  Community Endowment for Peters Township  Craig Gnagey Memorial Fund  Crooks Family Charitable Fund  Crooks Family Charitable Fund II  Current Events Club  Curtis Wachter Scholarship Fund  Cynthia McCuen Scholarship Fund  D. Jack & Geraldine L. Gaido Memorial Scholarship Fund  David & Barbara Wylie Family Fund  David O. & Sara F. Johnson Family Education Fund

 Dorothy


Music Fund P. Hardy Charitable Fund  Dorothy P. Hardy Charitable Fund II  Dr. Adam D. Grossman Family Fund  Dr. Charles & Rita Tripoli Fund  Dr. Howard & Mary Eleanor Jack Fund  Dr. Malcolm Ruben & Dr. Jerold Ruben Charitable Fund  Dr. Wilson B. & Merne E. Pizzi Fund  Ed DeVoge Fund  EIO Fund  Eleanor M. Campbell Fund  EOS Fund  EPK Fund  EQT Scholarship Fund  Ernest L. Abernathy Memorial Fund  ESO Fund  Friends of Frank Tracanna Fund  Friends of Joan Griffin  Friends of Thomas R. & Charlotte L. Milhollan Fund  George & Mary Matijevich Community Fund  George & Mary Matijevich Scholarship Fund  Harold & Enes Hockett Fund  Harold & Hazel Lauerman Fund/Donora Public Library  Hart History Fund  Horne Family Fund  J. Barry Stout Charitable Fund  J. Edgar & Ruth E. Williams Fund  J. Russell Wylie Family Fund  Jeffery L. & Laura M. Liggett Fund  John & Sophie Choratch Scholarship Fund  John & Thelma Curtis Fund  John A. & Barbara L. Campbell Fund  John Bentley Greenlee & Mary Gates Greenlee Fund  John R. Duskey Fund  Jonathan Flickinger Giving Heart Fund  Joseph P. Femiani Humanitarian Trust  Judge David L. Gilmore Memorial Fund  Kenneth & Mary Baker Charitable Fund  Kirk C. Moninger Fund  Larry Campbell Fund  Lawrence & Marjorie Hitchon Fund  Liza N. Beale Legacy Fund  Lori Hill Orchestral Fund  Loughman Scholarship Fund  Louis E. & Shirley J. Waller Fund  Louis E. Waller Leadership Fund  Malcolm L. Morgan Community Fund  Margaret Pitek Ciervo Scholarship Fund  McBride‐McMaster Fund  McDonald Presbyterian Church Fund

 Megan

J. Phillis Scholarship Fund for Academic Excellence  Miss Judy Hopson Arts Fund  Mon Valley West YMCA Swim Team Fund  Motherʹs Fund  Neighborhood Drug Awareness Corps Fund  Nicholas Cumer Scholarship Fund  Nora Vallano McMahon Fund  O.W. ʺWilkieʺ Wilkerson Memorial Fund  Olivia Scott Scholarship Fund  Pierce R. Anderson Memorial Fund  Ralph W. Young Family Scholarship Fund  Rama Karamcheti Fund for Citizens Library  Range Resources Good Neighbors Fund  Rebecca Sarah Rogers Scholarship Fund  Ringgold Alumni Scholarship Fund  Robert C. & Maudie M. Armstrong Fund  Ronald M. Russell Fund  Ronald T. Miller, II Scholarship Fund  Rosenthal Jewelers Memorial Fund  Roy R. Gillespie Fund  Russell Family Fund  Ryan Johnston & Vaughn Johnston Scholarship Fund  Sam & Bev Minor Fund  Scott Ashmore Legacy Fund  Sgt. Russell L. Crupe Fund  Sprowls College & Post Graduate Scholarship Fund  Stanley & Mary Pruss Charitable Fund  T. Philip Stout Memorial Fund  Tershel Family Fund  The Washington Hospital Community Endowment Fund  Three Oaks Scholarship Fund  Timothy Edward Hitchon Scholarship Fund  United Way Community Endowment Fund  Varinoski Family Catholic Fund  Vitullo Family Fund  W. Scott Russell Fund  Walter L. Christman Family Fund  Ward Family Charitable Fund  Wash Arts Legacy Fund  Washington County Visiting Nursesʹ Association Scholarship Fund  Washington Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Scholarship Fund  WCGSA Scholarship Fund  William H. & Grace E. Gullborg Fund  William L. & Barbara M. Laird Fund  Zoog Family Music Fund

Washington County Community Foundation Board of Trustees 2021 Chairman James H. McCune

Secretary Richard L. White

Vice Chairman E. Alex Paris, III

Treasurer Michael S. Anderson

Megan M. Chicone W. Taylor Frankovitch Barbara A. Graham Chad A. Griffith Geraldine M. Jones Debra E. Keefer Cynthia B. Kotowski Ivana G. Liberatore Andrew M. McIlvaine Thomas P. Northrop Joseph M. Piszczor Elizabeth M. Rogers Kurt R. Salvatori Harlan G. Shober Lynne R. Stout Joseph H. Young

_____________________ Betsie Trew, President & CEO Aliesha Walz, Chief Operating Officer Emily Fox, Communications Associate

Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this publication. However, if we have omitted or inaccurately listed any information, please accept our most sincere apologies. The grant totals represent the sum of all awards recorded for each charity during the most recently completed financial year. In some cases, a charity’s grant total may include a prior‐period adjustment. Additionally, some fund names and grantee names have been abbreviated for spacing.

15 .

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