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Secret Angels

take flight with runway show Thursday 11 October 2018

No. 52

Bob the


helps Will raise thousands


It's not what you drink!

Warragul Scouts Harrison and Skye were raising money for Jamboree at Saturday's Jindivick Market by selling soy candle sundaes by Sarah Terlich. Yep, those delicious milk shakes are actually candles!

Big news for little kids

New Warragul kinder designs unveiled Designs for a new kindergarten at Warragul Primary School have been unveiled, paving the way for construction of the much-needed facility to begin late this year. By William Kulich @WillPJK

Funding for the multi-million dollar Warragul Primary School Early Learning Centre will come from all three levels of government. The exact cost of

the project differs depending on whose figures you read - the Baw Baw Shire has secured $3.2 million for construction, while a state government media release puts the centre's cost at $2.4 million. "The new centre will [be large] enough for 132 new placements," Baw Baw mayor Joe Gauci said at yesterday's unveiling. "Sixty-six children at a time can go into these classrooms, so that's an enormous outcome for us. "It'll be home to four year old kinder, three year old kinder, play

group, maternal and child health services, allied health services, school-based support services, and also, very importantly, available for community use. The unveiling comes a day after the state Labor government announced it would fund construction of even more kinder facilities should it win November's state election. A media release for that announcement states "more than 400 places will be created [in Baw Baw], equivalent to nine local services" by 2029.

Thankfully the wait for the Warragul Primary centre won't be so long. "This looks like a bit of open space," Cr Gauci said, "but in the near future and coming into the new year when construction begins, it's going to be a hive of activity." There will be additional pressures on kinders though as a result of the planned introduction of state-subsidised Continue reading on Page 2

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11 October 2018

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New kinder designs unveiled Continued from Page 1

three-year-old kinder places. "Because we're also introducing three-year-old kinder, which will scale up from five hours a week to 15 hours a week in 2022, we're also planning for that further growth," Labor member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing told the Baw Baw Citizen. "That means not just providing kindergarten environments, but also long daycare environments. "Working in with maternal and child health services as well as the existing services provided with the school and the council mean it really does become a community hub." We asked Ms Shing how long she thought the 132 new places would alleviate pressure on a kinder network the Baw Baw Shire Council says has "scarce vacancies... in our main townships." "The work is ongoing to make sure we can manage growth and the need for improved and extended kinder and school places now and into the future," Ms Shing said. "Across the state we know the population is going to grow by and extra four million people between now and 2050, either people being born here or people moving from interstate. "We need to have a very clear pipeline of new building and of capital works that involves not just updating

and modernising our existing buildings, but also making sure we can build new sites as well. "Across the board we're investing in that." Asked if the state was already looking at another site in Baw Baw, Ms Shing didn't answer directly. "I never stop looking at opportunities to develop places for young people to learn, places for families to come together, and community facilities for people to actually spend time together," she said. "I fought very hard for this particular facility to be one of the investments of our government." Warragul Primary principal Scott Clode said having the kinder on site was "a fantastic opportunity for the school." "The great thing is we're able to now provide a kinder to year six pathway for our families. We think with all the new families coming into the area and all the new estates, it's going to be a great opportunity," he told the Baw Baw Citizen yesterday. While the new kinder will see a whole new category of kids attending the school, Mr Clode said there will not be a big change to how the school operates. "What it'll mean is the school will be incorporating early years into our current prep to six arrangements," he said. "The kinder will be very much part of the school, it won't be seen as a separate entity."


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The school and kinder will share some administration facilities, but an external provider endorsed by the school will oversee the kinder. "But we will actually be working

together and it will be seen as one school," Mr Clode said. "[The kinder] needs to be a part of the whole school community and not seen as a separate site."

Warragul Primary student leaders check out the kinder plans at yesterday's unveiling.

A rendering of what the new kinder's program room will look like. Supplied.

3 Bob the Barber helps Will raise thousands Labor candidate still not chosen, but will be 'local' 11 October 2018

News • A Drouin business' fundraiser for the Cancer Council raised over $2,600 on Saturday. Home Timber & Hardware's fundraiser featured a live carving from chainsaw sculptor Paul Stafford, a dress-up competition, sausage sizzle, and face painting. Oh, and staff member Will Burrell had his head shaved by Bob the Builder. Will's shave was the centrepiece of the fundraiser. "I've wanted to do it for about the last 12 years since [my] Nan passed away of breast cancer," Will said. "With a couple of colleagues and their family struggling through cancer I thought 'now's the time to do the shave.'" Will had been growing his hair for around 15 months before losing it all for charity. He wasn't growing it for the fundraiser initially, but said he "didn't think twice" before committing. "Every second person was coming into the store saying 'oh, you've got to shave off your hair while it lasts,' so I thought it would be a good cause to do it for," he said. He encouraged other people to do similar fundraisers, either individually or through their workplace. "It's a great cause and the more money that gets donated the better it will be," he said. Will set a fundraising goal of $1,000 and is happy with the final amount raised, which included $1,500 from the sale of Paul Stafford's carving. Donations are still open. Find out more at


Victoria 2018 • With just over six weeks until this year's state election, Labor is still yet to endorse a candidate for our local seat of Narracan. But while the name you'll see on the ballot remains unknown, we do have some clues. For starters, it won't be Labor's candidate for the federal seat of Monash, Jessica O'Donnell. Ms O'Donnell yesterday confirmed this to the Baw Baw Citizen, saying she enjoys being a Baw Baw Shire councillor and she would have to leave the job if she were to run for a state seat. Labor MLC for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing confirmed there was indeed an active search for a candidate. "As I understand it, there is a process on foot for the preselection of a candidate for Narracan," Ms Shind told the Baw Baw Citizen. "That's a matter obviously for the party head office, but the work does go on to make sure we continue to deliver as we have done in the last four years. "We need to keep this work going, and I'm looking forward to working with a candidate who will have a strong local voice around advocating for that work into the future." We double checked the candidate would be a local. "I'm really looking forward to a local person being involved with me, who does understand the needs of this particular community, and is in a position to advocate very

6 - 28 October Drawings and sculptures:

Darren Gilbert & Janet Matthews

Drawing demonstrations: 1-4pm, 7th & 20th October 10am-5pm, 7 days 111 Princes Hwy, Yarragon

strongly and continue the work we've delivered since being elected in 2014."

About the hospital... Whoever the Labor candidate ends up being, they might have to campaign without a firm position on the future of the West Gippsland Hospital. Funding to redevelop the present hospital or build a new one has become an active issue. Many locals have joined the Where's The Funding campaign, and sitting Liberal MP Gary Blackwood has his party committed to a new hospital on a new site. Ms Shing said the issue was being considered by the government. "I'm looking forward to the government continuing to work on developing the best solution for this particular community," Ms Shing told the Baw Baw Citizen. "Whether it is a new hospital on the greenfield site or[...] a redevelopment[...] is being worked through. "I understand it's a matter for discussion at the very highest levels of government. I've continued to advocate for improved hospital infrastructure and works across the board in Gippsland. "It's an area where we've seen massive growth, and we've seen a change in the way patient care and clinical care is delivered and we need to make sure that's actually reaching into every part of the region." We just have to wait and see.


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Secret Angels take flight with runway show News • If the turnout for their fundraising fashion show on Saturday is anything to go by, Pharaoh’s Secret Angels are one of the worst kept secrets around. The group held a Ladies Day at Warragul's Western Park as part of a campaign raising money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation. The day raised over $12,100, and isn't even the main event of the year. "We've put together a fundraising team of 50 women from Drouin and Warragul, [and] on the 28th of October we'll have to do a half marathon," founding


member Janelle Hannath told the Baw Baw Citizen. "We can either walk it or run it, and we're looking to raise over $45,000 by that date. "We've done a movie night, a lot of different donations, and this Ladies Day is one of the major fundraisers we're doing. "It's basically a fashion show with pop-up shops. One of the girls has her own fashion business and she has 10 models running the cat walk with 40 different styles and fashions." Janelle said the group formed after "a very good friend" was diagnosed with cancer.

Secret Angels Belinda, Natasha, Liza, Janelle, and Nicky .

"She has spent a lot of time down in the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre getting





treatment, so that's where it came from," she said. "We realised what a great

job they do. So many people we know have cancer and we need to find cures, and Peter Mac are the ones doing research." Pharaoh's Secret Angels has attracted a huge amount of support from local people and businesses, giving the group hope it can continue to raise funds ongoingly, including for local treatment. "We know the West Gippsland Hospital only offers one day a week chemotherapy treatment at the moment, so in the future we'd love to raise some money to make it more accessible for people to have treatment at Warragul,"

Janelle said. "I think now we're getting going, that will be the next thing we do; something more local for the community." Emma Lieshout is the fashion business owner Janelle mentioned before, and she said the event was "a great way to help out." "It's actually quite emotional today, to be honest with you," she said. "The girls have all done an amazing job." You can find out about future events or donate directly to Pharaoh's Secret Angels via the group's Facebook page.

(Way, way)

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11 October 2018


Energy efficient reno rivals new builds Life • When we think of energy efficient houses, renovating might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But for Warragul man Tony Wolfe, converting an "unliveable" house into an eight star energy rating home came naturally. Those who remember Tony from his stint as a Baw Baw councillor will no doubt recall his fixation with renewable energy and street lighting. It comes as no surprise then to know his home is fitted with super-neat yet energy efficient lighting. Of course, when we dropped by to look around, the whole street was without power. Disaster? No. The house remained well lit despite clouds and sat at a comfortable temperature. Let's find out why...

Tony: In the design of the house we managed to achieve an eight star energy rating, which is pretty good for a renovation but pretty easy to do with a new house these days. Basically, [it comes down to] insulation, double glazing all the doors and windows, and passive solar features. Baw Baw Citizen: What's an example of a passive solar feature? Tony: North facing windows with overhanging eaves so in the summer the sun doesn't hit the windows, in the winter it does and warms the area. BBC: I'm surprised it's so effective given how close you are to your neighbours and fence! Tony: It would be better on an open block, but this was the best we could do. There's also the clerestory windows (windows installed very high up) and the pond outside. The idea is cross-flow ventilation, so you open up windows during summer and it draws air across the water and into the house. It's passive cooling of the space. BBC: Is that effective? Tony: I don't know! [But the clerestory windows] let hot air out. The house is much, much more thermally efficient in summer than it is in winter because of the large expanse of concrete flooring that gets quite cold in winter. You can't really walk around here in bare feet in winter, however in the summer it's absolutely beautiful. The only heating or cooling I have in the whole place is two reverse cycle air conditioners, and that's ample. BBC: How often do you find yourself turning them on? Tony: Rarely. This winter they have maybe been on a dozen times, and during summer hardly at all.


The house really maintains its coolness during the summer. It's good to have it as a backup. The energy usage in the house is actually in credit. My gas usage is nearly zero, I have two rain water tanks plumbed to the toilets, laundry, and external taps, so water usage is basically zero too. And electricity is in credit because I have 4.5kW of solar panels on the roof. A lot of the time I'm feeding back into the grid. BBC: What prompted you to renovate like this? Tony: I wanted a project, and I've been into sustainability for a fair while. I'm an electrician by trade so I did a lot of the electrics and quirky little stuff myself. I'm also a board member of Gippsland Climate Change Network, so I am well aware of all the aspects of sustainability and what's happening in the area. And why not? If you're going to renovate, it wasn't that much more to add to the cost for a long-term gain. BBC: It is actually affordable to add these energy saving features to a major renovation? Tony: I would estimate, and it's a very rough estimation, it probably cost me an extra $50,000 in the renovation costs to add all the additional insulation, the double glazing, to get the design features drawn up, but I think that's well and truly worth it and it will pay for itself in no time. It was at this point that Tony grabbed a spare piece of the insulation which makes up the exterior walls of his house: a 10cm thick piece of what looked like polystyrene. It had been a popular exhibit when he opened his house for the Baw Baw Sustainability Network's Sustainable House Day.

Tony: This is the material. You put it up and then it's just rendered and painted. It's affordable and easy to work with. You just cut it with a circular saw and put it on with big screws into the studs. It was so easy to work with and anyone can do it, you don't have to be a builder. BBC: Is insulation where you get most of your energy rating? Tony: Yeah, that and the double glazing. LED lights all through and low energy usage appliances too, and trying to time the use of those appliances to when the sun's shining so the solar panels are paying for the power. BBC: You changed the look of hour house quite substantially when you changed the cladding

- is there something people can do without making such extreme modifications? Tony: You don't have to change much. For example, in a weatherboard house you could change the windows to double glazing. A lot of them [also] didn't have insulation in the walls, and if they're on stumps and there's no insulation under the floor, that's where you lose a lot of your heat. If you can put insulation in the walls [and roof] and double glaze the windows, there's probably 80 per cent of your savings right there. A lot of the heat loss and gain is through single glazed windows. Even pelmet boxes (the old fashioned frames around the tops of curtains) and things like that help because they stop the airflow across the window surface. BBC: You're looking to sell this place now. Will you be looking to do this kind of reno again? Tony: Definitely, yeah. Time for another one. I learnt plenty out of doing this one. So many things worked really well, and some things I probably wouldn't do again. The fact the polished concrete floors are so cold during winter, for example. I did look at hydronic heating for the concrete, that's running hot water pipes through it, but it was going to add a fair bit of expense. I think I would probably do that next time. It's not a big deal, the rest of the house is warm and so long as you put a pair of socks on to walk around you're right. If you have any questions about Tony's green renovation, he is open to sharing his experiences with anyone who asks. He can be reached at


BLACKWOOD MLA Member for Narracan

CONVEYANCING • COMMERCIAL LITIGATION • ESTATE PLANNING 3/24 Mason Street, Warragul ph. 5623 1960 Funded from Parliaments Electorate Office & Communication Budget

1/1 Smith Street, Warragul


11 October 2018

Car fire warning as incidents rise

Police have warned Baw Baw motorists to move broken down vehicles as quickly as possible to avoid damage and arson. A police spokesperson told the Baw Baw Citizen that if abandoned vehicles "are not being damaged they're being set alight." The spokesperson listed a

Golf cart drivers wanted

number of recent incidents which triggered the warning. On Monday morning a car at Robin Hood Reserve was set alight. Emergency services extinguished the blaze and the vehicle was towed for forensic testing. Another incident occurred on Tuesday of

last week on Binbeal Road, Drouin. The spokesperson said a car was set alight on the road shortly after being spotted being driven erratically in the Warragul and Drouin areas. "Vehicles left on the highway, whether broken down or run out for fuel, if not pricked up promptly,

A man and a woman were injured after four men driving a golf cart allegedly assaulted them in Warragul last Sunday. The incident occurred on Copelands Road at 6pm. A police spokesperson said the driver of the golf cart ran over the woman's foot before punching and kicking the male who was with her. The male was conveyed to hospital with injuries to his back and head. The victims reportedly did not know their alleged attackers. Police have asked that anyone with information about the incident contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

A police spokesperson said the cards were used at a convenience store in Drouin, with the the person using them being caught on CCTV. Police have asked the alleged offender to hand themselves in. --A handbag was also reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Longwarry Road, Drouin on Friday. Police are searching for a man, described as being between 15 and 20 years old with medium build, and around 5'5" tall in connection with the case. Anyone with information about the incidents can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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possible. If you have any information about the Robin Hood Reserve of Binbeal Road incidents, you can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

Plates ripped from car in Warragul, items stolen in Drouin

are becoming an issue," the spokesperson explained. "Offenders are either ransacking them for parts, damaging, or setting them alight. "They are increasingly being set alight. "If you do have a break down, have your vehicle removed as quickly as

Counterfeit $100 notes in Warragul, stolen items discovered

Free Ride2Work Day event!

Police are investigating after two number plates were pulled from a vehicle in Warragul's CBD. A police spokesperson said the plates were not unscrewed from the vehicle before being removed. The vehicle was parked on Victoria Street, adjacent to the Woolworths car park. --A wallet containing cards and personal papers were also reported stolen from a vehicle parked on Hunter Close, Drouin over the weekend. The incident occurred between 8pm on Saturday and 8am on Sunday after a window on the vehicle was left down.

Two counterfeit $100 notes were used in Warragul recently. A police spokesperson said one of the notes was used at the Vinnies opportunity shop on Gladstone Street, where a man used a $100 note to purchase $20 worth of items, receiving $80 change. The man was described as being around 6 feet tall, Caucasian, aged in their 30s, and wearing white clothes. The second report came from Warragul McDonalds, where a $100 note was used to pay for a drive-thru order. A man driving a green Holden Commodore station wagon paid for the order. No other information

is available. Anyone with information about the incidents can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. --The owner of a recovered stolen vehicle has discovered and handed in to police some suspected stolen property. Their vehicle was reported stolen on 4 September and recovered on 13 September. When the owner got it back they found tools inside which did not belong to them, including a post hole digger, car jack, and blue tool box. Contact Warragul Police for further information.

Baw Baw's workers are being encouraged to head to Warragul's Queen Street Park next Wednesday for free food and entertainment! Baw Baw Shire is continuing its tradition of holding events at the park to celebrate the annual Ride2Work Day. This year free coffee and breakfast will be served by Lions Club volunteers between 7.30am and 9am. There will also be prizes, games, and giveaways, as well as live music performed by Warragul Regional College students. The council hopes the event will encourage people to get fit through cycling.

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11 October 2018

Bank Sa turdays

, Wa r r a gul ~ 6 October

6 Oc to be r s, War ra gu l ~ Ba nk Sa tu rd ay

to be r Wa rr ag ul ~ 6 Oc Th e Ga rd en Ba r,




Wa r r a g

ul ~ 6 Octo be


6 Oc to be r r, War ra gu l ~ Th e Ga rd en Ba Th e Ga rd en Ba r, Wa rr ag ul ~ 6 Oc to be r

The Gard en Bar, Warra gul ~ 6 Octob er

Bank Satu rday s, War ragu l ~ 6 Octob er

The Garde n B a r , Wa rragul ~ 6 O ct ob e r

Oc to be r ar ra gu l ~ 6 W s, ay rd tu Ba nk Sa

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Correction: In last fortnight's edition we implied the Gippsland Soccer League grand finals were held on Saturday 22 September. The correct date was Sunday 23 September.

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11 October 2018


Strong start for Trafalgar Cricket Club Trafalgar A and B grade have started the season on a high, winning their games against Yallourn North and Traralgon West on Saturday. The teams' performance was made all the more impressive by many experienced players missing the game. "We started the season off pretty well," coach Rhys Holdsworth told the Baw Baw Citizen. "We had a lot of players missing due to work, we had a footy trip on, and a lot of things like that, so we had a pretty young team and the young fellas performed quite well. "One of our veterans, Christian Burgess, made 44 out and our new English import, Callum McCarthy, got 35 with the bat. "We chased down their score of 121 with three balls remaining, which is pretty good." The B Grade's performance was dominated by a new player. "We had a new Indian fella (Arvind Bharadwaj) come to play for us and he got 91 not out," Rhys said. "He was a good recruit." Another new player, Craig White, scored 36 not out. The strong performance from a largely fresh faced side puts pressure on the more experienced players to perform well. "For sure, for sure. From our first


Stay in the loop with our free email updates! Subscribe at Trafalgar A Grade celebrates its win. The trophy is part of a lighthearted competition exclusively between Trafalgar and Yallourn North, which share a sponsor. it has no bearing on the overall competition. Photo supplied by Trafalgar Cricket Club.

week, we could've filled probably seven guys into our A Grade team, which will filter down into our B Grade," Rhys said. "It's good to get two wins to start with. "We've been training for probably

five or six weeks before the season started. "We were quite prepared, but I just put a bit of faith into the guys we had and they performed. "I'm pretty confident we have the best teams. When everyone's

available we clearly have the best side, I believe. "We have a few guys on shift work and stuff like that. "We've just set a goal for both teams to make the finals and we'll go from there."

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26 Acres in Drouin South with the lot Two bedroom original weatherboard cottage with three bay garage and sundry shedding. Huge 30mX12mX5.6m colorbond shed, concreted with power connected. Includes two story office complex with toilet and shower. Fully approved planning permit to build new residence as well. Good stock water supply with spring-fed dam trough system and plenty of rain water from multiple large tanks. For more detail or to arrange an inspection contact us today. Location: Drouin South Address on request Price:

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5625 1342

Terry Williamson 0418 567 235 Tom Williamson 0400 925 226

Baw Baw Citizen - 11 October 2018  

In our 52 issue we have articles on energy efficient renovations, cancer research fundraisers, and plenty of local news.

Baw Baw Citizen - 11 October 2018  

In our 52 issue we have articles on energy efficient renovations, cancer research fundraisers, and plenty of local news.