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Shire shelter

Council seeks refugee support report Baw Baw councillors have called for an investigation into the shire potentially declaring itself a Refugee Welcome Zone. A motion calling for the investigation, moved by Central ward's Mikaela Power, was passed without opposition at last night's council meeting. "We had a group of people address council asking us to consider participating," Cr Power told councillors. "This report gives us as councillors information about what we would be signing. "It’s essentially part of us being a welcoming region to people who come here." Refugee Welcome Zones are symbolic commitments to welcoming refugees into the community. Baw Baw is surrounded by councils which declared themselves RWZs several years ago. Cr Power's motion comes over three years after former Baw Baw mayor Debbie Brown told the Baw

Weather Tomorrow

Baw Citizen she would look into the council's options. But back to last night: East ward's Michael Leaney and Peter Kostos both spoke strongly in favour of the motion, with Cr Kostos commenting "I don’t think we should be doing this because we’re the last Gippsland council [not to have done so], we should be doing this because it’s a good thing." While the vote calling for the investigation was unanimous, there was a hint of opposition from Central's Danny Goss. "It’s a bit hard to not support this motion because it’s asking for a report," Cr Goss said. "I haven’t heard of any who have been made unwelcome. "I suppose my main problem is we’re starting to move a little into a political area, which I do have a problem with because I don’t want to see the council become overtly political. "That’s not what we’re here for." Sourced from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology at 6.30 am today

Saturday 10-13 Showers Sunday 3-11 Showers clearing

Maddison and Sally enjoy the daffodils and jonquils at the season's first Rokeby Market on Saturday.

8-21 Sunny

Monday 4-16 Partly cloudy Tuesday 7-17 Possible shower

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13 September 2018

Libs promise $3 million for Neerim District Secondary The Victorian Liberal National coalition has promised $3 million for upgrades to Neerim District Secondary College should it win the next election, but there are no specifics on how the money will be spent. Shadow education minister Tim Smith and Narracan MP Gary Blackwood attended the school on Monday to announce the funding and meet with school leaders. "This school was built in the 1960s, it's 50 years old," Mr Smith told media at the announcement. "None of these schools were meant to last this long anyway, they should have been replaced a decade or so ago. They're falling to bits. "Classrooms don't teach students, teachers do, but it does make a difference in terms of school spirit and the way people feel about their school." Other than making general statements that the funding would be used to modernise the school, no details of specific projects were released. Mr Blackwood clarified to the Baw Baw Citizen that the lack of detail for the multi-million dollar commitment was intentional. "We'll work with the school community on their priorities," Mr Blackwood said. "There's no point governments coming and telling schools what they're going to get - we believe

Representatives meet: NDSC vice school captain Justin Lockett, shadow education minister Tim Smith, NDSC vice school captain Rylee Findlater, NDSC school captain Grace MacDonald, NDSC school captain Adam White, and Narracan MP Gary Blackwood.

in schools having involvement in working on the priorities which will best serve the students." Acting principal John Wilson said the timing of the commitment was good for the school. "We're actually going into a review next year, so we'll be starting a process of writing a four-year strategic plan and so it comes at an ideal time," he told the Baw Baw Citizen. "We'll be working through a process of determining what our priorities are anyway." With years of planning and building yet to come should the government change at the next election, the student leaders on

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Pictured: Walhalla

hand to greet the minister and Mr Blackwood were well aware they would not see the new buildings as students. They were, however, excited for the school's future. "We saw improvements through our schooling years, and I think that was really advantageous to us, and I think it just happens to be when it has occurred that the Year 7s are going to get lots out of this improvement and it'll be really good for them," school captain Adam White said. "I'm a little bit jealous but that's alright." "So many people in this area come to this school," fellow school captain Grace MacDonald added.

"There's people from Noojee, they rely on this school because they can't really get to Warragul. "I feel like if they have an environment which is built up and really prosperous then they'll enjoy their school life and... probably enjoy their school more because they're in a really nice environment. "I can't help but walk past [and notice] the little 'asbestos' signs." Mr Smith criticised the Labor government for not yet committing funds to the school. "I'm sorry for the kids in Year 12 [missing out], but that's life, and quite frankly the Andrews Labor Government should've funded this school four years ago when they were elected," the minister said. "The Labor party have ignored this school." Asked by the Baw Baw Citizen why the pressing large-scale school upgrades weren't committed to under the 2010-2014 Liberal National government, Mr Smith noted that the former Liberal National government did fund some works at the school. He added: "I'll just make this point: Labor have been in government in this state for 15 of the last 19 years, so if there's any structural impediment to education in this state, it is the cause and the fault of the Australian Labor Party."


13 September 2018

Arrests follow rural burglaries

Council responds to Beyond the Valley petition

Two Drouin men have been arrested in relation to a series of rural burglaries around Drouin, Warragul, and Lardner. A police spokesperson said a 21 year old man was arrested in Morwell after being in custody for other matters, while a 19 year old man was arrested at home. The older man faced court on Monday morning while the other has been bailed and will appear in court at a later date.

$10k ute stolen from Lardners Track property

A Toyota HiLux ute with a reported value of $10,000 was stolen from a Warragul West address last week. According to police, the vehicle was taken from a Lardners Track property overnight between Tuesday 4 September and Wednesday 5 September. The stolen ute's registration plates read "ENK 537". An address on nearby Lardners Road was also targeted by thieves a few days earlier with a viola and clarinet stolen from a shed. That incident occurred between 30 August and 4 September and the value of the instruments is unknown. Information about either incident can be reported to Crime Stoppers on on 1800 333 000.


Drouin residents Kamilia and Macka having a chat at last weekend's Rokeby Market.

Bird is the word

Say hello to Kamilia and Macka from Drouin - they might say hello back! That might just sound like good manners until you know Macka is a 35-year-old talking cockatoo. We met the pair as they walked around Rokeby Market last weekend. Macka was perched on Kamilia's shoulder, occasionally squawking while being toured past the food, plants, and homewares on offer.

Both were happy to stop and talk to anyone who wanted to find out more about them. One group of kids we saw talking to them were impressed to see Macka move to Kamilia's hand and flip upside down. The bond between the two of them was formed in the 1980s when Kamilia owned a pet shop in Sydney. "He was the main attraction!" Kamilia told the Baw Baw Citizen.



"In those days there used to be people who went and raided the nests and brought the birds to us to sell. "He was so little, around four to five weeks old, and I hand raised him. "My husband died four years ago, so he's my only companion now. "I bring him out [with me]; nobody's going to attack me with him on my shoulder!"

Baw Baw councillors have noted a report prepared by council staff in response to a 63-signatory petition calling for an end to the Beyond the Valley music festival's run in Lardner. The annual multi-day end-ofyear festival moved from Phillip Island to Lardner Park in 2015, with some locals opposing the event from the beginning. Councillors received the petition at their 25 July 2018 meeting. The petition called on the council to "not approve any future permits for the function promoted by lncognitus for the Company, Beyond the Valley, to be held at the venue known as Lardner Park, Burnt Store Road, Lardner over future New Year’s or any other periods." Petitioners gave several reasons for their opposition, including noise, level of community consultation, and heavy traffic on the conclusion of the event. Councillors acknowledged a response to the petition from Baw Baw staff at their meeting yesterday. The response stated the site had a long history of hosting festivals and festival organisers were subject to strict legislation. Central ward's Danny Goss was the only councillor to comment on the response at the meeting, noting there was no application for approval presently before councillors.



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13 September 2018

Figuring out Fozard Another Baw Baw local will stand as an independent in November's state election: Michael Fozard, who will contest an Eastern Region upper house seat. Many in Yarragon might know Mr Fozard through his cafe Fozigobble. With a menu boasting organic options and the Greens-dominated Baw Baw Sustainability Network based in the cafe's back yard, it might come as a surprise to some that Mr Fozard was once a very active member of the Liberal party. We sat down with Mr Fozard to get to know him a little better before the election. Baw Baw Citizen: I think a lot of people would have had you down as a Green, why are you running as an independent? Michael Fozard: I'm running as an independent purely due to the fact I've been involved in the political system previously, I was a member of the Liberal party back in Blackburn, I was even the president of [that] Liberal party [branch], and then when I came down here I then joined the Liberal party at Trafalgar. I stood for preselection under the Liberals at the time when Florian Andrighetto (Narracan MP, 1996 - 1999) was selected. Going through that sort of process started to open my eyes a little bit in regards to the structured political parties, and... what [former Liberal premier Jeff Kennett] did to country Victoria really disillusioned me. That was the reason I then decided I would opt out of that particular major party. I've also been a member of the Australian Democrats, and I [was their] endorsed candidate for Narracan. I looked at the Australian Democrats and thought 'well here's an opportunity, here's something that's a little bit different, 'keeping the bastards honest.' I've always kept an interest in politics and have been elected twice as a shire councillor, one time to the old Buln Buln Shire Council... and once [to] Baw Baw Shire.


I didn't want to run with any of the major parties, knowing what I'd been involved in, knowing what I know of them. I know a little bit about the Labor party, I've had a lot of friends in the Labor party, [as well as] the [former] Greens candidate Malcolm McKelvie. I have a very close association with them. I feel I have an overall outlook which covers all aspects of what is considered to be part of our political system here in Gippsland. I thought the best way to do this is to stand as an independent and become a voice. The concern a lot of people have with an independent is you have no power, well you do. My belief is you do have a lot of power, especially in the current political climate that we've got here today, an independent can achieve a lot. BBC: Many are curious what independents actually stand for, given they often don't have a direct party affiliation. With you it's extra confusing; you're formerly a Liberal, then Democrat. You run a place which appeals to hippies and you are campaigning under the slogan "Make Gippsland Great Again," which seems borrowed from Trump. MF: (laughs) Well it wasn't borrowed from Trump, but it just turned out Trump used it and Trump's renowned for it. As I've said in some of my other press releases, I've also used the statement 'It's Time', which is a Labor thing, and I've also used 'Keep the Bastards Honest' from the Democrats. It's just getting a message across. What I'm also now looking at is that I'm trying to 'Grow Gippsland,' so I'm using the phrase BBC: Short of asking who you voted for last election... MF: I don't mind. BBC: Well then I will ask that. Who did you vote for in the last state election? MF: I suppose I would have been called a swinging voter. I voted for Labor once back in

Michael Fozard outside his cafe in Yarragon.

the Kennett time when Kennett re-stood, and I've voted for the Liberals since then, and also I put in a vote for The Greens as well, mainly because I knew some of the philosophies of The Greens and I agreed with them. It was probably to a degree not a protest vote, but I felt more comfortable knowing that within myself I've done the right thing.

BBC: Speaking of protest votes, some parts of your candidacy announcement media release did seem like you were encouraging people to take a protest vote with you. MF: Correct. BBC: Was that the intended meaning? MF: Yes. I feel that people get into, and again I'm one of those who could be accused of this, get into a routine of the way we vote. My parents were Liberal, I basically became a Liberal and I voted in accordance. You could say I followed my parents. And it's mainly because in the household I lived in with my parents, we spoke about issues of politics and liberalism was always there. My parents came from England and they were Conservatives. I don't think anyone knows [if] the Liberals are [conservative or not], I don't think anyone knows what the Labor party is. The Greens I think are probably more definite in what they are, but the rest of them are a little bit confused. So when I went out I thought 'we've got to try to break this habit of people continually just not thinking about how they


vote.' I would like people to give it some thought and say 'I'm voting for this, and this, and this, and this reason.' Think about it, break your habit, give some thought, and hopefully you will then decide I'm a candidate you should be voting for in Gippsland.

BBC: What are your key issues coming into this election? MF: When I first moved to Gippsland back in 1982, I took on a challenge. At that particular time in the Labatouche area they wanted to put a rendering works, and as a community we fought against that. We lost it, we lost it at both council level and at VCAT level. I thought 'we've got to be able to have better planning. We've got to be able to have an opportunity for the community to have an input on planning issues.' We here in Gippsland have an incredible resource, and that is our agricultural land. Let's not destroy that. It has already been destroyed in Melbourne, let's not destroy what is the value. Agricultural land is a finite resource, it's important we protect what we've got for the future. The second thing I look at is inflation, the cost of living. Petrol pricing - in country Victoria we rely on petrol. We rely on it for travelling, our trucking industry, our agricultural industry. Another issue we should be looking at in my opinion is things like education, and I've just acknowledged today that Daniel Andrews has given $1 million toward autism and the training of people.

I have a grandson who is autistic and I think that's great, but then on Tuesday, I do gold panning as a volunteer up at Walhalla, and I [guided] a school in the Warragul area. I said to the teachers there 'what is the thing you look for in regard to the education department?' They said money for maintenance, money to improve the school. We don't get it, everything is deteriorating. BBC: In terms of cost of living, you mentioned fuel prices particularly. Are you talking subsidised fuel costs for regional areas? MF: I'm actually trying to work out, in my own mind, how you could do that. I know there are opportunists who would take advantage of anything you came up with. We need to have an inquiry into the fuel industry. ---

Mr Fozard isn't the only Yarragon local standing as an independent candidate in the upcoming state election. Back in our 17 May edition we covered the candidacy plans of Carlo Ierfone, the former owner of Warragul Shoe Repair. Carlo plans to run for the lower house seat of Narracan, and you can read our story at We'll have plenty of state election coverage as we get closer to November. To stay updated keep picking up our print editions and subscribe for our free email updates:

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13 September 2018

Beach to Baw Baw

Matthew Bentley in his comfort zone. Photo: Tom Morrison. ADVERTISEMENTS:

Raymond Island's Matthew Bentley is returning to Baw Baw this weekend for three gigs as part of his Wake Up tour. The guitarist and singer has been developing a name for himself along parts of eastern Australia's surf coast with his John Butler-inspired guitar work and vocals "heavily influenced by Matt Corby, Vance Joy, those kinds of musicians." Matthew is the kind of relaxed guy you expect to find at the beach. In fact, the pull of the coast has seen him work his tour destinations around where he and the mates he'll be travelling with want to check out. "Half of them are based off us wanting to visit certain towns we had heard about, or certain places we really want to see and then basically try to book a show in that town that would correspond with that trip," he told the Baw Baw Citizen. The gigs in Warragul and Drouin are a little out of the way, but he has found Gippsland warming to his New South Wales coast sound. "It's something a little bit different from some of the other sounds around here, so I think it's coming along quite well," he said. "[A road trip through New South Wales] really opened my eyes to a lot of the music they have going on up there, which really inspired me to start playing more music." While performing a lot of covers of music he likes, Matthew is keen to play original music whenever possible. Anyone who has heard the flood of requests shouted at musicians at venues will know this isn't easy. "You can either play a longer set

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at a pub and make more money and play more songs, but they're covers and not really the kind of music you want to be playing. Or you can do a shorter set of just say an hour, and it will just be your music but it will be a shorter amount of time to play." The Wake Up tour is based around Matthew's song and EP of the same name. The meaning of the song's lyrics mught not be immediately obvious. "The song itself was about having somewhere you can come back to that makes you feel good, and a lot of people sort of question me about the chorus, asking if I got it wrong saying 'wake up in the ocean'?" Matthew said. "That came from me being somewhere I didn't want to be, and then coming back [home]. A group of friends and I went out in the boat really early in the morning in winter and I was basically half asleep. "We all jumped in the water for some stupid reason at that early time, and it just basically woke me up and I felt so good after doing it. It was quite a feeling of waking up in the water." You can catch Matthew live at Drouin's refurbished Royal Hotel from 7pm to 10pm Friday, the Warragul Farmers Market on Saturday from 8.30am to 1pm, and again on Saturday at Warragul's Railway Hotel from 8.30pm to 12am. If you're interested in hearing Matthew's music at home before heading out, you can find Wake Up and other tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

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Image from /walhalla.victoria on Facebook.

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13 September 2018


Bank Saturdays, Warragul - 8 September 2018

Baw Baw's hot new hit The soundtrack to this summer has already been set, and we're not even two weeks into spring! Local band Doonie Way's new single, Summer, is a catchy, happy, relaxing, sunny day song. The band (Trafalgar's D’Arcy Connaughton on Bass, Yarragon's Tim Irwin on vox and rhythm guitar, Drouin's Blaike Murphy on Drums, and Moe's Bryce Robinson on lead guitar) have gone all-out with this release. The excellent audio production and mastering (by Nilma's Darcy Handley and Melbourne's Christopher Vernon respectively) is matched by an equally-giddy video (by the Latrobe Valley's Cameron Cilia). Our verdict? Summer is at least partially responsible for this edition of the Baw Baw Citizen being late to the printers, but it's hard to feel bad about that when this song is playing. Give Summer a listen when it comes out this Saturday on your favourite streaming platform, and check out the video if you can!

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n Hall At Exhibitio , Warragul St itt 15 How

Thanks to you all…



Together at Last

Warragul Youth Theatre Tuesday 2 October to Friday 5 October

Off The Leash Theatre Company Thursday 25 - Sunday 28 October

Silvie Paladino and David Hobson Friday 16 November 8:00pm

The Show Goes ON!

ABBA-solutely Fabulous

Celtic Illusion

Tom Burlinson

Kitty Flanagan

Rhonda Burchmore and Lara Mulcahy Saturday 15 December 8:00pm

Irish Dance with mind-blowing magic! Sunday 16 December 7:00pm

Sinatra at the Sands Friday 8 March 2019 8:00pm

Smashing! Saturday 9 March 2019 8:00pm

We are really lookingforward to welcoming you all ‘home’ to West Gippsland Arts Centre. All shows are now scheduled for the new dates. Contact the booking Office on 5624 2456


13 September 2018 SPORT SOCCER


Ellinbank on the verge of victory

MiniRoos at their last meet of the season. Photo: Rachel Short.

MiniRoos, big achievements WARRAGUL MINIROOS • Warragul United MiniRoos celebrated the end of a good season with a fun session and award presentations earlier this month. The MiniRoos are Warragul United's soccer program for kids aged between 5 and 10. "It aims to give kids the opportunity to learn and play soccer in a fun environment," MiniRoos coordinator Natasha

Davis told the Baw Baw Citizen. "The MiniRoos differ from the older age groups in that they play in a Warragul only league on a Saturday morning so there is no travel involved." The Presentation Day activities on 1 September were no small affair. "Participation trophies were handed out to all 95 registered miniroos followed by hot dogs and drinks," Natasha said. "We have a great team of qualified

50 We're

issues old!

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junior coaches, some of which are current men’s senior players, who offer their time and expertise." The next MiniRoos season starts in March 2019. Parents of kids interested in being involved can follow the MiniRoos on Facebook, or email wuscminiroos@hotmail. com. "Next season we hope to expand the league to over 150 kids, offering a full U10 Warragul soccer league," Natasha said.

EDNA • Ladder-toppers Ellinbank A Grade are looking to score another Grand Final win when they play Poowong in Warragul on Saturday. While Ellinbank has had a dominant season, coach Taylah Wallace told the Baw Baw Citizen they are expecting a difficult game. "It's going to be a tough one, yeah, it's going to be good," Taylah said. "We're going to have some good match-ups in Nicole Vamplew and Ebony Bott, as well as Karina Proctor and Rhiannon Haines. "We're pretty pumped to have a good game. "I think Poowong have played in every final to to get to the Grand Final, whereas we have only played the one to go straight in. "They're in good form as well so it'll be a really good game." Ellinbank's players have taken Poowong's slightly longer trip to the final game of the season as a chance to do some research on their opponent. "Most of our team has been watching the finals to see what their structures are and how they play," Taylah said. "We're going to try and play our game and see if we come out on top." Things are looking good for Ellinbank after a 15-point vicotry over Catani in their previous finals

game. EDNA vice president Yvonne Porter said the Ellinbank v Poowong game is "gonna be a ripper." "Ellinbank have been the standout all year, but Poowong know how to play finals, they showed that today, they really weathered the storm," she said. "It's a cliche, but on the day anything can happen. "Poowong know how to get the job done when it counts. "Ellinbank will be confident, and rightly so. They deserve to be the favourites. "It should be good. It will be really quite athletic, quite gritty netball, it'll be bloody quick. They both play a really short, sharp game so it's gonna be good for everyone to watch." The forecast great Grand Final will cap off a good year for the league. "It's been nice to see different teams in the finals this year," Yvonne said. "Seeing the clubs that have been rebuilding, it's going well for them. "In finals, the games have been fairly close and really well contested even when the [scores] are blown out a little bit. "The standard of the game has been really high and it has been a good year. We love it here at EDNA."

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13 September 2018


End in sight for Longwarry Seniors' half-century premiership drought EDFL • Longwarry Seniors will this weekend have the chance to end their 50-year long premiership drought. The side will face Nyora at Warragul's Western Park on Saturday in the 2018 EDFL Grand Final. The Crows will be feeling confident heading into the game after their 20-point victory over the Warragul Industrials in last weekend's Preliminary Final. "They've been a benchmark for a long time, so for us to beat them is like a feather in our cap," Longwarry's club president Steven Tuite told the Baw Baw Citizen after the game. "We're a little brother to them; they come from a bigger town, they're a successful club, they've got a great ground, so for us to beat them is almost an honour. "It's a shame, almost, but hey you take all the wins." Longwarry coach Daniel Fry said his side was "a really good bunch of guys," and some solid club foundations has helped them get this far. " We needed to book a spot, we've booked it, that's it," he told the Baw Baw Citizen. "We have good coaches at all levels, whether it's senior level or junior level, and that extends through our Warragul District junior program as well. "We've got great mentors in charge


there, and obviously there's a flow-on effect to the senior club." Daniel said Longwarry likely won't make big changes to its play style in the Grand Final. "I don't think we need to do a lot different... to be able to beat Nyora next week," he said. "Obviously we're going to be up against it, but who doesn't like being an underdog? "This group of people, the club as a whole, it's bigger than just the 21 guys who are going to run out next weekend. We'll be carrying the expectation of a lot of people, and we'll be carrying 50 years of history with us through next week. "If that's not enough to get us over the line, then nothing else will." Steve said the game would be a tough one for Longwarry. "We haven't beaten them, they've got some tall timber which we've gotta take care of, their coach is one of the best players in the league, their full forward kicked a goal from nearly the wing last week," he said. "They're pretty hard to stop. "It has been 50 years this year since we won a seniors premiership, but you take anything "It's the perfect storm, isn't it. If we can do it, but who knows?" Steve praised Daniel's work in getting the club finals-ready despite organisational problems.

"Our coach last year stepped into a club that was bereft of executives; we didn't have a treasurer, we didn't have a secretary," Steve said. "He came in and took the club on his shoulders and he's carried us all the way, I cannot speak highly enough of him, I really can't." The significance of a Crows win this year is not lost on league president Roger Gwynne. "I'm really happy that Longwarry has made the grand final. Whether they can win it or not is surely in the lap of the gods at the moment," Roger said. "I'm an ex-Nyora bloke, I'm a life member there, but I would probably like to see Longwarry get up and win one. "It has been 50-odd years, and they're a great bunch of people who I think have worked really hard to get where they are and it will be a pleasure to see them come up." Asked who he thought would win the final, Roger said "I reckon it'll be a toss of the coin." "Longwarry are a very very fast side, they're organised, they've got a good game plan. Nyora have a good game plan, they man up real well against Longwarry, and if they can curve their forward power... and a couple of guys in the centre, I think they could win." "But other than that I think it'll be a Crows reach for the prize at last weekend's Preliminary against Warragul. very close game."

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