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Standing at 5’11,21-year-old Kevin Max aka King K is back in Kenya ready to take over the music scene. With a new focus, he’s confident that his new sound will cause ripples on the airwaves, and put him at a better standing on the musical charts. I had a quick chat with him to know more about his past experiences and what his plans are for the rest of the year. Here is what he had to say: Why the name King K? K is for Kevin. King K is my rap name and it clicked with people. What influences your music? The rollercoaster of my life. Pointless music is what I do. Balance Perspective not just how you want to see it. What was your reason for doing music?

I’ve always written music. My boys read my book, my words came alive. From then, Ive been learning and taking things seriously. How was it growing up in the states? I got the best of both worlds had wealthy and poor friends, suburban and ghetto area friends and many reconnections. I’ve experienced two sides to every story. Good or bad, righteousness or evil, I can’t complain. What brought you to Kenya? The thought of visiting and for my music. How is your relationship with your mum and the rest of your family? My mum is my best friend. I get a lot of love and support from my family. I’ll give my family a better life through my music. Have you ever been in any scandals and how did you get out of them? I served a jail sentence for selling cocaine. I was also involved in an armed robbery allegedly for Larceny over 250 dollars. Was in jail for 33 days. What are some of the most painful experiences you’ve ever gone through and how did you deal with them? I was abused sexually at the age of 8 years old, its personal trauma that I had to go through. I didn’t tell anyone till the age of 18 years. I was also physically abused by my dentist at the age of 5 years and had to go through counselling to get over it. Have you ever been part of a gang? Gangbanging is in my family. Puffing weed and seeing how the streets are run by drug lords became a part of my lifestyle. How is your relationship with God? I talk to my higher power, receiving positive energy, keeping it 75% true with him. I don’t pray or go to church. My body is the church. I’ve read my bible 5 times back and forth. What else do you do apart from music? No plan B. Just focusing on my music for now. Are you rebranding yourself as an artist? Yes, I am. Im comfortable with my new sound as compared to my mixtapes. I hear your signed to Songa Music? What does this mean for your career?

I’m an independent artist. Songa is a partnership to help me get my sound around as much as Ill get revenue from it, but I still have full copyrights to my music. Where do you see yourself 5 to 10 years from now? Making features with my favorite artists and top artists, as well as living and maintaining well. Are you planning on collaborating with any Kenyan artists? Yes, I am but it’s a surprise. With two mixtapes to your name, do we see an album in the works? No album for this year, but Ill focus on singles and mixtapes. As the year comes to an end, what are some of the lessons you’ve learnt as an upcoming artist in Kenya and abroad? The ending matters to me. The journey continues. I just got to be patient. Any advice to young rappers out there? Be patient and stay true to yourself. Don’t compromise for people. Every track I do is what I want. Give out what you want. Any last words? Everyone is going to know my name in a year and a half. Best believe it. Love my music and not necessarily me.

King K Exclusive Interview  
King K Exclusive Interview