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Nature Called

Your Health

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Staying Well on the Road

Are You Getting Enough?

5 Reasons to See a Naturopath


Winter Skin Care

Winter Menu Checkup

Wellness Weekender

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Change Up Your Routine

Plus Healing Recipes

Escapes to NYC and Vancouver

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Adventures in Vietnam

Linden Schaffer, Pravassa


Reservations 1 888 755 6482 Nita Lake Lodge 2131 Lake Placid Road Whistler BC www.nitalakelodge.com @nitalakelodge

exceptional. intimate. authentic. Nestled on the shores of a glacier-fed lake in Whistler BC, Nita Lake Lodge offers a fresh take on classic Whistler hospitality by providing unique and authentic moments on every occasion. Impossible to imitate; Nita’s oversized suites, full-service spa and innovative local cuisine are just the beginning. Discover how genuine service with a personal touch will elevate your Whistler experience. Take the courtesy shuttle to the heart of Whistler village, or take a short stroll just 500 metres to the Creekside gondola for direct access to Whistler Blackcomb, North America’s top ski resort. After a day of Whistler adventures, return to your unique lakeside retreat. Named in the top 25 hotels in Canada by TripAdvisor® year after year, Nita Lake Lodge proudly re-defines upscale mountain comfort all year long.



Stronger united than each standing on our own, we would be an influential force in the industry. The “stronger united” philosophy is actually one of the cornerstones on which Wander is built: Bringing non-competitive partners together and sharing resources for a common goal, where all benefit.

y first thought when I flipped through the digital pages of the premier issue of Wander (Spring/Summer 2015) was Wow, nice work, beautiful publication. My second thought was Hey, isn’t this very close to Travel to Wellness, the online/occasional print magazine that I launched in 2004?

Obviously, we both felt it was a good fit because here I am as Executive Editor of Wander and proud to be working with the Springfed team on this and other projects.

My third was, Hmmmm. I wonder if they might be interested in collaborating. So I reached out to Matthew Ross, Creative Director of Springfed Inc. and publisher of Wander and we chatted about being an entrepreneur, publishing in the “age of screens,” the future of the wellness travel industry and, yes, we talked about collaboration. Matthew and his partners would bring their graphic design, digital and analytic knowledge, and Wander’s new and innovative communication platform to the table, and I would bring my twenty plus years as a travel writer and industry journalist, credibility as the editor and publisher of Travel to Wellness, and my expertise of the wellness travel industry. 8

Before you ask, the answer is, yes, I will continue to grow Travel to Wellness as an online magazine and resource and will also look to forge other new relationships, such as working with MSE Management and the New York Times on the creation of the new Wellness Travel Feature at the New York Times Travel Show. (Pls see ad on pg. 74) Hoping you enjoy our first collaborate effort, and stay tuned for what’s next….



Vol. 1 No. 2 Winter 2015 PUBLISHER Matthew Ross EXECUTIVE EDITOR Anne Dimon EDITOR Kristina Smith SENIOR MARKETING ADVISOR Mark Stanton PARTNERS explora Summit Lodge CONTRIBUTORS Brendan Christie Anne Dimon Victoria Farrand Colin Field Celeste Hilling Rheanna Kish Simon Lovell Sandra Ramani Dena Roché Dr. Joanna Rosenfeld Mark Stanton Steven Stavrou MARKETING & CREATIVE Springfed Creative Inc. SALES Springfed Creative Inc. Wander is published four times a year by Springfed Creative Inc. and distributed through partners via a strategic content distribution model. No part of this publication may be copied or distributed without the written consent of the publisher. The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the publisher, editor, or partners.

wander-mag.com wander@springfedcreative.ca

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before,” says the Dalai Lama in his “Instructions for Life” - someone who may know a thing or two about happiness and wellness. With our first issue, we sought to celebrate the health and well-being of body, mind and soul through unique travel experiences. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and I am thrilled to be presenting our second issue, carefully designed to inspire even more opportunities to live and travel well. We seek out stories from thought-leaders and industry influencers we admire, and the partners in this issue are no exception. Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate in Whistler, British Columbia, while explora, based in Chile, tempts our wanderlust with luxury experiences in far-flung areas of South America. We’ve got tips to stay well on the road from seasoned travelers, along with healing winter recipes, winter skin care and desert spa treatments. Get insider advice on weekend wellness escapes to NYC and Vancouver, plus a little bit of magic in Vietnam (it’s not what you might expect). Finally, don’t miss the Holiday Gift Guide, featuring handpicked beauty, apparel, nutrition, fitness and travel products from wellness-minded brands we love - and enter to win a selection of these gems for yourself! Yours in wellness,

Kristina Smith 9


Andrew Barnard

Dena Roché

Dallyce Macas

n every issue, we ask wellness travel experts, contributors and partners how THEY stay healthy and calm as they travel for business and pleasure. I believe that a balanced lifestyle is the key to optimal health. And that means exercising! But how do I achieve this while traveling? My personal secret is to pack my running shoes: I discipline myself to go for a jog wherever I am. The benefits aren’t only that I stay in shape and improve my cardio, I can do it anywhere and everywhere. And the best part is that I get to discover my new surroundings during the workout! Andrew Barnard Deputy Managing Director The BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

I use travel time as the best opportunity to take a ‘device detox’. I relish long flights, and choose destinations with limited connectivity. The effect is intoxicating: conversations happen naturally, and your mind has time to wander and refresh. Even if I do connect for brief periods, I am forced to be extremely efficient in my communications. Once done, I am free to be 100% focused and enjoy life’s playground uninterrupted. Dallyce Macas Owner & Experiential Travel Authority éminence Canada


Wellness is a part of every stage of my trip. I bring healthy food on the plane, along with noise cancelling headphones. At my destination I strategically indulge in local eats, making minor menu tweaks to reduce calories. Plus I do something active - kayak, walking or the gym - everyday. Because the mental side of wellness is the hardest for me, I always go to the spa and participate in a Zen activity like walking on the beach or hiking alone to relax and reflect. Dena Roché Chief Vacation Officer The Travel Diet


Mia Kyricos

Tracey Welsh

Ann Brown

To travel is a gift, so I set the intention that it will be enjoyable. I include long walks to enjoy the area, and I carry a hardcover book to indulge in…no e-readers, because I get too much screen time! I use travel as a reason to give my skin some TLC, so I pack extra products, like a masque to give myself a mini facial. My return trip always includes a decadent dark chocolate bar. Tracey Welsh General Manager Red Mountain Resort

I prioritize sleep at all costs, pack healthy, mobile food and schedule time to MOVE every day. I keep it fun whether it’s exploring a new city on foot, taking a swim on a rooftop pool, or even plunging into the sea at sunrise. And when the stress of travel is on the rise, I

have the Headspace app on my phone – packed with 10 minute meditations – which serve as great “time outs” as does staying connected with family on a daily basis. Mia Kyricos Chief Brand Officer, Spafinder Wellness, Inc. Founder, Kyricos & Associates

I am a Type A personality, and when I travel, especially business-related, I am even more driven than usual on tasks and goals. I recharge each night with a good soak in a Himalayan salt bath. The benefits for me are three-fold — One, I tune into the bath as a ritual to re-center my mind and body; two, the essential minerals in the Himalayan salts really replenish my skin and make it feel baby soft; and three, the salts equally detox 11

Francesco Contini

and replenish my entire body, keeping me healthy and ready to go. Ann Brown Spa Director Spa Shiki

I travel internationally every couple of months, usually on long overnight flights. I find that the best way to adjust to the new time zone is to leave some time between meetings so I can stretch my legs. Going for a couple of 20-minute walks during the day helps me adjust to the local rhythm. I get an ice cream or some other local treat and enjoy it as I stroll. Oh, and I always take a hot bath before going to sleep. Francesco Contini Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing ANTARCTICA XXI

By Anne Dimon

Voluntourism – a combination of travel and volunteering – has been around for many years, but, of late, the tourism niche appears to be gaining momentum. arlier this year, Tourism Cares, the charitable arm of the tourism industry, released the results of what it calls the first-ever holistic study of the philanthropic habits of American travelers. The study found that more than half of travelers surveyed have given of their money, time or goods while on a recent vacation. And, the travel industry is doing its part by making philanthropic opportunities more easily available to travelers. For instance, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company’s decade-old Give Back Getaways was enhanced just this fall to create a Voluntourism experience unique to each Ritz Carlton destinations. One example: At The Ritz Carlton Gran Cayman, guests can assist with a conservation program to preserve the endangered Blue Iguanas. At Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo, the long-term relationship with Creciendo Juntos (a local philanthropic collaborative) offers guests customized

volunteering opportunities within the local community. Plus in 2016, the resort will introduced more defined Vacations with a Purpose under the Wellness Travel umbrella to include more “giving back” options. For travelers wanting a “full-on” Voluntourism experience there are organized trips such as the 11-day Hands on the Himalayas, being offered by Journeys International to help with rebuilding efforts following the devastating earthquake in Nepal earlier this year. For travelers wishing to “give-back” while on a cruise. Crystal Cruises has recently expanded its popular You Care, We Care program by offering more complimentary philanthropic shore excursions. Since an increasing number of travelers are looking for more meaningful travel experiences, Voluntourism will not only continue to “trend” but, for many, will become an integral part of the travel experience. 12





Wellness for the Planet By Steven Stavrou

As 2015 comes to an end, we have much to look back on and be inspired by in ecotourism development and sustainability in travel. Over the last year, new projects and partnerships in sustainable tourism have set the pace for a promising 2016. From new ecotourism trails in Trinidad and Tobago, to agri-tourism’s role in the comeback of Puerto Rican coffee, to Hotel Indigo, a 100% solarpowered hotel in Dubai, there has truly been a global push for responsible travel and a commitment to sustainability. In September, New York City-based Sustainable Travel International launched its 10 Million Better Campaign, with the goal of improving 10 million lives through travel and tourism by 2025. The campaign brings together tourism organizations and destinations to chart the course for a new direction industry, one that leads to clean beaches, forests and parks; that fosters local economic development and that results in the protection of cultural traditions and architectural treasures. 13

On the airport scene, San Diego’s International Airport launched The Good Traveler program, where for just $1, travelers can purchase a Good Traveler Offset tag or sticker, with all proceeds going towards initiatives that help offset carbon emissions created by air travel. And in Kerala, India, the Cochin International Airport, India’s 3rd busiest airport, is now the first airport in the world to run completely on solar power.

Steven Stavrou is founder & editor of EcoWanderlust.com For the latest news, follow on Twitter and Instagram.


live well Summit Lodge


By Victoria Farrand




Can increasing your connectedness to nature have positive psychological and biological effects?

ccording to mounting scientific evidence “the basic answer seems to be yes,” says Frances Kuo, PhD, founder of the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois, “being connected to nature does have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing.” But while it’s easy to get in touch with Mother Nature in the summer months, how do we keep it up through the winter? “Nature-deficit disorder,” a term first mentioned in the 2005 book Last Child in the Woods by environmental journalist Richard Louv, is not a medical diagnosis but rather a description of the human cost of alienation from the natural world. Problems such as attention disorders, depression and anxiety can all develop in children as a result of being separated from nature. Louv says this disengagement is being driven by a number of things: parents “keeping their children safe inside,” a continuing loss of natural surroundings 15

in cities and towns, and an increased draw to spend time inside on computers and devices. Although the focus of Last Child in the Woods is on preventative measures for younger generations, it’s important to remember that the effects of nature-deficit disorder can also manifest themselves in one’s adult years. The good news is that the negative effects are not permanent. You can start reversing them immediately. Improve your memory “The mind is a limited machine,” says Marc Berman, a psychologist at the University of Michigan in a Boston Globe article. While driving in an urban setting, for instance, constantly having to navigate traffic and people, while still focusing on driving can actually dull our thinking. In his 2012 study, published in the



Journal of Effective Disorders, Berman goes on to say that even brief encounters with natural spaces can improve brain performance by providing a cognitive break from the complex demands of urban life. Winter Health Hack: Crowdsource real-time local hike and walk suggestions with apps like Instagram (use the search tool to filter by places) and Yonder. Both use GPS data to show you content based on your location. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can find places to recharge as you soak up nature’s benefits. Give your internal organs a boost Dr. Ott, the author of the literature review Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants notes that “most electrical light sources lack the spectral distribution needed for complete biological functions.” When we think about the human body’s requirement for sunlight, most people will instantly associate it with our skin’s capacity to produce Vitamin D (and the challenges of producing it in the winter months). However, when it comes to the human body, it turns out that each individual wavelength of natural light has a special purpose, affecting many basic bodily functions including the nervous system, circadian rhythms and the pituitary gland.

Winter Heath Hack: If a winter walk just to get sunlight doesn’t motivate you, give your walk purpose. Walk the dog, take your kids, go in groups, walk to lunch or the bank, for instance. Make photography the purpose, then document your #afternoonwalks on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to motivate others. Increase your energy Come winter, the motivation to take regular walks outside can be pretty low. While heading to the gym might give you physically appealing results, a study by The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry found that when compared to exercising indoors, exercising in natural environments was associated with greater feelings of mental and physical revitalization as well as increased energy. Winter Health Hack: Rather than going for a short run on a treadmill, bundle up and take a longer walk at your local park. If you live somewhere it snows, buy snowshoes instead of a gym membership and start exploring local biking or hiking trails in the winter. Find stress relief Do you ever have something go wrong and then it’s all you can think about all day, you replay it in your mind over and over again? Researchers at 16

LIVE WELL Stanford University call this “rumination” and prolonged bouts can lead to increased anxiety and stress. One of their studies showed that participants who went on a 90-minute walk through a natural environment reported lower levels of rumination compared with those who walked through an urban environment. Winter Health Hack: If you find yourself in a mental loop about something that happened, or something that may happen, walk it off. Get up, grab your jacket and head for the nearest patch of green space (though it might be now covered in white). Don’t worry about where you’re going to walk or for how long, the main part is just to get going. The first five minutes will seem pointless as your brain starts to flip back to rumination, but soon the winter wind will blow your worries away. IMAGE: © VICTORIA FARRAND

What if that feeling of wanderlust that drives us to travel, to seek adventure and new experiences is, in fact, a call from Mother Nature inviting us to join her? This winter, take time to put your nature-deficit back in the black.

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel “Every breath is a sacrament, an affirmation of our connection with all other living things, a renewal of our link with our ancestors and a contribution to generations yet to come. Our breath is a part of life’s breath, the ocean of air that envelopes the earth.” – David Suzuki Summit Lodge is a boutique hotel in Whistler with a big goal: to improve the health and wellbeing of the plant by getting people outdoors, one person at a time. We believe that to take care of others and the environment we must first take care of ourselves. Most people will wait until the New Year to change the daily habits that could be having negative effects on their health, but we think there’s no better time to start than right now! 17

@WhistlerSummit SummitLodge @summit.lodge.whistler artofliving. summitlodge.com summitlodge.com

Reasons To See A Naturopathic Doctor By Dr. Joanna Rosenfeld

Naturopathic Doctors have a unique philosophy regarding healthcare that, whenever possible, focuses on treating the root cause of disease. Although sometimes it is important to treat the symptoms - particularly pain - we do so while trying to understand the reason the pain exists in the first place. For example, how could your diet be contributing to the pain? Could stress or lifestyle be a factor? As part of this exploration, we address both the mental and physical aspects of a person’s health.

Do you need to see a naturopath? Ask yourself these questions: 1. Are you just not feeling your best, and nobody can tell you why? Maybe you are feeling run down, and more tired than usual, or you’ve been gaining weight and can’t seem to lose it. Maybe you keep getting sick and it’s taking you a long time to recover. These are symptoms that people tend to live with and eventually believe are normal. A Naturopath will work with you to help tie your symptoms together and find a root cause. 2. Do you have a chronic condition and have you been told there is no treatment available? As NDs, we often see patients after they have been struggling with a health issue for a long time. Common examples include irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, acne, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases. Although there may be no cure , NDs can help patients to manage chronic conditions by teaching them how to balance the immune system, decrease inflammation, use specific herbal treatments and follow prescribed therapeutic diets. 18





3. Are you are experiencing side effects from medications? Pharmaceutical medications can be very effective for managing certain conditions, but often come with side effects. Your ND can tell you which nutrients or vitamins are being depleted by your medication, and give you safe options for managing side effects. In some cases, your ND can even help you replace medication with effective natural alternatives. 4. Are you are in pain? A common reason for chronic medication use is chronic pain. However, regular use of pain medication has been linked to liver and digestive problems. Chronic pain, especially joint pain, can be caused by a number of things including certain foods you are eating, being overweight, or generalized inflammation in the body. Naturopathic doctors can work to identify the cause of your pain and help to minimize it through the use of acupuncture, diet, herbs and other holistic treatment options. 5. Do you want to learn more about preventative medicine for you and your family? Symptoms - such as pain and fatigue - are your body’s way of communicating that certain systems within your body need some attention. An ND can help get you back to optimal health and symptom-free living. By managing symptoms when they first occur, optimizing your diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and living a healthier lifestyle, you can prevent a variety of health conditions. A good Naturopathic doctor can show you where to start. 19

Dr. Joanna Rosenfeld, ND, believes that simple changes can often have the biggest impact, and has special interest and experience in addressing fertility, hormonal imbalance, chronic disease and weight loss. Dr. Rosenfeld is a Naturopathic Doctor at Qi Integrated Health, Vancouver’s Centre for Modern Healing, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to healing though an integrated service offering including Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. qiintegratedhealth.com




You’ve likely transitioned your clothes, shoes and make-up for the cooler weather, so what about your skin? As your largest organ, the skin is a window into everything that’s going on in the body. Your skin also works hard by providing a critical immune-defense barrier, so be sure to give it proper attention this winter.

urge you to use the change-of-season to inventory your skin care kit. You may have up to 20 products, but you really only need four or five. In the a.m., I suggest using three products: a mild gel cleanser, an anti-oxidant such as vitamin C, plus a sunscreen moisturizer. At night, use a product that contains resurfacing ingredients such as AHAs and retinols, plus a second product with restorative peptides. AHAs are great exfoliators and increase blood flow to the skin, which helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Retinols are fantastic anti-agers, and peptides signal your skin to produce collagen. Your at-home skin care routine does not have to involve a lot of time or money. As a skin coach for the last 20 years, I work with clients to create effective and customized regimens that fit within their lifestyles and budgets.

Here are my seven secrets for healthy, sexy skin this winter: #1 Winter brings dry air, heated buildings, scratchy sweaters and scarves, allergies and reduced exposure to sunlight, all of which affect your skin. To counteract the dryer air, take quick, lukewarm (instead of hot) showers and apply a hydrating body lotion as soon as you step out of the shower to seal in moisture. Look for products that contain Shea butter and/or coconut oil to soothe and soften skin. #2 Time to bust a myth: You don’t need to exfoliate in winter. Regular exfoliation speeds up the cell turnover process, which allows the body to produce moisture-bearing properties like hyaluronic acid. Exfoliation also helps to plump the skin by churning up elastin and collagen production. I recommend using a natural 20


By Celeste Hilling



resurfacing agent like glycolic acid. Commonly derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid gently dissolves dead surface skin cells. With nightly use, moisture can be increased by 33 percent over eight weeks. My favorite facial exfoliation product is, of course, from Skin Authority: Resurfacing Accelerator. I use it nightly.

#6 Load up on vitamin D. I suggest adding more of this happy hormone (yes, it’s a hormone) to your life. Most common in winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder affects as many as 10-20 percent of people (Source: American Academy of Family Physicians). D is a natural mood booster and skin brightener. When D hormone levels are balanced, a lot of skin conditions -including rosacea, eczema and heavy wrinkling – can be improved. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, liver, mushrooms and egg yolks are great sources of D.

#3 Not only is skin dry at this time of year, it’s also pigmented (brown spots caused, mostly, from all those hours spent in the sun over many summers). To brighten the skin, look for resurfacing products that contain glycolic acid (yes, again!) for a firm, natural glow. I also love peptides to brighten skin, plus they have the added benefit of boosting collagen production. #4 Facial oils continue to be a skin care trend, and for good reason. Essential oils can be incorporated into any part of a skin care routine. They are particularly luxurious when included in masks and moisturizers to rev up moisture levels. One of my favorite essential oils is avocado. With its high concentration of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, avocado oil is a go-to for soothing and moisturizing. Even including fresh avocado into your diet can help your skin. #5 Limit your coffee intake. I know… not what you wanted to hear. Caffeine dehydrates skin. If you need alternatives to help you wake up and stay alert without caffeine, suggestions include upping your intake of vitamins B and D, adding more protein to your diet, or simply drinking more water.

#7 Practice safe sun. The beach bag may be stored until next summer, but the sunscreen definitely should not be. Whether it’s raining, snowing or the sun is shining, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or 30. UV rays penetrate glass - car windows, and those in your home and office - so, practice safe sun, even if you won’t be outside. Tip: if want to look as if you’ve just returned from a tropical vacation, add a few drops of foundation to a moisturizing sunscreen and mix together for a natural glow. With more than two decades in the beauty and skin care industries, Celeste Hilling is the Founder, CEO and Product Formulator for Skin Authority, a company respected for developing pure and powerful products without the use of parabens, added fragrance, dyes or animal testing. skinauthority.com Skin Authority


@SkinAuthority @MissSkin



Simple tips and tricks to keep your good health in check all winter long



Eating healthy in the summer is a no-brainer; markets are bursting with farmfresh produce and the long, hot days beg for light, fresh, veggie-filled meals. But when old man winter comes a-knockin’ so, too, does the desire for carb-laden, calorie-rich, comfort foods. Of course, the holidays don’t make it easy either. How can one be expected to resist that second plate of mashed potatoes and gravy, or that third melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie? That being said, it is possible to maintain a healthy, veggie-rich diet all winter long. The key is diversity and thinking beyond mac & cheese, beef stew and an extra glass or two of wine with dinner each night. Take these simple tips and tricks into consideration to keep your good health in check all winter long.

Load up on winter greens - When the snow

flies, salads are the first to go from your recipe repertoire. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, switch up leafy greens from the airy varieties of summer to hearty winter greens, such as, kale, chard, escarole, collards, mustard greens and rapini. And don’t forget Asian greens, like bok choy and gai lan (Chinese broccoli). Enjoy them raw in salads, or wilted by a warm 23

vinaigrette. Try them in soups, stews, stir-fries, even gratins for your daily dose of green.

Don’t forget to hydrate – Drinking enough

fluids every day is essential for maintaining optimal health. Staying hydrated controls your body temperature, aids digestion, carries nutrients around your body and a myriad of other functions. Just how much you need depends on age, gender and activity level, but a good recommendation is 70-100 oz per day. Don’t forget this includes all liquids consumed in the course of the day, but water is best.

Stock up on beautiful winter veggies – Sure, market stands and produce aisles don’t have the same sexy appeal as in summer, but winter vegetables are among the best if you open your



heart to them. There are the obvious favorites like carrots, potatoes and onions, but don’t forget about cabbage, celery root, winter squash, rutabaga, turnip, beets, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and sweet potatoes. Variety is the spice of life, and with this many vegetable options, you really never have to eat the same thing over and over all winter long.

Choose seasonal citrus for the win – One

hit of tart grapefruit, or juicy orange is a like a bolt of sunshine on a blustery winter day. Plus, citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C— with one medium orange delivering almost 100% of the recommended daily intake.

Cook more – It’s no surprise that cooking at home

is healthier than eating out. Not only do you have

full control over what goes into your dish - from the type of fat, to the kind of protein and the amount of salt - but the act of cooking itself often brings pleasure. So, turn up the lights, turn on the music, brew yourself a nice cuppa and get chopping!

Ladle out the soup, soup and more soup –

One of the healthiest, easiest foods to prepare and consume all winter long is soup. Not only does it warm the soul, it’s also a really great way to get a variety of vegetables, legumes and whole grains into your diet every day. As long as you (mostly) stay away from heavy cheese- or cream-laden varieties, that is. Plan to make at least one big batch of veggie-dense soup every week and use throughout the week for lunches, quick dinners or even healthful snacks mid-day. 24


5 Healthiest Winter Foods

• Pomegranate • Dark leafy greens • Citrus • Potatoes • Winter squash

5 ImmuneBoosting Foods

• Garlic • Oily fish & almonds • Oatmeal • Chicken Soup • Yogurt




The secret to this flavorful take on traditional chicken noodle soup is the quick homemade broth. Use chicken thighs with the bones in for that rich made-from-scratch flavor. Find the long, thin, woody stalks of lemongrass in the produce section of most grocery stores. If you like spicy, add a drizzle of Sriracha or a spoonful of chili garlic sauce. 6 bone-in skinless chicken thighs, about 2 lb 6 cloves garlic 6 slices (about 1/4-inch thick) ginger 3 shallots, halved, plus 1 shallot, thinly sliced 3 stalks lemongrass 2 pkg (7 oz each) fresh udon noodles 1 tbsp coconut oil 8 oz/225 g shiitake mushrooms, stems removed and thinly sliced 1 carrot, chopped 2 tsp packed organic brown sugar 1 tbsp sodium-reduced soy sauce Âź tsp sea salt 6 oz mini Shanghai bok choy, washed and chopped Âź cup chopped fresh cilantro 1 tbsp lime juice

Meanwhile, cook noodles in medium pot of boiling salted water for three minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water. Drain well and set aside.

Place chicken, garlic, ginger, halved shallots, lemongrass and 10 cups water in a large soup pot. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer until chicken is cooked through, 25 to 30 minutes. Using slotted spoon, transfer chicken to bowl. When cool enough to handle, remove chicken from bones, shred and set aside. Strain broth and set aside.

TIP - For a vegetarian version: Substitute chicken in the broth with 1 pkg (0.5 oz) dried mixed wild mushrooms, or 1 pkg (0.5 oz) dried shiitake mushrooms. Strain and discard with the other vegetables in the broth. Continue with recipe as directed, stirring in 1 pkg (12 oz) medium firm tofu, cubed with the noodles.

In same large soup pot, heat coconut oil over medium heat. Cook sliced shallots, stirring often, until softened, about two minutes. Stir in mushrooms and carrots and cook, stirring, until mushrooms are tender, about two minutes. Add brown sugar, soy sauce and salt and cook, stirring, for one minute. Stir in reserved broth and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer until carrots are tender, about eight minutes. Stir in bok choy and cook for two more minutes. Stir in reserved chicken and cook for another two minutes. Stir in cilantro, lime juice and reserved noodles and heat through. Garnish with additional lime wedges and cilantro, if desired.

For a gluten-free version: Substitute cooked rice noodles (of any width) for the udon noodles. 26



This soup feels utterly decadent and company-worthy, but comes together on a whim and is brimming with hearty winter vegetables. If desired, garnish with additional lemon wedges, chopped dill and fresh cracked black pepper. Simply omit the cream if dairy is not an option. But crusty bread on the side is a must! Serves 4 2 tbsp olive oil 1 cup finely diced fennel 2 cloves garlic, grated or pressed ¼ cup dry white wine 6 oz mini yellow-fleshed potatoes, quartered 1/2 small celery root (celeriac), peeled, halved and cut into ¼-inch thick slices 1 parsnip, peeled and cut into ¼-inch thick rounds 1 strip lemon zest ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp pepper 1 bottle (8 oz) clam juice 1 lb/450 g wild-caught haddock fillets, cut into about 1-inch pieces ¼ cup whipping cream, 35% (optional) ¼ cup chopped fresh dill

Cook fennel and garlic, stirring occasionally, until fennel is tender, about two minutes. Stir in wine and cook until almost no liquid remains, about three minutes. Stir in potatoes, celery root, parsnip, lemon zest, salt and pepper and cook, stirring, for one minute. Add clam juice and four cups water and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are tendercrisp, about eight minutes. Stir in haddock. Cook, stirring occasionally, until fish flakes easily when tested, about five minutes. Stir in cream and dill.

Rheanna is a chef, recipe developer and writer who's happy to call Clarksburg, ON her home. When not creating in the kitchen, you'll find her chasing (or being chased by) her boys on skis or bikes. Rheanna is currently working with a team of local food lovers to create a South Georgian Bay Community Cookbook. For more information, check out communitycookbook.ca 27









by Sandra Ramani

At first look, New York City might not seem like the ideal spot for a wellness getaway - it’s fast and frenetic, more concrete than green, and bursting with indulgent dining options. Ask a local, though, and you’ll hear that living in this high-octane, competitive environment makes it more important than ever to find balance.

As a result, the city is often at the forefront of health and fitness trends (think hot yoga, spin classes, or juice cleanses that deliver), and is replete with day spas and holistic wellness practitioners. Fall and winter are particularly good times to explore the “wellness” side of NYC: after the summer crowds (and humidity) have gone, the city is awash in changing leaves, the Union Square Greenmarket is full of farm-grown bounty, and the weather is perfect for a run through the park. And, when the snow comes, there’s the option of a cozy hot stone massage.

Where to Stay:

Ink48, A Kimpton Hotel Set in a converted printing factory along midtown Manhattan’s west “coast,” with views of the Hudson River and New Jersey on one side and the city skyline on the other, the comfortably-stylish Ink48 at the Kimpton Hotel caters to wellness-minded travelers in several ways. As with all Kimpton hotels, guests have access to complimentary bikes and in-room yoga mats, as well as a Runner’s Amenity Kit for exploring the West Side jogging path. The cozy spa boasts a small Zen garden and treatments using Kerstin Florian products. Standout treatments include the Jet Lag Recovery, with a Turkish-style body scrub infused with organic 30



lavender or ginger oils. Because the city can be a minefield of culinary temptations, the hotel has also established a Wellness Wiz program, through which employees will help guests find foods that are delicious and healthy—say, the best avocado toast in the area, or the best kale juice—as well as restaurants that will cater to gluten allergies, cleanses and such. A sustainably-focused lobby restaurant rounds out the experience.

The Plaza Hotel As the much-loved children’s book character, Eloise, would tell you, there’s a lot of history at The Plaza, from its famous Oak Bar and Palm Court afternoon tea service to the countless celebrities and heads of state who have checked in over the years. Since handing the management reins to Fairmont Hotels, the Central Park-side icon has undergone extensive renovation, and now offers updated, sophisticated guestrooms with decorative 31

touches such as wall mosaics, 24-gold-plated custom sinks, and amenities such as iPads that let you do things like control the temperature of your room and print boarding passes. For fitness-minded guests who want to pack light, The Fairmont Fit program delivers new Reebok workout apparel and footwear, an MP3 player and a yoga mat with stretch band to your room. (Available for a small fee to members of Fairmont President’s Club, which is free to join.) In addition to a well-stocked gym and a Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa (featuring wine-themed services like a Crushed Cabernet Scrub and Barrel Baths), the hotel offers a few wellness-themed packages throughout the year. Next up: available on select dates in January 2016, the Scent & Senses package gives guests after-hours access to a Le Labo fragrance boutique, where they will learn about perfume making and help create their own bottle of Rose 31 (The Plaza’s signature scent) and leave with tons of goodies.



Where to Eat:


Dimes “Hidden health food” might be one way to describe this acclaimed Lower East Side spot, a favorite with models, actresses, workout warriors and hipsters alike. While the focus is primarily on the use of healthful ingredients and probiotics, the menu is flavorful and satisfying, featuring things such as grilled chive flowers and loaded salads. Breakfast, lunch and brunch draw crowds for the signature bowls, made with different kinds of acai (lavender, carob or strawberry), mango pitaya, chia, black rice and more. Even the margaritas have a shot of wheatgrass—hiding the “healthy” once again.

Whether you’re staying at the Ink48 hotel or not, it’s worth heading west to this Hell’s Kitchen restaurant—set in the lobby of the hotel—for its sustainably-sourced, farm-to-fork menu served with water views. Operating with the slogan, “If it’s grown in the region, we eat it in season,” PRINT employs a full-time forager to help source the best products and produce directly from local farmers, markets, winemakers, craft brewers and artisan purveyors. A good 90 percent of ingredients used by the kitchen team are sourced this way, with a just a small amount of non-indigenous items (such as citrus fruit and coffee) sourced responsibly from other areas. With the seasonal focus, the menu changes often, but typical fall items might include goat cheese gnocchi, pumpkin soufflés and roasted chicken breast with truffle butter and black trumpets. 32



Where to Shop:

Live Live & Organic


Stocking everything from Moroccan Argan oil, bee pollen creams and organic eye shadows to raw snacks, kitchen gadgets and air purifiers, this East Village shop has earned a reputation as one of the best places in town for products that support all your organic, raw, vegetarian and holistic needs. While the web site offers pages of products, it’s worth visiting the shop to browse the packed shelves and grab some raw treats to go.

Originally opened on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, this pioneer in the “slow fashion” movement now operates out of a larger space on Brooklyn’s booming Atlantic Avenue. All the fashionforward clothing and accessories here were crafted by designers who used organic textiles or reclaimed materials, and who support local producers and fair trade or zero waste principles. The pieces also demonstrate that you don’t have to sacrifice style to be sustainable.




How to Stay Active

PUNCH Fitness Center

Enjoy both fitness and fun at this long-standing New York attraction. Open from mid-October through the arrival of spring, the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center offers two options: General Admission skating, available on a first-come, first-served basis; and the VIP Igloo experience, which gets you a reserved skate time, Skate Concierge to assist with gear, complimentary skate rentals and refreshments (such as hot cocoa and espresso), plus in-and-out access for your session. Special packages, such as Nighttime Skates, are also offered throughout the season.

Get your gloves up for this innovative workout that goes beyond kickboxing to tone, strengthen and condition the body and mind. Led by expert trainers known as Sokumasters, each session features an hour of planks, squats, jumping rope, resistance bands, shadow boxing, pad work, sprinting and sparing (with a punching bag or trainer.) It’s intense, but founder/owner Adelino Da Costa explains his three-step philosophy Unity, Struggle and Progress - offers support every step of the way. Classes are available at three NYC locations.


The Rink at Rockefeller Center





Where to Spa:

The Peninsula Spa

Essential Therapy Day Spa

European, Asian and Ayurvedic wellness traditions come together at this serene spot atop The Peninsula Hotel, which, with over 10 treatment rooms, is as close to a resort-style spa as you’ll find in the city. Guests await their therapists in the Asian Tea Lounge, where they’ll be served their choice of aromatic blend, before being whisked away for services like the twohour Peninsula Ceremonies, incorporating Ayurvedic massage techniques and herbal ingredients. Afterwards, simply fall into a cushy, down comforter-topped bed in the relaxation lounge, don a pair of provided headphones, and enjoy a nap.

This intimate day spa near the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park is known for its resultsoriented rubdowns, available in styles from Swedish and Deep Tissue to Four Hands, Shiatsu, Thai and Hot Stone. Organic facials, body scrubs, waxing and private, guided mediation sessions are also on offer. The spa is also known for offering regular discounts and deals, so be sure to check their website for any current promotions.

A resident of New York City for over 20 years, writer/editor Sandra Ramani covers travel, spa/wellness and lifestyle topics for a number of national U.S. publications. She is the senior contributing editor of Organic Spa Magazine, and the author of Day Trips from Dallas/Fort Worth now in its second edition. 35

One thing NOT to miss:

The Cloisters This offshoot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art focuses on the art and architecture of medieval Europe—fitting, since it is set in a monasterystyle building created using 12th-to-15th-century structural pieces brought over from the old country. Set in Fort Tyron Park in far-northern Manhattan, the cloister and grounds house over 2,000 works of art. The serene medieval-style gardens host events and an al fresco cafe during the warmer months, while in winter, there are guided tours, lectures and concerts. It’s easy to forget you’re anywhere near a major city at this meditative spot.

By Simone Lovell

Few places in the world live up to the phrase “you can have it all,” and Vancouver, British Columbia is that rare exception. It’s hard to believe that this gem of a city, with its temperate climate, is actually surrounded by snow-covered slopes dipping into beautiful marinas below. Vancouver is one of the few places in the world where it’s possible to ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon.

And, as any local will tell you, Vancouver is a sophisticated city of connoisseurs of both fitness play and relaxation.

As a proud resident of Vancouver as well as a fitness enthusiast who hosts fitness adventures for locals, I am always searching for fun and active wellness things to do in and around town. It’s no secret that Vancouver offers some of the best outdoor experiences and adventures in the world.

So, just to reinforce TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travellers’ Choice Award - naming Vancouver the top destination to visit in Canada - here are some of my favorite haunts for wellness-minded visitors with an active sense of adventure.






Where to Stay:

Where to Eat:

Wedgewood Hotel

Farmer’s Apprentice

An elegant property set in the heart of Vancouver’s thriving and cosmopolitan downtown, the Wedgewood Hotel has been a well-kept secret to visitors of Vancouver since it opened in 1984. While the secret is definitely out, the elegance, charm and commitment to service remain. The Wedgewood Health Club includes state-of-the-art fitness technology, a Eucalyptus Steam Room and a new luxurious relaxation room. The health club overlooks Robson Square, and the hotel’s lovely 2,000-square foot garden terrace, a jewel in the heart of the city center.

Farmer’s Apprentice, in the Kitsilano neighborhood, has been named one of the leading restaurants in Vancouver for two consecutive years by the judges at Top Restaurants in Canada. For health-conscious diners, it’s also a delight because of its vegetarian cuisine. Chef Dave Gunawan works his seasonal menu around organic and local ingredients. Don’t miss the octopus dish when it’s on the menu. It’s delectable.

The Acorn


Created by a culinary team with experience at Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark and New York City, Acorn delivers artistry on the plate with its locally-sourced cuisine that features a range of raw, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Acorn is situated along Main Street, an edgy, hip Vancouver neighborhood. I highly recommend the Peas + Carrots – an inventive dish that shows off Acorn’s culinary panache. It’s a match for gluten-free, raw and vegan diners, and features coconut cashew dumplings and carrot foam, a nice micro-gastronomic touch. 37



How to Stay Active:

Where to Spa:

It isn’t a question of “will you be able to find something active to do in this fit-focused city?” It’s more “so how much can you fit in?”

Vancouver has so many great spas offering tranquility served with refreshments such as cucumber water and herbal tea. My favorite is Spa Utopia. Their two locations - one downtown and the other in North Vancouver - include inspiring views of Vancouver’s waterfront or snow-capped mountains to enjoy as you relax.

For starters, Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour and Cypress Mountain each offer great hikes in summer and great ski hills during the winter, with both downhill and cross-country options available as well as snowshoe trails. While it’s best known for shopping year-round, Robson Square also offers a below street level ice rink during the winter months. Indoor rock climbing walls can be found at various locations throughout the city including Cliffhanger Climber Gyms located near Olympic Village. And, you are always more than welcome to join in on any of our Eat Pray Love Fitness “sweatcations” if they happen to line up with your stay here and you need a fresh cross-training reboot to sweat it out.

Another excellent spa is Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Surrounded by city and ocean views, the spacious spa offers nine treatment areas, including a couples’ suite with a deep Japanese Zen tub. There’s also a Nail Spa, three lounges, a full fitness center and a spa terrace overlooking the downtown core. Be sure to try their Van Active Body treatment, which is perfect for recovering from the Grouse Grind – the local name for the staircase-like trail up the face of Grouse Mountain.




Where to Shop:

One Thing Not To Miss:

Shopping in Vancouver is eclectic and depends on the neighborhood you choose to peruse. For chic boutiques, keep your eyes peeled in Gastown, Kitsilano, Granville Island and Yaletown and our famous Robson Street, located near the famous Vancouver Art Gallery.

Hiking Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains will take your breath away. These mountains are “hikeable” year-round, even if it’s raining. Just be sure to pack a light raincoat. You may actually find that you don’t even get wet as the trees form a perfect canopy and help protect hikers from the rain.

Not sure where to start your “retail therapy” excursion or need help developing your style? Vancouverite Michelle Addison can help. Michelle has dressed a wide range of inspiring women, from stay-at-home moms to business professionals to celebrities, particularly as a personal stylist at Nordstroms. And, she often handpicks garments from her front row seat at New York Fashion Week. You can check her out at michelleaddison.com

Insider’s Tip: I recommend Quarry Rock in Deep Cove - a two-hour round trip, moderate in intensity and with a gorgeous view of Deep Cove’s Harbour from the summit.

A Vancouver resident, Simone Lovell is a fitness instructor and owner of Vancouver-based Eat Play Love Fitness offering fitness “sweat-cations’ in B.C. Exclusive offer to Wander readers: If you find yourself in the Vancouver area, Eat Play Love Fitness would be happy to offer you a complimentary one hour Personal Training Session with the purchase of one of their programs. Email info@eatplaylovefitness.com (expires September 2016) EatPlayLoveFitness



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By Brendan Christie

here are travel companies, and then there is explora. Specializing in journeys that take travellers to the remotest landscapes, explora promises meaningful escapes tailored to every kind of adventurer. 41



Founded in 1993, explora operates in seven regions in South America, including locations in

Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The company was founded on three principles. First, it operates solely in remote areas, where guests have a chance to escape everyday life and explore new horizons. On an explora excursion, the goal is to lose touch with the familiar, and maybe even discover something about yourself you didn’t know before.

Second, trips focus on experiences in which guests can meaningfully interact and engage. It’s not about checking off the highlights—it’s about getting out and actually experiencing something.

boating or tackling high mountain ascents. You can explore—safely and luxuriously—where few others have gone before, charting your own path through spectacular, rarely seen vistas.

Finally, explora preaches something they call the Luxury of the Essential—the benefit that’s gained by stripping away all the clutter and having a real experience. These aren’t cookie-cutter holiday excursions. They’re the chance to interact with the natural world, via an itinerary that’s customized to suit your goals.

The explora approach is not about choosing an adventure off the menu. With that much wilderness and all those possibilities, it’s about creating an experience tailored to suit. The company’s approach is consultative, with guests helping shape their journey. It might be about pushing yourself to new heights. It might be about achieving a new level of relaxation. Either way, it’s up to you.

With over 2,200 miles of routes to explore in the remotest areas of South America, explora offers award-winning accommodations and guests will want for nothing, but the emphasis is really on what happens outside the lodge. Each excursion is a chance to experience pristine wilderness—hiking, horseback riding, cycling,

It’s an approach that has attracted attention, with explora trips being recognized by Fodors, National Geographic Traveler, Trip Advisor, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure and Forbes and many others. 42


With over 2,200 miles of routes to explore in the remotest areas of South America, explora offers award-winning accommodations and guests will want for nothing, but the emphasis is really on what happens outside the lodge.



Patagonia, Chile

Rapa Nui, Chile

At the center of the Torres del Paine National Park, on the shores of Lake Pehoé, explora Patagonia offers a breathtaking view of the Paine Massif and horns.

Rapa Nui—which some call Easter Island— has been the cradle of a unique and enigmatic culture that continues to endure today. Located just five miles from the capital city of Hanga Roa, explora Rapa Nui is located in the perfect location from which to explore the island.

Regardless of the time of year, there are always adventures to be had. On foot or on horseback, there are more than 50 half-day or full-day adventures on offer, at all levels of difficulty.

At explora Rapa Nui there are 18 exploration opportunities on offer - by sea, bike or on foot - and at different levels of skill, all have strong cultural and archaeological overtones, and are led by an expert bilingual local guide. Between the volcanoes and the Moai (monolithic statues), the best way to appreciate the scale of the island and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean might just be on foot.

There are 49 rooms at explora Patagonia, each designed to take full advantage of the silence, privacy and expansiveness of the surrounding landscape. And, every evening at the hotel bar, guides meet up with guests to program the next day’s activities, with groups limited to no more than eight people so you never feel disconnected from the adventure.

Can’t-miss in Rapa Nui: the different Moai platforms, Hanga Roa, the volcanic cones of Pui Rano Raraku and Anakena beach.

Can’t-miss in Patagonia: Base Torres, Grey Glacier, French Valley and Lake Pehoé. 44



Atacama, Chile

Valle Sagrado, Peru

Rising from the Pacific Ocean up to the Altiplano, the foothills of the Andes. the Atacama Desert is the driest place on Earth an environment as extreme as it is beautiful.

The fourth explora lodge opens in 2016 in the Sacred Valley in Peru.

Located near the village of San Pedro de Atacama, explora Atacama offers 37 different ways to discover Atacama. Through guided hikes, horseback, bicycle rides and van explorations, you’ll have the opportunity to traverse the depths and scale the heights of Atacama’s nature and history. You can even arrange for your own private exploration. Once you’re acclimated— and worked up your courage—you might even consider a climb to one of the area peaks, over 13,123 feet above sea level. Can’t-miss in Atacama: Moon Valley, Death Valley, Puritama Hot-Springs, Licancabur Volcano.


Locked away in a secluded hacienda close to Cusco and Machu Picchu, explora Valle Sagrado will be located within an ancient corn plantation overlooking the vertiginous mountains, which were once home to the Inca Empire. The lodge will offer guided hikes and bicycle tours that take travelers deep into the area’s unique blend of geography and Andean culture.


Founded in 1993, explora is a travel company that owns and operates hotels and Travesías (nomadic journeys), in seven remote destinations of South America. Inspired to travel for the pleasure of the journey and by the richness of the experiences that it brings, explora offers a new way of traveling, based upon in-depth exploration of the surroundings, the luxury of the essential and sustainable development. explora believes remote areas aren’t just far away. They are a chance to withdraw and detach from everyday life, observing our existence from afar. The distance seems to reorganize the different aspects of our lives, putting them into perspective, widening our horizons and filling us with fresh, new ideas. They call their philosophy “art of travel.”









Apparel, beauty products, fitness gear and gadgets for the wellness-minded travelers on your list! 48


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2. Tiny Devotions Sedona Scarf Wrap someone in the magical, laid-back vibe of Sedona with the perfect boho chic accessory. $54 | lovetinydevotions.com

4. Libertad Apparel Perfect Travel Shirt Long flights are no match for this upscale style, designed to stay wrinkle-and odor-free for days. $97 | libertadapparel.com





1. Skin Authority Holiday Essentials Duo This travel-sized oil nutrient for face, hair and nails and moisturizing mist is ideal for dry winter weather. $25 | skinauthority.com

2. Innersense Beauty Green Beauty Trio This travel-sized hair care trio made with organic ingredients is packaged in a fairtrade, reusable jute bag. $20 | innersensebeauty.com


3. Body Bliss Barefoot Botanist Travel Bag This bath soak, body butter, body polish and massage candle foursome is ideal for a relaxing weekend getaway. $66 | bodybliss.com


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3. KIND Snacks Nuts & Spice Variety Cube Made from simple and natural ingredients plus just five grams of sugar or less, these tasty bars are an indulgent snack. 20 pack. $40 | kindsnacks.com

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2. Tubbs Frontier Snowshoe Lightweight and comfortable, this easy-to-slip-on snowshoe offers great value for trailblazers and families alike. $180 | tubbssnowshoes.com

4. Yoga Tune Up速 Massage Therapy Kit Boasting 11 guided Roll Model速 Method Massage Therapy routines, this is a must-have for hotel rooms. Yoga Tune Up速 Balls also sold separately. $45 | yogatuneup.com 52




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2. F1 Go Clean Bags The perfect organizer for Type-A jetsetters, these heavyweight nylon bags conceal odors and help keep your suitcase tidy. $18+ | flight001.com


3. Sleep Master Sleep Mask Extra wide to block out light, with soft satin that wraps around ears to muffle sound, this is a must have for the “red eye.� $22 | sleepmaster.us




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4. Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards These popular gift cards are redeemable for massage, facials, yoga, fitness classes and more at over 26,000 locations worldwide. $25+ | spafinder.com

2. Danielle LaPorte #Truthbomb Card Deck 134 luscious cards, each with a sentence that can help change minds, open hearts and soothe souls. $34 | daniellelaporte.com 54


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The U.S. Southwest calls to mind a landscape of stark beauty, Native American history and a sense of freedom and possibility. It’s also home to some of the best spas in the country. Visiting a few of them is an interesting way to experience the history and current culture of the region, plus enjoy some great treatments along the way! Here are four spas designed to offer you a Southwestern sense-of-place.

By Dena RochĂŠ 59



Spa at the Four Seasons Rancho Encantado Santa Fe Today, Santa Fe is a mecca for artists and foodies, but go back thousands of years, and it was the Pueblo Indians who roamed the area. The spa at the Four Seasons Rancho Encantado plays homage to the past with a design inspired by the Kiva Rooms of the Pueblos. The result is a warm, modern Southwest style with 15 treatment rooms surrounding a courtyard. The relaxation room invites me to unwind before my treatment with a wood burning fireplace and super soft throws to dive under. This may be New Mexico but, here at 7,000 feet above sea level, it can get chilly outside of the summer season. To get a sense-of-place, choose one of the regionally-inspired services like the Mountain Spirit Purification that starts with a sage smudging and an adobe clay body mask. Native

Americans believe the smoking sage clears negative energy and aids healing. While the mask works its magic, I’m treated to a scalp and foot massage. The service finishes with a decadent juniper sage hot stone massage. You’ll find a bit of modern day New Mexico at Terra, the resort’s signature restaurant that uses locally-farmed and ranched ingredients to craft updated Southwest cuisine like Poblano chile crab cakes, and grilled lemon risotto with veggies straight from the farmers’ market. To work off the meal, you’ll want to visit the Adventure Center offering everything from complimentary daily hikes to more extensive hiking and biking excursions.




Mii amo Nested in Sedona’s beautiful Boynton Canyon, a region sacred to the Yavapai who consider it their birthplace, Mii Amo celebrates Native American history through a treatment menu that is unique in the spa world. Three spa offerings that highlight Native American traditions are the Spirit of the New Moon, which is about manifesting desires; the Spirit of the Full Moon, which focuses on releasing what no longer serves us; and the Hozhooji, designed to encourage one to reflect on life’s blessings. I opt for the two-hour Hozhooji. As I walk into the room, I’m greeted by Native American items, to be used in the treatment, spread out on the massage table. The therapist picks up the dried sage to “cleanse” any negative energy that may 61

surround us. She describes the cedarwood, sage and sweetgrass massage oils that will be used in the massage. The scents have been selected for their relaxing properties and ability to cleanse the energy field. I’m asked to choose one of four colored squares of cloth, each representing a different stage of life. I pick the white cloth, representing the elders and the passing of wisdom onto others. She fills the square of cloth with tobacco (considered a sacred herb) and makes a Prayer Tie, a traditional Native American offering. She then asks me to set an intention and carry the Prayer Tie around with me for a few days, then release it back to the earth by burning, burying or floating it in water. She instructs me to put it into a basket of magnesite stones, known for their power to help one see oneself more clearly. She asks me to think about the things in my life I’m grateful for and to use those blessings as a foundation to bring even



more blessings into my life. The next 90 minutes are a mix of energy work and massage. Soon I’m in that weird place that lies between sleep and wakefulness, feeling more relaxed than I have in ages. A true destination spa, Mii Amo offers a variety of classes and lectures throughout the week including hiking the gorgeous red rocks that surround the spa, plus daily meditation. Spa lovers have the opportunity to book three, four or seven-day journeys, or experience the spa à la carte while staying at the adjacent Enchantment Resort. There’s no denying there is a special energy in Sedona.

Sahra Spa & Hammam While Mii Amo and the Four Seasons Rancho Encantado speak to the historic people of the Southwest, the Sahra Spa at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas is inspired by the land. It’s the beauty, starkness and peace of the desert that this spa incorporates into the design to create a path to balance, clarity and calm. The exact opposite of the frenetic nature of the signature Vegas “Strip’ where the Cosmopolitan Hotel is located. At this desert-inspired spa, I opt to try the Red Flower signature hammam experience. The hammam itself is large and can accommodate up to four people at a time. Note, you’ll want to be pretty comfortable with your hammam 62



companions since you will be asked by the therapist to lie down on the heated motherstone slab with your body covered only in a towel. The treatment begins with letting the body soak in the warmth of the stone surface and the heated air. Just when I’m zoning out, I’m brought back to the present when buckets of tepid water are poured over me in a simulation of waves, to cleanse the skin. A Coffee Lemon Scrub follows, then an application of Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay to draw out any excess oil, dirt and toxins from the body. More buckets of water ensue. A gentle application of Cardamom Amber oil finishes the treatment. Since this is the desert, and Vegas is known for pool parties, if you’ve spent too much time in the 63

sun, try the Après Soleil Body Wrap which helps minimize sun damage through the use of aloe and stonecrop extracts and a cooling body mask. Spa at the Ritz Carlton Denver While most of the spas in the Southwest like to play up the past, the Spa at the Ritz Carlton Denver looks to the present to provide guests a sense-of-place. Denver is the center of craft brewing in the country and the spa staff has had fun brewing up several unique beer treatments. The Mile High Malt Scrub and Microbrew Massage, for instance, is a combo that could turn any man onto the spa life. It starts with a


microbrew from the local Great Divide Brewing Company that I enjoy sipping while drinking in the sounds of water and soothing colors of the relaxation room. The Malt Scrub is made from organic hops and malt and rinsed off in the Vichy Shower before an application of a conditioning beer mask is painted on my body. I’m wrapped in a cashmere blanket and the therapist gives me a beer hair and scalp treatment. The treatment finishes with a lotion applied to the body with a light massage technique.

along with a Hops ‘N Honey Bath Ball for some tub time later on. One of two beer-inspired treatments is included in this package. Who wouldn’t say “cheers” to this?

The Cheers to Beers stay-over package includes a guided tour of local breweries and house-made ballpark pretzels with beer mustard to enjoy

No matter if you’re into the current or historical charms of the Southwest, a tour of its top spas will bring out the desert dreamer in you.

And if beer isn’t your thing, stay local with the Colorado River Stone massage, a hot stone massage using smooth, local river stone, or the Mile-High Facial designed to hydrate skin parched from the many outdoor activities available in the Mile-High state.

From her first massage, Dena Roché was hooked on wellness. Today the certified health coach covers spa/wellness and luxury travel for national and international publications, speaks on luxury and wellness travel, and teaches travelers to lose weight and de-stress through travel at TheTravelDiet.com. 64


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By Colin Field


t’s 11 pm. There’s no way I can sleep. It’s like torture in this tiny berth aboard this train bound for Danang. There are six beds in this six by six foot room. Laying down, I have 18 inches between myself and the ceiling. Getting into this damn bed required the skills of a contortionist.

We arrived in Vietnam ten days ago. We had no plans. We flew into Saigon on the first of the month and leave Hanoi on the 30th. We had a hotel booked for the first three nights, beyond that, we have no schedule.

The train clacks along the bumpy tracks through rice paddies and decrepit rural villages. Noon tomorrow seems a lifetime away. That’s Tomorrow at noon we’ll be in Danang. From when we get off this ancient train. Everyone else there, we’ll take a city bus to Hoi An; a town that boasts UNESCO World Heritage status. in the room is asleep. Two young Vietnamese military guys are snoring away on the bottom But right now, that feels days away. bunks. My wife, Rheanna, and five-year old son, Taj, have a middle bunk each. They fell Everyone told us this trip couldn’t be done. asleep easily. And I’m on the top bunk. A young It shouldn’t be done. There were too many unknowns. Where will you stay? What will Vietnamese woman is sleeping on the bunk across from me. It’s hot. Stifling. you eat? How will you travel? The questions were endless. 67


What if he gets sick? He didn’t. What will you eat? Food. Where will you stay? Hotels. How will you get money? Bank machines.


The real question we all need to ask ourselves is this: Do you really want to go? #tajinvietnam

But questions and doubts about travelling tend to fuel my resolve. And so far, Vietnam has been incredible. We slid down the sand dunes in Mui Ne, fed sea turtles in Nha Trang and watched wild monkeys playing in the trees. We’d met fisherman, backpackers, Buddhist monks and chefs. We rode scooters, bicycles and traveled by sleeper bus and fishing boat. And we could see Taj’s eyes opening every step of the way. He made friends from Vietnam, Germany, Poland and San Francisco. He quickly adapted to dragon fruit smoothies for breakfast (who wouldn’t?), chicken skewers for lunch and pho (the signature Vietnamese soup) for dinner. We spent hours in markets, marveling at the frogs, turtles, lizards and octopus. He squealed (so did I) when I ate boiled pig’s brain and balut

(a developing duck egg boiled in its shell). He held a live silkworm, while we learned about the silk-making process. He learned to say hi in Vietnamese (sinjao), and is curious about Buddhism, Ho Chi Minh, communism and the history here. And for 30 days, he has our undivided attention. We spend hours playing in the ocean together and for our family, this is a bonding experience like no other. We have daily discussions about where to go next and what we’d like to do. And Taj has a say in all of it. Will he remember this trip when he’s older? Does it matter? These memories will last with me a lifetime. As these thoughts percolate through my mind, the endless rhythm of the track sends me off to sleep.




What if he gets sick? He didn’t. What will you eat? Food. Where will you stay? Hotels. How will you get money? Bank machines.

Before I know it, I’m awake again. It’s day time. Taj is playing quietly on his bed with some new Pokemon figures. He’s still in his PJs. Rheanna is reading. The military guys are still asleep and the young woman is in the hallway talking and laughing with a girlfriend. Somehow, I slept through the night. I feel rested.

The real question we all need to ask ourselves is this: Do you really want to go?

As we get off the train in Danang, touts and guides accost us, offering taxis to Hoi An at “What time is it?” I ask Rheanna. exorbitant prices. We make our way through the “Ten o’clock,” she replies. crowd, eventually losing them as we walk to the Thank God I think to myself. “Hear that buddy?” I ask Taj. “Only two hours left.” closest bus station. “Awwww,” he whines. “I wanna stay on the train It’s raining. But Taj doesn’t care. Passing a coffee one more night.” shop he pulls me over to point something out. It’s And that’s when it hits me. Traveling with a child the ice cream freezer. isn’t too difficult. It’s every what if, that make it so. There is an answer to all the nagging questions “Can I get an ice cream?” he asks. A question he asks daily. that prevent us from going. And most of those answers are simple. To which I reply, “Heck yes.”

Colin Field has always based his career choices around his passions. An avid bike rider, skier and adventure sports enthusiast, he has traveled the world in search of epic singletrack and bottomless pow. And he’s been able to call it a ‘career.’ His photos and stories have appeared in everything from Outside and Bike magazines to Canadian Geographic and Canoe&Kayak. Currently editor-at-large at Mountain Life Magazine and copy editor at Kitesurfing magazine he now drags his family along on his adventures. 69


fter two weeks of traveling fairly modestly through Vietnam, my family and I were definitely not ready for the experience we were about to have as we drove onto the grounds of The NAM HAI resort, five miles from the World Heritage city of HOI AN. The NAM HAI, which is part of the Singapore-GHM Hotel Group, must be one of the most spectacular hotels in Southeast Asia. After being escorted to our ocean front villa with a private pool and introduced to Tu, our personal butler, we quickly settled into three of our most memorable days in Vietnam. The NAM HAI has 60 one-bedroom villas and 40 pool villas spread over 35 hectares of tropical gardens, set alongside the spectacular shoreline of Ha My beach. Personal butlers are assigned to

each pool villa, ensuring that all guests receive unsurpassed hospitality, and our expectations were far exceeded. At The NAM HAI Spa, the treatment pavilions appear to float like the surrounding lotus flowers atop the serene, koi fish-filled lagoon. Architect Reda Amalou’s ingenious use of windows and French doors keep each retreat entirely private. All are built with an open-air relaxation deck where the deep soak bathtub faces a cushioned daybed built for two. Our teenage kids were able to keep fit and have fun in the equally sleek health club, basketball courts, tennis courts and jogging paths, while Mom rode the complimentary bikes to the meditation and yoga sessions at the open lounge. 70


By Mark Stanton


I preferred my workouts in one of the resort’s three-tiers of swimming pools by the sea, the lowest level an adults-only Olympic size pool for serious workouts. The Nam HAI has three unique dining venues that serve both Eastern and Western style breakfast favorites on the outdoor deck by the pools. At night the Beach Restaurant transforms into an extensive menu of Vietnamese delicacies. The Bar makes a memorable impression as much for its serene setting high above the water gardens as for its creative cocktails and live entertainment. IMAGES: Š THE NAM HAI

Although the three days and two nights we spent at The NAM HAI resort flew by, our memories of the experience will last a lifetime.



Linden Schaffer, Founder / Director, Pravassa Wellness Travel wander - What does the perfect Sunday look like to you? Linden Schaffer - As an entrepreneur is it important for me to have one-day a week where I can totally turn off and refresh myself. No e-mails, no communication with clients. My Sunday starts with taking my dog for a walk down by the river and feeling the sunshine. I have a standing workout reservation and then I’ll shower and meet my husband and friends for brunch at some yummy farm-to-table restaurant. After brunch we’ll walk the High Line or jump on our bikes and explore the city if the weather is good. If the weather isn’t great, I’ll head home and read (fiction only!), catch up on a TV show or watch a movie. Then we’ll cook for dinner and enjoy an early night. w - What destination is at the top of your bucket list? LS - Burma. It’s been on the top of my list for years.


w - What’s in your “carry on”? LS - Everything! I only “carry on”, never check. I’m a master at rolling my clothing, bringing six outfits for a month to mix-and-match, and laundry detergent so I can hand-wash. The one thing I would never leave home without - my Yoga Tune Up balls. Your body takes travel hard so being able to roll out your fascia (connective tissues) is a must do for staying healthy. 72

MEET w - What excites you about Pravassa? LS - The fact that we’re changing people’s lives. Not just those who travel with us, but those we meet along the way. The world evolves through human contact and an exchange of ideas. w - What’s your best travel tip? LS - The moment you land get in a workout or head straight for the sauna.

“... we happened

w – Any zany travel experience you can share? LS - I was scouting India for Pravassa and was staying in a little village south of Jodhpur. The GM of the hotel I was staying at took me out in his Jeep so we could explore the wilderness and meet the locals. On our ride back, we happened upon a nomadic tribe - tents, camels, and all! When the tribe of about 45 people saw us driving by, the kids ran over. We stopped and all the women broke out into song and dance. We were able to chat with the elders for a while and learned how they live off the land and are on a continuous pilgrimage. When we left, the GM told me that in 20-years of living in this area he had never met a nomadic tribe. This was truly a #ChangedByTravel moment for me. w - What do you want your legacy to be? LS - I wouldn’t assume that I’ll have one, but I hope that Pravassa and our wellness travel mission can continue for years beyond my time. w - At the end of the day, what is your “go-to” comfort? LS - Sitting down with my husband and laughing. We’ve been together for 16 years so I love that we still find time to laugh together every day (when I’m home that is). w - We’re throwing a potluck. What do you bring? LS - Almond Butter Fudge. I’m not good at cooking for a large group, but this dessert is easy to whip up and fun to share. 73

upon a nomadic tribe - tents, camels, and all! When the tribe of about 45 people saw us driving by, the kids ran over. We stopped and all the women broke out into song and dance ...”

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One of the fastest growing travel sectors anywhere, Wellness Travel makes its debut at the 13th annual

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As an attendee, here are just a few things you can expect: • A chance to experience an energizing power nap courtesy of Spa Eastman • A quick test to discover your dosha and personal Ayurvedic constitution from The Art of Living Retreat Center • Find out how to identify your unique chakras with an aromatherapist from Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain • A close up on the new Body Science program at the BodyHoliday, St Lucia • A foot reflexology mini-treatment with a teardrop shaped stone made from pure Himalayan salt courtesy of Saltability • A 10-minute energy tune-up with colored lights from the Color Spa • A presentation on how to find the “best fit” wellness vacation and where to go in 2016. • Wellness travel experts talking about what’s new on the wellness travel scene •Fitness demos in the Mezzanine And, a whole lot more!


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