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Oregon’s Cultivation Classic combines craft, competition and conversation


Developing higher cannabis tolerance may be beneficial for medical users

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TOMMY CHONG UNPLUGGED Hemp Emperor remains at ease in longtime role as cannabis icon — and about the future of pot


How JFK inspired a genuine mystic of our age

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FIVE COMMON MISTAKES A look at the mistakes home growers make and how to remedy them


By John Oliver THE BUD BUZZ

By QeenBee

FIRESIDE DISPENSARY is Southern Oregon’s premium Cannabis Dispensary serving both Medical and Recreational customers. We strive to create an inviting, safe atmosphere to make every visit memorable. Our caring and compassionate staff take their time to connect you with the right products for your needs. We offer only the highest quality flower, edibles, concentrates, and more from the leading providers in the State of Oregon.

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4149 S. Pacific Hwy Medford, Oregon


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10am to 8pm Mon - Thurs, 10am to 9pm Fri & Sat, and 12pm to 7pm on Sunday. Stop by and check us out, you’ll be glad you did! Don’t forget about our daily Happy Hour special 20% off your entire purchase.


John Oliver

Change is in the air I, MYSELF, MOVED TO OREGON almost a year ago from Arizona. So far, I’ve seen more cold weather than I have a warm. That being said, I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting summer here in Oregon. As you’re reading through this issue’s pages, you may notice that we’ve made a few changes. With good cause, we took the time to hire a new editor and contributors. Longtime journalist S.J. Clelland has joined us as editor-in-chief, and we have brought on some new talent to write regularly, along with additional columnists who give us the edge as the classiest cannabis magazine in Oregon ... at least we think so. We hope you enjoy Dr. Emily’s new points of view, as well as our newly crowned QeenBee and, of course, S.J. at the helm of these to direct a more user-friendly and informative publication for you all. As always, I would like to invite you to reach out to me personally to give me insight on articles that you would like to see us do or on products that you would like us to review. Please feel free to think of WAM as your magazine because — let’s be honest — if it wasn’t for you, the reader, we wouldn’t have anything to print in our pages. Thank you, from me personally, for the great support we’ve had in these first three issues. We look forward to bringing you even more quality and content as we grow each issue. Kind regards,



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“Marijuana is really an aptitude test now. If people still think it’s harmful ... they’re pretty ignorant.”

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Recreational Medical At Cannabiz Experience our promise to our clients is to provide the cannabis community a unique, clean, and fun place of adventure, comfort, and education as it relates to recreational cannabis consumption. Cannabiz Experience is your trusted One Stop Shop where product and information is valuable, obtained and easily comprehensible for all. Test your flower while you wait — THC levels, CDB levels, CBN, Terpenes, and more. Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, Starters and Mother Plants.

Quality. Commitment. Vision. 333 N. Riverside Ave | Medford, OR


Hours of operation: Sun.– Thurs. 8am to 9pm | Fri. – Sat. 8am to 10pm




Canada tests lower age for pot legalization Task force reports raising age to purchase preserves illicit market THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL thing about Canada’s move to legalize marijuana nationwide may be setting the minimum age for use at 18 — three years lower than in the United States — a move that is being closely watched across the continent. Advocates for the measure, expected to pass Parliament next year, say putting the limit at 21 would encourage a black market and drive youths into the hands of criminals. But health experts are worried that the provision will encourage use of a substance that can have long-term consequences on still-maturing brains. Legalization will inevitably lead more young people to smoke marijuana in the mistaken belief that it isn’t harmful, said Christina Grant, a professor of pediatrics at McMaster University in Ontario. “One in seven youths who have used cannabis will develop an addiction to cannabis — that impacts your life, schooling, job prospects, social and emotional relationships,” she said. The legislation introduced last month would make Canada the second country to have nationwide legalization, after Uruguay, which also set the minimum age at 18. While eight U.S. states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana, users there must be at least 21. Colorado State Rep. Jonathan Singer, whose state became the first to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012, said it too should lower the age to 18 in order to stamp out the lingering black market. U.S. teens have long crossed the border into the province of Quebec, where the drinking age is 18, and some say a lower recreational marijuana age allowance in Canada could mean an influx of pot tourism among young Americans. Canadian youth already have higher rates of cannabis use than their peers worldwide, with 21 percent of those aged 15-19 reporting they consumed cannabis and 30 percent of those aged 20-24, according to government figures. The Canadian legislation would give each of the 8


10 provinces power to set the minimum age, with at least Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba likely to choose the younger option of 18 to match the drinking age. The drinking age is 19 in the other provinces. Anyone caught selling or providing pot to someone under the age of 18 could face up to 14 years in prison. Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott has said “no product is without risk” and noted tobacco and alcohol are legal although both pose serious health risks. “Just because a product is legal it does not mean it is advisable or recommended to use that product,” Philpott said. David Hammond, a professor in the School of Public Health and Health Systems at University of Waterloo, said the government will have to do more to educate young people on the health risks. Anyone arguing for pot age restrictions until 25 should be doing the same for alcohol and tobacco, he said.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley introduces marijuana banking bill Proposal has bipartisan support With great hope that banking will ease the pain for many of us, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is working to make this vision a reality. WAM learned that this bill has been co-sponsored by eight other senators, including Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.). Merkley introduced the bill to address the current problems surrounding legal cannabis businesses and their access to banking. As it stands, federal laws still prohibit banking linked to cannabis. These laws do not allow a cannabis business to access standard banking services. Nor do they protect banks that help cannabis businesses from having their federal deposit insurance terminated or restricted. In hopes of solving this issue, we look forward to the outcome. If this succeeds, even customers who feel the pain of always having to pay in cash now would be able to use debit cards more often and effortlessly.









OLCC approves ‘medical bump-up’ canopy for marijuana producers

The Paddled Pub debuts in Grants Pass

Rules establish sharing framework between producers and patients The Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved rules allowing growers licensed in Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana Program to grow marijuana specifically for Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) cardholders. Under this “medical bump-up” arrangement, recreational producers will be allowed to grow additional canopy above what is allowed in their OLCC license. The new rules allow producers to enter into agreements with OMMP cardholders. However, a medical cardholder can only have one assigned grower. Producers who decide to add medical bump-up canopy can transfer useable marijuana to an OMMP cardholder. If a cardholder allows, a producer may transfer excess to other cardholders and caregivers, as well as to OMMP dispensaries and processors. All production and transfer of excess product is required to be tracked in the Cannabis Tracking System (CTS).

The Paddled Pub rides down the Rogue River — a partnership with Climate City Brewing Co., one of the newest additions to the craft-beer scene in Southern Oregon. Climate City’s year-round beers include Nookie IPA, Yellow Belly Blonde, Rainie Falls Red and Hyperion Porter. We also highly recommend spending some time in the brewery enjoying a delicious meal from its upscale pub menu. Trips start and finish at Climate City Brewing, 509 S.W. G St., Grants Pass.

Pump House Burgers opens in Talent Pump House Burgers and Brews opened its doors this past month in Talent. Expect to find an open, garage-style vibe packed with great burgers, beers and live music! Catering to the Southern Oregon masses and appealing to tourists, the open-patio concept deserves a glimpse before it gets too cold to enjoy.

Breidenthal still not in jail! No one has arrested former County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal! With several lawsuits pending against him for bribery, fraud, rape and embezzlement Breidenthal still walks the streets of Medford, where he is under suspicion of violating the restraining order that bars him from the store where he allegedly defrauded an elderly couple of $150,000.00! WAM is just as curious as our readers about why and how this situation can be happening. Look for our full report in the next issue of WAM on this developing story.




Cannabiz Experience opens its doors in Southern Oregon


Retailer among the first to provide home delivery

The Fore Twenty Golf Tournament tees off at Stone Creek Golf Course, 14603 S. Stoneridge Drive in Oregon City.

INDO EXPO PORTLAND Aug. 5-6 • 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday (business only); 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday This cannabis industry trade show comes to the Portland Expo Center, 2060 N. Marine Drive, Portland.

CANNABIS SCIENCE CONFERENCE Aug. 28-30 The Cannabis Science Conference will be at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

At 333 N. Riverside Ave., Medford, Cannabiz Experience owner Robert Weigner sat down with WAM to explain why his store stands out from all the rest. “Simple” … says Weigner. “We have created a true ‘cannabis’ experience as soon as you walk in the door with all of Oregon’s landmarks and history throughout. We’re bringing the outside of Southern Oregon inside: Mount Ashland, the Rogue River, as well as the Oregon Dunes!” The vibe inside really will appeal to the 30-and-over clientele who are looking for fun and education with their first cannabis experience or that of the “soccer mom” who wants to feel safe and educated in a warm, inviting atmosphere. The goal was creating a kind of trail that takes customers on a tour of Southern Oregon throughout the store, as well as on an adventure. Cannabiz Experience is one of the first dispensaries in Oregon that will provide home delivery right to your door. “There are people that are somewhat intimidated by the existing dispensaries and recreational retail stores and find information that is limited and often unhelpful. Essentially, what we’re doing is we’re creating an experience of fun, adventure and easily understood answers that are helpful to make educated cannabis decisions. By helping that type of person that can not leave the comfort of their home, and for those afraid to walk into these stores for whatever reason that may be,” says Weigner. This is an indispensable service for those who have medical conditions that restrict their travel. Weigner also said: “We have found some Southern Oregon retail cannabis stores to be somewhat sterile like a doctor’s office — making people wait in separate rooms, or buzzed in. Often scales are out of site, and this makes the customer wonder about the accuracy in the weight of the weed, or the bud-to-stem ratio is horrible! Knowing this, we have stepped up our game to better that same experience: the ‘Cannabiz Experience’. ” Yes, when Weigner says different … he really means it! “We hand the tongs right to the customer and allow them to select their buds and weigh out what they want. If someone wants only 1/3 gram, no problem. If you’re a senior or a veteran, you will receive a DOUBLE discount! Ten percent off for you, as a Vet, and an additional 10 percent being a senior, now giving you a total of 20 percent off that purchase! In other words, we stack our discounts for our customers! It’s all about them, and that’s the bottom line.”







It’s always 4:20 in Oregon, so why not smell of the good stuff all day long! In dank shades of green and lightly scented with cannabis, the bar from Whiskey River Soap Co. transports you on a trip down memory lane to … uh, wait … We can’t remember what we were talking about.



This all-wooden watch is equipped with high-quality, Japanese quartz movement and stainless-steel, tri-fold clasp with push buttons. Diameter of the dial is 1.7 inches. Strap and case are made of 100 percent wood — walnut framed in beautiful, dark ebony.





Need your caffeine fix? Being on the go doesn’t always leave time for pour-over or French press, making a delicious, instant option important. Alpine Start Instant Coffee’s answer is 100 percent Arabica beans sourced straight from Columbia. It works in hot or cold liquids and is incredibly easy to toss in your pack as you head out for a hike, camping trip or just your daily commute to work.




Snoop’s POUNDS Starship Water Pipe, by Famous Brandz, is a lot more than just a bong. It easily transforms into a dab rig for concentrates with its reverse 14-millimeter male joint. The Starship compact bong hits like a champ.




Not your child’s slingshot! Capable of firing projectiles at high speed, the Assolar laser slingshot is a serious weapon. The infrared sight and laser flashlight make finding targets easier, and the ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold. Removing the laser transforms the slingshot into a machine capable of shooting an arrow, making an already powerful weapon even more lethal.



Steven Mattern tops the measure of craftsmanship, design and functionality in this amazing pipe. The Santa Feo Pipe offers three individual bowls and defines the ultimate meaning of what a novelty pipe looks like, nevertheless, how it smokes.







Beauty and brains — The Herbalizer is all that. Intelligent software monitors usage to prevent overheating while a tilt sensor will cause the heater to shut down if knocked over. If you walk away for too long, sleep mode automatically activates, so you can breathe easy.




OtterBox built its reputation keeping water out of its containers. Certified bear-resistant, its rugged design can hold ice for up to 14 days and has been droptested on every side and edge, empty or full. It’s also customizable, letting you quickly attach accessories like a cutting board, dry storage tray, cup holders and dry boxes; the integrated handles double as tie-down anchors. Available in 25-, 45-, and 65-quart capacities and three outdoor-ready color schemes.



The AWOL Duffel Bag from DL Wholesale is made from the highest quality fabrics and stitching available. The materials in the AWOL Duffel Bag are stitched together seamlessly to deliver odor-locking power unrivaled by any other duffel bag on the market. Rugged, durable, waterrepellant and odor-proof, the AWOL Duffel will carry your harvest safely and discreetly.





The legendary brand jumps into the cork game with these sharp-looking kicks, although it’s just a pattern, not actual cork, covering you from heel to toe. Light and breathable, paired with the white sole and laces, they’re perfect for what’s left of shorts season.




Easy to install and surprisingly spacious, Skycamp Rooftop Tents are sensible alternatives to the traditional camper. Closed inside a clamshell-like hard case, the tent unfurls in less than a minute. The honeycomb base panels in lightweight, durable aluminum give you a king-sized space, with enough height to sit up comfortably. An included ladder makes it easy to get in and out, it’s available in two fabric styles to suit your needs and the “sky view” window provides a glimpse of the stars from the bed. It attaches via a universal mounting system that accommodates most crossbars and is available in black or white.





Pen CO2 COMPANY CBD-RICH VAPE Pennywise 1 to 1 CBD to THC (THC 30% | CBD 28%) Although we see ultimate value in the medicinal aspect of THC, we often forget about the CBD that WAM feels is the express lane for relieving many ailments. Co2 Company has created a great CBDrich cartridge for Oregon, and it was so good that we had to share it with you. This cartridge from Co2 is strain-specific, and that makes us even more comfortable telling you all about it and this strain. Pennywise is a high-CBD indica cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. With four phenotypes, this version of Pennywise is a therapeuticcompound CBD, especially effective in treating arthritis, posttraumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, neurological disorders and cancer symptoms. This Pennywise contains a 1-to-1 ratio of CBD and THC, making this a more relaxing strain without too much of a “rip” high, allowing you to function through your day without concern. “The CO2 Company is dedicated to offering patients the highest quality medicines. We hold ourselves environmentally and socially responsible by providing the cleanest and healthiest products possible. We use cutting-edge technology to maintain the highest standards — producing safe, convenient medicine.”



Taste: Puff quality: Effects: Battery: (battery sold as a set) *WAM recommends buying the push-button battery that IS compatible with Co2. Many of us know that puff No. 1 is never the same as puff No. 30, BUT the Co2 battery does provide you with consistent puff quality throughout, giving you much more smoking satisfaction.

MON - SUN 9AM TO 8PM River City Retail is an OLCC licensed retail store still servicing the medical community! We are Southern Oregon’s premiere provider of quality marijuana products. Just a short drive from Grants Pass, we are centrally located just 4 miles off Exit 61, in Merlin. Come see why our customers rave about our store!

541.450.1585 115 GALICE RD. MERLIN, OREGON


POTLIGHT FIRESIDE DISPENSARY Weed Aficionado Magazine posed some burning questions to Medford’s Fireside Dispensary. Their response revealed an intense passion for cannabis. The retailer is at 4149 S. Pacific Highway. WAM: Fireside first opened its doors in 2015. Since then, with all the changes in the industry, do you feel that recreational use of marijuana has helped your business or hurt it? FSD: Recreational cannabis has been great for our business. For people to be able to experience cannabis in a retail establishment is a big step forward. It’s a great opportunity for us to change the stigma surrounding “marijuana” — by giving adults the opportunity to look more closely at cannabis and to speak with an experienced “bud tender” who can better help them understand their choices. Customers want to have selection, as well as products in which they have an understanding and confidence. Retail cannabis is helping to build that bridge in society, making pot more “mainstream” or normal. WAM: What would you say is the biggest attraction at your location? FSD: We put a lot of time and thought into what our customers would want when we designed the store and its functions. The size of our store is something I know the customers enjoy. You won’t feel crowded into a small room when you come to Fireside. We have three registers here that help us serve customers more quickly. We only purchase products from the best producers and processers in the state. That is incredibly important. We know that people recognize the difference between average cannabis and craft cannabis. We have been blessed to meet and work with very talented producers throughout the state, selectively purchasing the product you will find on our shelf. In fact, we proudly display the name and logo of the producer with each product. WAM: Based on Oregon’s new stricter pesticide testing, do you feel that the marijuana in your store today is better than in 2015-16? FSD: I feel that having increased testing standards is incredibly important. I want to know that everything we sell is safe to enjoy. And that (standard) is completely achievable. Our industry, as a whole, should not want to compromise the confidence the public places on us. We should all support a system that proves our integrity is more valuable than money. Caring for our society is what this is about — not just money. WAM: Do you see an increase or decrease of medical patients this year because of recreational use? What’s your opinion on that decision from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission? FSD: Here is one common misconception that I have noticed: People think that if you’re a recreational customer, you’re just looking to get high. That you’re only truly “medical” if you carry



a medical card or are an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholder. Cannabis isn’t only medical if it’s treating some prescribed purpose. Cannabis provides a broad range of uses, from treating an issue or ailment, to simply enhancing your sense of well-being. People in general live happier, healthier lives if they are able to unwind and de-stress. Our society as a whole will benefit from having a healthier option for what is more broadly accepted in our society — alcohol and prescription drugs. Society just needs to become enlightened. WAM: As this industry grows and improves, what changes are you most looking forward to in the future? FSD: Interstate commerce and international business. We are blessed to be living in the beautiful state of Oregon. Once we have our chance to share our joy of cannabis with everyone else, I have no doubt that the state of Oregon and all of us will do quite well. Much like beer and wine, enjoying the cannabis products we produce will bring customers from all over the world. WAM: Your lobby is stunning! Do you think Oregonians will ever be able to enjoy your products in that lobby one day soon? FSD: There is movement in that direction — not only to consume at a dispensary but also to promote events, much like beer and wine festivals. (Places) where producers, processors and retail stores can come together and share with the public (are) coming. WAM: Based on your location, what do you see your customers wanting more of in the future? FSD: Selection. That’s what makes us successful — good selection. One way the consumer is going to benefit from this recreational market is the free market. That always benefits the customer. It creates a market driven by imagination and innovation. At the end of the day, the customer sets the market. The ones who will be successful are the best of the best — the most talented producers, processors and retailers. Like Fireside!




THE CANNABIS COMMUNITY Oregon’s Cultivation Classic combines craft, competition and conversation BY BECKY GARRISON

umerous vendors, speakers and an awards show highlighted May’s Cultivation Classic in Portland. The sixth annual event — billed as “the world’s only cannabis competition exclusively for ethically grown product free of pesticides” — determined the best flower in nine categories. With more than 30 vendors filling Revolution Hall, the May 12 extravaganza was aimed at “defining craft and celebrating community.” The event kicked off with a welcome from U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), one of the leading advocates for cannabis reform at the federal level. He announced the formation of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, a bipartisan effort founded by Blumenauer along with U.S. Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Don Young (R-Alaska) and Jared Polis (D-Colo.).This caucus intends to explore a wide array of proposals that will allow for expanding the research of cannabis and reduce legal restrictions. The conversation then turned local with an exploration of the “future of craft cannabis in Oregon.” Adam Smith, a founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, announced the launch of the Craft Cannabis Alliance. Amid growth of the cannabis industry, this organization seeks to establish criteria for cannabis similar to standards for craft food and beverages that have come to define those industries in Oregon. Smith highlighted, as follows, key criteria for defining craft cannabis in Oregon: clean product containing no pesticides, sustainable methods utilized for growing and processing cannabis, engage in ethical employment practices, local ownership/ control of the company and community engagement. Ethical Cannabis Alliance Executive Director Ashley Preece spoke about her organization’s focus on protecting the environment, ethics in cannabis production and engaging in social issues such as providing a living wage for those working in the cannabis industry. As part of its mission, the Alliance seeks to establish a “rigorous, responsible, community-centered certification for cannabis by providing robust, transparent yet accessible standards.” Debate on local implementation of cannabis laws ensued in “Banging Your Head Against the Wall: Oregon’s Evolving Regulations.” At issue were concerns that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission



Vendors, speakers and an awards show highlighted May’s Cultivation Classic in Portland PHOTOS BY BECKY GARRISON

discriminates against cannabis users by placing restrictions on the substance beyond those for alcohol. Dispensary owners, for example, cannot offer cannabis samples in the manner of tasting beer, wine, spirits and other products containing alcohol. Additionally, cannabis-themed events that charge admission fees, unlike alcohol festivals, cannot offer flower for sampling or sale. The law is unclear on cannabis distribution at free events or private parties with cover charges that bill themselves as BYOC (bring your own cannabis) Furthermore, consumption is not permitted at any event advertised to the public. A proposed law in the Oregon Legislature (Senate Bill 307) advocating for public consumption of cannabis only addresses smoking cannabis on patios and other outdoor spaces. Issues involving consuming cannabis in indoor spaces run up against the Oregon Clean Air Act. OLCC’s Jesse Sweet noted that the surge in applications have delayed the agency’s implementation of changes. Staff and budget were allocated for 1,200 applications but, to date, have received double this number. Activists interested in advocating for cannabis legislation can join the Oregon Cannabis Association’s trip to Washington, D.C., planned for June 19-21. Fifty people have so far signed up for the event, doubling the number that participated in its first trip. Following a ganga-themed yoga break, the conversation turned to “Telling an Elevated Cannabis Story.” Advances in growing and benefits of such events as the Cultivation Classic as educational opportunities were discussion topics of Alex Halperin of Weed Week and writer Winston Ross. They addressed the challenges of



telling the full story of cannabis prohibition’s end, the industry’s transition from a black to green market and the need to avoid journalism riddled with cliches and stereotypes. The science of cannabis concluded the afternoon. Dr. Ethan Russo, medical director of Phytecs, addressed scientific methods to make cannabis safer and better. His ideal cannabisclassification scheme combines shape, content and purpose. Farma’s Jeremy Plumb gave a short presentation about the Open Cannabis Project, whose stated mission is to “build an archival record of all existing cannabis strains, in order to ensure that they remain forever in the public domain, available to all, and will not be restricted by commercialization or patenting.” Promising studies of cannabis for treating chronic pain was the purview of Dr. Adie Poe, co-founder of Habur Health. Her research, presented as “Beyond Opioids: The Future of Cannabis Science and Medicine,” asserts that the combination of cannabis and opioids significantly reduces a patient’s use of opioids, which reduces opioid addiction and deaths from opioid overdoses. This research underscores the CDC’s 2016 recommendation that non-opioids are prescribed for most cases of chronic pain, treated with the lowest effective opioid dose. One of the world’s largest cannabis-flower competitions capped off the event. Judges considered more than 100 flowers required to meet standards equivalent to organic certification. Winners are Alter Farms Cherry Wine, Yerba Buena Corazon, Cheshire Kind Cannatonic, sofresh farms Critical Cure, East Wind Cannabis CBD Critical Mass, Toro Ma CBDiesel, One Family Farms Blueberry, Ten Four Farms Sour Tangie, Cannassentials Guava Chem.



TRAINING FOR Developing higher cannabis tolerance may be beneficial for medical users BY EMILY EARLENBAUGH HAVING A HIGH TOLERANCE TO CANNABIS often is seen as a bad thing. The higher users’ tolerance, the more cannabis they need to consume to feel its effects. So having a high tolerance seems much less efficient and, therefore, something to avoid. In response to this problem, countless articles have suggested a solution: taking regular breaks from cannabis. Tolerance to cannabis develops over time, and taking a tolerance break can restart the process. After a week or two of abstinence, tolerance diminishes drastically. While



occasional users can find this very effective, others who use cannabis as a daily medicine actually may find these breaks counterproductive to their medicinal goals. For these patients, a tolerance to cannabis may be exactly what they need for healing. Developing a tolerance isn’t all bad. It has its benefits, as well. As someone who uses cannabis for daily chronic pain, I have a higher tolerance to cannabis than most, but I am not looking to lower it. One of the benefits of developing a tolerance is that it lessens cannabis’ disorienting effects. When I use cannabis, I don’t feel high; I just feel less pain. But it wasn’t always like that. There was a time when a few puffs would leave me feeling disoriented and overwhelmed. I felt better, but I couldn’t get anything done. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t use my medicine when I actually needed it — when I was too sick to work. Then a friend suggested something unexpected: tolerance training. He also was a medical patient and had intentionally built up his tolerance to allow for use during everyday activities. “Try a little bit of cannabis before you start working

TOLERANCE on that paper,” he suggested. “You will feel weird for a few days, but then you will adjust.” To my surprise, he was right. After about a week of introducing cannabis use to my daily activities, I found that I no longer had the disorienting effects. My pain was gone, but I felt normal. It was only after I developed this tolerance that my cannabis use was able to transform my life. At that point, it went from being an occasional vacation from my pain to an actual solution. It turns out, I am not alone. While not often discussed, studies have shown that chronic cannabis users don’t seem to suffer from the same disorienting side effects seen in occasional users. When you use cannabis regularly, your body adjusts, and the experience of the medicine is very different. In fact, this is common with many medications. New substances can be disorienting at first but after a few weeks of use, patients tend to adjust. For daily users considering tolerance breaks, it’s important to remember that cannabis is a medicine with powerful effects. Doctors generally recommend against the practice of suddenly starting and stopping medications.

Still, I have to admit I have tried tolerance breaks hoping they would bring down the amount I was using. These breaks were extremely painful, difficult and didn’t seem to help. When I went back on cannabis, I found I quickly settled back at the stable dose I had been on for years. My tolerance breaks didn’t lower the amount I needed to achieve symptom relief, but they did temporarily bring back the sense of disorientation. If you are trying to achieve that sense of disorientation — say, as an occasional time-out from reality — then a tolerance break might be a great idea. But for medical patients trying to achieve a stable daily regimen, tolerance training might be a better path. Emily Earlenbaugh is a cannabis patient consultant and wellness researcher. She is the author of the online course “The Mindful Guide to Cannabis” and has a doctorate in philosophy of science from UC Davis.





Oregon Pineapple

Orp OREGON PINEAPPLE Oregon Pineapple by Chalice farms is a wonderful, light and fluffy bud that smells amazing! It has great citrus smell and taste that brings you up in an instant. This version of Orp is great for daytime use, allowing you to be highly functional but still very happy. We found that even though it relieved some pretty hefty stress, it allowed us to perform all of our duties without putting us to sleep. One slight negative was that it did cause us all to have dry mouth, so be sure to have your favorite drink close at hand when you’re smoking the “Pineapple.”








What do others have to say about this strain? We found this quote on Leafly to be spot on! “This is such a wonderful, fun-filled high. Not an immediate buzz, more slow to start and, then all of a sudden, you are giddy high ... listening to some old love songs and singing along loudly to all the words ... Well, Oregon Pineapple You’re THE INSPIRATION ... You make me want to smile, relax, laugh and even get some chores done ... as long as the music is still playing and I can sing along ... loud, proud and stoned ... ” — Trixxi, Oregon



Stress Relief: Fights fatigue: Fights depression: Induces euphoria: Happy:



Tommy Chong DECADES

since defining the American counter-culture through cannabis, Tommy Chong still lights up a crowd. The Grammy Awardwinning comedian, musician and actor took a spin on “Dancing with the Stars” before launching his personal line of cannabis products, Chong’s Choice. In an exclusive interview with WAM, the pioneer of pot puts his unique perspective on government regulation, the marijuana industry and where this trip is taking us.







WAM: How did you celebrate 420 this year? TOM: I missed 420 because I forgot it was 420, so I celebrated 420 on 421. It was actually 521 — that’s when I realized I missed 420 … by a day. WAM: A few years ago, we coined you as the ‘Hemp Emperor.’ Do you feel like there is more pressure on you being a global cannabis icon and advocate? TOM: Well, the only pressure that’s on me now comes from an operation I had, you know, changing my bowels around … so that’s only when I try to walk after I eat. Otherwise, there’s no pressure on me whatsoever. WAM: Do people always assume you’re ready, willing and able to light up and smoke at any time? TOM: Well, yes. Yes and no. I mean, there are times, you know, when I definitely don’t smoke. Usually, it’s because I can’t remember whether I smoked or not. But uh, uh, normally yes, I’m pretty ready and able, even when I’m not. I’ve got people around that’ll wake me up and get me high. WAM: If you could change one thing about the cannabis industry in this country, what would it be? TOM: If I could change? The president of the United States. That’s what I’d change. WAM: About the cannabis industry? TOM: Probably the banking system, you know. That would be the one thing. I would make it federal law that it would be OK to use banks. WAM: How can Americans get the federal government to remove marijuana from the Schedule I controlled substance category? TOM: You know, you’d have to change the attorney general. Just get Republicans out of there … That’s, that’s the key, you know. Get the Democrats control of at least one of the Houses. But yeah, we have to fall back on the Democratic control before we can do anything. WAM: Do you believe decriminalizing marijuana will happen this decade? TOM: Well, yeah. Yeah … Really all they’re trying to do is … They’re having a change of culture. You know, and the culture of making money off of innocent growers and users. The government has to come up with some other … alternative way of making their money, just like they had to do with the parking and dealing with the electric cars. WAM: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a harsh critic of marijuana and state legalization. Are you worried about what he’ll do in the next four years? TOM: No, I’m more worried about his health than the next four years … They all look like they have signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s and not to mention extreme stupidity. That is a curable disease, but it’s toxic, very toxic, and it looks like it’s catching. Because they’re all getting … a taste of that. Anyways, listen, it’s been illegal now for 78 years — 79 years — and so another couple of four years of straightening it out is really a drop in the bucket, you know, so actually everything is going according to plan. Even what’s happing now with the government — you know when they said they were going to drain the swamp? Well, right now, we’ve got the critters in the swamp that are still hanging on, you know. But I think we need a Bernie, or you know, someone like a Bernie Sanders to really drain the swamp completely and restock it.





WAM: You were on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in 2014. How was that experience? TOM: Uh, very, very intense. That’s when I found out how old I really was — am. You know, up until then I was fooling myself. I thought I was a young guy. But after ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I realized I am an old fucker! With a lot of fans. WAM: Were you high when you competed on the show? TOM: Uh, no, for the most part no. But what’s his name, everybody else was … I got Val (Chmerkovskiy) and everybody (high). WAM: Do you wish you had been? TOM: Actually, I got high, um, immediately after. But no, I had to be careful. It was so intense, you know, that I needed all my energy. And so I needed all my faculties. It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Geraldo, they had to drag him away like a limp dishrag, poor guy. WAM: Did friends and family poke fun at you because you were on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? TOM: Oh, no, no, no. Everybody was very happy. WAM: Which game show would you do well? TOM: Oh, no, I’m lousy. I’m lousy. Cheech is the guy that does the shows — ‘Jeopardy.’ He does ‘Jeopardy.’ WAM: Not including your movies, in your opinion what is the best stoner movie ever? TOM: ‘American Beauty.’ I just watched it the other day, and to me, that is — other than ‘Up in Smoke’ —that is the best stoner movie. It had so many levels of how it’s good for you and how it’s misunderstood. And, as a movie itself, was so good. It showed humor. It showed pot just like we did with ‘Up in Smoke.’ Just perfect. WAM: What has been your favorite Oregon strain as of late that you have been toking? TOM: We get it from Shango. Sativa from Shango. It was, uh, very positive. It was an upper, you know. It made you get really creative; sativas tend to do that with me; I always get ’em mixed up … Sometimes I’m awake all night and other times I’m asleep all day.

WAM: If you could take a time machine and visit any era, which concert would you see? TOM: Ummm. Tierney Sutton. Or Wiz Khalifa. That’s because I’d have to take my 40-year-old son there. Tickets are so expensive. (Laughs.) ‘Dad take me to the concert!’ WAM: Are you pleased with the success of Chong’s Choice as well as its performance in the market? TOM: Oh, it’s killin’ everywhere. Everywhere. And when we get … everybody gets turned on to Chong’s Choice CBD oil, whoa, that’s gonna go through the roof … I’m gonna end up buyin’ your magazine. Just so I could be on the cover every other (issue). WAM: What products would you like to explore with Chong’s Choice in the next few years? TOM: Well, I told you about the CBD oil … And all the flower, and the shatter, everything … everything that’s good. Anything and everything organic. WAM: Marijuana still gets a bad rap from some critics for its medicinal value. Do you think the industry is harmed by some of the ridiculous strain names, like Alaskan Thunder Fuck or Durban Poison? Can the medical industry ever take it serious with names like that? TOM: Oh, no. Not at all. Not at all … Marijuana is really an aptitude test now. If, uh, if people still think it’s harmful, that means they’re … not incurably, but they’re pretty ignorant. WAM: If it was legally possible (it’s likely never going to happen), would you like to see California secede from the United States and establish its own country (Cal-Exit)? TOM: No. Not at all. Not at all. No reason to. No, we gotta … help our brothers, you know. Just because we got everything in California we can’t, you know, ignore the people. Because we’re, uh, a destination for a lot of people. And so it if wasn’t for the other places, California would be empty because there’d be nowhere to come from. WAM: Do you believe that Oregon is a trendsetter for the rest of the country … or just alone on an island doing its own thing? TOM: Oh, Oregon, man, that’s … Oregon is the … is the place. It’s the place. Especially if you like rain. (Laughs).





By The Green-Man, Andrew Mount


How JFK inspired

FIRST AFRICANAMERICAN SECRET SERVICE AGENT to work the White House detail, Abraham Bolden shared conversations with President John F. Kennedy. These exchanges revealed to Bolden the true character of the “man who would be king” but, most importantly, imbued in him a devotion to the common good that our fallen leader espoused. Bolden eventually was brought up on charges of bribery after acting as a Secret Service whistleblower, calling foul on the very security teams with which he worked. When he discovered agency personnel drinking on the job, including at the Kennedy compound, Bolden could not remain silent and sounded the alarm to his superiors. He also experienced agents’ outright racism toward him as a black man. There are even more disturbing details of Bolden’s life pertaining to the events of Nov. 22, 1963, a date that shall forever live in infamy. During the interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin was declined — by high-level, official deception — the opportunity to make a phone call from his Dallas jailhouse, a little-known fact. Information was collected from Oswald upon his request for the call that became known to the chain of Secret Service command. Of this knowledge, agent Bolden was made aware in the immediate aftermath of the assassination in Dealey Plaza. His landmark book, “The Echo from Dealey Plaza,” serves as his autobiography. Bolden met Kennedy in 1961 when the president was attending an appreciation dinner in Chicago. A chance meeting resulted in the president inviting Bolden, a new agent, to join the Secret Service Protective Detail in Washington, D.C. “When I first met him, I could see he was a very unusual man. He was a sincere man. You can see it in the eyes,” says Bolden. “He had suffered much despite his privileged position, and this molded him to be a compassionate leader. But the greed of the world overcame his compassion.”


a genuine mystic of our age


“What I saw in the president was an unusual Those who wish to divide society cannot really hope to impose sanity or fiscal responsibility on the dispossessed while our dreams as a country are at odds with our bank balance. The net social effect of deficit-financed national budgets (one of the chronic ills Kennedy attempted to address) is that no common person can incur an infinite debt, but the United States may do so with impunity. Without a political economy that values human and natural life more than private gain, tragedies like those of Bolden and JFK himself may be ahead of us. “What I saw in the president was an unusual expression of love. That’s why he had to die,” says this man of conscience. Were we to adopt a more compassionate approach to society, how might this look to our eyes? The liberalization of laws that unduly constrain a person’s access to folk medicines, common-pool resources and undiluted cultural/spiritual value, thereby enhances our lives. However, there is much room for improvement if the monster of greed cannot be checked like Gandalf facing the Balrog. The essential truth for Bolden, however, is that no external authority can grant one health, wealth or purpose in life. We must claim this estate for ourselves. Is this an American attitude, or is it more universal in scope? Bolden’s bottom line is that, since the time of Kennedy, we as a people (worldwide) have moved toward the plane

of the higher self, due partly to the suffering of past and present day. This produces spiritual mind, the indispensable component of Bolden’s martial philosophy. The broader significance of such a stance in our times is this: If abuse of power remains in places of high influence, and if corrupt power-politics has been the order of the day in most administrations since Kennedy’s time, then we are in for a bit of a ride, to say the least. The ultimate prescription Bolden has for practitioners of spiritual mind, he generously admits: “One can stop the movement of time, dwell in the inbetween (spaces); finding the neutral zone, the still-spot.” This leads one to believe that morally conscious persons are a force for changing the nature of the very times in which we are living. We can speculate, based upon Bolden’s reflections, that consciousness and time itself are somehow wedded to one another cosmically. Without invoking even one religious ideal, we can very plainly say that time (or times) has an influence on the wider consciousness of humankind. The likes of Bolden say we have a great deal more work to do in this central area. Perhaps our late president knew this as well. “Time moves in packages,” our truth-teller muses. “Teaching comes through people who have a heart of love. Pain and suffering is good because it makes you slow down and meditate. Weakness of body brings power to the spirit.” These words are from a man who served more than three

profiles in cour

ession of love

years as a prisoner of conscience, who should be jaded by all normal standards, but is instead an ambassador for all who seek a balanced society. It is fair to say that “truth-telling” is a better term than “whistle-blowing” for what Bolden represents as his life’s mission. He argues that the temporal world is the reverse of the spiritual world, and that access to our spiritual self means we become like a person who lives in the future, who has a spiritual mind. “A person in the physical mind sees only chaos, yet the workings of the spiritual mind and physical mind together produce reason,” adjures Bolden. Bolden makes plain that the fruits of a spiritual life may be bittersweet, yet the long-term benefits to both humanity and one’s own character are invaluable. One might also say he believes in an afterlife, the spiritual world where all rewards ultimately ARE reaped. Should our national conversation turn to instilling greater spiritual values at every rung of society, then relative wealth and positions of power would matter much less while egalitarian public leaders are scarce. Yet it is possible that even deeper catharsis could produce more fruit than a continuing denial of the cultural deficit opening wide in our midst. If we are now moving toward our higher self as a people, as Bolden suggests, how then are we still standing for injustices and inequities in the social order? Marginalizing people who are disadvantaged is not a trait that a mystically inclined, spiritually

expression of love. That’s why he had to die.” minded individual can accept without seeing an internal contradiction. A nation so inclined would thus truly represent equity and fairness at every level of governance — and resist the undue influence of materialistic and even militaristic forces. Bolden’s experience ultimately brings into question the whole outcome of the Warren Commission, which would not admit into evidence a good many incriminating facts that the Secret Service themselves had uncovered about JFK’s demise. Bolden was simply bearing witness to the truth, as is his spiritual practice. We could all learn a thing or two from Bolden’s example. These are times that call for profiles in courage such as his own, inspiring life.

Abraham Bolden exits a Chicago courtroom after a motion hearing in July 1964.




common mistakes

Like overfeeding, giving plants too much water can harm or even kill them.

There are a lot of mistakes that growers make. Some are as simple as forgetting to water, but most that seem like common sense actually can kill your plants.



Overfeeding plants is a common mistake by novice gardeners. You see your plants growing every day, but you’re concerned the buds might not be developing quickly enough. As animals, we intuitively think food equals growth, but overeating doesn’t do you or your plant any good. Food does not always promote growth. In fact, it can mean the exact opposite: Overfeeding plants can kill a garden.


Nutrients come in two forms: organic and inorganic. Organic nutrients come from compost, manure and other refined minerals in the ground. They release slowly into the soil when applied and are not readily available for the plant to take up in excess. That means organic nutrients are the safest bet for avoiding overfeeding.


When caring for a cannabis garden, growers are quick to worry over whether their plants are getting all the water they need. But like overfeeding, giving plants too much water can harm or even kill them. Overwatering will cause roots to suffocate and die. Once root rot sets in, it’s nearly impossible to reverse, and you will have to start over. To avoid this setback, make sure the top inch of the soil is bone-dry, or even lift pots to get a feel for their weight. If you’re truly unsure, waiting to see a little wilting in plants ensures they are ready for water.



home growers make and how

to remedy them


Using the wrong pH

If water for a cannabis garden is too acidic or basic, you can run into some real problems. Ideally, use water between pH 6.0 and 7.0. This pH level allows plants to absorb the full range of nutrients. Outside of this range, nutrient deficiencies will start to become evident because the water is lacking acidity or is too acidic for specific nutrients to become available. Routinely check the pH level of water. Consider buying filters to maintain a specific pH and/or put additives in water to raise or lower acidity.


Poor climate

You may be growing inside, outside or in a greenhouse; regardless of which, you need to be fully aware of your climate. Temperature and humidity are crucial to the development of quality cannabis. Temperature is key. If a garden is too cold or too hot, you will see side effects. Cold temperatures can stunt plants’ growth, and even colder temperatures will kill them. On the contrary, if plants are too hot, they will develop heat stress. The leaves curl in as if hiding from the light or sun, and the plants become weak and tired. If the hot climate continues, heat stress becomes a constant battle, and the plant will eventually die or produce very unhealthy buds.


Poor lighting

Lights and the timing of lighting are crucial from growth to the absence of growth. Accidentally scaring plants with poorly timed lighting cycles can kill all of a grower’s efforts in that single mistake. Make sure lights are properly hung and spaced to produce accurate temperature and reach. Using a light meter is key. Fans help!




DIABLO This version of Diablo smokes very light for an indica and has great sleep quality. The taste has a lot going on with heavy grapefruit and some nice spice. It smokes like a higher-rated THC, maybe because it’s grown indoors, making it much more flavorful and potent.




Relieves stress


Fights depression Relieves pain



Rrs is an indica-dominant hybrid that smokes like an indica but doesn’t actually give you couch lock. In fact, this strain smokes heavy and hearty, renewing your focus and giving you a slight burst of creative energy! Earthy in taste with hints of tangerine, Rogue River Shiver is a top pick from WAM as far as indica hybrids go. It’s a perfect balance all around.



Rogue River Shiver

Relieves stress


Helps with sleep Calms the nerves





PLUSHBERRY Plushberry is not a new strain but an old, classic blend of Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen that creates a wonderful smoking flower to calm you almost instantly. Psh is great for those with insomnia, and this flower finishes with an amazing cherry-cola flavor! With an earthy undertone and sweet finish, Psh is perfect to use after a long day!

STRAIN ATTRIBUTES: Relieves stress Helps with sleep Relieves pain






This version of Agent Orange smokes like you just bit into a citrus fruit! It has a wonderful, fresh aroma with great citrus undertones! SoFresh’s version of Agent Orange smokes light and is great for late-afternoon relief without making you too stupid.

STRAIN ATTRIBUTES: Relives pain Relives stress Helps with sleep


Agent Orange






This version of Stinky Fudge was a really nice surprise. It helped immensely with insomnia, as well as with joint pain and arthritis. HUGE plus for these two conditions! It is a strange hybrid crossed with a lower THC of only 13 percent, but that does not stop it from being a true medicinal flower! If you suffer from nerve or joint pain, or have trouble sleeping, Hhf is where it’s at!



Happy Hippy Stinky Fudge

Relieves stress


Helps with sleep Relieves pain


CONSPIRACY KUSH Ah indica! We love this Csp for a few reasons: It smokes very heavy with bold, earthy, sweet and floral undertones. It also allows users to get great sleep or just plain relax after a long day. Csp is crossed with Obama Kush and Space Queen. Grown indoors, this flower is a MUST TRY!



Conspiracy Kush

Relieves stress


Fights depression Relieves pain



Going Green Albany




Summit Peach Pie is a unique Williams-bred hybrid cross between Amsterdam’s legendary Dutch Treat and the lesser-known Peaches and Cream. Summit Peach Pie retains the pine/lemon aromas and flavors from its Dutch Treat lineage while incorporating the fruit-forward sweetness of Peaches and Cream. This 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid strain is a great choice for relieving stress and depression and for treating chronic pain. Its euphoric effects will leave you feeling uplifted, happy and relaxed. We love unwinding after a long day with the flavors and effects of this unique strain and are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

STRAIN ATTRIBUTES: Relieves stress Fights depression Relieves pain


Summit Peach Pie




What can we say about this Sour D.? Smokes like a diesel, drives like a diesel with smooth, earthy undertones and some pretty great dank stank! This Sd is not like the one you buy on the black market Oregon; this is a trueto-heart Sour D. that has some really great flavors with awesome medical uses!

STRAIN ATTRIBUTES: Relieves stress Fights fatigue Fights depression


Sour Diesel





This product is AMAZING! The “mango” flavor is incredible! Cannavis actually is a syrup that can be drunk, smoked (from an oil vape cartridge) or used in cooking! It’s very versatile and very delicious. However, based on the first dose we recommend dosing yourself “lightly” to start. Each bottle for medical patients contains 200 milligrams of THC, making this product very easy to take too much at first. The best way to control your dose, depending on your use, is to start by taking a teaspoon, give yourself 20 minutes and then gauge your next dose from there. The mango gave us a wonderful body high with a euphoric head high, as well. It was perfect after a long day of traveling. Very relaxing.

CHALICE FARMS PEANUT BUTTER CANNABIS TRUFFLES This was the first time we have reviewed a Chalice edible, and let’s first say that this product — and others they make with chocolate — taste great!! These peanut butter truffles also are designed to be broken into four dosing pieces. However, breaking them apart is not recommended unless you like making a peanut butter mess. This design also may explain why our dosing accuracy is a little off. We found that eating one full piece without breaking it apart is a better way to dose. Again, the taste is great, and there is little to no cannabis flavor. The finish is pure BP and smooth, creamy milk chocolate. Our recreational package was priced right and perfect for a daytime drive. Very nice.

5 3 4



5 5 5

DOSAGE: 25.2 mg AS TESTED: Recreational




WYLD MARIONBERRY GUMMIES Wyld Marionberry gummies are nothing short of WOW! Let us first say: Their THC dosing is accurate and beyond! What this means is that a single serving of about 3.6 milligrams can and will be felt by all! Average tolerance for most WAM employees hovers around 200 milligrams daily. Trying this Wyld product, we all started with just one piece, and everyone felt the effect. This makes us very happy! The product’s price tag may cause some people to hesitate trying it. But take it from us: This indica version and the sativa with a recreational dosage are well worth the price! Wonderful flavor and no cannabis aftertaste!

4 5 5


Looking for a cool place with a great vibe? Come check out Bahama Buds for all of your cannabis needs. With a great selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles Bahama Buds is your final destination. So whether you live on the coast or are just driving through, make sure you stop in — we open in July.

1415 N Bayshore Dr Coos Bay, Oregon



WEEDAppetit ` CANNABIS CEVICHE This light, refreshing snack will leave you worry-free and satisfied, perfect for any summer picnic, dinner or even a snack. INGREDIENTS: • 2 pounds firm, fresh red snapper fillets (or other firm-fleshed white fish), boned and cut into ½-inch pieces • ½ cup fresh-squeezed lime juice • ½ cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice • ¼ cup cannabis-infused olive oil (can substitute with 1 gram RSO) • ½ red onion, peeled and finely diced • 1 cup seeded and chopped, fresh tomatoes • 1 serrano chili, stemmed, seeded and finely diced • 2 teaspoons salt • Dash ground oregano • Dash Tabasco or pinch cayenne pepper DIRECTIONS: In a medium bowl, gently stir together the ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Make sure oil soaks into fish. Refrigerate overnight in a covered, labeled, airtight container. Serve with chips.

MARIJUANA-INFUSED WATERMELON With summer upon us, cannabis-infused watermelon juice is the most refreshing way to medicate. INGREDIENTS: • 1 small seedless watermelon • ½ cup distilled water • ¼ cup sugar • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice • 4 tablespoons homemade or purchased cannabis tincture • 6 fresh mint leaves • 3 tablespoons coarse salt, to rim glasses DIRECTIONS: 1 | Gut the watermelon to remove all the fruit. Cut watermelon flesh into small cubes. 2 | In a blender, combine watermelon with the water, sugar and lemon juice; blend until smooth. 3 | Filter juice through a strainer into a glass beverage container. 4 | Add the cannabis tincture and mint leaves. Stir until well-combined. 5 | Refrigerate or serve over ice. May be stored in refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. Recipe courtesy of our buddies at MassRoots.

CANNABIS-INFUSED SUN TEA Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot day after mowing the lawn then a nice glass of iced tea! Simply adding cannabis honey puts a delicious twist on iced tea for those afternoons of relaxing in the sunshine. INGREDIENTS: • 3 to 4 tablespoons water • 4 to 6 ounces favorite honey • 2 to 3 grams kief/fine hash or 1/4 ounce dry, high-grade herb • 1 pitcher of your favorite tea, chilled • Ice, for serving



DIRECTIONS: 1 | In saucepan, combine the water and honey; simmer, while stirring, until honey becomes very liquid. 2 | Add the powdered hash, kief or crumbled herb. Allow to simmer on medium-low  heat, continuously stirring for about 15 minutes. This allows herb oils to dissolve into honey. 3 | When majority of active ingredient is absorbed into honey, it is time to strain. Cheesecloth works best, but use what you have. Return activated honey to pan and allow to condense back to original thickness. 4 | Once cool, simply mix 1 to 2 tablespoons honey into each ice-filled glass of chilled tea, or add infused honey to anything you normally would. One glass usually is enough.

WAM DOG! Fourth of July is coming fast! What will you make for your guests? The cannabisinfused WAM Dog is the perfect solution. INGREDIENTS: • 1 hot dog • 1 hot dog bun • 1 tablespoon canna butter • 3 tablespoons grated cheese DIRECTIONS: 1 | Begin cooking the hot dog either in the microwave or on the grill, toasting the bun, if desired. 2 | In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, melt the canna butter. 3 | Once butter is mostly melted, add the grated cheese, continuously stirring so it does not stick to pan. 4 | Place dog on bun, followed by butter/cheese mixture. 5 | Add your favorite condiments and enjoy one of the easiest, yet best, edible recipes. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, just use veggie dogs.

MARIJUANA MANHATTAN INGREDIENTS: • 2 ounces cannabis-infused rye whiskey* • 1 ounce sweet vermouth • 3 dashes Angostura bitters DIRECTIONS: In a mixing glass, combine all the ingredients and fill with ice. Stir and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass, if you’re feeling saucy. *Cannabis-infused rye whiskey: Don’t have any pot-infused whiskey? No worries. Cut or grind 8 grams of your bud of choice and place on a baking tray in a 240-degree oven for 45 minutes. Add baked cannabis to a 1-liter jar, with tight-fighting lid, and pour in a 750-milliliter bottle of rye whiskey. Lightly agitate mixture and let it stand, out of direct sunlight, for 48 hours. Pour it through a cheesecloth-lined strainer, making sure to squeeze any remaining liquid from cheesecloth.

POT-ATO SALAD Great for any outdoor barbecue, picnic or just as a side dish. Be sure to warn your guests, as this one can creep up on you. INGREDIENTS: • 2 tablespoons cider vinegar • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard • ½ cup mayonnaise • ½ teaspoon sugar • ½ teaspoon salt • ½ teaspoon black pepper • 1 ½ grams hash, kief, decarboxylated flower or tincture • 1 large celery stalk, finely diced • ½ medium yellow onion, peeled and finely diced • 3 tablespoons finely chopped, fresh dill

DIRECTIONS: 1 | Peel the potatoes and cut into 2-inch chunks. 2 | Bring a large pot of salted water to boil over high heat. Add potatoes and cook until just tender, for about 7 minutes. Do not cook to mush. 3 | Drain and set aside. 4 | In a small bowl, combine the vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, sugar, salt and pepper. Whisk to combine. Sprinkle in the kief, finely ground dry hash, oil or whatever product you select; whisk to combine. Set aside. 5 | Place drained potatoes in a large bowl, along with the celery, onion and dill. Add dressing and toss gently to combine, coating potatoes in dressing. 6 | Chill until ready to serve. Salad can be made up to a day ahead of time. Additional dill, or egg can be added, if desired.







BAHAMA BUDS 1415 N. Bayshore Drive, Coos Bay, OR 97420 (541) 292-8540 CANNABIZ EXPERIENCE 333 N. Riverside Ave., Medford, OR 97501 (541) 816-4209 FIRESIDE DISPENSARY 4149 S. Pacific Highway, Medford, OR 97501 (541) 897-4420

Going Green Albany

GOING GREEN ALBANY 1225 S. Commercial Way SE, Albany, OR 97322 (541) 405-8856 HIJINX CANNABIS CO. 3943 S. Pacific Highway, Medford, OR 97501 (541) 897-4448 MYSTIC RIVER 38012 Highway 26 Seaside, Oregon, 97138 (971) 225-7420 OGC — OREGON GROWN CANNABIS 1201 W. Stewart Ave., Medford, OR 97501 (541) 816-4206 RIVER CITY RETAIL 115 Galice Road, Merlin, OR 97532 (541) 450-1585 ROGUE VALLEY CANNABIS 505 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 631-0240





Columnist revels in the blossoming cannabis industry I NEVER THOUGHT the occasional weed I smoked when I was younger would become such a major role in my success. I grew up alongside cannabis legalization, and seeing Colorado as a pioneer of the movement inspired my entrepreneurial endeavors. At 21, I became a huge cannabis advocate because I finally understood firsthand that cannabis was a viable medical option. I wanted to help the world in some way but couldn’t find my path. College wasn’t right for me because I wanted to create an income immediately, and I wanted to create it my way. Now at 27, I have combined my passion and advocacy for cannabis with my motivation to be successful. I want to set a precedent for what we are capable of in this industry. I use cannabis daily, I work harder than ever and I am proud of where I am. The stereotype is that weed is supposed to make people lazy, stupid and unproductive members of society. The fact that I am here proves otherwise. The industry is booming and, as more and more states join the legalization movement, there are doors opening and opportunities out there. It is possible to be a stoner, a business owner and a vital part of your community. As a parent, it’s difficult to achieve balance in such a restricted industry. Even with legalization, there is still so much false information, misguided education and fear-based actions against cannabis. Coming out as a cannabis user publicly on social media was a little intimidating, but the only way to make a change is to stand up for it. Legalization across the nation is on its way, and more and more people are working on education: by doing more studies, creating cannabis-education classes and even working with local police on informing youth and parents on packaging and safety. More people are opening their minds to the possibility that what they might have been taught about cannabis is wrong, and they are now seeing how it is making a positive impact in more ways than just one. The cannabis industry is huge! The ancillary side of it is in full swing, creating job opportunities beyond the manufacturing world. There are glass blowers, artists, growers, builders, apparel companies, smoking accessories, game development, cannabis models, cannabis photographers, chefs and bakers, retail



and wholesale stores, journalism, event planning, seed banking — just to skim the surface. Legalization is inspiring people to create their own businesses, allowing their creativity to thrive and helping to save crashing economies. I know first-hand, living in Grand Junction, Colo., where in a city of 60,000 residents, the nearest recreational dispensary is in a completely different town, with another even farther down the highway about 60 miles. The economy here is failing since the oil and gas industries left, leaving a stale, retired community. The infrastructure is weakening, small businesses are closing and the city will not support any change. Meanwhile, other counties across the state are utilizing revenue generated by cannabis sales to improve their cities, using funds to provide better roads, improve schools, improve infrastructure and stimulate the economy! It’s not only the economy that benefits but also the morale of people in the community. I see so much opportunity for my community if we could allow these businesses to reopen and thrive. The cannabis world offers a beautiful opportunity to be myself and create a legitimate business that I love. Starting my Instagram account was strictly for the weed world, and within a year of starting it, I have created an amazing platform for networking and marketing. I now have the connections to start the dynasty I have been working toward. I see how many people across the world wish to have the opportunity to be a part of the industry, to create a future and an income. The cannabis community is beautiful; we are a close group of citizens and an inclusive culture. So many people can come together to create a piece of art, grow a plant, make an amazing meal or just sit together smoking a fattie! There will always be some type of upward battle in life. We don’t have to stop trying because someone doesn’t see the same goal. We just need to try a different perspective. QeenBee writes about the modern cannabiscentered lifestyle, as well as political viewpoints on cannabis’ future.

Conveniently located right off the I-5 and boasting a large selection of recreational products, a knowledgeable staff, and friendly service, Going Green Albany was the first rec shop in the county when it went legal. They now have four stores under their going green brand: Sweet Home, Grande Ronde, Albany and West Coast Inc.

Going Green Albany 541-405-8856 1225 S. Commercial Way SE, Albany, OR




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Rogue Valley Cannabis is an OLCC licensed retail shop with knowledgeable budtenders giving every customer an unforgettable experience. We stock our shelves with top quality cannabis, delicious edibles, & premium extracts. With each visit feeling like your first visit & your first visit feeling like you’re a repeat customer everybody is

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