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WalzCraft, it’s all about Quality, Customer Service and Options… At WalzCraft, we know that custom cabinetmakers are craftsmen/artists who need an unlimited array of options to shape their creative concepts into masterpieces. As a custom component manufacturer, we offer these options along with the quality craftsmanship of old world traditions, produced with the efficient use of today’s modern technology. WalzCraft starts with the finest northern grown lumber, that undergoes meticulous grading, and quality control measures, ensuring every cabinet door, drawer front, dovetail drawer box, molding or cabinet component is a reflection of our customer’s reputation. WalzCraft customers have the option of choosing from more than 200 prominent Signature Series designs made to their specifications or customizing a door style of their own, with any of the hundreds of different profile options we offer. WalzCraft offers over 100 different wood species/grades, more than 50 stain colors and SolidTone® options, an industry-leading number of custom components including wainscoting, passageway doors, drawer fronts, face frames and millwork to complement any custom cabinet project. “We sincerely believe in the boomerang concept, in that everything we do as a company has to be of the utmost quality in order for our customer to truly want to return and do business with us. We continually strive to provide our customers with a greater variety of options. Every door and component has our customer’s reputation on it. It has to be quality, it has to be perfect, and it has to be customized to your needs and your customer’s needs, whether it is one door or a thousand doors.”

Richard A. Walz President

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WalzCraft … A Midwest Tradition of Quality! Table of Contents WalzCraft was founded in 1982 as Cabinet Factory®, Inc. to fulfill the tremendous demands of small to medium-sized custom cabinetmakers, refacers and furniture manufacturers for precision-made, quality wood products.

WalzCraft Company History______________________________ 2

In 2003, the company name was changed to WalzCraft Industries, Inc. to clearly define the commitment to continuous quality, old world craftsmanship and value in the manufacture of custom doors and cabinet components.

Traditional Door Designs_________________________________ 4 - Solid Raised Panel & Veneered Flat Panel

Your custom order for a single door or 1,000 doors is personally coordinated by WalzCraft owners, management, designers, and manufacturing teams. From the rough mill to final inspection, all WalzCraft products are manufactured in our exclusive, custom-designed facility. WalzCraft’s “hands-on” commitment to every one of our customers ensures product quality and customer satisfaction.

Signature Series_ _______________________________________ 3

Contemporary Door Designs_____________________________ 22 - Solid Wood Slab & Batten and Veneered Mitered Door Designs___________________________________ 26 - Solid Raised Panel & Veneered Flat Panel Applied Molding Door Designs___________________________ 34 - Solid Raised Panel & Veneered Flat Panel


WalzCraft is “Where Custom Made Quality Begins”

Old World Door Designs_________________________________ 42 RTF/3D Laminate Door Designs__________________________ 46 Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories______________________ 48 - Mullions, Louvered, and Lattice - Curved Doors, Face Frames with Inset Components - Dovetail Drawer Boxes, Molding, etc. Product Warranty______________________________________ 56 Special Thanks_________________________________________ 56 Index ________________________________________________ 57 Page 2

Signature Series Definition & Ordering Guidelines Our Signature Series allows you to easily tailor product to your customer’s specifications. Here’s how it works … The Signature Series number and name only identifies the Standard Profiles and Standard Options used for that particular design. Standard Profiles identify these specific profiles:

Standard Options identify additional design options, which may include:

- Stile & Rail or Mitered Profile - Center Panel Profile - Outside Edge Profile

- Non-Standard Part Sizes - Applied Molding - Decorative Inserts

- Stile & Rail Face Routing - Center Panel Face Routing - Radius Corners

* Note: The Signature Series number & name do not indicate the Door Style, Wood Specie and Grade, or Thickness. This information must be specified on every order.

To order the Signature Series (S495 Deadwood) design using our order form, follow the steps below. Step 1 Please note the Signature Series number and name in the space provided and mark an X in the Standard Profiles & Options box. By noting (S495 Deadwood), you are ordering the following Standard Profiles and Standard Options:

Signature Series

(S495 Deadwood) Standard Profiles: - Stile and Rail Profile = SR100 - Panel Profile = PR305-32 - Outside Edge Profile = D7

(S495 Deadwood)

(S495 Deadwood) Standard Options:

• Standard Profiles • SR100 • PR305-32 • D7

- Applied Molding = AM102 - Non-Standard Part Sizes = 3” Stile and Rail Width

Step 2 Provide the Required Customer Specific Features, which include:

- Wood Specie, Grade, and Thickness - Door Style

• Standard Options • Applied Molding 102 • 3” Stiles & Rails

Step 3 Indicate any Optional Customer Specific Features, such as:

- Finishing Choice - Glazing

- Distressing - Finger Pulls

• Required Customer Specific Features • Cherry – Rustic • Style 10

- Hinge Boring - And Numerous Others

Step 4 Provide your Quantities, Sizes, and list any other Special Instructions in the appropriate space provided on the order form. (S495 Deadwood) Cherry-Rustic Honey / Glazed

• Optional Customer Specific Features • (W) Honey Satin • Black Glaze – Dry Wiped – Heavy • Distressing - SD11, SD61 - Heavy

* Standard Profiles and Standard Options for Signature Series designs and the Customer Specific Features showcased in the Color Brochure can be referenced in the Signature Series Key posted at

Note: We created the Signature Series to provide you with an alternative ordering option, and additional tools to fulfill your ordering needs. You may continue to place orders as you have in the past, specifying each essential profile and option; or you may simply order one of our Signature Series Designs using the number and name.

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This brochure features a variety of Signature Series door and drawer front designs.

Beneath each door is the: • Door Cross-sectional Profile Line Drawing • Signature Series Number and Name

• Wood Species Description_ • Partial Finish Description

(S506 Bishop)

(S210 Quincy)

(S189 Richfield)

(S365 Harrington)

Cherry Cinnamon / Glazed

Maple-Hard Honey / Glazed

(S485 Blossom) Cherry Honey / Glazed

Note: Reference the “Signature Series Key” at for detailed design specifications. Page 4

Maple-Hard Natural

Oak-Red Classic White


(S193 Marquette)

(S219 Carter)

(S444 Shelby)

(S191 Madison)

(S356 Nichols)

(S447 Glen Haven)

(S198 La Crosse)

(S512 Hope)

(S301 Magnolia)

(S322 Angler)

Walnut-Rustic Natural

Oak-Red Honey

Afrormosia Natural

Oak-Red Natural

Mahogany Honey

Cherry-Gummy Heritage

Hickory-White-Rustic Natural

Cherry Natural

Ash Olive

Walnut Mediterranean

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(S216 Newcastle) Elm-Red Dark Honey

Note: Reference page 3 for Signature Series definition and ordering guidelines. Page 6

(S226 Madison)

(S446 La Crosse)

(S348 Salem)

(S173 Richmond)

Hickory-Brown Natural

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Olive

Alder Nutmeg

Cherry Natural


(S241 Oxford)

(S373 Marquette)

(S220 Winfield)

(S505 Longshore)

(S218 Bozeman)

(S353 Collins)

(S196 Madison)

(S221 Branson)

Oak-Red-Quarter Sawn Natural

Alder-Rustic Medium Brown Walnut

Cherry-Gummy Natural

Ash Saffron

Butternut Natural

Birch-White Natural

Butternut Honey

Mahogany Natural

Page 7

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(S466 Redstone)

(S199 Glory)

(S223 La Crosse)

(S217 Bloomington)

Lyptus Nutmeg

Note: Reference page 3 for Signature Series definition and ordering guidelines. Page 10

Cypress Natural

Maple-Hard Natural

Oak-Red Dark Honey


(S197 Marquette)

(S195 Brookmont)

(S194 Marquette)

(S227 Waverly)

(S510 Madison)

(S213 Cottondale)

(S228 Roseboro)

(S492 Everlast)

(S467 Hathaway)

(S190 La Crosse)

Hickory-Mixed Natural

Hickory Lt. American Walnut / Glazed

Elm-Red Natural

Alder Natural

Cherry-Rustic Natural

Maple-Hard Honey / Glazed

Walnut Natural

Oak-White-Quarter Sawn Brown Oak

Maple-Wormy Natural

Oak-White Natural

Page 11


(S214 Cody)

(S448 Norman)

(S253 Integrity)

(S177 Friendship)

Alder-Rustic Fruitwood / Glazed Page 12

Cherry Windsor

Cherry Nutmeg

Oak-White-Quarter Sawn Dark Honey

(S106 Springfield) Oak-Red Linen

(S176 Allentown)

Oak-White / Walnut Inserts Natural


(S320 Hastings) Alder / Sapele Inserts Natural

(S380 El Dorado) Alder Medium Brown Walnut

(S381 Dixon)

Cypress Cinnamon / Glazed

Note: Contact a specialist from our Customer Support Team at 1-800-237-1326 for pricing information.

(S327 Friendship) Cherry / Walnut Inserts Dark Honey

(S179 Simplicity) Oak-Red-Quarter Sawn Dark Honey

(S182 Miller)

Oak-Red-Rift Sawn Cinnamon

Page 13

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(S459 Joplin)

Beech-Euro Steamed Natural

Note: Reference the “Signature Series Key� at for detailed design specifications. Page 16

(S475 Mesa)

Fir-Douglas-Straight Grain Natural

(S117 Hyde) Birch-Mixed Natural


(S351 Lodo)

Sapele-Quarter Sawn Natural

(S335 Folsom) Lyptus Topaz

(S113 Division)

(S116 Gold Coast)

(S478 Cascade)

(S243 Upton)

(S509 Flats)

(S460 Zurich)

(S374 Leaside)

(S375 Breakers)

Fir-Douglas-Straight Grain Natural

Cherry Honey

Oak-White-Rift Sawn Natural

Maple-Hard-Mixed Natural

Maple-Hard-Rustic Natural

Beech-Euro Steamed Natural

Alder American Walnut

Walnut-Rustic Natural

Page 17


(S523 Washington)

(S471 Tisbury)

(S515 Madison)

(S470 Garland)

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Oatmeal / Glazed

Page 18

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Linen / Glazed

Pine-White-Knotty Heritage

Hickory Mediterranean

(S461 Regal) Mahogany Mediterranean

(S469 Regal)

Oak-White-Quarter Sawn Dark Honey


(S449 Crownpoint)

(S307 Marquette)

(S250 Tradewind)

(S300 Washington)

(S370 Geneva)

(S192 Madison)

Cherry Topaz

Oak-Red Natural

Maple-Hard Natural

Maple-Hard Ebony

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Eggshell

Hickory-Brown-Rustic Natural

(S360 Darien) Alder Sage

(S321 Milburn)

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Eggshell / Glazed

(S493 Prospect) Cherry Natural

(S419 Loyola) Maple-Hard Tan / Glazed

Page 19


(S262 Afton)

Pine-Knotty-Plain Sliced Medium Brown Walnut

(S259 Superior)

Maple-Hard-Plain Sliced Natural

Note: Reference page 3 for Signature Series definition and ordering guidelines. (S255 Hanover) Page 20

Walnut-Plain Sliced American Walnut

(S256 Superior) Hickory-Plain Sliced Medium Brown Walnut

(S472 Cortez)

Pine-Knotty-Plain Sliced Natural

(S186 Cortez) Alder-Plain Sliced Natural


(S180 Griffin)

(S384 Purcell)

(S507 Lowland)

(S251 Ellsworth)

Oak-Red-Quarter Sawn Heritage

Alder-Plain Sliced Nutmeg

Cherry-Plain Sliced Mediterranean

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Hunter Green

(S100 Unity)

Cherry-Plain Sliced Natural

(S101 Superior)

Pine-Knotty-Plain Sliced Natural

(S104 Livingston) Maple-Hard / MDF CP Ebony

Page 21


(S184 Itasca)

Solid Wood Slab & Batten


(S468 Madrid)

Page 22

Mahogany Light American Walnut


(S105 Ledbetter)

Fir-Douglas-Straight Grain Natural


(S477 Modena) Sapele-Quarter Sawn Natural

Pine-White-Knotty Natural


(S119 Hurst)

Beech-Euro Steamed Natural


(S112 Contempo) Maple-Hard-Curly Natural


A Contemporary look in both Solid Woods and Veneers

(S185 Hayward) Hickory-Rustic Natural


Note: Reference the “Signature Series Key� at for detailed design specifications.

(S358 Itasca) Maple-Wormy Natural

(S494 Enterprise) Maple-Hard-Rotary Cut Honey

(S110 Commerce) Walnut-Plain Sliced Natural

(S465 Venture) Cherry-Plain Sliced Natural

Page 23

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Mitered Expertly-concealed blind mortise & tenon joints give a totally finished look and are unsurpassed in the industry.

Note: Reference the “Signature Series Key� at for detailed design specifications. Page 26


(S457 Discovery)

(S125 Mission Hill)

(S438 Portola)

(S128 Camden)

(S133 Marquee)

(S354 Brookline)

(S437 Sutton)

(S350 Inverness)

(S436 Monterey)

(S129 Marin)

Lyptus Cinnamon

Ash Saffron

Maple Natural

Walnut Natural

Hickory Heritage

Cherry Fruitwood

Alder Honey / Glazed

Beech-Euro Steamed Natural

Maple-Hard Fruitwood

Lyptus Dark Honey

Page 27


(S514 Broadmoor) Maple-Hard / MDF CP Sage / Glazed Page 28

(S364 Chilmark) Oak-White Linen


(S511 Straits)

(S378 Condor)

(S137 Atherton)

(S366 Seagate)

(S440 Peninsula)

(S127 Catalina)

(S445 Pagosa)

(S135 Bellingham)

(S382 Piedmont)

(S170 Augusta)

Beech-Euro Steamed Natural

Birch-White Woodland / Glazed

Mahogany Windsor

Mahogany Windsor

Sapele-Quarter Sawn Natural

Birch-White Sunrise

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Soft Yellow / Glazed

Alder Honey / Glazed

Mahogany Heritage

Maple-Hard Honey

Page 29


(S456 Ruffino) Pine-White Brown Oak

(S439 Tiburon) Page 30

Maple-Hard-Birdseye Natural

(S244 LaSalle) Birch-Red Natural

(S435 Fairfield) Maple-Hard Honey / Glazed

(S402 Falmouth) Cherry-Plain Sliced Honey

(S383 Pittsfield)

Oak-White-Quarter Sawn Brown Oak

(S359 Halsted)

Fir-Douglas-Straight Grain Natural


(S131 Sheridan)

(S207 Kenilworth)

(S109 Proximity)

(S239 Avon)

(S238 Broadmoor)

(S237 Savannah)

Alder Fruitwood

(S328 Barrington) Cherry Honey / Glazed

(S240 Teton) Hickory Nutmeg

Alder American Walnut

Walnut Natural

Ash-Brown Natural

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Midnight Blue

Ash-White Medium Brown Walnut

Page 31

WalzCraft offers you total customization with: Passageway Doors Dovetail Drawer Boxes Wainscot Decorative Inserts Louvered Doors Corbels Curved Products Lattice Doors Laser Engraving Appliance Garages/Panels Cutting Boards Valances Plate Displays Fluted Moldings Wine Rack Lattice Crown Moldings Edge Banding Refacing Materials

and so much more. Page 32

Page 33

Applied Molding

(S248 St. Charles)

(S485 Blossom)

(S550 Longleaf)

(S551 Deacon)

Poplar Vanilla

Note: Reference the “Signature Series Key� at for detailed design specifications. Page 34

Lyptus Nutmeg

Cherry Honey / Glazed

Maple-Hard Cinnamon

Applied Molding

(S165 Newport)

(S164 Stillwater) Maple-Hard Honey / Glazed

(S163 Newton)

Walnut Medium Brown Walnut

(S158 Destin) Cherry Natural / Glazed

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Soft Yellow

(S209 Placer)

(S171 Beachfront)

(S168 Derby)

(S166 Berkshire)

(S167 Willowbrook)

Beech-Euro Steamed Nutmeg / Glazed

Cherry Honey

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Eggshell

Alder Dark Honey

Cherry Cinnamon

(S103 McLean)

Cherry Dark Honey

Page 35

Applied Molding

(S347 Metropolitan) Lyptus Cinnamon

Note: Contact a specialist from our Customer Support Team at 1-800-237-1326 for pricing information. Page 36

(S513 Carlton)

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Tan / Glazed

Applied Molding

(S462 Virginia)

(S495 Deadwood)

(S463 Deephaven)

(S464 Imperial)

Alder Fruitwood

Hickory Heritage

Cherry-Rustic Honey / Glazed

Cherry Nutmeg

(S367 Hampton)

(S172 Carlton) Oak-Red Honey

Alder-Rustic Med Brown Walnut / Glazed

(S369 Barnes)

(S249 Marshview)

(S212 Congress)

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Tan

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Ebony / Glazed

Oak-Red Pearl

(S160 Alamo)

Cherry Cordovan

Page 37

Applied Molding

(S425 Victory)

(S508 Merrimon)

(S399 Belhaven)

(S377 St. Augustine)

Cherry Nutmeg / Glazed

Note: Reference page 3 for Signature Series definition and ordering guidelines. Page 38

Mahogany Cinnamon

Maple-Hard Champagne / Glazed

Cherry Cordovan / Glazed

Applied Molding

(S424 Ontario)

(S144 Avalon)

Maple-Hard American Walnut

Maple-Hard-Plain Sliced Honey / Glazed

(S236 Waterloo)

(S140 Bliss)

Cherry Dark Honey

Hickory Ash White / Glazed

(S143 Westover)

(S371 Evanston)

(S139 Wakefield)

(S235 Bloomfield)

(S138 Florence)

(S142 Harmony)

Cherry Nutmeg

Sapele-Qtr Sawn/Maple Rope Natural

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Eggshell / Glazed

Maple-Hard Natural

Alder Honey

Alder-Plain Sliced Honey / Glazed

Page 39

Applied Molding

(S232 Dedham) Maple-Hard / MDF CP Eggshell

(S349 Spencer) Page 40

Beech-Euro Steamed Natural

(S233 Lexington) Alder Natural

(S344 Prairie)

Walnut / Mahogany AM Natural

(S130 Havana)

(S403 Coronado)

(S118 Como)

(S426 Banks)

(S111 Hobbs)

(S352 Penn)

Oak-Red Lt American Walnut / Glazed

Hard Maple / MDF CP Soft Yellow

Maple-Hard Sunrise

Lyptus Heritage

Cherry Topaz

Maple-Hard Dark Honey / Glazed

Applied Molding

(S122 Wright) Birch-Red Natural

(S234 Culterville) Maple-Hard Natural

(S121 Prairie)

Oak-White-Rift Sawn Natural

(S141 Marietta) Alder Nutmeg

(S123 Elmhurst) Walnut Natural

Note: Reference the “Signature Series Key� at for detailed design specifications. Page 41

Old World

The pride of our craftsmen, complemented by our state of the art techniques, fulfills a tradition of quality.

(S153 Harper)

(S269 Wharton)

(S205 Tabernacle)

(S155 Potomac)

(S154 Township)

(S361 Garden City)

Maple-Hard Natural

(S521 Wardley)

Page 42

Oak-White-Quarter Sawn Dark Honey

Sapele-Quarter Sawn Natural

Mahogany Windsor

Oak-White Natural

Alder Natural

Oak-Red-Rift Sawn Honey / Glazed

(S156 Rockington) Mahogany Heritage

(S524 Harper)

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Tan / Glazed

Note: Reference page 3 for Signature Series definition and ordering guidelines. Page 43

Old World

(S393 Wilton)

(S346 Vanderbilt)

(S519 Waldorf)

(S345 Gladwyne)

Cherry Cordovan / Glazed

Page 44

Maple-Hard / MDF CP Eggshell / Glazed

Afrormosia Natural

Alder Medium Brown Walnut

Old World

(S157 Summit)

(S146 Fleming)

(S451 Biltmore)

(S147 Morgan)

(S145 Waldorf)

(S379 Helena)

Elm-Red Natural

Walnut Natural

Cherry Natural

Cherry-Rustic Natural

Cherry Field Cherry

Alder-Rustic Medium Brown Walnut

(S126 Salton)

Sapele-Quarter Sawn Natural

(S520 Babylon) Pine-Knotty Heritage

(S522 Rosecliff) Maple-Hard / MDF CP Linen / Glazed

(S518 Belvedere) Cherry Nutmeg / Glazed

Page 45

RTF/3D Laminate

Style 518, 6 Lite

2X3 MDF / White Wood Grain

Note: Reference the “Signature Series Key” at for detailed design specifications. Page 46

(S391 Aurora)

MDF Westminster Mahogany

(S413 Chandler) MDF White Wood Grain

(S313 Henderson) MDF Solar Oak

RTF/3D Laminate

(S412 Overland)

(S416 Electra)

(S312 Midtown)

(S408 Laredo)

(S517 Advantage)

(S415 Arlington)

(S304 Fontana)

(S411 Henderson)

(S410 Irvine)

(S303 Jordan)

MDF Antique White

MDF White Crystal

MDF White High Gloss

MDF Summer Flame

MDF Fusion Maple

MDF Almond

MDF Antique White

MDF Pickled Maple

MDF Walnut

MDF Samba Cherry

Page 47

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories

(S245 Palisades) Maple-Hard / MDF CP Eggshell

(S362 Empire)

(S181 Briargate)

Style 10, CPL 100

Style 10, CPL 200

(S108 Breezeway)

(S246 Evenflow)

(S107 Canal)

(S363 Lakeshore)

Alder Cinnamonn

Oak-Red Natural

Alder Fruitwood

Cherry Honey

Total coordination of your accents enhances your ability to create a look that is timely, distinctive and elegant.

Page 48

Maple-Hard Natural

Maple-Hard Pearl

Cherry Natural

Maple-Hard Vanilla

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories

Style 10, CPL 200

Style 10, 6 Lite

Style 10M, 6 Lite

Style R995, 7 Lite

Maple-Hard Natural

LP001 - 2 X 3 Cherry / Natural

LP001 - 2 X 3 Cherry / Honey

LP103-R Oak-White / Natural

Page 49

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories

Style 10, 6 Lite LP001 - 2 X 3 Maple / Natural

Style 1990, 6 Lite

Page 50

LP001 - 2 X 3 Sapele-Quarter Sawn / Natural

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories

Style 10, 13 Lite

Style 2000, 9 Lite

Style 1996, 6 Lite

Style 1996, 8 Lite

Style 1996, 10 Lite

Style 10, 7 Lite

Style 10, 6 Lite

Style 10, 7 Lite

Style 10, 5 Lite

Style 10, 11 Lite

LP118 - 2 X 2 Corners Birch-Red / Natural

LP105 Walnut / Natural

LP106 - 2 X 2 Corners Cherry / Natural

LP106 - 6 Lite Oak-White-Rift Sawn / Heritage

LP001 - 2 X 3 Alder-Rustic, Natural

LP107 - 2 Patterns Alder / Natural

LP 101 - 8 Lite Pine-Knotty / Natural

LP100 Hickory / Natural

LP102 - 10 Lite Oak-Red / Natural

LP100 - 3 Patterns Lyptus / Mediterranean

Page 51

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories

Curved Page 52

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories

Face Frame & Inset Components

Note: For a complete listing of profiles and options, please see our Master Product Specifications and Pricing Catalog.

Page 53

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories Page 54

Accent Doors & Cabinet Accessories

We take special pride in precisely fulfilling your custom applications and perfectly complementing your overall cabinet design.

Note: For a complete listing of products and options, please see our Master Product Specifications and Wholesale Pricing Catalog.

Page 55

WALZCRAFT WARRANTY WalzCraft warrants that all products manufactured and sold by the Company are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment. Natural characteristics of the wood, such as grain patterns, mineral streaks, and the like, are not considered defects, but proper and acceptable characteristics of wood. The customer shall not hold WalzCraft responsible or liable for damage caused by improper handling, storage, assembly, finishing or installation. WalzCraft reserves the right to change or modify its products and specifications as part of our ongoing product development program and cannot be held liable for these changes, real or implied. A variety of door sizes, thicknesses, species, finishes and customization of doors and components is available. Please ask your Customer Support Specialist for assistance.

Our Special Thanks To:

Photographs in this brochure are for illustration only. Actual wood color and finishes may vary due to the printing process.

For accurate color selection, we recommend you obtain a product sample.

Beyer Cabinets Ltd. Design Cabinetry Kitchen Solvers Kristen Breitzman Design

Ovation Cabinetry Paoli Woodworks, Inc. Vascimini Woodworking

Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide the highest quality custom wood products, fulfilling our responsibilities to customers, employees, owners, suppliers and the community.

• Basic Core Values •

Our basic core values provide the foundation by which we fulfill our responsibilities. We Value • Commitment • Personal Growth • Excellence • Trustworthiness • Dependability • Teamwork

Page 56

• Quality • Integrity • Honesty • Fairness • Pride • Ethics

• Safety • Cooperation • Professionalism • Loyalty • Continuous Improvement

© WalzCraft, La Crosse, WI


WalzCraft Signature Series Brochure  

WalzCraft's Signature Series Cabinet Door Designs

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