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8th May 2014

Dear Parent / Carer Re: Academy Status Update We wrote to you at the end of March explaining that the Governing Body had approved a proposal to be submitted to the Government for Wallasey School to become a sponsored Academy with the Northern schools Trust. We are delighted to inform you that Lord Nash has accepted this proposal for Wallasey School to become a Sponsored Academy in the Autumn Term 2014. We are exceptionally pleased to now be a member of the Northern Schools Trust: the ethos and culture of the trust fits perfectly with that of Wallasey School as well as the trust sharing our ambitions and ideals. The trust is based locally in Liverpool and will invest energy and resources into Wallasey School and its community. Such investment includes an increased involvement of industry partners with opportunities for placements and apprenticeships, increased involvement with a number of leading UK universities and bursaries to go to these universities and a commitment to also raising further the profile of the school in a number of open evenings to be held during the Summer Term 2014. The leadership of the school will fully support the transition process to academy status whilst fully maintaining the standards of education that our pupils and parents/carers expect. We are undergoing a period of change and we would like to reaffirm our assurance to you that this will be managed with the best interests of our pupils at the heart of everything we do. We will write to you again shortly inviting you to come into school to meet the Chief Executive of the trust and other members of the team and we are sure you will be impressed and excited by what you hear. Next week a letter will be sent to you detailing proposed changes to the school uniform and the format of the school day from September 2014 - this will be sent home via post. If you have any comments you wish to make either in writing or by email these should be submitted to Mrs U Jones, Clerk to the Governing Body at Yours sincerely

Amanda Cawood Headteacher

Geoff Dunn Chair of Governors

Academy update 8.5.14  
Academy update 8.5.14