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Wallasey School and The Kingsway Academy Information

Winning Badge Design

Badge designed by Jennifer Dickinson, 13A

PROFESSIONAL CODE OF DRESS YEAR 7 – 11 PUPILS Years 7-11 BOYS Plain black shoes (no pumps or trainers) Black or grey socks Black trousers Academy tie (new design) White shirt Blue academy blazer (with badge)

GIRLS Plain black shoes (no pumps or trainers) White, grey or black socks / tights Black skirt or pinafore, pleated or straight, knee length or black trousers Academy tie (new design) White shirt Blue academy blazer (with badge)

Additional Requirements: Personal Equipment Pupils must bring the following to each lesson: Academy planner Pen, pencil, ruler and pencil case Appropriate exercise books and textbooks for the day Pupils will be supplied with an academy bag large enough to carry their equipment for the day. All pupils must carry a bag. Protective Clothing In some areas of the academy, for reasons of hygiene and safety, pupils may be asked to bring appropriate protective clothing, for example when cooking, in Art, or in Technology lessons. Physical Education: Years 7-11 BOYS Navy and white polo shirt Navy shorts Appropriate trainers Navy PE socks Long Navy tracksuit bottoms (optional) Navy track suit top (optional)

GIRLS Navy and white polo shirt Navy shorts Appropriate trainers Navy PE socks Long Navy tracksuit bottoms (optional) Navy tracksuit top (optional)

The trust will fund, for every pupil in Years 7-11, a blazer, logo badge, tie and academy bag. This will be for all pupils on roll on 1st September 2014. Any subsequent purchases of the above will then be made by parents/carers as usual.



Please could girls have the choice of a We have decided that girls may have either pleated skirt/pinafore as well as a straight pleated skirts/pinafores as well as straight skirt? skirts/pinafores, as long as they are knee length. Please could the white polo PE shirt be We have now moved to a navy and white reconsidered as white gets grubby easily polo shirt to accommodate these concerns. and girls may be embarrassed as underwear can show through white?

Wirral Uniform Supplies will be supplying all items of PE Kit and the owner, Mr Wibberley has very kindly agreed to honour all Wallasey School Uniform and PE Kit returns which have recently been purchased and are un-used. We thank him for his consideration on this matter.

Please note Any pupil who arrives at the academy on the 4th September inappropriately dressed and not conforming to the new professional code of dress will be sent home upon arrival to have this rectified. Please ensure your child therefore arrives properly dressed in the expected uniform.

ACADEMY DAY SEPTEMBER 2014 – JULY 2015 Due to the pressures on Merseytravel we were unable to proceed with the proposed new day. We will have a new day prepared for 2015-2016. Please be reminded that only Years 12 and 13 will be allowed to leave the academy premises at lunchtime from September 2014. All pupils from September 2014 will be expected to enter the academy via the main academy gates as the side gate to the Birket area will be permanently locked for safeguarding reasons. Therefore pupils will only be able to access the academy at the front gates on Birket Avenue.

ACADEMY DAY 2014-2015


All pupils on site

8.45am - 9.05am


9.05am – 10.05am


10.05am – 11.05am

Period 2

11.05am – 11.25am


11.25am – 12.25pm

Period 3

12.25pm – 1.10pm


1.10pm – 2.10pm

Period 4

2.10pm – 3.10pm

Period 5


Pupils move to academy transport/home or pupils move to extra curricular activities

TERM DATES 2014-2015 Autumn Term 2014 Academy open to pupils Thursday 4 September 2014 Close Friday 24 October 2014 HALF TERM - Monday 27 October – Friday 31 October Open Monday 3 November 2014 Close Friday 19 December 2014 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – Monday 22 December – Friday 2 January Spring Term 2015 Open Monday 5 January 2015 Close Friday 13 February 2015 HALF TERM – Monday 16 February – Friday 20 February Open to pupils Tuesday 24 February 2015 Close Thursday 2 April 2015 SPRING BREAK – Friday 3 April – Friday 17 April Summer Term 2015 Open Monday 20 April 2015 Close Friday 22 May 2015 MAY DAY – Monday 4 May HALF TERM – Monday 25 May – Friday 29 May Open Monday 1 June 2015 Closes to pupils on Friday 17 July 2015 Professional Development Days for staff (To be complemented by twilight sessions) Monday 1 September 2014 Tuesday 2 September 2014 Wednesday 3 September 2014 Monday 23 February 2015

ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE LAST DAY OF THE SUMMER TERM 2014 Wallasey School will close for the Summer holidays on Thursday 17th July at 1.15pm. We will be spending the morning of the 17th July in whole school assemblies to commemorate the history of Wallasey School as the school name formally ceases to exist on 31st August 2014. Friday 18th July 2014 is a staff Professional Development Day. Therefore all pupils will begin their Summer holidays at 1.15pm on Thursday 17th July 2014. Special transport will pick pupils up at 1.15pm.

ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE START OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-2015 THE KINGSWAY ACADEMY The new academic year begins for all pupils on Thursday 4 th September 2014. All pupils will be expected to be on the academy site no later than 8.40am. All pupils should be dressed as per the new professional dress code and should have a bag, equipment and any other items needed for a smart start to the academic year, with an immediate focus on learning. Please remember there will be no access to the academy via the side Birket Gate from September 2014. All pupils must enter the academy via the front gates on Birket Avenue.

Acad info 20 06 14 ulj booklet  
Acad info 20 06 14 ulj booklet