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Yarn Bombing // by Sonia Bell To celebrate the development of Lanehouse on Bartlett,

Curated Properties hosted an over-the-top Yarn Bombing event to showcase their two-story model loft. Yarn Bombing, an alternative art form and style of graffiti where artists create yarn installations, was displayed throughout the building. Three swings hung from the high ceiling, where models tossed balls of yarn to one another, the building posts were covered in beautifully designed knitted fabric, and, last but not least, there was an intriguing 18-ft. Yarn Bar. Using Yarn Bombing as the inspiration behind the décor was Curated Properties’ way of acknowledging, and paying tribute to, the building’s history as a yarn factory. On a more implicit level, Curated Properties also used Yarn Bombing as a way to symbolize the way in which they’re reclaiming old spaces. Yarn Bombing is used as an outlet to take back old spaces by adding one’s own personal touch to a public place, which is precisely what Curated Properties has done with Lanehouse. Adam Ochshorn, principal of Curated Properties, explained that Yarn Bombing is “…a great way to embrace taking back spaces. Just how we’re in the process of… taking back a space that was used for over a hundred years as a factory… [We’re] taking [this] space and giving it back to residences rather than having people do industrial work right in the centre of a residential neighbourhood downtown.” Instead of demolishing the old building and developing something Ochshorn explains that the entirely new, Curated Properties is restoring the existing building to restoration of the building create a truly unique and charming development. The industrial look “[conveys] what we anticipate to be and feel of the building will be used as inspiration for the design of the the future of Toronto’s units, as illustrated with the interior brick walls. development scene – something more conscious and eclectic.” Lanehouse, located at 50 Curated Properties is restoring the existing Bartlett Ave. near Bloor and building to create a truly unique and Dufferin, is one of the first residential laneway developments charming development to hit Toronto. It comprises of 13 loft-houses and three flats, and will allow residents to experience some of the benefits that most residents of downtown Toronto have had to compromise, such as privacy. The lofts are an astounding 18 ft. high, with large windows to allow for natural sunlight. For more information, visit online at 104