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JAPANESE SPA IN SWEDEN Family spa treatments, sushi making and sumo wrestling



never skimp on calories in Rome

multigen ride down the Salmon River

EDITORS' NOTE Welcome to Twist, a brand new family travel magazine! Our main, purely selfish goal, is to compile excellent travel and lifestyle content from some of the top writers in the biz that we enjoy and put it all in one place so it is easy to read whenever we want. Now more than ever, families are traveling further and more frequent. No destination is off limits. The family vacation is turning into exotic off-the-grid escapes, hands on cultural experiences and exciting urban adventures - and we want to read about them all. Thanks to the digital age, families can also live and work abroad, become digital nomads and travel across the globe with their kids. For us, travel is just a way of life, it’s in our DNA and moving about the world is about as natural for us as brushing our teeth each day. That’s not the case for everyone, but many dream of getting to that point. We want to help you feel comfortable traveling, but also bring the world into your home when you can’t be wandering across the globe. This is a brand new creative adventure and we have some wild and crazy ideas so we hope that you will join us for the ride! You may want to buckle up!



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Spring Travel Inspiration 2 | THE TWIST


Spring brings a new packing list, cherry blossoms and fun ways to bring the world into your home.

Head down the Salmon River on a family adventure with O.A.R.S in Idaho. Your teens and tweens will thank you!



Gelato, pizza and macarons? How could you go wrong when you indulge in each of these while at home and abroad?

A family day spa that the whole family will enjoy? No really! Spa treatments, thermal baths, sushi making and sumo wrestling.



Catch up with Petunia Pickle Bottom co- founder DeNai Jones in her VW camper van as she explores national parks with kids.

A road trip through Norway wouldn't be complete without a hike to Pulpit Rock. Follow this family's summit to the top!



With winter struggling to cling to its last days, head down to St. Barths to uncover simple pleasures in paradise.

Fab wearables, a weekend in Mexico City, museums and mosaic treats-- get inspired SPLURGE: to head south of the border this season.

1 | TWIST Spring 2017


the Twist

When the cold winds are clinging to the last days of winter, it's time to bring a bit of spring indoors. Let's get excited about warm- weather styles, eat well and set off on a new adventure. Let's embrace a new twist in life this season!

TWIST Spring 2017 | 2

t a h w k c a p to MINIMALIST PACKING GUIDE By Andrea Fellman,

This might seem simple to some, but packing for a trip can be very stressful for others – especially if you have limited packing space. Bringing just a carry-on for a five day trip is totally possible and I’m going to show you how! STEP #1 – PICK TWO PAIRS OF PANTS Any of your favorite denim jeans will do and I imagine you all have a pair of black skinny jeans, right? Well, if no, you should get some ASAP. They are the easiest pair of pants to dress up or down and are a travel staple for me. STEP #2 – PICK YOUR STATEMENT PIECES Based on your pant choices, add two or three statement pieces such as jackets, coats, and sweaters that can interchange with both pants. These are really the pieces that everything else will work around, so make sure you love them and that they are appropriate for where you are going.

STEP #4 – MATCH THE BEST SHOES & HANDBAGS Three pairs of shoes. One on your feet and two in the suitcase. Comfortable tennis type shoes, a casual flat or boot, and a dressier shoe that could be a fancy flat, heel or a boot will be ideal. Usually you will need two handbags; maybe a large tote bag or a crossbody bag and a clutch for going out at night.

STEP #3 GRAB THE LAYERING PIECES You’ll want to pack neutral layering pieces (gray, white, black or beige) and maybe throw in a stripe. Fun trendy graphic tshirts are also perfect for layering under sweaters and light jackets. You can easily dress them up with the right accessories, too.

STEP #5 – ADD ACCESSORIES If you are lucky and you have a multi-colored scarf that can easily interchange with all the outfits, fantastic! But if not, pack two scarves. Scarves are light and easy to pack. Grab a few necklaces, bracelets, and maybe some fun earrings for a night out and you are all set!

3 | TWIST Spring 2017


STYLE / 41

EXPERIENCE DC Cherry Blossoms By Keryn Means

Washington, D.C. residents start to get an itch around mid-February. They also go on cherry blossom watch. To help you out, we are rounding up the best places to view and enjoy the blooms this spring in the nation's capital.

TIDAL BASIN The Tidal Basin cherry blossom trees are the #1 spot for domestic and international visitors to look at, climb (even though it’s forbidden) and photograph the spectacular cherry blooms each year. Head out before sunset and start walking the circular path. Many visitors stay close to the Jefferson Memorial to watch the sunset. You should keep walking around the basin to get the 360 views this walk provides. WASHINGTON MONUMENT Just a short walk from the Tidal Basin you will find the Washington Monument. Not many visitors know that there are cherry blossom trees here. The Monument can be a great place for families to hang out, especially if they don’t want to deal with the crowds. Mom and dad can snap their photos before letting the kids fly a kite on the National Mall. NATIONAL ARBORETUM The National Arboretum provides a beautiful cherry blossom walk or bike ride route you can take throughout the park. Even during peek blooms (70% of the blooms are open on a tree), you can wander in on a weekday and only have a handful of people around you. Click for full details on



By Andrea Fellman

Plants / Succulents

Wood Trunks

Plants literally give a room life! This is the easiest and (probably the cheapest) way to bring the world into your home. Do not underestimate the power of plants; not only will they fill up a room but they might just pick up your mood too! Now, keeping them healthy and alive- that's on you!

Trunks are a great way to bring a little nature inside. Try to find one that is REAL wood and if it's a little worn, all the better. Trunks also make for great storage, so not only do they look great in a space but they can hide extra blankets, bedding, photo books or seasonal decor. Trunks make great coffee tables, but I love this idea of using a trunk as an end table!


Release those books from the stuffed book shelves and let them be seen. Strategically stack them on tables and dressers throughout the house. They will add height, color and dimension. Use a variety of large travel, food, art, or culture books, or whatever sparks your wanderlust! Pillows

One of the easiest items to buy and bring back from anywhere in the world are pillows (without the insert). Don't be afraid to mix and match, and if you get tired of one look, you can always swap them in a few months for a whole new look! Colorful Rugs

Rugs are definitely an investment, but they can really pull the whole room together. Try finding something colorful or tribal that will make a statement... and feels good on your feet!

5 | TWIST Spring 2017

Photo credits / Resources Chair & Rug: The Design Files Succulents: Pillows: Ara Collective Wood Trunk: Liz Marie Blog

STYLE / 41

Style on Instagram Craving some travel style inspiration? Make sure you follow these fashionable gals on Instagram! Twist Tip: Fashion hashtags to follow #instastyle #ootd #currentlywearing #aboutalook #fashionbook #fashiondaily #bloggerstyle #fashionblogger #instafashion #fblogger #realoutfitgram #outfitdaily




We love this Denver fashion blogger for her style, personality and outfits you can actually wear!

This Texas girl is the master of the capsule wardrobe. You gotta see her packing posts!

Attainable chic from a Chicago gal who shows you how to look feminine and classy in the windy city!

10% off discount code: TWIST

TWIST Spring 2017 | #

Best scoops of


! e m o R in


When we visit Rome, part of our vacation promise to the children is for a daily holiday gelato. This is a wise strategy to motivate tired legs and revitalize everybody with a delicious pick-me-up treat, usually enjoyed in the afternoons. I still swear by 'a gelato a day keeps the tantrums away' on any family vacation we enjoy.



One hundred and ten years of gelato means

Fatamorgana, an artisanal gelateria, has three

Giolitti is doing something very right. This old-

locations in Rome: one near the Colosseum, one

world gelateria near the Italian Parliament and

near the Vatican, and one in Trastevere. It is

the Pantheon is beautifully decorated with

owned by Maria Agnese Spagnuolo, who is

spacious indoor and outdoor seating. There are a

originally from Puglia, and is fondly referred to

tempting number of homemade gelatos to choose

as the "gelato fairy." All of her gelato is 100%

from. You may have to go more than once!

natural and uses fresh, local ingredients.

San Crispino

Gelateria del Teatro

Near the Trevi Fountain sits San Crispino, a small,

You can find Gelateria del Teatro near Plaza

artisanal ("artigianale") gelateria. We happened

Navona, with an additional location near Campo

upon it by very fortunate accident and were

de Flori. Serving up an annual rotation of 200

rewarded with the best gelati of our entire trip.

recipes of artisanal gelato, this gelateria places

Though the house specialty is a gelato with

an emphasis on quality and freshness. Local and

honey and marsala, we were tempted by their

seasonal ingredients are used (think Amalfi

other offerings of nocciola and limone. Delicioso!

lemons), and their cones are made with olive oil.

7 | TWIST Spring 2017



Pizza. Why does it have to be so darn good? If you skip hand making the dough, it makes a great weeknight meal for your busy family. I like to get creative with the toppings, though. Sauce, cheese and pepperoni can get boring. I needed something bold! This recipe was a hit with my picky kids and it was SO fast to put together.

INGREDIENTS 1 flatbread pizza crust 1 package Jack Link's Wild Side Sausages Original Flavor (you will only need one sausage, sliced) 2 ounces goat cheese, softened 1/4 cup heavy cream 1 tsp dijon mustard 1 tsp fresh thyme, plus some for sprinkling on top when the pizza is done 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, finely grated 4 slices bacon, crumbled 1/2 cup Brussels sprout leaves 1 tsp olive oil black pepper

DIRECTIONS Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. In a small bowl, mix the goat cheese, cream, dijon mustard, and fresh thyme. In another small bowl, toss the Brussels sprouts with the olive oil and black pepper. Lay your flatbread on a cookie sheet and spread the goat cheese with the back of a spoon, leaving a border around the edge of the dough. Sprinkle about a TBSP of parmesan over the goat cheese spread. Top the pizza with sausage, bacon, and Brussels sprouts. Sprinkle pizza generously with parmesan cheese. Bake for approximately eight minutes. When you are ready to serve your pizza, sprinkle on a little bit more fresh thyme. Serves about two if this is your main course. Recipe Notes: For my family of four I served this pizza as a side with grilled sausage and roasted Brussels sprouts (roasted with a little bit of garlic salt and olive oil). It was delicious! Click for more recipes on Cupcakes and Cutlery.

TWIST Spring 2017 | 8




By Keryn Means

THE USA ACROSS ACROSS THE U.S.A New York City • La Maison du Macaron, 132 West 23rd Street • Dana's Bakery, 353 West 14th Street Washington, D.C. • Sweet Lobby, 404 8th Street SE • Macaron Bee, 3261 Prospect Street NW Chicago • Vanille Patisserie, 2108 N Clark Street • Toni Patisserie, 65 E Washington Street Seattle • Trophy Cupcake, 600 Pine Street • Bakery Nouveau, 137 15th Ave E

Macarons are delicious, French sandwich cookies. If you have never had one, you either don't like sweets, or you are denying yourself one of life's simple pleasures. We asked a few of our macaron-loving friends for their favorite spot and thought we'd share.

CANADA Canadians have a deep connection with Europe, and won't be left out of the North American macaron craze. Montreal • Boutique Point G, 1266 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal • Duc De Lorraine, 5002 Côte-des-Neiges Rd, Montreal Vancouver • Thomas Haas, 2539 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC • Thierry, 1059 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC • Bel Cafe, 801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC Toronto • Nadege, 120 Adelaide St W R6, Toronto, ON • Bobbette & Belle, 1121 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

9 | TWIST Spring 2017

Los Angeles • Little Next Door, 8142 W 3rd Street • The Village Bakery, 3119 Los Feliz Blvd Austin • La Pâtisserie, 602 W. Annie Street • Bribery Bakery, 1900 Simond Ave Ste 300

She Gets Around!

Roaming the wild west in a VW Camper Van

Twist hits the road with DeNai Jones, co-founder of Petunia Pickle Bottom


anderlust was instilled in me at an early age. As a child we circumnavigated the US, Canada, and parts of Mexico in our 1968 VW bus. My dad was a college professor and my mom stayed home with us, so summers were really our time to explore, and we did so on a shoestring budget. Pulling up to our campsite late at night, popping our camper top and looking up at the stars is still one of my all-time favorite memories of those days. When I met my husband, he owned a VW Westfalia, a perk for sure!

We spent our college summers touring the US and eventually getting engaged on one of those trips. We have been through a handful of VW Camper Vans over the years, but our favorite is the one we have now, a VW Syncro because it offers 4-wheel drive. This is ideal because we like to camp on the lesser-known, open land (which is also known as BLM camping or dispersed camping). Our VW Syncro enables us to go places, we could not confidently venture previously.

Camping and exploring in our van is my favorite way to travel. It is inexpensive and definitely forces our family to draw “ inward.”

TWIST Spring 2017 | 10

Planning our Trips When planning our trips, we prefer to pick a few landmarks on the map, and wander our way to those locations, but never pick a true path. The unplanned parts of the trip tend to be our favorite method of wandering, so we do leave room for that to unfold. When setting out on a road trip, my travel tips are to search in two ways: Google the area and click ‘ images’ which usually leads to some great finds. The other requires a bit of a“gypsy spirit.” I have an App on my phone called Public Lands, which tracks your location and shows where you can freely camp on BLM land.

TIP: Camping on Bureau of Land Management is “dry camping,” no water or facilities, and most importantly, you need to camp out any trace of inhabiting the area. Once our van enters into BLM territory, we generally cross reference the area, checking to see if it is safe and clear to camp—then, we just hunt for a beautiful and protected spot. No neighboring campers and usually no cell phone service, of which we both prefer. One of our recent trips was to Joshua Tree. We camped in the National Park for one night, and then meandered around the surrounding area in Yucca Valley, ate at Pappy and Harriets in Pioneertown, and had a nice night in an Airbnb (shower and laundry night). The Airbnb app is definitely helpful when looking for last minute stays, and when a washer and dryer is a must. We then worked our way down to Mecca Hills, which offers beautiful slot canyons to hike and BLM camp in the canyon. A lunch stop at the Ski Inn along the Salton Sea was a real treat. Salvation Mountain, a tiny bit south, has been on our bucket list for some time. Our boys skated the nearby, empty pool in Slab City, and then looped our way back towards home.

11 | TWIST Spring 2017

#memoriesbeforestuff Follow DeNai Jones and her family adventure on Instagram

The Eastern Sierras are where my family chose to camp when I was a child—and where my husband, kids and I still prefer to go to today. We like this area because it is a bit less populated than the Western Sierras, very diverse with so many dirt roads to explore. Our favorite past time in the summer is to choose a couple of dirt roads and see where they take us-- we often end up at hot springs, beautiful Ghost Towns, or geological sites. There really isn't a bad spot to camp in the Eastern Sierras. One stop on the way up to Hwy 395 is Alabama Hills, with lots of beautiful rock formations, and a dark sky amazing for star gazing.

This last summer, we took a larger three week trip up the Pacific Coast, over to Utah and “raft camped” the Green River with a few other families for three days. Raft camping essentially means getting dropped off at one location, camping at your leisure as you float the river, and getting picked up on a certain day down river. This is truly a beautiful part of our country. We worked our way up to Yellowstone National Park, and all the way up to the Northernmost part of Montana. We met up with five other vans and camped along the Flathead River, experiencing some of the best views of Glacier National Park (just across the river).

Death Valley is another favorite we go back to time and time again. We try to visit on the off -season when the crowds are down. Spring is their busiest season. Death Valley and the surrounding areas have so many beautiful geological marvels. If you have four wheel drive, a couple of favorites we love to tour are Titus Canyon, Saline Valley, and the tallest sand dunes in North America.

We spent the last week working our way home and camping our way back to Southern California. What I find most enjoyable on all of these trips is how the least amount of “stuff” creates the most amount of joy and memories for our family. Our motto we share with so many other amazing van families: #memoriesbeforestuff •

Special Advertising Section

5 Vacation Rentals that are kid approved and camera ready! Kid & Coe’s collection of dazzling family properties around the world include architectdesigned cottages, villas and palazzos, and plenty to light up your instagram feed all year long.

THE MANDOLA RESIDENCE, ITALY Set on a 70-acre nature preserve in the heart of Umbria, this renovated farmhouse has a pool, 4 romantic bedrooms and Tiber River Valley views, plus a garden with wild strawberries ripe for the picking. Sleeps up to 10 plus a baby, from €886 per night.

THE PERALTA RESIDENCE, SAN FRANCISCO This private home in Bernal Heights, a boho urban village in the heart of the city, includes quirky vintage touches including a hallway church bench, gumball machine and cook’s kitchen. Sleeps up to 6 plus a baby, from $250 per night.

13 | TWIST Spring 2017

THE ARCHITECT’S RESIDENCE, GREECE This Peloponnese villa with an emerald pool is designed for families and groups of friends and is surrounded by views of the mountains, countryside and sea. Sleeps up to 8 plus a baby, from €250 per night.

Special Advertising Section

THE CASA DE MAQUINAS RESIDENCE, MEXICO This former sisal factory has been transformed into a fabulous vacation rental spread over multiple buildings, and includes a private soaking tub in the garden, a sunken sitting area ideal for tequila tastings and a stargazing platform. Sleeps up to 13 plus a baby, from $700 per night

THE CABBAGETOWN RESIDENCE, TORONTOÂ The untouched oak panelled living room has remained intact since 1865; combined with stellar modern rooms and graffiti art prints, it provides a great place to stay as a family in Toronto and an unorthodox blend of ancient and modern. Sleeps up to 4 plus 2 babies, from $300 per night.

To find out more and to book, please visit


Saint Barths In my decades of visiting what seems like every Caribbean Island imaginable, I have yet to experience another island with such well manicured towns and roads as St. Barths. This destination had been on my list for the longest time, but preconceived notions about kid- friendliness and ease of travel to the island had kept me away. I can tell you now, I am head over heels in love with this island


and Le Guanahani resort, located within the reserves of Grand Cul-de-Sac,


Marigot Bay and Marechal Beach. Here's why! TWIST Spring 2017 | 16

17 | TWIST Spring 2017

Our Le Guanahani villa was not your typical hotel room by any means; it was like an apartment, featuring two bedrooms, two and half bathrooms, and our own swimming pool! It was so gorgeous, that I wanted to photograph every inch, so I could build a clone of it here in the States. Every detail was so well planned, from the sunken jacuzzi in our en suite bedroom, to the steam shower in the kids' bathroom and the private access way to the villa. We were completely blown away. Normally when arriving at a hotel, we quickly change from our plane clothes to bathing suits, and run to the hotel pool or beach. With a private pool, there was no pressure to rush out, so we relaxed in the privacy of our own backyard, which was perched on a hillside, overlooking the plush grounds and the bluest ocean.

"From the moment we pulled into the marina at St. Barths, we were mesmerized by the crystal blue turquoise waters and the majestic beauty of the island." Le Guanahani is spread out over 18 secluded tropical acres on its own peninsula. You’d never know it but the hotel offers 30 rooms, 27 suites and 10 signature suites, located in vibrantly hued cottages, which are scattered along garden paths, winding through lush bougainvillea, hibiscus and palms. Finally, we made it down to the beach, to find that the water was surprisingly calm, so the kids could swim without fear of being pulled out by strong undertows. These conditions made for perfect water sport play, so we made our way over to the water activities stand, to plan our water sports for the upcoming days.

The private pool also made for more enjoyable nap times, because we weren’t confined in a hotel room, in the dark, while the girls slept. Ryder quickly picked up some snorkeling gear so he could explore the reef and gather seashells. Le Guanahani also has a beautiful dock located on the Marigot side of the resort, making for fun snorkeling excursions. The girls watched another family paddle back on a kayak, and begged Jason to take them out on the boat. While he and the three kids kayaked around the lagoon, I took the opportunity to go out on a paddle board, which is the same way I started every day on the beach for the remainder of the week. It was a such a treat to have all these and other fun activities offered complimentary to guests, because it kept the kids looking forward to a new activity each day, especially when they were able to clearly see the beautiful sea life of massive size sea turtles swimming around. Each morning, we rose bright and early and headed to the Indigo restaurant, situated just next to the main pool. With fresh croissants baked to perfection, and delicious poached eggs or egg white omelets made to order, breakfast was something I looked forward to every morning. The kids ordered crepes at every sitting, but there were plenty of other kid-friendly options, including waffles, french toast, and pancakes. Some days, we opted for in-house dining to bring breakfast to the room, so we could enjoy the meal in our backyard. The kids really enjoyed these breakfasts, because they were followed by an immediate romp in our pool.

With their exclusive cook-your-catch program, guests can head out on a fishing excursion during the day, and have the chef prepare their catch how ever they prefer. All of the cuisine on the property was top shelf, and having rented a car, like most guests staying at the resort, there were more restaurant options only a short distance away. With our amazing room, and the all the resort had to offer, we decided to enjoy the grounds for the first few nights before venturing out. The biggest decision we tasked ourselves with each day was whether to sit by the beach, hotel pool, or our villa pool!

Even the children’s menu for lunch and dinner included healthy options such as grilled fish and veggies, which is something I loved to have as an option for them. Le Bartolomeo, another restaurant on the property, offers dinner of Mediterranean cuisine in its sensual gardens select nights during the week.

One thing that makes our travels so special is that we are experiencing these wonderful places for the first time together, as a family. Le Guanahani, and the island of St. Barth, struck a chord in all of us, and it’s the most beautiful place we’ve ever visited in our lives. The kids and us are already talking about returning! •

TWIST Spring 2017 | 18


19 | TWIST Spring 2017

The best—and nearly only—way to experience the 2.3 million acre Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness of Central Idaho is by whitewater raft down the Main Salmon River. The route along the Wild and Scenic section of the Salmon runs 80 miles and requires extensive whitewater experience and permits…or can be booked with an adventure outfitter like O.A.R.S.


The Salmon River remains un-dammed for over 400 miles, and the Frank Church Wilderness is alive with prehistoric, native, and pioneering history, as well as wildlife. O.A.R.S. guides are knowledgeable about both, able to educate guests along the way with nature talks, history lessons, and wildlife spotting. All five nights along the Main Salmon with O.A.R.S. are spent on sandy beach campsites along the river, with tents and sleeping bags and pads provided. Guests start the trip in McCall, Idaho, where a pre-trip meeting takes place the night before departure. This is the time to ask last-minute questions, get your dry bags to pack

PAGE 10in, and meet your trip leader. During our belongings

approximately two drinks per evening; extra is allowed

meeting, we met Trip Leader Diego, as well as the other

in moderation. We could also grab any extra items we’d

guests on the trip. Diego gave us a weather report—our

forgotten at this point, such as batteries, sunscreen,

trip would be hot and dry—and final tips on packing

sunglasses, or water bottles. All extra drink purchases

—we’d need two water bottles each, plus lots of sun

become communal unless requested otherwise.

protection. Our trip included 11 guests total: my multigenerational family of two teens, myself, and my

Once we arrived at Corn Creek, we met the rest of our

father, plus one more father and son, one mother with

guides who’d be joining us for our week on the Salmon.

two sons, and one couple. In total, we had five kids ages

We had a great crew, as I always have with O.A.R.S.:

12-16 and six adults.

guides Amber, Morris, and Prester, as well as collegeaged gear guides (rowing only gear, not guests) Rose and

The next morning, our trip started at 7 am with an

Dakota. All are essential to the trip and all interact with

amazing chartered flight from McCall to Salmon, Idaho

the guests. We got dialed in on rafting safety (Day 1 of

in 2-8 passenger planes. We watched out the windows

any trip includes multiple talks on protocol and safety)

as the rugged peaks and mountain meadows passed

and were on the river before lunch.

below us, knowing we were essentially being deposited into our wilderness area. From Salmon, a rather brutally

We rafted only an hour or so before stopping to eat on a

long bus ride took us to the put-in point along the river,

sandy bank, during which we learned about dining

where we were set to depart at the start of the Wild and

protocol—hand washing, water bottle filling, and trash

Scenic section at Corn Creek. We stopped along the way

clean up—and were introduced to the inflatable kayak

of this two-hour ride at a small store where we could

‘duckies’. These solo-passenger rafts are popular but

purchase any extra drinks we’d like on the trip. O.A.R.S.

require just a bit of skill. Anyone wanting to raft

provides enough soda, wine, and beer for guests to have

the river in duckies needed to take a ‘swim test’ before

TWIST Spring 2017 | #

we left the lunch spot. This test involves paddling the

The next morning, the coffee call came around 7 am,

ducky in an eddy, purposely flipping it over, and getting

followed by breakfast of huckleberry pancakes, sausage,

oneself back in in deep water. This sounds intimidating,

and fruit at 8 am. We packed up camp around 8:30, filled

but with tips from the guides, everyone in our group

up our water bottles with filtered river water, and were

who took the test, from the teens to the grandfather,

back on the boats before 9 am. The next five days


followed the same general routine: coffee call, breakfast, camp breakdown, rowing on the water

We rafted on, navigating through our first rapids,

interspersed with challenging rapids, hikes to historic

Killum, Gunbarrel, and Rainer, before landing at our first

points, or wildlife, lunch, more river time, arrival at

night’s camp. Here, we learned all about camping

camp, playtime both in the water and on the sand,

protocol, including how to create a ‘fire line’ to off-load

appetizers and drinks, dinner, and community time. As

the boats of gear (everyone helps) to how to set up our

guests, we set up our own tents and helped on and

tents and where to find our sleep kits (which included

offload boats, but never cooked or planned any of the

sleeping bags, tarps, and pillows). We also became


acquainted with the ‘Unit’ at this point, sometimes called the ‘Groover’. This portable toilet system is

Each morning and at each lunch break, guests can decide

required by all rafting parties on the river as part of the

which type of raft to ride in or paddle: I liked

Leave No Trace principles followed. It takes some

to alternate between the paddle raft, where guests help

getting used to if you don’t spend a lot of time in the

paddle, the dory, which sits higher on the water and cuts

outdoors, but embrace the Unit: after all, it’s the only

through rapids with precision and grace, and the


duckies, which takes more concentration with bigger rewards. When we needed a break, we could sit back

After setting up camp, we found ample time to play,

and relax on a gear boat, rowed by guide Morris, who

swim, and get to know one another better through

regaled his passengers with stories and tales.

conversation over cold beers and sodas. Our guides By Day 3, we’d hit a stride of river life that truly fell into

the depths of the boats, including frisbee games and a

pace with the current. Without screens or smart phones,

fun washer game similar to horseshoes. A salmon dinner

we slowly felt the tethers of day-to-day demands fall

was followed by more community time around the

away, to be replaced by a quiet rhythm of sunshine, river

‘circle’ (of chairs), where adults conversed and kids

water, and fun companionship. By Day 6, we felt so

brought out card games. Around 8 pm, the summer heat

acclimated to river life it felt odd to return to

was broken by a spectacular thunderstorm and hail

civilization: trucks on the road overlooking the river on

storm: we all dug out rain jackets and scurried to

the last day felt jarring after so many days without the

the sanctuary of our tents to wait it out. For most of

sound of them and day trippers felt like intruders. We

us, this was the only night on the trip we didn’t sleep out

returned reluctantly to McCall and our waiting cell

under the stars and bright moon.

phones. •

21 | TWIST Spring 2017

Photo credit: OARS/James Kaiser

surprised us with several beach toys brought out from

Adventures on Instagram! If you are an adventure-loving family, be sure to follow these families wandering the globe. Twist Tip: Adventure hashtags to follow #adventurealways #goexplore #goeverywhere #ventureout #staywild #wearethewild #optoutside #liveyouradventure #ourcamplife #thegreatoutdoors #runwildmychild_photos



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JAPANESE SPA DAY Unwind as a family in Stockholm, Sweden

Located on a hilltop overlooking Stockholm's beautiful archipelago, Yasuragi's pine forest and zen-like architecture makes you feel like you are far, far away from modern day life, despite being only 20 minutes from the city centre. For 10 months of the year, this hotel and spa is open to visitors aged 16 years and over. However, during the summer months Yasuragi opens its doors to children of all ages. This period is known as Yasuragi Kids.

What is Yasuragi?

By Vicotoria Westmacott

23 | TWIST Spring 2017

Yasuragi, meaning inner peace and harmony, is a hotel and spa that aims to provide guests with a complete holistic experience. However, you don't have to stay overnight at Yasuragi to enjoy the serene services. There are a number of day packages on offer too. The spa describes itself as a sanctuary for the inner self and is known primarily for its relaxing Japanese baths, designed to soothe the body and clear the mind.

Yasuragi Kids Yasuragi Kids was developed to offer families the opportunity to spend quality time together in relaxing and peaceful environment. I was told during my visit that it's important for parents to understand this concept.

Yasuragi is a place that aims to help children slow down and reconnect with themselves and to help families unwind together.

What does this mean? Yasuragi Kids is not glorified kids' club where you can leave your kids while you go off for a massage. Nor is it one of those Barbie-style makeover spas for kids –thankfully! Instead, Yasuragi Kids is a place where you can spend some time simply being with your children. A place that aims to help children slow down and reconnect with themselves and to help families unwind together. There are no childcare facilities and parents are responsible for their children at all times. Parents are also expected to participate in activities together.

The yukata is decorated with Japanese symbols, and is yours to keep and take home at the end of your stay. If you really want to get the most out of your Yasuragi Kids experience, I would encourage children to wear one-piece suits in neutral or calming colours (rather than fluorescent pink Peppa Pig bikinis!). Although this is by no means compulsory, the setting is so very peaceful that anything not Japanese-esque seems to jar with the surrounds.

The Yukata

Most families visit Yasaragi Kids to experience the Japanese baths. These include a number of hot springs (both indoors and outside under the pine trees), saunas*, a 25m long indoor pool, a tearoom, quiet zones and ablution rooms. Before getting started, adults and children are taught a traditional cleansing ritual 'to wash their worries away'. This involves sitting on a little wooden stool in the ablution areas and pouring warm water over yourself with slow and repeated movements.

Upon arrival, all guests over two years old are given their very own yukata, a cotton robe, to wear throughout their stay; to the Japanese baths, during activities and also at mealtimes. Guests over 13 years are also given swimwear (a black swimming suit for woman and shorts for men) and slippers. Kids under 13 are required to bring their own swimming kit and slippers or flip flops.

The Japanese Baths

Spa Activities for Kids In addition to the Japanese baths, Yasuragi Kids offers an extensive range of activities from quiet mediations and sound therapy to fish pedicures, mindful coloring and sushi lessons. Activities include: Sushi School for Kids Kids are taught to make a maki-roll which they can share with their family at the end of the class. Family Yoga Yoga for the entire family. Re-energize and have fun together. Journey of Sound In this deeply relaxing mediation the instructor takes participants on a͚j ourney into the world of imagination with a series of Tibetan singing bowls. There were lots of kids in the class, and I was amazed by how still and silent they were throughout the 30 minute session. Play Corner Aimed at young children, this area is filled with toys inspired by Yasuragi. Here kids can draw or look at colourful books. There are mindful colouring-in worksheets – from small mandalas to huge wall murals – and an activity where kids can make Japanese dolls from toilet rolls!

Japanese Arts & Crafts Slightly older children can learn to make a Japanese dragon, fold their own origami crane or try to draw a manga comic figure. For every crane made and hung on the wall, Yasuragi donates 10 SEK (about 1 EUR) for each crane to UNICEF. Children are also invited to draw a picture of their soul. Every year Yasuragi selects a soul portrait that, in a creative way, interprets the soul. Trail of Senses This outdoor walking trail aims to help children be present by simply enjoying the moment. Sumo Wrestling This activity combines fun and tradition. It's a challenging physical activity but also one that is guaranteed to get the family laughing. Participants learn something of the origins of sumo and the sports status in Japan – as well as being given the opportunity to tackle their parents! Qi Gong with Chiball For families Families are taught the gentle art of Qi Gong using a soft scent ball. The ball makes it easier to find the right moves as well as allowing you to be aware of your body and its movements. Note: With the exception of the sushi class where parents watch from the the sidelines, parents are expected to participate in all of these activities.

Yasuragi Kids was developed to offer families the opportunity to spend quality time together in relaxing and peaceful environment. 25 | TWIST Spring 2017

Rooms You can either visit Yasuragi Kids as part of a day package, or as an overnight stay. There are 191 Japanese-inspired rooms in total, spread across seven categories. Rooms can accommodate up to five or six people, which works well for larger families, and interconnecting rooms are also available

Food As you might expect from a place so focused on wellbeing, Japanese food features strongly at Yasuragi's four restaurants. I enjoyed a delicious salmon-sushi lunch in the Tokyo restaurant overlooking the tree tops of the pine forest below and the waters of Stockholm's archipelago beyond. For kids, the lunch buffet includes sushi, spaghetti with meatballs and fish or meat from the grill. For dinner, there is a large buffet, for both adults and children. This includes sushi, gyoza, noodles, okonomiyaki, fish and various meats cooked on the griddles in Teppanyaki. Tea and a fruit buffet is available throughout the day in the spa lounge.

I'll admit that I was somewhat skeptical of a parent and child-friendly spa but Yasuragi Kids really works. I was pleasantly surprised to discover what a bonding experience this is for families. In a world where kids are constantly busy, where pressures are greater than ever before and electronics are all-prevalent, it was so refreshing (and really touching) to see parents and children spending actual, proper time with one another. As with many mums, I always feel like I'm rushing from one thing to the next and that I'm not often present with my kids. Yasuragi Kids offers parents and children that opportunity, whether it's wrestling in a Sumo match or walking through the gardens. I really believe that we could all benefit from a family holiday here. I think it͛s a wonderful concept and I can't wait to return. For more information on Yasuragi and Yasuragi kids, take a look at their website.

In a world where kids are constantly busy, where pressures are greater than ever before and electronics are all-prevalent, it was so refreshing to see parents and children spending actual, proper time with one another.


BRING A TASTE OF JAPAN HOME MAKES 4 to 6 SERVINGS Ingredients: 2 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cut into large 2 1/2-inch chunks 1 small carrot, peeled 5 inches Japanese cucumber, thinly sliced* 1 teaspoon fine grain sea salt, plus more to taste 1/8 small red onion, finely chopped 1 large hard-boiled egg, finely chopped 3/4 cup mayonnaise* 1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

Japanese Potato Salad Recipe by Rachael Hutchings , La Fuji Mama

The beginning of spring means it’s hanami time (cherry blossom viewing) in Japan. People flock to areas known for their cherry trees and spread tarps on the ground underneath the branches so they can picnic beneath the blossoms. One of the popular dishes packed in picnic bentos (Japanese boxed meals) is Japanese potato salad. This Japanese take on American potato salad is made by partially mashing cooked potatoes, adding other ingredients like cucumber, carrot, and hard-boiled egg, and seasoning the salad with Japanese mayonnaise and rice wine vinegar. It’s easy to make and a delicious accompaniment to everything from fried chicken to sub sandwiches. 27 | TWIST Spring 2017

Directions: 1. Put the potatoes, carrot, and a large pinch of fine grain sea salt in a large pot and cover them with cold water. Bring the water to a boil over medium heat and let the potatoes simmer until they are fork tender. Remove the carrot when it is starting to soften, but before it can be pierced through with a bamboo skewer. Start checking the carrot and potatoes after they’ve been simmering for about 8 minutes. When the potatoes are done, drain them well. 2. While the potatoes are cooking, sprinkle the cucumber slices with 1 teaspoon of fine grain sea salt, toss, and let them sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then gently squeeze them and drain out the excess cucumber water. 3. Slice the cooled carrots in half lengthwise, then slice each half into thin half-moons. Coarsely mash the potatoes so some small chunks of potato still remain, then let the mash cool. 4. After the potato mash has cooled, stir in the cucumbers, carrots, red onion, and hard-boiled eggs. Gently stir in the mayonnaise and rice wine vinegar. Add additional mayonnaise, if desired. Cover the potato salad with plastic wrap, or place it in an airtight container and let it chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. *Recipe Notes: If you don’t have access to Japanese cucumbers, use a thin-skinned cucumber like a Persian cucumber or small snacking cucumbers. If you only have regular cucumbers, peel them, slice them in half lengthwise and remove the seeds, then thinly slice them. Japanese mayonnaise is typically made with rice vinegar, which gives it a different flavor from American mayonnaise which is made from distilled vinegar or lemon juice. Japanese mayonnaise is also thinner than most American mayonnaise. The most wellknown Japanese brand of mayonnaise is Kewpie, sold in plastic squeeze bottles in many Asian markets here in the US. This potato salad is also delicious with other veggies thrown in, like fresh peas or corn.



"Hiking Pulpit Rock with our kids was the highlight of a two week driving trip through Norway."


Pulpit Rock, also known as Preikestolen or Preacher's Rock, juts out 604 metres (1982 feet) above the beautiful Lysefjorden in southern Norway. My kids (9 and 11 at the time) had no problem ascending to the top of Preikestolen. In fact, they were so excited that I often had to ask them to hold up! We arrived at Preikestolen by car shortly after 9am (after staying the night in nearby Stavanger), but as soon as I saw how busy the parking for Preikestolen was, I immediately wished we had arrived earlier. Pulpit Rock is reached via a 3.8 km (2.4 mile) hike. It would not be exhausting for most people (we are not hikers and do not own proper hiking gear), but a decent level of fitness certainly helps. There are staircases to climb and occasional areas where you need to scramble up some rocks (my kids loved this).

Twist Tip: Arriving early in the morning before the large tourist buses arrive is extremely important. The trail gets crowded by mid-day. It took us almost two hours for our ascent, mostly walking, and stopping periodically for short water or snack breaks. We were passed several times by runners who would have made it to the top in half the time, and we passed much slower groups who probably took half a day to make it to the top. I have to admit, I was envious of the people we passed coming down with packs and sleeping bags on their backs. These were the people that had spent the night at the top to have the Preacher's Pulpit all to themselves at first light. I can only imagine how magical that would be to watch the sun rise over Lysefjorden in the early morning hours. We stayed at the top to take in the views for about half an hour, followed by our descent of about 1.5 hours (total time on Pulpit Rock Trail was 4 hours).

"The most beautiful and daunting thing about hiking Pulpit Rock with kids, is the fact that along the trail there are precious few barriers and guide rails to protect you from the steep cliffs. On our hike, my kids were excited and were constantly running ahead. While they were old enough not to do anything silly, my mind was still racing with “what ifs”, especially as they stood near the rock’s edge."

TWIST Spring 2017 | 30

Things to know before you go I would recommend that children be at minimum 6 years for the climb. There are some tricky parts, and there are sections where you do need pay close attention (it is a cliff after all). We did see a family with a baby in a carrier and one family with a toddler who screamed until he was allowed out of the carrier, making their journey a very slow one. The Pulpit Rock Trails are open year round so your gear needs to be appropriate for the season. Although hiking the trail in the winter is discouraged (icy, slippery, sometimes only 6.5 hours of daylight which can be tight for the climb), in the summer months, it barely gets dark and there is even a guided night tour that leaves just after midnight! A decent hiking shoe is best (although my new Nike trainers were fine for the weather we had), a light rain jacket (ideally waterproof as opposed to just waterresistant), sunscreen, a water bottle and snacks should be all you need.

31 | TWIST Spring 2017

My son was delighted to discover that you could do the final part of your Preikestolen descent by zipline. A worthy ride after a hike of several hours that takes you right to the parking lot.

Getting to Pulpit Rock

Where to stay

We took a short flight from Bergen to Stavanger, where we spent one night. We rented a car at the airport for our short stay so that we could get an early start the following morning and beat the tour buses to Preikestolen.

For our trip to Pulpit Rock we stayed in the town of Stavanger. While not as pretty as Bergen, it is charming all the same, with some nice stores and restaurants. If you are interested in buying a traditional Norwegian sweater, there is a nice Dale Concept store that has all their latest designs.

Getting to Pulpit Rock by Car: We rented a car at the airport for our short stay, so we could get an early start the following morning and beat the tour buses to Preikestolen. There are two options for driving (taking 1.5 - 2 hours). You can Drive to Lauvvik and cross with ferry from Lauvvik to Oanes and continue along Rv13 and follow the signs to Preikestolen. Or, your can go by ferry from Stavanger to Tau (40 minutes) and drive south on National Tourist Route Ryfylke following the signs to Preikestolen.

We chose to stay at the Scandic Stavanger Park. We found the Scandic brand very good for families throughout our stay in Norway, because they had family-sized suites available, offered a complimentary breakfast, had healthy snacks for reasonable prices for sale in the lobby and often offered our children a welcome gift.

We found the Scandic brand of hotels very good for families throughout our stay in Norway, because they had family-sized suites available.

Accommodation at Pulpit Rock There is also a hotel right at the base of Pulpit Rock. The Preikestolen Mountain Lodge (also known as the Preikestolen Fjellstue) is located almost at the start of the trail and would be a fantastic place to stay if you wanted to get on the trail early. Preikestolen has some other really cool options including Mountain Camp (sleep in a hammock on a rock face) and Water Camp (sleep in a hammock next to a lake).

Hotel Pick

The Juvet Landscape Hotel

The Juvet Landscape Hotel was designed by Oslobased firm Jensen & Skodvin. There are seven individual houses (each with two full glass walls), as well as two "birdhouses" tucked in behind; all uniquely positioned to make the most of the incredible river, mountain and forest views. In addition, there are several more traditional rooms available in the mill house, the barn and the restored farmhouse. The rooms book out way in advance, so reserve as early as possible. Most of the little houses on the property sleep two people, but if you are traveling with kids, houses 6 and 7 also have sofabeds. The "birdhouses" are suitable for singles, and larger groups can rent out the farmhouse for events (several bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen).

After a day spent hiking (walking on the same trails as King Olaf over 1000 years ago), river rafting, sightseeing to the nearby Geirangerfjord, swimming in the glacier-fed river or just reading a book and enjoying the gorgeous scenery, guests gather to enjoy a communal meal in the old barn. Overlooking the river, and almost invisibly tucked into the landscape is the lovely spa. Facilities include a steam room, hot tub, and beautiful relaxation areas from which to enjoy the tranquility. The Juvet Hotel is located in Valldalen, about a two hour drive from the town of Alesund. An airport pickup can be arranged through the hotel or you can take a bus. Alternatively, you can rent a car to fully enjoy the area. I strongly recommend the latter as there is so much to see in and around Valldalen.

Twist Tidbit: If you have not seen it already, watch the Oscar winning film Ex Machina (2015). Much of the movie's exterior shots were filmed at the Juvet Landscape Hotel.

33 | TWIST Spring 2017

Spotlight ON MEXICO





48-hours in Mexico's capital is never enough, but you will be shocked by what you can do.

Bring Mexican flavors into you and your child's wardrobe with this local artist designs.

Just because you aren't traveling, it doesn't mean you can't have a little Mexican inspired treat.

Mexico is so much more than tacos! It has worldclass museums you and your kids will love too.

TWIST Spring 2017 | 34


MEXICO CITY WHERE TO EAT Coffee: Pick up a coffee to go at Lardo before heading out for the day. Breakfast: Lalo! in the Roma Norte neighborhood, for the best chiliquilas ever! Lunch: Head to the Polanco neighborhood where the streets are lined with cafes and people watching for days! You'll even spot a Magnolia Bakery. Dinner: If there is one place you should eat in Mexico City it is La Capital.

By Andrea Fellman

WHERE TO STAY Three reasons to visit the Downtown Hotel: the unique shops on the second floor, the vertical garden wall at Padinos and the beautiful trees that fill the courtyard in Azul Restaurant. You do not have to stay at the hotel to go inside, and you can of course dine at Padinos or Azul Restaurant. If you can stay you will be in for a treat. This stylish hotel is comfy and centrally located for exploring the city.

WHERE TO PLAY Zocalo is at the center of Mexico City and one of the largest squares in the world. It was also featured in the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. Step inside the Metropolitan Cathedral before moving onto the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The Palaciao de Bellas Artes is a performing arts theatre, well known for its art deco style of architecture. It is also home to the famous and controversial “Man at the Crossroads” by Diego Rivera.

It's easy to see the highlights and eat well when you only have 48 hours to explore in Mexico City.

MEXICO CITY NEIGHBORHOODS Mexico City has several neighborhoods all with their own distinct personality. I was staying in the neighborhood of Condesa, a trendy little neighborhood with lots of popular restaurants, shops and buildings being renovated with new modern apartments. Condesa also sits right next to Roma, another charming neighborhood with so much going on it is now split as Roma Norte and Roma Sur. For a more traditional scene head to the cobblestone streets of Coyoaćan, near here is where you'll also find the Frido Khalo museum. Be sure to see the historic El Centro and the posh streets of Polanco (aka the Beverly Hills of Mexico City).


35 | TWIST Spring 2017

Erica Maree DESIGNS By Andrea Fellman

Erica Black is the bohemian designer behind Erica Maree Designs. After moving to Mexico from Portland, Oregon, Erica would walk the mercados, town plazas and neighboring rural villages of the fascinated by the indigenous textiles. It was here, in her new home of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the creative seeds were planted. Her very first design was a one-of-a-kind hobo handbag created from one of her daughter's Mexican embroidered dresses that she had outgrown. This creative re-use of fabrics and textiles has now spun into a full line of clothing, handbags and accessories, all inspired by the colorful embroidery and traditional textiles from Mexico.

The Michelle Otomi Oversized Clutch Made by Otomi women in the Tenango Valley of Hidalgo, Mexico, this textile clutch is embellished with embroidered whimsical characters and crisp graphic shapes.

The Sofia Mexican Summer Dress A beautifully hand embroidered Mexican dress for a boho babe in training. These adorable dresses come in a variety of colors, size 12m - size 10.

TWIST Spring 2017 | 36


MOSAIC GELATIN The season for all things sweet is upon us and we have the perfect show-stopping dessert to take with you for all of your potlucks, spring picnics and school fiestas. This festive Mexican multicolored mosaic gelatin is a treat, but it does take a bit of time so you’ll want to make it a day ahead (maybe even two). When choosing your ingredients, make sure to get the best of the best, and that includes Nestlé La Lechera. Not only can you use it for this mosaic gelatin, but you can also use it to make Arroz con Leche.

37 | TWIST Spring 2017

Kids wi ll Love it! Traditionally, mosaic gelatin is made with at least two different flavors/colors. In our recipe, we choose four different colors – more because of the way they look, and less about how it tastes. Using just red and green colors will give it a very Christmas-y feel to it, but I prefer using a variety of colors to make it look more festive. This gelatin is also great when it’s served at a birthday party alongside cake. Skip the ice cream and serve this instead!


Mosaic Gelatin Ingredients 8 ½ cups of water 4 5 oz. packages of gelatin in different colors/flavors* I used orange, mango, strawberry and lime 4 envelopes unflavored gelatin (.25 ounces) 1 can Nestlé Carnation evaporated milk 1 can Nestlé La Lechera sweetened condensed milk *

Instructions 1. Bring 8 ½ cups of water to boil. 2. Add 2 cups of water into a mold (I used bowls) and slowly mix in one of the gelatin packages until fully dissolved. Repeat with remaining packages. Refrigerate to set (about 3 hours). 3. Once set, cut gelatin into cubes and add them to a 13x9 inch pan. Mix together. 4. Blend the evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk using a blender. 5. In a bowl, add 1/2 cup cold water. Add the plain unflavored gelatin to the milk mixture. Pour 1/2 cup boiling water into the bowl. Stir. 6. Add unflavored gelatin mixture into the milk blend. Mix well and cool. 7. Gently add the mixture over the gelatin in the pan. Refrigerate until set (about 4 hours or overnight). 8.To serve, cut into cubes. Tip: Make single serving sizes by making the dessert in plastic cups instead of a pan.

TWIST Spring 2017 | 38

5 Museums to hit in Mexico City



Mexico City is home to over 150 museums, more than almost anywhere else in the world, ranging from the traditional to the downright quirky. Fortunately, many of these museums are great for even the most culture-wary kids. The following are five can͛t miss museums in Mexico's capital.

1. Futura CDMX – Centro Interactivo

3. El Papalote, Museo del Niño

Without doubt one of the capital's most exciting and innovative museums is Futura CDMX –Centro Interactivo (Future CDMX – Interactive Centre). This is a large scale, detailed model of the City of Mexico that measures 234 square meters and includes every neighborhood, road and tienda (shop). Your visit starts with an audiovisual show that tells a potted history of Mexico's capital, from the beginnings of Tenochtitlan, the ancient Aztec capital, to present day. Interactive screens allow you to compare how Mexico City relates to other cities including Mumbai, New York and Sydney. Visits are by tour only which start every hour on the hour.

El Papalote is the kind of innovative, handson space that you would expect to find in London or NYC. Children can pretend to work at a supermarket or join an archaeological dig; create enormous bubbles or make an animated film. Everything is designed to be entertaining and educational and you can easily spend an entire day here. Papalote gets busy; arrive at opening time to enjoy crowd-free visits.

2. Museo del Juguete Antiguo México One of the capital's more eccentric museums is the Museum of Antique Toys. It was established by Roberto Shimizu, a Mexican of Japanese descent, who started the museum after amassing a huge personal collection of toys. For those who grew up in the 80s and 90s it's a wonderful trip down memory lane. The rooms are stuffed with model trains, original plastic superhero figurines, all manner of dolls, figures from the TV show He Man (you'll find Castle Grayskull and She Ra on display, too!) and, of course, lucha libre memorabilia (Mexico's famed wrestling). It's a little quirky, but a lot of fun!

39 | TWIST Spring 2017

4. Museo Nacional de Antropologia The National Anthropology Museum is home to the world͛s largest collections of archaeological and anthropological artefacts from pre-Hispanic Mayan civilisations. It's also the most visited museum in the country. For kids, it's an intriguing museum to visit as well and an easy one to navigate.

5. Museo de Arte Popular Located in the city's historic downtown area, this museum is dedicated to traditional and popular Mexican Art. Rooms are divided by theme and include the Roots of Mexican Art and the Roots of Crafts and Popular Art. Ceramics, textiles, pottery, glass and brightly painted wooden toys are on display. Regular art workshops for children are offered and don't miss the annual piñata competition.


Not every trip is perfect. It's true. You will enter your next vacation thinking you have it all figured out, only to find that there are hiccups along the way. From one mom to another, I want to tell you that this is OK. Your baby will cry, your toddler will whine, and your teen and tween will sulk. It's OK. You are out of the house, you are out of your normal routine, and you are doing something amazing, whether you realize it in that moment or not. Take the lemons every trip hands you and make it into lemonade by smiling. You are exploring the world with your kids. No matter their age, they WILL appreciate it one day and love you for it.

TWIST Spring 2017 | 40

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