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Teithiau Cerdded

Guided Walks

Teithiau tywys yng Ngheredigion

Guided walks in Ceredigion

Borth and the brooding Cambrian Mountains in the background

Croeso i gyfres o deithiau cerdded Welcome to a series of bilingual guided dwyieithog a ysbrydolwyd gan y gyfres walks inspired by the S4C/BBC TV series S4C/BBC Y Gwyll/Hinterland. Mae dewis Y Gwyll/Hinterland. o 8 taith amrywiol fydd yn eich tywys o There’s a choice of 8 walks taking you arfordir Bae Ceredigion i fyny i from the coastline of Ceredigion up to ucheldiroedd Mynyddoedd Y Cambria. the remote Cambrian Mountains. Ar y mwyaf £10.00 y person y daith. Maximum price per person per walk £10.00. Lleiafswm o gerddwyr 5. Minimum number of walkers 5. Manylion pellach wedi i chi gadarnhau. Full joining details when you book. Cofiwch y Côd Cefn Gwlad /Follow the Countryside Code

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© Diolch i S4C/Fic-on Factory am rai o’r lluniau Some images courtesy of S4C/Fic-on Factory 2014

Twm Siôn Ca-

Velkommen -l en række tosprogede guidede vandreture inspireret af S4C/BBC TVserie Y Gwyll/Hinterland. Velkommen -l en rekke fo0urer inspirert av S4C/BBC-TVserien Y Gwyll/ Hinterland Norstktalende guide. Willkommen zu serie einer der zweisprachig geführte Wanderungen, inspiriert von der S4C/BBC TV-Serie Y Gwyll/Hinterland. Cysylltwch â/Contact : 01974 298150

Taith / Walk 2 Taith / Walk 1

Borth / Tre Ddôl

Taith / Walk 3


Borth sta-on, murder scene Episode 4 Series 1

Cwm Einion/Arsts’ Valley

The town loca-ons Various episodes Series 1

Body under the ca0le grid Episode 3 Series 1

Taith / Walk 8

Taith / Walk 4

Arfordir Ceredigion Coast

Halfway Inn, Pisgah

Taith / Walk 7

Ca mb ria nM ou nta ins

Near Mathias’ caravan Various episodes Series 1

Taith / Walk 6

Tynrhyd i/to Trisant Mynydd Bach near Tregaron Home of Tommy, Gwyneth & Defi Episode 3 Series 1

Bleak farmhouse loca-on Episode 2 Series 1

Penwyllt Arms, the interior of the pub Episode 3 Series 1

Taith / Walk 5 Devil’s Bridge Children’s home/waterfalls Episode 1 Series 1

Yr 8 taith / The 8 walks Taith 1 / Walk 1

Taith 2 / Walk 2

Taith 3 / Walk 3

Taith 4 / Walk 4

Pellter/Distance 2-3 m

Pellter/Distance 6 m neu/or 10 m

Pellter/Distance 10 m

Pellter/Distance 4 m

Amser/Time 1.5 awr/hrs

Amser/Time 3 awr/hrs or 5 awr/hrs

Amser/Time 6 awr/hrs

Amser/Time 2 awr/hrs

Gradd/Grade Rhwydd/Easy

Gradd/Grade Easy or Hard

Gradd/Grade Anodd/Hard

Gradd/Grade Cymhedrol/Moderate

- Aberystwyth -

- Borth/Tre Ddôl -

- Cwm Einion/Arsts’ Valley -

- Halfway Inn, Pisgah -

Taith 5 / Walk 5

Taith 6 / Walk 6

Taith 7 / Walk 7

Taith 8 / Walk 8

Pellter/Distance 7 m

Pellter/Distance 4 m

Pellter/Distance 5.5 m

Pellter/Distance 3 m

Amser/Time 4 awr/hrs

Amser/Time 2 awr/hrs

Amser/Time 2-3 awr/hrs

Amser/Time 2 awr/hrs

Gradd/Grade Cymhedrol/Moderate Gradd/Grade Cymhedrol/Moderate Gradd/Grade Cymhedrol/Moderate - Pontarfynach/Devil’s Bridge -

- Mynydd Bach near Tregaron -

- Tynrhyd i/to Trisant -

Gradd/Grade Rhwydd/Easy - Arfordir Ceredigion Coast -

Can you solve the case? What gets delivered to Mathias’ caravan on the back of a quad bike?

Who owned the camera shop?

When did the children’s home close in Devil’s Bridge?

Answers available by watching Y Gwyll/Hinterland again on catch up TV and/or by buying the DVD and/or by visi-ng the website

Download the full soundtrack from Series 1 Bring your music device with you on the day and listen to the haun-ng soundtrack as you walk.

Plis cefnogwch busnesau ardal Y Gwyll/Hinterland yng Ngheredigion. Gwersylla Tŷ Mawr Rheidol Riding Centre Please support businesses in Y Gwyll/Hinterland loca:ons in Ceredigion. Camping Capel Bangor When you visit these, please men-on this booklet. SY23 3JR Ponterwyd 01970 890268 SY23 4EL 01970 880863 Visit for further info about these Campfire nights on a hill farm Y Gwyll/Hinterland walk project partners, including web links. Riding for all, trekking and lessons () denotes accommodaon/occupancy Siop Cynfelyn/Caffi CleEwr Y Talbot Tre Ddôl

Tregaron SY25 6JL

SY25 6LG

Community run shop and cafe


Vale of Rheidol Railway


Aberystwyth to Devil’s Bridge

01974 251217 SY23 1PG

01970 625819

Self-catering accommoda:on (10)

Scenic steam railway


Bythynnod Dolyrychain


Aberystwyth Cliff Railway



Cwm Einion / Ar-st’s Valley


01974 298309 SY25 6EL

Self-catering accommoda:on (20)

SY23 2AZ

01970 832113

Food, drink and accommoda:on (30)

SY25 6LW Prif lun y gyfres wedi’i dynnu ar Gors Caron, Tregaron, Ceredigion Main photo for the series taken on Cors Caron, Tregaron, Ceredigion

01974 298208 SY20 8PN

Tregaron 01974 831241 SY20 8TD

01654 781215 SY23 2DN

Self-catering accommoda:on (12) B&B and self-catering (13) + camping

Gwesty Cymru

Y Ffarmers

Halfway Inn


Llanfihangel y Creuddyn


01970 612252 SY23 4LA

Food drink and accommoda:on (17)

01974 261275 SY23 4NE

Award winning food and real ale

01970 880631

Tradi:onal pub with bar meals (4)

01970 617642

Funicular electric cliff railway

Mid Wales Mountain Bike Guides Talybont 07581 444982

Guided bike rides & coaching

SY23 2NF

SY23 3AD


Gwesty‘r Richmond Hotel




Devil’s Bridge

01970 612647 SY23 2BX

Sea front hotel (33)

Self-catering in the ‘hinterland’ (50)

Chocolate shop and viewing area

Ffynnon Cadno B&B

Devil’s Bridge Waterfalls

Woodlands Café



Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

01970 890224 SY23 3JW

01970 890233 SY23 3JW

01970 890423 SY23 4QU

01970 890303

Bed and Breakfast (6)

Waterfalls and nature trail walk

Tea rooms and giP shop

Self-catering accommoda:on (8)

Erwbarfe Farm Camping Caravan Park

Woodlands Caravan Park

Hafod Hotel

Two Hoots Café

Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

Camp (100) caravan and Wigwam (5) Bunkhouse (6-8)

SY23 1PY

01267 667604 SY23 3JL Devil’s Bridge 01970 890650

01970 612201 SY23 4QX

Hotel, bar and bistro (40)

SY23 3JR Devil’s Bridge 01970 890358 SY23 3JW

SY25 3DN

Sarah Bunton Chocolates

01970 890233 SY23 3JL

01970 890232 SY23 3JL

Camping (32 tents), Self-catering (5) Food drink and accommoda:on (32) Gypsy Pod hire (4)

07779 450735

Breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks

Miner’s Arms

Hafod Estate

Maesglas B&B

Heulwen B&B



Ysbyty Ystwyth


01974 282238 SY25 6DX

01974 282568 SY25 6DD

01974 282571 SY24 5HU

01970 871659

Pub and B&B (9)

Picturesque landscape and walks

Bed and Breakfast (8)

Bed and Breakfast (9)

Cambria Tours

Pentre Bach

Animalarium Borth Zoo

Victoria Inn





01970 631731 SY23 4TW

Specialist Wales Tour Operator

01974 251676 SY24 5NA

Self-catering accommoda:on (24)

01970 871224 SY24 5HZ

Zoo animals and exo:c pets

01970 871417

Tradi:onal pub with bar meals

“the key to Hinterland is the landscape: beau-ful, forbidding and secre-ve, it becomes a character in its own right” The Guardian

Discover 8 walks inspired by the Hinterland landscape.

Spectacular waterfalls at Devil’s Bridge. with DCI Mathias in foreground.

I drefnu taith, cysylltwch â/To organise a walk, contact 01974 298150 - Gofynnwch am/Please ask for Dafydd / /

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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this publica-on, the project partners cannot accept responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions or for any ma0er in any way connected with or arising out of the publica-on of the informa-on contained within this booklet.

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8 Guided Walks in Hinterland filming locations Ceredigion

8 Guided Walks in Hinterland filming locations Ceredigion