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Culinary appetizer Amuse bouche LANGOUSTINE Carott / Yuzu / Sesame 56 EGG Nasturtium / Potato / Mushroom 34 SCALLOP Passionfruit / Cilantro / Cellery root 58 SKREI Coconut / Bell pepper / Jasmine rice 75 BEEF Eggplant / Miso / Radish 76 TEA Kalamansi / Koshihikari / Pumpkin 32

Petits fours Individual dishes we charge according to our à la carte prices 4 course 175 CHF (without scallop & skrei) & beverage accompaniment 85 CHF 5 course 205 CHF (without scallop) & beverage accompaniment 105 CHF 6 course 230 CHF (complete) & beverage accompaniment 125 CHF

Corresponding beverage accompaniment

"The average gives the world its existence. The extraordinary its value." - Oscar Wilde –

Welcome to EPOCA by Tristan Brandt - Time for something special! The world belongs to those who enjoy it! Therefore, we take you with us this evening

Langoustine Sauvignon Blanc / De Ladoucette / Loire Egg Meridio / Chardonnay / Merlot / Cantina Kopp von der Crone / Tessin Scallop « Epoca » Spritz Black cod Riesling Ried Kellerberg Smaragd / Winery Knoll / Wachau

on a culinary journey of pleasure. Lean back, be inspired and enjoy your moment. We that is patriot Tristan Brandt, chef de cuisine

Beef Gratallops / Garnacha / Syrah, Carignano, Picapoll, Cabernet Sauvignon / Alvaro Palacios / Priorat

Niklas Oberhofer and the entire EPOCA team, invite you this evening to experience

Dessert Milk punch

an extraordinary variety of tasting experiences. Look forward to a modern French cuisine combined with regional, alpine products and Asian influences. The signature of our restaurant patron, germany's exceptional talent and top chef Tristan Brandt. In addition, we created corresponding drinks to every single dish of the menu. We wish you an enjoyable stay in our EPOCA and a surprising culinary voyage of discovery. Enjoy with all your senses!

Time for the special Beef tartar with sour cream and Oona caviar (15g) 85 Breton lobster with cassoulet of sweetbread 82 Wagyu Beef with beetroot, fermented apricot and perigord truffle 115 Cheese assortment Affineur Jumi from Boll 28 Baba au rhum with rhubarb and nuances of chocolate 31

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Epoca by Tristan Brandt_ENG  

Epoca by Tristan Brandt_ENG