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with Jamie Smith and James Young






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Dan gets his grab on at Quayside Wake and Ski.

Age ? 28. Yea r s r i d i n g ? 18. Sp o n so rs ? M y s t i c, M a ste rcraft , Qu ay s i d e , E l e c tr i c .

Mon s t er,


Fa vo u ri t e t rick? I l ov e d o i n g HS o ffax is 18 0 s wit h a s t alefish grab . Ho me Clu b ? Qu ay s i d e . Ho b bi e s ? S no wb o a rd i n g , S k at in g , Po ker, B F 3 . Te a or C o ff e e? I hat e b o th , r a ther g et my bu zz from a M o ns t e r. Pla ns f o r 2 0 1 2 ? Co mp ete i n a l l th e major B oat co n t es ts and m ay b e a fe w Ca ble o n es t oo . I als o want to foc us a l o t o n m y ridin g an d t ry an d lear n so me ne w tr i c k s. W h a t a re y o u lo o kin g fo rward t o this upc o m in g s e as o n ? Ge t t i ng to S pa i n w it h my Mas t ercraf t and shred d in g th e b u t t er. Vide o o r s tills ? I al w ay s l i k e a g o o d ph o t o . Bo a t or cab l e? I wi l l al w a y s pre fer bo at bu t I lo ve a b it of c ab l e t o bre a k i t up. Cra zi e s t t h in g y ou ’ve ever d o n e? Skydiving.

“ I will always prefer boat but I love a bit of cable to break it up. ”

Seshing the plastic at Liquid Leisure.

“ I try to do different stuff as much as I can when I ride so it doesn’t get repetit

B oa rdie s or no boa rd i es ? D efinitely no b oard ies. L on gsu its and b oard ies are just wron g! B a tte re d ma rsba r or b attered ba na na ? M ar sb ar. W ha t’s one tric k you’v e al way s w a nte d but still c a n’t d o ? Switch crow5. W ha t a re your pla ns f o r th i s week? Tr y and get som e r id ing in with this ‘awesom e’ b r itish we a th e r. How of te n do you wa keb o ard , w ha t would you c la ss as y o u r a ve ra ge se ssion? I tr y to r id e 2 tim es e ve r y da y d ur ing the season and a n a ve r a ge session would b e 20-3 0 m in s on the b oat. I tr y to d o d iff e re n t stu ff as m uch as I can when I r ide so it d oesn’t get rep etitive.  Fa ve movie ? Av atar. PS3 or Xbox? PS3, Battlefield 3 is m y c u r re n t fav gam e. Your on a n isla nd, yo u r b o ard a nd bindings a re the re al o n g w ith a f ully loa de d X2, wh at 3 obje c ts w ould you take? A PS3, m y gir lfr iend and a pitbik e . A nything you w a nt to ad d ?

ive .

Thanks to all m y sp onso r s, f a m ily, Rob b ie Rend o and Ste w M a c k ie . W ithout them I would nt be wh e re I am tod ay !

Sick. And thats a wrap.



It’s all about the pop at the front toe edge of your board. The easiest way to lear n a Bell Air is round the start dock cor ner or a cor ner with a 90 degree angle. These are the best for keeping speed and tension. When lear ning this trick, riders think its all about loads of speed and quickly throwing a back flip, and digging your board in. Yeah you can do it likwe this, but its much harder and a lot less consistent!


You wanna change your board edge from heel side to toe edge with a short delay. Leaving it about half a meter between for your board to be flat.

*bell air - verb |bell-air| a complete backflip rotation off of the surface of the water.


Look back and keep looking. This will get the rotation going, allowing you to spot your landing when coming round to the water.

* *

Tension Pop off your toe edge Board parallel with the cable



This gives you the best pop for the bell air, you still want to be using the cor ner for speed without cutting hard on your edge. You want to come round the whip with a flat board. When your board is straight with the cable, change edge over the course of half a meter and pop off the front toe edge of your board by kicking it in the water and away in front of you.

Thrust your chest up towards the sky and keep your leading arm slightly bent for more control. As soon as your arm gets pulled out you lose momentum and control! As I said the best place to throw it is opposite the start dock, by this time your board will be parallel with the cable, perfection!

* *

Delayed between edges Leading arm slightly bent Look back & chest raised

Practice makes perfect, so keep on trying and you will get it in no time! Fun trick and spectators love it. Hope these tips helped out, watch video’s on it and keep checking these snaps too. Enjoy the Bell AIr! ;) Nick D



W he re a re you c urre ntly? Time ? Pl ace? W ha t a re your pla ns f or the da y ? H e y m a n , i t s 9 : 3 7 o n We d n e s d a y m o r n i n g . J u s t h a d s o m e c e re a l . A m o ff t o t h e l a k e in a bit to have a cable sesh with Scotty B ro o m . T h e n I w i l l b e h i t t i n g t h e b o a t shortly after that. I have a busy afternoon teaching. W ha t w e re you doing 10 minute s ag o ? H elp ing m y p er sonal tr ainer out! S h a n n on from Lakesid e had a flat b atter y so I we n t and rescued him . So, USA , ta lk to me ? Talk to m e! it was insane. One of th e be st tr ip s I have b een on! W ho w e nt? S o a t t h e s t a r t i t w a s m y s e l f , L o u i s F, s p e c i a l J a c k a n d J a c k . M e a n d L o u w e re t h e re f o r 3 w e e k s , t h e o t h e r t w o f o r j u s t one week. W he re did you sta y? We stayed at Lou’s p lace in Orla n do th e whole tim e, its an am az ing setup. P ic tu re this; house on a lake, b oat, jet sk is, big tr ucks, hot tub s, all the toy s you c ou ld e ve r need . How long we re you out the re f o r ? 3 long hard weeks. Sounds e pic ! How ma ny time s d i d y o u ride a da y? Ev er yd ay was d ifferent. We would u su a lly take a coup le of sets, m ay b e ge t som e p hotos, hav e a wakesur f then he a d to th e cab le. Wa s it mostly c a ble or boa t? A m ixture. W ha t’s A me ric a lik e in ge ne ra l ? Am er ica is awesom e. There is too m a n y p laces to eat tho, its d angerous.

We re t h ere m a n y o t h er rid ers o u t t he re ? We hun g o u t w it h Sam Car n e an d Paul Jo hns on o v e r a t St ew Mackies place, those gu y s are k i l l i n g i t. Di d you s e e an y weird creat u res ? Jus t s o m e g a to r s, t h in k it made me r id e be t t er a s I d i d n ’t w an t t o fall in as much. Ha h a , I b e t ! S o ho w h ard was it t o c ome ba c k h o m e to t h e co ld ? At leas t t he re ’s no ga t o rs ? I t ’s no t so ba d wh en t h e w eat h er is good . A l t ho ug h l o o k i n g t h rou g h ph ot o s I would m uch ra th e r b e r i din g o u t t h ere. We he a r y o u ’ v e g o t a n ew s h in y boa t, tel l u s a b i t m o re ab o u t it ? I hav e h a d i t a bou t a mon t h n ow and its i n cred i b l e th a t th e g u ys at AXI S h ave com e u p wi t h su c h a n awes ome bo at . T h e wake i s amaz i n g . Go t a n y p lan s f o r 20 1 2 ? Jus t t o k e e p bu sy, keep pu s h in g my r id ing, go t o as m a n y c o m ps an d even t s as possib le. Awe som e, ch eers L ee. Take it eas y a nd kee p s h re d d in g . Th anks g u y s, se e you o n t h e s h red s oon!

have come up withsuch an

“ its inc r e d i b l e that the guys at AXIS awesome boat. The wake is amazing.�

Jamie Smith and James Young go head to head at Hipnotics Cable, Turkey, by asking each other 10 quick fire questions. GO! JAMI E an swer s C abl e or Je t S k i w i th a hig h towe r? C A BLE G in ge r o r B r u n e t t e ? EIT H ER … BEG G A R S C AN’T B E C HO O S ERS A ggre s s i ve o r C h i l l e d? AG G R ESSIV E Fin s ; m ol de ds o r n e ithe r? M OL DED A L L THE WAY Wake b oa rd o r S l a lo m sk i ? OOOOOO O O O H…. THAT’S BELLOW THE B ELT YO U N G … WA K E B OAR D ( M OST OF T H E T IM E) Tur key o r C h i c ken ? T UR K EY - H IP-N OT IC S ;) C hi p s & G r av y o r Ni ck Davie s? NICK DAVIES ( NOT TO EAT) A ny other R a i l o r M ike Bur t’s spe ci a l R ainbow Rail? ANY OTHER RAIL LWA or C T R L ? LWA M AT E… ON E L OOO O OVE!!! Amazing state school or snobby private school? THE LATTER… FOR IT’S ANTIDISESTABLISHMENT STA N C E YOU N G a n swer s A ir C h ai r o r sl a l o m sk i ? A IR CH A IR P ro te s t o r Jet Pi l o t ? PROT EST BOA R DWEAR Blac k or B l o n d e ? B LON DE….BL ACK R ai l s or i nve r t s ? R A …N V ERT S C oun tr y o r D u b st e p? COUNT RY, DUBSTEP HAS BEEN KILLED Loos e or T i g h t ? I F I T S T IG H T IT S R IG H T Mon s te r o r R e l e n t le ss? R EL EN T L ESS ENERGY, GREAT FU EL Make Love o r M a ke Wa r? I’M A L A DY ON THE S TREET BU T A FREAK IN THE B ED W h at d o esn ’t m a ke yo u w ing e ? ER M …… ? P rin c e Wi l l i a m o r Pri nce ’s Cl ub? PR IN CES C LU B NOW BU T IF IT S ADLY C LO S ES , WI L L I AM I S A TO P L AD P ho to c redi t t o B a r is Oz o ra l


Remember kids, Young’s a pro. Always wear your impact. Photo: Baris Ozoral

Lex balladon, wake mk



FESTIVAL WAKE PARK The newes t c a bl e pa r k in th e U K , Festiva l Wa k e Pa r k . To cel eb rate th e gra n d o pen in g the team h el d a big a ir co m petitio n w h ic h attra c ted the l ik es o f N ic k Dav ies, Ca in H a m il to n, Lew is Co r nwa l l a n d J a m es Yo un g. I t wa s a great t u r n o u t, u na ffec ted by th e n ew c a bl e the p ro’s were pul l in g o ut a l l t he sto ps. Ta k e a l o o k …

Nick Davies throws down a massive crow mobe to get the competition going.

Lewis Cornwall getting up close and personal

Spin to win. Nick smashes the heel back 9.

1. Nick Davies 2. James Young W I N N E R S3 . L e w i s C o r n w a l l



Wakepress, Issue 7  

The seventh issue of Wakepress is here. We get to know Monster rider Dan Nott a little bit more. Ever wanted to know how to Bell Air? Learn...

Wakepress, Issue 7  

The seventh issue of Wakepress is here. We get to know Monster rider Dan Nott a little bit more. Ever wanted to know how to Bell Air? Learn...