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LAST words OCTOBER 2011


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CK Koester, WMSKI


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CK KOESTER, BEST WORST AND LAST/ LasT/ Ride? About an hour ago at Down Under cable park in Holland with the LADS Louis, Ricky and Lee. Takeaway? KFC in the DAM but we ate in! Rail? Unit quarter pipe, tough stuff. Trick? The knee buster, backside 180 to nose to sore knee. Drink? Beer at 4am last night. Injury? Tweaked my knee AGAIN! Gym session? It’s been a while, 2 or so weeks.

WorsT/ Ride? A year ago at the cable call, the weather was so bad I blew my knee out! Takeaway? Pizza, playing poker at LDB’s house, it took 2 hours to come! Rail? The roof top boat at O dubs, rubbish. Trick? MJ’s on rails are so gay. Drink? Sambuka eurgh. Injury? My knee, 13months and still giving me grief! Gym session? My first one back with Shannon after taking a few weeks off, horrible.

BesT/ Ride? A summers evening rail set with my boys! Takeaway? My local ruby! Rail? Flat bar on cable 2 at Langenfeld, it’s perfect! Trick? 1080. Drink? Pint. Injury? Broke my arm when I was little and got to miss school for a week! Gym session? When my knee’s feeling good, they’re amazing!




From the last issue, you might of thought wakestock is all sun and fun, and if that’s the case, this might change your mind. This photo was taken at wakestock 2010. The riders still had to go out and put on a show for the hard festival rockers. I dont know about you but that does not look fun. Don’t worry though, it cleared up later that day and was glorious. Bring on wakestock 2012!

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W P: He y Nic k , How ’s it going ma n ? We’re so pumpe d tha t you’re ba c k on th e wate r, you must be thrille d a bout i t? N D: Yea m ate, it feels am azing to be r idin g again! After such a long tim e off th e wa te r, I really d o ap p reciate just b eing a ble to go r id e whenev er I feel. It’s the b e st f e e lin g ever and I’v e m issed it a lot. W P: W ha t wa s your f irst re a c ti o n wh en you did your k ne e ? N D: M y fir st thought was…well, I didn ’t a c tually know what I had d one at the tim e , bu t I knew som ething went wrong. A s I c a se d the wake, m y knee went com p lete ly ou t to the r ight, so I knew som ething h a d h a pp ened b ut I d id n’t know if I had don e liga m ent d am age or d islocated it. W P: Ouc h! How did you f e e l a t th e ti m e? ND: I kept thinking, what do I do? What do I do now? First I find out what’s happened, then I find out how long I’ve got off the water. I just had to sit back and take it, I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t rush it, I had to try and get back to England from Dubai as quick as I could and get the operation sorted. You can’t rush these things, its ligament damage. You’ve got to wait for it to heal itself. So yeah, my first reaction was I’m out for a year, I better get good at Black Ops. W P: You’ve be e n on the me nd fo r o v er 7 months, this must ha ve be e n t o u g h , d i d you e nc ounte r a ny proble ms? ND: Yeah it’s been a very long time, pretty much stuck in England for most of it! But it’s all been so worth every bit of gym work and physio. I can see it show’s, lucky for me their were no problems throughout my recovery. I listened to everything my physio and gym trainer told me, so I didn’t over do it. WP: What gets you pumped before a sesh? ND: Ermmm, Monster Energy, preferably a Monster Ripper, there my favourite. Feeling good when I wake up really, going on the trampoline, warming up, get my knee all stretched out, nice little bit of amping music to get me ready to go ride. Now I’m more excited than I have ever been as I had so long off.




I’ve been wanting to ride so much so I’m naturally pumped to go out there and ride for hours, as long as my body can take it haha. The natural buzz which I had when I was a kid, I think I’ve got now, which is good, I needed it. I wasn’t not having it last year and the years before but I needed something to give me a boost again, so as bad as this injury is, its done me pretty well, I think, its good. W P: I f y o u h a d to g ive u p wakeb o arding, wh a t w o u ld y o u d o ? ND: I’d still want to be around it, I’d still be involved in wakeboarding so I would probably try to speak to my sponsors; Hyperlite, Mystic, Monster, and see if there was anything I could take up on there part. I still wouldn’t want to leave wakeboarding completely, maybe design boards or something. Even when I was off, I still went down the lake and watched everyone and kept up to date with everything on the websites. I’d probably start knee boarding, do it properly. Not competing, but I’d do it quite a bit, my knees are really good right now, so I can kneeboard haha! WP: Nick Davies Pro Kneeboarder, it’s got a nice ring to it. OK, lets mix it up. If you were stuck on an island with a cable and you could take 3 objects, what would they be? ND : I w o u l d ta k e a crat e of 2 4 mon s t e r r ip pe r, t ha t’s o n e o bject . I ’d t ake my board . M y b i ndi n g s c o m e w it h my bo ard, s o that’s on e o b je c t… a n d m y kn ee brace, t h in k that’s a l l I’ d n e e d . W P: T h i s is a t o ug h o n e, wh at ’s t h e most emb a r ras s in g t h in g yo u h ave ever done ? ND : O u t o f e v e r y in t erview I ’ve don e in the pa s t , t h e re h a s n ever been s u ch a hard qu es t i on ! . . . e r m m o k, o h h dam! I d on’t kno w! I’ l l g e t ba c k t o you o n t h is h ah a. W P: We w ill h o ld yo u t o t h at h ah a, i f you co u l d t ake a n y c eleb rit y o n a d at e, w ho wou l d i t b e an d wh y? ND : T his i s e a sy, it w o u ld be Van es s a H ud ge ns ! S h e ’s m y baby g irl! Th ere are lots of rea s o n’s w h y, bu t t h e main on e is t h at she c o ul d bu y m e a Nan dos an d I can pu t extr a h o t s au c e i n h e r e yes for ban t er h ah a!

Nicky D ripping it up at Princes


W P: Ooo sa uc y. We c a ught up wi th y o u f or a photo shoot, you’re ridi n g s i ck. W ha t tric k s ha ve you be e n th i n ki n g a bout ove r the la st f e w months ? ND: Well thank you! Before I did my knee, I wanted to get a raley 9 in Thailand, which was my trick for last year until all this happened. Still, that’s on the agenda, I want to get it done. What else…double flips, I want to do more double flips, well, start to lear n double flips. I still want to try that double tantrum on the boat again, but this time not hurt my knee. I want to try get back mobe 7’s off the flat. Hopefully it will be this winter in Thailand, that’s where I’m going to be riding for a couple of months. They’ll be a few other little tricks, you’ll have to wait and see those. I don’t want to give them out, In case someone does them before me haha. W P: W ha t a re your pla ns f or 20 12? ND: I was going to take this year out, full stop and start fresh for 2012, I wasn’t going to compete or anything and just ride, no pressure at all, just try get away as long as I can and have the whole winter sorting my self out, getting my tricks back and landing new tricks for next year. Do the whole WWA tour, do the world championships which I want to try and win and retain my title from 2010 and just keep on going. With all my sponsors, Hyperlite, Monster and Mystic, there the ones backing me up. Designing new stuff which will be out in the next couple of years, we’ve been working on 2014 stuff already. That’s what my future is, seeing where wakeboarding is going, especially cable. It’s growing so much. Competitions, I want to hold my own event next year and if that goes well just keep it going throughout the years. I want to try and get 10 invited riders over, Monster will sort it all out, they will be behind me on this. Just keep on riding, enjoying it, its good to be back out there again.



WP: All sounds great man. Good luck for the future, we hope it all goes well. We’re looking forward to catching up with you in 2012 and seeing those new tricks! N D: Thanks allot m ate! Look for wa rd to it too! All the b est! Check o ut Nick shredding at Pr ince s, a l ong wit h t he rest o f his int er view, here .



The Raley is all about the approach. Begin practicing your ‘cut’ between the cor ners with the shortest distance between them. This is usually in the area before the starting dock. This is one of the tightest spots on the cable (allowing for more height). On a 5 tower cable, for example, go through the buoys at cor ner 4, relax, and begin a progressive edge towards the inside of the cable. *invert - verb |in-vərt| put upside down or in the opposite position, order, or arrangement.


One you have reached the peak of your Raley position begin to pull the handle down, this will bring your legs under neath you.


The more tension you can create in the line, the more the cable is going to pick you up. A progressive edge is key, not a fast long cut. Make sure you have your hips up, and your shoulders back. Arms and legs should be slightly


As you pull on the handle, pull towards your hip as this will help bring your legs into the right position. At this point,


bent, keep your head looking up. After 2-3 seconds on your edge, its time to scoop. To start the scoop, you need to keep the majority of your weight on your lead foot and kick it backwards, as if you’re kicking a football behind you as hard as you can.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT come off you’re edge when you scoop. Think of it as digging your heel into the water, not pushing through the base of your foot.


Once airbor n, its important to keep your head up and looking in front you. As the cable pulls you, extend your body into the raley position, letting your legs become inverted and your arms slowly extend. Spotting the water can help you to judge how long you can stay extended.

WILL MANS, WAKE MK your board should come under neath you. Try to spot your landing, make sure your knees are soft and ready for impact.


Once you hit the water, absorb the impact into a squat position, with your head and shoulders slightly over the rest of your body. Move onto an edge to make a smooth transition to continue riding away.

Unkown rider, Marbella



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