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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wairarapa Midweek




Tips on buying better bulls There’s more to bull selection than looks. When buying a bull, it’s critical you know its genetic merit. After three years of using that bull over your herd, it can make up more than 80 per cent of the genetics in your herd.


Buying the wrong bull can cost you for many years, in terms of reduction in progeny growth rates or carcass composition. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet when buying a bull. Buying the best bull is determined by what you are trying to achieve in your herd. Do you want to increase weaning weights or eye muscle area or even just get better temperament in your herd? You will know what your objectives are. Once you’ve identified which traits you are selecting for, it’s important to know how heritable those particular traits are. You may find that you select heavily for a trait, but it does not get passed on to progeny as fast as you thought. Also take the time to understand which traits compromise others. You may select for one trait, which has a detrimental effect on another. You can select bulls, based on the traits you are looking for and then narrow down your list, before heading off to the sale. On the day, you can check the physical characteristics of the bulls you identified and their temperament. Having found the perfect bull, good feeding of the progeny will ensure you make the most of their genetic potential.

Central Wairarapa Angus Bull Walk

Everyone is welcome to the Central Wairarapa Angus Bull Walk to be held on Thursday, May 17. You will be able to view a large number of very good quality Angus bulls at:

TAPIRI R & J McLachlan and R & L Thorneycro� between - 9.00-9.30am TE WHANGA R & R Borthwick & J Coffey 9.55-10.25am DANDALOO A & T Thomson 10.40-11.10am

Important questions to ask your bull breeder prior to buying a bull 1 What are the breeding objectives for the herd? 2. Is the breeder recording with a recognised performance recording service provider (e.g. Breedplan, CSU)? 3 Can the breeder provide evidence that the genetic progress is being made in the traits in which you are interested i.e. by showing you a favourable genetic trends table? 4 What is the average genetic merit of the breeders’ herd in relation to the breed average? 5 Can the breeder supply you with percentile band information, enabling you to rank his bulls? 6 Can the breeder supply you with $ indexes (EBVs for Profit) which rank bulls according to their profitability in different production systems? 7 From where does the breeder source the herd sires and what are their EBVs/Indexes? 8 What are the breeders’ main criteria for sire selection? 9 Does the breeder mate yearlings- heifers and/or bulls? 10 What proportion of bulls are sold in relation to the number born? Source: Beef & Lamb New Zealand

PINEBANK W & A Falloon 11.25-11.55am

GLANWORTH J,L,S & F Fouhy 3.05-3.35pm

LIGHT LUNCH Gladstone Inn 12.05-12.35pm

TOTARANUI D Reynolds & T Jackson 3.45-4.15pm

KAYJAY N,J,R & S Kjestrup 1.10-1.40pm

If intending having lunch at Gladstone Inn: Please phone Joan 06 372 2838 or email

OREGON K & G Higgins 1.50-2.20pm

WE’VE MADE BULLS MORE ATTRACTIVE. As the country’s leading rural insurer, FMG is making bulls look more appealing on sale day. With 14 days free Premier Bull Cover, they’ll be automatically insured from the fall of the hammer, including their transit to the farm. And you can keep that cover going for the remaining 12 months for just 6.5% of the purchase price, for bulls up to the value of $25,000. So don’t miss this chance to buy bulls covered by FMG. Check out the list of exclusive bull sales where you can get this mighty attractive offer, and find out more details, at Please note this is only a summary of FMG products and services and is subject to our specific product documentation. For full details, refer to the relevant policy wordings at

We’re here for the good of the country. FMG0688WMQP_A


Wairarapa Midweek



Wednesday, May 16, 2018

HINEWAKA SHORTHORN Hinewaka will once again offer a top line-up of bulls for this year’s Shorthorn bull sale to be held on farm on Wednesday, June 6 at 3pm. The sale is one of the highlights on the shorthorn sale calendar as buyers from around the country make the pilgrimage to Hinewaka to bid on some of the best shorthorns in New Zealand. This year’s sale bulls include bulls sired by Australian sire Sprys Patent’s Ace, one of the highest muscled bulls in the breed today. Also featuring are bulls sired by

Sprys on Target. Both bulls are having a real impact on the breed. David Blackwood is excited with the type of animals both Ace and Target have sired. They are full of thickness and muscle, and are the easy doing type of bulls suited to New Zealand hill country properties. With the increase in dairying and dairy support on the better class of land in New Zealand, a lot of beef cattle breeding operations have been pushed to harder hill country properties, and as a result, the type of bulls needed for this class of

country has changed.

and have been for the past 30 years.

Gone are the very big framed, later maturing cattle. An efficient animal is moderate framed, with good early growth, able to finish at 18-20 months of age. Fertility is the most important trait determining profitability in beef breeding operations.

Today the Hinewaka herd numbers 150 cows and the best genetics are sourced from around the world.

Shorthorns are one of the best maternal breeds of cattle and are an ideal breed in crossbreeding programmes. Hinewaka places huge emphasis on the female herd. All heifers are calved as 2-year-olds,

David uses a lot of Australian and Canadian genetics as the breeders from these countries are very commercially focused and produce cattle similar to the type we have here in New Zealand. There are 25 bulls in this year’s sale. For more information visit the website

MAUNGAHINA STUD Maungahina Stud, east of Masterton, will have 95 lots for sale at its on-farm auction on Thursday, June 7, starting at 1pm with refreshments included.

to raise and sell the bulls under natural conditions, and owing to this policy, over the years Maungahina bulls have proved to be outstanding in stamina and constitution.

These are 33 Polled Herefords, 5 horned Herefords, 14 Red Charolais, 14 Speckle Park, 8 pure-bred R1 Speckle Park heifers, 10 F1 Speckle Park/Hereford 20-month heifers, 8 Speckle Park embryo packages consisting of 41 embryos in total, and Speckle Park semen packages. Bruce and Mark McKenzie are born and bred cattlemen, the fourth and fifth generation of the stud which goes back 111 years.

“We use genetics to up fertility, muscling, size and outcross of the genetic base to improve our breed and introduce new bloodlines to New Zealand,” Mark says.

Because of this, Maungahina always has top genetics coming through with this year’s auction seeing a very good line of bulls in all of its breeds. It has always been their policy

“We want bulls that will perform extremely well in New Zealand and structural soundness is the key to our conditions. “We treat our stud stock as a commercial operator would. From a commercial breeders viewpoint they need to be good producers, fertile, sound and durable. Mark and Bruce buy the best genetics and

where possible, try to see the bull in the flesh first. “You need to see a bull to judge soundness, to see how it walks, moves and stands.” For more information contact Mark McKenzie Phone 06 378 6896, Mobile 027 415 8696 Email

Sale date 7th of June 1pm

at Maungahina Homestead. 111 years breeding.

Maungahina Storm (sons in Sale)

AY NESD2018 D E W UNE J PM 6TH ARM, 3 ulls ON F ing 25 B r Offe

trong, rugged, hill country bulls for S commercial farmers

ell known for their quiet W temperament, growth rates and fertility

I deal crossbreeding sire, maintaining maternal traits

BVD tested and vaccinated

Free delivery North Island


David and Pip Blackwood • Ph: 06 372 7615 Hinewaka, RD3, Masterton • email:

Kidman’s Cove (genetics in Sale) 35 polled Hereford bulls - 5 Horned Hereford bulls - 14 Charolais Bulls - 15 Speckle park Bulls - 8 pure breed elite yearling Speckle Park Heifers - 10 commercial Hereford/ Speckle Park 20 month Heifers Elite Speckle Park Embryo and Semen Packages

Ph Mark or Bruce Mckenzie: 027 415 8696 or (06) 377 4836 Email:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wairarapa Midweek




Wairarapa’s independent livestock company John Griffith & Co Ltd is now into its second generation as an independent livestock company serving Wairarapa, Manawatu and Hawke’s Bay.

It was founded by John Griffith Senior who is now retired and has passed the baton to his son John Griffith Junior. John, Andrew Griffith, Carl Petersen

and newcomer Jock Cameron are based in the business’ Wairarapa office at 116 Chapel Street, Masterton, while Scott Reilly is the Manawatu agent and James McRae in Hawke’s Bay.

For more information contact Ellen O’Hara Phone (06) 378 7778 John Griffith Phone 027 483 6679 Email

KAYJAY ANGUS KayJay Angus is located in the Wainuioru valley, 30 minutes east of Masterton, established in 1958 and currently in our 60th year of breeding.

these are two areas that we pride ourselves on. In this years’ sale we have the third crop of KayJay Bond H521 sons. In 2017 he had 14 sons in the sale and they averaged just over $10,000.

KayJay genetics have been shaped around the efficiency and functionality of the cow while focusing on the realities of the market.

Not only have they been in hot demand, but they have impressed clients with their ability to hold condition through mating while working extremely hard. Structurally, they are hard to fault and they have the ability to be functional while adding those extra kgs.

The KJ cow has to be able to calve as a two-year-old and then get in-calf annually. Calves have to wean heavy and then have the ability to grow to a finished product within 18 months.

We would like to congratulate our clients on their successes around the saleyards and we look forward to seeing everyone on Friday, June 1. Sale starts at noon - Team KayJay

Number of calves on the ground and kilograms of beef out the gate is the reality of the commercial market and

For more information contact Neil Kjestrup Phone 06 372 2838 or Rod Kjestrup Phone 06 372 2495.

116 Chapel Street, PO Box 745 Masterton

Proud supporters of the 2018 Wairarapa Bull Sales



Phone 06 378 8432 Mobile 0274 836 679


Phone 06 306 8904 Mobile 027 242 0268












Phone 06 378 6373 Mobile 0274 454 091


Phone 06 370 4371 Mobile 027 353 8394

Administration: Ellen O’Hara Phone (06) 378 7778, Fax (06) 378 8140 Email:

All Bulls semen tested, fertility and structure guaranteed! Wairarapa Angus Bull Walk Thursday the 17th of May

Enquiries and viewing welcome, contact:

NEIL KJESTRUP 06 372 2838

ROD KJESTRUP 06 372 2495

Check us out on Facebook: KayJay Angus


Wairarapa Midweek





Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Judge, Mr PJ Budler from Texas, described Minnesota as a “phenomenal bull and the best and most complete Hereford bull he had seen in a long time”

Otapawa Stud has been well known internationally for its superior performance genetics within the Hereford breed for some time, but recently this recognition lifted to a new level. It is the progeny of Otapawa Skymate 2046 and Otapawa Spark 3060 that have most impressed breeders from all corners of the globe. Skymate was sold at the 2004 Beef Expo for the top price of $32,000 to Big River and Keelryn Studs, with the Robbie Family retaining 50% of the international semen marketing rights, following strong interest from many overseas breeders. After the Expo, semen was collected from Skymate and sold to Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Australia, as well as many herds throughout New Zealand, as breeders were keen to capitalise on his genetics that had particularly strong carcass and maternal.

2018 BULL SALE 5th June Starting 12 noon 36 station Bred Poll Hereford Bulls

Robbie Family - Otapawa Station, 351 Haunui Road Tiraumea

Free Delivery • TB C10 • Service & Semen Tested • EBL & BVD Vaccinated • Fully Guaranteed Sires: Otapawa Bullet 4009 • Otapawa Red Lord 3012 • Glenbrae Jupiter • Kairuru Iconic Douglas 06 376 7765 Stuart & Maria 027 8484 408 Donald & Marlene 06 3767250

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Skymate’s progeny topped many sales throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Insemination) in 78 herds throughout New Zealand and Australia with 1227 progeny being recorded.

In November 2017 at one of the largest cattle shows in the world, the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, a son of Otapawa Skymate 2046 – RSK E 2046 Digby ET 20C – was awarded Grand Champion Hereford Bull.

At the Sydney Royal Easter Show a few weeks ago, Spark’s genetics were once again showcased where several placegetters had him close in their pedigree.

Digby exhibited the same qualities as Skymate with tremendous volume, muscle shape and breed quality. Otapawa Spark 3060 has become nothing less than an icon of the breed throughout the world. Recently, Spark was named as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Sires in Australia Herefords – a huge accolade for New Zealand Herefords and Otapawa! His progeny has performed with outstanding results in progeny tests, shows and sales on both sides of the Tasman. Spark has a remarkable set of performance data (EBVs) which include being a trait leader in six different traits. This combined with the ability to breed physically superior offspring by AI (Artificial

Wairarapa Midweek


However, the Grand Champion Bull, who went on to be sashed All Breeds Champion Bull – Warragundi Minnesota – is sired by a son of Studbrook D’artagnion V086. D’artagnion was purchased at the 2002 Dubbo National Sale for $47,500 by Otapawa and subsequently imported to New Zealand. Minnesota’s dam was sired by Otapawa Spark 3060. The judge, Mr PJ Budler from Texas, described Minnesota as a “phenomenal bull and the best and most complete Hereford bull he had seen in a long time”. “To have Minnesota loaded with Otapawa genetics from a programme that we believe in so much is really satisfying”, says Stuart. “We were really buzzing to have bred the sire of the Canadian Agribition Champion, but to follow

up with the Sydney All Breeds Champion from our genetics as well is just fantastic.” Otapawa has just completed a shipment of 50 embryos to UK and Europe and are currently collecting embryos for Canada as well as negotiating the Canadian semen rights in the sire Otapawa Spark 3060.

ABOVE TOP: Last November at one of the largest cattle shows in the world, the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, RSK E 2046 Digby ET 20C was awarded Grand Champion Hereford Bull. ABOVE: Sale bulls.

“It’s a journey that is continuing to



provide us with an exciting outlook for our beef industry. Recognition that our New Zealand bloodlines are competitive and leading on the world stage is a great milestone for the Stud.” Without question the key is in the selection of top performance genetics within a “genetically focused programme” where the herd is run in strictly commercial conditions on hill country.





$14,799 plus GST




$3,738 plus GST



$17,387 plus GST

PLUS WIN A GALLAGHER FENCING UNIT worth over $600 byin-store guessing how *Honda Dollars includes GST and must be redeemed at the time of purchase. Can’tmany be exchangedinsulators for cash. Offer only in valid until 30 June 2018. Bike excludes Available while stoocks and last at participating Honda dealers only. +price lots ofGST.giveaways other competitions!



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Dandaloo Stud has 500 hectares of effective pasture on a rolling to hilly property in the eastern hills. It lies at an altitude of 550 metres above sea level. The stud resides on the top of the Admiral Hill in Gladstone. Angus and Trish Thomson farm a robust and productive business. Dandaloo Angus Stud has easy doing bulls with great temperaments. They have thickness and thrive in diverse conditions – proven in the farm being the same height as the Remutakas and getting snowfall through winter.

“If I was buying a bull, I tried to make sure it had a good dam line behind it,” says David Thomson, founder of Dandaloo Stud.

“On this rolling to steep limestone country, calves pick up a lot from their mothers such as temperament and ability to walk. Chances are, if you have a toey cow she’ll have a toey calf and will be culled.” Dandaloo Stud produces bulls of bone and substance. These bulls will sire productive, fertile females that will in turn produce progeny that appeal and perform in the commercial market.

In this respect it is always very satisfying seeing commercial clients getting good results in the market place. The clients of Dandaloo Stud are consistently among the top local weaner fair results. “One of the most satisfying aspects of breeding top cattle is seeing commercial clients getting good results in the market place,” says Angus Thomson. All Bulls are blood tested and vaccinated for BVD. Ten in one vaccinations are completed and all bulls are SEMEN and SERVICE tested before the sale.

TAPIRI ANGUS For 57 years, Tapiri Angus’ cattle have been bred in Wairarapa with 2018 marking the transition of the third generation of our family into the stud business. Our cattle demonstrate soundness, constitution, longevity, fertility and quiet temperament, with strong east coast genetic influences for east coast conditions. Tapiri bulls have performed to the top of Wairarapa and Hawke’s Bay sales and performance tests, including Tapiri 702, one of our 2018 sires, who had a IMF raw data marbling score of 8, the highest for a New Zealand Angus bull. We congratulate Wharekauhau Station - using Tapiri Angus bulls, they achieved top price at this year’s Masterton, Martinborough weaner sale, the fifth consecutive year they have done so. One of this year’s sale bulls - Tapiri 922 Lot 6

For many years, our bulls’ offspring consistently realised top prices at Taupo weaner fairs, with Greg

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dandaloo has sold several bulls to stud operations in the past, including Turiroa, Kahurau, Pine Park, Red Oaks and Puketoi. While a few bulls sell for top money, most are sold in a very comfortable range of prices. Dandaloo Stud sale will be held on Wednesday, June 6, noon, at the Masterton Sale Yards. To view please come along on Thursday, May 17 as part of the Bull Walk or give Angus or Trish a call to make a viewing time over the next couple of weeks. Please phone 06 372 7065

Jopson, General Manager of 5 Star Beef Canterbury, saying of Waituruturu Station steers by Tapiri bulls: “They set the benchmark for Angus weaner steers overall sales and were consistently among the top performing lines for average daily gain and meat quality attributes including marbling, as measured in over 30,000 cattle purchased annually by 5 Star Beef.” Sale bulls this year are by Tapiri 702, Kaharau 73 and Te Mania Infinity. All bulls fertility tested. Ross and Julie McLachlan, and Rob and Lucy Thorneycroft, Wairarapa Sheep & Beef Farmers of the Year 2015, welcome you to inspect our cattle at Tapiri Angus, 415A Bluff Rangitumau Rd, Rangitumau, Masterton, at any time, and invite you to our sale on Wednesday, June 6, noon at the Masterton Saleyards. Paddock sales are also welcome. For further information please contact Ross and Julie McLachlan Phone 06 372 5701, or Rob and Lucy Thorneycroft Phone 06 376 7811.

Dandaloo & Tapiri

Combined Angus Breeders Sale

Wednesday 6th June, 2018 Masterton Sale Yards - 12.00 noon DANDALOO

Angus & Trish Thomson, RD3, Masterton. P/F 06 372 7065


Ross & Julie McLachlan RD11, Masterton. P/F 06 372 5701 Rob & Lucy Thorneycroft P 06 376 7811

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

KAIMOA SOUTH DEVON South Devon are a British breed known for having the best temperament of all cattle breeds, along with the ability to produce an excellent carcass. This breed is great for putting extra weight into your weaners. We have


Bull sales an opportunity to see new Nissan Navara utes

polled and scurred bulls available. With clients’ needs in mind we have sourced new genetics from overseas to assure we maintain the high quality in our bulls. Inspection welcome. For more information contact Mark, Di and Anthony Eagle 1775 Mangaone Valley Road, R.D.4, Eketahuna Phone (06) 376-8256


Wairarapa Midweek

Peter Clendon, the Nissan sales representative at Southey’s Auto World Ltd in Masterton, will be attending bull walks around Wairarapa to show off the new 2018 Nissan Navara. Peter comes from a rural background, growing up in Otorohanga in the King Country.

Mark & Diana Eagle ‘Chessfield’ 1775 Mangaone Valley Rd Eketahuna p: 06 376 8256 e:

On Farm Sale

Monday, 21st May 2018 - 1.30pm

Winner of the Senior Final at the Golden Shears, Peter ran his own contract shearing business before becoming a wool buyer for PGG Wrightson, Elders Primary Wool and CP Wool. This year’s RX, ST and ST-X models are updates of last year’s models with quite a few improvements that will appeal to farmers, says Peter. “They have beefed up suspension which allows them to carry loads more evenly, improved steering geometry and less turning of the steering wheel is required, with single and twin turbo engines

for smoother and more powerful acceleration and more pulling power - 3500kg. All these features make the ute an even better all-round package. An added feature for families are Isofix latches which allow children’s seats to be installed more easily and more safely. The utes come in four models RX, SL, ST and ST-X - so there is something for everyone. Peter will be bringing the new Navara to the bull walks. But you can see the whole range at Southey Nissan on the corner of Park and Dixon Streets.



Kaimoa South Devons have pleasure in putting forward 20 Bulls in 2018 We are committed to producing meaty bulls with good frame, constitution and temperament. With clients’ needs in mind we have sourced new genetics from overseas to maintain the highest qualities in our bulls.



Wairarapa Midweek

Wednesday, May 16, 2018





Richard and Lauren Cameron are excited to offer a strong line-up of 2-year-old Gelbvieh bulls for private sale, prices range from $3500 to $6000. Richard and Lauren have recently taken over the Gelbvieh herd from Lauren’s parents Peter and Sue McWilliam.

What attracted the Camerons to Gelbvieh is the breed’s excellent fertility and calving ease, temperament, and outstanding weight gains observed in the breed. Gelbvieh are well-suited to the limestone hill country where the Camerons farm in the foothills of Mauriceville. Peter and Sue McWilliam were the founding members of the Gelbvieh Society in New Zealand and have spent the past 30 years dedicated to improving the breed and

adapting it to suit our tough hill country conditions. They have selected the best genetics in the form of embryos and semen from Europe, Canada and USA to add to their home breed genetic pool. Both the Camerons and McWilliams also have a range of ‘Balancer’ Bulls for sale. Balancer are a hybrid breed of beef cattle, a combination of Gelbvieh and Angus. These cattle are bred for their hybrid vigour, resulting in a higher growth

rate and better quality meat. All the bulls come with a threeyear guarantee for soundness and fertility and are available for inspection. For more information: Richard & Lauren Cameron Phone 06 372 5855 or 0274 697 035 Email Peter & Sue McWilliam Phone 06 372 7724 or 027 222 7649 Email

Vet Services Wairarapa Here at Vet Services Wairarapa we are proud to provide to our clients a Full Breeding bull soundness examination service. Our Practice Manager and Large Animal team leader Stuart Bruere BVSc has a special interest in sheep and beef production. Stuart has a wealth of knowledge and experience in regards to breeding stock, and has trained under the Australian Cattle Vets Scheme to carry out bull semen analysis examinations. This is well-respected, and considered internationally as an industry leading scheme. Stuart spends the majority of his time on “the big picture stuff” with herd and flock issues. For example, he may be investigating an ill thrift problem, devising a plan to eradicate BVD from the herd for a client or recommending advice on parasites and worm control.

We recognise that bull non-performance is a major problem which results in cows not being in-calf. In order to perform at their maximum potential, bulls need to be highly fertile, ie produce high quality semen, and they also need to be athletic with no genital deformities. We must point out the importance that as bulls age, their health will decline, they can fight, hurt each other, get all sorts of injuries, and of course they can get sick which will affect their athleticism. A simple foot infection could be so painful that a bull may be reluctant or unable to serve. If a bull has good semen, it’s not much good if he can’t serve the cow. Watch out too, especially in older bulls, for defects in their reproductive organs. The team here at Vet Services Wairarapa are more than happy to discuss your stock’s


Stuart Bruere needs and requirements. So don’t make assumptions any longer - call us today and we can make sure your bulls are firing on all cylinders.

Vet Services Wairarapa provides a full breeding bull soundness examination service Includes semen evaluation, physical checking and BVD disease testing. Bull reproductive failure is common so why not give us a call and we will be able to assist you to make sure your breeding bulls are “firing” on all cylinders.

Sheep • Cattle • Deer • Herd Shifts • Store Stock Interisland Truck Wash • EID Scanning Equipment • GPS equipped • Livestock Trailer Hire


• Stuart was trained under the Australian Cattle Vets scheme to carry out these examinations. This is well respected and considered internationally as an industry leading scheme.

Give us a call and we will arrange to carry out these tests 24 Lincoln Road, Masterton Phone 06 3782662 Fax 06 3788081 Email:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wairarapa Midweek



Wairarapa Midweek



Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WAIGROUP ANGUS Waigroup Angus welcomes prospective buyers to its annual 2-year-old bull sales at Glanworth and Pinebank farms. There are 62 lots between the two herds. Glanworth is offering 34 lots at its first on-farm sale to be held on the June 28 at 2.30pm while Pinebank is offering 28 lots by private treaty throughout June. Established in 1967, Waigroup Angus’ breeding scheme was the first of its kind in international cattle breeding - selecting for economically measurable traits and culling ruthlessly for problems of soundness, constitution or temperament. Waigroup Angus’ aims are simple - to breed a moderate-framed, fertile cow with soundness and constitution that will calve unassisted and wean an aboveaverage calf every year under commercial conditions. In other words, a cow that will make you more money. By taking a hardnosed and commercial approach to cattle breeding, Waigroup Angus has made huge genetic gains in its herd programme.

The two herds are run in two different environments - summer dry at Longbush and summer safe at Pahiatua. Cows are run on challenging Wairarapa hill country in conjunction with commercial ewe flocks at above average stocking rates. Every Waigroup female must be in-calf as a yearling and calve unassisted as a two-year-old. Every female must rear a calf every year. We are taking a very measured and practical approach to breeding, trying to blend old-fashioned stockmanship with performance data. This is to insure the product

we sell to commercial farmers lasts and performs as expected. Waigroup clients throughout New Zealand are achieving very good performance with varying scale cow herds through increased calving ease and fertility. Early finishing of progeny and longevity in the bulls. Some of our bulls are still performing well at eight and nine years. Waigroup Angus has 500 registered cows and has positioned itself at the forefront of Angus breeding in New Zealand. The sound attributes of its cattle,

particularly in calving ease, have been recognised by the Livestock Improvement Association. For over 20 years Waigroup has been a major supplier of Angus semen for their beef pack catalogue. All cattle are recorded on BREEDPLAN. Waigroup Angus’ herd was among the first to initiate performance recording. For more information contact Willie Falloon Phone 06 372 7041 Joe Fouhy Phone 06 376 7324 Shaun Fouhy Phone 06 376 8869 or visit

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Accurate stock records have never been more essential. And easy. Farmers have never known a time of such strong emphasis on the need for traceability. It’s become a normal function of farming life. Traceability via accurate up-to-date recording satisfies the requirements of biosecurity, particularly as stock moves from farm to farm. It helps to manage the spread of disease and protects the livelihood of dairy farmers. EID takes care of your record keeping needs, and provides accurate, timely data for improved decision making.

Find out more at

Wairarapa Midweek

This is where a Tru-Test handheld EID stick reader can really help you out. They make keeping accurate stock records simple. The portable nature of the reader makes it easy to read your animals EID tags both in the yards or anywhere on the farm. The keypad provides the ability to enter data against the tag record making accurate data management easy. Tru-Test handheld EID readers are the fastest hand held readers in the world. The large colour LED screen, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and fast charging, make managing your stock records and movements accurate. Plus, with the Data Link app, data transfer is a breeze with no need to return to the office as you can email it straight from your phone. Protect and manage your stock easily with a Tru-Test EID reader.


Stick Reader RRP


Got any questions? Let’s talk 0800 TRU-TEST (878 837)



Wairarapa Midweek

Wednesday, May 16, 2018




Established in 1936 by PJ Borthwick, and used as a training farm for returned servicemen after World War II, Te Whanga is one of New Zealand’s iconic sheep and beef stations producing quality meat with genetic integrity. Located at Gladstone, the 1650ha station is home to 10,000 sheep and 700 Angus cattle. The Te Whanga Angus stud was established in 1936 and initially purchased cattle from the Waiterenui and Pharazyn studs.


These first animals had more than a week’s journey by foot and rail from Hawke’s Bay before reaching their new home. In 1972 Robin’s Overshiels Stud was combined with the Te Whanga Stud to add depth and allow the stud cattle to fit into a commercial station system and be top producers, offering reliability and quality proven genetics. PJ believed the fundamental business would always be commercial bulls and his philosophy was to breed the best commercial bulls in New Zealand around temperament, soundness, growth and fertility. Eighty-two years later the approach remains the same. 2016 saw another addition to the stud with the purchased of a large portion of the females making up the Farfield stud from Canterbury. These females have arguably some of the best performance genetics

TE WHANGA ANGUS power plus performance



24, 2 year old Angus Bulls On high performance beef farms, stock become more vulnerable to clostridial disease, especially sudden death syndrome. If you’re seeing unexplained deaths, especially in young stock, top producing herds, or stock of high genetic value then it’s time to upgrade to the advanced protection of Covexin®10.


691 Te Kopi Rd, RD4, Masterton P. 06 372 77 20 M. 0274 570 526


P. 06 370 3368

M. 0274 412 728

Today is a good time to talk to your vet about upgrading to Covexin 10. Developed and made in New Zealand for our beef farmers. AVAILABLE ONLY UNDER VETERINARY AUTHORISATION. ®Registered trademark MSD Animal Health. Phone 0800 800 543 COV-289BA4-2013

within the Angus breed in New Zealand and blended with Te Whanga’s strong, traditional type and reliability, are sure to take the stud to another level. In the photo is some of the 140 bull calves born every year, which are making their way to hill country paddocks out the back of Te Whanga where they will spend the first few months of their lives. We feel it is important that these cattle are born and bred on the hill country, only coming down to be wintered as rising yearlings. It is a testament to this type of management that makes the cream rise to the top. The cows are also made to work hard all year every year, cleaning up behind ewes, and getting set stocked among ewes, only coming on to better country and feed premating for the management of a synchronised AI programme. The line-up of bulls available this June is what we believe to be our best to date. Due to the constant pressures in the herd, and now the injection of more performance genetics, we are well on track to producing animals that are not only functional but also have power plus performance - something that is not easy to achieve. Nothing happens overnight in the cattle breeding game, but progress is definitely in the air out here. For more information Contact: Jason Coffey (manager) Phone 027 457 0526 Robin Borthwick Phone 0274 412 728 Email

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wairarapa Midweek


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$28,000 high selling 2017 bull Te Taumata Gran Torino 15817

TE TAUMATA POLL HEREFORD Te Taumata will once again offer a strong, consistent line of 30 bulls bred for the commercial cattleman and the beef industry at their 39th Annual Poll Hereford Bull Sale on May 30, 2018. The McWilliam Family pride themselves in producing sound, meaty bulls backed by strongly maternal cow families for profitable beef production. Te Taumata cows are bred to wean a heavy calf in their summer dry/drought prone district while competing with ewes in a strictly commercially focused

management system. Fertility, soundness, longevity, fast growth rate and top quality carcass traits are key aspects of their breeding programme. The family had a very successful 2017 bull sale, achieving a solid clearance of bulls and the second highest price at on-farm hereford bull sales around the country, of $28,000, for Te Taumata Gran Torino 15817. Gran Torino was sold to Earnscleugh High Country Herefords, Alexandra. Te Taumata genetics are in use from the top of

the North Island to the bottom of the South Island and are guaranteed to shift and perform anywhere. Bulls are available to view at any time. The family encourages presale bull inspection and are happy to recommend bulls that will best suit individual production targets. For more information and to request a catalogue contact Alistair Phone 06 372 7861, check out their website and follow them on Facebook: Te Taumata Genetics

Poll Herefords Est. 1962

Beef Industry Driven Performance

30 Powerful Station Bulls For Sale

30th May 2018 at 1pm

Sale catalogue and pictures of sale lots on FREE DELIVERY


TB C10


Alistair & Eileen 06 372 7861 or Jim 06 372 7718 Email: Te Taumata Genetics 150 Te Kopi Road, RD 4 Masterton 5884

Animal Breeding Services (ABS) is a reproductive technologies company based in Waikato and covering a client base throughout New Zealand. We have a wealth of experience with all species and in all areas of reproduction aimed at providing our clients with the full package of services. In relation to cattle we provide a range of services from bull fertility testing and semen collection, synchronisation and artificial insemination in cows as well as embryo production and transfer. Our team are able to carry out fertility testing and semen collection from bulls on-farm as well as bulls coming to our export approved semen collection centre. Collecting semen off recently purchased bulls can be a very good insurance policy against the loss of the bulls’ genetics or even an opportunity to sell semen.

Our team is set up to provide a comprehensive programme for set-time AI in cows and heifers, based on experience of carrying out over 4000 inseminations in beef cows and heifers every year. Our service covers semen importation/storage/dispatch, AI programme design, supply of synchronisation products, AI technicians and assistants, recording and pregnancy testing. The ability of ABS to package all these services together allows for significant savings in cost, time and hassle for the farmer. For stud breeders ABS is also the largest embryo production company in New Zealand offering both MOET embryo flushing and IVP production of embryos in the laboratory. Our experienced team can work on a personalised plan for high value cows to ensure the best outcomes. ABS also offers the supply of recipient cows to again make the process as easy for the breeder as possible.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Field Day specials every day at Quality Sheds



Quality Sheds supplies and builds farm buildings and garages for the discerning buyer who is looking for a quality, functional product that meets all their needs.


Our product range is huge workshops, woolsheds, lifestyle sheds, covered yards, garages and American barns.

You don’t have to wait for a sale at Quality Sheds because our sheds are always at Field Day special prices and we will also donate $50 to your nominated school. We offer both traditional vertical and horizontal cladding options. Our horizontally clad sheds are rated to a very high wind zone, making them better equipped to stand New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions.

Quality Sheds’ success comes down to service. The whole team go the extra mile to make sure the finished shed will exceed expectations. We only use top quality products, with top quality workmanship.

You will deal directly with Emma and Willie, ensuring you receive prompt, professional service and we guarantee to keep you informed from start to finish. For more information Phone 0508 4 SHEDS Email

Taking delivery of your bull At auction sales, possession is yours after the fall of the hammer, so careful treatment of animals from then on is important. Sometimes, the vendors provide insurance against loss in transit, accidental loss of use or infertility. However, insurance is usually the responsibility of the buyer. When you buy a bull, ask what health treatments he has received. Knowing what has been done can reduce any future health treatments.

 Ensure you give explicit instructions on the delivery docket. Important details include ear tag details and/or brand numbers, your address and your contact telephone numbers.  When buying bulls from distant locations you may have to fit in with other delivery arrangements to reduce cost. You should make it clear how you want your bulls handled.

Arrival When the bulls arrive home, unload them at the yards into a group of quiet stock – for example, steers or herd cows.

 Make sure they know which bulls can be mixed together.

Never jump them from the back of a truck into a paddock. Bulls from different origins should be put into separate areas with other cattle for company.

 Discuss resting procedures for long trips, expected delivery time, truck condition and quiet handling by the carrier.

Provide feed and water, then leave them alone until the next morning. The bulls should then receive routine health treatments.

When you use a professional carrier:

Bulls should be drenched and held in the yards for 24 hours to prevent introducing worms and, if necessary, treated for lice. Horned bulls should be well tipped to allow easier working through yards and races. A bull’s behaviour will decide how quickly he can be separated and moved out to paddocks. New bulls should be paddocked separately from older bulls to avoid fighting and the risk of injury. The new bull may be paddocked with the older bulls after their first mating. Source: Beef & Lamb NZ

Wairarapa’s Farm Building Specialists • Pole Sheds • Garages • Covered Yards • Workshops • American Barns

QUALITY Materials QUALITY Workmanship QUALITY Service

. Call now for a no obligation, no Cost Chat


0508 4 SHEDS


Enquiries to Keith Higgins | 06 372 2782 |


Oregon Angus & Romneys

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

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HERD EST 1956 Some bulls may not like the pressure and noise of the auction and become excited.

Understanding the temperament of bulls in sale environments Temperament is a major factor to check when you buy bulls. Inspect them in the yards or paddock before sale and note any unusual behaviour or activity.

guide, rather than the temperament shown in the ring, you can often buy such bulls cheaper, provided they were satisfactory in other respects.

Note bulls that are continually pushing to the centre of a mob, running around, unreasonably nervous, aggressive or excited. This behaviour should be written down in the sale catalogue and referred to during the auction. At the sale, note any changes of temperament by individual bulls.

They are subjected to strange yards, different noises, loss of their mates, different people, different handling methods, trucking, unloading, new paddocks and different water and feed.

When you buy a new bull for your herd, you can reduce problems by getting him settled in properly in his new environment. Bulls of all breeds can become upset and excited in the sale and delivery process.

Some bulls which are quiet in the yard or paddock may not like the pressure and noise of the auction and become excited. Others that were excited before get much worse in the sale ring and can really perform.

This combination can be enough to upset even quiet animals. New bull buyers are often concerned about the apparent bad temperament of a bull that seemed quiet enough when purchased. Understanding why bulls become upset and reducing these causes of stress allows them to settle down quickly.

Using the yard or paddock behaviour as a

Source: Beef & Lamb NZ

Beef + Lamb New Zealand unveils new origin brand A blueprint and a new brand designed to capture more value for New Zealand’s sheepmeat and beef overseas was unveiled two weeks ago by Beef + Lamb New Zealand. The Red Meat Story and Taste Pure Nature origin brand will be used as a global brand platform to underpin exporters’ marketing programmes and enhance the positioning of New Zealand red meat. It has been developed in conjunction with B+LNZ’s processor partners and farmers over the past 12 months. Taste Pure Nature brand assets will be available for New Zealand exporters to use in all markets with the brand appearing on packaging, advertising and other material by the end of the year. In addition, B+LNZ is working with processing companies on two pilot programmes in China and the United States. These programmes will aim to build demand and visibility for New Zealand beef and lamb through active in-market promotion of Taste Pure Nature to key distributors, food service and retail channels including consumers. If successful, B+LNZ will work with processing companies to extend the active promotion to further markets. Sam McIvor, chief executive of B+LNZ,

said consumer research shows New Zealand’s overall image as a country is positive, but weak in relation to red meat in high growth markets. “Taste Pure Nature is our unique point of difference and is central to our promise of the purest and most natural meat taste experiences in the world.” Beef + Lamb NZ’s research also showed a product’s country or place of origin is a major factor in purchasing decisions by consumers, retailers and the food service sector, he said. “It is a shortcut to understanding and trust. It provides a basis for choosing a brand if it is available – which adds further value and differentiation. Mr McIvor said New Zealand’s competitors were investing significantly in differentiating themselves and winning. “Australia, for example, invests around $68 NZ million per year in marketing its red meat based on the True Aussie brand and Ireland invests in its sustainability programme Origin Green. It’s critical New Zealand moves now to safeguard and enhance our position as a premium producer.” Information about the brand can be found at

Seven Hills Angus invites you to our fifth annual sale on Thursday, June 28. 64 Angus Bulls will be for sale on our farm at 1167 Mangaone Valley Road, Eketahuna. Our breeding goals at Seven Hills Angus are firmly focused around two consumers, firstly you the beef farmer, and secondly the consumer of our NZ Inc. beef.

The second part requires a bit more planning – these requirements should be on that list: A

Low maintenance cost cow and the main indicator currently is the Mature Cow weight EBV.


Fertility – the main drivers of fertility are mating heifers at 14 months and then re-breeding. Look at the number of calves a cow has had and her dam, plus the Days to Calving EBV.


Growth – as much as possible in the cow size you determine is appropriate.


Eye Muscle Area – muscle is weight and EMA helps increase carcass weight. More is better.


Fats – 1. Marbling/IMF is the good fat or the taste fat. Select for higher IMF. 2. Rib/rump fats are the outside fats. It is required for chilling the meat correctly and having some softness/cover on our cows but is very expensive to produce – the balanced approach is good.


Carcass Weight – the higher the better your steers weigh on the hook, 50% is ordinary with 58–60% more than achievable. The carcass weight EBV is a major profit driver.

The Consumer Let’s start with the consumer the discerning beef purchaser who demands a superior eating experience every time. Globally marbling is seen as the major contributor to flavour in beef. All beef grading systems (including Beef EQ and AngusPure) have marbling as a major component of the grade index. It starts with measurable taste. Add to that meat colour, pH, fat colour and ossification. Now you have a product quantified by measurable traits that consistently (98%) deliver an eating experience to discerning purchasers of beef worldwide.

The Beef Farmer We like our bulls to look like bulls, our cows to produce a live calf every year that grows quickly into profit. The first part is easy - buy bulls you like the look of – no science, just good old eye appraisal.

When we select our bulls we look for positive calving ease, both direct and of the daughters, growth as much as possible in a moderate cow or an EBV of around 70–90 for mature cow weight, having a 400-day EBV close to or higher than the mature cow weight. Carcass weight and IMF as high as possible. Pre-Sale Field Day May 22, 2018, 10am-2pm Contact Bryan for FD Flyer. For more information contact Bryan Phone (06) 375 8583 or Email or visit

For more information contact Bryan Phone (06) 375 8583 or visit



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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Local girl and her bull shine at Hoof & Hook comp Gladstone girl Ella McWilliam and her Hereford bull won Grand Champion Overall Steer in the “Hoof” section of the Hoof & Hook Competition in Feilding over the weekend. Her steer has now been killed to be judged in the “Hook” half of the competition which is being announced on Wednesday, May 16. The ‘Heavyweight’ steer was raised on the Te Taumata Polled Hereford stud of Ella’s parents Eileen and Alastair McWilliam. While the results of the Hook competition were unknown at the time of going to press, Eileen says it

is a great result just to win the Hoof section, beating all other breeds and being overall winner of both the light and heavyweight sections.

Ella McWilliam with her champion hereford

Established in 2006, the Future Beef New Zealand Hoof & Hook competition is a growing success story. There is no expected level of experience for participants and all interested young people are invited to enter. It’s a great way to make new friends and learn about the New Zealand beef industry through interactive modules. Event participants are split into agebased groups and gain experience


Furthermore, participants begin to develop their own network of passionate people and gain a clear overview of the various career options the industry can offer. You don’t have to have your own steer to participate in the competition, FBNZ will endeavour to arrange an animal for you to borrow or share for the duration of the competition.

and knowledge of beef cattle while learning new skills. They gain experience in cattle appraisal and handling, gain exposure to industry technology and learn about meat quality and processing.

Future Beef New Zealand was developed jointly by PBBNZ Ltd, and B+LNZ to encourage and promote youth involvement and interest in the beef industry. FBNZ is a youth programme aimed at 8 to 24-year-olds from all walks of life.





2018 Wairarapa Bull Sales  
2018 Wairarapa Bull Sales