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You’ll be ready to roll with the season’s top looks

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Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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fitness | 46

Everyone is family at Woodbury Mens Shop.

Dance + martial arts + spirit of a game = great exercise, Brazilian style.

The WMS Guide | 5 Writing with FaberCastell...Bugatti’s European style...dining at Coastal Kitchen...and much more.

the techie | 10 You may not need any of these high-tech toys, but you’ll certainly want them!

fall/ winter 2019

Music | 12


New music needed? These four artists are morphing pop music in unexpected and very welcome ways.

Ferrari’s hottest | 24 The F8 Tributo, the Italian brand’s new flagship, is a blend of its greatest hits and today’s chart-topping tech.

profile | 14 Edoardo Fassino of PT Torino has a few pointers on selecting the best pants.

What a comeback! | 26 Some hotels rest on their laurels, but not these four. They’ve remade themselves—with exciting results.


Dwayne Johnson | 16

formal education | 42

The former professional wrestler has become a firmly established— and nattily dressed— screen star.

It’s a fact that any man looks good in a tuxedo—as long as it’s the right one, of course. Consider these head-to-toe tips to find the perfect look for your next special occasion.

Essentials | 18

rock the runway



Style Watch | 44 Find out what makes one boot-shaped nation so stellar in menswear.

Luxury goes wild in the Mercedes-Benz G 550, a masterpiece of tech that’s hyper-ready for an encounter with tough terrain.

Art | 50 Photographer Michael Yamashita discovered his ideal career: exploring other cultures with his camera.

gourmet | 56 Bowls of tasty posole are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike.

Grape | 58 Once typecast as plebeian and fish-friendly, this varietal now shows unsuspected depth and versatility.

Room Key | 60 Baltimore’s coziest luxe hotel, The Ivy, feels homey in a way that home itself can’t quite match.

style pros | 62 The staff at Woodbury Mens Shop offers tips on fall fashion.

grooming | 64 Here’s how you can clean up your complexion and get on with your life.

ON THE COVER: Suit by Ravazzolo, shirt by Taccaliti, tie and pocket square by Italo Ferretti, belt by Stefano Piazza, shoes by Di Bianco.


We promise you’ll be ready to roll with the season’s top picks from Woodbury Mens Shop.

At Woodbury Mens Shop, stocking up on all the fall’s must-haves has never been easier.

pursuits | 48

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You Are Our Family


8025 JERICHO TURNPIKE WOODBURY, NY 11797 TELEPHONE: 516.802.5280 www.woodburymensshop.com STORE HOURS MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. THURSDAY & FRIDAY: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. SATURDAY: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. SUNDAY: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Editor in CHIEF RITA GUARNA creative Director STEPHEN M. VITARBO senior Editor DARIA MEOLI senior Associate Editor DARIUS AMOS lifestyle Editor HALEY LONGMAN editorial assistant GIANNA BARONE art director VICTORIA BEALL Contributing Editors KAREN ALBERG, MICHAEL ARDIZZONE, HARRY DOWDEN, TIMOTHY KELLEY, DONNA ROLANDO, JOSH SENS Contributing Photographer DANIEL SPRINGSTON PUBLISHING STAFF group Publisher SHAE MARCUS director of sales MONICA DELLI SANTI

sneak peek

buckle up! p. 20

Sincerely, Jim, Amir and Rich


sock it! p. 19


ime moves so quickly, and Woodbury Mens Shop continues to evolve with it. Marco DeStefano, our friend and partner, has retired to take care of his health. When he’s better, he plans to return to the WMS team and do what he has been so passionate about for more than 35 years. We miss him every day and pray for his speedy recovery. As Marco gets well, Amir Moradi joins us as a partner. He had worked with us in past years and has returned from home, where he spent time with family. Amir is very talented and will help keep WMS innovative with his fresh ideas. Our entire team is dedicated to giving you the finest luxury menswear from around the world, the impeccable service you deserve and a shopping experience like none other. We are excited to show you our fall 2019 collections and wish you the best of health and happiness. We can’t wait to style you and make you look and feel your best.

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Advertising Services director JACQUELYNN FISCHER graphic designer, ad services VIOLETA MULAJ production Art associate CHRIS FERRANTE Accounting AGNES ALVES, MEGAN FRANK, RANDALL TASHJIAN Published by Chairman CARROLL V. DOWDEN President & CEO MARK DOWDEN Senior Vice Presidents SHAE MARCUS, CARL OLSEN Vice Presidents NIGEL EDELSHAIN, THOMAS FLANNERY, RITA GUARNA

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Woodbury Mens Shop magazine, Copyright 2019. Woodbury Mens Shop magazine is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or associated with Woodbury magazine.

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Most true car enthusiasts are likely familiar with “My Ride,” the Wall Street Journal column by longtime automotive journalist A.J. Baime. Well, rev your engines, because Baime has turned his popular column into a book, which, like his weekly posts, is a mustread for any true car aficionado. In 100 Dream Cars: The Best Of My Ride (Rizzoli, $45), Baime highlights 100 of the most impressive wheels (including motorcycles) featured in “My Ride,” each with a descriptive profile of the vehicle, its technical specs and a poignant story about the relationship between car and driver. From a fast ’62 Lamborghini to a classic ’37 Caddy V-16 or the ultra-cool Tesla Model X, this curated collection is enough to make any gearhead googly-eyed.


We can’t get enough of the designers who specialize in a specific market, whether it’s creating unrivaled denim and trousers or the world’s finest leather goods. On the other hand, we love a company like Bugatti, which has produced the best of everything—top-of-the-line winter outerwear, sportcoats, dress shirts, pants, gloves, scarves and more (even cellphone cases)—since 1978. The company began as a made-to-order clothing business in Germany during the late 1940s. It progressed over the years, combining fabrics from the best mills with new technology and timeless designs inspired by London, Milan and Paris. Though its roots are firmly planted in Germany, Bugatti identifies itself as European. In fact, execs at Bugatti, whose slogan is simply “We are Europe,” say the leaves of the brand’s logo represent various European countries. Lucky for us, Bugatti’s trendy European style is available in the U.S., right here at Woodbury Mens Shop. Stop by the store and let us help you find the perfect fit.



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Swedes know their stuff. From Volvo to Ikea to Spotify, Swedish brands are known and respected in all corners of the world. And the biggest of all, ABBA, is a brand just as much as it’s a band. Add another name to that list: Hestra. Founded in 1936, the family business is centered in Hestra, Sweden, where its luxurious dress and versatile ski gloves are manufactured in the tradition of French Huguenots, who are considered the most accomplished glove makers in history. Hestra buys all leather, fabrics, wool and other materials, which gives the company control of the production chain and ensures a high level of quality. And in the cold Scandinavian winters, Hestra gloves have done the job for more than 80 years. We think that’s a good indication they’ll look and feel great during the next Long Island snowstorm. Ask your Woodbury Mens Shop associate about Hestra and keep your hands warm this winter… while you’re driving your Volvo to Ikea with ABBA playing on Spotify, of course.

5 9/6/19 11:15 AM


THE A–Z LIST Woodbury Mens Shop is proud to feature more than 60 designer brands! See if you don’t find your favorites in the list below. Then stop by the store for a shopping experience you’ll love. 04651 ALTEA ANDERSON’S BELTS BALDASSARI BELVEST BORRELLI





Marco DeStefano, who has been a part of Woodbury Mens Shop since our beginning, has announced his retirement. He’s been a style pro and friend to all of us, and we’ll miss seeing him at the store every day. “After 40 years in the men’s luxury clothing business and amid recent health issues, I’ve decided it’s time to retire. I have had the good fortune of meeting so many wonderful people, not only on the wardrobing level but on a personal level. In some cases, I have been dressing grandchildren of men I started with in the early years. I have also had the good fortune of spending the final eight years partnered with three great guys: Don O’Connor, Jim Foley and Rich O’Boyle. I don’t know what the future may hold, but I hope to come back to the store and run the custom clothing department and see all of you in the store once again. It’s been a great pleasure getting to know each and every one of you.” —Marco DeStefano

We draw most of our inspiration from contemporary European styles, but the U.S. West Coast is setting new trends. This past spring, Woodbury Mens Shop went on a “research trip” to Los Angeles with our Threadwize colleagues to get a first-hand look at cutting-edge retailers (and experience a few great restaurants). LA is a hub for some of the coolest “elevated sportswear,” denim and sneakers. The best part for you? We’ve added some of this hip and casual sportswear to our store, while being careful to keep it tasteful, relevant and appropriate for our Long Island guys.


Everyone loves a party. You’re invited to Woodbury Mens Shop on Saturday, Oct. 5 to celebrate our fall/winter magazine—the very issue you’re holding! Join our team for cocktails crafted by Coastal Kitchen and delicious hors d’oeuvres. In addition, experienced consultants from Travel Associates will join us and provide you with inspiration and advice for your next vacation.





When they say the pen is mightier than the sword, they don’t mean a cheap ballpoint. You should invest in a fine writing instrument such as Faber-Castell, and this brief “pen anatomy” lesson shows why. The tip: Rollerball pens use liquid ink, which doesn’t require as much hand pressure to get flowing as the paste ink in a ballpoint pen. The weight: A quality pen feels substantial in the hand. It’s light enough to hold easily but heavy enough that you don’t have to put too much pressure on it to write. The design: Your pen speaks volumes about your style before you write a word. Made with materials like pearwood and chrome in elegant patterns and vibrant colors, Faber-Castell pens are always in stock at Woodbury Mens Shop.

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Jim Foley explains how to sail through life without giving offense. A lot of invitations these days say “cocktail attire.” What the heck does that mean? —Baffled in Bayville Your host is saying, “Get out of the business suit, lighten up and let’s have some fun.” That means no tie! A sportcoat, however, is a must—paired with an exciting shirt and a great pocket square. Depending on the occasion, where the party is being held and what your spouse is wearing, jeans can be appropriate but trousers certainly will give you a dressier look. And of course the accessories are key—shoes should be less serious, the belt should work with the shoes. Last but not least, make a splash with your socks. It shows a little more character when you’re kicking back with a cocktail.

9/6/19 11:16 AM

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Special events at Woodbury Mens Shop give you the chance to meet representatives from some of your favorite designer brands and have clothing, shoes and other items custom-made for you. Mark your calendar for these events: SATURDAY, SEPT. 7 Belvest Made-to-Measure with Roberta Cocco

As Dr. Seuss said, “Life’s a balancing act.” The folks at Landi have perfected that. The story begins in post-World War II Italy, where the company was born. Family-owned Landi was teeming with artisans who combined their oldschool craft with the modern era to create a line of menswear. In the late 1950s, the brand started an elite collection of coats but maintained its balance by celebrating traditional, timeless styles while embracing the current, sophisticated trends. Today, Landi is guided by a new generation but continues to follow founder Lando Landi’s philosophy, “Do what we are able to do in the best way possible,” and his commitment to detail, quality and ecologic sustainability. See Landi’s line of refined outerwear at Woodbury Mens Shop. Our style pros will help you with your balancing act of looking just right.

SATURDAY. SEPT. 14 Ravazzolo Made-to-Measure with Martin Bradshaw SATURDAY, SEPT. 21 Trussini Made-to-Measure with Derek Schacker MAC Jeans with Galina Mironoff SATURDAY, SEPT. 28 Good Man Brand Sportswear with Jonathan Bernal Coppley Made-to-Measure with Bill Deschler SATURDAY, OCT. 5 Magazine Launch Party WEDNESDAY, OCT. 9 Closed in Observance of Yom Kippur SATURDAY, OCT. 12 PT01 and PT05 with Loretta Schneider SATURDAY, OCT. 19 WMS Signature Collection Made-toMeasure with Enzo Licata Bugatti Sportswear with Sebastian Leta SATURDAY, OCT. 26 Emanuel Berg Shirts with Marybeth Walsh SATURDAY, NOV. 2 Piacenza Cashmere Sweaters with Gene Beola SATURDAY, NOV. 9 7th Anniversary Party and Formal Event


Wonderful warm weather is long gone, but the folks at Coastal Kitchen + Daiquiri Bar (12 E. Main St., Bay Shore, 631.665.3030) make sure the summer vibe is alive all year long. One of Long Island’s newest cocktail bars, the Bay Shore locale treats all customers like long-time friends. On top of that, the food and drinks make every visit a special occasion. From delicate poke bowls and “Rasta” mussels to seared tuna BLT sandwiches and surf-and-turf burgers (check out the mouth-watering photo at coastalliny.com), Coastal Kitchen’s menu and tropics-inspired drinks will make you forget the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting plenty of snow on the Island this winter.


Our hearts belong to Monza, Italy. It’s the home of the famed Italian Grand Prix, a race that’s had so many thrills over the years, but we love it even more because it’s also the place where some of the finest knitwear in the world is made. Fedeli has been selling superior clothing—sweaters, polos, T-shirts and more—out of the same factory in Monza for the past 85 years. The traditions and values instilled by founder Luigi Fedeli have been preserved and passed down through his family’s generations. The company recently expanded its factory, showing us that even though it’s been in business since FDR was president, Fedeli is still looking to expand, grow and push its limits. Ask your Woodbury Mens Shop associate to see the Fedeli collection. In the world of knitwear, Fedeli has earned many a checkered victory flag.




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Each summer, the beach at Fire Island Pines comes alive. The event of the season is the annual Pines Party, a beach extravaganza that culminates with sunrise on the beach. Donations help fund the Seashore Defense Fund and charities that promote the arts and quality of life. This year, Woodbury Mens Shop was proud to support this event, particularly programs for LGBTQ teens in foster care through the Stonewall Foundation.

9/4/19 1:28 PM

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9/3/19 9:39 AM





SLEEP ANYWHERE Comfort does not always have to come at the cost of efficient travel, and the Big Agnes Flume UL sleeping bag proves it. With a temperature rating of 30°F and a maximum weight of only 1.5 pounds, this bag is perfect for any trip in which packing light is a priority. Starting at $449.95



Gadgets & Gear

A WISER WORKOUT The phrase “dumb kettlebell” might sound redundant, but a smart one does, in fact, exist. The KettlebellConnect by JAXJOX can connect to your phone (via Bluetooth, of course) to track your progress and, with the push of a button, alter itself to weigh anywhere between 12 and 42 pounds. Talk about a smarter workout routine! $279


UNWIND WITH A DRIVE Some stress-relief methods are more effective than others, but this one is essentially fool-proof. That’s BodyFriend’s Lamborghini Massage Chair. Immerse yourself in the spa-like experience of a full-body massage without ever leaving home. With completely customizable, remote-controlled settings and heart rate sensors that compute the ideal types of stimulation, this chair might literally be the height of luxury. $30,000


These high-tech toys might not be a true necessity, but need-schmeed­—we want ’em!


WORK HARD, PLAY HARD Three minutes of video gaming can be an effective workout—if you’re using STEALTH’s Core Trainer. With a foam armpad to optimize comfort and cleanliness and two free connectable gaming apps, this device makes working out quick, fun and challenging. Three “trainers” with varying intensity are available: the personal, professional and plankster trainers. $149–$299



IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE Looking for a personal ski coach for less than $200? The Rossignol & PIQ Wearable Ski Sport Tracker is a hassle-free device that attaches to your boot and imports data (speed, carve angles, jump heights, rotations and more) to your smartphone. It even generates a report detailing what you did well and which skills you could improve upon—just like a coach would do. $190



10 TSG.fw19.gadgets.indd 10

GET THE BAND BACK TOGETHER Grungy garage-born instrumentals are out, and smooth, technically proficient audio is in. Produce crisp sounds on the Roland TD-50KVX V-Drums set, a five-piece drum kit that blends electronic and acoustic beats. And you can march to the beat of your drum: Customize everything from the drum shell’s overtones to the cymbals’ thicknesses, and utilize 30 types of built-in sound effects. $8,000



SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA Add style and reduce the clutter on your tabletop with the Symfonisk table lamp speaker. A joint product by Ikea and Sonos, the device boasts a sound output similar to the iconic Sonos One speaker. Highachieving in both aesthetic and audio quality, this product ushers in a new element of interior design: sound. $179

9/6/19 11:24 AM

Stenstroms_FP_FW19.indd 1

9/5/19 2:50 PM



New music needed? These four artists are tricky to categorize by genre, but they’re morphing pop music in unexpected and very welcome ways. By Harry Dowden


Listeners may know her best as half of synth-pop duo Chairlift, by her former alias Ramona Lisa, or scribe for cuts from Beyoncé and Solange. This fall, however, NYC’s Caroline Polachek will release her debut album under her given name, and the initial singles promise crystalline pop explorations that are both anthemic and introspective. Leading the charge is “Door,” a sleek showcase for Polachek’s melodic hookweaving and intricate vocal runs. The album: Pang Go-to songs: “Door” and the balladic “Parachute” Deeper dives: Chairlift’s 2016 album Moth; guest vocals on Charli XCX’s “Tears”


Exploring the natural intersections between jazz and hip-hop, LA-based Kiefer Shackelford creates sun-dappled microcosms that showcase his production chops as much as his piano skills. Kiefer’s expressive compositions impress without ever failing to be catchy. You can hear the influence of jazz pianist greats alongside the bassy lineage of the late great J Dilla’s beats and the playful progressions of video game composers (is it strange that the Nintendo Wii Sports music comes to mind?) melded into a blend that’s Kiefer’s own. In an era where instrumentals can be a tough sell, Kiefer goes beyond the lo-fi beat cottage industry and shows off some truly 21st-century jazz—with riffs that will get stuck in your head. The album: Superbloom Go-to song: Teaser single “10,000 Days” Deeper dives: “Orange Crayon” and “Cute,” the groovy centerpieces of this year’s Bridges EP


A quick recap: 2010’s “BTSTU” takes the world by storm followed by 2011’s “Jasmine,” and the two tracks seem poised to reshape pop in his image. A leak of new material comes out in 2013, but years pass with no tunes. In 2019, when all hope seems lost, two new songs suddenly appear. Jai gives his blessing (and streaming rights) to the infamous leak, and just like that Jai Paul is blaring out of speakers once again. Sounding as if they were beamed through a radio from a cooler dimension, the funky R&B compositions are a logical continuation of the path “BTSTU” wrought, but still sound way ahead of their time. Even if we only get a few songs every decade, they’ll soundtrack many summers. The album: We can dream. For now, listen to Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) guilt-free. Go-to songs: “He,” which can only be described as an absolute bop, and quiet storm “Do You Love Her Now” Deeper dive: “Str8 Outta Mumbai”



Philly’s Alex Giannascoli has spent years churning out affecting singersongwriter gems: bedroom pop, slacker rock, ramshackle Americana and a lot in between. Known by his stage name (Sandy) Alex G, he isn’t afraid to pull from far and wide when it comes to his work, populating his songs with opentuned guitars and pitch-shifted vocals. He captured the hearts early on of DIY showgoers and Bandcamp devotees, with artists such as Frank Ocean and Oneohtrix Point Never catching on and collaborating. The first singles from his upcoming release indicate a synthesis of the many stylistic routes and analogdigital crossover of his catalog. The album: House of Sugar Go-to songs: “Gretel” and the mournful yet rollicking “Hope” Deeper dives: “Bobby,” “Harvey,” bonus track “Sarah”



WHEN YOU WISH… Songs “work” when they’re both relatable and aspirational. Love songs, to the listener, aren’t just about the love we have, but the love we wish we had (or had back). Music gives us space to entertain our loftiest dreams and ambitions. Here’s a mix of old and new that foregrounds those wishes and dreams. “I Wish” by Hayley Kiyoko “I Wish It Would Rain” by The Temptations “Dreams” by Solange “Call It Dreaming” by Iron & Wine “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison

TSG.fw19.music.indd 12

“Wishes” by Beach House “Dreamer” by Four Tet “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder “Daydreaming” by Radiohead “I Wished on the Moon” by Billie Holiday

9/6/19 11:20 AM

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9/3/19 9:43 AM


Who Wears the Pants? They’re your legs, so you can decide. Edoardo Fassino of PT Torino just has a few pointers. By Karen Alberg Grossman


mong the world’s top pants makers, PT Torino is a worldwide favorite, known for its fabulous fit, luxury fabrics (mostly from Italian mills) and directional styling. Founded by Edoardo Fassino’s grandfather as a fabric house, the company switched gears to pants manufacturing in the 1980s, first producing for other companies, then (around 2000) switching to luxury and its own label. As the third generation to lead the company, Fassino confides that he had no choice. “I never even thought about another career,” he admits. “Well, maybe as a kid, like all other Italian boys, I dreamed of being a professional soccer player.” Although pants specialist might sound less exciting, Fassino is proud to run one of the hottest companies in an industry that’s becoming increasingly fashion-focused. “As specialists,” he explains, “we offer an extensive collection of all fits, models, colors and patterns, so we have a good finger on the pulse of fashion. The confusion today is that so many different looks are trending at once, depending on the country. Slim pants are considered fashion in the States but basic in Italy and Japan, where wider, pleated, cropped and high-

rise models are viewed as more contemporary. But fashion cycles are shorter, trends come back more quickly and guys really need a pants wardrobe to keep up. For example, in Italy, super-skinny has reemerged, pleated is gaining ground and a rocker look (skinny black denim) is back big-time.” Confused? Fassino happily offers his top tips for U.S. shoppers: 1. Make sure the pants you buy are comfortable—this is the most important factor. No matter how much you love a style, color or pattern, if it’s not comfortable, you won’t wear it. 2. Don’t worry so much about trends; choose a model that’s flattering to your body type. For most men, a slim but not tight fit makes for a taller, thinner, younger look. (Super-slim is downtrending in the States.) 3. Pay attention to the length of the trouser, which should just graze the top of the shoe. Most Italians are wearing their pants too short, while Americans wear them too long! 4. Although the look in the U.S. is still clean and slim, be prepared for a shift down the road to looser styles, including pleats, high waists, cropped bottoms, sometimes even wide and dragging on the floor. 5. You can’t go wrong with classic pants in luxury or performance fabrics. But why not try a new active-inspired pant with a drawstring waist and gathered ankle? Or a classic houndstooth in a wool/cashmere blend? Remember, fashion should be both flattering and fun!


Under chairman Edoardo Fassino, PT Torino offers a wide selection of pants in all fits, models, colors and patterns.

14 TSG.fw19.profile.indd 14

9/6/19 11:22 AM


Taccaliti Right.indd 1

9/3/19 9:46 AM

| WOODBURY MENS SHOP 16 TSG.fw19.leadman.indd 16

9/6/19 11:25 AM


Like a Rock One-time third-generation pro wrestler Dwayne Johnson has become a firmly established—and nattily dressed—screen star. By Daria Meoli


Jungle and Skyscraper as well as three of The Fast and the Furious films. In 2015, Johnson premiered as the lead (and executive producer) in the HBO series Ballers. In the smash hit, Johnson plays a retired NFL player who becomes a financial planner for professional athletes. During his stint on that show, it wasn’t just Johnson’s acting that got audiences and critics talking; it was also his slick sense of style on and off the small screen. A far cry from the black briefs he wore as a WWE wrestling champ, Johnson’s sartorial choices now befit his current status as a Hollywood A-lister and a bit of a fashion champ. While slim, sinewy celebs can perhaps adopt any trend and look good, Johnson’s big build isn’t a natural for strutting in high-fashion duds—the actor must make style choices that accentuate and flatter his physique. Rather than dress his large body in even larger clothes, Johnson dons threads by Isaia and other Italian brands that demonstrate how an athletically built guy can look smashing in European tailoring. In the pages of fashion magazines such as GQ and Esquire and the posts of authoritative menswear bloggers, style watchers tout Johnson as the gold standard for how big men can make a big, but far from ponderous, impression in really cool clothes. Classic cuts rather than slim fits are the basis for Johnson’s wardrobe. As with any buff dude, alterations and custom-tailored pieces are essential to help him look his best. Johnson’s suiting is crafted to create breathing room under his arms

and around his shoulders to keep sportcoats from looking like straitjackets. Padding in the shoulders is kept to a minimum. Johnson tends to favor a tieless, open-neck look that complements his broad neck. His pants often are tailored with a straight leg and a slight taper to accommodate his muscular thighs. Off-screen and off the red carpet, the California native rocks T-shirts with a tightly fitted sleeve that hits mid-bicep, but also has more room in the torso and abs. This keeps the star looking casual without necessarily appearing gymbound. Biker jackets are badass, but the asymmetrical zipper and tapered waist can appear cartoonish on men who have some meat on their bones. Johnson has been photographed in a leather racer jacket, a version of the tough biker look that befits his beefcake frame. Now 47 and the father of three daughters, Johnson continues to make Hollywood headlines. In the coming year, he will appear in another installment of Fast and Furious, a sequel to Jumanji and the fifth season of Ballers. As he navigates red carpets and the late-night circuit to promote all of this new work, this officially recognized icon seems certain to keep fashion-minded fans impressed, both on and off screen. As for Johnson’s secret, you wouldn’t suspect that such simple things as humility and authenticity would be part of it—but just maybe they are. “You are the reason I’m getting this,” he told the viewing audience at home during his MTV acceptance remarks. “I’ve learned the most powerful thing we can be is ourselves.”

TSG.fw19.leadman.indd 17


Wrestler-turned-box-office champ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become a fashion star in his own right, making both custom suits from Isaia and casualwear from Gucci look stylish on his 6-4 frame. Johnson has the sartorial confidence to wear just about anything, whether it be a plaid suit or a fitted knit sweater.


ith one powerfully arched eyebrow, Dwayne Johnson could command an audience of thousands of rowdy wrestling fans. Today, his megawatt smile and formidable comedic timing draw big box-office ticket sales. Johnson has done what few other professional wrestlers have been able to do (OK, there’s John Cena): parlay a role in the ring into a successful acting career. Long known to World Wrestling Entertainment fans as “The Rock,” Johnson began professional wrestling after a football career was cut short by injuries. Wrestling is in his DNA. His original moniker, Rocky Maivia, was a tribute to two other pro grapplers in his family—his father, Rocky Johnson, and his maternal grandfather, Peter Maivia. By 1998, when he shortened his stage name to The Rock, his popularity was exploding. “When I first got to Hollywood, Hollywood didn’t know what the hell to do with me…a half-black, half-Samoan, 6-foot-4, 275-pound pro wrestler,” Johnson recalled, while accepting the Icon Generation Award at the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards. Soon Tinseltown wised up. When The Rock hosted Saturday Night Live in 2000, the world got to experience his charisma, and his performance earned him fans outside the WWE world. His first movie acting credit was as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns in 2000. His character was so popular that in 2002 it spawned an eponymous sequel. Johnson went on to become one of the country’s highest-paid actors, appearing in the movies Get Smart, Tooth Fairy, Moana, The Other Guys, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Jumanji: Welcome to the

17 9/5/19 5:11 PM


Ties by Italo Ferretti and Silvio Fiorello

Polo shirts by Massimo Alba


It’s never been easier to refresh your look. Woodbury Mens Shop has all the fall must-haves.

Fisherman’s sweater by Paul & Shark


Pocket squares by Paolo Albizzati and Silvio Fiorello

Exotic skin belts by W. Kleinberg

18 WOOD.fw19.essentials.indd 18

9/4/19 5:34 PM

ESSENTIALS Quilted parka by Paul & Shark

Silk bowties by Italo Ferretti

Cashmere sweater by Massimo Alba

Socks by Marcoliani

Moonstone stud set and cufflinks by Jan Leslie


Scarves by Paolo Albizzati and Silvio Fiorello

| 19

WOOD.fw19.essentials.indd 19

9/6/19 11:27 AM


Exotic skin wallets by Ettinger and Torino

Sweater by Paul & Shark

Woven belts by Anderson’s

Suede sweater jacket by Gran Sasso


Cufflinks by Jan Leslie

Pens by FaberCastell


WOOD.fw19.essentials.indd 20

9/6/19 11:27 AM

PT01 Left.indd 1

9/4/19 10:35 AM



Want to ace this popular style? Follow these tips for a smart look, whether you’re at work or out to dinner. Dress it up Dress up your jeans and sport shirt to make them appropriate for business casual. First of all, make sure your jeans and sport shirt fit great—that means sleeves that aren’t too long or too short, shoulders that fit comfortably and a tapered waist. A sportcoat can dress up your jeans by giving a sophisticated and sporty look. An unconstructed sportcoat has softer shoulders and less lining. Fabrics such as cashmere blended with wool and/or silk give a more casual look. If you want to add a tie, opt for wool rather than silk for a less serious and more comfortable style. Right: tie by Paolo Albizzati, pocket square by Italo Ferretti, loafers by Gallo diBianco, belt by Stefano Piazza

Dress it down If you’re looking to dress down your suit, the first step is to lose the tie. And make sure you take it off, not just loosen it. Unbutton your shirt collar and add a splash of color with a pocket square. Now’s the time to show off the cool contrasting fabric inside your shirt’s collar and cuffs and the contrasting stitching on your colored buttons. Keep your shoes dressy with a suit, but opt for loafers rather than lace-ups or monk straps.


Right: cashmere sweater by Fedeli, jeans by MAC, sneakers by Good Man Brand, woven belt by Stefano Piazza

On model: Sportcoat by Belvest, dress shirt by Ingram, pocket square by Paolo Albizzati, trousers by PT01, suede boots by Gallo diBianco, suede belt by W. Kleinberg

22 WOOD.fw19.essentials/model.indd 22

9/6/19 11:28 AM

ItalioFeretti Right.indd 1

9/3/19 11:56 AM


F8 Tributo, the Italian brand’s new flagship, is a blend of its greatest hits and today’s chart-topping tech. By Darius Amos


As if we needed another reason to sing the praises of Ferrari, the iconic Italian carmaker has rolled out yet another head turner. Gone from its lineup of speed demons is the 488, replaced triumphantly with the F8 Tributo. It’s easily the new flagship for the legendary brand, whose lineage includes some of history’s most recognizable and quintessential sportscars. (The Testarossa and 308 GTS come to mind.) And it pays tribute to many of its Ferrari ancestors, borrowing design elements from the F40 and the Pista. Performance, however, is all its own. The Tributo is muscled by a 710-horsepower V-8, the highest output ever for a Ferrari equipped with that engine size. Engineers say it can reach a top speed of 211 miles per hour and finish a 0-to-62 dash in 2.9 seconds, two stats aided by top-of-class aerodynamics. The Tributo, which has an estimated price tag of $350,000, has sexy curves, like many Ferrari models and unlike the aggressive lines found on competitors like the Lamborghini Huracán and McLaren 720S. Though styling has always been the company’s forte, Ferrari has never needed sex to sell.

One of the Tributo’s front-end features is the air intake system. Left and right vents provide cooling for the brakes and wheel arches, which naturally heat when drivers have the need for speed.

Boosting the car’s aerodynamics begins front and center. The S-Duct was specially designed to expel high pressure flow from the central bumper by deflecting it upward through the hood bonnet. Highway driving has never been this fun (or fast).

A 7-inch touchscreen is mounted in front of the passenger, giving the co-pilot a clear view of the car’s vitals and command of the infotainment system, climate controls and more. Drivers, after all, can’t have all the fun.

Twin LED displays flank a central tachometer on the driver’s instrumentation cluster. The screens show everything from the car’s gear selection to satellite radio stations so the driver’s head (and racecar focus) rarely has to shift.

24 TSG.fw19.auto.indd 24

9/6/19 11:29 AM

While you can select a variety of wheels, the optional starburst design is an aggressive twist on the classic five-spoke rim. The focal point of the wheel, of course, is Ferrari’s prancing horse on a field of yellow.

You can not only feel the power of the Tributo’s 710-horsepower engine, but also see it in action (unless you’re driving, of course). Ferrari’s engine-underglass bodywork offers a full view of the midmounted V-8.

Maybe you’d like to forget 1980s fashion, but the Tributo’s louvered rear window (a throwback to Ferrari’s legendary F40 of the late ’80s and early ’90s) is a style from that bygone era that Ferrari brings back with pride.

Rearview highlights include the return of Ferrari’s twin tail light cluster—a throwback to the brand’s old 308 models—and a lightweight carbon-fiber spoiler that doesn’t add many pounds but still lowers the car’s center of gravity.


Ferrari debuts its new steering wheel in the Tributo. The design features a flat bottom for added comfort and convenience and more on-wheel controls such as a push-button start and paddle shifters. Steering-column stalks are clearly things of the past.

| 25 TSG.fw19.auto.indd 25

9/4/19 1:33 PM


TSG.fw19.travel2.indd 26

9/6/19 11:30 AM

What a comeback! Some hotels rest on their laurels, but not these four. They’ve remade themselves—with exciting results.




We admit it: It can be fun to visit an old dowager of a hotel, one whose genteel worn carpets whisper that it’s still trading on a reputation from decades ago. But how much more exciting to stay at an old place that has made itself dramatically new, so that a location full of great yesterdays—and great scenery—can also offer the ultimate hospitality of today. When we say the famous hotels below have recently been renovated, we don’t mean a repainted lobby here and a new sprinkler system there. We mean they’ve been stripped bare, reimagined, reconfigured, redesigned and studded with state-of-the-art amenities to more than delight the luxury traveler with the most demanding 2020 foresight. Depending on what continent you’re headed to, might one of them be on your itinerary soon?

27 TSG.fw19.travel2.indd 27

9/6/19 11:31 AM


BELMOND CAP JULUCA, Anguilla, Caribbean

28 TSG.fw19.travel2.indd 28

Since it opened in 1988, this hotel, a cluster of Greco-Moorish-style villas, has been classed among the top upscale accommodations on this popular Caribbean island. A-listers such as Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson have been among its loyalists, booking their favorite villas year after year. But in 2017, when the hotel was acquired by luxury leisure company Belmond, it was long overdue for an update, especially after Hurricane Irma destroyed everything at the resort except a few villas. So in late 2018, the establishment reopened as the Belmond Cap Juluca, with two new restaurants, revamped guest accommodations, an upscale spa and a whole new aesthetic inspired by Moroccan design and architecture. Change is apparent with one’s first steps into the indoor/outdoor lobby, as crisp white linens, wicker chairs and an eye-catching chandelier replace the former Arabian-style décor. Guest rooms and suites boast handmade tiles underfoot, sprawling bathroom suites and unique accents that show immaculate attention to detail, such as tassels hung on the doors instead of donot-disturb signs. The cuisine here makes hunger a blessing—as an excuse to indulge. Grab an Italian meal on the waterfront at the new Cip’s by Cipriani, or savor Anguilla-European fusion at the revamped Pimms restaurant. What remains largely unchanged post-reno is the unparalleled staff attention—your stay comes with 24-hour butler service, with one staff member for every two guests. INSIDER’S TIP: Don’t leave this resort without at least one ride in the Belmond Buggy, a leather-seated, air-conditioned joy-ride vehicle reminiscent of Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine. RATES: Rooms begin at $675 a night.

9/5/19 10:29 AM

THE OBEROI, New Delhi, India


TSG.fw19.travel2.indd 29


It’s appropriate that the capital of India is home to what was once known as the nation’s fanciest hotel; now it’s new and improved after 50 years in business. Shortly after its half-century birthday, management of the iconic Oberoi, New Delhi went through a mid-life crisis of sorts, feeling that the hotel was outdated, and hoping to reinvent it with a more modern, relevant vibe that still spoke to its upscale clientele. Just shy of two years after construction began in 2016, Oberoi, New Delhi reopened, revealing a sleek, $100 million refurbishment inspired by the late Sir Edwin Lutyens’ New Delhi architecture. And what a reveal it’s been. All 220 guest rooms including 34 suites have been enlarged and outfitted with luxury amenities such as Italian marble bathrooms, teak floors and large picture windows. Natural light now hits just about everywhere, and 40 air filters were installed throughout the hotel to provide the cleanest, freshest, healthiest air in this heavily polluted city. Updated dining and imbibing options were added to the offerings too; the Oberoi hired two Michelin-starred chefs to run Omya and Baoshuan, the hotel’s Indian and Chinese eateries, respectively, and introduced the new rooftop bar Cirrus 9, where guests can sip mixed drinks while looking out on Humayun’s Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on one side and the Delhi Golf Course, India’s oldest, on the other. A hotel’s interior may change for the better, but the view outside? Nobody’s going to mess with perfection. INSIDER’S TIP: If you’re hankering for a smoke, head over to The Club Bar and Cigar Lounge, the latter of which is attached to The Oberoi, New Delhi’s bar and offers personal cigar lockers (and yes, the air purification thing applies here too). RATES: Nightly rates begin at $390.

29 9/5/19 5:12 PM


THE FIFE ARMS, Braemar, Scotland


TSG.fw19.travel2.indd 30

Credited with “Scotland’s most exciting hotel opening of 2019” by Conde Nast Traveler, The Fife Arms has a lot of hype to live up to. The 19th-century hunting lodge with a many-gabled Victorian façade has always been architecturally special, befitting a facility 15 miles down the road from the royals’ Balmoral Castle. But for years it was underwhelming—a Financial Times writer recalled a sign warning of a leaky ceiling, next to which, sure enough, “a plastic bucket collected the rhythmic drops of water.” Well, forget all that! In December 2014, A-list art dealers Iwan and Manuela Wirth purchased the property, then closed it for four years of renovations, eventually opening its doors in late 2018 to rave reviews. Located in Braemar, a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, The Fife Arms underwent the overhaul of all overhauls; the renovation involved transforming 80 guest rooms into 46 more spacious ones and adding a spa, a garden and a bar, among other luxury amenities. But perhaps the biggest undertaking was imbuing artful touches into every room, including paintings by Pablo Picasso, Lucian Freud and Queen Victoria. Antique furnishings and period wallpaper adorn the guest suites, and if you wander into a particular ill-lit corner you’ll stumble upon Victoria herself—in wax. Fife Arms’ eating establishments are Scotland through-and-through as well, from its neighborhood bar The Flying Stag to The Clunie Dining Room and the art deco bar Elsa’s, inspired by fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, a frequent visitor to Braemer. INSIDER’S TIP: This hotel is dog-friendly; the Wirths have blocked off several rooms for guests to stay in with their furry friends. RATES: Rooms start at $325 per night.

9/6/19 11:31 AM

HOTEL LUTETIA, Paris, France


TSG.fw19.travel2.indd 31


Making over a century-old art deco hotel in the heart of Paris’ Saint Germain neighborhood is quite an undertaking. That’s especially true when it’s the iconic Left Bank hostelry Picasso lived in for a short while in the 1930s, where author James Joyce allegedly wrote a portion of Ulysses, where rooms housed Nazi officers during World War II. But architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte was up to the challenge, undertaking a four-year, $234 million renovation on Hotel Lutetia—the first renovation in its 100-year history—that concluded in 2018 and maintains the spirit of the original Lutetia while appealing to the 21st century traveler. Just what was involved in such a venture? Turning 233 pre-existing guest rooms into 184 larger ones, building a new courtyard, installing custom-built 19th century-style furniture and adding natural light to windowed bathrooms and common areas, among other things. The food and drink options have been improved upon too, with seafood expert and three-Michelin-starred chef Gérald Passédat at the helm of Brasserie Lutetia. Guests and locals can also enjoy a memorable meal at Le Saint-Germain Restaurant or the more casual L’Orangerie, or grab a creatively mixed cocktail at Bar Aristide or Bar Josephine, the latter named for French starlet Josephine Baker, who frequented the original bar. INSIDER’S TIP: Complete your experience at Lutetia by booking a treatment or taking a fitness class at the brand-new Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre. A 55-foot swimming pool drenched in natural light and an infinity-edge hot tub are among this luxurious spa’s many standout features. RATES: Stays begin at about $985 per night.

31 9/5/19 5:13 PM


Sweater by Piacenza, shirt by Ingram, jeans by Brax, sneakers by Good Man Brand.


WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 32

9/4/19 10:33 AM

We promise you’ll be ready to roll with this season’s top picks from Woodbury Mens Shop. Photography by Daniel Springston

rock the runway

Sweater by Gran Sasso, shirt by Taccaliti, jeans by PT05, sneakers by Gallo diBianco.


| 33 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 33

9/4/19 5:42 PM


Overshirt by Circolo, shirt by Ingram, jeans by Handpicked, belt by Anderson’s, sneakers by Good Man Brand.

34 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 34

9/4/19 10:34 AM

Vest by Ravazzolo, sweater by Gran Sasso, shirt by Ingram, jeans by MAC, shoes by Gallo diBianco.


| 35 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 35

9/4/19 5:39 PM


Sweater by Altea, shirt by Stenstrรถms, jeans by MAC, shoes by Gallo diBianco.

36 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 36

9/4/19 5:42 PM

Sportcoat by WMS Signature Collection, shirt by Haupt, pocket square by Paolo Albizzati, jeans by PT05, belt by Stefano Piazza, shoes by Gallo diBianco.


| 37 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 37

9/4/19 5:42 PM


Sportcoat and trousers by Trussini, shirt by Taccaliti, tie by Silvio Fiorello, pocket square by Paolo Albizzati, belt by W. Kleinberg, shoes by Gallo diBianco.

38 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 38

9/4/19 5:43 PM

Suit by Ravazzolo, shirt by Taccaliti, tie and pocket square by Italo Ferretti, belt by Stefano Piazza, shoes by Gallo diBianco.


| 39 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 39

9/4/19 5:43 PM


Suit by Ravazzolo, shirt by Taccaliti, tie and pocket square by Italo Ferretti, belt by W. Kleinberg, shoes by Gallo diBianco.

40 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 40

9/5/19 5:16 PM

Tuxedo by Trussini, shirt by Taccaliti, bow tie by Italo Ferretti, pocket square by Stenstrรถms, cufflinks by Jan Leslie, shoes by Gallo diBianco.


| 41 WOOD.fw19.fashion.indd 41

9/4/19 5:43 PM

TSG.fw19.mtm.indd 42

JACKET CUT Try a modern fit for a fashion-forward and flattering silhouette. This style is trimmer through the chest and shoulder than a traditional-cut jacket and it’s still black-tie appropriate.

JACKET SHOULDER The same rules for your sportcoats and suit jackets apply: The padding of the tuxedo jacket should not extend beyond the tip of your shoulders. If it does, the garment is too big.

JACKET LAPEL Wear a silk-faced peak lapel for highly formal occasions and a rounded shawl style when you want to soften your look. A notch lapel is versatile but the least formal for a tuxedo.

SHIRT FRONT A smooth bib-front shirt, perhaps in a pique fabric with room for studs, is a classic look. A shirt with no placket and concealed buttons is clean, while a pleated front worn with studs adds textural interest.

SHIRT COLLAR The best bet for the most formal occasion is the wing, a stand-up collar with downward points. For a more contemporary look, the mandarin and wide spread collar (ideal if you’re wearing a necktie instead of bow tie) are great options.



FORMAL EDUCATION It’s a fact that any man looks good in a tuxedo—as long as it’s the right one, of course.


9/4/19 5:44 PM


SHOES Patent loafers and oxfords are a surefire hit for the most formal events. Keep it low key by choosing the styles in suede or polished leather.

PANT LEG LENGTH See your tailor ASAP if your pants are bunching at the ankles (or showing them). Trousers should have half or no break. The half break is standard, showing a slight dent where the hem rests on the top of the shoe.

PANT LEG WIDTH The way the fabric drapes is key: Anything too tight will create wrinkles, while too much material will appear baggy. Find a cut that’s flattering to your waist, thighs and calves.



TSG.fw19.mtm.indd 43

JACKET LENGTH Most guys can follow these easy guides: Your jacket should cover your backside and, with your arms at your side, the piece should end between your thumb’s knuckle and base. Of course, if you’re an NBA center, we’ll work with you.


JACKET SLEEVE LENGTH The jacket sleeve should show about a half-inch of the shirt cuff—just enough for others to see your cufflinks.



Consider these head-to-toe tips to find the perfect look for your next special occasion.


9/5/19 5:27 PM


That’s amore! What makes one boot-shaped nation so stellar in menswear?

It’s no accident that a nation long renowned for art, architecture, design and cuisine inspires the rest of the world when it comes to fashion. Steeped in tradition, men’s Italian fashion in particular is often a step or two ahead of everyone else, and Italian gents possess this undeniable, confidence that’s hard to pinpoont. We attempt to do just that here though, by sharing the seven tenets of Italian menswear that will keep you looking as cool around town as the men in the piazza.



EMBRACE COLORS Though Italians certainly love a good print, their collections consist of lots of subdued neutrals, whether black, white and gray or warmer tones like beige, maroon and camel. With these colors as the basis of your wardrobe, you can inject bursts of color in small doses (bright red or orange socks, perhaps?) and have more versatility with your looks. Pro tip: Invest in a classic navy blazer or jacket from a brand like Belvest, as this item is one no Italian man’s closet is without.

44 TSG.fw19.italian4.indd 44


SEEK FINE MATERIALS The Italian textile industry is one of the largest in the world. There are hundreds of wool mills and leather factories across Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice. As of late, brands like Trussini have been producing highend luxury garments with new technical fabrics as well. They regulate body heat, are more breathable and offer the wearer superior comfort, among other benefits.

9/5/19 5:20 PM


DRESS CASUAL, DON’T DRESS DOWN Luxury Italian menswear brands are no longer just designing suits and formalwear. From elevated activewear and polos to footwear and belts, Italian designers offer sartorial versatility with a common thread—sophistication.


ADD ON THE ACCESSORIES Italian designers know the key to a polished look is carefull accessorizing. Whether a wristful of bead or metal bracelets, a tony pocket square or a cozy, oversize scarf tied just right, these final touches adored by Italy’s most stylish instantly make any man look put-together.


APPRECIATE CRAFTSMANSHIP Much Italian menswear is still produced by small- to medium-sized family businesses—or it’s contracted out to craftspeople who sew in their homes. That means tricks of the trade (the Neapolitan shoulder, hand-sewn buttonholes, artisanal details) are passed down through generations. That family name on the label tells you the garment reflects tremendous pride in quality.


INSIST ON FIT You’ll be hard-pressed to find an Italian man wearing ill-fitting anything, these guys are raised knowing clothes should be perfectly and expertly tailored. Italian menswear designers like Luciano Barbera and Pal Zileri available at Woodbury Mens Shop pride themselves on their garments’ impeccable fit, which is typically a slim, universally flattering silhouette.



SHOW SOME SWAGGER The Italians have mastered the art of dressing so well its merited its own term—sprezzatura, which essentially means effortlessness, a certain nonchalance, “trying not to try.” We Americans may have to try just a little harder to look half as polished, but hey, we’re certainly willing to put in the work.

| 45 TSG.fw19.italian4.indd 45

9/6/19 11:36 AM

| WOODBURY MENS SHOP 46 TSG.fw19.fitness2.indd 46

9/6/19 11:41 AM


Have You Tried Capoeira? Dance + martial arts + the spirit of a game = great exercise, Brazilian style. By Haley Longman


razil is known for nuts, soccer stars, bikinis and the supermodels who wear them. But have you heard of that South American country’s martial-arts-meets-dance workout, capoeira? If not, it’s not because it’s too new; capoeira dates back to the early 1500s. The masters of African slaves in Brazil didn’t permit them to fight, so the slaves created this art to disguise fighting with dancing. It also was (and is) a means of self-defense and self-expression. But only lately has it become an international workout trend. Capoeira’s maneuvers are choppy, with sweeping punches and kicks, spins and head-butts. Speed and technique vary slightly by type of capoeira. There are two main types: Angola (traditional) and Regional (usually faster and more aggressive). But across the board the so-called game’s fundamental movement is the ginga (the Portuguese word for “sway”), a back-and-forth motion intended to prevent oneself from being a stagnant target. In both forms, only the hands and feet touch the ground. In contrast to its cousin jiu-jitsu, capoeira has music as an intrinsic feature, one that sets the tempo and style of motions that are performed to traditional African instruments such as the berimbau (string instrument), the pandeiro (tambourine) and the atabaque (drum). There is also singing in Portuguese, and you’ll appreciate the lyrics more if you pick up a smattering of that language, predominant in Brazil. But mastery isn’t mandatory. Brazil attracts thousands of tourists yearly who gather round just to watch capoeiristas, as practitioners are called, in action. And since the 1970s, mestres, or masters, have been traveling to each of the continents to teach this art form, so that it eventually caught on beyond South America. Now fitness studios such as Abadá-Capoeira teach classes for around $18 a pop in New York and San

TSG.fw19.fitness2.indd 47

Francisco. Other all-encompassing gyms in cities like Los Angeles, London and even Tucson offer capoeira lessons to beginners and experts, and sometimes even kids, in single sessions or in bulk. What can a newbie expect? Many classes begin with stretching before students are divvied up into groups by skill level or age to practice various movements. At the end of each session, participants form a roda (the Portuguese word for “circle”) in which two dancers essentially face off and perform the moves they’ve learned. And though professionals don a capoeira uniform that typically consists of a white shirt and a pair of loose trousers, for novices standard workout clothes are fine—though roomy pants you can move in are preferred over shorts. Apart from its novelty and its cultural tradition, capoeira has clear benefits as exercise. It improves upper-body strength, cardio condition, stamina and overall flexibility— in fact, some capoeiristas are as flexible as professional yogis. Hollywood hasn’t failed to notice this phenomenon. Superheroes in the recent blockbusters Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther have used capoeira in combat. Dustin Hoffman was practicing the art when he first appeared on screen in Meet the Fockers (2004), and Cate Blanchett employed it to fight her enemies in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima (who is—you guessed it—Brazilian) counts capoeira among her workouts. Action star Wesley Snipes is trained in it, and Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Conor McGregor incorporates capoeira into his winning fighting style. “The human body can move in many ways,” he told a sports website in 2013, “and that’s what I’m trying to do.” Perhaps a well-known mestre said it best when he declared: “The more you devote to capoeira, the more capoeira will return to you.”

9/6/19 11:42 AM


Kiss the Road Goodbye


Spacious luxury goes wild in the Mercedes-Benz G 550 SUV, a modern masterpiece of tech that’s hyper-ready for an encounter with tough terrain. By Timothy Kelley

Once you leave the highway and take to rough turf, it stands to reason you’ll bid adieu to luxury, capaciousness and speed. But wait! The Mercedes-Benz G 550 stands reason on its head. Melting categories like so much candle wax, this cargo-hungry off-road SUV (with more than 100 cubic feet of cargo volume behind front and rear seats) is every inch a Mercedes. It was thoroughly redesigned for 2019, carries five passengers in comfort, boasts 416 horsepower with 450 lb.-ft. of torque and goes from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. On-road or off-, the G 550’s engine shows a family resemblance to its racing-minded kin. It’s a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo, which means two turbochargers are sucking air into the cylinders, for more power with less engine bulk. It’s equipped with an independent suspension with a double-wishbone front axle and a rigid rear

axle. The vehicle boasts permanent all-wheel drive, and its ECO start-stop system automatically shuts off the engine at stoplights and other idling occasions—to save fuel and cut emissions—and quickly restarts it on green. (Don’t want this feature? Simply turn it off.) The latest G is still no curvaceous sweeping beauty. But in both tech and luxe there’s outsidethe-box thinking inside this box. And while the traditional side-opening swing gate (clumsy for narrow garage spaces) has its quibblers, some things didn’t need changing. The decisive door-lock “clack” and door-closing “clunk,” for instance, will sound just fine in the 2020s. Reportedly about 350 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the G 550 features a 9G-Tronic ninespeed automatic transmission that changes gears quickly and almost unnoticeably for the smooth-

est ride as you grip the Nappa leather-wrapped steering wheel. And there’s a sequence of three lockable differentials controlled by dashboard buttons to maintain optimal balance between torque and traction. Almost five inches wider now, the G 550’s interior lavishes six extra inches of legroom on backseat riders. And drivers will savor the 12.3-inch flat-panel display screens showing gauges, while a multicolor ambient lighting setup makes for a surprisingly customizable interior. Was roughing it ever so swanky? The G 550 starts at $124,500, and with mpg ratings of 13 city and 17 highway there’s no quick payback at the pump. But if your accountant balks, take her for a ride—across the desert, perhaps, or to the parking lot of the trendiest restaurant in Beverly Hills. You only live once.

The Mercedes-Benz G 550 SUV gives new meaning to the phrase “peak performance,” declining to make the usual sacrifice of commodious comfort for the thrill of off-road adventure. It’s available in 24 exterior paint colors—and note the LED daytime running lights that ring the round headlamps.

48 TSG.fw19.pursuits.indd 48

9/4/19 1:41 PM

Lessings Caterer Right.indd 1

9/4/19 9:24 AM

finding focus | WOODBURY MENS SHOP

Photographer Michael Yamashita discovered his ideal career: exploring other cultures with his camera. Few people have the privilege of living out their dreams, but Michael Yamashita is one of the lucky ones. The New Jersey native has combined his two loves—travel and art—for more than 30 years as a photographer for National Geographic magazine. Since graduating from Wesleyan University in the 1970s with a degree in Asian studies, the Japanese-American camera artist has spent decades taking indelible photos of people, street scenes and landscapes across the Middle East and Asia. He even retraced the steps of Venetian explorer Marco Polo and simulated life in the 13th century through his lens for one magazine-cover-worthy assignment (and subsequent book). Yamashita has published 10 photographic books, won innumerable awards, been featured in dozens of exhibits around the world and amassed a bevy of scrapbooks filled with his iconic images. It’s our privilege to share a collection of pictures from his impressive vault, sure to inspire a new generation of shutterbugs.

50 TSG.fw19.Art.indd 50

9/4/19 1:42 PM


In an image by photographer Michael Yamashita, Gandze monks study at a nunnery from scriptures hand-made in Derge Parkhang, one of Tibet’s cultural treasures.


| 51

TSG.fw19.Art.indd 51

9/4/19 9:10 AM


TSG.fw19.Art.indd 52

9/4/19 1:43 PM

This page: Monks are unperturbed by a snowstorm outside the Labrang Monastery in China and await the start of morning prayers by exhibiting kshanti, or patience and forbearance, a highly regarded practice in Buddhism. Located in the Gansu Province in China, the Labrang Monastery was founded in 1709. Opposite page: A child sits on the Wakhan Corridor, a narrow strip of land in Afghanistan that extends to China.


| 53

TSG.fw19.Art.indd 53

9/5/19 5:22 PM


This page: Tibetan harvesters arrive in the market town of Sêrxü in China’s Sichuan Province on a motorcycle paid for with the profits from their lucrative trade of yartsa gunbu. Yartsa gunbu, called caterpillar fungus in English, is the priciest fungus in the world and has been called the “Viagra of the Himalayas.” Opposite page: Photographer Yamashita traveled through numerous Chinese villages that Marco Polo saw on his historic journey, including Tiznot, where women still wear traditional red garments.

54 TSG.fw19.Art.indd 54

9/5/19 5:23 PM


| 55

TSG.fw19.Art.indd 55

9/4/19 9:11 AM

| WOODBURY MENS SHOP 56 TSG.fw19.food.indd 56

9/4/19 1:44 PM


The stew of Mexico

Bowls of tasty posole are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike. By Donna Rolando


propelled posole on a journey beyond its homeland to growing popularity in the States, at restaurants in LA, Houston and San Diego, for example—and perhaps soon an eatery near you. Just what is this dish that more and more Americans are putting on their culinary radar? The word originates with Nahuati, the language spoken by the Aztecs of pre-Hispanic Mexico, and may mean hominy (referring to the shelled, dried corn that is the star of this recipe). The large hominy kernels (cacahuazintle) are soaked (usually in water with lime) until they puff up; your taste buds can anticipate a chewy texture that smacks of corn tortilla. Other featured players are generally braised pork (for which chicken can be substituted—or, for a vegetarian dish, beans) and garlic. So get your stockpot or track down a restaurant that serves posole, and discover why it’s becoming so popular in

the U.S. Chefs love how this recipe, with its humble foundation, is just right for customization. And talk about variety! Among its many versions, posole comes in red, green and white—the colors of the Mexican flag. You won’t find any red or green salsas in the white version, while green can include tomatillo, cilantros or even jalapeños, and red relies more heavily on chiles like ancho. Then there’s the wide choice of toppings—everything from finely chopped onions, lettuce and radishes to avocado and lime—teamed up with tasty tostadas and crema. It should perhaps be mentioned that the corn so basic to this stew had sacred significance to the Aztecs, who believed the gods made humans out of corn-meal dough. But there’s no need to dig that deep to discover why this is a cherished taste sensation. Feel free to experiment! After all, that’s what posole is all about.

While meat, peppers and other spices may vary, every bowl of posole is made with hominy—shelled, dried corn.


ike treasured heirlooms handed down through generations, some recipes are prized for their constancy; chefs— even the home variety—follow them to the letter as though any change might break the culinary spell. (What would Grandma say?) But others are born with a wild streak, just begging for creativity. Posole, Mexico’s national stew (or is it more of a soup?), is the second kind—simple, yet so appetizing it’s a favorite on special occasions such as New Year’s and Christmas. (Don’t be surprised, though, to see it pop up on ordinary days as well, because why wait?) Indeed, this robust recipe originating from native Mexican tribes has the right stuff to warm up body and soul in the winter and still be a hit in the summer sunshine—it knows no bounds. It’s that anything-goes-spirit—no two bowls are ever the same—that has

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The Verdicchio we didn’t know


Once typecast as plebeian and fish-friendly, this varietal now shows unsuspected depth and versatility. By Josh Sens Just as it’s unwise to judge a book by its cover, so is it unfair to judge a wine by its bottle. Consider the verdict on Verdicchio. For decades in the United States, the light, bright Italian white was widely associated with the glass container it frequently arrived in: a green, fish-shaped bottle, replete with fins and scales, a cork implanted in its gaping mouth. The bottle was unmistakable, and it inspired assumptions. Consumers came to expect a pale-colored wine, high in acidity but low in nuance, with little about it that would stand in the way of the seafood with which it was most often served. As a general rule, their assumptions weren’t wrong. Like wicker-bottle chianti, fishbottle Verdicchio was deemed an emblematic old-world-style table wine—inexpensive, easy-drinking, uncomplex. Not that there was anything wrong with that. But it also wasn’t all that Verdicchio could be. “We knew that Verdicchio was capable of being so much more,” says Gianluca Garofoli of Garofoli winery in Italy. “But it had reached the point where the bottle was more famous than the wine inside.” As a fifth-generation vintner in Le Marche (pronounced luh marKAY)—the eastern Italian region,

near the Adriatic Sea, that doubles as ground zero for Verdicchio production—Garofoli understood the roots of the varietal’s reputation. The name stems from “verde,” the Italian word for green, and true to its billing, most of the Verdicchio on the export market was bottled and consumed while it was young and green. It was wine for the people—not wine for sophisticates. Never was Verdicchio allowed to age. The Garofoli family envisioned something else. Verdicchio, they realized, was a varietal of vast, untapped potential. Its fruit could ripen quickly and give rise to subtle, structured wines that could age beautifully in the barrel and the bottle. Verdicchio could be much more than its dated stereotype— so long as you treated it respectfully. In pursuit of their goal, the Garofolis began fine-tuning their approach. They modified their farming practices, pruning vineyards to reduce yields and selecting only the choicest clones. At the same time, they began to experiment with aging techniques. In 1981, the family broke starkly with convention, becoming the first major Verdicchio producer to abandon the green, fish-shaped amphora in favor of a Bordeaux-style bottle—a new look for a wine that was not the same-old Verdicchio. In 1986, the Garofolis

released their first Verdicchio “classico,” a lovely demonstration of the grape’s great promise. But the bigger watershed came in 1991, when the family unveiled Podium, an old-vine Verdicchio that was striking from the get-go but all the more remarkable as it matured. “This is a Verdicchio that can age 10, 12, 15 years or even more,” Garofoli says. “It demonstrates how flexibile and sophisticated the varietal really is. We think of it as something like the Italian Chablis.” In the years since, the Garofolis’ influence has rippled across the Marche, part of a growing wave that has helped elevate the profile of the region’s signature grape. The results are further evident in the work of such producers as Umani Ronchi and Villa Bucci, whose beautiful releases are a celebration of the varietal’s diverse strengths. Showcasing the bright, refreshing notes that have long made Verdicchio foodfriendly, they are also wines of elegant body and intriguing flavor that grow only more compelling over time. “The truth is, Verdicchio can be many things,” Garofoli says. “It’s still a wonderful table wine, good for everyday drinking. But it’s a lot more than the wine you might think you know, poured from a bottle shaped like a fish.”

Opposite page, clockwise from top: The Marche region in eastern Italy has produced Verdicchio wine grapes for centuries; producers like Villa Bucci celebrate Verdicchio’s strengths, including an elegant body and intriguing flavor; the Garofolis of the Garofoli winery: Gianfranco, Carlo, Beatrice, Gianluca and Caterina; most of the Verdicchio on the market was bottled when the grape was young and green; Umani Ronchi’s CaSal di Serra pairs well with seafood; by pruning vineyards and reducing the number of grapes, vintners like the Garofolis can select the best of the harvest.

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TASTING NOTES Garofoli 2016 Podium Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, $26 A lush, golden color, with honeyed notes that give way to refreshing hints of ripe stone fruit. It’s delicious with salmon and halibut, but also a worthy pairing with grilled pork or roast chicken. 2016 Umani Ronchi CaSal di Serra Verdicchio di Jesi Classico Superiore, $16 Medium-bodied, with a pleasing texture and sweet notes of cherry and nectarine. Try with fried calamari or garlicky shrimp. Bucci 2016 Verdicchio Classico dei Castelli di Jesi, $23 A full-bodied wine with a straw-yellow hue and perky flavors of apples and bitter almond. Enjoy with a pasta or shellfish risotto. 2016 Montecappone, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Ergo, $62 Smooth, delicate notes of almonds, peaches and apricots. Pair it with rich seafood such as salmon or halibut, but it also marries nicely with a roast pork loin.

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‘Charm City’ charmer

Baltimore’s coziest luxe hotel, the Ivy, part of the Relais & Châteaux “family,” feels homey in a way that home itself can’t quite match. By Rita Guarna




ell friends you’re spending a weekend in Baltimore and they may wonder why you’re visiting the poor cousin of “richer” New York, Philly or D.C. But this historic city is full of delights for the visitor. And if you hang your hat at The Ivy Hotel, you’ll feel like you’re visiting wealthy kin of your own. The only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Maryland, this restored 1890s red-brick brownstone stands proud in the historic Mount Vernon neighborhood and strikes the perfect balance when it comes to service: impeccable, yet discreet. Think of this as a relative’s country “house” in the city. There is no check-in desk. Instead, a driver (yes, we were met and whisked to the hotel) drops you off at the entrance, where we were escorted through a small lower lobby into the elevator and up to the conservatory. There Simon, one of two concierges on call during our stay, greeted us and offered a glass of champagne and a tour of the property. (“Yes, please!”—on both counts.) In the conservatory we were regaled with tales of the place. A beautifully restored piano, for example, belonged to the heirs of the original owners and is often used. From there, we ambled past the mansion bar, where guests are encouraged to pour their own classic cocktails (there are recipe books there too, should you need inspiration), then into the tea room, library and game room. The home—er, hotel—is full of antique furnishings, including an 1880s billiards table, Tiffany glass windows and vintage books in several nooks with oversize armchairs. A beautiful 1930s globe caught my attention, and it was only the promise of high tea that lured me away. Comfy velour couches, roaring fires and floor-to-ceiling

murals invited us to relax. And relax we did. Here it’s easy to revive the endangered art of conversation while munching on finger sandwiches and scones. When I remarked to my companion that no one in the room appeared to be glued to his or her phone, one of the servers nearby smiled and said, “There’s no IT at high tea.” Indeed. Sated, we climbed to the third floor to check out our suite—No. 9. The hotel offers 18 guest quarters: nine suites and nine rooms, ranging from 285 square feet to 985, each with a fireplace, an oversized bathroom and a one-of-a-kind armoire-cum-mini bar, designed by local art students. Our room featured a four-poster bed, a heated limestone floor in the bathroom, double vanities and a giant soaking tub. Everything in the mini bar, including local beers, wine and snacks (Old Bay chips, anyone?) is included in the hotel’s rate. So are afternoon tea, internet, on-demand movies, car service (within city limits) and breakfast. It would have been easy to settle in and simply relax with a good book or two or three, but “Charm City” awaited. And did you know that in the mid19th century this—not Philadelphia, Boston or Chicago—was America’s second-largest city? Given the reputation of Baltimore (“Bawlmer,” if you speak the local dialect) as an important old-time port town, we decided to set sail on a boat tour courtesy of Art’s Cruises. Viewing the Inner Harbor from the waterside was fun, and we caught glimpses of Fort McHenry (where Francis Scott Key penned “The Star-Spangled Banner”), the U.S.S. Constellation and the somewhat cheesy characters aboard a ship flying pirate flags. We opted to skip the National

Aquarium, one of the largest in the U.S., and instead, once back on land, visited the Baltimore Museum of Art. It houses the world’s largest collection of Matisse works in a public museum and a contemporary sculpture garden amid three landscaped acres. Back “home,” we joined a group at a champagne soiree, the champagne paired with its classic 19th century companion: oysters. Executive Chef Mark Levy, a Briton formerly at the helm of the five-star The Point in the Adirondacks, yearned to keep his oysters ice-cold and wanted them passed around like other hors d’oeuvres. One member of his creative team fashioned a leather and steel contraption, and the roaming oyster bar was born, with a young man, Devon, shucking while chatting up guests. Speaking of food, Levy serves up a varied menu for guests and locals alike at Magdalena, the hotel’s 75-seat bistro. Here you’ll find something for everyone: mac-and-cheese fritters for the ironic highbrow, a saddle of Colorado lamb and a caviar service for the hungry masses. There’s a nod to local fare with oysters, crabs (of course), cod and rockfish. We sat outside in a beautiful backyard courtyard, but other options included the wine cellar (the restaurant has an extensive wine and whiskey list), the treasury in the home’s former vault and an upper area with small booths. Unlike dinner, breakfast is a guests-only affair, and it’s grand. Choose a made-to-order omelet or more elaborate eggs Benedict, waffles or the signature lemon soufflé pancakes. (They’re to die for.) With full bellies and promises to return, we bade concierge James a fond farewell as he summoned our driver. If only visiting real family could be like this.

Opposite page, clockwise from top: Suite Seven at The Ivy Hotel includes mirrored closet doors, a living room, two fireplaces and a bathroom with dual vanities, soaking tub and separate shower; original skylights, carved wood wainscoting and stained glass windows highlight the building’s three-story grand staircase; choose any seat in the living room, library or conservatory for afternoon tea; local seafood is abundant at Magdalena, the hotel’s 75-seat restaurant; visitors can enjoy morning coffee and evening cocktails in the inviting courtyard; guests are given concierge services and a personal driver.

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A LOOK AT FALL It’s time for a wardrobe refresh, but where do you begin? Woodbury Mens Shop’s style experts share their insights on what’s in store for fall. Read about their favorite pieces, then visit the store and chat with them in person. They have tons of experience and love to make shopping fun and pain-free! JIM FOLEY I’m excited about our product mix this season. We have brought in some amazing new sportswear collections that fit many of our guys’ casual lifestyles. These beautifully washed fabrics make them so unique and comfortable—cashmere sweaters, hoodies, shirts, jeans, pants and outerwear. The washing process makes them so luxurious and sporty.

AMIR MORADI I like wearing vests for both casual and dressy occasions. A pair of jeans becomes more complete when accessorized with a vest and sport shirt. Likewise, a sportcoat with a vest becomes a more current fashion statement.

HILARY EARLY For me, fall is all about layering. With all of our beautiful knitwear, it is so hard to choose which pieces to wear. Pairing an Inis Meáin sweater under a Waterville outerwear vest with jeans is a sharp weekend look. You can layer a cashmere sweater or vest under your sportcoat for a rich, business casual look when you’re going to the office.

TIMOTHY NOLAN Fall is all about texture. Tweed fabrics and lofty cashmere knitwear are always so cozy, especially with chilly weather on its way. I love the fun suede-and-knit combination on our casual Gran Sasso sweater jacket. It is perfect with a pair of jeans for the weekend.

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MARC H. FENSTER Transitional dressing is in. Men are more aware of the sportswear look and are dressing accordingly. For example, more sportcoats and casual pants are being worn as business attire. After work, it’s easy to change into a pair of jeans and a knit top to complement the sportcoat. It’s more common to see men in business meetings looking welldressed but more comfortable. The relaxed attitude in dressing reflects the lifestyle of today.

EDDIE MANNIX Trussini continues to be my “go to” garment for both off-the-rack and made-to-measure. I find that it has the best fit today—contemporary and classic at the same time. And its selection of gorgeous fabric is second to none.

RICH O’BOYLE We put a great deal of thought into ensuring that our sportswear and business attire complement each other. Depending on your dress code at work and your plans on the weekend, you can mix and match your outfits. You’ll be able to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

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Face Time

Acne isn’t just for teens—or women. Here’s how to clear up your complexion and get on with your life. By Haley Longman


We all expect to get wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines as we age—it’s just a fact of life. But many guys long past adolescence have to deal with pesky pimples too. According to a study published in the Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology, about 40 percent of men have “adult acne,” with many middle-aged men among them. That could be partly because men’s skin is biologically different from women’s—thanks to higher levels of testosterone, it’s about 20 percent thicker, with more collagen, larger hair follicles and more production of sebum (an oily substance secreted by the glands), which can lead to breakouts. Sometimes the culprit is more surface-level, though: Did you know a dirty razor or a bacteria-harboring hat or helmet could cause pimples? The easiest way to keep breakouts under control is by establishing a baseline skincare regimen—and sticking to it. Over-the-counter acne products targeted toward men are less creamy and oily than women’s varieties, as dudes usually have enough sebum as is. But almost all acne products, regardless of gender, contain either benzoyl peroxide, which kills acne-causing bacteria and removes excess oil, and/or salicylic acid, which unclogs pores. Invest in a gentle, acne-fighting face wash, and wash your face morning and night (but not more often than that). Then, using a cotton ball, apply toner to your T-Zone (the area of your forehead, nose, mouth and chin)—the best are those that contain witch hazel, a natural astringent that reduces redness and inflammation. Finish things off with a thin layer of moisturizer (since guys’ skin is already pretty well hydrated), and exfoliate with a scrub no more than twice a week to remove blackheads and dead skin. If sporadic breakouts are your problem and you want to tackle zits one at a time, add spot treatments containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid into the equation. If none of the above is working, see a dermatologist, who can prescribe prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid or retinoids, which help to regulate cell growth and stop acne over time. The bottom line? Though skin composition and acne products vary between the sexes, the rules are the same for men and women: Consistency is key when it comes to preventing and treating blemishes. And, oh yeah, no picking or popping, please!


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Select ONE of the four offers. Offer valid only for purchases through November 15th, 2019. Discount level is determined by the pre-tax sale subtotal. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Not valid for purchase of gift certificates. Not valid for previous purchases. Limit one coupon per household. Not transferable.

Select ONE of the four offers. Offer valid only for purchases through November 15th, 2019. Discount level is determined by the pre-tax sale subtotal. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Not valid for purchase of gift certificates. Not valid for previous purchases. Limit one coupon per household. Not transferable.

Select ONE of the four offers. Offer valid only for purchases through November 15th, 2019. Discount level is determined by the pre-tax sale subtotal. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Not valid for purchase of gift certificates. Not valid for previous purchases. Limit one coupon per household. Not transferable.

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