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Food for Body and Soul

May 2024
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Contents MAY 2024 IN EVERY ISSUE 4 Editor’s Note 6 Around Town NEWS AND HAPPENINGS 10 Home Front GET ORGANIZED! 12 Town Update WHAT MAKES WAXHAW SPECIAL? 28 Pet Corner MANAGE SEASONAL ALLERGIES 30 Dining Guide WHERE TO EAT OUT 32 Book Nook WHERE TO READ THIS SUMMER 20 6 10 16 ON THE COVER Martha and John Fisichello, owners of Mario’s Italian Restaurant and John’s Place in Matthews. PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL BOSKOVICH 24 FEATURES 16 Food for Body and Soul Owned by Martha and John Fisichello, two local dining hotspots have earned a special place in the hearts of locals. 20 Cars, Coffee and Community When the brew is hot and the hoods are popped, the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers are ready to mingle. 24 A Legal Team for Tough Journeys The experts at Rech Law help clients through some of life’s most challenging transitions. 28 2 | WAXHAW

Cork & Ale is a place to commemorate historical Waxhaw while looking ahead to its vibrant future. Located across from Waxhaw’s historic bridge and train tracks, our interesting history does not stop at our doorstep, as we are in the first building to serve alcohol in Waxhaw.

Come see us and you’ll find an extensive collection of hand-selected fine wines by the glass and bottle, a craft beer bottle-shop and taproom, and delicious dishes, from small plates to entrées. Our best kept secret is a delicious, thoughtful menu, but our best feature is an amazing team.

We take pride in treating every guest as a valued member of our family. We offer online sales with delivery and curbside pickup with payment as well.

(704) 256-7757 | 113 E North Main St, Waxhaw | www.corkale.com

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the second issue of Waxhaw! This month, we get to meet the cars and people behind one of Waxhaw’s favorite nonprofit carenthusiast groups, Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers.

We also get to know the team at Rech Law and find out more about Mario’s Italian Restaurant!

It’s time to get organized with Jenifer Shaw and learn about how to manage seasonal allergies for your pets. And don’t forget to decide which team you are on, Team Water Tank or Team Water Tower!

Summer may not technically start until June 20, but in the South, we know that we can’t argue with Mother Nature. It’s time to break out your shorts, settle into the shade, and find your new favorite place to read Waxhaw magazine in Waxhaw!

See y’all next month,


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Around Town


The Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department proudly welcomes Chief Kevin Rigoli to its ranks. A true local, Chief Rigoli spent his formative years in Mineral Springs. Although both of his parents were involved with the Mineral Springs Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, Chief Rigoli never envisioned himself following in their footsteps. Following his Army service, however, he found himself drawn to public safety, initially joining Monroe Public Safety as both a police officer and firefighter.

As the department evolved, he shifted his focus solely to firefighting. With two decades of dedicated service to the City of Monroe and an additional nine years as the Union County fire marshal, Chief Rigoli brings nearly three decades of invaluable experience to his new role.


On Saturday, April 13, the Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department and its mutual aid partner the Mineral Springs Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department teamed up for a live fire training session in Monroe.

“I was very pleased with how the teams performed at the exercise,” Chief Kevin Rigoli says. “It’s like a dance. We are partners and need to know how to not step on each other’s toes so we can move flawlessly during actual emergencies. And we know training like this works because we see it in action on our shared calls.”

At the training, each crew took turns conducting its “evolution,” a term in firefighting denoting a uniform sequence of practiced steps to instill predictability during emergencies. Similar training occurs approximately four times a year, allowing the department to rehearse alongside other partners, including the towns of Wesley Chapel, Jackson and Indian Land, South Carolina.

Top: Crews from Waxhaw and Mineral Springs debrief and discuss the evolution that was just run. Bottom left: Crew from Waxhaw switching positions and getting ready to make a run. Bottom right: Crew from Mineral Springs approaching the front door for their next evolution.


The Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department has unveiled plans for a new fire station located on Waxhaw Creek Road. Expected to open its doors in 2026, this facility will significantly enhance coverage in the south Waxhaw area. Currently, the department boasts a team comprised of around 14 full-time career firefighters, 35 part-time firefighters and approximately 25 volunteer firefighters, including emergency medical technicians, auxiliary support members and junior members. If you’re interested in becoming part of this dynamic team, please explore opportunities on the WFD’s website at www.waxhawvfd.org.


Is it the “water tank” or the “water tower”? Locals tend to be on the side of “tank” and the lawyers and historic registry on the side of “tower.”

But there’s no debate over how important the landmark is to the Town of Waxhaw. Locals always know they’re close to home when they see the structure with “Waxhaw, NC” proudly emblazoned on it.

Built in 1940 for $7,337 by the Taylor Water Works of Macon, Georgia, the tank was in use until the new ground-mounted tanks were built on Sims Road. In 2011, the Town of Waxhaw gained ownership of the structure and fully refurbished it.

Currently, the open space around the water tank is also the site of Waxhaw’s Community Corner, with festivals, races and much more happening in its shadow. More information about the tank and the community corner can be found at www.waxhaw.com.

MAY 2024 | 7
Firefighters from Waxhaw and Mineral Springs in front of Engine 180

Around Town


New ways to learn, play and get fit are here.

So far, it’s been an excellent year for Waxhaw, with three exciting additions to this vibrant community.

The March 8 opening of the Town of Waxhaw’s Recreation Barn at 5412 Waxhaw-Marvin Rd., a hub for educational classes, recreation programs, community events and more, marked a momentous occasion. The ribbon-cutting was attended by Mayor Robert Murray III, town commissioners and the Parks and Recreation Department, including its director, Dena Sabinske.

Equally noteworthy was the debut of the Union County Library’s Southwest Regional Library at 1515 Cuthbertson Rd. Affectionately dubbed SWRL (pronounced “swirl”), the library boasts approximately 19,000 square feet and enhances library services in Waxhaw with features like a drive-up book drop and AV-capable meeting rooms.

Anticipation is mounting for the inauguration of the Town of Waxhaw’s Downtown Park at 301 Givens St., with its 9.9-acre expanse, interactive educational stream, amphitheater, performance spaces and picnic areas. Stay tuned to www.waxhaw.com for updates on the opening ceremony.

Top: Recreation Barn ribbon cutting. Middle: Southwest Regional Library Bottom: Downtown Park.


4 Steps to an Organized Closet

Transform your getting-dressed routine from stressed to serene.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, a cluttered closet can add chaos and unnecessary stress. However, with a well-executed organization plan, you can transform your wardrobe space into a sanctuary of order and efficiency.

From strategic sorting to meticulous organizing, here’s your path to tackling closet clutter and achieving a streamlined and functional wardrobe. The key is to start small, stay focused and celebrate your progress along the way.


Plan the Project.

Embarking on a closet organization project can seem daunting, so make a plan. Begin by determining which area of your closet requires organization the most. Prioritize based on your daily routine

and the areas causing the most stress. Design a personalized organizational project that will optimize storage for efficient ease of use. Consider layout options and measure to estimate the quantity and type of organizing items needed.



Set Priorities.

Sorting through your wardrobe is a crucial step in the organization process. Evaluate each item to determine its true usefulness to you. Separate items based on their destination:

• Remain in the closet

• Relocate to another area

• Gift or donate to others

• Recycle

• Throw out.


Create an Efficient Layout. Once sorting is complete, organize your items using appropriate tools and vessels to enhance both effectiveness and visual appeal. Utilize hanging, folding and rolling techniques to optimize space and accessibility. Create a detailed plan for placement, prioritizing frequently used items and grouping similar items together for easy access.


Adjust as Necessary. Review the completed project to ensure that every detail of the plan has been executed and that your organizational goals have been met. Make any adjustments needed to maximize functionality and satisfaction with the organized space. Create a list of any additional items needed or replacements required.

Embarking on a closet organization project may seem overwhelming at first, but with careful planning and execution, you can achieve a space that is both functional and visually appealing. You can transform your closet into a streamlined oasis that simplifies your life, reduces stress and allows you to enjoy a sense of calm and control in your daily routine. Say goodbye to wardrobe woes and hello to a closet that works for you!

As a seasoned professional organizer, Jenifer Shaw brings more than 30 years of experience decluttering and maximizing space to help individuals achieve organized living.


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When preparing to sell my home, what can I do to maximize its value?

AWhen listing your home to sell in our competitive market, having beautiful interior spaces is not enough. Curb appeal is often overlooked and neglected. I say to clients, “A home should catch a buyer’s eye from the curb, or you’ll rarely get them through the front door to see the rest.”

Improving your homes curb appeal can add as much as 3-4 percent to the value of your listing. It will also attract more potential buyers and hopefully bring multiple offers!

Below are a few simple tasks to consider when preparing to list your home. For a complete to-do list, including my favorite hardy plants and shrubs for our 8a zone, get the free Curb Appeal Guide through my Instagram bio link @LeslieAnneHome.

1. Pressure wash under the porch area and eaves.

2. Pressure wash and bleach sidewalks and driveways.

3. Clean windows.

4. Touch-up paint any exterior areas that have scratches or chips.

5. Reinforce or replace rotten wood on porches or decks.

6. Replace outdoor corroded lighting.

7. Paint shutters and front door if faded.

8. Remove dead and overgrown shrubs. We’re so lucky to enjoy three full seasons of outdoor living, so play up what people love about life in the Carolinas!

As a seasoned Realtor and interior designer specializing in creating dream homes, I bring a unique blend of expertise to clients. Striving to transform your vision into reality, my approach goes beyond mere property transactions; I curate spaces that resonate with your lifestyle.

Let’s embark on your HOME journey together!

For more real estate and interior design tips, follow me on Instagram @leslieannehome.

Email: Leslie@LeslieAnneHome.com Phone: 704-219-3774

ASK THE EXPERT Uncover the Essence of
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Hello from Downtown Waxhaw!

Hello there! We are Ashley Nowell and Alara Baltmiskis, the team behind Downtown Waxhaw. We work closely with businesses, town staff and dedicated volunteers who share

our passion for promoting and celebrating what makes Downtown Waxhaw so special!

We are thrilled to be part of Waxhaw magazine and

share the amazing things happening in downtown each month. This month, we want to highlight our unique preservation program that adds to the charm and character of downtown.

Waxhaw is part of a group of collaborative leaders from around the country that strengthen communities through preservation-based economic development—Main Street America. For more than 40 years, Main Street communities have preserved historic districts across the U.S., have created more than 700,000 jobs and generated more than $100 billion in local investment.

In 2022, Waxhaw reimagined its Main Street program and created a nonprofit organization to assist in promoting and preserving the district. We started three new committees—Design, Promotional Activities and Economic Vitality—to provide a holistic approach to preserving the district. The Downtown Waxhaw Association Board consists of nine members, including representatives from the Town of Waxhaw, downtown

residents, downtown business owners and community volunteers. Our mission is to be the leading resource for preserving, promoting and connecting the past, present and future of Downtown Waxhaw.

Our board and volunteers are working on several exciting projects right now! A new mural is underway in partnership with the town’s Public Art Committee. A new downtown website will be launched this year, and our downtown newsletter is growing in subscribers.

Want to get involved and learn more? Scan the QR Code below and you’ll get updates every few weeks from us about projects and volunteer opportunities.

We can’t wait to see you in Downtown Waxhaw!

How our organization is promoting and celebrating what makes Waxhaw special Ashley Nowell and Alara Baltmiskis, the team behind Downtown Waxhaw!
CANNOLI Holy COFFEE & ITALIAN SPECIALTIES Reach To advertise in Waxhaw, contact Dave Johnson: 315-527-3577 or David.Johnson@wainscotmedia.com. THOUSANDS of homes in Waxhaw with your business message. 704.443.7151 waxhawdowntownpawz@gmail.com 116 E South Main Street Waxhaw, NC 28173 Steve & Angela Gulizio Follow us on social media! FI waxhawdowntownpawz.com Pet Supply Retail Store 704.443.7151 waxhawdowntownpawz@gmail.com 116 E South Main Street Waxhaw, NC 28173 Steve & Angela Gulizio Follow us on social media! FI waxhawdowntownpawz.com Pet Supply Retail Store 308 N Church St, Waxhaw, NC 28173 (704) 256-1161 | www.jebenacafewaxhaw.com Your Gateway to Ethiopian Coffee Culture!

Food for

Body and Soul

Owned by Martha and John Fisichello, two local dining hotspots have earned a special place in the hearts of locals.

The limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic made business unsustainable for many restaurants. But the opposite proved true for Mario’s Italian Restaurant and John’s Place in Matthews. When they got the okay to reopen after being closed for weeks, “We weren’t sure what we were going to do,” says Martha Fisichello, who with her husband, John, has owned the restaurants for 38 years. They decided that the drive-up window would become their conduit to the community.

“We shifted our staff to the kitchen for takeout, and the customers started rolling by,” Martha says. “The line for the pick-up window seemed neverending—it was out of the parking lot

and into the street. People kept coming! And we were blessed with generous tips that helped us fulfill payroll, with some customers even giving us two to three times the total food bill! The community and patrons refused to let us not make it.”

Two Dining Experiences

Under the dedicated stewardship of the Fisichellos, Mario’s Italian Restaurant and John’s Place have become more than just restaurants. These establishments have earned a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. They offer not only exceptional food but also a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like coming home.

When you pull up, you’ll find Mario’s to the right and John’s to the left. Mario’s has a family-friendly ambiance, inviting guests of all ages to savor delicious meals in a welcoming setting.

On the other side, John’s Place offers a more intimate atmosphere, perfect for date nights, lively girls’ or boys’ nights out and other adult gatherings. To maintain this ambiance, guests must be 16 years or older to dine in the bar area at John’s Place. “Our aim was to provide a space where adults could unwind, socialize with loved ones and enjoy an evening free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” explains Barry Steiger, relationship development and marketing manager for the restaurants.

MAY 2024 | 17

The two restaurants offer a range of meal options. Chef Craig Gillenwalters and his team have ample room to unleash their culinary creativity in the expansive 4,400-square-foot kitchen, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology. With a menu boasting more than 140 items, they embrace innovation and change, constantly introducing new specials and seasonal offerings to tantalize the taste buds of their guests. This dynamic approach ensures that there’s always something exciting to discover on the menus.

For guests with gluten sensitivities, a dedicated gluten-free pasta and pizza menu is available. All surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned to minimize the risk of cross-contamination between gluten and gluten-free foods. “Our staff is welltrained to deal with allergies, particularly for individuals with nut allergies or celiac disease, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining

experience,” Gillenwalters explains.

Vegetarian diners will find a plethora of enticing options on the menu, thoughtfully crafted to showcase the vibrant flavors of fresh produce and ingredients. Guests can speak directly with the knowledgeable staff or even the chefs to tell them about any special requests or dietary concerns. This direct line of communication ensures that each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail.

Service and More

Good as the food and location are, neither would matter without the right staff. The restaurants’ leadership team has implemented an extensive training process for employees, ensuring excellent service as well as providing hundreds of young adults with opportunities to learn and excel in the restaurant industry.

Personal relationships are key to

staff success. “Here is our home,” says Paula Smith, an expert bartender at John’s Place since August 2015, whose son has also worked at Mario’s. “Some may leave, but many return since the leadership team is amazing and actually cares about the employees.” Not only has Chef Gillenwalters had a long-standing connection with John since the early 1980s, but he also is married to John’s sister. General Manager Dave Spinelli has been a loyal member of the team for many years.

In addition to providing great service, the restaurant’s management is committed to enhancing the guest experience in every possible way. They recently installed charging stations for electric vehicles, providing fast, convenient and cost-effective charging. They’ve also created a call-ahead drive-up window, ensuring seamless service for those on the go.

For those who dine at the restaurant, the

John and Martha Fisichello in one of their restaurants, John’s Place.


2945 Matthews Weddington Rd. (Chestnut Arbors Shopping Center) www.eatmariospizza.com 704-847-4884

outdoor seating area features heaters and fans for year-round comfort. Guests can relax with a drink and enjoy amenities that include a cornhole setup, bocce court and picturesque green leaf wall backdrop.

As the sun sets on another bustling day at Mario’s Italian Restaurant and John’s Place, the Fisichellos reflect on the journey of the past 38 years with profound gratitude. Through every culinary creation, every warm smile and every cherished memory made within these walls, their community has become not just patrons, but an extended family.

“When you sit and think about it, it’s hard to believe we’re still here,” John says. “But the people made us believe, and we wouldn’t be here without them. We truly can’t thank the community enough.”

MAY 2024 | 19

Cars, Coffee and Community

When the brew is hot and the hoods are popped, the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers are ready to mingle.

The Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers are a group of car enthusiasts who get together regularly to chat about cars and more. On the second Sunday of each month, they meet from 7 to 9:30 a.m. in the parking lot of Harris Teeter and Dunkin’ Donuts at the corner of Providence Road and Kensington Road.

The vehicles gathered can range from modern models like the Tesla Cybertruck to a Ford Model A, one of the first cars produced on an assembly line. No car is turned away if the owner is willing to chat about it.

And boy, do these car lovers love to chat! With row after row

of cars with their hoods popped and drivers ready to show off, the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers’ meetups are always enlightening.

Starting Their Engines

The group was founded in 2019 by auto enthusiast CJ Dietzman. The first meet was posted online; six people attended.

Dietzman eventually created the Facebook group Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers, which currently has almost 6,000 members. Dietzman worked hard to make sure that the group stayed open to all, with no restriction on brand/ type/class of car while focusing on the community.

MAY 2024 | 21
Top left, from left: Ben Allen, Lisa Brady and Sam Allen with Sam’s ‘58 Austin-Healey. Top right: Sandeep Berry and her son Oliver joke about whose turn it is to drive! Middle left: Dee Dee Davis imported her Nissan Figaro from Japan and recently added the rotating windup key on the trunk. Middle right: Warren Sileo poses with his 2014 Ford Mustang GT California Special that is one of 14 total painted in the color ”Gotta Have It Green.” Bottom left: Chuck Grant, from Waxhaw, has a reproduction 1962 Corvette that’s been fully customized with modern components. “My car only has five miles on it!” he says. “It’s a garage hobby for me.” Bottom right: Brodie and Dana Levadnuk of Weddington joined Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers after they bought their Z01 Camaro convertible.


Ted Pettit, founder and owner of Dynamic Auto Tune, is a proud sponsor of the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers. Dynamic Auto Tune is the premier European service and repair dealership alternative in Charlotte. Pettit also fields an ALS racing car driven by Amanda “AJ” Campo, who has been driving for Dynamic Auto Tune for approximately two years. “My family in New York were all into racing cars, and I like being faster than the boys!” Campo says.

Fiona Swaenepoel of Top Flite Insurance Agency is a car enthusiast herself and a sponsor of Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers. “I love to meet new people and see their cool cars,” she says. “I especially love getting out to see what’s going on in my backyard!”

Other sponsors include Advance Auto Parts, Elite Pros Window Tinting, Monte Carlo Garage Suites, Carolina’s Finest Detailing and many more.

Top: Steve Myers in the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers information tent. Bottom: Myers of Tour DeLux Rally, one of the new stewards of the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers, poses with some of his rally vehicles.
Above: AJ Campo (left) is the driver of the ALS rally car sponsored by Tom Pettit (right) of Dynamic Auto Tune.

Handing Over the Keys

Early this year, Dietzman sold the group to Steve Koss and Steve Myers of Tour DeLux Rally (TDR), a nonprofit created to promote charities while building a community of like-minded individuals.

TDR organizes multiday vehicle rallies throughout the Southeast to raise funds for charities such as Shriners Hospitals for Children, Wigs for Cancer and Torch Run for the Special Olympics.

Koss and Myers had been members of the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers for the past two years and were eager to step up to leadership. The new owners say they don’t have any plans to change the meets or the club itself and are instead focusing on growing the group and expanding support for charities.

Who’s Behind the Wheel?

Warren Sileo of Waxhaw, an original Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers member, is the proud owner of a 2014 Ford Mustang GT California Special, #736 out of a build of 1,419 convertibles and #1 of 14 in “Gotta Have it Green,” a group of fans of green Mustangs. “It’s fun to see so many different vehicles and styles,” Sileo says. “It’s not an awards show, it’s just a ‘come out and support the community’ meetup, and it’s great!”

Brodie and Dana Levadnuk of Weddington have been members of the group for six months. “We have a convertible Z01 Camaro that we love to drive,” Brodie says. “After we bought the car, we joined the club. We love to hang out and meet people and their dogs.”

Dee Dee Davis comes out to Waxhaw from Fort Mill for the Coffee Cruisers. She drives her Nissan Figaro, one of only 20,000 made in Japan in 1991. “I imported it from Japan, and I’ve owned it for two years,” Davis says. “I like to call it my ‘ice cream car’ since that is primarily what I drive it for!” Davis acquired the Figaro windup key recently. “I saw it in another car forum, and I had to have it. It just arrived from Japan.”

Sam Allen and his wife, Phyliss, own a 1958 AustinHealey in the coveted Austin-Healey blue. Waxhaw residents Sam and Phyliss enjoy meeting up with family at Coffee Cruisers events and looking at all the different types of cars.

Steve Green loves to bring his 2012 Challenger to the meets because “I love the Sunday morning vibes!”

A member since the club started, Green looks forward each month to seeing who will show up for the meet.

Sandeep Berry of Matthews has a 1930 Ford Model A that she uses daily, even for school runs for her son Oliver. Oliver has dreams of it becoming his car when he is old enough.

Jennifer and Ed Brady have a 2022 Mach 1 Mustang. “This car never sees the rain,” says Ed Brady, “but we are up to 8,000 miles!”

Join the Club

The Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers prides itself on being an inclusive community that warmly welcomes all vehicle enthusiasts, whether the vehicle in question is a car, truck, Jeep or motorcycle. The group strives to create an environment where individuals can celebrate their shared love for vehicles while making a positive impact on the local community. The monthly meets are free, and everyone is encouraged to join in the group’s events and activities throughout the year. Learn more at www.waxhawcoffeecruisers.com.

MAY 2024 | 23

A Legal Team for Tough Journeys

The experts at Rech Law help clients through some of life’s most challenging transitions.

Few people want to be in an attorney’s office, but unfortunate family circumstances—such as domestic abuse, separation, divorce and custody issues— can send them there.

Since 2010, Rech Law, P.C. has been providing residents of the Charlotte area with compassionate legal representation for family law issues as well as estate planning through its team of dedicated lawyers.

“Rech Law’s legal team has an indepth understanding of North Carolina family law and can effectively navigate our clients throughout every stage of

the legal process,” says Katie Gilbert, a board-certified family law specialist and partner at Rech Law. “Our goal is to help clients make sound decisions about their futures and the futures of their loved ones, while we protect their rights and fight for their best interests.”

With offices in Charlotte, Monroe and Cornelius, Rech Law can effectively navigate legal journeys for a wide range of North Carolina residents. Direct collaboration with attorneys ensures a personalized and deeply invested approach to each case. “We want our clients to know that they are valued

and heard and that our team is here to advocate for them through their case,” says Gilbert.

“Hands down, the most rewarding thing is seeing a parent reunited with a child they haven’t seen in a long time,” she says. “Second to that is watching a client grow throughout the process. Clients usually come to us in their most vulnerable state, at one of the lowest times in their lives, and it’s such a magnificent thing to watch the transformation into a stronger person. Hopefully, we play a positive part in that journey. “


Meet the Union County Team

Situated at the corner of Franklin and Beasley in downtown Monroe, Rech Law’s Union County office is only two blocks away from the Union County Judicial Center, the site of its clients’ cases. The office is attractive and airy, with tall ceilings and a calming atmosphere.

Gilbert, who works out of the Union County office, has been practicing law since 2006. She says she was drawn to Rech Law because of its commitment to putting clients first. “Plus, Rech Law was young, modern and fresh, and really spoke to me as a ‘new’ way to practice law,” she says.

Attorney Kenya Glover, Esq. is originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Though she received her undergraduate degree in Salisbury, she was eager to come back to the Charlotte area. She chose Rech Law because of the work/life balance the firm offered her. “In law, the work can be draining, but having an employer who cares goes a long way. Rech Law is nurturing and supportive, and they want to be the best for their clients,” Glover says. “They help us grow in our careers by encouraging us to learn about new areas of law and continuing our education.”

Caroline Johnson, legal administrative assistant, only recently joined the team but has already fallen head over heels for the group. “You wouldn’t think a law office would be dynamic and collaborative, but it really is with a great team of young attorneys!” she says.

MAY 2024 | 25
Opposite page: The Rech Law team. This page, top: Katie Gilbert, partner and boardcertified specialist in family law, a vital member of the Rech Law Union team. Middle: Caroline Johnson, Rech Law Union’s legal administrative assistant, is ready to help clients upon arrival. Bottom: attorney Kenya Glover in front of Monroe’s iconic Union County Judicial Center.

Learning to Take Control

The first legal steps to take control of your life can be scary and overwhelming. “When a potential client calls Rech Law, they can expect empathy, information and thoughtful guidance,” Gilbert says. “We understand that the first steps are often the most difficult, so it’s important to us that prospective clients feel reassured from the very beginning of the process. We lead with quality.” Rech Law’s well-versed staff will provide seamless support from intake to scheduling a consultation and beyond. “Our team recognizes the importance of having someone by your side during this process, and we are there with our clients every step

of the way,” says Gilbert. “Time and again, our clients praise us for our communication, transparency and responsiveness.”

In addition to hands-on support, Rech Law provides divorce workshops for anyone who is about to separate, has recently separated or is already in the court process. The firm’s website provides resources including links to family law forms, North Carolina statues and enforcement, and aids to understanding the court system.

A monthly blog provides basic explanations of topics such as grounds for support, creating a living trust and how to protect your retirement in a “gray” divorce.

“Rech Law prides itself on being

a strong advocate for our clients, utilizing open and effective communication, being approachable and having a strong work ethic,” says Gilbert. “We believe in being there and being strong for our clients when they may feel like they are at an all-time low or in a place of unfamiliar territory. We truly have the best interests of our clients at heart, and this is reflected in our ability to keep clients in the know at all times. We feel as though our reviews and client testimonials certainly speak to the quality of our attorneys and staff, and we always strive to reach the highest caliber of customer service.”


UNION OFFICE: Rech Law, 200 E. Franklin St. Monroe, NC 28112 704-220-6807

MAIN OFFICE: 1819 Charlotte Dr., Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28203 704-332-7270

CORNELIUS OFFICE: 18125 W. Catawba Ave. Cornelius, NC 28031 704-972-8155

Information is always available at www.RechLaw.com.

Top: The office of Rech Law Union is located at the intersection of Franklin and Beasley in Monroe, North Carolina. Bottom: Rech Law’s waiting area has comfortable seating and entertainment amenities for clients.
Right: The serene foyer of Rech Law Union provides a tranquil space to relax before a meeting.

How to Manage Seasonal Allergies

Follow these tips to minimize the impact of spring and summer allergies on your pet.

For furry family members, spring can mark the start of seasonal allergies, leading to a host of symptoms that affect their quality of life. Unlike humans, who experience respiratory symptoms, dogs and cats show allergy symptoms primarily through their skin. You may notice excessive scratching, biting or licking their skin; hives; itchy ears; and some eye discharge. These are signs that your beloved companion might be dealing with allergies to the weeds, grass and tree pollens that are prevalent this time of year.

Take Action Early

Recognizing these signs early is crucial for managing your pet’s comfort and health. If you notice any unusual behavior or symptoms such as those described above, it’s essential to consult your veterinarian. They can

confirm whether these are indeed symptoms of allergies and recommend the best course of action.

Management of seasonal allergies in pets often involves a combination of strategies. These can include regular baths to remove allergens from the fur, special diets to boost skin health and possibly medication prescribed by your vet to alleviate symptoms. Overthe-counter remedies should only be used under veterinary guidance to ensure they are safe and effective for your pet.

Additionally, simple practices like wiping your pet’s paws and coat after outdoor activities can minimize the amount of pollen they bring indoors, reducing exposure and symptoms. By being proactive and attentive to the signs of allergies, you can help ensure your furry friends enjoy this beautiful season as much as you do.


Meet Friendly Fillmore

Fillmore, or, as he is known around the shelter, “Mr. Gorgeous,” is a longhaired, black-and-brown, 8-monthold boy who is ready for his forever home. He was recently neutered, his vaccinations are up to date, he has been combo tested-negative and is in good health. A playful, loyal cat who loves attention, Fillmore will make a great companion for an individual or a family. Contact Animals First Rescue of the Carolinas on Facebook or call 704-256-0014 for more information on adopting this beautiful boy.

Dr. Susan Bonilla, MS, CVA, CCRP, CACP, owns Passionate Paws Animal Hospital in Waxhaw and Weddington/ Matthews. She and her team have been providing fear-free medical care and grooming since 2016. Visit www.PassionatePawsAnimalHospital.com to learn more.


Where to Eat Out in Waxhaw


Maxwell’s Tavern

112 E. South Main St., Waxhaw (704) 843-2773

Modern American Food at the foot of the Waxhaw Pedestrian Bridge. Make sure to check out the rotating burger and the fried pickles! www.maxwellstavern.com

Mary O’Neill’s Irish Pub

116 W. North Main St., Waxhaw (704) 256-7800

Home of a great pint and hearty cuisine served in an atmosphere that feels like home. www.maryoneills.com

Emmet’s Social Table

401 E. South Main St., Waxhaw (704) 233-7813

Located in an early 19th century former Cotton Mill, Emmet’s Social Table offers small plates, or American-style tapas concept, designed for guests to share multiple rounds of food and flavor experiences. www.emmetsnc.com

Cork & Ale

113 E. North Main St., Waxhaw (704) 256-7757

A wine bar, taproom, and restaurant featuring live music on the back patio and Meet the Winemaker dinners and tastings. www.corkale.com

Capricci’s True Italian

109 W. South Main St., Waxhaw (704) 256-5521

Fresh local ingredients, classic family recipes, and Northern Italian-style delicacies www.capriccistrueitalian.com

Gréco Fresh Grille

201 W. South Main St., Suite G, Waxhaw (704) 256-5006

At Gréco Fresh Grille, the goal is to serve the best Greek and Mediterranean food with a friendly smile. www.grecofreshgrille.com

Queen’s South 1201 N. Broome St., Waxhaw (704) 256-4626

Family-friendly sports bar and grill featuring New York-style thin-crust pizza, burgers, wings and Italian specialties from Queens, New York. www.queenssouth.com

Bistro D’Antonio

3909 Providence Rd. S., Waxhaw (704) 243-0633

Italian-inspired cuisine dished up in a warm and relaxed dining room with oldworld touches. www.bdantonio.com

Provisions Waxhaw

107 West S. Main St., Waxhaw (704) 256-3642

Breakfast and lunch cooked to order seven days a week. Provisions also sells personal care items, candies, fresh dairy and eggs, quality spices, local gifts and many other unique items made or grown by more than 75 local farmers and producers. www.provisionswaxhaw.com

Stacks Kitchen

1315 N. Broome St., Waxhaw (704) 243-2024

Homey restaurant supplying heaping plates of American comfort food for breakfast & lunch. www.stackskitchen.com

Blue Door Deli

202 West N. Main St., Waxhaw (704) 256-1159

Breakfast, lunch and dinner with New York-style bagels, soft serve, and more. www.bluedoordeli.com

Maxwell’s Tavern
Mary O’Neill’s Fish & Chips

Vera’s Kitchen

203 N. Broome St., Suite D, Waxhaw (704) 627-4001

Family-style restaurant serving American and Mexican cuisine, with breakfast all day. www.veraskitchenwaxhaw.com

Fox’s Pizza

407 E. South Main St, Waxhaw (704) 843-1439

Laid-back chain serving specialty pizzas in varied sizes, plus sandwiches, salads and sides. www.carolinafoxs.com


Mingfu Chinese & Sushi

8139 Kensington Dr., Waxhaw (704) 843-1006

Chinese food, sushi, sashimi and more, including take-out party trays. www.facebook.com/ mingfuwaxhaw

Asian Grill

3913 Providence Rd. S., Waxhaw (704) 843-5888

Fresh food with a visually striking and mouthwatering presentation. www.asiangrillnc.com


El Vallarta Mexican Restaurant

1201 N. Broome St., Waxhaw (704) 243-3929

Family-owned and communityfocused restaurant offering an array of Mexican specialties. www.waxhaw. elvallartabarandgrillnc.com

Hacienda El Rey

3901 Providence Rd. S., Ste A, Waxhaw (704) 256-9024

Mexican dishes assembled from the freshest ingredients, with bold and inspiring flavors. www.haciendaelrey.com

Adela’s Mexican Kitchen

701 W. South Main St., Waxhaw (704) 256-1203

Unforgettable dishes from different regions of Mexico plus Adela’s own distinctive recipes. www.adelasmexicankitchen.com


Mario’s Italian Restaurant & John’s Place 2945 Matthews Weddington Rd, Matthews (704)-847-4884



Virtuoso Breadworks

205 Salem St., Waxhaw (704) 256-3753

Artisan bread and pastry with a twist of Virtuoso Breadworks’ signature flavor, along with espresso, drip coffee, iced chai and naturally sugared soda. www.virtuosobreadworks.com

Crossroads Coffee

112 N. Broome St., Waxhaw (704) 843-5667

Freshly roasted coffee and baked treats. www.roasterunderground.com

Sospreso Coffee

107 W. South Main St., Waxhaw (828) 329-2396

Located inside Provisions Waxhaw, Sospreso sources outstanding single-origin and estate-grown specialty coffees from all over the world. www.sospesocoffee.com

Waxhaw Creamery

109 E. North Main St., Waxhaw (704) 843-7927

Homemade ice cream and Italian ices made daily. www.facebook.com/ waxhawcreamery

Holy Cannoli

201 W. South Main St., # A, Waxhaw (704) 256-1818

Coffee, cannoli, tiramisu and more. www.facebook.com/ holycannoliwaxhaw

Burney’s Sweets & More

116 E. South Main St., Ste C, Waxhaw (980) 224-3537

Full-service bakery specializing in glazed croissants with up to 12 different fillings. www.burneyssweetsandmore.com

Jebena Cafe

308 N Church St, Waxhaw (704) 256-1161

Offering coffee, tea and blended drinks along with fresh pastries and sandwiches. www.jebenacafewaxhaw.com


Tony Cin’s NY Style Pizza www.tonycinthepizzaking. com/#4

Follow on Facebook: @Tony Cin the Pizza King

Cork and Ale Wine Tasting Capricci’s True Italian Roasted Chicken Pizza
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Mario’s Italian Restaurant & John’s Place Patio

Where to Read This Summer

Looking for a change of scenery? Check out our favorite spots to enjoy your latest page-turner.

Sometimes where you’re reading is almost as important as what you’re reading. Below, we’ve gathered our favorite places to relax with a book.


Dare Steele Garden, at the intersection of South Providence Street and McKibben Street. Waxhaw’s smallest park offers park benches surrounded by flowers and historic homes. Park in the Downtown Waxhaw business district.


The Garden at Waxhaw Woman’s Club, 200 East South Main St. Tucked between the Waxhaw Women’s Club and its parking lot is a beautiful little garden surrounded by a black wrought iron fence. When the gate is open, the community is welcome to step inside.

Crossroads Coffee, 112 North Broom St. This local coffee roaster has seating inside and out where you can relax with your favorite hot or cold beverage and a book.

Provisions Waxhaw, just south of the tracks at 107 West South Main Street. Sospreso Coffee Roasters will satisfy your caffeine needs while the counter at Provisions offers pastries, quiches and full breakfast and lunch options. Indoor and outdoor seating options are available.

Jebena Café Waxhaw, 308 North Church St.

This brand-new café, which serves delicious coffee and offers breakfast, lunch and artisanal pastries, invites you to make yourself at home. Perfect for book lovers.

Under the Waxhaw water tank, at the intersection of Highway 16 and North Main Street. Sit in the shade of the water tank at the picnic tables or in the Adirondack chairs and borrow a book from the free little library if you need one.

Cane Creek Park, located just south of Waxhaw at 5213 Harkey Rd. This North Carolina State Park has shaded walking trails and picnic tables next to Cane Creek Lake. Along with a book, bring a picnic and your walking shoes.


By Amee Odem, MLIS, MA, Senior Librarian for Reference & Information Services, Union County Library

May is Older Adults Month. To mark it, I suggest you consider “Get It Together: Organize Your Records

So Your Family Won’t Have To.” This book provides a system for putting your important records in order, including insurance policies, passwords, the title to your car, deeds, your advanced healthcare directive, your will and more.

The book was published by Nolo, a well-respected publisher created by legal aid lawyers that provides materials about various legal topics for the layperson. The Union County Library has a wide range of Nolo books available.

If you live, work or study in Union County, you qualify for a free Union County Library card. We have lots of fun and educational events for all ages. Learn about them at www.uclnc.libnet.info/events. We can’t wait to see you!

“ Their expertise served me well.”

Last year, I faced the ba le of my life. A er months of su ering from debilitating headaches a rare cyst was found in my brain. The headaches were so bad I was losing my eyesight. The experts at Novant Health used an innovative technique, called “neuro navigation” to remove the cyst. Thank you, Novant Health, for truly life-saving care.


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