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Physical Therapist Jennie Murray
June 2024
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Cork & Ale is a place to commemorate historical Waxhaw while looking ahead to its vibrant future. Located across from Waxhaw’s historic bridge and train tracks, our interesting history does not stop at our doorstep, as we are in the first building to serve alcohol in Waxhaw.

Come see us and you’ll find an extensive collection of hand-selected fine wines by the glass and bottle, a craft beer bottle-shop and taproom, and delicious dishes, from small plates to entrées. Our best kept secret is a delicious, thoughtful menu, but our best feature is an amazing team.

We take pride in treating every guest as a valued member of our family. We offer online sales with delivery and curbside pickup with payment as well.

(704) 256-7757 | 113 E North Main St, Waxhaw | www.corkale.com
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Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

Hey y’all! The cicadas are finally quieting down, and schools are on summer break. As we head into the wild blue summer here in North Carolina, we encourage everyone to make the time to get outside and explore everything Waxhaw has to offer.

And that’s quite a lot! The Downtown Park is now officially open with an incredible interactive stream offering a chance to cool your feet. The Carolina Thread Trail will get you moving, including the thrill of traversing a suspension bridge at the North Carolina and South Carolina border.

This month, we also get a chance to chat with Jennie Murray, a local physical therapist who is passionate about keeping our community healthy and pain-free. Chef Paul is here to take pressure off your plate this summer and allow you to have incredible homemade food while hosting your soirée. We’re also excited to share tips to keep your child focused during the summer, as well as many other ways to make the most of the season. Go ahead—get outside and enjoy all the pleasures of the Waxhaw area. We’ll see you out and about!

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Ready for Anything: Train Derailment Drill

On May 17, the Town of Waxhaw Department Heads and Law Enforcement, alongside County partners including Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department, Atrium Health and Union County EMS, participated in a comprehensive emergency management training exercise. This event, facilitated by Union County Emergency Services, simulated a train derailment disaster.

A catastrophic scenario like this would require seamless coordination among various agencies to disseminate critical aid and information to the public effectively.

Throughout the exercise, the Town of Waxhaw adhered closely to its Emergency Operations Plan, which outlines specific roles and responsibilities so that each participating entity understands its function during a crisis. The Union County Emergency Services team orchestrated the overall coordination.

During the exercise, real-time challenges were presented, such as managing public information dissemination, coordinating rescue efforts and delivering medical care under pressure. The process allowed each agency to test its response strategies and

make necessary adjustments.

Training exercises like these are crucial for future emergency operations. They offer a controlled environment to identify potential plan gaps and improve interagency coordination. Regular practice ensures that all involved parties are prepared for emergencies, leading to quicker, more effective responses that can save lives and minimize damage. The Town of Waxhaw’s commitment to such preparedness demonstrates a proactive approach to community safety and resilience.


WHAT’S NEW Around Town



This large two-story barn with a projecting gable at the peak, also known as the W. H. Collins & Sons Stables, is located at 121 South Broome Street. The barn has a tin roof over widely spaced wood rafters and the walls are also covered with corrugated metal panels.

Mulebarn Mercantile was built in 1930 for William Henry Collins, who used the building for his horse, mule and cattle trading business. Collins operated the business until the early 1950s with his son John, who became an expert in training horses. According to local historian Harry Y. Gamble, the stable was a popular place for farmers, or anyone interested in horses. It was also a gathering place for the town’s leading checker players. After the Collins estate sold the building in 1956, subsequent owners used the structure for an auto repair garage, pool room and welding shop, and ultimately for storage.

In 2015, the building was purchased by Mark Collins Hernig, great-grandson to W. H. Collins and grandson to John Collins. Mark meticulously restored the barn, and it is now home to an 1880’s broom-making shop, a working blacksmith shop and various antiques and artisan works. Learn more www.storymaps.argis.com and www. mulebarnmercantile.com.



Thursday, July 4, 10 a.m.

Join the Town of Waxhaw as we mark July 4th with our annual Independence Day Celebration parade! Watch as floats, bands and horses trot down the streets of Downtown Waxhaw!


Live Music at the new Downtown Park Amphitheater in Waxhaw!

June 21, 7 to 9 p.m. | Glen Shelton

July 26, 7 to 9 p.m. | Arial View

August 6, 7 to 9 p.m. | Run Katie Run


Enjoy some tunes in downtown Waxhaw under the Water Tower!

July 12, 7 to 9 p.m. Off the Record

August 2, 7 to 9 p.m. TTW Band

JUNE 2024 | 7

Tracy Tripp with one of her most successful students, Owen. After working with EFCSA, Owen adopted the executive function skills that worked for him. As a result of implementing these strategies he has received a coveted invitation to be part of the prestigious BETA Club, a national youth organization focused on academic achievement, character, leadership and service.


Brain-Boosting Summer Fun

These strategies can set your child up for success in school and life.

Summer is here and a break from the rigors of school is very welcome. The pressure of meeting deadlines, doing well on tests and getting homework in on time is in the rearview mirror. Congratulations, kids and parents, you made it!

Much of family time during the next 10 weeks will be spent around pools, beaches, playdates and fun. However, there’s a level of mental effort—developing thought, focus and organization processes—that can also take place during summer fun and help set students up for success in their academic future.

The ability to focus for long periods of time is one of the major benchmarks of intelligence and it can be learned. I train people to develop these skill sets through what’s called “executive functioning behavior modification.”

A long title to be sure, but a few steps in this direction can provide lifelong enhancements in achieving all the goals a person sets.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the terms: Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and juggle multiple tasks

successfully. Like an air traffic control system at a busy airport, the brain uses these skills to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses.

These skills rely on three types of brain function: working memory, mental flexibility and self-control.

Keeping Kids Engaged

When I work with families during the summer, we identify the wants and needs of children and parents as the first step. Then we establish goals with benchmarks, such as learning specific skills or completing a pre-reading assignment.

Having benchmarks keeps children engaged and motivated. To help them absorb content through different methods, it’s important to vary tasks, such as including reading, interacting with others and collaborative discussions. You can also incorporate kinetic (related to motion) activities, like walking while reciting times tables.

Engagement should be tailored to the child’s interests. Reading aloud, discussing topics like stars or spaceships, and participating in library activities can keep children interested.

I have found that students are naturally curious and work best together while solving problems that relate to their everyday lives. For instance, I like to help kids through horse care, learning to sail a boat, or simply working on projects or building things with other kids to create responsibility and decision-making skills. These activities are also fun! For older students, prereading textbooks and engaging with related content before the school year begins can enhance preparedness and success. This approach spans all core subjects and extracurricular activities.

A Plan That Works

Ultimately, academic success is accomplished with a solid set of executive function skills. Working memory, mental flexibility and self-control can all be improved with patience and practice. Identifying which skills are needed and incorporating them into a daily program can lead to success.

Designing a summer program can provide a structured course of action that anyone can implement. I am happy to discuss with any family how to design a simple and effective practice for the summer tailored to your goals.

Tracy Tripp is the Owner and Director of Success of EFCSA (Executive Function & Coaching Skills Academy) in Charlotte. Phone: 980-833-5574. She has been helping students learn for almost 30 years, including designing the new “Biotechnology Lab” in the science department at Charlotte Catholic High School.

JUNE 2024 | 9

Shop Local This Summer

How our organization is promoting and celebrating what makes Waxhaw special

Downtown Waxhaw is gearing up to celebrate Independent (Indie) Retail Month during the month of July! This annual celebration highlights the contributions of locally owned retailers to our economy and encourages residents to shop local. Did you know we have 120 locally owned businesses in Downtown Waxhaw? We’re excited to showcase what makes our downtown district unique and special.

Indie Retail Month reminds us all why local businesses matter. Small businesses foster a sense of identity, promote entrepreneurship and contribute to the economy. They create jobs and keep money local. An average of $0.68 of every dollar spent at a locally owned business is reinvested locally.

Keep Waxhaw Vibrant

Shopping at local businesses helps to directly support neighborhoods and maintain the charm and vibrance of Waxhaw. Your spending creates a ripple effect that has a positive impact on the local economy, job growth and our community character.

We encourage you to shop and support local all summer! Grab a bite to eat at one of our great restaurants. Enjoy a night out at a local bar or pub. Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of several spots in Downtown Waxhaw. You’ll also find unique shops and boutiques that are wonderful places to pick out a great gift for a friend—or yourself!

Indie Retail Month will take place

throughout July. Be sure to follow Downtown Waxhaw’s social media pages (@downtownwaxhaw) for all the latest news. Use the QR code below to sign up for our newsletter for more information on how to support local businesses all summer long.

Downtown Pawz Funki Monki The Vintage Room
CANNOLI Holy COFFEE & ITALIAN SPECIALTIES Reach To advertise in Waxhaw, contact Dave Johnson: 315-527-3577 or David.Johnson@wainscotmedia.com. THOUSANDS of homes in Waxhaw with your business message. 704.443.7151 waxhawdowntownpawz@gmail.com 116 E South Main Street Waxhaw, NC 28173 Steve & Angela Gulizio Follow us on social media! FI waxhawdowntownpawz.com Pet Supply Retail Store 704.443.7151 waxhawdowntownpawz@gmail.com 116 E South Main Street Waxhaw, NC 28173 Steve & Angela Gulizio Follow us on social media! FI waxhawdowntownpawz.com Pet Supply Retail Store 308 N Church St, Waxhaw, NC 28173 (704) 256-1161 | www.jebenacafewaxhaw.com Your Gateway to Ethiopian Coffee Culture!

Fresh-Made Favorites

This month: a bar and grill that serves up burgers, pizzas, Italian specialties and its own special vibe.


At Queens South Bar & Grill, there are three distinct dining areas: the bar area with high tops, the family-friendly dining room and the covered outside patio. After being seated, you are presen-

ted with a large (but not overwhelming) menu and the daily specials. Queens South serves wine, beer, mixed drinks and sodas. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu.

For an appetizer, the Texas White Wings are crispy, spicy delights that are a perfect mix of tender boneless chicken, cheese and jalapenos, all wrapped in crispy bacon and tossed in buffalo sauce. The Fried Burrata stuffed with pesto offers a hot, melty contrast to the crisp greens dressed in red wine vinaigrette and marinara sauce, elevating the typical fried cheese experience.

Moving on to the entrees, the French Onion Soup Burger is a standout. Imagine a French dip and French onion soup combined in burger form, featuring well-caramelized onions and a short-rib blend patty on an onion soup-dipped bun. The accompanying fries are excellent, and the option of sweet potato fries sprinkled with cinnamon sugar adds a special twist.

The Steak and Burrata Salad is another highlight, with rare skirt steak, creamy burrata cheese, crisp romaine, balsamic tomatoes, red onions, roasted peppers and croutons —all balanced perfectly with tangy balsamic dressing. The side of meatballs showcases great texture and a delicious red sauce and are so tender they almost melt in your mouth.

For dessert, the zeppoles are a treat not to be missed—fresh, hot, and generously coated in powdered sugar, reminiscent of beignets. The cannoli, with its crisp shell and rich ricotta filling accented by chocolate chips and a hint of lemon, provides a perfect end to a satisfying meal. Every item is made in-house, ensuring nothing feels commercially prepared and adding to the overall charm and authenticity of the dining experience.



Queens South Bar & Grill: The Details

Queens South Bar & Grill was opened about six years ago by Donna and Chuck Zeilfelder. The name is a nod to Queens, New York, where they grew up, and to the Queen City, Charlotte.

“We use family recipes and import some of our ingredients from New York to keep it authentic,” Donna says. “We have indoor and outdoor seating and can accommodate parties of all sizes.“

Queens South offers great weekly specials including BOGO Burgers on Tuesday (dine-in only—to-go is Buy One, Get One Half Off), $2 slices and Mingo on Thursday, Fish and Chips on Friday, Wing Specials on Saturday, and brunch with Bloody Marys and karaoke on Sunday. Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates to specials and events: www.facebook.com/ QueensSouthWaxhaw

Queens South is located at 1201 N Broome St., Waxhaw. Find more information at www.queenssouth.com.

Opposite page: Fried Burrata appetizer. Above left: Steak and Burrata Salad. Right: French Onion Burger
JUNE 2024 | 13
Donna and Chuck Zeilfelder, owners of Queens South Bar & Grill.

Goodbye to Pain

At Jennie Murray Physical Therapy, patients learn how to move freely again.

“I believe in treating the entire person, not just the immediate area of pain,” says Jennie Murray, DPT, owner of Jennie Murray Physical Therapy in downtown Waxhaw. “With this approach, I can uncover the underlying causes of dysfunction and prevent future injuries.”

That holistic perspective is why her office is designed to be a calming and serene environment. Murray’s extensive training (she has both a master’s and a doctorate in physical

therapy), combined with her personal passion, make her practice profoundly impactful.

“My goal is to provide optimal quality care that leads to faster recovery, helping patients return to an active, pain-free life,” Murray says.

Michelly Ferreira, for one, can vouch for Murray’s approach.

As an accountant, Ferreira often found herself hunching over a computer and stressing her body in non-ergonomic ways.

Ferreira consulted Murray

because of persistent pain in her neck and they worked together to make a detailed plan for treatment, including home exercises and posture suggestions—a special interest of Murray’s.

“One patient called me ‘the posture police,’ and I fully embrace that title,” she says with a smile. “In our world of phones, computers, and long car rides, postural dysfunction causes many problems.” Ferreira reports she is now pain-free.

PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL BOSKO Jennie Murray works with Michelly Ferreira to address her concerns.
JUNE 2024 | 15


Jennie Murray holds a Master’s degree and doctorate in physical therapy from the University of California San Francisco and has been practicing since 2004. Her extensive training includes joint mobilization, nerve gliding, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular relaxation training, myofascial decompression, pelvic floor rehab and kinesiology taping.

For those in Waxhaw and surrounding areas, her practice offers a path to recovery and a return to an active, pain-free life.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 704-243-8488, visit www.jenniemurraypt.com or email jenniemurraypt@gmail.com.

Jennie Murray Physical Therapy is located at 616 North Broome Street in Waxhaw.

A Personalized Process

For new patients, Murray offers a comprehensive 90-minute initial evaluation session. “The first thing I do is listen,” she says. “Many patients feel unheard and rushed in the medical system. I take as much time as needed to ask all relevant questions and gather important details that guide successful treatment.”

The thorough history-taking is followed by a detailed biomechanical evaluation to identify the root causes of dysfunction.

“During the first visit, patients receive hands-on treatment to mobilize and release areas of stiffness,” Murray says. “They are also educated about their condition and given specific exercises to perform at home. After the visit, I email illustrated exercise programs and links to relevant equipment or educational videos.”

Subsequent sessions are equally personalized, with one-on-one care lasting 50 to 60 minutes, or longer if needed. Treatments include various forms of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and neuromuscular reeducation aimed at reducing pain and improving strength, mobility and function.

Because stress plays a significant role in physical health, Murray also educates her

patients on stress management, breathing techniques, and meditation.

A close partnership between patient and therapist is key to successful rehabilitation, Murray believes. To that end, she encourages patients to call or text her between sessions with any questions or concerns, ensuring continuous support throughout their treatment journey. “It’s important for patients to be engaged and follow treatment recommendations for the best possible outcomes,” she says.

Murray does not work with insurance companies. “Today’s insurance system impedes quality patient care,” she explains. “It forces clinicians to see more patients in less time and often dictates what treatments are necessary. By not contracting with insurance companies, I can spend ample time with each patient and provide comprehensive treatment that minimizes the number of sessions needed.”

Murray treats a variety of orthopedic conditions. She often sees patients with degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease, acute and chronic sprains, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, arthritis, scoliosis, chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, nerve entrapments, and balance and vestibular disorders.

Left: The treatment room at Jennie Murray Physical Therapy offers a serene oasis from pain. Above: Jennie Murray Physical Therapy is located at 616 N Broome Street, Suite 103, in Waxhaw.

Supporting Pelvic Floor Health

Murray has special expertise in the health of the pelvic floor—the muscles that support the bladder, bowel and uterus. This interest began about six years ago when she joined a running club for moms.

“It quickly became apparent that many moms in the group were struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction,” she recalls. “They would joke about leaking urine during runs, thinking it was a normal part of having had a baby. I educated them that it’s not normal and encouraged them to seek treatment from a pelvic floor physical therapist.”

When Murray discovered that no one in the area specialized in pelvic floor therapy, she decided to pursue training in this field. “The pelvic floor is crucial for supporting organs, maintaining continence, having intercourse, supporting posture and back structures, and in vaginal delivery during childbirth. I could argue that this is the most crucial area of the body to keep healthy to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” she explains. “Yet many people suffer in silence due to societal taboos and lack of awareness.”

Murray is passionate about revolutionizing postpartum care in the

United States, inspired by practices in countries like France and Australia, where every new mother gets a referral to a pelvic floor therapist. “Childbirth is considered wellness, but it is actually a trauma that needs proper rehabilitation,” she asserts. “Pelvic floor symptoms are very common but not normal. Treatment is available and has a high success rate.” She also dreams of someday providing childcare so mothers can attend appointments without worry.

Looking to the future, Murray envisions opening a wellness center that offers a range of health services under one roof. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop shop for wellness, including physical therapy, nutrition, massage, mental health, acupuncture, chiropractic care and more?” she muses.

In the meantime, Murray continues to encourage people to be mindful of injury prevention, even if they are not currently in pain. Proactive care and early intervention are critical, she says.

“Maybe your muscles are tight, and you want to learn a safe and effective stretching program. Maybe you have a mild symptom and want to nip it in the bud,” she says. Her motto: “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.”

JUNE 2024 | 17
Top: Jennie Murray works with Michelly Ferreira to address her concerns. Middle: Jennie Murray and Michelly Ferreira discuss issues and concerns while looking at an anatomical model. Bottom: Jennie Murray poses with an anatomic model of a pelvis.

Happy Trails!

The Carolina Thread Trail weaves a tapestry of community and nature through two states.

The Carolina Thread Trail is much more than a collection of greenways (paved surface trails) and blueways (water paths). It’s a transformative project that weaves together communities and nature across 15 counties and two states, linking a population of 2.9 million people. With more than

300 miles of trails and 170 miles of blueways open to the public, this initiative, organized by the Catawba Land Conservancy, enhances North Carolina and South Carolina residents’ quality of life while offering a host of recreational, transportation and conservation benefits. Here are just some of them.


Promoting health and wellness. At the heart of the Carolina Thread Trail project is a commitment to supporting active lifestyles and physical health. By providing opportunities for activities like walking, jogging, biking and inline skating, the trail network encourages regular exercise. Research shows that moderate physical activity can significantly improve overall wellbeing, making the trail an essential resource for combating issues like childhood obesity.

Beyond physical health, the trail also nurtures psychological and social well-being. Time spent in nature provides a welcome respite from the demands of daily life and has been linked to reduced stress, improved cognitive function and enhanced mood. Additionally, the trail’s green spaces serve as gathering spots for families and communities, fostering social interaction and strengthening bonds between neighbors.

Protecting the environment. By encouraging alternative forms of transportation like walking and biking, the trail network helps reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality—critical steps in combating climate change. Moreover, the trail’s green corridors serve as natural filters, trapping pollutants and helping to maintain healthy water supplies for both people and wildlife.

Opposite page: A 170-foot suspension bridge spans Twelve Mile Creek, connecting connecting the trail in South Carolina to a segment of trail in North Carolina. This page, top: The Twelve Mile Creek Greenway— Town Of Waxhaw Segment from Millbridge community. Bottom: The Mineral Springs Greenway follows a river with footbridges over the low-lying parts of the path.
JUNE 2024 | 19


Waxhaw is lucky enough to have several threads of the Carolina Thread Trail running through the community.

The most popular is the Twelve Mile Creek Greenway-Town of Waxhaw Segment, which is connected to the Twelve Mile Creek TrailWalnut Creek Park Segment by a 170-foot suspension bridge. This bridge crosses Twelve Mile Creek and the border between South Carolina and North Carolina. The hike should be done in good walking shoes since it changes elevation rapidly with rocks and roots on the path. Park and enter from H.C. Nesbit Park in North Carolina or in the Walnut Creek Park in South Carolina, for a hike that measures 5.1 miles one way.

Mineral Springs Greenway is about a mile west of Waxhaw on Highway 75. Access the parking lot off McNeely Rd to enjoy the 1.8-mile one-way hike. Be aware that Mineral Springs also allows equestrians to use the trail. In general, it’s a good idea to greet the horse and rider with a friendly hello to ensure all parties know where the other parties are! This path also has roots, rocks and other trail hazards, so good footwear is important.

Other local greenways include the Waxhaw Greenway, Andrew Jackson State Park Trail, and the Cane Creek Park Trail Trail maps and details for all the Thread Trails can be found at www.carolinathreadtrailmap.org.

Above left: Carolina Thread Trail sign at Mineral Springs Greenway. Middle: The trailhead to the Mineral Springs Greenway. Right: Entrance sign to the Mineral Springs Greenway on McNeely Rd. Below: The suspension bridge is a popular walking destination for families in Waxhaw. Next page: Laura Morgan and Kyndra Lillian pause under the Carolina Thread Trail sign while enjoying a spring hike

Supporting economic growth. A recent study found that the Carolina Thread Trail generates significant economic benefits each year, including healthcare savings, carbon storage and emissions reductions. These economic gains underscore the importance of investing in green infrastructure to promote public health and economic prosperity.

Building stronger communities. Perhaps the most profound impact of the Carolina Thread Trail is its ability to bring communities together. By creating connections between neighborhoods, schools, and

other community facilities, the trail fosters a sense of shared identity and belonging—a vital component of strong, resilient communities. Through public art, historical recognition and community events, the trail celebrates the unique character of each area it traverses.

Encouraging regional collaboration. The Carolina Thread Trail serves as a model for regional collaboration, bringing together diverse communities around a common goal. By encouraging partnerships among counties, municipalities and community organizations, the trail promotes a shared vision for

regional development and sustainability—a vision that benefits residents now and will do so for generations to come.

At the forefront of the Carolina Thread Trail is the Catawba Lands Conservancy (CLC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to land conservation and connecting people with nature.

Working in partnership with local organizations and stakeholders, CLC has been instrumental in developing and expanding the trail network, ensuring that it remains a valuable resource for the region.

The Carolina Thread Trail is funded through a combination

of private donations and public support, with grants awarded to local communities for planning, design and construction. This funding model ensures that trail development remains responsive to local needs and priorities, while also promoting collaboration and partnership among stakeholders.

As the Carolina Thread Trail continues to grow, its impact on the region will only increase. With thousands of acres of land conserved, miles of trails open to the public, and numerous active corridors under development, the trail network is poised to become an ever more integral part of life in the Carolinas.

JUNE 2024 | 21

A Passionate Palate

Private chef Paul Boskovich is a master of the culinary arts.

Around town, the name Paul Boskovich has become synonymous with culinary excellence. As a private chef, Boskovich—affectionately known as “Chef Paul Bosko”— transforms ordinary dining experiences into unforgettable gastronomic adventures.

His culinary artistry has deep roots. “I started cooking as a kid,” Chef Paul recalls. “Even in elementary school, I wanted to make pies and cakes, and cook in general.”

This early fascination blossomed into a full-blown passion. “As a teenager, I became a tornado in the kitchen,” he says with a laugh. “It was all about exploration and creating something delicious.”

His passion continued to evolve, especially after he got married and had children. Hosting and cooking for groups became a regular and cherished activity.

“While I’ve loved food my entire life, I got serious about it 20 years ago” he says. “And in the past three years, it’s become a super serious, artistic and creative pursuit. It’s all about providing a fine dining experience.”

Chef Paul specializes in creating custom menus tailored to the tastes and needs of his clients. For intimate parties of six to 15 people, he creates finely plated, complex food that leaves a lasting impression.

He handles everything for the client—shopping, preparation, cooking and serving—ensuring that the only trace left behind is the delicious taste of his creations. His daughter Jessica, 23, often helps him with plating and cleaning, making it a family affair.

For larger crowds, Chef Paul changes from plated dishes to buffet style, with a variety of methods for satisfying all appetites.

JUNE 2024 | 23
Top: Chef Paul Bosko and his dog, Daisy, enjoy an afternoon on their front porch. Bottom: Chef Paul presents his plated dish!

A Palette of Flavors

When asked about his favorite things to work with, Chef Paul’s enthusiasm is palpable. “It’s usually whatever I’m cooking right now,” he admits. “I’m passionate about all of it, and the next day, it’s different but with the same passion.”

Chef Paul has a particular fondness for proteins and bold, savory flavors. “I’m a big flavor kind of guy,” he says. “I love American and Mediterranean flavors, and lately, I’ve been on a Latin kick. I’ve been making ceviche, coconut-crusted fish tacos and more. Next month, it could be entirely different.”

His cooking is deeply influenced by his travels. “I use Airbnb to find kitchens when I travel. I love exploring local shops and flavors and bringing those food ideas back home with me. I’m known for not recreating dishes the same each time; I like to try new things and experiment with new ingredients.”

Chef Paul’s own favorite meal includes a rack of lamb, wild mushroom risotto, and a Caesar salad, all made from scratch. “That’s my go-to,” he says with a smile.

His most cherished food memories are rooted in his family traditions.

“Boskovich Easter is a big event,” he says. “Since before I was born, it was a family reunion where we would cook whole lambs on a rotisserie, have coleslaw, mostaccioli with red sauce, and Croatian beer. That menu hasn’t changed.”

Christmas meal is a culinary spectacle as well. “Christmas is a whole suckling pig,” he says. “My wife was amazed the first time she saw it—it was a real-life ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ moment.”

This page, top: Chef Paul works on a chimichurri hollandaise sauce. Middle: Fondant potatoes brown on the stovetop before beef stock is added and they are put in the oven to braise. Opposite page: The filet mignon cooked by Chef Paul is a perfect medium rare inside.

A New Beginning

Sixteen years ago, Paul and his wife decided to leave the hustle and bustle of California for a slower, more wholesome life in North Carolina. “We were in mortgage and real estate and needed a hard reset,” he explains. “Charlotte seemed perfect, since friends were already here, and my wife’s family is in the South.”

Since relocating, Chef Paul has continued to grow his culinary business, delighting clients with his bespoke menus and exquisite presentations. While Chef Paul enjoys the personal touch of private dining, he envisions

expanding his horizons. “I don’t see myself opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant,” he says. “Maybe a food truck, but ideally, I’d love to be a traveling private chef on a tropical island.”

His dream includes offering travel catering, much like an experience he had in Turks and Caicos, where he exchanged lodging for culinary services. “Having a private chef allows people to enjoy their parties without the stress of hosting,” he says. “I create custom menus that can be spun in many directions, making each event unique.”

Outside of cooking, Chef Paul is also passionate about fine art photography,

with his works available for sale. He is active on social media, particularly TikTok, where he shares his culinary creations and adventures as “Chef Bosko.” He is always eager to connect with food enthusiasts and potential clients, offering a glimpse into his world of culinary artistry.

Should you have a chance to connect with Chef Paul, be sure to mention Waxhaw Magazine for 20 percent off your dining experience. Whether it’s a perfectly cooked filet or a rich and creamy risotto, each dish is a testament to his lifelong passion and dedication to the culinary arts.

JUNE 2024 | 25


Read It and Win

News, notes and prizes from your local library

Summer Reading (June 10 through August 10) is currently in progress, with the theme “Adventure Begins at Your Library.” Summer Reading is a yearly themed opportunity for library patrons of all ages to celebrate and track reading and program attendance with a chance to win prizes.

One of the most popular aspects of Union County Library (UCL) Summer Reading offerings is the Small Business Passport program, a collaboration between the UCL, the Friends of the Library, and SPCC’s Small Business Center.

Grab a passport at your nearest library location (or participate digitally), complete the passport items, and return it to the library for a chance to win prizes from local Union County businesses valued at up to $200.

Children, teens and adults will find additional chances to win prizes during Summer Reading. Adults who complete the required reading points are entered into a drawing for a grand prize basket (one per UCL location). Items in these baskets are purchased by the Friends of the Library from local Union County businesses. The Friends value the opportunity to shop local.

Visit www.uclnc.org for more details about the Summer Reading program.

The Friends of the Library Book Sale is the closing event of Summer Reading. This year, it will be held at the Main Library in Monroe on August 9 and

August 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Don’t have a library card? For a free Union County Library card, one must live, work or study in the County. Start the card process at uclnc.org or visit your closest library location for assistance. We can’t wait to see you at the library!


July is Independent Retailer Month. Interested in learning more about what it means to be a local business? This Book Nook contributor suggests “Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business” by Paul Jarvis.

From the publisher: “Staying small provides one with the freedom to pursue more meaningful pleasures in life and avoid the headaches that come with traditional growth-oriented business. Having personally discovered the benefits of cutting out the corporate hierarchy that constantly demands more, author Paul Jarvis explains how you can do the same. With this groundbreaking guide, you’ll learn how to set up your shop, determine your desired revenues, deal with unexpected crises, keep your key clients happy and find selffulfillment every step of the way.”


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I want to brighten the living spaces in my home with paint. But there are so many choices, I don’t know where to begin!

AOne of the biggest struggles for my clients is choosing a paint color. Whether they’re building their dream home or painting to sell their home, choosing the right color seems to be an overwhelming challenge for most.

My advice is to start with the LRV number. LRV is the light reflective value given to a paint color. Creating open spaces that feel large and inviting is easier with a color having a high reflective value.

I like LRV numbers in the 70’s and 80’s and have found these colors brighten a space and enhance natural light coming in.

In my Instagram bio @leslieannehome, you’ll find my favorite list of neutral paint colors in the link. Download it for free and reach out with any questions. I love working with paint colors!

As a seasoned Realtor and interior designer specializing in creating dream homes, I bring a unique blend of expertise to clients. Striving to transform your vision into reality, my approach goes beyond mere property transactions; I curate spaces that resonate with your lifestyle. Let’s embark on your HOME journey together!

For more real estate and interior design tips, follow me on Instagram @leslieannehome.

Email: Leslie@LeslieAnneHome.com Phone: 704-219-3774

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   

Prepare Your Pet for a Safe Summer

Just like humans, our furry friends need special care during the warmer months to prevent heat-related hazards. Here are some expert tips from our veterinarians:

Keep pets hydrated. Make sure they always have access to fresh, clean water. Consider investing in a portable water bowl for outings to the park or beach and encourage pets to drink regularly.

Avoid overexertion. Don’t allow strenuous exercise during the hottest parts of the day. Try to take walks when it’s cooler in the early morning or evening.

Ward off fleas and ticks. Warmer weather means an increase in flea and tick activity, so consult your veterinarian about the best prevention products for your pets. Groom pets regularly and inspect them thoroughly after outdoor adventures.

Provide shade and shelter. Whether your companion spends time indoors or outdoors, ensure they have access to shade and shelter from the sun. Don’t leave them in parked cars, as temperatures can quickly soar to dangerous levels.

Know the signs of heat-related illness. Signs of heat exhaustion include excessive panting, lethargy and drooling, and require veterinary attention. Heat stroke is a lifethreatening condition characterized by rapid panting, weakness, vomiting and collapse. In either case, immediately move your pet to a cooler area, offer water and contact your veterinarian or emergency clinic right away.

Dr. Susan Bonilla, MS, CVA, CCRP, CACP, owns Passionate Paws Animal Hospital in Waxhaw and Weddington/Matthews. She and her team have been providing fear-free medical care and grooming since 2016. Visit www.PassionatePawsAnimalHospital.com to learn more.


Solo Sachi

Sachi is a twoyear-old dilute calico. She’s a perfectly sweet cat but she doesn’t really like other cats or dogs, so she would prefer to be your only pet. Sachi is spayed and up to date on vaccines as well as combo-tested negative. The rescue organization will allow a trial adoption to make sure that Sachi is the best fit for you and your family. To meet Sachi, contact Animals First Rescue of the Carolinas at 704-256-0014.

Jubilant Julia

Julia is an Australian Cattle Dog mix who weighs about 50 pounds and is approximately 3 years old. She’s been spayed and is an active girl who loves to camp, hike, play with other pets and then snuggle with her humans at the end of the day. Older children are the best match for her. Julia would love a fenced backyard to play and lounge in but also appreciates some alone time in her crate. To learn more about Julia, visit South Charlotte Dog Rescue at www.southcharlottedogrescue.com.


A Love Letter to Waxhaw

Dear Waxhaw,

There’s just something about this town that feels like a warm hug from an old friend. Whether you’re a newbie trying to find your way around or a seasoned pro who knows every shortcut to zip around traffic, there’s a sense of belonging here that’s hard to beat.

This letter’s dedicated to Waxhaw’s proud crowd and to admiring this cozy nook we call home. We’ve got the picturesque landscapes and the historic buildings that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a Hallmark movie, but it’s you, my friends, who really make Waxhaw shine. From your cheery waves on morning walks to the impromptu BBQs by the firepit that seem to pop up every weekend (does anyone in this town ever use their oven?), there’s always something spicing up the air!

Hop over to the museum and be awed by all the secrets our little town holds. Every street corner has a juicy tale to tell—like that legend of the phantom who haunts the courthouse!

Then there’s the heart of Waxhaw: Main Street, a treasure trove of boutiques, mom-andpop shops, and fragrant food trucks. There’s no shortage of cozy cafes serving up the perfect brew to fuel our days.

During harvest season, our local fields and farmers markets come alive with colorful displays, offering everything from ruby-red strawberries to lime-green apples. How bewitching is it to grab our baskets and pluck farm-to-table right here in Waxhaw?

And much like our local honeybee havens, our downtown days buzz, buzz, buzz with artists and musicians who infuse our streets with seasonal festivities.

Speaking of that beautiful green! Seriously folks, we’re living in a postcard painted with the natural beauty of the Carolina countryside. Whether we’re hiking through scenic trails or chilling by the river with a cold drink in hand, there’s always an adventure waiting just around the corner enlaced with lush flora and birdsong.

What I mean to say is…here’s to you, Waxhaw. Thanks for being the best little town this side of the Mississippi. Cheers to many more laughs, memories and comradely bonfires.


Your neighbor, Joanna Nenczyn


“Perspectives” is a new section of the magazine that was created to allow creative Waxhaw residents to share their work!

This month’s submission is from Joanna Nenczyn. If you would like to share your poetry, photos, drawings or other creative pursuits with the residents of Waxhaw, please reach out to me at tara.botero@waxhawmagazine.com.

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Water Wonderland

Have a great image for Photo Op? Submit your

Kids and adults gather in and around the Downtown Park’s Interactive Natural Wetland Stream during Kaleidoscope Fest in Waxhaw on May 11. The stream, designed and built by Brandon Hobbs of Let It Fly Backyard Living, allows handson water activities for all ages.

high-resolution shot to tara.botero@waxhawmagazine.com.
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When the youngest of my grandchildren was a baby, I couldn’t even hold him. My constant back pain was controlling my life. I couldn’t sit, stand or walk without excruciating pain. Novant Health’s expert spine surgery team repaired the damaged disc and within hours, I was up walking, pain-free. It’s such a joy to be out here, loving my life again.

When the youngest of my grandchildren was a baby, I couldn’t even hold him. My constant back pain was controlling my life. I couldn’t sit, stand or walk without excruciating pain. Novant Health’s expert spine surgery team repaired the damaged disc and within hours, I was up walking, pain-free. It’s such a joy to be out here, loving my life again.

Thank you, Novant Health, for truly life-changing care.

Thank you, Novant Health, for truly life-changing care.



Best surgeons. Amazing nurses. Remarkable care. “A er surgery, nothing can hold me back.” Learn more at NovantHealth.org/Spine © Novant Health, Inc. 2024 5/24 • NH1692264
Best surgeons. Amazing nurses. Remarkable
er surgery, nothing can hold me back.” Learn more at NovantHealth.org/Spine © Novant Health, Inc. 2024 5/24 • NH1692264
care. “A

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