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4 SPRING LAKE Contents APRIL 2024 FEATURES 14 More Than a Place to Borrow Books Events, clubs and lifelong learning opportunities are just some of the resources—in addition to books—on offer at Spring Lake’s library. 18 A Gift to Herself Charlotte Gale—made famous by the New York Times when she bought an island in Maine—shares what her island means to her. 22 Trees: A Local Treasure Both Sea Girt and Spring Lake have volunteer groups dedicated to protecting and propagating local trees for their beauty and environmental value. IN EVERY ISSUE 6 Publisher’s Note 8 Around Town BITE-SIZED UPDATES 10 Book Nook HOMERUN READS 12 Local Tastes LITTLE DOM’S DOWNTOWN DEBUT 28 Give Local BUILDING HOMES AND HOPE 32 Photo Op THE JOY OF WINNING ON THE COVER Spring Lake Public Library staff (left to right): Leslie Skarbek,
Janet Boldt,
and Mary


Tips To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As the winter frost melts away, it’s time to breathe life into your home’s exterior and welcome the vibrant energy of spring. From colorful blooms to charming accents, there are countless ways tospruce up your home’s curb appeal and leave a lasting impression. These expert tips will help you transform your home into a stunning showcase of style.

Statement Door: Make a bold statement with your front door. Opt for a vibrant color, stylish hardware, or an eye-catching wreath to instantly catch the attention of a passerby.

1. Lush Landscaping: Transform your front yard into a coastal oasis with native plants and landscaping features that thrive in sandy, coastal environments. Plant dune grasses, beach roses, and hydrangeas to compliment the natural beauty of our coastline.

2. Updated Lighting: Upgrade your outdoor lighting fixtures to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Illuminate pathways, entryways and architectural features to enhance the overall appeal of your home.

3. Stylish Accents: Incorporate eye-catching accents like decorative house numbers, a stylish mailbox, or chic outdoor furniture to elevate the look of your home’s exterior


4. Clean and Tidy: Don’t underestimate the power of a thorough cleaning. Pressure wash your driveway, sidewalks, and siding, and tidy up debris and clutter to create a prisitne first impression.

Cell: 908-814-1690

Office: 732-867-8617

Website: www.HeatherArcherCoastalNJHomes.com

Location: 1218 3rd Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762

Publisher’s Note

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Spring Lake and Sea Girt community as we celebrate the first anniversary of launching Spring Lake magazine! Throughout this inaugural year, we’ve witnessed the uniqueness and creativity of our residents, the originality of our local businesses, and the beauty of our natural surroundings. From sharing stories of triumph and perseverance to highlighting the hidden gems and local legends within our towns, it has been an honor to help tell them.

We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of our readers, advertisers, contributors, and community partners who have believed in our vision and supported us every step of the way. Your feedback, encouragement, and involvement have been instrumental in shaping the pages of Spring Lake. I look forward to sharing many more stories that we have in the works!

I sincerely hope you enjoy our April edition, with stories on the Spring Lake library, the generous volunteers of the local Shade Tree organizations, and a fun story about the little island in Maine that you may have read about in the New York Times. I thank all those who contributed.

Warm regards,

Spring Lake MAGAZINE

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Elevate Your Home's Style:

Expert Tips For Choosing Exterior House Colors

Transforming your home’s exterior is more than a simple makeover; it’s a chance to elevate your home’s style and make a lasting impression. With expert advice and the following design principles, selecting the perfect color palette can be a creative journey that enhances your home’s curb appeal and reflects your unique personality.

Use the Rule of Three for Visual Harmony

The belief is that the best designs involve no more than three colors (plus black and white, which are technically neutrals), applied in a ratio of 60-30-10. It’s no coincidence that most home exteriors use a combination of three colors – one dominant shade for the main siding, a supporting color for doors, windows and trim, and an accent color to be used sparingly.

Harness the Emotional Power of Color

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and set the tone for your home. Warm hues like reds and oranges exude energy, while cooler blues and greens evoke a sense of calm. Understanding color psychology helps you choose shades that resonate with your desired mood and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Harmonize with Your Home’s Architecture and Neighborhood

Consider permanent elements like roofing, stone, and brick, ensuring that your chosen colors complement or match these features. Adhering to HOA regulations and respecting existing neighborhood color schemes fosters cohesion and enhances the overall appeal of your community.

Find Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, waiting to ignite your imagination. Take leisurely drives through different neighborhoods, explore online resources, and draw ideas from our past projects. B&B Siding and Roofing’s Look-Book offers an interactive experience, providing real examples that showcase the transformative power of changing siding, trim, and color. Visit www.bbsiding.com/lookbook/

Ready to Elevate Your Home’s Exterior?

Embark on your journey with confidence. Consult with experienced exterior professionals for valuable insights and help refining your material and color choices. At B&B Siding and Roofing, our experienced advisors know the latest exterior design trends and provide personalized guidance to create a visually stunning exterior. Contact us for a no-pressure conversation.

07730 | 732.756.9909 | www.bbsiding.com

Patrycja’s core focus is to elevate the home exterior industry to a style-guided experience where our advisors work with you to co-imagine your dream exterior. She inspires our design team to discover and incorporate the latest style trends while honoring timeless remodeling approaches. She is the voice of the customer, drawing on our core values of transparency, integrity, and lasting quality.

Over the last 30 years, we have transformed over 5,000 homes with siding, roofing, windows, and doors and have earned hundreds of 5-star reviews. We offer $0 down financing and industry-leading lifetime material and labor warranties.

Proudly serving Spring Lake, Sea Girt and the greater Jersey Shore area. 8 Leitrim Lane, Hazlet, NJ
Patrycja Maras Owner B&B Siding and Roofing

WHAT’S NEW Around Town


Trout season kicks off April 6 at 8 a.m. on Spring Lake with the 2024 Trout Contest for Kids, run by Shark River Surf Anglers The freshly stocked lake will be ready for kids of all ages to reel in a big one during the 22nd year of this contest.


April 5, 4 to 6 p.m.

Meet rising star winemaker from Spain Javier Arizcuren and taste three Rioja red wines.

April 13, 3 to 5 p.m.

Join The Bottle Shop and Dani Boglivi-Fiori (pictured above) from Sweet Dani B cookie shop in Asbury Park for a cookie and wine pairing.


The Blonde Shallot, a beloved local spot in Little Silver, is expanding to Washington Boulevard in Sea Girt this spring. Get ready for its famous salads and inventive grab-and-go options, perfect for hasslefree weeknight dinners.

900 Highway 71, Suite 4, Spring Lake Heights, NJ 07762 732-974-2200 Contact@smolin.com Smolin.com Untitled-5 1 1/17/24 2:10 PM


Homerun Reads

In spring, our fancy turns to baseball and books of all kinds themed around the sport.

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” - Yogi Berra

Is it the love of the game, the comradery, or the memories of power plays? I don’t know, but every April, right before opening day, I can feel the magic of baseball season upon us. Basil and I have a rivalry going between the Mets and Phillies, but no matter what team you root for, these books will get you ready for the season!



This book fuses our two favorite worlds: sports and film. America’s favorite pastime is honored through legendary movies like Field of Dreams, The Bad News Bears and A League of Their Own. Release date: May 14.


Baseball is often referred to as “the New York game” because it’s where some of baseball’s most iconic players and history originated. Baker gives readers a deep history of baseball’s formation, from the 1820s to the end of World War II. A mustread for New York team fans!


Pete Rose is known for being one of the greatest legends of baseball. He’s also one of the most infamous. This book chronicles his rise and fall—from his early days to the days of racking up debts and being cast out of the league.


New Jersey’s own and friend to Thunder Road Books, Preiss’s debut novel is quintessential baseball and all things New Jersey. Caroline Kline is down on her luck but determined not to strike out. On the heels of a sudden breakup and lack of employment, Caroline returns home to Jersey to stay with her family. She begins playing for her father’s baseball team after he suffers a fall and is unable to complete the season. Being the first female player they’ve had creates quite a challenge for Caroline. This book includes romance, baseball antics and a beautiful tribute to dads and their daughters.


Book clubs and baseball?

Sign me up! Gavin, a Nashville baseball player, is having issues in his marriage. Prideful and competitive, Gavin is in denial that he may have anything to do with the relationship’s demise. Lost and unsure how to begin repairing his relationship, he turns to a romance novel reading book club of his teammates. Using the romance novel, “Courting the Countess,” Gavin begins to realize he needs more help than he originally thought!


A professional baseball player and his heckler prove that true love is worth going to bat for. The main character, Daphne, is reluctant to attend a baseball game and after a few ballpark beers, she begins to heckle Chris, one of the players. Mortified with her behavior, she reaches out to apologize via social media but forgets to identify herself as the heckler. The two spark a conversation and before she can admit her guilt, Daphne is completely smitten! This one was just too fun to pass up. Release date: June 18.


To celebrate the release of Courtney Preiss’s new novel, “Welcome Home, Caroline Kline,” Thunder Road Books is hosting an event with the author on the book’s release date. Join us to meet and support this talented New Jersey writer on April 16 at 7 p.m.

Kate Czyzewski is the manager and events coordinator at Thunder Road Books.
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A Downtown Debut for Little Dom’s

Sea Girt’s newest restaurant is rooted in authentic Italian cuisine and family tradition.


Dom Bossone Jr. keeps an image of his late mother, Marguerite, right next to where he cooks every day. “She was a great mom,” says Bossone. “She’s probably pretty excited right now to see what’s going on.” Marguerite is soon to be joined on the wall by a photo of his late grandmother, Yolanda, another notable figure in his life who is sure to be watching with adoration as her grandson embarks on his first solo restaurant venture, Little Dom’s.

Well-known to many by his nickname, Little Dom, Bossone has a culinary upbringing that started less than a mile away in Manasquan at Squan Tavern. Founded by his father, Big Dom, and grandmother nearly 60 years ago, the restaurant is where Bossone’s foundation as a chef was formed. He learned to cook from both figures and ultimately spent decades as its head chef before he decided to establish his namesake eatery.

Built on the intention of serving the local community traditional Italian dishes, Little Dom’s takes form within the longtime vacant office building on Washington Boulevard. As an expansive, old schoolmeets-modern destination, visitors are greeted inside by a checkered floor traversing a bright and airy dining room with table and bar seating. Captivating scents of homemade pizza and sauce linger from the open kitchen, contributing to a welcoming ambiance.

Little Dom’s, Big Legacy

There’s a time-honored spirit that rings throughout Little Dom’s that’s strongly fueled by Bossone’s allegiance to generational, from-scratch recipes, particularly those he’s picked up from his dad and grandmother throughout his career.

“I worked with my dad my whole life, and Little Dom’s is a moment for me to see if I can do it by myself. That’s my biggest thing,” he reflects. “He’s been around recently helping in the back, having a good old time like he’s a little kid again at 86 years old. It’s fun to have the roles reversed, where he’s the one who’s now running around my business and supporting.”

In addition to menu fixtures such as seafood dishes, pizzas, pasta and sandwiches, Little Dom’s has also taken to introducing family recipes in the form of specials, one of which recently was a homemade Italian ricotta cheesecake that his grandmother developed more than 60 years ago.

“The first dish I ever made was cheesecake,” Bosson says. “My dad taught me how to make it at 10 years old. Unfortunately, the first one didn’t cook right because instead of adding three cups of sugar, I added three cups of salt.”

The menu at Little Dom’s is a true love letter to the next generation of the Bossone family, particularly the

“Grandma’s Favorites” section, where diners will find various chicken and tripe dishes served over pasta. The best part? Each chicken dish is named after one of Bossone’s children: Casie, Monica, Dom, Tyler and Nicole.

“We’re adding one more dish to this section, which will be called the Chicken CJ,” Bossone says. “It’s going to be chicken parmigiana with rigatoni and no sauce, named for my nephew who passed away a couple of months ago. It’s something fun in his memory because that’s all he ever ate.”

As Little Dom’s gears up to offer slices for lunch and looks ahead to what the future holds, including home and beach delivery services and outdoor dining, Bossone is ready to continue putting in the hard work. “I’ve always liked just going to work. It’s the way my dad did it, and his dad did it, and my grandmother did it. It’s hard, and you may not get as much time off as you’d like, but it’s fun. Especially watching people eat the food you make and having the opportunity to see their reactions. I’m excited to keep experiencing that through Little Dom’s.”

Michelle Garay is a New Jersey native who is passionate about spotlighting the local dining scene. She is the founder of Jersey Girl Media, a social media and creative services company for restaurants.
APRIL 2024 13
Dom Bossone Jr. crafts pizza crust and, with one of his daughters, stands ready to welcome diners to Little Dom’s.
“Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big.”
– Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”
“When in doubt, go to the library.”
– Ron Weasley in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

More Than a Place to Borrow Books

Events, clubs and lifelong learning opportunities are just some of the resources—in addition to books—on offer at Spring Lake Public Library.

Belle and Ron would no doubt feel right at home at the Spring Lake Public Library, which for more than a century has provided the community with a caring, welcoming and lively cultural connection to reading and lifelong learning for people of all ages.

“We get a lot of comparisons to a library out of Harry Potter or the library from ‘Beauty and the Beast,’” says library director Janet Boldt of the historic space at 1501 Third Ave., which opened on November 11, 1919. “We have tried to maintain the integrity of the original look of

the library when we have made changes. We pride ourselves on keeping the aesthetics the same while staying up to date on technology and current needs.

“We did a total makeover of our children’s section three years ago, and we had shelves custom-built to ensure the look stayed the same while making it more usable for today’s families,” says Boldt. “We recently acquired a beautiful stained-glass piece featuring Shakespeare and Dante that was generously donated. It fits our space so perfectly, it looks as if it has always been here.”

APRIL 2024 15
The Spring Lake Public Library staff hard at work. In the photo at left, from left to right: Mary Jane Burke, Leslie Skarbek, Janet Boldt and Andrea Craig.

The Launching of a Library

The beloved space’s journey into existence began during the summer of 1919 when Adelaide Heilner of Spring Lake recognized the need for a library to serve the growing community. She placed an advertisement in the Spring Lake Gazette requesting books and donations and asked Joseph (Sara) Height to help her process and record the hundreds of books and checks that were received.

In the fall of 1919, the project was turned over to the newly formed Spring Lake Woman’s Club and a Library Committee was formed. The committee’s first meeting was held on September 12, 1919. Shortly afterward, Mayor O.H. Brown announced that he would donate the triangular plot of ground located within Brighton, Third and Madison avenues, and pledged to provide $100,000 for construction of a Community House to honor the returning soldiers and sailors from World War I. The structure was to be designed with meeting rooms, a community theater and a permanent space for the Spring Lake Public Library.

Langhorne Cottage, which existed on

the site, was placed at the disposal of the Spring Lake Woman’s Club for use as its headquarters as well as a temporary library and reading room for the community. By November, the Library Committee had collected more than 2,000 books.

Bountiful Community Programs

Today, the library is a center for information and discovery offering robust collections and resources, innovative programming and responsive services while anticipating and meeting the changing needs of its patrons.

“We pride ourselves on the programs that we offer to the public,” Boldt says. “We have hosted many authors, including Mitch Albom, Adriana Trigiani, Jeannette Walls and Daniel Silva, to name a few.

“We offer programs related to health, ongoing learning, entertainment and safety,” she continues. “And each year we offer a rabies clinic the first Saturday of May (weather permitting) and an art show the first Saturday in August that features local artists’ work from Spring Lake and Spring Lake Heights. Both of

these events are well-attended and free to the public.”

The library has three active book groups, a writers’ group and a knitting/ crochet club. Due to the popularity of these groups, attendees must be library members. “We offer lessons to the public, such as fine art techniques, mahjong and canasta. Each year we also offer two eight-week sessions of SAT training for high school-aged students.”

Children’s programs and story time are offered year-round, and summer at the library brings special programs for kids and families, including camps that teach art and chess.

The library is free for residents of Spring Lake; nonresidents are welcome to join for an annual fee of $10 for seniors and $25 for all others. Visit www.springlakelibrary.org to find out more and join the library’s mailing list for future program offerings.

Kerry Serzan is a freelance writer and local mom of four. Through her writing, she not only shares the beauty of her community but also celebrates the ordinary moments that make life extraordinary. APRIL 2024 17

A Gift to Herself

Charlotte Gale—made famous by The New York Times when she bought a small island in Maine— shares what that remote piece of land means to her.

Should you ever find yourself in possession of a small island, the first thing to keep in mind is that just because it came with a name doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Even if, in the process of purchasing said island, your story goes viral in The New York Times and your little slice of pink granite in the Atlantic Ocean becomes kind of famous—one of the top four shared and liked stories on the entire New York Times website in 2023. So famous that readers demanded a follow-up story and got one.

Every day, months and months later, you still receive emails from people around the world fascinated and grateful for the story of how you came to acquire this little island. Even if it seems like everyone knows the name of your island already, it’s still yours, and you can change the name if you want to.

APRIL 2024 19

A Name Change

So henceforth, what was once called Duck Ledges Island will be called Wohoa Bay Island, which is geographically accurate but also, when you say it in conversation, kind of sounds like “Wahoo! Bay Island.” This is appropriate because just about everything having to do with this situation makes people want to exclaim and rejoice.

This is what happened to Charlotte Gale, a Spring Lake resident when she’s not summering on (her) Wohoa Bay Island. Gale, like many, had a tough go of it during the pandemic. A masseuse, she was forced to close her business, which she had run successfully for 12 years. She sold her home in Hopewell, said goodbye to her garden and looked for what was next.

She’d been coming to the Spring Lake beach since she was a little girl, and that connection pulled her to her new home in New Jersey.

She was also looking to buy a little place in Maine, when a 1.5-acre spot of pink granite with a one-room cabin and absolutely no amenities except a 360-degree view of nature caught her eye.

The island is in Downeast Maine, which if you know anything about that area, is certainly East, but definitely not down. It’s up, way up the coast, past Bar Harbor and close to Canada. To get there, you must take a flat-bottom boat from Jonesport, the biggest lobstering community in the country.

So why does one buy a small island unfit for yearround habitation? Not for practicality. Not to strike it rich or show off riches. Not to retire to a life of leisure and luxury. No. If you ask Gale, she’ll admit it doesn’t make practical sense. She explains, “It wasn’t a whimsical idea, it was a gift of love to myself. It’s about a chance to grow and expand your heart in the beauty of nature.”


A Story That Resonated

She never sought recognition for her purchase, but thinks the story went wide because of how deeply people have resonated with her tale of selflove and how this purchase honored the wishes of her “dauntless inner child.” (She has the correspondence of thousands of New York Times readers to prove it.)

She still has no social media accounts with which to influence the world with her island living, but she has restarted her masseuse practice, Nurture Massage Studio, which is mobile, and serves clients in New Jersey and Maine. She is also starting a lobster, scallop and crab company, Mermaid Lobster, based on

relationships she’s made with the lobstermen who work just off her shores.

A masseuse, a private island and abundant shellfish conjure up images of a lifestyle of decadent earthly delights, which is quite ironic given the reality of Gale’s day-to-day on the island: daily swims in the cold bay water, her food in a cooler that stays cold a few days at a time and only the sights and sounds of nature for company. Spending so much time alone on the island without the usual creature comforts has been a profound experience. “Self-love is the message of the island,” she says. “When you love yourself, you’re never truly alone.”

While away from the island the

rest of the year, Gale loves to ride her bike on the Spring Lake boardwalk, delighting in the joy of nature for hours at a time. It’s an activity that shares a common thread with her on the water in Maine. She has picked up a few special pieces from local stores Terra Earth & Surf and Noon to bring a little bit of Spring Lake with her to Wohoa Bay. The island is available for the right renters who are looking to experience a slice of unadulterated nature. Just be sure to pack everything you’ll need, and don’t forget your inner child.

To learn more about Gale and Wohoa Bay Island, visit www.nurturemassagestudio.com and www.wohoabayisland.com.

APRIL 2024 21


A Local Treasure

Both Sea Girt and Spring Lake have volunteer organizations dedicated to protecting and propagating local trees for their beauty and environmental value.


I think that I shall never see A poem as lovely as a tree. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.

Trees, the ancient guardians of our planet, stand as witnesses to the passage of time and the evolution of our communities. In Sea Girt and Spring Lake, where the reverence for nature runs deep, these majestic giants hold a special place in the hearts of residents. Trees improve air quality and keep temperatures cool. They control soil erosion and create habitats for wildlife. Trees nurture a calming environment and are a vital part of nature’s food chain.

Both Sea Girt and Spring Lake proudly bear the title of “Tree Cities,” a testament to their commitment to preserving and nurturing green spaces. From native

species deeply rooted in the soil to newcomers that have journeyed here, the towns embrace Thoreau’s ethos of “Faith in a Seed.” Yet, in the meticulous care of these verdant residents, the hands of dedicated tree professionals are guided by the mantra “Plant the right tree in the right space at the right time.”

Volunteer-driven organizations like Sea Girt’s Shade Tree Commission (STC) and Spring Lake’s Shade Tree Committee (STC) are stewards of the towns’ arboreal treasures. Their tireless efforts to enhance parks and public spaces ensure that the canopy of green stays vibrant and thriving.

From the poem, “Trees,” written by New Jersey native Joyce Kilmer in 1913

Supporting Migratory Birds

In the 1880s when Sea Girt was mainly farmland, an abundance of trees grew in the area. Red cedars, oak, sassafras and cherry trees thrived. An original plan to crop farm so close to the ocean did not last due to poor soil. Trees were left on their own to grow into a maritime forest which became Crescent Park. Today, the forest remains one of the few spaces large enough for migratory birds to use as a stopover for rest and nourishment. The tall tree canopy creates natural shade, which makes it difficult for many trees to germinate.

Spring Lake’s STC, led by Michael Laracy (chairman) and Syd Whalley (council liaison,) keeps busy managing needed tree improvements and creating new environmental projects. Foresters have identified more than 40 species of trees in Spring Lake. Birders have noted more than 80 types of birds in Divine Park, where many of these winged creatures stop by on their annual migratory paths. Native tree species have been planted along the lake including red twig dogwood, winterberry holly, long bush blueberry and sweet pepperbush. For a self-guided tour of Divine Park, with its variety of tree specimens, a nature trail, and the oak tree forest surrounding the children’s playground, contact Spring Lake’s STC for detailed information: slshadetreecommittee@gmail.com.

APRIL 2024 23
Top: Michael Laracy, Spring Lake Share Tree Committee chairman, near the famed bent red cedar in Spring Lake. Bottom: Bob Strang-Wolf, Sea Girt Shade Tree Commissioner.

Tree Guardians

Sea Girt’s town tagline is “Where the Cedars Meet the Sea.” However, there are now only a few cedars growing in town. According to Bob Strang-Wolf of Sea Girt’s STC, “We are planting cedar saplings saved from construction sites with hopes the trees will flourish when planted around the borough. We are also propagating bur oak acorns.”

Sea Girt Conservancy Chairwoman Leanne Hoffmann speaks of the Conservancy’s mission to preserve, maintain and enhance parks and open spaces throughout town. “We are planting and propagating over 2000 native species in a protected area of Edgemere Park,” she says. The organization welcomes volunteers. For

more information, visit www.seagirtconservancy.org.

In the embrace of Sea Girt’s Crescent Park and Spring Lake’s Divine Park, efforts to preserve native species and create sustainable environments are paramount. Memorial trees, planted with reverence and love, stand as living tributes to cherished memories and enduring legacies.

As we marvel at the majesty of the local wonders of Spring Lake and Sea Girt, we echo the sentiments of Joyce Kilmer, acknowledging that indeed, there is no poem as lovely as a tree.

Judith Jones-Ambrosini is a long-time Sea Girt resident, freelance writer and avid gardener.
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Building Homes, Communities and Hope.

Every day is Earth Day at the Asbury Park ReStore, which supports Coastal Habitat for Humanity.

Have you ever shopped at or donated to The Asbury Park ReStore? This thrift shop offers visitors the opportunity to support Coastal Habitat for Humanity’s mission by shopping and donating unwanted treasures.

The ReStore accepts donations of new and gently used furniture, housewares, holiday decor, kitchen cabinets and appliances!

Donation ambassadors are available to pick up larger items at no cost and our construction team will even deconstruct your kitchen free of charge.

Donating to the ReStore keeps approximately 275 tons of reusable materials from landfills annually; supports the mission to create a world where

everyone has a safe affordable place to live; may qualify as a charitable donation; is an easy process; and, best of all, feels good! There’s something for everyone at the ReStore and our motto is that if you don’t buy it, someone else will!

Coastal Habitat for Humanity, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, builds single-family homes and accomplishes critical home repairs for partner families and qualified homeowners in southern coastal Monmouth County.

Kim Sambade is the Director of Development and Volunteer Services at Coastal Habitat for Humanity. For information, events and volunteer opportunities, contact Kim via email at ksambade@coastalhabitat.org or call (732) 898-4094.


Donations can be dropped off Wednesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule a pick-up, please send photos of your items to donations@coastalhabitat.org.

Items You Can Donate

• Art

• Mirrors

• Lamps

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Coastal Habitat for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving these Monmouth County communities: Allenhurst, Asbury Park, Avon by the Sea, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Brielle, Deal, Interlaken, Lake Como, Loch Arbor, Manasquan, Neptune City, Neptune Township, Ocean Grove, Ocean Township, Sea Girt, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights and Wall Township.

Please visit our website at www. coastalhabitat.org or follow us on @coastalhabitat



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The Joy of Winning

The Manasquan High School varsity girls’ basketball team celebrates winning the state’s Group 2 championship. Photograph by Michael Cassella. Follow him on social media @jerseymike_sports.

Have a great image for Photo Op? Submit your high-resolution shot to brynn.coleman@wainscotmedia.com. 32 SPRING LAKE
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