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While the architecture and moldings are rigorously historical, the furniture is a mixture of historical reproductions, including chairs from the Althorp Collection, and contemporary and transitional pieces. Harmony by definition comes from variety, not sameness, and the modern touches in this room are critical to its success. “Without the newer pieces, the room could have looked like a museum,” says Piselli. “The homeowner was clear that she did not want a showplace. Family is center of her life, and she wanted a space where she could celebrate that sentiment.” Pictured above is another space in the house, the domed entrance hall, with the dining room glimpsed beyond. Because the hall is a high-traffic area, Piselli and Krinsky kept the furnishings sparse. Adequate drama comes from the hand-painted mural, the large compass rose inlaid in stone and, as Palladio would have it, the architecture itself. S A FA V I E H s t y l e

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Safavieh Style: Spring/Summer 2019  

Safavieh Style: Spring/Summer 2019