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CAPE KIDNAPPERS Lamborghini Aventador

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Raging Bull: Lamborghini’s Aventador


Exploring Unspoiled Greece

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SPRING AHEAD Best New Fashions by Canali, Isaia, Etro, Samuelsohn & More

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BOSS Black

HUGO BOSS FASHIONS INC. Phone +1 212 940 0600

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146th and Meridian • Carmel, IN • 317.844.9003

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Align yourself

Suite 116 Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9 am – 5 pm or By Appointment Rob Klein, Owner and Designer !"#$"%&''" 317.846.2090

!"#$"%&''" Suite 117


Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9 am – 5 pm | Sat. 10 am – 3 pm 317.580.1924

with creativity.

Next time your



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Original design from the portfolio of Rob Klein. Custom stonework by Santarossa.

imagiNatioN roams — go with it to the

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s o u t h

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r a N g e l i N e

r o a d ,

C a r m e l ,

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40 features


Raging Bull Named for a legendary bull whose fight made him part

of folklore, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is a relentless force on the road. 32

Raleigh Stories Our loyal customers share their shopping experiences. 36


Splash of the Titans The unspoiled Costa Navarino invites visitors back to a time when the gods ruled Greece. 40 Bespoke Rooms Designing interiors is very similar to designing clothing: The same fundamentals of quality, balance, proportion and taste are crucial to both. 46


Who’s That Guy? That’s what people will ask when you step out in confidence-inspiring spring looks from Raleigh. 52

departments Invitation to Style This is your year! 12


The Raleigh Guide Cool cocktails at Nicky Blaine’s … striking styles from SAND… the “it” color of the season … music to work out by … power pens … the newest looks from Napoli… trunk shows at the store … and more! 15

Essentials for Men Shoes that look great and feel even better … the quintessential tee. 22

The Sporting Life Set amid New Zealand’s rugged landscape, Cape Kidnappers is a thrill ride of a course that straddles chalk cliffs and offers stunning views of Hawke’s Bay. 62

Grape Pritchard Hill, the Chappellet family’s high-altitude Napa vineyard, consistently produces standout Cabernet Sauvignon. 68

Simple Pleasures Hail to the vizsla. 72


Dean Martin This golden-voiced, nattily attired Rat Packer took pains to appear effortless. 28

On the COver: Sandor wears a suit and tie by ermenegildo Zegna and a shirt by eton.




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Castel del Monte - Andria

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{ invitation to style }

raleigh r a l e i g h l i M i t e d M e n sw e a r t h e fa s h i o n M a l l k e y s to n e at t h e C r o s s i n g 317. 8 4 4.114 8 r a l e i g h l i M i t e d. C o M

this is your year!

{ sneak peeks }

Party time!

see page 18

Make mine Canali

see page 57

think of raleigh Menswear as your official sponsor of spring. Warm weather has arrived early, and we’re ready for it, with a fantastic selection of designer clothing and casual wear from the world’s best makers. here’s a preview of what’s new this season: the trend toward the expert staff of raleigh limited is here to offer you the best selection featherweight garments of menswear, the best quality and the best personal service—anywhere. continues, allowing you to look your best and stay cool and comfortable as the mercury rises. new fabrications in clothing include lightweight woolens, silks, cashmeres, cotton and even wool seersucker. you have to see and feel these great new fabrics to believe them! Feel-good colors are in, and jeans are leading the trend. think beyond blue and stock up on our great selection of reds, oranges, greens and whites. Jeans remain one of the most versatile wardrobe items a man can own. For a night out, it’s hard to beat the relaxed elegance of jeans paired with a sportcoat. speaking of sportcoats, have you tried our made-to-measure service? it’s a great way to customize your sportcoats and suits; to choose the fabrics, colors and patterns you love best; and to ensure a perfect fit. this spring we have added made-to-measure offerings by ermenegildo Zegna, isaia, samuelsohn, hickey Freeman and robert talbott. and then there’s Brunello Cucinelli. this master of relaxed italian style presides over old-world workrooms in a truly old-world setting—the medieval village of solomeo in umbria, which Cucinelli restored. you can almost feel the charm of solomeo and the umbrian countryside in the incomparably soft garments created by his artisan tailors. and now you can have Brunello Cucinelli clothing made to measure at a special trunk show to be held in our store on Wednesday, april 25. Women are also welcome to attend and to order from his women’s designs. are you getting psyched about golf and boating? Check out our latest sportswear selections in technical fabrics that keep you cool and dry during your best season ever. (hey, this is going to be your year, right?!) reaction from our customers has been exceptionally positive following the move and remodeling of our store last year. this year Keystone at the Crossing is going through a major renovation, and again, we think you’ll like the results. Please excuse the construction. there is still ample parking, and yes, we are open! enjoy the latest issue of raleigh magazine, and come visit us soon.

Store Hours M o n d ay t o s a t u r d ay: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

s u n d ay: n o o n t o 6 p . m . editorial director editor

c i n d i ko p lo w

Mark dowden

art director

st e p h e n M. v i ta r b o

executive editor

r i ta g ua r n a

Contributing editors l e e lu s a r d i c o n n o r, c a r o l i n e g oy e t t e, t i M k e l l e y, t e d lo o s, d av i d M a s e l lo, a n d r e w M y e r s, pau l r o g e r s

Contributing Photographer d a n i e l s p r i n g sto n

art assistant M e g h a n b a s h aw editorial assistant shannon wilber

Publishing staff Publisher shae Marcus

advertising account executives J e n i f e r k n o l l i n, J o d i b r u k e r

director of Production and Circulation c h r i st i n e h a M e l

Production assistant Marketing Manager

rachel schanck a M a nda t horo g o od

advertising services Manger J ac q u e ly n n f i s c h e r

senior art director, agency services kiJoo kiM


a M a n d a a l b a n o, ag n e s a lv e s

Published by Chairman

c a r r o l l v. d o w d e n


Mark dowden

Vice Presidents Ja n i c e b r o w n e, a M y d o w d e n, r i ta g ua r n a , c h r i st i n e h a M e l , s h a e M a r c u s, a n dy s h a n e r a l e i g h magazine is published twice a year by wainscot Media, 110 summit avenue, Montvale, nJ 07645, in association with raleigh limited Menswear. Copyright © 2012 by wainscot Media, llC. all rights reserved. e d i to r i a l C o n t r i b u ti o n s : write to editor, raleigh, 110 summit avenue, Montvale, nJ 07645; telephone 201.782.5730; email the magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited submissions. s u b s c r i pti o n s e r vi c e s : to change an address or request a subscription, write to subscriptions, raleigh Circulation department, wainscot Media, 110 summit avenue, Montvale, nJ 07645; telephone 201-573-5541; email a dve r ti s i n g i n q u i r i e s : Contact shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or

Mark koplow




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Diamond Capital Management is a registered trademark. Š 2011 Diamond Capital Management

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raleigh guide The night belongs to Nicky’s Nicky Blaine’s cocktail lounge is for those who are serious about their nightlife—and their libations. Here you don’t just order a Scotch on the rocks; you first must peruse a menu that reads like a map of Scotland, with dozens of alluring blends. The cigar selection, on the other hand, will send your mind traveling southward, with offerings from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Cuba (pre-embargo, of course). Fine wines and beers are also available, as are late-night appetizers, both sweet and savory. Enjoy them ensconced in red velvet couches, lit by well-placed candles and sconces and serenaded by smooth jazz. At Nicky Blaine’s, the night is always young, and so are the patrons—in spirit, at least. Nicky BlaiNe’s cocktail louNge, 20 North MeridiaN st., iNdiaNapolis; 317.638.5588; www.NickyBlaiNes.coM

Hey, Mister SAND MAN One of the cooler new lines at Raleigh is Sand. It’s named not for the stuff on beaches, but for its Danish founder, creative director and CEO, Soren P. Sand. Together with his wife and creative partner Lene, he has made Sand a global fashion brand known for its sculptural silhouettes, distinctive details and marvelous fabric finishes. “We are bridging the gap between classic and casual,” Sand explains. Stop by the store to try some Sand on for size.

Dude, where’d those duds come from? It’s impossible to imagine the wardrobe of a well-dressed man that doesn’t include certain classic pieces: an overcoat, khaki trousers, a sport shirt, a tweed jacket. Of course, each of these indispensable items has a history—a moment of inspired creation, and then mass acceptance. Pinning down those moments is the work of the new book Icons of Men’s Style (Laurence King Publishing). Take, for example, the leather biker jacket, icon-ized by Marlon Brando in The Wild One. It was commissioned in 1928 by a Harley Davidson distributor who saw the need for a tough, zip-up leather jacket to protect his customers. Then there’s the trench coat, all but inseparable from one’s image of Humphrey Bogart circa Casablanca; that was first created for British army officers who oversaw the trench warfare of World War I. What about the loafer, which perhaps reached its style apotheosis when Michael Jackson moon-walked? Its inspiration is credited to the rough-hewn deerskin shoes of Native Americans. As for the modern necktie, it dates to just 1924—but its roots go back as far as Roman legionnaires of the 2nd century, who added color to their uniforms with scarf-like pieces of cloth. Even more interesting than their origins is the way these iconic pieces are reinterpreted and refreshed over the generations, by heroes, Hollywood stars and regular guys alike.

s p r i N g • s u M M e r 2 0 12

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3/22/12 1:59 PM


raleigh guide

The A-Z List Raleigh Limited Menswear features dozens of the world’s best designer brands under one roof. See if you don’t find your favorites in the list below. Then check out the store for a shopping experience you’ll love.

Harry & Izzy’s takes Indy Thanks to Harry Roth and Isadore “Izzy” Rosen, shrimp has had a jumbo impact on Indianapolis. So much so that the three restaurants named after the pair sell 35,000 pounds of shrimp and 5,000 pounds of horseradish each year. The two were boyhood friends who went into business together as co-owners of the famed St. Elmo’s Steak House. By the time they sold the business in 1986, St. Elmo’s was the Indianapolis landmark it remains today. In addition to its steaks, the place was renowned for its sinus-clearing St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail. Honoring the two restaurateurs, the new owners of St. Elmo’s opened a sister restaurant on the same block in, an upscale American grill named Harry & Izzy’s. It was so popular that they opened another near the Indianapolis International Airport, and then another on East 82nd St. last year, this one with a 2,700-bottle, two-story wine cellar. The best-known dish offered at the restaurants? St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail, naturally. Not only has it won food awards; the owners claim that it’s what swayed the Super Bowl selection committee to pick Indianapolis for the 2012 game. If shrimp isn’t your style but cocktails are, not to worry—Harry & Izzy’s restaurants also sell 20,000 martinis each year. HARRy & IZZy’S, 153 S. ILLINoIS ST, 317.635.9594; 4050 E. 82ND ST., 317.915.8045; 7800 CoL. H. WEIR Cook MEMoRIAL DR., 317.241.0533; WWW.HARRyANDIZZyS.CoM.


Gran Sasso



Georg Roth

Nat Nast


Hickey Freeman

Paul & Shark

Arnold Zimberg


Pull & Co

Brunello Cucinelli

Hugo Boss




Robert Talbott


International Laundry

Salvatore Ferragamo

Donald Pliner




Italo Ferretti






Luciano Barbera



Mason’s Shirts




Signing bonus

Men love their favorite MLB teams with the fire of a thousand suns. But when it comes to commemorating that passion with a really cool collectible—well, the choices are slim. Enter THINK Pens’ line of fine MLB-themed writing instruments. Eleven teams are represented, from Angels through Yankees (if you want to say the Pittsburgh Pirates are the most important, we’re not going to argue). The pens are made of fine Italian resin and designed to echo the teams’ vintage uniforms. The vintage-style packaging is pretty cool, too. Pick up a few at Raleigh Limited.

Rock ´n ripped Music enhances a workout, as legions of earbud-wearing runners and stair-steppers can attest. But what kind is best? The fast kind, for one thing: Research-

Tangerine punch

This season, the color orange has juice. But the hue of the moment is not the in-your-face orange of your old school color, but an enticing citrus-y red that’s been dubbed “Tangerine Tango” by color house Pantone. Rare is the spring/summer 2012 collection that doesn’t include the color, from a sportcoat (Allegri) to pants and shirts (Etro) to ties (just about everybody). Traditionally, the color orange has signaled energy, activity and sociability in many cultures. This year, a splash of tangerine refreshes any look—and brightens your day as well.

ers found that up-tempo songs motivate people to push themselves harder during exercise, despite the discomfort. The ideal range is between 120 and 140 beats-per-minute, about as fast as dance music, according to studies at Brunel University in England. Frequently mentioned examples: Green Day’s “American Idiot”, the Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”, Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” and “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from the first Rocky movie. Then there’s the favorite of Olympic gold medalist Haile Gebrselassie: the techno song “Scatman” by Scatman John. Don’t feel like putting together your own play-list? Check out HellaSound. com, which sells 30-minute instrumental songs written specifically for running—with “pacecentric rhythms and driving riffs.”


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Via Verri 8, Milan, Italy

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raleigh guide

TRUNK SHOWS Just what is a trunk show? In the old days of fashion retailing, manufacturers’ representatives would visit stores with trunks filled with their latest creations. The store owner would choose the items customers wanted most. Today, we do most of our selection at designer’s showrooms, but the trunk show lives on. During these special events, you’ll have a chance to purchase items including hidden treasures we may have passed over. The hours for trunk shows are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

WHERE THE SHOE FITS Goodman’s Shoes, serving Indianapolis feet since 1913, is a different kind of shoe store. “We understand feet issues and we know how to fit properly,” says owner Gary Goodman. “We custom-fit, we specialorder and we find the perfect match for a person’s particular feet and tastes, from children through grandfathers. Our sales force combined has more than 100 years of experience.” It’s that individualized service that matters. “I personally won’t let somebody get something that doesn’t fit,” says Goodman firmly. “I just won’t allow it.”

Let’s Keep It Clean

Answers to your questions about cleaning fine garments How do I remove ballpoint ink from my shirt or pants? Fittingly for such a common problem, you can use any of several ordinary products: hairspray, rubbing alcohol (test fabric first) or glycerine (a thick, colorless liquid available in drugstores). If you’re dealing with a non-washable fabric, blot with a clean cloth to get out as much of the ink as possible. Then, get thee to a dry cleaner posthaste! For washables, put a few drops on the spot and keep dabbing with a cotton ball or clean cloth as the ink comes out. Next, gently rub a mild detergent and a drop or two of water on the spot; form suds and rinse. For particularly stubborn stains, make a paste of water and baking soda, and leave it on the spot for five minutes, then rub and rinse.

APRIL 11 Zegna

I love my linen jacket, but how do I keep it looking sharp? Linen

APRIL 12 Isaia

is made from the long stalk fibers of the flax plant. While admirably

APRIL 21 Samuelsohn APRIL 25 Cucinelli and cocktails

light and airy, said fibers are also stiff, leading to linen’s trademark wrinkles. Depending on how structured your linen jacket is, it may need to be dry-cleaned, or it may do fine with a gentle cycle or hand wash (check the label). Let it dry naturally, and—this is key—iron while


it’s still damp. Finally, learn to love a certain amount of wrinkles in linen; it’s part of the fabric’s debonair charm. What’s the best way to care for my tuxedo? Experts agree that storage is a major factor in tuxedo care. Choose a high-quality dry cleaner—Raleigh Limited recommends Morellis Cleaners in Indianapolis (—and always have the suit dry-cleaned before it’s put away. It should spend its inactive days

GOODMAN’S SHOES, 1300 E. 86TH ST.; 317.846.5718;

in a breathable suit bag, and in a cool, dark place. Toss in a few cedar


balls, or use a cedar spray, to keep hungry moths at bay.


Bold Styles By Isaia Impeccable tailoring and attention to detail are hallmarks of the Neapolitan sartorial tradition, a heritage the Isaia label proudly upholds. Not content merely to live up to past glories, though, Isaia also reinterprets tradition to make it relevant for what it calls the “New Gentlemen.” That would be the sort of men who are comfortable with admiring glances, for Isaia is known for its bold and confident styles. This season’s collection features “a new kind of blue,” drawing inspiration from the hues of the sea and sky so prominent in Naples. Fashioned in light cottons, open weaves and sprightly silks, the clothes sport lighthearted checks and bright plaids—often accented by splashes of sunny yellows. Catch Isaia’s modern spirit yourself at Raleigh.

SUITE DREAMS With its brick-and-terra cotta exterior and regal golden canopy, The Canterbury Hotel has a well-deserved aura of old-world tradition. Inside the boutique-style hotel, though, the amenities are very much of the moment. The Canterbury’s 99 elegantly appointed rooms—including five bi-level Penthouse Suites and one Presidential Suite—give patrons access to all manner of business, concierge and secretarial services. Just downstairs is the award-winning Turner’s Restaurant, with innovative American and Continental cuisine and a carefully curated wine list. “In a world filled with cookie-cutter products and services, I believe there are people who still search for original ideas and unique experiences,” says Turner Woodward, the property’s owner. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out the Canterbury Hotel—specifically, at 4 p.m., when seatings for afternoon tea begin. THE CANTERBURY HOTEL, 123 SOUTH ILLINOIS ST., INDIANAPOLIS; 317.634.3000; WWW.CANTERBURYHOTEL.COM.




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the way you feel about going to the


Cosmetic Dentistry has come of age with new procedures that make beautiful smiles accessible to everyone. So often, even a minor enhancement can bring about just the right look. Tracey Tabor Williams DMD, combines the art and science of oral health to help her patients create and maintain beautiful, natural smiles for a lifetime. Your smile is a personal greeting card to the world— it’s one of the first things people notice about you. If yours isn’t saying all you’d like it to, we can help. 303 N. Alabama St., Suite 270 Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 637-4636

Tracey Tabor Williams, DMD T_Williams_right.indd 1

3/20/12 4:13 PM

Julie Browning Bova Home Collection for Stanford Furniture phone 317.580.9775 | fax 317.580.9776 | 1756 east 86th street, indianapolis, indiana 46240

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{ essentials for men }

kick it! Put your best foot forward with color-conscious shoes.

The shoes of summer: white oxford lace-up from Salvatore Ferragamo; lace-ups and loafers by Donald J. Pliner in a variety of shades can complement any warm-weather look.




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SHOP FERRAGAMO.COM 22536-23_Garmany_FullPage_ep02.indd 1 ferragamo_right.indd 1

3/1/12 11:56:41 AM 3/20/12 4:15 PM

{ essentials for men }

fit to a ‘t’ Casual, sporty and thoroughly modern tees come in a range of rich colors.

Go-with-anything hues of blue, maroon, black and grey—and, of course, classic white—from Left Coast Tees work well alone or layered.




RAL.ss12.essentials1.V2.indd 26

3/22/12 2:01 PM

Sand_right.indd 1

3/20/12 4:16 PM 路 路

917 969 2049 路

THE BEAUTIFUL RESTATEMENT BEGINS. OUR GRAND RE-OPENING IS THIS FALL. Expect beautiful new entrances and rotundas, elevators and escalators, floors, ceilings and furniture, new landscaping that includes covered seating with a fireplace and a water feature, and a host of retailers new to Indiana.


SimonMalls_left.indd 144

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RobertTalbott_right.indd 1

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{ icon }

dean martin

this golden-voiced, nattily attired rat packer took pains to appear effortless. By Timothy Kelley of movie sets and nightclub stages. and singer-actor-comedian dean Martin had it. he showed us all the merits of taking life easy, even when it isn’t. Born dino paul crocetti in 1917 to italian-immigrant parents in the tough steel town of steubenville, ohio, he dropped out of high school and fought in a dozen boxing matches as “kid crochet.” “i won all but eleven,” he quipped. switching to softer labor, Martin served as a croupier for blackjack games in a local gambling den. But he also liked to sing and bought all of Bing crosby’s records in order to emulate the great crooner. (later, his own singing would influence a young Mississippian named presley.) after moving from the gambling tables to the microphone at a columbus nightclub for his first paid musical gig, he borrowed operatic tenor nino Martini’s surname—then shortened it at a bandleader’s suggestion. sometimes Fate boils down to what nightclub you’re in and when. in new york’s clubs, Martin met two people who would change his life. one was singer Frank sinatra, whose place he took at an east side club called the riobamba. unfortunately, Martin rio-bombed, though Frankie became a lifelong pal. then there was a fellow performer at the glass hat, a hyperkinetic kid from new Jersey named Jerry lewis. the first Martin-lewis performance—at atlantic city’s 500 club—was reputedly such a disaster that the club’s boss told them to get new material or get lost. desperate, the baritone Martin and the whiny-voiced lewis tossed out their script and improvised. it worked. they went on to a decade as moviedom’s hottest comic duo. soon they were getting new material, all right—shopping for tuxedos that a top philadelphia tailor warned them would cost a then-princely $200 a pop. “With or without hangers?” Martin deadpanned. the singer’s good looks, funny bone and unflappable demeanor clicked with the public, and with women. (Martin was married three times and had seven kids.) after he split with lewis in 1956, he parlayed his talent and easygoing style into a smash nightclub, tV and film career of his own, while remaining impeccably attired. “on stage,” writes biographer Michael Freedland, “there was always a tuxedo that cost up to about $3,000 a throw (and he had a dozen of them), a superbly pressed shirt, a bowtie and a red handkerchief in his breast pocket. that was his uniform.” in the early ’60s, Martin belonged to the famously dapper and fun-loving rat pack with sinatra, sammy davis Jr., Joey Bishop and peter lawford. in clubs, in films and in off hours this gang clowned and played pranks—once, for example, he stuffed sinatra’s dressing room with inflated balloons. “everybody loves somebody sometime,” as Martin’s signature song declared. But not everyone gets to enshrine his face and figure in the pantheon of fun. “dino” did, and— though we lost him in 1995—he goes right on inspiring us. true, no matter what care we take with our devil-may-care appearance, we won’t all have a voice like honeyed heaven and the ability to crack up a room without breaking a bead of sweat. But isn’t it worth the effort to try? 28


Left: Everett Collection

Being laid-Back requires a knack—especially under the hot lights


RALss12.icon.V3.indd 2

3/22/12 11:54 AM

Opposite, Martin’s casual look included light wool trousers and burnished leather loafers. This page, Martin is a poster boy for the 1960’s Ivy League look in a sack suit, oxford shirt with button-down collar and a skinny, knit tie. Note the insouciantly

Left: Everett Collection

folded pocket square.

TSG.ss12.icon.V2.indd 3

3/15/12 4:12 PM






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zanella right.indd 1

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raleigh 58

3/23/12 9:56 AM



Named for a legendary bull whose fight made him part of folklore, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is a relentless force on the road.

By David Masello

Designs that defy time: The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 looks right at home as it spins by the Colosseum in Rome. It replaces the 10-yearold Murciélago as the flagship vehicle in the automaker’s lineup. Described as “a bull taming 700 horses,” the Aventador easily exceeded its stated top speed of 217 mph in recent tests. 59

3/23/12 9:56 AM

This page, clockwise, Ferruccio lamborghini started a tractor manufacturThe Aventador cruises differently than Before you lift open the scissor doors of the ing business in 1948 and—dissatisfied with the performance of his Ferrari earlier models. The combination of pushrod Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 and pour 250 gT—went on to found automobili lamborghini in 1963. The lamborghini suspension inspired by Formula 1 cars, yourself behind the wheel, you need to pay Museum in Sant’agata Bolognese showcases a 1964 350 gT and other 1960saluminum double-wishbones and carbonhomage to the car’s animal inspiration. Like era models. The striking exterior glass walls bathe the cars in ambient light. fibre ceramic brakes keeps the car as tight as other models of Lambo before it, the Opposite, clockwise, the lamborghini aventador lP 700-4 speeds around the you’d expect a Lambo to be; crossing a pothole Aventador is named for a famous bull. Vallelunga race Track near rome. The spacious interior, inspired by fighter at low speed is, predictably, bone-jarring. But Picture yourself in the bull-fighting jets, combines and italian craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. The get the Aventador up to 130 mph, say, and arena of Zaragoza, Spain. The year is 1993. aventador’s exterior, boasting design cues reminiscent of a Stealth bomber, is it’s a different ride. The car soaks up bumps A snorting behemoth called Aventador both visually arresting and aerodynamically functional. and hugs the road in a reassuring way that stamps into the ring as a bugle sounds its some aficionados bemoan. Richard Hammond of Top Gear, for example, was arrival. Neither the jeers from the crowd, nor the taunting flash of the gold and disappointed not to feel the sense of danger he associated with driving previous magenta cape, nor the gleaming swords held by the matador make the brute Lamborghini supercars. flinch. It goes on to fight so vigorously and cunningly that today it is among the Hmm. There are plenty of cheaper ways to feel the adrenaline rush of most revered animals in the history of bull fighting. danger. If your motoring goal is high-speed cruising from point to point—prefIndeed, the tag line the Lamborghini company has adopted for the Aventaerably on a German autobahn—while maintaining a secure sense that you will dor, which it debuted at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, is “A Relentless Force.” live to see tomorrow, then the Aventador represents a huge lunge forward for the But unlike its four-legged forebear, this namesake supercar, with its 700-horseLamborghini marque. power, V12 engine and sculpted carbon-fiber body, won’t fight you. Rather, it The body of the Aventador, with its carbon-fiber monocoque construction, accommodates you in a way its predecessors did not. is also innovative. Monocoque is a technique whereby the skin of the vehicle— The Aventador replaces the Murciélago. The latter model’s stubborn stick rather than an internal frame—supports the structural load. The result is a shift has been replaced with a silky automated gearbox. That’s a welcome innorelatively low weight of 3,472 lbs., which helps make the reported top speed of vation in a car designed for blinding acceleration (the Aventador takes you from 217 mph possible. zero to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds) and to be driven at high speed.



raleigh 60

3/23/12 12:07 PM

Aventador around the streets of Gotham City in the newest Batman sequel. As to aesthetics, the Aventador is angular in a way that reminds one of a The moment the car was first presented to the public in its hometown of Stealth bomber. You wouldn’t call it pretty, but adjectives like sexy and perhaps Sant’Agata Bolognese, it charged into the marketplace unimpeded. A year’s even sinister come to mind. Although a model, as is, from one of the 120 dealerworth of the vehicles were sold quickly, with new cars ready early this year ships worldwide makes for a supreme driving statement, part of the thrill of ownership is customization. Among the most arresting options is the transparent though production is limited to 4,000. (For those who merely want to dream of ownership and keep engine bonnet and yellow one parked on a shelf, rear suspension springs, Maisto makes expertly coupled with yellow, gray, THE LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP 700-4 AT A GLANCE rendered 1:18, 1:24 and or orange brake calipers. BASE PRICE: $379,700 1:43 die-cast versions.) While anyone STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS: And now there behind the wheel of one MOTOR: 6.5 LITER V12 ENGINE is one more bull in the of these supercars has the TORQUE: 509 LB-FT @5500 RPM ring, for Lamborghini presence on the road of, TRANSMISSION: 7-SPEED SINGLE CLUTCH GEARBOX; HALDEX 4WD ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM introduced an equally say, a matador, the car HORSEPOWER: 700 HP @8250 RPM powerful roadster itself has already become BRAKES: CARBON-CERAMIC BRAKES 15.74 X 1.49 IN., IN 6 PISTONS version of the Aventaa celebrity. It makes star WEIGHT: 3,472 POUNDS dor at the March 2012 appearances on various MILEAGE: 13.5 MPG Geneva Auto Show. It’s video games, including PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS: hard to imagine that Forza Motorsport 4 and ACCELERATION: 0 TO 62 MPH IN 2.9 SECONDS driving 150 mph would Need for Speed: The TOP SPEED: 217 MPH be enhanced with Run. And this July, Bruce CLOSEST COMPETITORS: BUGATTI VEYRON SS, MASERATI MC12, FERRARI SCUDERIA the top down, but hey, Wayne (aka Batman) to each his own. will be seen powering his 61

3/23/12 9:57 AM

What makes a visit tO Raleigh sO unFORgettable? Just ask OuR lOyal custOmeRs, WhO happily shaRe theiR expeRiences in the pages that FOllOW.

Raleigh stories From an orthopedic spinal surgeon who has shopped here for more than a decade to a real-life farmer who eagerly changes from his work garb to dress clothes when going out on the town to a high-powered property manager who admits to giving into his urge to “power” shop, Raleigh has helped customers find a style that fits both their professional and personal lives. Of course, the only way to truly understand the Raleigh experience is to come here yourself. We look forward to seeing—and dressing—you soon! Photography by Andrew Scalini




RAL.ss12.stories6.indd 2

3/23/12 9:55 AM


John Rulli

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Simon Property Group Something happens whenever I walk into Raleigh. I might think I’m going to the store to just graze, as I call it, perhaps look for a shirt or sweater. Maybe try on a new jacket from Isaia or Zegna or the brand of suit that works best on my build, Corneliani. But when I’m there, I start to go a little crazy, sometimes buying three, four suits at a time. I’ll start throwing in multiple pairs of pants and a variety of shirts. When I see what’s on display and when Mark Koplow starts pulling out items he knows I’m going to like, I just give in to power shopping. Of course, I need suits because I wear one every day to the office. It’s not a sartorial rule there to dress up, but it is my personal preference. Not only do I consider it more in keeping with the executive office, but I also find it far easier to put a shirt and tie together with a suit. It’s on casual Fridays that I tend to stumble, not always being able to figure out what’s casual versus what’s dressy and whether you can combine the two. Mark feeds my obsession—and it’s not one I’m willing to give up. I often run into Mark on the golf course. And you knowwhat? While Mark may be a master at picking out clothes I’ll like, I’m a better golfer. Don’t get me wrong, Mark is making some progress. Maybe I should play him for a suit or two.

sprf i nag l l• • sw u imnm ter 201 12 11 0

RAL.ss12.stories6.indd 3



3/23/12 9:55 AM

Aaron Conaway President, Total Seed Production

I’m not your typical farmer, at least in the way I dress. But like any farmer, I work a lot of hours because the agriculture industry is the starting point of the process of feeding the world. At the office, I dress in jeans and a ball cap. When I go out to town or to my customer meetings, or to conventions, I wear a suit or trendy sportcoat with what I call a button-up. You’ll find me in a Corneliani sportcoat or a Versace suit with a double vent, which I prefer because it gives me more flexibility and comfort when I move around. As for the button-ups, I buy all the brands in lots of fun and different colors and prints, plus fun purples, blues, greys, pinks and silvers. I have them tailored at Raleigh to make them especially slim-fitting. For shoes, I wear Mezlan and Bacco Bucci, because both brands are trendy, classy and comfortable. I have a strong business connection with Raleigh in that both my business and theirs are family-owned, and we are both competing against the giants in our industry. Plus I’ve never found a store anywhere that matches the service or the small-town, welcoming feel of Raleigh.




RAL.ss12.stories6.indd 4

3/15/12 4:23 PM

There was a time when I hadn’t visited Raleigh in several months. The moment I walked in, I said to Gerry Moreau and Mark Koplow, “I need some suits.” They took one look at me and said, “You sure do.” Their shocked response was because I’d lost 70 pounds in an effort to get fit. On that day, we spent a couple of hours together, and I ordered three Isaia suits, several pairs of pants from Hickey Freeman, Corneliani and Zegna, along with sportcoats and shirts. I know the brands I like, but I wear whatever Mark and Gerry say looks good on me. I’ve been shopping at Raleigh for 10 years, and I remember being there once and spotting a beautiful Luciano Barbera overcoat, a kind of country gentleman’s coat. But I didn’t need it, plus I was there to buy other items. At the

Dr. Joseph Riina Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon, Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital end of the season, Gerry called my wife and told her about the jacket I had admired. She gave it to me for Christmas. It’s that kind of attention, their remembering that jacket, that keeps me going to the store. Most of my clothes, those that I wear for seeing patients and those I put on for weekends, such as Georg Roth shirts, come from Raleigh. But my whole family and I are into martial arts, my two sons, 11 and 13, are both black belts. We all wear the classic Gi uniform. That’s probably the only item of clothing I have that doesn’t come from Raleigh.

RAL.ss12.stories6.indd 5

3/19/12 4:09 PM

continued . . .



raleigh 28

3/23/12 12:10 PM





The unspoiled Costa Navarino invites visitors back to a time when the gods ruled Greece. By Andrew Myers

On the west coast of the Peloponnese lies the great fortress of Methoni. The protected harbor it guards was coveted by warring nations in antiquity. 29

3/23/12 12:11 PM

The Anax Lounge, above, is the main gathering place at The Romanos, featuring a pianist and tea, tapas and signature cocktails. The lounge’s terrace affords panoramic views of sunset over the Ionian Sea. At right, a pool and pavilion at The Romanos, where guests can swim up for a cool drink under the warm sun. Many suites feature individual infinity pools.

I gaze out at the Ionian Sea, beyond the stretches of pure white sand, past olive and fig trees, citrus groves, fragrant gardens and low stone buildings that embody classical proportion and reflect the glory of me—mighty Zeus. I am king of the gods, ruler of Olympus, master of humankind … But wait! Where are my attributes: my golden eagle and libidinous bull, my oak and my thunderbolt? Oh, Hera! With that the reverie ends. Fortunately I’m not recovering from a psychotic break; I’m simply enjoying a very realistic fantasy inspired by The Romanos. Situated in the region of Messinia in the unspoiled southwest corner of the Peloponnese peninsula, the 321-room hotel opened last year, a temple of R&R as well as the headliner of Costa Navarino, a 2,500acre resort that is Olympian in ambition and scope. The resort seeks to transform an eye-poppingly picturesque but very quiet corner of Greece into a new, sophisticated European Riviera—and to do so sustainably, harmoniously and with sensitivity (it was, after all, Aristotle who advocated the golden mean). Nor is “temple” too strong an evocation. After driving into Navarino Dunes—321 acres of landscaped grounds that decline gently to a 1-kilometer stretch of sand along the clear Ionian Sea—you arrive at the openair lobby. Its dramatic height is emphasized by low modern furniture (much of it inspired by ancient Greek design, such as the klismos chair). 42


Gazing at the lobby’s simple but grand wood-beamed pediment, and its series of limestone columns framing a view of the brilliant sky, few would not feel as if they’ve been transported to a higher state of being. Transporting oneself to different planes and places is easy in the Peloponnese (which, since the digging of the Corinth Canal in 1893, isn’t technically a peninsula but an island). The area offers an all-terrain cata-

RALeIgh 30

3/23/12 12:11 PM

Polylimnio, in the heart of Messinia, is a small gorge with abundant waterfalls and natural pools. Diving is allowed, but be warned: The water is chilly, even on hot summer days. 31

3/23/12 12:11 PM

Above, a secluded beach cove along the immaculate Costa Navarino. At right, chefs at The Romanos provide creative dishes made from fresh local food. Opposite, the Eleon restaurant emphasizes traditional fare inspired by Greek’s rich culinary heritage, including an impressive selection of wines from all over the country.

log of topographies—sun-drenched valleys to snowy mountain ranges to miles of beaches, and a distinctive coastline with four small south-pointing peninsulas that give the island the appearance of a hand (or a maple leaf). All told, the Peloponnese measures 8,320 square miles—which might sound big until you realize all major destinations are within 125 miles or several hours on new, well-marked highways and major byways. The place is also replete with history. Just to read a map of the island and see the names “Sparta” and “Corinth” conjure history and Western Civilization classes, mythology and legend. Among the can’t-miss archaeological destinations are Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its famous Lion Gate; Olympia, where the ancient Olympic Games were held in honor of Zeus; the healing center of Epidaurus with its huge theater (also a UNESCO World Heritage site); and, of course, the ruins found in contemporary Sparta and Corinth. Should one wish to fastforward a millennium to the glories of the Byzantine, fortress towns such as Monemvasia and Mystras—an astounding complex of fortifications and frescoes named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1989—are certain to inspire. And they are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Regardless of where these daytrips take you, make sure to seize the opportunity to enjoy a simple lunch in any of the small towns and villages that takes your fancy. Directions are easy because they’re always the same: Travel to the main square, select a shady taverna (there’s usually more than one, and all are usually good), and order from favorites 44


such as avgolemono soup, the catch of the day or lamb fricassee. (If you’re in the mountains near Tripoli, add stifado, beef with pearl onions, and arni psito, lamb on the spit, to your watch list; and in Sparta and its environs, bardouniotiko, chicken stuffed with cheese, olives and walnuts, is a specialty. ) Of course, there’s also much to see and do in Messinia itself. An ancient land, it’s mentioned by name in the Iliad, the epic poem that ranks as among the oldest extant works of Western literature. No surprise, then, that the region boasts several antique showstoppers of its own, such as those found at Messene, with its stadion, for running events and odeon for performances. Travel 16 miles southeast of that ancient Hellenic city-state,

RalEiGh 32

3/23/12 12:12 PM

Nem ullabore aute vit et aut quassim quiae. Nam ea quunt laccaborrum re plis exceatis volupta conserum venempore, alicitasitas nim eum derest, nihit que nem ut et in re que omnimagni utempor eperess imolor millatio. Et harit delectatum aperumquia quatecum laut re nulpario veressi taspitatum hillabor

and you arrive in Kalamata, the region’s seaside capital famous for its signature olives but boasting a notable medieval hilltop castle as well. Or if the roughly 56-mile trip from Costa Navarino Dunes to Messene seems too much on a sunny day, an easy alternative is nearby Pylos—famous for two naval battles separated by over 2,200 years. Close to Pylos along the coast are several gorgeous beaches, including Voidokoilia (a mile-long beach that is just short of a perfect circle), as well as the Gialova wetlands, one of the finest birding areas in Europe with no few than 225 migrating species, including the flamingo and imperial eagle. Not that it’s ever easy leaving Costa Navarino, which consists of The Romanos and another five-star hotel (The Westin Resort, which sits further inland), two golf courses (The Dunes and the Bay Courses, the first signature golf courses in Greece), and the Anazoe Spa measuring over 13,000 square feet (with several treatments based on antique practices inscribed on clay tablets found in nearby ruins). There’s even an agora or “village center” with shops (international brands as well as curated local products), a library, cafes and restaurants. Among these is Omega, which

offers a menu based on the fatty acid-rich Omega diet made popular by Dr. Artemis Simopoulos, an American of Greek descent. Costa Navarino was the dream of “Captain” Vassilis Constantakopoulos. A self-made Messinia native who built the largest fleet of container ships in the world before expanding into a host of other industries, he died last year at age 76—but not before the resort’s inauguration. What must it be like to imagine a project on such a scale—and what must be the satisfaction at seeing it completed? Striding through my room at The Romanos, moving past the solid woods, marbles and limestone that provide a sublime shell for modern furniture with ancient design elements, I move onto the deck. Stepping past the fireplace and open-air lounge, I submerge myself in my private infinity plunge pool. Nestling my head atop my hands at the edge of the water, I look out at the timeless Ionian Sea and, listening to the quiet, begin to dream. n Andrew Myers writes frequently about culture and travel. He admits that he is never mistaken for a Greek god. s p r i N g • s u m m E r 2 0 12 33



3/23/12 12:12 PM

Bold fabrics and textures work well in this intensely imaginative living room: plush red cotton velvet, overscale silk damask in blue and chocolate, zesty yellow Thai silk canvas on an ebonized vintage stool. Opposite: Interior designer Frank Roop creates spaces that combine one-of-a-kind objects with handmade furniture.




RAL.ss12.homedecor.V2.indd 2

3/22/12 11:56 AM



Designing interiors is very similar to designing clothing: The same fundamentals of quality, balance, proportion and taste are crucial to both. BY TREATING A SPACE LIKE A WARDROBE, ROOMS

can be created that are fresh and original. Possibilities to individualize details, colors, and shapes are endless. Dress a space as you would a person. Surround yourself with color combinations and textures that are flattering to you and your personality. Look to fashion magazines for style that speaks to you. There is so much artistic talent on the fashion runways and elsewhere, it’s a shame not to use these great ideas in our homes. In today’s mass-produced world, everything tends to look more and more alike. If someone compliments you on a clothing item it is usually because it is different, beautifully made or flattering. It’s the same with interiors. I hope to show how couture-inspired details, combined with bespoke objects, can transform a space into something extraordinary. —Frank Roop Photo © Eric Roth From The New Bespoke by Frank Roop © Pointed Leaf Press

RAL.ss12.homedecor.V2.indd 3

3/22/12 11:56 AM




RAL.ss12.homedecor.V2.indd 4

3/22/12 11:57 AM

Modern but not minimal is how interior designer Frank Roop describes the home he shares with wife Sharon where clean lines mix with soft, tactile fabrics. He designed the deep club chairs, upholstered in silk velvet, as well as the round “bookshelf ottoman,” which echoes the curved front of the sofa. Opposite, Roop’s Spoon Back chair is a cozy companion for the chenille-covered corner banquette.

RAL.ss12.homedecor.V2.indd 5

3/22/12 11:57 AM

It’s all about staging: Antique Swedish Klismos chairs covered in dark green velvet, arranged next to a low, marble-topped table, are simple to move around as the occasion requires. The Irwin Feld console upholstered in faux blue python makes a strong graphic statement, as does the vivid fuchsia and pink bench, creating a colorful vignette. The room is a composition of upbeat colors and shapes, much like the collage by Chicago abstract artist Robert Natkin.




RAL.ss12.homedecor.V2.indd 6

3/22/12 11:58 AM

THE BMW 6-CYLINDER LEGEND. Taking luxury into a whole new dimension.

K1600GTL Base Model MSRP $23,200

YES... there YES… there is is aaBMW BMWMotorcycle Motorcycle dealership serving Indianapolis and dealership serving Indianapolis thethe surrounding areas. and surrounding areas. Visit our store today. today. Easy fromI-465 I-465onon west Easyaccess access from thethe west sideside of of Indianapolis, just two miles east of Indianapolis, just two miles east of the the Indianapolis MotorSpeedway. Speedway. Indianapolis Motor

One-stop BMW motorcycle dealership, including: One-stop BMW motorcycle dealership, including: • Full lineline of of BMW motorcycles • Full BMW Motorcycles • Full inventory of of BMW parts, • Full inventory BMW parts,accessories accessories&&apparel apparel • Comprehensive service department • Comprehensive service departmentwith withaacertified certified mastertechnician technician master • Demo fleet includingallallmodels models(for (forqualified qualified riders) riders) • Demo fleet including • Many “low-saddle” models stock • Many “low-saddle” models in in stock

BMW Motorcycles of Indianapolis BMW Motorcycles of Indianapolis 2416 W. 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222 2416 W. 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222 (317) 803-2432 • Toll-free (888) 280-2517 (317) 803-2432 • Toll-free (888) 280-2517

Always ride safely and wear proper protective gear. *Price shown is MSRP for the base model. Price subject to change. MSRP includes destination and handling charges but excludes license, registration, ride safely and wear Actual proper protective gear. *Price shown is MSRP for theBMW base Motorrad model. Price subject to change. handling charges but excludes registration,trademarks. taxes, title,Always insurance and options. price is determined by retailer. ©2011 USA, a division of MSRP BMW includes of Northdestination America, and LLC. The BMW name and logolicense, are registered

taxes, title, insurance and options. Actual price is determined be retailer. ©2011 BMW Motorrad USA, a division of BMW North America, LLC. The BMW name and logo are registered trademarks.


3/21/12 4:30 PM


who’s that


Photography by Daniel Springston




RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 34

3/22/12 5:08 PM

In the neutral zone: Nathan (opposite) wears a rose Isaia sportcoat, a white and rose pinstripe dress shirt by Brunello Cucinelli, Etro pocket square and beige Incotex trousers. Blue horizons: Sandor looks cool in a smoke blue Ermenegildo Zegna suit and paisley tie. Blue plaid shirt by Eton.

RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 35

3/22/12 5:09 PM




RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 36

3/22/12 5:10 PM

Classic casual: Sandor (opposite) sports a gimo’s leather coat, Arnold Zimberg patchwork sport shirt and Alberto jeans. Safari story: nathan is ready for action in a tan safari jacket and polo by Corneliani. pants by Hiltl.

S p r i n g • S u m m e r 2 0 12

RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 37



3/22/12 5:19 PM




RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 38

3/22/12 5:20 PM

Saturday style: Sandor (opposite, left) takes it easy in a blue pinstripe eQ sport shirt layered over a grey moncler printed T-shirt and white jeans by gardeur 1920. At right, he wears a yellow shirt by mason’s and red jeans by gardeur 1920. Beguiling browns: nathan steps out in a brown Canali suit, a brown and blue plaid eton shirt and bronze and blue ermenegildo Zegna tie.

S p r i n g • S u m m e r 2 0 12

RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 39



3/22/12 5:20 PM

Power source: Sandor (opposite) wears an ultra-light, water repellent black down vest by Moncler with an EQ blue stripe shirt and Alberto jeans. Pattern play: Nathan exudes casual confidence in a blue and grey plaid sportcoat by Samuelsohn, white Corneliani polo shirt with paisley trim and slate blue Hiltl jeans.




RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 40

3/22/12 5:20 PM

S p r i n g • S u m m e r 2 0 12

RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 41



3/22/12 5:21 PM

Spring forward: Nathan stands out in a blue, green and purple plaid Etro sport shirt and khaki trousers by Brunello Cucinelli.




RAL.ss12.fashion1.V2.indd 42

3/22/12 5:21 PM

north meridian RIGHT.indd 145

3/20/12 4:18 PM

{ the sporting life }


Set amid New Zealand’s rugged landscape, Cape Kidnappers is a thrill ride of a course that straddles chalk cliffs and offers stunning views of Hawke’s Bay. By Paul Rogers


common gag gifts for golfers were calendars illustrated with fantasy golf holes: a tee box perched on the roof of a skyscraper and a green set atop a barge passing in the harbor below or a sliver of fairway in the thick of a redwood forest. Well, those whimsical renderings of imaginary holes don’t seem so outlandish anymore. That’s because the golf course development boom of the 1990s and early 2000s produced a number of layouts—nestled in desert canyons, strung along ski slopes—that appeared to defy the possible. None, though, stretches the imagination more than Cape Kidnappers, an eye-stopper of a course whose holes unfurl over giant claws of land on the North Island of New




RAL.ss12.sportinglife.V2.indd 48

3/19/12 11:10 AM

The links at Cape Kidnappers, built on a ridge-and-valley landscape with spectacular views, is ranked one of the best in the world. “The surface is firm and fast, the conditions can be windy, and the player who can control his trajectory will be master of the course,� says designer Tom Doak.

RAL.ss12.sportinglife.V2.indd 49

3/19/12 11:11 AM

{ the sporting life }

Clockwise from left, the “snug” at the Farm at Cape Kidnappers; hikers take terrain isn’t rumpled with dunes. The Zealand, high above the Pacific Ocean. advantage of the property’s cliffside walking trails; vistas include 600-foot cliffs and soil doesn’t consist of pure sand. But The emerald ribbons of fairway lie within shark-tooth-shaped rocks; the endangered northern brown kiwi can be viewed Doak, who has made a life’s study of the a mottled 6,000-acre sheep and cattle farm on one of Cape Kidnappers’ guided kiwi walks. Opposite, course veterans say the fabled links of the British Isles, wove where the land heaves and rolls. green of Number 13, known as “Al’s Ace”, is easy to reach but hard to stay on. many of their attributes into his routing “If it were any bigger or more at Cape Kidnappers. (Golf magazine dramatic, it would probably be cordoned ranked it the 33rd best course in the world.) off as a national park,” says Tom Doak, the Michigan-based architect who Much of the strategy derives from the natural contour of the land, or, at designed the course. “It’s an overwhelming experience to stand up on most, a light retouching of it. Take the 348-yard No. 14. The shortest par-4 the cliffs, 140 meters above sea level, and look out across the waves far on the course, the hole might seem like a pushover. But a closer look reveals below in Hawke’s Bay.” its defenses: a plateau fairway The resort is named after that repels drives hit weakly to the headland upon which it the right; a greenside pot bunker sits, whose name refers to an Cape Kidnappers which, as Doak puts it, “has ill-fated attempt by indigenous 448 Clifton Road, te awanga, Hawke’s Bay, new Zealand; CapekidnappeRs.Com a gravitational pull far greater Maori to abduct the translator n Cape Kidnappers Golf Course than its size,” and a steep dropof British explorer James arChiteCt: tom doak, 2004. YardaGe: 7,119. par: 71. slope: 140. Green fee: $295. off beyond. Cook in 1769. Like Pebble n the farm at Cape Kidnappers: fRom $680 peR peRson. Cape Kidnappers is the Beach and Old Head (off the n GettinG there most visitoRs fly into auCkland oR wellington, fRom wHiCH brainchild of billionaire Julian south coast of Ireland), Cape tHey take a sHoRt Hop via twin-engine, tuRBo-pRop plane to Hawke’s Bay Robertson, the hedge fund Kidnappers is a seaside course aiRpoRt outside tHe City of napieR. CHaRteR jets, pRopelleR planes, and pioneer, and his late wife, Josie. but not, in the true definition HeliCopteRs also Can Be aRRanged. The couple spent a year in New of the word, a links. The




RAL.ss12.sportinglife.V2.indd 50

3/19/12 11:11 AM

Zealand in the late ’70s while he was taking a break from Wall Street to write a novel. Nothing came of his literary foray—back in New York two years later, Robertson founded Tiger Management Corp., which would become at one time the world’s largest hedge fund. But the couple remained enamored of this unspoiled and far-off land. In its early years, Cape Kidnappers had no lodging on site for golfers, a deficiency the Robertsons addressed by building The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, an elegantly rustic lodge and spa. The accommodations include four suites adjoining the main lodge, 18 additional suites in a series of wellsituated outbuildings, and a private owner’s cottage. As exhilarating as it is to tee off at Cape Kidnappers, there is far more to do than play golf. The property is home to the world’s largest mainland colony of gannets, the needle-billed, pointed-winged seabirds that swoop and dive at great speeds for their prey; guests can take guided tours of the habitat. The resort also offers a “Kiwi Walk,” on which to explore the property with an on-site naturalist to track and interact with the endangered northern brown kiwi. The region that encompasses Cape Kidnappers, Hawke’s Bay, has made a name for itself in wine-producing circles, thanks to its ample sunshine and long, cool growing season. Guests of the resort can tour the vineyards on bicycle, hopping from cellar to cellar to sample the local Chardonnay, Syrah and blends of Cabernet and Merlot.

To be sure, though, golf remains the first and foremost reason to plan a journey to Cape Kidnappers. Doak’s courses are known for being playable rather than penal, and this one, despite the wild terrain and the fierce, shifting breezes off the ocean, hews to that theme. The fairways provide plenty of room to accommodate shots pushed and pulled by the wind. Naturally, the most dramatic holes at Cape Kidnappers are those that play out to the sea. Number 12, known as “Infinity,” is a par-4 of 460 yards that bends right off the tee and then left into a green that’s perched at the end of a narrow ridge, silhouetted by the bay. Peril lurks along the entire left side. Cape Kidnappers had its coming-out party by hosting the Kiwi Challenge, an exhibition of rising Tour stars held in 2008 and 2009. The players couldn’t get over the beauty of the course—or the buffeting winds. Sean O’Hair, the 2009 runner-up, marveled at how the drives the pros hit into wind on the par-5 15th went no more than 230 or 240 yards. Those struck with the wind on the following hole traveled as far as 400 yards, prompting O’Hair to say, “Basically, you just need to get your driver or whatever club airborne and it’s going to go for miles.” Hunter Mahan, who won the 2008 event, had high praise for Cape Kidnappers. “On almost every shot, you are looking straight out into the ocean,” he said. “It’s a different world.” One that’s real, though, not merely imagined. S p r i n g • S U M M e r 2 0 12

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featured brands at Raleigh incotex


Incotex, maker of luxurious men’s trousers in lightweight cottons, wools and ice gabardine, is a Venetian-based designer that’s dedicated to serving the American market. And with what style! “We try to be brave, not boring, so we offer vibrant colors like pink, light green, French blue, violet and burgundy,” says Emilio Paschetto, director of sales for North America for Incotex parent company Slowear. “Often it’s the brightest colors that sell the best, because our customers already have lots of trousers in stone and khaki.” Visit Raleigh to find a hue that’s right for you.

Life is not meant to stand still. The designers of Equilibrio know that life is not always spent in an office building or a formal engagement; it’s complemented with casual meetings and “off-duty” adventures. This is where EQ meets our guy’s wardrobe needs: We are an everyday brand filled with the same passion for European design sensibilities and fine fabrics that has made our company a household name. EQ is Americanized in every way. Filled with a modern sense of tradition coupled with a twist of creative class attitude, EQ is engineered to be perfectly layered casual work wear. Relaxed and on-trend, the EQ look is refined, smart and empowering. This is clothing for a man who can dress this way because his life allows it.




There’s nothing boring about a Robert Graham shirt. Each vibrant design combines embroidered detail with printed or woven patterns, typically in eye-catching combinations. The distinctive American-eclectic styles reflect the attitude of designer Robert Stock, who founded the line: “Express yourself without reservation, without explanation, just feeling confident.” But shirts aren’t all Robert Graham has got going on. The brand also offers casual pants, sportcoats, and accessories—all of which display the trademark wit, boldness and playful individuality of the brand. Designs are inspired by various elements in time including vintage motifs, cultural statements in history and famous landmarks. To ensure that your own wardrobe is surf-and-sand-ready, check out the new spring/summer collection at Raleigh.

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Among Raleigh’s most popular outerwear brands is the Italian maker known as Gimo’s. Renzo Girardin founded Gimo’s in 1968 as an atelier specializing in leather garments of the highest quality. Based north of Venice in San Martino di Lupari, Gimo’s has remained faithful to traditional Italian methods of producing leather goods. But from the very start, the label has also been propelled by fashion. Each season, Gimo’s designers produce dynamic new collections. Gimo’s outerwear is sophisticated, sexy and contemporary like the man who wears it. Take a trip to Raleigh to try their spring line for yourself.

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high chappellet Pritchard hill, the chappellet family’s high-altitude napa vineyard, consistently produces standout cabernet sauvignon. By Ted Loos To look aT iT from afar, PriTchard hill isn’T

that much different than any other bit of spectacular mountaintop napa scenery—rocky, dun-colored and studded with live oaks. But donn and molly chappellet thought it had the potential to yield great Bordeauxstyle wines when they picked it in the late 1960s as the home for chappellet Vineyard & Winery. That’s because andre Tchelistcheff, the famous winemaker and consultant, had recommended high-altitude grape growing to donn as a way to get concentration and rich tannins into red wines. Pritchard hill seemed the right place to experiment. “dad had to give up the bigger yield of loweraltitude vineyards,” says Jon-mark chappellet, one of the couple’s two sons, who now manages the winery, “but to him it made sense.” (Tchelistcheff had advised keeping production small to maintain quality.) “mountain grapes were not common knowledge at the time in napa. You have to remember, there were only 30 wineries in the valley back then; now there are 400.” The experiment was an unqualified success, and now chappellet has been in the forefront of napa wine for more than 40 years. The critic hugh Johnson put it this way: “chappellet is wine lovers’s wine: eloquent to the sentient.” in 2012 the winery plays official host to the napa Valley Wine auction, an honor because it 68


Above, Chappellet’s Estate Vineyards, on the rocky slopes of Pritchard Hill, rise from 800 to 1,000 feet above sea level. The entire vineyard will be certified organic in 2012. Left, the interior barrel room at Chappellet’s iconic three-sided pyramidal winery, which inspired the label’s logo design.


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This smile is The firsT sTep To improving yours.

Dr. Starla Goldman looks forward to caring for you and your entire family. Her team of attentive professionals will make you feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk through the door. As a dentist in Carmel for 17+ years, Dr. Goldman and her staff know how to deliver a level of care that will make you smile. And smile prettier. Our state-of-the-art office is conveniently located in Carmel, just off of Meridian and 136th at 13740 North Meridian. Call or visit us online to schedule a visit with Dr. Starla Goldman. We think we’ll see you smile.


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317-582-057 1


D r. S t a r l a KG o l d m a n . c o m

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{ grape }

Clockwise from left, five of Chappellet’s oldest vintage-designated bottlings. Wildflower-filled meadows dot Pritchard Hill, where for 45 years, Donn and Molly Chappellet have maintained the natural integrity of their property. Members of the family, all of whom are actively involved in running the winery, include Dominic, Carissa, Donn, Jon-Mark, Molly and Cyril Chappellet.

is the area’s number one event of the year. The operation is still family-run: Jon-Mark’s brother, Cyril, handles sales and marketing, and his sister, Carissa, the legal affairs. Donn and Molly are officially retired, although Molly continues to publish cookbooks and operate as a Napa lifestyle guru. “We’ve gravitated toward certain parts of the business and specialized,” notes Jon-Mark. Chappellet now makes four wines from its 100 acres of certified-organic vineyards—a Chardonnay and three reds, most famously its flagship high-end entry, Pritchard Hill Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, which is made from a single vineyard (the estate’s original one). That is the wine that reflects the terroir of the winery’s home base. The particularities of the soil and the vineyard’s exposure to the sun mean that the organically farmed grapes could make for super-dense and off-putting wine; yet expert winemaker Philip Corallo-Titus has learned to manage the natural tannins to create something silky and sophisticated. Pritchard Hill is technically a blend, since the Cabernet is mixed with smaller amounts of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec, depending on the vintage. That recipe is the one made famous by red Bordeaux, and the Chappellets have always had the great chateaux of that region as their guiding stars. The vintages vary, but not by too much—the signature style of ripe fruit and a firm body comes through year after year. “We want to keep the blend as consistent as possible,” says Jon-Mark. For more than 40 years, this family winery has been making good on that promise. 70


Comparing vintages n Chappellet Vineyards & Winery pritChard hill estate Vineyard Cabernet sauVignon 2008 ($135) Big and Brooding, But too young to drink By a mile. Put this in the cellar as something to look forward to. n Chappellet Vineyards & Winery pritChard hill estate Vineyard Cabernet sauVignon 2007 ($135) suPer-structured with silky tannins, it’s very round with a long finish and a wonderful note of cedar. it needs steak or a roasted meat to show. n Chappellet Vineyards & Winery pritChard hill estate Vineyard Cabernet sauVignon 2006 ($135) Black cherry, cola and Plum accents are on disPlay here— it manages to Be fruity and dark at the same time. would Pair well with lamB. n Chappellet Vineyards & Winery pritChard hill estate Vineyard Cabernet sauVignon 2005 ($135) a touch lighter than the other vintages, this wine aims for and achieves elegance. the fruits are all in the red zone— cherry, red currant. a hint of coconut rounds things off.


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ank home again®

DOWNTOWN 107 North Pennsylvania Street

WEST CARMEL/ZIONSVILLE 106th and North Michigan Road

NORTHWEST Ditch Road and 84th Street

WESTCLAY® Towne Road near 131st Street


CARMEL East Carmel Drive Near Keystone Avenue

MERIDIAN-KESSLER 49th and Pennsylvania Street

WESTFIELD/CARMEL East 146th Street at Cool Creek Commons

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 320 North Meridian Street

GEIST/FISHERS Olio Road at 116th Street

CASTLETON Bash Road and East 82nd Street

GREENWOOD West Smith Valley Road and SR 135

261-9000 ©2010 The National Bank of Indianapolis

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Member FDIC

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hail to the

vizsla Folks have been fans of the noble vizsla (vizh-la), also known as the Hungarian pointer, since the Middle Ages. A favorite of barons and warlords, the vizsla itself has the mien of an aristocrat with its high cheekbones, sturdy

bearing and golden coat. But it also has another welcome attribute: being an exceptionally hard worker, and that work includes hunting, tracking, pointing and retrieving. Bred to be a gun dog, the vizsla is known to its fond owners as the “Velcro dog” because of its determination to stick close by its master. And that master had better have a lot of energy, because vizlas certainly do. They need a long walk (think six miles) or lots of running time every day, and have been known to jump a six-foot fence. If you’re a hiker, runner or swimmer, a vizsla will be your faithful partner in fitness—and an affectionate, intelligent companion when day is done. Qualities that, for a dog lover, are very much on point.




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You can’t predict an uncertain market. But you can plan for it. When the markets are uncertain, many investors fear what the future may hold. However, with a solid financial plan created together with your UBS Financial Advisor, you’ll be able to weather market fluctuations or benefit from global trends, knowing that you’re always prepared for what lies ahead.

The Klausner and Duffy Investment Group 8888 Keystone Crossing, 10th Floor Indianapolis, IN 46240 317-816-1848 866-548-3850

Advice you can trust starts with a conversation.

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Profile for Wainscot Media

Raleigh: Spring/Summer 2012  

The Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Raleigh

Raleigh: Spring/Summer 2012  

The Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Raleigh