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contents FALL 2021

features a home’s beating heart | 42

Once the Somerset County kitchen had no elbow room. Now it’s the central gathering place for a family of six.

growing family, growing home | 46

A Cape Cod-style house in Hasbrouck Heights gets a major expansion, making room for a new generation— and a new aesthetic.

a clubhouse meets the future | 52

In Morristown, an organization’s 19th century home gets an update—while retaining its historic spirit.

quarantine, the mother of invention | 56

There’s nothing like enforced togetherness to show when a kitchen needs an update.

finding a place in history | 60

In Beach Haven’s district of historic homes, a new build fits right in—though its interior is decidedly contemporary.

big family, big dreams | 70

Boldness without ostentation, contrast without chaos, grandeur without fuss—all were on a Springfield family’s wish list for their new home.

jersey keeps calling

A light, bright Monroe townhouse becomes the perfect “return to roots” for transplanted Easterners now living—most of the time—in San Diego.



Designer Jennifer Pacca gives a Hasbrouck Heights home a new aesthetic for a new generation. Photography by Marco Ricca.


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This bite started here.

The Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom is a creative and collaborative space. Chef demonstrations and interactive products will inspire you, while knowledgeable consultants will guide you through your entire kitchen project. Delicious moments, spent cooking with the ones you love, start here.

SCH E DUL E A S H O W R O O M APPOI NTM ENT Manhattan • 150 East 58th St, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10155 • 800-691-6122 • subzero-wolf.com/manhattan Pine Brook • 25 Riverside Dr, Pine Brook, NJ 07058 • 888-671-9376 • subzero-wolf.com/pinebrook Roslyn Heights • Currently closed for renovation • 888-859-9376 • subzero-wolf.com/roslynheights

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departments memo | 10

art | 28

In this issue of NJ Home, see how your home can set you free.

This hot hue provides a pop of color anywhere in your home. Just remember, a little goes a long way.

the guide | 13 What’s up, what’s new and what to do.

real estate | 18 Dead space? The lofts in these four luxury homes for sale offer valuable square footage that “ups” the functionality factor.

material world | 22 Wherever you choose to place these accents, they will reflect your sense of style.

trend report | 24 Home décor in emerald, one of the prettiest shades of green, is just the color boost your space craves.


vintage finds | 30 Mid-century designs evoke simpler times and bring a modern flair to today’s rooms.

top choices | 86 You can’t help but sleep well in one of these four-poster beauties.

finishing touch | 88 What to install to protect the boundaries of your outdoor space? Consider stylish, eco-friendly composite fencing.


hot stuff | 26 You can experience the jungle out there without leaving the comfort of your home.



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your home can set you free

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Normally it’s an editor’s job to delete inadvertent repetitions. If a writer begins a feature article with a famous quotation or epigram, that’s fine—if it’s apt. But if a second writer in the issue also uses that same quotation, that’s when it’s time to hit “delete.” Usually, once is enough. Yet the same idea pops up in three articles in this issue of NJ Home—by three different writers—and I’ve left all three references in because I suspect that this coincidence may be trying to tell us something. That idea is that home design can, in the words of homeowner/designer Vanessa Romond, make “you feel you’re on vacation as soon as you step through the door.” That objective guided the redesign of a historic home in Beach Haven, as you’ll read in “Finding a Place in History” on page 60. Similarly, “Jersey Keeps Calling” on page 34 tells of transplanted New Jerseyans now based in San Diego who were making so many East Coast visits that they needed a home away from home. Owner Jennifer McMahon wanted to invite her grandmother in Freehold over frequently for cups

of coffee, and it just wouldn’t do to make her take the red-eye each time. She’s 100. McMahon is grateful that she found designer Yelena Gerts to imbue her three-story, corner-unit townhouse in Monroe Township with “that ‘on vacation’ feeling.” Then there’s a new-construction colonial in Springfield that was going to be a family’s “forever home”—not just for fun times, but for all times. There the homeowner wanted, as designer Daniella Hoffer explains in “Big Family, Big Dreams” on page 70, to feel like “when she’s in her room, she’s on vacation.” What gives? Clearly something is in the air. We can’t always be on vacation, but we can embrace—even in our year-round homes—design principles that feel freeing to the spirit the way long-awaited time off does. Today’s brighter rooms and more open layouts—with more attention to traffic flow and space efficiency— better fit the way families actually live. They promise to liberate us from the confining, constricted feel of the past—and from trendy 1970s or ’80s schemes that have overstayed their welcome, the design equivalents of sideburns and bell bottoms. (Kitchens can be the key. For a Wyckoff household—page 56—getting rid of a two-tier island in the kitchen spelled freedom, while a blended family of six in Warren—page 42—wanted a kitchen roomy enough to enable two generations to fix snacks at once without chaos.) In important ways, our home can set us free, whether it’s a vacation home or a full-time roost. Now that fall is upon us and plummeting temperatures make us cherish our homes for the cozy sense of warm enclosure they provide, we mustn’t forget that that feeling of freedom is important too, and so are the aesthetic choices that liberate our spirit. It’s a lesson worth repeating.

Editor in Chief RITA GUARNA

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We have raised the bar. Walnut interiors. Walnut drawers. Our new standard. Only the finest. Only from Crown Point. Available direct, nationwide

Handcrafted in New Hampshire Custom cabinetry for every room in your home

Untitled-1 11 Untitled-11

800-999-4994 • www.crown-point.com

Work with one of our in-house design professionals

8/26/21 8/24/21 11:05 3:36 PM AM

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the guide



Segueing into furniture design is a natural next step for many fashion designers and creative celebrities, and Christian Siriano is the latest to make it. The Project Runway alum has debuted his first-ever furniture collection, exclusive to 1st Dibs, and it’s a nod to his sculptural, innovative, red-carpet dresses: There are stools and chairs made of bouclé and wood as well as coffee tables and sofas that meld different textures and shapes. Prices range from $795 for a stool to $4,200 for a lounger at 1stdibs.com.


If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who made it to Geneva this summer for the Patek Philippe “Rare Handcrafts 2021” exhibition, let us enlighten you: It’s where Patek artisans demonstrated their skills and prowess with 75 rare and limited-edition pocket watches, wristwatches and dome table clocks from 2020 and 2021. Each piece features the arts of engraving, enameling, marquetry, guilloche and/or gem setting. Only a few collectors are the proud owners of these limited-edition finds, but a small number of pieces are selling at patek.com, including this beauty called “Undulations in Black and White.” Patek Philippe small dome table clock in cloisonné enamel. Price upon request.



Remember when drawing on the walls was something you got spanked for? That was before Carter & Main’s “Color It Yourself” peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s easy to apply and encourages young artists-in-training to get creative. The blackand-white print comes in five different patterns, from dinos to florals, and kids can get creative with markers, crayons or colored pencils for a nursery or playroom work of art that’s truly unique. Best yet: You can remove it at any time. Each 26-inch-by52-inch roll is $39.99 plus shipping at carterandmain.com.

| 13

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8/30/21 9:13 AM

the guide


Recent U.S. Census reports indicate that New Jersey’s population has grown steadily over the past decade, and numbers are to increase. Chalk that up to the ongoing interest in our state’s suburban solace, which continues to fuel the real estate market. If you’re debating whether to buy or sell a home this season, consider the following stats from last October, near the height of the housing boom.


The number of single-family homes that closed in October 2020, up 34.3 percent from the previous year.


New listings of single-family homes in October 2020, an increase of 11.7 percent over the year before.


MUST-READS Justina Blakeney has been a household name in interior design since debuting her lifestyle brand, Jungalow, a decade ago, and she’s keeping the momentum going with her newest book: Jungalow: Decorate Wild (Abrams, $28). It’s filled with photographs of—and tips on using—bold colors, mixed patterns, whimsical shapes and more fun design styles that define the Jungalow aesthetic. In the same vein, this summer Blakeney also unveiled her new furniture line, Opalhouse, which she designed with Target. Much like rummaging through a garage sale or a thrift store, sifting through the pages of Modern Americana (Gibbs Smith, $24) by West Coast-based designer Max Humphrey will give readers a thrill. With out-there finds and accessories such as gingham print, vintage signs, maps and Pendleton blankets, the spaces featured in this book inspire readers to use their own collections in innovative ways at home, whether that’s a country house or an urban loft. And diehard abstract art fans can now view Picasso’s greatest works right from their reading nooks in Musée Picasso Paris (Flammarion, $40), edited by the museum’s former president, Anne Baldassari. This essential resource is the most impressive collection of Picasso’s works ever printed, from the Blue Period (1901–04) to the portrait of the “Young Painter” (1972), which he finished in his penultimate year. The volume also details Picasso’s work in sculpture, ceramics, photography, drawing and etching.


In real life it requires an arts degree, post-graduate schooling and lots of tests, but in The Sims 4 all you need is your smartphone. The latest expansion pack of the long-running video game, the Dream Home Decorator Game Pack, features interior designer as a new career path. And it’s a lot like the real thing; players will meet with clients, discuss their desires for the project and even do an HGTV-style reveal once it’s completed. Learn more about how your Sims can succeed in the biz and get the game at ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/.

Median sales price of singlefamily homes in October 2020, an 22.4 percent increase over 2019.


Average sales price of singlefamily homes in October 2020, up 23.7 percent from the previous year.

Average days properties had been on the market in October 2020, down 33.3 percent from the previous year. Source: New Jersey Realtors


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Fish tanks have evolved from small fishbowls to fullon aquatic masterpieces. They can enhance a room while creating a calming effect you likely won’t get from paint color or décor alone. And many companies across the Garden State install fish tanks directly into walls or furniture for a seamless look. “Aquariums are soothing, always changing, never boring living art that draw young and old into their depths,” says Sol Bick, owner of Lakewood-based Aqua Creations. If you want something more low-key, you can opt instead for a fishbowl-style tank, which can be placed on a counter, table or desk to create an extraordinary centerpiece. The relaxing nature of fish tanks has been proven, and after the year we’ve had, everyone needs a little calm.

8/31/21 11:15 AM

Boutique Design Studio specializing in bespoke cabinetry and hard finishes for the home. RED BANK, NJ | 732.345.1441 | TOWNANDCOUNTRYDESIGNSTUDIO.COM Design by appointment | Visit website for Mercantile Shop hours Untitled-13 1 Untitled-11

8/13/21 11:13 8/26/21 10:44 AM

the guide



Ultimate gray, the Pantone Color of the Year, is great, but have you ever seen the way green lights up a room? The hue acts almost like a neutral, pairing well with most design styles and accenting more muted colors such as navy, brown and black. Plus, it transitions from season to season, much like greenery in nature. According to Google trend data, search interest in sage green in particular has reached a record high in 2021, with the color currently beating out emerald and mint as the most-searched shade of green. But designer Terri Fiori of Fiori Interior Design in Wyckoff says you can’t go wrong decorating your home with any shade in the green family: army, forest, moss, whatever. “We all want to bring the outdoors in these days, and using green in any setting can do just that,” Fiori says. “It also allows us to make our surroundings more peaceful and less anxiety provoking.” Fiori recommends using the hue as more than just an accent color for a real punch. “I love a velvety green accent chair,” she adds, “or mixing green with shades of blue for the perfect color combination.”

You probably forgot the look, smell and overall vibe of an art museum due to, you know, being in hibernation for much of the last 18 months, but we have just the place to help you remember again. Located in Sussex County, Luna Parc is “where every day is Christmas; every night is Halloween!” More literally, it’s the atelier and home of multimedia artist Richard “Ricky” Boscarino, who has turned this treasure trove into a part-time museum for the season. His whimsy, creativity and use of outrageous embellishment in every nook and cranny will amaze, whether you’re ogling his credit-card curtain, his “Hall of Hats” or the bathroom made entirely of mosaic walls and flooring. Luna Parc is only open a select few days throughout the year— even this out-there artist needs his privacy!—so email him at ricky@lunaparc.com to learn his availability and to set up your tour.


Your home has blossomed into a multifunctional space during the pandemic (office! classroom! playground!), but here’s a home design trend that’s literally blossoming: botanical lighting accents. Chic and modern all at once, floralinspired chandeliers and fixtures bring a sense of whimsy to your space and create a pretty focal point. Here are three to consider: Clockwise from left, Kelly Clarkson Home Gabby 3-Light unique globe chandelier, wayfair.com; Boca Do Lobo Hera suspension lamp, bocadolobo.com; Visual Comfort Julie Neill Mandeville 6 Light Chandelier, Capitol Lighting, multiple locations.


| NJHome


GAL.f21.guide.indd 16

Stop making runs to the farmers market and get your eggs from chickens in your backyard. Chicken coops are stylish, functional accessories that have become mini-art pieces—many woodworkers (and some businesses like NJ Chicken Man in Bergen County that specialize in these cozy coops) can make beautiful and custom installations; they can resemble sheds, mini barns or even houses. The functional aspect adds to the allure—chickens lay eggs daily, so you’ll always have fresh eggs. If you’re handy, you may even want to make constructing a chicken coop your next DIY project. “Since we installed our chicken

coop more than six years ago, we continue to enjoy the fresh daily eggs we receive,” says Harrington Park resident Craig Scherer. “The chickens have become part of our family, and we allow them to roam the yard with our dogs as protection. They also keep our yard clear from ticks and other insects.”


If you’re tired of your plain, wooden headboard, it’s time to upgrade to a statement piece you’ll be happy to wake up to. A colorful animal print, velvet earth tones, a semicircle or an elegant York shape—there are many options should you want to bring a pop of color or texture to the space where you sleep. And because these headboards are easy to install and remove, you’re never stuck with just one style. Pick one to display year-round or invest in two to switch out every couple of months. “We have been inundated with grays, soft tones and neutrals for the past five years (at least), and people are now craving more color, bolder prints and more personality to inject into their homes,” says Laurie DiGiacomo of Laurie DiGiacomo Interiors in Ridgewood. “These headboards represent a low-cost, low-commitment way to add some drama and an interesting focal point to one’s bedroom.”

8/31/21 11:15 AM

// IT’S TIME TO GET ORGANIZED sh e lving & ra ck s • c a bin et s • ove rh ea d storag e • f lo oring





Untitled-11 1

8/26/21 11:17 AM

real estate

a lofty idea

Dead space? Not so much. The lofts in these four luxury homes for sale offer valuable square footage that “ups” the functionality factor.

169 CHELSEA AVE., LONG BRANCH $1,250,000, 6 beds, 5 baths, 5,000 sq. ft.



| NJHome

Step through the double doors of this Monmouth County home and you’ll ponder if you’re at the Jersey Shore or in a Manhattan penthouse. The loft-style main living space takes open concept to the max, with a gourmet kitchen, dining area and living room with a gas fireplace. Look out onto all of it from the loft space, with built-in shelving for books and tchotchkes and room for a cozy seating area or reading nook. The doors at the loft lead into a guest bedroom and bathroom, so don’t be surprised if your houseguests never want to leave.

NJH.f21.realestate.indd 18

8/31/21 11:15 AM

It’s more than a house—it’s a community, a neighborhood, a place to plant your roots. When you’re ready to settle down, but aren’t willing to settle, put your trust in a New Jersey Realtor® to guide you home.


8/26/21 8/12/21 11:23 2:03 PM AM

real estate 16 WILDLIFE RUN, BOONTON TOWNSHIP $2,598,888, 6 beds, 11 baths, approximately 15,000 sq. ft. Welcome to this breathtaking gated estate in Morris County, boasting nearly 4 acres of land and all the amenities of modern luxury living. The loft space, used by the current owners as a “wild” sitting area, is technically the second story of the inviting great room, which features a center-hall fireplace, a bay window, wet bar and wine cellar. CONTACT: JOSHUA BARIS, COLDWELL BANKER REALTY, FORT LEE, 201.461.5000

6 KERBY LN., MENDHAM $1,399,000, 5 beds, 6 baths, 4,128 sq. ft. The downstairs level of this custom Tudor home is ideal for large-scale entertaining, between its open kitchen, spacious great room and stone patio. But the party really gets started upstairs in the master suite—a spiral staircase gives rise to a comfy loft area featuring a hot tub and a Swedish sauna.


| NJHome


299 PAVONIA AVE. APT. 31, JERSEY CITY $2,150,000, 3 beds, 3 baths, 3,500 sq. ft. New York views and a New Jersey price is what you’ll get with this modern and chic triplex apartment in Jersey City. Up the walnut and steel staircase from the open concept living and dining rooms is a mezzanine-slash-loft space—one half features custom shelving, and the other can be used as a home office or lounge area. Walk up another flight of stairs to the master bedroom with an exposed brick wall and marble-clad bathroom. An additional two bedrooms, another spacious living room and a third full bathroom await you at the majestic top floor. CONTACT: PATRICK SOUTHERN, PROPERTIES BY SOUTHERN, HOBOKEN, 201.232.3381

NJH.f21.realestate.indd 20

8/30/21 9:23 AM


Photography by John Martinelli



Untitled-1 11 Untitled-11

8/26/21 8/12/21 11:31 1:49 PM AM

material world

No two of these Murano glass globe pendants with white swirl accents are exactly the same, as each is hand-blown by the artist. Its whimsical design and uniqueness will light up any room. Available at 1stdibs.com.

Everything about the Eliora mirrored dresser by Furniture of America sparkles, from its silver finish down to the crystal drawer knobs. Available at Nelson’s Furniture, Howell, 732.278.2473.

mirror, mirror



| NJHome

The Noble House mirrored end table is the perfect sidekick to any sofa or armchair. Its bright silver finish can lighten any room. Available at The Home Depot, multiple locations.

GAL.f21.material world.indd 22

Old-age mosaic techniques combine with modern simplicity in the Sevilla low mosaic mirrored vase. Each small fragment of glass is polished, torched, silver-plated and antiqued before being meticulously placed. Available at casachic.com.

The contrast of mirrors against a dark black-gray finish is a sophisticated touch to the Bradley 2-door mirrored cabinet by Studio 55D. Two shelves inside allow for ample storage opportunities no matter what room it’s placed in. Pro tip: This piece looks even better as a pair of two. Available at Target, multiple locations.

The Howard Miller Deluxe Curio cabinet is made of burnished silver finish, which gives off the appearance of natural, reclaimed wood. Four adjustable mirrored shelves allow for versatility as you display all your collectibles or fine china. Available at The Village Timekeeper, Hawthorne, 201.251.0910.

Sit like a king or queen on a throne with the majestic-looking Jules mirrored bench by Elk Home. A tufted linen cushioned bench makes it comfortable, and six mirrored legs up the glam factor. Available at houzz.com.

8/31/21 11:16 AM

When is the Baby coming?

Elegant design by

Karla Trincanello ASID Design Excellence Award Winner

Interior Decisions, Inc. Interiordecisions.com intdecinc@aol.com

Florham Park, NJ 973.765.9013 Allied Member of ASID, NJ CID 21ID000022 Photos by Memories TTL

KarlaT_Fp_FALL21_Final.indd 1

8/31/21 8:41 AM

trend report

The bold green fabric on this outdoor lumbar pillow by Scalamandré mirrors the texture of a natural malachite, juxtaposing the traditionally hard stone onto a soft pillow to add dimension to your outdoor lounge area. Available online at theinside.com.

The Latte Voss Sideboard in Emerald Ink will stylishly and easily store your china set or your shoe collection. A scuff-resistant, BPA-free surface (with a sophisticated matte finish) means it’s doable if you have little kids running around too. Available at insideweather.com.

Beside the bed or on an end table in the family room, the Esmeralda table lamp is equal parts sophisticated and functional. We love the frosted glass base and the contrasting brush nickel accents. Available at luzedecor.com.

The Jasper accent chair is to furniture what your favorite pair of relaxed jeans is to your wardrobe—its clean lines and sleek-wood rail combine for the ultimate in stylish comfort. Available at interiordefine.com.

emerald city


| NJHome


GAL.f21.trends.indd 24

Inspired by the aesthetic of a classic Brooklyn brownstone is Jason Miller’s Classon tall chest, a well-made and handsome piece of furniture that seamlessly melds old and new design. Available at hivemodern.com.

Put your feet up with the stylish, Nordic-inspired Noah sectional that allows for multiple people to relax and recline with ease. Functional arm rests are much appreciated to hold the accompanying snacks and drinks. Available at roveconcepts.com.

8/30/21 9:26 AM



1661 Hwy 34 South, Wall, NJ 07719 732.938.5252 njgravelsand.com Fulfilling all your landscape, hardscape and natural stone needs! Custom Stone Fabrication/ Bulk Materials / Building & Landscape Stone / Pavers / Crushed Sea Shells

NJGravelSand_FPNB_March21_REV1_FUllBleed.indd 1

4/14/21 11:36 AM

hot stuff

Go with the faux with the Alexander Home Yosemite faux cowhide area rug. The free-form shape is more aesthetically interesting than traditional rectangular varieties, plus the soft fibers will keep you cozy on those chilly autumn nights. Available at Walmart, multiple locations. The Oly Studio Sophie antique white zebra arm chair pairs antique French country style with an out-there zebra print. The result is a daring conversation starter that will fit perfectly in any sitting area, living room or master suite. Available at kathykuohome.com.

taming the wild


| NJHome


GAL.f21.hot stuff.indd 26

Welcome to the jungle, er, your home, with this hand-painted Krizia dresser. Its sleek design and eye-popping pattern with fit beautifully in any room that’s missing that perfect statement piece. Available at abhika.com.

No need to fill this item with a pretty bouquet— the vintage zebra print mother of pearl shell black and white vase is enough of a beauty all on its own. Available at chairish.com.

Add intrigue, color and pattern to your outdoor space with Scalamandré’s 16” square throw pillow in a bold green cheetah print. Rawr. Available at theinside.com.

This iconic pattern was originally designed in 1945 by Flora Scalamandré for an Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This mid-century modern cocktail chair is black, white and red all over and will inject a dash of history into your space. Available at theinside.com.

8/31/21 11:21 AM


Untitled-11 1

8/26/21 11:37 AM


Diane Rosenblum puts your eyes to the test with this abstract piece printed on canvas titled “Yayoi Kusama” that’s reminiscent of a colorblind test. With this hanging in your home, you’ll pass with flying colors. Available at aerenagalleries.com. Keith Richards might have written “Paint It, Black,” but we say paint it red. Photographer Bent Rej accompanied The Rolling Stones on their first European “Satisfaction Tour;” this 1970 print from the Copenhagen stop is sure to give you satisfaction. Available at 1stdibs.com.

Bring home a special type of bouquet with Charles Lutz’s ode to Andy Warhol with his silkscreen painting titled “Denied Warhol Flowers.” Lutz swaps pink and green for a bold scarlet hue and a black backdrop. Available at 1stdibs.com.

seeing red


28 NJHome


GAL.f21.art.indd 28

With this cube in your home, you’ll be far from a square. Famed sculptor Chryssa VardeaMavromichali calls you to start conversation at the speed of light with this “Neon Sculpture” from 1962, complete with a plexiglass box and stand for optimal ogling. Available at 1stdibs.com.

Add mystery and color to any room with “Bernadette in Red Hat with Book” circa 2003 from late photographer Rodney Smith. You’ll feel like you stepped right onto a vintage fashion shoot. Available at artsy.net.

Tie the room together with a ribbon—a ribbon sculpture that is. This whimsical Mark Birnsteid piece from 2020 appears to fall and unfold like a ribbon. The kicker? It’s actually made of industrial steel. Available at artsy.net.

Ever wonder what the fall is like in Japan? The “Momijigari” modern sculptural relief painting by Chanel Verdult encompasses the rich crimson reds reminiscent of the changing colors of the country from fall into winter. “Momijigari” is the eastern tradition of “fall hunting,” where the country is dyed entirely by red and orange maple leaves. Available at 1stdibs. com

8/31/21 11:18 AM

Untitled-13 1

8/27/21 8:12 AM

vintage finds

Both the swirl-shaped upholstery and light blue lacquer are recent additions to this midcentury modern spoon back chair attributed to Baker Furniture. It sits low to the ground, adding to its unique appeal. Available at 1stdibs.com.

The intergalactic shape and rippled structure of this ULO— unidentified lighting object—by Elektrosvit is—you guessed it!— out of this world. Comes in a set of four. Available at 1stdibs.com.

Designer George Nelson used walnut wood and steel handles to create this practical and pretty lacquered chest of drawers. Available at danishmodernla.com.

Bring royalty to your home with this seven-armed brass wall sconce by designer Angelo Lelii. The rewired lamp is sourced from a castle in southern Germany. Comes in a set of two. Available at 1stdibs.com.

stuck in the middle


30 NJHome


GAL.f21.antiques.indd 30

The easy lines of the Roddy sofa are reminiscent of the good ol’ days, when the entire family would pile onto the couch for game night. Colorfully upholstered cushions are comfortable and stylish. Available at joybird.com.

Embrace your curves with the Tripod coffee table that is both functional and fun. An elegant wood finish makes this the perfect centerpiece for your family room. Available at burkedecor.com.

Enjoy a Brady Bunch rerun or curl up with a good book in this mid-century modern, Nordic-inspired Clyde Chair. Its low-to-the-ground style are sure to garner the attention of others just like Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Available at joybird.com.

Need a hand picking out your next statement piece? The unique mahogany Mudras chair designed by Pedro Friedeberg will have guests wrapped around your finger. Choose from left or right-facing. Available at 1stdibs.com.

8/31/21 11:17 AM

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243 Glen Pl., Franklin Lakes - Listing Price: $2,750,000

15 Deerhaven Road, Mahwah - Listing Price: $1,875,000

Renowned, builder’s own 6 bedroom, 6.2 bath custom-built palatial French Manor estate with over 7,400 sq. ft. of living space. Sitting majestically on nearly 1.5 acres at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, with lake views. You will never want to leave this luxurious oasis.

Custom built 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath colonial located on private, lush property in the Deerhaven community, on approximately 4 acres of land. Private access to Bear Swamp Lake and trails. Multiple terraces surround the home, ideal for observing the tranquil, relaxing surroundings. If you are looking for a luxurious, serene getaway, look no further!

The Taylor Lucyk Group Taylor C. Lucyk, Broker Associate C: 201.360.1292 | O: 201.476.0777 www.TaylorLucykGroup.com | TaylorLucyk1@gmail.com IG: @thetaylorlucykgroup | FB: /tlucyk

Untitled-13 1

8/27/21 10:12 AM

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8/13/21 8/26/21 11:40 11:37 AM

fall 2021

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” —Oscar Wilde

GAL.f21.wellopener.indd 38

8/31/21 11:25 AM

jersey keeps calling

A light, bright Monroe townhouse becomes the perfect “return to roots” for transplanted Easterners now living—most of the time—in San Diego. Design by Yelena Gerts

Photography by Marco Ricca


| NJHome

Text by Nayda Rondon

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 34

8/30/21 2:47 PM

Throughout the first floor of this Monroe Township townhouse, the engineered wood floors, the custom grasscloth wallpaper in a geometric pattern, the ceiling design and the color story combine to unify the long, large space. The result? An appealing, cohesive impact that is simultaneously intimate and inclusive. “Seeing the whole space together is truly spectacular,” says designer Yelena Gerts. Homeowner Jennifer McMahon notes: “I really love the color palette and how one room just flows into the other while still feeling like its own space.”


| 35

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 35

8/30/21 2:47 PM

| NJHome

Holmdel-based House of Style & Design, McMahon knew she’d struck design gold. “I was worried about finding someone to decorate my home while I was living 3,000 miles away,” McMahon says. “But the minute I saw Yelena’s work I knew she was going to be a perfect match. Yelena was absolutely amazing to work with. I felt I was right there with her throughout the process. She is organized, thorough, a great communicator and a brilliant designer. She made it easy for me to make choices, which by the end of any project can be a bit daunting.” The relationship worked from Gerts’ point of view too. “They truly gave us carte blanche to envision their ‘dream home,’” she says. “They let us give them a ver y different aesthetic than they have in their primar y residence. We wanted them to feel at home, but at the same time give them that ‘on vacation’ feeling while still providing the luxur y and comforts they expect. That is what we do best—create true homes away from home.” With this aim uppermost in mind, Gerts and her creative team carefully chose ever ything—from the furniture and color scheme right down to the dinner plates, bath towels and window rods. “We took care of the smallest details so they didn’t have to,” says Gerts. “All they had to do was bring their clothes.”


California living undoubtedly has its attractions, but there’s just something about New Jersey that keeps pulling you back. That’s the case for a family of five who’d made the move to the West Coast but kept returning back East for short periods. Rather than stay in unfamiliar, transitor y surroundings during their periodic returns, the family purchased a 2,300-square-foot, three-stor y corner unit townhouse in Monroe Township conveniently located near relatives. “My grandmother, who recently turned 100, lives in Freehold,” says homeowner Jennifer McMahon. “My mother, sister and aunts also live nearby, and I wanted to be able to call them to come over for a cup of coffee without their having to travel too far.” “Our main residence is in San Diego,” McMahon explains. “It’s a fairly large home with a ‘Tuscan meets Santa Barbara’ feel. We wanted our New Jersey home to be smaller, with a more updated, light and bright feel— something with a touch of modern and glam here and there but definitely cozy. Our main goal was for it to feel like home as soon as we walked in the door.” Finding the perfect someone to realize her vision, particularly given her bicoastal life, was the homeowner’s first hurdle. She asked friends for recommendations, then did some research of her own on Houzz. When she chanced upon Yelena Gerts, owner and principal designer of the

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 36

8/30/21 2:47 PM

| 37

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 37


This page, right: There’s always room for more in the inviting dining room section. Surrounded by taupe-colored linen chairs with nail heads, the large distressed driftwood table easily extends to accommodate additional diners. Overhead, a glass-beaded chandelier with brass metal finish centers the space in a welcoming glow. Opposite page: In the family zone, nothing says homey coziness better than lots of comfy seating and a cheery fire on a chilly night. To accentuate the casual feel while keeping the gloom away, Gerts dressed the gas fireplace in shiplap painted a light and airy flat white. Echoing the color palette of the other two areas in the space, the plush yet sturdy performance fabric-upholstered furniture adds to the carefree, mellow mood. Subtle touches such as the “home” adornment on the mantel and the blue wicker lantern off to one side of the hearth enhance the understated, lived-in ambience.

8/30/21 2:47 PM

The guiding objective was to design a warm and welcoming environment in each room of the house. Accordingly, Gerts and her team worked their magic to transform all of the spaces—from the basement to each of the three kids’ bedrooms—into individualized living areas that created intimate pockets while still remaining part of a consistent whole. Nowhere was this more of a challenge than when tackling the main floor’s open-concept space, which consisted of a ver y large and long, train-like configuration. But it was nothing that Gerts and her design team couldn’t handle. “We’re ver y proud to have come up with the perfect layout that offers a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing plan that is both functional and comfortable for the family,” the designer says. To accommodate the family’s need for a multifunctional living situation, Gerts and her team divided the space into distinct yet unified zones that projected both casual coziness and expansive elegance. They fashioned a family room, a formal dining room and a formal living room, all of which harmoniously cohabited in a cleverly curated design game plan.

The broadloom area rugs were custom-designed to mirror the zones reflected on the sectioned ceiling. This helped define and subtly differentiate the spaces to car ve out separate identities for each of the three living areas. In the family area the vibe is light, air y and relaxed. Gerts and her team accomplished this with a soothing palette of blues, grays and whites perked up with pops of color. Touches of green—sofa pillows in solid green and faux plants—add freshness without fuss. “Since the family doesn’t live there regularly, the faux greener y adds the color and the element of nature without the care and maintenance,” Gerts notes. Perfectly paired, the marble-topped brass coffee table and small side table nestled between two blue velvet armchairs bring an elegant counterbalance to the informal vignette. A large distressed driftwood table marks the spot for the dining area, which also features ample seating in taupe-colored linen chairs with nail heads; overhead, a chic glass-beaded chandelier further centers and delineates the eating enclave. In the formal living room area, the furniture and decorative touches


| NJHome

This page: For the more formal living room area, the design team amped up the glam with details such as the stylish credenza, custom painting, velvet ottoman benches and oval brass mirror. Opposite page: In the kitchen, new brass hardware and a marble chevron backsplash enliven the existing cabinets and granite countertops. The white orb light pendants give the space added visual interest and contemporary spark.

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 38

8/30/21 2:47 PM


| 39

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 39

8/30/21 2:48 PM

| NJHome

“The best part was leaving things up to her when I felt a bit burnt out with making decisions. Actually, there are a lot of things in the home that I just left up to her. I trusted her and her expertise, and I wound up loving ever ything.” “Seeing the clients so happy and appreciative was the best reward,” Gerts says of all the creative effort she and her team poured into the eight-month project, which took place under COVID restrictions. “We got amazing feedback; they were so impressed with how easy the whole process was; they thought the turnkey concept was the best they ever experienced. From linens on the beds, towels in the bathroom to plates in the kitchen, it was all there when they arrived.” “Yelena’s design matched our family perfectly,” McMahon says. “Family is so important to us, especially since we live so far. So when we come ‘home,’ I wanted it to feel like just that from the get-go. I wanted my kids to run through the doors and have a sense of home here in New Jersey, for my family to cozy up on the couch and stay awhile. Make memories. Yelena achieved that, with many details I love.”


—including the custom reproduction painting over the white acr ylic credenza with brass pulls—were selected with an eye to maintaining cohesiveness through simple, clean lines and soothing hues. The two crisscross blue velvet ottoman benches offer not just additional seating but a dash of glamorous style. As part of the unification strategy, Gerts and her team used varying shades of blue, gray, white and green in all three rooms; key textural elements in the form of lush velvet fabrics, grasscloth wallcoverings and crisp linen drapes were also featured prominently throughout. Further tying the three zones together, brass accents—on the bases of the coffee and side tables, the chandelier over the dining table and the window rods—provide contemporary elements while the custom drapes, made of white and gray linen in an arabesque pattern, harmonize with the muted broadloom area rugs. “The open floor plan now allows the family members to be together or to find quiet spaces all to themselves,” says Gerts. “I was sure it was going to be pretty difficult working with someone from across the countr y, but Yelena made it a breeze,” McMahon reports.

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 40

8/30/21 2:48 PM

| 41

GAL.f21.Gerts Monroe.indd 41


This page, right: The en-suite bathroom was completely retiled with four different types of lightcolored tiles, including marble in the shower and on the floor. New mirrors and light sconces in brass nickel also brighten the space, while blush-hued accents carry forth the color continuity from the adjoining master bedroom. Opposite page: The master bedroom exudes refined serenity. The custom blackout drapes in blush and crème tones are as pretty as they are practical. Crystal finials, abstract art, grasscloth wallpaper, a custom-upholstered bed frame and bedding in luxurious linen and crushed velvet and a crème velvet lounge chair blend seamlessly to form a dreamy retreat of sensuous textures and soothing palettes.

8/30/21 2:48 PM

a home’s beating heart

Once the Somerset County kitchen had no elbow room. Now it’s the central gathering place for a family of six. Design by Pam Cooper

Photography by Vic Wahby


| NJHome

Text by Donna Rolando

GAL.f21.Harrobin.indd 42

8/24/21 1:37 PM


White and bright just as the homeowners envisioned, this Somerset kitchen redo says the more cooks the merrier with its family-friendly layout. Though bigger now, the new island doesn’t cramp activity. And when it’s party time, the French doors can open for the convenient deck access their previous 15-year-old kitchen design lacked.

| 43

GAL.f21.Harrobin.indd 43

8/24/21 1:37 PM

| NJHome

No longer traditional with dated cabinets, it also scores for style. The reno is an elegant mix of white-and-gray quartz countertops and soft cream cabinets by Ingrained Cabinetry juxtaposed with warm wood. Marcy’s favorites just so happen to be the wood elements—for instance, the arched French doors, which provide easy deck access for entertaining, and the matching custom range hood. Upscale design also gets a homey touch from the shiplap plank coffered ceiling, says Cooper, while the handscraped, prefinished engineered wood planks are a time-worn look in flooring. Make way for more contrasts. The backsplash proves refined and elegant with marble subway tile, but what has folks staring in admiration is the “wow” above the stove: a glass-bordered marble arabesque tile. For the beverage center with its two Sub-Zero chillers, Cooper chose large-format porcelain tile with dramatic stone-like veining. Completing the look are wood swivel stools covered in faux leather and polished nickel lantern-style fixtures over the island. “We gave Pam a wish list and she took it from there,” says Marcy, thrilled that the new kitchen is now the place to be, not to avoid. And what timing: All of this was completed by July 2020, as COVID united families in cooking at home.


For a blended family of six in Warren, John Denver’s song “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” has become a welcome wakeup call with its reference to “cakes on the griddle.” It tells the whole crew that Dad’s specialty—pancakes—will soon be ready to devour, hot off the new BlueStar stove’s built-in grill. “My favorite parts of the kitchen are functional,” says homeowner John, known for cranking up the volume to gather the gang of four children, ages 13–19, to what is now their new favorite haunt. “I say we hang out in the kitchen more than any other room in the house,” adds his wife, Marcy. That breakfast can go like clockwork is testament to the power of design. Besides meeting the mark as a luxe gourmet atmosphere, the new kitchen has an easy flow, so there are never too many cooks. Good thing, because it’s not unusual for adults and kids to fix up a dish or snack now that a semi-circle island no longer gets in the way. This big family also functions better with a floor-to-ceiling pantry, extended counters and practical features such as Wolf warming drawers. Thanks to the design by Pam Cooper of Watchung-based Cooper Interiors, the kitchen beats as the true heart of this central hall colonial.

GAL.f21.Harrobin.indd 44

8/24/21 1:37 PM

This page, right: Ready for a party or just family fun, the beverage center has both a wine and a beverage Sub-Zero fridge. The faux leather on these wood swivel stools by Fairfield Chair in North Carolina is an easy-wipe performance fabric. Opposite page, from left: As an added punch, the new quartztopped island has a 2-inch mitered edge—you might never know it’s not a thick slab. In the beverage center, oak-stained floating shelves are a warm accent for the large-format, marble-look tile wall.


| 45

GAL.f21.Harrobin.indd 45

8/30/21 2:49 PM


| NJHome Text by Marisa Sandora Carr Design by Jennifer Pacca Photography by Marco Ricca

GAL.f21.Pacca.indd 46

8/30/21 9:22 AM

A Cape Cod-style house in Hasbrouck Heights gets a major expansion, making room for a new generation—and a new aesthetic.

growing family, growing home


The homeowners wanted to lighten up the palette to make this Hasbrouck Heights house more modern, so they chose white oak floors, which were then whitewashed. Designer Jennifer Pacca used blue as an accent color throughout, including on the built-in bench in the sitting room at the front of the house. “I really like what Jennifer did with all the different shades of blue,” says homeowner Gregoria Kouletas. “It’s not too masculine at all, and she brought in some feminine touches with the chrome and gold.”

| 47

GAL.f21.Pacca.indd 47

8/24/21 1:49 PM


| NJHome

This page, left: Using white upholstery in a home with three boys held no terrors for Gregoria. “I made sure the fabrics are cleanable, and it’s very comfortable for the kids,” she says. Opposite: An espressocolored island adds warmth and contrast to the white kitchen. Because the window frames in the home are black, Pacca wanted to add a touch of black throughout the house. She achieved that here with blackand-chrome light fixtures above the island.

GAL.f21.Pacca.indd 48

8/30/21 9:23 AM


When author Thomas Wolfe wrote You Can’t Go Home Again, he failed to anticipate Gary Kouletas. With his wife Gregoria, Kouletas purchased his childhood home in Hasbrouck Heights from his parents. And today, thanks to a major upgrade and expansion, the Cape Cod-style house is making just as many memories for Gary’s three sons as it once did for Gary. At first the three-bedroom home worked fine just as it was for the family of four. But when the couple had their third son, they felt themselves outgrowing their space. They considered moving, but vetoed that. “We love the town, and we felt we needed to keep the house in the family,” says Gregoria. “Gary grew up with the neighbors we still have today. Friends he graduated with, as well as teachers he had when he was in school that are now our sons’ teachers. Many people Gary went to school with still live in town, and now our children go to school with their children.” So, honoring continuity, the couple decided to stay put and build an addition on the home to give each of the boys his own bedroom and get the master suite they’d always wanted. Once they had the architectural plans in hand, Gregoria hired Jennifer Pacca of Jennifer Pacca Interiors in Wyckoff to design the interior, which expanded from 1,400 square feet to about 4,200 square feet, including four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and a laundry room on the second floor. “I wanted a bright house with large windows and lots of white,” says Gregoria. “It was pretty dark before and had all dark furniture.” So Pacca was charged with lightening things up—and adding some sparkle. “Gregoria wanted a comfy living space for her family, but she also wanted a little bit of bling and glam,” says the designer. In the sitting room at the front of the house, Pacca used gold tables, a white chair with a gold frame and

| 49

GAL.f21.Pacca.indd 49

8/31/21 11:23 AM

| NJHome 50

throw pillows with a little bit of sparkle to add pizzazz, and the room is now the homeowners’ favorite. “The kids like to lounge on the built-in bench, and I like to sit in there to relax or have some privacy if the kids are in the family room,” Gregoria explains. The built-in on the wall, lined with blue linen grasscloth wallpaper, gives her space to display artwork and accessories and “is an interesting focal point, with the shelves all different sizes and shapes,” Pacca says. She chose a unique blue hide rug to tie in the accent color used throughout the house. Blue barstools provide striking color in the mostly white kitchen. The stools are durable leather, so spills can be easily wiped away. The countertops are Cambria quartz, and the backsplash is a broken-joint mosaic tile from Artistic Tile with a darker grout to accentuate the tile and make it more interesting, says Pacca. A dark island and black light fixtures add contrast. In the dining room, Pacca brought in blue with the curtain fabric. “The dining room is the center point of the house, and all the shades of blue I used flow from that curtain,” she explains. The room isn’t very big, so she chose small chests on either side of the window for storage instead of a larger buffet table. A striking crystal light fixture from Crystorama adds the glam the homeowner requested. Gold and silver accents were used to liven up the living room as well, with gold trim on four white chairs that surround a round, silver coffee table. Pacca kept the furnishings neutral to allow the blue accent wall to really pop. “I love the shade of blue we used on that wall, and the subtleness of the blue and white,” says Pacca, who says this room is her favorite of the project. Overall, the designer sought to maximize every inch of space, adding thoughtful details throughout the home. “The house is not huge, but they really went all out, which was nice,” she says. The homeowners were thrilled with the transformation. Says Georgia: “I would never have found or picked out what Jennifer picked out, but I look at everything now, and they are all such great pieces.” Gary’s childhood home now works for their larger, busy family, and does so beautifully.

GAL.f21.Pacca.indd 50

8/31/21 11:23 AM

This page: In the living room, “I kept the furniture and accessories neutral to allow the blue feature wall to pop,” says Pacca. The gold trim on the white Caracole chairs brings in the bling. Opposite: Below a coffered ceiling in the dining room, gray, buttontufted chairs from Essentials for Living flank the single pedestal dining table by Vanguard Furniture. The showstopping chandelier is by Crystorama.


| 51

GAL.f21.Pacca.indd 51

8/31/21 11:23 AM


| NJHome Text by Haley Longman Design by Linda Kitson Pacilio Photography by Mike Van Tassell

GAL.f21.ASIDNJ hospitality.indd 52

8/30/21 2:49 PM

In Morristown, an organization’s 19th century home gets an update— while retaining its historic spirit.

a clubhouse meets the future


Designer Linda Kitson Pacilio had just three weeks to reinvent two rooms inside a longstanding private club in Morristown. “It mixes mid-century with the historic,” she says of the design, which won her firm an American Society of Interior Designers award. “The gold nailhead wallpaper, the chandeliers and the brass and gold details— they work, but the end result is greater than the sum of the parts.”

| 53

GAL.f21.ASIDNJ hospitality.indd 53

8/30/21 2:49 PM

| NJHome 54

Designing the home space of a longestablished organization is different from planning a residence. While the quest for stunning aesthetics remains similar, budgets, timing and technical and code factors are of utmost importance. But the job description for the interior designer is often essentially the same: update the space aesthetically, yet stay true to its roots. And that is just what Linda Kitson Pacilio, owner of MarketPlace Designs in Summit, did when she was hired to re-envision The Morristown Club, a historic, members-only organization in the heart of Morris County’s county seat. The club hosts work luncheons, holiday parties, networking breakfasts and business meetings. It needed to continue being a comfortable spot for small corporate gatherings, and its history needed to remain at the forefront of the design. “The building dates back to Abraham Lincoln,” says Pacilio. (The club itself was started in 1884, but didn’t move to this headquarters until 1929.) Adds the designer: “We wanted to maintain the classic elements but update it in a way that would attract both the club’s existing members and new members.” A few pieces from the original space remain in the newer one, including the wall-to-wall wool carpet, the English carved and gilt Georgian wall mirror and the mahogany tall case clock circa 1880. But Pacilio freshened things up dramatically via a few integral pieces to create focal points. She and her team decorated the walls with a navy nailhead wallpaper with a metallic gold embellishment, and added LED lighting and glass shelves to the existing bar, which was expanded to the end of the wall. The architectural trim work and ceiling were restored and freshly painted, and the bar was painted dark to “recede into nothing,” the designer says, “as opposed to having a bright white bar front.” The adjacent room, referred to as the ‘clock room,’ and its shelving next to the fireplace, also preexisting yet restored, subtly pay homage to Morristown’s history. “We removed all the book jackets from classic titles and staged it with red, white and blue to represent the flag,” she says. “It was fun to acknowledge American history and give a nod to the early titans of business, which is what Morristown is all about.” (The club’s website reveals that it was founded by a dozen “captains of industry.”) The pair of Sputnik starburst chandeliers, which Pacilio says were “placed with conviction,” punch up the drama. “If you were to remove these chandeliers and replace them with an 8- or 12-arm chandelier, the room would feel entirely different,” the designer says. “These distinct pieces are the stars of the rooms and take them in a forward-thinking direction.” Thus can this club honor not just its distinguished past, but its bright future too.

GAL.f21.ASIDNJ hospitality.indd 54

8/31/21 11:22 AM

This page: In the ‘clock room,’ the chesterfield sofa from McKinley can be relocated in the winter to be closer to the toasty fireplace. The “vintage-esque” starburst chandelier could be changed out too. “If down the road they want to replace it with a more traditional piece, it will easily change the flavor of the room,” says Pacilio. Opposite page: The custom vinyl keyhole bar chairs from JF Fabrics are “airier and softer” than a solid-sided bar chair, she adds. The same chairs also accompany the room’s high-top Saarinen tables, which have brass trumpet bottoms that marry into the gold on the wallpaper.


| 55

GAL.f21.ASIDNJ hospitality.indd 55

8/24/21 1:49 PM

quarantine, the mother of invention

There’s nothing like enforced togetherness to show when a kitchen needs an update.


| NJHome

Text by D.M. Sylvester Design by Terri Fiori Photography by Mike Van Tassell

GAL.f21.Fiori.indd 56

8/30/21 9:05 AM

No longer short on counter space, this redesigned kitchen introduces the perfect island for a family that cooks together. The gold-trimmed hood is dramatic against white cabinets and locally sourced from Range Craft in Fair Lawn.


| 57

GAL.f21.Fiori.indd 57

8/31/21 11:20 AM

| NJHome 58

A fun-loving Wyckoff couple had their fill of a kitchen design that stood in the way of easy-breezy gatherings. And pandemic or no pandemic, it was time to be liberated from the creamy cabinets and welcome the very essence of Party Planning 101 (and family life): more counter space. “The real clincher was COVID,” says homeowner Joanne. “We were all home, and that’s when we realized how limiting that two-tier island is.” Though the kitchen itself was spacious, the old island’s design had the couple and their daughter all converging on the same small prep area. But how could they dare tackle this job during COVID? Designer Terri Fiori of Wyckoff-based Fiori Interior Design explains that protocols such as daily temperature checks and open windows kept everyone safe when the work started in January. “Everything went like clockwork because we were able to work in advance,” adds Fiori, citing last year’s Zoom planning sessions. They also capitalized on the early delivery of appliances, stored in the basement until needed. Today, with many COVID restrictions lifting, this family can let the good times roll in a kitchen that has been ready for action since March. “We made better use of the space, and we focused on the island,” says Fiori. Though stylish, with light maple and white quartz in the perimeter counters, the new island also makes function king. Late-night snacks are no problem with Alexaactivated, under-cabinet lighting. Another nod to function is the use of the ergonomic handles and Rohl farmhouse sink with Brizo faucet—touchless, of course. Rattan-back bar stools with leather-look cocoa seats are easy-wipe, ideal for dining or when the kitchen turns into a home office. The nearby walnut table can fit the entire gang, including three grown children, one of whom lives at home.

GAL.f21.Fiori.indd 58

Repainting to just refresh the scene was dismissed in favor of new white cabinetry by Craig Allen Designs paired with existing oak floors. Again, one finds bells and whistles such as pullout spice shelves and a hutch with charging station. Bonus: Taller cabinets take advantage of 9-foot ceilings, says Fiori. The star of the design, hands down, is the Wolf range custom hood by Range Craft, with its brushed stainless-steel finish and brushed gold banding. Of the kitchen’s Midas touch, Fiori says: “It’s nice and warm against the soft white of the cabinetry.” Ditto for the brushed brass lanterns. So as not to upstage the hood, Fiori kept the backsplash on the simpler side with sparkling white dolomite. With blue paint against a honed white quartz, the Butler’s pantry stands out for its glass mosaic, making it a “jewelry box of an area,” Fiori says. Another feature that sees a lot of action is the coffee bar, with honed black granite counters and glass shelves. Overall, “they wanted to make it more transitional but not too modern,” says the designer. It could have been a challenge with the center-hall colonial’s traditional style, but Joanne says Fiori tied it all in perfectly. It was also important for the family to be earth-friendly, which meant donating their old cabinets to Fairfield-based Restoration Angel. They also made a point of working with local companies—such as Master’s Interiors in Clifton for the barstools. Now this family truly has something to celebrate: an eco-friendly project that scores for both style and function. “We love our island,” says Joanne. “We sit there most nights.” And when she entertains again? “I’m sure it will be equally nice.”

8/30/21 9:06 AM

This page, right: A versatile hutch with fabric-covered corkboard for photos and notes keeps the adjacent kitchen clear of clutter; the walnut farmhouse table provides the family plenty of space for dining and entertaining. Opposite page, from left: The coffee area with brass-and-glass shelves is a perfect spot to brew morning joe and an ideal perch for the family feline; the butler’s pantry features Artistic Tile glass mosaic.


| 59

GAL.f21.Fiori.indd 59

8/30/21 9:06 AM

finding a place in history

In Beach Haven’s district of historic homes, a new build fits right in—though its interior is decidedly contemporary.


| NJHome

Text by Leslie Garisto Pfaff Architecture by Michael Pagnotta Design by Vanessa Romond Photography by John Martinelli

GAL.f21.Beach Haven.indd 60

8/24/21 1:20 PM

In the family room, comfort prevails in the form of two navy sofas (one of them a sleeper) from Bob’s Furniture and a pair of tanand-blue pinstripe upholstered chairs from Wayfair. The striped cotton rug, also from Wayfair, is easy on the feet and the eyes. Nautical and beachy accents add a touch of whimsy to the graceful room: The anchor pillows are from Wayfair, and the custom bathing suit art is from Etsy.


| 61

GAL.f21.Beach Haven.indd 61

8/24/21 1:20 PM

| NJHome 62

Not many families get to build their dream vacation home in a district that’s on the National Register of Historic Places, but that was the opportunity—and the challenge—facing Vanessa and Jeff Romond and their architect, Michael Pagnotta. The Beach Haven Historic District contains some of the grandest homes on Long Beach Island, including the gloriously turreted Dr. Edward H. Williams house, and its historic preservation commission is one of the state’s most demanding. The proposed house, notes Pagnotta, “would sit in a very prominent situation in the heart of Beach Haven, and so there were a lot of eyes on the project.” His charge, he says, was “to create this new home with a relatively open floor plan and yet still have it be considered historic.” The result was a smashing success, pleasing both the exacting commissioners and the young family who’d be living in the house. Pagnotta acknowledges that much of that success was the result of a strong partnership between himself and Vanessa, who had a well-developed sense of design, knew very much what she wanted from the house and was adept at communicating her vision. What she wanted, she says, was a home that was “classically coastal and nautical,

GAL.f21.Beach Haven.indd 62

8/30/21 9:06 AM


This page: In the mud room, the wood-look tile floor from My House Kitchen painlessly accommodates wet towels and sandy feet. Baskets from The Container Store, bearing decorative starfish glued on by the crafty homeowner, are the perfect place to stash beach toys and extra flipflops. Opposite: The board-andbatten wall on the main floor was designed deliberately to hold a set of oversized letters from Hobby Lobby spelling out “Beach Haven.” The custom cabinet from Etsy hides a bigscreen TV behind sliding doors. It’s flanked by a pair of rope ladders, salvaged from a boat and sold at Oskar Huber.

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with a beachy ambience that makes you feel you’re on vacation as soon as you step through the door.” And though the 2,500-square-foot cottage would hardly be massive, it had to be spacious enough to accommodate Vanessa, Jeff and their three young children, as well as a rapidly expanding extended family. She and Pagnotta accomplished that through a main floor that was largely open-concept, with spaces designed for gathering and—particularly important—sharing meals. There’s a large dining area, a kitchen space with an expansive island and a breakfast nook with built-in benches to maximize seating for “a lot of little tushies in the family,” Vanessa says. Though there are only four bedrooms, the house easily sleeps 12, thanks to the bunk room, which features two built-in bunkbeds. As it happens, that’s the family’s favorite room. Painted a deep navy, it contains no freestanding furniture; there’s storage built into the bottom of the beds and a built-in bench below the window. “It has a true nautical feel, and my two older daughters feel like it’s a big fort or a ship,” says Vanessa. “Whenever we arrive, they drop everything by the front door, head for the bunk room and just start playing.”

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This page: The built-in benches in the breakfast nook were designed for younger diners. The ethereal Darlana lantern fixture from Visual Comfort contrasts with the stained wood inset above it. Opposite: The substantial kitchen island from My House Kitchen adds extra space for dining as well as entertaining. The white Shaker-style cabinets and quartz countertops, both from My House Kitchen, reflect the light that streams in through a pair of large windows.


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The house is replete with nautical images, but they never feel overdone or kitschy. Among them are two rope ladders salvaged from a boat that now flank a large custom cabinet in the family room. “I had a hard time committing to them,” says Vanessa, “because I wasn’t sure they were going to work. But as soon as the first one was hung, I said, ‘This is it—this was meant to go here.’” The home’s palette, too, seems almost predetermined: a mix of navy and pure white with touches of sand. In the family room, for instance, a pair of navy sofas covered in a textured slub sit alongside two chairs upholstered in a blue-and-white pinstripe, atop a white-and-navy striped rug. Befitting a contemporary beach house, the cottage is filled with light, thanks to a profusion of windows that let in not just the sun but also the happy hustle-bustle of beach-town life. “We live on a fairly busy street,” says Vanessa, “and there are always a lot of people walking back and forth to the beach and the restaurants. But we enjoy the commotion—it makes you feel like you’re not closed in.” But as contemporary as much of the interior is, the Romonds were determined to include touches that added a more historic feel. Over the breakfast nook, for instance, they wrapped a structural beam in

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This page: To give the master bathroom a spa-like feel, the homeowner eschewed the navy-and-white palette that prevails elsewhere in favor of gray-and-white shower tile and flooring, both from The Home Depot. Opposite: Wood touches in the master bedroom furniture—including a bed from Ashley Furniture, a mirror from Oskar Huber and a Ballard Designs light fixture—echo the wood beams and add a touch of rusticity to a room that is otherwise largely ethereal.


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wood, staining it, says Vanessa, “to give it that older-home feel.” It matches wood beams in the family room and master bedroom. Another nod to the neighborhood’s history is the wide-plank wood floors throughout the house. As carefully as it was designed, the house is never fussy but always functional. A mud room with tile flooring includes a washer-dryer so that family members can drop their beach towels, wet bathing suits and sandy beach toys on the floor or pop suits and towels right into the washing machine. Overlooking the pool, a small terrace off the master bedroom faces west to afford perfect sunset views. And the proximity of kitchen, dining room and breakfast nook afford intimate dining for a large group of people. “We wanted to create a comfortable house where we could have our extended family stay with us,” says Vanessa. “Just a fun place for everyone to gather, close to the beach, a place to start the day and end the day.” It’s also a place to create family history, while serving and preserving the history of its surroundings.

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This page: The kids’ bathroom is full of whimsical touches, from Kohler’s vintage-style Brockway sink to a pair of stools bearing hygiene reminders created by the family. Broad vertical stripes painted in Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy and Gray Owl add to the room’s fun feel. Opposite: The bunk room is a family favorite. Walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy add to what the homeowner calls the room’s “fortlike” feel. Each of the custom built-in beds has its own reading light, so guests can set their own time for lights-out.

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| NJHome Text by Donna Rolando Design by Daniella Hoffer Photography by Lisa Russman Photography

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Boldness without ostentation, contrast without chaos, grandeur without fuss—all were on a Springfield family’s wish list for their new home.

big family, big dreams

This new-construction home in Springfield uses bold features to create a timeless, transitional look—just what the homeowner wanted. Here in the family room, the fireplace was born to be the centerpiece with hues of gold, neutral and brown playing against a gray custom built-in. Chosen for its color harmony, the collage art on the fireplace is by Amy Putnam. The broadloom rug from J&S Flooring offers a pop of burnt rust to contrast with the plush, charcoal-gray sectional—in a performance fabric, of course.


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Added drama comes from extending Panda to the frameless shower walls, teamed up with a black hexagon mosaic floor. Big on style and size, the 10-foot his-andhers vanity with makeup counter by Fabuwood completes the look, along with iron-and-polished-chrome sconces by Troy Lighting and a Maax soaking tub. Cookie-cutter was also not an option for the kitchen, which contrasts navy blue with creamy white cabinets by Mouser over gray floor tiles set diagonally. “I didn’t want an all-white kitchen,” says Michelle. She appreciates how Hoffer took a cloud-white glass tile and doubled the backsplash interest with a double-herringbone pattern. The room’s wow factor, located over the GE Profile stove, is a blue blend of polished stones reflective of an intricate textile weave by Artistic Tile. Because design depends on durability, the marble-effect counters are an easy-clean white quartz. For fun with textures and shapes, there’s geometric brass pendant lighting and acrylic-and-brass stools—no fuss here. In this kosher kitchen, the stainless-steel appliances are in multiples, yet nothing detracts from the design. Hoffer collaborated with Kitchens by Torrone on this high-traffic room. Because great kitchens inspire gatherings, the dining room features a custom


For their “forever home,” a Springfield couple wanted it all. Each room in their new-construction colonial was to have its own style. Yet the total effect was to be that of a livable home, not a cacophony or a frigid showplace. Designer Daniella Hoffer took up the homeowners’ challenge to curate unique materials and elements that could stand up under one of the hardest of tests: five kids, ages ranging from 11 years down to less than 1 year. Hoffer, herself the mother of four, understood the need to create livable elegance. “We don’t want to feel like we live in glass houses,” she says. The solution? A timeless, transitional design. Homeowner Michelle has a passion for show-stopping features and appreciates how Hoffer helped her “hone the look” for longevity. Perhaps there’s no greater example of bold meets beautiful than the master bathroom, with its largeformat, black-and-white Panda tile by Raphael Porcelain. “This mom wanted to feel like when she’s in her room, she’s on vacation,” says Hoffer. No cookiecutter gray-and-white for this family. Maximum sleek resulted from bookmatching each tile, which means matching up patterns like one seamless stone. For a rug-like effect, a marble border runs strategically through the porcelain floor.

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Left: After her photo journey on social media, homeowner Michelle gravitated toward a navy-and-white kitchen. More than an aesthetic charmer, the navy cabinet base is practical for a family with five children, she says. For the backsplash, Michelle also likes how arranging a simple glass subway tile in a double-herringbone pattern jazzes it up. Right: The acrylicand-brass stools from Wayfair allow for sips and snacks at the island illuminated with brass pendant lights in a geometric shape from Hudson Valley Lighting.

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beautiful built-in is one of the first details you see from the foyer,” says Hoffer. The built-in draws its rich tones from Sherwin-Williams Slate Tile. Even the powder room is a thing of timeless beauty, thanks to a leather-like picket tile in deep bronze topped with Carrara tile from Lazer Marble that is layered in steps. “I like to call this room the jewel box because it’s filled with so many beautiful different finishes,” says Hoffer. These treasures include glass-and-brass abstract lights and a lacquer-finish, light-gray vanity. Already equipped with a cleverly-tucked-away shower, this room can become a full bath if needed one day. Did this project meet its mark with a design that suits both children and adults? “The space is wonderful,” says Michelle. “I didn’t want to have to redesign multiple times for different stages of life.” She credits Hoffer for her ability to use different design concepts to achieve both cohesiveness and individuality. Her husband trusted his wife and Hoffer with the design, and Michelle says he now considers it both versatile and beautiful. Perhaps best of all, when the kids have friends over, this family can truly relax. After all, good design is meant to be lived in.


bar that gets its sizzle from a beveled-edge glass subway mosaic. The charcoal gray cabinetry by Shiloh is topped with quartz that’s cleverly disguised as a dark-veined marble—a busy mom’s delight. “We wanted to do something that would really stand out and add a bit of shine to the space,” says Hoffer of the mosaic. Because weekends are often filled with family and friends, the bar area puts “all the entertaining pieces they would need at their fingertips.” Also not bashful about design, the family room gives center stage to the fireplace, with large-format porcelain tiles in brown, gold and neutrals. “We knew it would pop next to the gray custom cabinetry,” says Hoffer. Over the red oak floors, an abstract broadloom with burnt rust elements also stands out against the charcoal gray, performance-fabric sectional and gray chenille chairs. White rope-wrapped tables and glass-and-chrome sconces add another dimension to a room that opens to the kitchen and thus sees plenty of action. While the family room gathers the gang, the study is a cozy spot to relax with a read on a creamy, light-cheetah barrel chair. “The pop of color and a

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This page, right: Michelle wanted to have some fun with the master bath design and achieved her goal with big splashes of black and white in the large-format Panda tile from Raphael Porcelain. Is it one giant slab of stone? No, just clever bookmatching of patterns. Opposite: A custom his-and-hers Fabuwood vanity with cosmetic counter more than gets the job done; it makes an impression with its 10-foot-length and matte black glass hardware against white cabinetry.


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235 McLean Blvd., Paterson, NJ 07504 973.247.1860 | www.renosappliance.com

SHOPPING FOR AN APPLIANCE CAN BE AN OVERWHELMING EXPERIENCE. What makes the journey stress-free is knowing you are in the hands of the “family” team at Reno’s Appliance, made up of knowledgeable sales professionals familiar with all brands and manufacturers. Always dedicated to offering new and improved services, Reno’s Appliance also has an on-site Corporate Chef available to demonstrate a variety of appliances, as well as offering tasty recipe ideas. What began in 1951 as Reno’s Radio and TV Repair Shop has grown into a 15,000-square-foot designer showroom serving the tri-state area and offering a full range of appliances. Reno’s three sons continue the tradition, highlighting customer satisfaction and creating a unique shopping experience at every visit.

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DIANE DUROCHER INTERIORS, INC. Ramsey, NJ 07446 | 201.825.3832 www.Dianedurocherinteriors.com AN AWARD-WINNING DESIGNER FOR MORE THAN 25 YEARS, Diane Durocher believes that the foundation of successful design is built on trust and confidence. Connecting on a deeply personal level enables Diane to design inspired spaces that reflect her client’s unique personalities and lifestyles. With a keen eye for color, outstanding space planning skills, and the ability to design customized pieces, Diane brings her client’s vision to life. From an early age Diane enjoyed spending weekends browsing antique shops and pouring through design magazines. Memories of Thanksgiving dinners at her aunt’s house cemented her love for interior design. From the matching, tie-back, pinched pleat panels to the antique chandelier and from the crackling fire to the impeccably set table, the perfect ambiance seemed to make the meal taste even more delicious. That was when Diane realized that a well designed home is not just a lovely backdrop, it also influences how we live our lives. She rises to the challenge of transforming a blank slate into a stunning reality. Her ultimate goal is to exceed her client’s expectations.

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TAYLOR LUCYK CHRISTIE’S NORTHERN NEW JERSEY/ THE TAYLOR LUCYK GROUP 313 Broadway, Westwood, NJ 07675 | 201.360.1292 | www.taylorlucykgroup.com Instagram: @thetaylorlucykgroup | Facebook: /tlucyk TAYLOR LUCYK AND HIS TEAM ARE CHANGING THE LANDSCAPE OF LUXURY REAL ESTATE in northern New Jersey. A Platinum NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence Award recipient and Christie’s International Real Estate Masters Circle member, Lucyk has leveraged his can-do attitude and extensive market knowledge to achieve tens of millions of dollars in smooth, low-stress sales for his clients. Lucyk’s team uses the latest technology to capture the best of a home and showcase the property to the most qualified buyers across the country and around the globe. Their creativity, energy and innovative thinking have helped their clients make the most of an unprecedented surge in luxury real estate. 2020 saw a 27% increase* in the number of luxury homes sold and a 42% increase* in the average sale price over the previous year. The Taylor Lucyk Group is uniquely ready to help buyers and sellers navigate this new frontier in luxury real estate. * Per NJMLS as of 8/3/21

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CELEBRATING 90 YEARS - FOUR GENERATIONS STRONG INDEPENDENTLY FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED Left to Right: PHIL SHAHEEN, JR. - Director of IT, BETSY SHAHEEN - Vice President/Credit Manager TJ SHAHEEN - Executive Vice President, PHIL SHAHEEN, SR. - President TIM SHAHEEN, SR. - Chairman/CEO, BRIAN SHAHEEN - Sales, MIKE SHAHEEN - Property Manager Seven Convenient Locations | 800.570.7227 | www.buildersgeneral.com CELEBRATING 90 YEARS OF IMPECCABLE SERVICE, BUILDERS’ GENERAL is the preeminent supplier of building materials in New Jersey. To all their customers—from professional builders, developers, remodelers, general contractors, renovation experts to the do-it-yourself homeowners, they have one goal in mind—100% customer satisfaction. Builders’ General has built their culture on strong, distinctive family values. The lessons of the company’s founder, Assi Shaheen, and his son, Victor, have remained stalwart - treat your customers, employees, vendors and everyone you meet with respect. With steady and true leadership, it’s no surprise dozens of the finest men and women have been employed at Builders’ General for 20 plus years. Through booms, busts and mostly steady growth in the housing market, Builders’ General has stood the test of time. They have truly garnered a distinguished reputation based on honesty, reliability and passion to service above and beyond customer expectations. Incorporated in 1931 and now four generations strong, Builders’ General has seven locations and 170 dedicated employees. Here’s to 90 more years as future generations carry on the legacy with the same customer-oriented work ethic that has supported their growth and vision for nearly a century.

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125 Paterson Avenue, Little Falls, NJ 07424 | 973.837.8399 | www.plnarc.com EXPERIENCED PROBLEM SOLVERS, Plan Architecture creates client-driven architectural design that is not only innovative, but practical. Founder Dan D’Agostino has nearly two decades of experience in architecture and design. He has served as a visiting critic at NJIT, from which he holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree, and is a member of the American Institute of Architects. He has been acknowledged in both print and television as an expert in his field, and one who holds a true passion for creating and inspiring unique spaces. His work encompasses a wide range of styles. Dan has been awarded an AIA Gold Medal and has consecutively received the coveted “Best Of” award on Houzz. Plan Architecture’s team is dedicated to listening to their clients’ needs. With Dan at the helm, clients know they will receive solutions that are aesthetic and functional, which translates to a design process that is memorable and timeless. Follow us on Facebook and instagram@planarchitecture.

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Cliffside Park, NJ | 201.410.7344 | www.dervodevelopers.com | IG: dervo.developers GARO DERVOGORMIYACIYAN DOESN’T JUST BUILD HOUSES; HE BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS. The son of Armenian immigrants, Garo is no stranger to hard work. Helping his father on weekends and holidays during his high school years, Garo learned the construction business from the ground up. With a Master’s Degree in Construction Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, and experience working at large national real estate development companies, Garo imagined a very different career path. Then in 2009, while he still had his corporate job, Garo and his father purchased their first property. The corporate world was changing and Garo had to make a difficult decision. He could either work for someone else until retirement or invest in himself. Garo took the plunge and counts his blessings every day. The father and son team each bring unique strengths to Dervo Developers -- Agop’s years of wisdom complement Garo’s education and eye for design. The firm has raised the bar in Bergen County for their timeless and creative custom-built multi-family duplexes breaking sales records in Cliffside Park since 2016 and winning praise in luxury lifestyle magazines. With beautifully crafted homes that speak for themselves, it’s the long-standing relationships with clients that has cemented Garo as a leader in the field.

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560 Springfield Ave., Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 908.665.5900 | www.robinwoodkitchens.com TO THOUGHTFULLY DESIGN A SPACE THAT IS TAILORED TO YOU and your family is always our number one goal at Robinwood Kitchens. Created by Robin and Martha Reinhardt in 1976, Robinwood Kitchens is celebrating 45 years in business. In 2011, Rebecca joined the family business after graduating from Syracuse University with an Interior Design degree. Kitchen design immediately became her passion as an outlet for creativity and organization, all while helping her clients to feel comfortable and less overwhelmed during the remodeling process. By providing one on one design consultations focused on the homeowner’s wants and needs, we are able to create the kitchen of their dreams. Follow us on Instagram! @rwkitchens | Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm or by Appointment | Saturdays: by Appointment

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61 S. Paramus Rd., 4th Floor, Parmus, NJ 07652 | 201.441.4091 | 844.831.0227 (toll free) | www.ubs.com/fa/deborahrichin DREAM. PLAN. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST...the past year and a half certainly confirms the fragility of life and is a constant reminder not to take anything for granted. This paramount lesson is an immediate call for a wealth management plan that helps achieve the financial foothold you envision for yourself and for generations of loved ones to come. Even in the best of times, women executives feel the ongoing tug of work-life balance. But now more than ever, the pandemic’s devastating toll has intensified the challenge. No one understands this push and pull better than Deborah A. Richin. Using her sustainable experience and resourcefulness, Deborah empowers fellow women leaders and their families by leveraging their time and strengths allowing them to focus on what they do best in order to build the financial future they desire. Deborah takes your financial security to heart by investing in womens’ dreams. A trusted advisor and perhaps, most importantly, a true partner, Deborah is there to offer straightforward guidance to help you achieve what’s most important to you, even in the most uncertain times. Grab a hold of Deborah’s hand by scheduling a complimentary discovery and review session and together you can lead the charge toward building and protecting your future. Deborah A. Richin is a Financial Advisor with UBS Financial Services Inc. in Paramus, NJ. All Rights reserved. UBS Financial Services Inc. is a subsidiary of UBS AG. Member FINRA/SIPC. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in the U.S. which it awards to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements. In providing wealth management services to clients, we offer both investment advisory and brokerage services which are separate and distinct and differ in material ways. For information, including the different laws and contracts that govern, visit ubs.com/workingwithus. In providing financial planning services, we may act as a broker-dealer or investment adviser, depending on whether we charge a fee for the service. The nature and scope of the services are detailed in the documents and reports provided to clients as part of the service. Financial planning does not alter or modify in any way a client’s existing account(s) or the terms and conditions of any account agreements they may have with UBS. IS1903685.

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ROSARIO S. MANNINO RS MANNINO ARCHITECTS & CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS 38 Park Ave. Rutherford, NJ 07070 | 201.677.3373 138 West 25th St., 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001 | 347.708.6730 www.rsmannino.com | www.manninocabinetry.com RS MANNINO ARCHITECTS + BUILDERS OFFERS LUXURY DESIGNS OF TIMELESS, enduring beauty and maxiumum function achieved with the highest level of design, quality craftsmanship, project management, and construction services from groundbreaking to completion. With over two decades of experience working for award-winning companies, Rosario Mannino founded his architect-led firm with a unique designbuild process, staying side-by-side with a client throughout as the project’s master builder. “We stand apart because we are invested in the entire project together with our clients,” says Rosario. To enhance the seamless quality of projects, Rosario established Mannino Cabinetry, a custom cabinetry collection for luxury kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. Rosario is a member of the AIA Architect’s League of Northern NJ, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art and holds certifications from NCARB and LEED AP. He was recognized by Pro Remodeler Magazine with the impressive “Forty Under 40 Award.” Find design inspiration by following @rsmannino on Instagram.

RSMannino_FP_FACES_FALL21_Final.indd 1

8/27/21 10:04 AM

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sweet dreams

Sustainably sourced mahogany and exquisite architectural details in the Chelsea Club King’s low profile four poster bed by Century Furniture evoke the elegance of the English countryside. Available at Madeline Moss, Westfield, 908.228.2284.


| NJHome

You can’t help but sleep well in one of these four-poster beauties.

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8/31/21 11:24 AM

Bring the island vibes to your bedroom with the Palm Island bed, featuring hand-carved palm frond finials and bamboo detailing throughout. The ebony finishing contrasts well with the honey maple stained finish. Available at 1stdibs.com.

The Arhaus Brock poster bed is the poster child for midcentury style, defined by clean lines and its delicate footprint. The ashwood was stained this rich ebony hue to up the drama factor. Available at Arhaus, Marlton, 856.983.7847.

GAL.f21.topchoice.indd 87

Black and gold prove to be an elegant combination in the Lacourte bed, inspired by the French furnishings of the 1940s. The brass headboard, posts and feet caps add a contemporary and unexpected touch. Available at Williams-Sonoma, multiple locations.

The oak frame on the Whitaker four poster bed looks anything but bulky thanks to delicate, tapered posts. This romantic silhouette would look stylish in a breezy guest room or master suite. Available at serenaandlily.com.

8/31/21 11:24 AM

finishing t ouch

a fence for the future

If you’re on the fence about ramping up your outdoor area, perhaps having a fresh option in mind can stir you to action. Most companies that specialize in custom fencing for residential and commercial properties typically create and install fences using standard materials such as wood, PVC vinyl or metal chain links. But a newer option is a composite fence— boards or panels made of a mixture of recycled plastic and real wood fibers. Composite fences are eco-friendly, lowmaintenance, splinter- and rot-proof and longlasting. Anyone with an eye for design must consider aesthetics too, and composites check that box for sure. Their intricate, nature-inspired panels can spruce up a patio in a way no plain wooden fence can match. Alternatively, a solid contemporary color such as navy or charcoal gray can add more pizzazz than boring brown or beige. The cons? Composite is typically more expensive than other fencing materials, and it’s not as easy to find options locally. However, online stores such as Wayfair and big-box retailers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a good selection, and many of them also provide local installation for an additional fee. Independent, New Jersey-based retailers such as Tico Fence in Clifton and L&J Fencing in Sicklerville can help build your dream composite fence as well. (Composite-fencing brand names to consider include Trex, TimberTech, Simtek and Fiberon.) Another drawback: Unlike wood or vinyl that can be painted, the colors of this product can’t be changed over time. But once you find and settle on the one you want, a composite panel fence makes a dramatic statement around your pool, surrounding the garden or as a divider to separate your outdoor living space. “Good fences make good neighbors,” declares the old saying Robert Frost invoked in a famous poem. Why not be a hip, eco-friendly neighbor too?


| NJHome

What to install to protect the boundaries of your outdoor space? Consider stylish, eco-friendly composite fencing.

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8/30/21 9:05 AM

Design That Will Move You.

A Value That Will Stop You. NEW Appliance Packages Starting Under $10k Impeccable quality and craftsmanship combine to offer up an intentionally crafted package designed specifically for first-time homeowners, newlyweds, and those looking to replace existing appliances. Because every new beginning deserves a new model of luxury.

Connect With Us:

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New York City Showroom 3605 13th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 718.732.4900


DC Area (NoVa) Showroom 8500 Leesburg Pike, Tysons, VA 202.892.5000


Miami Showroom (Fall 2021) 2983 NE 163rd Street Sunny Isles, FL


8/26/21 11:40 AM

Landscape Design


Untitled-9 1


8/26/21 2:50 PM