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make a splash this season

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F E AT U R I N G B O Y D H O L B R O O K , M I L A N , 6 p m # D E F I N I N G M O M E NT S by LU C A G UADAG N I N O


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street performer | 36

Memo | 4

Don’t let its Formula One racecar looks fool you—the McLaren Senna can take your breath away at the speedway and turn heads on the highway.

pathway to patagonia | 38 The wilderness of South America’s southern tip just may be the ultimate rugged escape place.

now it’s personal | 56

spring/ summer 2019

For a suit or shirt that’s more you, Mr. Sid’s made-to-measure program gives you exactly what you want.

Find out why Mr. Sid is a special place to shop.

The Mr. Sid Guide | 9 Stay cool with Fedeli...Secrid’s secret is out...Boston’s best pretzels...and much more.

the techie | 14 These high-tech toys might not be a true necessity, but need-schmeed­—we want ’em!

clothes talk | 16 Stuart Segel tells us what’s hot and trending this season in Boston.

fitness | 60 For millions these days, the abode doubles as an office. With virtual fitness it’s a fully staffed gym too.

pursuits | 62 Here’s a vehicle to drive your sci-fi fantasies—just for the “L” of it.

gourmet | 64 Please your palate with the flavors of Sri Lanka. The best part? They’re coming to a city near you!

grape | 66 Is chardonnay an oak joke— or a wine that deserves a fresh look?

spirits | 68 Rum, which we associate with the tropics and piracy on the high seas, can be surprisingly subtle and satisfying on the tongue.

on the road | 18

That’s how you row

Mr. Sid has the looks to help you make a splash, wherever your travels take you this season.



jeff goldblum | 20 This quirky actor sets the bar high for distinctiveness, risktaking—and talent.

Essentials | 22 Mr. Sid has all the must-have pieces you need to stand out this season.

Visit the Sugar Beach resort on Saint Lucia and you won’t want to leave. Maybe you won’t have to!

sid scene | 80 Mr. Sid treated friends and loyal customers to a Summer Splash Pop Up Shop and its annual NFL Kickoff Q&A.

ON THE COVER: Sportcoat, hoodie and pants by Ermenegildo Zegna, sneakers by Andrea Zori, sunglasses by Randolph.

the sporting life | 58 You’ll discover that Irish golf can be beautiful even when you leave the sea behind.



The Mr. Sid team visits Milan to find new brands and inspiration for fall/winter 2019—and the food was good too!

room key | 78

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A Special Place to Shop help you find your comfort After yet another cold winter, zone but at the same time we are so delighted to turn expand your horizons the page to the warmer by keeping your style fresh months. Barbeques, baseball and exciting. games, trips to the Cape and We’ve curated a fresh evenings out and around selection of styles for this town are all such special season’s magazine. Our fashion times around these parts. feature, “That’s How You At Mr. Sid, we always Row,” gives you a sneak peek at think of ourselves as a what you’ll find in both of our lifestyle shop, not just a stores. Turn to page 44 and see clothing store. Now more which pieces are your favorites. than ever we have an Of course, looking good isn’t all amazing selection of casual we want for our customers— and tailored looks that are we want you to feel good too. perfect for your lifestyle That’s why we filled this issue and special memories. This with great articles that will season you will see lots of surely interest you. If golf ’s texture and rich pastels in your game, you’ll enjoy “Act clothing that are suitable on Adare” on page 58, which for both relaxed and formal spotlights Adare Manor in Ireland and its topoutfits. For instance, a linen/silk/wool sneak peek ranked parkland course. Into motor sports? sport jacket paired with washed cotton, Turn to “Street Performer” on page 36 to read slim-fit chinos and a pair of sneakers is about the McLaren Senna—it’s the legendary perfect for an outdoor summer cocktail automaker’s new street legal car that looks party—and the same jacket with a white and feels like a Formula One racer. And for linen/cotton blend shirt and tropical wool our foodie friends, flip to “Savor New Asian dress pants can be stylish for dinner at a Bites” on page 64, an introduction to Sri downtown restaurant. Lankan cuisine From jeans to tailored clothing, we Over the next few months, we invite you always scour the market to bring our Here’s the key p. 12 to stop by either our flagship Newton Centre customers the very best in quality, style and store or our second location in Boston’s value. Our professional sales staff and infabulous Seaport district and see for yourself what store tailors strive to make your experience a pleasant makes Mr. Sid a special place to shop. Please check and convenient way to shop. Nothing makes us for updates on upcoming special events and prouder than to hear our customers receive numerous trunk shows. We look forward to seeing you. compliments about the way they look. Our team will




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the return or loss of unsolicited submissions.

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Subscription Services: To change an address or request a subscription, write to Subscriptions, MR. SID Circulation Department, 1 Maynard Dr., Park Ridge, NJ 07656; telephone 201.573.5541; email Advertising Inquiries: Contact Shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or

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Mr. Sid is the exclusive partner of Castangia in all of Boston


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Say “Fedeli” and high-quality cashmere comes to mind. But we at Mr. Sid don’t want you to think this fine Italian brand, known widely for its luxury knitwear, is a one-trick pony. In fact, it has a product line that couldn’t be further from cashmere: Fedeli makes one of the best swimsuits on the market. The company opened its first swimsuit boutique in the beach fashion magnet, St. Tropez. Check out its new swimwear collection—which includes fun patterns (think gators and beach umbrellas) and bright colors—at Mr. Sid, because now Fedeli can make you look good in the winter…and in the summer.

When multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard retired from professional competition, he partnered with two friends and started On in 2010. Their goal was to “change the world of running” and, according to industry observers and about 3 million runners around the world, they’ve succeeded. The Cloud is the world’s lightest fully cushioned running shoe. When you slip it on (no need to tie the laces), you will sail through the day without a second of foot fatigue. Run, don’t walk, to Mr. Sid and pick up a pair today. They’re available in a variety of colors to fit all your needs.


| 9


Combine passion, inspiration, camaraderie and co-owners (including James Beard Award semifinalist Garrett Harker) with 150 total years of food service experience, and you’ve got a great start for a gourmet food company. That’s the background to our latest find, Eastern Standard Provision pretzels. They have an informal approach, saying their pretzels are “meant to be shared with friends.” And like food that you’d share with friends, the ingredients are good for you (and devoid of animal products). Their pretzels, which were a big hit in person and on Instagram at Beer Advocate’s Extreme Beer Fest Boston earlier this year, are always hand-knotted and accompanied by artisanal dipping sauces. Any company whose slogan is “eat with your hands” has already got our vote. Taste their pretzels and you’ll vote for them too.

9 3/29/19 1:09 PM


THE A–Z LIST Mr. Sid is proud to feature more than 40 designer brands. See if you don’t find your favorites in the list below. Then stop by either store for a shopping experience you’ll love.


Tintoria Mattei 954 shirts march to the beat of their own drum. How many other brands carry hand-made cotton labels? It’s based in a small town called Pontevico in northern Italy. The parent company has been around since 1954, yet Tintoria Mattei 954’s shirts are definitely current, hip and stylish, with slim-fit cuts and trendy patterns. There’s always room in your wardrobe for a modern luxury Italian shirt, and donning a Tintoria Mattei 954 shows that you march to a different beat. Your Mr. Sid fashion stylist can introduce you to Tintoria Mattei 954…think of it as sort of a drum lesson.



Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the last thing you need when you unpack your weekender is a wrinkled suit. Thanks to Ermenegildo Zegna, you can travel worry-free. The Italian company known for producing some of the world’s very best garments now makes the “packaway suit,” which is constructed of high-performance wool that stays perfect when packed in either its special travel garment bag or a carry-on. At Mr. Sid, this sophisticated suit is available as a madeto-measure piece, meaning you’ll get Ermenegildo Zegna’s impeccable design tailored exactly to your fit. It doesn’t get any better than that.

10 10


Secrid is a progressive Dutch brand that stands out for its commitment to the environment and humanity. The company makes wallets that fit the needs of today’s customer. Each compact piece is assembled by skilled craftsmen in the Netherlands and comes with a serial number to prove its authenticity. Secrid also has an interesting artistic connection: It manufactures in Leiden, Delft and Haarlem, the hometowns of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Franz Hals, respectively. That sounds like a pretty good pedigree. So when you put a Secrid wallet in your pocket, you’ll be carrying a work of art.



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You don’t have to be The Rolling Stones, Beyoncé or a Stanley Cup champion to fly in a private jet—although each of them has turned to Private Jet Services (PJS) in the past. But if you need a private plane or wish to consult with a pro who knows everything about small jet travel, PJS is the choice of many Grammy and Golden Globe winners (and many other award winners and sports teams, including the Boston Bruins). And things are getting even better: PJS just finished the design and build of a new Flight Operations Center to better serve their jet-setting clients. Give them a call and they’ll fly you to your next gig, meeting or weekend adventure. PRIVATE JET SERVICES, 5 BATCHELDER RD., BOSTON, 603.760.0500, PJSGROUP.COM



We have the Italian city of Parma to thank for Parmesan cheese, but the town’s Farnese custom belts are every bit as special. “The belt of Parma” was born in the leather workshop of Bruno Longhi, who opened his first factory in 1932. Longhi’s soft tubular belts (called “tubo” belts) are made of a single piece of material folded onto itself and stitched along its length. Farnese uses the tubo concept for a softness, flexibility and comfort unlike other belts, which are typically made by gluing two pieces together. Ask your Mr. Sid style pro about Farnese belts—then go order an eggplant parm for a double dose of Parma.

ENDLESS SUMMER STYLE Mike and Alex Faherty are identical twins who followed different paths and then reunited to start a great company. After college, Alex started a career in finance and Mike went to work at Ralph Lauren and in 2012 they joined together and launched Faherty, a beach-inspired casual clothing brand. Premiering at Mr. Sid this season, Faherty is known for its comfortable, casual point of view and its commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Faherty is the perfect collection to wear whether you’re chilling at the beach or drinking a beer with friends at the Seaport. 12

Pick your cliché: Less is more. Think small. Small is beautiful. We can keep going, but the point is that when it comes to your wardrobe, the size of the brand doesn’t matter. Case in point: Tiki Napoli, a small swimwear label that delights in surprising us with playful patterns. In line with the Neapolitan relish for life, its a fun brand that walks the walk with lively prints on a unique quick-dry polyester. The line has become so hot, it has branched out with a lifestyle collection—now they’re making shirts and boat shoes too. Stop by Mr. Sid and ask how fun + small = Tiki Napoli.


All leathers aren’t created equal, and it’s nonsense to settle for an inferior one. That brings us to Ettinger. Its fine English leather has been the real deal since 1934, and it continues to manufacture great bags and accessories in the U.K. The company has been awarded a royal warrant— official recognition for supplying the Royal Family, in this case Prince Charles. Ettinger has served Britain’s royalty and now it serves America’s— the customers at Mr. Sid.

4/1/19 2:07 PM


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Gadgets & Gear


PET PLAY PAL Don’t let Fido run amok while you’re at the office. The Varram Pet Fitness Robot keeps your canine company, with activities and treats that you remotely control and monitor. This ebot can reduce the stress of separation anxiety and encourage exercise to prevent lethargy. It can withstand up to 630 pounds and is liquid-resistant. (Yes, even that!) Price unavailable at press time.

These high-tech toys might not be a true necessity, but need-schmeed­—we want ’em!



THIS IS HOW WE VIEW IT How do you make your favorite shows even better? Watch them on The Window, Samsung’s larger-than-life 75-inch television. Just 1.2 inches thick, the TV provides 4K resolution as well as peak brightness, with no backlighting required. You’re going to need a LOT more snacks! Release date to come. Price unavailable at press time.


DIRTY TALK Hands-free is the way to be when throwing out garbage. Simplehuman’s voice-activated trash can makes cleanup a breeze—just plug the 15-gallon stainless steel can into an outlet or use six AA batteries and tell it to pop its lid. Not in the talking mood? The device can be programmed to operate at the wave of a hand. Starting at $200.

4 5


SHUT OUT THE WORLD Need to focus? We mean really focus, like a race horse? Panasonic has created Wear Space, wearable concentration blinkers that limit your peripheral vision and distractions while you pay attention to the task at hand. The Bluetooth-enabled device wraps around the back of your head and secures with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Price unavailable at press time.


BREATHE EASY Clean the air in your home quietly and efficiently. The Molekule air purifier uses PECO technology and a two-filter system to eliminate pollutants at a microscopic scale, cleaning the air better than traditional HEPA filters. Its sleek and slim design allows for portability while fitting in with any décor. $799.





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LEAVIN’ ON A JET PLANE Louis Vuitton has a cheat code for travelers playing the waiting game at baggage claim. The LV Echo luggage tracker lets you know where in the world your bags are and whether they’ve been opened. It works without additional hardware or software such as GPS or WiFi—just download the smartphone app and you’ll know if your bag has arrived. $370.


SMALL BUT MIGHTY Riding a bike is simple, but storing one? Now that’s easy too! The Hummingbird 23-pound bicycle can fold in three simple stages thanks to its lightweight handcrafted carbon-fiber frame. A Prodrive electric motor for pedal-assist power provides a little extra oomph when you want to go up to 15 mph. From $5,780.

3/28/19 12:48 PM


exclusive travel division of Palm Beach and New England

as Travel Designers - we customize itineraries and offer unique amenities to suit each client

Galapagos Islands Joan: 401-829-2691 3300 South Ocean Blvd Suite 108 North n Palm Beach, Florida 33480 Chrissy: 401-965-3322 41 North Avenue n Providence, Rhode Island 02906


3/26/19 10:02 AM



Stuart Segel highlights the best looks for the season, recommends which shoes you should be wearing now, and shares what’s in store at both Mr. Sid locations. What is the biggest trend going into spring/summer? The season is about being relaxed, and people dress more casually this time of year. But guys can bridge the sartorial and casual looks with a soft jacket. We’re highlighting sportcoats that have texture, and we’re seeing a lot of fabrics like silk and linen mixed with wool. The resort-feel and look also is big—Nantucket jackets and pieces with a Martha’s Vineyard vibe are popular during the summer. Ermenegildo Zegna and Isaia are brands that come to mind; both are really emphasizing this look right now. For the man who has to wear a suit this season, what do you recommend? If you’re going for a dressy and elegant suit, we have some beautiful pieces in mid and bright blue tones. In other words, look for something in royal blue with smooth fabrics instead of a traditional dark navy suit.

For business, Ermenegildo Zegna makes a packable suit in lightweight fabric that’s ideal for travel. And if you’re going to a casual summer wedding, a seersucker suit by Corneliani in light cotton is perfect. It’s stylish and diverse: You can wear it as a suit, just the sportcoat or just the trousers with a sport shirt.

and foosball. Of course, we’ll continue to host events there, and Chivalry will continue its barber and grooming services. The interactive components will make it fun. We like to say that Boston’s most fashionable men’s club has a new clubhouse.

Are sneakers still big in Boston? It’s all about sneakers. Executive buyer Andrew Oman has done a great job with our collection, which has everything from New Balance to Santoni to Andrea Ventura in casual and suede styles. And Swims are also fabulous—you can wear them to the beach and into the water.

And what’s happening at Mr. Sid Boston? We had a fantastic first year, and the store continues to grow. We’re always making slight improvements to make sure we give the customer what he wants. And what does he want? Parajumpers, a fashion outerwear company, and our denim brands, especially Jacob Cohen, are doing well. PT01 pants are also a tremendous business.

What’s new at the Newton Centre store? We elevated the made-to-measure area and revamped the “living room” near the first-floor bar. Our retail merchandiser Chris Sawyer really knocked it out of the park there. And we’re also excited about what’s happening on the lower level, where we’re introducing a new “Clubhouse at Mr. Sid.” There’ll be a gift shop of sorts showcasing branded merchandise like Mr. Sid hoodies, and we’ll have activities and games like air hockey

I’m getting married this summer. What’s a nice gift to give my groomsmen? Mr. Sid carries a nice leather line, Ettinger, that has beautiful wallets and bags. We also have nice candles at our Newton store, or you can pick up Secrid wallets, which are great for storing credit cards, at the Seaport. These and Faherty shirts are terrific gifts for Father’s Day as well; they’re classic and unique at the same time, which is the foundation of Mr. Sid. Speaking of Father’s Day, what do you want for the big day? A better golf game, so I need a new driver.


From left: Ermenegildo Zegna, Isaia, Jacob Cohen, Faherty, Santoni

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3/29/19 1:11 PM


3/25/19 2:01 PM


MR. SID IN MILAN A few members of the Mr. Sid team—Barry and Stuart Segel, Andrew Oman and the stores’ unofficial chef Dave Welch—traveled to Milan for fashion week seeking new product and inspiration for FW19. The seven-day trip was highlighted by the Ermenegildo Zegna fashion show at the Stazione Milano Centrale train station. The Mr. Sid team had several appointments in the Milan-based showrooms of Slowear, Ermenegildo Zegna, Jacob Cohen, Manto, PT01 and Alessandro Gherardi, among others. “Going to Milan for fashion week enables us to look at these collections in a different atmosphere than in New York,” Barry Segel says. “We have a better conceptual idea of the collections, which allows us to execute better projects or ideas. Things can get lost in translation when you’re back in New York and then the message gets sent back to Italy.” Although the team was extremely busy running from appointment to appointment, it wasn’t all work and no play. Always in search of a great trattoria or wine bar, they were not disappointed. Day trips to Bologna and Florence proved to be well worth it as they soaked in the beauty and inspiration. “I feel that from time to time it is very important to travel to other places and see how other people are doing things,” says Stuart Segel. “There is an Italian way of doing things: When they have a cup of coffee it’s not rushed, it’s made with care and it’s the best coffee you’re going to have. As we walked around, inspiration surrounded us—from window displays to merchandising to the young people shopping and being excited about fashion.” Upon their return, the team was refreshed and excited to bring some of these ideas to their customers and Mr. Sid. Bellissimo, Milano, we can’t wait to return!

Live models in the window display

Stuart Segel, Chef David Welch, Andrew Oman, Barry Segel

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the world’s oldest shopping mall, is housed within a four-story double arcade in central Milan.

Oh, the vino!

Duomo di Milano

SID.ss19.milan.indd 18

Florence, Italy

Ra voluptatibus ea sunture

Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak)

The streets of Milan

Ermenegildo Zegna headquarters and showroom in Milan Ra voluptatibus ea sunture

3/28/19 12:49 PM

Ermenegildo Zegna showcased 44 beautiful looks from its FW19 collection.

The Milano Centrale railway station was transformed into a never-before-seen runway set for Ermenegildo Zegna’s fashion show.

Media gathers at the Ermenegildo Zegna FW19 fashion show.

Maurizio Baldassari FW19 collection Luigi Borrelli FW19 collection Luigi Borrelli FW19 collection

Ra voluptatibus ea sunture

The Mr. Sid team took the highspeed train to Bologna and Florence.

Jacob Cohen showroom

Slowear showroom

SID.ss19.milan.indd 19

Andrea Ventura showroom

Fedeli knitwear showroom

Mangia! Dinner with the gang

3/29/19 3:28 PM

| MRSID.COM 20 SID.ss19.leadman.indd 20

3/28/19 12:50 PM


The Goldblum Standard This quirky actor sets the bar high for distinctiveness, risk-taking—and talent. By Daria Meoli


ner, appeared in the chorus of Broadway’s musical Two Gentlemen of Verona starting in late 1971 and played a thuggish criminal in the 1974 film Death Wish. His first starmaking role was as a bereaved baby boomer in 1983’s The Big Chill. He then starred as a brilliant yet eccentric scientist in 1986’s The Fly and as a blue alien in the 1988 sci-fi rom-com musical (!) Earth Girls Are Easy. By the ’90s, Goldblum was a box-office draw, and in 1996 he began appearing as Dr. Ian Malcolm in the blockbuster Jurassic Park films. Before shooting began, the actor reportedly took it upon himself to buy a black leather blazer and silky black button-front shirt to symbolize Dr. Malcolm’s doomsday style. His acting method is said to include dressing the part as a way to draw from the feel and aesthetic of clothing and accessories. Goldblum has brought this same “outside in” method to other notable roles, including that of David Levinson, an MIT-trained satellite technician who saves the world in 1996’s Independence Day and again in 2016’s Independence Day: Resurgence. The actor has done much-praised work in varied films including Nine Months (1995), The Switch (2010) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), and he bolstered his cred with sci-fi fans as the dubious Grandmaster in Marvel Universe’s Thor: Ragnarok in 2017. He has also lent his talents to the small screen by playing recurring characters on the sketch comedy Portlandia and the crime drama Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Would you believe he’s a jazz musician too? Nearly every Wednesday night for more than six years (except when on an on-location shoot, of course), Goldblum has played piano and bantered with sold-out crowds at Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Angeles. And last November, he and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra released The Capitol Studio Sessions, an album that went to No. 1 on the Billboard jazz album chart. The actor and his third wife, dancer and contortionist Emilie Livingston, have two nautically named sons: Charlie Ocean turns 4 this summer, while River Joe had his second birthday this spring. Whether he is performing for an intimate crowd of jazz fans or working the late-night talk-show circuit to promote his newest blockbuster, Goldblum sets a striking standard. His attire has ranged from a flashy tuxedo to a monochromatic black motorcycle jacket and turtleneck combo, a zoo-animal-and-unicornprint Prada shirt to Saint Laurent chinos. He makes a habit of pulling off looks that would intimidate other men. But one accessory is de rigueur: his eyeglasses. Goldblum has explained that he plays around with lens tints and frame styles, but prefers to keep his collection of eyewear streamlined. For his recent tour to support The Capitol Studio Sessions, he wore Jacques Marie Mage frames. Jeff Goldblum is one style icon you’ll want to keep watching—as he keeps on dressing the part.

SID.ss19.leadman.indd 21


Actor Jeff Goldblum is known for his unique sense of style—and he can pull off looks that other guys won’t dare try. From a shirt with bold animal print and tinted eyeglasses to a monochromatic black-on-black look, this Hollywood A-lister sets a strikingly high fashion standard and is a usual suspect on many best dressed lists.


ometimes with a performer, a sense of style comes first. When actor Jeff Goldblum was a kid in West Homestead, Pennsylvania, in the 1960s, he saw singer-dancer-actor Sammy Davis Jr. on TV and something clicked. The superstar was decked out in the fashions of London’s Carnaby Street—a style that hadn’t yet swept the Pittsburgh burbs—and the young Goldblum promptly asked his parents for (and got) a Nehru jacket with a turtleneck and a medallion necklace. Today at 66 years old, the 6-foot-4 Goldblum is someone other people watch. He’s a Hollywood A-lister who was ranked on GQ’s Best Dressed List for 2018. And making a strong visual impression has been his habit since he moved to New York at 17 to become an actor, buying a long Russian overcoat and an aviator hat at an Army surplus store to keep warm—and look cool—through Manhattan’s long winters. Traditional matinee-idol looks? That’d have to be a no. And Goldblum’s speech is characterized not so much by standard-issue mellifluence as by an idiosyncratic, abrupt cadence. Throughout his 30-plus year career, he has enthusiastically pushed the boundaries of what defines a Hollywood star and sex symbol. In his way, he deploys distinctiveness, cerebral agility and whip-smart banter to project loads of appeal, and his bold fashion choices make him stand out from the crowd. Taking both thespian and fashion risks has paid off for Goldblum, but he’s paid dues too. He studied with the acclaimed Sanford Meis-

21 3/28/19 12:51 PM



Mr. Sid has everything for the man about town— whether you’re strolling along the harbor, relaxing by the pool or enjoying Sunday Funday.


This soft look is anchored by the washed cotton blazer by Lubiam. A lightweight gray striped cotton sport shirt by Barba and washed charcoal pants by Incotex complement the casual yet sophisticated look.

22 SID.ss19.essentials.indd 22

3/28/19 12:52 PM

You’re Invited


3/25/19 1:59 PM



Swimsuits by Fedeli come in a variety of solids and patterns. This amazing bathing suit is the perfect fit and length, and it dries super quickly.


SID.ss19.essentials.indd 24

3/28/19 12:52 PM

Fedeli_FP_SS19_FInal.indd 1 FEDELI RIGHT.indd 1

2/11/19 AM 3/25/19 11:09 2:41 PM



Sneakers are the hottest category in men’s footwear these days. Suede sneakers by Andrea Zori and Ermenegildo Zegna have rich texture, are incredibly comfortable and elevate your casual look.


SID.ss19.essentials.indd 26

3/28/19 12:52 PM

© California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Each franchise independently owned and operated.

Experience a California Closets system custom designed specifically for you and the way you live. Visit us online today to arrange for a complimentary in-home design consultation. 800.225.6901 BRIGHTON HINGHAM HYANNIS NATICK PEABODY WEST HARTFORD CT WARWICK RI MERRIMACK NH

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Polos by Faherty are available in a variety of colors that are brilliantly executed in a cotton dyed jersey fabric that makes them incredibly soft. These tops pair well with shorts or lightweight cotton pants—perfect for the warm days of summer.


SID.ss19.essentials.indd 28

3/28/19 12:52 PM


3/25/19 2:44 PM



The signature piece of this look is a packable “safari” style jacket by Manto in machinewashable Belseta fabric. The popcorn stitch wool sweater by Gran Sasso is breathable and ideal for a spring day. The washed shirt by Eton is available in three colors. Anderson’s stretch belt and Randolph Archer aviators are the perfect accessories.

30 SID.ss19.essentials.indd 30

3/28/19 12:52 PM

shop at SLOWEAR RIGHT.indd 1

3/25/19 3:07 PM



These over-dyed super lightweight shirts by Tintoria Mattei 954 are vibrant in color, trim fit and work untucked with your favorite shorts or casual cotton pants.

32 SID.ss19.essentials.indd 32

3/28/19 12:52 PM

ISAIA RIGHT.indd 11 AD_USA_Vert.indd

3/25/19 PM 17/01/192:47 14:09


3/29/19 2:01 PM

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Don’t let its formula racecar looks fool you—the McLaren Senna can take your breath away at the speedway and turn heads on the highway. By Darius Amos


Leave it to the engineers at McLaren to develop the crème de la crème of point-A-to-point-B cars. The 100 percent street legal Senna, boasting 2.8-second 0–60 acceleration, is the exotic sports car manufacturer’s most powerful road car to date. While we don’t encourage you to break speed limits, this vehicle (aptly named after the late Brazilian Formula 1 champ Ayrton Senna) can drastically improve your estimated time of arrival, whether you’re headed to the office, country club or just enjoying a night out. So how does the Senna do it? It’s equipped with a 4.0 liter, twin-turbo V-8, which generates a heart-pounding 789 horsepower. The engine gets an assist from aerodynamics, created by the body’s innovative curves and air channels, rear-mounted wing and low nose winglets. Of course, there’s plenty inside the Senna to complement the unique design. A race-inspired infotainment system features software that records lap data, should you find yourself motoring around a track. (And what Senna owner wouldn’t want to rally at the oval?)

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Thanks to carbonfiber body panels, the Senna weighs just 2,850 pounds—McLaren’s lightest production car since the legendary F1 of the 1990s. An optional push-todrink system keeps drivers hydrated while they’re out on a long haul. The infotainment system includes a premium sound system, navigation and three cameras. For race enthusiasts, built-in computers can record track data. For a made-to-measure fit, McLaren outfits each Senna with padded carbon-fiber bucket seats that are customized for each owner. The ceiling-mounted push-button ignition creates a jet-fighter feeling. A rear shelf behind the cockpit is the Senna’s only storage compartment. It was designed to fit two helmets and two racing suits. Owners can customize the color of the front wing tips and vents. These vents, along with the 11-pound rear wing, boost the McLaren’s downforce and aerodynamics.


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pathway to patagonia

This wilderness at South America’s bottom just may be the ultimate rugged escape place. By Everett Potter “Patagonia” must be one of the most exotic words in any language, conjuring up a faraway place that sounds as if it may—or may not—be imaginary. It’s a name so imbued with the mystique of exotic travel that one of the world’s most upscale brands of adventure clothing appropriated it. Rest assured, Patagonia is real. But it’s also truly remote, exotic and very wild. Just find a map


The llama-like guanaco thrive in the plains and mountainous regions of Patagonia.

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This page: Accommodations at the Awasi Patagonia include lodge-like luxury and magnificent views overlooking Torres del Paine National Park. Opposite page: Wooden pathways guide hikers through the rugged landscape of Torres del Paine.

Em nis ut et occusciusae exerchil mintotat il int, tes est, culligendus quiates molore que veri num qui voluptios eost et que lauta quas anditatusam facius inciumquo corendit, volut qui tem simincia nisiminvel et, officius dent, quas dolor remporporum et, odis re, optatur, quiberferion eaqui di cus soloriaest fugiam quis dolor sum volore lam repe rerum volorecte pre, con nonsent. Lesed molupturio. Neque nis alit, quam, siminis ciendigenis velestibus etur simusdae. Net quundenti sume evel ipsam et dicitatior

imagine, but you’ll also see flightless rheas and llama-like guanacos, not to mention armadillos, gray foxes, pumas and dozens of species of birds unique to the region, such as the pink-and-orange Chilean flamingo. On the Península Valdés, you can spot those southern right whales, along with orcas, penguins and elephant seals. The best months to head south are from November to March, the southern hemisphere summer. And while just traveling to Patagonia requires some serious planning, getting around is even more challenging. It’s clearly impossible to see all of the region in one, two or even three trips. You need a plan, as did I, and because I elected to focus on Torres del Paine, I had to fly into Santiago, Chile’s capital, followed by a lengthy internal flight to Punta Arenas and some rough riding in 4x4 vehicles. You may have seen photos of Torres del Paine National Park, with the centerpiece three granite peaks that give the park its name. The mountains have an other-worldly look, as if taken from a Tolkien novel. But it’s more than just jagged peaks. There’s an opalescent quality to the park’s icefields and deep green lagoons and the sparkling waters of Lake Pehoé. It’s a primeval landscape worthy of the best science fiction film. It’s also the region where you’ll find a new breed of small luxury lodges, built by cutting-edge architects to take in the views yet blend into the landscape. They’re designed for discerning travelers who want to hike or ride or fly fish during the day and enjoy Chilean wines, impeccable cuisine and luxury digs when they return. I toured a number of them when I was there. The newest is Awasi Patagonia, which has dramatic views of the park and just 12 villas. Designed by Chilean architect Felipe Assadi, with interiors by


of South America, gaze at the southern tip and there it is, a huge triangular swath of land where the continent tapers off just 500 miles shy of Antarctica. Patagonia was “discovered” in 1519 by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, whose sailors dubbed it “Patagoni,” after the native inhabitants in a then-popular but now long-forgotten 16th-century romance. The region includes parts of Chile and Argentina, with the latter country overseeing three-quarters of its vast 400,000 square miles. (That’s a Texas plus a New Mexico, with a Vermont thrown in.) Patagonia had been on my mind since Charles Joseph Finger’s The Yankee Captain in Patagonia was read to me as a child, and the aura of the place returned in adulthood when I came across In Patagonia, the classic travel account by the late British writer Bruce Chatwin. Both books are still on my shelves. What’s the appeal? Staggering wilderness and very few inhabitants. There are expansive icefields and dramatic snowcapped, sawtooth mountains, notably those found in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. There are the southern right whales off Península Valdés, the Perito Moreno glacier to explore and the seventh-largest desert in the world. The landscape, especially the eastern part, has thousands of square miles of steppes, while western Patagonia has temperate rainforests. It’s also one of the windiest places in the world. This is a landscape of fjords, archipelagos and glacier fields that excited not just Chatwin but the young Charles Darwin as well. So it’s little surprise that adventure tourism has become huge down here, with hiking, fishing, kayaking, 4x4 exploration and horseback riding making use of the vast landscape. You will see more sheep in Patagonia than you can

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Paula Gutiérrez and Alejandra Bunster, the villas are made of lenga, a kind of beechwood. Guests get their own guide and a 4x4 vehicle for exploration. I also visited Explora Hotel Salto Chico, the oldest luxe lodge, which opened in 1993 and was remodeled in 2011. Explora is the only luxury lodging inside the park and is known for its comfort and its great guides. You get a wonderful sense of the park from everywhere in the building, with terrific views of the Paine Massif. I stayed at Tierra Patagonia, a new-ish hotel on the shores of Sarmiento Lake. Designed by Chilean architect Cazú Zegers, it has a dramatic glass and lengawood exterior, so that it seems to merge with the grassy landscape. Indeed, it looks as if aliens might have built this low-rise structure, which honors the surrounding radical landscape by doing little to disturb it. Once again, it’s all about the views, and the dining room has picture postcard vistas of the Paine Massif. It’s where I savored Chile’s remarkable beef, the seafood bounty from a coastline not that distant (king crab, abalone) and a compelling range of Chilean wines. I especially liked the outdoor hot tub after dinner, the best place to look for the Southern Cross and drink in the Milky Way thousands of miles from any city and its accompanying light pollution. I went hiking under a sky dotted with condors soaring above me. There were icebergs in the waters, carved from glaciers left over from the last Ice Age. I went to the foot of the Torres del Paine, which is something of a holy grail for climbers. One day I saddled up and went biking on the Cañadón Macho, a trail that’s mostly downhill until it’s not. That was a great opportunity to see some guanacos and get a workout at high altitude. But the highlight was kayaking on Lake Grey, listening to the creaking sounds from a glacier, with small icebergs jutting out of the lake. Honestly, though, there is so much more to go back and see. In early 2018 Chile established five new parks, courtesy of an endowment from the late Doug Tompkins, a philanthropist and founder of The North Face, the clothing and outdoor equipment company, and his partner Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, the former CEO of the apparel brand Patagonia. It remains the largest donation of private land to a government in South America. Now a total of 17 national parks have been linked by Chile into the Route of Parks, an almost unimaginable hiking trail though glacier country, mountains, volcanoes, steppes and forests. It’s a 10 million-acre Patagonia National Park system, which is more than three times the size of Yosemite and Yellowstone parks combined. That’s a lot of wilderness to see, mindboggling, in fact. But then, so is Patagonia itself, the end of the world, where touches of luxury can take the rough edges off and there is always much more to explore. Neophytes may suspect that the name Patagonia stands for someplace magical. We who have been there know that for sure.

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This page: The Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse sits along the border of Argentina and Chile at the southern tip of South America. Opposite page, top: Adventure seekers can explore the marble caves of Chile. Opposite page, bottom: Magellanic penguins are named after the Portuguese explorer who “discovered� Patagonia.

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that’s how you row Photographed on location at the Community Rowing Harry Parker Boathouse, Brighton, MA


Photography by John Gillooly

We know you’re a man who charts his own course. That’s why Mr. Sid has the looks to help you make a splash, wherever your travels take you this season.

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Suit by Isaia, shirt by Borrelli, tie by Ermenegildo Zegna.


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This page, sportcoat by Corneliani, shirt by Zanone, pants by PT01, sunglasses by Randolph. Opposite page, sportcoat, hoodie and pants by Ermenegildo Zegna, sneakers by Andrea Zori, sunglasses by Randolph.

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This page, tuxedo by Castagnia, shirt by Eton, bowtie by Carrot & Gibbs, cufflinks by Jan Leslie. Opposite page, sportcoat by Canali, shirt and pants by Ermenegildo Zegna, sunglasses by Randolph.

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This page, polo by Isaia, pants by Jacob Cohen, belt by Anderson’s, sneakers by Andrea Zori. Opposite page, suit by Castagnia, shirt by Borrelli, tie by Mr. Sid.

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This page, sportcoat by L.B.M., T-shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna, pants by Incotex, sunglasses by Shwood. Opposite page, hoodie and T-shirt by Patrick Assaraf, swim trunks by Fedeli, bag by Calabrese 1924.

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West Newton

Fuller Street | Newton, Massachusetts

MB Associates International President’s Circle

MAXINE BURTMAN 617.818.2447 MITCHEL BERNSTEIN 617.645.1360

West Newton has been long been a desired place to live based on the beautiful period architecture and strong sense of neighborhood and community. Today it is heavily desired for not only its beauty but many conveniences for todays lifestyle. Just nine miles to Back Bay and thirteen miles to Logan Airport. The convenience to public transportation, West Newton Square shops, restaurants, itness, movie theater are just some of the reasons it is so desired.

1261 Centre Street Newton, Massachusetts 02459


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now it’s personal

For a suit or shirt that’s more you, Mr. Sid’s made-to-measure program gives you exactly what you want.


We know even the slightest of details is important to you. That is, after all, one of the reasons why you’re a Mr. Sid customer, right? For more than 50 years, our team of made-to-measure experts has been customizing the finest garments precisely to your specifications and personal taste, from size and fit right down to jacket lapel style and thread color—all the sartorial details that matter. Sure, our selection of off-the-rack suits, sportcoats and shirts comes from the impeccable collections of the world’s best designers, but let’s be honest: Not every 42R jacket or 15½-inch collar is alike. In the world of made-to-measure, we guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you want. At Mr. Sid, our program allows you to tailor your clothing to your individual fit, style and comfort from fashion’s most renowned brands. Your personalized suits and sportcoats are made from a unique selection of luxury fabrics and materials, including today’s trending lightweight and traveler options for the gentlemen who are always on the go. There are dozens of other options that you can customize—from lapels to linings to pockets and more—so scan your closet and determine what you need and what you want. You’ll get the same attention and selection when choosing a made-to-measure dress shirt. Our style pros and tailors take nearly two dozen of your measurements and personalized options (mother-of-pearl buttons and monogrammed cuffs, anyone?) to create a piece that looks and feels just right. We offer hundreds of choices, so your shirt will truly be one-of-a-kind and perfect for you. Give Mr. Sid made-to-measure a try, and you’ll never look back.

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act on adare You’ll discover that Irish golf can be beautiful even when you leave the sea behind. By Josh Sens


Think of golf in Ireland, and brochureworthy images probably spring to mind. You picture wild and woolly layouts, their rumpled fairways, fringed with unruly native grasses, threaded through the folds of a coastal dunescape: scenes of rugged beauty, set hard along the sea. This is links golf of the throwback kind, firm and fast and windswept and thoroughly charming. Ireland is famous for it. But it’s not the only golf played on the Emerald Isle. The country is also home to inland courses, stitched through hills and forests and fields of heather. Their turf tends to be more lush than the ground along the coast, their fairways often tree-lined, their holes guarded not by ocean but by rivers, creeks and lakes. Though less well-known to travelers than Ireland’s fabled seaside links, many of these landlocked courses are terrific. None is better than a newly remade layout in County Limerick, two hours west of Dublin and a short skip south of Shannon. It’s called Adare Manor, and it stretches its green fingers astride a grand estate and resort of the same name. The manor itself dates to the early 1830s, when it was built as the home of the second Earl of Dunraven and his wife, Lady Caroline Wyndham. Nearly two centuries later, their sense of extravagance and whimsy endures. Guarded by gargoyles and decorated with ornate carvings, many of them

bestial figures carved from wood and stone, the manor brims with Gothic grandeur. Its exuberant design is accented by 365 leaded windows, 52 chimneys and four towers—architectural nods to the number of days, weeks and seasons in a year. A lovely place, in short. And then there is the golf. The original course here opened in 1995, an 18-holer crafted by the famed American golf architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. It was no slouch of a layout, esteemed enough to serve as the venue for the Irish Open in both 2007 and 2008. But that wasn’t quite enough for the resort’s current proprietor, JP McManus, a County Limerick-nativeturned-business-magnate and racehorse owner. McManus wanted more than a respected golf course. What he envisioned was a parkland paradise. He commissioned Tom Fazio to create it for him. “The result,” gushed Golf Monthly, a prominent glossy magazine published across the pond, “is arguably the most Augusta-like experience anywhere in Europe.” Augusta National, of course, is golf ’s ultimate Eden, a pristine private club in Georgia where there’s rarely a single blade of grass out of place. In its reincarnation, which came to life last year, Adare Manor is maintained in similar condition, fastidiously cared for by a squadron of groundskeepers. As part of

the multi-million-dollar renovation, sub-air drainage systems were installed beneath the greens, which are elaborate moisture-removing and temperature-regulating mechanisms that help preserve the putting surfaces in immaculate shape year-round. As for the fairways and tee boxes, they’re as close-cut as the greens at your average course. Fazio’s redesign did not alter the routing. The new course follows the same footprint, over a gently lilting swatch of sylvan terrain, along the banks of the River Maigue. But every hole has been reimagined, the greens pushed up and compellingly contoured, the bunkers enhanced with better sand and improved drainage. On the reborn course, there is double the mowed acreage that there was before. There is no long rough, so the holes, while challenging, remain playable and fun. To complement the upgraded golf experience, Adare Manor added a host of luxe amenities, including a new clubhouse called the Carriage House, replete with a restaurant serving seasonal specialties ranging from poached Atlantic lobster to succulent leg of lamb. There is a whisky bar, a heated cigar lounge and a terrace for sitting, chatting and sipping as you gaze across a verdant landscape of rare beauty. Relax. Enjoy. You can play golf on the coast another day.

Opposite page, clockwise from top: a bird’s-eye view of the gardens at Adare Manor in Ireland; Golf Monthly dubbed Adare’s newly redesigned course the “most Augusta-like experience in Europe,” a nod to Georgia’s famed Augusta National; chefs at Adare’s dining facilities use fresh ingredients from artisan suppliers to create a luxurious dining experience; just outside of the manor, the streets of County Limerick are lined with shops and art; with a spectacular view of the property’s gardens, the Drawing Room is an ideal meeting place for a cup of coffee or glass of champagne before dinner.

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Working (out) from home

For millions these days, the abode doubles as an office. With virtual fitness, it’s a fully staffed gym too. By Haley Longman


uided at-home fitness programs are hardly new. Perhaps you remember a parent, years ago, sweating in the living room to a Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons tape. (Or maybe it was you.) Well, today group workouts can be done at home if you can’t make it to the gym or just don’t feel like leaving the house. Isn’t technology the best? Virtual fitness, the trend has been dubbed, although the aches and grunts are still real. It’s a fusion of exercise with technology in which gyms or workout studios stream fitness classes online or with an app, live or prerecorded, for participants to join at home in real time or as their schedule permits. The benefits are clear. Virtual fitness is ideal for those with busy schedules and sufferers from social anxiety who may be embarrassed not to know their Boot Camp from their Burn. The phenomenon is also gaining traction with clients who have memberships at brick-and-mortar gyms. “It provides a seamless experience,” Fitness Industry Technology Council President Brian O’Rourke told the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association. “Members can do exactly the same classes they enjoy at the club. They have access to classes they wouldn’t be able to find [on the internet].” As “old-school” health clubs around the country like Gold’s Gym and Crunch create their own digital training apps for clientele who want the best of both worlds, others are taking it up a notch, launching virtual-only classes for customers who’d prefer to work out anywhere but a sweaty studio. But they’re not all just high-tech YouTube videos—the fitness world has seen a surge in live workout classes, all led by professional trainers. Obé (pronounced “obey”), launched in 2018 by two former Hollywood agents, offers 14 live workouts a day, taught by certified trainers out of a loft space in Brooklyn, punching and lunging in front of an illuminated neon backdrop. All you’ll need to participate is a laptop, WiFi and a yoga mat. A subscription to the app and website costs only $27 a month, which would barely cover the expense of a single one-hour class in a studio IRL. Then there’s ClassPassLive, which since its 2018 launch has allowed users to view live and on-demand HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes. Here your metrics will display up on a leaderboard 61

with other participants’, as its unique ClassPass heartrate monitor tracks your stats and calorie burn. Yes, we suppose virtual motivation is part of what you get for this $15 per month subscription. New York City-based cycling studio Peloton was one of the first to venture into virtual fitness back in 2014; anyone who purchased a stationary Peloton bike could livestream their spin classes at home. The company more recently introduced its Tread, a glorified treadmill, which boasts 10 daily live running and cross-training classes, as well as pre-recorded ones. Its price tag? A cool $4,000, with an optional $39 per month for unlimited access to live classes. However, the new Peloton digital app is a bit more doable, offering 20 live classes per day remotely for $19.49 per month. “Our bike business is exploding in a good way,” says Peloton President William Lynch. The new Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is similar to the Peloton bike, yet this NordicTrack product lets cyclists have live interactions with their trainers, who can adjust their bikes’ incline, decline and resistance. There are also a variety of full-body workout classes available for when users need a respite from cycling, as well as a few other high-tech capabilities. All yours for $2,000. If you don’t want to stare at your phone while getting your fitness on and would rather just look, well, at yourself, that’s where the first-of-its-kind Mirror comes in. Once you press the power button, it transforms into a responsive display with stereo speakers, a camera, a microphone and, of course, a mirror. Watch one of its 50 live classes—there’s cardio, strength, yoga and boxing to choose from, as well as beginner or expert level—and you’ll see the instructor, yourself and your classmates on the LED screen. The Mirror itself costs $1,495, with a monthly content subscription of $39. Of course, today’s hot fad is tomorrow’s curio, but there’s every chance that virtual fitness will make a permanent place for itself. Obé founders Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills have waxed poetic about “the ability to get in a great sweat sesh, be held accountable via a shoutout from the instructor during a live class, and connect with a like-minded community beyond your immediate ZIP code—all from the comfort of home.” Oh, what a time to be alive. Now, come on, you can do this!

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What a Concept! Here’s a vehicle to drive your sci-fi fantasies—just for the “L” of it. By Timothy Kelley


t’s been called a masterpiece of art, but this is art that goes “Vroom!” And the inspiration for its design is said to come from U.S.S. Enterprise of Star Trek fame, but that interstellar voyager wasn’t piloted with handlebars. Fact is, Bandit9’s L-Concept is a motorcycle, and a sleekly minimalist one at that. It features steel unibody construction, two 21-inch spoked wheels, a front headlight unit with a cluster of LED lights, a teardrop-shaped seat of Italian calf leather, and levers and grips sculpted from solid aluminum. Motive power comes from a compact, air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder 125cc engine with a four-speed transmission suspended sexily in a pod under the frame. The L-Concept is seven-and-a-half feet long, weighs 297 pounds and reaches a top speed of 68 mph. If you get your hands on one (the official asking price is just under $11,000), feel lucky, but not too cocky. Your ’cycle isn’t unique—there are eight others on Earth. That’s right. Bandit9 is really in the archetype business, and these

painstakingly handcrafted Ls run (and they do run) more to set our hearts afire than to get us to the grocery store. The “9” in the company’s name stands for the number of vehicles of each model it actually produces, and this particular nine seems almost as full of exciting possibility as a mom-to-be’s calendar or a baseball team taking the field in springtime. Company founder and design chief Daryl Villanueva is a former L.A. advertising art director, and his studio is in a foreign burg you’ve probably heard of called Hanoi. “There was a lot of testing,” Villanueva has said of his firm’s design process for the L. “There was a lot of failing. We needed to figure out how to place the foot pegs, kickstand and carburetor elegantly.” If this “fully functional mechanical sculpture” isn’t the ultimate in clean-lined motorcycling, it will do handsomely until that perfection arrives. Ride long and prosper.


Futuristic? Yes, but the Bandit9 L-Concept motorcycle’s elegant design evokes a future glimpsed decades ago in comic books, movies and TV shows. Its turbine-style powertrain cover is said to have been inspired by the reactor on Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise. Custom foot controls connect smoothly to that engine case, and the square taillight comprises 45 tiny LEDs. If any motorbike could transport you to the final frontier, this would be it.

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savor new asian bites

Please your palate with the flavors of Sri Lanka. The best part? They’re coming to a city near you! By Darius Amos


ven if you can locate Sri Lanka on a map, finding the right words to describe the island nation’s cuisine might be a struggle. Some think of it as a mashup of Asian flavors, though it’s influenced more by southern countries like India and Bangladesh than it is by Sri Lanka’s closest eastern neighbors (like Malaysia and Singapore). From fiery curries and pungent lime pickles to delightfully sweet onion relishes and aromatic rice bowls, dishes have powerful and memorable tastes that will please (and wake) your senses. In an age when foodies want to taste the next best thing and timid eaters finally are manning up, Sri Lankan restaurants are popping up in the world’s top culinary destinations, such as London, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. When you travel the globe in search of Sri Lanka’s best, here are four staple dishes you should consider. CRAB CURRY The ingredients list for this favorite might fill dozens of recipe cards, but the dish is simply one of the best and tastiest on a Sri Lankan menu. A traditional crab curry uses either the mud or blue swimmer variety, both of which can be found along the country’s shores. Curries are chock full of protein—whether it’s fish, shrimp or crab—and each piece of delicate meat absorbs the flavorful coconut milk and spices: usually curry powder, turmeric and cardamom among others. Lemongrass and other secret finishing ingredients like ground, dry palm fruit stalk (shhh!) lend to the distinctive and unforgettable taste.

COCONUT SAMBOL If you’ve ever visited Sri Lanka, you probably noticed coconuts are literally everywhere. The country produces roughly 2.7 billion of them annually, and residents consume more than three-quarters of the fruit (technically, it’s also a nut and a seed). In fact, the locals consider the coconut plant “the tree of life” because of its many practical uses. Fresh grated coconut is the primary ingredient in pol sambola (aka coconut sambol), which also is comprised of red onion, ground red chilies, lime, spices and other optional ingredients like garlic and Maldive fish (cured tuna). The dish is most often served alongside curries, rice and hoppers (use the pancake to scoop up the mixture).

KOTTU ROTI In a visit to Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, the late Anthony Bourdain boasted about the city’s take on Chinese food but overlooked the country’s best street food, kottu roti. This is the people’s comfort dish, and it’s considered by many to be an immediate hangover solution. It starts with a shredded flatbread base, which then is topped with veggies like cabbage, carrots and peppers as well as meat (shrimp, chicken and beef are all delicious options), eggs and assorted aromatic spices and sauces. Chefs chop and combine the ingredients together, often in a methodical and theatrical manner on a hot griddle, to create a meal that can be enjoyed in a fine dining room or while browsing the wares at a Colombo street market.


Opposite page, clockwise from top left: traditional crab curry is finished with ingredients like lemongrass and ground palm fruit stalk; though typically served as a breakfast dish, egg hoppers are usually offered as an all-day menu item; chefs often prepare kottu roti (a mix of meat, veggies and other spices) in a theatrical manner, making it one of Sri Lanka’s most popular street foods; coconut sambol accompanies rice and hoppers on the table.


EGG HOPPER American pancake houses claiming to be “international” do an injustice to the name: You surely won’t find a hopper on those menus. One of Sri Lanka’s signature foods, a typical hopper is a bowl-shaped pancake made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. With crispy edges and a doughy middle, it’s usually served as a treat for breakfast (though many eateries will offer it as an all-day plate) and accompanied by a fragrant curry and/or a spicy sambol. For those who want something a tad more decadent, an egg hopper includes a whole egg baked into the middle. Hoppers are meant to be eaten using the rip-and-dip method, but no one will judge if you’re the forkand-knife type.

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chardonnay’s new day


Is this trite white an oak joke—or a wine that deserves a fresh look? By Josh Sens


If you know your ABCs, you know those letters stand for Anything But Chardonnay, a stubborn consumer movement born in opposition to one of the world’s most widely produced wines. What its adherents profess disdain for isn’t (let’s be clear here) the chardonnay grape itself, but the way they feel the varietal has been mistreated. The offending wines they have in mind are weighty, toasty whites, overwhelmed by oily notes of sandalwood and vanilla, and shot through with so much oak that drinking them leaves you with the kind of lacquered tongue you might get from licking an armoire. Lovely, right? These are the chardonnays of grotesque stereotype, often associated with California, particularly the Napa Valley. Like many caricatures, this one contains some truth. But it is not, by any stretch, even close to fair. Though poorly represented in some quarters as a cocktail-hour staple for the clinky-drink crowd and a less-than-suave accompaniment to country-club cuisine, chardonnay has always been a versatile grape that finds wonderful expression around the globe, yielding striking, beautifully structured wines that combine sultry textures with bright, food-friendly acidic bite. This is famously true in Burgundy, the Old World vinicultural holy ground where chardonnay originated. But the same can also be said of such New World regions as the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where chardonnay now flourishes in fine form.

“There’s a reason winemakers refer to chardonnay as ‘a blank slate,’” says Ben Casteel, a second-generation winemaker at Bethel Heights Vineyards, a pioneering Willamette Valley chardonnay producer that released its first vintage in 1984. “It’s an extremely adaptable varietal that to a certain extent allows you to impose your will on it. It can produce big, delicious, unctuous wines, but also equally delicious wines that are bracing and steely and acidic and reflective of a very vivid sense of place.” Like many local chardonnay makers, Casteel prefers to steer away from broad-stroke comparisons with chardonnays from Burgundy or Napa. Such blunt descriptions, he says, not only give short shrift to those other regions, but also blur the stylistic range and subtlety that make Willamette Valley chardonnay distinct. Still, he recognizes that some reference points are useful. As a general rule, in the cooler climate of the Willamette Valley fruit is picked earlier than it is in Napa, so it never reaches the same degree of ripeness. That alone encourages a leaner wine that lends itself more readily to food pairings and leans more closely to white burgundy. At the same time, that younger fruit also absorbs less oak, and in the Willamette Valley they tend to use less oak than they do in Napa to begin with, so the wines don’t wind up tasting like liquid furniture. “Climate definitely plays a role, but so does culture,” says Shane Moore, head winemaker at Gran Moraine, a Willamette Valley stalwart that produces two

chardonnays per year. “We can get away with picking a little younger and using less oak because people expect it of us. People wouldn’t necessarily expect that in Napa, but they’d look to us for a wine that you might consider more austere.” It has taken time for those perceptions to take root. When Moore started making wine in 2004, he tasted through a flight of white burgundies with a mentor, who told him flat-out that chardonnay on par with the French original would never be produced in the United States. Moore believed him. Not anymore. “Nowadays there’s a lot of New World chardonnay that touches on that white burgundy level of quality,” Moore says. “We’re not the only ones.” But the region’s reputation is spreading fast. Among those helping to propel it is Josh Bergström, head winemaker at Bergström Wines, another heralded Willamette Valley chardonnay producer. Born and raised in Oregon, Bergström studied and honed his craft in Burgundy before returning to his home state to turn out chardonnay the Willamette Valley way. At once flinty and food-friendly, the wines he makes pair wonderfully with seafood the day you buy them. But Bergström also suggests them as an investment, best left to age in the bottle for 10 or even 15 years. To drink them at their peak while, say, slurping back fresh oysters, is to reinterpret your alphabet, for this admittedly oftabused wine turns out to have appealingly bracing capabilities.

TASTING NOTES Bergström 2016 Sigrid Chardonnay, $100 Yellow-gold in color, this complex wine plays out on the palate in notes of citrus and honeysuckle and makes a lovely marriage with crabs, lobster and other shellfish. Bethel Heights 2016 Casteel Chardonnay, $75 Hints of lemon mingle with a bracing salinity in this well-structured wine, which only gets better in the bottle of time. Besides seafood, it pairs deliciously with grilled pork. Gran Moraine, 2016 Yamhill-Carlton Chardonnay, $45 Sleek but structured, with a light, bright mouthfeel and summery hints of stone fruit.

Opposite page, clockwise from top left: the Bergström winery farms five estate vineyards totaling roughly 85 acres in northern Willamette Valley; Bergström’s Old Stones chardonnay boasts citrus driven aromas and flavors; the Gran Moraine Vineyard, covering 210 acres, produces two chardonnays a year; its YamhillCarlton variety offers an aroma of mango, brioche and fennel seed; tours and tastings at the Gran Moraine facility are open to the public; Bethel Heights Vineyards, one of the valley’s pioneers, released its first chardonnay in 1984.

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rums for everyone

The rugged liquor we associate with the tropics and piracy on the high seas can be surprisingly subtle and satisfying on the tongue. By Harry Dowden


Skip the soda and forget the fruit juice—this season, sip your rum straight. While there are plenty of delicious cocktails and punches to be made with the spirit, a great rum deserves to be tried sans accoutrements. We’ve selected four bottles from respected producers that are sure to add a bit of sweetness to your evening. No tricky recipes or hard-to-source ingredients required; all you’ll need is a glass and a bit of time to appreciate an oft-overlooked but always satisfying spirit.

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While rum-based cocktails like mojitos and daiquiris can be refreshing, some of the best rums in the world should be sipped and served neat.

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El Dorado Vintage Reserve 25 Year, $524


Distilled in Guyana, the El Dorado range was launched in 1992, but the history of Guyanese rum distillation on the banks of the Demerara River goes back to the 17th century. Demerara Distillers Limited is a culmination of that history, the result of many estates teaming up over the years to combine forces and produce exceptional rum. Its consolidation of knowledge and equipment—Demerara has stills in use from as far back as the mid-18th century—has resulted in painstakingly crafted product. A big part of that skill is patience; a few years may seem to go by quickly for the artisans at a centuries-old producer. El Dorado is, in fact, an originator of the age statement rum, beginning with its 15-year. The 25-Year-Old Vintage Reserve was introduced at the onset of the millennium, with other vintages appearing since, though not yearly. Each is unique in subtle ways, but all of the ex-bourbon barrel aged and fully matured spirits contribute to the greater story of El Dorado rum. Look for a decadent experience, with an incredibly smooth product. Layers of flavor, from caramel and candied fruits to fine cigars and cinnamon, unfold as sips are enjoyed. Komal Samaroo is chairman of Demerara Distillers Limited, which produces El Dorado rum.


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Appleton Estate Signature Blend 21 Year, $180


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An important producer with a long and rich heritage, Jamaica’s Appleton Estate consistently makes delicious, accessible and distinctive rums. Wine isn’t the only beverage that stakes a claim to terroir— Appleton is proud of its rums’ sense of place. The Nassau Valley soil imparts special qualities to the sugar cane grown on the estate, along with the limestone well from which the distillery pulls its water and its dependable native yeast culture. If Appleton is confident in its land, it’s for good reason, as rum has been produced on the estate since 1749. This blended rum actually is compiled from 15 components. Longstanding traditions and trusted palates mean that there is an enviable consistency from bottle to bottle, with a focus on supreme smoothness and warm tones. Signature Blend is a very fruit-forward rum, giving off notes of dried stone fruits, spicy pith and rind and even orange creamsicle, with an average of four years in oak contributing understated vanilla. Expect a big aroma from this bottle, like freshly zested orange filling up a room. Each sip will be bold and tropical, making for an exciting, never tiresome drinking experience. True Ahabs might seek out a rum white whale, Appleton’s 50-year-old (no typo!) Jamaican Independence Anniversary rum. Don’t expect to find this one easily, as bottle counts were low. But its mere existence speaks to Appleton’s dedication. There’s no need to rush the rum as it mellows in the barrel for years, even decades. Take a cue from the maker and savor your glass slowly, soaking in a bit of island energy.

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Plantation XO 20th Anniversary, $62


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A well-aged and well-traveled rum, this one begins its journey in Barbados— arguably rum’s birthplace and home to some of the most well-suited sugar cane in the world. Plantation takes a unique approach to its production, making rums from seven countries across the Caribbean and South America. Master blender Alexandre Gabriel’s background in cognac gave him a healthy appreciation for terroir, so locations are not chosen arbitrarily; each rum is tailored to a specific climate and method of production. The 20th anniversary bottling reflects the history of the brand, beginning in Barbados, then making the trip to France to rest further in Ferrand Cognac casks and earning a namesake XO. Ferrand is where Gabriel fell in love with cognac and began the journey that led to the Plantation series of rums. The spirit’s itinerary is seemingly simple: multiple years in each location. During the “tropical” and “continental” ageing processes, the components rest in a variety of barrels, including the cognac casks, bourbon barrels and fresh oak, all across a variety of toast levels. The wood varieties and dual-geography ageing result in a very complex experience, with woody vanilla flavors intermingling with deep baker’s chocolate and tropical fruit musk (think guava and passionfruit). The cognac makes a great contribution to the nearly everlasting finishes, flavors continue to dance around. A glass of the Plantation XO is something your evening leads up to, and every sip will be worth the buildup. Sipping from any of these bottles is sure to leave you satisfied, and hopefully, with a new appreciation for a classic and storied spirit. Whether you’re pairing with dessert or letting the nightcap stand alone, on a chilly spring evening or a sticky summer night, a fine sipping rum won’t let you down. Alexandre Gabriel is owner and master blender of Maison Ferrand, producer of Plantation rum.

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Ultra-lightweight and 100% waterproof, the Dexter rain jacket is designed to be folded down and packed into its own pocket.




Anderson’s elegant accessories are handmade from start to finish in Parma, Italy to achieve unparalleled quality.

Established in 1952. Recognized as an international icon of Made In Italy quality fashion knitwear.


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Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva 12 Year, $25 Distilled in facilities founded 60 years ago in the Andes mountains, Venezuela’s Diplomático produces extremely fine rums meant for savoring. Proximity to local molasses and sugar cane “honey” production is an important factor in this rum’s exceptional quality. So are the distillery’s study of the area’s climate conditions and its focus on agriculture. Such dedication echoes the man who helped inspire the distillery, Don Juancho Nieto Meléndez, a 19th-century nobleman and bon vivant with a taste for exquisite spirits and an insatiable curiosity for the stories of their making. While he did his share of traveling in search of finely made liquors, the Planas Valley that houses Diplomático was also home to Don Juancho and his legendary stash. The Reserva Exclusiva is a well-rounded rum that would do Don Juancho proud, perfect for sipping and sharing. Up to 12 years spent in ex-bourbon oak imparts classic mellowing notes to the sweet base spirit. Sap-colored on the pour with a complementary canvas of tree syrups, it features citric and subtle anise tones that deliver complexities on the nose and palate. The finish will leave you pondering and eager to return for another sip. It pairs beautifully with blondies or lemon squares, but might be even better as a solo digestif. As a gateway to sipping rum or a treat for the seasoned aficionado, the Reserva is an excellent choice, a bold yet balanced rum that can proudly stand on its own. Gilberto Briseño is a master distiller for Diplomático.


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BEST FOOT forward

SANTONI Iconic Goodyear Bologna constructed double sole laser finished calfskin cap toe.

ANDREA ZORI Made in Italy. Luxury and authenticity, tradition and a touch of glamour, modern comfort, using avantgarde techniques.

SWIMS Reinventing classics that are smart, elegant, weather-friendly and infused with utility.

EDWARD GREEN Cut from a single piece of the finest calfskin available, Edward Green’s Newbury is a singularly elegant shoe.

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sweet island retreat


Visit the Sugar Beach resort on Saint Lucia, and you won’t want to leave. Maybe you won’t have to! By Rita Guarna

Think twin mountain peaks can be intimidating? Meet the Pitons. You’ll find these abrupt but comparatively diminutive volcanic spires (each about 2,500 feet) on the seacoast of the small island nation of Saint Lucia in the eastern Caribbean. They preside over the Sugar Beach Resort and Residences, a five-star Viceroy luxe property set within more than 100 acres of pristine rainforest—part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site—on the site of an 18th-century sugar plantation. (Hence the name.) And they’re just two of the many joys you’ll discover at Sugar Beach. While the resort’s exterior pays homage to its colonial past, the interior—specifically its 96 guest rooms—boasts a crisp, modern aesthetic: white-onwhite décor from the walls and furnishings to the Egyptian bedding and sheer fabrics surrounding fourposter beds. Terraces, many with magnificent views, allow guests to commune with nature, while private plunge pools encourage all to soak their cares away. But first you have to find the resort’s entrance amid the winding road with little signage. Once you locate the driveway heading into thick foliage, you’ll come upon an elegant plantation-style building, where you’ll be offered a welcome drink and tiny mobile phone that connects to your personal butler, who’s on call 24 hours a day. Need help opening a coconut? No problem. What about a spa appointment? Ditto. With relaxation in mind, one of the first items on my to-do list included exploring the resort’s Rainforest Spa, designed by leading Caribbean architect Lane Pettigrew. A palm-leaf-lined corridor leads to a tropical forest where you’ll find seven wooden treatment rooms on stilts. Yes, you’re in a tree house, where you’re not just looking up at the trees, you’re practically part of them. Here you’ll enjoy all-natural Saint Lucian treatments: Think coconut as an exfoliator for a body scrub and mashed banana as part of a facial’s wrinkle busting. There are plenty of services to choose from: facials and citrus peels to bamboo massage and seaweed wraps. My choice? I signed up for a deeptissue massage. Between all that kneading and the soothing sounds of trickling water, I felt the tension

wash away. I decided to celebrate my blissful state with some serious beach relaxation—one can blithely soak up the sun at Anse des Pitons, just down the hill. OK, it’s a steep hill, but you can hitch a ride on one of the motorized tuk-tuks, the three-wheelers that were imported from Southeast Asia. And lest you worry about feeling too peckish to climb up the hill in search of a cool drink, chances are a beach attendant will appear with complimentary treats and iced tea. Once reinvigorated, you can paddleboard and pedal boat, all free. Snorkeling is free too, but the country tacks on a fee for a worthy cause: marine conservation. While it’s easy to vow to never leave the resort, Saint Lucia itself is a delight. It has two airports with daily flights to and from the U.S. It’s northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique, and dropping those neighbors’ names should give you an idea of the kind of sunny, beachy ’hood we’re talking about. Spend some time on this island and you won’t wonder why in its colonial past the French and British greedily snatched it from each other so many times. Besides the rainforest and the iconic Pitons, this volcanic-formed paradise offers sparkling white beaches coexisting blissfully with quaint fishing villages. It’s the perfect backdrop for adventure, whether it’s a lofty zipline ride above the trees, a refreshing dip under a cascading waterfall, horseback saunters along the coast or snorkeling in turquoise waters. (You can climb nature trails on the Pitons too.) Sugar Beach isn’t far from “the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano” at Sulphur Springs Park. It’s way more hissing fumaroles and spitting geysers than erupting magma, and the mineral-rich, exfoliating mud does a body good (as long as you don’t mind the smell of rotten eggs). Saint Lucia is thought to have been settled first by Arawak Indians around 200 A.D., then the French arrived in the mid-1500s. The island became a nation when it won independence from Britain in 1979. In the centuries in between, influxes from Africa, Asia and the Americas contributed to its multicultural mix. You can taste this tangy diversity in Saint Lucia’s eclectic cuisine. It makes full use of the fertile island’s

produce and seafood to serve up the best of farm(and sea)-to-table delights. From mouthwatering accra (salted fish cake) enjoyed at roadside stands to a magnificent mahi-mahi dinner at one of Sugar Beach’s fine restaurants, it’ll be love at first bite. It turns out food plays a big part in the Sugar Beach experience, and if the mood strikes, you can nosh all day long. There’s breakfast at The Terrace and a leisurely lunch at The Bayside, a stone’s throw from the pool and beach. The Palm Court offers afternoon tea and sunset cocktails, while The Cane Bar doubles as a specialty rum and sushi bar. Libations such as the Lava Flow—a mix of aged rum, strawberry nectar, orange juice and mint leaves—and the Rosemary Mojito (white rum, mint, lime, rosemary syrup, brown sugar and seltzer) left us feeling refreshed and eager to try the bar bites. The Great Room is the resort’s formal eatery, with fresh seafood and both Caribbean- and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The garlic-roasted sea bass with baby leeks and mussel-saffron hollandaise was a favorite. We ate there twice, and both times were divine. Never want to leave? No problem! Invest in a piece of paradise and you can come back any time. Now you can own one of the hotel’s Beachfront Collection residences. Built by the award-winning Michaelis Boyd Associates, a British firm, these include fourbedroom homes with butler service, game rooms, Italian kitchens with Gaggenau and Miele appliances, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Private reflection pools surround master bedrooms, rain showers grace bathrooms, and you can find virtually anything your hedonistic mind can conjure up. Residence owners have full access to the five-star service and facilities provided by the resort, including two floodlit tennis courts with certified pros, sailing and other water sports. Plus they’re offered a 15 percent discount on food and beverage purchases and spa treatments. Imagine having a home base overlooking the pearly white sands of Sugar Beach and the Caribbean’s shimmery blue waves—with those up-closeand-personal Pitons cozily watching over you.

From top, left to right: accommodations at Sugar Beach Resort and Residences feature stunning views and luxury amenities, such as timber decks with expansive lounging areas for sunbathing or communing with nature. Enjoy local rums (the resort has a resident rummelier), spectacular waterfalls and delicious dishes, such as tuna tartare. Wake up in paradise to the promise of adventure and the call of crystal-clear waters.

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Hand-crafted cocktails from Committee

Ken Ghazey and Barry Segel

Ziad Chamoun and Neal Piliavin

Equinox trainers sporting Randolph sunglasses and Hudson jeans

Mark Dimond and Marc Davis

Steve Sullivan and Michelle DeSimone


Guests of Mr. Sid Boston enjoyed a Summer Splash Pop Up Shop (top) featuring Hudson jeans, Randolph sunglasses and Swims footwear. Hand-crafted cocktails from Committee were served poolside at the Benjamin, while Equinox trainers were informal models of the aforementioned brands. Mr. Sid also hosted its annual NFL Kickoff Q&A (bottom), featuring Patriots broadcasters Scott Zolak and Bob Socci, to benefit the Faustman Lab for type 1 diabetes research at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Guests enjoyed tailgate fare, a raffle, a live auction and a discussion of the season in which Scott and Bob were joined by former Pats Rob Ninkovich and Jerod Mayo. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the custom Sid Royale “ZO� blazer.

Brandon Tobin and Chef David Welch

Jackson Cannon of the Hawthorne mixes cocktails.

Dr. Denise Faustman of Massachusetts General Hospital

Cami Segel, and Joel and Sharon Schwartz

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Food by Eastern Standard Provisions

Stuart Segel and Garrett Harker

Bob Socci, Jerod Mayo, Rob Ninkovich and Scott Zolak talk Pats football.

Josh Jacob and Rob Ninkovich

Renowned artist Brian Fox specializes in painting athletes and celebrities.

The unveiling of the ZO blazer, with lining by celebrity artist Brian Fox

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Profile for Wainscot Media

Mr. Sid: Spring/Summer 2019  

Mr. Sid: Spring/Summer 2019