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Contents FEB/MAR 2024

Features Have A Heart! 18 Two Monmouth-based cardiologists offer tips for your ticker.

Resolutions, Take 2 20 All is not lost if you abandoned your plan to improve your diet. You can get back on track with a few easy eating adjustments.

Fight To Be Fit 22 Martial arts training can make you feel like an action hero, but it’s also just plain good for your physical and mental health.

Ready, Headset, Go! 24 Virtual reality is revolutionizing the workout game, with lots of options to make staying in shape actually fun.

Canine Einstein 26 When a Rumson woman adopted a pup who was the runt of the litter, she didn’t expect to encounter a genius.

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Planning for The Unexpected W

ELCOME to the latest edition of Fiscal Fitness! After a painful 2022 negative return of -18.1%, the S&P 500 managed to rise over 24% in 2023, even as interest rates continued to climb higher1. Did you know that just 7 stocks, the Magnificent 7, contributed over 30% of the S&P 500’s return? So how does one invest and plan for retirement with so much volatility? It’s been my experience that individuals who fair the best in the long run are those who have a financial plan – and stick to it. But how? MAKE IT SYSTEMATIC by taking advantage of employer-sponsored retirement plans. You can take advantage of the market’s ups and downs by dollar-cost averaging into the market. The maximum amount you can contribute into a 401(k) for this year is $23,00 and if you’re age 50 or older, you can make an additional catch-up contribution of $7,500.2 Do you have an employer match? I am often amazed by how many individuals do not contribute the amount required to receive the company offered match-it’s free money! CONDUCT AN AUDIT of your monthly expenses. Do you know how much you are paying for monthly subscription services? The average consumer’s actual spending was $219 per month3 and most have forgotten about their subscriptions. Zombie subscriptions are auto-renewing services that people sign up for and rarely use such as music, game-streaming, meal delivery and so on. If you don’t know what you’re spending, have your kid or grandkid look at your phone and they will tell you exactly what subscriptions you have. CASH CUSHION Do you have a large enough emergency reserve if something unexpected were to happen? I typically suggest keeping at

least a year’s worth of fixed expenses easily accessible. According to a recent study, 22% of US adults are trying to pay down debt while 15% of individuals have a goal of saving more money for emergencies4. With interest rates so high, is it worth looking at short-term CDs (certificate of deposits) or high-yielding money markets to help boost your earnings on savings? SOCIAL SECURITY plays an important role in funding your retirement, but it was never intended to be the only source for retirement income. The Social Security Administration (SSA) calculates your retirement benefit using a formula that takes into account your 35 highest earning years, so if you had some years of no or low earnings, your benefit amount may be lower. Visit SSA.GOV for more information. Have you ever calculated what your retirement would look like without Social Security? PREPARE FOR HIGHER RMDS IN 2024 Why? The stock market hit an all time high in 2023 with year-end balances in IRAs and 401(k)s hitting the highest ever for many. RMDs are based on the December 31, 2023 values, even if those values decline later. So be prepared for a potentially larger tax bite this year. This also goes for beneficiary IRAs who are subject to RMDs. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. What are you waiting for? Now may be the time to meet with an experienced and qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional who can help put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Debra Fournier CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™

About THE AUTHOR DEBRA FOURNIER, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, has been providing comprehensive wealth management services to families and independent women for over 25 years. Recognized as an experienced and knowledgeable professional in the areas of financial transitions and divorce financial planning, her guidance is often sought where there are complicated financial issues, significant assets or an imbalance in financial knowledge between divorcing couples. Debra has been quoted in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and AOL Daily Finance, appeared numerous times on Good Day New York and has been featured in the Asbury Park Press section Getting Ahead. Looking for a more personalized approach to your finances? We invite you to call us at 732-800-8400 or email and discover how we can help you pursue your financial goals.

2006 Highway 71, Suite 1 Spring Lake, NJ 07762 732-800-8400 | 732-800-0622 fax

Footnotes: 1 LPL Financial Research, 2023 2 Contributions can’t exceed 100% of your income 3 C+R Research, 2022 4 Bankrate, November 2023 Securities offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC Content in this material is for general information only and not intended to provide specific tax advice or recommendations for any individual. The economic forecasts set forth in this material may not develop as predicted and there can be no guarantee that strategies promoted will be successful.

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Contents FEB/MAR 2024




Departments Monmouth Buzz 8 Our guide to new ideas, tips, trends and things we love in the county.

Friends & Neighbors 10 Diane Raver’s passion for film helped to inaugurate a popular annual event, but it wasn’t easy.

Style Watch 12 Look and feel great all season long in pieces inspired by Pantone’s color of the year.

Home Front 14

Restaurant Review 60


Escape to a space filled with soft colors, cool textures and natural materials.

Where would you go to sample rich Turkish flavors and receive royal treatment? Why, a mall, of course— specifically Freehold Raceway Mall’s Marmara Mediterranean.

Getting fit at Retro Fitness in Freehold. Photo courtesy of Retro Fitness

Escapes 28 Tropical beaches can wait. This year, why not visit a place where winter is in its glory?

Tastes 30 Nothing beats chicken noodle or classic tomato, but when the craving for something new and hearty hits, these global favorites are good food too.


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Gatherings 63 Monmouth residents always support their neighbors—especially when help is needed most.

A Monmouth Moment 64 A Howell photographer captures a different perspective of the Manasquan Reservoir.



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Beacon Hill Country Club Come and experience our recent $2.5 million-dollar renovation with our beautifully updated pool and our five star culinary offering. Our New Practice Facility will be open later this year for our members to enjoy.

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Online voting for the 2024 READERS’CHOICE AWARDS is OPEN!


CAST YOUR BALLOT TODAY! VOTING ENDS APRIL 15 The results will be revealed in our September 2024 issue.


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Health And Wellness Are Year-Round Goals It’s an awkward question for February and March, but I’ll pose it anyway: How are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions? I ask because this is the “health and wellness” issue, and those topics relate to the lifestyle choices we all make from day to day. Doing better with those choices is often the stuff of people’s start-the-year vows. If some of the self-improvements you planned for 2024 are still waiting on the launching pad, join the club. That’s human nature. (See page 20 for a no-guilt opportunity to revisit your resolutions for ’24.) But it’s not like you’re off the hook for the rest of the year. It’s up to you to continually recommit to your own health and wellness. And it’s our job at MONMOUTH to help you. Take the article on heart health on page 18. It spells out specific things you can do to protect your cardiovascular health—and they’re not complicated. Check out what two Monmouth County cardiologists say about taking a lunch-hour walk, for instance, and seeing the dentist—and how their recommendations have changed about aspirin. Being physically active should be on your agenda, of course, but it needn’t feel like arduous labor. On page 24 you’ll read about “virtual reality” workout games in which you may burn more calories than you realize because these are “games first and workouts second.” Then there’s the exercise value of martial arts: kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, karate and others. Find out on page 22 what these practices can do for you, how to get started and maybe even which one is best for your particular style. And don’t forget the great outdoors—yes, even in winter. Take a nature walk or go shelling, birding or stargazing—you’ll find ideas aplenty on page 9. Wellness is ultimately about “living fully,” as the University of Maryland describes it, and about being good to you. So challenge yourself, but don’t go crazy comparing yourself to others. If your dog, for instance, has a human “vocabulary” of fewer than 130 words, don’t growl at him—not all our pets can be geniuses like the one on page 26. If your trips to the grocery store have never resulted in the creation of a new film festival, Diane Raver (page 10) has topped you on that, but don’t take it hard. And if young folks say you lack “rizz” (page 9), well, it’s all relative. Old sayings can sound sappy, but they’re old because they’ve got something. The motto “progress, not perfection,” for example, can help you give yourself a break when your noble self-improvements seem insufficient. After all, you can start the year over again whenever you want. Enjoy this issue—and your quest for health and wellness!

Rita Guarna Editor in Chief

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Monmouth Buzz




Dog: Sadie, 1-year-old standard poodle Owners: Peter and Regina Molaro of Atlantic Highlands Since the day they met a decade ago, Regina says her husband Peter has always wanted a dog. So earlier this year, shortly after he returned home on military leave from the Middle East, they welcomed Sadie into their family. “Sadie spends her days frolicking on the beach, taking walks at Huber Woods and Poricy Park and teasing our grumpy cat, Genghis,” Regina tells MONMOUTH. She is also quite the traveler, having accompanied her humans on trips to Westport, Connecticut; West Point, New York; St. Michael’s, Maryland; Rhinebeck, New York; and the Hamptons.

The best part of Valentine’s Day? The chocolate, of course. So why not up your candy game with something locally made? Monmouth has a treasure trove of small candy and chocolate shops. Whether you’re looking for a treat for your sweetheart or a treat for yourself when no one’s looking, these establishments go beyond the ordinary to offer the next level of sweetness: CAN’T HAVE JUST ONE

Criterion Chocolates in Eatontown deserves fame for more than its 90-year history of producing saltwater taffy. From caramels to almond turtles to candy-covered apples, there’s something here to satisfy every sweet tooth. Pick up a box of chocolates and surprise someone you love with something hand-crafted—and scrumptious, of course. • 125 Lewis St., Eatontown, 732.542.7847;


If you’re also looking for a great place for a Valentine’s date, consider Love Live Sweets in Millstone. It’s a wonderland on the inside, with a full café and seating along with extensive displays of chocolate. When you grab a smoothie, a coffee or an ice cream, make sure you also pick up some of LLS’s truffles and bonbons, all made on location and each sweeter than the last. • 508 Monmouth Rd., Unit 7, Millstone Township, 609.208.3799;


For more elaborate gifts, try Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in Middletown, which specializes in gift baskets, often themed for holidays and events. Founder Susan Hordych is a certified gift designer, and her shop offers collections by event— Valentine’s Day or a birthday, for instance—or by taste, like fudge or chocolate-covered strawberries. • 1100 Rte. 35, Middletown, 732.796.0115;


Freehold’s Old Monmouth Candies has 85 years’ experience making candy, and you can taste it in every bite. Besides its famous brittle, the shop offers candy gift boxes, chocolate-covered Oreos and wrapped chocolate bars. It also rolls out seasonal items, so watch for Valentine’s Day-specific treats. • 627 Park Ave., Freehold, 732.462.1311;


Kudos to five seniors from Trinity Hall High School in Tinton Falls, who have all already committed to colleges and universities for athletics. National Women & Girls in Sports Day is Feb. 7, but female athletes deserve celebration every day of the year. Congrats to: • Athena Emnace, Harvard University, basketball • Kiya Martin, College of the Holy Cross, lacrosse • Siobhan Stapleton, Tufts University, basketball • Reilly Sullivan, Muhlenberg College, soccer • Sarah Sullivan, Fairfield University, lacrosse MONMOUTHMAG.COM

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Craving corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, Guinness or Irish stew? You needn’t be literally Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at one of Monmouth’s several feast-worthy Irish pubs: COZY AND AUTHENTIC

With three great Victorian columns out front, The Dublin House in Red Bank is unmistakable for both quality and silhouette. The menu includes things like calamari and nachos as well as more traditional fare such as shepherd’s pie, and this pub caters to all appetites and preferences. It features both a cozy dining room and an openair patio. • 30 Monmouth St., Red Bank, 732.747.6699;

The ocean is a magnet in summertime, but have you forgotten how beautiful it can be in wintertime too? Monmouth County Parks has drop-in activities throughout this season to help you enjoy the scenic Jersey Shore, and they’re free and open to the public—learn more at • On Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 9 a.m., join one of the park system naturalists for a casual bird walk at Perrineville Lake Park in Millstone, known for its flat trails and its stunning lake views. • For some light exercise and the serenity of the woods, drop by Big Brook Park in Marlboro on Wednesday, Feb. 14, at 10 a.m. This guided walk through wetlands with soothe as well as captivate. Sturdy footwear is recommended. • Winter’s a good time to go shelling, and a stroll through Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area in Manasquan will direct you to some of the ocean’s greatest treasures. Join a park system naturalist on Friday, Feb. 23, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for sea air, the sound of waves and peaceful company. • Turn yourself skyward on Saturday, Feb. 24, from

7 to 8 p.m. at the Dorbrook Recreation Area in Colts Neck for a winter stargazing event. An expert guide will point out key constellations visible in our solar system. Camp chair and flashlight recommended. • Port Monmouth’s Bayshore Waterfront Park is a coastal landscape with a dock and a direct view to the cove. There, you can attend a casual birding event on Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 9 a.m. . Limited binoculars will be available to borrow if you don’t have your own. Dress warmly with appropriate footwear. • Known for its beech, ash and birch trees, Clayton Park in Upper Freehold will host a winter nature walk on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 10 a.m. Participants will meet in Emley’s Hill parking lot for a guided stroll.


Harrigan’s Pub in Sea Girt calls itself the premier Irish pub at the Jersey Shore, and its menu is Exhibit A. Besides an extensive beer list, the pub boasts a signature sliced steak sandwich along with specialty burgers, fresh fish and sandwiches. It also has a weekly happy hour and holiday events—keep your eye out for something special on March 17! • 703 Baltimore Blvd., Sea Girt, 732.449.8228;


The unsung heroes of winter are the transportation workers who keep roads clear on snowy days and the plows they operate to do so. Monmouth celebrated public works employees and their machines with its inaugural Snowplow Naming Contest, open to local fifth graders in 2023’s last few weeks. The winning entries were “Snow Force I,” submitted by Viego Vieira of Amerigo A. Anastasia Elementary in Long Branch, and “Fast & The Flurrious,” from Kaden Felder of Woodrow Wilson School in Neptune City.


Referred to simply as “The Cottage,” the Celtic Cottage Pub is a Long Branch staple. Its signature burgers, sliders and Cottage Fries are locally famous, and the drink menu has everything from beer to cocktails, including more than 20 whiskeys. • 608 2nd Ave., Long Branch, 732.229.2123;


If you’re eager for what’s on tap, Maloney’s on Main might be your fave find. This Matawan bar and restaurant is known for its 120-line draught beer selection, with varieties rotating out seasonally. It also puts special twists on classic bar offerings such as its Maloney burger, which is served with horseradish on an English muffin. • 119 Main St., Matawan, 732.583.4040;


In November’s final days, the Oxford English Dictionary revealed its 2023 word of the year: rizz. Short for charisma, it describes the ability to sway people through charm, looks and attractiveness. It also signals, loud and clear, that Gen Z slang is here to stay. “Each generation has its own slang for affirmations,” says Courtney Werner, an associate professor at Monmouth University who has an academic interest in the topic. “This seems to have more to do with the generation’s culture and what appeals to that group, rather than a need for new expressions.” The way we talk defines who we are and helps us identify kindred spirits. You can date yourself with your slang, so let’s find out—how does your generation say “really good?” Baby boomer (born 1946–1964): “far out” Generation X (born 1965–1980): “gnarly” Millennial (born 1981–1994): “lit” Generation Z (born 1995–2009): “slaps”


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1/22/24 8:59 AM

Photos courtesy of Diane Raver

Clockwise from top right: the late James Gandolfini and Sea Girt’s Diane Raver; Lauren Concar Sheehy, Raver, Gary Sinise, Heather Brittain, Paula Waldron; Raver is co-founder of the Garden State Film Festival and serves as treasurer; in addition to helping run the GSFF, Raver is president of the Holly Club of Sea Girt.


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1/22/24 11:33 AM


Lights, Camera, Action! Diane Raver’s passion for film helped to inaugurate a popular annual event, but it wasn’t easy. Hang out at the drugstore waiting to be discovered if you must. But it was at the grocery store that film industry pro Diane Raver began the conversation in which that Hollywood outpost, the Garden State Film Festival (GSFF), was born. Today the gracious and highly approachable Sea Girt resident serves GSFF, the state’s largest independent film festival, as treasurer. The mother of three grown children and stepmother of four spoke with MONMOUTH before the 22nd annual event, set for March 21–24 at venues in Asbury Park, Cranford and Ocean Grove. Visit for more details. How did the Garden State Film Festival start? With a chance encounter with late actor Robert Pastorelli at a grocery store in Sea Girt in 2002. At the checkout line, I invited him to a dinner party later that night, and he attended. I talked to him about traveling to film festivals like Cannes, and that’s when we came up with the idea for the festival in New Jersey. The first GSFF took place in spring 2003. Was it a challenge to get the festival off the ground? The first five years was a massive undertaking— you name the challenge, we faced it. Finding venues and having meetings, it takes up a lot of time—and someone has to watch all the films that are submitted. It became like a second job. But the universe has been very kind and has given us many talented team members. Lauren Sheehy, now our executive director, came over from Brookdale TV at Brookdale Community College and has really made an impact.

What did your family think of all the time you dedicated to the film festival? They hated it. [Laughs.] I was dedicating so much time to the film festival that no one would do the laundry or cook. But we made it a family affair—they’d help with things like putting stamps on mailers, and they would watch the film submissions with me. What’s been the overall response to the event? It’s been a huge success, with attendance exceeding 30,000 some years and a standing-room only crowd in 2023. We’ve had a growing number of entries submitted and celebrities have attended— James Gandolfini, Bruce Springsteen, Glenn Close, Christopher Lloyd and Laura Dern, for example. What’s been the most rewarding part? There’s a treasure trove of great films, and it keeps getting better as technology evolves. It’s an honor and a privilege to present the creativity and the information you might not find elsewhere. One year we presented a documentary about a man named Anthony, who had a blood disorder and needed a bone-marrow transplant. About 100 people signed up with Be the Match to be put on the bone marrow donation list. Have there been any roadblocks? In 2020, we all planned for the festival—until COVID changed everything. But 11 days after the President shut down the country, we became the first organization in the world to hold a virtual film festival. The folks at Tribeca [film festival] called us to find out how we did it. I’m not tech-savvy, so our team,


MON.0224.friends 2.indd 11


led by Lauren Sheehy, worked the magic. I was just learning that the sideways triangle on Zoom was the “play” button. How did you get into the film industry? I started in television in 1980, when I was a sales representative for Eye View Films and Knightsbridge Productions, both located in New York City. In 1987 I started The Madison Group, a commercial production company, where I was president, head of sales and executive producer. What were those roles like? It was wonderful traveling the world and shooting in exotic places like the banks of Loch Ness or in the Bahamas. It’s a sexy business—until you’re standing in a studio on your feet for 13 hours a day. It’s tough, but it’s addicting. Does film run in your family? My late husband M. Carroll Raver was an award-winning cinematographer, and I’ll always remember blocking off roads in Monmouth County when my stepdaughter Kimmy was filming her first piece. She now stars on Grey’s Anatomy. My daughter Grace is a video editor with The Washington Post; my other daughter Aimee is a vocalist and composer, and my son William has also acted. How do you spend your time during the festival’s offseason? When I’m not watching films, I’ll probably be in the garden. I’m president of the Holly Club of Sea Girt, and I spend a lot of time in gardens when the festival is over. —Darius Amos


1/23/24 2:47 PM

Shoreditch Ski Club Willow Short Puffer Jacket saintbernard. com

STYLE WATCH Kangol Bermuda Wool Bucket Hat

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Look and feel great all season long in Pantone’s color of the year.

Peach Couture Store Scarf

Basketweave Button-Front Cardigan L.L. Bean, Freehold, 888.615.9968

Kate Spade Bleecker Tote Kate Spade, Tinton Falls, 732.493.1638

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Boot Journeys, Eatontown, 732.542.1991

Akris Punto Perforated Leather Moto Jacket MONMOUTHMAG.COM

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1/18/24 8:55 AM

Untitled-5 1 Untitled-1

10/24/23 1/23/24 12:59 9:46 AM PM

HOME FRONT Graypants Hive Single Light 15” Wide Pendant

Clam Chair In White Long Hair Sherpa

Marley Natural Coffee Table

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Shag Gray Throw Pillow At Home, Ocean Township, 732.481.8891 Four Hands Aliza End Table

Escape to a space filled with soft colors, cool textures and natural materials.

Sabine Coffee Table Birch Lane Kecia Concrete Table Lamp

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1/18/24 8:46 AM

PMI_Stone_FP_MON_0923.indd Untitled-1 1 1

1/23/24 8/4/23 1:31 9:46 PM AM


High-intensity interval training in water, often called aquatic HIIT (AHIIT) improves exercise capacity in adults with chronic conditions, including back pain, arthritis, chronic lung disease (COPD), type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. It offers an alternative exercise option for people unable to perform land-based HIIT and has a similar impact, according to recent research. —BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine


The ketogenic (keto) diet may lower testosterone levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the most common hormone disorder in women, affecting 7 percent to 10 percent of women of childbearing age. —Journal of the Endocrine Society



Social media use is associated with risky health behavior in young people—ages 10 to 19—including increased alcohol, drug and tobacco use. In addition, it increases risky sexual behaviors and gambling, according to recent research. —The BMJ

A recent study showed the accuracy—91 to 99 percent—of using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict which patients with a high risk of glaucoma would actually develop it. —British Journal of Ophthalmology


The percent of people aged 30 years and older in the U.S. who have some form of periodontal disease. —Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

1 IN 4

The number of people in the U.S. with chronic rhinosinusitis who have nasal polyps. —National Library of Medicine


The annual cost of lost productivity per American with severe asthma. —Journal of Asthma and Allergy

—Compiled by Paul Rance Jr.


MON.0224.healthbits.indd 16



1/22/24 9:01 AM


Robert F. Coombs, D.C., CACCP Christy R. Silk, D.C. Coombs Chiropractic

2424 Bridge Ave., Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 | 732.899.9600 |

We are proud to welcome Dr. Christy Silk as a new associate in our office, after having graduated from Life University in June 2021. Dr. Christy is Webster Certified and is pursuing Pregnancy & Pediatric Postgraduate Certification through the same ICPA program as Dr. Rob. Specializing in prenatal wellness care, Dr. Christy is actively helping to grow our practice through referrals from midwives, obstetricians, doulas, patients, and community members looking to have less pelvic tension and an easier labor and delivery. Wellness starts from within! Adjustments correct misalignments of the spine and help restore normal, healthy function. A flexible, healthy spine heals and feels completely different than a sick, stuck spine. Your spine is the oldest and most important part of your body. Choosing to take care of your spine is an important first step in maintaining your health and vitality. Choose well!

Coombs_FP_v1.indd 1

1/23/24 7:52 PM


MON.0224 health heart.indd 18



1/23/24 2:46 PM

Have A Heart! TWO MONMOUTH-BASED CARDIOLOGISTS OFFER TIPS FOR YOUR TICKER. Are you doing all you can to protect your cardiovascular health? For American Heart Month in February, the American Heart Association urges everyone to be proactive in preventing heart disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S. Knowing if you’re at risk is the first step in the right direction. “Whenever a new patient comes in, I say that,” says Scott Eisenberg, DO, of RWJBarnabas Health in Eatontown, a cardiologist and a lipidologist who focuses on comprehensive wellness and disease prevention. “Ask, ‘Am I at risk? And what can I do about that?’ You ask the right questions, you get the right answers, and, with the help of the right doctor, you do something about it.” Jatinchandra Patel, DO, an interventional cardiologist at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, echoes this point.“At the age of 20, patients should have a lipid check and some basic bloodwork to check on cholesterol profiles, in addition to a blood pressure check,” Dr. Patel says. The risk factors for heart disease include high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity and tobacco use, as well as a family history of the disease. The first steps to preventing it include maintaining a healthful weight and diet. Our doctors offer a few other suggestions: • Start early. Your journey toward life-long heart health shouldn’t begin when you turn 40, or even when you turn 20. Dr. Patel stresses that the prevention of cardiovascular disease should begin the day you are born, and that keeping your kids educated about it can help keep you on track too. “Children need to be given nutritious food and good habits,” he says. “Keep your children active, avoid childhood obesity and give your children food habits that will carry them to a healthy adulthood.” • Treat yourself as an individual. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all approach to your health,


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says Dr. Eisenberg. He recommends extensive bloodwork and working closely with your doctor to make sure the care you’re receiving lines up with your needs. “Not everyone needs the same cholesterol pill or aspirin,” he continues. “Sometimes a patient can work with a nutritionist, really dedicate themselves to better habits and they come back in four months with improvement. People can’t be looped into textbook categories. Work with your doctor to find out what works best for you.” • Get moving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults get 150 minutes of moderate-to-intense physical activity a week. Fitting in a workout around office jobs and family obligations, however, isn’t always easy. In those situations, creating a new routine might work. Dr. Patel speaks on the power of the lunchbreak. “In my office, it started a trend,” he says. “Once one person started doing it, other people were joining them. Once you start walking, a lot of times that will lead to other activities as the walking gets easier. Take advantage of the times in your life when you’re waiting. If your child is at a sports game, take a walk around the track.” • Slow down. It’s easy to know that stress has an impact on your health, but it’s another thing to do something about it. “Everyone knows, in the back of their mind, that stress can increase cardiovascular events,” Dr. Patel says. “A lot of events I see are related to major stressors.” He says that slowing down and taking time to fully relax, spending time with your family and pursing leisure activities can have a massive impact on your health. • Protect your smile. People who are diligent about dental hygiene are more likely to care for overall health. But the correlation between oral and heart health goes beyond attitude. According to the Mayo Clinic, poor dental health increases the risk of inflammation and bacterial infection in the circulatory system, which can have an adverse effect on heart valves. Gum disease also increases the risk of developing heart disease. • Ask before using aspirin. A once-a-day aspirin can lower risk of heart attack or stroke, but talk to your primary care physician before you start. The concept of a baby aspirin being something to automatically add to a routine as soon as you turn 40 is a thing of the past. “This is very individualized, but in general we don’t recommend patients who have never had a stroke or a heart attack to be on a preventative aspirin,” Dr. Patel says. Dr. Eisenberg adds: “Nobody gets aspirin ‘just because’ anymore. It’s always better to talk to your doctor before making that kind of decision.”


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Resolutions, Take 2

ALL IS NOT LOST IF YOU ABANDONED YOUR PLAN TO IMPROVE YOUR DIET. YOU CAN GET BACK ON TRACK WITH A FEW EASY EATING ADJUSTING. Though you’ve resolved to shed a few pounds this year, resisting the lure of festive food and decadent drinks is more difficult than you thought. There are over-the-top feasts with mounds of meat and comfort classics, get-togethers with buttery cookies and rich desserts, office socials with chocolatey sips and sugary cocktails. This can become one of those saints-orsinners situations in which guilt over a single lapse prompts a “What the heck!” downslide. But the fact is that there’s a sensible middle ground between the purity of self-denial and pure pigging out. (Consider this encouraging report: The New England Journal of Medicine says Americans overestimate the weight they gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. They think they’re putting on 5 new pounds when the weight they truly add averages 0.48 kilograms—just over 1 pound.) If folks can keep the weight off during the holidays, you can do it any time of year. That’s not to deny the danger. And it grows when you combine an overindulgence on processed foods, sugar and carbs with unfavorable lifestyle factors such as a lack of sufficient exercise and sleep. To help you avoid putting on unwanted pounds this year, heed a few of these tips: Plan ahead Consider marking all the get-togethers and parties you’ll be attending on a calendar so you can plan ahead. If you know you’ll be having a big meal, eat lighter on that day to

balance the extra calories you may consume. Fresh fruit, low-calorie yogurt and unsalted nuts are perfect snack options. Don’t skip the event if you can make it, and try not to go hungry because that will help you consume less. Be smart at the office The workplace can be a nutritional nightmare. Besides all the sweets your coworkers may put out on the break-room table, lunches and office parties can make it difficult for even the most health-conscious employee to make smart choices. Try to scope out the selection and choose a couple of your healthier favorites, such as salads with oil-and-vinegar-based dressings as well as fresh foods that have been steamed instead of fried. And don’t forget about portion control, especially at buffets and potlucks. Keep it to one plateful of food. Balance, don’t binge Carbohydrates are comforting, and it may seem there’s always an abundance of breads, cookies and other baked goods. You can enjoy those treats, but just like with day-today nutrition intake, balance is key. Be sure you balance carbs with protein for weight management. Lean protein from meat, poultry, fish and beans can boost metabolism as well as appetite-reducing hormones in the body. Aim to get at least 1 ounce of protein in each meal. Like protein, fiber is another nutrient that helps with weight management


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as it promotes the feeling of fullness, thus reducing the amount of food we eat. Fiberrich foods include veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Serve healthy choices If you’re having people over, try to add balance to what is being served. For instance, put out a vegetable-based appetizer with a yogurt dip and fruit-based dessert. Avoid overloading charcuterie boards with processed meats and cheeses. Instead, top boards with nuts and fruit such as grapes, dates and figs. Bakers and cooks can make healthy modifications to recipes when possible. If you’re cooking dishes that call for heavy cream, for instance, consider using low-fat or skim milk instead—or substitute cream cheese or sour cream with Greek yogurt. Feel the burn Whether you’re counting calories or not, you know that a heaping plate of hors d’oeuvres can add up. And if burning off what you eat is a concern, plan to put in time to exercise. Check nutrition labels and do a little easy math. Can’t get enough of pigs in a blanket, for instance? One serving (approximately five store-bought frozen piggies) is 245 calories— and requires an hour on the treadmill at a moderate pace to burn off. But don’t consider exercise only a chore. Think about catching up with friends at a yoga or Zumba class instead of meeting up for mocha lattes at the coffee shop.


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FIGHT TO BE MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING CAN MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE AN ACTION HERO, BUT IT’S ALSO JUST PLAIN GOOD FOR YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH. BY KIRSTEN MEEHAN Admit it: You’ve watched a fight scene in a movie, be it Jedi crossing lightsabers in Star Wars or the impressive hand-to-hand in John Wick, and thought, “It would be awesome to do that.” The characters look not just cool, but also powerful and in control. It’s an appealing combination—and, with the right training, it’s also an attainable one. Workouts and fitness routines that incorporate martial arts and combat sports training are becoming more people’s go-to gym activity: karate, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, even mixed martial arts (MMA). On top of providing a world-class workout that ups your cardio, builds core strength and tones muscles, these disciplines are engaging and fun and can make exercise feel less like a chore. “Any type of martial arts training will build strength and power and improve your balance,” says Mike Duffy, owner of Mike Duffy’s Personal Training in Ocean Township, who has been in the fitness game for 30 years. “It will also help improve your cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and mobility.” And the benefits are not just physical. “I have many clients who have a bad day at work or at home, and I can see how wound up they are mentally and how much stress they’re holding when they come in,” Duffy says. “It’s amazing how fast that stress is reduced once they start punching and kicking, either the focus mitts or the heavy bag.” He calls these workouts “confidence boosters,” explaining that people who train in these disciplines often walk a little taller, thanks to both enhanced muscular strength and knowledge of techniques for self-defense. “People are confident knowing that they can protect themselves should they end up in a challenging or dangerous situation,” he explains.

Easy as it is to admit that something sounds intriguing, it’s harder to know where to start approaching it. However, the barrier to entry for this kind of training is not as high as it may seem. Here’s some advice to consider if you are thinking about jumping into martial arts or combat sports, for fitness or for fun: • Start slowly. Nearly all of these workouts are high-impact and can strain someone who is inexperienced, recovering from an orthopedic injury or surgery, or needs to work around any kind of limitation. Often, higher-level training in something like jiu-jitsu involves sparring, which by its nature includes contact with another person. Because of this, jumping directly into a group class may not be ideal for a beginner, unless that class is explicitly for those just starting out. In a class setting, it can be difficult for an instructor to keep an eye on everyone’s form, and an incorrect form is the easiest way to strain or pull something. Duffy recommends looking for one-on-one instruction for a little while before transitioning to these group settings. “Most good instructors will be able to tone things down to accommodate beginners, as well as modify exercises for people with physical limitations,” he says. “With a good instructor, anyone can pursue these types of workouts.” He often recommends martial arts training to his senior clients for its positive impact on strength, mobility and balance. • Think carefully about your discipline. Though they often get grouped together, there are vast differences between different martial arts, ranging from the parts of the body they focus on to the kind of training they encourage. Cardio kickboxing emphasizes


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fast movement and an elevated heart rate, for example, while karate stresses strikes and blocks and jiu-jitsu puts the focus on grapples and ground fighting. Each of these disciplines also has a deep, detailed philosophy behind it that is often embodied in the kinds of physical movements it demands. Do your research before walking to a gym or a class, and be aware of what that martial art will demand. If you don’t want to be on the ground, jiu-jitsu might not be the best place for you. “My best advice for a beginner is to go and watch a class,” says Duffy. “See what interests you. Watch what other people do.” • Stay consciously focused. These workouts are just as much mental exercises as they are physical. They require that a person stay engaged with his or her body and the movements it’s making, rather than zoning into passive movement as people often do on treadmills or elliptical machines, or even on a run. If such spacing out is your favorite part of exercise, this training may not be for you. However, Duffy finds that the mental challenge aspect of a martial-arts workout adds something positive for his clients. “If you are kickboxing or boxing, you must be mentally sharp, because you must remember the punching and kicking combinations. The longer the combinations, the more focused you need to remain. This type of training forces people to concentrate, and it can help improve memory in the long term.”


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Martial arts come not only from all corners of the globe, but also from all periods of history. Here’s a rundown on a few of the more popular ones you may encounter in a gym: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: This discipline focuses on grapples and ground fighting. The goal is the get an opponent on the ground and then put that opponent into a submission hold he or she cannot escape from. It’s high-contact and often taught for self-defense. Cardio kickboxing: These classes combine punch and kick techniques from other martial arts to create a routine that elevates heart rate and builds strength and stamina. Often, cardio kickboxing focuses on group classes rather than one-on-one sparring. Karate: Having originated in Okinawa, Japan, karate is an upright martial art that focuses on striking. It aims to use punches, kicks, knees, elbows and open hands to block an opponent’s attacks and then to disable that opponent with a quick strike of one’s own. Mixed martial arts (MMA): The most modern discipline on this list, MMA is a full-contact sport which, as the name suggests, combines many different techniques from many different martial arts. Punches, kicks and grapples are all allowed in an MMA spar. Often those who practice MMA have backgrounds in other combat sports as well. Muay Thai kickboxing: While kickboxing is a general term, Muay Thai is a specific discipline within it. Originally from Thailand, it is sometimes referred to as the “art of eight limbs” for the eight “points of contact”—two hands, two feet, two elbows, two knees—that you strike with. These classes usually involve sparring and contact.


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READY, HEADSET, GO! VIRTUAL REALITY IS REVOLUTIONIZING THE WORKOUT GAME, WITH LOTS OF OPTIONS TO MAKE STAYING IN SHAPE ACTUALLY FUN. The last few years have proved that many of us can work from anywhere—why not work out from anywhere too? That’s the idea behind virtual reality (VR) fitness, an exercise trend that uses cutting-edge technology to create a workout that takes you, in effect, anywhere in the world. The concept of VR is relatively straightforward—you strap on a boxy headset that blocks out sounds and sights so that you’re fully immersed in the “metaverse.” But you’re not merely watching a 3-D film on the big screen—you’re interacting via hand-held controllers that you punch, swing, lift or slide. You’re strengthening your muscles, burning calories and getting in your cardio. Except that here you could be doing tabata atop the Great Wall of China or biking through the San Fernando Valley, no passport (or COVID vaccination card) required. VR fitness is also changing the notion that video games are a sedentary hobby that requires nothing beyond cognitive skills and concentration. Many VR video games (such as Beat Saber or Ragnarock) stealthily work in the physical stuff. They’re games first and workouts second. And indeed, VR workouts share the appeal of the video game—you’re so immersed in this technological world that you don’t even realize how hard you’re exerting your body. Many VR workouts—Quest and Quest 2, for example—can be played via the Oculus platform, a headset from the brand Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook (now known as Meta). Starting at $299, it includes the headset, two touch controllers and a charger, with many add-on accessories. Once you have the platform, the apps themselves are pretty much chump change. A basic “beginner’s app” is FitXR, with which $9.99 a month gets you on-demand high-intensity interval training (HIIT),


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dance and boxing classes choreographed by experienced trainers—and submerges you in different environments. You can also work out in real time with up to six friends. Or try Supernatural ($15 a month), which features four types of workouts with trained coaches—Boxing, Flow, Meditate and Stretch—and a personal leaderboard to keep you going. Another option is Holofit, with which you can use your body weight to ski or box, or participate with your at-home bike, rowing machine or elliptical. These interactive workouts take you from San Francisco to Saturn, counting calories burned and letting you save your stats in the app as you try to beat your scores next time. It’ll cost you about $12 a month. There’s also VZfit ($9.99 per month), similar conceptually to Holofit but with technology that combines with Google Street View to take you on real streets across the globe. All of these apps have free seven-day trials, perfect if you’re unsure but want to try something new. They also come with built-in communities you can choose to take advantage of if your intrinsic motivation is lacking. Prefer to become part of a community in person? VR fitness studios are gradually popping up across the country, one being San Francisco-based Blackbox VR, which combines virtual reality fitness with real-life dynamic resistance training. Here you’ll have access to equipment that helps shape and strengthen your body. There’s also ThriVR24 in Dallas, where participants can fly, box, bike or run thanks to VR tech. So, whether you’re ready for a new workout regimen or are simply an early adopter when it comes to new trends and tech, VR fitness could just be the thing to take your fitness routine to another dimension.



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As Rumson resident Trés Hanley-Millman chats on the phone, she’s choosing her words with more than typical care. Her dog is listening. With a vocabulary exceeding 130 words, hound/border collie mix Shira can understand— and react to—the mere mention of the vacuum or many other trigger words. After all, Shira is just about as smart as they come in the canine world—a doggie genius, as confirmed in a new study published in Scientific Reports. In puppyhood, Shira faced three strikes: She was born in an alleged meth-producing “house of horrors,” an Alabama litter’s runt and more of a Heinz 57 than a purebred. But Palisades Park’s Animal Life Savers came to the rescue; and at 8 weeks old Shira came to Monmouth County, where Hanley-Millman and her husband, Paul, at first had no inkling she’d be a mutt-level Mensa member. What elevates a dog beyond the catch-a-frisbee smarts to true genius? Shira, who turned 7 on January 11, is a gifted word learner (GWL). In fact, she demonstrated to Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, her ability to recognize the names of 125 toys and retrieve them (she’s now up to 131). Although GWL is a rare phenomenon, Shira is not alone; researchers found 41 candidates from nine countries. Most of the dogs started the study recognizing 25 toys— but for 50 percent of them that became 100 words or more by study’s end.

No one could be more surprised than Shira’s owners, who adopted her in 2017 sometime after the passing of their beloved mutt Kaiya, also from Animal Life Savers. Their beagle/border collie mix Mitzva had been mourning the loss of her pal. “Kaiya was the runt of the litter,” and knowing “they’re the weakest and don’t usually survive,” the couple beelined for the runt of that Alabama brood. “She [Shira] was a bit of a sick puppy because of all the exposure, I guess, to the drugs or whatever was going on in the house,” Hanley-Millman recalls. But Shira had landed in a nurturing home with a couple for whom “the dogs are [their] kids.” Hanley-Millman, who has performed as an actress and singer, donates her music profits to animal rescue because, as she says, “rescue dogs rock,” while her husband is founding principal and owner of the NYC firm Superstructures Engineers + Architects. Like most genius dogs, Shira had no extraordinary training, just good-citizen classes and some private lessons “but not to do with toys.” Her owner makes it a habit to name each new toy, and Shira’s recognition is such that “she never makes mistakes” and can learn a name in five minutes. When Hanley-Millman caught her first glimpse of the Genius Dog Challenge, a word competition involving the world’s smartest dogs, “I just thought, ‘What’s the big deal? My dog does this!’” She posted a video of Shira retrieving six

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toys by name with the hashtag Genius Dog Challenge, never thinking anything would come of it. But since 2020, the challenge folks have been using social media to find exceptional dogs like Shira. After an online chat to test language ability and a questionnaire on the dog’s life and training, researchers began live testing on Skype. As is customary, Shira’s owners had to be in another room. “Dogs learn tasks, but they don’t learn language, so this is what’s different about the genius dog,” says Hanley-Millman. And canine gifts may go beyond language recognition. Today, Shira is still involved in research and expanding her vocabulary, with the couple intrigued to discover just how far she can go. “We’re hoping to be at 200 by summer,” says this proud “mom.” About the 1,000-plus word record by border collie Chaser in South Carolina, she notes with a laugh: “I think we’ll run out of space for that many toys.” Indeed, having a genius in the house is not easy, as Shira needs more mental stimulation than her “laid-back” rescue pal Dauntless, a golden retriever mix, especially when she’s not swimming. Typically, Hanley-Millman will spend an hour a day playing “get that toy” with Shira. They might also “sing” together. To catch the act, visit Shira on Instagram at @shiras_tale. As Shira’s case highlights the merits of rescue dogs, Hanley-Millman says: “I just feel like it was her destiny to do something, and she did.”


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From top: Shira, a rescue dog from Alabama with a vocabulary of more than 130 words, with her “mom” Trés Hanley-Millman; Shira with her “dad” Paul, and Sato sibling Dauntless; Shira celebrates her 100-word milestone with a toy bottle of champagne.

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Tropical beaches can wait. This year, why not visit a place where winter is in its glory? Wintertime “getaways” often invite you to escape the cold and snow for a warmer clime. But there’s another way. It may not be your first thought if you’re tired of scraping your windshield, but have you considered going full-on wintry? The five destinations here, all within road-trip distance of Monmouth, don’t evade the cold; they celebrate it. Some boast the familiar delights of skiing and snowboarding, but all have further enticements too. Whether you seek athletic adventure, stunning vistas in white or unbelievable steaming gourmet dinners, each of these locales is a geographical love letter to the season. Why not take advantage of February break and take your family someplace where all is calm and bright, and snow days still mean magic?


A five-and-a half-hour straight shot up I-87 will take you to this resort, host of both the 1932 and the 1980 Olympic Games and still a mecca for Northeast winter sports. The Olympic Center here is still open and functional, providing both a chance to walk through sports history and an unforgettable place to ice-skate. Lake Placid boasts some of the best of just about anything you could want to do outside in the cold. In the spirit of its Olympic legacy, it will host the Adirondack Tour de Ski on Feb. 10 and 25. This competitive cross-country ski event spans six venues as well as multiple distances and terrains. It’s open to all, as well as to the public for viewing. On the slopes: The iconic Whiteface Mountain is one of the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. It has 94 trails, 11 lifts and the greatest vertical drop on an East Coast ski trail. Duck inside and warm up at the mountainside Legacy Lodge, which has a heated patio, food and drink options and spectacular views. The more adventurous may enjoy the 30-foot-high toboggan shoot, which sends riders flying onto the frozen Mirror Lake. Those looking for a something more relaxing can head over to Bear Den Mountain for a mixedterrain snowshoe over breathtaking scenery. Off the slopes: If you can’t get enough of the Lake Placid views, check out The Cottage, a café situated right on the edge of Mirror Lake. Its menu has something for everyone, including pub favorites and extensive vegetarian options. Those looking for a day trip and a chance to stock up on pancake essentials should check out South Meadow Farm Maple Sugarworks, a family-run maple sugaring operation with an operational boiler vat and sugarhouse an easy drive away from downtown. For more information:


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Snow and ice only make this Natural Wonder of the World more breathtaking, and the town around it is ready to delight and awe. About seven hours away by car, Niagara County is more than just the famous state park where the falls are located. Visitors can now step into the Cave of the Winds, the closest observation point to the falls themselves, year-round. The area is also a rich historical site and includes Fort Niagara, where professional reenactors bring several eras of history to life. A special Winter Warriors event, exploring the hardships of winter battles during the Revolutionary War, is being held there Feb. 17–18. On the slopes: Wintertime hikers will rejoice at Wilson-Tuscarora State Park, where there is a four-mile trail perfect for snowshoeing. Bond Lake Park is another favorite spot for that activity; it also includes 13 miles of free cross-country ski trials. The local favorite activity, however, is snowmobiling. The miles and miles of wide-open State Park trails make this an ideal snowmobiling destination, and there are many options around the county for rentals and lessons. Off the slopes: The Niagara Region is one of the few places in the country that produce ice wine. It employs a process that includes letting grapes freeze on the vine, creating a unique, sweet flavor. Arrowhead Spring Vineyards offers tours, tastings and a full menu of lunch, dinner and hors d’oeuvre options. For more information:


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If you’re traveling to embrace winter, why not explore the Great White North itself? Six and a half hours and one border crossing away, Montreal is a city that makes an impression in the snow and ice. The cold only makes attractions such as the breathtaking architecture of the NotreDame Basilica seem warmer and more inviting. If you’re looking for a feast for the eyes in this center of culture, “Montréal en Lumière,” or “Montreal in Light,” runs from Feb. 22 until March 10. One of the largest winter festivals in the world, it lights up the Quartier des Spectacles with sculptures, luminous installations, food vendors, games and theater performances. On the slopes: Known to residents simply as The Mountain, Mount Royal Park is the center of outdoor living in Montreal. It’s considered the go-to spot for sledding and tobogganing (which makes this a destination ideal for kids) and maintains several cross-country ski trails. If you’re willing to go on a bit more of a drive, only an hour away is Mont Tremblant, a winter sports resort with 102 trails and four slopes supported by 14 lifts. In the winter, an express shuttle bus runs from there to the city and back. Off the slopes: Montreal’s food culture is second to none and embraces the city’s rich blend of cultures. For a broad sampling of all those varied tastes, check out Le Central. This gourmet food hall showcases nearly 25 restaurant kiosks. First and foremost a gathering place of local talent, Le Central brings a community sensibility that will impress foodies of all ages. For more information:

No census of American winter destinations would be complete without Stowe, a town celebrated for ski slopes and picturesque mountain peaks and only about six and a half hours away from Monmouth. The town lives and breathes winter sports, offering everything from challenging slopes for the experienced skier and snowboarder to introductory lessons for the beginner. Want to try dogsledding? Join Umiak Outdoor Outfitters in February for their Mad River Sled Dog Adventures. Each session gives you the chance to ride with the pros on a dogsled team. On the slopes: Sharing the town’s name is Stowe Mountain Resort, which comprises both Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, for a combined 485 skiable acres. With 116 trails and 12 lifts, the resort offers lessons for all ages in both group and private settings. Reached by sky gondola ride, the resort’s Spruce Peak Village includes lodgings, a spa, shopping, dining and a climbing wall. You can also lace up your skates at Spruce Peak Village’s outdoor ice-skating rink. Off the slopes: Unfreeze your fingers with a hot cup of coffee from the cozy Black Cap Coffee & Bakery, which also sells pastries and desserts made from locally sourced ingredients. If you’re looking for a more substantial meal, head over to Idletyme Brewing Company, where the local brewing culture combines with family dining for an unforgettable experience. For more information:


If you want to get away from the bustle as well as enjoy the snow, then the roughly three-and-a-halfhour drive to the Berkshires may be the trip for you. Idyllic and forested, this region offers unbeatable views, rich historical heritage destinations and farmto-table cuisine. Nothing embodies this better than Pittsfield’s Indoor Farmers Market, a weekly event that’s lighted through the stained-glass windows of a church. There, you can browse local goods and produce. Or you could stop by the Berkshire Botanical Garden, which is open year-round and covers nearly 24 acres. On the slopes: If you’re new to skiing and snowboarding adventures, or have kids who are, Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort is the perfect destination. It has a broad range of lessons for adults of all levels and abilities as well as a nationally ranked children’s lesson program. Out of its 45 trails, 17 are considered easy and beginner friendly, which makes this an ideal place to learn something new as a family. This sensibility carries through all aspects of the resort—the Cub’s Den Playroom is an onsite childcare option for children 2 years and older. Jiminy Peak offers onsite lodging options that feature both indoor and outdoor heated whirlpools. Off the slopes: Keep cozy flavors at the forefront and stop by the local favorite Shire Donuts, where each pastry is made to order. Dinnertime options include Frankie’s Ristorante Italiano, a traditional Italian/American restaurant with extensive familystyle options and an impressive wine list. It also has a full menu of vegan-friendly food. These eateries have a community atmosphere, and they invite you to step in and share it with them. For more information: —Kirsten Meehan


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Soup’s On!

Nothing beats chicken noodle or classic tomato, but when the craving for something new and hearty hits, these global favorites are good food too.

TRADITIONAL KHARCHO SOUP Yields 8 servings INGREDIENTS n 1 lb. pork shoulder n 1 yellow onion n 1 tomato n 7 oz. long grain rice n 5 cloves garlic n 2 oz. tomato paste n 1 tsp. hops (suneli) n salt to taste n ground black pepper, to taste n hot red pepper, to taste n ½ tsp. ground coriander n 2 bay leaves n greens, to taste n 8 cups water

DIRECTIONS Cut the onion into small cubes. Using a pressure cooker, turn on the “Frying” mode for 15 minutes and fry the onion until soft for 3 minutes. Cut the meat into small pieces and fry with the onion for 7-8 minutes. Make a cross-shaped incision on the tomato, pour boiling water over it. Drain the water, carefully remove the skin and cut into cubes. Add to meat and onions, fry until the end of the program. Add rice, tomato paste, salt, spices and water. Start the pressure cooker’s “Soup/Stew” program for 60 minutes. Five minutes before cooking, add fresh herbs. At the end of cooking, leave in the keep warm mode for 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

“Boost the fiber content of this soup by using brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate that helps slow digestion and make foods more filling. Using brown rice can add three additional grams of fiber per serving to this recipe.” — Annie Zappulla, registered dietitian nutritionist, A-Z Wellness Solutions, Sea Girt


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TRADITIONAL ZUREK SOUP Yields 4 servings INGREDIENTS For the fermented rye flour starter n 5 Tbs. of rye flour n 2 cups of purified water For the soup n 35 oz. of smoked pork bones n 10 oz. of bacon n 3 qts. of water n 5 allspice berries n 3 bay leaves n 4 white sausages n 1 onion n 3 garlic cloves n 1 Tbs. of dried marjoram n 2 Tbs. of salt n 1 Tbs. of oil Add-ons to choose n 2 boiled potatoes n 2 boiled eggs

DIRECTIONS Making the fermented rye starter (zakwas) In a clean glass jar, mix rye flour with warm, purified water. Cover the jar with a linen cloth or gauze. Place it in a cold (68°F), dark place. Stir zakwas twice a day. After 5-7 days it is ready to use. Cooking the soup Pour water into a big pot. Add allspice berries and bay leaves and bring to boil. Reduce the heat. Add smoked pork bones, bacon and white sausage. Cook for about 30 minutes, but don’t bring it to a boil! In the meantime, peel and dice an onion, then fry it in oil. Take off the meat. Dice the bacon and cut the white sausage into slices or bigger chunks. You may also remove meat from the bones and dice it. Stir zakwas for about 1 minute, making sure there are no lumps. Bring the soup to boil, reduce the heat, then slowly start pouring zakwas into it, stirring all the time. Cook for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat. Add onion, meat, crushed garlic cloves, marjoram and salt.

“The fermentation of the rye flour provides probiotics, which help strengthen the immune system. Make this a heart-healthier version by choosing chicken sausage instead of pork sausage.” — Annie Zappulla, registered dietitian nutritionist, A-Z Wellness Solutions, Sea Girt


MON.0224.tastes 2.indd 33



1/22/24 9:06 AM

ENDODONTICS FABIO G. APOLITO Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA 303 W. Main St. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-462-4606




2024 TO HELP YOU FIND GREAT DENTAL CARE, Monmouth magazine commissioned Professional Research Services (PRS) of Troy, Michigan to conduct a peer-review survey of hundreds of practicing and active dentists across Monmouth County. Dentists were asked to choose which of their peers they consider the very best, across seven different practice areas—endodontics, general dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics and prosthodontics. All the final honorees were fact-checked with the State of New Jersey and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs License Verification System. The highest vote getters within each specialty who are in good standing with the state are included here in the 2024 “Monmouth County’s Top Dentists” list. There are many other good dentists practicing in Monmouth County who may not be included on this list; we recommend that you consider “Monmouth County’s Top Dentists” and other resources before scheduling your next dental procedure.

KRISTEN BLUMBERGER Chapel Hill Dental Arts 429 Route 35 Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-365-0123 MELINDA BLUME Leonard Eisner, DDS & Melinda Blume, DDS 4251 Route 9 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-577-1855 LEONARD J. EISNER Leonard Eisner, DDS & Melinda Blume, DDS 4251 Route 9 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-577-1855 MARK GELBAND Red Bank Endodontics 200 Maple Ave. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-741-1567 RAJEEV GUPTA Shore Endodontics 2130 Route 35 North Building A, Unit 126 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-893-8600

ANTONETT M. THAI Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA 1398 Route 35 Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-531-9200 JOHNATHAN VELARDI Red Bank Endodontics 200 Maple Ave. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-741-1567 IRA J. ZOHN Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA 1398 Route 35 Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-531-9200

GENERAL DENTISTRY ERIC S. ADLER Adler Family Dental 301 Church St. Aberdeen, NJ 07747 732-583-1616 MICHAEL C. ADLER Adler Family Dental 301 Church St. Aberdeen, NJ 07747 732-583-1616

HERBERT GUTENTAG Red Bank Endodontics 200 Maple Ave. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-741-1567

ISABEL BASTOS West Long Branch Dental 879 Broadway West Long Branch, NJ 07764 732-795-6868

SCOTT MICALLEF Shore Endodontics 2130 Route 35 North Building A, Unit 126 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-893-8600

RUPAL BORDIA Bordia Dental Associates 4249 Route 9, Suite 2A Freehold, NJ 07728 732-409-0330

YELENA OSTROMETSKAYA Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA 1398 Route 35 Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-531-9200 CHRISTOPHER PELLICANO Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA 303 W. Main St. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-462-8090 GINNINE S. RIBOLOW Ginnine Ribolow, DDS 203 Route 9, Suite 2 Englishtown, NJ 07726 732-972-1900

2024_MON_TopDentist_Listings_Final.indd 34

MICHELE SCRIME Shore Endodontics 2130 Route 35 North Building A, Unit 126 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-893-8600

LAURA BRANIGAN Laura Branigan, DMD 804 West Park Ave. Building B, Suite 2-H Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-749-9036 JAMES BURDEN New Paradigm Dentistry 514 Route 33 West, Suite 3 Millstone, NJ 08535 732-414-1888 JOSEPH T. BUZZANCO Joseph T. Buzzanco, DMD 208 Maple Ave. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-747-1122

1/22/24 5:01 PM

BRIAN M. FURIE Brian M. Furie, DMD, LLC 515 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 5 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-431-2212

JOHN G. RASSIAS John G. Rassias, DMD 608 Main St. Avon-by-the-Sea , NJ 07717 732-775-3531

JOSEPH G. CAMPI Campi Dental 2041 Route 35 Wall Township, NJ 07719 732-449-2228

CHRISTOPHER GAROFALO West Long Branch Dental 879 Broadway West Long Branch, NJ 07764 732-795-6868

WARREN RAVNER Warren Ravner, DMD 4507 Route 9 Howell, NJ 07731 732-364-1444

MARY K. CARON-RUSSO Dentistry At Sea Girt 804 Route 71 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-449-6564

MICHAEL GINSBERG Neptune Dental Care 2200 Route 66 Neptune, NJ 07753 954-551-1904

ABBAS A. RAZVI Miracle Family Dentistry 495 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 11 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-970-8888

DAVID CHODES David Chodes, DDS 501 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-431-4444

MATTHEW HOMSI Friendly Dental 112 Oxford Ln. Aberdeen, NJ 07747 732-290-4397

CHRISTOPHER ROSSI Marlboro Dental Arts, PC 242 Route 79 North, Suite 7 Morganville, NJ 07751 732-817-1100

PETER E. CIAMPI Spring Lake Dental Care 310 Morris Ave. Spring Lake, NJ 07762 732-449-5666

ROBERT KORWIN Advanced Dentistry with a Gentle Touch 500 Route 35 Suite 562, Floor 2 Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-219-8900

WARREN RUBENSTEIN Warren Rubenstein, DDS 4253 Route 9 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-780-8800

KATARINA COHEN Sleep Dynamics 2240 Route 33, Suite 114 Neptune City, NJ 07753 732-655-6585 LARA DALESSIO Wemrock Dental Arts 503 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-298-6572 RANDALL J. DAVIS Davis Center for Advanced Dentistry 30 Plaza 9 Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-303-0900 EDWARD DEFABIO DeFabio Dental Design 440 Route 34 Colts Neck, NJ 07722 732-780-7790 JOHN DIBLING Dibling Dental 317 Route 9 Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-780-6426 DINA ERIAN Central Smiles Cosmetic and Family Dentistry 509 Stillwells Corner Rd. Building E, Suite 2 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-414-6321 DAVID P. FISHBERG David P. Fishberg, DMD, PA 590 Park Ave., Suite 3A Freehold, NJ 07728 732-577-0079

2024_MON_TopDentist_Listings_Final.indd 35

JOHN P. LITTLE Dentistry At Sea Girt 804 Route 71 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-449-6564 JOHN R. MARCELINO Marcelino Dental Arts 530 Prospect Ave. Building 1, Suite A Little Silver, NJ 07739 732-212-2800 APARNA MENON Newman Springs Dental Care 539 Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft, NJ 07738 732-702-3753 BRIAN MEULENER Meulener Dental of Little Silver 4 Parker Ave. Little Silver, NJ 07739 732-842-7555 LINDA JAYE MOLEE Linda Jaye Molee, DMD 390 Schanck Rd. Freehold Township, NJ 07728 732-462-6363 ANDREW MORRIS Spring Lake Dental Care 310 Morris Ave. Spring Lake, NJ 07762 732-449-5666 ANTHONY PANNONE Oakwood Dental 342 Mounts Corner Dr. Freehold Township, NJ 07728 732-414-2683

MARK RUGGERI Oakwood Dental 342 Mounts Corner Dr. Freehold Township, NJ 07728 732-414-2683 MICHAEL SANTO Santo Dental Group 210 W. Front St., Suite 202 Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-530-1003 RANA SAYROO Newman Springs Dental Care 539 Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft, NJ 07738 732-702-3753 MICHELE SCHULTZ-ROBINS Two River Family Dental Center 252 Broad St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-747-2022 COREY STEIN Wall Family Dental 1924 Route 35, Suite 35 Wall Township, NJ 07719 732-449-5512 K.C. WENNING Charles F. Leone, DMD & K. C. Wenning, DMD 33 Reckless Pl. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-741-1770 NELSON WOLLEK Nelson Wollek, DDS 680 W. Main St. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-462-8770

ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY JEFFREY C. ELBAUM Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 501 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 14 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-431-3400 JOHN FRATTELLONE Lincroft Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 515 Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft, NJ 07738 732-842-5915 PAUL A. GALANTE Campi Dental 2041 Route 35 Wall Township, NJ 07719 732-449-2228 KAYVON HAGHIGHI Maxillofacial Surgery Center for Excellence 276 Broad St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-530-1110 EDWARD KOZLOVSKY Marlboro Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implantology 15 School Rd. East, Suite 1 Marlboro, NJ 07746 732-625-2244 BRIAN S. KROST Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 501 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 14 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-431-3400 MARTEN N. LADMAN New Jersey Oral Surgery Dental Implants 87 County Rd. 520 Morganville, NJ 07751 732-972-0002 MANOLIS MANOLAKAKIS Dr. Manolakakis Advanced Facial Surgery 1131 Broad St., Suite 109 Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 732-542-0755 JOHN M. MCELROY Central Jersey Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PA 1315 Allaire Ave., Route 35 Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-531-4400 STUART MEYER Central Jersey Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PA 158 Main St. Matawan, NJ 07747 732-566-7648

BRIAN PATERSON Central Jersey Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PA 509 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-431-4800 JUSTIN PONQUINETTE Atlantic Oral Surgery 21 Gilbert St. North Tinton Falls, NJ 07701 732-747-0993 GAURAV SHAH Central Jersey Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PA 158 Main St. Matawan, NJ 07747 732-566-7648


JOHN G. CAMPI, III Campi Dental 2041 Route 35 Wall Township, NJ 07719 732-449-2228

JOHN P. SOLIMAN Coastal Oral Surgery 2130 Route 35, Suite 112 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-974-0680 MICHAEL STEINLE Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 501 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 14 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-431-3400 DANIEL WINSTON Coastal Oral Surgery 2130 Route 35, Suite 112 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-974-0680

ORTHODONTICS ARTHUR APPEL Dr. Arthur J. Appel, DDS 221 Taylors Mills Rd. Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-845-0500 STEVEN BRITTON Britton Orthodontics 804 W. Park Ave., Bldg. B Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-660-5576 GREG G. CAMPI Campi Dental 2041 Route 35 Wall Township, NJ 07719 732-449-2228 ILEANA CAVANAGH Cavanagh Orthodontics 20 White Rd., Suite C Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 732-741-5300 MATTHEW CHOI Progressive Orthodontics, LLC 9 Leonardville Rd. Middletown, NJ 07748 732-671-5700 GREGORY S. COAKLEY Two River Orthodontics 19 Church St. Little Silver, NJ 07739 732-741-9090

1/22/24 5:01 PM


SONALEE KAPOOR Brace Place 509 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-333-8714

SALLY GUERRASIO Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry 200 White Rd., Suite 113 Little Silver, NJ 07739 732-842-1155

KATE SIEGLER Shore Pediatric Dental Group 152 Broad St Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-842-5577

ROBERT A. HERSH The Center For Oral Health 507 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-462-8181

BRAD ELKIN Brace Place 509 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-333-8714

JEFFREY S. KARLIN Dr. Jeffrey S. Karlin Orthodontics 345 Union Hill Rd., Suite 2G Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-972-1345

CHRISTINE C. HENRY Shore Pediatric Dental Group 152 Broad St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-842-5577

STEVEN P. STERN Steven P. Stern, DMD, PA 224 Taylors Mills Rd. Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-409-0044

JOSHUA EPSTEIN Brace Place 800 Tennent Rd. Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-385-8410

RAYMOND KIM Raymond Kim Orthodontics 251 Monmouth Rd. Oakhurst, NJ 07755 732-663-0770

JOCELYN JEFFRIES-BRUNO Sycamore Smiles Pediatric Dentistry 1029 Sycamore Ave., Unit 1 Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 732-963-8680

ELISA VELAZQUEZ Ocean Pediatric Dental Associates 211 W. Millstream Rd., Suite 1 Cream Ridge, NJ 08514 609-758-9595

ANDRES JIMENEZ-WOLF Monmouth Endodontics & Periodontics 193 Route 9 South, Suite 2C Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-409-2900

MARTIN EPSTEIN Brace Place 800 Tennent Rd. Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-385-8410

JENNIFER L. MORRISON Morrison Orthodontics 49 Branch Ave. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-741-2042

RISHI VERMA Star Pediatric Dentistry 120 Craig Rd., Suite 3 Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-303-7827

MEERA SAHNI Enviable Gums 2130 Route 35, Suite 121 Sea Girt, NJ 08750 732-449-1166

TARA GOSTOVICH Tara Gostovich, DMD 479 County Rd. 520 Suite A-204 Marlboro, NJ 07746 732-617-1211

SEZER OLCAY Holmdel Orthodontics 723 N. Beers St., Suite 2A Holmdel, NJ 07733 732-847-3065

BRITNI KEARNS Sycamore Smiles Pediatric Dentistry 1029 Sycamore Ave., Unit 1 Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 732-963-8680


ANDREW R. SAMUEL Advanced Periodontics and Dental Implants, LLC 1300 Route 35 Plaza 1, Suite 203 Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-517-9800

PATRICK T. CUOZZO Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists 4 Swimming River Rd. Lincroft, NJ 07738 732-747-3466

AMY HOCH Hoch Orthodontics 105 Reids Hill Rd. Matawan, NJ 07747 732-566-7788 ANDREW HOCH Hoch Orthodontics 105 Reids Hill Rd. Matawan, NJ 07747 732-566-7788 GERALD HOCH Hoch Orthodontics 105 Reids Hill Rd. Matawan, NJ 07747 732-566-7788 SIRENA HSIEH Central Jersey Orthodontics 44 Village Ct. Hazlet, NJ 07730 732-264-2299 KARLA ISAACS Teeth Tamers Orthodontics 176 Route 9 North, Suite 201 Englishtown, NJ 07726 732-792-3581 JAMES ISAACSON Isaacson Orthodontics, LLP 103 Parker Rd. West Long Branch, NJ 07764 732-870-8077 RICHARD ISAACSON Isaacson Orthodontics, LLP 103 Parker Rd. West Long Branch, NJ 07764 732-870-8077

2024_MON_TopDentist_Listings_Final.indd 36

SUZANNE QUIGLEY Red Bank Orthodontics 130 Maple Ave., Suite 2B Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-741-1355 MARTIN RABINOVICH MHR Orthodontics 20 White Rd., Suite F Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 732-704-5474 GEORGE SARGISS Brace Place 509 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-333-8714 MARK SCHWITZ Mark J. Schwitz, DDS 4687 Route 9 North Howell, NJ 07731 732-370-3002 HAIM TAWIL Monmouth Ocean Orthodontics 1300 Route 35 Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-201-4812

PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY DANNY CHIANG My First Dentist 59 County Rd. 520 Englishtown, NJ 07726 732-972-2990 JAY FELSENSTEIN Kids Dental Kare 4521 Route 9 Howell , NJ 07731 732-905-0808

YANA KOZLOVSKY Marlboro Pediatric Dentistry 7 S. Main St., Suite G Marlboro, NJ 07746 732-414-6900 WILLIAM LIEBERMAN Shore Pediatric Dental Group 152 Broad St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-842-5577 ELIZABETH M. MERKLER Elizabeth M. Merkler, DMD 2640 Route 70, Suite 2C Manasquan, NJ 08736 732-223-2919 LIYA OSTROW Tender Smiles 4 Kids 122 Professional View Dr. Building 100 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-625-8080 BINNI PATEL Shore Children’s Dental Care 514 Garfield Ave. Avon-by-the-Sea , NJ 07717 732-775-1492 MATT SAFARI Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry 200 White Rd., Suite 113 Little Silver, NJ 07739 732-842-1155 DENA SAPANARO Shore Pediatric Dental Group 152 Broad St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-842-5577 IRVIN SHERMAN Shore Children’s Dental Care 514 Garfield Ave. Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ 07717 732-775-1492

SAMANTHA AARON Lincroft Village Dental Care 9 Middletown-Lincroft Rd. Lincroft, NJ 07738 732-842-5005 WAYNE ALDREDGE Holmdel Periodontics & Implant Dentistry 999 Palmer Ave., Suite 1 Holmdel, NJ 07733 732-671-7100 ANTHONY M. DICESARE DiCesare & DiCesare Periodontal Health Specialists 240 Half Mile Rd. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-747-2888 MITESH FALDU Mid-Atlantic Periodontics, PC 555 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 14 Freehold, NJ 07728 732-409-0090 JEFFREY S. GOLD Susan J. Curley, DDS 1540 NJ-138 Wall Township, NJ 07719 732-681-8604 MARC E. GORDON Progressive Periodontics & Implant Dentistry 3508 Route 9 South Howell, NJ 07731 732-364-2025 GARY GREENSTEIN Gary Greenstein, DDS 900 W. Main St. Freehold, NJ 07728 732-780-1450 BEN GREENSTEIN Bella Dental 1907 Route 35, Suite 4 Oakhurst, NJ 07755 732-531-8533

JOHN R. KUKUCKA John R. Kukucka, DMD 2605 Route 35 Manasquan, NJ 08736 732-223-6000

JEFFREY N. ZATZKIN Premier Periodontics Implant & Sedation Dentistry 620 Shrewsbury Ave., Suite B Tinton Falls, NJ 07701 732-747-1766

PROSTHODONTICS ASHLEY AZIZIAN Anthony Sallustio, DDS 1300 Allenhurst Ave. Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-531-4046 JAMES COUREY Specialized Dentistry of New Jersey 224 Taylors Mills Rd., Suite 110 Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-410-7101 ERICA DEFABIO DeFabio Dental Design 440 Route 34 Colts Neck, NJ 07722 732-780-7790 JOSEPH DIFAZIO Joseph DiFazio, DMD, FACP 107 Monmouth Rd., Suite 101 West Long Branch, NJ 07764 732-542-0011 ERIC M. GORDON Advanced Dental Arts 225 Route 35 North, Suite 106 Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-741-7333 ANTHONY SALLUSTIO Anthony Sallustio, DDS 1300 Allenhurst Ave. Ocean Township, NJ 07712 732-531-4046

1/22/24 5:01 PM


Daniel Winston, D.D.S. John P. Soliman, D.M.D., M.D. Coastal Oral Surgery

2130 Route 35, Suite 112, Sea Girt, NJ 08750 • 732.974.0680 1608 Route 88W, Suite 101, Brick, NJ 08724 • 732.840.4600 9 Hospital Dr., Suite 6, Toms River, NJ 08755 • 732.286.1199 COASTAL ORAL SURGERY’S BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEONS have cared for patients in the community for over 40 years. Highly respected in their field, Dr. Daniel Winston and Dr. John P. Soliman continue the legacy of top-notch patient care in a relaxing environment. The doctors have created an advanced center of excellence in all areas of maxillofacial surgery, focusing on dental implants, dentoalveolar surgery, pathology, trauma, and anesthesia. A fully renovated Toms River office with top-of-the-line technology is one recent development. Coastal Oral Surgery bid a warm farewell to the recently retired Michael DiPietro, D.M.D., and welcomed a new surgeon, Alaina Harrington, D.M.D, M.D. Dr. Harrington holds a dual-degree as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. She graduated from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. Dr. Harrington served as Chief Resident in her final year at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 37

Feeling safe and informed are top, patient-delivered priorities. The practice is built upon the highest standard of patient care and comfort, using digital dentistry for excellent, enhanced outcomes. By combining cutting-edge technology, medical imaging, and virtual surgical planning, including the All-On-4® procedure, 3-D intraoral scanning, and 3-D printing, the doctors remove the guesswork and personalize each surgery. Dr. Winston is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He received a D.D.S. degree from The Ohio State University and completed his general practice residency before specializing in oral surgery. Dr. Winston enjoys teaching students and residents, receiving positive recognition for his leadership. Dr. Soliman serves as President of the Monmouth-Ocean County Dental Society and is affiliated with Jersey Shore University Medical Center’s residency program. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, receiving a D.M.D. degree from Temple University School of Dentistry and an M.D. degree from Drexel University College of Medicine. The practice’s team looks forward to treating you and your family.

1/23/24 1:19 PM


John G. Campi III, D.M.D. Joseph G. Campi, D.M.D. Greg G. Campi, D.M.D. Paul A. Galante, D.D.S. Campi Dental

2041 NJ-35 Wall Twp., NJ 07719 • 732.449.2228 •

SINCE IT WAS FOUNDED IN 1933 BY DR. JOHN G. CAMPI, CAMPI DENTAL has delivered comprehensive dental care through modern techniques, cutting-edge technology, and treating patients like family for the past nine decades. For four generations, the family-owned practice has always placed people first and provides quality care in a safe, convenient, and compassionate environment. Partners Dr. John G. Campi III (Dr. Jack) and Dr. Joseph G. Campi, along with Dr. Greg G. Campi and Dr. Paul A. Galante, are proud to have recently celebrated their 90th anniversary this past year. Campi Dental provides state-of-the-art family and cosmetic dentistry, including oral surgery and orthodontics, all in one convenient location. Simultaneously, the practice has grown their philanthropic efforts through their initiative, Campi Cares. Dr. Joseph Campi states, “Our practice is not only committed to delivering quality dental care but is passionate about supporting the communities in which we practice and where our patients live.”

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 38

In 2023, Campi Dental celebrated their milestone anniversary with a year of remarkable achievements, including the successful launch of a cuttingedge AI dental technology. This served as an invaluable tool for our dentists, allowing them to identify a wide array of common and treatable dental issues. From a philanthropic standpoint, the Campi Dental team dedicated 90+ hours to various community service initiatives. This included a special collaboration with Coastal Habitat for Humanity and The Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County. Additionally, they proudly introduced two new scholarship opportunities that support and empower the community. Campi Dental’s commitment to modern techniques, cutting-edge technology, and treating patients like family, ensures expert dental care in a friendly, safe, and compassionate atmosphere. Guaranteeing that every patient receives the most advanced and effective care possible to achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Jack Campi reflects, “We celebrated our 90th anniversary in 2023 and are incredibly grateful to our patients for supporting our practice. Here’s to another 90 years of providing topquality dental care and supporting our community for many more years to come.”

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Jocelyn Jeffries-Bruno, D.D.S., FAAPD Britni Kearns, D.M.D. Sycamore Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

1029 Sycamore Ave., Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 • 732.963.8680 • EMPOWERING CHILDREN WITH LONG-LASTING SMILES is the ultimate goal of Dr. Jocelyn Jeffries-Bruno and Dr. Britni Kearns. The founders of Sycamore Smiles Pediatric Dentistry strive to provide young patients with a relaxing and supportive environment from the moment they walk through the door.

patient’s comfort in the dental office. The Tinton Falls practice embraces bright colors to welcome and nurture kids of all ages. Children are offered fidget toys, televisions on the ceiling, and noise-canceling headphones for comfort and distraction during treatment. A library area and iPads are also available for the enjoyment of patients and their siblings.

The board-certified, award-winning pediatric dentists—with more than 20 years combined experience serving Monmouth County residents—worked together in other practices and hospitals before they opened Sycamore Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in June 2022. Their state-of-the-art practice emphasizes minimally invasive dentistry and preventative dentistry so children can have positive, easy dental experiences while preventing the formation and spread of decay. Traditional restorative dental services, along with specialty services such as white crowns, frenectomies, emergency visits and hospital sedation, are also offered.

Drs. Jeffries-Bruno and Kearns are on staff at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Center. Dr. Jeffries-Bruno serves as the Section Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at the latter. Each child is unique—and so is each smile. Sycamore Smiles Pediatric Dentistry modifies a patient’s treatment plan based on the child’s age, medical history, and physical, emotional, or psychological needs. To prepare for a first visit or for more details on how the doctors help to build lifelong confidence, please visit the practice’s website.

Treating a sizable population of children with special needs, the doctors believe desensitization is a critical service that helps them to foster a

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 39

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Dr. Peter Ciampi Dr. Andrew Morris

Spring Lake Dental Care

310 Morris Ave., Spring Lake, NJ 07762 • 732.449.5666 • WHEN IT COMES TO PRIORITIZING QUALITY DENTAL CARE, Dr. Peter Ciampi and Dr. Andrew Morris are sensitive to their patients’ safety and comfort. Known for state-of-the-art dentistry and building trusting relationships, the team of dentists at Spring Lake Dental Care treat each patient like family. The doctors in the practice know oral health care is unique, requiring customized treatments and services ranging from general and family care to cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and advanced care. The practice’s restorative techniques utilize cutting-edge technology to restore the function, health, and appearance of teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as Invisalign® and porcelain veneers, provide patients with solutions to aesthetic concerns. Patients know that they are welcome as soon as they visit the office. Bonnie H. says: “I felt very comfortable during the implant procedure and follow-up visits. Before getting my implant supported bridge, I was unable to eat the foods that I enjoyed. After the treatment, I was finally able to eat anything that I wanted.”

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 40

For over a decade, Dr. Ciampi has been recognized as a Top Dentist by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. He received his dental education at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, completing a general practice residency at the Naval Hospital, Bethesda Maryland. Dr. Ciampi completed his post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry at the University of California, Los Angeles Center for Esthetic Dentistry. He also completed advanced occlusion and restorative training at The Pankey Institute and The Dawson Academy. He achieved elite mastership status, the highest honor in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Morris earned his dental degree at NYU’s College of Dentistry, completing his General Practice Residency at Monmouth Medical Center Hospital in Long Branch. He continued his education there in Comprehensive Care and Treatment Planning, with a focus in Advanced Restorative Dentistry and Implant dentistry. Dr. Morris is also a member of the prestigious Jersey Shore Dental Forum. Both Dr. Ciampi and Dr. Morris hold a New Jersey State Enteral Oral Sedation permit to provide patients with a method of alleviating dental anxiety.

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Anthony Sallustio, D.D.S. Ashley Azizian, D.D.S.

1300 Allenhurst Ave., Ocean, NJ 07712 • 732.531.4046 • • IG @smilesbyspecialists WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING YOUR TEETH REPLACED with dental implants, consider specialists who have the right knowledge and expertise. Dr. Anthony Sallustio and Dr. Ashley Azizian, known for their excellence in Prosthodontics and Maxillofacial prosthetics, All-on-4® treatments, crowns, bridges, and ceramic veneers, merge their unique combination of skills to create aesthetic, comfortable, and functional results. Dr. Sallustio and Dr. Azizian practice a full scope of prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry, using digital technology and premier technicians to plan a patient’s new smile. Dr. Sallustio and Dr. Azizian have completed a combined six post graduate accredited specialty programs, have over 25 years of total experience, and the dentists are consistently called on to educate dentists on implant dentistry. Dr. Sallustio was also one of the first specialists in central NJ to perform the All-on-4® procedure, which allows patients to replace teeth with dental implants in one visit and has completed hundreds of cases over the past ten years.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 41

Currently, Dr. Sallustio and Dr. Azizian are excited to be part of pilot program in the United States for ground-breaking dental technology that will allow dentists to eliminate the messy and time-consuming process of having impressions made for most procedures. In addition, both dentists are consultants to several dental implant and digital technology companies because of their reputation for staying on top of cutting-edge concepts in dentistry. Consider a consultation with Dr. Sallustio and Dr. Azizian to analyze and bring back confidence to your smile. Be sure to visit Drs. Sallustio and Azizian’s Instagram account @smilesbyspecialists where you can find out more information about their digital practices and see before and after photos of real patients.

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Meera Sahni, D.M.D., M.S. Enviable Gums

2130 NJ 35, Ste 121, Sea Girt, NJ 08750 • 732.449.1166 • EVERY MISSING TOOTH HAS A STORY, which is why Dr. Meera Sahni and her team created a safe and inclusive environment for periodontal and dental implant needs at Enviable Gums. A Monmouth County native, Dr. Sahni has experienced a unique career trajectory—from majoring in art history at Barnard College, Columbia University to becoming a board-certified periodontist certified in Dental Implant Surgery and Periodontology. Dr. Sahni always knew that she wanted to become a periodontist. “Studying the humanities has helped to inform the way that I am with my patients,” said Dr. Sahni. “It’s about understanding who they are when they are in our chair.” Dr. Sahni previously worked in Cape May and Atlantic counties, as well as outside Philadelphia. Upon creating Enviable Gums, she transformed its team to reflect core values of empowerment and education while embracing the most modern, up-to-date practices. Enviable Gums provides patients with hour consults that appropriately cover their histories. The practice additionally ensures that everyone investing in taking care of their teeth receives top-of-the-line treatment. Dr. Sahni’s

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 42

office specializes in advanced procedures, including larger scale bone grafts, sinus procedures, and minimally invasive treatment modalities for gum recession. She implements a streamlined workflow for implant procedures, utilizing 3D imaging and surgically precise guides. In spite of all advancements, Dr. Sahni’s passion is finding creative ways to save teeth. Dr. Sahni earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where she further received an American Academy of Periodontology Outstanding Senior Award. Dr. Sahni attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where she received her Certificate of Periodontology. She also received her Master of Science in Oral Microbiology, involving a clinical research project on enhancing traditional non-surgical periodontal therapy. She is particularly grateful for referring dentists, who she says have helped to achieve the practice’s success. During her free time, Dr. Sahni enjoys her weekly yoga practice, bird watching, and spending time with her husband, son, and family.

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Patrick T. Cuozzo, D.D.S., P.A. Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists

4 Swimming River Rd., Lincroft, NJ 07738 • 732.747.3466 526 Washington Blvd., Sea Girt, NJ 08750 • 732.449.5444 FOR THREE GENERATIONS, Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists has taken pride in creating a legacy of beautiful smiles using patient-centered, conservative treatments for patients of all ages. Dr. Patrick T. Cuozzo, affectionately known as Dr. Pat, joined his father’s practice in 1997, and continues to uphold the family tradition by consistently demonstrating exceptional orthodontic work. His commitment has earned him multiple recognitions as one of the Top Orthodontic Specialists in New Jersey. Dr. James joined the Cuozzo team in July, 2021. He earned his certificate in Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedics from Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY. He is a boardcertified orthodontist, and both doctors are Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics. They treat their patients at two state-of-the-art offices, one in Lincroft and one in Sea Girt, where they and their staff are dedicated to improving the health of the community. They know that creating beautiful smiles requires the latest technology, both for diagnosis and treatment, and maintain one of the most advanced orthodontic systems in the field.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 43

They strongly believe that beginning treatment at the appropriate time yields the best results in as short a time as possible. “We minimize the patient’s time in braces by waiting for the right time to start treatment, ultimately improving not only the look of your smile, but also the health and longevity of your teeth,” says Dr. Pat, a Clinical Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. His office is one of the few in New Jersey to offer VATECH PaX-i3D Green CBCT technology. Because the system performs a 3D scan of a tooth or the entire jaw, it gives a detailed analysis of the mouth while using only a low dose of radiation. The technique provides extraordinary accuracy, crucial to any diagnosis. Cuozzo Orthodontic Specialists offers both traditional and clear braces, as well as Invisalign®. The entire staff has earned a long-standing reputation for their professionalism, honesty, and compassion, having patients and their families smiling at every visit.

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Eric S. Adler, D.M.D. Michael C. Adler, D.M.D. Adler Family Dental

301 Church St., Aberdeen, NJ 07747 • 732.583.1616 • BORN AND RAISED IN MONMOUTH COUNTY, Drs. Eric and Michael Adler continue to have deep roots in the community. Both brothers graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and completed residencies at Monmouth Medical Center. They have tended to loyal patients and their families for almost 25 years. The key to the practice’s success is treating patients the way they’d want to be treated. They put patients at ease by helping them overcome their fears and take time to educate them about procedures. The doctors grew up surrounded by healthcare; their parents owned a pharmacy in Oakhurst, NJ. But dentistry was their calling—Dr. Eric Adler’s life changed when his braces came off as a teenager and Dr. Michael Adler was advised early on that his steady hands and personality were perfect for dentistry. Today, they continue to expand their advanced, high-tech practice. From pediatric dentistry to geriatric dentistry, Adler Family Dental’s comprehensive list of services spans all aspects of cosmetic oral care, including whitening, bondings, veneers, implants, Invisalign®, and facial

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 44

injections including Botox® and dermal fillers. Drs. Adler and Adler have grown their general family practice to include in-house specialists in endodontics and periodontics. Drs. Adler and Adler monitor every patient’s oral health as a way to ensure their general healthcare and well-being. Their dedication to delivering the highest quality of healthcare have been recognized with NJ Top Dentists and America’s Best Dentists awards for the last several years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were featured in the Asbury Park Press highlighting their significant safety improvements to keep their patients and staff safe. Both dentists were born at Monmouth Medical Center and now teach there. The doctors remain grounded in the community, allowing them to understand the needs of families they serve. If you’d like to see why generations of patients come to Adler Family Dental, make an appointment to visit their office and enjoy convenient, free parking.

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Ira J. Zohn, D.M.D., FICD Fabio G. Apolito, D.M.D., FACD Antonett M. Thai, D.D.S. Yelena Ostrometskaya, D.D.S., Christopher Pellicano, D.D.S. Advanced Endodontic Associates, PA

1398 Highway 35, Ocean Township, NJ 07712 • 732.531.9200 303 West Main St., Freehold, NJ 07728 • 732.462.4606 | 79 Oak Hill Rd., Red Bank, NJ 07701 • 732.345.8090 ADVANCED ENDODONTICS’ SKILLED TEAM OF DENTISTS has a combined total of 120 years of experience in the highly respected offices that serve Ocean, Freehold, and Middletown townships. Our team of esteemed industry-leading endodontic specialists deliver unsurpassed service with compassion, professionalism, and clinical excellence. The doctors see patients five days per week and are on call 24/7 advocating a “Come on Down” policy for patients suffering from extreme tooth pain or other oral emergencies.

• Dr. Ira J. Zohn is the former Director of Endodontics in the Dental Department at Jersey Shore Medical Center, a Fellow of the International College of Dentists (FICD), and a member of major dental associations. • Dr. Fabio G. Apolito is the Director of Endodontics at Jersey Shore University Hospital, the Chair of the Freehold Board of Health, a Fellow of

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 45

the American College of Dentists (FACD), and a member of major dental associations.

• Dr. Antonett M. Thai is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserves, and an active member of major dental associations. She sits on the NJDA Board of Trustees and is Chair of Peer Review NJDA in Monmouth and Ocean counties. • Dr. Yelena Ostrometskaya completed training in Endodontics at New York University School of Dentistry, and holds professional affiliations in major dental associations. • Dr. Christopher A. Pellicano trained in the surgical operating microscope aided by Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT) and conducted research on CBCT radiation.

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Matt M. Safari, D.D.S. Sally M. Guerrasio, D.M.D. Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry

200 White Rd. Ste. 113, Little Silver, NJ 07739 • 732.842.1155 • THE TINIEST AND MOST ANXIOUS DENTAL PATIENTS ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO VISIT ATLANTIC PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY’S OFFICE thanks to Drs. Matt Safari and Sally Guerrasio’s calming manner, pain-free dentistry, and welcoming environment. Both dentists strive to make children view going to the dentist as positive as possible so they can grow up to be great lifelong dental patients. What sets this pediatric dental office apart is its latest technology, the Solea® laser, often called a miracle for pediatric patients. Drs. Safari and Guerrasio are among the few pediatric dentists in the tri-state area who are extensively trained to use the Solea laser for painless, injection-free dentistry. The Solea laser is a powerful dental laser that replaces the dental drill in the majority of procedures. It causes virtually no pain, vibration, or noise and it can be used for a number of hard and soft tissue procedures, from frenectomies (fixing an infant’s lip or tongue tie) to preparing for cavity removal and more. About 95% of patients complete treatments using the Solea laser without ever having the need for numbing shots.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 46

Drs. Safari and Guerrasio are highly respected and active members of both their professional and personal communities. Dr. Guerrasio and Dr. Safari are both past presidents of the Monmouth-Ocean County Dental Society, which is a component of the New Jersey Dental Association, and they continue to volunteer their time on the board of trustees. The dentists are consistently chosen by peers and patients to receive awards for their exceptional pediatric dentistry and practice. Families appreciate the practice’s open-door philosophy, which encourages caregivers to stay with children during exams and treatment for support and to learn more about their family’s dental health. Visit Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry to see how a gentle dental touch and the Solea laser can keep your kids happy and smiling.

1/23/24 1:20 PM


Justin Ponquinette, D.M.D. Atlantic Oral Surgery Center

21 Gilbert Street N., Tinton Falls, NJ 07701 • 732.747.0993 • DR. JUSTIN PONQUINETTE, A BOARD-CERTIFIED NATUROPATH SPECIALIZING in oral and maxillofacial surgery, is one-of-a-kind in the way he practices oral surgery. He knows that oral health has a great impact on a person’s overall well-being. By embracing the evolving use of homeopathy in healthcare, Dr. Ponquinette and his team use natural, holistic dentistry for accelerated healing and improved patient comfort helping to establish optimal health by supporting the inherent selfhealing process. Through integrative medicine and holistic/biologic dentistry, a revolutionary approach to oral health, the Atlantic Oral surgery team incorporate measures to assuage the recovery period while limiting the need for certain pharmaceuticals particularly considering the ongoing opioid crisis facing our nation. Instead, they use lasers, stem cell therapies, supplementation, and natural remedies to relieve pain, stimulate cell function and repair tissues. In addition, they are now providing Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. In his work with dental implants,

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 47

Dr. Ponquinette now offers ceramic implants as an alternative to the traditional metal implants. Using the most recent advances in dental implant technology, Dr. Ponquinette is able to place single stage implants that do not require a second procedure. He will perform the implant surgery, initial tooth extractions, and bone grafting, if necessary, with the patient’s dentist crafting the permanent prothesis. At Atlantic Oral Surgery, patients are ensured a path to successful and long-lasting treatment through healthier, cutting-edge care in the safest, least toxic way. Dr. Ponquinette earned his doctorate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, N.Y. where he gained knowledge and experience in wisdom tooth extraction, facial trauma, TMJ disorders, and implants among other maxillofacial issues. Call with any questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ponquinette.

1/23/24 1:21 PM


Joseph DiFazio, D.M.D., FACP, FAAMP 107 Monmouth Road, Suite 101, West Long Branch, NJ 07764 • 732.542.0011 MY SPECIALTY IS YOUR SMILE. That is what being a prosthodontist is all about for Dr. Joseph DiFazio. His experience in prosthodontics remains unsurpassed as Dr. DiFazio has restored smiles for over 40 years. Not only is Dr. DiFazio one of roughly 350 maxillofacial prosthodontists worldwide, but he is also one of the few board-certified prosthodontists in the country and the only Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics in the Monmouth/Ocean County area. He’s also a Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists and The American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics. Born and raised in Monmouth County, Dr. DiFazio graduated with honors from the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. He then served as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy Dental Corps at Parris Island, South Carolina, where his passion for prosthodontics was born. Dr. DiFazio continued his studies at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Upon finishing, he returned home to open his prosthodontic practice and accept a clinical faculty position at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, where he continues to teach graduate prosthodontics.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 48

After decades in practice, Dr. DiFazio has taught advanced skills to thousands of dentists around the country and abroad. In 1984, Dr. DiFazio performed Monmouth County’s first implant, and he remains in the lead in dental implantology offering restorative implants, crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and specialized prosthetic care to patients with medical-related, acquired, traumatic, congenital, and developmental facial defects. Dr. DiFazio is consistently recognized for his outstanding service. He was honored with the Private Practice Prosthodontist Award in 2020 by the American College of Prosthodontists and is repeatedly named as a Top Dentist (Prosthodontist) by NJ Magazine and as one of America’s Top Dentists (Prosthodontist) by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. Meet Dr. DiFazio and find out why his patients comment that he always has their best interests at heart when it comes to treatment.

1/23/24 1:21 PM

Progressive Periodontics And Implant Dentistry

1 Industrial Way West, Bldg. C, Eatontown, NJ 07724 • 732.389.3400 3508 US 9, Unit 200, Howell, NJ 07731 • 732.364.2025 • DR. GORDON IS PROUD to be chosen again for this honor. “We have gained a reputation for providing the highest quality, expert care in periodontics and implant dentistry. We treat our patients as if they were part of our family. We honor the trust placed in our office by always striving to achieve the best results and maximizing the patient’s quality of life.” Consistently updating his knowledge in the field of gum treatment and dental implant therapy, Dr. Gordon uses advanced techniques to address simple to complex dental issues. Using 3D Cone Beam computer guided implant therapy to minimally invasive Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation therapy, Dr. Gordon and his professional, dedicated team work on your behalf to deliver optimal esthetic and functional outcomes. He applies his 25+ years of experience to benefit his patients. With offices in Eatontown and Howell, Dr. Gordon has been voted NJ Monthly Magazine Top Dentist for 12 years with 5 star Google/Healthgrade patient reviews. Dr. Gordon is the former Head of Periodontics at Monmouth Medical Center. Visit our website to learn more about the office and schedule your consult visit: drmgordon. com


Marc E. Gordon, D.M.D.

Jennifer Morrison, D.D.S. Morrison Orthodontics

49 Branch Ave., Red Bank, NJ 07701 • 732.741.2042 • PASSIONATE ABOUT PROVIDING EXCEPTIONAL ORTHODONTIC CARE boardcertified Dr. Jennifer Morrison knows that each smile is unique and requires an individualized plan. Dr. Morrison and her dedicated team combine traditional, personalized dentistry with the most revolutionary technologies. Dr. Morrison treats patients with empathy and compassion, making sure they receive “lots of doctor time.” A graduate of New York University College of Dentistry with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Morrison then completed her orthodontic specialty training at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Coming from a military family, Dr. Morrison works with veterans and donates to various charities that support our troops. Morrison Orthodontics offers complimentary consultations and welcomes your inquiries about their list of services.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 49

1/23/24 1:21 PM


Kevin Lang, D.M.D., Eli Halabi, D.M.D., Haim Tawil, D.M.D., M.S. Monmouth-Ocean Orthodontics

1300 NJ-35, Ocean Township, NJ 07712 • 732.531.4700 • THE TEAM AT MONMOUTH-OCEAN ORTHODONTICS are smile perfectionists with a dedication to providing high-quality care. Drs. Tawil, Halabi, and Lang, all University of Pennsylvania alumni, lead the premier, state-of-the-art practice on the Jersey Shore. Dr. Tawil often incorporates myofunctional technique into his orthodontic procedures to improve long-term stability. He is pushing the envelope of skeletal expansion in adults, using Mini Implant Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion to improve crossbites, sleep apnea, and gum problems. Dr. Halabi regularly contributes to the Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics. He has been recognized for his Invisalign status, and his clinical outcomes have caught the attention of the Invisalign CEO Joe Hogan, who paid him a personal visit this year. Dr. Lang has served Monmouth and Ocean counties for 40 years. He is an advocate for early treatment and a member of the American Association of Orthodontics, whose work has been published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.

Dr. Isabel Bastos, Dr. Christopher Garofalo West Long Branch Dental

879 Broadway, West Long Branch, NJ 07764 • 732.795.6858 • • @westlongbranchdental PROVIDING AN ANXIETY-FREE ENVIRONMENT is West Long Branch Dental’s top priority for every single patient. Alongside a dedicated team, Drs. Isabel Bastos and Christopher Garofalo treat patients of all ages to ensure that they have the best experience at the dentist office. “We are very patient with people who have had bad experiences before,” says Dr. Bastos. “We hold their hands and take our time to ensure our patients are comfortable.” The state-of-the-art office does dentistry for the whole family and offers check-up exams and cleanings. West Long Branch Dental’s range of services also include teeth whitening, Invisalign, botox, restorative, periodontal care (gum disease), root canals, and emergency care. Knowing there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, the practice customizes treatments to each individual’s needs. They are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Dr. Bastos earned her DMD degrees in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and later from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Rutgers Dental School). She has been practicing for over 12 years and is passionate about dentistry. Since 2015, she has taught the residents at Monmouth Medical Center’s General Dentistry Residency program. Dr. Garofalo graduated with multiple awards and distinctions after earning his DDS degree from the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University. He completed a General Practice Residency at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, NJ.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 50

1/23/24 1:21 PM

Advanced Dental Arts • NJ Specialty License #3422

225 Highway 35 North, Suite 106, Red Bank, NJ 07701 • 732.741.7333 • DR. ERIC GORDON is focused on delivering healthy attractive smiles for his patients. As a licensed prosthodontic specialist in cosmetic restorative dentistry, Dr. Gordon enhances the appearance and function of teeth through a variety of coordinated disciplines including: dental veneers, crowns, and dental implants. He received his Prosthodontic specialty training at the NYU College Of Dentistry. Additionally, he completed a two-year Fellowship in surgical and restorative implant dentistry at NYU. Dr. Eric Gordon personally provides all the surgical and restorative phases of dental implant treatment in the comfort of his state-of-the-art dental facility, equipped with an on-site lab and the latest Cone Beam imagery. Having all the dental implant procedures delivered in one office, not only makes for convenient scheduling, but also ensures consistently high quality outcomes for his patients.


Eric Gordon, D.M.D.

Dr. Eric Gordon has been an associate clinical professor at NYU and a former chair of prosthodontics at Monmouth Medical Center. He would like to thank his dental colleagues for their continued confidence in his abilities as a leading clinician in advanced dental care.

K.C. Wenning, D.M.D., Charles F. Leone, D.M.D. Cosmetic and General Dentistry

33 Reckless Pl., Red Bank, NJ 07701 • 732.741.1770 • DR. CHARLES LEONE AND DR. K.C. WENNING ARE HONORED TO PRACTICE FAMILY and cosmetic dental care in this community. Generations of patients have put their trust in Drs. Leone and Wenning, many for 30 years. The dentists are also happily accepting new dental patients to the practice. Patients appreciate Drs. Leone and Wenning’s dental expertise that exceeds expectations, as well as their gentle demeanors, compassionate advice, and a dedicated, professional staff that helps them feel well taken care of. One patient, Russell B., says: “Every experience is nothing but pleasant and everyone in the practice knows my family and me by name. Not to mention the endless compliments on my smile from everyone I meet.” Dr. Leone earned his DMD degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He recently graduated from the Center for Implants and Aesthetics, completing a mini-residency in implant dentistry, and is certified in implant surgery. Dr. Wenning received his degree from The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and completed his GP residency at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut. As a team, their state-of-the-art practice provides digital impressions and wellness digital scans for all aspects of dentistry, including general, comprehensive, cosmetic, restorative, Invisalign, Cerec crowns in one day, dental implants, and whitening procedures.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 51

1/25/24 10:22 AM


Christine Henry, DDS, Kate Siegler, DDS, William Lieberman D.D.S., Dena Sapanaro D.D.S. Shore Pediatric Dental

152 Broad St., Red Bank, NJ 07701 • 732.842.5577 273 State Route 34, Suite 707, Colts Neck, NJ 07722 732.462.2223 • FOR OVER 50 YEARS, SHORE PEDIATRIC DENTAL HAS BEEN ENTRUSTED with the oral care needs of children of all ages, a responsibility they aspire to achieve beyond expectations. This commitment to the health of their young patients begins from the moment they walk through the door. Inspired by the book, The Giving Tree, youngsters are immediately welcomed by a large tree incorporated in the center of the waiting area. This whimsical trademark sets the stage for a child’s paradise with bright colors, playful decor, movies streaming and handheld games to engage their minds and ease any fears. Partners and top dentists Christine Henry and Kate Siegler proudly work with their three associates Dr. Dena Sapanaro, Dr. Lexi Zatorski and Dr. William Lieberman, the practice’s founder. Shore Pediatric Dental has two locations, in Red Bank and Colts Neck, to serve families throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties. In addition to general pediatric dentistry, they offer restorative, mild orthodontic procedures and perform frenectomies on infants and children. With an emphasis on prevention, the dentists agree that the best way to approach dentistry when treating children and adolescents is with a kind and conservative approach and by acclimating them to the importance of good oral hygiene as an important component of wellness.

Dr. Ileana Cavanagh Cavanagh Orthodontics

20 White Rd. Ste C, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 • 732.741.5300 • CREATING SMILES WITH A CARING AND PERSONAL TOUCH, Dr. Ileana Cavanagh gives each of her patients a personalized orthodontic experience. Possessing over 25 years of expertise in her field, Dr. Cavanagh meets and connects with all who visit her office and desire a healthy, beautiful smile. “We take our time to understand our patients’ needs and provide the best possible care,” says Dr. Cavanagh. “Every patient can depend on receiving my full attention.” A Shrewsbury native, Dr. Cavanagh attended Shrewsbury Boro School and graduated from Red Bank Catholic High School. She studied at Villanova University, later earning her Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree and completing her orthodontic specialty training at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, now Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. She regularly attends professional conferences and implements technological advancements in her practice. Cavanagh Orthodontics makes orthodontic treatment as convenient and comfortable as possible by using intraoral scanners instead of impressions and offering non-pharmaceutical management of discomfort. Accommodating to all patients’ schedules, Cavanagh Orthodontics also offers virtual consultations and appointments. It is not all shop talk with Dr. Cavanagh — patients familiar with the orthodontist know that she and her husband, Joe, are also beekeepers. “Everyone asks me in the spring, ‘Is your honey available?’” she says. “It’s something that I, and my patients, look forward to.”

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 52

1/23/24 1:21 PM

Marlboro Dental Arts

242 Route 79 N., Suite 7, Morganville, NJ 07751 • 732.817.1100 • FOR OVER TWO DECADES, DR. CHRISTOPHER ROSSI has built a reputation for delivering personalized dentistry in a comfortable and stress free environment. As a result of providing high quality and gentle treatment , Dr. Rossi and his staff are constantly receiving posititve feedback and referals from their patients. Marlboro Dental Arts offers comprehensive general and preventative dentistry to adults and children. Services include dental implant restorations, all porcelain crowns and bridges, root canals, tooth colored fillings and an array of cosmetic procedures.


Christopher Rossi, D.D.S.

Dr. Rossi attended New York University College of Dentistry , completed his residency at Staten Island University Hospital and had training in facial aesthetics from Jersey Shore University Medical Center. He is a member of the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Rossi practices with his wife, Dr. Andrea DiLeo, and together have over 50 years of experience. Both dentists make it a point to get to know their patients on a personal level, and they strive to remain attentive to every patient’s time and schedule.

Dr. Aparna Menon, Dr. Rana Sayroo Newman Springs Dental Care

539 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft, NJ 07738 • 732.876.9396 • ONE-STOP DENTISTRY IN A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT is what patients can expect from Dr. Aparna Menon and Dr. Rana Sayroo at Newman Springs Dental Care. The practice provides patients of all ages with a stress-free experience, offering sedation dentistry for highly anxious individuals. “We cater to highly anxious patients. Patients with dental phobias,” says Dr. Menon. “It is rewarding to be able to treat these patients who have not had pleasant dental experiences in the past, to treat them well, and for them to become our raving fans and refer us to their friends and family.” The woman-owned, women-led practice offers services from general and family dentistry to sedation and cosmetic dentistry. The team of dentists are experts in the areas of restorative dentistry, full-mouth reconstruction, and sleep apnea relief. Patient Deborah R. says: “I am an anxious person when it comes to the dentist, but the staff always make me feel comfortable. They are respectful, friendly and professional.” Dr. Menon graduated from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, formerly the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. The owner of Newman Springs Dental Care, she is trained in cosmetic dentistry and dental implantology. Dr. Sayroo attended the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Drs. Menon and Sayroo both completed their residencies at Monmouth Medical Center.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 53

1/23/24 1:21 PM


Suzanne Quigley, D.M.D.

John Frattellone, D.M.D.

130 Maple Avenue, Suite 2B, Red Bank, NJ 07701 732.741.1355 •

515 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft, NJ 07738 732.842.5915 •

Red Bank Orthodontics

WHEN DR. SUZANNE QUIGLEY, A FOURTHGENERATION RESIDENT OF THE RED BANK AREA, bought the practice what excited her most was to be caring for her local community. Her “one-size fits one-person” philosophy is demonstrated in the holistic approach and individual treatment given to every patient. Having worked in pediatric offices throughout her career, Dr. Quiqley pays close attention to the needs of those patients who have sensitivities and require special attention. The recently renovated office includes technology that exceeds the latest health standards with cleanliness and safety as top priorities for the protection and comfort of patients and staff.

Yana Kozlovsky, D.M.D.

Lincroft Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

DR. JOHN FRATTELLONE BRINGS HIS YEARS OF EXPERTISE to a state-ofthe-art office environment, treating each patient like family. He is the Chief of Oral Surgery at Riverview Medical Center where he performs complex trauma and cancer reconstructions, among many other surgeries. The only thing he finds more rewarding than helping patients is giving back to the community, which is why he is a clinical instructor for the residency programs at both Monmouth and Jersey Shore Medical Centers and has served on the board of directors of CASA for Children.

Samantha Aaron, D.M.D.

Marlboro Pediatric Dentistry

Lincroft Village Dental Care

7 South Main St., Ste G, Marlboro, NJ 07746 • 732.414.6900

9 Middletown-Lincroft Rd., Lincroft, NJ 07738 732.842.5005

DR. YANA KOZLOVSKY, called Dr. Yana by her patients, knows pediatric dentists can shape a young person’s opinion of dentistry and positively influence their dental development. Dr. Yana is committed to making every child’s dental visit positive and safe in her modern office. She provides the best dental care possible—using the latest techniques and state-of-theart equipment. Dr. Yana completed residency in Pediatric Dentistry at Maimonides Medical Center, where she served as a Chief Resident during her final year. Dr. Yana is a board-certified pediatric dentist and received the Richard C. Pugh Achievement Award for outstanding performance on the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry examination.

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 54

DR. SAMANTHA AARON IS A BOARD-CERTIFIED PERIODONTIST who’s been honored multiple times as a Top Dentist. She works closely with restorative dentists as an in-house specialist and is continuously cited for her top-quality service and ability to put patients at ease. She is on the forefront of new developments and technologies in the periodontal field and is passionate about restoring health to her patients suffering from periodontal disease with predictable, detail-oriented, and esthetically optimal treatment backed by proven research.

1/23/24 1:21 PM


Wayne A. Aldredge, D.M.D. Holmdel Periodontics & Implant Dentistry 999 Palmer Ave., Ste. 1 Holmdel, NJ 07733 732.671.7100 •


DR. WAYNE A. ALDREDGE IS AN INTERNATIONALLYRECOGNIZED, BOARDCERTIFIED PERIODONTIST AND DENTAL IMPLANT SURGEON He served president of the American Academy of Periodontology. Trusted by patients for effective treatment of gum disease and for secure implant placement, Dr. Aldredge handles all periodontal disease, including gum recession and regrowing gum and bone tissue. 98% of patients would recommend him.




“I feel that contributing to the health of the community is a way of giving back, an ideal I was raised with,” the Army veteran said. “My greatest wish is to see everyone healthy and able to chew and smile for a lifetime.”


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Wainscot_Digital_1.2H.indd 1

TopDentists_Monmouth_SS_0124.indd 55

4/18/23 11:21 AM

1/23/24 1:21 PM

From Luxury walk-in closets to heavy-duty garage storage solutions, meet all your style and organization needs with our family-owned and operated team. Transform any room in your home now with 40% off plus FREE installation!*

Closets | Pantries | Mudrooms Garages | Entertainment Spaces Office Solutions and more!

(*1500 minimum after 40% discount applied. Consultation must be scheduled by 2/16/24 to qualify for discount.)


2024 Consumer Home A Realtor Has the Key.pdf



3:53 PM

allaboutclosets_1-2h_0124_final.indd 1









1/16/24 2:11 PM


Home. A Realtor® is the key. Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but New Jersey Realtors® are the key to a successful homeownership journey. Not all real estate agents are Realtors®. • Realtors® have access to proprietary data and education. • Are the leading industry experts. • Possess the knowledge to guide you through any market. When it comes to buying, selling, or renting in New Jersey—use a New Jersey Realtor®.

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We know Jersey.

1/23/24 9:49 AM


Where To Eat

Getting three squares a day has never been easier—Monmouth County is home to a selection of restaurants diverse enough to satisfy all of your cravings. Harborside Grill 40 First Ave. 732.291.0066

Federico’s 700 Main St. 732.681.6936

Kunya Siam Thai Restaurant 99 First Ave. 732.291.2397

La Dolce Vita 400 Ocean Ave. 732.749.3177

AVON-BY-THE-SEA Clementine’s 306 Main St. 732.988.7979 Seed to Sprout 410 Main St. 732.774.7333 BELFORD Belford Bistro 870 Main St. 732.495.8151 Naples Pizzeria 872 Main St. 732.787.9479 BELMAR 10th Ave. Burrito Co. 801 Belmar Plz. 732.280.1515

Pascal & Sabine, Asbury Park

ASBURY PARK Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten 527 Lake Ave. 732.997.8767 Cubacan Bar & Restaurant 800 Ocean Ave. N. 732.774.3007

Robinson Ale House 1200 Ocean Ave. N. 732.774.1400 therobinsonalehouse

Moonstruck 517 Lake Ave. 732.988.0123 Pascal & Sabine 601 Bangs Ave. 732.774.3395 Porta 911 Kingsley St. 732.776.7661

Stella Marina Restaurant & Bar 800 Ocean Ave. 732.775.7776


MON.0224 wte.indd 57

Taka 660 Cookman Ave. 732.775.1020


Talula’s 550 Cookman Ave. 732.455.3003 ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Copper Canyon 51 First Ave. 732.291.8444

Anchor Tavern 713 Main St. 732.280.2266 Boathouse Bar & Grill 1309 Main St. 732.681.5221 Brandl 703 Belmar Plz. 732.280.7501

Simply Southern 817 Belmar Plz. 732.243.9259 simplysouthern BRADLEY BEACH The Buttered Biscuit 700 Main St. 732.807.4069 thebutteredbiscuit The Elbow Room 416 Main St. 732.898.6860 BRIELLE Due Amici 420 Higgins Ave. 732.528.0666 La Mondina 110 Union Ave. 732.612.8331 The Pig And Parrot Sandbar 201 Union Ln. 732.528.7750 Shipwreck Grill 720 Ashley Ave. 732.292.9380 Waterman’s Tavern 403 Higgins Ave. 732.722.8978

Photo courtesy of Pascal & Sabine

On The Deck 10 Simon Lake Dr. 732.872.1424


1/22/24 9:07 AM

ON THE TOWN EATONTOWN All Seasons Restaurant 176 Wyckoff Rd. 732.542.9462 ENGLISHTOWN Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina 180 Rte. 9 732.617.0099 FREEHOLD 618 Restaurant 618 Park Ave. 732.577.0001 Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro 30 E. Main St. 732.333.0933 Court Jester 16 E. Main St. 732.462.1040 El Meson 40 W. Main St. 732.308.9494 Federici’s Family Restaurant 14 E. Main St. 732.462.1312 Metropolitan Cafe 8 E. Main St. 732.780.9400 Tommy’s Tavern + Tap 3492 Rte. 9 732.543.0053 Tre Pizza Pasta Beer Garden 611 Park Ave. 732.751.4422 HAZLET Neil Michael’s Steakhouse 1104 Rte. 36 732.217.3626 neilmichaelsteak

Yesterday’s Restaurant 3153 Rte. 35 732.264.3777 HIGHLANDS Bahrs Landing 2 Bay Ave. 732.872.1245 Proving Ground 56 Shrewsbury Ave. 732.872.2266 KEYPORT Drew’s Bayshore Bistro 25 Church St. 732.739.9219 Palumbo’s 24 Ayers Ln. 732.842.5505 LONG BRANCH 21 A On Broadway 202 Broadway 732.483.6967

MANALAPAN Anemos Greek Cuisine 333 Rte. 9 732.414.6590 Cholula Restaurant 24 Wilson Ave. 732.786.0080 cholularestaurant

The Salty Whale And Guesthouse 390 E. Main St. 732.592.3344

Manalapan Diner 48 Rte. 9 732.462.7165

Squan Tavern 15 Broad St. 732.223.3324

Nonna’s Citi Cucina 190 Rte. 9 N. 732.536.9050

MATAWAN Buttonwood Manor 845 Rte. 34 N.

Peking Pavilion 110 Rte. 33 732.308.9700

MIDDLETOWN Lubranos 36 26 Rte. 36 732.769.2899 MJ’s Restaurant Bar & Grill 1005 Rte. 35 732.796.1400 Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine 1178 Rte. 35 S. 732.671.8900 NEPTUNE Il Posto 1129 Fifth Ave. 732.775.4823

Molinari’s 312 W. Sylvania Ave. 732.775.7733 Pete & Elda’s 93 Summit Ave. 732.774.6010 OCEAN Cafe 28 835 W. Park Ave. 732.933.1400 Illiano’s 933 W. Park Ave. 732.493.2003 Piccola Italia 837 W. Park Ave. 732.493.3090

Avenue 23 Ocean Ave. 732.759.2900 Charley’s Ocean Grill 29 Avenel Blvd. 732.222.4499 Mar Belo 611 Broadway 732.870.2222 McLoone’s Pier House 1 Ocean Ave. N. 732.923.1006 Rooney’s Oceanfront 100 Ocean Ave. N. 732.870.1200 Sirena Ristorante 27 Ocean Ave. N. 732.222.1119 Tuzzio’s 224 Westwood Ave. 732.222.9614

*Editor’s note—Patrons are encouraged to confirm individual restaurant hours as well as policies regarding reservations and curbside service.

Neil Michael’s Steakhouse, Hazlet


MON.0224 wte.indd 58

MANASQUAN Blend On Main 390 E. Main St. 732.223.0030 Harpoon Willy’s 2655 River Rd. 732.223.8880



1/23/24 2:48 PM

B2 Bistro + Bar 141 Shrewsbury Ave. 732.268.8555 Catch 19 19 Broad St. 732.268.8543 Char Steakhouse 33 Broad St. 732.450.2427 Danny’s 11 Bridge Ave. 732.741.6900 JBJ Soul Kitchen 207 Monmouth St. 732.842.0900 Juanito’s Restaurant 159 Monmouth St. 732.747.9118 Kitch Organic 75 Leighton Ave. 732.471.5400 Molly Pitcher Inn 88 Riverside Ave. 732.747.2500 Muang Thai Restaurant 7 E. Front St. 732.741.9999 Nicholas Barrel & Roost 160 Rte. 35 S. 732.345.9977

Patrizia’s 28 Broad St. 732.741.5555 Pazzo MMX 141 W. Front St. 732.747.4551 Teak 64 Monmouth St. 732.747.5775 Via 45 45 Broad St. 732.450.9945 RUMSON Barnacle Bill’s 1 First St. 732.747.8396 barnaclebills Giorgia 102 Ave. of Two Rivers 732.741.3880 Salt Creek Grille 4 Bingham Ave. 732.933.9272 Surf 132 E. River Rd. 732.530.6590 Undici 11 W. River Rd. 732.842.3880

Surf BBQ, Rumson Tommy’s Tavern + Tap 1030 Ocean Ave. 732.842.5044

SEA BRIGHT Anjelica’s 1070 Ocean Ave. 732.842.2800

SEA GIRT Fratello’s 810 The Plaza 732.974.8833

Eventide Grille 1400 Ocean Ave. N. 732.530.1414 The Rum Runner 816 Ocean Ave. 732.842.2894

MON.0224 wte.indd 59

D’jeet 637 Broad St. 732.224.8887 SPRING LAKE Arugula 306 Morris Ave. 732.974.2800

SHREWSBURY Americana Diner 1160 Rte. 35 S. 732.542.1658


Bayroot 555 Shrewsbury Ave. 732.747.3444

Bareli’s By The Sea 1505 Ocean Ave. N. 732.769.5700


Spring Lake Tap House 810 Rte. 71 732.282.1530

WALL Meemom’s 1825 Rte. 35 732.359.8544

St. Stephen’s Green Publick House 2031 Rte. 71 732.449.2626

Mossuto’s Market & Cafe 2029 Rte. 35 S. 732.449.8058

Whispers 200 Monmouth Ave. 732.974.9755

Shogun Legends 1969 Rte. 34 732.449.6696

Photos courtesy of Neil Michael’s Steakhouse, Surf BBQ

RED BANK Birravino 183 Riverside Ave. 732.842.5990


1/23/24 2:48 PM


Dine Like A Sultan In a pinch, fast-food and chain restaurants can satisfy hungry tummies—especially when the owners of those tummies have worked up an appetite browsing a local shopping center. But sometimes you want more than burgers, pizza or tacos. Oh, were we treated to more at Freehold Raceway Mall. A friend and I capped a day spent at the bustling mall by grabbing a table inside Marmara Mediterranean Cuisine. The restaurant recently opened across from Old Navy, taking over the space formerly occupied by Ruby Tuesday. I’ll admit, however, that I was a bit skeptical: Just how good could a mall restaurant be? At first glance, the setting and menu offerings provided a glimpse into the ambiance and quality of the establishment. The dimly lit interior created an intimate vibe, while the extensive wine list and mix of traditional and creative Turkish dishes indicated a skilled kitchen. We started with a pair of appetizers, grilled calamari and carrot tarator. When we first asked for calamari, our friendly server, Baran, confirmed we wanted the squid prepared on the grill instead of the fryer. It was a reasonable inquiry considering the widespread popularity of the deep-fried version, and we verified that he’d heard us correctly. The grilled squid didn’t disappoint. Full of flavor and cooked to perfection, it was delicious on its own but just as delectable when forked with the accompanying vegetables or dipped in the chef ’s special sauce: a yogurt-based tartar sauce. Our second starter was just as memorable, consisting of sauteed carrots, labneh, dill, garlic and other spices. Though it didn’t look like what we had envisioned (it had a coleslaw-like appearance), it tasted as good as any cold app can get. The combo of sweet and savory hit every taste bud, especially when the mixture was spread on fresh pita chips. Having consumed every last bite of our appetizers, my friend and I eagerly awaited our entrées. Before I could order my hünkar begendi (aka Sultan’s Delight), Baran wanted to ensure that I pronounced it correctly. My

MARMARA MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE 3710 Rte. 9, Freehold, 732.808.2727;


MON.0224 restaurant rev.indd 60


first attempt wasn’t far off, but he taught me to say it just right—he spoke not in a patronizing manner, but in a welcomed effort to share his culture. In addition to the language lesson, I received the classic Turkish dish made with cubes of lamb served over a bed of roasted eggplant and a sharp goat’s milk cheese. Though I used a fork to shovel the meat into my mouth, I also scooped a few bites using the table bread. My friend, meanwhile, had an easier time ordering the Marmara Mediterranean salad with salmon on the side. The salad came with a healthy mix of greens, arugula, tomatoes, olives, sharp halloumi cheese and much more. The olive oil dressing was light and didn’t flood the veggies, and it also gave needed zest to the otherwise lackluster salmon accompaniment. Despite having a name that can be traced back to a Persian emperor, I’ve never been treated like royalty—until this trip to Marmara. Baran informed us that our dessert, kunefe, would take an extra 10 minutes to reach our table because it was being prepared fresh. (Marmara also offers a full list of desserts that can be served immediately.) When he finally arrived with the dish, he presented a sizable plate holding the sweet spun pastry layered with pistachio and Turkish cheese. Instead of letting us cut into it, Baran sliced two perfect triangles from the dish and neatly placed them in front of us. He then scooped some of the warm, syrup-soaked pastry off the main plate and politely fed it to me. At that moment, I felt like King Darius. The dessert itself is a must for anyone dining in and craving something sweet to end the meal. The impeccable service didn’t end there. After my friend and I finished our tea and coffee (I also received a cube of sweet Turkish delight), respectively, Baran held open my overcoat so I could ease into it. The staff ’s gestures together with the kitchen’s diverse and wonderful food make up the perfect tapestry of Mediterranean culture and flavor—and they’re reasons I will be returning to the mall and Marmara. —Darius Amos

Photos by Darius Amos

Where would you go to sample rich Turkish flavors and receive royal treatment? Why, a mall, of course!


1/22/24 9:08 AM

American Cuisine with a Mediterranean fusion. Happy Hour Tuesday - Thursday: 4pm - 6pm Friday: 3pm - 6pm | Sunday: 4pm - 6pm

Live Jazz Friday and Saturday nights 202 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ, 07740 732.483.6967 |

21Broad_1-2H_0224_v3.indd 1

1/23/24 9:30 AM

DESIGN CABINETRY COUNTERTOPS FLOORING Installation & Financing* Available. Appointments Recommended. Lakewood Point Pleasant Beach Manahawkin Shrewsbury 732-795-6200 WOODHAVENLUMBER.COM *Subject to credit approval. Ask for details. Conditions may apply.

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1/24/24 8:31 AM


Be There

From comedy shows and concerts to 5Ks and festivals— there’s something for everyone this season in Monmouth. THROUGH FEB. 11 Venture into the jungle and into your own imagination at THE JUNGLE BOOK, the new ballet at Axelrod Performing Arts Center in Deal. This collaboration between classical Indian dance teacher Sudha Shekhar Devulapalli and Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater Director Gabriel Chajnik mixes contemporary dance with the classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam to create a new vision of Rudyard Kipling’s stories. Ticket prices and showtimes can be found at THROUGH FEB. 25 You loved the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and now you can watch THE SCARLET LETTER on stage at Two River Theater in Red Bank. Adapted by NYC-based playwright Kate Hamill and directed by Shelley Butler, the story showcases the “strength of a woman who will not let rules of an unjust society define her,” the theater describes. Various showtimes are offered. For a complete schedule and tickets, visit FEB. 10 Brave the cold for a good cause at the CUPID’S CHASE 5K in Lake Como, a race to raise money for Community Options, a nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of people with disabilities. This event is family friendly and fully accessible to both mobility devices and strollers, and all pets are welcome as long as they’re leashed. Fun giveaways will be available for all participants, and the top three finishers will be awarded trophies. Check-in starts at 8:30 a.m., and the race begins at 10. For more information and registration info, check out the Cupid’s Chase 5K Lake Como page at FEB. 16 Enjoy a tribute to the Queen of Soul with New Jersey Symphony as it presents RESPECT: A TRIBUTE TO ARETHA FRANKLIN at 8 p.m. in Red Bank’s Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre. Symphony favorite Capathia Jenkins and threetime Grammy Award-nominee Ryan Shaw team up to perform Franklin’s hits like “Respect,” “Think,” “A Natural Woman” and more like you’ve never heard them before. Ticket prices and other information can be found at

MARCH 3 It’s time to go green—for St. Paddy’s Day! The annual BELMAR LAKE COMO ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE kicks off at 12:30 a.m. from Main Street and 22nd Avenue in Lake Como and continues along Main Street to 6th Avenue in Belmar. Spectators can line up along the route for free—but arrive early for the best viewing location. Visit to find out more.

FEB. 18 Getting ready to tie the knot? Head over to the MONMOUTH COUNTY WEDDING EXPO, 1 to 4 p.m. at the Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport. This free show features everything from venues and honeymoon packages to makeup artists and photographers, all tapped into the newest trends for your big day. Whether you’re just staring the planning phase or putting the finishing touches on your ceremony, this showcase has something to offer MARCH 14-15 for everyone. If you’re ready to say, “I Do,” head over to Cultivating creativity is the name of the game to find more information. at the MONMOUTH ARTS TEEN ARTS FESTIVAL, held at Brookdale Community College. Participants ages 13 to 19 years old can experience professional art critiques, fun and interactive cross-disciplinary workshops, peer performances and exhibitions at this two-day festival. This year’s theme is “art without limits,” which encourages self-expression without FEB. 23 fear of criticism or judgment. For a detailed Ready for a laugh? Comedian GARY GULMAN stops schedule and registration fees, head over to by The Vogel at the Count Basie Center for the Arts for two performances, 7 and 9:30 p.m. Known for his HBO specials and, most recently, for co-starring in the hit Hulu comedy series Life & Beth with Amy Schumer, Gulman MARCH 19 delivers standup related to his debut book, Misfit: Whether you’re just starting out or looking to Growing Up Awkward in the ’80s. Find more information sharpen your skills, SCULPTURE AND WHEEL at THROWING 1&2 at FEB. 24–MARCH 3 Add a little thrill to winter and watch Stephen King’s MISERY on the Algonquin Arts Theatre’s stage in Manasquan. The show, which is based on King’s novel and first brought to life in the film starring Kathy Bates and James Caan, tells the story of a novelist who wakes up in the home of his biggest fan. Showtimes vary. Head to for tickets and more information.


MON.0224 Be There.indd 62


Inspired Minds Fine Art School in Brielle is a great way to engage with art and learn something new. Sign up to learn about how clay, papier-mâché and found objects can come together to create amazing pieces of art. For sign-ups and fees, go to

*Editor’s note: All events are subject to cancellations or changes. Attendees are encouraged to confirm dates and times with organizers and venues.


1/22/24 9:09 AM

Gatherings Monmouth residents always show up to support their friends and neighbors— especially when help is needed most. 1


1 3


5 1. JERSEY SHORE MASTERS SWIM The Jersey Shore Masters Swim: Asbury Park/Long Branch held its annual New Year’s Eve Fundraiser: 75x100/75x50. The weekend event raised more than $900 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County. 1. Swimmers get ready to participate in the fundraiser event.

2. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Friends and relatives of Habitat for Humanity’s newest partner family teamed up with volunteers from Colts Neck Reformed Church to work on project home. One of the jobs was to paint the interior of the partner family’s new home. 2. Volunteers gather for a photo before they work on the house.

3. TRINITY HALL As part of Senior Service Day, Trinity Hall’s Class of 2024 visited Rising Treetops at Oakhurst, an organization that inspires confidence and joy in those with special needs. One of the students’ projects was to paint murals on the center’s walls. 3. Trinity Hall students show off one of their murals.


MON.0224.gatherings.indd 63


4. FULFILL Fulfill food pantry received a grant to support its backpack program. The funding was part of the Dunkin’ Joy In Childhood Foundation‘s Give Joy to Kids Restaurant fundraiser. 4. Fulfill and Dunkin’ representatives, including mascot Cuppy, at the donation presentation.

5. MONMOUTH SPCA Monmouth SPCA held its annual MCSPCA Polar Plunge fundraiser. The event at D’Jais Belmar attracted more than 400 people and pets and raised more than $120,000. Funding supports the SPCA programs and care for animals. 5. Polar Plunge participants get ready to brave the cold.

6. UNITED WAY OF MONMOUTH AND OCEAN COUNTIES The United Way collected new and gently used coats during its recent drive. Coats were donated to area children in need for use throughout the chilly season. 6. Volunteers at the coat collection drive

Jersey Shore Masters Swim (1), Habitat for Humanity (2), Trinity Hall (3), Fulfill (4), Monmouth SPCA (5), United Way (6)



1/22/24 9:00 AM


—Eddie Lee, Monmouth County

Send us your Monmouth Moment! Email your photo and a short description to

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MON.0224.moment.indd 64


Photo courtesy of Eddie Lee; Instagram: @elee21_photography

On some days, still waters of the Manasquan Reservoir can be the perfect place to step back from our busy lives. This shot by photographer Eddie Lee, with the sky and landscape reflecting off the calm water, is about perspective. “The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.”


1/23/24 2:47 PM

Get More Out of Your Mammo Are you getting the most out of your mammogram? You will with Mammo&More at the Star and Barry Tobias Women’s Health Center at CentraState. Mammo&More adds more benefits to your routine breast screening including: • More accuracy with 3D technology • More information with a comprehensive breast cancer risk assessment • More protection with personalized monitoring plans for high-risk individuals • More convenience—no prescription required for routine mammograms To make an appointment or learn more: 866-CENTRA7

Mammo_and_More_BERGEN_Magazine_9x10.875_RD1.indd 1 Untitled-2 1 Untitled-1

1/17/24 11:21 AM 1/17/24 1/23/24 12:19 9:50 AM PM

Untitled-1 1

1/23/24 9:50 AM

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