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Best Italian Fashions



Maserati’s New GranTurismo Convertible

Maserati GT

How Sean Connery Got To Be Bond


Nick Faldo’s Beguiling Irish Greens Triumph T-Bird: Power To Spare

Sportswear by Sand TRIUMPH T-BIRD



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The COOL EFFECT Fabric reflects the sun’s rays


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BOSS Black

HUGO BOSS FASHIONS INC. Phone +1 212 940 0600

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The Sporting Life Golf is just one of the pleasures at Lough Erne, a new world-class resort in Northern Ireland.

features Seduction on Wheels



The Maserati GranTurismo delivers it all: Pininfarina looks, performance, comfort and the throatiest engine on the road. ~-~ ~-~


M Penner Stories

Six loyal M Penner shoppers tell what they find here—and why they keep coming back. ~-~ ~-~


And They’re Off! This season’s fresh, exuberant styles are sure bets for looking your best. ~-~ ~-~



Malt Complex and beautifully balanced, Redbreast is proof that the best Irish whiskey is among the best whiskey anywhere.


Finishing Touch The bright stuff is the right stuff, at the racetrack and everywhere this season.


Clean Getaway

These luxury bathrooms provide their owners with the perfect private retreat. ~-~ ~-~


T-Bird Rising A British-built motorcycle with American styling, the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird is an instant classic in the cruiser category. ~-~ ~-


departments Invitation to Style Ahhh, spring!





Wear your school pride on your sleeve with collegiate cufflinks.


The M Penner Guide The coolest rides in Houston … Zegna turns 100. … Prep with a French flair … Playing house with fine furniture … Standout seafood at Eddie V’s … and more!


Stephen’s Selects The season’s must-haves, hand-picked by M Penner’s Women’s Boutique Fashion Director


Essentials for Men Shirts that fit perfectly and shoes for putting your best foot forward



Søren Sand The Danish designer on his worldly approach to lifestyle fashion



Sean Connery

Viva Italia! Cutting-edge fashion and enduring beauty on a trip to where style is born

The man who made Bond famous is proof that clothes do make the man, and that urbanity can be acquired.

Elements of Style

Service Directory

The anatomy of a wellmade suit

Your guide to the amenities of the M Penner experience





Cover: Magen wears an Audrey Talbott jacquard printed convertible dress/skirt. David wears an Ermenegildo Zegna suit, shirt, tie and pocket square. Lamborghini from Houston Motor Club. Photographed at Sam Houston Race Park by Fulton Davenport.





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8 3873287: 3271:2 3$ 1:3$ 51.3$ 5+.2 5+8 .26+87262871627& 122  &102  &02 0


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{ invitation to style }

1180-06 UPTOWN PARK BLVD., HOUSTON, TX 77056 713.527.8200

Store Hours MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. THURSDAY: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. SATURDAY: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Editorial Director KAREN PENNER



Editor & Publisher Creative Director Art Director

After one of the coldest and gloomiest winters in Houston history, it’s


S T E P H E N M . V I TA R B O

Contributing Editors


J U L I A C . I R E L A N D , T I M O T H Y K E L L E Y, L E E

so exciting to see all the stunning


flowers and vibrant foliage burst

E V E R E T T P O T T E R , PA U L R O G E R S

forth in our wonderful city! Inside our

Contributing Photographers

store, too, you can see and feel the


excitement, as bright colors abound

Art Associate


Art Assistant


this season in the fashion world. Our favorite escape this past

Corporate Editorial Director

winter was to Italy. M Penner is proud to have been one of 17 specialty stores from the U.S.


The gang’s all here (left to right): Butch Layne, Stephen Skoda, Belinda Hillhouse, Whitney Wiggins and Cody Sever.

invited as special guests of Esquire Magazine and the Italian Trade Commission for an exclusive insider’s Sneak


view of fashion week in Italy. On pages 22–23, you’ll share some of our favorite moments as we looked for fabulous new merchandise for you and immersed ourselves in Italian lifestyle and culture. Back home, we knew we had the makings of a terrific spring

Senior Advertising Account Executive JODI LASALA Advertising Account Executive S T E P H A N I E S TA I A N O Regional Sales Director DOUGLAS C. BARKER Advertising Sales Assistant S A B A K A H N

us the green light and Houston Motor Club agreed to let us use their

Production Director C H R I S T I N E H A M E L

coveted cars as props. We had a blast with photographer Fulton

Advertising Services Director THOMAS RAGUSA

day at the races. “And They’re Off!” begins on page 55. If you haven’t

Senior Art Director, Agency Services KIJOO KIM

visited Sam Houston Race Park, we hope our photo feature will inspire

Marketing Manager A N D R E A S T R E I S F E L D

you to take the drive and enjoy a summer concert, watch some good old horse racing, or have a great office party. An exciting addition to our magazine this season is the series we see page 20

Associate Publisher SHAE MARCUS

photo shoot when Sam Houston Race Park, our top-pick location, gave

Davenport, who helped us stage our light-hearted interpretation of a

Flower Power

Publishing Staff

Accounting A G N E S A LV E S , J E S S I C A S O L L O WAY

Published by

call “M Penner Stories.” Beginning on page 49, you’ll meet six devoted

Chairman C A R R O L L V. D O W D E N

customers who show off their style and explain how our store fits into

President M A R K D O W D E N

their busy lives.

Executive Vice President DEBORAH JONES BARROW

And, speaking of wonderful people, we are proud to dedicate this issue of M PENNER Magazine to our incredibly talented sales staff—Belinda Hillhouse, Butch Lane, Cody Sever, Stephen Skoda and Whitney Wiggins. Without their dedication, skill and good humor, we would not have made it through a very challenging year. We all look forward to seeing you soon at the store.

Vice Presidents A M Y A . D O W D E N , N I G E L E D E L S H A I N , R I TA G U A R N A , SHANNON STEITZ Circulation Director L A U R E N M E N A

M PENNER Magazine is published twice a year by Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale,NJ 07645, in association with M Penner. This is volume 8, number 1. Copyright © 2010 by Wainscot Media, LLC.

Tie one on!

see page 16

All rights reserved.


Editorial Contributions: Write to Editor, M PENNER, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645; telephone 201.782.5730; email The magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited submissions. Subscription Services: To change an address or request a subscription, write to Subscriptions, M PENNER, Circulation Department, PO Box 1788, Land O Lakes, FL 34639; telephone 813.996.6579; email Advertising Inquiries: Contact Shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or




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Authentic denim. Handcrafted in California

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{ the

m penner guide } Zegna at 100

Mercedes goes green Want to drive a Big Benz, but still be green? Meet the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid, the world’s first massproduction car with a lithium ion battery. Known as a mild-hybrid, the S400 boosts fuel efficiency with the assistance of the battery-powered electric motor. The EPA rating for the car is 19 mpg in the city and 26 on the highway. When tested the S400 on a 150mile jaunt in Southern Germany, they managed an impressive 29.3 mpg, and that included some stretches on the Autobahn where they let the Benz rip at more than 100 mph. The other green aspect of the car is its top-rated carbon emissions profile, which includes zero emissions at standstill because the engine stops automatically. Weighing only 120 lbs. more than the standard S-Class sedan, the S400 Hybrid offers comparable handling and sure-footedness, with no compromise in cabin volume or cargo space. For a test drive, contact Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land at 281-207-1500;

As Ermenegildo Zegna celebrates its centennial, the brand’s luster only grows. Zegna is continually pushing the boundaries of fabric technology. And then there is the marvelous clothing itself, with its elegant marriage of traditional tailoring and contemporary Italian styling. For ready-to-wear, made-tomeasure and couture, M Penner—one of the first stores to represent Zegna in the U.S.—is proud to be Houston’s source for the best Zegna has to offer.

THE MUST-HAVE HANDBAG The identities of George, Gina and Lucy remain a mystery, but the appeal of these whimsical handbags is anything but. This German accessories label, launched just six years ago, quickly became the obsession of young European fashionistas. Now the line is gracing the arms of Hollywood starlets and as well as the shelves of high-end boutiques. Constructed from a variety of materials—including leather, silk, nylon and canvas—the bags are the ultimate combination of fashionable and functional. They have signature oversized clasps and zippers, and each bag comes equipped with a multitude of pockets and compartments. With adorably quirkly names like Little Sushi and Mos Cowgirl, and vivid colors (like Bubblegum Shrimp and Love Ender purple), these handbags erase the line between cute and practical. Check out the selection at our store.





4/28/10 4:27:39 PM

{ the

m penner guide} Stone love


“I love designing for spring and summer because the colors are so bright, juicy and fresh,” says jewelry designer Carol Lipworth, known for her exquisite, handmade pieces. Lipworth’s spring/summer collection showcases her uncanny ability to beautifully combine colors, shapes and stones in a way that’s both refined and evocative of the natural world. “This season’s palette, with turquoise and ocean blues, bright greens, hot corals, pinks and reds, takes me back to my years living in Costa Rica,” she says. With their organic shapes and unique stones, Lipworth’s works, like the necklace shown here, are definitely statement jewelry—and the statement is that life is good indeed. Visit our store to pick out your own unique piece.




Le Prep, C’est Chic PREPPY, SEXY, FRENCH—these describe Vicomte A. to, well, a T. The bright, outdoorsy

line is the brainchild of Arthur de Soultrait (source of the initial “A” in the brand’s title), who first made his mark at age 23 by creating ties for the French delegation vying to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Continuing in a sport-related vein, he created a line of polos, shorts, swimsuits and golf shirts suitable for the active young aristocrat. Vicomte A. has since expanded to include women’s wear (the polo shirt-inspired dress with a deep V neck is a must) and accessories. The line is designed, Soultrait says, for “the lifestyle of its patrons—the sophisticated, stylish and worldly individual.” With anchor stores in Paris and Palm Beach, Vicomte A. is also available at M Penner.

Incotex, maker of luxurious men’s trousers, is an Italy-based line that’s focused squarely on the American market. “To start, the customer in the U.S. has a different body than the one in Europe or Asia—generally bigger and taller. We had to completely change the trouser pattern to make it comfortable for our U.S. customer,” says Emilio Paschetto, director of sales for North America for Incotex parent company Slowear. “Even the fabrics we use are different—softer and lighter.” These fabrics include pin corduroys, exclusive lightweight wools and ice gabardine. For all their focus on materials and fit, Incotex pants don’t neglect style. “We try to be brave and not be boring with cotton, so we offer fancy colors like pink, light green, French blue, violet and burgundy,” Paschetto says. “Often it’s the brightest colors that sell the best, because this is what our customers want—they already have lots of our trousers in stone and khaki.” And who’s buying these light, bright and supercomfortable pants? “Our starting client is maybe around 28, moving up in the world,” says Paschetto. “Or our customer could be 65, with a healthy life, very active. All our customers tend to be cultured and well-traveled.” Whatever the age, Paschetto maintains, “once he’s buying us, he doesn’t go back to other lines.” Try the spring collection of Incotex trousers for yourself at M Penner.

SAVE THE DATES: fashionista fêtes M Penner is proud to participate in these worthy events: JUNE 1: PINK NIGHT OUT 2 to benefit the Pink Ribbons Project, a group dedicated to helping those touched by breast cancer. A cocktail party and fashion show at the Hotel Sorella, followed by a screening of Sex and the City 2 and an unofficial “Carrie On” after-party. Visit SEPTEMBER 10: WINE, WOMEN & SHOES, a glorious mix of shopping and wine-tasting at the Parador, to benefit All the Way Home, a nonprofit for victims of domestic violence. Visit

SUMMER 2010 12

4/29/10 10:10:05 AM

At Jaguar Houston Central, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re dedicated to providing the best automotive experience possible. For stunning results, take the road to Jaguar Houston Central, easily accessible from every corner of the Houston area. The all new 2011 Jaguar XJ, arriving this Spring. Jaguar Houston Central 7019 Old Katy Road, Houston, TX 77024 Phone: (713) 293-6000

HoustonJaguar_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 11:56:46 AM

{ the

m penner guide} FUN WITH FURNITURE

High-end rental furniture can come in handy in a variety of ways. Perhaps you’re renting an apartment temporarily but want that homey feel, or you’re still experimenting with your style. Maybe you’re setting up a short-term office that needs to look professional and substantial. Or you’ve already moved out, but need a few rooms “staged” with luxury rental furniture to entice buyers. In any of these situations, renting furniture is a smart alternative to buying. So, who you gonna call? In Houston, that would be Hoffer Furniture Rental, the largest store of its kind in the world. Their consultants have seen it all and can guide you from design through delivery. For more than 30 years, the company has provided temporary furniture solutions for homes and offices, from curio cabinets to credenzas, recliners to refrigerators. Check out and see if they’ve got the right stuff for you.

THE A-to-Z LIST M Penner features more than 50 designer brands under one roof. See if you don’t find your favorites in our list below. Then stop by the store for a shopping experience you’ll love. Agave Denim AG Jeans An Ren Angelo Nardelli The Art of Shaving Audrey Talbott Autumn Cashmere Beija Flor Belvest Boglioli Canali Carol Lipworth Designs Cino Craig Taylor D. Exterior David Lerner Donald J. Pliner Elaine Turner Ermenegildo Zegna Eton Etro Eye Bobs Farinaz Finley Flavio Castellani Geoff Nicholson Georg Roth George Gina & Lucy Gravati Hale Bob Hanro Hiltl Hugo Boss Ike Behar Incotex Eyebobs Indies Jet Lag Jack Victor John Varvatos Julie Peak Kowboys Julia Easley Rivamonti




Luciano Barbera Luigi Bianchi Mabro Magnani Marc Aurel Martin Dingman Maui Jim Mazon Michael Toschi Moore & Giles Nicole Miller Pantherella Paul Smith Peace of Cloth Rivamonti Robert Barakett Robert Talbott Rodika Zanian Sand Schumacher Scott Kay Shirt by Shirt Strenesse Suzi Roher Tailor Vintage V.K. Nagrani Versace Vicomte A Vilebrequin W. Kleinberg Wurkin Stiffs Zanella Zenfari

DRIVE, WE SAID Houston Motor Club was built around your desire to drive your dream car. The private club gives members the keys— literally—to a stunning collection of the world’s most-wanted vehicles. For a one-time membership fee and monthly dues, you could find yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley or Lamborghini—at a fraction of the cost of ownership, and with none of the hassles of storage, maintenance or depreciation. Members can expect to enjoy more than 60 driving days per year using a variety of exotic and luxury cars from the club’s fleet. There’s more. Membership includes access to the club itself, located in City Centre. Fine restaurants abound nearby; after dinner, members can relax in the Grand Havana room, a cigar lovers’ haven. You can uncork a vintage bottle from the wine cellar, play a round of Texas Hold ’em on Poker Night or watch the big game on the club’s multiple plasma TVs. Hold a meeting, host a party, take the time to de-stress; the club environment is filled with opportunities. To get the full scoop, call 713-481-4469, or visit

Get the cino look After more than 20 years designing for some of America’s most successful women’s brands, Cinthia Menolascino launched her own line, cino, in 2005. Her goal was to design clothing she herself would like to wear—clothing that is fashion-forward, stylish, feminine and sexy. “The cino look,” she says, “is about an attitude, not an age.” Menolascino’s creative spirit can be seen in her use of subtle colors and textured fabrics mixed with vintage, Victorian and military styling. Her signature cino crinkle ruffle shirt says it all: Chic and classic, vintage but modern, romantic with a rock ’n’ roll edge, it is a “must-have” shirt that flatters every woman. See the crinkle ruffle shirt and other staples from cino in the Women’s Boutique at M Penner.

SUMMER 2009 14

4/29/10 10:10:25 AM Etro_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 11:56:20 AM

{ the

m penner guide} The Art of THE BOW TIE Once the domain of the geek and the oldster, the bow tie is back—on the runway, in the office and on the street. Remember: The key to bow-tie cool is to tie it yourself. You can do it! Here’s how: 1. Slide the tie under your collar. Allow one end of the tie to hang about two inches lower than the other end.

2. Bring the longer end across the shorter end.

Our favorite things M Penner loves Houston for so many reasons. Here are a few of our mostadmired places, people and things.

6. Pass the hanging end under the front loop. Use your index finger to bend the end in the middle (at the widest part), and poke your finger through the open part of the knot. Now you have formed the back loop of the bow. 7. Gently pull the bow at both folded ends to tighten the knot. Hint: This is exactly the same knot most people use to tie a shoelace.

8. Adjust to taste. Smooth bow or dimpled? Loose or tight? You don’t want to be too precise; “perfectly imperfect” is the look you’re going for.

DRY CLEANER Coronet 2211 Westheimer 713-526-4623 BAR FOR AMBIANCE Malateste Bar at Hotel Granduca 1080 Uptown Park Boulevard 713-418-1000 LUNCH SPOT Olivette at The Houstonian 111 North Post Oak Lane 713-680-2626 LIMOUSINE SERVICE Ron Texada 713-779-1234 INDULGENCE Fried Egg Sandwich at Max’s Wine Dive 4720 Washington Avenue 713-880-8737

3, Pass the longer end under the shorter end and upward, forming the first part of the knot. Pull tight to the shirt collar.

DESSERT Chocolate Soufflé at Tony’s 3755 Richmond Avenue 713-622-6778

4. Form the front loop of the bow by doubling up the shorter, hanging end and placing it across the collar points.

5. Hold the front loop between your index finger and thumb. Drop the long end down over the front loop.

FLORIST David Brown 1180 Uptown Park Boulevard 713-664-0466

UNIQUE FUNDRAISER Dining in the Dark for Taping for the Blind October 5th at Hotel ZaZa 713-622-2767

Geoff Nicholson’s Italian silk bow ties give retro prep style a modern twist.




SUMMER 2010 16

4/28/10 1:52:21 PM

Gittings_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 12:29:05 PM

{ the

m penner guide}



I’VE BEEN HAVING the, “Which is more important,

Standout Seafood at Eddie V’s




great food or great service?” debate with myself lately and, while I believe many of us are occasionally willing to forgive a lapse of service for great food (and vice versa), Eddie V’s in City Centre at Town & Country consistently delivers excellence in both. Murry and I dined here recently with a great group of friends—Carol and Steve Lipworth, Reece and Fulton Davenport, and Pam and Neal Tofsky—and had not only an incredible meal, but also perhaps the BEST service I’ve ever had … anywhere. With his amazingly attentive air, John Tran took care of us as if we were royalty. He masterfully described one mouthwatering dish after another with the passion and pride of only a true foodie. Leaving us helpless to resist his every recommendation, we over-ordered and then over-ate as we enjoyed every delectable morsel and every entertaining minute of our unforgettable evening. Karen & Murry Penner From the first Colossal Shrimp experience over-thewith Atomic Horseradish to top service from John the last bite of Berry Cobbler, Tran at Eddie V’s with everything was delicious. The true Carol and Steve standouts of our gastronomical Lipworth, Pam and overdose included: Neal Tofsky, and Reece Appetizers: Bacon-Wrapped Gulf and Fulton Davenport. Shrimp with Crispy Onion Rings, Wok-Seared & Sliced Pacific Ahi with Soba Noodle and Shiitake Stirfry in a Light Soy-Sherry Broth, and Crispy Cashew Calamari Entrees: Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon-White Wine Broth with Garlic and Scallions, Filet of Atlantic Salmon Sauteed with Morel Mushrooms and Chive Polenta, and the off-the-menu Bone-In Filet “carpet bagged” with Batter Fried Oysters and Bernaise Sides: Crab Fried Rice, Truffled Macaroni & Cheese Dessert: Bananas Foster Cake Wine: Trefethen Chardonnay and Merlot And, on a final note: for those of you who find the EDDIE V’S PRIME SEAFOOD location a bit G.U. (Geographically Undesirable) as my friend Toni Finger confessed to me on her recent visit, no 12848 QUEENSBURY LANE OPEN DAILY FROM 4 P.M. worries! Eddie V’s’ second Houston location is slated to 832-200-2380 open next fall on Kirby Drive in West Ave.

SUMMER 2010 18

4/28/10 1:49:20 PM

CarlMoore_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 12:24:33 PM

{ the

m penner guide }




The sexy little slip-on

It’s jean-etic!

Shrinking violets, take note: You may want

To pull off an air of effortless chic, look

Don’t bother wondering why it took

to avoid this season’s hot bold prints because

no further than the new summer dress-

so long. … The important thing is that

they’re guaranteed to put every wearer center stage! It will be like wearing art when you don Hale Bob’s peasant-style tanks in head-



es. These modern one-piece

the fashion world’s newest invention,

classics run the gamut from

jeggings (a combination of jeans and leg-

sleek solid shifts to flowing

gings), are here! Offering the casual look

turning color combos like hot

sundresses. You’ll love Nicole Miller’s

you love and the comfort you crave, these

pink and orange, featuring

purple sheath with ruching strategi-

trompe l’oeil bottoms will put you in the

damask-like swirls and graphic

cally placed to accentuate all the right

driver’s seat of enlightened trendsetters.

accents. If you lean toward a more under-

Or, if you just want a great new

curves, as well as Flavio Castellani’s


stated look, consider Audrey Talbott’s

super sexy white v-neck bodice that

dreamy printed blouses, ruffled in all the

gives way to a hip-hugging magenta

right places. Flower children might prefer

bottom. If you’re in a playful mood, try

straight from the country that practi-

Craig Taylor’s pop-art floral blouse. No

Indies’ multi-print dress with flowing

cally invented curves—Brazil! New to M

matter your pick, the result will be

skirt that swirls seductively with your

Penner, they’re designed to shape and

every stride.

contour for an ultra-flattering fit.

some serious head-turning.

pair of jeans that hugs every one of your curves, try Beija Flor,

The bold and the beautiful Nothing shows off a great tan like beautiful bright colors. Hugo Boss hits a home run with solid


satin blouses in electric blue, hot pink and tangerine. Draw the eye to your décolleté with Marc Aurel’s pink ruffle-front blouse or try Farinaz’s tailored blouses in bright turquoise, pink or yellow. Daring types might go bright below-the-belt with jean-cut pants in coral or turquoise from Peace of Cloth or lemon-yellow from Agave. Also trendy this season is neutralizing your wardrobe and using accessories to show color. Bold bags by George Gina & Lucy and Carol Lipworth’s turquoise trinkets are guaranteed to add élan.

Best bets from the spring 2010 collections, counterclockwise from top, Craig Taylor floral blouse, Nicole Miller sheath dress, Beija Flor jeans, Hale Bob print dress, Carol Lipworth necklace, George Gina & Lucy handbag





PEN.womens.indd 20

4/27/10 3:23:56 PM


Experience the ultimate vacation with this private luxury resort. A luxury custom home, exquisitely designed with Hill Country furnishings on 160 acres. Featuring spectacular 180° views of the Texas Hill Country that must be seen to be believed, this home is perfect for executive retreats, couples or entertaining. Begin your day by the pool with coffee and watching the sunrise. Enjoy your evenings dining under the stars with dinner prepared by you or our local chef who caters for intimate or large groups. Accommodations: House with 2 Casitas, 5 Bedrooms + Loft, 4.5 Baths (Sleeps 10-12)

ComfortHomes_RIGHT.indd 145

To view the availability calendar and email the owner, visit Buffalo Homes, Inc. P.O. Box 217 Comfort, TX 78013 830-995-2983

4/27/10 4:17:18 PM

VIVA ITALIA! M Penner was one of 17 specialty stores invited by the Italian Government and Esquire Magazine to visit Italy in January. We attended the premier fashion market in the world, Pitti Uomo, in Florence; had VIP seats at the best runway shows during fashion week in Milan; visited the Caruso factory (manufacturers of their own brand as well as other top labels including Lanvin and Dior) in Parma; and toured Lanificio Zegna, the wool mill where the world-renowned fabrics of Ermenegildo Zegna are created, in Trivero. And when we weren’t touring or shopping for next fall’s offerings at M Penner, we were soaking up everything beautiful, historic and magical about the people, food and culture of Italy. Here are some of our favorite moments from our incredible trip, with special thanks to Esquire and the Italian Trade Commission. Ciao!

Karen Penner and Niccolo Ricci, CEO of Stefano Ricci, pose in the brand’s flagship showroom in Florence.

Here’s looking at you: Karen and Murry raise a glass during lunch in Parma Party ready: At the Pitti Uomo show, Sand displays colorful new clothing.

Abbondanza: A typical lunch in Tuscany features meat, cheese and more.

This view of the Parma countryside shows one of the ancient farms that produce Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese—lunchtime staples of the trip.

Karen on stage with models at the Missoni party during fashion week in Milan

PEN.italy spread.indd 22

Seamstresses hand-stitch suits at the Caruso factory. The work, which requires intense concentration, is performed in perfect silence.

Culatello hams aging at the Antica Corte Pallavicina Relais in Parma

Murry and the inimitable Luciano Barbera

4/28/10 1:55:28 PM

In the Biellese Alps, the Oasi Zegna abuts the mill town of Trivero. In the distance is Monte Rosa, the second highest peak in Europe.

A Lanificio Zegna guide shows how thistles are still used to produce a flannel finish on fabrics.

This machine spins wool into yarn at Lanificio Zegna.

Murry and Karen chat with Eva Cavalli of Roberto Cavalli.

Coming at you: the finale of the Ermenegildo Zegna fashion show in Milan. The brand is celebrating its centennial this year.

One of Ermenegildo Zegna’s original notebooks, in which he kept meticulous details of every client order

Murry and Mattia Mondani, one of Esquire’s star European reps.

Karen at dinner in Florence with the staff of Esquire The spectacular Duomo in Milan

Proud dads Murry and Ottavio Missoni SPRING

PEN.italy spread.indd 23




4/28/10 1:55:56 PM

{ elements of style }

Anatomy of a


SUIT Hand-tailored details are the hallmarks of a fine jacket— and the keys to superior fit and durability

Undercollar A hand-stitched felt undercollar with turned tipping is a centuries-old tailoring tradition.

Hand-stitched sleeve lining Hand stitching assures Peninsula interior pockets

that the shoulder and

Internal pockets are framed

sleeve fit comfortably

with the external fabric to

and move with ease.

reinforce the pocket and

A well-made jacket

secure the treasures kept

uses hand stitching at

therein close to your heart

all points of friction,

and chest.

as the hand stitch is more pliable than the machine chain stitch.

Full canvas construction A well-tailored jacket is “fully canvassed” rather than fused: Between the outer fabric and the lining is a free-floating, hand-stitched canvas chest piece that gives the jacket its superior drape. 24




PEN.anatomysuit.indd 24

4/27/10 4:22:29 PM

The only Supercar Club in Houston A limited number of Members sharing the most desirable Supercars A private, members-only Club Modeled after successful clubs in Europe and the coastal US Three levels of Membership available Exclusive access to the Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collection of Supercars Spend more days driving than most owners do A cost that is less than owning a single vehicle in the collection An experience like no other

Telephone: 713.481.4469 Email: HoustonMotorClub_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 12:25:03 PM



CLOTHING This offer is good for $200 off a new spring suit, tuxedo, or sportcoat & slacks combination from our regular stock in the men’s department.





Must present this certificate to receive discount. One certificate per customer. May not be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise, shoes, jewelry, Made-to-Measure or special orders.

SPORTSWEAR This offer is good for $100 off any new spring sportswear purchase totaling $400 or more.


1180 UPTOWN PARK BLVD. 713.527.8200




Must present this certificate to receive discount. One certificate per customer. May not be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise, shoes, jewelry, Made-to-Measure or special orders.

FURNISHINGS & ACCESSORIES This offer is good for $100 off any new spring furnishings and accessories purchase totaling $400 or more from our regular stock in men’s furnishings including dress shirts, neckwear, pocket squares, belts and socks.


1180 UPTOWN PARK BLVD. 713.527.8200




Must present this certificate to receive discount. One certificate per customer. May not be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise, shoes, jewelry, Made-to-Measure or special orders.

WOMEN This offer is good for $100 off your purchase totaling $400 or more in the women’s boutique.


1180 UPTOWN PARK BLVD. 713.527.8200




Must present this certificate to receive discount. One certificate per customer. May not be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise, shoes, jewelry, Made-to-Measure or special orders. 32

1180 UPTOWN PARK BLVD. 713.527.8200

4/27/10 3:29:39 PM

Discover the flavors of Milan

Hotel Granduca’s exclusive restaurant Northern Italian cuisine with a French accent Lunch 11:30 am – 2 pm, Monday – Friday Dinner 6 pm – 10 pm, Monday – Saturday Closed Sundays 1080 Uptown Park Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77056 713.418.1104 for reservations

HotelGranduca_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 11:59:38 AM

{ essentials for men }


Wear your school pride on your sleeve with silver-and-enamel cufflinks

We sold out of A&M cufflinks before this photo was taken, thus the glaring omission. But no worries: A&M is back in stock, along with dozens of other colleges and universities. And if we don’t have your alma-mater links in the store, we’ll order them for you. They make a perfect gift for graduation, Father’s Day and birthdays. Here we show them paired with jaunty Italian silk pocket squares by Geoff Nicholson. 28




PEN.essentials.indd 28

4/27/10 3:30:39 PM

EvinThayer_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 11:59:04 AM

{ elements of style }

COLLARS Multiple collar


styles are available, from a

Choose from a full array of

classic point to an English

colors to personalize your shirt.

spread. Collars are all sized individually to ensure a perfect fit!

FABRICS Select from hundreds of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most exclusive fabrics, from casual to elegant dress, in every color, texture and style.

PEN.madetomeasure.CS3.indd 1

Made to Measure An M Penner custom shirt is an adventure in choice and distinction. Your shirt is tailored to your exact measurements and fashioned to your taste in color, pattern and detail

CUFFS French cuff,

barrel cuff, one button, two button, rounded, angled and squared ... the choice is yours.

4/28/10 1:01:08 PM

MercedesSugar_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 12:34:50 PM

{ essentials for men }

FEET FIRST Put your best foot forward in today’s most fashionable shoes

Clockwise from top left, John Varvatos Renwick zip boot in slouchy, oiled suede, $450; Gravati Venetian moccasin in cognac, $550; Gravati suede penny loafer in tan, $550; Donald J. Pliner suede wash nubuck slip-on, $225; Ermenegildo Zegna Couture double monk strap in brown, $995 32




PEN.essentials.indd 34

4/28/10 2:01:00 PM

Senterra_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 2:31:32 PM

{ meet the designer }

Did you imagine at the time that SAND would become a global fashion brand?

Yes, actually, we did. Lene and I had that dream from the time we were in college together. She studied theater set design and had a real flair for fashion. Denmark is a small country, so we had to think big. Our ambition from the start was to create the very best clothing and to grow internationally. When did you branch into menswear?

It was 1989. We were quite casual at the time, and so was our collection. But life changed, and soon we were creating tailored clothing, dress shirts, ties and accessories, which became central to SAND. To use the terminology of the fashion industry, SAND is a complete lifestyle brand: You offer tailored clothing, sportswear and accessories. And many of the pieces, it seems, have the versatility to look right in any setting. Is that what you aim for?

Absolutely. Many clothing brands are rather one-dimensional—they are either classic or casual. At SAND we are good at bridging the gap between classic and casual. SAND appeals to well-dressed people who are passionate about style and looking their best, whether at work or at leisure.

Søren Sand ONE OF THE COOLER NEW MENSWEAR LINES at M Penner is SAND. It’s named not for the stuff on

As designers, what are you and Lene passionate about?

Fabric is a major passion of ours. We have always been influenced by Italy and by the best fabrics. Fabric finishes are very important to us; we go to great lengths to use the best finishing processes, so that the fabrics look great and also have a marvelous hand. Frankly, we are striving for perfection in everything we do— fabrics, fits, details, craftsmanship, durability.

beaches but for its Danish founder, creative director and CEO, Søren P. Sand. Together with his wife and creative partner Lene, Sand has built a global fashion brand whose enthusiasts range from Duran

What does “the perfect fit” mean to you?

Duran to Mrs. David Bowie, the model Iman. At the recent Pitti Uomo show in Florence, M PENNER

We design garments with sculptural silhouettes

sat down with Sand, the man, to discuss his approach to menswear.

for a flattering, modern fit, but at the same time we insist that the garments be functional, wearable and comfortable. Style and comfort should




You and your wife Lene founded SAND in 1981.

Describe your first store.

You must have been very young at the time.

It was in our hometown of Randers, Denmark.

Did you ever do anything else to make a living?

We used only natural fabrics and made women’s

You mentioned your focus on design

Yes, I began by listening to my dad, who said,

clothes from scratch in our basement. Thanks

details. Give me an example.

“Do something safe—study economics.” I was

to Lene’s creative vision, those early designs

If you look at one of our Black Label sportcoats,

an accountant for four years, but this was not my

just flew out of the store, and we knew we had

you’ll notice unexpected combinations—subtle,

route—instead, my passion is to be creative.

something special.

distinctive details that make the piece unique


PEN.sand.indd 34


4/27/10 3:39:16 PM

and fun. For example, you may find contrasting colored thread used for buttonholes, or sleeve buttons that vary in color from button to button, or contrasting under-collar fabric, or a rich, embroidered lining. Your new collection has some edge to it. These look like the kind of clothes a person would want to wear on stage while performing music or, let’s say, accepting a music award.

Or just going out to listen to music. In a sense, we are all on stage wherever we go, right? These are clothes for people who embrace that reality—who want to let their spirit shine forth and look their best. SAND is a well-known brand in Europe, but it’s quite new to the American market. How is it being received?

Very well. Americans have a bold style and are more daring in the way they dress than many Europeans. There’s some rock-‘n’-roll attitude to SAND, so it’s not surprising that the brand is an early hit in the U.S. You worked with the late Helmut Newton, the famous photographer. How did that collaboration come about?

Seen here are looks from SAND’s Spring 2010 collections.

Lene and I had always admired his blackand-white photos. He had a great sensibil-

He wasn’t temperamental?

No, he was delightful. But he was what you might call a

Where do you and Lene work?

In Como, Italy. We opened a new design studio there in March 2009.

ity—a way of being

character. After the third day

provocative without

of shooting, he said, “Stay

Where do you like to travel when

being offensive.

in Monaco two more days,

you’re not working?

In 2002, we had

and you can have the pic-

We love what we do, so we’re always

the dream of having Helmut Newton shoot a campaign for SAND. He was

tures.” So Lene and I hung out, and on the appointed day, we went to see him in a tent on

working! But we can be productive almost anywhere, so we do travel for pleasure. Within Italy, we like the Amalfi coast,

living in Monaco at the time. We

the beach. He gave us a loupe and left

weekends in Capri. … Copenhagen in the

simply contacted him and asked.

us alone in the tent with the photos while,

summertime is beautiful. We have a home

at age 82, he went for a swim. And the

in the Swiss Alps, close to Lake Lugarno.

He was at the height of his

images … they were simply spectacular.

And we also spend a good deal of time in

artistic fame. Was it difficult

The Newton campaign helped shape the

London; we have a flat in Mayfair.

to convince him?

brand image of SAND. Now that you’ve made it big, do you

Well, he said, “Send me some pictures of your clothing.” He loved

While your clothes can be quite

have any thoughts of retiring?

what he saw and agreed to do a

colorful, you’ve continued to favor

None at all. Lene and I enjoy what we do.

campaign. It was shot in Monaco,

black-and-white photography.

Creating makes us happy, so why think

mostly on the waterfront. We were

Yes. We did a black-and-white campaign

about doing something else? Look at Gior-

told not to interfere, but within half

with Bryan Adams, the Canadian rocker. His

gio Armani, who, past age 75, is still closely

an hour he was inviting me to look

second career is as a professional photogra-

involved with his company. That’s inspira-

through the camera.

pher, and he’s very accomplished.

tional. We’re going to keep going. SPRING

PEN.sand.indd 35




4/27/10 3:39:29 PM

Antiquarium_LEFT.indd 146

4/28/10 5:37:43 PM

HotelSorella_RIGHT.indd 145

4/28/10 5:38:27 PM

Sean Connery on the set of the 1964 film Woman of Straw, in which he co-starred with Gina Lollobrigida. In the film, which came out just after he made it big as Bond, Connery plotted to murder his wealthy uncle. A rare villainous role for him, it helped cement his sophisticated, sexy image. 38

4/27/10 3:40:31 PM

{ icon }

SEAN CONNERY Ask the women in your life about Sean Connery, and odds are

donned in From Russia with Love, the three-piece (complete

they’ll confirm that they find him irresistible. The man who

with lapelled waistcoat) made famous in Goldfinger. So com-

uttered the unforgettable line, “The name is Bond … James

fortable has he become with fashion that this spring, for the

Bond” (in 1962’s Dr. No) was voted Sexiest Man of the Century

eighth year in a row, he hosts the Dressed to Kilt New York

by People magazine in 1999. Recently, at age 79, the actor

fashion show, created to highlight Scottish designers. And

scored 90 percent in “Woman Magnetism” in an online poll.

Louis Vuitton chose him as a style icon for the brand’s ongoing

What’s Sean Connery’s secret? At least to some degree,

Core Values campaign.

he is proof that clothes do make the man, and that urbanity

In the end, it’s not just what Connery wears, but the way

can be acquired. A foul-mouthed ex-milkman and Mr. Universe

he wears it that makes him the emblem of innate cool. Here is

finalist from Edinburgh, Connery was an unlikely choice for

a man with presence. From his 007 days to The Hunt for Red

the role of Bond. Producer

October, in roles ranging

Harry Saltzman claimed he

from Indiana Jones’ father

chose Connery for the role

to a reclusive professor (in

after watching him walk

Finding Forrester), he strikes

down the street. But not

the perfect balance of sua-

only did Ian Fleming him-

vity and swagger, charm and

self have doubts—he called

confidence. His shoulders



stay squared, his arms are

truck driver”—so did Dr.

held slightly away from his

No director Terence Young,

body, his stance is relaxed.

who schooled Connery in

And as Bond, he exempli-

the ways of the well-bred.

fies the “dark triad” of traits

Young reputedly made Con-

study-proven to get the girl:

nery wear a suit around the

narcissism, a penchant for

clock—even to bed—to get

thrill-seeking and an easy

used to the feel.

comfort with deceit.


And get used to it he

Assuming that in real

did. Connery exuded style

life, Connery—Sir Sean since

whether sipping a martini

2000—is no more egotistical

or facing imminent death

or deceitful than your aver-

by laser beam. He looks

age bloke, how then can we

utterly at ease in the sleek

sum up his enduring appeal?

gray suit (narrow notched

Venerable film critic Pauline

lapels, angled slit pock-

Kael seems to have nailed it:

ets) he wore in Dr. No, the

“Women want to meet him,

seven-stripe glen plaid he

and men want to be him.”

Connery is proof that clothes do make the man, and that urbanity can be acquired.





4/27/10 3:40:42 PM

Flow #07-122


2010 Beauty #561D-150

Farinaz_LEFT.indd 146


4/27/10 4:16:49 PM

Award-wining craft gallery offers unusual gifts, artistdesigned jewelry and decorative home accents from American Artists.


HansonGalleries_RIGHT.indd 145



4/27/10 11:58:32 AM




SUMMER 2010 42

4/27/10 3:41:47 PM

Seduction on

Wheels |

The Maserati GranTurismo delivers it all: Pininfarina looks, performance, comfort and the throatiest engine on the road


JUST A GLANCE AT THE MASERATI GRANTURISMO in all its curvy glory tells you

this two-door 2+2 coupé is a modern-day classic. No surprise, given its lineage: From nose to tail, the car is a stylish paean to its aerodynamic ancestor, the

original 1947 GranTurismo. Known as the AG 1500 GT, that Pininfarina gem was the first Maserati built for the road, not the raceway, and today’s version follows suit with bold fenders arching closely around 20-inch wheels, a long nose with strong V-shaped lines and dramatic wide-set headlights. As for its most distinctive feature—the trident studding the large concave grille—it arguably stands as the automotive world’s most elegant emblem. But looks aren’t the only thing that makes the GranTurismo so damn, well, sexy: In a 2008 study by British luxury car insurer Hiscox, a whopping 100 percent of female participants had a marked biological response to the mere sound of Maserati’s V8 engine. Turns out the same sexy snarl that gets

With its sophisticated design and superior balance, the GranTurismo owns the curves—both visually and literally. State-of-the-art suspension means smooth driving even at high speeds, but the GT also functions as an elegant touring machine.





4/27/10 3:42:38 PM

Design in the details: This page, in the new GT Convertible, you can go from enclosed comfort to the joy of open-top motoring in less than 30 seconds; next page, clockwise, on the GT S Automatic, each rear light cluster has 96 LEDs; the 4.7-liter engine sits behind the front axle for superior weight distribution; the passenger cabin is beautifully appointed in the owner’s choice of wood and leather.

the GranTurismo going also sends women’s testosterone levels

the base model and the “S,” but it has the same larger engine and

soaring. (Biology refresher: Women also rely on the “mostly male”

gives up none of the performance. In addition to fully automatic

hormone for a libido lift.) In short, firing up the spectacular GT may

mode (which is surprisingly fluid), the six-speed can be driven in

be literally the most powerful seduction strategy on earth.

semi-manual mode. No clutching is required; the gears are changed

The Trident Marque made the car still throatier last year when it introduced the GranTurismo S. Engine displacement got bumped from 4.2 liters to 4.7, via added bore and stroke. This change ratcheted the

via column-mounted paddles (“down” on the left side of the steering wheel and “up” on the right). No matter your pick, the 4,000-pound machine performs admira-

horses to an ample 440, compared with 405 hp for what is now the

bly, whipping around corners, hurtling up hills, braking at will—with-

base model.

out lurching, rolling or hesitating in the slightest. Credit goes not

Maserati also launched an automatic model of the GranTurismo

just to the smooth transmission but also to the Skyhook adaptive

S in 2009—joining most other high-end makers in a move consid-

suspension system, which makes more than 100 accommodations

ered sacrilegious by some sports-car purists. This is the model we

per second based on every bump in the road to guarantee a ride that

tested. With a sticker starting at $125,900, it’s mid-priced between

is at once stable and thrilling. The true personality of the car emerges in sport mode, with



M A R I A L I S S A N D R E L L O writes frequently about Italian automobiles,

the simple push of the “sport” button. Flaps in the dual exhaust

food and culture.

open, producing an even throatier thrum when the engine is idling.


SUMMER 2010 44

4/27/10 3:42:52 PM

Under way, there’s an immediate difference in feel: The steering is

19 exterior colors and six brake-caliper color options, the Gran-

tauter—the suspension, too—and the shifts from the gearbox are

Turismo is one of the most customizable ways to show off your

quicker. Sport mode rules! What of comfort? It often yields to performance in the sports-car world, but not here. The interior of the GranTurismo is downright sumptuous. Poltrona Frau and Alcantara (or peccary) leather seats cradle the body for the long haul. The leather (available in 10 colors) snakes around the door and dash and can be combined

automotive personality.




New for 2010 is a drophead version called the GranCabrio, which is sold in the U.S. as the GranTurismo Convertible. Unlike the metal-roofed Ferrari California, the GT Convertible features a cloth roof that deploys automatically over the fourseat passenger compartment, a design that neither adds weight nor sacrifices space. This is the first four-seat convert-

with one of three wood trims—wal-


ible in Maserati history, and it sports the

nut, rosewood and wengé—polished

| 0–60 MPH IN 4.8 SECONDS | TOP SPEED: 183 MPH

longest wheel-base of any convertible in

to your liking. Indeed, with 18 million


its class. It goes without saying: This is

color and trim combinations, including


no ordinary ragtop. SPRING 45




4/27/10 3:43:17 PM


HOUSTON’S FINEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT Sorrento Ristorante has become a favorite of locals and out-of-towners looking for the perfect Italian Restaurant in Houston. You will be impressed by our ambiance, service and, most importantly, our quality Italian food.


Sorrento_LEFT.indd 146


W W W. S O R R E N T O H O U S T O N . C O M

4/27/10 4:17:47 PM


Our exceptional customers are the real reason we do what we do—and why we enjoy every minute of it

At M Penner, we say our customers are like family, and we mean it. We know them well, and it’s a pleasure to help them look their best. On these pages, some of our favorite people tell what they find special about our store—and why they keep coming back. If you haven’t already, please stop by and let us know what we can do for you!

PEN.stories.kk.indd 47





4/28/10 2:05:21 PM

Dr. Michael Kaplan Medical Center Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Houston W H AT I E N J O Y I S B E I N G A B L E T O CUSTOMIZE MY CLOTHES TO REFLECT M Y P E R S O N A L I T Y. I custom order shoes with matching belts and Made-to-Measure shirts with collars specifically designed for the width of my ties. All of my shirts have French cuffs and none have pockets because I don’t feel there’s a need for a pocket in a man’s shirt anymore. Zegna makes the finest suits, sportcoats and pants I’ve ever worn, and Gravati is the most amazing shoe company. With Belinda’s help I ordered a two-tone spectator shoe in ivory and gray suede and a gray pinpoint suit to match. The combination is gorgeous. When it comes to clothes, nothing pleases me more than wearing fine fabric— cashmere, voile or silk that lies on you so nicely you feel like a king. The bottom line is that M Penner affords a man a couture experience—the same degree of style and attention to detail. It’s as fine as any couture store in Manhattan, I promise you, not to mention their Saturday brownies are pretty good. Brownies and cashmere are the ultimate combination for me.

Michael looks elegant in an Ermenegildo Zegna Couture sportcoat and dress shirt, Ermenegildo Zegna tie and Robert Talbott pocket square.





PEN.stories.kk.indd 48

4/28/10 2:06:19 PM

{ m penner stories }

Louis Messina Founder and president, The Messina Group B A C K I N T H E D AY , I U S E D T O D O R O C K S H O W S and things were more casual. Now I’m primarily producing pop and country shows. I’ve got to look good—not like I’m part of the road crew. At M Penner, it’s interesting because they have their very traditional clientele, their more flashy clientele, and then me. I fall into the “me” category. I like what I like. They can’t get a flowered shirt on me, or anything you need sunglasses to look at. I don’t want to be louder than the band, how’s that? I believe in simplicity; I think a pinstripe suit with a solid color shirt looks great. When I first moved to Houston in the ’70s, my dear friend and partner Allen Becker introduced me to Sonny Penner and I’ve been shopping at M Penner ever since. Butch has been my salesperson forever. The store always has great clothes—Zegna and Paul Smith are a couple of my favorite brands—and I always feel comfortable shopping there. If I ever shop somewhere else, I feel like I’m cheating on them.

Louis keeps it simple in a Boglioli jacket, John Varvatos Star USA T-shirt, Georg Roth shirt and Agave jeans.

PEN.stories.kk.indd 49

4/28/10 2:06:36 PM

{ m penner stories }

Brian Teichman Director of Development and Communications, Taping For The Blind THE WORD “NO” ISN’T PA R T O F T H E V O C A B U L A R Y AT M P E N N E R . I went in and needed a complete new outfit selected, tailored, pressed, and done in two hours … and it was done in one. Javier, the head tailor, is a genius. I was introduced to M Penner through an organization called CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection). The store provided fashions for one of their fundraisers and that’s how I met Butch Layne. He’s a master at what he does. Sometimes, when I ask for something special, he’ll put his hand on his chin and walk away. Then he comes back with exactly what I’m looking for. Now he knows my closet better than I do. At M Penner, it’s pretty much one-stop shopping, from socks to white tie, so if they don’t have it, you don’t need it. They also have beautiful women’s clothes and I often find gifts for my mother there. At the risk of sounding fastidious, I don’t want to be seen in something somebody else has on; I want to feel special, and M Penner always has unique items I don’t see at other stores. When I put on something from M Penner, I know that I’m wearing some of the best clothing in the entire world.

Brian brightens any scene in a Boglioli jacket, Etro sportshirt, Geoff Nicholson pocket square, W. Kleinberg belt and Zanella pants.

PEN.stories.kk.indd 50

4/28/10 2:06:59 PM

Dave Steitz Founder and President, Steitz Partners THE INDUSTRIES I CONSULT IN RANGE WIDELY—I MAY START MY MORNING DOWN IN THE SHIP CHANNEL with a refinery client and later that day meet with executives at a major hospital. The clothes M Penner sells are of such high quality and versatility that, in the morning, I can blend into a casual environment where everyone is wearing khakis and polo shirts, and later I can add a jacket and look right at home in an executive suite. Some of my favorite items are Luciano Barbera shirts, Robert Barakett polos, Agave jeans, and anything from Zegna. I work primarily with Murry. What I like is that he thinks of things I need but wouldn’t remember without his suggestion—a shirt that goes with a pair of slacks, a belt to match a new pair of shoes, the perfect pocket square to complete an outfit, or some other item that I’d otherwise get home without and say, “Oh shoot, I needed that!” Even though Murry’s “my guy,” if he’s not available, I know I can always count on anyone there to help me—Belinda, Cody, Whitney, anybody. They’re great that way; they work very well as a team.

Dave is ready for anything in an Ermenegildo Zegna sportcoat, sportshirt and pants and Robert Talbott pocket square. SPRING

PEN.stories.kk.indd 51




4/28/10 2:07:24 PM

{ m penner stories } TODD: ON MY FIRST VISIT TO M PENNER, I WAS GREETED BY CODY SEVER. Glancing over the offerings, I think my first remark was something like, “I’m not sure you guys have anything that fits within my budget.” Cody was really cool about it and just said, “Let me give you a tour of the store and explain what we have here.” What impressed me was that Cody seemed most interested in understanding my goals for my wardrobe. It has never been just about selling me something. Of course, he throws in his own suggestions here and there to help me expand my

Anyta & Todd Chen Anyta Chen, model with Page Parkes; Todd Chen, partner, Thompson & Knight

horizons. Today, I have a pretty extensive wardrobe of tailored clothing, and almost all of it came from M Penner. And I always try to buy something special for Anyta when I’m indulging myself. ANYTA: I had tried to drag Todd into M Penner for a year or so before he finally caved in. He owes me big for this discovery! For me, M Penner started out as a great source for clothes to wear for our weekly date nights. Then I discovered that M Penner was the perfect source for outfits to wear on modeling go-sees. The image I’m going for

Todd makes a case for classic

when I’m interviewing or auditioning is chic,

tailoring in an Angelo Nardelli

simple and sophisticated.

sportcoat and sport shirt, Incotex pants and Geoff Nicholson pocket square. Anyta glows in an An Ren jacket, Hugo Boss pants and Carol Lipworth necklace.

Todd got a little upset last year when we went shopping at M Penner for his birthday. I ended up chatting with Stephen and some other old friends and trying on dresses instead of doing the whole birthday shopping drill with Todd. I found this fabulous black and white dress, and I think to add insult to injury Todd even bought it for me.





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Š2010 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Optional equipment shown is extra

More people on the edge of more seats. No one has the capacity to break the rules more than Porsche. And now, the new Panamera. The legendary sports car driving experience built for four. The staggering Porsche power is unmistakably present. As is the relentlessly precise handling. And with the addition of a second row of executively seated passengers, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no end to the rules you can break. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The Panamera. Experience pure Porsche performance for four

Porsche of West Houston (281) 249-4700 11890 Old Katy Rd. Houston, TX 77079

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OFF! This seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fresh, exuberant styles are sure bets for looking your best

Style to cheer about: Magen looks like a winner in a Flavio Castellani dress while David catches the action in an Angelo Nardelli sportcoat, Zanella trousers, Paul Smith exploded plaid shirt, Etro pocket square and Maui Jim sunglasses.

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Amazing race: Magen is a model fan in a racing red Hale Bob crochet-and-jersey sundress and George Gina & Lucy handbag, as Michael (left) and David run for the roses in cool Vilebrequin linen shirts and print swim trunks.






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They came to play, opposite: Michael (left), surveys the scene in an Ermenegildo Zegna sportcoat, dress shirt and paisley tie, Tino Cosma pocket square, Zanella trousers and Maui Jim sunglasses. David looks chill in an Ermenegildo Zegna sportcoat, AG Jeans, John Varvatos Star USA linen knit top and Scott Kay necklace. The Aston Martin is from Houston Motor Club. Equestrian style, this page: Magen blooms in a Strenesse Blue jacket, Craig Taylor printed blouse, Etro scarf, AG Jeans and Julia Easley alligator belt.


PEN.fashion2.SV.indd 59





4/27/10 4:04:16 PM

Fashion in action, this page: Oblivious to the two kinds of horsepower at work behind them, Magen and David only have eyes for each other. Magen wears a Strenesse jacket, Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;nue Ligne tank and Peace of Cloth trousers. David looks cool in a Paul Smith printed shirt and Incotex trousers. Winner by a pose, opposite: David wears an Angelo Nardelli sportcoat, Canali shirt, Incotex pants and Robert Talbott pocket square, while Magen draws attention in a Nicole Miller dress. Michael savors victory in an Etro sportshirt, Zanella jeans and W. Kleinberg belt.

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Photography by Fulton Davenport at Sam Houston Race Park All women’s jewelry by Carol Lipworth Designs Cars provided by Houston Motor Club Hair and Makeup by The Perfect Face


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© 2010 Yuroz

"Waiting for a Glance"

oil on canvas 24"x 30"

Fifty-15 Westheimer Suite 2208 Galleria, Houston, TX 77056 • T 713.871.0940 • F 713.871.1883 • Located in the Neiman Marcus valet lot facing Post Oak Blvd.

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These luxury bathrooms provide their owners with the perfect private retreat

Eclectic influences: A deep, old-fashioned tin bathtub is surrounded by heavy red-and-gold drapes, creating the effect of an alcove. Carefuly chosen details-—lavish drapery trim, vintage hardware, natural sea sponges-—add visual interest.


PEN.home.indd 63




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Posh and polished: A beautifully crafted antique sideboard houses a metal sink. Pewter-toned accessories add to the room’s masculine appeal. Opposite, eau naturel: The stone wall of this outdoor shower is actually the back of a bedroom’s chimney. The wide Dornbracht showerhead mimics summer rain, while the climbing split leaf philodendron adds a tropical touch.




PEN.home.indd 64


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T-Bird Rising The 2010 Triumph Thunderbird is an instant classic in the cruiser category

MARLON BRANDO TERRORIZED A SMALL TOWN —and made his bike the ultimate

symbol of rebellion—when he showed up on his 1950 Triumph Thunderbird in

the film The Wild One. Since that time, the Triumph motorcycle brand has had its ups and downs in the marketplace. But it’s safe to say that, with the reintroduction of the Thunderbird this year, the cruiser has regained its iconic status. Triumph put muscle in this model: Its water-cooled, 1600cc engine puts out 85 horsepower and 108 foot-pounds of torque. Unique among cruisers, the engine is a parallel-twin rather than the expected V-twin. And instead of a chain drive, Triumph uses a belt drive—its first since 1922—to transfer all that torque from the engine to the wheels. The rap on cruisers is that they don’t handle well, but the T-Bird, voted Cruiser of the Year by Cycle World magazine, has earned widespread praise for its acceleration, maneuverability and braking. And then there’s the matter of looks. British Triumph tapped American designer Tim Prentice to craft the appearance of the new T-Bird. The result of the threeyear project is a clean-lined bike—with long exhaust pipes and plenty of chrome, of course—that highlights the uncluttered engine. The teardrop fuel tank, a defining design detail of any cruiser, is especially fat, curvaceous and just plain beautiful.

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Cannoli on your Canali ?


hen you wear the very best, your clothes deserve Houston’s finest dry cleaners - Coronet Fine Dry Cleaning.

2211 Westheimer (just west of S. Shepherd) Houston, Texas 77098 713-526-4623 •

Pick-up and Delivery available Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm • Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm Coronet_RIGHT.indd 145 Coronet_FP_FALL08.indd 1

4/27/10 11:58:11 AM 9/9/08 1:30:41 PM

{ the sporting life }





SUMMER 2010 70

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The Faldo Championship Course is just one of the pleasures at this new world-class resort in Northern Ireland

Lough Erne B Y PA U L R O G E R S

WELL BEFORE TIGER WOODS took his indefinite leave from

least populated county in Ulster and one of the least

professional golf, avid followers of the sport widely

populated in all of Ireland. Fermanagh has been largely

agreed on who was poised to become its next great

known—to the extent that it’s been known at all—for

star: the gifted young Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy.

the opportunities to go fishing, birding and canoeing

In keeping with golf’s global reach, the cap that McIlroy

among the 150-plus islands that dot its waterways.

wears over his bushy hair bears the name of a hotel

Some of these islands, including Devenish and White,

group based in Dubai. But on his golf bag, emblazoned

offer the added appeal of visiting age-old ruins.

under his name, appears an ad for a destination which

Such attractions remain, but golf now beckons

for McIlroy is much closer to home, Lough Erne Golf

as well. Lough Erne developer Jim Treacy hired Nick

Resort (pronounced Lock Earn).

Faldo, the architect, TV commentator and six-time

Just as McIlroy is gaining renown, so, too, it seems

major champion, to design the resort’s flagship course.

safe to say, will this beguiling new getaway in a remote

(Lough Erne also has a modest though scenic second

corner of his native land. The resort sits magnificently on

course, Castle Hume, which was built on the site of

a 600-acre peninsula between two lakes, Lower Lough

a World War II U.S. Army training camp and which

Erne and Castle Hume Lough, in County Fermanagh. Fermanagh (pronounced Fir-MAN-ah) is the

Far and away: Sir Nick Faldo on the 17th hole of the lakeside

southwestern-most of the six counties that make up

course he designed at Lough Erne. It was ranked third in Golf

Northern Ireland. Home to just 54,000 people, it is the

magazine’s Best New Courses of 2009.





4/27/10 4:09:55 PM

Treacy acquired as part of the development.) Treacy told Faldo he wanted

respect: an emphasis on strategy over might. From the back tees, the

tion from Loch Lomond Golf Club on the fabled bonnie banks in Scotland.

par-72 layout may stretch to a lengthy 7,167 yards, but most if not every

Given the quality of Ireland’s seaside links, convincing international

Take the 565-yard, par-five 16th, which begins a rousing—and

all, boasts two of the world’s finest links, Royal County Down and Royal

watery—closing stretch. Standing on the elevated tee, the player faces

Portrush, the latter being the only course outside of Scotland and England

a decision: Drive up the left side, challenging a large fairway bunker in

ever to host the British Open (in 1951). Nearer to Lough Erne lie a few

hopes of setting up a clear approach to the green, or opt for the safer

more seaside treasures: County Sligo Golf Club, also known as Rosses

route to the right. The second shot poses another question: Go for the

Point; Enniscrone Golf Club; and Donegal Golf Club at Murvagh.

green despite the threat of water to the right and bunkers beyond the putting surface, or lay up to avoid the trouble. At Lough Erne, says Direc-

holds no pretensions of being a links course. Faldo and his design team

tor of Golf Andy Campbell, “it’s not a game of muscle necessarily; you

eschewed trappings, such as ragged-edged bunkers and tall fescues,

must plot your way around.”

that have been used so commonly on non-links sites in recent years as to become cliché. Instead, they fashioned a course very much in keeping with its

Another engaging feature is that the course has two four-hole stretches—one on the front nine, one on the back—that go as follows: par three, par five, par three, par five. Guy Hockley, the lead architect for

bucolic surroundings. The fairways are lush and green. Many of them

Faldo Design, describes this as a “syncopated rhythm.” The designers

flow from a central spine on the property down to either the massive

didn’t set out to do this, he says. They discovered while walking the site

Lower Lough Erne or the much smaller Castle Hume Lough. Some

that the land lent itself to these rather unusual runs.

holes play entirely at the water’s edge, often skirting marshland. Others nose into the woods. /

hole presents a choice of shots to play.

travelers to play an inland layout is no small feat. Northern Ireland, after

Lough Erne’s Faldo Championship Course, which opened last year,


The Faldo Course does borrow from the classic links in one key

to have the finest lakeside course in Ireland, urging him to draw inspira-


No sooner had the course opened than talk began to surface about Lough Erne’s someday hosting a PGA European Tour event. Thousands

SUMMER 2010 72

4/27/10 4:10:12 PM

Rock around the lough: clockwise from left, boasting year-round playing conditions, Lough Erne also prides itself on signature touches, such as the 101 Irish whiskeys at the Blaney Bar; the 595-yard 6th hole is a par five; an aerial view of the resort. In construction as well as maintenance, great care is taken to preserve the environment and natural habitat of swans, red squirrels and Irish hares. Below, far left, the resort’s “golf team”: Andy Campbell, Director of Golf, Peter Smyth, Golf Operations Manager, and Dave Peden, Golf Sales Manager.

of spectators turned out for an exhibition between McIlroy and fellow

offers a grazing menu and an exhaustive collection of Irish whiskeys.

Irishman Padraig Harrington in July 2009. The players arrived by seaplane

Rounding out the amenities is a state-of-the-art Thai spa.

and were enthusiastically followed during their match, which McIlroy won by two strokes. Lough Erne’s creators knew, however, that it would take more than

All of which has helped earn Lough Erne the Automobile Association’s (AA) first five-star rating for a hotel in Northern Ireland. What’s more, it would be an opportunity missed to visit the resort

a well-designed course to draw serious attention. The conditioning also

and fail to explore the islands of Fermanagh. Devenish Island is home to

would have to be superb, a challenge because of the area’s frequent rain.

a hundred-foot-tall round tower believed to date back to the 12th century.

So they trucked in tons of sand to cap the fairways and near-roughs to

On White Island, treasures include quartzite carvings of tunic-clad church-

make them drain better and thus allow for year-round play.

men, thought to have been made between 800 and 1000 A.D.

The appeal of Lough Erne also extends well beyond the golf. The

Just how much staying power Lough Erne will have remains to be

resort offers a luxury experience that carries through to the accommoda-

seen. But, like McIlroy, who last year notched his first victory as a profes-

tions: 120 tastefully appointed guest rooms. Visitors can stay in either a

sional at age 19, the Faldo Championship Course and the encompassing

country manor house or one of 25 full-service two- and three-bedroom

resort are each off to an impressive start.

lakeside lodges, several of them designed with cylindrical walls and conical roofs to evoke an old dovecote on a neighboring property. The dining, too, is first-rate. Catalina, the resort’s most ambitious

LOUGH ERNE GOLF RESORT Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

restaurant, has been recognized nationally for its emphasis on local ingre-

dients and authentic Irish cuisine. The Blaney Bar, a more casual option,

THE FALDO COURSE Architect: Nick Faldo, 2009. Yardage: 7,167. Par: 72. GETTING THERE The resort is two hours by car from Belfast International Airport and

P A U L R O G E R S is a New York–based writer whose work has appeared in

two-and-a-half hours from Dublin International Airport. It’s minutes away from the Enniskillen

numerous magazines. He is a former senior editor of Travel + Leisure Golf.

(St. Angelo) Airport, a private airfield for small planes and helicopters.





4/27/10 4:10:35 PM

{ malt }




Beautifully balanced and complex beyond reason, Redbreast is proof that the best Irish whiskey is among the best whiskey anywhere ALTHOUGH THE IRISH ARE SAID to have invented whiskey,

tilled twice), smooth and, many Scotch lovers

their product gets little attention in a world of connoisseur-

would say, bland by comparison.

ship that revolves around Scotch. It’s a pity—and surely

The IDG closed its three historic distilleries

bound to change—because Irish whiskey is enjoying a

and in 1975 opened the New Midleton Distillery

renaissance. Forget any preconceptions about Irish be-

in County Cork. Thus there came to be a single

ing best used to flavor coffee. That’s a fine use for

licensed distillery, albeit a massive one, in all of

Jameson, but it would be a waste to mix Red-

the republic, plus Old Bushmills in the North.

breast, Green Spot or Black Bush with any-

Today the Midleton facility is owned by Pernod

thing other than soft water.

Ricard (yes, the French control most Irish whis-

The commercial history of Irish

key), while Old Bushmills is owned by the other

whiskey follows a curious arc. In

global beverage giant, Diageo. A third player,

the late 19th and early 20th centu-

Cooley Distillery, opened in 1987—independent

ries, Irish outsold Scotch around the

and Irish-owned, by God! In addition to its plant

globe. Then the industry was hit by

in County Louth, Cooley recently reopened the

the double-whammy of Prohibition in

Old Kilbeggan distillery, which had been shut-

the United States and independence

tered for more than half a century.

from the United Kingdom. The break

This brings the number of Irish distilleries

from the U.K. meant that the far-

to only four today—compare that to 90 in Scot-

flung Empire market for Irish whiskey

land—but these four are producing an impres-

dried up completely and swung over

sive range of whiskey styles. The three main

to Scotch. Irish production crashed

categories are malt, single grain and pure pot

and never recovered.

still, the latter a unique Irish style made from

By the 1960s, only three distill-

a mash of malted and unmalted barley. Most

eries remained in Ireland. They were

Irish brands are blends, and some combine

Jameson, Powers and Cork Distill-

two or all three of these styles. Here’s an over-

ers, which banded for survival into

view of the brandscape:

the Irish Distillers Group. In 1972,

Midleton Distillery produces Jameson and

Bushmills in Northern Ireland joined

Jameson’s premium reserve range (of which

the IDG. The members bought into

there are currently six expressions), Powers

the strategy of making a product as

and Midleton Very Rare, which is vintage-dat-

unlike Scotch as possible, and so

ed. These brands are all blends of pot still and

all Irish whiskey for a time was un-

grain spirit. Also made at Midleton are Paddy

peated, triple-distilled (Scotch is dis-

and Tullamore Dew, which add malt whiskey to

Redbreast is a “pure pot still” spirit, the most traditional style of Irish whiskey. Its distinctive flavor profile is reminiscent of the best Speyside Scotch.





PEN.malt.finalR.indd 74

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MichelleWilliams_RIGHT.indd 145

4/28/10 5:35:34 PM

These pot stills at the sprawling Midleton Distillery produce brands ranging from Jameson to Redbreast. The old water wheel (right), which dates to 1825 and once provided the power for all distillery operations, is still turning today. The map below shows the four extant distilleries in all of Ireland.

the blend, and two pure pot still whiskies, Redbreast 12-year-

it around the mouth, and all kinds of flavors

old and Green Spot.

come welling up—malt, ginger, toffee, even cinnamon. The finish is long and oily,

Old Bushmills produces triple-distilled malts

with a faint licorice tail.

under the Bushmills brand (including Black

All of this mouth drama comes

Bush, which is blended with Midleton grain whiskey and has a sherried finish)

as an exceptional value. If you

and post-1994 vintages of Knappogue

drink much single-malt Scotch,

Castle single malt.

you may have noticed that prices have shot skyward in the past

The leading brand from Cooley,

two years, financial crisis be

which specializes in reviving old styles and marks, is Connemara, a

damned. Redbreast 12-year-old,

peated single malt that seems un-

by comparison, is a great deal at

Gaelic but in truth harks back to the

about $50 per bottle. (I should add

golden age of Irish whiskey. Cooley

that the same is true of some of the best bourbons.)

also makes the superb Tyrconnell

Does it get any better? Well,

unpeated single malt; Kilbeggan, a blend; and Greenore, the only

yes: Redbreast 15-year-old is com-

Irish single grain whiskey.

ing. This older expression, which

Not long ago, I uncorked

was only released once, in very

a bottle of Redbreast, the pure

limited quantities, in Europe, will be

pot still spirit frequently cited

available in the United States this fall. Meantime, find yourself a bottle

as Ireland’s best. Pure pot still

of the 12-year-old and raise a glass to

as a style has a characteristically

County Cork’s pure pot still perfectionists.

oily mouthfeel and a distinctive

As they say over there, “Up Cork!”

flavor profile. There’s no mistaking Redbreast for an American whiskey, although it is plenty sweet. You might well peg it for a Speyside Scotch, given the fruit and floral notes. Displaying tremendous complexity on the nose and palate, this whiskey requires some quiet time (in my case, by the fireside during a snowstorm) for one to plumb the developing aromas and tastes. There is ripe fruit on the nose, some sherry and vanilla, and a resinous, linseed-like tang. I also found a pleasing note of rye spice, although no rye is used in the mash. Redbreast is positively fat on the tongue. Roll



TASTING NOTES REDBREAST 12-YEAR-OLD IRISH WHISKEY C O L O R | Deep amber N O S E | Spice cake, nuts, sherry, cream soda, meadow flowers and grass, honey, cherries, linseed oil, rye-like overtones. PA L AT E | Silky mouthfeel, with tastes of ginger cake and treacle sponge, malt, butter, maple syrup, a hint of cinnamon. It’s simultaneously redolent of a Vermont breakfast and a sticky English dessert. Sweet but not cloying.

M A R K D O W D E N , a native of Kentucky who was educated at the

F I N I S H | Oily, spicy and long, with honey, sherry and licorice.

University of St. Andrews, is a fan of all whiskey.

P R I C E | $50



PEN.malt.finalR.indd 76

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OFFERING thousands of premium cigars from dozens of the word’s finest brands including: ARTURO FUENTE ASHTON C.A.O. CAMACHO MONTECRISTO



F E AT U R I N G laser engraving for gifts, cigar accessories, sporting events on 3 plasma TV’s and wireless Internet for our guests.

713-783-5100 6100 WESTHEIMER RD HOUSTON, TX 77057 Ask us about our monthly cigar events and cigars for the troops program

Stoagies_RIGHT.indd 145

4/27/10 12:30:10 PM



5:02 PM

Page 70

{ service directory }

THAT’S A WRAP! We’re here to make your life a little easier, remember? So, you pick the gift and we’ll take care of the wrapping on all




non-sale purchases at M Penner. Of course, all you have to


do is ask and we’ll pick the gift out for you, too!

As a family-owned business, we take a lot of pride in everything we do at M Penner. We have the finest sales professionals that you



Houston’s a big city and parking is often a challenge. At M Penner

A central part of the

we provide plenty of free parking, right at the front door.

M Penner experience is superlative service. When

will find anywhere and our experienced tai-

you need expert, individu-

loring staff works diligently to make sure that you look great. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the sale. Service impacts every part of our business and our


alized attention, you’ll get

From our drink bar to our flat screen TV, we

it—instantly and for as

designed the store to make you feel at home.

long as you want. Our

Even our Made-to-Measure Room is casual and

knowledgeable staff is

comfortable, with its roomy conference table.

well versed in all of the brands we carry, the

goal is to constantly exceed your expecta-

trends of the season and

tions. Here are some of the things we do to


how to fit every body type.

take care of you. Of course, special requests

Whether it’s a suit, sportcoat or a pair of shoes, if you

They stand ready to advise

can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know. We’ll

you on all matters of

do our best to find it from one of our many resources.

wardrobe and accessories.

are always welcome!


Sometimes it’s hard to part with


old friends. We can help. When you shop for your new sea-

sewn into every garment we sell. To make sure you always look

sonal wardrobe, our sales associates will come to your home

your absolute best, we provide complimentary alterations on all non-

and let you know which items are worn or out of style, and

sale items purchased at M Penner. We even perform routine

suggest how to coordinate your existing clothes with new

wardrobe maintenance: Should a button become loose or lost, we’ll

additions. We’ll even take your old clothes and donate them

be happy to replace it—-and press your garment—while you wait.

to a local charity on your behalf.

MADE-TO-MEASURE SERVICE Exceptional fit is essential to impeccable


style. We have a whole room created for

Sure, all of your new clothes look great at the store but

you to design your own suits, sportcoats,

sometimes, once you get home, it’s hard to remember

shirts and trousers where we will take

what goes with what. Just ask and we’ll be happy to

your measurements and help you select

photograph your ensembles.

fabrics, styles, buttons, etc. from the finest companies in the world.

M PENNER GIFT CARDS M Penner gift cards are available in any denomination and can be purchased at the store or over the phone. Just give us the word and we’ll be happy to send them for you as well.


We understand that sometimes it’s a challenge to

get to the store to pick up your alterations. Just let us know when and where, and we’ll be happy to deliver them to you.


Penner brownies, made from a recipe passed down for

pre-select clothing to meet your needs. Items will be ready to try on upon

generations, are required at all Penner family events. When

your arrival, during or after store hours. Can’t find the time to stop by?

we built the store at Uptown Park we added a kitchen so

We’ll be happy to come by your home or office.

we could make them fresh for you every Saturday.

Just give us a call and we will



Since 1974 T 34 Years of Excellent Service in Houston T Professional Rug Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration T Rug Appraisals and Insurance Valuation T Damage Report T We Trade Your Rugs

Sam Abraham

International Society of Appraisers Professional Hand Washing Services

Abraham_RIGHT.indd 145

Galleria Area Location

The Decorative Center (To the Trade)

5000 Westheimer at Post Oak Blvd. Houston, Texas 77056 713-963-0980 â&#x20AC;˘ Mon-Sat 10-6

5120 Woodway, #6010 Houston, Texas 77056 713-622-4444 â&#x20AC;˘ Mon-Fri 9-5

4/27/10 12:30:46 PM

{ spotlight }

Style Jockeys Like thoroughbred jockeys everywhere, the guys at Sam Houston Race Park are accustomed to wearing a uniform of brightly colored silks. Here they don the closest equivalent in street clothesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;eyepopping pullover shirts by Etro, the Italian fashion house known for its fearless use of color and pattern. The polo shirt becomes a party shirt when rendered in pink, green and other strong hues, making it the perfect choice for resort wear, golf, a day at the races or any sporting occasion that calls for a bold statement. You can even amp up the attitude by popping the collar like Eguard and Bobby in the photo.

Just horsing around: Four veteran jockeys at Sam Houston Race Park show their colors. Sporting Etro shirts from M Penner are Eguard Tejera (in pink), Larry Taylor (in blue) and Bobby Walker, Jr. (in green), while Paul Nolan wears traditional silks.






PEN.spotlight.indd 80

4/27/10 4:12:15 PM

Fine Furniture, Accessories & Rugs

MEREDITH O’DONNELL FINE FURNITURE features the finest hand built American and European furniture available for home and office. Baker, Stickley, Hickory Chair, and TROSBY designs are all always in stock and on sale. Our licensed and degreed designers can assist as personal shoppers, finding the best solutions for your interiors. Independent design trade Open to the public and to the trade.

also welcome. Visit our new location soon at 1751 Post Oak Boulevard to see what’s new!

LOCATION 2992 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098 | 713.526.7332 |

modonnell right.indd 145

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Versace_LEFT.indd 146

4/27/10 12:38:57 PM

Profile for Wainscot Media

M. Penner Magazine: Spring/Summer 2010  

The Spring/Summer 2010 issue of M. Penner Magazine

M. Penner Magazine: Spring/Summer 2010  

The Spring/Summer 2010 issue of M. Penner Magazine