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GranTurismo Convertible

Dalmatian Holiday: The Isle of Korcula


Maserati’s New GranTurismo Convertible Most-Wanted Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches

Nick Faldo’s Beguiling New Irish Greens




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BOSS Black

HUGO BOSS FASHIONS INC. Phone +1 212 940 0600

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columns The Sporting Life Golf is just one of the pleasures at Lough Erne, a new world-class resort in Northern Ireland.

features Seduction on Wheels

The Maserati GranTurismo delivers it all: Pininfarina looks, performance, comfort and the throatiest engine on the road. ~-~ ~-~


Levy’s Stories Six loyal Levy’s shoppers tell what they find here—and why they keep coming back. ~-~ ~-~



Clean Getaway These luxury bathrooms provide their owners with the perfect private retreat. ~-~ ~-~


Dalmatian Holiday

On Korcula, legendary birthplace of Marco Polo, the Lesic Dimitri Palace offers thoroughly modern comfort in a fairy-tale setting. ~-~ ~-~


Malt Complex and beautifully balanced, Redbreast is proof that the best Irish whiskey is among the best whiskey anywhere.


Finishing Touch A salute to four generations of Gastons, all of whom shop at Levy’s



Bold Moves, Bright Ideas Step out in fresh spring styles that radiate energy and confidence.




A Passion for Precision Breitling timepieces are the instruments of choice for aviators, astronauts, athletes—and anyone for whom every moment counts. ~-~ ~-~


departments Invitation to Style Levy’s and you

Essentials for Women


Sleek weekend styles, for smart Saturdays and Sunday bests


The Levy’s Guide The coolest jackets and shirts for sultry nights … why Nashville is crazy for cupcakes … a sparkling cocktail in Historic Germantown … spectacular glass sculptures at Cheekwood … and more!


Essentials for Men

Viva Italia!

Colorful and laid-back new looks that let you make the most of your free time

Cutting-edge fashion and enduring beauty on a trip to where style is born







On the cover— On him: Armani Collezioni sportcoat, dress shirt and pants, Ermenegildo Zegna necktie, Levy’s linen color-block pocket square. On her: Armani Collezioni dress, Carol Lipworth earrings. Photographed by Daniel Springston.


Sean Connery The man who made Bond famous is proof that clothes do make the man, and that urbanity can be acquired.




Søren Sand The Danish designer on his worldly approach to lifestyle fashion



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STARTING AT $37,625 STARTING AT $39,440 Cool Springs Location 888-445-4477 | Madison Location

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{ invitation to style }

3900 HILLSBORO ROAD, SUITE 36 NASHVILLE, TN 37215 615.383.2800

w w w. l e v y s c l o t h e s . c o m

Store Hours M O N D AY T O S AT U R D AY: 1 0 a . m . T O 6 p . m . T H U R S D AY: 1 0 a . m . T O 7 p . m .

Editorial Director





Editor & Publisher Creative Director


The first months of 2010 have

Art Director

raced by, and the cold of winter

Contributing Editors

is a distant memory. As we enjoy

J A C K I E C O N N O L LY, L E E L U S A R D I C O N N O R ,


L A U R E N F O R D , C Y N T H I A H U R L E Y, J U L I A C .

our beautiful Middle Tennessee

I R E L A N D , T I M O T H Y K E L L E Y, M A R I A

spring, what better way is there to


embrace newness than by refresh-

Contributing Photographers

ing our wardrobe?


We, along with our wonderArt Associate


Art Assistant


ful Levy’s team, have been working harder than ever to provide you

At right, our dog, Lilly, models a new spring necktie.

with superb men’s and women’s fashions for spring and summer. In October and January, we joined with select Esquire magazine “Best of Class Gold Standard” North Sneak


Corporate Editorial Director R I TA G U A R N A

Associate Publisher

American retailers to visit factories and shows in northern Italy. First we toured fine


knitwear and sweater factories in the Umbria area, located between Rome and Flor-

Advertising Account Executives

ence. Then we enjoyed the ornate medieval castles in Perugia (we can’t forget to

J O D I L A S A L A , S T E P H A N I E S TA I A N O ,

mention the Perugina chocolates that melt in your mouth) and made a special sunset


Advertising Sales Assistant

visit to the churches in Assisi.


In January, we joined Kevin O’Malley, Esquire publisher, his key staff and Harper’s Bazaar representatives on an unbelievable trip to Florence and Milan, cour-

Production Director


Advertising Services Director

tesy of the Italian Trade Commission. We saw the first Fall 2010 men’s show and


Fashion in action

women’s pre-show organized by Pitti Immagine, as well as Milan runway shows

Senior Art Director, Agency Services

see page 68

by Ermenegildo Zegna, Armani and others. In addition, we joined LEVY’S maga-


zine publisher Mark Dowden of Wainscot Media on an exclusive tour of the Biella


region and Ermenegildo Zegna’s 100-year-old woolen mill. The Lanificio Zegna

A G N E S A LV E S ,


which produces the most innovative wool fabrics available in the world. Of course,

Published by

we shared with the Esquire staff the region’s best cuisine, wines and parmigiano.


C A R R O L L V. D O W D E N

For more about our trip, see page 40.



Levy’s is proud to be featured this spring in five magazines, including Esquire,

Executive Vice President, Publishing Director

as a participant in the Italian Trade Commission campaign “If you speak fashion,


you speak Italian.” Also this spring, we are honoring our clients, fellow Middle Ten-

Vice Presidents

nesseans featured in Levy’s Stories (see page 51), at a special event to be held on

N I G E L E D E L S H A I N , R I TA G U A R N A ,



Tuesday, April 20, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please join us for an exciting night. Regional Sales Director

The “must-sees” this season are our new men’s collections: SAND of Copenhagen, featuring fashion-with-a-twist; Angelo Nardelli, a Southern Italian-made casual collection; Kroon casual jackets; and Haspel’s famous cotton and linen suits and Ibiza style

sportcoats. Our women’s collections now include Desigual, a Barcelona line whose

see page 13

name translates as “not the same,” and Nougat London. We will celebrate Levy’s 155th anniversary September 30, 2010, so save the date. Thank you for your loyalty. We also extend our appreciation to associate Harry Webster for his special service to you, our clients, for 40 years! —DAVID & ELLEN LEVY


Circulation Director


L E V Y ’ S Magazine is published twice a year by Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645, in association with Levy’s. Copyright © 2010 by Wainscot Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Editorial Contributions: Write to Editor, LEVY’S, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645; telephone 201.782.5730; email The magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited submissions. Subscription Services: To change an address or request a subscription, write to Subscriptions, LEVY’S Circulation Department, PO Box 1788, Land O Lakes, FL 34639; telephone 813-996-6579; email Advertising Inquiries: Contact Shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or

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Nashville’s newest, most well-established bank.

    4 ( !6 % . 5 % . 3 5 ) 4 %    s . ! 3 ( 6 ) , , % 4 .          - ! 2 9 , ! . $ 7 !9 s " 2 % . 4 7 / / $ 4 .      #2%34-//22/!$s.!3(6),,% 4.s./7/0%. 0 ( / . %              s &! 8              7 7 7 # ! 0 3 4! 2 " ! . +  # / -

Member FDIC

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{ the

Spanish holiday

A View to a Thrill Like the characters in the classic E.M. Forster novel, experienced travelers know that a hotel room’s view can set the tone for an entire trip. A Room with a View is a luxurious picture book—a compendium of Condé Nast Traveler’s signature final pages—that showcases the best vistas from the best hotel rooms around the world. Relaxing in your favorite chair at home, you can, with this tome, gaze at the Taj Mahal in the distant mist, the brilliantly colored onion domes of St. Basil’s in Moscow or a sailboat scudding in the blue and green waters off Miami—and much more. For more details, visit the book’s publisher at

levy’s guide }

BRING OUT THE BEACHY Spanish Bohemian in you (you know she’s in there!) with Desigual. The bright, eclectic clothing line has fans around the world, from Barcelona to Sydney—and now at Levy’s as well. The literal meaning of Desigual is “unequal,” but not in the sense of “less than”—rather, as in “not the same.” The company’s designs are explosions of colors, patterns and detail, intended “to arouse positive emotions,” according to designer Thomas Meyer. This season, the theme of the women’s line is “Hand Made,” with embroidered buttons, crochet patchwork, frayed clothes and naïf motifs. These artisan touches, along with bold florals, evoke the island of Ibiza, where cultures mix harmoniously and life is lived to the fullest. The focus on craftwork means that no two garments can ever be identical—in other words, never the same old, same old.

The Kroon brand of menswear began with a few simple notions about what men want. One was that luxury should be affordable. Another was that men were looking for a degree of personal expression in their attire that couldn’t be found in the dominant fashion extremes of the day—neither in trend-focused “street” styles nor in the more traditional, suit-oriented corporate culture. Moreover, the line’s founder, Brent Keston, was smitten with the looks of the decades from the ‘20s through the ‘40s, a time when men dressed with a certain sophistication and elegance. He happened to love music and comedy, too. Quite simply, he liked to have a good time and look good doing it. From these passions, the Kroon Collection, a modern take on iconic classics, was born. To wear one of Kroon’s soft sportswear coats is to partake of the special era of glamour and good times epitomized by Golden Age of Hollywood crooners. The tailoring is highly detailed and the fabrics are from the Biella and Prato regions of Italy. This is low-key luxury, never taking itself—or life—too seriously. Why not stop by and try Kroon on for size?






3/25/10 10:16:56 AM

{ the

levy’s guide}

Fantastical glass Glowing tendrils and vines of glass, bulbous translucent shapes floating in water, brilliant stalks and swirls that catch the sun or moonlight—these elements of Dale Chihuly’s enchanting hand-blown glass sculptures are on view during the “Chihuly at Cheekwood” exhibit from May 25 through October 31. Cheekwood is the 55-acre botanical garden on the old estate and grounds of the Cheek family, of Maxwell House Coffee fame. Thousands of the worldfamous artist’s pieces will be displayed throughout the grounds, in various ponds and in the Frist Learning Center. Don’t miss (as if anyone could) the Saffron Tower, a 30-foot yellow neon sculpture installed in the Herb Gardens, or the Sun, a 15-foot radiant yellow orb on the front lawn. During the exhibition, Cheekwood will stay open until 10 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays to allow visitors to experience the interaction of color and light in a different way. For a full range of events, check out

A Toast to Nashville Hospitality

Our Favorite Tunes, Part II BASED IN THE MUSIC CITY as we are, music is naturally a key part of our everyday lives—not only because we love to listen, but because so many people from the music industry are our customers. Last issue, we listed some of our favorite songs and invited readers to suggest a few tunes of their own for a Levy’s playlist. Here’s the result, and we’re happy to note that readers’ musical tastes correspond closely

with our own. Happy listening.




My Maria by BROOKS & DUNN


Here Comes Goodbye by RASCAL FLATTS


Where There’s a Wall by KALEY CAPERTON


Fast Movin’ Train by RESTLESS HEART


Long Gone by WILL HOGE


Thing Called Love by JOHN HIATT


Untouchable by TAYLOR SWIFT


If You Leave Me Now by PETER CETERA


Go Rest High on That Mountain by VINCE GILL

The city’s Historic Germantown neighborhood boasts splendidly restored Victorian-era homes, sleek lofts and lots of great places to eat and drink. There you’ll find Nashville’s political, business and artistic elite mingling at the Germantown Café. “Our tag line is ‘a neighborhood café worth leaving your neighborhood for,’ and in a nutshell that’s what we’ve tried to create,” says co-owner Chris Lowry. “We’re a comfortable little neighborhood restaurant with a great view of downtown.” Service is friendly, and the menu offers dishes (and prices) that are appropriate for either a quick bite or a more elegant experience. Don’t expect lengthy recitations of seasonal specials: “Consistency is our benchmark,” says Lowry. “We stick to doing the things we do well so that people know what to expect.” That would include two of the café’s signature dishes: pork tenderloin medallions with a savory plum sauce and coconut curry salmon. In the hospitable Germantown Café spirit, Lowry shares the recipe for one of the cocktails popular at the busy bar:


I Don’t Want to Know by GEORGE JONES


Bring It on Home by LITTLE BIG TOWN


I Get That All the Time by DUE WEST


Soul Mining by DAVE ROBBINS


American Saturday Night by BRAD PAISLEY

Summer Germantown Gimlet


Summertime by KENNY CHESNEY


Simply I Love You by MICHAEL BOOTH


Peace (When I Leave It in Your Hands) by LEGACY FIVE


Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends by RONNIE MILSAP


Thanks to You by BILL ANDERSON

2 oz. Corsair Gin 1 oz. St. Germain elderflower liqueur 4 to 5 squeezes of fresh lime Shake with ice to mix. Strain into 10-oz. martini glass. Float about 1 oz. of sparkling wine on top.


SUMMER 2010 10

3/25/10 12:15:29 PM

7 diamonds right.indd 145

3/24/10 7:59:22 PM

{ the

levy’s guide}

Tide’s In Clothes with the Southern Tide label are, literally, cool. It’s not just because of their distinctive colors or the fact that they tend to be styles well loved by young men (and the women who love them)—polos, khakis, boxers and the like. It’s also the high-technology, highly “breathe-able” material that’s perfect for staying smooth on warm Southern days. That sort of attention to detail is the hallmark of Allen Stephenson, the young designer who began Southern Tide while attending the University of South Carolina. More details-that-matter: polo and t-shirts that don’t shrink and that stay tucked, cotton pants with just the right hint of stretch, collars optimized to maintain their shape. And of course, there’s the nod to Stephenson’s Southern roots in the distinctive skipjack logo—much more appealing for his customers, he says, than an alligator or polo player. Stop by the store and check out Southern Tide for yourself.

THE A-to-Z LIST Levy’s features more than 90 designer brands under one roof. See if you don’t find your favorites in our list below. Then visit the store for a shopping experience you’ll love.





Agave Alberto Allen Edmonds Altea Andrew Hamilton Crawford Angelo Nardelli Armani Collezioni Arnold Zimberg The Art of Shaving Audrey Talbott Autumn Cashmere Ballin Belford Bills Khakis Billy Jealousy Blue Chair Bay Botkier Canali Carmy Designs Carol Lipworth Carrot & Gibbs Christopher Blue Cole Haan Culturata Custom Shirtmakers Ltd. David Donahue Desigual Dion Donald J. Pliner Elana Kattan Ermenegildo Zegna Eton of Sweden Etro Fahrenheit Farinaz Flavio Castellani Fortune Denim

Frye George Roth LA Gerard Darel Gitman Carol Goddis Lipworth Gravati Gucci Nougat London Hart Schaffner Marx Nudie Haspel Peter Huber Hickey Freeman PRPS Hugo Boss Punto Ichiban Remy Ike Behar R. Hanauer Indies Robert Graham Italo Ferretti Robert Talbott Jack Black Rodika Zanian Jack Victor Salvatore Ferragamo Jet Lag SAND John Allan’s Schneiders of Salzburg John Varvatos Scott Barber Johnny Was Scott Kay J Z Richards 7 Diamonds Kowboys Simon Sebbag Kroon Southern Tide Leather Island Spanx Leather Rock St. Croix Linea Pelle Stitch’s Love Quotes Suzie Roher Mark Nason Tommy Bahama Masons Torino Mek Trafalgar M. Musina Vic Mayhem Mountain Khakis Whiting and Davis Nation Ltd. Yoga Jeans Nat Nast Yummie Tummies Nicole Farhi Zanella The North Face

Gigi Butler, cupcake entrepreneur, has got your number. She knows you like to treat yourself, and that a $3, tastes-like-homemade cupcake is just the way to do it. Her insights and business savvy—plus family recipes from her great-aunts and grandmothers—have not only helped make Gigi’s Cupcakes a Nashville favorite, but have also birthed 13 franchises so far. All manner of Nashville denizens crowd her shop at 1816 Broadway, from pharmaceutical reps to Vanderbilt students, from musicians to executives and beyond. “You might assume our customers would be mostly women, but men crave homebaked desserts,” says Butler. The entrepreneur has dreamed up 62 different varieties of cupcakes, with 12 kinds available on any given day. She uses her background as a singer/songwriter to make up memorable names for her specialties, such as Hunka Chunka Banana Love. This summer, look for seasonal creations: Merry Margarita, Pina Colada and Summer Fun. Whet your appetite at



SUMMER 2010 12

3/25/10 10:49:02 AM

 E E E  : 3 D G A 1 : = B 6 3 A 1 = ;

robert talbot right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:00:07 PM

{ the

levy’s guide} AFFAIRS TO REMEMBER Good conversation and great guests marked Levy’s party for the publication of our Fall 2009 issue. Levy’s people were also out and about at a benefit for the Tennessee State Museum and the YWCA Quiet Conversations event.


For the YWCA’s Coat Drive, our generous clients donated coats, Oakwood Cleaners provided cleaning, and Remy Leathers, 7 Diamonds and Gimo’s contributed new coats.











LEV.eventspread.v6.Lc.indd 14

3/25/10 1:39:11 PM

THE SOCIAL WHIRL 1. Brian Boyd, Adrienne Scarbrough and Dale Snyder 2. Dave Innis, Kim Thomason and Gary Meisner 3. Pat and John Shae at the YWCA Quiet Conversations event 4. Herb Mathias, Cindy Rose and Wes Davis 5. Janet Blum and Ellen Levy 6. Stacy and David Lewis 7. David Levy with Jane and Tom Yount at the Art of Style benefit for the Tennessee State Museum. Mr. Yount is wearing a Levy’s sportcoat, circa 1950. 8. Karen and Rick Miller, Robin Rose, Stacy Lewis and Lynne Brantley 9. Steve Mitchell and Robin Rose 10. Charlie McCoy with David 11. Steve Virginia, Caley Kaperton and Adrienne Scarbrough at the museum benefit 12. Harry Webster, David Levy and Dr. George Butler 13. David and Ellen Levy, Pat Shae and Surrendra Kumar at the YWCA Coat Drive 14. Vic Alexander and J.R. Roper


All photos are from our fall magazine launch party unless otherwise noted.






12 14


LEV.eventspread.v6.Lc.indd 15




3/25/10 1:39:54 PM

jack victor_left.indd 2

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green hills right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:01:33 PM

{ essentials for men }

KICK BACK Dress with finesse on those days that start with “S”

Arnold Zimberg white ground plaid shirt, 7 Diamonds Letter to LA shirt, Shawlsmith of London scarf, Leather Island by Bill Lavin belt, Nudie jeans





LEV.essentials.v9.LL.indd 22

3/25/10 9:49:00 AM


2011 Infiniti M



Test drive the completely redesigned M Sedan at Alexander Infiniti of Cool Springs. 211 COMTIDE COURT | FRANKLIN, TN | 615-771-7171

Just off Bakers Bridge Avenue, Next to I-65.

alexander infiniti right.indd 145


Exit 69

3/25/10 9:00:10 AM

{ essentials for men }

Robert Graham shirts, socks and belt, MEK jeans






LEV.essentials.v9.LL.indd 24

3/25/10 9:49:24 AM


carl tatz right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:03:14 PM

{ essentials for men }

Nat Nast “Player” paisley stripe shirt, antique embossed calf belt by Torino, Robert Talbott twill pants in midnight navy (khaki also shown)





shirt, Nat Nast “Squeeze Play”


LEV.essentials.v9.LL.indd 26

3/25/10 9:49:42 AM

ijhi!gbtijpo!boe!ijhi!gvodujpo xjuipvu!uif!ijhi!qsjdf!ubh/ 5SbO\c\PSZWSdOPZSRSOZ]\`ObSRBVS`[OR]`Zcfc`gO^^ZWO\QSaO\Rbc`\g]c` YWbQVS\W\b]OQ][^ZSbSQcZW\O`gabcRW]<]eWabVSbW[Sb]bOYSORdO\bOUS]T c\^`SQSRS\bSRaOdW\Ua]\Ob`cS/[S`WQO\WQ]\ Ab]^Pg]c`aV]e`]][b]ZSO`\[]`SOP]cbbVSBVS`[OR]` =\SBe]4`SSaOZS


a-1 right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:04:04 PM

{ essentials for women }

WEEKEND EDITION Today could make news. Dress the part ...

... on Saturday Rodika Zanian stripe shirt, Elizabeth Gillett scarf, Carol Lipworth necklace and earrings, Botkier handbag, Yoga jeans



SPRINGâ&#x20AC;˘ SUMMER 2010

LEV.essentials.v9.LL.indd 28

3/25/10 10:13:54 AM

visage right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:04:43 PM

{ essentials for women }

... on Sunday Armani Collezioni jacket and pants, Altea scarf, Fahrenheit necklace, Nichole Farhi handbag






LEV.essentials.v9.LL.indd 30

3/25/10 9:50:19 AM

Flow #07-122


2010 Beauty #561D-150

farinaz right.indd 145


3/24/10 8:05:17 PM






This gift certificate entitles you to $100 on your purchase of $500 from our stock.


Must present this certificate to receive credit. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise, shoes, made to measure or special orders, and Scott Kay or Carol Lipworth jewelry.



3900 Hillsboro Road • 615-383-2800

This gift certificate entitles you to $150 on your purchase of $750 from our stock.


Must present this certificate to receive credit. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise, shoes, made to measure or special orders, and Scott Kay or Carol Lipworth jewelry.



3900 Hillsboro Road • 615-383-2800

This gift certificate entitles you to $300 on your purchase of $1200 from our stock.


Must present this certificate to receive credit. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise, shoes, made to measure or special orders, and Scott Kay or Carol Lipworth jewelry. 32

3900 Hillsboro Road • 615-383-2800

3/24/10 2:01:25 PM

wallace right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:05:41 PM

Original store located at 1816 Broadway in Nashville, TN Auburn, AL • Huntsville, AL • Denver, CO • Littleton, CO • Atlanta, GA • Buckhead, GA • Indianapolis, IN • Bowling Green, KY • Lexington, KY • Louisville, KY Flowood, MS • Chattanooga, TN • Franklin, TN • Hendersonville, TN • Nashville, TN • Memphis, TN • Murfreesboro, TN • Spring Hill, TN • Dallas, TX • Midland, TX

gigis_left.indd 2

3/24/10 8:06:09 PM

sand right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:06:57 PM

Sean Connery on the set of the 1964 film Woman of Straw, in which he co-starred with Gina Lollobrigida. In the film, which came out just after he made it big as Bond, Connery plotted to murder his wealthy uncle. A rare villainous role for him, it helped cement his sophisticated, sexy image. 66

3/23/10 6:31:56 PM

{ icon }

SEAN CONNERY Ask the women in your life about Sean Connery, and odds are

donned in From Russia with Love, the three-piece (complete

they’ll confirm that they find him irresistible. The man who

with lapelled waistcoat) made famous in Goldfinger. So com-

uttered the unforgettable line, “The name is Bond … James

fortable has he become with fashion that this spring, for the

Bond” (in 1962’s Dr. No) was voted Sexiest Man of the Century

eighth year in a row, he hosts the Dressed to Kilt New York

by People magazine in 1999. Recently, at age 79, the actor

fashion show, created to highlight Scottish designers. And

scored 90 percent in “Woman Magnetism” in an online poll.

Louis Vuitton chose him as a style icon for the brand’s ongoing

What’s Sean Connery’s secret? At least to some degree,

Core Values campaign.

he is proof that clothes do make the man, and that urbanity

In the end, it’s not just what Connery wears, but the way

can be acquired. A foul-mouthed ex-milkman and Mr. Universe

he wears it that makes him the emblem of innate cool. Here is

finalist from Edinburgh, Connery was an unlikely choice for

a man with presence. From his 007 days to The Hunt for Red

the role of Bond. Producer

October, in roles ranging

Harry Saltzman claimed he

from Indiana Jones’ father

chose Connery for the role

to a reclusive professor (in

after watching him walk

Finding Forrester), he strikes

down the street. But not

the perfect balance of sua-

only did Ian Fleming him-

vity and swagger, charm and

self have doubts—he called

confidence. His shoulders



stay squared, his arms are

truck driver”—so did Dr.

held slightly away from his

No director Terence Young,

body, his stance is relaxed.

who schooled Connery in

And as Bond, he exempli-

the ways of the well-bred.

fies the “dark triad” of traits

Young reputedly made Con-

study-proven to get the girl:

nery wear a suit around the

narcissism, a penchant for

clock—even to bed—to get

thrill-seeking and an easy

used to the feel.

comfort with deceit.


And get used to it he

Assuming that in real

did. Connery exuded style

life, Connery—Sir Sean since

whether sipping a martini

2000—is no more egotistical

or facing imminent death

or deceitful than your aver-

by laser beam. He looks

age bloke, how then can we

utterly at ease in the sleek

sum up his enduring appeal?

gray suit (narrow notched

Venerable film critic Pauline

lapels, angled slit pock-

Kael seems to have nailed it:

ets) he wore in Dr. No, the

“Women want to meet him,

seven-stripe glen plaid he

and men want to be him.”

Connery is, to some degree, proof that clothes do make the man, and that urbanity can be acquired.





3/23/10 6:32:09 PM

italo_left.indd 145

3/24/10 8:06:32 PM

Nashville Business Journalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Top 25 Realtors ¡ Realtor since 1998 ¡ Lifetime Award of Excellence Member

Missy Rodriguez Brower $%5&56*5,


zeitlin right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:07:20 PM

VIVA ITALIA! One of the joys of being an independent retailer is visiting the world’s fashion capitals to seek out the new, the natty and the next big thing. In the fall we joined other Esquire “Best of Class Gold Standard” stores at the fine knitwear and sweater factories of the Umbria region. And in January, guests of the Italian Trade Commission, we joined Esquire publisher Kevin O’Malley and staff for the Pitti Uomo show in Florence and Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. In the Biellese Alps, we had a tour of Ermenegildo Zegna’s historic mill. As the pictures here attest, these trips were not exactly a hardship—thanks to good company, good food and the great fashion we brought home to our Nashville store. —David & Ellen Levy

Ellen Levy and Niccolo Ricci, CEO of Stefano Ricci, pose in front of a massive moss elephant sculpture in the brand’s flagship showroom in Florence.

Alberto Caruso (left), CEO of Caruso, hosts a festive lunch. Also seen with Ellen and David is Mattia Mondani, one of Esquire’s star representatives in Europe.

Ellen with Robert Aldrich of Ermenegildo Zegna

A visit with the inimitable Luciano Barbera

This view of the Parma countryside shows one of the ancient farms that produce Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese—lunchtime staples of the trip.

Culatello hams aging at the Antica Corte Pallavicina Relais in Parma

LEv.italy spread.V13.Lc.indd 14

David has to duck to fit through a centuries-old doorway.

Seamstresses hand-stitch suits at the Caruso factory. The work, which requires intense concentration, is performed in perfect silence.

David displays a unique alligator sportcoat at Stefano Ricci.

The Corneliani show in Florence

3/25/10 2:19:55 PM

In the Biellese Alps, the Oasi Zegna abuts the mill town of Trivero. In the distance is Monte Rosa, the second highest peak in Europe.

A Lanificio Zegna guide shows how thistles are still used to produce a flannel finish on fabrics.

Historic wooden boxes are employed to store yarn at Lanificio Zegna.

David and Ellen chat with Eva Cavalli of Roberto Cavalli.

Coming at you: the finale of the Ermenegildo Zegna fashion show in Milan. The brand is celebrating its centennial this year.

Linda, the guide at Casa Zegna, shows off the archive of historic fabrics.

Ellen and Vittorio Missoni keep warm at Missoni’s outdoor party.

On a chilly night in Milan, the Missoni party is the place to be. Models show off Missoni’s fall 2010 menswear collection. The spectacular Duomo in Milan

Proud dads David Levy and Ottavio Missoni SPRING

LEv.italy spread.V11.Lc.indd 15




3/25/10 8:57:48 AM

Abbondanza: A typical lunch in Umbria featured meat, cheese and fresh vegetable dishes in profusion. This plate is just one course of many!

Ellen poses with (far left) Kevin O’Malley, publisher of Esquire, and fashion industry colleagues. The setting is the art-filled home of Luciano Bernardini, CEO of Magazine International.

Looking like they’re ready for a toboggan run, David and two fashion industry colleagues model scarves in an Umbria area showroom.

In this typical Milanese street scene, cars too small for David Levy trail behind a vintage electric streetcar. Note the ancient stone pavers.

Party ready: At the Pitti Uomo show, SAND displays colorful new clothing from its Pink Label and Black Label collections.

David would never fit in this subsub-compact on the streets of Florence.

LEv.italy spread.V13.Lc.indd 16

Hans Davidson, left, third-generation head of Eton, and Erik Wilkinson pause for the camera

Next year’s ski fashion on display at a showroom in Milan

Tommaso Aquilano, designer for Gianfranco Ferré, puts last-minute touches on his new menswear collection.

3/25/10 2:20:45 PM

miro right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:07:42 PM

{ meet the designer }

Did you imagine at the time that SAND would become a global fashion brand?

Yes, actually, we did. Lene and I had that dream from the time we were in college together. She studied theater set design and had a real flair for fashion. Denmark is a small country, so we had to think big. Our ambition from the start was to create the very best clothing and to grow internationally. When did you branch into menswear?

It was 1989. We were quite casual at the time, and so was our collection. But life changed, and soon we were creating tailored clothing, dress shirts, ties and accessories, which became central to SAND. To use the terminology of the fashion industry, SAND is a complete lifestyle brand: You offer tailored clothing, sportswear and accessories. And many of the pieces, it seems, have the versatility to look right in any setting. Is that what you aim for?

Absolutely. Many clothing brands are rather one-dimensional—they are either classic or casual. At SAND we are good at bridging the gap between classic and casual. SAND appeals to well-dressed people who are passionate about style and looking their best, whether at work or at leisure.

Søren Sand ONE OF THE COOLER NEW MENSWEAR LINES at Levy’s is SAND. It’s named not for the stuff on

As designers, what are you and Lene passionate about?

Fabric is a major passion of ours. We have always been influenced by Italy and by the best fabrics. Fabric finishes are very important to us; we go to great lengths to use the best finishing processes, so that the fabrics look great and also have a marvelous hand. Frankly, we are striving for perfection in everything we do— fabrics, fits, details, craftsmanship, durability.

beaches but for its Danish founder, creative director and CEO, Søren P. Sand. Together with his wife and creative partner Lene, Sand has built a global fashion brand whose enthusiasts range from Duran

What does “the perfect fit” mean to you?

Duran to Mrs. David Bowie, the model Iman. At the recent Pitti Uomo show in Florence, LEVY’S sat

We design garments with sculptural silhouettes

down with Sand, the man, to discuss his approach to menswear.

for a flattering, modern fit, but at the same time we insist that the garments be functional, wearable and comfortable. Style and comfort should




You and your wife Lene founded SAND in 1981.

Describe your first store.

You must have been very young at the time.

It was in our hometown of Randers, Denmark.

Did you ever do anything else to make a living?

We used only natural fabrics and made women’s

You mentioned your focus on design

Yes, I began by listening to my dad, who said,

clothes from scratch in our basement. Thanks

details. Give me an example.

“Do something safe—study economics.” I was

to Lene’s creative vision, those early designs

If you look at one of our Black Label sportcoats,

an accountant for four years, but this was not my

just flew out of the store, and we knew we had

you’ll notice unexpected combinations—subtle,

route—instead, my passion is to be creative.

something special.

distinctive details that make the piece unique



LEV.sand.V6.LL.indd 62

3/25/10 10:48:07 AM

and fun. For example, you may find contrasting colored thread used for buttonholes, or sleeve buttons that vary in color from button to button, or contrasting under-collar fabric, or a rich, embroidered lining. Your new collection has some edge to it. These look like the kind of clothes a person would want to wear on stage while performing music or, let’s say, accepting a music award.

Or just going out to listen to music. In a sense, we are all on stage wherever we go, right? These are clothes for people who embrace that reality—who want to let their spirit shine forth and look their best. SAND is a well-known brand in Europe, but it’s quite new to the American market. How is it being received?

Very well. Americans have a bold style and are more daring in the way they dress than many Europeans. There’s some rock-‘n’-roll attitude to SAND, so it’s not surprising that the brand is an early hit in the U.S. You worked with the late Helmut Newton, the famous photographer. How did that collaboration come about?

Seen here are looks from SAND’s Spring 2010 collections.

Lene and I had always admired his blackand-white photos. He had a great sensibil-

He wasn’t temperamental?

No, he was delightful. But he was what you might call a

Where do you and Lene work?

In Como, Italy. We opened a new design studio there in March 2009.

ity—a way of being

character. After the third day

provocative without

of shooting, he said, “Stay

Where do you like to travel when

being offensive.

in Monaco two more days,

you’re not working?

In 2002, we had

and you can have the pic-

We love what we do, so we’re always

the dream of having Helmut Newton shoot a campaign for SAND. He was

tures.” So Lene and I hung out, and on the appointed day, we went to see him in a tent on

working! But we can be productive almost anywhere, so we do travel for pleasure. Within Italy, we like the Amalfi coast,

living in Monaco at the time. We

the beach. He gave us a loupe and left

weekends in Capri. … Copenhagen in the

simply contacted him and asked.

us alone in the tent with the photos while,

summertime is beautiful. We have a home

at age 82, he went for a swim. And the

in the Swiss Alps, close to Lake Lugarno.

He was at the height of his

images … they were simply spectacular.

And we also spend a good deal of time in

artistic fame. Was it difficult

The Newton campaign helped shape the

London; we have a flat in Mayfair.

to convince him?

brand image of SAND. Now that you’ve made it big, do you

Well, he said, “Send me some pictures of your clothing.” He loved

While your clothes can be quite

have any thoughts of retiring?

what he saw and agreed to do a

colorful, you’ve continued to favor

None at all. Lene and I enjoy what we do.

campaign. It was shot in Monaco,

black-and-white photography.

Creating makes us happy, so why think

mostly on the waterfront. We were

Yes. We did a black-and-white campaign

about doing something else? Look at Gior-

told not to interfere, but within half

with Bryan Adams, the Canadian rocker. His

gio Armani, who, past age 75, is still closely

an hour he was inviting me to look

second career is as a professional photogra-

involved with his company. That’s inspira-

through the camera.

pher, and he’s very accomplished.

tional. We’re going to keep going. SPRING

LEV.sand.V7.Lc.indd 63




3/25/10 11:57:02 AM




SUMMER 2010 78

3/24/10 4:02:01 PM

Seduction on

Wheels |

The Maserati GranTurismo delivers it all: Pininfarina looks, performance, comfort and the throatiest engine on the road


JUST A GLANCE AT THE MASERATI GRANTURISMO in all its curvy glory tells you

this two-door 2+2 coupé is a modern-day classic. No surprise, given its lineage: From nose to tail, the car is a stylish paean to its aerodynamic ancestor, the

original 1947 GranTurismo. Known as the AG 1500 GT, that Pininfarina gem was the first Maserati built for the road, not the raceway, and today’s version follows suit with bold fenders arching closely around 20-inch wheels, a long nose with strong V-shaped lines and dramatic wide-set headlights. As for its most distinctive feature—the trident studding the large concave grille—it arguably stands as the automotive world’s most elegant emblem. But looks aren’t the only thing that makes the GranTurismo so damn, well, sexy: In a 2008 study by British luxury car insurer Hiscox, a whopping 100 percent of female participants had a marked biological response to the mere sound of Maserati’s V8 engine. Turns out the same sexy snarl that gets

With its sophisticated design and superior balance, the GranTurismo owns the curves—both visually and literally. State-of-the-art suspension means smooth driving even at high speeds, but the GT also functions as an elegant touring machine. 79

3/24/10 4:05:43 PM

Design in the details: This page, in the new GT Convertible, you can go from enclosed comfort to the joy of open-top motoring in less than 30 seconds; next page, clockwise, on the GT S Automatic, each rear light cluster has 96 LEDs; the 4.7-liter engine sits behind the front axle for superior weight distribution; the passenger cabin is beautifully appointed in the owner’s choice of wood and leather.

the GranTurismo going also sends women’s testosterone levels

the base model and the “S,” but it has the same larger engine and

soaring. (Biology refresher: Women also rely on the “mostly male”

gives up none of the performance. In addition to fully automatic

hormone for a libido lift.) In short, firing up the spectacular GT may

mode (which is surprisingly fluid), the six-speed can be driven in

be literally the most powerful seduction strategy on earth.

semi-manual mode. No clutching is required; the gears are changed

The Trident Marque made the car still throatier last year when it introduced the GranTurismo S. Engine displacement got bumped from 4.2 liters to 4.7, via added bore and stroke. This change ratcheted the

via column-mounted paddles (“down” on the left side of the steering wheel and “up” on the right). No matter your pick, the 4,000-pound machine performs admira-

horses to an ample 440, compared with 405 hp for what is now the

bly, whipping around corners, hurtling up hills, braking at will—with-

base model.

out lurching, rolling or hesitating in the slightest. Credit goes not

Maserati also launched an automatic model of the GranTurismo

just to the smooth transmission but also to the Skyhook adaptive

S in 2009—joining most other high-end makers in a move consid-

suspension system, which makes more than 100 accommodations

ered sacrilegious by some sports-car purists. This is the model we

per second based on every bump in the road to guarantee a ride that

tested. With a sticker starting at $125,900, it’s mid-priced between

is at once stable and thrilling. The true personality of the car emerges in sport mode, with



M A R I A L I S S A N D R E L L O writes frequently about Italian automobiles,

the simple push of the “sport” button. Flaps in the dual exhaust

food and culture.

open, producing an even throatier thrum when the engine is idling.


SUMMER 2010 80

3/23/10 6:45:47 PM

Under way, there’s an immediate difference in feel: The steering is

19 exterior colors and six brake-caliper color options, the Gran-

tauter—the suspension, too—and the shifts from the gearbox are

Turismo is one of the most customizable ways to show off your

quicker. Sport mode rules! What of comfort? It often yields to performance in the sports-car world, but not here. The interior of the GranTurismo is downright sumptuous. Poltrona Frau and Alcantara (or peccary) leather seats cradle the body for the long haul. The leather (available in 10 colors) snakes around the door and dash and can be combined

automotive personality.




New for 2010 is a drophead version called the GranCabrio, which is sold in the U.S. as the GranTurismo Convertible. Unlike the metal-roofed Ferrari California, the GT Convertible features a cloth roof that deploys automatically over the fourseat passenger compartment, a design that neither adds weight nor sacrifices space. This is the first four-seat convert-

with one of three wood trims—wal-


ible in Maserati history, and it sports the

nut, rosewood and wengé—polished

| 0–60 MPH IN 4.8 SECONDS | TOP SPEED: 183 MPH

longest wheel-base of any convertible in

to your liking. Indeed, with 18 million


its class. It goes without saying: This is

color and trim combinations, including


no ordinary ragtop. SPRING 81




3/25/10 11:27:19 AM

Authentic denim. Handcrafted in California

agave_left.indd 2

3/23/10 9:50:41 AM

stories levy’s

Six loyal Levy’s shoppers tell what they find here— and why they keep coming back

O U R C U S T O M E R S K N O W O U R S T O R Y. We’ve been keeping Nashville looking good since the middle of the 19th century. So we figured it was only fair to turn the tables and listen to a few of your stories. On the next pages, you’ll hear what a half-dozen devoted Levy’s clients have to say about how our store fits into their busy lives. See if you don’t detect, as we did, a common theme: that our success is about more than just the fine garments we sell. It reflects the friendly attention, the expert counsel and the welcoming environment Levy’s provides. Most important, it’s about you. Because our goal is to win your loyalty afresh every day.



LEV.stories.v13.LL.indd 51




3/26/10 10:25:02 AM

{ levy’s stories }

Lisa & David Manning Executive Vice President, cofounder and Chief Development Officer, AmSurg I LOVE SHOPPING FOR MY HUSBAND. H E ’ S M Y PA RT N E R A N D M Y B E S T F R I E N D , A N D L U C K I LY H E L O V E S my taste. Between working and traveling, he doesn’t have very much time to shop for himself. I’ve always heard that your belt and shoes should be of the best quality, and David agrees. He dresses in a classy, European style—not flashy, but with understated elegance. And he always wears high socks: One of his biggest pet peeves is when a man crosses his legs and exposes skin. But Levy’s isn’t just about men. The collection of women’s clothing is stunning. The store now carries Desigual, Aventures des Toiles, and Indies, the brand of the matte jersey print dress I’m wearing. My favorite thing about Levy’s: the service. Plus David and Ellen have a relationship similar to ours. You can feel the warmth between them.

LEV.stories.v13.LL.indd 52

3/25/10 10:54:34 AM

I ’ M A P E R F E C T I O N I S T, A N D M Y JOB IS TO MAKE PEOPLE LOOK T H E I R B E S T. T H AT M U C H I have in common with the folks at Levy’s. I travel the world giving lectures. And while I have favorite stores in places like Paris and Hong Kong, I have yet to find anywhere with the same high standard of quality, personal service and expert advice that I find at Levy’s. It’s what I strive to give my patients. When I moved to Nashville nearly 20 years ago, I discovered that if I wanted to dress styl-

Michael H. Gold, M.D. Dermatologist and surgeon, Gold Skin Care Center ishly, Levy’s was the only game in town. That hasn’t changed. Today, my favorite brands range from Canali to Ermenegildo Zegna for suits and from Tommy Bahama to Robert Graham for casual wear. Clearly, Levy’s understands the air of confident authority needed to help win people’s trust. And no wonder. For 155 years, Levy’s has won the trust of Nashville’s most impeccable dressers.


LEV.stories.v13.LL.indd 53




3/25/10 10:54:46 AM

{ levy’s stories }

Missy Rodriguez Brower Residential real estate agent, Zeitlin & Co. I WA S AT B E R G D O R F G O O D M A N I N N E W Y O R K AT CHRISTMASTIME, AND A NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES stopped to ask me where I’d bought my fox-fur leg warmers. I gave them my usual answer: “Levy’s in Nashville, of course!” At Levy’s I always find highquality, unique clothing and accessories that fit my style. Jose Luis leather garments are my favorites—I purchased a belt, purse and jacket at a Levy’s trunk show—and M. Musina makes amazing crocodile belts. I love Levy’s. Visiting the store has the feel of dropping by someone’s home, especially when the Levys’ golden retriever, Lilly, greets me at the door. How could you not like a store that has a dog on staff?





LEV.stories.v13.LL.indd 54

3/25/10 10:55:01 AM

Fred Nance Jr. & Craig Nance Vice President; Procurement Director, Frham Safety Products FRED: I DESPISE SHOPPING. T H AT ’ S W H Y I L I K E L E V Y ’ S — I T ’ S easy for me. They always have options to choose from, and something always works. Craig: My dad introduced me to Levy’s when I finished college and it was time to go to work. I deal with clients in the nuclear power industry. I want to look well put together—with maybe a hint that I know what’s going on in fashion beyond Tennessee. Levy’s helps me achieve the style I seek. Among my favorites are Robert Graham for shirts, Armani for sweaters and shirts, Gimo’s for leather jackets and Gucci for shoes. The selection at Levy’s is Nashville’s finest.


LEV.stories.v13.LL.indd 55




3/25/10 10:55:25 AM

tommy bahama_left.indd 2

3/23/10 5:58:01 PM

Š2010 T O M M Y B A H A M A G R O U P, I N C .



These luxury bathrooms provide their owners with the perfect private retreat

Eclectic influences: A deep, old-fashioned tin bathtub is surrounded by heavy red-and-gold drapes, creating the effect of an alcove. Carefuly chosen details-—lavish drapery trim, vintage hardware, natural sea sponges-—add visual interest.


LEV.home.v4.Lc.indd 83




3/25/10 9:45:57 AM

A glass act: Light bounces and flows in this glamorous bathroom, with its floor-to-ceiling mirrors, reflective vanity and shiny marble shower, tub and floor. Designed by David Adler for a Chicago estate, it was salvaged intact for its current home.

LEV.home.v4.Lc.indd 84

3/25/10 9:46:11 AM

LEV.home.v4.Lc.indd 85

3/25/10 9:46:30 AM

Posh and polished: A beautifully crafted antique sideboard houses a metal sink. Pewter-toned accessories add to the room’s masculine appeal. Opposite, eau naturel: The stone wall of this outdoor shower is actually the back of a bedroom’s chimney. The wide Dornbracht showerhead mimics summer rain, while the climbing split leaf philodendron adds a tropical touch.





LEV.home.v4.Lc.indd 86

3/25/10 9:46:45 AM

LEV.home.v4.Lc.indd 87

3/25/10 9:46:57 AM


On Korcula, legendary birthplace of Marco Polo, the Lesic Dimitri Palace offers thoroughly

HOLIDAY SAIL ALONG THE DALMATIAN COAST OF CROATIA, and you’ll see more than a thousand islands. Scat-

tered like gemstones, with the mainland mountains as a backdrop, they’re part of one of the most scenic coastlines in Europe. Some are no more than rocky outcroppings, while others are topped with pine forests or vineyards, islands that are home to fishing villages and lively port towns. You could spend many summers sailing the beautiful waters of the Adriatic, seeking paradise. But you could save yourself time simply by asking a well-traveled native to name the most beautiful of all of the islands. Chances are, the reply would be “Korcula.” Twenty miles long and no wider than five miles, Korcula lies about 100 miles from Dubrovnik and just a mile off the Croatian coast. It was once covered with pine trees and thus called Kerkyra Malaina (Black Corfu) by Greeks, who settled here around 400 B.C. When you board a ferry in Orebic or Split to make the journey, you’re crossing to an island that is the essence of fairy-tale Europe, a place you imagined existed in the past but had long since disappeared. That fairy-tale CONTINUED . . . 88

3/23/10 6:59:09 PM



modern comfort in a fairy-tale setting

Korcula’s Old Town is surrounded by thick stone walls, circa 14th century. The landmark Cathedral Sveti Marko is the island’s tallest structure. S P R I N G •S U M M E R 2 0 1 0 89



3/23/10 6:59:14 PM

quality endures, which may explain why

Korcula has many small and

Korcula, and especially its namesake me-

secluded coves for those seeking

dieval town, has emerged as one of the

privacy, as well as bigger, family-

choicest getaways in the Adriatic.

friendly beaches. Above, the

Crossing the Peljesac Channel and

gorgeous colors in Zitna Bay’s

approaching the marina, you’ll see a fleet

water are the result of its sandy

of vintage fishing boats and the fortress

sea floor. Right, an exterior view

walls of Korcula town. As you disembark,

of the 18th-century Lesic Dimitri

try to ignore the bustle of the dock area

Palace. The town’s streets are

shops and cafes, and go for instant im-

arranged in a fish-bone pattern as

mersion in the past. Climb the19th-

protection against strong winds.

century Grand Staircase with its 15thcentury Revelin tower and walk through the 14th-century Land Gate, built to celebrate the island’s successful defense against the Ottoman navy in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. Now you’re in the heart of medieval Korcula, with its tiny streets, winding alleyways and terra-cotta-tiled houses in the Renaissance and Gothic styles. The well-preserved stone buildings may well remind you of

old town is located in a restored 18th-century bishop’s palace and five

Venice. That’s no surprise, given that the Venetians ruled Korcula, an im-

cottages that date from the 15th and 16th centuries. The one- and two-

portant outpost on the spice route, at various times throughout the Middle

story buildings lie on either side of a narrow street that runs from the

Ages. Korcula has even greater fame as the reputed birthplace of the

town center down to the sea.

great explorer Marco Polo, though honestly, there’s nothing to document that assertion. But after a few days here, you’ll come to believe it yourself. Later on, you can walk to the main square, the Pjaceta, overlooked

Lesic Dimitri is less a hotel than a series of six self-contained suites.

by the town hall, and the 17th-century Church of St. Michael. But be-

For example, there is no central lobby per se. Each unit is a luxury

fore you explore the hilly streets and shops, pause to check into one of

apartment. The bigger units have living rooms, private courtyards or

the finest properties in Croatia.

balconies, and as many as four bedrooms apiece.

The Lesic Dimitri Palace, which opened in the summer of 2009, is not an ordinary hotel. Rather, this luxurious retreat in the heart of the 64


An English-Croatian family spent six years meticulously renovating the palace and managed to retain its unique structure. Which is why


Inspired by Korcula’s connection with Marco Polo, who supposedly lived next door, each suite has been named after a stop on Marco Polo’s

SUMMER 2010 90

3/23/10 7:00:04 PM

A traditional band in uniforms of 13th-century design marches through the old paved streets near the Cathedral Sveti Marko. The ornate 15th-century cathedral was created by some of the same artisans who worked in Renaissance Venice and Dubrovnik.






3/24/10 5:01:50 PM

Left, oysters, mussels and all manner of seafood are regular features on island menus—often washed down with, a local dry white wine. Above, a lightfilled room in the Arabia residence; right, the Venice residence, with its red-stained ceiling, pays homage to Marco Polo’s Venetian roots.

of grk, a local white wine from the nearby village of Lumbarda. And yes, the word “grk” means Greek, a reference to the grapevines that those early settlers brought centuries ago. On a hot afternoon at the bar, the pace is positively medieval. At night, it’s even quieter. You come to Lesic Dimitri and Korcula for luxurious 13th-century Silk Road. Hence, they are called India, China, Venice, Ceylon, Arabia and Korcula, respectively. The two-bedroom India residence,

relaxation, not nightlife. While you can explore the town and the island on your own, you can

for example, is completely white, and has stone floors and beams, along

also elect to have one of the hotel’s guides take you to local landmarks such

with a Jacuzzi in the room and a private courtyard. The one-bedroom Ara-

as the Korcula Museum and the 14th–century St. Peter’s Church. If you’re

bia has a white, tent-like ceiling, Moorish patterns, a large, low-slung divan

lucky, you’ll be on the island when the Moreska Sword Dance is being

and 360-degree views that encompass the Peljesac Channel and the red

performed. This is pure 15th-century street theater, where 20 costumed

roofs of the town. The three-bedroom, three-bath Venice residence has a

men with swords perform a mock dance/battle that tells of two kings who

private carved wood balcony.

compete for the love of a princess.

While the décor may be varied, all of the residences are elegant,

Have a car and driver take you to the best vineyards on the island,

understated and delicately themed, their tone and taste reminiscent of

passing olive groves and fields of lavender. Or have someone drop you

a Four Seasons property. There’s nothing splashy here. The designer

off at one of the better beaches, such as Vela Przina at Lumbarda. On

has wisely let the architecture speak for itself.

another day, you can hop a ferry for the hour-long trip to Hvar, a hip is-

This is the only luxury hotel within the walls of the old town, and

land that has the air of the Riviera and a harbor full of gleaming yachts.

it is staffed by native Korculanis. Service is gracious, the bathrooms

Or head the other way and ferry to the island of Mljet, which has a

appointed with locally made lavender products. While every residence

national park and two saltwater lakes.

has a kitchen as well as multiple plasma TVs and iPod docking stations, these 21st–century conveniences almost seem beside the point.

But perhaps the best excursion of all is to arrange a day on the Lesic Dimitri’s vintage wooden sailing boat, Vipera. It’s a lazy day spent exploring

There are two Thai masseuses on staff (a coy reference, perhaps, to

the coast of Korcula and other nearby islands, with a trained skipper at the

the Silk Road), and they offer massages in your residence—a fine interim

helm and cold drinks on board. Plan on jumping into the Adriatic when the

solution until the LD Spa opens later in 2010 with four treatment rooms.

mood suits, and lunching on board or at a remote seaside restaurant. It’s a

The hotel’s restaurant also will open this summer, so breakfast is

voyage that Marco Polo himself would have envied.

served in your room. But the LD Bar—a wine bar on the seafront below the hotel—already has become a hit. The drink of choice here is a glass


E V E R E T T P O T T E R writes frequently about travel. 66



Doubles from $348 per person, including continental breakfast.

SUMMER 2010 92

3/23/10 7:00:38 PM

The bell tower of the Cathedral Sveti Marko, a marvel of artisan stonework. Among the treasures inside are two paintings by Venetian artist Jacopo Tintoretto— one, the main altarpiece, and the other the famous “Our Lady of the Islond” icon, said to have protected Korcula from Turkish invasion in 1571.

FA L L 93




3/23/10 7:00:52 PM

Bold Moves, Bright Ideas Step out in fresh spring styles that radiate energy and confidence

Sharp-dressed man: A slim, angular HUGO BOSS suit and ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA dress shirt are sparked with a flash of neon colors, courtesy of a DION SIGNATURE tie and LEVYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Italian silk pocket square. The brown crocodile belt is by TORINO. 68

3/23/10 7:02:46 PM

Ruffles have riches: Flirtatious frills go bold this season. Here they cascade down a formfitting coral dress by FLAVIO CASTELLANI. The dress is perfectly accented by a lapis and coral necklace and lapis earrings from CAROL LIPWORTH.






3/23/10 7:03:06 PM

Blue horizons: Cool and breezy, this navy and white floral batik print dress is paired with a wool and silk shawl, both by GERARD DAREL. Paraiba tourmaline, from the Brazilian state of that name, is worked with vermeil in a necklace and earrings by CAROL LIPWORTH.





SUMMER 2010 70

3/23/10 7:03:26 PM

Gray matters: Authority? Check. Ease? Check. An ARMANI COLLEZIONI linen and wool windowpane sportcoat harmonizes with the lavenders and blues of an ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA necktie and linen block print pocket square. Soft cotton dress shirt and wool pants by ARMANI COLLEZIONI. 71

3/23/10 7:03:46 PM

The blues for you: State your style in a light blue classic sportcoat by HART SHAFFNER & MARX. The subtle plaid is complemented by an Italian silk pocket square of pale pink and a ROBERT TALBOTT CARMEL dress shirt. Finish the look with wool pants by BALLIN. 72

3/25/10 10:50:35 AM

Watercolor wave: ARMANI COLLEZIONI multi-floral silk print dress with a fitted top, sheer tie and flare skirt. Gray onyx and sterling silver earrings by CAROL LIPWORTH.






3/24/10 2:05:38 PM

Downtown bound: Fashion-forward INDIES zip jacket with ruched sleeves and corset-style back. Peruvian opal and copper necklace and earrings by CAROL LIPWORTH





SUMMER 2010 74

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Paisley days: Lighten up in a ROBERT GRAHAM print and embroidered paisley shirt. Keeping it grounded are an ICHIBAN NY t-shirt, MEK DENIM jeans, ROBERT GRAHAM belt and MOORE & GILES leather mailbag. 75

3/25/10 10:50:51 AM

Urban cowgirl, updated: A classic casual look gets the feminine touch. ARNOLD ZIMBERG snap-front shirt, Vegas Burnout t-shirt by NATION LTD., slouchy belt in Italian leather by STEFANIA CARRERA, FRESH INK jeans and CHEVRON ROYALE dog-tag necklace.





WINTER 2009 76

3/25/10 10:51:10 AM

Smarter casual: Washed cotton gives a lived-in look to this three-button sportcoat by KROON. Henley, plaid sportshirt and jeans from CONVERSE BY JOHN VARVATOS






3/24/10 2:06:19 PM


Passion for |


Breitling timepieces are the instruments of choice for aviators, astronauts, athletes— and anyone for whom every moment counts

PRECISION Swiss watches are known for their accuracy, but only 5 percent

engine, which required perfect accuracy and reliability in

of them receive the ultimate designation of “certified chronometer,”

its timing mechanisms.

meaning the timepiece has been tested by the official Swiss chro-

When Léon’s son Gaston took the helm of Breitling in

nometer testing institute, the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chro-

1914, the age of flight was under way. Gaston presented

nomètres, or COSC, and has met its rigorous standards.

the first wrist-worn chronograph for pilots a year later. He

The only major watchmaker that chooses to send the COSC all of its movements, mechanical and quartz-driven alike, is Breitling.

the crown, which handled all three chronograph functions—

The company took this step a decade ago, continuing a path of fa-

start, stop and reset. In 1923 this system was perfected by

natical devotion to precision that can be traced back to the founder,

separating the start and stop functions from the reset; the

Léon Breitling.

reset function was moved from the push piece to the crown.

When Léon launched his family enterprise in 1884 in Saint-



had the idea of creating a push piece independent from

This patented innovation made it possible to perform several

Imier, Switzerland, his aim was not to make watches that served

timing operations in a row without having to reset the hands,

merely to record the time, but to make measuring instruments for

thereby making it easy to add up total time elapsed. In 1934,

science, sport and industry. His obsession coincided with the second

Léon’s grandson Willy gave the chronograph its modern

industrial revolution and the ascendancy of the internal combustion

face by adding a second independent push piece at



LEV.breitling.indd 78

3/23/10 7:08:34 PM

This page, Breitling was the first to add a second independent push piece at the 4 oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock position, establishing the modern standard of chronograph design; opposite, LĂŠon Breitling, who founded his eponymous company in 1884 as a workshop specializing in chronographs and precision counters.

LEV.breitling.indd 79

3/23/10 7:08:58 PM

4 o’clock—a style that was instantly copied by other makers and has remained the worldwide standard. It was in the 1930s that Breitling began manufacturing timing instruments for the cockpits of aircraft. The Royal Air Force was an early customer, as were many of the great aircraft manufacturers of the mid20th century—Douglas, Lockheed, Vickers. Commercial airlines followed suit—American, Pan-Am, United, BOAC and KLM among them. The ubiquity of Breitling chronometers in cockpits earned the company the title of Official Supplier to World Aviation. Breitling also developed the definitive pilot’s wristwatch, the Navitimer. Introduced in 1952, the watch incorporated a circular slide rule that allowed pilots to perform all flight-plan calculations. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the world’s largest pilot group, made the Navitimer its official watch. A version of the Navitimer, the Cosmonaute, went into space with Scott Carpenter in the Aurora capsule in 1962. Willy Breitling continued to innovate late in life, introducing the first self-winding chronograph movement, the Caliber 11, in 1969. A decade later, in 1979, ownership of Breitling passed to another family when Ernest Schneider took over. While continuing Breitling’s technological leadership in mechanical chronographs, Schneider also gained for Breitling a leading position in electronic watches, with models such as the Emergency. The Emergency wristwatch has a built-in radio transmitter that can

Top left, the “Breitling girls” promoted the brand in a 1940 advertisement; bottom left, Raquel Welch wore a Breitling Co-Pilot when she played a skydiver in the 1967 film Fathom; below, a vintage Countdown chronograph for bombardiers, circa 1940.

LEV.breitling.indd 80

3/23/10 7:09:16 PM

be activated by the wearer. The model used in civilian aviation broadcasts on the 121.5 MHz distress signal, while the model for military users broadcasts on the 243 MHz military frequency. On flat land or calm seas, the signal can be picked up 90 miles away. TV viewers of Man vs. Wild can spot survival expert Bear Grylls wearing a Breitling Emergency in many episodes of the show. And the watch can indeed save one’s life. Two R.A.F. pilots, Steve Brooks and Hugh Quentin-Smith, activated their Breitling Emergency watches after their helicopter crashed in Antarctica. A Chilean aircraft found them by homing in on the signals from their wrists. The inherent accuracy of the quartz watch—which nearly spelled the death of the mechanical timepiece in the late 20th century—is not accurate enough for Breitling. A quartz watch typically varies two to three minutes per year. In 2002, Breitling introduced “superquartz.” Its thermal compensation sensor minimizes temperature’s effect on the quartz movement, resulting in an average yearly variation of just 15 seconds—fully 10 times better than standard quartz.


Clockwise from top, members of the Breitling Aviation Academy; a 1937 advertisement emphasized the brand’s connection to aviation; the Bentley GMT model features an ingenious multiple time zone display system; the Breitling chronograph was a staple for early aviators such as Amelia Earhart. SPRING

LEV.breitling.indd 81




3/23/10 7:09:33 PM

Clockwise from top left, the dial of this model from the Bentley Flying B series has hour-markers crafted from mother-of-pearl; at the Breitling Chronométrie, the company believes that the timekeeper/watchmaker, as well as machinery, is crucial to carrying out the 40 tests required during assembly.

Acin utpatem quisl ut iure core dolortinim ilisi blandre et dolorem quisciduisl eu feuisisit ad modolum dunt ad modolor perostrud tat. Ut et, sum dolore miniamc onullutpat velit ipis nim in el dolutet uercin hent alit acin vel el iureetuer sit luptat, cortio dit lor seniat. Ut dolortinim ilisi blandre et dolorem dolortinim ilisi

Breitling was an originator of the “big” wristwatch for purely functional reasons. When big watches became a design statement as well, Breitling upped the ante, introducing the Breitling for Bentley line, in collaboration with the automobile maker, in 2003. The lead model, the Bentley Motors watch, has an imposing 48.7-millimeter case with a knurled bezel reminiscent of Bentley’s instrument controls. True to the spirit of both brands, the watch also boasts two exclusive functions: The center hand sweeps once around the dial in half a minute rather than 60 seconds, enabling an accurate read-off to the eighth of a second. The watch also has a unique “variable tachometer,” which calculates average speed regardless of time elapsed, distance covered or speed achieved. Today Breitling is led by Ernest Schneider’s son Theodore, making it one of the rare large Swiss watchmaking firms (Patek Philippe is another) that remains in family hands. This independent status gives Breitling the luxury to pursue the most challenging innovations, indulging a passion for precision that began five generations ago. L A U R E N F O R D is a freelance writer based near Chicago. She writes about

style and the arts.





LEV.breitling.indd 82

3/23/10 7:10:13 PM

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{ the sporting life }





SUMMER 2010 138

3/23/10 7:12:50 PM


The Faldo Championship Course is just one of the pleasures at this new world-class resort in Northern Ireland

Lough Erne B Y PA U L R O G E R S

WELL BEFORE TIGER WOODS took his indefinite leave from

least populated county in Ulster and one of the least

professional golf, avid followers of the sport widely

populated in all of Ireland. Fermanagh has been largely

agreed on who was poised to become its next great

known—to the extent that it’s been known at all—for

star: the gifted young Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy.

the opportunities to go fishing, birding and canoeing

In keeping with golf’s global reach, the cap that McIlroy

among the 150-plus islands that dot its waterways.

wears over his bushy hair bears the name of a hotel

Some of these islands, including Devenish and White,

group based in Dubai. But on his golf bag, emblazoned

offer the added appeal of visiting age-old ruins.

under his name, appears an ad for a destination which

Such attractions remain, but golf now beckons

for McIlroy is much closer to home, Lough Erne Golf

as well. Lough Erne developer Jim Treacy hired Nick

Resort (pronounced Lock Earn).

Faldo, the architect, TV commentator and six-time

Just as McIlroy is gaining renown, so, too, it seems

major champion, to design the resort’s flagship course.

safe to say, will this beguiling new getaway in a remote

(Lough Erne also has a modest though scenic second

corner of his native land. The resort sits magnificently on

course, Castle Hume, which was built on the site of

a 600-acre peninsula between two lakes, Lower Lough

a World War II U.S. Army training camp and which

Erne and Castle Hume Lough, in County Fermanagh. Fermanagh (pronounced Fir-MAN-ah) is the

Far and away: Sir Nick Faldo on the 17th hole of the lakeside

southwestern-most of the six counties that make up

course he designed at Lough Erne. It was ranked third in Golf

Northern Ireland. Home to just 54,000 people, it is the

magazine’s Best New Courses of 2009.





3/23/10 7:13:05 PM

Treacy acquired as part of the development.) Treacy told Faldo he wanted

respect: an emphasis on strategy over might. From the back tees, the

tion from Loch Lomond Golf Club on the fabled bonnie banks in Scotland.

par-72 layout may stretch to a lengthy 7,167 yards, but most if not every

Given the quality of Ireland’s seaside links, convincing international

Take the 565-yard, par-five 16th, which begins a rousing—and

all, boasts two of the world’s finest links, Royal County Down and Royal

watery—closing stretch. Standing on the elevated tee, the player faces

Portrush, the latter being the only course outside of Scotland and England

a decision: Drive up the left side, challenging a large fairway bunker in

ever to host the British Open (in 1951). Nearer to Lough Erne lie a few

hopes of setting up a clear approach to the green, or opt for the safer

more seaside treasures: County Sligo Golf Club, also known as Rosses

route to the right. The second shot poses another question: Go for the

Point; Enniscrone Golf Club; and Donegal Golf Club at Murvagh.

green despite the threat of water to the right and bunkers beyond the putting surface, or lay up to avoid the trouble. At Lough Erne, says Direc-

holds no pretensions of being a links course. Faldo and his design team

tor of Golf Andy Campbell, “it’s not a game of muscle necessarily; you

eschewed trappings, such as ragged-edged bunkers and tall fescues,

must plot your way around.”

that have been used so commonly on non-links sites in recent years as to become cliché. Instead, they fashioned a course very much in keeping with its

Another engaging feature is that the course has two four-hole stretches—one on the front nine, one on the back—that go as follows: par three, par five, par three, par five. Guy Hockley, the lead architect for

bucolic surroundings. The fairways are lush and green. Many of them

Faldo Design, describes this as a “syncopated rhythm.” The designers

flow from a central spine on the property down to either the massive

didn’t set out to do this, he says. They discovered while walking the site

Lower Lough Erne or the much smaller Castle Hume Lough. Some

that the land lent itself to these rather unusual runs.

holes play entirely at the water’s edge, often skirting marshland. Others nose into the woods. /

hole presents a choice of shots to play.

travelers to play an inland layout is no small feat. Northern Ireland, after

Lough Erne’s Faldo Championship Course, which opened last year,


The Faldo Course does borrow from the classic links in one key

to have the finest lakeside course in Ireland, urging him to draw inspira-


No sooner had the course opened than talk began to surface about Lough Erne’s someday hosting a PGA European Tour event. Thousands

SUMMER 2010 140

3/23/10 7:13:21 PM

Rock around the lough: clockwise from left, boasting year-round playing conditions, Lough Erne also prides itself on signature touches, such as the 101 Irish whiskeys at the Blaney Bar; the 595-yard 6th hole is a par five; an aerial view of the resort. In construction as well as maintenance, great care is taken to preserve the environment and natural habitat of swans, red squirrels and Irish hares. Below, far left, the resort’s “golf team”: Andy Campbell, Director of Golf, Peter Smyth, Golf Operations Manager, and Dave Peden, Golf Sales Manager.

of spectators turned out for an exhibition between McIlroy and fellow

offers a grazing menu and an exhaustive collection of Irish whiskeys.

Irishman Padraig Harrington in July 2009. The players arrived by seaplane

Rounding out the amenities is a state-of-the-art Thai spa.

and were enthusiastically followed during their match, which McIlroy won by two strokes. Lough Erne’s creators knew, however, that it would take more than

All of which has helped earn Lough Erne the Automobile Association’s (AA) first five-star rating for a hotel in Northern Ireland. What’s more, it would be an opportunity missed to visit the resort

a well-designed course to draw serious attention. The conditioning also

and fail to explore the islands of Fermanagh. Devenish Island is home to

would have to be superb, a challenge because of the area’s frequent rain.

a hundred-foot-tall round tower believed to date back to the 12th century.

So they trucked in tons of sand to cap the fairways and near-roughs to

On White Island, treasures include quartzite carvings of tunic-clad church-

make them drain better and thus allow for year-round play.

men, thought to have been made between 800 and 1000 A.D.

The appeal of Lough Erne also extends well beyond the golf. The

Just how much staying power Lough Erne will have remains to be

resort offers a luxury experience that carries through to the accommoda-

seen. But, like McIlroy, who last year notched his first victory as a profes-

tions: 120 tastefully appointed guest rooms. Visitors can stay in either a

sional at age 19, the Faldo Championship Course and the encompassing

country manor house or one of 25 full-service two- and three-bedroom

resort are each off to an impressive start.

lakeside lodges, several of them designed with cylindrical walls and conical roofs to evoke an old dovecote on a neighboring property. The dining, too, is first-rate. Catalina, the resort’s most ambitious

LOUGH ERNE GOLF RESORT Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

restaurant, has been recognized nationally for its emphasis on local ingre-

dients and authentic Irish cuisine. The Blaney Bar, a more casual option,

THE FALDO COURSE Architect: Nick Faldo, 2009. Yardage: 7,167. Par: 72. GETTING THERE The resort is two hours by car from Belfast International Airport and

P A U L R O G E R S is a New York–based writer whose work has appeared in

two-and-a-half hours from Dublin International Airport. It’s minutes away from the Enniskillen

numerous magazines. He is a former senior editor of Travel + Leisure Golf.

(St. Angelo) Airport, a private airfield for small planes and helicopters.





3/23/10 7:13:42 PM

Trusted by area families and business owners for over 30 years

Since 1976, ROBINS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. has represented many of the most respected insurance companies in America. This has enabled Robins Insurance to meet the most comprehensive insurance needs of its clients while growing into one of the most successful independent insurance and risk management organizations in Middle Tennessee.

B U S I N E S S | AU T O | H O M E | L I F E | H E A LT H

30 Burton Hills Blvd., Suite 300 Nashville, TN 37215 615-665-9200

robins_left.indd 2

3/24/10 8:09:18 PM

Modern and Timeless St. Charles Cabinets

Sophisticated beauty never goes out of style. Now it’s available again at Kitchen & Bath Concepts. Stop in today and see why the enduring design of St. Charles cabinetry has been a mainstay in Nashville’s finest homes for decades. Mention this ad when you order a complete set of kitchen cabinetry and receive $1,000 toward the purchase of Viking appliances.

Tony Herrera’s 209 10th Avenue South, Suite 213 • Nashville, Tennessee 37203 T: 615.256.3007 • F: 615.251.3001 •

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{ malt }




Beautifully balanced and complex beyond reason, Redbreast is proof that the best Irish whiskey is among the best whiskey anywhere ALTHOUGH THE IRISH ARE SAID to have invented whiskey,

tilled twice), smooth and, many Scotch lovers

their product gets little attention in a world of connoisseur-

would say, bland by comparison.

ship that revolves around Scotch. It’s a pity—and surely

The IDG closed its three historic distilleries

bound to change—because Irish whiskey is enjoying a

and in 1975 opened the New Midleton Distillery

renaissance. Forget any preconceptions about Irish be-

in County Cork. Thus there came to be a single

ing best used to flavor coffee. That’s a fine use for

licensed distillery, albeit a massive one, in all of

Jameson, but it would be a waste to mix Red-

the republic, plus Old Bushmills in the North.

breast, Green Spot or Black Bush with any-

Today the Midleton facility is owned by Pernod

thing other than soft water.

Ricard (yes, the French control most Irish whis-

The commercial history of Irish

key), while Old Bushmills is owned by the other

whiskey follows a curious arc. In

global beverage giant, Diageo. A third player,

the late 19th and early 20th centu-

Cooley Distillery, opened in 1987—independent

ries, Irish outsold Scotch around the

and Irish-owned, by God! In addition to its plant

globe. Then the industry was hit by

in County Louth, Cooley recently reopened the

the double-whammy of Prohibition in

Old Kilbeggan distillery, which had been shut-

the United States and independence

tered for more than half a century.

from the United Kingdom. The break

This brings the number of Irish distilleries

from the U.K. meant that the far-

to only four today—compare that to 90 in Scot-

flung Empire market for Irish whiskey

land—but these four are producing an impres-

dried up completely and swung over

sive range of whiskey styles. The three main

to Scotch. Irish production crashed

categories are malt, single grain and pure pot

and never recovered.

still, the latter a unique Irish style made from

By the 1960s, only three distill-

a mash of malted and unmalted barley. Most

eries remained in Ireland. They were

Irish brands are blends, and some combine

Jameson, Powers and Cork Distill-

two or all three of these styles. Here’s an over-

ers, which banded for survival into

view of the brandscape:

the Irish Distillers Group. In 1972,

Midleton Distillery produces Jameson and

Bushmills in Northern Ireland joined

Jameson’s premium reserve range (of which

the IDG. The members bought into

there are currently six expressions), Powers

the strategy of making a product as

and Midleton Very Rare, which is vintage-dat-

unlike Scotch as possible, and so

ed. These brands are all blends of pot still and

all Irish whiskey for a time was un-

grain spirit. Also made at Midleton are Paddy

peated, triple-distilled (Scotch is dis-

and Tullamore Dew, which add malt whiskey to

Redbreast is a “pure pot still” spirit, the most traditional style of Irish whiskey. Its distinctive flavor profile is reminiscent of the best Speyside Scotch.





lev.malt.finalR.indd 122

3/23/10 7:15:40 PM

DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT. Here, boutique originality meets the sophistication and affordability of a large hotel, creating a contemporary, yet casual, experience like none other. From espresso bars on every floor and state-of-the-art technology in every room to top-tier fitness equipment, gracious service and reasonable rates â&#x20AC;&#x201D; we offer everything you could dream of and then some. So whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in town for business or pleasure, let the Hutton Hotel be your host for the evening. |





Discover why Carrington Foxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nashville Scene review calls 1808 â&#x20AC;&#x153;a fresh, whimsical approach to high quality cuisine.â&#x20AC;? Maybe itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the blend of classic American fare with a touch of worldly spice. Or perhaps itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the familiar taste of Southern favorites flavored with a delightfully unexpected twist. Either way, 1808 offers a warm, welcoming place to host a business lunch or enjoy a relaxed dinner with family and friends. "//+9/522%3%26!4)/.3/.,).%4/$!9


hutton right.indd 145


3/23/10 9:43:45 AM

These pot stills at the sprawling Midleton Distillery produce brands ranging from Jameson to Redbreast. The old water wheel (right), which dates to 1825 and once provided the power for all distillery operations, is still turning today. The map below shows the four extant distilleries in all of Ireland.

the blend, and two pure pot still whiskies, Redbreast 12-year-

it around the mouth, and all kinds of flavors

old and Green Spot.

come welling up—malt, ginger, toffee, even cinnamon. The finish is long and oily,

Old Bushmills produces triple-distilled malts

with a faint licorice tail.

under the Bushmills brand (including Black

All of this mouth drama comes

Bush, which is blended with Midleton grain whiskey and has a sherried finish)

as an exceptional value. If you

and post-1994 vintages of Knappogue

drink much single-malt Scotch,

Castle single malt.

you may have noticed that prices have shot skyward in the past

The leading brand from Cooley,

two years, financial crisis be

which specializes in reviving old styles and marks, is Connemara, a

damned. Redbreast 12-year-old,

peated single malt that seems un-

by comparison, is a great deal at

Gaelic but in truth harks back to the

about $50 per bottle. (I should add

golden age of Irish whiskey. Cooley

that the same is true of some of the best bourbons.)

also makes the superb Tyrconnell

Does it get any better? Well,

unpeated single malt; Kilbeggan, a blend; and Greenore, the only

yes: Redbreast 15-year-old is com-

Irish single grain whiskey.

ing. This older expression, which

Not long ago, I uncorked

was only released once, in very

a bottle of Redbreast, the pure

limited quantities, in Europe, will be

pot still spirit frequently cited

available in the United States this fall. Meantime, find yourself a bottle

as Ireland’s best. Pure pot still

of the 12-year-old and raise a glass to

as a style has a characteristically

County Cork’s pure pot still perfectionists.

oily mouthfeel and a distinctive

As they say over there, “Up Cork!”

flavor profile. There’s no mistaking Redbreast for an American whiskey, although it is plenty sweet. You might well peg it for a Speyside Scotch, given the fruit and floral notes. Displaying tremendous complexity on the nose and palate, this whiskey requires some quiet time (in my case, by the fireside during a snowstorm) for one to plumb the developing aromas and tastes. There is ripe fruit on the nose, some sherry and vanilla, and a resinous, linseed-like tang. I also found a pleasing note of rye spice, although no rye is used in the mash. Redbreast is positively fat on the tongue. Roll



TASTING NOTES REDBREAST 12-YEAR-OLD IRISH WHISKEY C O L O R | Deep amber N O S E | Spice cake, nuts, sherry, cream soda, meadow flowers and grass, honey, cherries, linseed oil, rye-like overtones. PA L AT E | Silky mouthfeel, with tastes of ginger cake and treacle sponge, malt, butter, maple syrup, a hint of cinnamon. It’s simultaneously redolent of a Vermont breakfast and a sticky English dessert. Sweet but not cloying.

M A R K D O W D E N , a native of Kentucky who was educated at the

F I N I S H | Oily, spicy and long, with honey, sherry and licorice.

University of St. Andrews, is a fan of all whiskey.

P R I C E | $50



lev.malt.finalR.indd 124

3/23/10 7:15:51 PM

zanella right.indd 145

3/24/10 8:08:48 PM

featured brands at LEVY’S



Charles Balinsky founded

Just over 100 years ago, Joseph

Ballin in 1946 and specialized in

Haspel began crafting his legendary

one product—men’s dress pants.

seersucker suits to help Southern

Today, the family-owned company

gentlemen maintain grace under

maintains that sole focus, along

fire—or at least triple-digit New

with Balinsky’s high standards, to

Orleans temperatures.

create the finest men’s trousers

Today’s Haspel, helmed by Joseph’s

in North America. Their product

great-granddaughter Laurie Aronson,

proves that comfort and sophistica-

reinvents cool for a new generation, revis-

tion are not mutually exclusive.

iting classic cuts and styles, updated with

Ballin designers have retained the classic styling of the product,

a contemporary twist. Crisp, clean lines cut from light,

but infused its construction with the

comfortable fabrics—not only

latest technology. The new empha-

seersucker, but poplin, linen and

sis on modernity and innovation is

lightweight khaki twill—continue

evident in the technology used in

to define the Haspel look. Slip-

the manufacturing process. Comfort

ping into a Haspel warm-weather

EZE stretch fabrics and Nanotex

suit this season will give you the

stain-resistant fabric treatments

easy confidence of knowing that

ensure that the pants are not only

the look has been polished by a

durable, but stylish and luxurious.

century of style.

scott barber A job worth doing is worth doing well: That’s an approach Scott Barber takes to heart when designing men’s clothing. Made with the

worn denim Worn Jeans are all about comfort and the good looks that come from attention to the smallest details.

choicest materials in the world, original

They start with the finest Japanese

color combinations and skills handed

denims, with just a touch of stretch

down for generations, Scott Barber

for pure comfort and luxury. These

apparel is both fresh and timeless.

jeans are hand-crafted with quality

Each pattern—like the beige-

construction features like busted-

brown windowpane on the cotton

out seams, continuous belt loops,

Bermuda shorts pictured—is

and chain-stitched waistbands.

Barber’s own design, created in

Even more detail is evident in multi-

warm, masculine colors. The

color stitching, printed pocket bags,

company uses the best cotton in the world for every piece in the

and signature framed back pockets. Wash finishes are matched to

spring collection, to give you

each fabric and style to duplicate a

the most comfortable sportswear

beautiful, authentic worn look and

you’ll ever wear.

feel. These are jeans you will want

Barber labors over shades

to wear over and over, because

and needlework with a pains-

Worn Jeans feel great, and they

taking attention to detail until

make you look great.

each garment lives up to the company’s goal of creating a confident, comfortable, and enduring style.

LEV.brands.V3.indd 52

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Fullice v Seroming Gro

Pet Sitting In-home Pet Sitting 24 hours a day Overnight Midday Walks All Holidays


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Cats l o o C u o y For all ogs! D p i H d n a 3/23/10 7:34:25 PM

{ finishing touch }

‘We are family’ “Our customers are family to us,” say David and Ellen Levy of Levy’s. And there may be no better way to illustrate that than to introduce you to the Gaston family of Nashville, four generations of whom are pictured here. Dr. Robert Gaston, Sr., seated, first shopped with Levy’s in 1945 after World War II and six years of service to his country. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee Medical School (now UT Health Science Center). His son, Dr. Robert Gaston, Jr. (standing, center), known as Dr. Bob, graduated from the same medical school. Father and son still practice medicine together. The next generation started shopping at Levy’s at age 12. Younger brother Jon, left, is an attorney practicing in the area of taxation. Hugh, right, has a degree in chemical engineering and provides technological and web support for physician groups. Bo Gaston, Hugh’s son, is 6 years old and here models his first Levy’s sportcoat. Levy’s is pleased and proud to have served the Gaston clan for 65 years, and we look forward to doing so for generations more. As we mark our 155th anniversary this September, we’re not just celebrating our long history. We’re promising that we’ll continue to serve you—our larger “family”—and your fashion needs for a long time to come.





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Great smiles get noticed.


Porcelain Veneers & Restorations Bonding & Shaping

Power Whitening Preventative Maintenance

5606 Brookwood Place | Nashville, TN 37205 | 615-356-7500 |

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Levy's Spring 2010 issue  

Levy's Spring 2010 issue

Levy's Spring 2010 issue  

Levy's Spring 2010 issue