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bath remodel, but there are some unspoken rules to go by even during the exciting whirlwind of choosing products.


D e ta i l s m a k e t h e k i t c h e n o r

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2011 If you’ve ever argued with your partner or spouse in front of your designer or contractor, well, then you must be going through a kitchen or bathroom remodel, says one renowned kitchen designer who is known as the “design therapist” to his clients. Renovations can turn your daily routine upside down for a limited amount of time—but rest assured, says the design therapist, it’s all worth it in the end. “There are moments of stress on people during a kitchen and bath remodel; I especially try to avoid talking to homeowners on the phone because they will talk behind their partner’s back and point fingers at them for any design decisions or problems,” says the therapist. No doubt, there are numerous details that need to be addressed regardless of emotions, but that’s why the world is blessed with kitchen and bath designers and professionals who smooth the way. Another kitchen and bath design specialist in Manhattan says that inevitably, no one remembers to inquire about the service elevator. New Yorkers may want something done pronto, but that can be a tall order if the elevator is out of service for maintenance. “A service elevator might go out mid-install, or it may be too small to fit a certain appliance, countertop, or cabinet,” says this long-time Manhattan kitchen and bath professional. “It always happens with oversized refrigerators.” The best advice? Talk to building management, or at least to the doorman.

One more issue a New Yorker needs to think about? “Don’t order an electric appliance when all you have is gas,” says this specialist, who has seen this sort of flub happen again and again. “Gas appliances are limited so it can affect the design of a kitchen.”

Just remember—every penny you spend and every decision you make—or change—is worth it when the result is a lovely, updated space that makes you smile. B y M a r i ly n Z e l i n s k y- S ya r t o


bath buyer’s guide

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s c av o l i n i s o h o g a l l e r y


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UNUSUAL INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE MAKES A KITCHEN REMODEL CHALLENGING, S O C H O O S E M O D U L A R C A B I N E T R Y D E S I G N E D T O H A N D L E A N Y S I T U AT I O N . in manhattan, a perfectly square and level apartment is hard to

and floating cabinets that hang from the wall instead of sitting on

come by. So when it comes time to remodel a kitchen, knowing what

the floor.” Busca recommends installing more drawers and baskets—

products will accommodate angles and nooks helps solve the problem,

instead of drawers—in a kitchen to maximize storage and use of the

says Daniele Busca, showroom manager and creative director of

kitchen space.

Scavolini SoHo Gallery. “We can accommodate the most difficult layouts,” says Busca,

Scavolini introduced over fifty new finishes and colors in 2011, adding to the existing options for a total of over 500

who says that the remodeling market makes up the majority of

finishes. Most intriguing is colored matte and glossy glass

Scavolini Soho Gallery’s sales now that homeowners prefer to stay

with the TETRIX kitchen, designed by Michael Young, offering

in their current homes. “The design trend is to open up the kitchen

distinctive color combinations. Scavolini’s newest generation

so that it becomes part of the living space. Scavolini is able to do

of laminates come in fifteen finishes that mimic wood textures.

that with a number of configurations, from cabinet modules which

Busca says, “The look is so realistic that it’s hard to believe it’s

accommodate TV and audio equipment, that extend from cabinets,

not wood that you’re touching.”


4 T w


c w

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Model Mood design S. Barsacchi


429 W. Broadway NY, 10012 NY T. 212.219.0910

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am 7pm Sat 11am-6pm Sun 12pm-5pm

SOHO GALLERY - - Please visit:

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ge monogram


GE MONOGRAM INTRODUCES NEW PRODUCTS— DESIGNED WITH NEW YORKERS IN MIND. new yorkers will be pleased to know that the popular GE Monogram appliance brand has debuted four products created

four ovens in one. To see the Advantium, convection wall oven and induction

specifically for their needs, including an All-Gas Pro Range. “New York

cooktop in action, demonstrations are held three times a month. The

City is primarily a gas market, and we needed an all-gas option here,”

schedule can be seen at

says Paula Cecere, manager of the Monogram Design Center, where the new ranges can be seen. Along with the Pro Range, GE Monogram has introduced a 30-

The 30-inch fully-integrated refrigerator, which seamlessly blends in with surrounding cabinetry, offers luxury options in a small footprint. The refrigerator is available in stainless steel (European or

inch fully integrated built-in refrigerator, a new custom panel ready

Pro) or custom panel-ready. The refrigerator has one door, one freezer

dishwasher that is flush at 24” deep, and an above-the-cooktop (ATC)

drawer and a customizable drawer that can serve as a refrigerator,

version of the Advantium speedcooking oven. The ATC Advantium is

freezer, or wine chiller.

available—like the built-in wall ovens—in the Pro or European style,

“People are carefully looking at their options today,” says

120V or 240V. It offers not only exceptional speedcooking capabilities

Cecere. “GE Monogram is a great choice for homeowners looking for

but it can be also used as a convection, microwave, or warming oven--

luxury appliances in a variety of styles, sizes and options.”

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Clean design outside. Seamless performance inside. Refreshing possibilities all around.

Monogram is opening a new door in refrigerator design with models that can not only be customized, but also fully and seamlessly integrated with cabinetry. This new collection of 30” refrigerators and glass-door wine reserves is the perfect answer if you’re looking for a true flush fit. View these and other refreshing appliance innovations in our A&D showroom.

Architects and Designers Building, 150 E. 58th St. | 212.223.1699 | Monday−Friday, 9 a.m.−5 p.m. |

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toto usa


A W A L L - H U N G T O I L E T I S A C O M PA C T D E S I G N T H AT FREES UP FLOOR SPACE IN SMALL HOMES. over the past DecaDe, TOTO, a Japanese company founded in the early 1900s, has been developing state-of-the-art plumbing products. Their newest addition, the Aquia ® wall-hung toilet, is designed for homeowners who desire a sleek design and have limited space. Residential wall-mounted toilets have their benefits, especially in New York where nine inches of extra floor space in a bathroom is gained thanks to TOTO’s DuoFit in-wall tank system. Since the tank is behind the wall and the toilet is mounted above the floor, you gain more space and accessibility for cleaning. The new Aquia design provides an even more uncluttered, unobtrusive aesthetic for a small home or apartment. Aquia, which meets ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) weight requirements, is suitable for a bathroom remodel or retrofit, giving any bathroom an updated and sophisticated look. For homeowners concerned about hygiene, Aquia’s SanaGloss ceramic glaze prevents debris and mold from sticking to the toilet’s ceramic surface which in turn requires fewer chemicals and less water to clean. Not only is the Aquia stylish – it conserves water, as well. This high-efficiency toilet features TOTO’s Dual-Max flushing system which optimizes water usage by allowing users to choose between 0.9 GPF (gallons per flush) for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste. The Aquia wall-hung toilet passed a battery of stringent performance tests to meet quality and efficiency standards, including the EPA’s WaterSense program.

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Alexis® Vessel Lavatory and Upton ® Single-Handle Faucet


The days of pretty for pretty’s sake are over. Now, more than ever, bathrooms need style with substance. TOTO bath fixtures save money and water with every use without losing an ounce of performance. Or sacrificing their good looks to do it. That’s world-class design with something more – real human value.

TOTO Gallery 25 Mercer Street

TOTOUSA.COM | 800.350.8686 ©2011 TOTO U.S.A., Inc.

New York, NY 10013 917-237-0665 x115 Mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm

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eggersmann usa


S T R O N G A N D I N N O VAT I V E C O N T E M P O R A R Y F I N I S H E S F R O M A B O U T I Q U E E U R O P E A N M A N U F A C T U R E R C A T C H A T T E N T I O N I N A N O T H E R W I S E S A F E K I T C H E N D E S I G N M A R K E T. the upscale client has new shopping habits when it comes to remodeling kitchens. They are more involved with the kitchen remodeling process and they are more conscious of their decisions—but, they still want a signature look. That’s where Eggersmann USA comes in. The manufacturer of the boutiquestyle, high-end European kitchens offer styles and heavily textured finishes that aren’t available elsewhere, says Michael Soltoff, president of Eggersmann USA. “We are relatively small compared to other larger European name brands, but that means we offer tremendous flexibility to the designer,” he says. “We can turn on a dime and react to market needs.” Eggersmann’s niche audience requires distinctive product, no doubt about that. In fact, Eggersmann’s Silver Touch hot rolled stainless steel finish is so striking, yet so durable, it was recently one of two kitchen materials which won a prestigious 2010 Good Design award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. The innovations continue into 2011 with Eggersmann’s Phyllite stone, which is now offered on the company’s popular Unique Collection. The natural material is a metamorphic rock composed of quartz, sericite mica, and chlorite, creating a black stone surface with veining and sparkling mica scattered throughout. In addition, Eggersmann offers heavily embossed veneers, rough cross-cut veneers, and sandblasted veneers for a distinctive visual and tactile appeal. For clients looking at value-priced options, Eggersmann has introduced a melamine resin wood grain finish. It’s a high-styled product for a lower cost—an innovative move that is giving Eggersmann its leading edge in the U.S. contemporary kitchen design market.

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country floors


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I F Y O U R K I T C H E N O R B AT H R E N O VAT I O N F E E L S N A K E D , B R I N G I N T I L E W I T H T O D AY ’ S N E W E R E L E G A N T PAT T E R N S A N D V I B R A N T C O L O R S . there is a renaissance underway in the world of tile and hard surfaces, a process owing a great deal to Country Floors. For nearly half a century, this company has been importing authentic European tile as well as showcasing clay artisans in America. “I am struck these days by the bold use of pattern in design and architecture in general,” says David Patrick, Country Floors’ creative director. “Country Floors pioneered the use of global designs and textured surfaces in this country. Now, things are coming full circle as we are seeing an embrace of sophisticated pattern as well as bolder color palettes.” Patrick attributes the abundance of pattern and texture to the merging of digital and industrial capabilities with an artisan approach to craft. “Alongside the Green movement, there is great interest in materials crafted in America,” says Patrick. “Our new Tapestry collection and the upcoming Rookwood line are prime examples of that. There are so many things that we’re up to, really. Country Floors has its own stone quarry operation and we can now do everything from large-scale stone projects to incredible bathrooms.” Patrick concludes, “During these unsettled times, we’ve been reinvesting. Our newly renovated showroom in New York will be showing new lines of mosaics and subtly textured stone along with the classic Country Floors’ lines that are in vogue once again. These are very interesting times in design.”

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D av i s & w a r s h o w


T H E B AT H R O O M R E N O VAT I O N C O M E S I N T O I T S O W N W I T H HIGH TECH OPTIONS FOR TOILET AND SHOWER. kohler’s new Numi toilet may not include a built-in humidor or

are the most important renovation projects because homeowners

panini maker as comedian Conan O’Brien envisions in his famous

infrequently use tubs and whirlpools today. The best bet for

spoof about the new product, but it’s unique enough for Davis

remodeling dollars—electronic showering systems like Kohler’s DTV

& Warshow to be one of the few companies in the country to

and a thermostatic faucet system that lets you adjust temperatures

feature the high-tech toilet in its showrooms. Numi’s integrated

and simultaneously work multiple sprays and nozzles in the shower.

bidet, automatic seat and lid raiser, built-in seat warmer and foot

Don’t forget the still popular steam shower—along with a high-quality

warmer, built-in music player and FM radio are all controlled by a

exhaust fan.

touch-screen remote control. Besides the comfort features, Numi

Davis & Warshow’s seven award-winning showrooms in the New

has advanced flush technology making this one of the best water

York region mean that there’s always guidance and expert advice at

conserving toilets on the market.

every turn in the tri-state area when it comes to quality kitchen and

Davis & Warshow’s showrooms report that showering systems

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 64

bathroom remodeling projects.

9/14/11 3:17 PM

MANHATTAN A&D Building 150 E. 58th St. 212.688.5990 96 Spring St. 212.680.9000 207 E. 119th St. 212.369.2000 LONG ISLAND 222 Rte. 109 Farmingdale 631.391.9506 75 Garden St. Westbury 516.997.9200 WESTCHESTER 369 Lexington Ave. Mt. Kisco 914.666.5127 QUEENS 57-22 49th St. 718.937.9500

SOPHISTICATED PRECISIO N Embracing the discipline of geometry, the One collection by Kallista blends precision and proportion into a sophisticated modern design. Experience the One collection by Kallista at your local Davis & Warshow showroom.

W W W. D W N Y. C O M

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pa r i s c e r a m i c s


N AT U R A L M AT E R I A L S H AV E S O U L , A N D T H AT ’ S W H AT S E T S A R O O M W I T H S T O N E TILE APAR T FROM MEDIOCRE SPACES. the tenDency may be to stay safe when choosing products in a challenging economy, but the quality of a natural floor still reigns over other materials. “Today, homeowners, designers, and architects are using a wider range of materials in kitchen and bath design, but our customers still want natural products,” says Richard Abbott of Paris Ceramics in Manhattan. Known for years as a preeminent source for rare and reclaimed antique stone and terracotta, and newly quarried stone from around the world, has added to its repertoire a new stone called Castille, exclusive to Paris Ceramics, which is quarried in the Carpathian mountains. Castille is a very hard limestone which can be honed, polished, or distressed. The tile is used for inside and out and available in large format tiles, flagstones, cobbles, and slab. The limestone tile comes in grey and beige tones. “It’s equally at home in a contemporary or traditional setting,” says Abbott. “Its subtle grey tones married with veining and fossils make this limestone a timeless classic.”

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Antique Grey Barr





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TODAY’S MOST SUCCESSFUL KITCHEN CABINETRY LINES WILL BE THE ONES DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED SPECIFICALLY FOR OUR CLIENTS SEEKING SMARTER PRODUCTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. klaff’s has always had a comprehensive approach to kitchen and bath remodeling by combining proprietary design, merchandise, and service for each client’s own personal taste, all under one roof. To cater to clients seeking high quality, high value cabinets, Klaff’s announced last year that among its many cabinet lines are two brands of cabinetry—Klaff’s Signature specifications. “This year, we have added a number of new ergonomic and manufacturing details to our cabinetry that you will not see elsewhere,” says Geragi. “And, because we also make our own cabinets we have been able to add a number of new door and cabinet construction styles which continue to be unique to Klaff’s.” Geragi says that by manufacturing its own cabinetry, Klaff’s has more flexibility in lead times and design than other large factories that often need time to retool equipment to handle the changes. “For example, we’re flexible enough so that we can mix frame and frameless cabinets to allow more storage inside,” he says. Klaff’s offers full kitchen design services from project analysis to project management.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 68

P Hot og raP Hy: WilliaM b ri ggs , WWW.Wi lliaM bri gg s.C oM

and Professional Series Cabinetry—specifically made to its own designs and

9/14/11 3:18 PM

Lighting i kitchens i Bath i decorative hardware i tiLe & stone

Danbury Scarsdale South Norwalk 1-800-552-3371

KLAFF’S The Luxury Home Design Store

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af new york


A C O M P E L L I N G , U P S C A L E C O L L E C T I O N O F K I T C H E N A N D B AT H P R O D U C T S KEEPS CLIENTS COMING BACK TO THE SHOWROOM FOR MORE. make no mistake, the renovation market is strong for clients

which will especially attract the industrial design community.

who have second, third, and fourth homes who want to bring

“Our clients have a taste for fashion and fine wine and they

the interiors up to snuff. AF New York, a premier source of high

are willing to spend money on design and functionality,” says

design kitchen, bath, tile and architectural hardware for the A&D

Fletcher. “It’s common for our private clients to come every six

community for nearly ninety years, works with clients who want to

months or a year because they’ve purchased a new property that

be challenged with unexpected and new technologically advanced,

needs a bit of work, and they expect something new and different

cutting-edge designs, says Mark Fletcher of AF New York.

that they can’t find elsewhere.”

For 2011 to 2012, AF New York will exclusively collaborate

AF New York’s expert staff will also work with clients who are

with Villeroy & Boch, a 260-year-old German-based ceramics

seeking simple, basic fixtures. Fletcher adds, “We take the time to

manufacturer with a long history in the American market that is

understand their needs and then show them distinctive products

reintroducing itself with bath products, such as sinks and tiles

that will meet their needs.”

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 70

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Recess_lav designed by desai / chia architecture & af design lab, usa Winner of the Good Design award as awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

booth 1226

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 71

9/14/11 3:18 PM

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b i l o t ta k i t c h e n s


H O M E O W N E R S T U R N T O B I L O T TA F O R VA L U E - A D D E D D E S I G N S O L U T I O N S T H AT O F F E R T H E B E A U T Y O F S U P E R I O R C A B I N E T R Y W I T H O U T S A C R I F I C I N G Q U A L I T Y. “people are buying again, thankfully!” says RitaLuisa Garcés, a seventeen-year veteran designer with Bilotta Kitchens. “However, they are being very careful about what and where they spend.” Aside from the quality of the product, clients are scrutinizing the whole buying experience. “They are looking to us as the experts to be honest with them and assist them in finding cost-saving ways of getting the sophisticated kitchen they’ve always yearned for,” says Garcés. Some of Bilotta’s manufacturers have contributed in ways to help this effort. One line recently introduced a new series of Italian laminates that offer the beauty of exotic woods, such as ebony or olive wood, without the premium price. Another line eliminates the up-charge for color matches and there’s no additional fee for hand-crafted walnut, cherry, or mahogany drawer boxes. Its hand-crafted maple drawers, which are still the same quality in construction as the other woods, are 25 percent less. “We work with who I call the practical luxury buyer in today’s market,” says Garcés. “They are willing to make sacrifices, but still want the end result to be a dream kitchen.” Bilotta’s job is to make that happen. Even in altering the design, Bilotta finds ways to save money. “You can use open shelving and less upper cabinets, or gang boxes together for less base cabinets,” says Garcés. Bilotta’s cabinetry lines are meant to be altered and even re-designed if necessary in order to meet the personal aesthetic and budgetary goals of every client.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 72

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Photography by Peter Rymwid


unsurpassed quality. unrivaled service. unexpected prices. Architects & Designers Building, NYC • Mamaroneck, NY • Mt. Kisco, NY • Briarcliff, NY • 866.BILOTTA NYSpaces - Bilotta - Oct 2011.indd 1 K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 73

8/31/2011 10:43:10 AM 9/14/11 3:19 PM

b l a c k m a n p l u m b i n g s u p p ly


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R E M O D E L I N G P R O J E C T S A R E O N T H E R I S E , B U T S O A R E P R A G M AT I C P R O D U C T C H O I C E S T H AT H O M E O W N E R S M A K E W I T H M O R E C A R E A N D AT T E N T I O N . when the New York new construction market is soft, the remodeling

has expanded in a number of ways to offer clients what they need.

cycle is high, says David Lyon of Blackman Plumbing Supply. “The

Select Blackman locations have fully expanded into decorative tile

remodeling market is huge now,” says Lyon. “Every day we are working

and stone to benefit customers who prefer a one-stop design source

with clients who are working on whole house renovations, remodeling

for kitchen and bath products. Soon, several locations will add a large

four or five baths simultaneously, or redoing one space at a time.”

selection of decorative lighting fixtures for the entire home—from

The master bathroom, one of the most important rooms in the home besides the kitchen, is one of today’s most popular projects, says Lyon. He adds, “Customers are concentrating on spending more of

sconces to chandeliers and more. The company has completed an acquisition which will make Blackman a strong presence in New Jersey. Blackman is excited about its Southampton location which is

their budget in this bathroom in particular for quality and state-of-the-

transforming into a 15,000 state-of-the-art decorative showroom with

art products that fit their lifestyle.”

tile, stone, and lighting collections showcased with indoor and outdoor

To prepare for this pragmatic approach to remodeling, Blackman

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 74

room vignettes to help clients visualize the possibilities.

9/14/11 3:19 PM

BlackmanNYSpaces 4 squares:Layout 1


12:16 PM

Page 1

is... Sinks & Faucets

Tile & Stone

Lighting & Accessories

Baths & Showers


Bohemia - Flushing - Hicksville- Huntington - Lynbrook - Manhattan - Medford - Mineola - Parsippany, NJ - Queens Village Rocky Point - Southampton - Wantagh

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 75

Tile & Stone Collections

Lighting Collections

9/14/11 3:19 PM

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cancos tile & stone


F I N D A W AY T O I N C O R P O R AT E T H E N E W E S T A N D M O S T A D VA N C E D D E S I G N S I N W A L L A N D F L O O R T I L E I N T O Y O U R R E M O D E L I N G P R O J E C T. contemporary mosaics are a must for remodeling projects, says

Popular for floors right now—easy-to-clean porcelain tile with the

Bernadette White of Cancos Tile & Stone, a family owned and operated

look of quartzite, achieved with a sparkled glaze applied over a rough

tile showroom since 1953 with locations throughout Manhattan and

textured tile. Modena, a monotone porcelain floor tile with a subtle

Long Island.

striping, is the result of a manufacturing process using ink-jet and

White says that mosaic designs in tile have exploded in popularity. Cancos offers its Mosaic Collections from Di’amante, which includes lines (pictured here) such as Metal and Ice (polished and

roto-color to create an appealing, soft multi-surface finish, explains White. She adds, “Wood porcelain flooring is still hot.” Cancos has twelve designer showrooms located in the metro

honed glass and stainless), Sea Jewels (glass mixed with mother-of-

area. Three supporting distribution centers that inventories

pearl and abalone), Ice Crystals (smashed glass and marble), Metallica

over 500,000 square feet of material, and a marble and granite

(highly polished metals with glass coatings), and Solid Sea Jewels

fabrication plant that utilizes 3 water jet water cutting machines.

(solid mother-of-pearl in different shapes).

Cancos, where any job is possible.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 76

9/14/11 3:19 PM

| | | | | | | |





Created with ink-jet technology

| | | | | | | |


22 W. 21st. Street New York, NY 10010



K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 77


9/14/11 3:19 PM

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e l g o t k i t c h e n & b at h


M A N H AT TA N I T E S O P T F O R R E M O D E L I N G A PA R T M E N T S , B U T E X P E R T S S AY S T I C K WITH THE BASICS AND BUILD IN EXTRA TIME. the remoDeling market in Manhattan is healthy because

kitchen in New York,” says Elias. “Flat panel wood cabinetry is most

homeowners either found an unbeatable deal on an apartment that

popular, accented with a tiled and textured backsplash and floor,

needs renovation, they realize their apartment won’t sell anytime

with quartz or granite countertops.”

soon so why not remodel, or they want to update their home in order

Elgot’s staff, known for its expertise in Manhattan remodeling

to sell it, says Ellen Elias of Elgot Kitchen & Bath, a family-owned

projects, has seen another trend in the city. Coop boards are

fixture in the city for over 65 years specializing in the design and

tightening up rules and regulations on renovations for the safety and

installation of New York kitchens and bathrooms.

protection of the building and residents, says Elias, and that may add

Elias sees these three categories of homeowners on a daily

in extra time for the process for which designers and homeowners

basis in Elgot’s showroom. But no matter what the reason for

have to plan. For example, boards are carefully monitoring plans

renovating a kitchen, simplicity is the key to a successful Manhattan

now more than ever for the best outcomes; a simple dishwasher

redo, she says.

installation will need more insurance to cover potential leakage

“You can never go wrong with a contemporary and stainless

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 78

issues. Heed Elias’ advice for a smoother New York renovation.

9/14/11 3:19 PM

Dreams Really Do Come True For over 65 years, Manhattan’s Premier Kitchen & Bath Designers Visit our showroom 937 Lexington Avenue, NY Between 68th & 69th Streets


K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 79

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br-111 exotic harDwooD flooring


E X O T I C P L A N K F L O O R S T U R N A N O R D I N A R Y R E N O VAT I O N I N T O A N E Y E - P O P P I N G T R A N S F O R M AT I O N . a remoDeling project isn’t complete without new flooring, preferably exotic wood planks that are even better investments

unnecessary,” he adds. BR-111’s new Green Label Collection makes top-quality

thanks to new widths and thicknesses. “We’ve seen a definite trend

hardwood flooring affordable and with minimal environmental impact

towards clients from New York to California who are all clamoring

because it 5/8-inch thick planks are manufactured using up to 36

for widths wider than eight inches and narrower than three

percent less raw lumber, but with the same wear layer, warranty, and

inches,” says Keith Barrette of BR-111, the renowned exotic flooring

durability as standard ¾-inch solid product. By strategically lowering

manufacturer with over twenty years of servicing the major markets

the tongue and groove and reducing the amount of waste product

of California, New York, and Florida. “We’ve even sold planks up to

below the tongue while achieving a solid floor, the thinner profile is

twelve-inches wide.”

more affordable and flexible enough to be installed (glued down or

Wider planks are attractive and more to scale for larger homes. Barrette says he sees narrow planks frequently paired with

stapled) over a wood sub-floor or concrete. Among its many environmental missions, BR-111 exotic

contemporary furnishings. The finish of choice for most widths

hardwood flooring is 100 percent certified by the Forest

tends to be a clear, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to

Stewardship Council (FSC) and they are members of the Green

pop. “Exotic flooring comes in a wide range of colors so staining is

Building Council (USGBC).

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 80

9/14/11 3:19 PM

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN LUXURY the most sought after hardwood flooring collection in the world

P: 800.525.2711

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 81


F: 800.577.2711



exotic hardwood flooring


9/14/11 3:19 PM

buye r’s guid e


k a r l’ s a p p l i a n c e


C O N S U M E R S I N K I T C H E N R E M O D E L I N G M O D E H AV E T H E I R C H O I C E O F A P P L I A N C E S W I T H M O R E E F F I C I E N T F E AT U R E S , S T R E A M L I N E D S T Y L E S , A N D VA L U E M I N D E D P R I C I N G O P T I O N S . the number of kitchen remodeling projects in all budget ranges

renovations in progress. One option for the high end remodel is the

has increased in the last year, and there are more refrigeration

Wood Stone Home oven—a stone hearth oven best known for pizza

and cooking options available than just a short time ago, says Dan

making in restaurants—and a residential model is now available

Schwartz, CEO of Karl’s Appliances and a veteran when it comes to

which Karl’s distributes. “Many people think a stone hearth oven

kitchen trends.

is only for pizza, but the oven’s intense heat is great for baking,

Many consumers are opting to buy more economical products

roasting and sautéing meats, fish, and vegetables, as well,” says

which may have fewer features, or they are purchasing less

Schwartz. The oven operates with gas, wood, or a combination of

prestigious brands. “One big question in a remodeling project is

both, and is ideal for residential indoor and outdoor kitchens.

whether to spend money on a true built-in fridge or less money

Schwartz notes another new cooking appliance—Thermadore’s

on a built-in style,” Schwartz says. “The door of a built-in style

Pro-Grande® Steam Range. The 48-inch range offers seven cooking

refrigerator is visible beyond the cabinetry by a couple of inches so it

options—from steaming to grilling—and a combination steam and

is not as flush with the cabinetry as a true built-in refrigerator.”

convection oven creates the ultimate culinary appliance. A visit to

Schwartz continues to see a distinct designer interest in professional cooking appliances for the many deluxe kitchen

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 82

Karl’s Appliance opens up many options depending on your kitchen remodeling budget.

9/14/11 3:19 PM

Major Appliances. Major Confidence.

Viking Professional Series* is the only ultra premium kitchen with a full three-year warranty. *Undercounter refrigeration excluded

If you’re looking for designer appliances then look no further than Karl’s. No one else offers the competitive prices, large selection, remarkable service and experience that you’ll find at Karl’s. In fact, it’s our in-depth knowledge, breadth of selection and experience that has separated us from ordinary appliance stores for 70 years. At Karl’s, choose from thousands of top brand name appliances – from the basics to a completely customized professional kitchen.


Experience the difference for yourself and make sure to visit the extensive display of Viking appliances at all of our locations.

FAIRFIELD 65 Passaic Ave. • PARAMUS 469 Rt. 17 South MADISON 300 Main St. – Rt. 124 (In Staples Plaza) • ORANGE 557 Main St. SPARTA 10 Main St. (Next to the Sparta Post Office)

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 83


9/14/11 3:19 PM

buye r’s guid e


canterbury Design


HOMEOWNERS NOW RECOGNIZE THE VALUE IN REMODELING KITCHENS I N O L D E R H O M E S T H AT H AV E S O L I D B O N E S . Jim Dove of Canterbury Design, a full-service design firm in New Jersey, believes the area has an abundance of older homes worthy of remodeling. “Nearly all of our business is remodeling projects, a much higher percentage than years before,” he says. Dove has designed kitchens from New Jersey to Nantucket and even Italy, but one recent remodeling project stands out in his mind as a space that embodies and symbolizes the new direction in kitchen design—light, bright, and simple, even down to the details. Nicknamed The Melbourne Kitchen, Dove says the space sits in a traditional center hall Colonial home that dates back to about 1910 or possibly earlier. “It’s a traditional kitchen with modern touches,” Dove says about the white Shaker cabinetry against white subway tile. The kitchen has a vintage feel even with the sleek black steel casement windows. Make no mistake about this kitchen—it’s lived in and the 60-inch commercial Wolf stove and two-inch-thick Carrera marble island is well used thanks to the homeowner—a professional pastry chef and mother of an energetic brood. The best detail is one that’s hidden, says Dove about the Traulsen refrigerator. “The refrigerator’s design allowed us to put the motor in a remote location—the attic— so you never hear the appliance.” Simplicity at its best.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 84

9/14/11 3:19 PM

Photo by Peter Rymwid

NY Spaces Melbourne full:Layout 1


11:46 AM

Page 1




INSPIRED LIVING Your home is a special place where

reflecting your every desire. Visit our

everything is inspired by your unique

website or nearest showroom to realize

taste and lifestyle. Look to Canterbury

our variety of inspiring possibilities. Or

Design to create kitchen perfection

call us to schedule an appointment. 

Kitchen Interiors Morristown, NJ • 103 Ridgedale Avenue • 973-539-3339

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 85

9/14/11 3:20 PM

buye r’s guid e


granDe central showrooms


F O U N TA I N O F Y O U T H D I S C O V E R E D I N N E W Y O R K C I T Y I N T R O D U C I N G M I C R O S I L K ™ I T ’ S L I K E A F A C I A L F O R Y O U R W H O L E B O D Y. the beauty of microsilk

a warm sensation


MicroSilk creates

Because of their tiny

a healthy experience

a totally unique

size, less than 50

When you bathe in MicroSilk you‘re bathing

therapeutic bathing

microns, the micro-

in super-oxygenated water with oxygen

experience. This

bubbles tend to stay

levels up to 70 percent higher than common

new, patent-pending,

suspended below the

tap water. This increased oxygen level

hydrotherapy system generates billions of

water’s surface. As these suspended micro-

energizes cells, stimulates the immune

tiny micro-bubbles that envelop your body

bubbles collapse, heat energy is released

system, kills bacteria, and promotes healing.

in a warm efervescent cloud of oxygen.

into the water so a MicroSilk bath stays

If you think this sounds too good to be true

A MicroSilk bath moisturizes your skin,

warm, relieving stress and relaxing tired

then experience all the great benefits of

reducing finne lines and wrinkles so you

muscles, without the need to continually

MicroSilk for yourself.

look younger. MicroSilk also deep-cleans

add hot water.

your skin and pores leaving your skin feeling luxuriously silky.

® MicroSilk is a product of

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 86

9/14/11 3:20 PM

We promise you the healthiest, quietest, most comfortable hydrotherapy experience available

(212) 876-0100 | 1254 Park Avenue | New York, NY 10029 (212) 588-1997 | 141 East 56th Street | New York, NY 10022 (212) 777-7984 | 19 Bond Street | New York, NY 10012 (914) 968-9200 | 550 Saw Mill River Road | Yonkers, NY 10701


K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 87

9/14/11 3:20 PM

buye r’s guid e


aJ maDison


ONE APPLIANCE AUTHORITY KNOWS AN INDISPENSABLE PRODUCT FOR M A N H AT TA N I T E S W H E N I T S E E S O N E — G E M O N O G R A M ’ S 3 0 - I N C H R E F R I G E R AT O R . trusteD for its extensive appliance selection in its showroom, AJ Madison has expanded with its well-known online presence. AJ Madison delivers nationwide, but there’s one new product that’s meant to get a New Yorker’s attention. GE Monogram’s 30-inch wide refrigerators are flexible, functional, available in a number of styles, and are available through AJ Madison. “This product takes full advantage of a Manhattan apartment’s vertical space,” says Dayana Villagomez of AJ Madison. The standard 80-inch model is designed for custom paneling, with European or Pro-style stainless steel door panels available in 84-inch heights for replacement purposes. There is an optional glass door portion. The refrigerator offers a true flush fit integrating seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry. The doors have a soft-close feature so you won’t hear a thing. Each of the refrigerator’s three sections has independent temperature zones. The top section is refrigeration, the middle drawer is for ice and small frozen items, and the convertible lower drawer can be temperature-adjusted for fresh foods, frozen foods, or wine. New for late 2011 is a 106-bottle wine reserve unit replacing the top refrigeration section. The two-temperature zone, glass-front option makes it ideal for bar areas. Features include LED interior lighting that brightens when the door is opened and dims when closed, control locks, adjustable glass shelves, and Sabbath-mode capabilities. AJ Madison is offering up to $2,000 rebates on select GE Monogram packages until December 31st; call for details or check the showroom’s website and blog for information at and

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 88

9/14/11 3:20 PM

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 89

9/14/11 3:20 PM

buye r’s guid e


Jwh Design & cabinetry


A KITCHEN REMODEL, REGARDED AS A SAFE INVESTMENT ONCE AGAIN, IS BEST DONE IN THE HANDS OF A SEASONED DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION FIRM. a surge of kitchen remodeling activity coincided with the relaunch of the newly designed JWH Design & Cabinetry website. A new feature, “The Worktable,” is an exclusive section for JWH clients, providing quick access to all project details and a JWH Idea Book to spark inspiration. As Jennifer Howard, founder of JWH describes, one objective of the site is to make the entire design and renovation process less overwhelming for homeowners. Projects that were once on the back burner are moving forward again with the goal of long-lasting design and overall value. Jennifer notes that homeowners want to create kitchens that are true to the architecture of the home and work for their families, rather than opting for a showpiece. With a background in designing and building custom homes, Jennifer creates these efficient spaces, incorporates the use of newer materials and technology, and ensures that it all blends in beautifully. Jennifer adds, “It’s great to work with clients who are not only remodeling as a safe investment for resale value, but they are doing it for the everyday enjoyment in their homes.” JWH, a licensed General Contractor in New York and Connecticut, offers a one-stop resource for design and cabinetry all the way through construction management. Jennifer adds that her company’s streamlined process allows a kitchen remodel to take place in about six to eight weeks; larger additions and full house construction also benefits from the coordinated design/build services.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 90

9/14/11 3:20 PM




1111 Boston Post Road Rye, New York 914.967.6020 203.661.0490

the jwh difference... from start to finish.

JWH works hard for you every step of the way: design • cabinetry • installation • construction Owner/Designer Jennifer Howard creates stunning designs through her passion for seeing beauty and function come to life. JWH Construction Management complements this vision by expertly managing the construction process. With JWH’s approachable personal style, hardworking ethic and innovative design solutions — plus cabinet options at every budget level — the result is a kitchen you’ll love today...and every day.

See the JWH difference person at the JWH showroom or for instant inspiration, visit our Design Portfolio at the new Clients can now enjoy full access to project details with our indispensable online tool. JWH Construction Management is licensed in NY and CT.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 91

9/14/11 3:20 PM

buye r’s guid e


trueform concrete


B R I N G Y O U R K I T C H E N R E N O VAT I O N T O A N E W L E V E L O F W O W W I T H HANDCRAFTED CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS. when was the last time someone told you that your kitchen was beautiful? If you’re remodeling, it’s your chance to add a new element

medium and dark grey countertops. There is a common misconception that concrete is less expensive

that friends and family probably don’t have – a concrete countertop.

than other materials. Grech dispels that myth, “We use a custom

“Our clients choose concrete because of the beautiful colors and

mix that’s designed to create high-strength, high-quality concrete

finishes that we can achieve,” says Nicole Grech of Trueform

countertops and products. We have extraordinary skilled craftsmen who

Concrete. “Clients show their countertops like they’re a new piece of

handwork each piece from scratch and tend to it on a daily basis for

art in their home.”

weeks until it’s installed. No part of the process is done by machines.”

Although concrete typically compliments a more contemporary

Trueform Concrete recently launched the industry’s first

interior, Grech adds that Trueform’s Signature finish has a beautiful

e-commerce site for concrete products. The site takes the legwork

mottled look that also blends in seamlessly with transitional,

out of designing custom pieces by letting clients choose from pre-set

traditional, and rustic décor. She says that Trueform’s standard colors

designs. Visit to see the online store and

are the most popular choices, but she sees a trend this year towards

learn more about using concrete in your next renovation project.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 92

9/14/11 3:20 PM

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 93

9/14/11 3:20 PM

h a r D wa r e D e s i g n s


buye r’s guid e



HardWare designs sHoWrooM 135 neW dutCH lane, FairField, nJ (973) 808-0266

D O N ’ T S AY Y O U C A N ’ T A F F O R D I T — A S M A L L , B U T H I G H - Q U A L I T Y U P G R A D E I N T H E K I T C H E N O R B AT H I S W O R T H T H E M O N E Y W H E N G U T T I N G I S O U T O F T H E Q U E S T I O N . life is too short to put off a renovation, says Larry Goren of

are looking for less expensive, lower quality products typically

Hardware Designs, suppliers of bath, kitchen, architectural hardware

made overseas, Hardware Designs prefers to sell better goods.

and specialty lighting. “The odds are that most homeowners aren’t

Instead of gutting a kitchen or bath, Goren recommends outfitting

moving anytime soon so why not make the most of your time there

the space with a few high-end upgrades. Consider perking up the

and enjoy it?”

space with new cabinetware and a state-of-the-art faucet. Bring

It’s the prime time to bring something unique into the kitchen

in a door or drawer to the showroom and let Hardware Design’s

and bath. “We continue to look for superior products,” says Goren.

expert staff see what goes best with your materials. The selection

“We’ve always been a tad different and we pride ourselves on

at Hardware Designs’ showroom is endless, as are the functioning

selling products that are not necessarily cheaper, but they are

displays of sinks, vanities, faucets, hygiene technologies, and

definitely better.”

lighting solutions. To get a preview, visit the website for an

Though Goren says he constantly encounters consumers who

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 94

extensive gallery of ideas.

9/14/11 3:20 PM

HardwareDesign_KitchenAPRIL_NYSpaces:Layout 1


1:56 PM

Page 1

A Great Way to Improve Your Cooking (Experience)

Visit our Kitchen Showroom to see an extraordinary selection of faucets, sinks, cabinet hardware, water purification systems and instant hot water dispensers. Here you’ll find the perfect finishing touches to truly set your kitchen apart. Think of it as your own Michelin star for function and dÊcor.

The Very Best in Kitchen, Bath, Architectural Hardware & Lighting Products 135 New Dutch Lane, Fairfield, NJ 07004 | MC | VISA | AMEX

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 95

(973) 808-0266

9/14/11 3:20 PM

techline stuDio


buye r’s guid e

NY Spa


T H E R E ’ S A N E W AT T I T U D E I N T O W N W H E N I T C O M E S T O K I T C H E N S W I T H L I M I T E D SPACE—THE SIMPLER, THE BETTER. new yorkers have everything but space, and after over twenty years of modular system installations in Manhattan, techlineStudio’s motto remains “furniture that fits,” says Gavin Bromell, architect and company owner. “While we are offering an unprecedented range of material and finish options, they are being deployed in ever smaller spaces.” In addition to an expanding demand for space-efficient design strategies, Gavin is seeing a return to the more modest kitchen design goals he encountered when technlineStudio was launched over two decades ago. “It seems that people are realizing the limitations of trendier styles and are, again, seeking a more timelessly modern design,” he says. “The main difference now is that clients have broadened their perception of value to include simplicity and honesty of materials.” There’s also an increasing interest in environmentally sound solutions. “Our newest line of cabinetry, BREATH, is made from renewable bamboo veneers on formaldehyde free substrates. When used with countertops of Paperstone, or quartz with recycled content, these cabinets are both beautiful and functional,” he adds. Newer options from techlineStudio include metal cabinet door frames by Elements in six different profiles. Each profile accepts a wide range of insert materials, ranging from textured glass to Lumicor and Parapan acrylics. Another popular option techlineStudio offers is high gloss thermofoil fronts, which are a very cost effective and environmentally kinder alternative to high gloss lacquer. Coordinate your entire home with techlineStudio’s custom fit cabinetry solutions for home offices, Murphy bed and entertainment units, libraries, children’s bedrooms, and of course, pantries, bar areas, and kitchens.

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 96

9/14/11 3:21 PM

NY Space Full Page


10:06 AM

Page 1

because New Yorkers have everything but space There are eight million space stories in the crowded city and as many solutions as there are problems. Our job is to help you make the most of your home and office space. And find spaces and places for the things that matter. We measure, design and install our modular furniture for a perfect custom fit solution.

Visit our showroom for a free design consultation amid two floors of space efficient displays. Architect owned...we believe the best solutions start with your story and your ideas.

furniture that


35 East 19th Street, New York City / Weekdays 10 - 6, Saturday & Sunday 12-5 / 212.674.1813

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 97

9/14/11 3:21 PM

buye r’s guid e


appliance connection


Be B Be


Rec Room

there’s no doubt about it, consumers have higher expectations

kitchen. knowYour we complete are fullyViking trained and knowledgeable on all of our product

today when it comes to selection and service, especially when it

lines that we carry. They trust us.” Appliance Connection will debut

comes to the ever-changing world of high end appliances. “Our

its new website this spring—a place clients can peruse before

upscale appliances are flying out the door,” says Joel Kapnick, owner

coming in for a consultation.

of Appliance Connection, authorized distributors of some of the best selling names in the business, such as Sub-Zero, Miele, Viking, and urban favorite, Liebherr. “But customers also know they can reach me anytime for a consultation, and that’s the value they are looking for.” Independent appliance stores such as Appliance Connection


ar are a ar

ee em em ee en en

are getting a boost thanks to the economic crunch which has left consumers demanding more personalized attention for their money. “It carries a lot of weight when a customer can speak directly to the president of a company—you can’t get that service at most big box appliance retailers.” Kapnick says big box appliance retailers can’t compare to the level of service of an independent appliance retailer. “From the moment a customer walks in, our follow through before, during, and after the sale is always a priority at Appliance Connection. They

K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 98

ApplConn_SP0810 ApplCo ApplConn_SP0810 9/14/11 3:21 PM

|| Better || Better | |||Better | |||Better Better Service Selection Better PriceS Better Service Selection Better PriceS Better Service Better Selection PriceS Better Service Better Selection PriceS Better Service Better Selection Better PriceS Better Service Better Selection Better PriceS | | | | Better Service Better Selection Better PriceS Better Service Better Selection Better PriceS Than theNational National Big Chains Box Chains Than theNational National Big Box Than the Big Box Chains Than the Big Box Chains Than the Big Box Chains Than the Big Box Chains Than theNational National Big Chains Box Chains Than theNational National Big Box

“Our representatives representatives “Our representatives Homeowners, Homeowners, ArcHitects, ArcHitects, Designers Designers & BuilDers BuilDers & BuilDers specs | & & specs Quotes & Quotes “Our Homeowners, ArcHitects, Designers & || specs Quotes “Our representatives “Our representatives Homeowners, Homeowners, ArcHitects, ArcHitects, Designers Designers & BuilDers & BuilDers | specs | & specs Quotes & Quotes “Our representatives Homeowners, ArcHitects, Designers & BuilDers | specs & Quotes aren’t just aren’t knowledgeable, just knowledgeable, aren’t just knowledgeable, Delivery • Delivery & installation installation & installation in as as little little in asas as little 24 to to as 48 24 hours. to&& 48BuilDers hours. •• Delivery & in 24 48 hours. “Our representatives “Our representatives Homeowners, Homeowners, ArcHitects, ArcHitects, Designers Designers & BuilDers BuilDers specs & Quotes Quotes “Our Homeowners, ArcHitects, Designers & BuilDers specs & Quotes “Ourrepresentatives representatives “Our representatives Homeowners, Homeowners, ArcHitects, Designers Designers & BuilDers specs | | specs &specs Quotes &&Quotes “Our representatives Homeowners, ArcHitects, Designers & BuilDers || ||specs & Quotes aren’t just aren’t knowledgeable, just knowledgeable, aren’t just knowledgeable, Delivery •• Delivery & installation installation & installation in as as little little in asas as little 24 to toas 4824 hours. to 48 hours. •••Delivery & in 24 48 hours. they’rethey’re truly nice nice truly people nice people Private Private Parking Parking lot lot they’re truly people Private Parking lot aren’t just knowledgeable, just knowledgeable, aren’t just knowledgeable, aren’taren’t aren’t just knowledgeable, just knowledgeable, aren’t just knowledgeable, Delivery •• Delivery & installation & installation inas aslittle little in as asas little as24 24to to as 48 24 hours. to48 48hours. hours. •••Delivery installation as little as 24 to 48 hours. Delivery Delivery installation installation in as little in as little 24 to as 48 24 hours. to installation in 48 hours. they’re they’re truly nice truly people nice people Private •• & Private Parking Parking lot lot they’re truly people •••Private Parking lot Just minutes minutes Just minutes from manhattan from manhattan & Westchester Westchester & Westchester Just from manhattan & empowered empowered to nice make to your make your empowered to make your they’re they’re truly nice truly people nice people they’re they’re truly nice truly people nice people • Private • Private Parking Parking lot lot • Private • Private lot they’re truly nice people they’re truly nice people • Private Parking lot lot • Just minutes • Just minutes from manhattan from manhattan & Westchester & Westchester • Just minutes from manhattan & Westchester empowered empowered to make toyour your make your empowered to make entire appliance entire appliance shopping shopping entire appliance shopping 951minutes 951233rD 233rD eAst 233rD street street | Bronx, Bronx, | Westchester Bronx, new York new York 951 street |manhattan new York Just minutes •eAst Just minutes from manhattan from manhattan & Westchester & minutes from manhattan & Just minutes •eAst Just minutes manhattan & Westchester &Westchester Westchester •••Just manhattan & Westchester empowered empowered tomake make toshopping your makeshopping your empowered to make your empowered empowered to make to make your your empowered to your entire appliance entire appliance shopping entire appliance 951 eAst 951 233rD eAst 233rD street Bronx, | Bronx, new York new York Bronx river Bronx Parkway riverstreet Parkway to east eaststreet 233rd to east street 233rd (store street is(store less than than is less mile thanon on 1 left) mile left) on left) pleasant a pleasant experience.” experience.” 951 eAst 233rD || Bronx, new York Bronx river Parkway to 233rd street (store is less 11 mile aa pleasant experience.” entireentire entire appliance appliance shopping shopping entire appliance shopping entire appliance appliance shopping shopping Bronx river Bronx Parkway river Parkway to eaststreet 233rd to||| east street 233rd (store is (store less than is less mile than on 1 left) mile left) on left) pleasant a shopping pleasant experience.” experience.” entire appliance Bronx river Parkway to east 233rd is less than 11York mile on aa pleasant experience.” 951 eAst 951 eAst Bronx, || (store Bronx, new York new York eAst street Bronx, new York 951 951 233rD eAst 233rD street street Bronx, new York new –President –President Joel KaPnicK KaPnicK Joel KaPnicK 951 eAst 233rD street Bronx, new York sHowroom. sHowroom. 718-324-5252 718-324-5252 | street emAil. | street emAil. –President Joel sHowroom. 718-324-5252 |Bronx, emAil. –President –President Joel KaPnicK Joel KaPnicK sHowroom. sHowroom. 718-324-5252 718-324-5252 emAil. | emAil. –President Joel KaPnicK Bronx river Bronx river to to 233rd east street 233rd (store street is (store less than is mile than on 1on left) on sHowroom. 718-324-5252 || emAil. pleasant pleasant experience.” experience.” river to east street (store is less 1111mile on left) pleasant experience.” Bronx Bronx Parkway river Parkway east233rd 233rd east street 233rd (store street is (store lessthan than isless less mile than on 1mile mile left) onleft) left) pleasant aapleasant experience.” experience.” Bronx river Parkway east street (store is less than mile left) aaaapleasant experience.” –President –President JoelKaPnicK KaPnicK JoelKaPnicK KaPnicK sHowroom. sHowroom. 718-324-5252 718-324-5252 emAil. || emAil. –President Joel KaPnicK sHowroom. 718-324-5252 ||| emAil. –President –President Joel KaPnicK Joel sHowroom. sHowroom. 718-324-5252 718-324-5252 emAil. emAil. –President Joel sHowroom. 718-324-5252 emAil.

“Where “Where you make make you make the difference” difference” the difference” “Where you the “Where “Where you make make you make the difference” difference” the difference” “Where you the

“Where you the “Where you the “Where make you the difference” “Where you “Where youmake make thedifference” difference” “Where youmake make thedifference” difference”

ApplConn_SP0810_REV1.indd ApplConn_SP0810_REV1.indd 3 ApplConn_SP0810_REV1.indd 33 K&B_SP_1011_REV1.indd 99

6/21/10 9:54:16 9:54:16 6/21/10 AM9:54:16 AM 6/21/10 AM 9/14/11 3:21 PM

New York Spaces Kitchen & Bath Guide  

Fall 2011 to all the latest for your kitchen and bath presented by top area professionals.

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