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Zanzibar: Primeval Paradise

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contents f/w 2016

features road warrior | 28 The Mercedes-AMG GT S has serious rock star presence that transcends its elegant design.

destination: zanzibar | 40 Come to this East African island for its pristine beaches—and stay to delight all five senses.

departments Memo | 6 What’s in store for fall.

The John craig Guide | 11

fashion for work and play

Fall never looked better… at John Craig.



L.B.M. 1911 soft coats… Peter Millar luxury collection…Brackish bow ties…survive a long flight…a golfer’s paradise… and much more.

the techie | 16 Something shiny to store data? A smart sleep mask? You didn’t know you wanted one…until now!

Essentials | 18 Stock up on the season’s best shirts, ties, pocket squares, shoes, belts, sportcoats and travel bags.

grooming | 48 Rotating blades? Forget it! A wet shave—the way your grandfather did it—is always a cut above the rest.

| john craig

On the cover: Vince wears a plaid jacket by L.B.M. 1911, grey cashmere sweater by Kinross Cashmere, grey shirt by Eton, grey polka-dot pocket square by Carrot & Gibbs and grey boutonniere by Hook & Albert.

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Let us awaken you with the Gulf’s refreshing breeze. Let us inspire you as the sun rises over Tiburón’s first tee. Let us custom craft a sushi experience through the art of omakase. Let us be the start of your next great adventure.

Experience two incredible resorts during one vacation. Pristine beaches, championship golf and unparalleled service. For reservations, contact your travel professional, or call The Ritz-Carlton, Naples or The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples at 239-598-3300 or visit


©2016 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.


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No matter the destination, prepared is always a proper look. A W 16 . E X P L O R E I N S T Y L E .


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John Craig JOHNCRAIGclothier.COM

Winter Park, 407.629.7944 132 Park Avenue South Monday–Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday: 12 to 5 p.m.

JW Marriott, Orlando, 407.393.3747 4040 Central Florida Parkway Monday–Sunday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Ritz-Carlton, Naples, 239.514.6059

What’s new for fall in gorgeous shades of A chill in the air olive and cabernet, signifies one thing in paired perfectly with sunny Florida; the longa printed woven. Our awaited fall season! favorites come from This time of year calls Sand, Samuelsohn and for a refined wardrobe Canali this season. update, and we are And the thing you happy to introduce new will love most about ways to add a touch of John Craig’s fall sophistication. fashion? Just because Something to take it’s cooling down you from the warmer doesn’t mean your months into fall is attire has to be lofty or brilliant blue. We heavy. We make sure to are seeing a lot of the Photo by Damon Tucci Photography bring our Florida clients color—from great the most lightweight blazers to sharp suits. suits and sportcoats in the finest wool Brilliant blue is the new navy, and sneak peek blends, which are sure to keep you it goes with everything. It’s the best comfortable in what we know and love time to update your navy suits and as “Florida Fall” weather. blazers with something more fresh In John Craig news, we are thrilled and vibrant. Don’t be afraid to pair to announce our newest store opening your new brilliant blue blazer with this Thanksgiving! We will be located a 5-pocket pant in one of fall’s pop birds of a feather in the Waterside Shops in Naples, colors, such as shades of merlot, olive p. 11 one of Southwest Florida’s premiere and chestnut. Some of our favorites shopping and dining destinations. Waterside this season come from Gardeur and MAC Jeans. Shops provides you with countless luxury A few standout looks we love for this season brands, which will now include John Craig. are making a fierce comeback, like the doubleTwenty years have passed since John Craig breasted trend, for instance. This is a great opened its flagship store in Winter Park, and fashion piece to add some dimension to your suit we couldn’t be more delighted to be opening an and sportcoat collection. Another fashion trend we love this fall? Colorful windowpane sportcoats eighth location! Craig & Blair DeLongy

280 Vanderbilt Beach Road Monday–Sunday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Third Street, naples, 239.434.2115 1258 Third Street South Monday–wednesday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday–Saturday: 10 a.m to 9 p.m. Sunday: 12 to 5 p.m.

Sawgrass Village, Ponte Vedra, 904.686.1501 280 Village Main Street, #950 Monday–Saturday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday: CLOSED

harbourside place, jupiter, 561.406.6858 135 Breakwater Court Monday–wednesday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday–Saturday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday: 12 to 5 p.m.

sundial, st. petersburg, 727.258.8007 167 2nd Avenue North, Unit B-101 Monday–Saturday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday: 12 to 6 p.m.

WATERSIDE shops, naples (opening soon) 5555 Tamiami Trail North

Editor Mark Dowden Art Director stephen M. vitarbo Executive Editor rita guarna Managing Editor Nicole Lupo Associate Editor Darius amos Contributing Editors Michael ardizzone, timothy kelley, Everett Potter Contributing Photographer Daniel Springston Publishing staff Publisher Shae Marcus

Associate Publisher Amy B. Weiss National Brand Manager Monica Delli Santi Senior Account Executive Melissa Drozdoff Director of Production & Circulation Christine Hamel Advertising Services Manager jacquelynn fischer Senior Art Director, Agency Services Kijoo Kim Production/Art Assistant Alanna Giannantonio Accounting agnes alves, megan frank Published by Chairman Carroll V. Dowden President & CEO Mark Dowden Senior Vice Presidents sHAE MARCUS, Carl Olsen Vice Presidents Nigel Edelshain, Rita guarna, christine hamel John craig is published by Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645, in association with John Craig. Copyright © 2016 by Wainscot Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

| john craig

Editorial Contributions: Write to Editor, John craig, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645; telephone 201.782.5730; email The magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited submissions. Subscription Services: To change an address or request a subscription, write to Subscriptions, John Craig, 132 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, FL 32789; telephone 407.629.7944 Advertising Inquiries: Contact Shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or


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The ultimate in luxury and style.





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Know Thyself and Thy Clothes

Unless you actually design clothing, you don’t create clothes that fit your personality—you just cherry-pick other people’s (designers’) collections and hope the outcome reflects the real you. But Stone Rose seems to have picked your brain because they have the uncanny ability to offer you just the right garments to build just the right look, the one that perfectly fits your unique style. They believe that “bringing out the inner you is effortless when you have the proper attire to truly express yourself.” Stone Rose will supply that proper attire. You just have to…be you.


john craig guide Suit Your Mood

Your mood might determine which Luigi Bianchi Mantova suit to wear—choose traditional charcoal or black, an understated blue plaid or a daring light-grey windowpane. But we know you’ll always be in the mood for L.B.M. 1911—Luigi Bianchi Mantova’s sister brand. The collection combines casual elegance with luxurious detailing and a high level of innovation. This season, L.B.M. 1911 spotlights its sharp tailoring. The brand’s classic blazers and soft coats mix silk, cashmere, alpaca and gabardine with familiar autumn hues. The fall/winter collection also features chic turtlenecks, dyed trousers and garment dyed suits—a first for L.B.M 1911. New to L.B.M. 1911? Let John Craig introduce you to the collection.

The feather bow tie

fall/winter 2016 |

There’s nothing in the world quite like Brackish bow ties. As unique as snowflakes, each tie is created from repurposed feathers that are hand-made into a wearable work of art. (Yes, we said feathers.) In 2007, Ben Stein wanted an out-of-the-box gift for the groomsmen at his wedding. That gift? Turkey-feather bow ties that he crafted himself. From that inspired act, Brackish was born. Today, every tie is handcrafted locally in Charleston, South Carolina, by a team of 50 artisans. They hand-pick every feather, so no two ties are alike. Brackish bow ties are produced by people, for people, and are as distinct as the folks who wear them—like you!

11 11

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the john craig guide The A–Z List

Beyond golf

Of course Peter Millar has great golf attire, but it doesn’t stop there. The Peter Millar Collection has the feel of Italian luxury. Designed by Jason Cater, formerly of Zegna, it runs the gamut from sportcoats to swimwear to accessories. Discover the Peter Millar Collection at John Craig, one of the few men’s boutiques in Florida to carry it.

The Best of Many Worlds Nona Blue began with a vision. Founding partners and veteran restaurateurs Joe Davi and Bill Bona teamed with PGA pro golfer and 2010 U.S. Open champ Graeme McDowell to create an eatery that brings people together and fosters a tight social atmosphere, and now they’ve brought that vision to Ponte Vedra Beach. One way they’ve accomplished this is by offering “shareables”—menu items that can be shared (or served as an individual meal). They also envisioned blending the social atmosphere of a tavern with the quality of a high-end casual restaurant. The result is the kind of place where you can relax with your friends, but also enjoy great food. At Nona Blue, you get the best of both worlds. 325 Front St., ponte vedra beach, 904.834.7549;

One Club Fits All If you’re a genuine golf lover, head to the Concession Golf Club (on the border of Sarasota and Bradenton in Lakewood Ranch). The 18-hole course was named one of “Top 100 Courses in the U.S. 2009” by Golf magazine. Designed by Jack Nicklaus with Tony Jacklin, it features panoramic, scenic vistas. And it’s challenging. It’s one of the only courses in the country to have the highest possible slope rating. On top of all that, it boasts one of the world’s largest private practice areas. Regardless of your preferences, skill level or expectations, Concession Golf Club was created for the true golf enthusiast.

John Craig is proud to feature more than 60 designer brands! See if you don’t find your favorites in the list below. Then stop by one of our stores (there are eight) for a shopping experience you’ll love.

Local Boys Make Good… Whiskey In 2010, Paul Twyford and Andrew Asher, two hometown boys (if you’re from Winter Park) set out to create the first and finest craft distillery in Orange County. With just a handmade 50-gallon still and a few whiskey recipes, they (later joined by Andrew’s wife, Francesca) made their dream come true by establishing the Winter Park Distilling Company. The local climate is perfect for barrel-aging, resulting in Florida’s first bourbons and its finest dark rum. So when you think of Winter Park, you’ll still picture its tree-lined lakes and Venetian-esque canals. But now you’ll also think of quality spirits made by a couple of hard-working guys from town. 1288 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park, 407.801.2714;

Visit Us at Waterside Shops

John Craig has expanded again, this time to the dripping-with-luxury Waterside Shops in Naples. With valet parking and 60-plus stores and restaurants, there’s plenty to like about Waterside. From Apple to Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton, it has everything an upscale consumer could want…including, now, John Craig. After our first store opening in 1996 in Winter Park, we’ve continued to expand in size, but we’ve never lost our commitment to one-on-one customer service. So make it a point to check out our new 1,800-squarefoot shop in Naples and receive the same excellent service you’ll find in any of our stores. And after you leave our new store with your latest John Craig pairings, enjoy the Naples sunshine at Waterside Shops.

AG Jeans Alan Paine Allen Edmonds Bill Lavin brackish Byron Canali Carrot & Gibbs Circle of Gentlemen Citizens of Humanity Derek Rose Dl 1961 Dolcepunta Donald J Pliner Eton Eyebobs Gardeur Happy Socks Hickey Freeman Hiltl Incotex Jack Black Jack Victor Jan Leslie Johnnie-O Kinross Cashmere L.B.M. 1911

Luciano Barbera Luigi Bianchi Mantova mac Magnanni Martin Dingman Mason’s Maui Jim M-Clip Michael’s Minerals Olukai Pantherella Persol Peter Millar Peter Millar Collection Ray-Ban Riviera Robert Graham Robert Talbott Salvatore Ferragamo Samuelsohn Sand Saxx Scojo Shinola Skip Gambert Smathers & Branson Southern Tide Stone Rose Swims Tateossian Tommy John Vineyard Vines W. Kleinberg Würkin Stiffs Zanella

Peter Millar

7700 Lindrick Ln., Bradenton, 941.322.1922; 12

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the john craig guide Survive a long flight

Flying from New York to Boston? No sweat. But sitting in a cramped airline seat for hours on end as you hurtle across the globe? That’s a journey you might lose sleep over. Make surviving a long flight the least of your travel concerns with these tips: n Book the right seat. Size matters—as in your height and bladder. A window seat will give you incredible views and a place to rest your head, but you’ll have to climb over others each time nature calls. Score a bit more legroom and an easier path to the restroom with an aisle seat, but that too comes at a cost. Expect sleep interruptions from passengers in your row and those roaming the aisle. n Dress for comfort. Sure, you want to look polished, but park your tailored trousers and choose something with a more relaxed fit. Because feet tend to swell, wear slip-ons or shoes with loose laces and material that easily expands. Stash extra socks or a light jacket in your carry-on in case the temperature takes a tumble. n Bring your own entertainment. If the in-flight flick is a bust, pass the time with a novel or your mobile devices. Make sure smartphones and tablets are fully charged, as decent Wi-Fi and power outlets aren’t standard on all planes. But remember to pull away from the electronics to hydrate. And be sure to stand up and stretch; you want to keep your blood flowing. n Pack essentials. We recommend a neck pillow, headphones, lip balm, toothbrush, snacks and gum. And moisturizer will help you avoid feeling like a reptile.

Mohawk to mop top Clothes make the man, of course, but a hairstyle speaks volumes about a guy too. Like your sartorial choices, it tells the world what kind of person you are: rebellious, straight-laced, carefree, intense, artistic, conservative. What does yours say? And what famous figures have sported the same style? The Barber Book (Phaidon, $24.95) delves into the roots of the most popular men’s hairstyles of the 20th century, exploring the origins and historical context of cuts from the early 1940s through the 1960s. Each of the 19 chapters highlights an iconic cut—from Humphrey Bogart’s “Slick Back” to Elvis Presley’s “Rockabilly” to David Bowie’s “Undercut.”

Ask Mr. Etiquette

Craig DeLongy explains how to sail through life without giving offense. A lot of invitations these days say “cocktail attire.” What the heck does that mean? —Wondering in Winter Park Your host is saying, “Get out of the business suit, lighten up and let’s have some fun.” That could mean no tie. It’s your option. A sportcoat, however, is a must—paired with an exciting shirt and a great pocket square. Depending on the occasion, the party location and what your spouse is wearing, jeans can be appropriate. Trousers will certainly give you a dressier look. Naturally, accessories are key—shoes should be less serious, the belt should work with the shoes. Last but not least, make a splash with your socks. Colorful socks show a little more sartorial character when you’re kicking back with a cocktail.

trunk shows Trunk shows give you the opportunity to meet representatives and purchase items from some of your favorite brands. Join us! October 4, PONTE VEDRA: Samuelsohn, Skip Gambert October 5–6, WINTER PARK: Samuelsohn, Skip Gambert October 11–12, NAPLES: Samuelsohn, Skip Gambert

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October 13–14, St. petersburg: Hickey Freeman, Skip Gambert, Samuelsohn

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Interestingly, many of the retro styles spotlighted in the book have stood the test of time. David Beckham recently rocked the undercut, for instance, while Brad Pitt has famously sported the slicked-back style. And no one has pulled off the “Caesar” haircut better than George Clooney—except for, perhaps, Marlon Brando, who portrayed the Roman ruler. Filled with fun facts (Brylcreem was standard issue in every British soldier’s kit bag during World War II), entertaining anecdotes (men wore hairnets to bed to keep their slicked-back locks in place) and both vintage and contemporary photos, this quirky little book is a keeper.

October 19–20, winter park: Canali, Geneva Custom Shirts October 27–28, naples: Canali, Geneva Custom Shirts, Ferragamo

November 1–2, jupiter: Samuelsohn, Skip Gambert November 3–4, jupiter: Hickey Freeman, Ferragamo November 5, winter park: Loro Piana, Geneva Custom Shirts, Ferragamo November 9–10, jupiter: Canali, Geneva Custom Shirts *All shows are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tanweer Jamal Joins John craig Meet Tanweer Jamal, John Craig’s director of made-to-measure. If you haven’t yet made his acquaintance, you will when you get fitted for your next suit. Tanweer started at John Craig in January, but he’s logged more than 20 years in the retail industry. (He’s worked at Ermenegildo Zegna, Paul Stuart and Loro Piana.) Turning John Craig’s made-tomeasure program into the absolute best in Florida is his top priority. And he’s up to the task. Tanweer’s work ethic, experience and passion shine through. His goal is to make John Craig “the number-one reference point for sophisticated clients—those who demand the best.”

He’s impressed that John Craig is just one of three men’s shops in Florida to carry Canali Made-to-Measure, in addition to quality brands like Samuelsohn. “It gives customers a great selection,” he says. And he’s pleased with Hickey Freeman’s current line of suits, citing their innovation and detail. Tanweer has one piece of advice for customers: use a pocket square. “It’s like a man is naked without it.” Though he worked in Chicago for years, Tanweer has adapted well to life Florida—his favorite restaurant is The Woods Jupiter. His main interest? Spending time with his family. It’s what you’d expect from a people-person and made-to-measure professional.

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the techie


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THE NEED FOR SPEED You’re free to celebrate when you get your hands on the trophy-like LaCie Chromé external hard drive. The polished aluminum case gives this computer device a sleek appearance, but rest assured that the design is matched, if not surpassed, by performance. It’s believed to be the fastest portable 1TB hard drive in the world—with transfer speeds of 940 MB per second. $1,499.



Throw and go! Be the star of your own show with the Lily Camera, the self-flying drone designed to follow you wherever you go. Carry the tracking device and toss the drone in the air—it’ll shadow you and capture your every move on video at 1080p at 60 frames per second. It’s the perfect partner to take on long runs, bike rides and ski trips. $899



Gadgets & Gear

Speakers for the Senses Could the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 speaker system be so visually stunning that looks would overshadow its rich sound? Close, but no cigar. The smartphone-controlled, 8,200-watt speakers have 18 drivers facing in all directions and boast an active noise cancellation system to cast away unwanted noise reflections and optimize audio quality. $80,000 a pair.


Feel its presence Still using a motion detector that goes off when leaves blow by or a cat comes too close to your house? It’s time to install the Netatmo Presence security camera and floodlight, expected to be released later this year. This smartcam doesn’t cry wolf—its tech can distinguish between people, animals and cars, and it goes off when you want. Simply use the accompanying smartphone app to let it know when to shine and who or what is welcome on your property. Price unavailable at press time.

Something shiny to store data? A smart sleep mask? You didn’t know you wanted one...until now!


GIve it a rest A good night’s sleep is worth a million bucks. Thankfully, the Neuroon Sleep Mask will help you rest for just a fraction of that price. Sync it to your smartphone to receive a report that measures the quality of your sleep along with advice on how to improve your sleep. Frequent flyer? You can set up your mask to help you beat jet lag before you arrive at your destination. $299.

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5 6


a bright idea If you thought the iconic Flos Taccia table lamp was a tad big for your space, you’re in luck—it now comes in a smaller size. This piece maintains its timeless 50-plus-year design (complete with a white aluminum reflector and clear glass diffuser), but is reduced in size by 4 inches. $995.


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From her warm hospitality to her sizzling steaks, Ruth had a certain way of doing things. Whether it’s an intimate dinner or gentlemen’s happy hour, know that every detail of your evening will be executed flawlessly. Come in tonight and experience Ruth’s timeless recipe for yourself.

Boca Raton • Bonita Springs • Coral Gables • Ft. Lauderdale • Jacksonville • Lake Mary N. Palm Beach • Orlando • Ponte Vedra • Sarasota • St. Petersburg • Tampa • W. Palm Beach • Winter Park


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pair it well

Sure, stripes, checks and paisleys work together... when you choose the right scales.

Top from left, blue check shirt by Eton, blue-and-orange plaid bow tie by Carrot & Gibbs, multicolored leaf pocket square by Robert Talbott; navy shirt by Eton, blue and orange tie by John Craig, light blue paisley pocket square by J.Z. Richards; brown check shirt by Xacus, brown striped tie and brown and blue pocket square, both by Eton. Middle from left, purple and white striped shirt and purple paisley pocket square, both by Eton, purple polka-dot tie by John Craig; lavender shirt and lavender and blue pocket square, both by Eton, paisley tie by John Craig; blue shirt and navy and teal paisley pocket square by Eton, orange polka-dot bow tie by Carrot & Gibbs. Bottom from left, black leather moccasin, brown leather loafer and black leather loafer, all by Salvatore Ferragamo.

JOH.fw16.essentials2.indd 18

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essentials Brown leather belts by Martin Dingman.

Grey full-zip sweater by Robert Graham.

hot stuff

Update your wardrobe and stock up on these fashion must-haves for the season.

Limited-edition â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tommy Dâ&#x20AC;? shirt by Robert Graham.

Feather bow ties by Brackish.

| john craig

Suede drivers by Peter Millar and Salvatore Ferragamo.


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Sleek Ponte Vedra Style Traditional Italian restaurant with new age flare! Private parties and off-premise catering. Extensive Wine List. SERVING LUNCH & DINNER

500 Sawgrass Village, Ponte Vedra Beach



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Boutonnieres by Hook & Albert.

Shirts by Eton, Peter Millar and Robert Talbott.

Sportcoats by L.B.M. 1911.

Brown leather travel bag by Hook & Albert.

| john craig

Navy velvet shirt by Stone Rose.


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Elegantly Jupiter…

Waterfront Dining, Shopping, Entertainment & More!




The Woods Jupiter BurgerFi Bravo Cucina Italiana Tommy Bahama deep blu seafood grille Too Bizaare | Johnny Swirls Another Broken Egg Cafe Calaveras Cantina Coffee Culture Café & Eatery

Francesca’s | Chico’s Swim’n Sport | John Craig White House I Black Market Glitzy Girl | A Pink Princess Native Visions Galleries | JoFit Tommy Bahama | iClass Eyewear Pucci & Catana Luxury Pet Boutique HMY Yachts | Marc Joseph New York Chic Boutique and more!

Weekly Events & Live Music Jupiter Farmers Market Paddleboard Rentals Yoga on the Waterfront Water Taxi Venetian Nail Spa The Blowzone Wyndham Grand Jupiter And more! I 561.935.9533 I Connect with us:



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The preferred transportation provider for the finest hotels and resorts in the area.

The largest independently owned, operated and maintained fleet of premium vehicles in Southwest Florida LUXURY SEDANS | SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES | MOTOR COACHES | LIMOUSINES | MINI COACHES | EXECUTIVE VANS | TROLLEYS


CALL: 239-530-0100


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a gift for you

$50 As a friend of John Craig, you’re entitled to save $50 on any purchase totaling $150 or more.

a gift for you

$250 As a friend of John Craig, you’re entitled to save $250 on any purchase totaling $1,000 or more.

buy 4 made to measure shirts and receive one complimentary As a friend of John Craig, you’re entitled to receive one complimentary made-to-measure shirt when you buy 4. 1

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Must present this card to receive credit. One gift card per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise or special orders. VALID NOW THRU 12/31/2016.

Must present this card to receive credit. One gift card per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise or special orders. VALID NOW THRU 12/31/2016.

Must present this card to receive credit. One gift card per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Not applicable to previous purchases, sale merchandise or special orders. VALID NOW THRU 12/31/2016. 2

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road warrior

The new Mercedes-AMG GT S has serious rock star presence that transcends its elegant design. It was literally handcrafted by racers to own the road. If you’ve a need for speed, this svelte sports coupe effortlessly scoots its way to a top speed of 192 mph. Comfortably. But more than that, it’s fully equipped with racinginspired controls, and designed to perform exactly as a supercar should.

The AMG GT S boasts a 503-horsepower, 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Its massive torque reaches its 479 lb-ft peak at just 1,750 rpm and holds it all the way to 4,750 rpm, letting you go from zero to 60 in a scorching 3.7 seconds. “Dial in” the car’s performance character with the twist of a knob on the console. Choose from four preset modes—comfort, sport, sport+ and race—plus an individual mode that you can configure yourself. LED headlamps with stylized “eyebrows” as daytime running lamps, side lights and indicators—as well as three separate high-beam reflectors—give the GT S its distinctive look. Some 260 grill pins, capped in chrome and individually sized and spaced by the car’s designer, add an air of elegance to the exterior.

| john craig

The weight distribution of 47 to 53 percent between the front and rear axle, coupled with the car’s low center of gravity, translates to extremely agile handling and high cornering speeds.


JOH.fw16.auto2.indd 28

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The body of the GT S is almost entirely composed of aluminum (more than 97 percent), and its spaceframe weighs just 514 poundsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a class benchmark. Among the non-aluminum components: a radiator support made of lightweight magnesium. Inside, drivers will find deeply contoured leather seats, a 10-speaker Burmester surround sound system and a pair of high-resolution screens displaying entertainment, navigation, audio and other features. Standard are high-performance tires staggered in both width and diameter (19 inches in the front, 20 in the rear) for maximum power delivery and super-sharp steering response.

Starting Price:


A leather-wrapped, multifunction steering wheel offers easy access to the vehicle functions you use most often. Note the racing-inspired side grips.


Fully variable exhaust flaps let you vary the engine sound depending on the preset mode you selectâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;comfort, sport, sport+ and race.

fall/winter 2016

The enormous 15.4-inch front discs are grasped by powerful six-piston fixed calipers finished with eyepopping red paint and the AMG logo.


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圀椀渀琀攀爀 倀愀爀欀ᤠ猀 倀爀攀昀攀爀爀攀搀 刀攀愀氀 䔀猀琀愀琀攀  䘀椀爀洀 䘀漀爀 伀瘀攀爀 ㌀㔀 夀攀愀爀猀 䘀愀渀渀椀攀 䠀椀氀氀洀愀渀 ⬀ 䄀猀猀漀挀椀愀琀攀猀

㈀ 㔀 圀⸀ 䘀愀椀爀戀愀渀欀猀 䄀瘀攀⸀ 圀椀渀琀攀爀 倀愀爀欀Ⰰ 䘀氀 ㌀㈀㜀㠀㤀 ⠀㐀 㜀⤀ 㘀㐀㐀ⴀ㄀㈀㌀㐀


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dress code, redefined | john craig

Weekend getaway? Check. Daily errands? Check. Client meeting? Check. Let John Craig fill all your sartorial needs. Photography by Daniel Springston

32 32

10/6/16 10:56 AM

Green plaid sportcoat and brown pants by Canali, orange quarter-zip sweater by Peter Millar, multicolor windowpane shirt by Robert Talbott, pocket square by John Craig.

fall/winter 2016

| 33 33

10/17/16 11:10 AM

| john craig

This page: brown suede vest, brown and blue check shirt and tan oxford shoes, all by Peter Millar, blue sweater by Luciano Barbera, grey pants by MAC Jeans. Opposite: navy quilted jacket by Robert Graham, red plaid shirt by Stone Rose and navy houndstooth pants by MAC Jeans.

34 34

10/6/16 10:57 AM

fall/winter 2016

| 35 35

10/6/16 10:57 AM

| john craig

This page: navy cable cardigan by Robert Graham, brown check shirt by Robert Talbott, brown leather belt by Martin Dingman, pants by Gardeur. Opposite, navy dinner jacket by Samuelsohn, shirt by Stone Rose, feather bow tie by Brackish and pants by Zanella.

36 36

10/17/16 11:10 AM

fall/winter 2016

| 37 37

10/17/16 11:11 AM

| john craig

This page, from left: merlot sportcoat and blue print shirt, both by Sand, paisley pocket square by Eton, grey pants by Gardeur, brown leather belt by Martin Dingman and black and brown drivers by Salvatore Ferragamo; grey plaid sportcoat by L.B.M. 1911, grey cashmere sweater by Kinross Cashmere, shirt by Eton, grey polka-dot pocket square by Carrot & Gibbs, grey boutonniere by Hook & Albert, trousers by Zanella and chocolate brown loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo. Opposite: navy suit by Canali, purple dress shirt, red tie and multicolor paisley pocket square, all by Eton, brown leather belt by Martin Dingman.

38 38

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fall/winter fall/winter 2016 2016

| 39 39

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Come to this East African island for its pristine beaches—and stay to delight all five senses. By Everett Potter


| John craig

ou’d have to go to the other end of the alphabet—to Atlantis—to find a place name as evocative as Zanzibar. The magical word hints of exotic sights and sounds, evoking the intrepid traders, explorers and adventurers of bygone days. And unlike Atlantis, Zanzibar is perfectly real. Geographically, it’s a coral archipelago of 50-plus islands about 23 miles off the mainland of the East African country of Tanzania. (And just to keep travelers on their toes, the Z-word is also sometimes used for the largest of the islands, 50-mile-long Unguja.) On my visit, I was like most Western tourists: fresh off a two-week safari in the Serengeti and ready for a few beach days before going home. Zanzibar’s fabled beaches were described by 19th-century British explorer Sir Richard Burton a “cocoa-fringed shore of purest white, and the sea blue as a slab of lapis lazuli.” He’d see the same thing today. Unguja is easily reached—it’s just a 20-minute flight from Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. The island’s northern and eastern shores, lapping the longest stretch of soft sands, are lined with resorts. The eastern shore is where the


JOH.fw16.travel2.indd 40

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Rocky points dot Zanzibarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sandy beaches. The island is an idyllic, exotic destination for travelers yearning for sand, sun and culture.

fall/winter 2016

| 41

JOH.fw16.travel2.indd 41

9/30/16 1:55 PM

| John craig

luxury set settles in. There’s the Park Hyatt Zanzibar, the luxurious Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa and the Hakuna Majiwe Lodge, which actually takes the thatched roof vernacular architecture to another level with its 20 cabanas. I stayed at the Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort, which could patent its five-star Zanzibar experience: infinity pool, private beach, lush gardens, four-poster beds, teak furniture and multiple restaurants, including cliff-perched Samaki. But don’t be like travelers who, weary from safari and sleeping in tents, simply stay put in one of these resorts, venturing only from room to beach to water to restaurant. On the main island alone, there’s simply too much else to see. That’s where you’ll find the remarkable Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a labyrinth city of alleyways and historic architecture. Everywhere in the alleys of this beautiful, hypnotic and slightly shambolic town I saw evidence of Zanzibar’s checkered past; the place was prominent in the ivory trade and the slave trade. Over time, the islands became a source for some of the finest spices in the world. Your hotel can arrange a guide to steer you through the maze of the city, which is reminiscent of the medina of Marrakech, a jumble of antique and souvenir shops, cafés and remarkable architecture. Keep your eyes open for the famous carved wooden doors, many covered in pointed brass studs—the studs were to keep elephants from casually barging in. Now they look like museum objects. The doors on Baghani Street are particularly stunning. Zanzibar is known as a spice island and indeed, the air in Stone Town is fulsome with the perfume of cloves and nutmeg. The fragrances grew even more intense when we reached the Darajani bazaar, where vendors had piled high the island’s bounty: dodo mangoes and passionfruit, along with grapefruit, jackfruit and baobab seeds. The sea was the star in the market hall, which dates from 1904. Here were the fruits of the Indian Ocean, from parrotfish to octopus and triggerfish. As you wander through Stone Town, you’ll see 19th-century mansions that have been restored and turned into smart cafés, shops and boutique hotels. Of particular note is the House of Wonders, or Beit-alAjaib, which was built as a ceremonial palace in 1883 and is now a museum of local life. (At the entrance, look for two 16th-century Portuguese bronze cannons; in the inner courtyard there’s a mtepe, a traditional Swahili boat.) From the wharves at Stone Town, you can watch the fishing dhows with triangular sails set off, a centuries-old design for traders plying the Arabian Gulf. As for those beaches, most resorts will feature a beach outside your door. But if you want to be more This page, from top: a red colobus monkey, indigenous to Zanzibar but endangered after years of habitat destruction; a child frolicking with a flock of seagulls on a pristine white-sand Zanzibar beach; snorkeling in the crystal-blue waters. Opposite: Michanwi Pingwe beach’s The Rock restaurant at high tide.


JOH.fw16.travel2.indd 42

9/30/16 1:55 PM

fall/winter 2016

| 43

JOH.fw16.travel2.indd 43

9/30/16 1:56 PM

woodbury | John craig mens shop


JOH.fw16.travel2.indd 44

9/30/16 1:56 PM


This page, from top: A vendor sells fresh produce, handbags and hats outside one of the elaborately carved wooden doors in Stone Town, home to the bustling and aromatic Darajani bazaar. Fishermen show off their catches. Opposite: A local man in indigenous dress gazes out at the vast ocean.

fall/winter 2016

venturesome, head to Nungwi, Matemwe, Jambiani or Pongwe, which are all amazing. When the heat gets to you, seek out a vendor for a local concoction of sugar cane juice, ginger and lime. On the drive to the beach, keep your eyes peeled for the red colobus monkey, indigenous to Unguja and unfortunately endangered. Its black face with a crown of white hair is unmistakable. Do head to Michanwi Pingwe beach, if for no other reason than to have lunch at The Rock, which, true to its name, sits squarely on a rock just offshore. It looks like Hollywood’s version of a beach shack. If the tide is low, you can walk to it—providing you brought beach shoes to protect your feet from the coral. When the waters return, there is boat service. With seafood freshly caught from the surrounding waters—lobster, octopus, prawns and squid—and the thatched roof offering escape from the midday sun, it’s a brilliant and romantic place to unwind. Diving and snorkeling are fantastic around much of the island, and a bevy of tour operators offers day trips. I happen to like the professionalism of a company called Safari Blue. It gets you to the coral reefs on a classic sailing dhow, with lunch at its restaurant on Kwale Island. The snorkeling was on par with any I’ve done, including in the Red Sea, with anemone gardens and fan corals, wave after wave of angelfish as well as Hawksbill turtles. We snorkeled on two different reefs, spotted dolphins during our sail and arrived back onshore blissful. I also enjoyed a tour of Zanzibar’s spice plantations—such a tour can easily be booked through your hotel. It was a delightful morning on a lush plantation with a little learning on how to grow nutmeg and cardamom and cloves. While dinner at your resort is the default setting on Zanzibar, take one night to go into Stone Town, have a sundowner at The Tea House restaurant at the Emerson Spice hotel and then stroll through the evening market, where stall after stall offers grilled and often spice-laden seafood. There’s not a lot of nightlife in this Muslim city, but there is the rather tired Mercury’s on the waterfront, where you can hear cover versions of songs by Queen’s Freddie Mercury, who was born here. If “We Are the Champions” and “Killer Queen” aren’t your thing, catch some traditional Zanzibarian music at the Mtoni Palace Ruins, former home to 19th-century sultans. The classical music of the island is taarab, a mix of music and poetry, and if you’ve got good ears you’ll hear musical strains from India, the Arab world and Africa. It’s a melting pot, and that just may be the essence of the remarkable island called Zanzibar.


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9/30/16 10:23 AM


10/3/16 2:51 PM


The Razor’s Edge Rotating blades? Forget it! A wet shave—the way your grandfather did it—is always a cut above the rest.

| John craig

Your suit and shoes say you have style, so don’t let a five o’clock shadow detract from your look. How do you fix this hairy situation? Don’t reach for the electric shaver that was gifted to you on Father’s Day. Unless you’ve run out of time in the morning, Norelco isn’t the answer; it won’t give you the close shave your skin deserves. The best way to whack those whiskers is with an old-fashioned wet shave, which is making a comeback among gentlemen keen on making the right sartorial choices. You’ve seen it done in Hollywood (remember Robert De Niro in The Untouchables?), but you can experience a wet shave in the comfort of your own home. All it takes is the right tools and ’tude. Think of shaving as a ritual and a tradition rather than a chore; your face will thank you in the end. prep work To start, apply a hot towel to your face to open pores and zap any bacteria on your skin. Keep it on for about five minutes, then massage a preshaving oil (a pea-sized drop or two is all you need) evenly on the skin. The oil will allow the razor to slide easily across the face, reducing irritation. Dump the canned shave gels and foams. Instead, use a high-quality cream or shaving soap that moisturizes and doesn’t contain too

many chemicals. (If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, skip it.) Lather up and apply it over the oil using a quality brush—think bristles made of badger or horsehair. the shave Now comes the fun part—using a sharp doubleedged safety razor, like the kind that your grandfather might have used. A straight blade will give you the closest shave, but since it’s also known as the “cutthroat,” we recommend leaving that one to the professionals. Shave with the grain first, then pass across the grain if your skin isn’t too sensitive. Going against the grain might seem like a good idea—especially along the neck—but that will increase the likelihood of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. finish line Once you’re stubble-free, rinse with hot water to remove any excess cream and oil. Then splash your face with cold water. This will close the pores and prep your skin for a cool aftershave balm. If you didn’t rush the process and followed the steps carefully, you won’t experience too much of an “aftershave sting.” You only need a small amount to hydrate the skin and prevent irritation. Voilà! Run your hands up and down your face and feel the softness because you’re done and ready to face the world.


JOH.fw16.grooming2.indd 48

9/30/16 1:58 PM


9/30/16 10:02 AM

Wainscot_Canali ADV_FW16.indd 1 CANALI LEFT.indd 2

13/07/16 15:59 9/30/16 10:09 AM

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