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Church hits back at Weekly The Holy Trinity Church has hit back at Waimea Weekly, after it reported the church lied in last week’s issue. But the church has been caught out by its own written statements. The church felt aggrieved by the article about the felled 100 yearold oak tree, stating in a letter that the tree was not cut down because it was rotten and “any suggestions to the contrary are misinformed”. Waimea Weekly last week wrote that a report, commissioned by Tasman District Council, showed the tree was healthy and not a safety risk due to rot, despite the church saying that was one of the reasons it was cut down. Since the church felled the tree in early March there has been a public outcry. After last week’s article, several members of the parish and other community members phoned Waimea Weekly, thanking it for bringing the issue to light. Clearly the iconic tree meant a lot to the wider community. The letter by Rev. David Hollingworth to Waimea Weekly states: “The decision by the parish authorities to fell the oak tree at Holy Trinity Church, Richmond, was made in 2009. The sole reason for the tree to


be felled was the location of the proposed community centre” and “the church has never stated that the reason for felling the tree was because it was rotten.” However a press release sent to Waimea Weekly in March and signed by David said: “The expert who felled the tree for us offered his opinion that the tree was a major safety risk as there was rot in the main trunk.” The “expert” was a West Coast bushman, according to a local arborist, called in to cut the tree after qualified arborists refused to do the job because in their opinion the tree was healthy and should stay. The church says it did not lie because it was not aware of a report commissioned into the health of the tree, until it was too late and “the die had been cast for the felling of the tree”. Although the church admitted it saw the report in February, before the tree was felled. The report, written by an arborist, confirmed the tree was healthy and “was not a safety risk”. “The felling of the oak is a loss, but we need to keep our eyes on our vision for the future; of the light literal and metaphorical we wish to shed, and of the service we wish to offer,” wrote David. Editorial on page 3.

Going up in smoke

TRIAL RUN: Appleby rural fire fighters Tom Jackman and Spike O’Donoghue prepare to do battle with this deliberately lit house fire on Sunday morning. The house, on Waimea West Rd, was believed to be around 100 years-old and was set on fire by local rural fire fighters so they could train and new fire fighters could gain experience. Brightwater Rural Fire Force Controller Mark Donaldson says he has received positive feedback from all those who attended. The house was donated for this training purpose and had remained untenanted since 2002. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

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2 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

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Over the weekend Lotto’s $34 million jackpot had to be won. It was split two ways, so this week we ask what would you do with that much money?

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St Arnaud

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Nola Gibson.

Adrian Spraggs.

Gayle Hendrickson.

Ken Scoltock.

“I’d donate some of it to a specific cause and then treat myself, but I wouldn’t tell anyone for as long as I could keep it a secret.”

“I’d take a flight into space with Richard Branson, that would be pretty neat.”

“I’d take a rocket and try and beat Adrian into space. Mine would have to be return though, and his only one way.”

“I wouldn’t go back to work and I’d travel. I’d invest 99 percent of it and live off the interest.”

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Nelson’s superyacht industry set to boom Andrew Board

Nelson is primed to be the latest must see destination for the rich and famous, creating a new million dollar industry for the region. Yesterday, a multi-million dollar superyacht sailed into Nelson Haven, the fifth this summer and with each spending around $30,000 in the region, it is having positive spinoffs for the local economy and three local businessmen say that is just the start to a new luxury tourism market in the region. John Baudier, Haden McCrorie and Dave Pinker started Yacht Services NZ last November, which, among other things, specialises in servicing superyachts. They say the number of extremely wealthy tourists coming to the region is set to explode and it could be worth millions to the local economy. The trio have in fact been so successful in getting superyachts to Nelson that Port Nelson is considering a reshuffle of the marina to accommodate them all and



t) (40L


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Nelson Tasman Tourism is working with them to help bring more to the region. Haden, who grew up in Richmond, worked on a superyacht for eight years and his knowledge of what is needed by crew is such that he can tailor an entire visit for overseas guests. In the past few months he has worked with chefs to arrange gourmet food delivery, arranged hanger space for private jets at Nelson airport and even planned wine tours and accommodation for the guests. John admits they have been busier than they thought, thanks in part to a positive response they have received from agencies in Auckland who are now sending clients to Nelson and Marlborough. “This year there are as many superyachts in New Zealand as there were during the America’s Cup in 2003, and next year we know there is going to be more.” John and Haden refused to say if anyone famous had visited Nelson this summer, as privacy is a cornerstone to their success, but John did manage to tease. “They may not be household names but if you read the

f f o 20 a/ndscape o o

All L pplies Su a rd ) (Ex Y

SUPER SIZED NEW BUSINESS: Yacht Services NZ directors Haden McCrorie, left, and John Baudier. Photo: Andrew Board. Wall Street Journal you may have heard of some of them. Some guests we had looked after had their own Gulfstream G550 here in Nelson, go look up how much they are worth and you will have some idea of the money they have.”


L I O S10.00 - 6m 1 3

$2 a re a d e r e v i l de

A Gulfstream G550 jet airplane is worth around US$50million according to the manufactures website. Nelson’s key advantage is Haden, says


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WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


Weekly says: It’s important to keep our heritage Here at Waimea Weekly we encourage progress and continued growth. Our region is at an exciting point in its life and it is important that development keeps up with demand from an ever-increasing population. However, while keeping one eye on the future it is also important to keep our feet firmly planted and know who we are and where we come from. Our heritage and history is as important as our future. So when a 100 year-old oak tree, that has become an iconic part of our landscape, is cut down we need to ask questions. It is the Weekly’s belief that we

are sometimes too quick to lose our history because of a comparatively small inconvenience. The Holy Trinity Church says it debated whether to cut the tree down or not for two years and has offered all sorts of reasons for its demise, including needing the space for a new building, that it was unsafe anyway and that it would even improve the view. This has all been in an attempt, in our opinion, to “snow” parishioners and the wider public. We tried to contact the church five times over five days before last week’s article was printed. We called so they could provide com-

ments for its parishioners and the wider public, through the newspaper. But they were not returned, despite making clear why we were calling. While a tree is only a tree, it is important that we in 50 years will still recognise our town, while continuing to strive for greater services to its people. For example, well done to the Grace Church for building around its ancient trees and preserving our iconic and much-loved heritage when it decided to build. It’s a shame your lead wasn’t followed by other churches. Editor.

Nelson’s superyacht industry set to boom FROM PAGE 2 John. “The superyacht industry is pretty small and often it’s the crew that make decisions about where they are going and they talk with each other. They know Haden, or know of him, and when he says ‘why don’t you come down here’ they trust him. And they haven’t been let down, every single superyacht we’ve had here loved it.” The majority of the superyachts are owned by wealthy Americans, Europeans and Australians. Harbour master Dave Duncan says the arrival of multiple superyachts to Nelson is exciting for the region. “This is something new and something that will be of massive benefit to Nelson financially so we are working hard to make that easier for them.” On top of the superyachts, another five adventure yachts have come to Nelson because of marketing by John, Haden and Dave.

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“Not all of them used us but they all spend time in Nelson, bought groceries, bought fuel and used local businesses,” says John. They say the season will start earlier this year with the Rugby World Cup in September. John says support from the region has been great. “We’ve had a great working relationship with the port and the airport. We are working with local businesses in hospitality, painters, upholsters, rental car places and a lot of other businesses that will benefit from this new industry,” says John. But Haden says it is not just the rich yacht owners that spend up large. Crew, at sea for months at a time, often have a week off once the guests leave, meaning they also want to explore the region and they don’t mind spending. “You can’t spend your money at sea so when they land somewhere like Nelson, they go pretty hard.”

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4 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

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CLASSIC CAR: If you’ve walked down Queen St in the past week and noticed something different, don’t worry, so did we. This 1959 Plymouth Sports Fury was lifted through the window of Heyward Realty last week. Photo: Steve Page.

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An empty space proved inspirational for local businesswoman Lydia Heyward. A vacant, and currently available, retail area below Lydia’s real estate company on Queen St Richmond is now home to her husband’s 1959 Plymouth Sports Fury. Lydia says this has proved to be a good advertising opportunity for her husband’s business, Heyward Rod’s and Restorations. The business restores classic cars such as the Sports Fury. The car was found in a disused car yard in America and was imported to New Zealand and re-

stored in Nelson. “It’s such a nice colour and it fits in nicely and this is all a bit of fun,” says Lydia. Last week the car was backed up to the window of Heyward Realty by using Phill Nicholls’ Auto hydro deck and it was then lowered into the shop. “He just backed the truck up to the window, slid the deck through and then the car could just drive off it.” Lydia says she and her staff have already fielded a lot of comments about the car - most wondering how the car found itself to be inside.

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Emergency services remain reasonably quiet over weekend The past week has been relatively quiet for the region’s rural fire forces. Sunday morning saw the Richmond brigade attend a vegetation fire after receiving a call from local police. Chief fire officer Ralph Lonsdale says a cabbage tree was on fire by Raeward Fresh at around 5.20am and was quickly extinguished by the crew. “It’s very interesting because there are not many people about at that time.” Another vegetation fire on Cropp Pl in Richmond on Monday night saw the police involved. A call was received at 6.30pm and had Appleby, Brightwater and Richmond attend. It was discovered someone had lit a camp fire in the forest without a permit. Brightwater Rural Fire Force controller Mark Donaldson says everyone should have a permit when lighting fires in rural areas. “This Richmond fire chief guy was escorted out of Ralph Lonsdale. the forest and was dealt with by police.” The Wakefield Rural Fire Force attended a truck fire on Monday morning. “The truck driver had extinguished it by the time we got there though,” says deputy chief fire officer Simon Ladley. Meanwhile, police made several arrests last weekend. On Saturday, April 2, a 37 year-old Richmond woman was arrested for possessing an offensive weapon in a domestic incident and a Richmond man was arrested for breach of his bail conditions.

WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

Free internet at library looks set to continue Free internet at your local library is set to continue after the Tasman District Council extended the agreement with its provider. The partnership agreement between the TDC and the Aotearoa Peoples Network Kaharoa (ANPK), the central government authority that provides free broadband internet access in libraries, has recently been extended. The partnership provides access to computers, training and broadband internet access in public libraries in return for a small contribution by the council. In confirming the decision Tasman mayor Richard Kempthorne says the arrangement has delivered a number of social and financial benefits to the communities that host public libraries. “It has, however, been the subject of public comment in the past few months particularly about its effect on the competitiveness of local internet cafes.” To take ac-

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count of the benefits to the whole community the partnership provides a number of conditions that must be met, the most significant being that there will be no obstruction to free access for anyone. “If the council chose not to continue with this arrangement the council would have to fund what has become an expected feature of Tasman libraries to the tune of $300,000 annually, in addition to the ongoing maintenance and renewal costs of the hardware” says Richard. In supporting the renewal of this partnership the council has taken account of the increased expectations of the community regarding access to broadband. They have also looked at the positive effects the facility has provided in the form of increased overall library patronage, the ongoing costs that would become the council’s and ratepayers’ responsibility, and the likelihood of further provision of broadband access by public and private providers.

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WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


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• A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S Kim Quint, Linda Milne, Michelle Price, Janet Montgomery and Juliet MacGibbon on Friday night.

The grand old lady of speedway Sandra Birdling recently celebrated her 50th birthday.

Adrian Spraggs and Peter Marer at the Arthur Wakefield recently.

Former Richmond girl Nikki Penn married Englishman Mark Webb last month on the beach at Little Kaiteri. Kozue Kanai, Anne Hohmeister and David Grant at the WineFest at Waimea Estate.

Jean Jackson, Pamela Banks, Summer Jamieson and Vivienne Chandler at Waimea Estate last Sunday.

Min, Jock and Ian Napier on Friday night.

Ramai Oakly and Bev Harris at the Sprig & Fern on Friday night.

This week the Out & About camera stopped in at Waimea Estate for the Wine Fest. We found several groups of people enjoying the dull afternoon together with a glass of wine or coffee. The camera was also at the Arthur Wakefield recently and snapped a couple of locals enjoying a beverage or two. On Friday we caught up with a few children at Richmond Playcentre’s fundraising disco. A few parents were spotted as they relaxed watching the band entertaining their children. While waiting for fish n chips on Friday night the camera went next door to the Sprig & Fern and caught up with a few people having end of the week drinks. Remember, if you’re throwing a party or hosting an event, let us know, we love to get Out & About. Phone 544-9037 or email editorial@ waimeaweekly.co.nz. Steve and Bob Jayes. at Waimea Estates.

Fiona Andrews, Natalie Harpwood and Fenella Dalton on Friday night.

Graham and Barbara Garrett, Kaye and Peter Bartlett at the Arthur Wakefield a few weeks ago.

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WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


Association congratulates members on years of service The A & P Association and the show it holds every year has been a part of the Tasman district for 118 years. Two of its committee members haven’t been around that long, but between them have put in over 50 years worth of service for the association. Stuart Bryant and Graeme Taylor were last week presented with life memberships for the time and effort they have given the local group. Stuart has been coming to A & P shows for 50 years and has been a committee member for 21 of those years, continuing on the tradition laid out by

his father, Barry Bryant, who was also involved in the association. Both Stuart and Graeme have been president a number of times over the years. Graeme has been involved since the late 1970s and was one of the youngest presidents at the time. Both men say being awarded a life membership has been one of the highlights of their time with the A & P Association. This year’s show is taking place on November 19 and 20.

WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA: Jorja Ayers, 6, and Kay Peterson took part in the recent wedding dress extravaganza organised by St David’s Presbyterian Church in Richmond to raise funds for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake. The event raised $1620.

Maryan STREET Labour List MP


Do you have issues with any of the following: - Early Childhood Education cuts? - National Standards in primary schools? - Tertiary education and skills training? - Special Education? Come and air your views and get some answers Wednesday 20 April, 7.00pm Victory Community Centre, Totara St, Nelson Please ring for an appointmentor assistance 140 Bridge St, PO Box 53, Nelson P +64 3 545 7282 | F +64 3 545 7298 E nelson.labour@parliament.govt.nz

LIFETIME MEMBERS: Tapawera’s Stuart Bryant and Appleby’s Graeme Taylor were presented with life membership awards at last week’s A & P Assoication AGM. Photo: Teresa Hattan.


8 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

This Week

Richmond boy misses out on opening for Good Charlotte Phillip Rollo ommended By Your Mom by fellow members Matthew Johnston and brothers Josh and Sam Edmonds, who Joel attends NMIT with. Joel was upbeat despite missing out because their band had received more publicity “then they could buy” from making the top three. Fresh off a South Island tour with Kids of 88, Joel has joined the hot act swimming in momentum. “It's like wow these guys are actually getting out there and doing it. They're playing shows which is what I want to be doing," says Joel. Since competing at the regional final of Smokefreerockquest in 2009, Joel knew being a musician is all he ever wanted to do. “If I can play music as my job for the rest of my life then I'll die happy." Joel has an eclectic style of music but has warmed to the “party punk” genre that the band has brought out of him. Now that he is up to speed with their songs, Joel and Recommended By Your Mom have been working on new material for an upcoming album. The four piece group is also Canvas boat looking at formcanopies. ing a cover band Latest styles and under a new design. Made for any boat. name to perform cover songs at BASE GUITARIST: Recommended By Your Mom pop punk band members inCall us for a local bars and cluding lead guitarist Josh Edmonds, drummer Sam Edmonds, lead vocalist MatFree Quote thew Johnston and Richmond’s Joel Tyrie came close to opening for Good Charevents. lotte later this month at the ITM400 in Hamilton. Photo: Phillip Rollo. Unit 4, 72 Oxford St, Richmond Ph/Fax: 544 6352

Richmond's Joel Tyrie has just missed out on opening for Good Charlotte in his first ever concert since joining Recommended By Your Mom, the region's most promising pop punk band. Recommended By Your Mom entered a competition on radio station ZM to open for hit US band Good Charlotte at the ITM400 in Hamilton. The four piece band reached the top three after the public got to vote from a top ten selected by ZM. Good Charlotte then chose the winner on Friday morning, which ended up being Auckland band Atlanta Fall. The opening slot in front of thousands of roaring fans as well as opening for one of the most popular pop punk bands on the planet came right down to the wire. SHOWERS The former Waimea SHOWERS College student was SHOWERS asked to join Rec-


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WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


This Week

10 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

Women loose all for charity Hope woman Gillian Kolk only had a week to prepare. The brave lady, who works in the medical unit at Nelson Hospital, lost all her hair last Friday as part of Shave for a Cure. Gillian and several other Richmond women including Michelle Faulkner, Deidre Karl and Iris Greene, took part in the hair shaving at work last week. More than $1500 was quickly raised from other hospital staff.

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Podiatrist aims to fix town’s fickle feet

It’s the people aspect that has kept local podiatrist Malcolm Swindon coming back for more. Malcolm is currently basing himself out of the Richmond Recreational Centre on Cambridge St. After living between the UK and Christchurch for a number of years Malcolm has finally made Nelson his home. Malcolm says unlike a dentist, being a podiatrist makes it easier to talk to patients. “While they’re having their feet done they can’t do much else so we’ll sit and have a conversation.” Malcolm deals with a lot of sports injuries, in particular running problems. Runners are a different breed of athlete all together according to Malcolm. “With runners you find that it’s more of a mental need to run because if you’ve got the drive to do the sport then that’s more important to them than the feet, so I’m constantly treating the feet to keep them going.” After spending 30 years as a podiatrist Malcolm says he

LOVE THY FEET: New podiatrist in town Malcolm Swindon says he loves what he does because he gets to talk with people all day. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

has seen a large variety of feet. “I treat a lot of verrucas and one of the worst cases I’ve seen was a guy had not just one or two but all over his feet, about 70 percent of his feet were totally covered with one massive verruca.

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“He wanted them burnt out, he desperately wanted them out so he was resorting to desperate measures. I used homeopathy and that cleared him up in two weeks, that’s the worst case of verrucas I’ve ever seen and that was

quite a spectacular cure.” Malcolm says it’s just as important to visit a podiatrist as it is visiting the dentist or the doctor because prevention is better than treatment and paying a visit regularly is also a good idea.

Paula’s Preschool Richmond

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WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


The Arthur Wakefield Restaurant Richmond historian Peter Kearns delves into yet another slice of local history. This Richmond complex developed initially from an old derelict house that had caught fire and at the time in about 1980 the local fire brigade wondered whether it was worth saving. Fortunately for Tony and Marion Smith it was rescued and they plied their energies in to converting the house built by the Wilkes family around 1894 in to a very attractive colonial style restaurant. At the time Tony and Marion had made a decision to leave Auckland and set up a restaurant in either Kaitaia or Nelson. Following much journeying around and appropriate research Nelson was found to have minimal eating houses other than those connected to a hotel and so they saw this as an obvious market potential. Tony, originally from the West Coast, spent his early working years training as a builder and having been involved in designing and building several restaurants he thought it was time to try his hand at making something he did with flair. After some haggle over planning with

ORIGINAL: The original house.

the local authority the direction he would take was Old World charm style and achieve this he did. The restaurant soon became very popular, but one would wonder how it was ever possible, the house was literally internally gutted. The house had been built as a standard working class family home, there was nothing fancy about it and over the years some of the rooms had been altered. Original double hung windows at the front were retained and added were two kauri jams on either side to form the bay windows. Throughout the project the Smith’s concentrated on using materials and furnishings from Nelson and the West Coast. Some materials were sourced from the old Nelson post office, as were the kauri front doors and heart rimu stair rails that adorn the bar. The solid kauri bar top came from this source also. Fortunately the house was structurally sound with brick piles that made the work much easier. From the West Coast and Nelson two ornate fire places were installed and which in the winter months made the building very cosy for diners. Considerable efforts from numerous West Coast contacts enabled Tony to wood panel the main dining room and although cedar it proved to be done very cheaply in that the wood was sourced from a firm about to go bankrupt. There were fancy timber scrolls supporting the picture rails and these came from the Kosy Corner tea shop in Tahuna, subsequently replaced by the Kentucky Fried complex. An old Motueka insurance building was where the slates used in the front entrance porch were sourced. The old wooden stools dotted around the veranda came from Greymouth. For the shingles that clad the exterior Tony used white pine which were milled in Ahaura (West Coast). Tony’s father adopted an old fashioned method

of soaking the shingles in a special solution and splitting them by hand. In keeping with the house’s new found character a picket fence was added. The Smith’s decided to name the restaurant after Arthur Wakefield because he had been such an integral part of the area’s history. This was how the Arthur Wakefield first presented itself to the public at large; it was sold to Ross Williams and Fred

BACK THEN: The Arthur Wakefield Motor Inn in 1990. Gear in 1985 who in turn added a twenty unit two storey motel complex. Mr and Mrs Murray Pope later purchased it from the latter and to this day there have been several ownership changes. Tony indeed was an entrepreneur and later set up Flinders on Hardy restaurant which later became the present Lone Star, and earlier also had quite an involvement in developing Robinson’s range of juices in Stoke. It was with real sadness when Tony passed away about five years ago and so then was lost this man that a had a ”flair” for business opportunities.

This Week

12 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

Rave raiser to get teens to Hillary Challenge Two young Garin College students have had a taste of concert management – and they like it. Joel MacManus, 16, and Nick Allison, 17, are fundraising so they can attend the Hillary Challenge, the top secondary school adventure race in Australasia, next month. Costs are quite high so the boys have had to come up with an inventive way to raise the money, and so the Rave Wave Rock Fest was born. The event is being held in conjunction with the ASB Aquatic Centre in Richmond this Friday and is for eight to 14 year-olds. “It’s going to be one of the biggest wave rave’s in a long time; we’re aiming to break the record,” says Nick.

Those planning on attending can expect a wide variety of bands including Parachill, which has the Rock Quest best instrumentalist Clark Hinton in it. Georgia Knott, who is in Peasants of Eden, will be performing, along with Keiran O’Connor from Waimea Intermediate School. “It’s going to be a big pool party basically, it’ll be a really big event for kids,” says Joel. A portion of the ticket sales will be helping Joel and Nick on their way to the Hillary Challenge. The Rave Wave Rock Fest kicks off this Friday from 7pm to 9pm with presale tickets at $7.50 and available from the pool or from some school offices, or $10 at the door. A limited number of tickets are available.

UP FOR THE CHALLENGE: Garin College Year 12 students Joel MacManus, 16, and Nick Allison, 17, are holding a Rave Wave Rock Fest at the ASB Aquatic Centre this Friday. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

MOVING: NZCU South staff members Jess McLean, Debbie Atkinson and Angela Cheruseo get ready to push manager Jill Jenkins up to their new premises. NZCU South will be moving next month from 250 Queen St to 212 Queen St. Jill says this is because they have outgrown the current building. Staff are looking forward to moving into a bigger and brighter building. “Everyone’s looking forward to it, we’ll have much more space,” says Jill. The same friendly staff will be able to help you at the new office from May 9, they’ll just be up the road a few metres. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Only 7 weeks to go! FITNESS FACILITY GRAND OPENING 30 MAY 2011

Have you got? T The Latest Cardio and Resistance Equipment

T Free ongoing programmes and Fitness Assessments

T Les Mills Group Fitness TVibration Training T Personal Trainers

T Aqua Aerobics T 7 Swimming Pools T Sauna T Café T Physiotherapy T The Total Lifestyle T Experience

Nayland College’s Community Education Sample of courses : MAKE TIME TO ...

MAKE MUSIC $69 Guitar: Beginners & Intermediate classes Wednesday evenings

from 11 May for 8 weeks. Learn to play, dust off rusty skills or move your playing up a level with experienced music teacher Mike Gough. Ukulele: Beginners & Intermediate classes, Have fun with this easy-to-learn musical instrument. Thurs 6.30-7.30pm & 7.30-8.30pm from 12 May for 8 weeks, Mike Gough.

MAKE ClOTHES & ACCESSOrIES $79 Pattern Making: 6.30-8.30pm Mon 9 May 4 weeks. Let Larisse

Hall share her commercial pattern drafting experience to create basic skirt, pant, top, dress patterns. Sewing: Beginners & Improvers weekends 14-15 May & 28-29 May, Margy Meys. Bead Jewellery: Design & create necklaces, earrings & bracelets. 6.30-8.30pm Tues 10 May, 6 weeks, Judith McColl.

MAKE FOOD, WINE & PErSONAl PrODUCTS $55-$99 World on a Plate Cooking: Covers a range of dishes from Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Spanish/Mexican, SE Asian. 7-9pm Mon 23 May, 5 weeks, Jocelyn Winter.

Visit our website and book NOW

Winemaking: Tap into Peter Heppell’s life-time passion and

practical knowledge to make your own labelled fruit wines 7-9pm Thurs 12 May, 8 weeks.

Preening & Cleaning: Wed 7-8.30pm, 4 weeks from 11 May.

www.asbaquaticcentre.co.nz 161 Salisbury Rd, Richmond Ph: 543 9755 or 0508 GET FIT

Create your own eco-friendly products for personal & household use. Includes moisturiser, soap, air and carpet freshener. Sandra Johnson guarantees ideas to reduce the use of chemicals.

To ENrOl or for full course programme ph 547 9769 http://comed.nayland.school.nz

This Week

WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


Women’s expo tickets go to two lucky ladies All it took was once click of the mouse. Two lucky followers of the Waimea Weekly’s facebook page were rewarded for their dedication with two Women’s Lifestyle Expo tickets last week. Frances Gaffney and Marney Kelling were able to attend the expo for free after going onto our facebook page and ‘liking’ the expo post. Both ladies say they were thrilled


e l a s e l holegal advice New community clinic to offer Wfree

LAWYERS: Manager Peter Riley, Michael Ducray, Graham Allan, Kelly McDonald and Stephen Sansom are excited to be opening the Richmond Community Law Clinic, a free legal clinic at the Richmond Recreational Centre. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Free legal advice in Richmond will soon be here. Nelson Bays Community Law say they are delighted to announce that starting next month they will be offering a free legal clinic at the Richmond Recreational Centre on Cambridge St in Richmond. The service will be every other Monday beginning May 2 from 6pm – 8pm. This clinic will be staffed by a roster of volunteer lawyers including Craig Morice, Rout Milner Fitchett and Michael Ducray from Property Law Centre, Graham Allan from Pitt and Moore, Sally Gepp, Duncan Cotterill and Sarah Fitchett from Stevens Orchard Lawyers and Steven Sansom from Richmond Law. This new legal clinic is part of the Nelson Bays Community Law mission to provide legal information, assistance and

t c e Dir

advice to those who cannot afford a lawyer and find it difficult to come into the Nelson office. As a guideline, everyone will be entitled to an initial meeting in order to obtain legal information. For those requiring on-going legal assistance the lawyers are expected to primarily serve those clients who have a household income of less than $40,000 per year. The clinic’s main areas of work include employment, debt, family issues, ACC and WINZ benefits, immigration, consumer issues, Dispute Tribunal claims, traffic offences and tenancy disputes. Call 548-1288 for an appointment. The Richmond Legal Clinic is in addition to the Stoke Legal Clinic which takes place every other Thursday 6pm – 8pm at 44 Karaka Street.

A full range of services for individuals and businesses Whether your business is large or small you will get the same attention to detail. We provide a full range of accounting services, including preparation of financial statements, GST returns, payment of wages and PAYE, for all types of entities.

- Taxation - Trusts

- GST Returns - Wages and Paye

Sharon Fenemor B Com CA

John van Ginkel CA

- Company Formations - Financial Statements

Phone: 544 6196

205c Queen St, Richmond (Behind Richmond Night & Day) Email: info@accountingtasman.co.nz www.accountingtasman.co.nz


e l a s e l Who

t c e Dir

Open Now!

49 Gloucester St Phone: 970 0559 Over 30 vehicles in stock

Trade-ins Welcome Finance Available at Reasonable Rates All our vehicles are assured Up to 3 year Warranties


We’re Back!

John Holmes B Com

with their win and were looking forward to getting along to the event when they collected their tickets. From time to time the Waimea Weekly facebook page, which can be found by searching facebook for Waimea Weekly, will be giving away tickets to events like the expo. It is also a place where we upload extra photos from events we attend. So like the Waimea Weekly, you never know what you could win.

elly Paul 9K5 555 021 4

Neil 021 3Howard 11 69 0


Accounting with Integrity

20% off RRP

Tree House Adventure Slide $599





Limited stock!

DryZone Boot Dryers $39.9

$24.999 Great for winter



Dual-LED Torch

$149 49 Gloucester Street Behind United Video Phone 548 4639

Special Conditions: All discounts are in-store products while stocks last. No laybys, no refunds, no exchanges, no returns except where required by law. Clearance Express stock changes continually, items offered here are limited. When it’s gone it’s gone. All previous prices are comparable prices to similar product elsewhere in New Zealand. All stocks are limited. Offers end 30th April 2011 or when sold out.

14 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

This Week

Woman delighted to win BBQ thanks to Westmeat

If you get invited to Erica Lynch’s place for a BBQ soon, you’ll know why. The lucky Redwood Valley resident was the winner of a brand new barbeque thanks to local butchers Westmeat last week. Erica says she was delighted and very surprised when she got the call from Westmeats to say she had won her new toy. “I love Westmeat, with their cheap prices and their good product, so when I got the call, just hours after being in the store and entering, to say I had won I was very surprised.” Erica had purchased a pack of ice creams to get herself in the draw. Retail manager Lynley Tainui says Westmeat love giving away things like BBQs and Erica was able to enter the draw after purchasing a product from their new line of Emma Jane, which make frozen desserts and pies. Erica says she isn’t normally a lucky LUCKY WINNER: Redwood Valley resident Erica Lynch, left, was the person and is looking forward to lucky winner of a BBQ last week thanks to a Westmeat promotion. Erica is using her new BBQ. “It’s a brilliant presented her BBQ by Westmeat retail manager Lynley Tainui. Photo: Teresa thing to win, it’ll certainly make next Hattan. summer much more enjoyable.” WOMEN’S EXPO: Colour Plus staff members Helen Bush and Trish Gray were exhibiting at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Contractor - Enviroschools Expressions of interest invited until 27 April

Expressions of interest are invited from suitably experienced people for a fixed term part time contract to provide Enviroschools facilitation services in Nelson. Service providers are expected to be experienced facilitators, with knowledge and understanding of the Contractor - Enviroschools principles of sustainability, and preferably experience Contractor Enviroschools Expressions of interest invited until 27 April of Specific interesttraining invitedin the working in schoolExpressions environments. Expressions of interest are invited from suitably until 27 April Enviroschools programme will be provided. experienced people for a fixed term part time contract to provide InterestedEnviroschools parties should provide information on their facilitation services in Nelson. Expressions of interest are invited from relevant experience Wednesday 27term Aprilpart to:time with Service providers areby expected to be experienced facilitators, suitably experienced people for a fixed knowledge understanding of theCouncil principles of sustainability, Nelson City contract toand provide Enviroschools facilitation services in and preferably experience working in school environments. Nelson. PO Box 645 Specific training in the Enviroschools programme will be provided. Service providers expected toinformation be experienced Interested partiesare should provide on their relevant Nelson 7040 facilitators, with knowledge and understanding experience by Wednesday 27 April to: of the Attn: Jo Martin principles of sustainability, and preferably experience Nelson Cityenvironments. Council, PO Box 645, Nelson working in school Specific training7040 in the Attn: Jo Martin A contract brief and furtherwill details are available from Enviroschools programme be provided. A contract brief and further details are available from Customer Interested parties should provide onthe their the Customer Services Centre at information Nelson City Council in Services Centre at Nelson City Council in Trafalgar Street or relevant experience by Wednesday 27 April to: Trafalgar Street or email jo.martin@ncc.govt.nz. email jo.martin@ncc.govt.nz. Nelson City Council PO Box 645 Nelson 7040 Attn: Jo Martin A contract brief and further details are available from

Stock report is back

After being absent from the coming through the yards. paper I’m back. With all Best of the store lambs sold the calf sales now behind in the mid $90 bracket. us, tomorrow we will be I can always gauge when holding an open cattle the fat lamb price is too sale, all classes good to turn of stock are down, when welcome from the pet lambs calves through start coming to adults through. prime and One way stores, however ticket for them you must unfortunately. contact your We broke a stock agent to record last book them in. week with a Last week’s prime angus Brightwater sale steer, fetching again had some Richard Eddington, a whopping stock agent great results. $1640. Prime lamb’s up We will be to $1.45, middle cut from holding weekly Wednesday $110 to $120. sales at Brightwater for the Big fat old ewes up to next couple of months. $120, medium $90 to $110. Ring your agent or contact Store lambs are becoming me on 03-544-0777 or increasingly hard to find, 027-432-2566 for more with limited number now information.

Just a thought I enjoy a nice fresh hot cross bun, although sometimes the pleasure of biting onto that tempting bun brings disappointment when they just don’t taste as good as they look or as they should. Last week both my wife and I brought home a packet of hot cross buns as a treat, both knowing that each other enjoy hot cross buns, but not knowing the other had the same plan. Before long the discussion came up which bakery made the best hot cross buns, which bakery still put in all that tasty fruit and spices. No longer just a treat at Easter, now hot cross buns seem to be baked year round; even chocolate flavoured ones can be found. It is said that hot cross buns date back to 1733, and are eaten on Good Friday as an Easter tradition that is especially associated with Britain, although it has spread elsewhere. In the nineteenth century they were sold by street vendors who were so commonplace that they inspired a song which has now become a children's nursery

maybe just aren’t so important, and don’t really think about things that make life, things that do change generations. rhyme: As we approach Easter, our Hot cross buns! Hot cross Buns! shops will greet us with Easter One a penny, two a penny eggs, hot cross buns, we will be Hot cross buns… hit with advertising Easter sales, So what does make a good hot Easter holiday opportunities cross bun? Well I’m sure many and so on, but will this encourgrandmothers age us to stop and have a special recconsider why Easter ipe handed down is celebrated, what from her grandis the meaning bemother that in her hind the cross, why family’s eyes just we call Easter Frican’t be beaten, day, Good Friday and a local bakery and why the cross recently advertised has such meaning that they make the to Christians. best hot cross buns The cross that you in town, no doubt see outside or on causing some deour local churches Steve Rollo, bate. Minister Richmond is a symbol of why Putting aside our we celebrate Easter, Church of Christ. taste buds and trawhen God through ditions about hot cross buns, His amazing grace, provided a and thinking about the Easter Saviour. On Good Friday our story that dates back even long- local churches come together er than hot cross buns, to a time for a combined Easter service when there was a real cross, a from 9.30am on Good Friday real sacrifice and an amazing held at Richmond Baptist, why love, a time so powerful that is not come along and reflect on remembered throughout gen- something more important erations. than hot cross buns as the mesThinking about hot cross buns sage behind the cross will last and even Easter eggs, do we get longer than the taste of your facarried away with things that vourite bun.

Dance crew reach finals at nationals Richmond dance crew Origin made the finals at the SDNZ national championships over the weekend. There were 17 varsity teams competing in the preliminaries on Friday night and from there 10 team went through to the Saturday night finals round. Origin are the only South Island team to have made finals in the five years the competition has been running according to the team’s coach Gemma Laing. Origin danced in

the Saturday night finals to a sold out crowd at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna, Auckland and the feedback from the judges about the performance was that it was energetic, powerful and Origin are a very strong team. “In the opening ceremony it was awesome to see Origin dancer Ashleigh Compton carry the plaque for Origin and also representing the South Island,” says Gemma.


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


NEW Show Home

Official Opening

1.00 - 4.00pm Sunday 17 April 8 Daelyn Ave, Richmond

Locals put body and soul into building your perfect home The Fowler Homes show home is all completed and looking great, they are opening its doors to the public this Sunday. Lisa and Andrew Stevenson have been running Fowler Homes for eight years and say they live and breathe the company. The husband and wife team say they can design and build a home for real living. It’s the personal touch that Lisa and Andrew bring to the whole building process that adds to the uniqueness of their business. “What we bring to the market, is that we are owned and run by Lisa and myself and it has been from the very beginning, it has always been a husband and wife team,” says Andrew. “People are still really passionate and focused on that personal touch.” Andrew has been a builder all his life and he built the show home on Daelyn Ave himself. “I came out of the office and physically built the show home. We did that for a number of reasons and one is so that when we’re actually

here selling it I can say I actually built it, I’m a builder not just a salesman.” The couple are thrilled they are able to provide this great point of difference to their clients. “You only deal with us, that’s what a lot of people who have built with us say, that it’s so good because they’re not ringing an office and getting put on to this person or that person, we’re the one stop shop. We’re accountable,” says Lisa. “We have built this with family in mind, we designed the home as we would live. With three children ourselves we concentrated on that, our space, their space, and with our girls wanting to move in, I would say the design matched the brief, our brief ” says Lisa. The whole process has been a lot of fun for the couple, who say that building a home doesn’t need to be stressful. “That’s the thing everyone enjoys when they’ve built with us. People going into it say it’s stressful but we say there is no reason for it to be. We deal with the stress and you enjoy it.”

ALL IN: Lisa and Andrew Stevenson of Fowler Homes live and breathe their business and have been involved in the area for the past eight years. The couple are excited about the official opening of the show home on Daelyn Ave on April 17. Lisa and Andrew say they get a lot of repeat business and are always available if a client has a question.

Smeg is proud to support Fowler Homes

Official Opening of our Show Home

1.00 - 4.00pm Sunday 17 April 8 Daelyn Ave, Richmond

Ph 546 9961



16 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

NEW Show Home

Official Opening

1.00 - 4.00pm Sunday 17 April 8 Daelyn Ave, Richmond Building a home is a personal experience and Lisa says relationships have been formed with their clients in the past. The couple have attended weddings, birthdays and other celebrations for people they have built homes for. Andrew says building a home from scratch is a big thing in someone’s life. “It’s big financially and it’s a commitment we take very seriously.” All of the Fowler Homes sub contractors and suppliers are fantastic according to Lisa and Andrew. “They’ve been with us for the eight years as well. With most of the people advertising within this feature we’re loyal to them and they’re very loyal to us and they see our clients right. They follow our way and are always available for us and our clients. Between us and our contractors we really do offer a full service, from helping our clients find the right section through to full interior design. I help 90% of our clients with interior design, I have even helped on

move-in day to arrange furniture!” says Lisa. This is all part of the Fowler Homes full service, you won’t have to pay for an interior designer when building the them. Lisa is more than happy to visit clients current homes to see how they live and to view their furnishings to make sure all their favourite pieces can have pride of place in their new home. The builders have also been with Fowler Homes for eight years. “You get quality because we know them and we have a good relationship with them, one of our longest standing builders helped Andrew build the show home.” Lisa says she and Andrew are starting to see clients come back for a second home. “We get lots of repeat business and referrals.” Fowler Homes is a national brand and is respected throughout the country. “People in Nelson ask ‘who are they and what are they?’ We’re not a franchise; we’re a joint venture so we run this. We pass on our buying power through the national brand to our clients,” says Lisa. Both Lisa and Andrew love what they do. “We’re seriously passionate about it, it’s our life really,” says Andrew. “Our girls often say ‘don’t you talk about anything else?’ We have our own purpose and our own jobs so often we do get home and have to collate what we’ve both done during Lisa on their the day with regards to certain

Congratulations to Andrew & stunning showhome We are proud to say we’ve been working with Fowler Homes as their Plumber and Drainlayer for the 8 years they have been in Nelson

STUNNING: The Fowler Homes show home bathroom is spectacular.

Ph 544 4646 or Steve 0275 444 646 PROUD TO SUPPLY WINDOWS & DOORS FOR FOWLER HOMES

Ph 03 544 4006

23 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond

In your new home the kitchen counts.... and that’s why we are proud to have been involved with Fowler Homes new Show Home Visit our showroom or talk to us today for all your window & door requirements Brilliant Place, Stoke, Nelson

Ph: 03 547 5454


9 Echodale Place, Stoke Phone 03 547 7144 Fax 03 547 7133 Email: msellers@thesellersroom.co.nz • KITCHENS • VANITIES • STAIRS • TIMBER WINDOWS & DOORS • OFFICE FURNITURE • SHOP FITTINGS • COMMERCIAL • FURNITURE • WARDROBES • BENCHTOPS • 3D COMPUTER DESIGN


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


NEW Show Home

Official Opening

1.00 - 4.00pm Sunday 17 April 8 Daelyn Ave, Richmond

Pr o Fo ud to wl er sup Ho po me rt s

CLEAN LINES: The outside of the Fowler Homes show home is modern, with clean lines making it very attractive. clients. We will sit and discuss it at night,” says Lisa. “It has it’s uniqueness, living 24/7 with each other,” adds Andrew. So there is no need for organised staff meetings in the Stevenson household, as this can easily be done over the breakfast table. “We tried it [organised meetings] but it was

weird,” says Lisa. The couple hope their clients see that they are very passionate about what they do. “I think that’s why we get a lot of people for that simple reason that they know they’re going to deal with Lisa and myself,” says Andrew. Knowing a clients budget is extremely important to the couple.

Proud to supply: carpets, vinyls, ceramic tiles, Luxaflex blinds and drapes. Domestic and commercial.

Nelson 141 Quarantine Road, Annesbrook

Ph: 547 3401


18 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

NEW Show Home

Official Opening

1.00 - 4.00pm Sunday 17 April 8 Daelyn Ave, Richmond “We’re not saying that so we can over spend it, if we know their budget we can tell them what they can have. We find this the most important starting point when designing a home. If we know what they want to spend, the clients needs, proposed size, we can design a home within that figure. Talking square metre rate is a thing of the past, we talk about how we can give our clients what they want within their budget, we can help them make the correct choices so there will be no blow outs.” Going over budget is the thing that is most concerning for those building a house. “With us you don’t do it unless you want to do it,” says Andrew. Transparency is important to how Lisa and Andrew run their business. Fowler Homes can provide plans, but Andrew says the company basically designs and builds for every client, giving that personal touch to some-

S PA C I O U S : The show home lounge is roomy and elegant.

- Frames & Trusses - Timber Fencing (rural & residential) - Hardware - Joinery Products - Gib Board

- Paint - Bathroom Products - Doors (pre-hung) - Fastenings - Panel Products

Proud to support Fowler Homes

Ph: 547 7700 70 Nayland Road, Stoke

Peter Glue

Your lawn professional

Proud to supply Fowler Homes

New Zealand’s largest & most respected national supplier of Concrete Products. • Certified Concrete® • Specialised Designer Concrete • Masonry Blocks • RibRaft® Flooring System • Paving and Brick Veneers Firth –proud suppliers of Concrete & Concrete products to Fowler Homes

0800 800 576 www.firth.co.nz

one’s dream home. Looking at proposed section choices with clients helps us all choose the perfect house design for their section, views, sun and lifestyle. The official opening of the Fowler Homes show home is this Sunday, April 17, from 1pm to 4pm on Daelyn Ave, Richmond. After this, the opening hours of the show home are Sunday to Friday 1pm to 4pm.

Rockcote Systems providing premium exterior & interior plaster cladding solutions. Rockcote Systems provide the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand.

www.rockcote.co.nz 0800 50 70 40

0800 732 3952

J & M Concreting

Landsdowne Rd, Appleby Ph: 021 420 220 or 544 6758

We Specialise in: • Rockcote Exterior Cladding • Recladding and Painting Services • Over 16 years knowledge and experience • High Standards

“Congratulations Fowler Homes on your new Show Home” Proud to support Fowler Homes

For all you concreting requirements

Phone Jase: 021 607 087 A/H: 03 528 7574

Specialising in GERARD metal tile roofing, fascia/gutter fixing, roof and gutter repairs, internal gutter repairs.

Congratulations Andrew and Lisa on your new Show Home

Ph: 027 221 4661 or 547 5751

contact john hawke

0274 470 087

97 Gladstone Rd, Richmond P: 544 4007 F: 544 4010 E: johnrhawke@xtra.co.nz www.ultimateroofing.co.nz

This Week

Bowater Toyota

5 Door hatch back, 1500cc, Automatic, Alloy wheels, Body kit, Low kms.



1994 Nissan Pulsar

3 Door Hatch Back, 1500cc, Automatic, Power Steering, Only 97,000kms



2006 Toyota Hilux

Flatdeck, 2.7 Petrol, Large Drop Side Deck, Low kms, NZ New.



Black Ink Cartridge refills for just $10

2008 Toyota Aurion Sportivo 3.5, V6, Alloy Wheels, Rear Spoiler, Low Kms, Signature Class


36,790 24,990

D/Cab, 5 speed, Black, 20” Wheels, Low Kms




2005 Toyota Hiace Mini Van 3.0 Litre, 5 Speed, 11 Seat. Immaculate.

Alloy, Flatdeck, 3.0 Litre, Turbo Diesel, 5 Speed.

ENQUIRE NOW 2000 Toyota Estima

3 Litre V6, Automatic, Full 8 seater, Spoiler kit, Alloy wheels, Low kms.



5 Door, Hatchback, 1800cc, Automatic.

ENQUIRE NOW 2001 Toyota Vitz RS

2008 Toyota Hilux

3 Door, Hatch Back, Peppy 1500cc, 5 Speed, Alloy Wheels

D/Cab, 3.0 Turbo, 4x4, Towbar, Tough Deck, Low kms.

BRAND NEW Toyota Hilux SR5 Double Cab, 3.0 Litre, 4WD, Turbo Diesel, 5 Speed.


BRAND NEW Toyota Corolla


Hatchback, 1800cc, Automatic, Signature Class.

2009 Toyota Hilux SR5



2009 Toyota Corolla GX


2009 Daihatsu Sirion

5 Door Hatch Back, 1500cc, Automatic, Alloy Wheels, Spoiler Kit, Low Kms, As New

BRAND NEW Toyota Hilux




2004 Toyota Camry Sportivo 2400cc, 4 Cylinder, Automatic, Alloy Wheels, Rear Spoiler, Immaculate Condition, Low Kms




Toyota Prius Hybrid

1999 Toyota Caldina

1500cc, CVT. The ultimate in low running costs.



Business update

Beat Those Fuel Price Rises 2006 Toyota Yaris

WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


1800cc, Automatic, Alloy Wheels. Seldom available. Medium kms.



We Pay Cash for Clean, Tidy Toyotas After hours enquiries very welcome, just phone John King on 0275 473 866

Ph: 544 1190 - 24/7 10 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

Greg, Deborah, Craig and Steve will refill your black ink cartridges this Thursday for just $10. There are many myths to do with So you can have your cartridges reusing refilled cartridges in your filled with the confidence that the printers’, here at Cartridge World cartridges refilled by Cartridges Nelson & Richmond those Myths World Nelson or Richmond will not get BUSTED! One of the most com- void your warranty. What better opmon myths is that ‘Using Refilled portunity to try refilled cartridges Cartridges Voids My Warranty.’ by having your cartridges refilled on THIS MYTH IS BUSTED!!! The our $10 Black Thursday? This offer true facts are that The NZ Com- is available in our Richmond store merce Act and the Fair Trading Act on Thursday 14 April when redeemstate that it is illegal for a manufac- ing the voucher on this page. Carturer to require the consumer to use tridge World Nelson & Richmond a particular brand of supply. The are the only retail stores in Nelson Warranty can only be voided if the and Tasman specialising in refillcartridge is the PRIMARY cause ing and remanufacturing cartridges of the fault. If in the unlikely event for your printers, faxes and photothat should happen OUR OWN copiers. Cartridge World, Why Pay WARRANTY covers the customer. More To Print?


Wednesday $10 BLACK INK * REFILL ONE DAY ONLY Thursday the 14th April 2011 Only

$10 Black Inkjet Refill Voucher * Redeem this voucher on Thursday the 14th of April 2011

when you get your Black inkjet cartridge refilled and pay just $10 including GST not available with any other offer, not available on account purchases, limit 1 voucher per customer per visit, offer only available in Cartridge World Richmond store. Richmond - 267 Queen Street, P: 544 4000 Nelson - 14 b Vanguard Street, P: 546 9650

Why pay more to print


20 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

School Holiday Fun! Fun activities for these school holidays

Looking for a Sports Holiday Programme for your kids? CHECK OUT THE


HOLIDAY PROGRAMME Saxton Field 26 - 29 April 2011

For ages 8 - 12 years $25 per day or $75 for 4 days Offering your child a range of sports coaching experiences including Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Soccer and Futsal. A range of other indoor sports and recreational activities are also available. To register or for more information phone Dawn on 547 5689 email: info@nelsonsuburbs.co.nz or check out www.nelsonsuburbs.co.nz Oscar Approved: WINZ subsidy applies

Playdough Recipe

This is the plunket recipe for playdough. It lasts a long time if stored in an airtight container. Make sure you watch very young ones playing with this, as you don’t want them to eat it due to the high salt content. Prep time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups white flour 1/2 cup salt 2 tablespoons cream tartar 2 cups boiling water 2 tablespoons oil Couple drops of food colouring Directions: Mix flour, with salt and cream tartar in a bowl. Add boiling water and oil plus a couple drops of food colouring. Mix quickly then knead on a floured board until firm. Add extra flour if sticky. Store in an airtight container. Playdough ideas The Rose 1. Roll out a thin, long snake and press it flat. Loosely roll it up like a rug from one end to the other. Spread and press each layer out a bit. 2. Leaves: Flatten a piece of playdough with either your hands or a rolling pin so it is all the same thickness. Cut out two leaf shapes with a plastic knife and press them onto the bottom of the rose. Make designs on the leaves with a plastic knife.

Bring the kids out to our maze & try our NEW WINTER MENU Corner Malling Road & Moutere Highway

Ph: (03) 544 0703

Open 10 am - 4 pm Wed - Sun

Closed Good Friday

Ladybug 1. Body:Make a medium sized ball and flatten the bottom. 2. Head:Make a small ball and press it onto one end of the body. Use a drop of water to help it stick if needed. 3.Wings:Make a small ball and flatten it to make a flat circle. Cut the circle in half. Press half of the circle onto one side of the ladybug’s body and the other half onto the other half of the body. Spread them open a bit over the body so the body is showing between the two half circles. For the spots on the wings, make 6 tiny balls, flatten them to make tiny circles and press them onto the wings. 4.Legs:Roll out 6 thin, short snakes and press them under the body. 5.Mouth:Take a plastic knife and indent into the center of the head for an open mouth. 6.Eyes:Make 2 tiny balls, flatten them to make tiny circles and press them onto the head. Make 2 more tiny balls for pupils and lightly press them on top of the flattened circles.

Skool Zout presents....


Monday 18 April - Thursday 21 April at Richmond New Life Centre

email jenny@richmondnewlife.org.nz

Don’t miss:

- Enormous Easter Egg Hunt - Learning Skateboard/scooter tricks - Making crafts to eat and crafts to keep - Ginormous Banana Split party

First Man: What’s the difference between a lemon, a dinosaur and a tube of glue? Second Man: I give up. First Man: You can squeeze a lemon, but you can’t squeeze a dinosaur. Second Man: What about the glue ? First Man: That’s where you get stuck.

Treat the whole family these School Holidays and Easter

A week of extreme fun, colour and adventure for 5-11 year olds. Only $15 per day.

Ph 544 1094

Help these juggling friends get together for some Easter fun!

What did the man say when he saw the dinosaurs coming down the path wearing sunglasses? Nothing! He didn’t recognise them.

COLOUR YOUR WORLD For info and bookings phone Jenny

Help the family to find the egg!


2011 ‘Lest We Forget ANZAC Event’ Two days of interactive, LIVING HISTORY!

Air Raids, explosions, spies, secret codes, war-time cooking, music and Theatre. Laugh to ‘Allo ‘Allo skits, discover our wartime stories and history. Get a family photo in period costume, avoid capture by Soldiers, see the Pacific Walk, and hear Bruce Petty - Pacific War lecturer... Taste, listen, learn, try and - REMEMBER..

Max 3 children dine free with every 2 adult mains ordered*

Relaxed family dining Fully enclosed garden courtyard Children’s Playground

Visit www.dramatix.co.nz for free Richmond - Founders bus details FOUNDERS PARK NELSON April 24th & 25th 10am – 4pm just $2 ENTRY per head for all ages. WET OR FINE Theatre ‘Nylons & Knicker Elastic’ (M) $10 entry 8pm Sat 23rd, 1&3pm 24th & 25th. Theatre bookings 03 5419663

Open Thursday – Sunday 11am to 3pm

Ph: 544 1555 www.petitefleur.co.nz

*Conditions apply


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


School Holiday Fun! Fun activities for these school holidays

Find out how to make a bird bath using a terra cotta clay pot, saucer, and a few other supplies. Materials Needed: • Terra Cotta Clay Pot or Pots • Terra Cotta Clay Saucer or Saucers • Paint or Rub-ons • Strong Glue • Clear Acrylic Spray

‘Tubular Belle’ Ann Skelly, Wellington

Kids for Free!* Present this voucher to get 3 kids (aged 5-14yrs) free with one full price paying adult ($22) Valid 16th Apr - 1st May 2011 WearableArt™ • Classic Cars • Café • Art Gallery Open everyday 10am-5pm Cadillac Way off Quarantine Rd, Nelson 03 547 4573 • www.wowcars.co.nz


Instructions: These are so simple to make, and the birds just love them! Start out by wiping down your terra cotta pot and saucer with a damp cloth and let dry completely. Your clay pot, flipped upside down will serve as the base of your birdbath. You can use one clay pot, or use several stacked together to make it taller. The saucer will be used on top of the birdbath to hold the water. The decorating ideas are endless. You can find a neat stencil and paint it, or try sponge painting, or even use simple rub-on decals available at pretty much any craft store. Decorate to your heart’s content! The only real trick is to seal your bird bath well after you decorate it. Use several coats of clear acrylic sealer spray. Also, make sure you store your bird bath inside during cold weather months.

School Holiday Football Programmes Mini Football - $15 per day or $55 for 4 days A fun and safe environment to learn new skills, for 4-6 yr olds Junior Football $25 per day or $90 for 4 days Prepare for the start of the season under the supervision of qualified and experienced coaches, for 7-11 yr olds Football Academy $25 per day or $90 for 4 days Learn from ex professionals with European coaching qualifications, for 12-16 yr olds Mon 18 - Thurs 21 April Forms available at

MURAL PAINTER: Waimea College head of art Shaun Oughton spent a few weeks last year painting a mural for First Years Richmond. He had help from several Year 10 students who working on the project as part of the school’s Education for Enterprise. Centre staff say they appreciate everything Shaun has done for them. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Heyward rods & restorations

www.nelsonbaysfootball.co.nz Contact George: 546 6707 or 027 447 8059

Q. Why is a banana skin on the pavement like a piano? A. Because if you don’t C-sharp you will B-flat. Q. Why did the jellybean go to school? A. Because it wanted to be a smartie. Q. Why did the blonde lady stare at the juice for ages? A. Cause it said “concentrate” Q. What can you serve but can’t eat? A. A tennis ball Q. Why did the turtle cross the road? A. Because he had to get to the shell station Q. Where do bees go to the toilet A. To the BP station

Book & mention this ad before end of April & recieve 3hrs FREE!

Bouncy Castles Slide Castles Obstacle Castles Sumo Wrestling Bouncy Boxing

Phone: 0800 025 278 www.haveablast.co.nz

Lloyd and Graham Heyward love old cars.

They love them so much that they have built a business around them. Their team repair and restore all makes and models of classic cars and no job is too large. Cars restored by the Heyward Team frequently feature in prominent New Zealand car magazines. The lads work on all makes and models of classic, vintage and modern cars and are happy to call at your place and take a look at your car or discuss your project ideas.

Call Us aboUT YoUr ProjeCT

Phone Mobile

(03) 544 6600

0274 78 20 40

22 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

This Week

Seventh heaven for Richmond Athletic Phillip Rollo Another rout, another win. A second half floury saw Richmond Athletic smash Nelson Suburbs first XI 7-0 at Saxton Field on Saturday. Richmond were expecting a bigger challenge against Suburbs' development side, after opening the season with a 11-0 drubbing of FC Nelson Metro. And they got exactly that in the opening 25 minutes, with Suburbs getting the better of the opportunities. Some goal mouth scramble saving two shots off the line early on, but two goals before the break broke the deadlock and from then on it was smooth sailing for Richmond. Sam Mason-Smith, Wesley Olea and Ben Wright made their chances count while Jordan Yong was at his weaving best and was the architect in the majority of their attacking plays. Richmond was given plenty of time on the ball and ran riot through the midfield, while a steady back four held the side together.

Summer tournament

TOO BIG TOO STRONG: Richmond Athletic captain Joe Green faces Nelson Suburbs 1st XI playmaker Ross McPhie, 14, in their Nelson Pine Industries first division win on the weekend. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Introducing new sports to the area’s young people was the task at hand, and participants seemed to lap up the day out of the classroom. Last week’s intermediate school’s summer tournament went well for Waimea Intermediate, with the Diamonds gaining first place equal with the Waimea Intermediate Cobras in t-ball. A wide range of sports were played by children from six different schools from around the area, including golf, softball, t-ball, ripper rugby, touch, lawn bowls, mountain biking, orienteering, volleyball, tennis, indoor cricket and croquet.

Captain Joe Green says the unheralded duo of former Nelson Suburbs center-back Matt Shaw and Daryl Fenemor have impressed in the early rounds while their fellow strikers shine in the limelight. “I think Matt should just get better and better. They've done brilliantly,” says Joe. Waimea College student Fox Slotemaker was the standout for the home side, but they lacked the creative edge and mongrel in the middle of the park that they showed in the pre-season tournament. Richmond will host last year's runners up Marlborough Mariners this weekend at Jubilee Park. Lively winger Davi Goncalves Maciel is expected to be fit to face his former club after missing Saturday's clash with an ankle injury. The game kicks off at 3pm. Richmond have drawn Marlborough away in the opening round of the Chatham Cup which will be played on May 14 and 15.

TEEBALL: Waimea Intermediate’s Holly Donaldson, 11, takes part in t-ball as part of the summer sports tournament organised by the local intermediate schools. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

Sports In BrIef MOTORSPORT: Wakefield’s Ben Hunt competed in his first round of the Brian Green Property Group Rally New Zealand Rally Championship over the weekend, taking part in the Drive South Rally of Otago. Ben placed 15th overall and came away with maximum points towards the championship. SPORTS EXCHANGE: Today Garin College are holding their annual sports exchange with Golden Bay High School. Senior boys and senior girls football and senior A netball will be played at the school this afternoon. A rugby game is also being played in Buller. Teachers expect the games to be a good pre season hitout for both schools.

SECOND PLACE: Waimea College students, from left, Marcelle Hecker, Monique Shulz, Ben Murton and Harrison Carver were part of the school’s sailing team to compete in the South Island Secondary Schools Team Sailing Championships in Picton late last month. The team, which also included Harry Just, Daniel Shulz and Kieran Andrews, placed second in the silver fleet. Photo: Colin Just.

FOOTBALL: Waimea Intermediate student Callan Elliot, 11, is one of four Nelson intermediate-aged children selected for a national training centre later this month. Callan is part of a 20-strong South Island selection that have been earmarked for the 2015 FIFA under-17 World Cup in Chile. Standouts from the training centre will join up with the cream of the crop from Auckland and Wellington training squads.


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011



24 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

Netball 2011 Netball – Give it a go

Teams have been selected and players are preparing to hit the courts for the 2011 netball season. Over 200 teams compete at the Nelson Netball Centre both on the outdoor courts at Saxton Fields Sports Complex and also indoors in the Saxton Stadium. The 2011 winter season is set to leap into action this weekend with the annual Geraldine Hodgson preseason club tournament, providing teams with the opportunity to get back on the courts for competitive play prior to the beginning of the 2011 competition. Opening night for the Premier grade will be Thursday 5 May from 6pm. Games between the top teams in our region will be played in the Saxton Stadium every Thursday providing you with the perfect opportunity to watch Nelson’s top netballers battle it out. Saturday netball kicks off on May 7 for all senior,

collegiate and junior teams and continues through to the second weekend of September. Future Ferns Netball is aimed at players aged 8 to 10 years and encourages participation with emphasis on fun safety and development appropriate to the age and ability of the players. Year 6 Future Fern teams will start playing on Saturday May 14. Year 4 and 5 Future Fern teams start after school on Wednesday May 18. Encouraging our youngsters to experience netball is something that Nelson Netball does well with the Future Fern and Fun Fern programmes. Fun Ferns is an open programme offering boys and girls aged 4 to 8 years the opportunity to be involved in netball based skills sessions and fun games that are appropriate to their age levels. Fun Ferns will start on Tuesday May 31 and costs just $3 per session.

Netball players from Senior grades right down to Future and Fun Ferns enjoy netball every week at the Saxton Fields Sports Complex. Trish Lowe has held the position of Development Manager for Nelson Netball Centre for the past nine years and over that time she has assisted, mentored and inspired countless of our youngsters and their coaches. One group of youngsters who have in turn inspired Trish are her ‘babies’, the Future Fern referees. Trish encourages some of our younger netball players to take up umpiring positions and provides them with support and training with a few of them still being active in umpiring games at a higher

level. “Having been in the position for a number of years, I get to see most of those little players who started in Future Ferns progress through the grades and some of them are now competing at Premier level which is awesome,” says Trish. Trish is available to help with training sessions at all levels, providing assistance with skills training and support for coaches. If you are currently coaching a team and would like a bit of assistance, don’t hesitate to call her at the Nelson Netball Centre.

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Proud to support local sport. 213 Queen St

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301 Queen St, Richmond

Ph: 03 544 7166


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


Netball 2011 For those with a slightly less competitive nature who just love to play netball, many mixed social teams also participate in the Thursday night league and Wednesday morning netball. Like all organisations, Nelson Netball has a huge number of people and groups who volunteer behind the scenes to make every season a great one. The groups include the Nelson Netball Coaches Club, which aims to provide all coaches at the centre with development opportunities and running workshops for coaches. If you are interested in becoming involved in coaching, contact Trish. The Bench Officials group provides pathways for those who show interest in becoming a Bench Official. This involves score keeping, time keeping and statistics at local Premier level up to National and International level. The Nelson Netball Umpires Committee actively promotes and develops umpires and anyone interested in umpiring can contact them through Nelson Netball. Players and spectators will be sure to notice the big upgrades that have taken place at the Netball Centre ready for the 2011 season. A massive upgrade of the courts

has taken place and it’s looking pretty awesome with new drainage, resurfaced courts all painted up and ready to go, surrounded by smart new fencing. Last year was the first opportunity for Nelson Netball to utilise the magnificent facilities of the Saxton Stadium, allowing for regular games to be played indoors regardless of the weather outside. Having Saxton Stadium available has proved beneficial to netball fans in our region, allowing us to recently host the Lois Muir Challenge. This tournament, originally planned to be held in Christchurch, brought top quality netballers from across the country to Nelson and the Stadium proved to be a perfect venue. For any information about local netball, visit www.nelsonnetball. co.nz or contact the Nelson Netball Centre on 547 4450 or email Leanne Russ, Administration Manager at admin@nelsonnetball.co.nz A Nelson Netball Intermediate Camp will be held on 26 to 28 April for all Yr 7 and 8 netballers. Come and Learn netball skills from top coaches. Phone Trish on 547 4450

- Not Just -


“Do it once! Do it right” Phone Chris Trathen

027 453 3246 or Craig Ingham

027 453 3034 Fax: 544 4811 PO Box 3555 Richmond


Proud supporters of local sport


Keep up with local sport every week in your local newspaper

TOURNAMENT DATES 16 / 17 April 19 June 10 July 18 -21 July 14 August 22 - 25 Aug

GH Tournament Top of the South Nelson Age Group NZ Age Group U21/U19 Development Tournament Sth Island Secondary Schools

Nelson Blenheim Nelson Nelson Nelson Christchurch

Proud supporters of Netball Tasman

Always someone you know

As Principal Contractor for the Saxton Netball Courts Upgrade Works the Downer Team wish all competitors the best for a great new season.

6 Salisbury Rd, Richmond Ph: 544 9037 80 Quarantine Road, Nelson Ph: 547 8980

Come and visit Nelson’s only

Show Home Village 11 stunning brand new Show Homes all in one place

Champion Road Richmond (Next to Garin College)

Open Sunday to Friday 1.00pm - 4.00pm

26 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


Waimea Old Boys 2011


WOB teams have first round cup firmly in their sights Teresa Hattan

The Waimea Old Boys senior A and B squads have gotten off to a stellar start, securing another two wins over the weekend despite travelling over the Moutere’s to get them. The Super Liquor Waimea Old Boys Bs had an ugly win over Huia at Sports Park Motueka over the weekend, but the score line wouldn’t tell you that, with WOB coming away with a 29-7 win. Bs coach Nick Marquet says his boys blew quite a few extra tries throughout the game and this probably came down to handling errors. “Huia are a reasonable team so we were happy enough to get the win.” There will be a couple of things the red and white will be working on this week, especially the basic stuff. “We don’t want to be getting ahead of ourselves because we have the pressure to score early but we’ll make the most of every opportunity,” says Nick. A converted try on full time sealed the deal for the travelling team, who now have a home game at Jubilee Park against Marist this weekend from 1.15pm. The Bs met Marist in the final last year

so this hit up could be quite the grudge match. “We got beat last year so a few of the guys will be using that as motivation but we won’t be looking too much into it.” The boys are looking to win the first round cup and the game this Saturday could be a bit of a decider, so get your red and white on and head to Jubilee Park to support your local rugby side in their attempts to win their first title of the season. The Stables Tavern Waimea Old Boys As came closer to being on the other side of the table this week, just holding off Huia 22-17. Coach Mark Milne says the weekend’s game was a big improvement on the previous week. “We stuck to our plan but some of it we didn’t quite execute, the error rate was a bit high.” Despite this, Mark says he and the other coaches were generally happy with the team’s performance and they were very happy to get the points. “It was great to score four tries but Huia kept coming at us,” says Mark. The team have plenty lots of things to work on this week at training according to Mark. “We missed too many tackles so we’ll be

THROUGH THE GAP: Stables Tavern Waimea Old Boys A winger Taiki Koyanagi looks to dodge the hands of a Huia player. working on defence. We’ll also be making a bit of emphasis on the break down and trying to eliminate the handling errors.” Mark says it was great to see a few of the guys playing their first game for Waimea Old Boys senior A and a couple were even trying out new positions. “We’re still in the mode of experimenting.” Reasonable performances came from Trael Joass at second five where he had his first start and Todd Bavin at number seven also played well according to Mark. Acquiring two Japanese players has also paid off for Waimea Old Boys this year, TWO ON ONE: Super Liquor Waimea Old Boys Bs player Michael Bates with the with number eight Masa Toyota and Taiki Koyanagi on the wing giving the squad ball and Ben Jefferies in support against Huia on Saturday. Photos: Teresa Hattan.

plenty of pace. The As also have Marist this weekend at Jubilee Park and Mark says the assignment will be very tough. “They’re playing quite well from what I hear and their forwards are very strong but it’ll be nice to be back home.” The As have used the first round of competition as an experimental phase and will be hoping this pays off in rounds one and two. The squad have a few general injuries and will hopefully have one or two guys returning this week. The Stables Tavern Waimea Old Boys senior A kick off against Marist at Jubilee Park


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011


League team needs to bolster numbers Ever thought about playing league? Well here’s your chance. The new Syn Media Wanderers Wolves rugby league team are on the look-out for players to add depth to their squad. They are also on the look out for supporters. Manager and trainer Stu Anderson says it’s great that rugby league in Nelson and Tasman has grown over the past couple of years. There are now seven teams in this year’s premier competition, more than last year and more than premier rugby. Stu says this season there will be plenty of opportunity for league

players to go on to higher honours. Wolves players would also have the opportunity to trial for the Tasman Titans. The Wolves train twice a week, on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Stu and the rest of the Wolves believe rugby league is an awesome game to play. “There’s plenty of room in league for the big guy and the little guy, there is a position in it for everyone,” says Stu. If interested in playing league this year get in touch with Stu on 5422137 or email stu@synmedia.biz.

READY TO GO: New Tapawera Area School teacher Janeen Sims and her children Evie, 10, and Guy, 15, get ready to compete in the inaugural Tapawera Area School’s Bike Challenge held earlier this month. Photo: Susan Fenemor.

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NEW PLAYERS: Stu Anderson, Joe Kiriona, Shamus Eltham, Jonny Delore, Levi Norris, Andrew Smith and Kenny Thorn are members of the Syn Media Wanderers Wolves rugby league team, who need more players this season. Photo: Teresa Hattan.

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locally owned and operated

This Week

28 WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

Do you recognise the people? The setting? The event? Can you tell us more? Please contact: history@museumnp.org.nz or phone 03 5489588 Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details to history@museumnp@org.nz or phone 548-9588. Left: Unnamed Male, Nelson Provincial Museum, Akersten Collection: 3196. Below: Thatched Cottage, Nelson Provincial Museum, Sclanders Collection: 9443.

You can support this project with a $10 donation, to find out more visit www. nelsonmuseum.co.nz/collection or contact: 3for$10@museumnp.org.nz Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly are proud to support this exciting and significant project

Public Notice

Richmond 9.30am Sunday School

4 Wensley Rd (opp TDC) Cup of tea to follow Wakefield - 11am Service 1st & 3rd Sundays Sunday School 10.30am Cnr Edward/Arrow Sts Enquiries call 544 8394



11 Florence St, Richmond

Worship Services Sunday: 9.30am Classic Church Wednesday: 7:00pm Ripple Effect Interactive Church www.stdavidschurch.co.nz ph: 544 8387

Holy Trinity Church

10.00am Worship Celebration Warring Carpark (Behind No.1 Shoes) 243 Queen St

27 Dorset St, Richmond Phone 544-8844

Deadline: 11am Monday Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free Ads.

Sunday Service 9.00am Traditional 10.30am Contemporary Theme: Final in discipleship series

Join us and Celebrate

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

The Red Cross


 

        

 

Sunday Services

Richmond Library. Great Anzac Concert Nelson Brass and Nelson Male Choir at the School of Music 2pm Anzac Day. Tickets ($20 & $10) at School of Music, Summit Real Estate, Stoke, and Richmond Mall Information Centre Richmond Evening Badminton Badminton on Mondays, starts 2 May at Badminton Hall, Gladstone Rd (next to Waimea Rugby Club). Primary & Intermediate: 5:30 - 6:30pm; College students: 6:30 7:30pm; Seniors (adults) from 7:30pm on. New players welcome. Some racquets are available. Give it a go - just bring indoor court shoes, your racquet and a friend! Contact Joe Hall, 546 4446 day or 544 0128 evenings for details. Enjoy the thrill of a glider flight MotuekaAirport 30thApril &1st May $80 for a trial flight- Zero to 1000ft in a minute. Look for the glider display in Sundial Square-Richmond. Nelson Lakes Gliding Club Genealogy Library The NZ Society Genralogists Nelson Branch has moved to new premises, now at 67 Trafalgar Street, opposite trailways Motor Inn. Open Mondays 1-4, Thursdays 10-4 & Sundays 2-4. Visitors welcome, we may help you with Nelson family history research. We have many indexes from churches, schools and newspapers. Historical dance workshop Dances from the era of Queen Elizabeth I and English Country dances weekend workshop 7 & 8 May, Richmond Recreation Centre. $40 per person. Registration essential. Enrolments by 28 Apr. Phone Kate 03 542 3996 evg. Hope Junior Badminton Club Monday nights from 7-8-30pm at the Hope Hall, Main Rd Hope. Junior Club is for people from 10-18 years and no previous experience is necessary. Please bring your own racquet. The first night is 2nd May and the season finishes the end of term three. Call Matt Feely on 542 4445. Nelson Bays Harmony invite you to our dress rehearsal concert prior to the NZ Women’s Barbershop competition. Tues 26 April, Club Waimea Hall. Gold coin. See www.nelsonharmony.org.nz Apple Macintosh User Group ( NMUG meeting Thurs. 14 th ofApril. 7pm. Richmond Public library. Visitors welcome. Learn and solve. 547 3408. Waimarama Community Gardens Brook Valley. All volunteers, learners & old hands, welcome for “Help & Learn” sessions, Sundays 2 to 4 pm to help. maintain and develop Gardens: April 17, then alternate weeks May 1, 15 and 29. Tools & cuppa provided, just turn up! Enquiries byThursday noon 548 4575 or waimarama@ actrix.co.nz

Coming Soon is free for non-profit organisations. $7.00 for businesses. 50 words or less. By Email only to: editorial@waimeaweekly.co.nz

Waimea Methodist Parish

Way2Go Wakefield Wakefield Over 50s Flexicise classes. Every Tuesday @ 11am $5 with a cuppa to follow. Contact Sue 539 4888 or inbox@bodypower.co.nz Wakefield Pilates classes Way2Go programme. Wednesdays @ 6pm $5. Contact Sue 539 4888 or inbox@bodypower.co.nz Way2Go Richmond Recreation Centre Easy Beat Exercise Mondays & Fridays 9am to 10am $4. SHAPEUP Group fitness circuit Mondays & Fridays 10.30am to 11.30am $3. Walking Group meet 9.30 every Monday (Free). NEW Walking Circuit starting soon $3. CLUB50 social recreation group for older adults $2. 9 Cambridge Street, Richmond. Zumba Brightwater Hall Mon 6-7pm. Karate Brightwater Hall Mon 7.30-9pm. Over Fifties Flexicise Wakefield Village Hall Tues 11-12pm. Badminton Brightwater HallTues 6-8pm. Sewing Group Wakefield Village Hall Wed 9-12pm. Pilates Wakefield Village Hall Wed 6-7pm. Badminton Brightwater Hall Wed 6-8pm. Karate Wakefield School Hall Wed 7-9pm Zumba Wakefield Village Hall Thurs 6-7pm. Men’s Circuit Wakefield Village Hall Thurs 7.30-8.30pm. Phone 5443955 Community Sing a Long Wed 20 April 1.30 pm. Wesley Centre, 4 Wensley Rd Richmond. Gold coin donation for Hospital Chaplaincy. Afternoon tea. All Welcome. Nelson Social Dancing Club at Club Waimea, 8pm Sat 9 April. Ballroom, Latin, Rock ’n Roll and sequence dancing. Music provided by Perl. Members $8; non-members $12. Enquiries ph547 9085 Community Lunch You are invited to lunch at 12pm on 21 April at St Johns, Edward Street, Wakefield. No charge although a gold coin donation is appreciated. RSVP to Brenda 541 9413 Waimea Tramping Club Day trips Sunday 10 April, Wainui Hut circuit from Canaan, medium, ph Robert 544 0142 or Donald 545 1339. Sunday 17April, Champion Mine and Mt Malita circuit, medium/fit, ph Bob 548 2548 or Jocelyn 541 8213. Easter weekend 22-25 April, Karamea day trips, ph Maria 541 8598 Firewood Fundraiser Rabbit Island Forest The Forest is open for public firewood collection as follows: Sat 16 Sun 17 April , Sat 23r April (No collection Sunday 24th – Easter) Sat 30 April, Sun 1 May Charge $10/standard trailer (6’ x 4’). Please follow sign posts and observe all safety requirements. Proceeds to Richmond Kindergarten. Tasman Talks Titles Book Group Do you enjoy reading and talking about books? Then our Tasman Talks Titles book group might be what you’re looking for. Join us on Wed 20 April, 3.00pm – 4.00pm at

 

FAMILY FUN DAY Sunday 8 May 11am till 2pm, Tahunanui Playing Field

A celebration of World Red Cross Day and our way to Thank you Nelson region for supporting us in helping the vulnerable in our country and throughout the world, particularly from the recent Christchurch Earthquake and Pike River tragedy

Food, fun games and activities, prizes, bouncy castle—heaps of fun for all ages


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011

13 APRIL 201 1

public notices

resource consents

Tasman District Council’s Draft Annual Plan 2010/2011 and Draft Amendment to the Ten Year Plan 2009-2019 Released

The Council has received applications for resource consents, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The applications and supporting information may be examined in any Council office. The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website (www.tasman.govt.nz). Any person may make a submission on the applications in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on Council’s website. Please note that the following is an abridged advisory notice only.

Tasman District Council’s Draft Annual Plan 2011/2012 is now available for public consultation. The Draft Annual Plan covers the year from 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012. The purpose of the Draft Annual Plan is to get feedback on whether you think Council is planning to provide the right services and activities within the Tasman District. Your views will help guide Council’s decision-making, prior to the final Annual Plan being adopted in June 2011. Council is also proposing an amendment to the Treasury Management Policy in the Ten Year Plan 2009-2019, which is contained in the Draft Annual Plan document. The Amendment will enable Council to participate as a “Principal Shareholding Local Authority” in the New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency Limited. Being party to this new agency should help reduce Council’s cost of borrowing on loans. Council approved the Draft Annual Plan and Amendment for public consultation at its meeting on 10 March 2011. The proposals are contained in two documents: •

A Summary, which was sent to all households in the Tasman District through a special edition of Newsline on 18 March 2011.

The Draft Annual Plan 2011/2012 and Amendment to the Ten Year Plan 2009-2019 containing the key changes Council is planning from the proposals in the Ten Year Plan for the 2011/2012 year, the services Council is planning to provide, the costs of the services, how the services will be funded and further information on the Amendment.

Council has also produced the “17 Settlements” document as supplementary information to the Draft Annual Plan and Amendment. The 17 Settlements document outlines what new projects and activities are being provided by ward and settlement within the District. The above documents are available for viewing on Council’s website at www.tasman.govt.nz and during normal office hours at the following Tasman District Council offices: •

Richmond Office, 189 Queen Street, Richmond

Motueka Office, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka

Takaka Office, 78 Commercial Street, Takaka

Murchison Office, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison

Applicant: Tasman District Council. Location: Mapua Wharf at the end of Aranui Road, Mapua, Waimea Inlet. Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal: Coastal Permit (Application RM110062): To occupy the coastal marine area with extensions to the existing Mapua Wharf and associated pontoon structure. Coastal Permit (Application RM110063): To disturb the foreshore and seabed associated with installing a longer pontoon and extending the existing wharf, and for the ongoing maintenance of all structures including the existing wharf. A duration of 20 years is sought for the occupation of the coastal marine area by the pontoon and wharf extensions, and for the maintenance of all structures. Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 29 April 2011.

community notices Community Development Fund We recognise the importance and individuality of the smaller communities and towns within our District. To enhance the vitality and sustainability of the District’s towns, we’ve introduced a Community Development Fund to enable the District’s smaller communities to develop community plans, provide activities, run events and provide services. Projects’ aims must enhance their town’s identity, thereby providing community benefit and attracting visitors. Grants are up to a maximum of $5,000 and there are two funding rounds annually.

And libraries: •

District Library, Queen Street, Richmond

Motueka Library, Pah Street, Motueka

Takaka Memorial Library, Junction Street, Takaka

The next closing date is 30 April 2011.

The Draft Annual Plan and Amendment is a large document and Council encourages people to view it electronically to minimise production costs. All three documents are available on compact disk from Council offices or libraries and can be downloaded from the website. Submissions are invited on the Draft Annual Plan and the Amendment, and must be received by 4.30 pm on Thursday 21 April 2011. Please post to: Submissions on 2011/2012 Draft Annual Plan and Amendment to the Ten Year Plan 2009-2019 Tasman District Council Private Bag 4 Richmond 7050 Or deliver to your local Tasman District Council office; or email to annualplan@tasman.govt.nz. Submission forms are available on Council’s website and in the Newsline Summary, Draft Annual Plan and 17 Settlements document.

Rockville Museum Easter Steam-up Day Sunday 24 April 2011, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm, Rockville, near Collingwood. Steam section in action all day. Vintage Tractors, farm machinery, stationary engines, dairy, blacksmith, hospital, and more. Discover our ‘inner room’ of early settler’s treasures. Pioneer kitchen – scones, sausages and drinks. Donations on entry appreciated. Enquiries Ph. 03 524 8131 or 03 525 9409.

Anzac Day Concert Nelson Brass and Nelson Male Choir at the School of Music. 2.00 pm Anzac Day, Monday 25 April 2011. Tickets ($20 & $10) at School of Music, Summit Real Estate, Stoke, and Richmond Mall Information Centre.

Hall and Reserve Management Committees – triennial elections Management Committees are groups of volunteers who look after some of our Districts halls and reserves on behalf of Tasman District Council, taking care of bookings/usage and maintenance. The committees are elected thee yearly and the next round of elections is under way. Tapawera Recreation Reserve and Hall Committee triennial election meeting to be held on Tuesday 19 April 2011 at 8.00 pm at the Hall. For further information please contact Francie Wafer, Community Services Administrator, Tasman District Council, Ph. 03 543 8468 or email francie.wafer@tasman.govt.nz

Richmond 189 Queen Street Private Bag 4 Richmond 7050 New Zealand Phone 03 543 8400 Fax 03 543 9524

Murchison 92 Fairfax Street Murchison 7007 New Zealand Phone 03 523 1013 Fax 03 523 1012

Corporate Services Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 14 April 2011, 9.30 am. Public forum

Engineering Services Committee St John’s Hall, Courtney Street, Motueka, Thursday 28 April 2011, 9.30 am. Public forum

Tasman District Council Email info@tasman.govt.nz Website www.tasman.govt.nz 24 hour assistance Motueka 7 Hickmott Place PO Box 123 Motueka 7143 New Zealand Phone 03 528 2022 Fax 03 528 9751

Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at www.tasman.govt.nz

Environment and Planning Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 21 April 2011, 9.30 am. Public forum

www.tasman.govt.nz all you need to know Feel free to contact us:

council meetings

Takaka 78 Commercial Street PO Box 74 Takaka 7142 New Zealand Phone 03 525 0020 Fax 03 525 9972

Joint Shareholders Committee (followed by CD Emergency Management) Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Friday 29 April 2011, 1.30 pm. No public forum Community Services Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 5 May 2011, 9.30 am. Public forum



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Proposed Rule Changes for Club Waimea There is a need to review and define Club Waimea’s Constitution and Rules. There is a need to arrange the Club’s affairs in a more practical order. There is a need to have a Board that can be focused on controlling the Club finances, overseeing general management and leading any future direction. To achieve this is proposed that the members elect an Executive Committee who will assist the Board, who will control membership, member welfare, Sports and other Sections, supervise operation of the Courtesy Coach, oversee all of the Club’s assets and convene General Meetings. The new document which covers all of the proposed changes can be picked up from the Club office upon presentation of your membership card. These changes are designed to take your Club into the future and your input is welcome. Please obtain a copy, study it and have your say.

A Special General Meeting

for members to debate and hopefully adopt these measures will be held at

Club Waimea on Tuesday, 19 April at 7.00pm. If passed, nominations will be called for the first Executive Committee, to be elected at the Clubs AGM on 29 May.

Adam Brumwell

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with the

NELSON GIANTS Hey Kids! These school holidays come and shoot some baskets with your favourite Nelson Giants at Richmond Mall. Loads of stuff to give away!

Monday April 18 - Thur April 21, 11-12 noon daily

Over 70 Stores • Food Court • Supermarkets • Free Parking & Free Gift Wrapping • Open Every Day Cnr of Queen, Croucher & Talbot Sts, Richmond www.richmondmall.co.nz

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