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WEDNESDAY 10 January 2018

Talking a whole lot of rubbish



Judene Edgar

Richmond library is going to be playing host to “two nowaste nomads talking trash with people” on Thursday, January 18. Hannah Blumhardt runs ‘The Rubbish Trip’ with her partner Liam Prince, and they are currently travelling the entire country, full-time for a year, delivering free talks about how individuals can reduce their household rubbish. “Since the beginning of 2015 we have lived without a rubbish bin, so we wanted to share our experience with others,” says Hannah. “Our approach is to give people easy and practical tips for waste reduction, and show, by example, that living without a bin is possible and fun.” Each year two-and-a-half million tonnes of waste is buried in New Zealand landfills. Despite encouraging increases in recycling, last year Tasman district produced 57,000 tonnes of waste, up from 55,000 tonnes the previous year, with each person contributing on average



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Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince will be talking rubbish at the Richmond library next Thursday. Photo: Rexine Hawes. 598kg of waste. Council spokesperson Chris Choat says that any opportunity for people to discuss ways to reduce waste is always welcome. Before the talks, Hannah and Liam do their homework, compiling local zero-waste shopping guides - inventories of stores, local services and community groups that

offer options and support for low-waste living. Hannah says that a combination of innovation, overseas ideas and their own research and experiences have helped them to be bin-free. “So far, we have spoken in eight regions, and delivered over 100 presentations to over 5000 people,” she says. “As we travel the country de-

livering these talks, we are also maintaining our zero waste principles, striving to continue to produce no rubbish.” ‘Reducing our Household Rubbish: The Zero Waste Approach’ is at the Richmond Library, January 18, 5pm to 7pm. For further information and dates go to

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10 January 2018  
10 January 2018