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2 Let’s Revise! Revision & Examination Evening


Welcome Welcome to our school’s first ever interactive Revision Guide. You will see later on in this booklet how you can access a huge range of revision resources on line using the links and QR code provided for you. We know that you will find the resources useful and use them to ensure that you are as prepared as you possibly can be for your forthcoming examinations. Here are some basics – just to get you started:


Make a revision timetable at least a week before you intend to begin your revision.


Divide your time between subjects, not necessarily equally.


Work on an unfamiliar area and see how much you can do in the first half hour.


Compare this to the work that you covered in the second half hour on a more familiar area. Expect to cover more familiar work at about 50% faster than less familiar work.


As a general rule you should work for 50 mins and then take a 10 min break each hour.

3 ‘A Commitment to Excellence’

Nine things that can help to keep your revision time productive: 1. Reduce your exercise book to brief notes and then key words on index cards. 2.Vary the material that you revise: from the difficult to the more familiar. 3. Study alone for some of the time, but also in a group occasionally if this suits you. 4. Make yourself take regular breaks, and be strict about returning to Group the revision. revision 5. Give yourself treats to keep you going. 6. Mark off your achievements on your revision timetable as you progress. 7. Plan answers from past exam papers to assess how well you are doing.. 8. Sign up for exam technique clinics if you need more help. 9.Vary your style of revising as you go along to keep yourself motivated.

4 Let’s Revise! Revision & Examination Evening

Group Revision Pros: 1. You will have the support of a group of friends at a stressful time. 2. You can compare how well you are doing with how your group is progressing. 3. You can talk through your ideas rather than just thinking about them. If can be fun, relieving the tension as exams approach.

Cons: 1. If the group is too competitive you might become demoralised. 2 . It can be difficult to keep on track once a general discussion begins. 3. You can waste a lot of time organising to meet and discussing potential revision topics. 4. You might find that you are helping others rather than helping yourself.

5.You need to vary your revision methods rather than relying on one approach.

5 ‘A Commitment to Excellence’

Preparation Before the Examination - Don’t Work all night before. - Make sure you know where and when the exam is. - Leave plenty of time to get there. - Make sure you have all your equipment in advance. - Avoid too much coffee and drinks containing caffeine. - Do some of the relaxation techniques so that you are calm and focused. - Don’t wind each other up of what might or might not come up on the exam.

“All things are ready, if our mind be so.” - William Shakespeare, Henry V

6 Let’s Revise! Revision & Examination Evening

On the big day - Scan all the questions. - Mark all the questions you could answer. - Read these questions carefully. - Choose the correct number (in each section). - Decide on an order : best answers first. - Divide up your time. - Underline key words in the question. - Plan your answer.. - Stick to the point of the question. - Write your answer. - Use the plan at every stage e.g. every paragraph. - Check your answers against the plan. Look out for mistakes. - If you have time, re-read all your answers and make any necessary corrections.

7 ‘A Commitment to Excellence’

Handy Revision Hints! - Regularly test yourself in exam conditions.

- Give yourself regular breaks.

- Use “Memory Maps” for complicated topics - use pictures and symbols that spring to your mind. Place finished memory maps above your desk just above eye level.

- Many people concentrate better with a little background music on. Experiment. Does it help you? If yes then DO IT!

- Mobilise a friend. Revise together. Use each other to brainstorm how you approach certain questions. Test each other.

8 Let’s Revise! Revision & Examination Evening

Key Words Explained - Compare: Are the things very alike (similar) or are there important differences? Which do you think is best?? Why? - Contrast: Look for differences. - Criticise: Use evidence to support your opinion on the value of merit of theories, facts or views of others. - Define: Give the meaning. - Describe: Write in detail. - Differentiate: Explain the difference. - Discuss: Write about the important aspects of the topic, are there two sides to the question? Consider the arguments for and against. - Distinguish: Explain the difference. - Evaluate: Judge the importance or success.

9 ‘A Commitment to Excellence’

Key Words Explained - Illustrate: Give examples which make the point clear. - Interpret: Explain the meaning in your own words, for example you may be asked to interpret a graph. - Justify: Give reasons to support and argument or action. - Outline: Choose the most important aspects of a topic. Ignore the minor detail. - Relate: Show the connection between things. - State: Write down the main points briefly - Summarise: Bring together the main points. - Trace: Show how something has developed from beginning to end.

Click on the QR Code using your smart phone to access the on-line version of this booklet. The graphics starting on the following page will take you directly to the relevant website.

10 Let’s Revise! Revision & Examination Evening

English and Drama Websites

English Literature Websites

11 ‘A Commitment to Excellence’

French Revision

Geography Revision Websites

12 Let’s Revise! Revision & Examination Evening

History Revision Websites Maths Revision Websites and Clinics

Username: wade Password: square

13 ‘A Commitment to Excellence’

Physical Education Revision Websites

Science Revision Websites

14 Let’s Revise! Revision & Examination Evening

Technology Revision We will leave you with this. Examinations are nothing to worry about. They are there to allow you to show and celebrate everything you have learned over the last 5 years. Preparing well, as well as taking time to relax, are the keys to success.Wishing you the best of luck from all of us.

15 ‘A Commitment to Excellence’

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‘ A Commitment to Excellence’

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