W42ST Issue 63 - The Open Mic Issue

Page 64


Wagging Leopold Scout

Humans’ names: Charlie and Fiona. Age: One. Breed: Smooth Collie. What makes me bark: Michael, our doorman. Three words that describe me best: WHAT. THE. HECK. Confession: I try to eat bees.


Human’s name: Caitlin. Age: Eight years young. Breed: BoChi (Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix). What makes me bark: The doorbell, company, and when the dog walker comes to pick me up with my posse. Three words that describe me best: Napdog, snuggle-butt, foodie. Confession: When the ‘snowpocalypse’ happens, I poop in the lobby directly in front of the building manager’s office.


Peanut Human’s name: Mark. Age: I’m six and a half years old and five pounds of pure thunder. Breed: I’m a pure bred tiny Yorkie. What makes me bark: When I need to be on the couch or the bed, both of which I can’t reach without barking to let my human know. Three words that describe me best: Adorable, clever, stylish. Confession: I love everyone and every dog I can kiss, and I have a better social life than my human.