W42ST Issue 60 - The Gifted Issue

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A sommelier’s

Playlist La Boîte

11th Ave - 51st/52nd St I like to spend my weekends exploring new wines and new flavor combinations ... on my couch, in front of my big screen. La Boîte spice store makes it so the furthest I have to go for a taste of the exotic is the dining room table.

Down the Road

9th Ave - 47th St This place reminds me of one of those bars on Bourbon Street that you TRY to pass … but you always get dragged in. They air UFC fights and they have Sunday Ticket, which means I have the chance to see my precious Saints go marching in.

Mercedes Club

W54th St - 10th/11th St Fall is full-blown tasting season for most importers and distributors. Sometimes after a few of those in a day, I’ll find myself a little worse for wear before the night shift. Some cardio, a quick weight session, a dip in the pool, and I’m ready to tackle the PM.

Nykkei (American Izakaya)

9th Ave - 55th/56th St Kilo’s baby sister is a breath of fresh air for the neighborhood. A low-key vibe, high-quality food, an off-beat sake list, and, of course, great wine.

Pocket Bar

W48th St - 9th/10th Ave Back or front, really. Both places are relics of a bygone era, not long ago, when going out was more about the social and less about the media.



Coffee and TV - Blur Whiplash - Metallica Simon Says - Megan Thee Stallion Sweet 17 - Dirty Beaches Both Ends Burning - Roxy Music New Orleans native, LJ Hollins is a beverage consultant at large, and the sommelier behind the irreverently quirky wine list at Kilo, 9th Ave - 55th/56th St. The Action Bronson Show alum discusses two things close to his heart – Hell’s Kitchen, and music.