W42ST Issue 49 - The Burning Issue

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Men in the Tom Blackie is from Scotland, Henri Myers is from Seattle, and Hell’s Kitchen is home Photograph Julien McRoberts Hell’s Kitchen is our middle ground With family and business in Seattle, Los Angeles, London, and Edinburgh, New York was the perfect in-between location. Plus, Henri is from here originally, and Tom had always wanted to live in the Big Apple, so we found HK as the perfect spot. But this is kind of sucky The worst part of living here would be being so close to Times Square, although the constant flow of tourists is really everywhere in the city. But other than lots of curious people, HK is pretty great all round. The reason we stay Being quite active, we love being so close to the Hudson River and Central Park for nature jaunts. We’re also avid Citi Bike users. We bike daily to and from Maison 10, our concept store/art gallery/event space in the heart of NoMad. We’d always talked about opening a little shop We wanted to incorporate all the things we love – art, flowers, and really cool lifestyle items – and considered London as a location. But we changed plans and moved to NYC instead. And when the opportunity came up to create a retail space here in the city, we jumped on it.

BIO Tom and Henri are co-founders of Maison 10, a concept store that changes every 10 weeks, and where 10% of every sale is donated to one of ten charities. They got married in 2014 and live in Hell’s Kitchen. maison10.com TOM AND HENRI’S HK Posh, W51st St - 9th/10th Ave Totto Ramen, W51st St 9th/10th Ave Arriba Arriba, 9th Ave - 51st St Pam Real Thai, W49th St 9th/10th Ave

Our third partner, Carsten Klein, is based in Amsterdam. Looking back at 2018 It was an action-packed year for us, with some trials and tribulations along the way, but we’ve come out healthy and wiser for them. We relocated to a 5,000 sq ft loftstyle space on 5th Ave, and the new venue has allowed us to feature 10 amazing artists every 10 weeks and support a wide range of events. And looking forward We’re super excited and don’t want to put too much out there to spoil the fun, but we’re working on some major projects and hope this year will be the year we take Maison 10 to a new level. Resolutions for 2019? Just to continue to live life, love each other, friends and family, and have a bit of fun and travel along the way.

If our apartment was on fire … It’s a horrible thing to think about, but if we had to save one thing, it’d grab our hard drive. Henri is a huge music buff and it’s got all of his records, CDs and bootlegs on there. He could never do without it. Our HK tribe? For now, it’s just Tom and Henri. We’re each other’s ride-or-die. Our go-to places in the neighborhood Some of our favorites are Posh Bar – you can’t go wrong there for cheap drinks, no attitude, and lots of booty shaking. We love Totto Ramen (the one on W51st St – ask for Tata), Mexican food and overthe-top mamaritas at Arriba Arriba, and our almost-daily favorite for delivery or a dinner out and about would be Pam Real Thai – always a great idea! Our HK happy place Everywhere!

“We love being so close to the Hudson River and Central Park, and bike daily to and from the heart of NoMad”

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