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In the UK (where I’m originally from) the approaching festive season is signalled, not by snow or sleigh bells or the appearance of Christmas tree salesmen in dimly lit backstreet parking lots, but by the annual blood sport that is known as the Christmas Adverts. It’s like The Hunger Games, only with department stores competing to see who can make the audience run for the Kleenex fastest. In NY, however, in true holiday spirit, it started back in October with the opening of the ice rink at Rockefeller Center. Swiftly followed by the appearance of Radio City Spectacular ads on buses. By the time the tree was lit, we were on a full-speed express train to the ho-ho-holidays. Stay sane and enjoy the ride – we’ll see you on the other side. Ruth Walker Editor, W42ST THE TEAM THAT BROUGHT YOU W42ST



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Tommy Houlihan is a Hell’s Kitchen original – born and brought up in the hood and tattooing since he was a teen.



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David Letterman on New York’s wintertime wildlife.

Our pick of the ten events you MUST see this month.




Our newest columnist on why 2017 sucked ... and why 2018 will see us stronger and more together.


From his earliest days living in a Hell’s Kitchen apartment, to making up the world’s most famous women, to his untimely death ... as told by those who loved him.


W42ST magazine is not the only one celebrating three years in the neighborhood this month. Matt d’Silva reflects on what he’s learned.


What will be under the tree this year? Here are a few suggestions for gifts with a back story.

Tyler Mount’s latest Broadway obsessions in his exclusive column.


HK’s favorite concierge Stephen Field goes on the town for W42ST.


Our series on Broadway’s unsung heroes continues with ... what the heck’s a “bratender”?


Our at-a-glance guide to all things Broadway and Off-Broadway, including reviews by real people.



As we prepare to embark on a self-


imposed food coma, our in-house nutritionist has some timely advice.


Never throw out that crappy wine your misguided houseguest left. Do what sensible drinkers have been doing for centuries ... get creative.



Mean Fiddler bartender and wannabe model Cormac Murphy dishes out the Irish charm in spades.


From oven mitts to cook books to drool over, we’ve got your back.


Our favorite neighborhood interior decorators, designers, and creatives dish tips for top interiors in 2018.




How much will a two-bedroom apartment on the west side cost you? We take a look.


42 GIFTS FOR THE HOME Interiors inspiration for the decoration fiend.



This month, Sarah Funk falls under the spell of Ho Chi Minh City.


It’s only our second date, and already Kristen Jongen is talking sex.

51 GIFTS FOR WELLNESS An intelligent water bottle, the ideal mindful cushion ... and more.


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Tommy “The Beast” Houlihan is a Hell’s Kitchen original. Born and brought up in the neighborhood in the 1980s, his father was a member of the west side Irish gang the Westies. Tommy has been tattooing for 28 years, and is one of the longest-serving licensed holders in New York City ( TOMMY’S HK Rudy’s, 9th Ave - 44th/45th St Westway Diner,

9th Ave - 43rd/44th St El Azteca, 9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St Pergola des Artistes,

W46th St - 7th/8th Ave Afghan Kebab House, W51st St - 8th/9th Ave




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Back in the 1980s, Hell’s Kitchen was still run by gangs, and tattooing was a racket run by the mob … no wonder it appealed so much to rebellious teen Tommy Houlihan Photograph Nacho Guevara My Hell’s Kitchen story My grandfather owned the Mayfair Hotel on 49th Street from the 1940s to 1989. It’s a different world now to the one it was then – 42nd St had all the little porn theaters and head shops, knife stores. It was pretty grimy. But it had this dark beauty about it. Right around the corner from my grandfather’s hotel was the Pussycat Theater which had, at the time, the largest neon sign in the world. My grandmother’s house was where all the kids used to hang out. She was very old school. She’d be making Thanksgiving turkey and wearing the cat-eye glasses with the cigarette hanging out her mouth … the ash bouncing but not falling off, the smoke going right in her eye … drinking a screwdriver at 10 in the morning … the deepest voice you ever heard. I started making money as an artist when I was 12 years old I’d paint denim jackets wth album covers back in the 80s. When I was a little kid in second grade, my teacher used to take my drawings to the professor – “look at what this kid’s doing!” I was sent away to military school My father died a violent death when I was very young. He had 14 brothers and sisters, and I think 12 of them were killed. So I guess my mother wanted me to have a little more discipline than was provided by the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. But I was always in trouble. I guess I just didn’t want to do what I was told to do. Tom did what he wanted. Tom knew best, he knew better than everybody else! I pestered my mother to buy me a tattoo kit for Christmas when I was 18

Opposite: Tommy has a series of scales tattooed on his left arm and about 40 crosses on his right.

“A guy who comes in to get a girl’s name tattooed, the relationship’s already over.” And she did! I taught myself … and I’m still learning. But even before that, I was doing little sewing needle smiley faces on all the kids in the neighborhood. Everybody’s mother hated me! When I started, it was still illegal in NYC It was something that at that time I thought was very anti-establishment: something for pirates, sailors, bikers. It was this mystical, obscure thing, very subversive. And as a rebellious teen, I loved that element. By 1996, the city noticed there was money to be made, but they didn’t know how to go about writing a test. So they created a questionnaire from other states and there were six or eight people this was given to to help create a test. I was one of them. I believe, with the exception of two or three other people, I’m the longest license holder in New York City. You name it, I’ve done it ! I’ve done everything and I’ve tattooed every body part you can think of. And then some. If it’s got skin on it, I’ve tattooed it. Pain? It’s not where you’re getting it done, it’s who’s doing. I’ve been tattooed by over 50 people. Some of them I’ve slept through; other guys I was whingeing and whining.


My collar bone was very sensitive. And the closer you get to the fingers, the more painful it is, because you have more nerve endings there. Sometimes I forget what I look like I have a humungous area of scales on my chest and arm – this is my third sleeve. There’s a whole sleeve under there of stuff I got back in the 80s. I wanted to get rid of it so just picked a repetitive design. It’s very shocking. A lot of times I think: what’s that guy staring at? I forget what I look like. I’ve got Moses on my bicep. I love crosses and have about 40 on my arm. I’ve had six different women’s names tattooed on me, one of them in seven different places. Every time I would do something stupid, I would tattoo her name to show her how much I loved her. I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned over the years. A guy who comes in to get a girl’s name tattooed, the relationship’s already over. More often that not, he’s back within a month to get it covered up. I don’t drink anymore – I got sober two years ago So I don’t really hit up the bars in Hell’s Kitchen. But a lot of the bars I did go to, they’re not around any more. I used to love Rudy’s – I tattooed Danny (the bartender-turned-general manager). The Holland Bar was one of my haunts – aw man! The Westway Diner of course – I practically live in that place. Every third meal I eat is in there. There’s a little Afghani place up on 51st St I like a lot. At El Azteca, they come over and make the guacamole right at the table. And I’ve been eating at Pergola des Artistes a lot lately. The softshell crabs are phenomenal.





Our top ten holiday events Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater New York City Center All month, not Mondays Led by artistic director Robert Battle, the Alvin Ailey dancers perform a program of premieres, new productions, and repertory favorites, including Twyla Tharp’s The Golden Section, a piece that features breathtaking leaps, all set to a score by David Byrne.


Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History: Holiday Sauce

Home For the Holidays

August Wilson Theatre

The Town Hall December 12 Pulitzer Prize finalist Taylor Mac celebrates the holidays in all their dysfunction, reframing the songs we love and the holidays we hate with the help of an eight-piece band.

All month, not Wednesdays Candice Glover (American Idol), Josh Kaufman (The Voice), and Bianca Ryan (America’s Got Talent) share the stage ... even on Christmas Day.



Playwrights Horizons

Hansel and Gretel The Metropolitan Opera

Opens December 18 Humperdinck’s fairy-tale opera gets the full Met treatment. On December 28, the matinee performance will feature a pre-curtain open house, where audiences can meet some of the designers, singers, dancers, musicians, and technical wizards behind the production.



Previews begin December 15 The world premiere of a play written and directed by two-time Obie Award winner Robert O’Hara and starring André De Shields (pictured), imagining a future in which women have become extinct after centuries of mistreatment and man’s capacity to f**k everything up soars to new heights.


December 22 through 25 Klea Blackhurst joins Birdland favorites Jim Caruso and Billy Stritch for the eighth year in this four-night run, which includes a performance on Christmas Day. What troupers!


Big Band Holidays Jazz at Lincoln Center December 13 through 17 Another one of those beloved New York traditions, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis delivers soulful renditions of holiday classics, with vocals from jazz royalty Catherine Russell and Kenny Washington.

Big Apple Circus


Lincoln Center

Not Mondays or Tuesdays It’s back! This 40th anniversary extravaganza includes a dazzling seven-person pyramid on the high wire, and a daring quadruple somersault on the trapeze, as well as Big Apple favorite Grandma the Clown and her sidekick Joel Jeske. There are performances on Christmas Day.


Joe Iconis Christmas Extravaganza Fienstein’s 54 Below


December 15 through 17 Now celebrating 10 splendiferous years, Joe Iconis and his merry band of musical theater punks present holiday songs old and new, tiny elves, enormous reindeer, an inebriated Mr and Mrs Claus, and more whiskeyfueled shenanigans than you can shake a candy cane at.


Christmas Carol Cocktails

Roy Arias 777 Theatre

Thursday through Saturday The team from Imbible take Scrooge through the story of cocktails past, present, and future in this fun show that mixes music with complimentary holiday drinks (including frozen rosé wine made live on stage using liquid nitrogen). Imbible.NYC



A Swinging Birdland Christmas


#YESWEDID Looking back on 2017, Vicky Kuperman takes a moment to smell the covfefe


ell, THAT was a clusterf@#k. 2017, I mean. If Larry David were to describe it, he might say it started “pretty, pretty, pretty” rough. January 20, for all intents and purposes, was the day the music died. Like, literally. No respectable musician in his or her right mind wanted to perform at the Inauguration. We didn’t even have any good music to get us through that dreadful, hopeless, bitch of a day. Many of us lost friendships and some of us stopped talking to family. Whatever side of the aisle you were on, the tension was palpable – and the aisle was wider than ever before. Then there were the tweets. I mean, we knew they were coming. But they still manage to shock us daily, from “Covfefe” to Kim Jong-Un. Every time I go on Twitter, I can’t help but quote Steve McCroskey from Airplane!: “Looks like I picked the wrong year to stop sniffing glue.” There was also just having to face the reality of who we are. It’s not that our country changed after the election; it’s just that a dark side of it was coaxed to come out of hiding. It was empowered and nurtured. Charlottesville, and its aftermath, was a new low for 2017. Then there was Vegas. And Texas. The bottom kept collapsing and bottoming out again, creating a real conundrum that can only be solved by Doctor Who (because the Doctor’s a woman now and women know how to solve things). Oh, and Hollywood. Yeah, that was bleak. The systemic oppression of women

“Every time I go on Twitter, I can’t help but quote Steve McCroskey from Airplane: ‘Looks like I picked the wrong year to stop sniffing glue.’” – and men – in the performing arts was revealed and a purge began to sweep the industry. At this clip, there won’t be anyone to attend the Academy Awards. We’ll need a new hashtag for all the empty seats: #OscarsSoLight. Or, they could fill those seats with women. Novel concept. To sum it up: innocent people got killed. People got deported. People got harassed. Hurricanes leveled entire islands. Flint remained in crisis. Americans lost their homes, and some lost their lives. Whispers about Russia turned into full-fledged yelling. Racism and xenophobia continued to run rampant. We’re 11 months in. I think it’s fair to say that 2017 sucked ass. It was so awful that some people started missing Bush. I’m convinced that’s why shows like Will and Grace and Curb Your Enthusiasm are back, so we can feel like we did under Bush. I mean, yeah, we felt terrible, but was it this bad? Even Full House is back. Aaaaahhhh … Reagan.

Below: Things have gotten so bad, Vicky has started to miss Bush ...

But here’s the good news. The resistance became strong and complacency became uncool. Here in Hell’s Kitchen, unlikely heroes came to the forefront. A drag queen became the face of HK Democrats. Our community flooded town halls and pop-up political meetings. A new sense of camaraderie, even stronger than before, swept our neighborhood. New district leaders emerged. And that was just above 42nd St. Americans across the country drove to airports in the middle of winter to stand up for the powerless. They sent money and supplies to people who needed it most. People published books, wrote songs, made movies. Millennials who’d hardly paid attention to politics before became activists, community organizers, election volunteers. Women ran for office – and won. Women started speaking up – and being heard. Women started realizing their power – and claiming it. I started the year exclaiming: “I can’t ...” Now, the year is almost over and I feel stronger than I thought I would, stronger than I was before, and sure-as-hell stronger than anything or anyone that can bring me down. All of us are. We took a scary, disheartening, soul-crushing year and parlayed it into resistance, love, and beauty. Let’s enjoy the moment. OK, enough. Time to get back to work.


ABOUT Vicky Vicky Kuperman is a Hell’s Kitchen resident, stand-up comedian, and co-author of the resistance book How to Spy on Your Neighbor: Your Survival Guide for the United States of Russia, which she co-wrote with Isabella Patrick, available at Domus New York or on Amazon. She hosts trivia every Wednesday night at 7pm at Treehaus Mima, W42nd St.




About FACE

Kevyn Aucoin changed the way we look at beauty and celebrity, but he died at the height of his powers. This is his story, by those who loved him


evyn Aucoin arrived in Hell’s Kitchen in 1983, moving into a railroad apartment on the ground floor of 450 W46th St in the middle of a snowstorm. He was not yet the legendary make-up artist and photographer he was destined to become. Eventually, he worked – and became fast friends with – everyone from Catherine Deneuve to Cher, Julia Roberts to Janet Jackson (he also shot the cover for Jackson’s 1993 album Janet). He’d become so famous, he would even appear, as himself, in an episode of Sex and the City. But in January 1983, he and his then partner Jed Root were moving from an


“It was just an old tenement building. Railroad apartment. Bathtub in the kitchen kind of thing – you could take a bath and wash the dishes at the same time!”


Above: Kevyn, as painted in watercolor by San Siguenza.

apartment in the East Village, where the toilet froze in winter, to an only slightly more sulubrious spot in Hell’s Kitchen. “It was just an old tenement building,” recalls Jed. “Railroad apartment. Bathtub in the kitchen kind of thing – you could take a bath and wash the dishes at the same time! “Steven and Wade, friends who were a couple of theater queens, lived upstairs. Then on third floor, this woman Millie – old Italian woman – and her husband Tony had lived there since, I think, World War II. They were paying $26 dollars a month in rent. But there was a much older man who had been there even longer, lived


" Kevyn was the

most innovative artist of his generation. He practically invented make-up as we know it today. I loved working with him but, more importantly, I loved him." Isaac Mizrahi

on the top floor, he was paying, I think, $5 a month.” Kevyn was born in Louisiana in 1962, and brought up by his adoptive parents in Lafayette. He knew he was gay from the age of six, and was bullied horribly. Kids threw rocks at him and left death threats in his locker. He dropped out of high school at 15, after classmates tried to run him over with a pick-up truck. All his life, he felt ugly. He met Jed at a bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and, within a year, they were traveling to New York together: Kevyn to make his name in the beauty industry; Jed acting as his agent dressed in a suit from Salvation Army. He eventually got his big break in 1986, working on a cover for Vogue featuring Cindy Crawford and shot by Richard Avedon. “His make-up was paint,” said Crawford. “He would literally erase your face, and then he would build you back stronger, faster, more beautiful.” Over the next 20 years, Kevyn collaborated on 18 Vogue covers. At the height of his fame, he worked with the best of the best, in the process, helping to redefine our modern notions of beauty and becoming the first ever celebrity make-up artist. “To him, anybody was beautiful.,” says Tiffany Bartok, whose documentary Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story, premiered in NY last month. “And he could kind of make people disappear. They’d be totally transformed,

just using make-up. And then, on the other hand, he could also do really natural things. I think the thing that hooked me was when I heard him say, ‘If someone is complimenting your make-up, I didn’t do my job.’ He saw the whole person” Tiffany, herself a make-up artist as well as a filmmaker, met him just once. “My best friend was working on Sex and the City, and one day she said, ‘Kevyn Aucoin is going to be on the set tomorrow. If you’re an extra, I’ll figure out a way to get you to meet him.’ So, I was an extra. I was so bored. I just could not wait. And then she came up and said, ‘Mr Aucoin will see you.’


Top: Designer Isaac Mizrahi. Above: A polaroid of Kevyn and Jed; their Hell’s Kitchen apartment from 1983.

continued over

It was amazing. It was as if we went way back. I think he had that quality, to make you feel as if he knew you.” “That’s what made him a great make-up artist,” says Jed. “He was always stepping into that situation. He could be someone’s best friend immediately.” “The thing that stood out to me,” Tiffany adds, “is I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Sarah Jessica Parker. I couldn’t believe he’d left a client to go talk to a fan. Later, I realized that was what he was like. ‘Let the fans in. They energize me.’” Kevyn suffered from a rare condition called acromegaly, resulting from


excessive growth hormone, which had gone undiagnosed most of his life, but which caused him excruciating pain. He was finally diagnosed in 2001, but by then he was taking increasing amounts of prescription pain killers to get through the day. Friends, colleagues, and his husband Jeremy Antunes begged him to get help, but he died on May 7, 2002, aged just 40. When Tiffany started making the documentary of his life, Jed was one of the first people she spoke to. His approval of the project opened the floodgates for others to speak. The supermodel Paulina Porizkova. Isabella Rossellini. Isaac Mizrahi. “Cher was the one that I never thought would happen,” says Tiffany. “And one day she called. ‘We can do this Monday.’ So I said to my son. ‘You don’t have school on Monday. We have to go to LA.’ I called my mom and we put our points together on American Airlines. “Kate Moss was another one. I got an email that said, ‘Kate wants to do this in London on November 11.’ I’ll never forget. It was in a week, and I was like, ‘Of course, we’re going to be in London that day anyway.’ She wasn’t? “No, I was supposed to be in in Brooklyn at a PTA meeting! I just made everybody go, and we showed up and she showed and it was amazing.”

Clockwise from top: Isabella Rossellini; supermodel Paulina Porizkova; Chandra North in the short film Chandra’s Daydream, directed by Todd Oldham.

“Cher was the one that I never thought would happen. And one day she called. ‘We can do this Monday.’”


In many ways, the documentary is about how much the industry has changed. “When we got to New York,” says Jed, “make-up artists were not famous. A lot of shoots didn’t even have makeup artists on them. Models had to do it themselves. But that changed, and along came the supermodel era. Then suddenly that was over, and everything was about celebrities.” But, at its heart, is the story of Kevyn. A genius, yes. But also human. “These are the people that knew him best, and miss him. Loved him,” says Tiffany. “And he knew them. They really just tell the story.”




YEARS on...

Living in New York City is a dream for many. But, as W42ST celebrates its third birthday, Matt d’Silva reflects on the reality



hen you move to New York, you’re told the benchmark to becoming a true New Yorker is living in the city for ten years. Three years after my arrival, I still find my adopted home absolutely enchanting. But there are some realities about living in the city that never sleeps. Apartment living generally is fun as it puts you in the heart of all the action and, let’s face it, it’s easier to clean an apartment than it is a house. The only thing about New York City apartments is, unless you’re paying around $5,000+ a month, you’re probably living in an older style or walk-up apartment. Which are great, but they’re also small. And by small, I mean converted brownstones without an elevator, so sometimes you need to walk up four flights of stairs just to reach your front door. Gone are the ideas of grand apartment living with a reception area or foyer where you can meet your guests, a large sitting-room with an adjoining dining-room with fireplace and expansive view over the skyline. It’s a dream. The reality is that your foyer/reception area is also your kitchen and your sitting-room/diningroom/TV room are all the same area and the view is going to be either the street/building or your naked neighbor’s apartment. If you are one of those people who once loved to come home from a day


Opposite: How’s that apartment living working out for ya?

at work, open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass and embrace your inner Martha Stewart, this may slightly change once you start living in New York City. The kitchen space is small and cramped, and you’ll need to learn new skills in balancing and multi-tasking: meat marinading on top of the coffee machine and chopping ingredients in the sink, all because the stove is being used by your oversized La Creuset pot. But you make it work. Summer in Hell’s Kitchen is a lot of fun: outdoor dining, happy hour with friends with the rosé flowing and one dollar oysters, and late-night dinners and shows. But the other side of summer in the city is the “hot garbage” smell that can literally take your breath away. When you live in this amazing place and you can literally see and experience anything, hot garbage on the sidewalk can and will ruin your good mood. Another thing: New York in summer is sticky. Unless you’re commuting around in air-conditioned Ubers, the reality is that you’re going to have to endure a rather humid walk. You may have the most amazing outfit for the day, but you’ll arrive looking like you’ve just had a shower with your clothes on. The cooler months, on the other hand, are gorgeous, with the leaves turning color, open fires, holiday decorations appearing in shop


windows and, of course, holiday parties with family and friends. Dressing for the cooler temperature means layers, and the fashion options are fabulous. But throw that look out the window once you enter a bar or restaurant, as you’re going to get a pre-menopausal hot flash and have to strip everything off. One really lovely thing about this city is the snowfall. It’s so pretty to watch the snow blanket the streets. You can sit on your couch with a cup of coffee, watching as the city slowly falls silent and turns white. But two days later, the commute to work becomes an interesting ordeal. The gorgeous white piles of snow have become large grey or brown mounds that cover every corner and you almost have to mount them to cross the streets. As these slowly melt, you have to be careful of the falling slop as it cascades down from trees, windows, and the ledges of buildings. Then there’s the puddles you have to walk through, the ice you try to avoid, and the salt that crushes under foot – all of which damage any designer shoe. Having said all that, there’s no other place like New York City. The vibrancy, people, cultures, and food combine to make living here all a joy. But three years on, the reality of everyday life is biting.


“You can sit on your couch with a cup of coffee, watching as the city slowly falls silent and turns white.”




Fallen New York branches have been used to cast these delicate ear climbers and hoops by Kali Zoe, a company created by two sisters as a way of connecting the wearer more closely with nature. $75 (sterling silver gold plated); $390 (solid gold),


Unexpected rain is a fact of life for New Yorkers, and the skeletal remains of cheap umbrellas lining the streets after a storm are evidence. These beauties, however, are built to withstand the rain AND the wind. And they’re based right here in Hell’s Kitchen. We love the bright yellow giraffe print. It makes us think of sunnier days ahead. $95,


surprised The gift itself is special … but a back story? Now THAT gives you something to talk about over the turkey


Like these cute slippers. 100% wool, 100% shearling wool lining, they look as good outside as they do in. $140,



The trend for jewelry is moving from lots of dainty little items to a single, statement piece. Like this one. We’re loving the Rihanna necklace from Area Stars, with woven silk band and a garland of 24k gold plated petals. $58,



Architect and designer Azin Valy transforms aerial views of cities into wearable art and, in doing so, hopes to encourage us all to see each other as global citizens. The New York scarf was her first design, but you can now buy other cities, from Aleppo to Palermo to Toronto. Her pieces have been worn by Ariana Huffington, Tory Burch, and Padma Lakshmi, and the Chicago Cityzen gown was gifted to Michelle Obama. Twenty percent of proceeds go to charities that encourage a healthy and peaceful world. $125, cityzenbyazin. com


Step aside, Warby Parker. We’ve found an even easier way to buy stylish eye glasses on a budget. With added heart. Frame prices start as low as $6 (I KNOW!), with extras like prescription lenses, digital protection, and progressive lenses at non-crazy prices. Plus, the company is committed to donated 2.5 billion eyeglasses to people around the world who don’t have access to affordable eyewear. It’s all done online, with handy photo upload software that enables you to try each frame on. And, if you’re not in love with the results, you can send the whole thing back and start again. What’s not to like? Frames from $6,


Tweed teddy bears, hand made in Tipperary, Ireland, wearing hand-knitted scarves. These guys are too cute! $79,


Reshma B’s slogan pins get the message across in black and white. Simple but effective. The bonus? Our girl lives in HK! $10,


Delicious, 100%, two-ply Scottish cashmere in contemporary colors and styles that has to be touched to be believed! This brand new capsule collection is made in a 240-year-old mill in the Borders of Scotland, inspired by heritage pieces, and designed to be worn by both men and women. From $46,


Hell’s Kitchen designer Heike takes the classic trapper hat to the next level with the luxurious, oh-so-cosy Kelly hat. Your ears need never feel the New York freeze again! $650,


Maybe you haven’t noticed, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously at W42ST. And anything that helps us unleash our silly side is welcome under our Christmas tree. Watch Ya Mouth is the original “mouthguard” game, in which each player must attempt to say ridiculous phrases while encased in a deeply unattractive and unhelpful mouthguard. Add-ons include the redneck pack, the X-rated pack, and the Throwdown game, which comes complete with straws, noisemakers, sand timer … and ludicrous tasks to complete. Get ready for giggles. From $19.99,




Who could ever possibly replace one of my favorite actors in one of my favorite shows? Well, the polls are in and the answer is clear – Noah Galvin can. His portrayal of the title character in Dear Evan Hansen is exactly what you need in your life (assuming you’re into hysterically crying in the dark in public during a show).


#FANGIRL The life and obsessions of Tyler Mount


Broadway ACTOR

very month, Broadway’s most brilliant vlogger brings you his favorite things, whether it’s his #1 tune on Spotify repeat, his latest crush, or neighborhood recommends. We’re hanging on his every word …



P!nk is my spirit animal in every sense of the word. Whether we are raising our glasses because we are wrong in all the right ways or simply hating on that boy who is just like a pill, P!nk always has the perfect way of saying the things we feel – and her latest album, and this incredible track, will not disappoint.


He’s dating a hot Olympic athlete. He has a hysterical Instagram series that features his best friends (who happen to be emojis). He has more abs than I can count. Need I say more?




If you need Tyler to cry, just put him in front of a computer and make him watch military spouses coming home from war to secretly surprise their family. Cue the waterworks.

The tickets for this show are astronomically expensive, but the hype is real. If you want one of the most intimate concerts from one of music’s biggest icons, then trade in your car and go see this not-to-be-missed performance.


If her portrayal of Glinda in Wicked wasn’t enough for you, get ready because Kara is back on Broadway in Beautiful. She’s adorable, perfect in every way, and has the cutest dresses (according to my 93-yearold grandmother who genuinely has excellent taste).






If you have a fascination with twins, Satanists, and legal brothels like I do, this is the series for you. Because, let’s be honest, what’s not to love about legal brothels?


Your dentist is right, trust me – you best be flossing every day. If you get excited at the idea of power washing your teeth each night, this is the tool for you.


"This bar is cute, always hoppin’, and great for straightpeople watching."



I don’t drink beer because I’m deathly allergic, but if I did, I feel like I’d definitely go here. It’s cute, always hoppin’, and great for straight-people watching.


Next to such NYC pizza treasures like Dominos, Pizza Hut, and S’Barro’s, this local pizza joint reigns supreme. Fresh ingredients, piping hot pies, and a gluten-free crust to die for. I’m sold – and you will be too.


Nothing was better on a Sunday night than popcorn in your living room fort and watching the Disney Sunday Movie. I always hoped it would be Aladdin. It never was Aladdin.

Above: Adorable Kara with the cutest dresses!

Hottie of the month

HOTTIE OF THE MONTH @THOMASALLEN6 I don’t know who Thomas Allen is, per se. All I do know is that he shows up in my Explore feed every day, and I’m OK with that. Biceps, abs, and a smile that could kill. Happy Tyler.


What is better than pairing the holiday season, friends, family, and presents with the most delicious seasonal cocktail known to man? Nothing. Fifty percent apple cider, fifty percent champagne, a hundred percent Santa approved.

ABOUT TYLER Broadway fan girl turned YouTube Star, Tyler Mount, is the creator of the wildly popular web

series “Playbill’s The Tyler Mount Vlog”. Seen by over two million people in 168 countries, former guests include Gloria Estefan, Jerry Mitchell, Anthony Rapp, Todrick Hall, Perez Hilton, Laura Osnes, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and many more of Broadway’s biggest stars. New episodes every Monday & Thursday at noon - | @TylerGMount




STAGE toTABLE Hell’s Kitchen’s favorite concierge, Stephen Field, is back, celebrating the revival of a historic space, disagreeing with the critics, and getting down and dirty in Bushwick


ll of us in HK feel the blessing and the curse of urban renewal and development. Whether it’s the 9th Avenue Bistro disappearing after 70 years and Dunkin’ Donuts opening in its place, or The Big Apple Market being demolished and then thankfully reappearing down the block, we’ve all been affected by a mainstay of the neighborhood shutting its doors. Several years ago I was heartbroken by the announcement that Cafe Edison would be closing. It had been in business for 34 years but, due to its historic location in an elaborately decorated (albeit rundown and painted over) ballroom, it felt as though it had been there forever. I mourned the loss of the blintzes, the matzo ball soup, the low prices, and the resounding clanks and bangs that incessantly occurred in what became my favorite diner. It was the only place I ever ordered a ham and swiss on rye – simply because they called it the “Theatre Special Sandwich.” I thought was perfect. I fretted over what horrific Times Square abomination would ruin the space, gut it of its history, and fill it with tourists and loud music. Then it was announced that Friedman’s would open at the location and most of my fears recoiled. Their emphasis on gluten-free comfort foods is notable, and though they offer some takes on Eastern European classics that were featured at Cafe Edison, they stand out more for the fried chicken and waffles, the tamarind BBQ short ribs, and the traditional breakfast menu. It took just over two years, but they finally opened in the last week of October. All the original detail has been painstakingly restored, including the famous wall appliques and the small upper balcony. By moving the kitchen to the back, there is now an open quality that


“I mourned the loss of the blintzes, the matzo ball soup, the low prices, and the resounding clanks and bangs that incessantly occurred in what became my favorite diner.”

Above: M Butterfly has had mixed reviews from the critics – but what does Stephen think?

reflects the ballroom’s history and shows off how huge the room actually is. The menu is Friedman’s fare, with all the noshes we were expecting, including a pastrami reuben that doesn’t quite equal the previous establishment’s but is still an indulgent treat. My only qualms are that the booths and seating are neither accurate to the original period nor modern enough to offset the decor, and the lighting is on the cold side and will most likely need to be adjusted. That said, nothing will ever possess the charm, grit, and heart of Cafe Edison, but Friedman’s looks to be on track for a good, long run at this location. A few moments into the overture of The Band’s Visit, I knew I was being taken on a journey to somewhere I’d never been


OUT of M Butterfly. The acting was mostly praised but the production was at best received with a lukewarm response. Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, let me tell you what you are really getting: a smart and rethought production of a modern classic with two stars who are giving blazing, penetrating portrayals. And if at times it looks dismal, well, so is Communist oppression, espionage, and lying about your sex to your lover for almost a decade. Clive Owen transforms himself in the role, and I found this to be some of his best acting ever. And Jin Ha, a graduate of NYU and recently in the Chicago company of Hamilton, makes the debut of one’s dreams here – captivating without being cloying, finding beauty through all the deception, and switching expertly from demure to dominating with barely the bat of an eyelash. The script has been revised since the show’s original run, removing a layer of mystery from the story. That said, it remains a masterpiece in its portrayal of the juxtaposition between masculine/ feminine and East/West.


in the theatre before. The combination of percussion, string, and woodwind instruments stir up the mood of exotic desert lands and hot, moonlit skies. Yet that is not what the Egyptian police band of the title get when they accidentally arrive in Bet Hatikva, the remote Israeli town where they are stranded overnight. Dina, played by the sparkling Katrina Lenk, appears in her shoddy cafe with all the vibrancy of a desert flower in first bloom and, in her worldly-wise way, sings ‘Welcome to Nowhere,’ a not sarcastic, downtrodden song about how nothing happens and everything is “beige and blah, blah, blah.” As soon as Dina finds the band places to sleep, there are epiphanies and realizations for everyone through the night and we realize things are not so mundane in this desert town after all. The beauty of the piece is the subtlety

Above: Cod-pieces and pasties – it’s Nutcracker, but not as we know it!

of the characters and the slice-of-life vignettes that tell each individual’s story, punctuated by thrilling band numbers. The most prominent of the storylines is the love affair that doesn’t quite happen between Dina and Tewfiq, the band leader, played by Tony Shalhoub. Lenk was excellent in last season’s Indecent and I predict this performance will be acclaimed for its brilliance. Frequently I will read critiques of the theater and completely disagree with what they say. I don’t consider myself a “critic.” I consider myself an enthusiast – and I would much rather find the joy in something mediocre than find fault with something overwhelmingly good. Such is the case with the current revival

ABOUT Stephen

Stephen Field is concierge at Ink48 Hotel. He’s an acclaimed “Hell’s Kitchen guru” and has been a trending topic on TripAdvisor.


Out of Hell’s Kitchen

This winter, the always titillating Company XIV brings their production of Nutcracker Rouge to their new permanent home in Bushwick. Director Austin McCormick has transformed a 5,000 square foot warehouse space into a decadent nightclub/lounge with crystal chandeliers, settees, and everflowing champagne. The company’s gender-bending baroque/burlesque production will have something to arouse everyone, from scantily clad dancers in rhinestone cod-pieces and pasties, R&B diva vocals, and the legendary pole-dancing-opera-diva Marci Richardson. A new production of Le Serpent Rouge, their take on the story of Adam and Eve, premieres in January, and their transfixing production of Cinderella is confirmed for a revival next year. Take the L train from 14th St to Jefferson St and they are right around the corner.



BIO Lori Kaplan has been fitting the Broadway and movie community with bras, bustiers, corsets … basically anything that touches the skin … for decades. Her clients include Kate Winslet, Christopher Plummer, Bette Midler, Lucy Liu, Brooke Shields, Gloria Estefan … “We’ve worked with all the Hamiltons and all the Wickeds,” she says. HOW IT ALL STARTED It was just something I found I was good at. I could look at somebody and tell what size bra they wore. I developed very early myself and it was always my quest to find the perfect bra. Which, back in the 1960s, was not such an easy thing when you’re a DD cup and 13 years old and everything looks like a contraption your granny would wear. WORK EXPERIENCE I worked for a retail store on W50th Street for twenty-something years. The wardrobe supervisors from the shows would come in every week looking for sheer-to-waist hose and G-strings. My boss kept promising me a share in the business but, somewhere around year 22, I realized that was not going to happen, there was a big blow up, and I walked out. I went home and cried for two weeks. THEN A BEAUTIFUL THING HAPPENED I got a call from a guy who said: “I’m working on a movie and I need some garter belts and bullet bras and bobby socks. Can you help?” That movie was A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. Shortly after that, a wardrobe supervisor for 42nd Street, which was just coming to Broadway, called. Then Thoroughly Modern Millie. And The Producers. So pretty quickly, after sitting in my living room and crying for a bunch of weeks, things started to roll. BOOBS ARE CHANGING Breasts are getting bigger. When I started, for show girls the average bra size was 34B. Then it went to 36C. Then it went to 34DD, and now our most popular sizes are 32 and 34 E, F, G. We see girls that are ten, 11 years old that are F cups.


BUT WE DON’T JUST DO BRAS We have a lot of hosiery, G-strings, shapewear, men’s underwear, T-shirts, briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, a lot of dance belts for ballet. Men have to look neat when they’re leaping across the stage and they shouldn’t be shaking all over the place. NOR DO WE JUST DO BROADWAY Everybody’s wearing the wrong size. The biggest mistake we see is women buy the band size too big. And actually, what they need is a bigger cup. So we have a lot of women that come in and think they’re a 36C and they’re really a 32DD. WANT TO LOOK TEN POUNDS THINNER? The right bra creates a leaner, longer silhouette. I had a woman say to me: “Oh my God, I haven’t seen my waist in ten years and there it is!”


Bratender In our series celebrating Broadway’s unsung insiders, we meet Lori Kaplan, the woman who knows the stars more intimately than most




IT’S SHOWTIME! Our new monthly feature is compiled with help from our friends at, your essential guide to Broadway and beyond, where real theatergoers review the shows

Everyone’s favorite mutant superhero may have put down those infamous claws, but the Tony-winning song and dance man is picking up a black top hat again. In the new musical The Greatest Showman, opening in movie theaters in time for Christmas, he plays circus pioneer PT Barnum. But here’s a bit of Broadway history for you: there’s already been a musical about that showman called Barnum, which opened in 1980. It lost Best Musical to Evita. The new movie isn’t an adaptation but a whole new musical with music by Pasek & Paul who won the Tony for Dear Evan Hansen and the Oscar for La La Land.

TOP 5 - SEE THEM FIRST! These shows are just opening but they’re already collecting hardcore fans. Will you be among them?



Member Rachel R says: “A slice-of-life drama about young women written with all the depth of reality. It will break your heart.”



Member Brodo Swaggins says: “Quiet, quirky, charming. The music is astonishingly good.”



Member John 74 says: “Forget your troubles and just have fun for a couple of hours.”



Member Greg 6142 says: “A worthy debut of Amy Schumer and clever writing by Steve Martin.”



Member Jimmy Pags: says: “Completely engaging and heartfelt. John Leguizamo is still incredible.”














Hugh Jackman sings again!


The actress Lauren Molina is best known these days as one half of the underwear-clad music duo The Skivvies. As it turns out, she’s just as entertaining in costume and character. You can see her through the end of the year as a horny saloon girl in Desperate Measures, an irreverent Wild West musical take on Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. Audience response has been “boisterous,” as Molina puts it, so even if you miss the last days of the show at the York Theater, it could well transfer to a larger space. Molina will be back onstage with the Skivvies soon at Joe’s Pub, but for now she’s loving being in Bella’s shoes. “This role is catered to my strengths as a comedienne, singer and actor. It wasn’t specifically written for me it but it feels like it was. It fits me right!”


Tired of your gym routine? Mix it up for a day with a 90-minute class on December 16 on 8th Ave, where you’ll learn to tussle like a Broadway pro. Come ready to move. An award-winning instructor will teach you how they make stage fights look real. Cool down afterwards with a free drink at a nearby bar! Details at


Show-Score. com is the ultimate guide to NYC theater. All the shows. All the prices. All the reviews. Sign up and start sharing your opinions of shows for chances to win tickets.






THE holiday BLOAT



EAT A blown-up belly is no fun for anyone. Samina Kalloo has a few surprising solutions


et’s talk about that inevitable puffy feeling that causes you to loosen a notch on your belt. Bloating is a symptom we’ve all experienced at some point, especially during the holiday season. And it can be downright embarrassing. This unfashionable protrusion of the abdomen often occurs when the gastrointestinal tract is filled with too much gas or air, and can cause discomfort ranging from mildly ugh to painfully eek! According to research, it’s one of the most misunderstood symptoms but, fortunately, there are ways you can deflate your belly without medication or fad diets. So, rather than wallow in the aftermath of too many carbs and cocktails, check out these tips on ways to help banish the bloat and get back into your favorite jeans. Drink your water WARM Drinking water can work wonders on your tummy – especially when it’s warm. According to the European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, drinking a very warm cup of water in the morning can help cleanse your body by flushing out toxins. (I prefer mine boiled then cooled, though even room temperature can be beneficial.) It can also relieve constipation, which is often accompanied by bloating. Warm water also helps to break food down more easily and stimulates natural digestive enzymes, which may improve digestion. To reap the health benefits of warm water, drink it every morning, with a squeeze of lemon for flavor. Whether you prefer it warm or cold, the health and digestive benefits of drinking water is undeniable. Try to drink at least eight glasses daily, and keep in mind that fruits and vegetables have a high water content – cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, and strawberries contain over 90% water and count towards your daily fluid consumption. Cut back on the gas Despite their healthy profile, legumes and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower have bad reputations as gas producers due to their content of an

Left: Excess gas can range from uncomfortably ugh to painfully eek!

“Chewing gum, eating too fast, and sipping through a straw can cause air to get trapped in your tummy.” indigestible sugar called raffinose. You may want to experiment with these foods and try eating very small amounts and gradually increase to see how much your body can tolerate. Keep it real Eating salty foods can trigger water retention, which can lead to abdominal inflation. So ditch the highly processed stuff (even those marketed as “healthy”) and stick with whole, real foods. Focus on veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and avocado. This will ensure a reduction in excess sodium, added sugars, and artificial ingredients, which can also cause bloating. Go pro! Improving the friendly bacteria in your gut will ultimately help with bloating and gas, since probiotics suppress bad bacteria and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Since we are all born with a unique assortment of gut flora, the type of probiotic that works for one may not work for another. So if you want to explore the world of probiotics, it may take some trial and error until your find a brand that is your best friend. But you can also consult with your doctor to see which bacteria strains or brand he or she recommends. Free your mind That’s right, a busy mind can actually exacerbate the stress effect on the gut, leaving you with a sluggish GI system. Following stress-management techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can help bring your body and mind back into balance. Another great way to soothe emotional stress is through cognitive behavioral therapy, which may


help to reframe you thinking and change negative thoughts into more positive, productive ways of thinking. Work it out Cardio exercises, such as walking, jogging, and cycling, help gas pass through the digestive tract more quickly. Even a brisk 10-minute walk can provide relief. In contrast, being sedentary can slow down the digestion process, so be sure to get moving after you eat. That can include taking the stairs, walking around the office, or going for a brisk walk during your lunch break. No excuses! And I’ll bet you never knew … Some surprising yet common drinking and eating habits can cause bloating: things like chewing gum, eating too fast, and sipping through a straw can cause air to get trapped in your tummy, leading to a puffed-out belly. Fizzy drinks can also leave your stomach full of gas, and sipping them through straw is like a double whammy! Artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, found in diet products and some other foods, have also been linked to bloating and other GI issues, so be sure to read food labels and be mindful of the ingredients. With multiple causes, bloating is a symptom that can be a challenge to manage effectively. The link between food and gastrointestinal distress is well recognized and if your symptoms stem deeper than some excess holiday grub, consult with your doctor for further testing. There are highly effective dietary strategies that may spell relief for you and a registered dietitian can also provide guidance on those options. Overall, exercise, nutrition, and managing stress are all important factors in reducing belly bloat and improving general health and small changes in one or more of these areas can make a big difference.

Samina Kalloo RD, CDN @cookingfortots @SaminaKallooRD



Kit Pepper has the ideal solution to that crappy bottle your house guests left you last month


ine may be the easiest gift to give, but not everyone has the gift of giving. This makes it entirely possible that you will gratefully accept a less-than-stellar bottle this season. It could be a duty gift, a stranger gift, a going-through-the-motions gift, even a thoughtful-but-not-generous gift. It hardly matters — you can’t actually drink the stuff. Duane Reade might let you return it. Or you could re-gift it, but whom would you inflict it on? The good news: human civilization has a way of dealing with crappy wine, based on more than 8,000 years of drinking it. The ancient Romans disguised it with honey, pepper, mastic, saffron, bay leaf and dates and called it conditum. By the Middle Ages, hippocras was flavored with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and many other now-familiar spices. We may call it vin chaud, glühwein, or glögg, but the generic term is mulled wine. From the beginnings of winemaking to as recently as the 1850s, wine was

almost guaranteed to spoil within a couple of months of harvest. There was no dependable way to preserve it, and little science to indicate what was going wrong. Yet wine was an important source of calories, as well as hydration in times before water was consistently potable — to say nothing of the therapeutic effects of alcohol in an otherwise grim existence. Masking sourness and the funk of bacteria with honey or sugar and spices made it somewhat palatable. The various herbs and spices were considered medicinal as well, and heated wine warmed the body in the cold months. Not least, wine, spices, and sweeteners were costly and rare, so serving them indicated prosperity and status. Here, then, is a golden opportunity. Thank the gods for globalization (affordable spices! oranges! sugar!), run out for gingerbread, and invite some friends over to share your bottle of not-quite-vinegar. You’re carrying on a long, ancient tradition.


Kit Pepper began her career in book publishing and soon began to study wine in her spare time. Spare time led to full time, and she now owns Kit’s Underground Wine & Spirits. With both her work and home in HK, she almost never has to leave. kitsunderground. nyc

Left: Wine – keeping humans happily hydrated for centuries!

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine begs for substitutions. Use sugar instead of honey, add nutmeg or peppercorns or anise seed, spike it with brandy or crème de cassis. Add rosemary if you like things piney. Garnish with cinnamon sticks or orange slices. And — need it be said? — your wine should be as cheap as possible. 1 navel orange ¼ cup honey 6 quarter-size slices fresh ginger, peeled ½ tsp whole cardamom (granules, not pods) 1 stick cinnamon (2 inches) 8 whole cloves 1 bay leaf (for red wine only) 1 bottle (750 ml) red or white wine 1 sprig fresh rosemary (5 inches; for red wine only; optional) ¼ cup triple sec (optional) 1. Use a peeler to remove three three-inch zest strips from the orange, then juice the orange to get about ½ cup juice. Put juice and zests in a medium saucepan. 2. Add honey, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and bay leaf and place over medium heat, stirring until the honey is dissolved. 3. Pour in the wine and reduce heat to medium low. If you’re using rosemary, add it now. Heat the wine through, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes. Taste for strength — if you want stronger flavors, heat for another five minutes. 4. Remove from the heat and strain into a jug. If you’re adding triple sec, stir it in. Or a tablespoon can be dropped in individual glasses as desired.

In wine there is truth. Also in wine: vengeance More wine truisms from Jason Witcher next month







Know anyone who works in Hell’s Kitchen who’d be great for the Staff Survey? Don’t keep them a secret, share the love with

Late nights, long days,

AND LOTS OF COFFEE Lie in? Not when you’re a bartender with a modeling career in your sights, says Cormac Murphy Photograph Nacho Guevara Job description Bartender and aspiring model. My average day looks a bit like this … Me and my brother Rory recently built up the courage to learn Spanish. So these days we find ourselves getting up every Monday and Wednesday morning to be in the city for 10am. Working Sunday nights and getting two hours’ sleep is actually quite fun (I’m being sarcastic!). Fortunately, I also love coffee (Americano with almond milk), so, yeah, I drink a lot of coffee on those days for sure. Working late nights definitely takes its toll but I find sleeping in is a waste of time. I work out almost every day, and recently decided to get a coach so I can take my training to the next level. I like to socialize, going on dates (yes, I’m single), or going to new bars or rooftops to get some mean IG photos. You can find me on 5th Avenue most weeks too, spending all my wages from the night before. No regrets. And after doing all of the above, I find myself getting ready for work and kicking up another Americano to get me excited for the night ahead. I guess you could say it's a case of eat-train-learn Spanish-shopdrink coffee-work-repeat. I haven't served any famous people yet … But I'm never afraid to tell someone if they look like a celebrity. So if you find yourself having a bad day but think you look like

“Working Sunday nights and getting two hours’ sleep is actually quite fun (I’m being sarcastic!)” someone famous, call in and I bet you you'll get a compliment off me! Best part of the job I find this city is one big high. You get to meet people from all over the world with so many beautiful accents (another reason I'm learning Spanish ) and so many different stories to tell (that's if they do tell me stories … normally I'm the one talking). And the worst I find it more funny than anything, but it has to be when people ask me: “Are you actually Irish?” I'm not sure they believe me until I show them my passport. Maybe it's because I like to hold on to my summer tan with my dark hair and beard, who knows. But it happens a lot. I do more than just tending bar When I first moved here, my intention was to start modeling, or try and get into a good agency. I had only ever done local stuff back home and some shoots for my


Opposite: A little bit of on-the-job lifting keeps Cormac in shape.

portfolio when I lived in Brisbane, Australia, but I always found my fulltime jobs taking over and I never fully committed myself to it. So these last few weeks I decided to really go for it, as I found myself being asked that question most nights I work: “Okaaay, are you a model? And YOU’RE IRISH?” My response: “Not quite, and YES, I'm Irish!” So I'm in the process of building my Instagram (you can find me at @iamcormacmurphy) and training, setting goals to get signed with an agency and get my career started finally. Keep an eye out for me come 2018. Which means I need to stay in shape Working long nights does take its toll on the body, but my routine keeps me on track (bringing my protein shakes into work keeps the dishwasher going!) I've always taken care of my skin, whether it be drinking lots of water, using face masks, and the sauna and steam room in the gym. I thank my lovely mother Maureen, though (she’s from New Jersey) for my beautiful skin. My hidden talents? Come see me in The Mean Fiddler and maybe ... maybe I'll show you!

THE MEAN FIDDLER (212) 354-2491 W47TH ST - 7TH/8TH AVE




The Macaron Cafe has just introduced two new celebratory flavors to its pudding portfolio: champagne brut and champagne rosé. Eat sensibly, my friends! $72 (for a box of 24),


Maybe they set fire to everything. Maybe they’re a hellish good cook. Maybe they’re the kind of brassy babe who would buy a frozen lasagna, heat it up in a nice pan, and call it home made. The great thing about the Hellraiser oven mitt is that it works all ways. $14.95,



Seven picks to feed the soul of the foodie in your life COOKIE CULT


We’re just getting used to having The Sullivan Street Bakery back with us on W47th St, when they go and give us this as well. Talk about joy to all men (and women)! The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook has a bunch of recipes, including pizzas, pastries, egg dishes, and bakery classics (not to mention Jim Lahey’s coveted recipe for panettone). $35,

Is there anything more American than cookies? And anyone better to make them than Martha? For the first time, Martha Stewart has created a holiday cookie kit containing four recipes (including her mother’s famous Noel Nut Balls). Each kit comes with recipe cards and baker’s twine to tie it up as a gift. Or bake the cookies yourself and gift them in the bags included. $38.99,


Warm mushroom custards with garlic toast. Lemony braised chicken with green olives. Raspberry clafoutis. And hot brandied peaches over ice-cream. In Le French Oven, Hillary Davis tells us how we can create all these magnificent dishes using the cocotte – the French version of a Dutch oven. All told through beautiful photography. $22.55,


Sometimes, one bottle of hot sauce just isn’t enough. For the spice-lover in your life, nothing can beat the Sexy Six combo from Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce – the Undercover Lover, West Side Red, Retro Jalapeño, Cinnamon Ghost Punch, Rockin’ Rasta, and Habanero Mango Salvation. Plus, they’ve just opened a store in TurnStyle at Columbus Circle. Tell owner Ron we said hi. $50,


Made from old flour sacks, the Amy’s Bread tea towel is both pretty and eco-friendly. Dig that retro styling, Amy. $22,




In with


Our favorite interior designers, decorators, and creatives deliver their trend predictions for 2018 … and have some surprising tips on how to make them work in your teensy NY apartment

Patrick J Hamilton


Interior designer, stylist, stager, blogger “We’re in a period of transition and extremes right now, and I’m seeing design responding to that in some surprising ways. But perhaps not so surprisingly, different parts of the country seem to be responding with striking differences. “Show houses are always great places to get a taste of where designers are at, trend-wise, and I got a first-hand example of ‘North versus South’ – first, at Savannah’s Southern Style Now Show House. There, color reigned supreme, and pattern ran wild. A surprisingly consistent through-note of greens, from olive to lime to emerald, appeared in the restored Greek Revival home’s four floors and outdoor spaces, decorated by over 20 designers (myself included). “Close behind, Delft and robin’s egg blues, mustard and daffodil yellows, and dusty pinks and mauves kept all the rooms colorful. And even though bathrooms were still built on classic whites and stone-based neutrals, color came not from built-in materials, but art and accents. The interiors were a wonderful mix of mostly traditional starting points, kept fresh with modern art and those strong colors. “That Southern color track synchs up with what the experts at Benjamin


Above: Subdued statements at NY’s Holiday House. Right: A fat blob of Caliente – the color of the year.

Moore unveiled at the Guggenheim late this fall: their color of the year, Caliente, a gutsy, warm red that would work equally well in a Classic Six’s dining room or a lacquered accent wall in one of HK’s gleaming glass towers. “Here in New York, at the tenth annual Holiday House Show


House (open through December 6), the color mood was, for the most part, surprisingly subdued, with earthy metallics, bronzes, taupes and camels mixing with a healthy dose of a strong, anchoring black. “The New York designers (some of my favorite colleagues and past neighbors from when I participated in 2013 and 2014) skewed far more modern, this year more than any I remember. Which is the opposite of what usually happens in a conservative political climate, where trend is more likely to head into traditional territory. “But even if the Holiday House spaces were mostly neutral, they were hardly boring, with strong sculptural contemporary furnishings, angular pattern and dimensional artwork. Maybe that’s how New Yorkers are channeling the strong divides we’re seeing now in our current national conversations – with sharp contrast between traditional and modern. “And if you’re scrambling for a lastminute gift for the design lover on your list, I suggest Holiday House: Ten Years of Decorating for a Cure, published by Pointed Leaf Press. And not just because I wrote all the parts of the book that founder Iris Dankner didn’t! It’s an ode to the power of decorating to transfer spaces, and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

LIVING Assaf Leib Interior architect and industrial designer You want to make the most of your teeny tiny apartment space in 2018? Assaf has the tips.


Closet trick – instead of the traditional design, opening a door to the interior with a single shelf and hanging rod, there are much better ways to use the space. With custom millwork, you can add drawers in the bottom, and touch-latch storage near the ceiling. Bonus: for people with taller ceilings, you can take advantage of this space with a pull-down rod system. Using ultra-slim LEDs, you avoid the need to dramatically drop the ceiling height while still enjoying the benefit of recessed lighting.



In the kitchen, pay close attention to the corners. Use lazy susans in the upper cabinets and kidney pullouts in the lower cabinets. One thing I have been doing recently in small, enclosed kitchens is pulling the refrigerator just outside. It’s one of the most bulky items in the kitchen and this helps to gain a ton of counterspace.

Above: The old Murphy bed is all grown up.


Harry Heismann Interior designer and collector of antique Christmas tree stands “Just when we have realized we didn’t make it to the beach once this summer, we drift right into full-gear holiday mode. “Once Thanksgiving has passed, most folks start decorating their houses. Not so in the ‘real tree’ corner of my house. There, after an intimate breakfast with partner Mark and pup Samson, presided over by the collection of antique German terracotta gnomes – the largest one bringing bagels on a wheelbarrow – a real tree shaped like a hedgehog goes up, in a real antique cast iron stand (I have about 250 in my collection) on December 24, in the European tradition. Tons of lights are a must. “The year this photo was taken, my

friend and master florist Emily Thompson made a garland of roses and carnations and the only ornaments were candy canes. “This year, not only will I use my late mentor’s [Albert Hadley] Victorian paste glass star treetopper again, but will also follow his recommendation of using beaded



Although Murphy beds have been around for a while, there are now many more ideas for folding furniture that open the space up when you aren’t using the items. Lastly, the clean, white, modern look makes the space feel so much bigger. Use smaller, intentional touches to keep the home looking warm and inviting.

Above: A gnome delivers bagels for breakfast; a rose and carnation garland.

fruit for gift giving. Only mine will be fake fruit. “Talking of gifts, I’m thinking about giving to the elephants or other important causes and skipping the shopping this year. “And as for 2018, I predict that decorating will be back, people will start collecting again, and focus on what’s important: friends, family, and more time without cell phones and computers. “I’m seeing that more and more people are embracing color and are getting tired of ‘pret-a-porter’ looks for their apartments and houses. Quality and a lasting experience matter again and, let’s face it, in these unsure times the best gifts include cuddling up with your loved ones, laughing and spreading cheer in a personal, colorful, decorated environment. “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”


LIVING Jason Witcher Designer, illustrator, maker “Contact paper! All it takes is an afternoon and a moment of inspiration. It goes up like wallpaper but without the expense and mess and know-how. Go to your local hardware store for vintage solids or gingham or wood-grain patterns, hit up Lowes or Home Depot for brilliant foils in silver or copper. “Once resigned to kitchen shelves or drawer liners, this soft-tack medium comes to life on your walls. Cut out a spectator pattern as I have, or throw up sheets of primary colors. Peel away as you apply, using a brayer to smooth out bubbles, and – voila! Naked white walls pop with graphics. “Save the triangle bits to make patterns if you need to accentuate a

+ casual wall or back an art piece. It’s cold outside in NYC winters. Stay in one gloomy weekend afternoon and make a magpie proud.”


Jami Eliason


Architect, interior designer, construction manager “One of the latest trends I’ve seen in my work is the introduction of copper tones in hardware, which reflects and absorbs both the warm and cool tones that surrounded them. “For example, evem if you have a chrome faucet in your kitchen or bath, you can still incorporate a copper finish in cabinet hardware. “The warm tones of gold and copper also mix very well with wood: a chandelier with crystal and mirror finished steel, for example, alongside gold leaf and high polished bronze on furniture. “In this same penthouse project, we used bath faucetry in a custom light copper finish to reflect the


warm wood and cool tones of the furnishings. “Just as happens in high fashion, mixing metals is all the trend. So don’t be shy to combine shiny finishes of any kind.”

Find the best food & drink options in Hell's Kitchen hour-by-hour Try W42ST on Facebook Messenger or at 39

Injuries & Illnesses Under the weather? Injured? Let us make you feel better!

Physical Exams From school to job, we know what to do to get you started, physically!

Vaccinations Protect yourself from flu, pneumonia, hepatitis, tetanus and meningitis. We also provide routine vaccines if you are traveling.

Work Related Injury Injured at work? Let’s get you better so you can get back to work sooner.

Pediatrics Little monkeys falling off the swing? Fever and cough that keep them in bed? We will make sure your kids are well taken care of.

In-House EKG, Labs and X-ray State of the art in-house digital X-Ray machine

HIV & STD Testing Rapid HIV and STD Testing

PrEP and PEP Pre-exposure prohylaxis (PrP) and Post-exposure prohylaxis (PEP) for HIV prevention.

LGBTQ Health We are LBGTQ physicians, providers, staff and LGBTQ friendly doctors and staff who can address your concerns and medical issues.

715 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019 Email us: Call us: (212)-757-2015 Monday - Friday Hours: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM Saturday & Sunday Hours: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Five of

THE BEST What will a two-bedroom rental apartment set you back?


ell, the median price for a no-fee two-bed in a luxury building is $5,716 per month (according to RentCafe. com). This hasn’t moved year-on-year, but three-bed apartment prices are down 8% (so you might consider getting an extra bedroom with a cheeky sub-let to defray costs). But the size of an average twobed apartment is 1,049 sq ft (so don’t expect too many cats to swing!). Much as we evangelize for Hell’s Kitchen, you could head up to Washington Heights and move the median price down to $2,467… just saying. And it’s only a $5.50 return fare on the metro for nights out in the hood! We based our choices this month on where you could cycle to from Port Authority (we know, we know!), and used Apartment List for the search.


(a full six minutes of pedalling!)

Meanwhile - the cheapest we find was also on Riverside Boulevard.

And if you’re prepared to head uptown….

But if you want to drop the idea of a bike ride and just walk - there are these two.




Champagne. Good at any time of year, but especially during the holidays. Celebrate with these delicate champagne flutes. And 10 per cent of the price goes to Housing Works. Another glass? Oh, why not … $50 for the pair,


Take a match to them! This fresh-scented candle is our seasonal fave – with notes of just-ripe winter lemons, oranges, and mandarins. $35,


When we were visiting Cold Spring recently, we dragged our mudcaked hiking boots into this store and fell instantly in love. We want everything. But for now, this knitted pouf will have to do. $128,


the halls Whether or not bells and holly are your thing, ’tis the season to DECORATE!


Some people change their tree ornaments every year. Others use the same ones they had when they were in kindergarten. We like to mix it up, with one or two new ones each season, so our tree starts to tell a story … each bauble holding a special memory. Fairy mice, $17 each; and bearded mermen, $19 each, domusnewyork




After dinner, you recline on your green velvet sofa, with your feet up on your green knitted pouf, and congratulate yourself for buying the splendid Chill whiskey glass. Elegantly smooth, each one comes with an exquisite marble base. So you won’t get nasty rings on your fancy new coffee table. $72,


But this beauty isn’t cheap, so you may not want to hang it on your front door. $275,


You don’t need us to tell you how compact NYC apartments can be. So any piece of furniture that doubles up is a winner for us. Like this coffee table that hides a shed load of stuff in its belly. AND it’s on sale! From $479.99,


Onetime W42ST cover artist Tyler Wallach describes his work as the 1988 love child of Keith Haring and Lisa Frank. And now you can hang him on your wall (and wear him on your legs, and feet, and phone). Wall art, $200,


Designer Karim Rashid was commissioned by the Jewish Museum to create a contemporary menorah. This bold statement piece includes 45 coordinating Hanukkah candles, and also comes in orange and blue. $38,


Is there any fabric more festive than green velvet? We don’t think so. Which is why we’re loving this vintage-style sofa so much. Imagine yourself slipping into a turkey coma and having this bad boy to sink into … $1,399,




#W42ST Hashtag your Instagram pics and they could star in the mag!

Hi there. Year's almost over. How was it for you? Yep, us too. But at least we have coffee, Joe Biden, brunch, and whiskey to see us through, right? Thanks to our Instagram fam who have kept us amused and inspired through 2017. Remember, anyone can be on this page. Just tag your images #W42ST and you could be the one whose photograph ends up in the next issue. Happy holidays!







Right: Exploring a temple in the Mekong Delta.

Happy holidays from Ho Chi Minh City It’s December, which means Sarah Funk is in Vietnam – home of temples, tunnels, lifechanging seafood, and scooters with a death wish


t’s easy to fall under Ho Chi Minh City’s spell. The nucleus of southern Vietnam is buzzing with energy day and night. I lived here for four weeks of bliss, visiting temples, walking the shady boulevards lined with tamarind trees, and slurping spoonfuls of pho (Vietnamese soup) every chance I got. Over time, I witnessed the locals’ daily life unfold, primarily on the street where old men hunch over board games, shoeshiners wave at passers-by, and women carrying tasty snacks in their shoulder baskets clean old rice bowls on the curb. This city is the definition of organized chaos. Thousands of scooters speed in all directions on the road and sidewalks. There seem to be no traffic rules at all, and it can be scary crossing the street. But despite its perceived danger, the city itself is very safe. Plus, the attractions are worth the visit alone. From traditional water puppet theater shows to crawling through the Cu Chi Tunnels (an immense network of connecting underground passageways once used by the Viet Cong), the variety of experiences in this area is fascinating. On the weekdays, I would visit museums and try local cuisine. On the weekends, I would go on multi-day tours so inexpensive it would make most New Yorkers cry. During one particular weekend trip,


“On the weekends, I would go on multi-day tours so inexpensive it would make most New Yorkers cry.” which cost a total of $80 for two nights at a beautiful seaside resort, transportation from HCMC and a half-day excursion, I visited the sandy paradise of Mui Ne. In the morning, I’d walk along the sweeping bay laced with coconut palms as local fishermen dragged in the catch of the day. Upon arrival at a restaurant, visitors are instructed to select a live fish from a tank. It is then cleaned and placed directly on the grill. The flavors are life-changing. Now on to other transformative experiences in Thailand, where I will be going on a three-day jungle trek through the forest of Chiang Mai. Wish me luck and see you next month. Sarah left her Hell’s Kitchen home in January to travel the world, living in a different country for a month every month. Follow her adventures at


Paradise found – Mui Ne

STYLE Explore

Mui Ne, a traditional fishing village around 200km north of Ho Chi Minh City. Mekong Delta, a network of rivers, swamps, and islands, where you will find floating markets, pagodas, and rice paddies. Cu Chi Tunnels, part of a massive war museum that offers a peek at the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers in 1948.


AO Show, a theatrical, circus experience ( ao-show). Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre ( War Remnants Museum ( Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine (FITO) ( Get a 60-minute massage or facial for $20 at Jolene Spa (TripAdvisor. com).

Eat & Drink

Sarah's progress I 'm h e r e!


Gio Truoung Sa Restaurant, a great local dinner spot ( Cuc Gach Quan, quite possibly the best Vietnamese restaurant in HCMC ( Ciao Bella, for excellent Italian cuisine ( L-usine, for breakfast/lunch/dinner, a Vietnamese eaterie in a French colonial building ( Hum Vegetarian, a high-end Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant ( Broma Not A Bar, a rooftop bar with trendy vibe ( bromabar). Ben Thanh Market, a great local market for lunch (vietnam-guide. com). Cafe Au Parc, for a fabulous all-youcan eat/drink intercontinental brunch on a Sunday ( Winking Seal Brewery, an excellent craft brewery ( winkingseal). Noir Dining In The Dark Saigon, which is exactly what it sounds like! (





When our best-loved social lubricant is removed from the equation, how do we slip into bed with the object of our desires? Kristen Jongen has some bad news … and some good news


t least Carrie Bradshaw had something to take the edge off, right? The anxiety produced by her erratic wardrobe choices, financial insecurity, and compulsive shoe shopping melted away seamlessly once that trusty pink cosmo arrived. In my previous life, I was Carrie. And having sex in any city was easier with a buzz on. Let’s face it, American culture is predicated on the notion that frisky singles schmooze, flirt, and ultimately get laid with the aid of alcoholic elixirs. City streets are lined with businesses invested in this paradigm. The ideology of “take refuge, drink, hook-up and tip well” is baked into the bones of our nation. What if you stop? Well, my friends, welcome to your new life. The good news is that you are single in the city that never sleeps. The bad news is that you are wide awake, horny, and sober AF. This new drink and drug-free lifestyle is sure to pose challenges. No, you won’t be meeting Mr Right for a glass of wine and getting high before making the first move; but you will be showing up as yourself.



You don’t have to take my word for it. I conducted serious interviews with cross-cultural HK sober residents to get unbiased opinions on this subject. Participants included: a 20-40 something Dutch straight woman (it was hard to tell her age because she looked so fresh and youthful), a 36-yearold Indian gay male, a 24-year-old Latino trans male, a 60-year-old African American straight guy, and a 51-year-old Jewish lesbian. The results were unanimous. Everyone concurred that while at first it


Kristen Jongen is the artist, author, and speaker behind Soul Soup. She writes books on grief, healing, and transformation, and is in longterm recovery from alcohol and drug addiction ( If you are having a hard time with drugs and alcohol, you can find support meetings at


Below: The results are in, says Kristen. Sober sex is super hot!

was awkward, once the balls were rolling, sober sex was better. Scientific phrases like “super hot,” “faster orgasm,” “more intense,” “primal,” and “very she by Sheree” were used. While we may or may not make better selections in our partnerships, sober, we are at the very least conscious of who we are choosing. It is true that you will likely stop hanging from chandeliers; however, you will stop breaking bones and bruising yourself. In a paradoxical shift, you will join the rarest and most erotic lovers in New York City because you will actually be available for a genuine connection. Perhaps you have delivered the milk a few boozy times before insisting he buys the cow? Have no fear. With a clear head, we get to switch from a steady diet of cheap oleo frosting to a rich cake topped with buttercream. Those attempting to live a meaningful life cannot survive on processed sugar alone. We need substance to be sustained. Trust, emotional presence, and vulnerability are the flour, eggs, and butter of intimacy. Rest assured, sober sex is the icing on the cake. Now that we’ve discussed what to look forward to in the bedroom, meet me next month to discover how to soberly interact with people and not scare them away.



525 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036 (212) 473-3689 M-F 8a-10p | S 8a-8p | 8a-8p (212) 772-3570




OK, before we start, yes, we know $89 for a water bottle seems steep. But hang on a second. Bellabeat’s Spring bottle is loaded with some super-sensitive tech that tracks exactly how much water you’re drinking, and can even detect movements such as syncing, refilling, and emptying. It understands if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and calculates the right amount of water you should be drinking depending on your activity level, age, height, weight, and even the local weather! So … not just any old water bottle. $89,

Perfect fit Health – it really is the gift that keeps on giving


New York personal trainer Amie Hoff has created a portable fitness kit you can use while traveling, at home, or in the office. Each little case contains jump ropes, resistance band, and a book of exercises that give you a full-body workout. In addition, you get 24/7 email access to the team of trainers and dietitians, should you have any fitness or nutrition questions. Your New Year body starts here. $39.99,


Dancer, singer, and actress Emily Hsu has appeared in more than a dozen Broadway musicals, but could never find leggings she really liked. So she started sewing her own – for herself and her daughter. Her signature style is a high waist that stays in place, and vibrant prints, from skulls and sunsets to mermaid scales and graffiti. She’s even a favorite with the Rockettes. Navy Silken bralette, $42; leggings, $64,


We don’t know about you, but sometimes meditation is hard. You just can’t seem to sit right. Right? Just us? Anyway, the people at Undo clearly agree, so have created this cushion specifically created for mindfulness. It provides comfort and support, along with a rocking base that automatically adjusts the body to sit straighter. Ahhh, we feel more mindful already. $150,


The sock game is strong at Mark Fisher Fitness this festive season. And these bad boys make pretty nifty stocking stuffers. Or even just the stockings. $16, (only available on site at the Hell’s Kitchen and Bowery gyms)




Wagging Beans

Humans’ names: Elizabeth and Drew. Age: Ten months. What makes me bark: I don’t bark, I grunt and whimper when I’m excited or when I want attention to play or snuggle. Three words that describe me best: Playful, affectionate, communicative. Confession: I sneak away with my humans’ socks to lay with them in my bed. Instadog: @hellomynameisbeans


Rex Benzema

Kip Humans’ names: Jason and Bruce. Breed: Jack Russell mix. Age: One year. What makes me bark: Charlotte’s Web on Hulu. Three words that describe me best: Lover, dreamer, doer. Confession: I know where the missing socks are. Instadog: @thecitypuppy

Human’s name: Abie. Breed: Teacup Yorkie. Age: One and a half. What makes me bark: Balls. Three words that describe me best: Clumsy, snuggly, scrappy. Confession; When nobody’s looking, I pee where I’m not supposed to on purpose. Instadog: @newyorkyyorkie

Millie Humans’ names: Royce and Brian. Breed: Wheaten terrier. Age: I just turned three. What makes me bark: I never bark. Three words that describe me best: I’m adorable, lovable, and sweet. Confession: I love to tear up pillows when I’m home alone.

Want to see your pup on this page? DIGITAL EDITION

tales Tilly Human’s name: Mirjana. Breed: Yorkie-poo. Age: Ten. What makes me bark: Being left home alone. Three words that describe me best: Feisty, alpha, angel. Confession: I have a husband named Jake (who lives in my building) but I also have my boyfriend Bailey. They are both younger so I’m definitely a cougar! Instadog: @tillyswalks

Rafferty Humans’ names: Trisha and Solomon. Breed: Pitbull. Age: Eight. What makes me bark: Any male other than my dad approaching my mom. And just barking in the middle of the night because I want to play. Three words that describe me best: Stylish, cuddly, and shrewd. Confession: I hide my bones in Mommy’s slippers just to hear her shriek when she puts them on. It’s sooooo funny!!!

PETS These camera-happy canines took a time out from the morning stroll for a quick Q&A with W42ST



Human’s name: Kyle. Breed: Jack Russell mix. Age: Ten months. What makes me bark: I only bark when my dad is on the phone. Otherwise, I don’t make a peep. Three words that describe me best: Loving, brave, hyper. Confession: I’ll spend 20 minutes straight running in circles around the apartment, knocking over whatever is in my path and my dad can’t catch me because I’m so fast!

Human’s name: Marjie. Breed: Mutt. Age: Estimated ten. What makes me bark: I bark all the time at everything, which drives Mom crazy. Three words that describe me best: Grateful, affectionate, beautiful. Confession: I’m not housebroken so Mom makes me wear diapers a lot.

Send it to and we’ll do the rest. DIGITAL EDITION



Santa paws

Ugh! Pee pads for potty training pups can be pretty gross. We prefer to use real grass, which absorbs liquids and controls smells naturally. And, since dogs instinctively want to go on real grass, training is a breeze. Subscribe to get a box delivered every one, two, three, or four weeks, or buy a one-time only box to try it out. It’s fully disposable, so there’s no cleaning or maintenance. From $29,

coming to town



Nobody will ever accuse you of being basic with one of these over your shoulder! You’ll fall in love with Marc Tetro’s adorable backpacks. Get shopping at TurnStyle (Columbus Circle), Artists & Fleas (Chelsea Market), or the new winter pop-up at Bryant Park. $64,

Ten top pet gifts for the dog or cat in your life Words: Leslie Woodruff


Traditional clippers pinch the nail and can hurt delicate paws. The Dremel allows you to quickly and gently trim your pooch’s nails AND capture them, eliminating the wrestling matches (and clean-up) that typically ensue on grooming day. $39.99,




Finally, an easy way to give your pet their medicine or supplements. Just stash the pill, powder, or liquid inside, snap the patented “Smell Lock” closure system, and serve up the all-natural treat to your buddy. No mess, and they don’t dry out like other products. Available in two sizes and three flavors. $13 for a bag of 32,


Did you know that cats have an instinctual aversion to still water? This top-rated electric fountain provides your furry friend with fresh, filtered water, which encourages them to drink more often, preventing binge eating and dreaded UTIs. Praised by Wirecutter as best in class $29.99,


We know how much our dogs love outdoor adventures. But their eyes need protection just as much as ours do. These goggles are specially created for pups, to keep them safe not just from the sun’s harmful rays but also from debris and other occupational hazards that come with being an active dog. They come with UVA/UVB protective lenses that help treat canine eye conditions such as pannus, and the design allows for full jaw motion and no restricted vision. $79.95,


Could there be a better way to make a boring household chore more fun? Unlike ordinary cat litter, these absorbent micro crystals let you to play Picasso for your feline. Available in four neon colors, you can mix and match to create amusing works of art. Use code “NEWRAVER10” to receive a 10% discount. Your cat will RAVE! $14.99,


Has your kitty ever woken you up in the night to eat, only to scarf and barf? Cats are natural predators and have tiny stomachs, so a meal in a bowl is a bingeful bore. Give them the thrill of the hunt by hiding these innovative feeders around your apartment and let them seek and play with their food. From $40,



Dog and Co is another neighborhood shop that keeps your pup looking as dapper as you. The flagship location inside TurnStyle (along with a winter pop-up at Bryant Park) features an enormous assortment of apparel and gifts. Get a load of the buffalo check collection by Worthy Dog. We love a good tartan plaid kilt, especially on a pooch! $20,


You wouldn’t feed a chemical-laden treat to a child, so why give your buddy a formaldehyde bone? NY-based company Earth Animal makes products that are more than 80% digestible, unlike typical rawhides. From $4.99,



this month



w42 st


Chez Napoleon

9th Ave 53rd/54th St

W 50th Street - 8th/9th Ave

Kiabacca 10th Ave 45th/46th St

10th Ave - 45th St


A neighborhood

Featuring 20

restaurant that invites you to stay for

Hell’s Kitchen landmark French

Rotating local craft beer on tap, easy

specialty brick oven pizzas and a high

a while. The menu features artisan

restaurant open since 1960 and still

drinking lawnmower beers, cocktails,

quality selection of rotating crafts at

pizzas, New American appetizers &

dedicated to serving classic comfort

sandwiches & shareable appetizers.

fantastic prices. Always interesting

entrees & homemade desserts.

food dishes. Leave your diet at home!

Happy hour 3pm-6pm Mon-Fri.

draft cocktails and wine on tap. (212) 245-2215 (212) 265-6980 (212) 586-2707 (212) 649-4675


map reference


map reference

Ardesia W52nd St 10th/11th Ave International


map reference

Kit’s Underground

10th Ave 45th/46th St

W53rd St 8th/9th Ave

TurnStyle, Columbus Circle

A wine bar and restaurant in the

Japanese ramen shop serving slow-

heart of Hell’s Kitchen, serving

cooked pork and vegetarian broths,

on a Saturday 2pm-5pm for off-the-

dinner & brunch made from locally

plus dumplings and drinks. From

list wines and menu favorites.

sourced ingredients.

ramen pioneer Hideto Kawahara. (212) 245-2215 (212) 247-3039 (212) 969-0066


map reference

Beer Culture


Fresh From Hell

W45th St 8th/9th Ave

map reference

of bottles and cans, and drink from

The go-to spot in Hell’s Kitchen for

and cocktails served on a multi-level

a rotating selection of drafts and

great-tasting sandwiches, soups,

yacht with a large deck. Short sailings

cask. Fill up a house growler or bring

salads, juices, and smoothies, extra

on the Hudson for sweeping views of

your own. Knowledgeable staff.

fresh, and prepared in front of you.

the Manhattan skyline. (646) 590-2139 (212) 630-8840

map reference


Chez Josephine

Surf ’n’ turf, tapas,


map reference

Green Fig 10th Ave 41st/42nd St

W42nd St 9th/10th Ave

Modern Israeli

map reference

In HK since 2004, Kashkaval Garden offers a relaxed environment to enjoy

walls and chandeliers lighting up

East, North Africa’s Maghreb region,

good wines, specialty cocktails, and

Josephine Baker portraits.

and southern Europe.

Mediterranean inspired food & fondue. (212) 594-1925 (212) 245-1758 12

map reference



map reference

Lansdowne Road 10th Ave 43rd/44th St This neighborhood sports bar is a great place to gather for tasty pub food, wings, and a wide selection of beers while watching your favorite team. Back bar for parties. (212) 239-8020 5

map reference

9th Ave 37th/38th St

Influences come from The Middle

9 (212-262-6000)

9th Ave 55th/56th St

cuisine with unique flavor and spices.

map reference

Thursday and Friday, 5pm-8pm.

Manganaro’s Hero Boy

Paris, with a blue tin ceiling, red velvet


online for free delivery. Free tastings

Kashkaval Garden

Return to the joie de vivre of 1920s

(646) 449-7790

factories — all over the world. Order

Pier 83, 12th Ave - 43rd St

W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

(212) 956-4355

Wine and spirits from families — not


A huge selection


map reference

Hide Chan Ramen

and cocktails. Come for wine social

map reference


Dianne & Elisabeth

wines, happy hour, cheese boards,



Hellcat Annie’s Tap Room

map reference

Our 60-year anniversary! The original six-foot Hero will feed 30 to 40 people. Large restaurant: eat in, take out, catering. Reasonable prices! (212) 947-7325 15

map reference


Brittany Ramsey’s DAYLIST 10:00 AM

12:00 pM

2:00 pM AS IS 10th Ave - 50th St The best craft beers in a cozy/ industrial bar. They’re so friendly and have the best bar food. I like

BRITTANY RAMSEY is a recruiting consultant for a global beauty

company and fitness enthusiast on the side. She Instagrams at @bin_nycity and lives on W42nd St in Hell’s Kitchen.

GOTHAM WEST MARKET 11th Ave - 44th/45th St Every single day from 3pm-7pm there’s a happy hour! Draft beer and wine are only $5 so this is a perfect midday treat to any weekend. Snag a bite from Corner Slice Pizza – unbelievable fresh dough and toppings do not disappoint. 5:00 pM ARIA W51st St - 8th/9th Ave My absolute favorite Italian place in Hell’s Kitchen. Montepulciano wine, mozzarella and prosciutto app, and orecchiette sausage pasta are just the start of this amazing menu. The staff are friendly and we always like to cozy up at the bar.


MEME MEDITERRANEAN 10th Ave - 44th St My favorite brunch stop and patio for a nice Sunday. They do amazing Bloody Marys and Lara’s breakfast tacos I could eat every day. A cute little spot in the heart of HK.

4:00 pM


UNDERWEST DONUTS 12th Ave - 46th/47th St I drop in here before walking the dog along the Hudson River. They have amazing espresso and the best donut is the maple one. Don’t be deceived that it sits inside a car wash.

their pretzel app or their healthy bowl.


Ziggy’s eatlist


When you’re surrounded by Thai food, it can be hard to choose. But all are not created equal. Here are Ziggy’s top five dishes in the hood

About Ziggy Z Ratchaburi crab & pork dry noodles

Pure Thai Cookhouse, 9th Ave - 51st/52nd St It’s all in the name. Mix in the broth from the bottom of the bowl and you get magic. A good introduction to the 9th Avenue Thai scene for rookies.


Oxtail soup

Pam Real Thai, W49th St - 9th/10th Ave One of my favorite winter dishes. Chunks of tender, juicy oxtail in a beautiful, vinegary broth that packs a punch (heat!). It’s BYOB! Bring Your Own Bounty.


Duck larb

Larb Ubol, 9th Ave 36th/37th St When in Larb, you have to eat – well – larb. An Asian specialty of liberally seasoned minced meat with chili, lime, and other addictive goodies served in room temperature .

Z seafood kee mao

Pam Real Thai, W49th St - 9th/10th Ave A second showing for Pam. Over the years I’ve tried this guilty pleasure all over Hell’s Kitchen, but this one gets the dandruff award. It’s head and shoulders above everyone else.


Z Pumpkin custard

Pure Thai Cookhouse, 9th Ave - 51st/52nd St When a place has only one dessert – well, you have no choice. Because it’s only one. A not-toosweet custard with coconut sticky rice inside a banana leaf is pure diviness.

Father of two, husband to one, Ziggy has been exploring NYC’s food scene for the past 30 years. Author of the Hell’s Kitchen Survival Guide, he also blogs at When he’s not driving his kids around, he leads tourists and locals on food tours in Hell’s Kitchen, Brooklyn, and other neighborhoods.



w42 st


The Marshal 10th Ave 4th/45th St 47th/48th St

where sustainability and support for

Ecuadorable! Quaint eatery serving

the community are at the heart of

traditional dishes with modern flair.

everything we do.

Family recipes make Ñaño special. (212) 582-6300 (646) 649-4678



map reference

map reference

The Mean Fiddler W47th St 7th/8th Ave Irish pub with a lively atmosphere, musical nights, plus DJs. Happy hours, karaoke and all sporting events shown on big screens. (212) 354-2950 6


Bringing a multi-cultural New York approach to authentic Japanese cuisine. (212) 582-2146 17


map reference (212) 247-4847 3

map reference

Fountain House Gallery

Christian Miles Photography

9th Ave - 48th St Our gallery

everyone in this sleek bar, from the

A Hell’s Kitchen- based photographer

art made by local artists living and

corporate world of America to the

specializing in actor headshots and

working with mental illness.

exhilarating youth of Manhattan.

actors photography, model portfolios, (212)-582-5660

children’s photography and New York


city events.

map reference

Greg Salvatori www. gregsalvatori. com

Owners Luisa and

dramatic views, seasonal cocktails, an

globe to source unique home decor

extensive wine list, seasonally inspired

items, gifts, and jewelry. Candles and

small plates, and welcoming service.

cards make it a one-stop shop. (212) 757-2224 (212) 581-8099 2

map reference

A professional

Farm-to-table restaurant dedicated

photographer for over two decades,

to seasonal, sustainable cuisine,

serving an international clientele

with fresh ingredients featured daily.

spanning the world of publishing, the

Located in the Ink48 hotel.

performing arts, and the corporate (212) 757-2224

arena. (917) 414-2199


artist, and author of Beards of New York. His work has been published in international publications, and exhibited in Europe and the US.

(347) 3990 875

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

11th Ave 47th/48th St

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An award-winning photographer,

Eduardo Patino

Print Restaurant


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W44th St 9th/10th Ave Nicki work with artisans around the

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NYC’s premier rooftop lounge, with

Method Japanese Kitchen and Sake Bar 10th Ave - 50th/51st St

clips, and much more.

exhibits and sells original, affordable


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neckerchiefs, tie bars, cufflinks, money

11th Ave 47th/48th St (212) 262-7755

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Ties, bow ties, pocket squares,

Hell’s Kitchen. There is room for

9th Ave 45th/46th St

sport on large-screen TVs.


Handmade accessories for dapper guys.

Somewhere between heaven and

The Press Lounge

the early morning hours, and watch

(212) 757-4667

10th Ave 48th/49th St

Mercury Bar West

where the wine and the talk flow until

SoHo’s favorite burger spot since 2006, now open in Hell’s Kitchen! 12 beers on tap, full bar, three floors including outdoor patio, lounge area, two bars, and dining. Happy hour 3-7pm.


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Swap stories with locals in a bar

W49th St 9th/10th Ave

8th Ave 50th/51st St

10th Ave -

Locally sourced food, wine, and liquor at a restaurant

Fine & Dandy

SoHo Park Burger

W39th St 9th/10th Ave An authentic NY experience, one of the city’s oldest flea markets. Year round, each weekend, you can find antiques, vintage clothes, collectibles and more. 5

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Rick Skye’s plAYLIST

at Don’t Tell Mama. It features his celebrated impersonation of Liza Minnelli (

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Six ways small businesses can do social media better




Another Winter in a Summer Town - from Grey Gardens Alone Together - Judy Garland You’ve Got That Thing - Bobby Short Je Deux Amour - Liza Minnelli Love on Top - Beyonce

HELL’S CREATIVE is a digital ad agency founded by two millennials at Gotham West Market. Interested in having your business question answered and featured in a future column? Reach out to with your request.

engage with people and build trust with your users. Social media is inherently social. So for every minute you spend on creating content, you should spend another ten engaging with other profiles, pages, and groups. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help boost your engagement . Respond to every comment on Instagram with a simple “thank you.” You’ll be surprised at the amount of love you get back for writing a nice short note. Post a short status to LinkedIn asking how you can bring value to the people in your network. Also known as The Golden Rule, by


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helping others first, you’re likely to be offered more help back. Search for your business on Twitter and begin responding to any tweet that mentions your brand. This is a great, simple research tool to see how customers are talking about your business. Send a message from your Facebook page to the top five or ten people who engage with you and reward them with an incentive to bring them back. Encourage customer reviews on Facebook and Google to help your business rank higher. Research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase from a business with positive reviews. Direct Message users on Instagram who use relevant hashtags to your brand, and invite them to your store or business.


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K, so you’re a local business on the west side. You create a Facebook page to market yourself to the Hell’s Kitchen community and start posting pictures and videos. Great. But you’re not getting as many likes and comments as you’d – um – like. So you post more. Maybe your friends just missed those amazing posts? This is one of the most common errors businesses make when they start to market themselves on social media. But over-posting can have the reverse impact on a new customer. Rather than crowding your news feed with posts, take the time to




RICK hosts the new monthly variety show Bazaaz! A Sequined Variety

DON’T TELL MAMA W46th St - 8th/9th Ave On a good night, celebs drop in, but the talent in the audience makes every night an intimate, boisterous party.

NINTH AVENUE SALOON 9th Ave - 45th/46th St After a show, it is the perfect place for the cast to gather for a drink. You can always strike up a conversation or get into a bit of trouble on a Friday night. It’s kitschy and sexy at the same time.


CHEZ JOSEPHINE W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave The flaming decor and chic entertainment bring a bit of old world fun to The Deuce. Maine lobster scrambled eggs and Les Delice Josephine keep the sensuality of the Divine Josephine alive.

ROOM SERVICE 9th Ave - 47th/48th St The food, the presentation, the decor are perfect for a romantic evening or a late-night bite. And the pad thai never lets you down. STYLE

BAR CENTRALE W46th St - 8th/9th Ave I gravitate towards establishments that create the New York of my dreams. You know, Cole Porter gossiping with Elsa Maxwell while sipping a sidecar over spiced oysters. This hideaway looks like a typical brownstone from the outside, but once you make it past the host, it’s DeLovely.


w42 st


Rolates Pilates

10th Ave 46th/47th St

939 8th Ave, Suite 207

Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

Hillary Davis Sothebys International Realty

Pier 86, 12th

Custom framing & art, conservation

Come enjoy a workout within our

Ave - 46th St

Expert in the Hamptons sales and

framing, canvas stretching & mirrors

historic walls where Pilates began.

Experience the legendary aircraft

rentals. Summer may be over,

a specialty. We exhibit contemporary

Join us at the original Joseph Pilates

carrier Intrepid, the first space shuttle,

but there are still some beautiful

and international artists.

Studio, check our website for class

Concorde, and the submarine Growler.

properties out there. Give me a call.


(212) 977-6190 (212) 247-9603 (212) 245-0072

(631) 613-7342 Hillary.Davis@sothebyshomes. com


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Massage Envy

The Circle Line

W42nd St 10th/11th Ave

Pier 83, 12th Ave - W43rd St

Massage, facials,

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Irish Arts Center

Isaac Halpern Halstead Property

W51st St 10th/11th Ave

NY’s oldest and

I live in Hell’s

and wellness to help you make the

largest provider of scheduled and

Music, dance, theatre, film, literature,

Kitchen and I specialize in sales and

best of your body. Everyone deserves

chartered sightseeing and special

and exhibitions that tell the evolving

rentals in the neighborhood. Contact

a customized massage or facial, so

event cruises. Operating since 1945.

Irish story. Plus classes in Irish

me to find the perfect home for you!

we make your relaxation and comfort (212) 563-3200

language, history, music, and dance.

(646) 641-0145

our priority. (212) 473-3689



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Nacho Guevara Photography

The New Victory Theatre

W52nd St 10th/11th Ave

W42nd St 7th/8th Ave

Building original, provocative, and

I’m a professional portrait and

authentic plays from the ground up,

fashion photographer committed to

from readings to workshops to fully-

producing highly creative pictures

staged production.

with a unique look. (212) 247-4982 2

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Ensemble Studio Theatre (773) 441-9455 (212) 757-3318

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NYC’s premier non-profit performing arts theater devoted to kids & families. See international theater, dance, circus, opera & music at affordable prices. (646) 223-3010 5

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Yotel 10th Ave 41st/42nd St A new breed of hotel with wow-factor. Stylish and contemporary, with gym, luggage storage robot, flexible rates, and the largest hotel terrace in the city. (646) 449-7700 1

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“I saw a robin redbreast in Central Park today, but it turned out to be a sparrow with an exit wound.” David Letterman


ate-night chat show legend David Letterman kept us entertained and informed for 33 years, making him the longestserving host in US late-night TV history In total, he hosted 6,028 episodes of Late Night and Late Show with David Letterman, as well as earning his producer chops with his company Worldwide Pants, which is responsible for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Everybody Loves


Raymond. He hung up his radio mic in 2015 and grew an impressive piece of facial furniture instead. But he returned to late-night TV in October when he was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, speaking about receiving the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor and his new Netflix show, an as-yet untitled six-episode series that will premiere next year. Each episode will feature Letterman in conversation with a


single guest, one of whom is rumored to be Howard Stern. Describing his post-TV life to Kimmel, he said: ”I am a bit of a different person. And I mean, thank God. Because the great struggle in life is to be better each and every day, and if you take a look around the horizon of humanity, my God, is there anything we can do big or small to make the life of just one person a little bit better? And that’s no small accomplishment.”

Profile for W42ST Magazine

W42ST Issue 36 - the Ho-ho-holidays issue  

Inside: Kevyn Aucoin, Tattoo Tommy, gifts for him, her, and home, a Broadway bra-fitter's secrets, how to drink undrinkable wine, and more

W42ST Issue 36 - the Ho-ho-holidays issue  

Inside: Kevyn Aucoin, Tattoo Tommy, gifts for him, her, and home, a Broadway bra-fitter's secrets, how to drink undrinkable wine, and more

Profile for w42st