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I hesitated. A Valentine’s theme? Really? Aren’t we all a bit old? Haven’t we kissed enough frogs? Had our hearts broken enough? And anyway, if you need a special occasion to tell the people around you how much you care, it’s time you took a long, hard look at yourself. Just saying. But then I figured, jeez, love is kind of important right now. So let’s celebrate the many splendored thing in all its forms – with one of Hell’s Kitchen’s newest, hottest couples and one that has been around a little longer; the romances that ended in tragedy ... and comedy; the singles in no hurry to settle down; and flirting tips for those just looking for fun. Oh, and if you love food, or Broadway, or New York living, or dogs, or getting away from it all, we’ve got some of that too. Kisses. Ruth Walker Editor, W42ST





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Mark Fisher and his wife Shina on getting together, getting hitched, and getting in their HK groove.


Tyler Mount’s latest Broadway obsessions in his exclusive column for W42ST.

10 WILL YOU ...?

First comes the proposal, then the planning. Belle Sansone has a Pinterest-ready guide to make the big day picture perfect.

14 THE LOVE OF MONEY When Claudia Chung gives up spending, life takes an unexpected turn.

16 HEY THERE NEIGHBOR Crazy Ex- Girlfriend’s Donna Lynne Champlin on the REAL definition of romance.


Stories of love won and lost ... all in 140 characters or less.


Our Instagram picks of the month.


Nora Ephron perfectly captures the essence of New York living.


Our diary of happenings is the only guide you’ll need this month.

22 TO THINE OWN SELF... The cast of Hamlet let rip on relationship comedy, tragedy, and happy ever after.


The contemporary dance company in the heart of the hood that’s harnessing the healing power of movement.


This month, who’s in charge of grooming on the very furry stage show Cats?



It all started so innocently for the couple behind Fika. A coffee break, a road trip ... then Vegas and Elvis appear.




Bruno Magnun, born in Brazil, raised on Edward Scissorhands, living his New York City dream.


Bars – the original Tinder. Ciera Coyan has some pick-up tips for those of you who are a little rusty.


In the mood for bubbles? Yes, us too.


Ruth and Jerry Nadelhaft on love, life, and the joy of having two homes!


Thinking of moving in together? It may make financial sense, but Ian TD Smith has some words of caution.


When you have no door to close on the sounds, smells, and arguments with your roommates, it helps to learn some very special skills.



attitudes to romance, Valentine’s, and all that smoochy stuff.



Interiors gifts with a Valentineinspired theme.

STYLE 50 KITCHEN COUPLEDOM Mary Geneva talks to neighborhood couples (and singles) about their

The couple who loved weddings so much they did it three times ... each time more incredible than the last.



COVER ARTIST Marc Tetro is best known for his boldly colored dog illustrations that adorn totes, cosmetic bags, stationery and more. Born in Canada, he has created products for NBC, Disney, Macy’s, and the Guggenheim Museum, and received commissions from The World Wildlife Fund and Yellowstone National Park. He has a store at TurnStyle, Columbus Circle. marctetro.com


Our columnist has finally found love ... and this time it’s for real.


Petur Workman begins his series on SisterHoods ... cool destinations that have a HK vibe. This month: Church and Wellesley, in Toronto.


The most photogenic pups in Hell’s Kitchen. Get involved by emailing waggingtales@w42st.com.


The best of HK, from personal trainers to dog walkers. Contact helene@w42st.com to be included.


Look out for the brand new, fold-out zine inside, with people, places, and a map – it’s your key to Hell’s Kitchen.



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Yes, you can find true love while sweating your a** off at the gym Photograph Nacho Guevara How did you two meet? She started training at Mark Fisher Fitness in 2011, right when we started having classes at the Clubhouse. What do you each love about the other? Mark: I love that Shina is the least entitled person I know. She works her ass off for everything she has in her life. Broadway gypsies are surprisingly not precious about their work. They take satisfaction in doing good work week after week after week, and are particularly appreciative when they have a job on Broadway. They’re often stubborn about never calling out, even when they feel under the weather or banged up. I really respect this mentality. Shina: I love Mark’s thirst for knowledge; his constant desire to read, to learn, to understand new ideas, to open up to different perspectives. I love his superpower to get shit done, and that he is so great at having a positive outlook, he harnesses the power of belief. He also has really cool (and hilarious) dance moves that he uses around our apartment. And what do they do that annoys you? Mark: Nothing! My wife is perfect! (Though I do observe without any judgement that she sometimes gets frustrated with people walking too slowly for her tastes.) Shina is very patient being married to an absentminded professor type who has countless bizarre eccentricities that would drive a normal woman mad. Talk to us about the proposal? We were in Thailand with friends, one of whom arranged for a suite to have


Opposite: Shina, Mark, and a unicorn. Don’t ask ...

Are Mark Fisher and Shina Ann Morris-Fisher the hottest couple in Hell’s Kitchen? He’s the fitness guru behind Broadway’s most beautiful bodies; she’s about to appear in Anastasia. They married in November and recently moved from their former home on W39th St to W42nd St.

champagne in and watch sunset over the Bangkok skyline on the first night. Unbeknownst to Shina, I had coordinated with the others to take “couple’s pictures,” knowing that when we did ours last, I could pull out the ring while they got picture and video coverage. Then we got to spend the rest of the trip celebrating.


You guys! And what’s so special about HK? Mark: So much of it is sentimental. As a former actor and current theater lover, it’s always been my home base in NYC, even before I moved to the neighborhood in 2012. Even with all the new construction, you can still feel some grit of old school Hell’s Kitchen. Shina: I love the convenience. For me, the commute is even more important since Broadway shows end relatively late.

St. “It’s right next door to the Clubhouse and they have great salads and omelettes, so I take people there all the time.”

Yeah, but no neighborhood’s perfect – what are the down sides? Port Authority people traffic can be a lot. We tend to hang out west of 9th Ave though, so it’s not too big of a deal. Where’s your HK happy place? Shina: In the winter it’s our apartment. We love our home. Mark: I love ALL the coffee shops. My go-to’s are Kava, Romeo and Juliet, and Fika. In the summer we love running along the river, walking on the pier, spending time on the North River lobster boat, etc. Twitter challenge: write a 140 character love letter to Hell’s Kitchen Hell’s Kitchen, we love your food, your coffee, and your soul. Stay weird, stay real.


Ave - 35th St HEALTHY LUNCH SPOT HK, 9th Ave - 39th


10th Ave - 47th St. The drinks are amazing, and the guacamole trio is out of this world. I’ve never had anything there I didn’t love.” markfisher fitness.com


“Hell’s Kitchen, we love your food, your coffee, and your soul. Stay weird, stay real.” DIGITAL EDITION



Currently starring in Cats, this cutie is a seasoned professional with over nine Broadway credits, but even better – he’s named after me! Clearly my name (and his abs/talent) are bringing him all the success and joy one could ever dream of.


Excuse me while I hyperventilate at the mere thought of this month’s pick, Jessie Mueller. If her portrayal of Carole King (and her subsequent Tony Award) in Beautiful, plus her powerhouse performance in Waitress, currently playing at The Brooks Atkinson Theatre, doesn’t get you excited, NOTHING will.

#FANGIRL The life and obsessions of Tyler Mount


very month, Broadway’s most brilliant vlogger brings you his favorite things, whether it’s his #1 tune on Spotify repeat, his latest crush, or neighborhood recommends. We’re hanging on his every word …


Like any respectable gay male, I will always lose my mind with delight when Jessie J comes on my playlist. One of her less popular titles, Strip, is my New York City anthem. Put your earbuds in and strut your stuff. I know I already am.

Tyler Hanes –- named after ME!


I can’t pronounce his name, but I can still look. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to look at this?




You’ve waited long enough, so now I’ll give it to you: my Broadway pick of the month is Hamilton. This is the one show of the season to live up to all the hype, so run to the Richard Rogers and get your tickets. (PS They are sold out. You can’t buy tickets.)




I love puppies. I love YouTube. I love pizza. And this video that combines all three could very well be my favorite thing to grace the planet. (Except Beyonce. Beyonce is still number one.) bit.ly/pizzapuppy

PEOPLE Broadway



I can’t believe I’m admitting this in writing, but I’m secretly obsessed with The Bachelor. My best friends got me addicted to the series, and now I can’t look away. But then again, what’s not to love about crazy women (some even wearing shark costumes, or arriving on camel-back) pining after the affection of one hot man? Nothing. The answer is nothing, America.


Oprah said it worked, and Oprah never lies, so that’s why Hope In A Jar is my beauty pick of the month. The single best moisturizer I may have ever used. It’s hard keeping this eight-year-old face looking like an eightyear-old, but this does the trick.


For whatever reason, I have been humming the Rugrats theme song all week long and dying to see an episode. Psychologically, I don’t know what that says about me, but I’m rolling with it and streaming some episodes online tonight and so should you. (Mostly so I feel better about my personal life choices.)

Jessie, excuse me while I hyperventilate!

“Tom Daley ... he may or may not be in a committed relationship with me ...” LOCAL RESTAURANT ARRIBA ARRIBA

For whatever reason, I have found myself in this Times Square pub more often than I would have imagined. Whether I keep going back for the affordable drinks and great bar menu or because it’s directly across from the stage door at Wicked one may never know.


Growing up in Texas, I am a self-identifying Mexican cuisine snob, but this local restaurant does the trick. If their great food doesn’t get you excited, their bathtub-sized margaritas sure will. I’m literally drunk thinking about eating here.


Above: Jessie Mueller has it all going on.

Hottie of the month

He may or may not be the reason I realized I was gay. He may or may not have been the sole reason I watched the summer Olympics. He also may or may not be in a committed relationship with me.


Hello, my name is Tyler and I’m an addict (to icecream). I’m not kidding when I say I may have a problem. And because it’s technically gluten free, doesn’t that automatically make it a healthy juice cleanse?

ABOUT TYLER Broadway fan girl turned YouTube star Tyler Mount, is the creator of the wildly popular web series

The Tyler Mount Vlog. Seen by over a million people in 168 countries, former guests include Gloria Estefan, Jerry Mitchell, Anthony Rapp, Todrick Hall, Perez Hilton, Laura Osnes, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and many more of Broadway’s biggest stars. New episodes every Monday & Thursday at noon (www.TylerMountVlog.com, @TylerGMount).




"Photos are forever and you don't want to look back and be horrified."




Going to the

CHAPEL... Belle Sansone is going to get married this summer – here are her 10 tips (and Pinterest board) to make the big day dreamy


Opposite: Belle and her beau, Brendan Bakst. Left: Pintsperation.

rendan and I have been dating five and a half years. We met during freshman year of college at a frat party. Which is funny because Brendan was never in a fraternity and I didn’t even go to his university. I was just visiting a friend. We clicked right away and have been inseparable ever since. We moved to NYC in the summer of 2015 and Brendan proposed soon after, in the garden of Versailles while on a trip in Paris. It was a complete surprise to me! After nearly a year of planning, we’re getting married in on June 10 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and our reception will be at 620 Loft & Garden. Here’s what I’ve learned …


Sit down with your fiancé and talk about the places and themes in your relationship that have been meaningful to you as a couple. For Brendan and myself, gardens have played a special role — we got engaged in the Gardens of Versailles and are incorporating that theme in our wedding. Once you’ve nailed down what type of wedding you want to have, the next step should be defining your budget. It’s important to set a clear and realistic budget from the beginning so you can evaluate what’s most important to you and your partner. Although planning your dream wedding can be exciting, it’s important to remain organized and methodical. Map out deadlines when key decisions like the venue,

2 3


photographer, floral arrangements need to be booked. There’s a wealth of information out there about everything around weddings. Tear out sheets from magazines and read wedding blogs online. Local publications are great for learning about top vendors in your area. Follow your gut – it’s easy to get sucked into wanting to go with a vendor because they are below your planned budget, or get carried away with the glamour of a vendor well above your budget. But beware! Cheaper is not always better. Neither is expensive. If you feel like maybe they aren’t the right



continued over



" Beware! Cheaper is not always better. Neither is expensive. So don't feel bad about asking for a detailed contract and specifying what you want."

9 10

vendor for your big day, don’t feel bad about asking for a detailed contract and specifying what you want. Spend time NOT planning your wedding. It’s easy to want to spend every free moment planning, but if you give yourself time to do other things, you can get inspired and come up with more. Look to get help from people whose style you really admire. Always wondered how and where your favorite bargainista scored her wedding dress? Don’t wonder – reach out. Even if you don’t know her, chances are she’ll be happy to help. Trust the professionals. If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable spending money on yourself, that’s OK. But photos are forever and you don’t want to look back and be horrified at a self tanner nightmare, or a hair dyeing incident gone wrong. It’s your big day so don’t be afraid to splurge on your appearance.

Have fun. Enjoy all there is to do while being engaged: bridal shows, cake tastings, registry parties at department stores. Not only is it fun for you and your fiancé, but there are giveaways and prizes too. Realize there’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. As long as you’re getting married to the one you love, you can’t go wrong!

6 7

Photo Credits Photographer: Audrey Froggatt Photography assistant: Christine Buzan Hair and Make-up: Johannah Beth Stylist: Belle Sansone Gown: Christian Siriano






I'm a spend thrift

101 days...



PEOPLE Claudia Chung is on an economy drive. Big time. Kind of …


ast night, I ordered seven laceembroidered bras. Two in black, two in white, two in nude, and one sassy pink in case I ever feel kicky. It sounds excessive, I know. Seven! But what if I told you they were more than 50% off the original price, with another 15% discount? And free shipping? And that I’ve just gone wireless for the New Year? I need all seven of them to liberate my precious C cup breasts from the daily torment of metal wire digging into my upper torso. Every day my bosoms scream: “No wire, ever!” like two little bald Joan Crawfords. And I’m tired of bras that push up my tender woman bits so high – they hit me in the face when I bend down. Or bras that are so tight around my back they form a warped uni-boob. But mostly, I am breaking up with wire bras because they cause armpit butts – so relentless in their buttress it shapes your armpit fat into tiny mice-size underarm heinies. So are you still judging me for my late-night under garment purchase? Well, you should. Because honestly … I’m a shit show. When Ruth (our lovely editor) and I discussed this “101 days of Spending Detox” story, it had a lot of variations. Not buying anything new, with a “how to” consignment shop twist. Maybe keeping an absurdly tight budget while I DIY most luxury items. Or pre-planning my monthly spending with a super list. But the bottom line was: whatever you do, don’t spend money on anything but the essentials. Now, given that at this point in my life I live by the “monkey like, monkey get” philosophy, the 101 days of being thrifty was no easy feat. But I was hopeful and enthusiastic. You see, I wasn’t always this inept when it came to the mighty buck. Once upon a time I was an ingénue living on her own in New York City and a budgeting maniac – a wunderkind of sorts. While climbing up the corporate PR ladder, I lived comfortably in a onebedroom Manhattan apartment without a roommate, paid off my college loans in a few years, vacationed regularly without

Left: Quitting spending? It’s easier said than done.

slumming it in hostels, and bought whatever I wanted. In fact, I was so good at managing my finances I was even featured (for a total of three star-defining seconds) on the Today show. “Claudia, what do you plan to do with your tax refund?” the host asked me. And while I don’t remember my exact words – something related to squirreling it away for a rainy day – I do remember how I felt. Smug. I was the shit and all of America knew it. I’m thoroughly surprised I wasn’t jumped that morning, surrounded by hundreds of cashstrapped young professionals, and given 21 lashings in the middle of Rockefeller Center for being a supercilious asshole.

“ I’d like to be the kind of person who gets her daily dopamine jolt from meaningful human exchanges. Not at the bargain bin at TJ Maxx.” Fast-forward to present day and that same haughty jackass is mindlessly hemorrhaging money. Karma’s a bitch. How did I go from a fiscally responsible twenty-something to the thirty-something shit show I am now? Here’s my theory. As a singleton, you don’t have a choice but to strike it out on your own. You have something to prove to yourself and the world. Pay your taxes! Send in the rent check on time! Check the mailbox (not for packages from Hanky Panky but for bills)! You do it because you have to and you get good at it. But then one day, you fall in love with someone who is better, more established than you, smarter, knows about homeowner’s insurance and why we need it, and responsible, annually ensuring you’re not in the slammer for not paying your taxes. That’s when you turn into Rain Man minus the genius. For the past 101 days, I’ve tried every which way to curb my spending. During


the holiday season, which fell right smack in the middle of this detox, I thought of ways to re-gift and reuse. For instance, I toyed with the idea of using my nautical-themed blank cards as holidays cards by cleverly writing: “Ahoy! And Happy Holidays!” And I thought about going to Costco and picking up gallons of their signature Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil and making vast amounts of homemade oils to give as gifts. If I put them in mason jars, it’s all so shabby chic, I thought. “I hope you will enjoy your homemade rosemary oil when you are out at sea in 2017. Do not use as shark repellent. Love Claudia.” Of course, this didn’t happen. I spent money on gifts but I also spent more on myself than anyone else on my Christmas list. Ultimately, I was an epic loser. Some other failure highlights: Not buying anything new with a “how to” consignment-shop twist: The first week, I found a brand new, tag-on Marc Jacobs star-patterned dress in my size at Goodwill in Chelsea. I was addicted immediately. I am still weaning myself off. Keeping an absurdly tight budget: I gave myself a $20-a-week allowance, not including essentials. But, since food is an essential, I started to buy various grade A imported fish sauces and other pricey obscure condiments I didn’t understand. Pre-planning my monthly spending with a super list. The list just got longer and my spending justification next to it more colorful: “$50 sushi dinner with MM – used dinner budget for birthday day gift for assistant teacher. Bought MM chai tea ($5) instead because his grandpa died. Sad.” It’s clear to me, more than anyone, that I am a shadow of my former New York City self. And I am fully aware that my money issue is the Cadillac of problems. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to change. I’d like to be the kind of person who gets her daily dopamine jolt from meaningful, genuine, and sincere human exchanges. Not at the bargain bin at TJ Maxx. So, I’m going to keep trying. Next stop: buy everything in cash. But at this very moment, suffice it to say, I am just a monkey waiting for her box of bras to arrive in the mail.



"He took me on a road trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary, which is one of the most haunted places in the country."






Guidance on the tricky topics of love, romance, and marriage, courtesy of our favorite girlfriend, Donna Lynne Champlin Interview Celine Havard


n Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Donna Lynne Champlin plays a best friend, a wife, a mom, a lover. In Hell’s Kitchen, add to that list of credits: neighbor. My neighbor. As relatable, unconventional Paula, she’s winning the hearts of men and women all over the US, thanks in large part to her on-screen friendship with the show’s leading lady (played by writer Rachel Bloom), one of the most compelling relationships on TV right now. So, to recap, for those not following the CW show (and, BTW, where have you been?), CEG revolves around Rebecca Bunch, a top-notch NY lawyer who runs into her first love, Josh from summer camp, and decides to drop everything and follow him to West Covina, California. Add to that the unique conceit of characters spontaneously bursting into wacky, candid song and dance numbers, and you have a TV hit on your hands. CH: What do you think of what Rebecca did; going to West Covina to pursue love? DL: It’s very Paula of me to say, but I applaud her. I think it takes a lot of gall, especially if your life is “successful.” And maybe this is part of why I got cast. I feel like it was an incredible moment of clarity and insight [that made Rebecca


move]. Perhaps more stable and rational thinkers would have thought it through and not done it, but I think it’s fantastic. I have had people in my life that I have seen stuck in certain ways and some of them choose safety and some of them choose to change their life, and the people who choose to change their life end up SO much happier. Maybe not necessarily richer, but happier and healthier. CH: So it was more the risk than the romance that you applaud? DL: I think romance is a risk. You risk your pride. You risk embarrassment. You risk humiliation. That’s what romance is. Romance is the guy who swoops in for a kiss, you know what I mean? The guy who nowadays even just holds a door open for you – it’s a romantic gesture. It’s a risk. CH: Did you think you were taking a risk when you met your husband Andy? DL: Sure! I think, honestly, people who don’t get scared when they get married don’t fully understand the commitment they’re making. Also with parenthood. I’ve had friends and they’re like: “Oh, I’m just so scared and I don’t know if I can do it.” I think the mere fact that you are asking yourself the question means that you will probably make a great parent. People who scare me are parents who will be like: “It’s going to be easy,” and:

Left: With her (alter ego’s) name in lights, on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

continued over


PEOPLE “I’m going to LOVE it,” and: “It’s going to make me a better person.” And I’ll be like: “Oh no no no.” So it’s a big commitment, and I don’t take it lightly. And neither does my husband. We were both pretty much “divorce isn’t an option” kind of folks. Which is much easier to say when you’re in your 40s. Because you’re looking at the rest of the ride and you’re like: “Ah well, I got like maybe half of it left. So I’m good.” You’ve had 40 years of being unmarried. I mean, I was engaged before and I’m SO glad we didn’t get married. It was the worst idea. Don’t you hate when everyone comes up to you and is like: “When ya know ya know.” And I was like: “Oh no! I don’t know anything.” And I will say, with Andy. there was definitely a knowing. I knew in my heart. I think we both knew it was forever. CH: Did a lot of it come down to similar temperament and interests or did it feel like “chemistry”? DL: Quite honestly, it was the opposite. We are very, very different from each other. For us it was balance. He’s a quiet guy. Rational. He’s a Capricorn. I’m an Aquarius. I’m out there and, like, bananas. I feel EVERYTHING so FULLY. And we’re good for each other because he’ll help me not fly off the handle about something. And I’ll nudge him and be like: “You’re actually allowed to be angry about that. It’s OK that you express that.” CH: Is there anything wild either of you have gotten each other for Valentine’s Day? DL: I’ll tell you how I kinda could tell he was the one. It wasn’t Valentine’s Day, but it was my birthday. His birthday is January 19 and mine is January 21. So ever since we met we call it the birthday bacchanal and we take three days and we just birthday it up. We met in September and our first birthdays were the following January. I love Halloween. I love ghosts, and all that crazy kind of stuff. So he took me on a road trip to Philadelphia to the Eastern State Penitentiary, which is one of the most haunted places in the country. Nay, the world. We were walking around this freezing penitentiary. There’s a waiver you have to sign in case you get hurt. Then he took me to the Mutter Museum, which is the famous museum of medical oddities. The Elephant Man’s skeleton is there. And it’s fascinating. I mean it’s grotesque, but fascinating.


“He’s a Capricorn. I’m an Aquarius. I’m out there and, like, bananas. I feel EVERYTHING so FULLY. And we’re good for each other.” He took me to those two places and I was like: “This is the guy!” You know why? Because I’m not a flowers gal. I don’t really care about jewelry. I’m not traditional. But I LOVE ghosts and haunted stuff and scientific weirdness. And I called my mother and I said: “Ma! Guess where this guy took me for my birthday? You’re never going to believe it. It was so awesome!” And she’s like (funny mom voice impression): “Did you go to the Rainbow Room? Did you go somewhere fancy? Did you go to a Broadway show?” And when I told her she was like … three second pause … “How romantic.” But it WAS! CH: If Andy had gone to West Covina, would you have followed him? DL: Absolutely! Again, I’m coming from a place later in life. You don’t care anymore


Above: The magic of the show is in the characters’ tendency to burst into song at any given moment.

what people think. You’ve accomplished a certain amount. You can fail and be miserable at something you DON’T want to do, so why on earth wouldn’t you do what you WANT to do? You’re worried about failing and being miserable? It’s actually illogical to do the thing that is “safe.” Even if it won’t make you happy, you could just as easily fail at that too. CH: So what would be your advice to young people on achieving success? DL: Figure out who you are. Which sounds very easy, but when you’re young I think it’s one of the hardest things to do. And know that once you know who you are, that could change, like, every day. So know who you are and then allow yourself to change and be OK with who you are every second. That’s number one. And number two, don’t try to be anybody else, because then you’re just a poor imitation. Be the best version of you that you can be. And then you’re guaranteed to be the best at something. I’ve found it much easier to face rejection when I’ve walked into the room as myself. There’s a security in the foundation of knowing who you are and knowing that their decision has nothing to do with you. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on The CW on Fridays (www.cwtv.com)

PEOPLE @millicent71 Most abductees are terrified of the aliens. Me? I’m in love with my captors. I wait, longing for blinding green light. #storieseverywhere

@gioful When I miss you. It feels like every love song is about you.

@Stanley_poet Dear journal Day 23 Tonight’s note: Tell the person that You love them before its Too late.

@laurenxhooper Send my love to your new lover, treat her better.

@WordstoryPics My mom said “no one will ever love you the same way you love them.” and I never understood what she meant until your eyes stopped sparkling.

@Madd_Fictional She wanted “a rock big enough to choke on” and got her wish when the ring he hid in her cake became lodged in her throat. #storieseverywhere

love Tweet


ow can you tell a captivating story in a single tweet? Every month, Gotham Writers challenges the universe to do just that. And so, for February, some tales of romance gone wrong …

@landpsychology Hi human I love you.

Words are cheap. But when you’re restricted to 140 characters, they take on a whole new significance

@celiacdisease Maggie was a faithful wife until she died, but her family didn’t mention her imaginary husband at her funeral. #storieseverywhere

@thereadscare Meet me at 7/11, he said. But WHICH 7/11? There are 40! I buy a Slurpee, drink it alone. Love in the time of franchises. #storieseverywhere

@Jordynrsmith Riding a wave of passion, it was suddenly inside me, filling me, completing me. Definitely worth the extra 1.80 for guac. #storieseverywhere

@ohteenquotes Don’t ever leave the one you love for the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they love.

www.writingclasses.com/contest/stories-everywhere DIGITAL EDITION


what’s going on in


All the Broadway action, family fun, and music you love. Happy Valentine’s.

Opens February 1 Jonah and Otto

February 4 Wyclef Jean

The Lion

Terminal 5


Jonah is 26, Otto, 62. Both different in every way. But one summer night their worlds collide in a story of love and loss.

Previews begin February 7 The Glass Menagerie

Opens February 8 C.S. Lewis The Acorn

Belasco Theatre

Sally Field and Joe Mantello star in the Tennessee Williams classic returning to Broadway.

Subtitled “The most reluctant convert,” this play follows the writer’s journey from atheist to the most influential Christian of his century.



Ends February 12 Incident at Hidden Temple

February 13, 14 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Clurman Theatre

A piece of theater focusing on the US Flying Tigers squadron and the role they played in China during WWII. panasianrep.org

Ends February 5 Broadway Week All over Broadway

The rapper celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Carnival, his debut album released in June 1997.

Two-for-one tickets to shows including A Bronx Tale, Aladdin, Dear Evan Hansen, In Transit, Wicked and more, plus to NYC attractions.



February 8-12 Lightning

Ends February 11 Peer Gynt

The Duke on 42nd Street




A multi-media dance piece covering Trump’s election, the rise of racism, the plight of immigrants and refugees, and growing world violence.

The Norwegian Hapa Band accompanies this new rock music adaptation starring a multicultural cast of actor-musicians.

Madison Square Garden

Need we say more? Dogs doing fun things to win prizes. Yay for dogs! westminsterkennelclub.org

Opens February 2 Sunset Boulevard Previews February 14 Significant Other Booth Theatre

As Jordan Berman’s best friends all turn into bridezillas as they plan their Big Day, he wonders: is finding “the one” the only path to happiness? roundabouttheatre.org


Previews February 16 The Price American Airlines Theatre

Mark Ruffalo and Danny DeVito star in Roundabout’s new production of the Arthur Miller play about a man returning to his childhood home. roundabouttheatre.org


Palace Theatre Glenn Close appears in a strictly limited (and hotly anticipated) engagement of this Andrew Lloyd Webber show-stopper. A 40-piece orchestra – count ‘em ... FORTY! – the largest ever to appear on a Broadway stage, will make this an epic production not to be missed. sunsetboulevardthemusical.com

Opens February 16 Evening at the Talk House

Ends February 18 Yours Unfaithfully

Pershing Square Signature Center

Beckett Theatre



Matthew Broderick and Wallace Shawn toast the anniversary of opening night of their most unappreciated masterpiece.

An intimate peek behind the closed doors of an open relationship, as Stephen and Anne seek out a fresh spark in their marriage.

Opens February 17 The Light Years Previews February 18 Come From Away Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

In the aftermath of 9/11, 38 planes with 6,579 passengers on board are stranded in a remote town in Newfoundland. comefromaway.com

Not Mondays Jitney Samuel J Friedman Theatre

A group of men eking out a living by driving unlicensed cabs are threatened when the boss’ son returns from prison.

Opening February 21 Everybody

Intrepid Museum

The Pershing Square Signature Center



A modern riff on Everyman follows ‘Everybody’ (chosen from the cast by lottery each night) as they travel toward life’s greatest mystery. $30.

Opens February 28 Sundown, Yellow Moon

March 2 Next W42ST out

Ars Nova

All over Hell’s Kitchen

Two sisters navigating young adulthood return to their small-town southern home to find their father in crisis. arsnovanyc.com



February 20-25 Kids Week A festival for families, involving digital games, interactive displays, and a chance to design your own games.

Playwrights Behold The Spectatorium: an audacious, visionary 12,000-seat theater designed for the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Its designer, Steele MacKaye, the nowforgotten theatrical impresario around whom this haunted, 40-year love story spins. An epic tale of two families and a tribute to man’s spirit of invention.

It’s March, so we’re feeling that spring is in the air. If you’d like to be featured in the magazine, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at news@w42st.com.




"I once dated a guy who slept with a knife under his pillow."





Joe Lalumia (Guildenstern)

LABOR'S LOST Shakespeare knew – as the rest of us do – that romance rarely goes according to plan. The cast of Hamlet reveal their dating tales of tragedy and comedy

Jack Wink (Hamlet)

“She was a senior in high school and babysitting to pay for college. I had been madly in love with her for at least a year and by that time, I had no doubt the feelings were mutual. I spent a week writing her a love poem, and worked up the courage to give it to her on Valentine’s Day. Along with a rose, I gave her the poem with an ‘I want you to know, I love you.’ She laughed, called me cute and thanked me. Then she told me she only loved me as a friend. At the time I didn’t know how she could possibly reject me, but in retrospect it was probably because I was nine.”

Julia Boyes (Ophelia)

“I once dated a guy who slept with a knife under his pillow.”


Mickey Pantano (Gertrude)

“I was working on a cruise ship in Florida, a three-month contract. I met a man on my day off in Ft. Lauderdale, and we started dating when I was off ship. It was love at first sight, love like in the movies. After a couple of months he asked me to move in with him when my contract was up. So, I did and we picked out a beautiful apartment on the Intercoastal in Ft. Lauderdale. I came back to NYC, got all my things, and returned to Florida. He was in Jacksonville tying up some loose ends with a company he owned. We spoke daily, but it was 10 days before he got back. He walked in apologizing for taking so long. He explained that his wife was being

Left: Ophelia (ex with a knife fetish) and Hamlet (started young).

demanding. ‘You’re married?’ I said, my jaw dropping about a foot. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘Is that a problem?’ I went back to NYC. This love at first sight thing may not be all it’s cracked up to be.”

Sean Richards (Horatio)

“This is quoting my father on a successful 50-year marriage (and still going): ‘Well, I pretty much let her do whatever she wants, and she lets me pretty much do whatever I want, and [proudly] it works out pretty well for us.’”

Justin Broido (Rosencrantz)

“I once had a girlfriend who was absolutely beautiful, but not the brightest bulb. Loved her to death though. One day we were talking on the phone discussing our college plans. I had been accepted to Mason Gross, and knew I’d be spending a year in London. She, being of Mexican-American descent, was considering going to school in Mexico City. I remember saying to her: ‘Well, you’re probably going to have to learn Spanish if you want to go to school there.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Well, I doubt they’ll be speaking much English in Mexico.’ ‘O ya, you’re right …’ There was a pause while she considered her next words. She then replied: ‘Well, you’re going to have to learn Spanish too.’ ‘Uh … why?’ I wondered back. ‘Because you’re going to be in London.’ Needless to say we didn’t last much longer after that conversation.”


“One time on a first date, I told the woman she could get anything she wanted, and that I was going to pay. I wanted it to be special and for her to feel comfortable and relaxed. I was very interested in her, prior. She ended up getting only a salad (without the dressing) and the conversation was missing that spark. Saving money and discovering that it wouldn’t work all in one night was a double win.”

John Rearick (Francisco/Lucianus)

“This is a story from about four years ago. I’d met this girl online and decided to meet her for a first date. I wanted to try to make it really memorable so I decided to take her to a planetarium at the New Jersey State Museum before lunch. When we got to the planetarium I found out that the time I’d set for us was the Sesame Street kids’ show. We ended up going to a later show, but she was always able to find a time to remind me of the fact that we almost went to a kids’ show for our first date.”

Albert Baker (Marcellus)

“My wife and I fell in love in high school during a production of Arsenic and Old Lace. I was 18, she was 16. She played Martha and I was Teddy. It took many years and several less than ideal relationships until we finally reunited.”

John (director) and Deborah DeSotelle

“John and I met doing a zany one-act satire in Minneapolis called The Great American Cheese Sandwich by Burton Cohen. Sitting off stage on a break during one of the final rehearsals, John challenged me to a line speed-through. If he recited all of his lines word-perfect, I would have to go out on a date with him. If I recited all of my lines word perfect, I wouldn’t have to go out with him and he would stop bothering me. He didn’t miss even an ‘a.’ I missed one word ‘and’ the rest is history.” Nu•ance Theatre Company presents Hamlet, Prince of Denmark at The Main Stage of John DeSotelle Studio, 300 W43rd St, until Feb 25 (www.nuancetheatre.com)



“They’re bipolar, schizophrenic, they’re on their meds, they’re off their meds – they’re really struggling ... we help them get in touch with mind, body, and spirit.” 24




of the people

The power of dance in the heart of a community Photographs Maria Panina


e walk up and down the same blocks every day, rarely giving a thought to what might go on behind those anonymous-looking doors on our street. (OK, some of you might – but let’s not get creepy.) Basements, brownstones, luxury buildings – inside, an army of creative New Yorkers working their asses off chasing the dream. Pass MiMA, on W42nd Street, and you’d assume it was just another residential high-rise. But enter its glossy lobby, take the elevator, follow a meandering corridor, and you find yourself in the mother ship of a contemporary dance company with its heart in the community. Eryc Taylor’s mission: not just to create and present original works of choreography; nor to simply support emerging choreographers with grants (both of which he does), but also to empower those in difficult circumstances through movement and expression. “We’re working mostly in the supportive housing network,” he says. “These are people who are formerly homeless, just got out of prison, suffering from addiction, mental illness. They’re bipolar, schizophrenic, they’re on their meds, they’re off their meds … they’re really struggling. And so we prepare a class to help them get in touch with mind, body, and spirit. It’s mostly improvisation and creative movement. “One of the most important things is creating a safe space for them to express themselves. I think dance can be really healing – to just leave all your baggage at the door for an hour and kind of forget. It also helps people who have sedentary lifestyles.

These people are in supportive housing watching TV all day, and once they start warming up, their whole energy changes. They’re laughing, they want more. “Now we’re at six sites around the city – mostly in the Bronx and Brooklyn. It’s wonderful and crazy – we can hardly keep up wth it.” Originally from LA, Eryc started out studying theater at University of the Arts, Philadelphia, before discovering the power of dance and transferring his major. He’d started his first company by the time he was a sophomore and, after graduating, moved to Paris to continue his training. He spent a further eight months at London Contemporary School of Dance, before moving to New York, where he joined Merce Cunningham’s junior ensemble. Which is all pretty impressive. Why branch out with his own company?


Opposite and above: The company thrives on collaboration with composers, photographers, artists, costume designers, and other dancers.

“I think it’s every dancer’s dream to have a career in dance,” he says, “whether it’s starting their own company or having a professional career touring with a company. It was my path and destiny to create a dance company.” Five years ago, he gained nonprofit status, and in 2015 he had his first international tour – to perform and lead workshops at the International Avant Garde Dance Festival in Yucatan, Mexico. “They said we were going to do the workshops with kids,” says Eryc, “but I had no idea until I got there that these kids were victims of abuse, kicked out of their homes, mostly victims of sex violence. They were aged between seven and 15, mostly girls, and they were cowering when they came into the workshop. But by the end of the first day, they were clamoring over the dancers, grinning from ear to ear. Creating pure, innocent joy through dance, is more than we can ask for. What a gift it was for us, to see them transformed. “On the last night the producers invited us back,” says Eryc. “It was such an honor – they’ve never invited a company back in the 16-year history of the festival.” He’s also passionate about collaborating with other artists … and is almost pinching himself at the latest connection. “Gerald Busby is fantastic,” says Eryc. “He’s 80 years old, lives at the Chelsea Hotel – has lived there for years – and composed the score for Robert Altman’s Three Women and one of Paul Taylor’s original scores called Runes in the early 1970s. “Flash forward to this past year … and he had been following my work because I was collaborating with a painter he knew called Mark Beard.” One thing led to another, the pair connected via Facebook, and Gerald invited Eryc over to the Chelsea Hotel. Next thing you know, he was composing a work for the company. Dances on Wood premiered at ETD’s ten-year anniversary performance in October. Next up, there’s a benefit variety show at the Slipper Room in May. And, in the spirit of true collaboration, he’ll be holding auditions for open performance spots and is looking for local talent. Get in touch ... anything could happen. etd.nyc


OUT INTRODUCING … Victoria Tinsman, whose Broadway career began with Phantom. She’s since worked on Rocky, Fish in the Dark, She Loves Me, and now Cats. FUN FACT While working on She Loves Me, Victoria helped create an intermission show with Laura Benanti and her dresser, Holly Nissen, called “Intermission Kitchen” – where the three would bake in an Easy-Bake Oven during intermission. Check out the episodes: @laurabenanti. THE JOB “I build, style, and put on wigs, and I also do make-up. And on Cats, it’s not normal hair. So everything you think you know goes out the window because they’re cats, not humans. It’s a very different way of thinking, which was a struggle in the beginning, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it and now it’s a lot of fun.” THE RESUME “I went to college for wigs and makeup in 2006, and every year worked professionally at summer stock around the country. Once I graduated, I started going out to different regional theaters. I started on Broadway in 2012.”


THE TIME SHEET “It takes about 40 hours to build a single wig. Usually each hair is hand-tied one at a time into the foundation. So that alone, just to make one wig, is a huge process. Then it needs a whole team to style the wig every day. So we put in a lot of time, and a lot of effort, and a lot of love into every single wig. If we do a good job, most of the audience won’t even know we’re there because, with a good wig, you can’t tell it’s a wig.” HIGH POINT “One year, I was working at the Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas, doing Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up. Seeing everyone on stage was so fulfilling I started crying. On Broadway, honestly, I think Cats so far has been my favorite. It’s been very challenging, and when I’m put in a challenging situation, that’s when I thrive.”


Hair and make-up artist

In our monthly series, Carla Duval goes behind the scenes with Broadway’s unsung insiders






Meet the power couple behind a coffee empire


ena Khoury walked into a newly opened coffee shop on W58th Street and started talking with the owner. Five months later, he proposed. Less than a year later, they were standing in front of Elvis in Vegas saying: “I do.” That’s the power of fika.


fika (n): (Swedish pronunciation: [fi:ka]) A concept in Swedish (and Finnish) culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee”, often accompanied with pastries or sandwiches. It’s at the core of Scandinavian culture. The chance to take a breath, indulge in the ritual of conversation, and connect with your fellow human beings. So when Lars Åkerlund visited New York for the first time in 2001 (he’d been considering making cocktails in the Caribbean until he realized he “needed more of a pulse to be able to stay in one place”), he fell in love with the city. Head over heels. There was just one thing missing from this perfect pairing. “I immediately knew that the fika tradition which I’ve grown up with in Sweden could have a huge potential to do well here and the dream was born. I spent the following five years saving up money and researching how to make that dream a reality.” He had to learn fast about things like permits, licenses, and construction, and approached 96 locations before finding a landlord who could share in his vision. “I knew the right location would be key and searched high and low for an exclusive address, but no landlord understood or could visualize my concept. They all thought I was opening up a standard deli and didn’t want any part of it. That changed when I met Kate, our landlord at W58th St. She was bold and brave enough to take a chance on me and my


vision, and I will forever be grateful to her for that.” Fika was born. Less than a month later, Lena walked through the door. Fresh from Sweden, she was looking to escape for six months when she was stopped in her tracks by that Fika sign. “If you’re Swedish, that word is part of your DNA,” she says. “And so I became curious enough to walk through the door. Lars was behind the counter making an espresso, it was lunch time and the small café was packed and had an amazing energy about it. I instantly asked Lars if he was Swedish (in Swedish) and we began sharing our New York stories over a classic fika by that counter. Before I left, he had already offered me a job and I had accepted.” Their first date? A road trip to Boston on their first day off together. “Spending a few hours together in a car, having someone be map reader and then exploring a new city together is a great way to get to know each other fast,” says Lena. “Five months later,” adds Lars, “I proposed to her in the Caribbean and less than a year later we got married in Las Vegas in front of Elvis Presley. We’ve been building the business together ever since that first day we met.” Now with 17 locations, and an ambitious global expansion plan, they are firmly rooted in Hell’s Kitchen, with one coffee shop on 10th Ave - 41st St and their bakery, catering kitchen and offices housed in their largest space, on 10th Ave - 54th/55th St. “We wanted to make a statement in what we feel is a really vibrant and transforming neighborhood. There’s such a wide range of businesses and new residences nearby and Hell’s Kitchen houses some really interesting and diverse personalities. We hoped and felt that our take on the coffee break had the potential to be well embraced by the


Right: Lars (coffee of choice: black or a short double espresso. “I keep it simple”) and Lena (“I love a double cappuccino. Now that I’m pregnant with our second child, I live on our decaf coffee and matcha tea lattes.”)

locals and we are so happy that’s proven to be true.” Which makes it all sound like a piece of perfectly baked prinsesstarta. Which it wasn’t. By the end of the first day, Lars had just $247 in his personal bank account, and he was charging $2 for a small cup of coffee, which was still considered steep in 2006. “I think we’ve always had a tremendous amount of faith in our concept, because it’s real,” says Lars. “We’re not trying to imitate it or pretend to be Swedish – we are the real thing. And instead of trying to please everyone we can think of, we’ve tried harder to remain true to our core concept as we’ve grown. “And the dark days when you have your own business are not only in the beginning,” he adds. “We face constant challenges and obstacles, but how you handle those is what makes the difference. We’ve never once thought of giving up or doubted that we have something great – that has always helped us push through hard times and allowed us to stay in business for over a decade.” And as the Fika family has grown in business terms, it has also nearly doubled in personal terms. Lars and Lena have a young son, with a second child on the way. Making the life/work balance a daily challenge. “It’s certainly not easy,” says Lena, “but anyone with kids and a job knows that. Especially when you run your own business, there’s no ‘off’ button. You could literally work 24/7 and still never be done. I think in our case, we make it work well because we truly enjoy all of our different roles and are a good team. In some ways it’s also easier than ever to let go of work when we come home now, because our little guy demands all the attention and provides so much entertainment that it’s hard to focus on anything else.” fikanyc.com


“Five months later, I proposed to her in the Caribbean and less than a year later we got married in Las Vegas in front of Elvis Presley.”




Make it

SUPER The news is out – these are the year’s hottest food trends. Samina Kalloo gets cooking


till confused over what constitutes a superfood? Worry no longer. Because each year the nation’s experts on all matters food and nutrition weigh in on their predictions of the hottest food and nutrition trends. More than 1,700 Registered Dietitians across the country were asked for their insight on what might make it to our health-conscious dinner tables in 2017. Here’s what they had to say.


In 2017, fad diets take a back seat as we shift our attention toward what really matters – enjoying our food. Mindful eating, or simply paying more attention to our food and how it affects our bodies, is a powerful tool to help regain control over our eating. The survey revealed that 49% of RDs say consumers will choose this option over dieting.


The clean eating movement continues to gain momentum. In the survey, 59% of RDs said consumers would choose to “eat clean,” which means to eat fewer processed foods and more whole foods that contain minimal ingredients, and putting things like veggies, fruits, ancient and whole grains, and plant-

“You’ve probably seen one too many avocado roses on Instagram. Pretty? Sure, but what you need to know are more ways to include this nutritious food in your diet.” based proteins such as nuts and seeds in their shopping baskets.


Health-related gadgets and fitness apps are just a couple of technological advancements that have boomed in popularity recently. Healthy meal kits and on-demand delivery services have also entered the fray. The survey reveals 45% of consumers are now turning to pre-portioned meal delivery services in order to eat healthier. And grocery stores stock a wider range of meal kits that make home cooking easier and more convenient.

Samina Kalloo RD, CDN @cookingfortots, @SaminaKallooRD




Now that we’re privy to some hot nutrition trends, let’s sink our teeth into the top 10 superfoods for 2017. Chia seeds and avocado have done more than make it to your daily Instagram feed. For yet another year, both hold strong at the top of the superfood list. Check out the other all-star foods you can look forward to seeing more of in 2017 – and ways to use them: Seeds like chia and hemp Sprinkle these mini miracles on a slice of whole grain toast spread with nut butter or add to a salad or smoothie. Avocado If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen one too many avocado roses on Instagram. Pretty? Sure, but what you need to know are not more creative ways to sculpt it, but how to include this nutritious food in your diet. Slice it up on a sandwich or diced in a salad. Or add a healthy dose of fat and nutrients in your baked goods by using avocado as a 1:1 substitution for butter in baking. Nuts like almonds and walnuts Add to salads, yogurt, or use nuts like walnuts to replace pine nuts in pesto. Fermented foods like kimchi and yogurt Top a lean burger with kimchi slaw or have it as a side dish. We all love yogurt as is, but consider mixing it with cold cereal as an easy on-the-go breakfast or as a marinade for chicken. Ancient grains like quinoa These uber nutritious grains are the perfect addition to salad or veggie medleys. You’ll be seeing more of them as part of prepared bowls with vegetables, beans, or other lean proteins. Kale Delicious raw or steamed, kale makes a great side dish but can also be used in baked goods like muffins. Green tea Expected to be hotter than ever in the new year. Commonly consumed as a hot or cold beverage, green tea can also be used to infuse broths or as a powder in baking … matcha cake anyone? Coconut products There still isn’t enough evidence to support coconut being a healthy food, especially since it is high in saturated fat, so enjoy it in moderation. Try unsweetened shredded coconut in baking or unsweetened coconut milk with oatmeal. Exotic fruits Jackfruit is an incredible meat substitute. Toss it with BBQ sauce and spices to create a mock pulled pork sandwich. So yum! Eat dragon fruit on its own, as a salsa, or in a smoothie. Salmon We love it grilled or baked, but have you tried salmon as a burger? Simply cut up and toss in a food processor along with seasonings, a bit of low fat mayo, and lemon juice. Add in chopped scallions and form patties to cook.







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Love and


Bruno Magnun quit his “boring” life and close family in Brazil for a dream of New York City. Thanks to Edward Scissorhands … Photograph Michael Young Living the dream in New York City – discuss. I was born and raised in Brazil, used to play piano and sing in the church choir, but felt I didn't belong and that there was something wrong with me. After watching the movie Edward Scissorhands and seeing the “suburbs," I asked my father: “Where is that amazing place with those amazing houses?” My father, with no sense of culture, told me: “That's New York City.” so I grew up with that dream of one day living here. Um, OK … After being through a lot and losing a lot of weight, I finally got myself into working for an airline company in Brazil, which gave me the chance to fly here on my first vacation. It was love at first sight. There was something so unique and special about NYC that made me quit my "boring" life and a very loved family to live my dreams here. When I first moved, my English was extremely limited, but I promised myself I’d make it here, I’d learn a new language and a new culture, and succeed. And you started working at 44&1/2 straight away? No, I had few "hard" jobs like dog walker, bar back, dishwasher … things most Americans don't do, and many times I cried and felt weak. But with new friends, new lovers, and new adventures, I kept on going and kept fighting until I got what I want. Five years later, I’m 27lb lighter with good (not perfect) English,

“It becomes a karaoke bar every Thursday and Sunday, and lots of people from the food industry get together for a 1990s and Disney sing-off.” the best friends in the world, a good job as a manager assistant in one of the most famous restaurants in NYC, living in Hell's Kitchen, and providing for me and for those I love. I feel proud of myself. You live and work within one block – how cool is that? Working and living in Hell's Kitchen is amazing for me. Everything is nearby, I just need to walk. Any famous customers come by? We have few famous people that come over; a lot of Broadway celebrities and movie and TV stars. It's always unexpected and fun. One day I had the chance to serve the actor Andrew Garfield and his family. We had so much fun together – his mom loved me, and convinced him to take a selfie with me inside our restaurant bathroom!


Opposite: He lost weight, learned English, made friends ... "I feel proud of myself.".

Who’s your HK crew? My crew is awesome – handsome guys, mostly actors, trying to make their lives here in the city. So basically we are singing and dancing all the time. It's fun – you guys should all try it! PS we flirt a lot with our customers. Where else do you hang out in Hell’s Kitchen? On Thursday nights after our shift we go to Dalton’s, the Irish sports pub. It becomes a karaoke bar every Thursday and Sunday, and lots of people from the food industry get together for a 1990s and Disney sing-off – it’s really funny. Fantasy dinner party time – who’s getting on the coveted guest list? I’d like to have on my list the former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. I admire and love them a lot, although I am not American (yet). They made me feel safe and part of this amazing country I now call my home. So I’d like to cook some Brazilian food for them and give them a very tight hug and say: “Thank you for everything.” Also, I admire Jake Gyllenhaal a lot – he’s my favorite actor. So I'd probably invite him to grill the steak. And it’d be great to sit down with Ellen. I love her show and think we’d laugh for hours together.

44 & 1/2 (212) 399-4450 626 10TH AVE - 44TH/45TH ST www.44andahalf.com


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Valid 2017

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And then what? In case you’re a little rusty, Ciera Coyan has some hot tips for hooking up in your local bar



n spite of the fact that I’m a Millennial raised in the Bay Area, I am a major technophobe. Because I refuse to update my phone, I don’t have access to Tinder. I know this because one evening, after a date declined an invitation home with me, I attempted to get Tinder, only to be rejected for the second time that night. Because I have this loathing for technology and a love of, um, “meeting new people,” I’m here to advocate for the original Tinder: bars! Hitting on people in bars has become a bit antiquated and many of us are a little rusty, or have never tried to begin with. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are my tips for going from strangers making eye contact to strangers making out (and, you know, whatever else you’re into). Don’t be afraid of either hearing or saying no. For some reason, people who have no problem sending a flirty advance online freeze up IRL. I was terrified of hitting on people in bars until I tried it and got rejected. But let me tell you: hearing a no to your face is not as scary as it seems. Similarly, if you’re being hit on and you know you aren’t into that person, just say no. Don’t let them waste both of your time.

Buying someone a drink is a dating code and we all know it, so no pretending like you don’t. Offering to buy someone a drink or accepting a drink isn’t saying you want to go home with that person, but it is saying you want to talk to that person. Don’t accept a drink if you have no intention of at least chatting with the person who bought it. That’s a huge breach of bar etiquette.

Right: Rejection. It’s not as bad as you think!

“I’m here to advocate for the original Tinder: bars!” DIGITAL EDITION

Try to talk about something sensual that isn’t sex. By this I mean anything involving touch, taste, body movement, or anything that makes you feel passionate. A food you love, music you like to dance to, a yoga class, a book that gets you fired up. All of this can be sensual. Stay away from clearly unsexy topics. For example: my name is spelled the same as a Cutlass Oldsmobile. A man once asked if my name was spelled this way because that’s the car in which I was conceived. When I said I didn’t know, he suggested I give him my phone number and he would call me in a few days once I had a chance to check with my mom. Thinking about one’s parents having sex, much less conceiving you, is broadly unsexy. Try and stay away from that topic. Finally, if all else fails, just go out on February 13. Lots of single people feel panicky the day before Valentine’s Day and significantly lower their standards as they look for a date. February 13 is the true people’s holiday!




Belle Isle Premium Moonshine is made in small batches in Richmond, VA, using 100% organic ingredients. Taste it in these selected bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, and learn more at www.BelleIsleCraftSpirits.com





















GREEN FIG 570 10TH AVE greenfignyc. com












ARDESIA 510 W52ND ST ardesia-ny. com


BAR BACON 836 9TH AVE barbacon. com







DIANNE & ELISABETH 644 10TH AVE dianneand elisabeth. com

AS IS 734 10TH AVE asisnyc.com


THE STINGER Intercontinental Times Square

300 W44TH ST thestinger nyc.com





FRIEDMAN'S Hudson Yards

450 10TH AVE friedmans restaurant. com

8 MERCURY BAR WEST 659 9TH AVE mercurybarwestnyc. com


1 GRAND CRU WINE & SPIRITS 570 11TH AVE www.grandcruny.com 2 ODYSSEY WINE & SPIRITS 490 10TH AVE www.odysseywine.com 3 KIT'S UNDERGROUND WINES & SPIRITS 1000 8TH AVE www.kitsunderground.nyc






















Discover Premium Moonshine Belle Isle Premium Moonshine is in a category of its own. Distilled to a lower proof than


vodka but higher than whiskey, our spirit is handmade in small batches using 100% organic corn and quadruple filtered, making it remarkably smooth and sippable. Enjoy Belle Isle Premium Moonshine on its own or as

the foundation of your favorite cocktail. Choose from: l Original Premium l Honey Habanero l Cold Brew Coffee l Ruby Red Grapefruit l 100 Proof

Moonshine Monday Ingredients 1oz tequila blanco 1oz Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine ¾oz orange liqueur ½oz fresh lime juice Splash of tamarind pulp Chili powder

Directions 1. Mix liquid ingredients in an ice shaker. 2. Rim a hurricane glass with fresh lime and chili powder. 3. Shake the ingredients, pour into the glass, and serve.

Mixed by Ben Hertzfeld Mercury Bar West 659 9th Ave mercurybarwestnyc.com




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Sparkling wine comes in many forms. Jeremy Kaplan celebrates the differences


ou like “to-may-toe” I like “to-mah-toe” … but as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong found, while we may pronounce some things differently, they often mean the same thing. Much is the same with sparkling wine – different pronunciations but often very similar wines. There’s frissante, sekt, cremant, prosecco, cava, espumante, franciacorta, spumante, and just good old sparkling wine. Though there are definitely some class differences, they are as often the same and just as often very different. Champagne, of course, is that delicate and refined bubbly from northern France that has tickled the noses of wine drinkers for hundreds of years. It is made exclusively within this region and any use of the name on bottles from anywhere else could be subject to a lawsuit. (They still use the name in Russia, but you go sue Putin!) Champagne can only be made from one of three grapes (or combination thereof): chardonnay and two red wine grapes, pinot noir and pinot meunier. It’s labor intensive to create, hence the higher cost (better examples start at around $40). Like any wine, the juice is allowed to ferment in a tank before it spends time in barrel, gracefully aging away. Making the bubbles is where the work really comes in. A “dose” of yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) is added to each individual bottle, along with some sugar or something for the yeast to consume.

Left: The familiar yellow packaging of Veuve Clicquot champagne.


The yeast’s bi-product during this second fermentation is carbon dioxide, which now dissolves into the wine. Each bottle is “riddled” – manually twisted in a downward position – to help the yeast settle in the neck. And once it is ready, the tip of the bottle is frozen, the dead yeast removed, and the bottle sealed with cork, cage, and foil. In 1800, 300,000 bottles of champagne were produced – which is a sizeable amount of twisting and turning. Today, a wrist-numbing 340 million bottles are produced annually. Cava is from Spain, mainly from Penedés, Catalonia. The core grapes used are macabeu, parellada, and xarel-lo and, unlike champagne, these Spanish varietals are rarely turned into still wine. First examples of cava started showing up in the early 1870s (champagne appeared 200 years earlier in France). Just like the creation of its French counterpart, the production of cava is time-consuming and expensive, involving the aging and riddling of wines at a rate of 216 million bottles annually. Prosecco is Italy’s answer to bubbles. Produced across northern italy, in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, it uses the glera grape as the key varietal, but up to 15% of any bottle can also include pinot grigio, pinot nero, pinot bianco, and other grapes. Different levels of quality can be understood by simply reading the bottle. Basic prosecco will say just that on the label – prosecco. If you find the term “valdobbiadene,” you’re dealing with something rarer and often better in quality. “Cartizze” is considered of the highest quality. Unlike champagne and cava, most bottles are made in the “charmant” method – in a tank. This helps reduce the cost greatly, but doesn’t mean it’s of poorer quality – it’s just different. Then there are all the others. Basically, anywhere they make wine, they likely make sparkling wine too. They’ll use different grapes and different production methods, but in the end, it’s about creating a wine that is used to celebrate an occasion, a birth, an achievement. However, I suggest using it to celebrate life. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to open a bottle – pop a cork every week, if not every day. And now you know the differences, you can enjoy them all the same. Just, don’t call the whole thing off. Jeremy Kaplan, Veritas Studio Wines (www.facebook.com/veritasstudiowines)






TWENTY YEARS, THREE APARTMENTS, ONE BUILDING Ruth and Jerry’s book-lined home reflects 20 Hell’s Kitchen winters and 20 Maine summers. What keeps the couple coming back? Words Isaac Halpern Photographs Eduardo Patino


uth and Jerry Nadelhaft sit on a well-worn brown leather sofa in their Hell’s Kitchen loft on 42nd Street. Classical music is softly playing in the background, a skittish calico cat wanders aimlessly about, and all around are bookcases stacked high, eclectic art pieces, and antique wooden furniture. It feels a bit like a cozy New England farm house relocated to the city. And in a way it is. Both retired academics from University of Maine – Ruth taught literature, and Jerry, US history – they split their time between Hell’s Kitchen in the winter and Bangor, Maine, in the summer. Bangor artifacts are present in just about every


room in the apartment. I met them in 2012 when I helped sell their duplex in The Armory, at 529 W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave, so they could downsize to their present space, also in the Armory. In fact, this is their third apartment in the same building. They bought their first one in 1993. Ruth explains: “We were sitting around the pool in Bangor and mentioned to a friend that we were thinking of buying in Manhattan. Our friend said that an apartment might be available in Hell’s Kitchen. A few months later we drove down in the Subaru, fell in love with the apartment and building, and for about $108,000 we took the plunge.”

Above and left: Ruth and Jerry now, and back in the day.

continued over


LIVING At the time Hell’s Kitchen was still a bit “sketchy.” 11th Avenue was totally dead, in a scary way, and 42nd Street was just starting to rid itself of the porn theaters and pimps. “Every one of our friends thought we were crazy to buy here. Our lawyer said we belonged on the Upper West Side and that academics should not be allowed to choose where they live, it was too dangerous.” For the record, today all their friends, and even their attorney, concede it was a wise move. But why have they stayed so loyal to The Armory? Ruth points out that the apartments are relatively large and have high ceilings and that staying in one building has its advantages. She loves how the staff (adored by both Ruth and Jerry) were able to get close to their grandchildren and watch them grow up. But the emotional connection to the building goes deeper. “In many ways, The Armory’s tenants – artists and actors – makes it feel like a grownup version of our alma mater, the High School of Music and Art,” says Ruth. They both grew up in Queens and ended up commuting to school on 135th St - Convent Avenue in Manhattan. This was before Music and Art merged with the High School of Performing Arts near Lincoln Center (made famous by the beloved 1980 movie Fame). They both majored in art and met freshman year when Jerry clumsily bumped into Ruth with his easel on his way to class. After apologizing profusely, he said simply: “Hi I’m Jerry.” They remained friends throughout high school but never dated. After graduating in 1955, they enrolled at Queens College. “Not many of us from Music and Art could afford to go away to college back then,” says Ruth, “and Queens College was very good and, most importantly, free. So, like many of our classmates from Queens, we ended up there.” Throughout college they dated other people, but would see each other at parties. “We were all very serious in those days,” Ruth says. “We wanted to protest but we were caught just before the two big movements, women’s and civil rights. Poetry readings at parties, however, were common. I was known to wear black turtleneck sweaters with a cigarette dangling from the side of my mouth.” Sophomore year, Ruth moved to Richmond Hill, Queens, and since it


Above and right: The apartment is full of eclectic art including, right, a photograph of old Hell’s Kitchen. This one looks towards the corner of 10th Ave - 42nd St.

“Our lawyer said we belonged on the Upper West Side and that academics should not be allowed to choose where they live, it was too dangerous.” was on Jerry’s drive home, he began shuttling her to and from school daily. By senior, they were dating steadily and, as was the custom in those days, got married just a few months after earning their college degrees. Two children and three grandchildren later, the marriage is going strong, and it’s clear they are still very much in love. So what’s it like every year going back and forth between Bangor and Hell’s Kitchen? Jerry says coming back to


Hell’s Kitchen is always exciting. There are always new stores and restaurants, new buildings, always “change.” Bangor, for the most part, stays exactly the same year after year. “It’s like walking into Brigadoon,” laughs Ruth. Reliable Bangor and vibrant Hell’s Kitchen – these two locations are so much a part of their lives. But as they grow older, there is talk of having to commit to only one home. What will it be? Bangor or Hell’s Kitchen? Jerry jumps at this one. “I grew up in an apartment building, I’m most comfortable with the city, apartment living, sidewalks and parks. So I’d take Hell’s Kitchen. “Ruth also grew up in Queens, but in a house with a yard, and that’s a totally different animal. She’ll choose the Bangor house, especially for her gardening.” Ruth nods in agreement. So what’s the secret to their successful marriage, I ask? I know it’s a cliché question, but I’m dying to know the answer. They both pause to think and then Jerry puts it best: “A lot of luck … and having two homes.”

LIVING About Isaac

Isaac Halpern is an associate broker at Halstead Property with 15 years of residential real estate sales experience. A native New Yorker who grew up on the Upper East Side, he’s lived in Chelsea, The Bronx, and Fort Greene before moving to W47th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, his favorite neighborhood. Contact him at ihalpern@halstead.com

Five things we miss

ABOUT THE OLD HELL’S KITCHEN Cafe La Madeleine at 403 W43rd St (now Bea). Stiles farmers market at 569 9th Ave, “where everyone from the building shopped.” (It’s now been relocated to 352 W52nd St.) Martin Kaufman Theater at 534 W42nd St (now a boutique condo). The “raffish air” of the neighborhood and the “peep shows” in Times Square. The parking lot on W42nd St - 11th Ave which cost $75/month plus $3 a pop to take out the Subaru (where Sunac is now).

Five things we like

ABOUT THE NEW HELL’S KITCHEN Sunac (where the parking lot used to be). Sullivan Street Bakery on W47th St - 10th/11th Ave). Hudson River Park and the High Line. Signature Theater on W42nd St - 10th Ave (where we have a subscription). People don’t think we’re crazy to live here anymore.

Our favorite

RESTAURANT Bali Nusa on 9th Ave - 45th/46th St. “It’s where we take all our out-of-town guests.”



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LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE (and who you live with)

Moving in together can make sense financially, says Ian TD Smith, but remember you’ll be sharing more than just the sheets


iving in New York is expensive, so a lot of rentals I deal with are either two friends or, heck, two strangers who want to find a good place to live at a reasonable price. As a real estate agent, I’ve always found that two strangers make much better roommates than two lovers or two best friends. When you fall for someone, you’re usually thinking more with your heart than your head. So credit score is typically not something that does or probably ever should come up over the first month of knowing someone. This month, we’ll explore a number of issues I’ve seen when it comes to couples getting an apartment together. That way, you and your sweetheart can live happily ever after in heavenly Hell’s Kitchen.


COMBINED INCOMES One of the most difficult things for people to consistently wrap their heads around is how most landlords abhor combining incomes to meet the 40 x rule in NYC. If you don’t qualify for the average HK rental priced at over $2,700 according to the latest data (meaning you make less than $108k annually), then you might need to move elsewhere. Combining incomes is more common in many high rise rentals, but just remember that most landlords only combine incomes if you and your partner are married. Finding a building that does combine incomes can be a difficult task for even seasoned agents but has a greater impact on the couple’s relationship. GUARANTORS If you and your new boy toy/gal pal are moving in together and s/he has not met your parents, be very careful about signing a lease where you and your folks are on the hook for their rent for

are most sensitive about. I’ve seen many times where one partner’s credit past has cost them dearly when applying for a mortgage or a lease. Make sure you date someone who is upfront with their issues. As an agent, I can work with just about any sort of situation. It allows me to approach the right landlords, offer better terms at the onset, or just prepare the leasing agent/ landlord’s agent for what they will see on a credit report. Your relationship with an agent/landlord should be like the one you have with your partner – full honesty and transparency.

“If you date a jerk, they might remind you of the leaseholder-occupant relationship.” a year. Often times landlords will not allow tenants who are dating to get an apartment without both sets of parents signing on as guarantors. Be wary though, I have personally witnessed the ugly results from comparison of income and tax returns. CREDIT PROBLEMS When you start dating someone, and you also start sharing your time and often the check with them, it gets pretty clear from the jump how your partner is with their money. Credit debt is a pervasive issue and is one of the things landlords


Above: The reationship you have with your broker may be the most honest you get, says Ian.

LEASEHOLDER VS OCCUPANT One solution I’ve found to get around the problems that can arise from landlords sometimes being unwilling to put two unmarried people on a lease is to have the most qualified person as the leaseholder and the other as an occupant. The occupant is legally allowed to live in the unit and afforded many legal protections so it is like they signed the lease together. The problem here is one of equality. If you date a jerk, they might remind you of the leaseholderoccupant relationship. If that’s the case, move out and find a hero cuz you were definitely dating a zero. The key to remember here is that if you end your relationship you and the gf/ bf are still “jointly and severely liable.” That means you both need to fulfill the responsibilities of the lease you signed. So be careful who you date and definitely be careful who you sign a lease with! Happy Valentines Day everyone. Ian TD Smith is a licensed real estate broker. Contact him at ian@adomee.com



“Just because you don’t technically have a door, doesn’t mean someone can walk into your space without ‘knocking’ first.”






So you’re forced to share the tiny space you call your boudoir? Carla Duval has five ways to help make it more bearable


here’s a reason we have a political party in New York City called the Rent Is Too Damn High Party – because, quite frankly, the rent is indeed too damn high. One way residents (including yours truly) are forced to creatively cut living costs is by “overcrowding.” In 2015, the Comptroller Stinger Report stated: “Nearly 1.5 million New Yorkers now [live] in a crowded or severely crowded home.” This includes having more than one person living in a single bedroom or (in my case) creating “bedrooms” in apartment spaces intended for other uses. While overcrowding is a more complex issue for the city to tackle, my experience of tucking bed and belongings behind a purple-cotton-barrier-of-a-wall hasn’t made me any less proud of the pocket I call “home.” The penthouse suites will come in time (… right?). Until then, here are some first-hand tips to make your non-room room a pleasant one.


HAVE A PHYSICAL BARRIER Instead of leaving the wall-less side of the room open for your roommates to see you change, or eat bags of shredded cheese, or partake in Netflix and chill, hang up a curtain or use room dividers to make your space a bit more private. These are both easy and affordable solutions, and you can make a statement by greeting visitors with an unavoidable blast of personal taste in color and design as they round the corner to your sanctuary. Plus, both options are easy to tie back or move aside in case you want to ditch the recluse reputation and interact with other parts of the pad.


HAVE A MENTAL BARRIER Come up with some basic ground rules with your roommates to make

sure everyone’s space is respected. Just because you don’t technically have a door, doesn’t mean someone can walk into your space without “knocking” first. On the flip side, if your layout requires your roommate to walk through your space to get to their room, don’t watch HBO with a glass of wine in your Batman Underoos when you know they’re on their way home from work. Be sure to negotiate guidelines for when guests come over, including how late they can stay, how loud they can be, and how many times they can joke about how they could never possibly live the way you live.


GET CREATIVE WITH STORAGE While storage space is always an issue in any NYC apartment, your particular situation will take that headache to the next level. Under-the-bed storage is key – old suitcases work well to store toiletries, DVDs, or winter gear, and will also capture the coveted vintage look while you’re at it. Equally important is having a sturdy dresser that earns its space in height rather than depth, since you don’t want it protruding too far into the limited floor space. Odds are, too, that you’re not going to have a closet in your “room.” Maybe you’re lucky enough to claim pantry space in the kitchen for your wardrobe. If not, you can handle this by hanging multiple towel racks on the walls to use as a pseudo-closet. Just make sure to install them properly or you may wake up buried in a pile of polyester blends.


DIMINISH THE FIVE SENSES For the eyes, get a sleep mask or use a cloth hairband to keep light out from windows or other rooms. Similarly, use earplugs to enjoy your quiet time and to avoid listening in on private phone conversations happening around you. If


Opposite: Things can get a little busy in a shared New York apartment, so learn to make some boundaries.

your open wall is next to the kitchen, you might not appreciate having the aroma of late night Mexican cooking, or of the trash that is (for the 100th time) not your turn to take out, wafting into your territory. Light a candle to mask the smell or invest in an odor eliminator. Temperature will most likely be a problem since you won’t be well insulated. Find a cozy comforter that you love to cuddle with or even a heated mattress pad to keep you incubated. In the summer time, get a fan instead of an AC unit – without four walls to enclose you, you’d need to pump out enough air to keep all of the common space cool (which means more tears when the electric bill comes). And as for your tastebuds … I can’t see how they’d be affected in this three-wall scenario – unless your roommates are dirty pranksters.


EMBRACE IT I can’t stress the importance of this tip enough. If you can’t learn to laugh at yourself in this situation, you’re going to have a miserable time. Make the space your own – prove that you truly don’t mind taking a discount in privacy if it means a discount in your too-damnhigh rent. Find personal ways to make your three walls reflect that you have your act together even if you think you don’t. Hang pictures and photographs, display the corny embroidery your mom cross-stitched for you, put up quirky knick knacks won from carnival games back in small hometowns where your NYC rent would score you a house with a yard and a white picket fence. Know that this situation most likely will not be forever, but if it happens to be your current reality, be proud of yourself for making it work in NYC (and maybe also cast a vote for the RITDH party).



Come live with me

er or just having the Whether you’re shacking up togeth to make sure your occasional house guest, you’ll want best little slice of NY real estate looks its


Fresh jasmine blossoms and layers of fine Fujian green tea create an aromatic beverage said to get you In the Mood For Love. Got to be worth a try, right? $24, madmuseum.org


This cupid’s arrow necklace says it all … the rest is up to you. $28, LorenOlivia.com


Love US craftsmanship? Thos. Moser celebrates the natural beauty of wood and the generations of makers who built furniture to last. The Vita two-seater is an exquisite, ergonomically curved sofa with a cherry back and seat combined with hand-stitched cushions for luscious comfort. $5,420, thosmoser.com


A ten-piece cutlery set, made from stainless steel with lavish gold titanium plating. There’s two of everything, giving even your Seamless dinner-adeux a certain amount of decorum. $158, wolveswithin.com


One of the most iconic artistic couples of the 20th century are immortalized in tea towels. It’s what they would have wanted. $30, store.moma.org





Jonathan Castro’s grip-cup candles are handmade using pomegranate and sage essential oils. Plus, once the light’s gone out, you can double them up as cups. Smart. $40, www.jonathancastrodesigns.com


The natural grain of the wood shines through in his 19th century armoire, giving it the feel of an expressionist painting. It’s also an ideal place to stash all your mess when a date comes round unexpectedly. Comes complete with wheels, making it super-mobile, just like you. $5,995, abchome.com


The station alarm clock, designed by Arne Jacobsen, tells your overnight guest you have timeless class. It also tells them when it’s time to go the morning after. $145, dwr.com


Just because you’re an urban warrior doesn’t mean your home has to be all sharp angles and monochrome. The Victor leather and brass pendant mirror has a hint or rural charm with its natural leather strap with brass hardware. $99.95, cb2.com


The one thing NY apartments lack? Space. So double up your home office with the MidCentury Mini Secretary, a vintageinspired desk with flip-down door and convenient shelving. $399, westelm.com


Give your pots and pans some loving with these cute heartshaped scrubbers. They come in a pack of six. $2, us.flyingtiger.com




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“On one of our first trips together I forgot a comb and used a fork instead” Real-life couples – and singles – get real on romance. Mary Geneva plays Cupid ...


want to lighten up the mood this month and take a break from sharing my dating horrors. This month’s column is all about love. Why? Because it’s time for Valentine’s Day, and I made a promise to myself that I will not be bitter this year. I will not cry into my martini for the eighth year in a row when I see my Instagram friends post pictures of their significant others, the babies they spawned, and the flowers or half-melted chocolates delivered to their offices (no gagging, Mary!). This year is different. I want to celebrate


“I'm looking for a Ren to my Stimpy. A Gary to my Ace. A dumb to my dumber. A Superman to my Batman.”


love (perhaps I’m turning over a new leaf?). So I sat down with three Hell’s Kitchen couples and asked them about their thoughts on love, their most embarrassing moments together, and advice for those of us who are trying to navigate the sticky Manhattan dating scene. I also sat down with three singles – so if anyone wants me to play matchmaker, I’m game! I’d love to shoot off a couple of Cupid’s arrows … although I can’t promise you I won’t end up sitting behind you on your date taking notes.


Couples Jennifer, a comic, writer, filmmaker, and kick-ass mom lives with Chris, a TV/film music producer and editor. OK, so first things first, how did you meet and how long have you been together? We’ve been friends for 20 years and together for 10. How did your partner mosey their way into your home and what was their first item left behind? How did you feel about this? Our relationship went from zero to 60 overnight and, since we had been friends for ten years prior to getting together, there was no “trial period.” However, a couple months before the shift happened, apparently Chris had a “crush” on me. He came over to my house with the intention of talking to me about this and instead asked to borrow a hammer. Jennifer, I Google stalked you and read you have five children! That’s freakin’ amazing. How do you balance your work/family life, and still find quality time for each other? I do my best to keep things separate. When I’m home, I’m home and not talking about work, and when I’m working I try and ignore the five million phone calls and texts from my children. It doesn’t work, they always find me. So, we all agree that everybody is on their best behavior in the beginning, but name your partner’s most embarrassing moment. On one of our first trips together we went to Vancouver. I forgot a comb and used a fork instead to comb my hair. Tiffs happen, right? It’s part of the deal. Share one of your fights and why you can laugh about it now?

We only fight about stupid things. Everything important we agree on. One ongoing debate in our house is the proper way to put on the toilet paper roll. Chris insists that the roll is to hang over. I say it doesn’t matter and put it on backwards sometimes just to annoy him. What is your favorite date spot in HK? Cocktails at 44&1/2 followed by dinner at Mercato Words of advice for those looking for love in the Manhattan dating pool? If an old friend knocks on the door and asks to borrow a hammer, by all means answer the door. Friends do make the best lovers. Knowledge is power. So name one thing the other person has taught you. Chris taught me not to worry so much. It’s like paying interest on a loan that may never come due. Chris says I’ve taught him empathy. Valentine’s Day – Hallmark holiday or most romantic day of the year? Definitely Hallmark holiday. We never go out on Valentine’s Day. In fact, we have a fun tradition where we have people over (singles, couples etc) and I make beef bourguignon and we celebrate friendship.

Jon, an accountant lives with J.B. an engineer. They are parents to Roxie, their rescued Doberman. How did you meet and how long have you been together? JB: Ten and a half years – we met in a bar in Atlanta. He spotted me across the bar and asked for somebody to introduce him. So he called and invited me out to a baseball game. Our first official date was to an Atlanta Braves baseball game three days later. Jon: OK, so it’s my turn to tell the story. I had just finished with the worst date of my entire life. So my buddy Eddie calls me and I was home just stewing, and Eddie says: “We’re on the way to your house, we’re picking you up and we’re going out.” I said: “No, I just got home


continued over

from this horrible date.” Eddie said: “Let me rephrase this: we’re going to be there in five minutes so either get ready or we’ll drag you out looking like shit.” So I went out. The second I walked into the bar, I’m looking around and I see this strikingly handsome man. It was almost like there was this light shining on him. And I was like: “That one, right over there!” I go and introduce myself to the group and I stop when I get the JB and say: “Hey, would you like to go on a date with me? Can I have your phone number? I’d like to call you later.” He said: “Sure,” so I got out a pen and wrote his phone number on my hand. Which, even though I had a cell phone in my pocket, felt a little more intimate. I called him the next day and invited him to a Braves game, which was our first date. And although it was a fantastic date, it turns out we both hate baseball. How did your other half dilly-dally their way into your home and what was their first item left behind? How did you feel about this? JB: We are pretty sure it was toothbrushes. Followed by T-shirts or something. We both had a drawer. Jon: it was a very natural progression. I think we both wanted to move more of our stuff into each other’s place because then you don’t have to lug it back and forth. If you forget your toothbrush then you’re stuck with morning breath all day. Everybody is on their best behavior in the beginning, but name your partner’s most embarrassing moment. JB: We are very different. Jon will say anything on his mind and I’m way more reserved. So that’s been an adjustment over ten years, I just have to roll with it. For example, when we first met you (Mary), Jon asked if you wanted to be a surrogate mother for us. You can’t just walk up and ask someone to be a surrogate! How do you balance work and play, and find quality time for each other? JB: I love to cook. The one way we really connect on a regular basis is by having a nice dinner. So that’s our time together, it’s a ritual. Jon: Also, waking up early to have a proper breakfast together. We eat together every morning. That time is really a great way to start the day. We also have steak and sex nights. What’s your favorite date spot in the Kitchen? Jon: Starting off with a cocktail at Rise,


STYLE followed by noodles at Totto Ramen, and finished with gay cowboys at Flaming Saddles. JB: A perfect date for me is a meal at home. We have a gorgeous roof so we go up there quite a bit and it’s like an escape. Have a home-cooked meal, go to the roof, have a glass of wine, watch the sunset … Words of advice for those looking for love in the Manhattan dating pool? JB: Just be open because you never know. You have to go through a lot of bad dates to get there. Jon: 1: I think you have to be bold but allow yourself to be vulnerable. You have to take a chance at getting hurt. You have to acknowledge that this person is good and is good for me and makes me happy. No one is perfect but I’m happy. 2: Fall in love with your best friend. 3: If you find someone kind, try extra hard. Name one thing the other person has taught you. Jon: How to live in the moment and enjoy life. And, vocabulary. Words! His vocabulary is massive. To this day, ten years later, I learn new words on a weekly basis. I don’t believe him that it’s a real word and I have to google it. I love that and am so turned on by a good vocabulary. JB: I get joy by doing things for him. Hallmark holiday? It’s amateur night.

Val, a project manager working in clinical research, lives with Kory, a business management consultant. They are kitty parents to Murphy and Marley. How did you meet and how long have you been together? We met at the annual Canada Day party that takes place at Mama’s Bar in the East Village. We were both seeing other people at the time but managed to exchange contact info and pursue a friendship for two years before finally getting together in the spring of 2014. I was in Paris when


“You can't just walk up and ask someone to be a surrogate!” Kory texted: “Are you home and are you single?” Since then, we are team ValKor. How did your partner mosey their way into your home? The first time he was ever at my place was when he stopped by with some of his friends on a night they were out and about. It was a casual, fun, friendly first visit. My geriatric cat liked him right off the bat, so that was enough for me. So, we all agree that everybody is on their best behavior in the beginning, but name your partner’s most embarrassing moment. I moved in with him after four months, with geriatric cat in tow. Cut to one month living together (five months dating) and my dear late feline decided to use the entire apartment as her toilet. I was mortified, continuously chasing her around and cleaning her mess. It may help to know Kory is the clean, OCD type and this was clearly not what he signed up for. He took it like a champ and was extremely patient, making me fall even more in love with him. Turns out she was in her last year of life and very sick. Now, for HIS most embarrassing moment -- he went out to a buddy’s stag a month after I moved in (I was likely at home cleaning up my cat’s mess) and stumbled in at 4am barely able to put a sentence together. I woke up, saw him at the end of the bed, then he was gone! He bailed hard and hit the floor. While he was embarrassed the next day, I couldn’t stop laughing at him. Tiffs, they happen, right? It’s part of life’s dating game to disagree. Share one of your petty fights and why you can laugh about it now? We always laugh off our silly disagreements the next day and don’t ever really argue. Apparently I don’t fold the towels properly and he’d always refolds them. Now I just let him do all the folding. What is your favorite date spot in Hell’s Kitchen? We love our quaint, small, 9th Avenue


dive bars. As for a dinner out, we fancy Bea on 43rd St and 9th Ave. Knowledge is power. So name one thing the other person has taught you. He has taught me more about music than I ever thought I’d know in my life. Sometimes it’s neat to hear the story behind a lyric or to walk by a building in New York and be told who wrote what album in that hotel. At first it was endearing because it was new. But now it’s just more of an annoying nuisance than anything. If anyone wants a history lesson in American music, I’ll rent him out to you by the hour. V-Day: most romantic day of the year or annoying way for flower shops, Victoria’s Secret, and fancy restaurants to make money? Valentine’s Day is so annoying to us that we have considered getting married on February 13 so that in the future we can celebrate our anniversary the day before and will forever have an excuse NOT to participate in the commercial cash-grab.

Singles Rob, interior designer and father to Saffy the chihuahua. Valentine’s Day – Cupid’s arrow or weapon of mass destruction? I usually hide on Valentine’s Day and eat candy. Last guy I dated wasn’t a fan of these types of “holidays” and my Valentine’s dreams were crushed. LOL. Do you consider yourself romantic? Yes, very romantic. I feel whenever you are with a person you have high interest for, you should make it magical: an at-home intimate dinner with wine and a good movie. And I like to send a guy a handwritten card after a real date.

STYLE Describe one the most disastrous dates you’ve been on. A guy brought his mother with him. That was the last time I had someone fix me up with her “best friend,” who had obvious mommy issues! It was a short date, let’s say that. What are looking for in a partner in crime? A person who is like-minded in hobbies and interests. Someone whose eyes just speak to me and we instinctively react with similar thoughts and actions, finishing one another’s sentences. My PIC must be a person who wants and desires activity and spontaneity but could also be happy at home cooking with me and watching TV. This guy must also love animals. Name an interesting talent or fun fact about yourself. I like square dancing and swing dancing. Fifties big bands are a favorite!

not going to just plug a random man into it in order to not be single. Describe one the most disastrous dates you’ve been on. Probably the guy who got really drunk and insisted on walking me home. Then he asked to use my bathroom and proceeded to throw up and then pass out on my bathroom floor. I couldn’t get him to wake up. I didn’t want to get my doorman involved (we all know how much they gossip) so I took my dog and slept at my neighbors’. However, I couldn’t sleep knowing this practical stranger was in my apartment so I made my neighbor come back with me to see if he was still there. Oh, he most certainly was … IN MY BED! At that point I lost it and started screaming at him, which thankfully woke him up and he left. The next day I got a text from him asking when he could see me again. Obviously I did not respond.

Carrie, human resources director and Bella the chihuahua’s human.

Michael, marketing manager and brunch enthusiast.

Valentine’s Day – Cupid’s arrow or weapon of mass destruction? Weapon of mass destruction. Are you romantic? Maybe slightly, but not overly romantic. I don’t really like all of that “mushy” stuff. Why do you think you’re single? I actually enjoy my time alone and being independent. I have a very full life so I’m

“My geriatric cat liked him right off the bat, so that was enough for me.”

Valentine’s Day – Cupid’s arrow or weapon of mass destruction? Gigantic f*cking weapon of mass destruction. You either mess up and ruin the night or it’s amazing and then you realize a few months later that you had that “amazing” experience with someone who you now want to walk into oncoming traffic on the West Side Highway. So, are you romantic? I know it doesn’t sound like it but, actually, yes. What is your approach to romance? Every action of love should be based on the person. Repeating romantic acts isn’t romance, it’s copy and paste. To be romantic, do something that means a lot to that one person. Describe one the most disastrous dates you’ve been on. My biggest pet peeve on a date is if a guy is rude to people who are taking care of us. I had a guy who snapped at our waiter at a pretty nice restaurant, wouldn’t make eye contact with him, and


was basically pompous and arrogant to anyone working there. I stopped the date by getting up, saying: “It was nice meeting you,” and giving the waiter $40 to apologize. I hope he got the memo. What are looking for in a partner in crime? A Ren to my Stimpy. A Gary to my Ace. A Dumb to my Dumber. A Superman to my Batman. Describe your perfect Valentines Day from start to finish. Skiing all day, laughing the whole time, hot cocoa, a dinner by a fireplace, and ending the night with a sweet but passionate kiss and knowing there’s a round two or 20. Name an interesting talent or fun fact about yourself. I am the king of the home-cooked meal/ dinner party. Screw Bobby Flay, I wanna throw down with Ina Garten! On that note, since I’m running out of space, I just want to say I had so much fun with these couples and singles. The common theme, whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s loved-tipped arrow or flying solo, is that LOVE is a VERB. It’s something you do ... a lifestyle, not just a feeling. So go ahead and show your partner, friends, pets, neighbor, that you love them. Love on!

About Mary Mary Geneva is a sales professional by day and serial dater by night. In her book Nicknames, she tiptoes into the dating pool accumulating late-night, drunken scraps of paper and text messages outlining unbelievable – yet totally true – events. Undaunted, she lives, works, and plays in New York City, and calls Hell’s Kitchen home, along with her rescued pets, pup Valentino and kitty Diva. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram @ marygenevanyc. You can buy Nicknames on www.nicknamesnyc. com. And you can share your most bizarre dating story with Mary. Email mary genevanyc@gmail.com.




Getting hitched just once wasn’t enough for Ryan and Tatiana. And each occasion was grander than the last Words Christopher Shelley, lovemeister



create, perform, and officiate between 50 and 60 weddings a year, so I see a lot of love close up. I see couples in interviews, as they enter laughing, order drinks, hold hands, and share their story. I see couples excited and concentrating as I guide them through rehearsals. I see them in the supercharged emotional moments in bridal suites, surrounded by family and friends, fussing with bow ties, hairspray, and miles of white lace. I see the bride enter the ceremonial space, and the groom’s expression as he watches her walk up the aisle. I see stoic faces melt, smiles emerge through tears, trembling hands grasping trembling hands. I see joy and love, all year. No couple knows how to honor love more than Ryan and Tatiana, the couple I married three times. You read that right: I married them three times. They just love marrying each other. Their story in brief: both of them are wedding photographers, and have shot, collectively, over a thousand weddings. Tatiana admired Ryan’s photography so much, she commented on one of his Facebook posts. They traded messages and decided, with mutual, genuine spontaneity, to meet at the top of the Empire State Building one fateful, moonlit night. They fell in love high above the city. Ryan proposed in Montreal, in a park, on another moonlit night, and they began thinking about their wedding. They realized they didn’t want to wait to be married, so they eloped, early one June morning in 2015, in Park Slope, with a dozen friends. Their friend Jay played guitar. Their dog wore a bowtie. For the first time, I pronounced them husband and wife. In June of 2016, they assembled an

“Their friend Jay played guitar. Their dog wore a bowtie. For the first time, I pronounced them husband and wife.” all-star team of wedding pros to orchestrate a big, Pinterest-worthy, back-patio wedding at Frankie’s 457 on Court Street in Brooklyn. They spared nothing. Eighty friends and family saw them get married in chic BK style, with rustic chairs, a brick aisle, a tent that made it feel like a circus, a keyboardist surrounded by drooping ivy, and a little boy who presented the rings while wearing a giant bear head: the Ring Bear. We updated their ceremony to reveal their secret wedding the previous year, celebrating them all over again. The crowd was alive, reacting to every story turn, every punch line. We killed it, and for the


Above: The elopment – wedding #1.

second time, I pronounced them husband and wife. We whooped it up ‘til early morning. And yet, nothing compared to the next night. The very next evening, Ryan and Tatiana gathered 300 wedding professionals from around the world at the warehouse-turnedevent space called The Bell House, in Brooklyn. My job was to serve not just as officiant, but as MC for the evening. We kicked things off in classy fashion, as I had the honor of introducing the incredible singer Robyn Adele Anderson and her jazz quartet before their half-hour set. My next job was to perform a fun, music-filled ceremony, complete with a chorus of back-up singers, extroverted friends of the bride and groom. And for the third time, I pronounced Ryan and Tatiana husband and wife, this time singing the words along with my wild chorus. “I do” became “I do-do-do-do-do, do, do!” Ryan and Tatiana thrilled the guests with a choreographed first dance to OK Go’s ‘I Won’t Let You Down.’ Then a thousand balloons fell from the ceiling, and a dance party exploded in sultry grooves. Around midnight, we staged and judged a pajama contest. Like you do. Ryan and Tatiana are friends of mine now. They trusted me to translate their love story three times; it’s an honor that continues to overwhelm me. Love and I see each other close up all the time, and neither of us plans to retire. ABOUT CHRIS Christopher Shelley is a wedding celebrant, humor crafter, and massage therapist who lives and works in Hell’s Kitchen. Read all about his glamorous life at www. IlluminatingCeremonies.com.



How do I

LOVE THEE? Jaci’s smitten – and this time it’s for keeps


or the first Valentine’s Day ever, I can say I am in love. Beauty, laughter, fun, culture – it’s a relationship that has it all and I could not be happier. I am in love with New York. Cupid’s arrow struck one April morning when, looking up, the most exquisite blue sky blanketing such diametrically opposed buildings moved me to tears. This is not a city whose vastness makes one feel small; it offers protection – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Everywhere I turn, it’s as if there’s another arm around my shoulders; I’ve never felt more loved or loving. True love.

“Trying to coax him out of the black hole, I sent him, by cab, a cheese bake, chocolates, a bottle of Burgundy and, for reasons even I have never been able to fathom, a 12-foot inflated skeleton.” It’s by far the best relationship I’ve ever had. Let’s go through them. Gerry (all names have been changed for legal reasons), the manic-depressive – a condition he announced he had at an Indian restaurant called Chutney Mary’s in London’s Chelsea, where he happily explained that he went into a darkened room for six months of the year. I hadn’t even crunched my first poppadom. Everything from the aloo chat appetizer was downhill after that.


Above: The picture that started it all.

Following the date, eight months went by and, trying to coax him out of the black hole, I sent him, by cab, a cheese bake, chocolates, a bottle of Burgundy and, for reasons even I have never been able to fathom, a 12-foot inflated skeleton. Here’s a lesson to you all: bipolar (as it’s now called) people are not going to be cheered up by air-filled bones arriving on their doorstep at 2am. The next day, I had a message on my answer phone: “Thank you for my

present. Goodbye.” This really isn’t going anywhere, is it, I thought. Then there was Hugh, the Australian Hungarian Jewish dentist. He said he was falling for me in a big way and, the day after, came out in a facial rash and realized he was too stressed to continue the relationship. I made the fatal mistake of sending him to my therapist, who recommended that he not see anyone for three months while he sorted himself out. Here’s another lesson, people: some therapists are even worse than inflated skeletons when it comes to sorting men out. Let’s move on a few years to Craig, who had ginger curly hair (never a good sign). After I met him, I said to my close friend, Simon: “He’s boring, uneducated, not funny, secretive, uninteresting, mean and the sex is dreadful.” Simon: “Then dump him.” “But he’s 37 and single,” I wailed. Simon: “But it doesn’t mean he’s the right 37 and single.” How right he was. Five months down the line, when Craig had emptied my bank account, he ran off with a nurse from Boston. He recently got in touch (after 15 years) to say he’d broken his leg in the Boston snow (that’ll teach you), had spent a night in prison, and his marriage to the nurse had broken up (doncha just love karma?). When I asked him why he’d contacted me, his response was: “I thought you’d understand.” Wrong, mate. You’re nothing but a skeleton to me. And so you’ll see why a love affair with a city is a much better bet than one with a real human being. New York is undoubtedly a tough place, but if treated the right way, it gives back by the bucket-load every day. It makes me be a better person. And that really is the essence of a great relationship. Happy Valentine’s Day, New York City.

Let me count the ways ... A place that allows you to be anything you want to be – including Meghan Trainor dancing on a bar (just me, then?).


A city that delivers a sunset like this.


A beautiful February dawn.


SISTERHOODS Escape the cold of Hell’s Kitchen … for another neighborhood with just as warm a heart Words Petur Workman Destination: Toronto, Canada Hood: The Village, aka Church Street or Church and Wellesley


ood, fun, great bars, a diverse community, a sense of belonging – Hell’s Kitchen is a pretty special neighborhood. So when we travel, we like to find the same kinds of qualities in our destination. In the first of a monthly series, we’ll be exploring those SisterHoods all over the US and further afield. First: Church and Wellesley in Toronto, Canada. I like to call it the Moose Knuckle of Canada. Who says it’s too cold to head north?


Wellesley Manor Boutique Hotel I love the corner of Church and Wellesley Streets, half a block from all the action on Yonge yet close enough to the best eats, treats and entertainment. www.wellesleymanorhotel.com


Lola’s Kitchen Dishes lovingly made from scratch in a chic room with all local art. This place also has the absolute BEST weekend brunch. www.lolaskitchen.ca Fabarnak The 519 Committed to health and the LGBTQ community, and giving back to the city with an innovative model towards service, space and leadership, this community café serves up amazing food and even better social responsibility. www.the519.org/fabarnak O.Noir Blind staff serve French-Italian fare in total darkness and surprise dishes test your taste buds. I repeat: IN TOTAL DARKNESS! www.onoirtoronto.com

“Get underground. There’s a second city beneath Toronto that must be seen.” The One Eighty @ 51st Floor The views! Check out this place for more upscale fare, plus the most amazing views of Toronto and the lake, even in bad weather. www.the51stfloor.com

Above: The World Pride mural at The 519.

that must be seen in any weather, with more than 18 miles of pedestrian tunnels and walkways connecting the entire downtown footprint. www.torontopath.com


In the heart of downtown and built in 1974, this is the tallest tower in the western hemisphere. Dine, drink in the view, or take the Edgewalk Experience if you dare. www.cntower.ca



The PATH Bad weather? Get underground. There’s a second city beneath Toronto

Glad Day Bookshop This is the oldest gay bookstore IN THE WORLD, and venue for discussions, musical performances, and drinks. www.gladdaybookshop.com

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Don’t miss the Out of the Depths Exhibit. AGO serves up Yayoi Kusama’s (the artist behind Sky’s pumpkin sculpture) first exhibit in over 20 years. www.rom.on.ca/en, www.ago.net


On any given day, hot boys and hot girls fill Church Street with energy, passion, and opportunity. Hit the ice rink at Nathan Phillips Square to people watch. www.nathanphillipssquareskaterentals.com



Wagging tales

These camera-happy canines took time out from the morning stroll for a quick Q&A with W42ST

King of the pups

Rocky Samson Human’s name: Harry. Breed: French bulldog. Age: I’ll be eight in June. What makes me bark: I bark when I’m supposed to, usually when I hear people that don’t belong to the building in the hall. Three words that describe me best: I’m a confident, snuggly tank. Confession: I’m thinking about using ‘Grecian Formula’ to cover up my grey. I also love showing off for the ladies in the elevator by rolling around. I’m shameless. W42ST says thanks for supporting our Indiegogo campaign


Human’s name: Cindy. Breed: Teacup chihuahua. Age: One year, 10 months old. What makes me bark: When I don’t get attention. Three words that describe me best: Teeny, hyper, playful. Confession: I love to steal the cat’s food.

Want to see your pup on this page? DIGITAL EDITION

Lily Human’s name: Pete. Age: Seven and a half going on two. Breed: Mini bulldog. What makes me bark: I’m a bulldog that doesn’t bark. I did it once and scared myself! Three words that describe me best: Stubborn and darn cute. Confession: Even though I’m not supposed to, I love to pile the pillows up and lay on them.

Send it to waggingtales@w42st.com and we’ll do the rest.



w42 st +


The essential guide to Hell’s Kitchen, from working out to eating out (and in) – it’s the business!



Il Forno

Rustic Table

8th Ave - 44th/45th St

W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

Kodama Sushi & Japanese

Skylight Diner

W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

W34th St - 9th/10th Ave

9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St


The Jones

Bar Bacon

9th Ave - 54th/55th St

9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

9th Ave - 54th/55th St

North River Lobster

Theatre Row Diner

At Nine Restaurant

Pier 81, W41st St - 12th Ave

W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave


Tick Tock Diner 8th Ave - 34th St

9th Ave - 37th/38th St


Westway Diner

Route 66 Cafe 9th Ave - 55th/56th St

Siri Thai 10th Ave - 45th/46th St

Basera Indian Bistro 9th Ave - 50th/51st St

El Rancho Burritos W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

The Marshal

9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

Fresh From Hell


W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

Aaheli Indian Cuisine

prepared in a friendly, neighborly

9th Ave - 54th/55th St

10th Ave - 44th/45th Ave

Aleef Coffee House

Traditional northern Indian cuisine

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

at family-owned and operated

Atomic Wings


eatery. Open for lunch and dinner

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

with a full bar & happy hour.

Azuri Cafe

(212) 757-9787 www.baserany.com

W51st St - 9th/10th Ave

Fresh, delicious food and juices, way.

(212) 956-4355 www.freshfromhell.com

Gazala Place 9th Ave - 48th/49th St

Hell’s Chicken 10th Ave - 45th/46th St

Jonny Panini NYC Bourbon Street Bar W46th St - 8th/9th Ave


9th Ave - 37th/38th St

White Oak

Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen

10th Ave - 54th/55th St It’s worth the effort to walk a few more blocks! Home of the ALL

8th Ave - 48th/49th St

Dafni Greek Taverna

DAY Happy Hour + Oysters. Craft

W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave

cocktails - Elevated “Pub Grub” -

La Panineria

El Azteca

Raw Bar - Daily Specials.

Better Being 940

www.WhiteOakNYC.com (646) 692-9247

Enjoy NYC’s premier photoshoot

W38th St - 8th/9th Ave


9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Esanation Thai Street Food

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

W36th St - 9th/10th Ave

Le Bon Choix 10th Ave - 45th/46th St

caterers in their HK HQ’s serving up

9th Ave - 50th/51st St

their beloved market driven global

Tulcingo Del Valle

flavors. Limited hours: M-F 8:30am-

10th Ave - 46th/47th St

6pm (happy hour coming soon).

v{iv} Thai Restaurant & Bar 9th Ave - 48th/49th St

www.betterbeing.net (212) 858-9448

Zora’s Cafe 9th Ave - 48th/49th St

TIME FOR BRUNCH Ñaño Ecuadorian Kitchen 10th Ave - 47th/48th St

8th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Ecuadorable! Quaint, Ecuadorian


eatery serving traditional dishes with some modern flair. Family recipes make Ñaño a special experience.

www.nanobarnyc.com (646) 649-4678


Cosmic Diner

Bombay Grill House 9th Ave - 51st/52nd St

China Xiang W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave

Chirping Chicken 9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

10th Ave - 35th St

City Kitchen at Row NYC

Gotham West Market

8th Ave - 44th/45th St

11th Ave - 44th/45th St

Curry Hut

Hourglass Tavern

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

W46th St - 8th/9th Ave


Manganaro’s Hero Boy 9th Ave - 37th/38th St Our 60 year anniversary! The original six foot Hero will feed 30 to 40 people. Large restaurant: eat in, take out, catering. Reasonable prices!

(212) 947-7325 www.heroboy.com

Parada 47 Mexican W47th St - 10th/11th Ave

Paradigm Cafe 9th Ave - 35th/36th St

Sushi Star 9th Ave - 35th/36th St

City Slice

Juniper Bar

10th Ave - 51st/52nd St

W35th St - 7th/8th Ave

Clyde Frazier’s 10th Ave - 37th/38th St

Daisy May’s BBQ 11th Ave - 46th St

Taqueria Tehuitzingo 9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

Tehuitzingo Deli & Grocery

The Pony Bar

10th Ave - 47th/48th St

Vintner Wine Market Zoob Zib 9th Ave - 35th/36th St



Featuring 20 specialty brick oven

10th Ave - 45th/46th St pizzas and a high quality selection

Amy’s Bread

of rotating crafts at fantastic prices.

9th Ave - 46th/47th St

www.kiabaccabar.com (212) 649-4675

Green Nature Coffee House W42nd St - 10th/11th St

Kahve 9th Avenue 9th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Kava Cafe W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

Kee’s Chocolates

11th Ave - 45th/46th St 9th Ave - 56th/57th St

McGee’s Pub

Merilu Pizza Al Metro

W55th St - 7th/8th Ave

Molloy’s Irish Pub

New York Sal’s Pizza 10th Ave - 48th/49th St

Uncle Mario’s Brick Oven Pizza

Rattle ‘N Hum

Old Country Coffee

As Is

W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

10th Ave - 50th St

Rudy’s Bar & Grill

Poseidon Greek Bakery

Beer Authority

9th Ave - 44th/45th St

Beer Culture

10th Ave - 56th/57th St

Schmackary’s Cookies W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

Snax Spot 9th Ave - 39th/40th St

The Cafe Grind 10th Ave - 36th/37th St

The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar W47th St - 10th/11th Ave

Think Coffee W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

Underwest Donuts 12th Ave - 46th/47th St

BURGERS AND PIZZA 123 Burger Shot Beer 10th Ave - 50th/51st St

42nd Street Pizza W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

Capizzi Pizzeria & Wine Bar 9th Ave - 40th/41st St

West End Bar & Grill 8th Ave - 48th/49th St

W56th St - 8th/9th Ave

Cara Mia 9th Ave - 45th/46th St

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

W34th St - 9th/10th Ave

REX Coffee

9th Ave - 53rd/54th St

Bricco Ristorante

10th Ave - 43rd St

W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

W40th St - 8th Ave


Mr. Biggs Bar & Grill


9th Ave - 44th/45th St

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


New York Beer Company

Little Pie Company

Tir Na Nog

9th Ave - 49th/50th St

9th Ave - 49th/50th St

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

tasty and inexpensive.


10th Ave - 50th/51st St

Landmark Tavern

W52nd St - 8th/9th Ave 9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

always rotating & our food is

The Waylon

Lincoln Park Grill Lucky’s Famous Burgers

Our 20 “world class” drafts are

www.lansdowneroadnyc.com (212) 239-8020

and wine on tap. Comfortable vibe.

W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

fantastic American craft beer.

This neighborhood sports bar is a great place to gather for tasty pub food, wings and a wide selection of beers while watching your favorite team. Back bar available for parties.

Always interesting draft cocktails

Frisson Espresso

10th Ave - 46th/47th St

Neighborhood bar serving

10th Ave - 43rd/44th St

9th Ave - 46th/47th St

Kahve 10th Avenue

10th Ave - 45th St

Lansdowne Road

W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

Blue Ruin

Chez Josephine

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

Brickyard Gastropub

Return to the joie de vivre of

9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

1920s Paris, with a blue tin

Dalton’s Bar & Grill 9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

ceiling, red velvet walls and

Scallywag’s Irish Bar & Restaurant

Dave’s Tavern 9th Ave - 41st/42nd St

chandeliers lighting up Josephine Baker portraits.

9th Ave - 38th/39th St

Heartland Brewery

www.chezjosephine.com (212) 594-1925

The best Irish hospitality in Hell’s

8th Ave - 40th/41st St

Kitchen. We offer delicious food,

Holland Bar

live music every night, happy hour,

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

great sport - it’s all here for you.

Houndstooth Pub

www.scallywagsnyc.com (646) 490-4803

8th Ave - 36th/37th St

House of Brews W51st St - 8th/9th Ave

Social Bar, Grill & Lounge

Iron Bar

8th Ave - 48th/49th St

8th Ave - 44th/45th St

Stitch Bar & Lounge


W37th St - 7th/8th Ave

8th Ave - 55th/56th St

The Jolly Monk

Chimichurri Grill 9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

Esca W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Green Fig Yotel, 10th Ave - 41st/42nd St Shared dishes, locally sourced ingredients, perfectly crafted wine list.

(646) 449-7790

9th Ave - 48th/49th St




Fish Bar Pier 81, W41st St - 12th Ave

Hakkasan W43rd St - 8th/9th Ave

K Rico Steakhouse 9th Ave - 51st/52nd St

La Vela Dining & Bar 11th Ave - 42nd/43rd St


Pio Pio 10th Ave - 43rd/44th

PRINT Restaurant 11th Ave - 47th/48th Ave

Sangria 46 W46th St - 8th/9th Ave

Staghorn Steakhouse W36th St - 8th/9th Ave

Taboon 10th Ave - 52nd/53rd St


Trattoria Casa Di Isacco 9th Ave - 39th/40th St

Hell’s Kitchen Brewtique

Uncle Vanya Cafe

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

W54th St - 8th/9th Ave

International Grocery


9th Ave - 40th/41st St

9th Avenue Saloon

Manhattan Plaza Winery

9th Ave - 45th/46th St

9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

Flaming Saddles Saloon

Mazzella’s Market 9th Ave - 47th/48th St

9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Wine Escape

Posh W51st St - 9th/10th Ave

W44th St - 9th/10th Ave

The Ritz

A cozy, intimate wine bar with

W46 St - 8th/9th Ave

Mediterranean tapas & wines


www.wineescapenyc.com (212) 262-7000

Adella W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

from around the world.


Ardesia Wine Bar W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

Pocket Bar NYC W48th St - 9th/10th Ave


9th Ave - 45th/46th St

Ninth Avenue Vintner 9th Ave - 46th/47th St

Odyssey Wine & Spirits 10th Ave - 37th/38th St

Ray & Frank Liquor Store 9th Ave - 48th/49th St

Sea Breeze Fish Market 9th Ave - 40th/41st St

Simply Natural

Barcelona Bar

W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

8th Ave - 54th/55th St

Stiles Farmers Market

Press Lounge

W52nd St - 8th/9th Ave

11th Ave - 47th/48th St

Sullivan Street Bakery

Social Drink And Food

W47th St - 10th/11th Ave

Yotel, 10th Ave - 41st/42nd St

The Stinger W44th St - 8th/9th Ave


34th Street Wine & Spirits W34th St - 9th/10th Ave

42nd Street Wine Loft W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

5 Brothers Gourmet Market 10th Ave - 47th/48th St

Big Apple Market 9th Ave - 39th/40th St

Brooklyn Fare W37th St - 9th/10th Ave


Cellar 53 Wines & Spirits 10th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Clinton Gourmet Market 10th Ave - 45th/46th St

Empire Coffee & Tea Company 9th Ave - 41st/42nd St

Esposito Meat Market 9th Ave - 37th/38th St

Grace Wine & Spirits 10th Ave - 43rd/44th St

Grand Cru Wine & Spirits 11th Ave - 43rd St

Gristedes 8th Ave - 53rd/54th St

Healthy Market Deli 10th Ave - 45th St

SUNAC Natural Market W42nd St - 11th Ave

Terra Market 9th Ave -39th/40th St

The MKT @ Mercedes House W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Veritas Studio Wines W45th St - 10th/11th Ave

Westerly Natural Market 8th Ave - 54th St

STYLE SHOP IT OUT B&H Cameras 9th Ave - 34th St

Champion Stamp Company W54th St - 9th/10th Ave

Couture du Jour W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

Delphinium Home W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

Fine And Dandy W49th St - 9th/10th Ave Ties, handkerchiefs, suspenders, socks, hats, jewelry, flasks, cards, books, gifts & more.


Glitz & Glory 9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Grishko Dancewear W50th St - 8th/9th Ave




9th Avenue Barbershop 9th Ave - 37th/38th St

Ada Salon 9th Ave - 54th/5th St

Albano Salon 450 9th Ave - 35th/36th Ave

America’s Hairstyle International Domus Unaffected Living W44th St - 9th/10th Ave Owners Luisa and Nicki work with artisans around the globe to source unique home decor items, gifts and jewelry. Candles and cards make it a one-stop shop.

www.domusnewyork.com (212) 581-8099

W50th St - 9th/10th Ave

Blocker Yoga www.blockeryoga.com Get your zen on with private or group yoga classes led by

W46th St - 9th/10th Ave

De Lido Hair Salon

yoga + wellness retreats.

8th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

(912) 313-9911 blockeryoga@gmail.com

round, each weekend. Antiques, vintage clothes, collectibles & more!

info@hellskitchenfleamarket.com www.annexmarkets.com

W57th St - 8th/9th Ave 10th Ave - 46th/47th St

Grum’d Barber Shop W46th St - 9th/10th Ave

Pier 84 - Hudson River

Hair 2 Stay

Manhattan Plaza Health Club

W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Hell’s Kitchen Barbers

Mark Fisher Fitness

W56th St - 9th/10th Ave

W38th St - 9th/10th Ave

Rafik Barber Shop Skintrade Tattoos W35th St - 8th/9th Ave

West Vibe Hair Salon

Rolates Pilates


Come enjoy a workout within

10th Ave - 46th/47th St

Enoch’s Bike Shop 10th Ave - 36th/37th Ave

Hell’s Kitchen Rolfing W51st St - 8th/9th Ave

JCohen Chiropractic W52nd St - 8th/9th Ave

W37th St - 8th/9th Ave

Vera’s Shoe Repair

9th Ave - 45th/46th St


Pura Dermatology

W45th St - 10th/11th Ave

9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

Danny’s Cycles - Hell’s Kitchen

Schwartz Luggage Storage

W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave


9th Ave - 48th/49th St

8th Ave - 44th/45th St

Informational Design.


Massage Envy

W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave


Cyc Fitness

Print & Editorial, Illustration,

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Mid City Gym

9th Ave - 49th/50th St

10th Ave - 47th/48th St

Graphic Design, Web Design,


W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Housing Works Thrift Shop

Al’s Cycle Solutions


9th Ave - 57th/58th St

Mercedes Club

9th Ave - 50th/51st

Thrift & New Shop

Alisa Krutovsky Graphic Design

Jeunesse Hair Salon

W39th St - 9th/10th Ave

the city’s oldest flea markets. Year

Dramatics NYC Erik’s Barbershop

Manhattan Kayak Company

An authentic NY experience, one of

David Ryan Salon

Blocker. Also offering worldwide

9th Ave - 55th/56th St

W39th St - 9th/10th Ave

10th Ave - 48th/49th St

certified instructor, Brooke

Liberty Bicycles

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

Best Barber

939 8th Ave, Suite 207 our historic walls where Pilates

www.nachoguevara.com I’m a professional portrait and fashion photographer committed to producing highly creative

W46th St - 9th/10th Ave

pictures with a unique look.


iguedur@gmail.com (773) 441-9455

54th Street Auto Center W54th St - 9th/10th Ave

Cybert Tire and Car Care

began. Join us at the original

11th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Joseph Pilates Studio, check our

Westside Highway Car Wash

website for class schedule.

W47th St - 12th Ave


Nacho Guevara Photography


TMPL Gym W49 ST - 8th/9th Ave

Balloon Bouquets of NY


W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

42nd Nails & Spa

9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

9th Ave - 41st/42nd St

Jay Cleaners

Christian Miles Photography

M2 Organic Cleaners

www.cmilesstudio.com info@cmilesstudio.com

9th Ave - 54th/55th St





Jazz at Lincoln Center


10 Columbus Circle

Orchestra of St. Luke’s

414 Hotel

W37th St - 9th/10th Ave

W46th St - 9th/10th Ave


Belvedere Hotel

Frames Bowling Lounge Lucky Strike

Candlewood Suites Times Square

Mud Sweat & Tears

Cassa Times Square Hotel

9th Ave - 40th/41st St

Ilona Lieberman Photography STYLE

www.ilonalieberman.com Ilona Lieberman Photography is based in New York. She shoots editorial portraits, photojournalist weddings and relaxed modern family portraiture.

(917) 566-6900 ilona@ilonalieberman.com

W42nd St - 12th Ave

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

10th Ave - 46th St

9th Ave - 38th/39th St

Space Ibiza

W50th St - 11th/12th Ave


W42nd St - 12th Ave

Hudson River Park

12th Ave - 34th/59th St

Intrepid Museum

Comfort Inn Midtown West


W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

Element Times Square West W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


W57th St - 12th Ave

Natural light, open spaces & healthy options.


Restore balance in the Big Apple.


EVEN Hotel

W40th St - 8th/9th St


French Quarters Apartments W46th St - 8th/9th Ave


Fountain House Gallery

Hampton Inn - Times Square North

9th Ave - 48th St

8th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Ars Nova Theater

Our gallery exhibits and sells

Davenport Theater

artists living with mental illness.

Hampton Inn - Times Square South

original, affordable art made by local

www.fountainhousegallery.org ariel@fountaingallerynyc.com

W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

8th Ave - 44th/45th St

W40th St - 8th/9th Ave

The Knickerbocker W42nd St - Broadway

The OUT NYC W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

The Time Hotel W49th St - 7th/8th Ave

Travel Inn W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

Washington Jefferson Hotel W51st St - 8th/9th Ave

Wyndham New Yorker 8th Ave - 34th/35th St

Yotel New York 10th Ave - 42nd St


W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Hilton Garden Inn Times Square W42nd St - 6th/7th Ave

Hilton Times Square

New Dramatists

W42nd St - 7th/8th Ave

Signature Theatre

Sean Kelly Gallery

The Lark Theatre



6th Ave - 38th/39th St

Econo Lodge Times Square

W36th St - 8th/9th Ave

Four Points by Sheraton


Residence Inn New York

The Daily Show

subjects--dogs and children.

W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

W36th St - 9th/10th Ave

Skyline Hotel

W35th - 8th/9th Ave

The New Group

Quality Inn Convention Center

Row NYC Hotel

Center, Piers 92 & 94. Favorite

W43rd St - 8th/9th Ave

Broadway - 45th/46th St

Comfort Inn Times Square West

Madison Square Garden, Javits

W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

New York Marriott Marquis

DoubleTree by Hilton

features. Specialty-events at

W44th St - 9th/10th Ave

W40th St - 8th/9th Ave

NY Waterway Ferry


Ensemble Studio Theatre

Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites

Staybridge Suites Times Square

W42st - 11th/12th Ave

W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

11th Ave - 47th/48th Ave

W48th St - 10th/11th Ave

W37th St - 8th/9th Ave

Tom Otterness Playground

W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Ink 48 Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel

Courtyard Marriott

11th Ave - 51st/52nd St


W44th St - 6th/7th Ave

Javits Center

12th Ave - 39th/40th St

Environmental portraits, editorial,

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Hotel Mela

10th Ave - 49th/50th St

W34th St - 11th Ave


Comfort Inn & Suites Times Square South

W37th St - 8th/9th Ave

W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

W46th St - 12th Ave

Mo Lynch Photography

W48th St - 8th/9th Ave

Homewood Suites New York

Holiday Inn - Times Square South

10th Ave - 36th/37th St

8th Ave - 38th/39th St

Holiday Inn Express - Midtown West

Alvin Ailey Theater W55th St - 9th Ave

Baryshnikov Arts Center W37th St - 9th/10th Ave

W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

W48th St - 10th/11th Ave

Holiday Inn Express - Times Square W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Ian TD Smith TD Realty Corp As a native and long term resident of Hell’s Kitchen, Ian provides extensive real estate services to his neighbors in and out of the The Kitchen.

(917) 216-2771 ian@pocketbroker.co




The Helena W57th St - 11th/12th Ave

The Helux W43rd St - 10th/11th Ave

The Orion Condominium W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave

The Park Clinton W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

The Westport

Halstead Property

W56th St - 10th/11th Ave

I live in Hell’s Kitchen and I

Two Worldwide Plaza

FIX IT UP Adam 99 Cents & Up 10th Ave - 51st/52nd St

American Home Hardware 318W47

W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

360 W43rd St W43rd St - 8th/9th Ave

420W42 W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

432W52 W52nd St - 9th/10th Ave

535W43 W43rd St - 10th/11th Ave

Addison Hall W57th St - 9th/10th Ave

Crystal Green W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Emerald Green W38th St - 8th/9th Ave

9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

Clinton Glass & Mirrors 9th Ave - 46th/47th St

Columbus Hardware 9th Ave - 55th/56th St

Epstein’s Paint Center W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

Framing on 9th 9th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Fresh Cut Flowers W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Gotham Mini Storage 10th Ave - 38th/39th St

Jadite Custom Picture Framing 10th Ave - 46th/47th St

Matles Florist W57th - 8th/9th Ave

Prudence Design & Events

Gotham West

W36th St - 8th/9th Ave

W45th St - 10th/11th Ave


Instrata at Mercedes House W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Manhattan Plaza W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Mercedes House W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Midwest Court W53rd St - 9th/10th Ave

One MiMa Tower W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

One River Place W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

Riverbank West W43rd St - 10th/11th Ave

Silver Towers W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave


Coco and Toto 11th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Pet Ark 10th Ave - 43rd/44th St

Petland Discounts 9th Ave - 49th/50th St

Pets NYC 9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

Pure Paws Veterinary Care W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave We all want what is best for our pets; beginning with exceptional veterinary care. Pure Paws of Hell’s Kitchen provides cutting-edge services for dogs and cats.

(917) 534-7838

The Spot Experience

W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

The Armory

Westside Animal Hospital

W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

Get your KTCHCRD today




(646) 641-0145 ihalpern@halstead.com

N 12 ame 34 56 Her 78 e 90

to find the perfect home for you!

W50th St - 8th/9th Ave


in the neighborhood. Contact me

Va li d

specialize in sales and rentals

20 17

Isaac Halpern

Just $5 a month gets you more than $150 of savings EVERY MONTH ... and opens up a whole neighborhood of discoveries.

W46th St - 9th/10th Ave


For more details visit



“I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance.” Nora Ephron


hen Nora Ephron’s death was announced in 2012, it came as a surprise to almost all but her closest friends. She’d kept her leukemia a secret, and continued to work to the very end. Her final movie, 2009’s Julia & Julia, starred Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, and premiered in New York City, at the now-closed Ziegfeld Theatre. But, while her resumé cites her as an acclaimed


journalist, essayist, playwright, novelist, producer, director, and blogger, she is probably best known for her romantic comedies that perfectly and profoundly capture the imperfect love between two people. When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle were both nominated for Academy Awards (as was her first movie, Silkwood, about nuclear whistleblower and labor union activist Karen Silkwood), while Heartburn, which starred Meryl


Streep and Jack Nicholson, was inspired by the breakdown of her marriage to Washington Post journalist Carl Bernstein. (She had a toddler son at the time and was heavily pregnant when she discovered her husband’s affair with a mutual friend.) Ephron’s legacy lives on through The Nora Ephron Prize, a $25,000 award given by the Tribeca Film Festival to a female writer or filmmaker “with a distinctive voice.”