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Wham! Bam! Thank you Batman. The world of comic books is bigger and more diverse than ever, and we’re celebrating in typical W42ST style. We’re talking to legendary artist and writer Klaus Janson, taking a Daredevil’s eye view of Hell’s Kitchen from the rooftops, revealing the neighborhood’s food superheroes and villains and more. Plus, meet our latest columnist Tyler Mount, Hollywood’s favorite magician Helder Guimarães, and the Tattooed Quilter. And don’t forget to sign up for our editor’s weekly email newsletter for chat and giveaways: http://bit.ly/letterfromruth. Ka-pow! THE TEAM THAT BROUGHT YOU W42ST

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Tom D’Angora, theater producer and LGBTQ campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, on where he’d take the Democratic nominee for a date in HK.


All the pap action you need from our epic close of fashion week party.


If you’re celebrating Halloween this year, don’t expect any candy from our columnist.


Klaus Janson talks comic books, working with Frank Miller, and breathing life into Hell’s Kitchen’s favorite superhero.


How did New Yorks’ first openly gay senator celebrate the marriage equality act? Find out here, people.


Taking a ghost tour around the neighborhood’s most haunted bathrooms.


A unique view of the Hell’s Kitchen you don’t usually see, from the rooftops and decks of this remarkable neighborhood.


Anyone with an eye for a picture and a half-decent cameraphone could have their work published in our mag.


Keeping watch over the birthplace of Marvel – 330 W42nd Street is the place of legends.


Our diary of happenings, from theater to dance to family fun, is the only guide you’ll need this month.


Introducing our newest columnist, Broadway’s favorite vlogger with all his favorite things.


Inside the head of Helder Guimarães, Neil Patrick’ Harris’s favorite magician – he’ll blow your mind!




Food blogger Ziggy meets the people at the center of the neighborhood’s foodiverse.


Making booze is as American as apple pie. We meet the modern makers mixing up our favorite cocktails – with a twist.


The more we drink, the more our masks slip away to reveal our true selves. Be warned: you may not like what you see!


Zora Browne on working with her mom and making soul food that is good for our health.


The nine things you need to know before buying a new apartment that you haven’t even set eyes on yet.


He learned quilting from three generations of women; now he’s at the forefront of a crafting revolution.


Need a broker superhero? These are the qualities to look out for in your search.





The truth about Frankenfoods – and delicious, healthy recipes for all your leftover pumpkin (whether it’s GMO or not). COVER This month’s cover is by Rich Bernatovech and Ihor Loboda. Rich is a New Yorkbased artist and writer, whose work includes Sentinels, Neverminds, Bugged, and Kowa (www. drumfish productions. com). Ihor is an artist and colorist from Ukraine, whose work is in the up-coming comic Blessed Sons (www. igloinor.tumblr. com).


Mary Geneva meets a sexy but dangerous monster. Our favorite kind!


Our favorite, most photogenic pups in Hell’s Kitchen smile for the camera. Get involved by emailing waggingtales@w42st.com with your dog’s vital stats. We’ll take care of the rest.


The essential guide to the very best of Hell’s Kitchen. This is where you’ll find everything from bars and restaurants, to nail salons, dog walkers, personal trainers and more. Plus an illustrated map. Want to be included? Of course you do! Just contact bob@w42st.com.



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He’s with Her

When Tom D’Angora isn’t rallying for LGBTQ votes in Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, you’ll find him living, working, and playing on W42nd Street What’s your Hell’s Kitchen story? What brought you here? And, more importantly, what keeps you here? I moved to the city in the fall of 2000 when I was just a kid, and got a job flying for Broadway shows at the TKTS booth. That’s where I met my husband and business partner of 14 years, Michael. I moved to HK 11 years ago. I opened NEWSical at Theatre Row (The Kirk) almost six years ago and moved into MIMA on W42nd St around the same time. I love Hell’s Kitchen more than words can say. I get to live and work in the greatest neighborhood in the greatest city in the world. I’ll never leave. Sales pitch time. Tell us a little bit about your shows. Go! NEWSical The Musical is an ever-evolving current events musical comedy. We cover everything from the election to the Kardashians. It’s honestly hilarious. We’ve been running almost six years and, of all my work, it’s what I’m proudest of, because the cast and crew are hands-down the best in the business. The Marvelous Wonderettes is a 50/60s musical comedy. It features four incredibly talented woman with the tightest harmonies you’ll ever hear. Naked Boys Singing is exactly what it sounds like. This is the show I’ve been involved with the longest (15 years). It’s such a funny, charming and, yes, very naked show. What prompted you to be politically active? I truly believe a Hillary Clinton Presidency will change the world. I decided over a decade ago that if she was in I was in. I made a promise that I’d do everything I possibly could to help shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling. It’s been exhausting,


Left: All smiles with Hillary.


but we are so close to making history and every time I see a young girl look at Hillary with such pride and hope, it makes every second of this journey worth it. What was the first thing you guys said to each other? The first time I ever had the honor of meeting Hillary was during her first Presidential campaign in 2007/2008. I spoke to her about her fight for universal healthcare. I was in great health, but due to a pre-existing condition from a decade earlier I couldn’t get insurance. She was so easy to speak with. She listened carefully and explained in thoughtful detail what she planned to do to help. Fast forward to eight years later and today, thanks to the ACA (Obamacare), I am double covered. Hillary’s fight to pass Hillarycare and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) helped pave the way for the ACA. What are the main issues of concern to the LGBTQ community right now? I think the LGBTQ community has made incredible strides, but there is still a lot of work to do. We need to stay


Tom D’Angora is Hillary Clinton’s LGBTQ campaign rally manager. He’s also a successful off-Broadway producer for Naked Boys Singing, NEWSical The Musical, and The Marvelous Wonderettes. TOM’S HK HOME MiMA, W42nd St -

9th/10th Ave WORK The Kirk, Theatre

Row, W42nd St 9th/10th Ave PLAY Westbank Cafe,

W42nd St 9th/10th Ave Theatre Row Diner, W42nd St -

9th/10th Ave

focused on transgender equality. We need to keep fighting to end workplace discrimination. We need to do all we can to end hate crimes, not just against the LGBTQ community, but all communities. Also, many of our brothers and sisters abroad are being harassed, jailed and in some cases murdered because of who they are or who they love. We need to keep encouraging our government to continue to advocate for inclusion and justice abroad. So, you’re taking Hillary out in Hell’s Kitchen – where do you go? Easy: West Bank Cafe. It’s my favorite place in all of NYC and it’s across the street from my home and theater. They know how to treat you there. The food, drinks, and service are unparalleled. Who do you more admire in the neighborhood? I’m a big fan of my State Senator Brad Hoylman (NY’s only openly gay senator). I’ll be all in for his reelection campaign and hope everyone else gets involved as well. What’s the best thing about living here? The best thing about living on W42nd Street is LIVING ON W42nd Street! Every day is like living in the movies. The lights, the energy ... it’s magic. And the worst? Honestly, it’s a dream come true. Sometimes the sidewalks are crowded, but that’s good for the local economy, so it’s all good. Tell us an HK secret …? Theatre Row Diner has the best minestrone soup I’ve ever had … and I am VERY, VERY Italian.


“Every day is like living in the movies. The lights, the energy ... it’s magic.” DIGITAL EDITION




If it’s happening in Hell’s Kitchen, we’ve got it covered W42ST STYLE PARTY

Clockwise from top: W42ST dating columnist Mary Geneva and Brooke McCaffrey; models from our new faces shoot; cover artist Alvaro, with model Tatjana Berg.


here were rum cocktails from Stolen. There was wine from Cloud No. 9. Music from Grammy award winner Kendra Foster and DJ Cloack Dagger. The venue? The stunning Ez Studios in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. The occasion? Our September issue party that closed New York Fashion Week in style.





Clockwise from top: Dimas Bravo and Timothy Tate, with the modelling team from our new faces shoot; writer Sourabh Sharma, and friends; all the team together, with style issue creative director Mykel C Smith at the mic; Grammy award winner Kendra Foster; beauty x 2; Alva Page, Tatjana Berg, Brad Allen, Mykel C Smith, and Timothy Tate; nice tote guys; style and smiles.





When the trick or treating starts, don’t go knocking on Jaci’s door …


never got the fascination with Halloween. When I was growing up, the greatest excitement on October 31 was semi-drowning in a bucket of water while trying to pull an apple out with your teeth. That was it. Party over. It was only when I moved to the US that I realized what I’d been missing out on. When stores started stocking up on pumpkin carving kits at the end of summer, a whole new life opened before me. I’d never before been in contact with a pumpkin, let alone something to turn it into a work of art. It wasn’t that my parents were mean; they were just a bit slow on the uptake when it came to essentials for festivities. As a kid, my Jack o’ Lantern was always a turnip, and one year, when even the turnips had sold out, we had to make do with a plump carrot. People in the US start turning their lawns into Halloween festivals round about September 1, when everything guaranteed to terrify a small child goes on display. In all apartments I’ve rented, a notice comes round asking whether I want to be included in the trick or treat festivities carried out by the complex’s little people. Not unless they never want to see their parents again and have a desire to eke out their remaining days under my floorboards, I say. Politely. I put it down to my having been born on November 5 (in the UK, the day that commemorates Guy Fawkes’s unsuccessful attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605). Children came to my birthday party armed with explosives. Sometimes, I got a present, too, but the bigger the box of explosives, the smaller the present. While

in. What’s to like about something that celebrates everything that is horrible? That preys upon our greatest fears about the unknown? That transforms people into hideous incarnations of grossness? Halloween is a celebration – the first day of Allhfallowide – that takes place on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. Apparently, we’re not supposed to eat meat – and yet we’re at liberty to light candles on the graves of the dead? Go figure. So, a very happy Halloween to you all. I’m keeping all my doors locked, eating all the candy I have (sorry, kiddies), and watching back-to-back Law and Order: SVU (again). Come November 5, I might emerge. Drinks are on you.

Above: Guess who’s eating all the candy ...?

my friends watched the display outside, I hid indoors, alone, under a table. I hated fireworks then and still do. They make me cry. To me, they are the loneliest sound in the world. I suppose I equate Halloween with that time of year. I’ve never been able to be near anyone wearing a mask; my dislike of beards is probably because I genuinely have a fear of being close to anything with its face covered. I would need to be accompanied by paramedics if I were to attend a masked ball; my mother once had to carry me out of the circus when a clown approached me for a friendly chat. I had hysterics in Paris Disneyland when a mouse came within nibbling distance. And I was 43 at the time. And so, come October 31, I’ll be staying



Autumn, particularly in poetry, is often associated with melancholia. Solution: go to pub. Since 1997, Autumn has been one of the top 100 names for

2 10

girls in the US. I bet you Hillary is going to rocket to the top this year. Or Donaldique. Not long to go now, folks! You’re not supposed to be wearing white after Labor Day.



Great. Another excuse to go shopping. Halloween is Calan Gaeaf in Welsh. That is of no use to any of you, but I am Welsh, so run with it for five seconds.


ARE YOU SCARED YET? 1. Work avoidance for Halloween: www.makeme zombie.com 2. The most frightening thing from the UK you’ll ever see, let alone on Halloween. A meat clown! 3. A pumpkin carving kit.


In the late 19th and early 20th century, in Glamorgan (where I am from in Wales – did I mention that?), young people crossdressed to celebrate Halloween. Yeah. Now you’re interested, right?


I ink,

THEREFORE I am Writer, penciller, colorist, Klaus Janson has worked on Batman, Superman, Spider-Man … but the character closest to his heart is the one he helped breathe life into, and who still lives in his dreams: Daredevil Words Ruth Walker Photographs Christian Miles


hen Klaus Janson watches Daredevil on Netflix – which doesn’t happen very often because of the effect it has on him – he gets the sense that someone has opened up his head and taken a good old root around in there. Preyed on his dreams and made them a reality. Unnerving? That’s an understatement. Klaus, along with Frank Miller, helped create Daredevil, working on the artwork from 1975 until 1983, and taking an increasingly key role in the look and feel of the characters as the series developed. “When Frank and I get together now,” he says, “we often talk about Daredevil and what a great time it was in our lives. It was the 1980s, we were young, we were hungry, we were ambitious … not that we’re not now, but we didn’t know anything so we were able to reach further. “Frank is a genius,” adds his friend. “He’s one of the few people you can really say understands the medium in a way that Hitchcock or Spielberg or Scorsese understand film. We were a very good team, and Frank would say that we read each other’s minds. There was a sense of communication on the page.” He’s seen a few episodes of the Netflix series, he says. The first two of the first season, then a couple from the second. “People ask, ‘Why don’t you watch the whole season?’” laughs Klaus, “and I tell them, ‘Because I’ve already seen it! Truly. In the second episode, which I thought was terrific, there was a scene in a bar called


“I learned to read and speak English through comic books. That, without a doubt, made a very big impact on me.” Josie’s Bar, and it was so exactly what we had done that it was like watching a dream you’d had materialize in real life. It was actually unnerving in a lot of ways – like somebody peeked inside of your head. I thought, ‘OK, that’s enough!’” The characters, he says, are almost like


Opposite: In his studio, at home in New York City.

continued over







COMMUNITY family; a part of himself and of the original team that brought them to life on the page. “One of the interesting things, I think, about Daredevil is that everyone who’s worked on it has a sense of ownership. I’ve spoken to other people who have subsequently worked on it and we all feel the same way. They say, ‘This is my character.’ And I laugh because I think to myself, ‘You’re a fool. This is MY character!’ “I’ve worked on Superman or SpiderMan or other characters – I don’t feel that way about them. Daredevil I definitely do.” The legend of Klaus Janson begins when he came to the US from Germany at the age of five. “Of course, I couldn’t speak English or read it, and during the course of that summer I’d discovered comic books at a little five and dime store. I was able to begin to understand the language and learn how to read by putting the words together with the pictures. I was able to understand what the pictures meant and by default put together what the language was. So I learned to read and speak English through comic books. That, without a doubt, had a very big impact on me.” Growing up, he’d read somewhere – probably in a comic book – that DC Comics gave tours every Friday. So off he traveled, to Manhattan from Connecticut … “I think I was 17, I was still in high school, and I showed up and was told, well, DC doesn’t do tours anymore. And I remember saying to the receptionist, ‘But … but … I’’M WEARING A TIE!’ I’m not sure if I started to cry, but I got weepy, and so she said, ‘Calm down, calm down, I’ll see what I can do.’ “She brought out one of the editors and they were kind enough to take me on a tour. On that day I met Dick Giordano, who was the editor in chief of DC Comics at the time. He had come from Derby Connecticut, where he had run a small publishing house called Charlton Comics, and as a kid I used to write letters to Charlton saying things like, ‘I love the Blue Beetle and Captain Atom’ or whoever. “I was introduced to him and he looked at me and said, ‘I know you.’ I kind of got freaked out. Is my picture on the post office wall or something? But he’d remembered my name and we struck up a casual friendship. “I told him, ‘I want to be an artist’ and he said, ‘Come by, show me your work.’ So I adopted him. He became my mentor and my surrogate dad and I did apprentice work for him for about a year, then took off on my own. He was one of those people who really change the course of your life.

“Comics are so diverse right now and going through an incredible renaissance. They’re probably the best they’ve ever been.” He taught me a lot about the technique and the approach to work, but most importantly what he taught me was how to be a professional and how to meet your deadlines. “They say in comics that you need two out of three things in order to succeed. You need to be nice – you can’t be a jerk; you need to be talented; and you need to be on time.” He laughs: “I’ve always prided myself in thinking I have all three.” He always thought he’d do the comic


Above and opposite: Just a tiny selection of Klaus’s body of work and the work that continues to inspire him.

book thing until he was about 30, then get a proper job. Maybe directing. But the thing he learned was that, actually, he still had so much to learn. “The first ten years of my career was garbage. It was horrible. I realized that, the more I got into the idea, the concept of storytelling, there was more to it than I thought and I got more and more engaged with it. “And at this late stage it’s probably too late to change careers anyway.” He now teaches once a week at the School of Visual Arts which, he says, gives him an insight into what he was like as a fresh-faced, eager 18-year-old. “And I tell the kids what I would tell myself: stop fooling around. Get off your cellphone, get off your video games, and study. There’s only one way to get better, and that’s to work. “Comics are so diverse right now and going through an incredible renaissance. They’re probably the best they’ve ever been.” But while, excitingly, the storylines are embracing strong female characters, racially, ethnically and sexually diverse leads, he’s looking at one aspect of the medium through different eyes these days. “The discussion about violence in movies and video games, or comic books or literature of any kind – the Bible! – does it or does it not affect the reader? And when I was younger I thought, that’s silly. People are crazy because they’re crazy. But later on in life I thought that I had some responsibility and that I didn’t want to put that violence out there. “It’s not that I’m opposed to conflict because every story needs conflict. But I do have some qualms about certain types of violence and I think we are responsible to some degree for putting that out into the culture. So I’ve become a little more careful about what I say in the work that I do.” He’s now back working with Frank Miller – the dream team – on Dark Knight 3. “Frank is cowriting it with Brian Azzarello, it’s being pencilled by Andy Kubert, and I’m inking it.” He thought long and hard about working with Frank again. He’s very protective of their legacy – he’s embarrassed even to say the word, it sounds so pompous. None the less, they have a body of work so significant in the industry, it’s too precious to ignore. But, he’s delighted to say DK3 is going very well. Very well indeed. “It’s been a wonderful experience to reinvigorate our working relationship,” he says. New York Comic Con is at Javits Center October 6-9 (www.newyorkcomiccon.com)



Accentuate the


New York’s first openly gay senator, Tom Duane is used to making a big impression Words Claudia Chung Photographs Jon Buckle


ormer State Senator Thomas K. Duane is part teacher, part therapist, and part teddy bear. He is also a politician, but that may well be the smallest part. I believe in a former life he was a cult leader somewhere in Utah or Alabama, hawking a make-believe utopian society based on sunshine and rainbows. Upon first meeting the statuesque former politico, his kind face immediately puts you at ease. His soothing voice can transfix you into telling him everything and anything, which is what happened with our crew at the W42ST photo shoot. After finding out one member was from Italy, Duane immediately asked about how the recent earthquake affected her family, and what the Italian government was doing to help. This parlayed into a lengthy conversation about the similarities between Donald Trump and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi: “Trumlusconi are one and the same, but Berlusconi started off normal.” With our UK-based photographer, Duane discussed the deterioration of print media. Our interview started as soon as he walked in the door. “I loved Hell’s Kitchen before it was Clinton then went back to being Hell’s Kitchen,” Duane says. “The name Clinton tried to fool people. “My first apartment was in Chelsea – a studio with a bathroom. I ‘d looked at one in Hell’s Kitchen, but the bathroom was in the hallway.” With his self-deprecating humor, Duane can charm the pants off you. He can go on about how living part-time in


“I loved Hell’s Kitchen before it was Clinton then went back to being Hell’s Kitchen. The name Clinton tried to fool people.” Albany made him fat, or how, when it comes to fashion: “Being gay, I am not a good representation of the species.” When he keeps bumping his head on a low ceiling lamp, he kisses the lamp and barks: “Leave me alone!” But it’s his empathy that draws you in close. “My heart gets broken every day walking down the street because of all the homeless people,” he says with a big sigh. “And I think that’s gone unacknowledged. In fact, I think [Mayor DeBlasio] said it’s gone down. Has he walked outside recently?” Officially out of the political arena since 2012, Duane served Hell’s Kitchen first as a New York City Council member representing District 3 from 1992-1998, then as a New York State Senator for District 29 from 1999-2012. “The first piece of literature I sent out when I ran for City Council was a letter telling people I have HIV,” he said. “This was when Magic Johnson got thrown out of basketball for being HIV positive. But I felt [the voters] needed to know before voting.” He later made his mark as the


Opposite: Tom Duane, photographed at NINE52, Hell’s Kitchen.

continued over





first openly gay member of the State Senate, where he introduced New York’s Marriage Equality Act in 2001 and continued to champion it until its ultimate passage and enactment in 2011. And how did he celebrate? “I made out with my partner.” He also used his firsthand knowledge of the problems getting proper medical treatment to pass legislation making things simpler. “I got beaten in front of a gay bar. I had to go to the hospital,” he confides. Duane went on to make sure the Senate and Assembly enacted key elements of Manny’s Law, which requires hospitals to notify indigent patients of the state medical funds available to them. While Duane is proud of his achievements, he didn’t seek re-election. Not because of his health, he says. And he did nothing illegal, scandalous or embarrassing to cause him to leave office. And while he didn’t have another job lined up, he has no plans to retire. He just wanted to try something new. “I left Albany without an exit strategy,” he says. These days, he can be seen roaming around Baruch College Campus as a part-time faculty member, teaching a class entitled Citizenship and Public Affairs, or taking play writing and acting classes. Just this past summer, he was in an Off Broadway production of Lanford Wilson’s nostalgic drama The Rimers of Eldritch at the Secret Theater in Long Island City. “It was the first time on stage since I was a sophomore in high school. I played a preacher and judge,” he recalls. “I hope to do more.” A theater buff, Duane grins thinking about the plays and musicals he has seen or plans to see. “I’m going to buy



He introduced New York’s Marriage Equality Act in 2001 and continued to champion it until its enactment in 2011. And how did he celebrate? “I made out with my partner.”


COMMUNITY tickets to Hamilton in 2020. I’ve never seen Wicked. It’s embarrassing. The last production I saw was Long Day’s Journey Into Night.” Duane’s perfect Hell’s Kitchen night includes an early dinner at Chez Josephine on W42nd Street, a production at Playwright’s Horizons, a walk down 9th or 10th Ave to the High Line, then home. “One of the reasons I left office was because I could never make plans to see shows and plays,” he says. “I missed that a lot.” Now out of office for almost five years years, he admits: “There is grief about not doing the work. Politicians are thrillseekers. You have to be.” A delegate for Bernie Sanders at this year’s Democratic Convention, Duane is now backing Hillary Clinton. But he believes there’s a good chance Donald Trump could be the next President. “Trump could win. I certainly think he is a smart guy, but I don’t think he necessarily uses his smarts for good.” He recalls an episode of The Apprentice when Trump berated Cyndi Lauper for sharing credit with Holly Robinson Peete and then firing her for it. “I mean, is this how you do business? Fire someone for telling the truth? Adults lie by omission. Kids lie by cunning.” Duane was notorious in Albany for speaking on the Senate floor with what The New York Times described as the “oral equivalent of the scenic route, with lots of detours when talking about policy issues, and even when discussing his previous addiction to alcohol and drugs.” And it’s true: my three hours with him feel more like a professor-student conference than an interview. Among the lesson topics: DeBlasio’s failure to improve police and community relations (“which he ran on,” Duane reminds me); his sobriety, overcoming his alcohol and pot addictions that began in 1983; how he wanted to be a high school history or English teacher, but “New York City at the time was laying off teachers.” Instead, he went into advertising and public relations, and worked on Wall Street before finding his place in politics. What’s next for Tom Duane? It’s a blank canvas. But it’s sure to be friendly. “I still have a lot to give,” he says as he hugs me tightly goodbye on the corner of W52nd St and 9th Ave. It was as if we’d known each other for years.




HELL’S KITCHEN Hungry Lucy, the confederate soldier, Scarface – the neighborhood’s ghosts are a diverse lot … with a fondness for bathrooms Words and photographs Carla Duval





626 11th Ave This iconic Irish tavern dates back to 1868 and houses more than a killer menu; it’s also the abode of not one, but four spooky specters. The first is the ghost of Patrick Henry Carley, the man who first opened the saloon back when the Hudson River still covered what is now 12th Ave and the building stood on shorefront land. He shows up from time to time to make sure business is still running smoothly. The second ghost is that of a young, Irish immigrant girl from the 19th century (most likely fleeing the Great Famine). She supposedly died of consumption – aka, tuberculosis – and can still be heard moaning and wandering the halls of the third floor where her room once was. The third spirit is that of an old confederate soldier, appropriately referred to as “The Old Confederate Soldier.” Before his death, this wartime fellow got a bit too rowdy at the bar downstairs. He was stabbed in a brawl, staggered up to the bathroom on the second floor, sat in the bathtub, and died. The same bathtub is still there, and The Old Confederate Soldier’s ghost still causes a ruckus by knocking over things on the second floor. Finally, we have the apparition of George Raft. In his lifetime, Raft was a famous actor who portrayed a lot of gangsters in 1930s-40s film dramas. Most notably, he played Guino Rinaldo in the original 1932 Scarface. Raft grew up in Hell’s Kitchen before moving on to Hollywood. After his death, he returned to his old ‘hood and favorite bar. Patrons claim to see him sitting at the bar, perhaps hoping not to be noticed for an autograph, as it’s hard for him to hold a pen these days.


596 10th Ave Before it was reopened as Mr. Bigg’s Bar & Grill in 1994, it was known as the 596 Club – a favorite joint of Westies’ leader Jimmy Coonan, and home to years of Irish gang violence. One of the more famous Westies murders, that of big time loan shark Ruby Stein, occurred there on May 5, 1977. Coonan and some of his buddies lured Stein into the 596 Club. As soon as Stein walked in the door, one of Coonan’s henchmen closed the front door, locked it, and shut the blinds. Out of the kitchen came hired-hitman Danny Grillo with a .32 caliber automatic. Legend has it that Stein’s last words were: “Oh my God!” before Grillo shot him dead on the spot. The gang dragged Stein’s body into the women’s restroom, where Coonan gave a lesson on how to dismember a body. They put his head and other parts into trash bags, and dumped everything in a section of the East River called Hell’s Gate. Apparently Coonan’s lesson wasn’t too thorough, considering he had neglected to puncture Stein’s lungs. His chest was eventually found when it floated ashore. Mr. Bigg’s owner, Scott Rudnick, claimed his establishment was definitely haunted when he first opened it, but in 2007, he assured The New York Times that once Mr. Bigg’s began to hold karaoke nights, it “spooked the spooks out” and laid history to rest.



428 W44th St Those familiar with the musical Gypsy will know all about “Dainty June” – based on real-life vaudeville child star June Havoc. In the 1960s, June bought the property at 428 W44th Street, and soon began to hear a strange knocking sound in her kitchen at all hours of the night. She called in a carpenter, a plumber, and an architect ...

“When Hans inquired how she had died, Lucy replied: ‘Die? Die? I’m not dead, I’m hungry.’” and eventually the help of Hans Holzer, a famous paranormal investigator. Holzer offered to do an investigation in January of 1965, with the help of the gifted British medium, Sybil Leek. During a series of seances, the spirit haunting June’s kitchen began to speak through Sybil. She identified herself as Lucy Ryan, a 20-year-old girl who believed it was still the year 1792. When Hans inquired how she had died, Lucy replied: “Die? Die? I’m not dead, I’m hungry.” So she became known as Hungry Lucy. Lucy couldn’t move on to the other side as she was waiting for a soldier named Alfred Bailey, who’d promised to meet her at 3am. June sold the house a year later. Elise Gainer’s walking tours at www.ghostsandmurders.com



Daredevil keeps watch over Hell’s Kitchen from the water towers and spires that define our skyline. The view? One of the best on the planet ... Photographs GARY HERSHORN


LOOKING up 9th Avenue at night, from Cassa Hotel. PREVIOUS PAGE: That unmistakeable skyline, as seen from The Press Lounge, 11th Avenue.

PEOPLE watching on W45th Street, from the rooftop at Gotham West.


CROSSING 9th Avenue at dusk, as seen from Cassa Hotel.


WATER towers – and the iconic New Yorker hotel, from the rooftop garden at Metro Baptist Church on W40th Street.

THE END EMPIRE State Building soars into the clouds – the incomparable view from the top of Gotham Mini Storage on 10th Avenue.


what’s going on in


Every day’s a play day with our guide to this month’s events for families, kids, and big kids reliving their youth.

October 1 Twelve Angry Women

October 1 Ibrahim Maalouf Jazz at Lincoln Center

Maalouf makes his Appel Room debut, mixing jazz improvisation and European classical influences with the sounds of Lebanon and France. www.jazz.org

Tuesdays/Wednesdays Pillars of New York St Luke’s Theatre

Following a group of New Yorkers post 9/11. A writer/therapist and his clients. A mother and her gay son. An unexpected pregnancy. www.stlukestheatre.com

Opens October 10 Oh Hello Lyceum Theatre

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney bring their alter egos, opinionated, 70-somethings Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, to the stage. www.ohhellobroadway.com

Opens October 6 Not That Jewish

Roebuck Theater

Reginald Rose’s courtroom drama is traditionally performed by men, but this adaptation by Sherman L. Sergel features an all-female jury. www.thealphanyctix.com

Ends October 9 Small Mouth Sounds

New World Stages

Comedian Monica Piper takes us on a journey from growing up in the Bronx to writing for the likes of Roseanne, Mad About You, and Rugrats. www.notthatjewish.com

The Pershing Square Signature Center Extended by popular demand. Six runaways from city life embark on a silent retreat. Expect awkward humor, and big questions. www.SmallMouthSounds.com

October 4 Tick, Tick … Boom! Acorn Theatre

Autobiographical musical telling the story of an aspiring composer questioning his life choices on the eve of his 30th birthday. www.keencompany.org

Not Mondays On the Rails Roy Arias 777 Theatre

A musical-minded train conductor meets three troubled couples — all aboard a mystical locomotive. Toot toot! www.ontherailsshow.com

October 13 Beethoven’s Seventh Carnegie Hall

The neighborhood’s Orchestra of St Luke’s picks up their instruments and heads across town to perform a little Beethoven and Mahler. www.carnegiehall.org/osl

October 6-9 New York Comic Con Ends October 16 New York Film Festival Lincoln Center

The 54th annual festival opens with Ava DuVernay’s powerful non-fiction work The 13th, about a fatal loophole in the 13th Amendment. www.filmlinc.org


Opens October 16 The Cherry Orchard American Airlines Theatre

Currently in previews, this Roundabout production of Chekhov’s masterpiece stars Academy Award nominee Diane Lane in the central role. www.roundabouttheatre.org


Javits Center This year’s WOO-HOO guests include Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, and Hocus Pocus’s Kathy Najimy (secret squeal), plus Stan Lee, big players from the world of comics, and the usual colorful cosplay shenanigans. Not to be missed. www.newyorkcomiccon.com

October 18 Catfish and the Bottlemen Terminal 5

The award-winning British indie rock band tour with their latest album, The Ride. www.terminal5nyc.com

Opens October 16 Notes From The Field 2econd Stage

Anna Deavere Smith investigates a system that pushes minors from poor communities out of the classroom and into incarceration. www.2st.com

Opens October 20 Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill October 18-22 Jane Monheit

October 20 & 22 Arts festival


315 West 39th Street



The finalist in the Thelonious Monk Institute’s 1998 vocal competition celebrates a second decade of a remarkable career.

Visit the studio of artists including Gwyneth Leech, who has spent the last year documenting construction sites around the neighborhood.

Every day Kayaking and SUP

October 24 Broadway & Ballet Heroes

Manhattan Kayak Company

Stage 48



The season ends on November 8, so you still have time to catch a skyline tour, sunset paddle, SUP yoga, or secret beach adventure.

October 27 Next W42ST out All over Hell’s Kitchen

We’re talking food and Thanksgiving for November. If you’d like to be featured in the magazine, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at news@w42st.com.

Irish Arts Center Fiddler Martin Hayes and guitarist Dennis Cahill combine jazz, minimalism and chamber music in a two-week residency certain to inspire a ton of musical memories to those who hear them. Each evening will feature special guests and collaborators, so no two evenings will be the same. www.irishartscenter.org

American Ballet Theater principal Marcelo Gomes, Tony winner Donna McKechnie, and Cirque du Soleil’s Ruby Lewis are honored.

October 30 The Freak Show Stage 48

A four-floor Halloween party featuring a costume contest, fire show, aerial performances and DJs in three haunted rooms. www.stage48.com



“I’ve been told by one of the most famous Broadway actors of all time that they are permanently unavailable for me.”





Broadway’s most brilliant vlogger has just joined Team W42ST. Group hug everyone – meet Tyler Mount Words Ruth Walker Photographs Nacho Guevara


here’s a moment in one of Tyler Mount’s vlogs that kind of marks his transition from cute, funny, Broadway fangirl to serious vlogging sensation. It goes something like this. Gloria Estefan is sitting on his couch, midway through a game of Truth or Dare. She could be getting a little squiffy after downing the best part of a bottle of red wine. The question – for Truth – goes something like this: what’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? Gloria proceeds to describe, with a completely straight face, a vision of removing then reinserting her own uterus that is best heard in context rather than recounted here. “Gloria was a huge turning point in my career and my life,” says Tyler, “but she was honestly one of my favorite guests. We sat and we drank wine, she was unapologetically herself, we went out and had dinner afterwards. “In the past, if I had over 100 views, I’d be like, ‘Yeah!’ I mean, probably my dad watched it about five times. But Gloria’s episode got 20,000 views in a week. It was the first real, true, legit episode of the vlog. That gave my career validity.” That was in October 2015, just two years after he’d first arrived in New York City from small-town Texas with a dream of being on the stage. “I was an only child, Mom was a stayat-home mom, and I would perform to her whatever soundtrack I was listening to. I remember performing Grease over and over and over, every single part. “I was always outgoing, always the kid getting in trouble at school for talking, but I didn’t really get bit by the theater bug until I started doing theater in high school. Then it was the reason I got up in the morning.”


Gaining a degree in theater performance from school in Austin, he came to New York to study at Cap 21, the musical theater conservatory, then embarked on the soul-sucking business of getting a job. “I did callback after callback for Wicked, Book of Mormon, Rock of Ages ... but I’ve never been more unhappy. At some point I just thought, I don’t want to do this anymore. I came to New York with a positive attitude, knowing it would be hard, but when you get told no so many times, it’s not great. And getting up at 4.30am four, five days a week, tracking through the snow, sitting in a holding room with strangers who are obnoxious, then going in a room for 30 seconds, only for someone to be on their phone … it wasn’t fulfilling. And the end result wasn’t worth it. Me being in Book of Mormon wasn’t more important than my happiness.” Feeling like a failure, his dreams in tatters, he switched focus to stage managing and, wouldn’t you know it? He fell in love with Broadway all over again. In the fall of 2014, he started working on the Gloria Estefan musical On Your Feet. A year later, she was sitting on his couch discussing the surreal intricacies of her gynecology. The vlog is broadcast from his apartment in Hell’s Kitchen every Monday and Thursday. In the mix you get candid interviews with Broadway personalities and a spot of game playing – the more ridiculous the better. Strip Trivia with Book of Mormon’s Matt Doyle. The Leg Wax Challenge with Newsies’ Dan DeLuca. Celebrity guessing game Full Out or Call Out with the Tony award-winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell. Eat It or Wear It with Yasmin Jaibat from Spring Awakening. “I’ve not had a guest who didn’t have a

Opposite: Oh my! Look at all those Playbills!

continued over


ARTS good time,” he says. “But people who stand out are Lesli Margherita [with whom he played a game of Marry, Cuddle, Kill]. And Laura Osnes. We sat on the couch and did the No Lips Challenge. We had huge dental appliances in our mouths. She was such a good sport and I was crying with laughter. With Rob McClure from Something Rotten we did a lie detector test that shocks you if it thinks you’re lying. It’s just a video of Rob screaming and yelling and cursing.” At the beginning, of course, everyone turned him down flat. But since Gloria, he’s only had a blatant knock back three times. “I’ve been told by one of the most famous Broadway actors of all time that they are permanently unavailable for me.”

But the excitement of having Gloria Estefan on his couch pales into comparison when you consider what comes next. As of November, Tyler Mount will only be writing a monthly column for W42ST! “It’ll be about all the things I’m obsessed with,” he says. “My favorite Broadway show, new favorite Instagrammer, favorite YouTuber, hottie of the month … “I’m super biased, but I feel like I have great taste.” And if you want to play Broadway Pictionary with us, have a guess at these masterpieces below (these are all Tyler’s works of art) … Answers at the bottom of the page. @TylerGMount

Below: Tyler attempts to improve our editor’s Broadway knowledge ...

GETTING TO KNOW YOU... Favorite song? ‘Waving Through A Window’, Dear Evan Hansen. Top 3 Broadway shows? Wicked, The Color Purple, The Lion King. If you could adopt any animal …? A little tiny baby husky.


Best thing you’ve done in NY? Working on On Your Feet – that was a great experience. Top 3 Broadway performers? Cynthia Erivo, Patti LuPone, Leslie Odom Jr. If you could be any Disney character …? I’m definitely Mickey Mouse. If you could have a super power … I’d have the ability to fly. Three words that describe you? Funny, unapologetically myself.

1. 4.

2. 5.


What’s your party trick? I know the entire dance combination for Book of Mormon ‘Turn it Off’, so when I get drunk, people ask me to do it. Biggest fear? Failure. Weirdest fact? The first time I was ever on TV was when I was five and a reporter asked what I liked about the rodeo and on national television I said: “The horses pooped all over the place.” What animal most resembles you? A meerkat. I’m Timon from The Lion King.




Broadway crush? I have a legit crush on Aaron Tveit because he’s super hot, but my lady crush is Cynthia Erivo. We should get married.



RIDDLE ME THIS Helder Guimarães is one of the world’s foremost close-up magicians, and his new show promises to challenge everything we believe to be true Words Ruth Walker Photographs Jon Buckle


s magic having a moment? People have been hailing its renaissance for years, of course. In David Blaine’s heyday. Then again in 2013, after Alexa Chung levitated during Stella McCartney’s show at London Fashion Week. But consider the evidence for this latest revival. Harry Potter. The illusion/heist movie Now You See Me 2 – with its all-star cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman. Syfy’s adaptation of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians novels. Harry Potter. All that talk about a Hocus Pocus sequel. The imminent release of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton. The Magic Castle – a movie inspired by the mysterious LA club which, the whispers say, is now being considered by Ridley Scott’s production company. Harry Potter. But ask Helder Guimarães – a man who might have much to gain from a magic “moment,” considering he’s one of the premier close-up artists in the world – and the answer is less conclusive. “Maybe it is. I don’t know,” he says. “For me, magic has always been there. I’m aware of the Now You See Me movie, but I didn’t even see it because I saw the first one and it wasn’t that great.” However, if a trend – or some other supernatural force – brings in the audience and plants people on seats, he won’t be the



ARTS one complaining. He’s just finished a fourmonth run in LA that was sold out every night. Neil Patrick Harris was so impressed, he directed his show Nothing To Hide in LA. He’s even done a Ted Talk, for heaven’s sake! “Is that because magic is more popular?” he asks. “Maybe.” Helder, you see, has never known magic NOT be popular. He’d watch, awestruck, as his father performed tricks for him at home and, at the tender age of four, he took to the stage for the first time in front of his kindergarten class. Tough audience. “One of the things I did – very simple of course – was this box that was empty. I’d close it, and when I said the magic word and opened it, it was filled with candy, and I’d throw the candy to my colleagues. They

“I was the king of the kindergarten for about a week and a half. But I never made candy appear again, so they were pissed at me.” loved it. I was the king of the kindergarten for about a week and a half,” he says. “But I never made candy appear again, so they were pissed at me.” Growing up, however, magic became

Below: Helder’s first trick was to make candy magically appear to his kindergarten class.

much more than just fun. More than just a game. “I realized there was something here that tickles my soul in a way I can’t describe in words. One of those definitive moments was around the age of ten or 11. I saw a magician that still today is my biggest idol – Juan Tamariz. He did a show that was just him on a stage with a deck of cards, and comedy. It was so simple, so pure, and the feeling of impossibility I got from that show made me realize that was the way I wanted to approach things. I wanted to find my own voice, but with those ideas – something that is fun, that is positive, but at the same time that has an artistic quality, and a simplicity and a purity you normally don’t see in the Vegas show.”

continued over



ARTS He adds: “I think part of what makes magic such an interesting live performance, particularly at this moment in time, is that we’ve seen anything we want on screen. Audiences are more sophisticated, but because of that sophistication, magic also has this very pure appeal to the human mind. It’s not about technology, it’s about lots of other things: human psychology, secrets, sleight of hand …” At the age of around 14, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he wanted to be a magician. It’s not what you’d call a safe career path, but that was OK by him. “I never wanted a comfortable life, I wanted to be happy. My master, Juan Tamariz, is a big celebrity in Spain, but one of the things I remember him telling me is that, even if he had to have a day job in order to pay the bills, he would still end up doing magic for people in the street, because that’s what he wants to do. And that’s what’s always driven me. I want to perform, I want to be in front of people and showing them a world and a viewpoint on the world we have now. A lot of what I do now is not only ‘magic’ but also asking the question: how does this relate to the real world we all live in?”

“It’s not about technology, it’s about lots of other things: human psychology, secrets, sleight of hand …” Helder trained in theater studies, not because he had ambitions to be an actor, but because he knew he wanted to bring an element of theatricality to his live performances. But there’s a fine line, he says, because “when I go on stage, I’m not an actor, I’m myself, talking to the audience. “There is a sentence that a French magician from the 18th century said: a magician is an actor playing the part of a magician. But I feel that, actually, that destroys a little bit of what I feel is great about live performance – especially magic. I think you should not be seeing an actor. I think you should be seeing a person on stage who is exactly like that. “Many magicians over the last decade


Below: This show is Helder’s most personal yet.

have created a character and in their life they are completely different. I like the idea of, if people meet me after the show, they’re going to see that I’m exactly the same. I don’t change when I go on stage.” And Verso, his latest show, gets right inside his head. It tackles what is real and what is not. Challenges what we see with our own eyes. The things we can believe in. And how we make that leap of faith. “The audience gets to find out more about me and my life. This is probably the most personal show I’ve done,” he says. But this is no passive performance. There will be audience members on stage, people participating in their seats … no-one is safe. “But I want to make a point on that,” he clarifies.”There are a lot of colleagues of mine who bring people on stage and make them feel embarrassed or sad, and I hate all that. I will never force someone to come on stage. And whenever they are on stage, I’ll never make fun of them. I want them to feel safe and have a good time and have a special memory. For me, there is no reason to make fun of people. Everyone is safe.” Verso is at New World Stages until January 2017 (www.VersoShow.com)




In the foodiverse that is Hell’s Kitchen, who are the villains and which superheroes save the day? Blogger Ziggy points the finger

VILLAINS Sexy tacos

Check out that dough



You know the famous line: ”I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him?" Well, I do believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Ezra from Azuri Cafe. Ezra makes the Soup Nazi look like Mother Teresa. August 12, 2013, Ezra's last smile is one of a handful of dates I remember. The others are family birthdays. When I once realized I only had a $100 bill and a credit card after I ordered my shawarma sandwich, I didn’t sleep for a week. All he did was stare. You are just another annoying distraction to him and his legendary falafel making routine. No one in Hell's Kitchen makes them better. Trust me, I looked. Then looked again.

Joe is a made man from Brooklyn with a very particular set of skills. Skills he acquired over a long career in pizza making. When he’s not busy making offers people can’t refuse, he spends time hunting down top-notch ingredients for his pizzas. His thick-cut pepperoni is second to none. He takes care of his dough like a mother taking care of her first child. Unlike his enemies, who take care of their dough like a mother taking care of her second child. Do you want to meet Joe? Good luck. You need to make friends with one of the Italian female captains at Capizzi. If you dare! And you better leave a nice tip in the process. Ever spent a night in a dumpster? It's scary the first hour but you quickly get used to it. Picture of Joe unavailable for obvious reasons.

The most interesting man in Hell's Kitchen, Akhtar has been voted one of America’s sexiest chefs by People.com, Shape.com, and more recently PeopleInShape.com (2/3 true). When he’s not busy sexting, or converting innocent women and children to glutenfree diets by day, he fights less interesting people on the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen by night. Choza, with its addictive tacos, and Indie Fresh, at Gotham West Market, are two of Hell's Kitchen’s most refreshing newcomers of the last few years. My friend Lou heads straight to Choza 9.5 out of 10 times, while Indie Fresh has the healthy goodies no one else in the neighborhood has. Bison borscht anyone? Davai!

W51ST ST - 9TH/10TH AVE www.azuricafe.com

9TH AVE - 40TH/41ST ST www.capizzinyc.com






Choza and Indie Fresh

GOTHAM WEST MARKET, 11TH AVE - 44TH/45TH ST www.chozataqueria.nyc www.indiefresh.com


HEROES Pigging out ...

Kitchen Krav Maga


Ana's 20-year neighborhood reign is one of the longest in Hell's Kitchen. Her secret weapon? Dance! Ana confuses and dazzles her enemies with a series of dance moves until she puts them in a tizzy. In her spare time she trains Krav Maga instructors. But during the day at Cafe Ole, she and her trusted assistants have been dishing out fresh sandwiches and salads longer than anyone else I know. Word has it that her soups have healing powers. They can cure summertime sadness in the winter!




Peacekeeping powers


Matt Murdock and Donald Trump got nothing on Chef Guerrieri, whose mission is simple: make Hell's Kitchen great again! He does it by fueling his sandwiches with the absolute best ingredients money can buy, and in the process putting Hell's Kitchen on the sandwich map. He didn’t rest until he found the right Portuguese bread in Newark. Rumor has it he spent an entire summer sleeping with black pigs in Nicaragua in order to study them, giving him the nickname The Pig Whisperer. One bite of his Roasted pig 'Roberto,' a Tuesday special, and you’ll see why. And sometimes, when I feel particularly naughty, I go for the Pastel de Crema, aka "I can't believe this is not Pastel de Nata.”

At the end of the day, this is where the heroes and villains of Hell's Kitchen get together under one roof, and put away their differences and their iPhones. Until the finest bourekas in the western hemisphere, and the silky smooth, severely underrated hummus arrives. And when things get antsy, all it takes is a five-second trademark Gazala stare to remind everyone that, at the end of the day, we are more alike than unalike. I found this on a Dating for Bagels Lovers blog. Peacing out! Ziggy.

9TH AVE - 45TH/46TH ST www.citysandwichnyc.com

9TH AVE - 48TH/49TH ST www.gazalasplace.com

Gazala's Place

ABOUT ZIGGY A father of two, husband to one, Ziggy has been exploring NYC's food scene for the past 30 years. Author of the Hell's Kitchen Survival Guide, Ziggy has been blogging about this most underrated neighborhood and more on EatingWithZiggy.com. When he is not driving his kids around, he leads tourists and locals on food tours in Hell's Kitchen, Brooklyn and other neighborhoods. He can be reached at EatingWithZiggy@gmail.com





A growing number of spirits are popping up all over New York State, says Jeremy Kaplan. Spooky!


oonshine. Hooch. White lightning. Bathtub gin. Whatever you call it, it’s part of American culture. Ever since the late 1700s, illegal liquor has been produced by the light of the moon high in the Appalachian Mountains and in basements around the nation – all for a quick buck and a cheap buzz. Making booze is as American as apple pie. And in few places has it become as popular as in New York State. Since 2007, craft distilling has not only been legal, it has positively boomed. With the creation of the 2007 Farm Distilling Act, one could start a small distillery with a license that costs just $1,500. As long as you limit production to 35,000 gallons a year, and at least 75% of your raw materials come from state farms, you’re in the booze business! Craft distilling in New York is growing steadily to the tune of 70+ distillers across the state, hundreds of jobs, 500,000 tasting room visitors, and $22 million in annual revenue. Whiskey (white and aged), rum, gin, vodka, vermouth, and fruit brandies of all sorts – the spirits of New York are not only varied, they are of very good quality and compete successfully on an international stage. You don’t have to travel far either. There are almost a dozen producers in the city – Uncouth Vermouth, Van Brunt, Kings County, Breuckelen, and Greenhook Distillers are just a handful of hyperlocal makers of fine spirits. White Pike is headquartered right here in Hell’s Kitchen. Better still (get it, still!) – you can find many of these and others from around the state used in cocktails in the neighborhood. The Taconic Distillery makes a wonderful aged bourbon that is all whiskey. You’d never think it was from NY because it is created exactly like the other bourbons you love. Made from rye,


corn, and barley, the Dutchess Private

“Since 2007, craft distilling has not only been legal; it has positively boomed.” Reserve (which is unchillfiltered) is used at Print at the INK Hotel (653 11th Ave - 47th/48th St) in the Bourbon Palmer. Served in a highball, the BP is a blend of bourbon, Earl Grey iced tea, lemon, simple syrup, and garnished with Print’s “rooftop mint” – elegant and easy drinking, but also complex and refreshing. And keep an eye on Taconic as it is opening a visitors’ center soon, where it will not only sell booze, but maple syrup and booze-laced cigars as well. Long Island is not immune to the spirits revolution either. At Ardesia (510 W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave) they feature LiV Vodka from Long Island Spirits, the first distiller on the island. LiV is made from locally sourced, smaller Marcy Russet potatoes


Above: Part of the cool campaign for neighborhoodgrown White Pike Whiskey.

and has a clean, rich flavor and mouthfeel. Gluten free, the vodka is used in Ardesia’s Collins Blanc, which uses Dolin Blanc vermouth, fresh lemon, and is topped with prosecco. A super-refreshing cocktail on a warm day. Possibly the epicenter of locally produced spirits in Hell’s Kitchen is at The Marshal (628 10th Ave - 44th/45th St), where local is the name of the game. You can find (at last count) 49 different New York State spirits available here, from the well-known (Greenhook Ginsmith’s Gin) to the somewhat obscure (Black Dirt Bourbon), and always an assortment of cocktails using local hooch including the sublime Oh Bee-Have, a take on a whiskey sour using Long Eddy, NY Catskill Provisions Honey Rye, and local honey. There’s a bit of a sting in this drink! Want something different? Try Neversink’s Apple eau-de-vie – made in Port Chester NY by Yoni Rabino and Noah Braunstein, or another Westchester-based distiller duo Dorit and David Nahmias at Nahmias et Fils Distillery. They produce an aged and an un-aged rye whiskey called Leg’s Diamond, but their claim to fame is another eau-de-vie made from figs and anise. Based on an ancient recipe, they are the only producers of mahia – Moroccan water of life – in the United States. If want to enjoy the distiller’s craft straight and not be bothered with sprigs of herbs or other garnishes, mosey over to On The Rocks (696 10th Ave - 48th/49th St) which features over 80 brown spirits including selections from Tuthilltown and the full line-up of Widow Jane, which is a Red Hook, Brooklyn-based distiller. This is a place to just relax with you dram of choice. In fact, make one of their excellent Empire drams. Jeremy Kaplan, Veritas Studio Wines (www.facebook.com/veritasstudiowines)


OH BEE-HAVE Ingredients 2½oz Catskill Provisions Honey Rye Whiskey 2 bar spoons local honey ¾oz fresh squeezed lemon juice Preparation Warm the honey and combine ingredients in shaker. Shake with ice. Strain into ice-filled oldfashioned glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

THE MARSHAL, 10th Ave, (212) 582-6300 www.the-marshal.com

COLLINS BLANC Ingredients 2oz Long Island Vodka 2/ 3 oz simple syrup 2/ 3 oz fresh lemon juice 1/ 3 oz Dolin Blanc Prosecco


Preparation To a shaker of ice add vodka, Dolin Blanc, simple syrup and lemon juice. Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds until well chilled. Strain into a Collins glass with fresh ice. Top with prosecco and garnish with two brandied cherries (with the juice) and a wedge of lemon.

Created by Evan Porter, GM, ARDESIA, W52nd St, (212) 247-9191, www.ardesia-ny.com


Ingredients 1oz Chilled Bellocq Earl Grey Tea 1oz fresh lemon juice 1oz simple syrup 1½oz Taconic Bourbon Preparation Shake and top with rooftop-grown mint and lemon.

THE PRESS LOUNGE, Kimpton Ink48 Hotel, 11th Ave, (212) 757-2224, www.thepresslounge.com



THE MASKS we wear... Who we are, and who we REALLY are when we drink – Ciera Coyan reveals the bitter truth


ostumes and disguises are things we put on in order to look and behave differently. Drinking is similar. We drink to feel different; to get a little more relaxed; to increase a good mood; to let go. Drunkenness can be a convenient excuse, a costume we put on that allows some version of ourselves, or alter-ego, to be let out. Of course, just as with Halloween costumes, there are some popular and obvious choices. Here are the five most common drunken alter-egos I’ve seen in my time bartending.


Type: THE DO-GOODER Drunk alter ego: THE CYNIC I’ve served a lot of teachers, nurses, and doctors over the years. People who, by any measure, are doing great and selfless work, work that in itself is an act of optimism. Then they get drunk and the other side of that optimism shows up. I’ve heard so many horror stories of broke schools and corrupt department heads, but the bleakest day was when a surgeon sat at the bar for a solid hour showing me pictures of his most hopeless patients. It was rough. Type: MIDDLE-AGED PREPPY BUSINESS MAN Drunk alter ego: SPORTS HERO This one is pretty easy to see coming. These men start drinking and reminiscing, telling the stories of their glory days. My favorite part is listening to the stories change. A home run turns into a grand slam, the county-wide championship becomes a state championship. I have a

soft spot for this kind of bragging. It feels very American and almost sweet.

Right: What? Bitter and cynical? Moi?

Type: RICH HOUSEWIFE Drunk alter ego: SORORITY GIRL Similar to the middle-aged business man, this one is basically re-living her youth. The key to handling these housewife/sorority girls, as a female bartender, is to gain their trust and benefit from cliquey rich girl generosity. Usually the windfall is make-up or an invitation to an event, and if you’re savvy, a Xanax or two. Once I got a wellworn copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Type: UBER HIPSTER Drunk alter ego: POP MUSIC LOVING PARTY GIRL I’m willing to admit that most baristas between the ages of 18 and 25 terrify me. They always seem so cool and reserved, in outfits that would make someone older look blind and homeless. The key is to remember they have a weakness: the combination of drinking and pop music from the early 2000s. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a tipsy Bushwicker freak out when Britney Spears comes on. She’s their cool-kid kryptonite.

“Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a tipsy Bushwicker freak out when Britney Spears comes on. She’s their cool-kid kryptonite.” DIGITAL EDITION

Type: FUN, UPBEAT BARTENDER Drunk alter ego: POSTWORK CRANKY, BITTER BARTENDER This one is my favorite! For some sick reason, nothing fuels me at work more than bartenders coming in after their shift and complaining about their jobs. I love hearing horror stories from other bars and restaurants. Our common language is bitching, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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She's got


Buttermilk chicken, catfish, collard greens. Zora Browne is all about family classics – with a twist Photograph Jon Buckle First of all, welcome to the neighborhood. What made you choose to open a restaurant in Hell's Kitchen? We live in the area so we wanted to open a restaurant close to home and to give back to the community. Also, there aren’t any soul food restaurants in this neighborhood so we wanted to offer a cuisine that’s under-represented. What's it like working with your mom? I actually prefer it because we can be open and honest with one another and, no matter what, we’re always family at the end of the day. My mother also has more experience in the business and is from an older generation, so I can learn from her and we can bounce ideas off one another. Which one of you is the boss? Both of us are – it depends on the day! Or it depends what we’re discussing, because she runs the kitchen and I run front of the house. But in the end we are both the boss and share equal responsibility. What's the secret to making authentic soul food? Patience! To make really good soul food you need a lot of time to marinate and season the ingredients. Tell us about some of the people who have inspired dishes on the menu. Papa Tony was my mother’s father who loved greens and grew them in his garden; Velma was my mother’s aunt known for her cakes; and Miss Bea was my mother’s mother, who is from Mississippi and known for oxtails and gravy. They passed


before I was born, but I grew up hearing about how good their cooking was. It was really downhome and comforting. It’s wonderful to be carrying on these family recipes through the restaurant. I’m so happy to be able to have these recipes passed down from generation to generation. What's your all-time favorite thing on the menu? I’d have to say the fried chicken. It’s soaked overnight in buttermilk, so the flavor goes all the way to the bone. And the meat isn’t dry whatsoever. Also, we use spices to make it super flavorful but not spicy. Soul food is as much about the people you're eating it with as what's on the table. So if you could host a dinner for anyone, who would be on your guest list? Definitely my family, including my nowpassed grandmother and my grandfather. Also, Michelle Obama and Oprah because they are really inspiring African-American women. They’ve made their mark in the world. To have a dinner conversation with them would be priceless. Where else do you eat in HK? I do love Bareburger for a quick lunch. For dinner, there’s a Mexican restaurant called Rancho Tequileria. For a drink, I like Mickey Spillane’s. It’s a really good bar to grab a beer.

ZORA’S CAFE (212) 757-5888 712 9TH AVE - 48TH/49TH ST www.zorascafe.com


Opposite: Zora and her mother Linda give soul food a healthy spin.


“Who's boss? We both are – it depends on the day!”




Nine things

YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUYINGa newbuild Knowledge is power, and never more so than when spending a heap of cash on a brand new property. Matthew Lehrer reads through the small print





n part one of our series headlined “Dig Deep” (July 2016), we explored in detail the financial intricacies of purchasing a condo in a new development. However, in addition to the financial considerations, there are important legal and construction aspects that need to be fully evaluated. Every condominium building is governed by an Offering Plan, which is basically a prospectus outlining the legal rights and responsibilities of the developer and prospective purchasers, financial statements and budgets, and technical paperwork (including floor plans and apartment finishes). This document is several hundred pages long and should be checked out by an attorney with specialized knowledge of new condo construction. When a prospective purchaser is faced with an Offering Plan there are key features they should be on the lookout for.



The Offering Plan outlines, in detail, the amount of transfer taxes, working capital contribution, and proportionate share of amenity fees payable by the purchaser at closing. These numbers can reach tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s important to get a firm understanding of these fees at the outset.



This is a window in an apartment that abuts or is adjacent to another building. According to the Building Code, these windows may need to be protected by special fire-safe glass. Oftentimes this may not present an issue for apartment owners; however, if an adjacent building is within a certain distance from your apartment, you could be required to seal up the affected windows. As you can imagine, this could be a costly project, not to mention resulting in a loss in value, light and air! No doubt you’ve seen older buildings with bricked-up rectangles that appear to have been windows in a previous life. Those were lot line windows. So to find out if your apartment is affected, you should carefully review the special risks section and floor plans.



When buying an apartment on “spec” it’s important to gain an understanding of

Opposite: One of artist Gwyneth Leech’s works based on her observation of the construction in and around Hell’s Kitchen. Her studio will be open as part of the Garment District Arts Festival, October 20 & 22, 315 W39th Street #1306 (www. gwynethleech.com)

where the mechanical equipment will be placed in the building. This is especially true when you’re buying a penthouse or an apartment adjacent to a roof. Living close to air-conditioning equipment and/or exhaust fans could leave you suffering loud noise and vibrations you hadn’t bargained for.

apartment, give some thought to how long you want to be there.





When you buy an a completed apartment, the finishes and appliances are clear to see. However, with new condo developments, you don’t have this benefit. While some may have a sample apartment to view, you should pay special attention to the Offering Plan description to ensure you’re getting what you were promised. It should specify the location of light fixtures, and the brand and color of appliances and fixtures. If these details aren’t there, make sure they’re detailed in the Purchase Agreement. If you want to make substitutions or changes, speak with the developer during the negotiation phase, before any contract has been signed.

You won’t be able to control when the closing takes place or how long your deposit will be tied up. Contracts drafted by the developer’s attorney are very favorable to the developer and often give the sponsor unlimited leeway on when they’re required to close. Unlike in typical resale transactions, where an “on or about” closing date is stated, a developer/sponsor contract typically never identifies a closing date and merely states the developer must give the purchaser 30 days’ notice. To make matters worse, these contracts typically allow the developer to delay the closing for years without penalty. As you can imagine, this can cause major financial problems for a purchaser and could leave you in limbo for years. With this in mind, it’s imperative you negotiate the contract to provide a certain date by which you can terminate the contract and go elsewhere.







Most co-op and condo buildings in New York City restrict the type of alterations you can do to your apartment. However, new condos may specifically limit you from doing any construction at all for a set period of time following closing (i.e. no alterations until the developer has obtained the final certificate of occupancy). So make sure you speak with the developer at the outset about any changes you may want to make. During the negotiation phase, you may be able to request that the developer change the location of walls and fixtures, for instance. This would mean you wouldn’t need to do any postclosing construction.



A developer is in the business of selling apartments and typically wants to sell out a building as quickly as possible. Accordingly, they don’t want to compete with existing apartment owners in the marketplace. So the Offering Plan may ban an apartment owner from reselling his or her apartment within a certain period of time (often one to two years). This restriction often carries with it a fine for those who break that ban. Therefore, before buying a new condo


It almost goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that it’s important to know you’re buying from a reputable developer with a solid track record of completing successful developments on time. This is a major investment with a lot of risk and uncertainty. A booming real estate market has meant many new developers have entered the marketplace, not all of whom have the experience necessary to complete a successful project. So find out who your developer is and what projects he or she has completed in the past. Some new developments are subject to tax exemptions which could last for ten years or more. This often makes new development attractive for prospective buyers for obvious reasons. Find out if your building is eligible for such exemptions and, if it is, for how long. Information about real estate tax exemptions can be found in the Offering Plan and also on the New York City Department of Finance website. Matthew Lehrer is an attorney NYC specializing in real estate transactions. Contact him at Matt@Gitterlaw.com; (212) 826-1948



Hip to be

square A traditional craft has a new champion. His name? The Tattooed Quilter Words Ruth Walker Photographs Eduardo Patino



ou know how it is. One minute you start an Instagram account, post a few pics, next thing you know, you have 11k people hanging on your every hashtag. By day Christopher Thompson, also known as the Tattooed Quilter, is a high flyer in the fashion industry, working in The Gap’s corporate offices as director of global visual merchandising for GapKids/ babyGap. “I always tell people it’s like the scene from The Devil Wears Prada where they’re picking the belt color. That’s sort of what my day job is like.” By night, however, he becomes a champion of a craft passed down from great-grandmother, to grandmother, to mom, to son. His super power? Modern quilting. “I grew up in small-town southern Virginia, sitting under the quilting frames,” he says, “and made my first quilt as a teenager, in a church competition.” Theater was his passion, but a Saturday job in retail during high school and college led him into a career in fashion, taking him first to San Francisco, where his passion for quilting was reignited by the discovery of a new, vibrant community that was as supportive as it was creative. “I just started digging through social media and finding out there was this whole community I didn’t know existed. I knew what traditional quilting was, but I didn’t know there was this whole wave of modern quilting.


Opposite: Born in rural Virginia, Christopher was raised under the quilting frames.


“I bought my first sewing machine, and started posting pictures on Instagram. Before I knew it, I was gaining followers, and following people who were into the same thing I was. I was learning who fabric designers were … it just kind of took off.” This evolving craft intrigued him; similar in so many ways to the quilting that was part of his heritage, but also not. “I thought it was very cool,” he says. “The shapes were interesting – it wasn’t necessarily squares, there were circles involved, and the color combinations are completely different. It was mostly solid colors I was seeing versus a lot of prints. It was kind of like the fashion industry in a way – the newest fabric collection came out and everybody had to go buy it.” And there was no limit – small or large – to the size. “The small quilt is very on trend right now because it’s easy to do in a weekend. And there’s this whole world in social media called swapping. I’d get your name and make you a mini quilt, but you wouldn’t know about it until I send it to you. Meanwhile, you’d be making a quilt for someone else. And it’s themed, so last year there was a Broadway theme, there’s been a Doctor Who one, there are fabric designer-based ones … it’s huge.” And never mind Comic Con. Now there’s a Quilt Con, and it’s massive (Christopher will be teaching at the event in Savannah in 2018)!





So when did it all stop being a hobby and start being something else entirely. “I think that was the first time I was in a magazine,” he says. “And probably when I hit about 5,000 followers on Instagram. I was like, ‘God, this is a part-time job.’ And I just kept going.” However, he doesn’t sell what he makes. He describes it as his creative outlet, his therapy … and it’s just as expensive. “People are so specific about what they want in their house. So I don’t sell anything. It’s all for me.” He adds: “Talking to others who have made it their full-time jobs, it’s really hard. You have to be sort of a triple thread. You have to write a book, start a fabric collection, you have to teach all over the world, you have to live somewhere that isn’t New York City …” And for now at least, New York City is home. He moved here four years ago with Hell’s Kitchen firmly in his sights. “I had two brokers and looked at, probably, about 30 apartments. I kept saying, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ to my first broker and she was like, ‘No, you can’t afford to live there, the East Village is where it’s at.’ “It was about the name, and the fact that


Above: Fabrics and examples of his work fill the studio.




I kept hearing it was the new Chelsea. And I thought it was so cool that it was close to the Theater District and Restaurant Row. It just felt like New York. And I wanted to be near everything – transportation, restaurants, bars. “So I got rid of the first broker and said to the second one, ‘I want to be in Hell’s Kitchen,’ and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I know six, seven apartments right off the bat.’ They were all from 42nd Street up to 46th Street. I remember the first couple I was … ew, I can’t. Then we landed at 46th between 9th and 10th and as soon as I walked in I knew, this is it. “We’d been coming for work four times a year and we’d always stay in TriBeCa, but I’d go see shows with a friend of mine who was living here at the time, and we’d always go to the Galaxy Diner to eat. I remember when we got to 46th Street, I said, ‘I’ve eaten at this diner! This is where we need to live.’ “I also love that anywhere we go, we know people. So we go to the bodega, we know the guy who works there. And if we don’t have a quarter, he’s fine, he knows we’ll be back in a couple of days, don’t worry about it. Or the ladies who do our

The tats “The stars on my forearms were my first two – they’re for my parents. “ “The scissors on my left arm and the pin cushion on my right were for my quilting heritage.” “The key on my right arm I got with my roommate – she got one too, on her shoulder – as we were driving across country here.” “The T-pin on my right middle finger is for my work in visual merchandising.”

Above: Christopher’s tattoos pay homage to his quilting heritage.

laundry. They automatically know our bag when we walk in. I love all that. And I think people are surprised that you can still get that in New York City.” He spends his evenings and weekends in the studio, and had his first teaching engagements in DC this summer. Plus, his new puppy (she’s also an Instapup: @miss.edie.grey) keeps his calendar pretty rammed. And there’s the not inconsiderable matter of a new book, which can only see his profile grow even more stellar. “I’m kind of nervous about it,” he says. “The fact that you can go to Barnes & Noble and buy my book is kind of scary. But it’s going to be a lot of fun.” www.thetattooedquilter.com

“A sewing machine stitch on my left middle finger, and three triangles on my left hand are just random. And I have a whole arm of stars, just because I love stars.” “I have a spoon on the back of my arm, and my roommate has the fork. Our other friend has the knife. We were just out eating and the tattoo parlor we love was just around the corner …”




S E O R E H D N U O R G R E D UN Con sidekicks? In search of cool gifts for your Comic to the rescue TurnStyle at Columbus Circle comes



One day a snap-happy Turkish photojournalist arrived in the Big Apple and fell in love with its sights and sounds. So he created Studio Manhattan, putting his images on bags, wallets, and accessories. We love the Madison Cross-Body wristlet, crafted in leather and adorned with Times Square. $65, Studio Manhattan

Brush your teeth with Boom! These dark-colored toothy tabs are packed with powerful detoxifying ingredients including powdered charcoal and gunpowder tea. Added black pepper oil and ground chili deliver warmth and create a cool cola flavor. The dark powers of plaque don’t stand a chance. $9.95, Lush


It sounds like a Bond villain. Or one of Batman’s foes. But Spectre & Co’s mission is to create affordable, high-end menswear to fashionconscious New Yorkers. The result? old-fashioned craftsmanship that won’t give your bank manager a nose bleed. You’ll be thanking them for this brushed silk, reversible scarf once the weather turns. $60, Spectre & Co


Everyone’s hero is their pup. Are we wrong? But they can also be a bit of a bad guy too. Let your pet release his inner man-eater with this shark hoodie from Lil Red Rocket. It even comes in a range of sizes, to ensure the perfect fit. $60, Dog & Co



Sponsored page. All gifts available from TurnStyle, Columbus Circle www.turn-style.com


Keep your keys close with this chrome and enamel Empire State Building keyring – just add King Kong for added drama. $14, Marc Tetro


It looks like a gun. But it shoots marshmallows. What more do we need to tell you? IT SHOOTS MARSHMALLOWS! Want. Now. $35, Dylan’s Candy Bar


Get into the spirit (geddit? spirit!) of Halloween with this banner complete with Jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, a spider and ghost. Now, where’s the candy? We were promised candy! $12.95, Papyrus


OK, summer’s all but over, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming of the beach. This bundle of goodies from Project No 8 includes a towel, colorful bag, T-shirt, swim shorts, beach ball, plus a copy of Wax magazine. It’s the ultimate escape kit. $375, Project No 8


But first, you have to eat the gummy bears. This stem-less wine glass is filled with pineapple flavored candy. When you’ve worked your way through that – and saved the world in your down time – relax with your beverage of choice. $25, Dylan’s Candy Bar


Override’s red beret, made in 100 per cent wool with a detachable pompom, is the ultimate in winter cool. We challenge you not to channel Prince while wearing it … $70, Arth




In search of


When hunting down the perfect Gotham apartment, sometimes you need a hero. Calling Ian TD Smith


CHECK HIS/HER LISTINGS Look at the listings on the company website. If they have a lot of similar units to the ones you’re looking for, give them a shot. Conversely, if listings are poorly photographed or with badly written descriptions, the agent will probably carry that into their business dealings. Best to avoid them.


he greatest city in the world draws tens of thousands of new residents every year. But the excitement of moving to a new place can often be overshadowed by the stress of finding a new apartment. Sometimes you may even have to engage with villainous characters showing the apartments … it can leave even the best of us looking for a hero. But fear not! While there are over 30,000 licensed real estate agents in NYC (some of whom get a bum rap), there are a few superheroes. This month, I’m giving some hints on finding your very own. REVIEW SITES Yelp is a great place to find agent reviews, but Angie’s List, Google reviews, and many other good alternatives are out there. While we’re all tempted to dismiss someone who doesn’t have top rankings, take the time to read the reviews. Sometimes people give low rankings for strange reasons. I’ve seen one star rankings because the agent was five minutes late, because the client disliked the color of their hair, and even more heinous reasons such as racism, sexism, or homophobia. Look instead for qualities like promptness, professionalism, honesty, respect, and knowledge. READ THEIR BIO Every agent has a biography and it is there that you can find out whether you

BE A LURKER Check out the agent on their Facebook page or other social media accounts. You can glean a lot from their posts. Do they seem to have a fun personality that you will get along with? Are they all business and eat, sleep, and breathe real estate? Personally, I love an agent who can’t stop posting about this amazing industry.

have anything in common. Bios are also great places to find out whether an agent has a specialization. Maybe you want a Chelsea penthouse and you just happen to click on the Chelsea Penthouse Queen. Take the time to read the bio: it’ll create a better relationship and more for you two to chat about when you’re going from one apartment to the other.

Above: Ian TD Smith to the rescue ...

THIRD APARTMENT RULE My mother was a real estate agent and told me she could always tell how good someone was by what they chose after the first two showings. If you’ve seen two places and panned them both, the agent should be able to adapt. If by the third apartment you still aren’t satisfied, the agent doesn’t know better or isn’t really listening to you. Time to try someone else. Ian TD Smith is a licensed real estate broker. Contact him at ian@adomee.com

PROPERTY Watch Ian’s top buying and rental options in the neighborhood this month SALE 408 W34th Street #6B Price: $850K Maintenance: $932 This is a two-bed co-op with a tough board, but low carrying costs and great size makes this building one of my favorites in the area.


RENTAL 350 W55th Street #6A Price: $3,995 My favorite building on my favorite block with my favorite layout. A true two-bedroom pre-war gem updated with all the right features. Believe me, you’ll love it.



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OMG! It’s GMO!

Scare tactics abound, but what’s the truth about genetically modified foods? Samina Kalloo is on the case


hen people think of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), they often assume they’re inferior, unsafe … unnatural even. Images are conjured up of beastly Frankenfoods but, actually, the truth is much more complex. Foods have been genetically altered for as long as farmers have been involved in agriculture. Grapefruits, broccoli, and proclaimed superfood kale are just a few things we eat every day that have been a product of a genetic modification process called selective breeding. But the concern among consumers is when foods have had foreign genes, from other plants or animals, inserted into their genetic code to exhibit traits that are not naturally theirs. Those traits can include improved color and taste, fewer allergens and more nutrients. GMO supporters claim they’re the same as regular, yet there’s still no scientific consensus on their safety. So what does that mean for consumers?


According to a recent comprehensive analysis of over 1,000 studies conducted by The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, GMO crops do not appear to pose any health risks or harm to the environment. The study examined data on cancer and other human health problems and found no solid evidence that GMO foods were any less safe than non-GMO foods. Does this mean we shouldn’t worry? Not exactly. Despite the growing body of evidence supporting the safety of GMOs, there have been several animal studies showing their adverse health effects. What’s more, the widespread use of GM crops has contributed to concerning levels of pesticide resistance in weeds


and insects, resulting in more spraying of chemicals.


The Center for Food Safety estimates 75% of processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients, which means we are likely exposed to GMO foods each day without our knowledge (alarming, I know!). The US has recently joined the list of over 60 countries requiring mandatory


Above: Squash are among the most common genetically modified foods on our grocery store shelves.

GMO labeling. In July 2016, the nation’s first federal law was passed requiring food distributors to disclose products containing GMOs – but not with a clear label on the packaging. Instead, companies have several disclosure options including a 1-800 number and QR code on packaging which customers can scan with their smart phones for further details. There are a few concerns with this bill, including that many products containing highly refined oil and sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup will likely not


Ahead of the carve Don’t let any of that pumpkin go to waste – Samina Kalloo gets chopping

require labeling. According to the FDA, after processing, these ingredients no longer contain genetically engineered materials. Plus, who has time to scan an item or check a website while grocery shopping (especially with kids)? I know I don’t.

Baked mini pumpkin applesauce donuts

These are a healthier alternative to the traditional fried donut, with a moist texture and just the right amount of sweetness.


There are a few GM crops commercially available in the US, namely canola, soybeans, corn, cotton, alfalfa, sugar beets, squash, papaya and, most recently, russet Burbank potatoes. Nonbrowning apples are one of the most recent GM fruits given the stamp of approval, but they haven’t hit the shelves yet. It just makes me wonder, are nonbrowning avocados next?


Ingredients 1 cup whole wheat flour ¾ cup +2T all purpose flour 1 ½ tsp baking powder 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice ¼ tsp salt 3 eggs, whisked 1 ½ cups 100% pure pumpkin ½ cup unsweetened applesauce ¾ cup sugar Optional ¼ cup sugar 1 tbsp cinnamon

In 2015, the FDA approved GM salmon. However, earlier this year, an import ban was issued until labeling standards could be established. Although other animals are not GMO (yet), their feed usually contains ingredients from GM crops.


As the term “non-GMO” gains popularity, manufacturers are using it increasingly to market some items as high quality without the organic price tag. But make no mistake, they are not the same thing. According to the USDA, GMOs are prohibited in organic products, as are most synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Mini crustless pumpkin cheesecakes

Whenever we have company, this is usually the first dessert to disappear. The little bites are the perfect portion size and packed with flavor and nutrients. Creamy, delicious, and a fun twist on typical cheesecake.

Ingredients 2 eggs 6 oz light cream cheese ½ cup 100% pure pumpkin ¾ cup part skim ricotta cheese ¼ cup coconut or pure cane sugar ½ tsp cinnamon ⅛ tsp nutmeg ⅛ tsp allspice ½ tsp vanilla extract

Even if the jury is out on the health impact of GMOs, we still have the right to know what’s in our food. If you’re part of the near 90% of Americans who favor GMO labeling on foods, follow these tips before your next trip to the supermarket: l Buy organic. l Get the True Food Shopper’s Guide app from the Center for Food Safety. l Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified label, now on more than 35, 000 products.

Samina Kalloo is a registered and certified dietitian, freelance nutrition consultant, and mom. Connect with her on Twitter (@Samina-KallooRD).


Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly coat a mini donut tin with cooking spray. 2. Combine flours, baking powder, pumpkin pie spice and salt. Whisk well. 3. In a separate bowl, combine eggs, pumpkin, applesauce and sugar. Add dry to wet ingredients and stir to combine. 4. Pour batter into a ziplock bag and snip the corner to create a piping bag to easily fill each donut mold. 5. Bake for 10 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean. 6. If using the cinnamon-sugar coating, combine cinnamon and sugar in a ziplock bag and shake well. 7. While warm, add donuts to the mixture and coat well.

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and line a muffin tin with liners. 2. In a blender or food processor, combine eggs, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, sugar, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and vanilla extract. Blend well until all ingredients are combined and the batter color changes to a light orange. 3. Place muffin tin plate on to a large rimmed baking sheet and add ½ inch of warm water to the pan. 4. Bake for about 40-45 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Let it cool completely before eating. 5. Place a dollop of light whipped topping and a sprinkle of cinnamon to serve.

Crustless pumpkin pie

I don’t know about you, but my absolute favorite holiday dessert is pumpkin pie. But with this recipe, I forgo the crust, leaving that spiced pumpkin filling as the star. This dish is low carb, gluten free, reduced sugar, and tastes delicious.

Ingredients 12 oz can of 2% evaporated milk 15 oz can organic pumpkin 2 eggs 1 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp nutmeg ¼ tsp ginger ¹/3 cup coconut or pure cane sugar ½ tsp vanilla extract Light whipped cream (optional)

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 2. In a mixing bowl, beat eggs with pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and vanilla extract. 3. Pour in the evaporated milk and whisk until smooth. 4. Pour pumpkin mixture into a nine-inch glass pie dish sprayed lightly with cooking spray. 5. Place pie plate into 15” x 10” x 1” baking pan and add ½ inch of warm water to the pan. 6. Bake for 15 minutes, then reduce the heat to 325 degrees and bake for an additional 45 minutes. 7. Insert a knife near the center. When it comes out clean, it’s done. 8. Let it cool at least a full hour before slicing and top with whipped cream.


Tales from the

SHALLOW END In the Manhattan dating pool, Mary Geneva meets a Halloween howler


erewolf and I “magically” both swiped right one evening and the Tinder gods brought us together. He claimed to be a former rock star. His major claim to fame was that his band once opened for Nirvana back in the ‘90s. By the time I met him, his drum-playing rock-god days were behind him and he’d become something of a Renaissance man – he’d racked up an unusually large array of pursuits and specialties. He was a magician, a ghost buster (seriously!), a chakra healer, and a boat captain who simultaneously grew organic facial products from Amazonian mud. He was also a former ventriloquist. I learned this fact the hard way, when I entered his dimly lit apartment for the first time. Lined up against the living room wall was a veritable parade of Chucky-like dolls

“I knew better. He didn’t need to pee – he just didn’t want to pay.” (you know, the doll with the knife from the movie Child’s Play?) looking like they could go full-Chucky, come to life, and kill me at any second. The warning signs kept coming. A dinner date with Werewolf revealed he was a carbohydrate hater – when I helped myself to a piece of bread from the basket on the table, he glared at me like I’d just taken a big bite of a stick of butter. He thought carbs were some kind of devil’s snack food and avoided them at all costs. I love to eat and I love carbs. I was starting to see a future with Werewolf dissolve with every bite I took out of that piece of bread. Like any physical fitness freak, Werewolf also spent between three and four hours a day at the gym, every day, followed by a rip-roaring session of Bikram hot yoga. Oh yeah, he was fit – physically at least. I admire a guy who keeps in shape (as long as I don’t have to see a video of him running on a treadmill. Yes, a prospective date actually sent me videos of him running on a treadmill. There was no first date.), but Werewolf was more than that. He was some kind of crazy genius (as evidenced by his amazingly diverse range of careers) and had the whole “bad boy” thing going on, which I loved.


Unfortunately, our dates weren’t quite as exciting as he was. We spent most of our time hanging around his apartment, where I watched him play drums; watched videos from his rock star “heyday”; and worried about one of those Chucky dolls taking me out when I wasn’t looking. We had been out about six times (practically going steady for me!) when Halloween rolled around, so I invited him to my apartment for a party, after which the whole group was going to go out on the town – in costume, of course. In case you’re wondering, this is the part of the story where Werewolf got his name. One of his other careers (I can’t possibly remember them all!) was as a theatrical make-up artist. Halloween was truly his holiday to howl. He arrived at my apartment in the most convincing werewolf costume I’ve ever seen. Even my dog Valentino was scared! That’s when the fun started. One of my guests was a friend named Jennifer – who now happens to be a former friend. She was dressed as an angel, but things went to hell when she locked eyes with the sexy monster I had been dating. The three of us ended up sharing a cab to the after party, but five blocks before our destination, Werewolf jumped out of the cab, claiming he had to piss so badly he couldn’t hold it another second. I knew better. He didn’t need to pee – he just didn’t want to pay. During our entire night on the town, my date, who had at least $100 worth of make-up on his face, bought me one drink, and I pretty much had to squeeze that out of him. Then, true to his magician roots, he completely disappeared. Turns out, he and my angel friend slipped out together, sharing a cab back home to the East Village. I wonder who paid?

ABOUT MARY Mary Geneva is a sales professional by day and semi-reformedhopeful romantic serial dater by night. Married at 21, divorced at 26, she and her rescued pets, pup Valentino and kitty Diva, were left to learn how to balance their checkbook. In her book Nicknames, Mary tiptoes back into the dating pool accumulating many late-night, drunken scraps of paper and text messages outlining unbelievable – yet totally true – events. Knowing she couldn’t make this shit up, she stored the memories away to finally share with you. Undaunted, Mary lives, works, and plays in New York City, and calls Hell’s Kitchen home. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram @marygeneva nyc. You can buy Nicknames on www. nicknamesnyc. com. And you can share your most bizarre dating story with Mary @mary genevanyc@ gmail.com.



Wagging tales

These camera-happy canines took a time out from the morning stroll for a quick Q&A with W42ST

Jimmy Humans’ names: Lauren and Sanjay. Breed: Miniature pinscher. Age: Four. What makes me bark: I’m the building’s head of security. I run back and forth on our terrace protecting my turf and will bark at anyone or anything that tries to mess with me or my neighbors. Three words that describe me best: Sleek, fierce, tenacious. Confession: I’m a lover. I’ll hug and kiss whoever I’m with.



Duke Humans’ names: Winny and Fred. Breed: Pomeranian. Age: Two. What makes me bark: People passing by outside the apartment door. Three words that describe me best: Happy, playful, lovely. Confession: I like to eat. I’d eat any food (even onions and scallions from the kitchen), anytime, anywhere! Instadog: @dukethepompom

Human’s name: Estry. Breed: Basset hound. Age: Almost seven. What makes me bark: When I see other dogs and want to walk over to say hello. Three words that describe me best: I’m named after the sexiest car, Maserati, which makes me cool. I’m the friendliest dog. And I can howl “I love you.” Confession: I really want to walk in front of Mom and have her follow me.

Want to see your pup on this page? DIGITAL EDITION

Charlie Humans’ names: Ian and Matt. Breed: I think I’m a Sheltie (Shetland sheep dog), Jack Russell terrier, and whippet (a rescue mixed breed). Age: One and a half. What makes me bark: Someone at our door (possibly Seamless). Three words that describe me best: Smart, fast, playful. Confession: I sneak up on the bed, even though I’m not supposed to. Instadog: @wellhellocharlie

Send it to waggingtales@w42st.com and we’ll do the rest.





McGraw Hill Building, 330 W42nd St, 1931


yn Rand described it as “the most beautiful building in New York City.” It’s called the Art Deco Tower – but this National Historic Landmark has also been called less complimentary names, including the “Green Kremlin” and an “ugly green elephant.” The 35-story building at 330 W42nd Street was finished in 1932, the same year as the Empire State Building, for publishing giant McGraw-Hill, which had outgrown its original offices on 10th Avenue (where you’ll find Sean Kelly Gallery today). The building was the creation of architectural “bad boy” Raymond Hood, who rose to fame after winning a competition to create the Chicago


Above: A uniformed member of staff waits in the grand lobby.

Tribune Tower. As well as 330 W42nd Street, he designed other New York skyscrapers including the Daily News Building and the RCA building at Rockefeller Center. But that famous blue-green color of the exterior could have been very different. Choices considered included yellow, orange, green, gray, and even Chinese red. But the eventual shade was said to be McGraw’s personal choice. Hood called it plain blue. McGraw-Hill always called it terra cotta green. The New Yorker, meanwhile, described it as “a rather dispiriting grayish-green tile.” The color scheme was carried through to the interior. The entrance lobby (pictured) was finished in sheet


steel bands, enameled dark blue and green alternatively, separated by metal tubes finished in silver and gold. Even the elevators were finished in “green-backed enamel on steel” and the elevator operators wore green uniforms with silver stripes. The building remained the tallest in Hell’s Kitchen for decades, until One Worldwide Plaza rose up in 1989. The 10th floor of the building is where one Martin Goodman founded the company that became known as Marvel Comics, under the name Timely Publications, in 1939. Timely Comics later moved to the Empire State Building, and Room 1010 at 330 W42nd Street is now – prosaically – a pensions office.

w42 st + TCHEN • I K S HE ’ L L LL E H







Fold-out illustrated map; guide to all the best bars, restaurants, sights, and shopping, plus essential local businesses and services


w42 st +


The essential guide to Hell’s Kitchen, from working out to eating out (and in) – it’s the business!


EAT CHILL DINNER At Nine Restaurant

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

Kodama Sushi & Japanese

Uncle Vanya Cafe

W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

W54th St - 8th/9th Ave

9th Ave - 54th/55th St

Bamboo 52

North River Lobster

W52nd St - 8th/9th Ave 9th Ave - 54th/55th St

Trattoria Casa Di Isacco

8th Ave - 44th/45th St


9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

Bar Bacon

Il Forno


Ñaño Ecuadorian Kitchen


10th Ave - 47th/48th St Ecuadorable! Quaint, Ecuadorian eatery serving traditional dishes with

Pier 81, W41st St - 12th Ave

Oovina 9th Ave - 37th/38th St

Route 66 Cafe 9th Ave - 55th/56th St

Chez Josephine

some modern flair. Family recipes

Siri Thai

make Ñaño a special experience.

10th Ave - 45th/46th St

W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

www.nanobarnyc.com (646) 649-4678

The Marshal

Return to the joie de vivre of 1920s Paris, with a blue tin

10th Ave - 44th/45th Ave

ceiling, red velvet walls and

Tulcingo Del Valle



Bourbon Street Bar W46th St - 8th/9th Ave

10th Ave - 46th/47th St

chandeliers lighting up



Feel like you stepped into New

Bricco Ristorante

Orleans’ French Quarter with gas

W56th St - 8th/9th Ave

lamps, wrought iron balconies,

Cara Mia

hurricanes and delicious Cajun fare.

(212) 245-2030 www.bourbonny.com

9th Ave - 45th/46th St

v{iv} Thai Restaurant & Bar 9th Ave - 48th/49th St

Carbone W38th St - 8th/9th Ave


Dafni Greek Taverna W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave

El Azteca 9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Contemporary interior with classic Thai and traditional Northern Thai dishes. Everyday happy hours with drink specials.

Chimichurri Grill 9th Ave - 43rd/44th St


Esca W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Fish Bar Pier 81, W41st St - 12th Ave

Truly fun and Vibrant place to be.

Green Fig

(212) 581-5999 www.vivthainyc.com

Shared dishes, locally sourced ingredients,

Yotel, 10th Ave - 41st/42nd St

Josephine Baker portraits.

(212) 594-1925



Cosmic Diner




Gotham West Market

8th Ave - 52nd/53rd St 10th Ave - 35th St 11th Ave - 44th/45th St

Hourglass Tavern W46th St - 8th/9th Ave

Skylight Diner

W34th St - 9th/10th Ave

perfectly crafted wine list.

(646) 449-7790

Hakkasan W43rd St - 8th/9th Ave

K Rico Steakhouse 9th Ave - 51st/52nd St


La Vela Dining & Bar 11th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

Pio Pio Esanation Thai Street Food 9th Ave - 50th/51st St The newest and unique Thai restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen featuring Thai street food and specializing in Northeastern Thai dishes.

(212) 315-0555 www.esanation.com



10th Ave - 43rd/44th

White Oak 10th Ave - 54th/55th St

It’s worth the effort to walk a few more blocks! Home of the ALL DAY Happy Hour + $1 Oysters. Craft cocktails - Elevated “Pub Grub” - Raw Bar - Daily Specials.

www.WhiteOakNYC.com (646) 692-9247



Rustic Table W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave


PRINT Restaurant

Enjoy a rustic selection of

11th Ave - 47th/48th Ave

Mediterranean breakfast and


Sangria 46

lunch, fine espresso, homemade

W46th St - 8th/9th Ave

Staghorn Steakhouse W36th St - 8th/9th Ave

Taboon 10th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

pastries, fresh juices & refreshers. A unique hidden gem on 42nd.

(212) 244-0744 rustictablenyc@gmail.com


Poseidon Greek Bakery


REX Coffee


Schmackary’s Cookies

9th Ave - 44th/45th St 10th Ave - 56th/57th St W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

Manganaro’s Hero Boy

Snax Spot

9th Ave - 37th/38th St

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

THE JONES 9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St The Jones reflects the sexy fashion-forward attitude of the “Hell’s Kitchen” neighborhood. We offer guests and locals alike a focused ingredient-driven menu.

(212) 245-5600 www.thejonesnyc.com


Our 60 year anniversary! The

Think Coffee W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

Underwest Donuts 12th Ave - 46th/47th St

10th Ave - 45th/46th St

Parada 47 Mexican W47th St - 10th/11th Ave

Azuri Cafe

you’ll always see a familiar face enjoying the food and the atmosphere.

www.westwaydiner.com (212) 582-7661

Theatre Row Diner

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

Bombay Grill House

City Kitchen at Row NYC 8th Ave - 44th/45th St



Frisson Espresso


10th Ave - 46th/47th St

Kava Cafe W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

Kee’s Chocolates W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


Little Pie Company W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Old Country Coffee W34th St - 9th/10th Ave

W40th St - 8th Ave

Beer Culture W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

123 Burger Shot Beer

Brickyard Gastropub

Capizzi Pizzeria & Wine Bar 9th Ave - 40th/41st St

City Slice 10th Ave - 51st/52nd St


Beer Authority

Blue Ruin

W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

W42nd St - 10th/11th St

Kahve 10th Avenue

hour weekdays 3-6pm.


BURGERS AND PIZZA 42nd Street Pizza

Green Nature Coffee House

9th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Zoob Zib

10th Ave - 50th/51st St

W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

Kahve 9th Avenue

9th Ave - 46th/47th St 9th Ave - 35th/36th St

9th Ave - 46th/47th St


Vintner Wine Market

9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

speciality foods with happy

10th Ave - 47th/48th St

Chirping Chicken

El Rancho Burritos

Craft beers & cocktails,

Tehuitzingo Deli & Grocery

W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave

8th Ave - 34th St

10th Ave - 50th St

9th Ave - 35th/36th St 9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

China Xiang

9th Ave - 39th/40th St


Sushi Star Taqueria Tehuitzingo

9th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Tick Tock Diner

Amy’s Bread

9th Ave - 35th/36th St

Better Being 940

Curry Hut


Paradigm Cafe

W51st St - 9th/10th Ave

W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave


Le Bon Choix

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

restaurant. A local favorite,

www.kiabaccabar.com (212) 649-4675

W36th St - 9th/10th Ave

Atomic Wings

a family owned and operated

and wine on tap. Comfortable vibe.

La Panineria

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


Always interesting draft cocktails

9th Ave - 37th/38th St

8th Ave - 48th/49th St

Aleef Coffee House

Established in 1988, this is

of rotating crafts at fantastic prices.

Jonny Panini NYC

Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen

9th Ave - 54th/55th St

9th Ave - 43rd/44th St


10th Ave - 45th/46th St

pizzas and a high quality selection

www.heroboy.com (212) 947-7325

W47th St - 10th/11th Ave


Featuring 20 specialty brick oven

catering. Reasonable prices!

The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar

Aaheli Indian Cuisine

Westway Diner

Large restaurant: eat in, take out,

10th Ave - 36th/37th St




original 6 foot Hero will feed 30-40.

The Cafe Grind

9th Ave - 39th/40th St 9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Dalton’s Bar & Grill 9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

Dave’s Tavern 9th Ave - 41st/42nd St

Heartland Brewery 8th Ave - 40th/41st St

Clyde Frazier’s

Holland Bar

Fresh From Hell

10th Ave - 37th/38th St

9th Ave - 39th/40th St

W47th St - 8th/9th Ave

Daisy May’s BBQ

Houndstooth Pub

11th Ave - 46th St

8th Ave - 36th/37th St

Fresh, delicious food and juices, prepared in a friendly, neighborly way.

(212) 956-4355 www.freshfromhell.com

Gazala Place 9th Ave - 48th/49th St

Hell’s Chicken


Lucky’s Famous Burgers

House of Brews

W52nd St - 8th/9th Ave

W51st St - 8th/9th Ave

Merilu Pizza Al Metro

Iron Bar

9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

8th Ave - 44th/45th St

New York Sal’s Pizza


10th Ave - 48th/49th St

8th Ave - 55th/56th St

Uncle Mario’s Brick Oven Pizza

Juniper Bar

9th Ave - 49th/50th St

10th Ave - 45th/46th St


W35th St - 7th/8th Ave


Hell’s Kitchen


FLEA MARKET Big Ink comes to NYC


ig Ink and Manhattan Graphics Center are joining forces at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market on October 22 and 23. The staging will include 13 artists making unique, giant images carved on large woodblocks and printed on Big Ink’s one-of-a-kind wooden presses. They’ll demonstrate large scale woodcut printing to the public from 10am through 5pm at the market on W39th St between 9th and 10th Avenue. Big Ink organizes print-related programming for museums and art festivals, as well as local and nationally recognized print studios. This event is sponsored by the Manhattan Graphics Center, a studio that provides an accessible environment for the learning and practice of fine art printmaking. For the demonstration at the HK Flea, Big Ink will be debuting our mobile 48” x 96” printmaking press in NYC and bringing a portfolio of larger-than-life prints created by artists at similar events across the United States.

CALENDAR October 1/2 Fall Harvest Market.

October 8/9 Vintage fall fashion at the Flea.

October 15/16 Ghosts of New York: New Halloween Traditions.

October 22/23 Fall harvest market and vintage vinyl and special artisan exhibit.

October 29/30 Ghosts of New York: Halloween Traditions in NYC.

Above: Giant works of art are carved on to wood then transferred to paper “We’re excited to show New Yorkers how this traditional art form is being practiced in new and exciting ways,” said Big Ink director Lyell Castonguay. “We’re essentially bringing the artists’ studio directly to the community.” Printmakers from throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and as far away as Ohio and Texas will contribute carved woodblocks to be printed throughout the day by Big Ink’s staff of volunteers.

The rain or shine event is an all-out extravaganza. Woodcut is a printing process that involves carving an image into a flat wood surface. The areas that display “white” or as highlights are cut away using a chisel which leaves the original surface level to define the image as “black.” The surface level of the wood is then covered with ink by way of a roller. The wood is impressed into paper, transfers the ink, and results in a finished print.

MANIAC PUMPKIN CARVERS FOR HALLOWEEN Just in time for Halloween, the market will host New York’s – possibly even the world’s – most skilled pumpkin carvers. Maniac Pumpkin Carvers create unique and stunning custom-carved pumpkins, hand crafted and infused with artistic genius. For instance, who knew a pumpkin could be carved into a breathtaking likeness of a politician? Specializing in intricate carvings,

Maniac Pumpkin Carvers turn ordinary pumpkins into glowing portraits, pictures, logos, lettering, wraparound designs, and all manner of monsters. Winner of Halloween Wars on The Food Network, the Maniac Pumpkin Carver artists will be demonstrating their worldrenowned art at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea this month. Check our website for all the updates.

Find us on www.facebook.com/hellskitchenfleamarket 4




Social Bar, Grill & Lounge

Wine Escape

8th Ave - 48th/49th St

W44th St - 9th/10th Ave

Stitch Bar & Lounge

A cozy, intimate wine bar with Mediterranean

W37th St - 7th/8th Ave

The Jolly Monk 9th Ave - 48th/49th St

The Waylon Lansdowne Road 10th Ave - 43rd/44th St This neighborhood sports bar is a great place to gather for tasty pub food, wings and a wide selection of beers while watching your favorite team. Back bar

Scallywag’s Irish Bar & Restaurant 9th Ave - 38th/39th St

The best Irish hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen. We offer delicious food, live music every night, happy hour, great sport - it’s all here for you.

www.scallywagsnyc.com (646) 490-4803

10th Ave - 50th/51st St

Tir Na Nog W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Valhalla 9th Ave - 53rd/54th St

West End Bar & Grill 8th Ave - 48th/49th St

Molloy’s Irish Pub

11th Ave - 45th/46th St

Lincoln Park Grill 9th Ave - 56th/57th St

McGee’s Pub W55th St - 7th/8th Ave

COCKTAIL HOUR Barcelona Bar 8th Ave - 54th/55th St

Press Lounge 11th Ave - 47th/48th St

Social Drink And Food Yotel, 10th Ave - 41st/42nd St “Middleterranean” inspired dishes, perfectly crafted wine list.


9th Ave - 49th/50th St

Mr. Biggs Bar & Grill Landmark Tavern


(646) 449-7790

available for parties.

www.lansdowneroadnyc.com (212) 239-8020

tapas & wines from around the world.


10th Ave - 43rd St

New York Beer Company W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

34th Street Wine & Spirits W34th St - 9th/10th Ave

42nd Street Wine Loft W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

5 Brothers Gourmet Market

Rattle ‘N Hum W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


Rudy’s Bar & Grill

The Pony Bar 10th Ave - 45th St

Neighborhood bar serving

9th Ave - 44th/45th St

fantastic American craft beer.


Our 20 “world class” drafts are always rotating & our food is tasty and inexpensive.

www.theponybar.com (212) 586-2707

10th Ave - 47th/48th St


Brooklyn Fare W37th St - 9th/10th Ave

Cellar 53 Wines & Spirits 10th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Clinton Gourmet Market 10th Ave - 45th/46th St


Empire Coffee & Tea Company 9th Ave - 41st/42nd St

Esposito Meat Market


9th Ave - 37th/38th St

9th Avenue Saloon

9th Ave - 45th/46th St

Flaming Saddles Saloon 9th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

Posh W51st St - 9th/10th Ave

Hell’s Kitchen

The Ritz W46th St - 8th/9th Ave

Big Apple Market


9th Ave - 39th/40th St A true Hell’s Kitchen institution


serving USDA choice meats,

W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave


Get one of these in your window Email us at sticker@w42st.com

poultry and groceries at

Ardesia Wine Bar

super low prices. Serving the

W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

neighborhood since 1991.

Pocket Bar NYC

(212) 563-2555

W48th St - 9th/10th Ave It may be little, but this wine bar packs a powerful punch.


Tartina 9th Ave - 45th/46th St


Grace Wine & Spirits


Grand Cru Wine & Spirits

10th Ave - 43rd/44th St 11th Ave - 43rd St







Liberty Bicycles

8th Ave - 53rd/54th St

9th Ave - 55th/56th St

Healthy Market Deli


10th Ave - 45th St

Manhattan Plaza Health Club W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Hell’s Kitchen Brewtique 9th Ave - 39th/40th St

International Grocery 9th Ave - 40th/41st St




Manhattan Plaza Winery 9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

W44th St - 9th/10th Ave

Mazzella’s Market

Owners Luisa and Nicki work with

9th Ave - 47th/48th St


Domus Unaffected Living

artisans around globe to source

Ninth Avenue Vintner

unique home decor items, gifts

9th Ave - 46th/47th St

and jewelry. Candles and cards


Odyssey Wine & Spirits

make it a one-stop shop.


Ray & Frank Liquor Store

www.domusnewyork.com (212) 581-8099

10th Ave - 37th/38th St

JCohen Chiropractic W52nd St - 8th/9th Ave Jonathan Cohen’s treatment plan goes beyond adjustments, incorporating massage, careful


stretching and re-positioning, cryotherapy - even exercise.

TMPL Gym W49th St - 8th/9th Ave

TMPL includes over 40,000

www.jcohenchiropractic.com (646) 657-0032

square feet of state-of-theart equipment, 25-meter saltwater pool, virtual reality

9th Ave - 48th/49th St

spin room, customized metabolic program and more.

Sea Breeze Fish Market OUT

(917) 521-6666 www.tmplgym.com

9th Ave - 40th/41st St

Simply Natural W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave


Stiles Farmers Market W52nd St - 8th/9th Ave

Sullivan Street Bakery W47th St - 10th/11th Ave



SUNAC Natural Market W42nd St - 11th Ave


Terra Market 9th Ave - 39th/40th St

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

Hell’s Kitchen Rolfing W51st St - 8th/9th Ave

W39th St - 9th/10th Ave

Proven hands-on healing art

An authentic NY experience, one of

for athletes, dancers & anyone

the city’s oldest flea markets. Year

experiencing physical pain.


The MKT @ Mercedes House

round, each weekend. Antiques,

W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Enjoy a new level of well-being

vintage clothes, collectibles & more!


Veritas Studio Wines

info@hellskitchenfleamarket.com www.annexmarkets.com

and physical freedom.


Westerly Natural Market

W45th St - 10th/11th Ave 8th Ave - 54th St



(212) 307-5367 www.rolfingnyc.nyc


NYC VELO W45th St - 10th/11th Ave

Rolates Pilates 8th Ave - 55th/56th St

HELLO GORGEOUS 42nd Nails & Spa

Albano Salon 450 9th Ave - 35th/36th Ave

America’s Hairstyle International

9th Ave - 48th/49th St

Manhattan Kayak Company

Thrift & New Shop

Pier 84 - Hudson River Visit us daily for New York kayaking

9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

FIT FOR ANYTHING Al’s Cycle Solutions 10th Ave - 47th/48th St

haunt for stylists, costumers

Cyc Fitness

www.CoutureduJourNYC.com (646) 595-6351

W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave

9th Ave - 54th/55th St

books, gifts & more.

and accessories is a favorite & girls about town.

W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Mid City Gym

Ada Salon

socks, hats, jewelry, flasks, cards,


mint condition vintage clothing

W39th St - 9th/10th Ave

9th Ave - 37th/38th St

Ties, handkerchiefs, suspenders,

9th Ave - 49th/50th St

A well-curated collection of


Mercedes Club

9th Avenue Barbershop

W49th St - 9th/10th Ave

Housing Works Thrift Shop

W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

Mark Fisher Fitness

9th Ave - 41st/42nd St

Fine And Dandy


Couture du Jour


8th Ave - 44th/45th St

Danny’s Cycles - Hell’s Kitchen 10th Ave - 46th/47th St

and stand-up paddleboard tours, group and 1-on-1 how-to training and SUP Yoga. A hop, skip and

W50th St - 9th/10th Ave


Best Barber


David Ryan Salon

10th Ave - 48th/49th St W46th St - 9th/10th Ave

De Lido Hair Salon

8th Ave - 52nd/53rd St

jump from Hell’s Kitchen.

Dramatics NYC

www.manhattankayak.com (212) 924-1788

Erik’s Barbershop

W57th St - 8th/9th Ave 10th Ave - 46th/47th St

Enoch’s Bike Shop 10th Ave - 36th/37th Ave


Grum’d Barber Shop W46th St - 9th/10th Ave




Hair 2 Stay


W44th St - 8th/9th Ave


Hell’s Kitchen Barbers

W44th St - 8th/9th Ave

W56th St - 9th/10th Ave

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Jeunesse Hair Salon

10 Columbus Circle

9th Ave - 57th/58th St

Orchestra of St. Luke’s

Kolorbar W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


Massage Envy W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

Pura Dermatology W38th St - 9th/10th Ave

W37th St - 9th/10th Ave

Mo Lynch Photography molynchphoto@gmail.com

Alisa Krutovsky Graphic Design

Environmental portraits, editorial, features. Specialty - events at


Madison Square Garden, Javits

Rafik Barber Shop

Graphic Design, Web Design,

Center, Piers 92 & 94. Favorite

Print & Editorial, Illustration,

9th Ave - 50th/51st

subjects - dogs and children.

Skintrade Tattoos


W35th St - 8th/9th Ave


Informational Design.



9th Ave - 40th/41st St

Lucky Strike W42nd St - 12th Ave

Mud Sweat & Tears 10th Ave - 46th St W50th St - 11th/12th Ave

9th Ave - 43rd/44th St

W46th St - 9th/10th Ave

Frames Bowling Lounge

Space Ibiza

Jay Cleaners

West Vibe Hair Salon


M2 Organic Cleaners


9th Ave - 54th/55th St

Sean Kelly Gallery

Schwartz Luggage Storage

10th Ave - 36th/37th St

W37th St - 8th/9th Ave

Vera’s Shoe Repair 9th Ave - 45th/46th St

Nacho Guevara Photography www.nachoguevara.com I’m a professional portrait and fashion photographer committed to producing highly creative

Christian Miles Photography

pictures with a unique look.

iguedur@gmail.com (773) 441-9455

www.cmilesstudio.com info@cmilesstudio.com



54th Street Auto Center W54th St - 9th/10th Ave

Cybert Tire and Car Care 11th Ave - 51st/52nd St


Westside Highway Car Wash W47th St - 12th Ave



Fountain House Gallery

9th Ave - 48th St Our gallery exhibits and sells original, affordable art made by local artists living with mental illness.

www.fountaingallerynyc.com ariel@fountaingallerynyc.com

Ars Nova Theater W54th St - 10th/11th Ave

Davenport Theater

Circle Line

W45th St - 8th/9th Ave

Ensemble Studio Theatre W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

New Dramatists W44th St - 9th/10th Ave

Ilona Lieberman Photography www.ilonalieberman.com Ilona Lieberman Photography is based in New York. She shoots editorial portraits, photojournalist weddings and relaxed modern family portraiture.

(917) 566-6900 ilona@ilonalieberman.com

Ortal Mizrahi Photography ortalmzrhi@gmail.com www.bitly.com/ortalmizrahi (347) 592-7107

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Balloon Bouquets of NY W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Signature Theatre W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

The New Group W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave


SEE THE SIGHTS W42nd St - 12th Ave

Hudson River Park 12th Ave - 34th/59th St

Intrepid Museum W46th St - 12th Ave

Javits Center W34th St - 11th Ave

NY Waterway Ferry 12th Ave - 39th/40th St





The Daily Show 11th Ave - 51st/52nd St


Hampton Inn Times Square South


Hilton Garden Inn Times Square

W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave


W42nd St - 6th/7th Ave

W57th St - 12th Ave



414 Hotel W46th St - 9th/10th Ave


Candlewood Suites Times Square


Cassa Times Square Hotel


Comfort Inn & Suites Times Square South

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave 9th Ave - 38th/39th St

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


Comfort Inn Midtown West W48th St - 10th/11th Ave

Comfort Inn Times Square West W44th St - 8th/9th Ave


Courtyard Marriott


DoubleTree by Hilton


Econo Lodge Times Square

W37th St - 8th/9th Ave W36th St - 8th/9th Ave W47th St - 8th/9th Ave


Element Times Square West W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Natural light, open spaces & healthy options. Restore balance in the Big Apple.



EVEN Hotel


Four Points by Sheraton


French Quarters Apartments


Hampton Inn Times Square North

W35th - 8th/9th Ave W40th St - 8th/9th St W46th St - 8th/9th Ave

8th Ave - 51st/52nd St


Holiday Inn Times Square South


Wyndham New Yorker


8th Ave - 38th/39th St


Yotel New York


Addison Hall


Crystal Green


Emerald Green


Gotham West


Instrata at Mercedes House


Manhattan Plaza


Mercedes House


Midwest Court


W42nd St - 7th/8th Ave

Holiday Inn Express Midtown West

W48th St - 10th/11th Ave


Holiday Inn Express Times Square

W39th St - 8th/9th Ave


Homewood Suites New York


Hotel Mela


Ink 48 Hotel, A Kimpton Hotel


Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites


New York Marriott Marquis


Quality Inn Convention Center


Residence Inn New York


Row NYC Hotel


Skyline Hotel


Staybridge Suites Times Square

W37th St - 8th/9th Ave W44th St - 6th/7th Ave 11th Ave - 47th/48th Ave W40th St - 8th/9th Ave

W51st St - 8th/9th Ave

8th Ave - 34th/35th St 10th Ave - 42nd St

LET’S DANCE Alvin Ailey Theater W55th St - 9th Ave

Baryshnikov Arts Center W37th St - 9th/10th Ave


W47th St - 8th/9th Ave


360 W43rd St



W43rd St - 8th/9th Ave W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

W52nd St - 9th/10th Ave

W43rd St - 10th/11th Ave W57th St - 9th/10th Ave W39th St - 8th/9th Ave W38th St - 8th/9th Ave W45th St - 10th/11th Ave W54th St - 10th/11th Ave W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave W54th St - 10th/11th Ave W53rd St - 9th/10th Ave

Broadway - 45th/46th St W36th St - 9th/10th Ave 6th Ave - 38th/39th St 8th Ave - 44th/45th St 10th Ave - 49th/50th St

W40th St - 8th/9th Ave


The Knickerbocker




The Time Hotel


Travel Inn

W42nd St - Broadway W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave W49th St - 7th/8th Ave W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

BUILDING MANAGERS AND CONCIERGES Would you like your residents to get copies of W42ST Magazine every month? Contact Bob Bruno bob@w42st.com or (929) 428-0767 and we’ll deliver!



Washington Jefferson Hotel

Hilton Times Square





Belvedere Hotel W48th St - 8th/9th Ave


W39th St - 8th/9th Ave

Tom Otterness Playground

Pick up your copy of W42ST at these residences and hotels.










One MiMa Tower


One River Place


Riverbank West


Silver Towers




The Armory


The Helena


The Helux


The Orion Condominium


The Park Clinton



Epstein’s Paint Center


W42nd St - 9th/10th Ave

W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

Framing on 9th

9th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Fresh Cut Flowers W43rd St - 9th/10th Ave


Two Worldwide Plaza

10th Ave - 38th/39th St

Jadite Custom Picture Framing

W50th St - 8th/9th Ave


W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

Gotham Mini Storage

Isaac Halpern Halstead Property I live in Hell’s Kitchen and I

W43rd St - 10th/11th Ave

specialize in sales and rentals in the neighborhood. Contact me

W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

to find the perfect home for you!

(646) 641-0145 ihalpern@halstead.com

W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave

10th Ave - 46th/47th St

Matles Florist W57th - 8th/9th Ave

Prudence Design & Events W36th St - 8th/9th Ave


Coco and Toto 11th Ave - 51st/52nd St

Pet Ark 10th Ave - 43rd/44th St

W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave


Ian TD Smith

W57th St - 11th/12th Ave

TD Realty Corp As a native and long term

W43rd St - 10th/11th Ave

resident of Hell’s Kitchen, Ian provides extensive real estate

W42nd St - 8th/9th Ave

services to his neighbors in

W52nd St - 10th/11th Ave

The Westport

Adam 99 Cents & Up 10th Ave - 51st/52nd St


American Home Hardware 9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St

Petland Discounts

9th Ave - 49th/50th St

Pets NYC 9th Ave - 42nd/43rd St


Pure Paws Veterinary Care


The Spot Experience

W42nd St - 10th/11th Ave

and out of the The Kitchen.

Clinton Glass & Mirrors

(917) 216-2771 ian@pocketbroker.co

Columbus Hardware

Westside Animal Hospital

9th Ave - 55th/56th St

W46th St - 9th/10th Ave

W56th St - 10th/11th Ave

9th Ave - 46th/47th St



W42nd St - 11th/12th Ave


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W42ST Issue 22 - Hell's Kitchen, center of the superhero universe  

Inside: Hillary Clinton, Daredevil, haunted Hell's Kitchen, Tyler Mount, rooftops, food heroes and villains, the Tattooed Quilter, dating, a...

W42ST Issue 22 - Hell's Kitchen, center of the superhero universe  

Inside: Hillary Clinton, Daredevil, haunted Hell's Kitchen, Tyler Mount, rooftops, food heroes and villains, the Tattooed Quilter, dating, a...

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