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Six pages of tips and tactics to reboot your healthy plans for 2015

It transformed Hell's Kitchen and has big plans for the rest of the year





Alvin Ailey's Peter Brandenhoff tells us about his local faves and pet hates p21

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This edition of our interviews with neighborhood dogs features a Broadway star! p82

Discover why one of the local routes was given the name 'Death Avenue' p90

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W42ST Hooray for Hell’s Kitchen: our review of Playwrights Horizons (p32) and tour of MPHC (p38) show that the neighborhood is packed with people dedicated to this awesome community. Our tour of healthy eateries (p56) shows us another side of NYC’s dining destinations and if you’ve given up on giving things up then check the carbs in our amazing sandwich round-up (p50). THE TEAM THAT BROUGHT YOU W42ST PUBLISHER PHIL O’BRIEN phil@w42st.com PHOTOGRAPHER RICKY CAMP











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An obituary for locally filmed show The Colbert Report, which aired its final episode on December 18.



15 THE UNSEEN SCENE Manhattan Sideways is all about introducing New Yorkers to the lesser-spotted gems on their doorstep. We take a tour with founder Betsy.


‘Inspiration, strike me now!’ We’ve round up a few top local date ideas for those lacking in vision.


Where were you at New Year’s? If it was BPM or Pacha, you could be starring on these pages!


Ballet professional Peter Brandenhoff discusses his love for Kahve coffee house and his hate of homogenization.


Never want for an activity again with our calendar list of local events and activities.


Being skint is no excuse for being bored – a wallet-friendly world is on your doorstep...

27 MUSIC & THEATER Long-running shows and new openings in Hell’s Kitchen.


12 65



Hell’s Kitchen’s fates were once inextricably bound to this theater, explains Artistic Director Tim Sanford.


Reboot your fitness resolutions with our guide to getting your diet and exercise goals on track.




Local health coach Alex Mazza offers a proactive approach to achieving your goals – starting right now.


Show the one you love how you feel on Valentine’s Day with this slushy selection of gooey gifts.



We run, swim, climb and spin with the beautiful people at Manhattan Plaza Health Club.

Underwest Donuts and Pinkberry both have new flavors coming out, while the MKT @ Mercedes House is open for business.



The key to healthy eating lies in small changes in your everyday diet: we’ve compiled a few basic switches that could have far-reaching results.

We never thought we’d envy a grain, but quinoa’s wild ride through history would put Mick Jagger to shame.


We’re putting sandwiches back on the table, for some serious scrutiny of local neighborhood faves.


HFZ Capital Group announce new project 301 West 53rd Street, a renovation creating 250 luxury apartments.


Ink48 have restyled their penthouse to make the most of that marvelous Manhattan skyline.


John Willey from Willey Designs offers advice on creating a warm and welcoming interior.


Create a cozy home of your very own with these tactile and luxurious soft furnishings. Will you ever leave the house again?


Anyone with an eye for a picture and a half-decent cameraphone is in with a shot at getting their work in our mag. Hashtag your pics #W42ST, and we'll do the rest!



Lisa Woods bends over backwards to help you get started with yoga.


Eating well has never been so easy! We highlight some of the area’s best health-conscious venues.


Wine expert Jeremy Kaplan looks beyond the glass and onto the plate, at making meals with wine.



Dr Tama Lane doesn’t think couples should have a monopoly on Valentine’s Day.


More gems of wisdom spilt from the lips of Hell’s Kitchen pooches.





Ciera Coyan is relieved the sober season is over and she can get back to recommending top hops styles.



A lesson in brewing up spicy condiments with Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce founder Ron Menin. The incredible Angela Liddon, creator of the Oh She Glows recipe blog, shares some veg-packed meal ideas to see you through winter.

84 82


Bust out of the old coffee rut and try somewhere new for 2015 – in Hell’s Kitchen, of course.


REX employee Raphael KoehlerDerrick talks roast beef sandwiches and graphic design aspirations.

Cats and dogs have never had it so good – here’s our gift guide for your furry friends. Local businesses that have signed up to the #W42ST sticker get listed here... if you want to sign up too, email news@w42st.com


The tale of the disturbing former name of 11th Ave and 40th Street.



that’s all, folks

After almost a decade, locally filmed The Colbert Report bows out to make way for The Nightly Show


t’s really gone! The former studios of The Colbert Report at 513 West 54th Street have had their distinctive signage replaced with that of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, after the long-running satirical series drew to a close at the end of last year. On filming days, which took place Monday through Thursday, residents grew used to seeing long lines outside the studios, made up of audience members awaiting entry onto the set. The Colbert Report aired its final show on December 18, 2014, after over nine years and 1,447 episodes. The latenight comedy lampooned political talk programs and the culture within televised political commentary, with Colbert in the role of what he describes as a “wellintentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot”. The show was a success from the start, and garnered multiple awards across its 10 seasons, including two Peabody Awards. It’s not goodbye, but au revoir for Colbert, who will be hosting CBS’s The Late Show from May, taking over the reins

Above: The studios on West 54th Street with their new signage.

French kissing in the USA Bricco features love in high places

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’ll be smooches aplenty this February. But for Bricco Ristorante Italiano, it’s a veritable peck-fest yearround, with their increasingly popular ‘Ceiling of Kisses’. For those who haven’t been to Bricco (or with a low plane of sight) the lipstick-

from David Letterman. Like The Colbert Report, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is a spin-off from The Daily Show. As well as occupying the former’s studios, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore has also replaced its 11.30pm slot on Comedy Central, with the first episode having aired on 19 January.

HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW Local barbers Marrella Hair Stylists closed its doors at the end of December after 42 years. The barbers, sited in Port Authority, was owned by Michael Marrella, and run with the help of fellow Italian immigrant Joe Manniello. Marrella has worked in the shop since 1968, but finally shuttered at the end of 2014 to begin his retirement. Increasing costs are rumored to be behind the closure, although at 76 – and after years of six-day working weeks – no one could argue that Marrella had not earned the right to a little time off. His retirement began with a bang after his family threw a farewell party for him following the shop’s closure on December 31. A large sign in the shop window features a message from ‘Mike the Barber’. It reads: “After 42 years, I will be retiring and closing up shop at the end of December. Thank you to all my loyal customers… it has been my pleasure to serve you all these years!” We wish him the very best and look forward to seeing what crops up in Marrella’s place.

stained ceiling is a quirky addition to an otherwise conventionally romantic venue. Select guests are invited (or nominate themselves) to pucker up, and add their signature alongside for posterity. So if you’re looking for a romantic venue in the local area, you can count on Bricco as an eatery where love is all around – quite literally. www.bricconyc.com



W49th, Ninth/10th The tour began here, at this pocket-sized shop of “accessories for dapper guys”. A vintage and repurposed hotch-potch, there was a sensory overload as stock spilled from every surface. Owners Matt and Enrique were on-hand to say hello and discuss their wares.



10th & W52nd This father-and-son-run restaurant might seem like a traditional outfit – but it in fact holds the unusual accolade of being the first restaurant in New York City to have a Bitcoin ATM! Calimari, quiche and meatballs were all wolfed down by intrepid tourers, washed down with quality fizz.




W54th, 9th/10th The evening concluded with fruity cocktails and cheery chatter at this bright and cozy bar, a sweet space styled like a cross between a Moroccan lounge and an ’80s nightclub.

UNSEEN SCENE Manhattan Sideways makes the leap from screen to street



W52nd, 10th/11th Our SideWalk continues with a tour of the artists’ studios in the same building. Brittany Schall’s photo-realistic drawings of hair challenge conceptions of hairpieces, culture and identity; Douglas Florian’s work features noisy and abstract overlaid ideas on expansive canvases, Michael Massen’s body of work covers everything from painting to sculpture to graphic design; and Mikel Glass’ studio features rube goldberg machines and hamsters among an eclectic body of work.


W52nd, 10th/11th At INTAR we were treated to delights from Puff Cha and La Bergamote before heading through into the main theater. Artistic Director Lou Moreno and artist Mikel Glass sat center-stage and told their stories of the Latino theater in relation to the changing demographic of Hell’s Kitchen. The theater is a fascinating space, with the look of six buildings comped together. The stage and 59-space seating is notably smaller than most, but Lou is passionate about the “richer experience” he says comes from theater in an intimate venue, “where you can see the actors’ faces, their expressions.” The look of conviction we can see on him attests to his own argument.


www.brittanyschall.com, www.douglasflorian.com, www.michaelmassen.com, www.mikelglass.com


ave you ever taken a wrong corner and found yourself enthralled by a space or a place you never knew existed? This is the driving force behind Manhattan Sideways, a website dedicated to unearthing the hidden treasures on people’s doorsteps by promoting the side street businesses that sometimes might not get the attention they deserve. For the last three years, creator Betsy Bober-Polivy

has dedicated her life to telling the stories of the businesses on the side streets within the original Manhattan grid system. Now, she has taken the next step with her new concept SideWalks, a series of specialized walking tours that takes groups to venues hand-picked by Betsy. She comments: “What makes us unique to other tours offered in Manhattan is that we are able to connect people directly to the owners

of the businesses, enabling them to engage in fascinating conversations and to go behind the scenes to learn more about what they do.” W42ST was lucky enough to be invited on a recent Hell’s Kitchen walking tour – our trail is shown above. If you would like to arrange a SideWalk tour for your group or organization, email Betsy at betsy@manhattansideways.com sideways.nyc



A VERY IMPORTANT DATE Stuck for inspiration of how to treat your beloved in Hell’s Kitchen? W42ST fans the flames of local love with these divine date ideas



ith Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, we are once more a nation divided by belief. Some consider the day to be the tacky brainchild of bean-counting card-sellers, while others revel in its romance. We say, the day is what you make it, so why not take a tip from us, strip out the schmaltz and use the occasion as a chance to try something new. Enjoy French food with your french kisses at Chez Josephine, an eatery that exudes the sensuality of the performer it was named for. This Valentine’s Day the 1920s-themed restaurant is offering a three-course dinner for $85. For those who believe laughter is not only the best medicine but a top aphrodisiac too, Broadway Comedy Club is a failsafe destination. Mike Robles, as part of Loco Comedy Jam, starts at 11pm on 13 February, meaning that by the time the clock strikes midnight your beloved will be rolling around the floor with mirth – surely a superb omen for your ensuing time together. The culturally minded among us might like to take their date to the Sean Kelly Gallery. Two new exhibitions are kicking off on January 30, so go along to get a first look at photographer

The lock of love

Clockwise, from top: 50 Shades! The Musical Parody plays at The Elektra Theatre; Alec Soth’s Songbook tells tales without words; enjoy Parisian glamor at Chez Josephine.

With the 14th fast approaching, love is in the air… and attached to the diamond fencing by a Hell’s Kitchen parking lot, apparently. The mysteriously multiplying locks sit on the south side of West 37th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, and while suspicions are unconfirmed, they are thought to be ‘love locks’, a practice in which couples connect a padlock to an area and throw away the key to symbolize their unbreakable love. For couples keen to make their affection manifest in this way, we asked Security Anthropologist and competitive

“Au contraire to the claims of teen diaries, love is not some serious business full of frowning over candlelight.”

Alec Soth’s hitherto unseen collection Songbook, and soak up the mixed-medium, abstract artistry of Brooklyn-based Kevin McCloud. Au contraire to the claims of teen diaries, love is not some serious business full of frowning over candlelight and thesis-length declarations of emotion. See the lighter side of love with 50 Shades! The Musical Parody, a riotous romp sending up the steamy novel in sensational style.

lockpicker Schuyler Towne for his advice on a good sturdy lock: “I’d go with someone that had a very guarded or closed shackle, and a disc-detainer mechanism, such as Abus 37RK/60, but that can be expensive! A more affordable, but still difficult to remove option would be a Monoblock padlock.” However, couples shouldn’t get too caught up in keeping their love under lock and key, he maintains: “Removal is part of the life cycle of the love lock. It’s okay if your lock is picked or cut. As Jamie T says: ‘love is all about doors unlocking’.”




Hell’s Kitchen saw 2014 out – and 2015 in – in style BORGORE’S NEW YEAR’S EVE SLUMBER PARTY

Pacha was the place to be on New Year’s Eve, where it was hosting an all-night slumber partythemed event. The fun took place across four floors at Pacha’s home on West 46th Street. The night involved burlesque, dares, dancing, as well as New York’s biggest pillowfight!



For those with the stamina, BPM hosted First Light, New York’s largest gay New Year’s Day dance party. Tony Moran and Serving Ovahness were spinning the tunes on the main floor, while DJ Steve Sidewalk was the


sound of the lounge.


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Broadway tickets

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Take the W42ST Survey for a chance to win Free Broadway tickets www.w42st.com/survey Or find it on our Facebook page We want to know what more you want to see in the magazine and how we’re doing so far, let us know online and you might win a pair of Broadway theatre tickets.


My Hell’s Kitchen Ballet instructor Peter Brandenhoff offers his insight into the area


enmark-born Peter Brandenhoff’s talents have taken him around the world, performing with the Boston Ballet, Hamburg Ballet and San Francisco Ballet. An in-demand ballet instructor, he is currently teaching at the Ailey Extension.

McCoy’s on Ninth are great places. Valhalla is great for beer and for their unpretentiousness when it comes to serving it. La Bergamote is a great place for European-style afternoon cakes and tea, especially on warmer days when you can sit outside.

What has your experience of Hell’s Kitchen been over the years? I am a fairly recent transplant to the city from San Francisco but have come to the city on a regular basis since the ’80s. Hell’s Kitchen was not a place I spent any time in until I moved here and in the few years I have been here it has become my favorite neighborhood.

What’s your favorite place locally? The Ailey building. It is the best building for dance in the city. The studios are amazing, spacious, light and well kept with great views from all of them. And the energy when you walk in is something special – you feel it is a place with a heritage and history but also a place that is constantly moving forward.

Where do you eat in Hell’s Kitchen? The question could almost be, ‘where do you not eat in Hell’s Kitchen?’ The place is swamped with good places to eat. I do not particularly enjoy places packed with people who ‘discovered’ it via social media, and from experience and principle I do not find any sort of 10-minute meal worth a 45-minute wait. Atmosphere is important too: friendly, jovial and without pretensions or major showmanship. Chez Napoleon makes phenomenal French food and it seems like you are away from New York for the duration of the meal. Braai has a good modern South African menu, though I wish they could get their hands on more game, like Springbok and such. On the Asian side it is a cornucopia – Mooncake on 54th Street has great Vietnamese soups and sandwiches for lunch and Co Ba on 53rd Street is another little oasis of tranquility while dining.

What one thing do you think could improve Hell’s Kitchen? Keeping the chains, franchises and other advancements of gentrification at bay. The more we homogenize the less interesting we become; a glass of wine is far more expressive than a glass of milk.

What bars or cafes would you recommend in the neighborhood? Kahve gets my highest recommendation for cafes hands down. It hits all the points that make a place worth going to for me: great, friendly staff and owners,

“The question could almost be, ‘where do you not eat in Hell’s Kitchen?’ The place is swamped with good places to eat.” cozy atmosphere and great coffee. I have been drinking coffee since I was a kid and I do not prescribe to the coffee hoopla the hipster culture is imposing on us. Coffee is not something you should wait for for more than a few minutes. I usually get the same thing but recently inadvertently took possession of another customer’s almond milk au lait, which was delicious! Their Turkish coffee is the best I have had this side of the Atlantic. Since retiring from dancing full time I have severely cut down on the bars I make it to, but ’Disiac on 54th, and

How do you think the neighborhood compares to other areas of Manhattan? Nostalgia plays a part here, as many aspects of the neighborhood remind me of my old stomping ground The Tenderloin in San Francisco. Where many other neighborhoods have changed completely in the past years Hell’s Kitchen has not been completely overrun by hipsters, chain stores and freshly designed fancy eating joints. It may of course yet come, but I hope not. Who do you admire in the neighborhood? My students at Ailey. They are hardworking, dedicated young people in a tremendously demanding field. The number of jobs available to them is limited as is the country’s general support of the arts. The fortitude and determination that they have is something extraordinary.

BIOGRAPHY Peter Brandenhoff was born in Denmark and graduated from the Royal Danish Ballet. After dancing with several high-profile schools, in 2004 he discovered his passion for teaching after helping create an outreach trip to teach in South African townships. His teaching engagements include Royal Danish Ballet and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Peter’s Hell’s Kitchen: BAKERY La Bergamote W52nd, 10th/11th BARS ’Disiac Lounge W54th, 9th/10th McCoy’s 9th, W51st/W52nd Valhalla 9th, W53rd/W54th COFFEE SHOPS Kahve 9th, 51st/52nd RESTAURANTS Braai W51st, 8th/9th Chez Napoleon 9th, W51st/52nd Co Ba 53 W53rd, 9th/10th Mooncake Foods W54th, 8th/9th


what’s on in

Ongoing Hell’s Kitchen Food Tour

FEBRUARY Every day’s a playday with our calendar guide to one-off events and ongoing offers around Hell’s Kitchen

1 Feb Berenstain Bears

2 Feb What Would Mrs. Webb do?

3 Feb Big Love

There is now just one week left to see this exhibition, which celebrates the vision and legacy of the MAD Museum’s founder, Aileen Osborn Webb. www.madmuseum.org

5 Feb Aphrodisiac Cookery Class

Signature Theatre

Charles Mee’s reworking of The Danaids by Aeschylus tells the story of 50 brides who run out on their 50 grooms. Runs until March 15. www signaturetheatre.org

6 Feb A Kind Shot

The Kitchen

Davenport Theatre

10 Feb Eric Yves Garcia

11 Feb Sara Gazarek

Learn to create a three-course meal to knock your partner’s socks off – just in time for Valentine’s Day! Attendees must be 21 or over. www.cheffedny.com

Chez Josephine

Tuesdays–Sundays Chez Josephine has a musical accompaniment to your meal. Eric Yves Garcia will be providing today’s piano accompaniment. www.chezjosephine.com


This is your last chance to see those affable bears live at the MMAC. Family Matters the Musical follows the bears as they learn valuable life lessons. www.berenstainbearslive.com

Discover the world of cuisine on your doorstep with this walking tour, which offers attendees a chance to trial everything from curry puffs to empanadas. While walking, guides will fill you in on the history of the area, including how Hell’s Kitchen got its name. www.manhattanwalkingtour.com


MAD Museum


All around Hell’s Kitchen

There are three days left to catch A Kind Shot, a no-holds-barred solo show by Terri Mateer about how she became a pro-basketball player in France. www.akindshot.com


The tremendously talented Sara Gazarek – voted Third Best New Jazz Artist by JazzTimes – brings her stunning voice to two performances at Birdland. www.birdlandjazz.com

8 Feb Finis Jhung

9 Feb Between Riverside and Crazy

Ailey Extension

2econd Stage Theatre

12 Feb Date Night Meal


This Sunday Intensive class teaches the basic movements needed for students to progress to advanced beginner level. Previous ballet experience required. www.alvinailey.org

Sur la Table

Working side-by-side with other gastronomic Casanovas, learn to cook a romantic meal and discover the passion that can come from great cuisine. www.surlatable.com

This is the official kick-off of Between Riverside and Crazy, a dark comedy about one man’s struggle to hold onto his rentstabilized apartment. www.2st.com

The Laurie Beechman Theatre

Athena Reich is on fine form as pop oddball Lady Gaga. In #ARTBIRTH, Gaga is pregant and has chosen to ‘perform’ her child’s birth as art. www.westbankcafe.com

14 Feb Valentine’s Day

15 Feb Sistas the Musical


St Luke’s Theatre

18 Feb The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

20 Feb Vinai

St Luke’s Theatre

See the classic characters of CS Lewis’ timeless tale brought to life on stage, as the Pevensie children battle to restore the seasons in the land of Narnia. www.stlukestheatre.com

The Intrepid, until 21 Feb

Six days of child-centric activities await at The Intrepid. Among the delights is a popup planetarium, a live ‘birds of prey’ display, and a ‘make your own telescope’ class. www.intrepidmuseum.org

New Off-Broadway show Sistas the Musical recounts the history of AfricanAmerican women through top 40 tunes from as far back as the ’30s. www.sistasthemusical.com


Italian electronic music group Vinai bring their ‘hardstyle’ tunes to Pacha nightclub. ‘Free entry before 12am’ should give you some idea of the timings of the evening. www.pachanyc.com


The only day of the year where you want to get shot with an arrow is upon us again. Couples exchange gifts and singletons send (and hope to receive) unsigned cards, sealed with a kiss.

16 Feb Kids’ Week

17 Feb The Liquid Plain Signature Theatre

Winner of the 2012 Horton Foote Prize for Promising New American Play, Naomi Wallace’s show follows two runaway slaves in the late 18th century. www.signaturetheatre.org

21 Feb Magic Show

22 Feb Next W42ST out

Broadway Comedy Club

All around Hell’s Kitchen

24 Feb Teen Book Club

25 Feb Ariel Pink

Prepare to be astounded by this onehour magic show, in which a mysterious master magician will defy your eyes with his sleight-of-hand sourcery. www.broadwaycomedyclub.com

The March edition, packed with family fun ideas, hits Hell’s Kitchen today. Got any news or want your event featured? Email us at news@w42st.com www.facebook.com/w42st

23 Feb TEDxBroadway New World Stages


Now in its fourth year, this annual conference brings together a diverse range of speakers all thinking around the question: ‘What’s the best Broadway can be?’ This year’s line-up includes Benj Pasek, Justine Paul, Laurie Santos and Emily Simoness. www.tedxbroadway.com

Columbus Public Library

A chance for young bookworms to share their love of literature, through discussing Kekla Magoon’s How it Went Down, a story of race and murder. www.nypl.org

27 Feb Naked Boys Singing Kirk Theatre

It may not be new but it’s certainly nude: Naked Boys Singing features a medley of original songs covering topics as diverse as circumcision and going to the gym. www.theatrerow.org

Terminal 5

Los Angeles-based Ariel Pink goes it solo and heads to the Terminal 5 stage to air the tunes from latest album pom pom, an absurdist, twisted pop culture mash-up. www.terminal5nyc.com

28 Feb LGBT Expo Javits Center

This two-day event features a variety of seminars, stalls, exhibitions, parties and seminars, bringing the LGBT community together under one roof. www.thelgbtexpo.com





‘The best things in life are free’, sang Janet Jackson, probably-not-butmaybe referring to these rock-bottom-price activities around Hell’s Kitchen. Who are we to argue with her?





Little Lending Library, ongoing Awesome non-profit organization Cultivate HKNY have been doing good all around Hell’s Kitchen, with the new parks springing up as an antithesis to the area’s soaring skyscrapers. All their green spaces are worth a visit but we especially love Teresa’s Park for its Little Lending Library, a birdhouse-like cupboard harboring a range of books and in-date magazines! Costing just $2 for a key that gives access to all the HKNY parks, this is an ideal idyll for a springtime meander. Teresa’s Park 39th & Ninth www.cultivatehkny.org


Selected MAD talks, ongoing The Museum of Art and Design is not a venue to be underestimated, hosting a constant stream of workshops, exhibitions, talks and cinema, many of which will suit the impoverished pocket. In February, enjoy a talk on Collective Creativity: Collaboration and Collectives in Feminist Art Practice, while MAD’s Art Studios hosts pay-what-you-wish talk Hair as Community, a look at the salon’s changing role in the community. MAD Museum Columbus Circle & Eighth www.madmuseum.org

GWMovies, Tuesdays Popular movies get an airing on Tuesday evenings at Gotham West Market, so keep that ramen slurping to a minimum! The films range from classics such as Annie Hall and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to modern must-sees like Frozen. Check out their website for a downloadable calendar of events that lists what’s on, when. Gotham West Market 11th, 44th/45th www.gothamwestmarket.com


Jewelry-making class, 21 Feb If you’re not making the most of your local library, we can only assume you’re a Rolls-riding, Saint Laurent-suited millionaire – why else turn the other cheek when faced with such an incredible selection of books, DVDs, activities and events all for free on your doorstep? This hands-on class with Gwendolyn Lawson teaches jewelry-making techniques for all kinds of bling, with no experience necessary and all materials provided. Columbus Library 10th, 50th/51st www.nypl.org



entry Trivia nights, various If you fancy yourself an expert in your chosen field, and that field is television, come along to Trivia, AD’s quiz nights, taking place approximately twice a month at Chelsea Grill. Each one is themed, with previous topics including The Mindy Project, Gilmore Girls, and most recently Sherlock. The five rounds encompass general knowledge, quotes, true or false, character identity and the lightning round. Nurse a half-pint all evening and you’ve got yourself a truly thrifty night out! Chelsea Grill Ninth, 46th/47th www.triviaad.com


(for teachers) Teacher Appreciation Day, 17 February In respect of those who shape young minds, The Intrepid is offering all teachers of any grade or subject free admission to their museum when presented with a valid school staff ID card. You’ll have the chance to see the Growler submarine, the Space Shuttle Pavilion, and new exhibition HUBBLE@25, and the Intrepid’s Education Department will be on hand to answer any questions regarding opportunities for students. Spread the word to any teachers you know! The Intrepid Pier 86, 46th & 12th www.intrepidmuseum.org


Falafel tasters, ongoing Peckish? Enjoy an al fresco snack on the run outside either Maoz on Eighth, or Wrapido on Ninth. Knowing of some New Yorkers’ automatic aversion to anything vegan, these two quick-serve eateries regularly stock falafel samples outside the store, so people can see how delicious they are for themselves. For those of us already in the know, this equals a yummy snack for our fave price. Wrapido: Ninth, 46th/47th Maoz: Eighth & 43rd www.wrapidonewyork.com, www.maozusa.com


First Brew, first Monday of the month All are welcome at this free-admission event designed for creative theater types. On the first Monday of every month, actors and writers are encouraged to swing by, with the latter bringing their works-in-progress along to be performed then-and-there in a fun and casual setting. It’s an amazing opportunity for writers to preview the fruits of their labor and a great chance to forge connections in an industry that’s highly reliant on who you know. Bring drinks and snacks to share. Ensemble Studio Theatre 52nd, 10th/11th www.ensemblestudiotheatre.org




Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, 30 Jan–6 Feb February 6 marks National Frozen Yogurt Day, the day where we all pause and reflect just how quickly and completely froyo has dominated the city. This year, however, also heralds the 10th anniversary of swirling giant Pinkberry, and to celebrate they’re offering frozen yogurt for just 10¢ at select locations between 30 Jan–6 Feb. At the time of press these select locations had yet to be confirmed – fingers crossed one’s in Hell’s Kitchen! Pinkberry Ninth, 42nd/43rd & 58th, Eighth/ Ninth www.pinkberry.com





Cupcake Perfection, ongoing Cupcake Cafe is no ordinary cafe. For one thing, there are no cupcakes in the window, which is instead given over to an enormous botanical display. Those in the know have to fight their way over to the back counter to get an eyeful of these bad boys, edible art winningly finished with buttercream blossoms. At $3 a pop, these are a thrifty, sweet-toothed treat that’s well worth a winter excursion. Cupcake Cafe Ninth, 40th/41th www.cupcakecafe-nyc.com


You live in Hell’s kitchen, the rising star in the greatest city on earth! But you know few people! How do you get connected, meet new people, have new conversations, develop new ideas? Climbing Fish exists to curate real connections with like-minded Hell’s Kitchen-ites.

http://climbingfish.com http://facebook.com/climbingfish @Climbingfish


NEVERMORE Literary visionary Poe inspires a Gothic tale worthy of his own pen


dgar Allan Poe spent the latter years of his life in New York City. Though, back then, the cottage he inhabited in the Fordham section of the Bronx looked more like a pastoral countryside than the Grand Concourse we know today. Poe lived simply and was known to play cards with the Jesuit priests who taught nearby. When you visit the still-standing, lopsided Poe cottage, it’s easy to imagine the dreary winter scenes of his later poems. Skeletal tree limbs crisscross the sky and dead grass crunches underfoot. If you listen closely, through the honking horns and humming Metro-North trains, you can almost hear cawing blackbirds reverberating around the small plot of land.

“Speculates on the doleful details and fabricates a tale for storytelling’s sake.”

A view to chill: This sumptuous stage show offers a world of wit and wary wonder.


This brand of dreariness followed Poe around for most of his life, inspiring his haunting poetry. And while we know about the major moments, most of his life and death remain shrouded in myth and mystery. Nevermore – The Imaginary LIfe and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe, a musical narrative of the author’s life, speculates on the doleful details and fabricates a tale for storytelling’s sake. The award-winning show returns to New York this January (you might remember the 2010 sold-out run at The New Victory Theater). Most of the original cast returns for the production at New World Stages, outfitted in brilliant, Burton-esque steampunk attire. You’ll love the tunes, which include nods to your favorite Poeisms and invoke an enticing nightmare on stage.





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Rocco Lazarra returns to his Brooklyn brownstone after suffering from a nervous breakdown. But recovery might be trickier than he’d initially hoped. His discontented family, including a wife that yearns to return to Sicily, her native home, and two sons searching for a better life as young people in the 1960s, might be what set him off in the first place. Sure, it’s 50 years later. You might not be Italian-American. And we’re in Hell’s Kitchen, not Brooklyn. But if your holidays were anything like ours, watching a family like this work out their deepest, darkest issues on stage might sound like just the kind of catharsis you need. After all, that’s the joy of theater, isn’t it? Eerily familiar characters come to terms with each other in eerily familiar ways; it’s comforting to compare ourselves to folks that appear, for the most part, wackier than we perceive ourselves. Snow Orchid is written by Joe Pintauro, whose prior work includes one from the trilogy in By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea. The multi-faceted artist has written multiple plays, novels and regularly exhibits his photography. Snow Orchid is just one touchstone in a line of work that offers keen glances at different facets of the American condition.

When theater meets advocacy, amazing things can happen-think about shows like The Vagina Monologues. The piece, by activist Eve Ensler, has turned into an annual, global phenomenon that spreads awareness about sexual abuse and assault, and creates a safe space for women to share troubling stories from their past. Theater acts as a vehicle for empowerment and change. Undone comes from a similar place. The new work by Beth Newberry stars Jessie Fahay as a one-woman force, who tells a first-person account of human trafficking. It’s a devastating global issue usually told from the perspective of faceless statistics. X young girls are sold as sex slaves every year, Y countries still have a problem with forced labor. But in Undone, it’s impossible to look away from the story of one woman, who chronicles her experience of survival, a fate not afforded by most victims of this horror. The one-woman show plays for one day only (two performances) at The Studio Theatre. Get a humanized narrative of a phenomenon that’s so de-humanizing with this show – an experience that’s honest, raw, even humorous at moments.







Soul Doctor, the story of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach is now on and has been enjoying a slew of great reviews. Catch it until early May. Actor’s Temple Theatre, W47TH, 8TH/9TH

GOOD DEED FOR THE PLAY Hang a Tale recently fundraised $15,000 to allow 500 underprivileged children the chance to see The Little Prince for free. Catch it yourself from Feb 23. Pearl Theatre, W42ST, 9TH/10TH

ELEPHANT’S TALE Currently starring in The Elephant Man is one-time Hell’s Kitchen resident Patricia Clarkson. She plays actress Madge Kendal in the story of Joseph Merrick. Booth Theater, W45TH, 8TH/7TH



Preview A PROBLEM SOLVED The Winter’s Tale is certainly one of Shakespeare’s less-appreciated works. In classrooms, it takes a back seat to the more accessible Romeo and Juliet. In the theater, it’s shooed aside so actors can play roles like those in Hamlet. Many scholars categorize it as one of his ‘problem plays’, which often points to lukewarm audience reception. Sure, all of Shakespeare’s work is masterful, but no one would argue that this was one of his hits.

“A tangle of characters, quick tempers and mistaken identities.” But that’s exactly why the play found it’s way to The Pearl Theatre. The nonprofit organization exists to bring new life to historically less-lauded works. We’ll spare you any synopsis. As with most of Shakespeare’s plays, The Winter’s Tale includes a tangle of characters, quick tempers and mistaken identities. There are raunchy jokes and unforgettable couplets. See The Winter’s Tale at The Pearl and you’ll wonder why you weren’t familiar with the play sooner.








Everybody makes a fuss about how the magic that fills New York during the holidays. But honestly, we’d take February over the holiday period. There’s no better time to be a New Yorker, especially in a neighborhood where tourists overrun all the best theaters and restaurants most months out of the year. February’s lull allows us to venture a little further, without bumping into hordes of out-of-towners. If you’re feeling the same way, might we suggest a trip to Avenue Q? The musical has been running at New World Stages for a while now, and we can’t imagine a better home for it. While we loved seeing the Tony Award-winning show on the big Broadway stage, it’s always felt way more appropriate in an Off-Broadway setting. The expressions on the puppets’ (or, puppeteers’) faces are that much more realistic up-close and the jokes feel punchier when you’re sitting in a smaller space. Among the many laughs are deeply touching and relatable moments, plus plenty of New York-centric jokes only those of us on the inside will really get. It’ll make New York feel like home again and might even give you the gall to stop for a Shake Shack burger on the way home – maybe.

Abundance by Beth Henley returns to New York this winter with a run at Theatre Row. The show was originally produced by Manhattan Theater Club in 1990, and appeared as part of the 2012–13 season at Hartford Stage. The uniquely American tale takes place on the Western frontier, as two young brides befriend one another as they travel across the prairie over the course of 25 years. Henley might be best known for her Pulitzer Prize and Tony Awardwinning Crimes of the Heart, for which the film was nominated for multiple Academy Awards, including one for Henley’s screenplay. Abundance differs in that it’s set in the 1860s and deals with mail-order brides, but the female relationships, dark humor and absurdism that landed Henley comparisons to American writers like Flannery O’Connor and Sylvia Plath, remain. Likewise, Abundance reflects Henley’s larger body of work in its juxtaposition of the exterior world with the woman’s experience in the home. Their marriages are a big plot point, but at the same time, husbands are sometimes the least of Bess and Macon’s worries in a world of covered wagons and buffalo.






MAKE HAYES 2econd Stage Theatre’s longawaited bid to buy a Broadway house, the Helen Hayes Theater is finally scheduled to close mid-Feb. The deal has been in the works since 2008, with plays expected to be shown there as early as the 2017/18 season. 2econd Stage W43RD, 8TH/9TH

ALTARED FEELINGS The post-show talkbacks for Big Love have been announced, free and open to the public. The dates are February 10 and 26, and March 3 and 10. Signature Theatre, W42ND, 9TH/10TH



FAIR PLAY For left-field art and performance look out for THE(UNFAIR) next month, running March 3–8. Last year’s event featured free Ben & Jerry’s, as well! THE (UN)FAIR, 1 block from Pier 92

Preview BELIEVING IS SEEING The Placebo Effect-- often cited, little understood. Researchers and medical professionals still can’t explain why taking a sugar pill can change a person’s medical condition, but it’s such a truth that nowadays, it’s built into every study. In the description of Placebo, Playwrights Horizons alludes to how this phenomenon can inform real-life problems. Can believing your relationship isn’t failing help keep a couple together? The new play, written by Melissa James Gibson, deals with these questions and more. The protagonist is actually a medical researcher who is testing out, basically, Viagra for women. She contemplates how her treatment of subjects, through reality and deception informs her home life. So, what happens when ‘slippery truths’ and ‘the power of crossed fingers’ infiltrate every aspect of your life? The play promises Gibson’s expert wit and story crafting. Daniel Aukin (Bad Jews) directs, bringing back together the collaborative team behind 2009’s acclaimed production of This, also at Playwrights Horizons. The production made headlines in December when it was announced that Kristen Connolly, of Netflix’s House of Cards would star.







Our local Pulitzer factory isn’t just important as a leading Off-Broadway theater, it also helped transform the neighborhood



ell’s Kitchen, it has to be said, has had a checkered past. It hasn’t always shone like the beacon of great taste, great people, amazing nightlife and award-winning theater that we know and love it for today. One of the edifices that helped turn that situation around is our very own Playwrights Horizons. When it moved here in ’74 things weren’t that great, and even later when Tim Sanford started things weren’t much better: “When I started working here in the early ’80s the walk from the subway to here between Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue was especially challenging. Those theaters were still porn theaters.” But thanks to Playwrights and the transformation of Theatre Row the neighborhood started looking up and leaving the Taxi Driver-landscape behind. Playwrights Horizons isn’t just a leading, not-for-profit theater that represents myriad American voices it’s also a formidable and faithful neighborhood stalwart and one of the reasons that we can take pride in Hell’s Kitchen. We met Tim, who became the Artistic Director of the theatre in ’96, and chatted through the latest crop of performances. He was also keen to talk about how art and artists can radically improve their surroundings: “We have a lot of respect for the companies that make something of themselves and get established and then become economic engines for


Its greatest role: The not-for-profit theater has played a key part in turning the neighborhood around.

MUSIC & THEATER “New York is more successful than some communities in promulgating that message: you bring artists in and they are the front lines of culture and they bring with them audiences and sponsors.” neighborhoods… New York is more successful than some communities in promulgating that message: that you bring artists in and they are the front lines of culture and they bring with them audiences and sponsors and so forth.” Based at 416 West 42nd Street overlooking the playground at Manhattan Plaza, the theater has presented 375 writers’ work, won a ton of awards and continues to bring in fresh and exciting voices to capture contemporary American life. Every year on their two stages they present six productions, each of which is a World, American or New York premiere. As The New York Times’ Charles Isherwood says, “Almost since its inception in 1971 Playwrights Horizons has been a mainstay of Off-Broadway and possesses one of the most distinguished histories among New York’s producers of new work. The list of playwrights discovered or supported by the company over the years is practically a Who’s Who of contemporary drama.” The theater’s connection with Hell’s Kitchen isn’t just about past transformations but keeps pace with developments, as Tim explains: “I feel like who we have been in the last six years is more like a downtown theater. I think that Hell’s Kitchen is like the new Chelsea in a lot of ways, I feel that that artistic vibrancy comes with it from young people being here. I think it’s up to us now to point that out to people and say that ‘downtown begins at 42nd Street’.”

Clockwise from top: Tim Sanford; Bruce Norris; Melissa James Gibson; and Jenny Schwartz.

“I think that Hell’s Kitchen is like the new Chelsea in a lot of ways, I feel that that artistic vibrancy comes with it from young people being here.”

Right now Playwrights is halfway through its season and there are three new works that we are looking forward to. Running from February 20 to April 5 is Melissa James Gibson’s Placebo, a story about a placebocontrolled study of a female arousal drug where the lines between deception and perception blur. As Tim told us: “Melissa James Gibson is a beautiful case study of what I was talking about, about a downtown playwright who has moved uptown. She had two wonderful plays at Soho Playhouse and then we did a play of hers called This (2009) and what keeps her still identifiable as a downtown


MUSIC & THEATER “On the surface if you just described the plot it might come across as this upside down romcom. But it segues into much greater conversations about [whether] we create our own desire.” spirit is the angsty feel of her characters, they are very brainycool. On the surface if you just described the plot [of Placebo] it might come across as this upside down romcom. But it segues into much greater conversations about [whether] we create our own desire or not… it becomes very existential in a really big, smart way.” It’s one we’re looking forward to if not least to see House of Cards’ Kristen Connelly hit the boards. Playwright Jenny Schwartz is a writer noted for her linguistic gifts by many critics and even Edward Albee is a fan, writing the introduction to one of her plays for an anthology. From March 20 to May 10 her musical Iowa is playing at the upstairs theater. Tim says of this, “Jenny Swartz is a writer who has also been very downtown, New Georges and the Vineyard have done a couple of her plays. She writes kind of absurdist larger-thanlife plays and her musical partner Todd Almond writes really sweet, compelling melodies. There is a mixture of headiness and warmth to this piece, it’s both hilarious and beautiful.” As a member of Hell’s Kitchen’s New Dramatists Jenny Schwartz is really one of our own, so again we’re all routing for this play at W42ST. Finally for this season there’s The Qualms running from May 22 to July 12. It is written by Bruce Norris, who won a Tony and a Pulitzer (among other awards) for his work Clybourne Park (2010) which also premiered at Playwrights Horizons. “Bruce is


someone who is well known now, he has a Tony and a Pulitzer and we brought him to New York several years ago with a play called The Pain and the Itch (2004). The Qualms is about wife-swapping, the question here is where does morality come in… it’s a really hilarious investigation of our own presumptions of our own virtues. A lot of times in Bruce’s plays you think ‘well where’s the mouthpiece, where’s the author’s point of view?’ Because we will identify with someone and then all of a sudden say ‘I don’t want to be him!’ It’s a shifting landscape.” The conversation with Tim Sanford was much more wideranging than this preview will allow, but the big thing that comes across in talking to him and his staff is the love of theater. They all speak passionately and knowledgeably about the work and their beloved writers and you get a very strong sense of a vibrant theater in the middle of a neighborhood that isn’t short on great theater. When I asked Tim about his audience he was typically heartfelt in wanting to encourage people to give Playwrights a try. “There’s an existing and there’s a potential audience for theater because it’s personal, it’s small, it’s analogue and it’s authentic… I think people have in mind that the ethos of theater is kind of showy and artificial and certainly if you were forced to watch the Tonys and listen to the thank you speeches you might come away with the same impression. But all you have to do is go to real theater and see it’s something that you can’t get anywhere else. All I have to do is get someone’s ass in the seat! I just want people who are open and adventurous to sit down and see what we have and let the work do the rest.” The work Playwrights Horizons has done so far has helped transform Hell’s Kitchen from a nightmarish neighborhood to a capital of the arts, but it isn’t resting on its many laurels – we’ll see you at the next opening! To find out more about the upcoming shows at Playwrights Horizons go to www.playwrightshorizons.org

GREAT WORKS We asked Artistic Director Tim Sanford to list a few of the stand-out performances from his award-filled tenure.

Floyd Collins (1996) Adam Guettel, music and lyrics Tina Landau, book This was in my first season and chosen by my predecessor, and it’s still one of the greatest musicals of the American theater… someone will do it on Broadway eventually. Betty’s Summer Vacation (1999) Chris Durang This play is scary because it’s very much a broadside on where pop culture was at that point and Chris found this brilliant way to skewer it all. It was wild and scary. I was on a plane and someone found out who I was and they went off on me about Summer Vacation because they thought it was dirty and vile. It was exhilarating and it was my first big critical hit. And the lesson was: don’t be afraid… because after a page-and-ahalf a guy walks in with a hat box with a head inside it. Small Tragedy (2004) Craig Rufus It’s one of the great plays that I’ve done. It’s so sophisticated and smart… and got us a lot of awards too. I thought this was a writer who had his ups and downs with the critics and I thought here was a masterpiece. It got an Obie for a play… and if Charles Isherwood was writing at The New York Times at that point it would have won a Pulitzer because he agreed with me about what a great play it was, but the critics at The New York Times at that point didn’t. Circle Mirror Transformation (2009) Annie Baker This was a play I really fought for. It was done at the upstairs theater and it met some consternation because it takes a while for the story to get going and you think you’re just watching skits, but it’s ultimately about why theater matters in a very profound way and so it’s one my favorite plays we’ve done. The Whale (2012) Samuel D Hunter The reason I single it out is the drenched handkerchiefs at the end. I couldn’t watch that without weeping myself. It was such an unlikely life-affirming show. The way it was all pulled together by this big, big-hearted man… cracking open this hardened, angry young woman. The Flick (2014) Annie Baker I read that play and I thought it’s… the Great American Play. There was everything you would want from a play but I ultimately decided it was more classy than anything else. I was proud of my support of that work.


Living Well


Realize your very best you with these strategies for health, fitness and wellness in Hell’s Kitchen



FIT FOR LIFE Whether your running resolution had a false start, or your tennis intentions served a double fault, reboot your routine with our guide to health and fitness in February


ost committed gym-goers describe January as their least favorite time of year for exercise. Why? Because their usual fitness classes are full, the exercise machines have queues, and the swimming lanes need their own traffic lights. The resolution brigade have begun their annual gym pilgrimage, and for the next three weeks it will be nighon impossible to find an empty locker in the changing rooms. With this in mind, is it such a wonder that the drop-off rate for the fitness resolution crew is so fast? They begin to exercise at the very worst time of the year, when the crowds make it as challenging as possible, while the weather inhibits outdoor activity. They’re struggling to adjust from holiday mode back into the rigours of the working day, without hauling themselves up another


“Begin your resolutions anew, and make positive changes with longlasting results.” hour earlier still for spin class. They’re their own worst enemy when it comes to beginning a new routine. If your diet and exercise intentions have lacked follow-through, join W42ST for Fitness February – a chance to begin your resolutions anew, and make positive changes with long-lasting results. We’ve sought the advice of local personal trainer Tracy Gordon, for insights on the best way to go about creating your newest and best you.

For those people looking to lose the festive flab, according to Tracy it’s diet, not exercise, that’s most important. “A healthy lifestyle starts from the inside out,” she comments. “You could exercise all day long but you would never get the results you truly wanted with a bad diet.” A rule of thumb is 80/20 – nutrition accounting for 80 percent of any body change while exercise is 20 percent. But this doesn’t mean skipping food altogether or relying on processed foods that claim to be low calorie – there’s no substitute for fresh vegetables when it comes to your body’s health. For those keen to implement an exercise regime, Tracy cites “doing too much too soon” as one of the most common mistakes people make when starting out. Fitness need not start in the gym – instead, begin by introducing

Fit kit: Exercise need not be expensive – a couple of basic items can be all the investment you need.

Don’t know where to begin? Try these local venues, stuffed with fitness classes that will have you beach-ready by spring




Flying under the banner of Alvin Ailey, many assume that sessions at the Ailey Extension are strictly for the dance professional. In fact, the huge range of classes and workshops on offer cater to every experience level along with most age ranges. While the vast majority of classes are for dance – everything from Afro-Brazilian art form capoeira to salsa is available – the studios also host yoga and Pilates sessions. Good for beginners: Anything with ‘Absolute Beginner’ in the title. Be warned: ‘Beginner’ classes are not for beginners! Special offers: For new students, Ailey Extension is running an introductory offer of two classes for $30.

This organization runs a range of one-hour classes at different venues in the area although most of the Hell’s Kitchen ones are held at the DANY Studios. Centrally dance-based fitness, the schedule features hip-hop, zumba, va-va-voom dance and ‘buns and burlesque’. Tougher sessions mix dance movement with the rigors of cardio. Class bookings must be done online. Good for beginners: Try Bollywood-African Cardio, a low-impact class that combines belly dancing and scarf dancing to create a totally new workout. Special offers: M Dance & Fitness gives attendees a free workout for their birthday, plus a $5 referral reward if a friend books a full-price class.

This studio takes Pilates seriously, offering either very small classes or one-on-one sessions so that instructors can pay attention to each individual student’s posture and alignment. Their studio specializes in MAT – or Muscle Activation Techniques – a scientific approach to exercise that improves movement to help the body function as efficiently as possible. Good for beginners: Try a MAT Class, which aims to improve your body awareness and day-to-day quality of life. Special offers: New students can try a complimentary workout. Sign up in session blocks of 10 to take advantage of the best discounts.








LIVING WELL “For those who do slip up, the most important thing is not to be fatalistic – forgive yourself and continue on.”

physical activity into your usual schedule. “There are so many ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine,” says Tracy. “If you take public transportation, get off before your stop to get a little walk in; go biking instead of driving; jog instead of getting on the train or bus; and when watching TV, during commercials jog in place, or do burpees, push-ups squats or sit-ups.” If you do feel ready to begin working out, Tracy advises exercising in the morning, as “you’ll be more likely to make healthier decisions throughout the day.” However, if this isn’t practical for you, schedule it in for whenever is best for you. For those who struggle to commit to a workout session, a personal trainer can be a great way to ensure you keep appointments. Additionally, starting out with a trained expert can keep you safe while maximizing on your fitness time.

“A good personal trainer can help educate you so that you may be able to help yourself more when working out on your own,” comments Tracy. Motivation is very important when it comes to staying on track. But also key to creating a new habit is discipline – the discipline to get up on a cold morning, or eschew the bar in favor of a workout class. “My best advice is think of it as an investment in yourself,” Tracy reveals. “And that’s priceless.” For those

who do slip up, the most important thing is not to be fatalistic – forgive yourself and continue on. Contrary to what many believe, a healthy lifestyle comes down to implementing several small changes – not wide-sweeping gestures that affect life as you know it. So if last month’s attempt fell a little flat, regroup and give yourself the best possible opportunity to make positive changes in your life. To get in touch with Tracy Gordon for a personal training session or for other inquiries, call her on 646.228.4896 or email tracy101591@optonline.net




Now entering its 14th year, Sonic Yoga has established itself as a welcoming and open space, with its own community of devotees. Sonic Yoga offers everything from beginner workshops to 500-hour teacher certification, and everything inbetween. A range of classes covers every level, and there is also an all-level ‘pay what you can’ class for those on a strict budget. Good for beginners: Sonic Yoga recommend their Beginner Workshop to ease newbies in – available as either a course of three weekly classes, or one two-hour session. Special offers: For new students, Sonic Yoga offers a Two-Month Unlimited Blissful Yoga package for $99.

If you’re a yoga fan looking for a new challenge, why not turn up the heat on your workout? Bikram is an intensive style that guides attendees through 26 hatha yoga poses within a heated room, meaning muscles are warmer and can stretch further, as well as promoting sweating – flushing out toxins faster. This studio offers locals a chance to realize the benefits of this new method. Good for beginners: Newbies are advised to be easy on themselves, and ensure they are adequately hydrated before the class. Special offers: New tri-state local students are eligible for Bikram Yoga’s introductory offer of $39 for 30 days.

Swanky fitness center Mercedes Club boast an impressive 55 classes for members weekly, covering everything from boxing basics to spin classes to total body conditioning. Their palatial surroundings and pricey equipment make working out seem more pleasure than chore and additional on-site amenities – such as masseurs and beauticians – do nothing to dispel this idea. Good for beginners: All levels are welcome at the salsa class, although at 90 minutes you’ll need to bring your cha-cha stamina. Special offers: Personal trainers are available offpeak for discounted rates from 10am–4pm on weekdays.





W54TH, 10TH/11TH






When Manhattan Plaza Health Club invited Simon Kirrane for a tour he didn’t know he’d discover a hidden village in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen…


t’s not often that you think of a company’s tagline with anything other than a mild cynicism. We’re wise to marketing nowadays: you can’t fool us with an upbeat corporate haiku. Which is why, after spending the day at Manhattan Plaza Health Club I wasn’t just wowed by their facilities, the vast space and the effervescent staff. I was also impressed with their tagline: Your Fitness Community. I know it’s just words, but the minute


“All this community at MPHC make it seem like a village out of some docu drama; but with a lot more Lycra.”

you enter the club you see that community in action. Members walk through the door and are greeted by name, people are standing on the stairs chatting, some are hanging out in the training room, in the boulder room a man dangles inverted from the ceiling as onlookers shout encouragement and hand-hold tips. All this community at MPHC make it seem like a village out of some docu drama; but with a lot more Lycra.

Above: An enormous range of facilities and activities are available at the health club.

LIVING WELL I chatted to Andrea Decaneas, who started at the club nine years ago initially working on the front desk, then as a trainer and now as Director of Member Services. The fact that she’s been here nine years obviously speaks well of the draw of the MPHC village and the facilities: “Once I got here, I had the same experience that a lot of our members have. Once you actually walk around you’re like ‘oh my gosh I can climb, I can work out, I can play tennis!’”

“The preferred way of welcoming new members is with a one-on-one session with a trainer.” Andrea’s admirable tenure also speaks of the efficacy of the MPHC strategy that she described for us: “A lot of gyms are more interested in acquiring new members, but not only is that a poor business model it’s easier to keep people who are here and having a good experience… you don’t have do a lot of work: they like it they want to stay.” And the members do stay and they certainly enjoy it – I know exercise stimulates endorphins and puts folk in the happy zone but to generate the amount of all-round friendliness on show here you’d have to bench press a bus every morning. Manhattan Plaza Health Club started life back in ’78 as the swimming pool specifically for Manhattan Plaza itself, no gym, no climbing, no classes – just the pool. But, as you’ll no doubt remember from geography 101, village communities are usually established by a water source and MPHC’s evolution to its present 35,000 sq ft fitness facility was no different, as Andrea says: “It’s all over three levels in that they started at the pool and said like ‘oh we have some space here… let’s create a studio!’ And that was their thinking, you know, the the training floors are what was in the basement. It wasn’t designed to be this awesome gym it was all ‘oh we’ve got some space let’s do something cool here.’” Check out the MPHC by numbers to see exactly how it evolved. The preferred way of welcoming new members is with a one-on-one session with a trainer to find out what they want.

As Andrea says: “As someone with a trainer’s background I can say that we try to help people figure out what they like, whether it’s a class or one-on-one… because it’s very personal. That’s why we give them a session for personal training and a discount for massage and see what they like. There are a variety of classes and that social component can be important as well, as they may find other members who they jibe with. “The goal is that everyone no matter age or ability has a place to workout and this affects workout style. I mean your vision of being healthy might be to come here to get a massage once a week and if that’s your vision, well that’s our vision too. Because this certainly isn’t a gym where you walk in and people slap their arms and say ‘let’s do this bro’. I mean there’s certainly space to get competitive if you want to do that but there are so many other spaces too…. diversity, that’s what we offer.” The different ‘zones’ that have evolved do come across like different neighborhood quarters. The swimming pool when I saw it on a blustery winter afternoon was very familial and that continues on in the summer when the dome opens up and lets the sun flow in, creating an open air neighborhood pool. The tennis courts were all business and there were a couple of serious matches going on, while at the climbing wall area there was a youthful enthusiasm – despite the fact that it’s been here for a remarkable 21 years. I did get into a very circuitous conversation regarding the rules of the climbing competitions they hold which ground to a halt, potentially as I didn’t have a slide rule. For someone who has never spent time in a gym I found MPHC to be completely unintimidating, it really owns its ‘Your Fitness Community’ tagline. When I asked Andrea what her favorite class was, her response wasn’t some sweat-filled cardio and sculpting affair (although they do host them) or a technical dance class (tick again) it was Family Aqua Zumba: “We have a Family Aqua Zumba class on Sundays, and it’s all different ages and levels and it’s really fun to see such a range of different ages in the pool. Zumba is fun anyway, put it in a pool and it’s even more fun. And the age range, I’m guessing, is eight-ish to early 80s.” If you want to check out your own little local Lycra village, go to www.mphc.com

MPHC BY NUMBERS aquatics and aerobics Over 95 classes per week

75 ft loNg, 12 ft deep, 4 lap laNes, 2 alcoves iN the pool


modalities of massage offered, from staNdards like deep tissue to specialties like preNatal massage




square ft of fitNess!!



MPHC celebrates its 38th birthday iN 2015


years of combined experience by the massage therapy team


5 7 4,18

galloNs of water iN the pool

chaises louNges oN the suNdeck each summer





PRACTICAL HEALTH Improve your nutrition with a few basic substitutions


here seems to be a collective assumption in society that thin people are healthy people, wellness spilling from their every skinny sinew. But good health means more than just fitting your skinny jeans – it’s the glow in your face and the gloss of your hair, the strength of your heart and the length of your life. Nutrition is such a huge part of your life and your perspective on it that no matter your size or state of mind, it’s worth taking a look at your diet every now again to check you’re eating optimally for you. ‘Eating clean’ is a popular term that gets bandied around in bodybuilding and fitness magazines a lot. Essentially, it refers to foodstuffs that are most in line with what your body needs to function at its best. The basic premise is to find food as near to its natural state as possible – so fresh, whole foods. According to these guidelines, processed foods are out, along with soda, low-calorie junk food and saturated or trans fats. Lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains are all in. For most of us, it’s not as much the knowledge we’re lacking as the practical application of it. Processed foods are made to better fit on-the-go lifestyles, and the preparation time and comparative complexity of creating fresh dishes from scratch can put some people off. If this sounds like you, instead of stopping habits, try swapping them instead, replacing one small thing at a time – adding up to big differences without any major lifestyle changes.


For those who bulk out meals with starchy foods like potatoes, rice and pasta, easy substitutions are available. Switch white potatoes for healthy sweet potatoes, rice for cauliflower blended in a food processor (a la Jamie Oliver), and pasta with courgette-spaghetti created in a vegetable spiralizer.


“For most of us, it’s not as much the knowledge we’re lacking as the practical application of it.”


Get used to checking ingredients on food packages when out. As a rule of thumb, anything with more than six ingredients, or sugar as one of its top three ingredients, should be avoided. Popcorn can replace chips, salads can replace sandwiches, and fruit juice can replace shakes.


Chili peppers are actually rather good for you, and can add flavor into clean dishes you might otherwise consider bland. While you should go easy on the salt, its seasoning sidekick pepper is a surprisingly healthy substitution.


If you love a certain dish, have you tried looking up its vegan alternative? Most vegan recipes sites or eateries do a ‘take’ on classic dishes, but usually sans the poor health ingredients. New York City is a great place to eat well, packed with awesome on-the-go options. This year, take advantage of all the amazing venues around you and enjoy all the benefits that a rebooted body brings.

Above: Five a day is easy to achieve with a few switches in ingredients.


THE ART OF GOAL SETTING Health coach Alex Mazza offers advice on making yourself promises you can keep


hat are your goals? Did you make a New Year’s resolution? What made you wait until the New Year to set your goal? You are the driving force in your life and you can make big changes right now. There’s no difference between tomorrow morning and New Year’s morning. Both are a new day for you to improve, move forward, and take control of your own life. So whether you made a New Year’s resolution or not, identify something you want to improve on and get started right now without hesitation. Did you know you have the power to do that? Take a moment, center your mind, and focus on this question: What is one thing I would like to change in my life? Write down your answer and make sure it’s specific and quantifiable. For example, don’t just write ‘lose weight’, write something like ‘lose 20lbs’. Next, write down the exact date by which you’d like to accomplish this. Using the weight loss example, you could set a date of two months from today. Think of something that’s challenging but doable. Setting a timetable of two years on an objective that should only take a few months is a recipe for failure because you’re giving yourself too much time and there is no pressure on you to get it done. Lastly, break your goal into manageable pieces. Continuing with our weight loss example, we can infer that losing 20lbs in two months will

“As with goals, a good strategy is quantifiable. Think about what can be done monthly, weekly, and daily to achieve your purpose.”

mean losing 10lbs each month. You may want to break the stages down even further and that’s fine. These little steps will eventually make up your overall goal. Congratulations: you have your objective written down. Now you need a strategy. If you’ve chosen a goal that you know how to accomplish, make a detailed plan of how you will accomplish it. If you don’t know how to achieve your ambition, seek out assistance. If it is important enough to you, do whatever it takes to achieve it. Seek advice from someone who knows what you don’t, be it a friend or a professional. As with all goals, a good strategy is quantifiable. Think about what can be done monthly, weekly, and daily to achieve your purpose. Write those things down. Those are the small goals that make up your strategy. These will drive you towards your desired outcome. The last thing you need for success is a support system. Find someone with a similar objective, a family member who wants to help you, or a good friend, and tell them your goal in detail. Ask them to hold you accountable! Don’t let anything stop you from realizing your ambition. If it is important to you, that is a good enough reason to start working on it immediately. Give yourself a chance and allow yourself to commit to it and work your hardest at it. Never anticipate failure. Start on the goal you wrote down right now!

BIO Alex Mazza is a health coach in Hell’s Kitchen, with clients all over the city and throughout the country. Alex finds out what his clients want to change regarding their health and their life and then guides them to it. He is in command of his own mind and body, and that is exactly what he helps his clients achieve. Coming alongside them, Alex helps them create a life of their own design, whether they want to lose 100lbs, sleep better, exercise more, or stress less. If you need help on your health journey, reach out to him now on 518.935.3744 or by email: alex.mazza@ teamalexmazza.com



Stupid cupid

Say it with money with one of these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas


The soppiest way to start your day, this lovey-dovey lotion claims to come from Cupid himself. Regardless of the truth, smelling good is probably a strong move, romance-wise. The Stuff that Cupid Dips his Arrows In Lotion, $18

Not Soap, Radio, www.notsoapradio.com


Purchase the rights to name a star. Because, like a star, your love is bright and unending, because your love is always there (even when you can’t see it), and because your love is a luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity. Name a Star Gift Box, $26.95

Future Memories, www.futurememories.com


Evoke the magic and whimsy of ’80s classic The Princess Bride with this trendy tote bag, which speaks of your lady’s refinement and reserve. Princess Bride Tote, $25

NeverMore, www.nevermorestore.com


For those big kids who just can’t let go of LEGO, this special heart-shaped box set is the perfect gift, and even features space for a meaningful trinket or special message. LEGO Heart Box, $21.99

Toy Wiz, www.toywiz.com


If you love love love your partner, what better way to show your threefold, heartfelt affection than with three folding hearts? This trendy table is ideal for shelf space at a pinch. Small Heart Table, see website

French Heritage, www.frenchheritage.com



If your love is the real deal, it needs a real heart to connote that. This anatomically correct model cuts through the schmaltz of Valentine’s Day. Anatomical Heart Pendant, $180

Uncommon Goods, www.uncommongoods.com


This plush primate wears its heart on its sleeves, offering up a token of affection that’s hard to resist. Love Ya Sock Monkey Plush, $19.95


Catalog Favorites, www.catalogfavorites.com

For those making little headway with the apple of their eye, a little humor might go a long way. This monster card gives expression to the emotion we’ve all felt at one time or another. Love Monster Card, $7.50

Mango Salute, www.mangosalute.com


Love is not a competition, but you can still win it anyway with one of these flour sack pillows, which professes your affection to be strongest. Flour Sack Pillow, $15

Iron Accents, www.ironaccents.com


Perhaps a couple of small buckets don’t quite a Valentine’s gift maketh, but these pretty pails are ideal for holding candles to get that romantic atmosphere come dinnertime. Silver Heart Metal Pails (set of 12), $12.99

Oriental Trading, www.orientaltrading.com


Established 2010

Join up now using the code

W42St T and ge $75 off!*

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen 315 West 36th Street between 8th and 9th

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen - one of the original CrossFit gyms in NYC. 646-234-8425 anthony@crossfithellskitchen.com *Discount applies only to “Beginner/Barbell Basics” introductory month. Valid for new members only. Other restrictions apply, email for details.

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Chewing over the best of Hell’s Kitchen food and drink

HEALTH’S KITCHEN SEE PAGE 56 Step away from the stodgy comfort food: whatever your diet needs, there’s a healthy venue to suit you on our tour of local eateries





A new Korean restaurant has opened in the area. Goggan (which translates as ‘food crib’) opened early November, and has already carved out a reputation for toprate plates. Executive Chef David Lee is responsible for the unusual menu, which features Korean dishes with a French twist. This is an undercurrent continued in the venue, which is styled as a turn-of-thecentury Parisian restaurant. www.gogganrestaurant.com

Another flavor is added to Underwest Donuts’ increasingly famous selection





ince opening two-and-a-half months ago, Underwest Donuts has swiftly carved a name for itself as the area’s go-to donut destination. The ring-shaped treats have found instant fame since the diminuative venue opened within the Westside Highway Car Wash on 12th Avenue. It’s a success that has taken owner Scott Levine somewhat by surprise, although he describes himself as “so grateful for the positive response.” Scott doesn’t feel that there’s too much unusual about the shared space, musing that: “the best barbecue ribs I ever had in my life were in a gas station in Missouri.” The cake-style donuts are currently available in six flavors – three sugared, and three glazed. A new flavor is to be released 28 January, although Scott’s keeping tight-lipped on what it is. So,

Above: Underwest Donuts owner Scott Levine with his popular creations.



if you’re looking to gain some brownie points at home this month, why not offer to take the car to be cleaned? www.underwestdonuts.com

Who says food shopping has to be a stressful experience? Continuing the Mercedes takeover in the upper-west reaches of Hell’s Kitchen is The MKT @ Mercedes House, a new, locally owned grocery offering gourmet, local and organic produce. The West 54th Street supermarket, which has been two years in the making, features a wide selection of everything from fresh fruit to ice cream to shampoo, as well as a cafe. For those who can’t face chores in the cold there is also a delivery service to bring the goods to your hood. An upcoming loyalty program will reward repeat visitors, with sign-up available via the website. www.themhmarket.com

Pinkberry have announced three new flavors that will be joining their froyo ranks in mid-February. The new ‘taste experiences’ (as the company terms them) are sea salted caramel, passionfruit and raspberry white chocolate. The flavors underwent rigorous taste testing before final approval to Pinkberry’s regular rotation. Why can’t we have that job? www.pinkberry.com


46 St. Stationhouse has announced their closure. The eatery made the statement on January 6, attributing the move to “circumstances beyond our control”. Despite having been open for less than a year, the police-themed place had garnered a reputation as a fun and friendly venue. The eatery went out with a bang however, seeing patrons into the New Year with their $100 open bar package. For those mourning the loss of the gastropub, there is a glimmer of hope – the Facebook announcement urges fans to keep checking back for “updates or openings in a new location.” www.facebook.com/thestationhouseny



KEEN ON QUINOA No grain, no gain: Tallulah Speed delves into the surprisingly privileged world of quinoa


THEN THERE WERE THREE Enjoy the benefits of quinoa yourself at these local venues Otarian 8TH/W56ST


ome grains have all the luck. While wheat has taken a battering in recent years over health concerns regarding coeliac disease and wheat allergies, and rice has fallen foul of the carb-conscious brigade’s wrath, quinoa has continued to sail just below the radar, adored by all who know it but too obscure to invite backlash. From sacred idol to superfood to interstellar snack, this humble grain is a top crop worth writing home about. Quinoa was first domesticated by the Andean people between three and four thousand years ago, but it was the Incas who first truly fell under its spell, terming it ‘mother of all grains’. Each sowing season, their emperor would plant the first quinoa seeds using golden tools. Fast forward several hundred years and the rest of the world is waking up to the advantages of quinoa. High demand from the United States, Europe, Australia, China and Japan tripled the value of the grain between 2006–2013, and this figure continues to grow. Part and parcel of any modern foodstuff’s rise in status seems to be the ‘superfood’ attribution, and quinoa is no exception. Lauded for its high levels of magnesium, dietary fiber and iron, the grain also contains a notable amount of protein and calcium – making it a great choice for vegans. While studies vary as to whether quinoa is truly a ‘complete protein’ – meaning it contains the nine essential amino acids the human body is unable to synthesize – all sources can agree it features at least the majority. Surprisingly, quinoa is not a cereal or even a member of the true grass family, but is instead termed a ‘pseudocereal’, and closely related to beetroots, spinach and tumbleweeds. One of its closest relations is the aramanth, although despite similarities this cousin is relatively unknown. Quinoa is an unfussy grain which grows best in dry and nutrient-poor soil.

‘Plant’ and ‘planet’ are the words that best sum up vegetarian venue Otarian. Try their Mushroom Quinoa Burger for a delicious dinner served with sustainability on the side. www.otarian.com


9TH, W55TH/W56TH Quinoa bowls served with veggies mixed in are NYC’s most in vogue serving style for quinoa. Try yours at tapas and wine bar Kilo, a Mediterranean-inspired venue. www.nyckilo.com Clockwise from above: Quinoa bowls are gaining in popularity; a flowering quinoa plant; the seeds are processed before consumption to remove their bitter shell.

Surrounding the seeds is a bitter coating that protects them from birds, making this a low-maintenance crop – although this coating must be removed to make the grains palatable. It is this undemanding nature and broad range of health benefits that has led to quinoa being considered by NASA for cultivation during long-haul space missions (which will require astronauts to grow and harvest their own crops). From ancient grain to futuristic foodstuff, quinoa’s fascinating story continues...


W42ND, 10TH/11TH If you don’t feel confident enough to gamble an entire meal on a grain based merely on NASA’s say-so, try out KTCHN’s Cheddar Quinoa bites, creatively matched with Piquillo Pepper Aioli and available as either a starter or as a snack with drinks. www.ktchnnyc.com



Bread or dead

In the eyes of the hungry luncher sandwiches are a serious business. Take a look at these local heroes, sampled by your friendly neighborhood W42ST team

Disorganized h divinity wit runch plenty of c


Eighth/47th Fourth of July Picnic, $8.50 This was put together in record time by our server and features a sprawling assembly of ingredients spilling over each side. A well curated selection makes this worthy of the Fourth of July name.

Amy’s Bread

Ninth, 46th/47th Vegetarian Hummus, $7.25 This gorgeous offering was the only grab ’n’ go option in our selection, but holds its own against the made-to-order ones. Healthful bread twinned perfectly with tahini-heavy hummus and textured carrot.


A soft and fresh on-the-go snack



Ninth, 42nd/43rd S2 Salad Sandwich, $7.99 Very lightly toasted bread sets the stage for perfectly crunchy bacon, tender chicken and crispy lettuce from this legendary lunch venue. Features some of the freshest veg of our selection.

A classic combo, lovingly created

FOOD & DRINK Urban Deli

Ninth, 46th/47th The 9th Avenue Sandwich, $7.45 Urban Deli is a meat-lovers’ haven so we were unsurprised to find our baguette packed with a ton of meat slices. This relatively new venue has already won us around with this hefty, satisfying snack.

Meatopia! A must for carnivores

City Sandwich

Ninth, 45th/46th The Victoria, $10.95 The crunchy baguette is a key player in this meatalicious ’wich, which comes from one of the area’s local lunch heroes. Broccoli rabe and tomatoes make a great combo while the mozzarella isn’t too overpowering.

A delicate balance of flavors Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop

11th, 44th/45th Reuben, $11 Quality meat is what really stands out in this classic sandwich. Lightly toasted bread creates a lovely two-tone texture between meat and toast. Funky packaging and presentation, too.

A gorgeous mouth ful for 11th Avenue dwellers





Fight the winter cold with some spice! Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce founder Ron Menin shows us his Retro Jalapeno Sauce YIELD: 120oz approx. YOU WILL NEED: 40 jalapenos (approx. 2 lbs.) 8 medium-sized tomatillos 1 ¾ cups of peeled garlic 6 shallots Olive oil Approx. ½ cup Himalayan pink crystal salt (to taste) 4 cups water 1 cup apple cider 1 cup honey 1 cup lime juice



Cut off the jalapeno tops and halve them lengthways. The active ingredient in peppers that gives them their heat is capsaicin. While some of the heat is in the seeds, contrary to common belief most of it is in the ‘ribs’, or the white core that the seeds cling to. So for a milder sauce, omit the seeds and ribs.


Halve the tomatillos. Top and tail the shallots, then peel and halve them, removing any overripe pieces. Usually onions are used rather than shallots, but the latter offers a subtler flavor. Peel the garlic.


Take a baking sheet and arrange half the jalapenos on it cut side down, along with half the garlic and the shallots and tomatillos. You are aiming to get some color and some depth of flavor into your sauce through caramelizing the vegetables, but for a fresher flavor you can leave them all unroasted. Drizzle with olive oil and roast for up to 45 minutes at 275°F.


When the roasting is almost complete, take a large, highsided cooking pot and fill with the all the unroasted vegetables. Add in the water, apple cider vinegar, honey and lime juice and

bring to the boil, then turn the heat down to a simmer.

5 6

Remove the roasted vegetables from the oven and add into the pot. Boil once more.

Using a stick or immersion blender, blend the mixture to a smooth paste. Be aware that if not using a deep pot the mixture will splatter. Add salt to taste, erring on the undersalted side. If you want the mixture spicier, add in more jalapenos, or alternatively add more water to dilute the spice or bulk out the mixture.


Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce is an awardwinning brand which uses locally sourced, organically grown ingredients. For more information see website. www.hellskitchenhotsauce.com

BOTTLING AND STORING Sterilize the bottles you will be storing the hot sauce in well. Failure to sterilize them could result in the bottles exploding, as well as becoming a breeding


ground for bacteria. One of the easiest ways to sterilize your bottles is to run them through the dishwasher with no detergent – just the hot water. On removal, be sure to keep the bottles clean.

pH balance The pH of the sauce should be 3.5 – pH meters are available from pool supplies stores. If the mixture is not 3.5pH the sauce should be stored in the fridge.









Cooking UP A storm

Treat yourself to a tasty immunity boost; Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows offers bowlfuls of veggies with bucketfuls of goodness Roasted Buddha Bowl SERVES 3 INGREDIENTS For roasting and serving 1 head broccoli, chopped into bite-sized pieces 1 head cauliflower, chopped into bite-sized pieces 1 ½ cups cooked chickpeas, drained and rinsed (or one 15-oz can) 1 tbsp oil, divided Salt and pepper Cooked grains, for serving (optional)

For the dressing ½ cup cashew nuts, soaked 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 tbsp tahini 1 large garlic clove ¼ tsp fine grain sea salt ¼ cup nutritional yeast 6 tbsp water, or as needed to thin out Above: We defy you not to



Soak cashews in a bowl of water overnight or for eight hours. For a quick-soak method, pour boiling water over the cashews and let sit in the bowl for at least 45 minutes.


Preheat oven to 400°F and line two large baking sheets with parchment paper.


Place chopped broccoli and cauliflower onto one baking sheet. Drizzle with two teaspoons of oil and mix with your hands until coated. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Set aside.


feel better after feasting on this vegetable medley.


Place a couple of paper towels on the other baking sheet and spread out the drained and rinsed chickpeas. Place 2 more paper towels on top and roll the chickpeas around until completely dry. Drizzle with 1 tsp oil and roll around the chickpeas with your hands until they are all coated. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Roast the broccoli, cauliflower and chickpeas for 15 minutes at 400°F. After 15 minutes, give the chickpea pan a gentle shake to roll them around in the pan. Roast both pans for another 10–15 minutes or until the broccoli and cauliflower are cooked through and the chickpeas are golden in colour.


Meanwhile, prepare the dressing by adding all dressing ingredients into a blender and blending on high speed until smooth.


When the vegetables and chickpeas are ready, remove from oven and place into a large mixing bowl. Add your desired amount of dressing on top and toss until coated. Season to taste. Serve over a warm bed of grains with more dressing drizzled on top. Note: The leftover dressing should keep for 5 days in the fridge in a sealed container. The dressing will thicken as it stands (especially when chilled) so add more water to thin out as necessary.

FOOD & DRINK Black Bean, Sweet Potato & Red Quinoa Soup

Angela Liddon is the writer, photographer, and recipe developer for Oh She Glows, a popular destination for healthy vegan recipes receiving six million page views a month. Her New York Times Bestselling cookbook, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, features animal-free recipes and drool-worthy photography that will please vegans and omnivores alike. She also has an M.S. in SocialPersonality Psychology and enjoys helping others find happiness and health through a plant-based diet. www. ohsheglows. com

SERVES 4 TO 6 1 cup uncooked red quinoa, rinsed and drained ½ tbsp coconut oil (or other oil) 3 garlic cloves, minced 2 cups diced sweet onion (about ½ large onion) 1 jalapeno, seeded if preferred and diced 1 large sweet potato (350g), peeled and chopped to ½ –1 inch dice (2 ½–3 cups) 1 ½ tsp ground cumin 1 tsp chili powder ½ tsp ground coriander 6 cups vegetable broth 1 ½ cups cooked black beans (one 15-oz can rinsed and drained) Fine grain sea salt and black pepper, to taste (roughly ½ tsp salt) ¼ tsp cayenne pepper (or red pepper flakes) 2 handfuls spinach or kale leaves, optional toppings: avocado, corn chips, cilantro, cashew cream, lime juice, tomatoes or salsa, green onion



In a medium-sized pot, add quinoa along with 1½ cups water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium, and cover with a tight-fitting lid. Simmer covered for about 17 minutes or until the water is absorbed and quinoa is fluffy. Remove from heat, fluff with fork, and keep it covered until ready to use.


Meanwhile, heat oil in a large wok or pot. Add garlic and onion and sauté for a few minutes over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper. Now add in the jalapeno and sweet potato and sauté for 5–7 minutes more.


Stir in the cumin, chili powder, coriander, and broth. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to medium and simmer for about 18–20 minutes uncovered, or until the potatoes are tender.


Just before serving, stir in the cooked quinoa, drained and rinsed black beans, cayenne, and optional spinach. Season with salt and pepper to taste, adding more spice if desired.

“This vitamin-packed dish will help you stave off the winter illnesses flying about.”


Garnish soup with cherry tomatoes, cilantro, green onion, corn chips, avocado, and/or cashew cream.


Feast on tasty, vibrant comfort food! This vitamin-packed dish will help you stave off the winter illnesses flying about.



Health’s KITCHEN

Follow our guide to healthful Hell’s Kitchen venues and transform yourself into a clean green cuisine machine



or many, the holiday period is now so long past we can hardly recall the excesses of the season. Unfortunately, and for just as many, our bodies are now serving as a reminder of a time when less austere attitudes reigned and ‘resolution procrastination’ was the party mantra. With New York being the epicenter of the grab ’n’ go, eat-out culture, for the carb or calorie conscious it’s not as much ‘you are what you eat’ as ‘you are where you eat’. Instead of hitting your usual haunts then having to summon all your willpower to avoid fatty favorites, make the switch to one of these healthy eateries and peruse the menu without fear. Blossom du Jour is a local brand growing in traction (with four locations plus a Bryant Park pop-up over the holidays and a new bakery). They offer quick and easy vegan fare including wraps, sandwiches, salads and smoothies. Additionally, their ‘Tru Life Juice Cleanse’ provides a fast and effective detox for anyone looking to flush out lingering lurgies. For those of us who feel mere veganism isn’t enough, Simply Natural notches it up a gear with raw vegan foodstuffs ideal for reenergizing gym bunnies exiting the Manhattan Plaza Health Club, which it shares a building with. But those passing by are welcome in, too – and with an extensive menu




www.blossomdujour.com Menu in black: Blossom du Jour is a fast-growing local success story.

“With New York being the epicenter of the eat-out culture, it’s not as much ‘you are what you eat’ as ‘you are where you eat’.” and smoothies thickened with frozen yoghurt it can be hard to resist. Another gymside gem is The Squeeze, tucked away in an un-signposted location on the second floor of Mercedes Club. This trendy venue features natural, vegan, organic products that will keep

gym goers away from the vending machine post workout, but also acts as a great pitstop for anyone at De Witt Clinton Park. Plus, with Mercedes House hosting many of the area’s celebrities (including, they say, Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton), you never know who you might end up sipping a smoothie alongside. For those looking to channel their inner A-lister, Juice Generation is a vitamin boost to the stars. Around since 1999, Hell’s Kitchen was the site of founder Eric Helms’ very first juice bar, which now boasts a dozen locations in and around Manhattan. In addition to juices, healthconscious customers can also choose from smoothies, acai bowls, shots, vegan soups, raw meals









54TH, 10TH/11TH













and a range of vegetable-infused bakery items. For those on strict or restricted diets, Juice Generation’s website includes the full nutritional information for their entire range. Another juice bar featuring full nutritional disclosure is Healthy Corner, a sweet local spot that has gained an amazing word-of-mouth reputation. People come from far and wide to cram into the tiny shop, which shares space with Smilers Food Store. Smoothies and juices dominate the menu (and include a range of hot juices), although soups, salads, shots, snacks and breakfasts also feature. One set who finds it particularly difficult to eat out are bodybuilders and gym bunnies, whose dietary regimes are often highly specific. However, if your New Year’s resolution is to become of these

“Recognizing calories aren’t the be-all and end-all of nutrition, ReViVer also assigns its meals a ‘ReViVer score’.” well-honed beings, never fear, as Fuel Grill & Juice Bar has you covered. In addition to the standard wrap/smoothie/salad/soup menu categories, Fuel’s menu features ‘low carb energy plates’ which offer protein, veg and sauce, and additionally a ‘plain food’ section featuring such straightforward plates as grilled chicken with sweet potatoes. If that’s a bit too plain for

your tastes, you might want to stop into ReViVer instead, a company created around the concept of nutrition science wedded with culinary art. This seven-month-old venue has a range of lunch and dinner options all created around the concepts of ‘balanced’, ‘nutritious’, ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ – as well as delicious. Recognizing calories aren’t the be-all and end-all of nutrition, ReViVer also assigns its meals a ‘ReViVer score’, which denotes nutrition density so that healthconscious foodies can make sure their low-calorie meals aren’t emptycalorie meals. New York lunches are all about ‘having it your way’, but two Eighth Avenue eateries are taking this to the extreme! International brand Maoz has a shopfront in the theater district that’s always busy but

A picture of health: Whatever your dietary needs, Hell’s Kitchen has the venue to suit you.

continued over










Website TBA




rarely overcrowded. This vegetarian joint offers pita, wraps and salads available for a set price, upon which the tongs are turned over to the punter for them to serve themselves from a range of fresh salad options – as much as they can fit on their plate or pita! Alternatively, explore the world of sushi further with Black Sushi just up the road. This new venue offers diners with control issues the chance to customize their sushi roll as precisely as they would like, to order, while the distinctive black rice (which when cooked is actually more of a deep purple) has more health benefits than the standard white grain. Dining out tends to be the time that diets go to pot, as we fall foul of temptation when put on the spot by our server. Ladies who lunch – or gentlemen who breakfast – might


like to try Better Being 940, whose eclectic storefront hides a tempting range of foodstuffs available weekdays 8am–6pm. Those who fear being rushed into a decision can go online to www.betterbeing940. wordpress.com, where drool-worthy pictures of the meal choices are uploaded daily – helping you make a healthy choice ahead of time. The artful interior also makes for great conversation – currently the venue is hosting mixed media installation Tools and Fools by Maria Matthews. A relative newcomer that’s set to take Hell’s Kitchen by storm is Blue Dog Kitchen Bar, situated just off Worldwide Plaza on W50th Street. Their organic, local menu is jampacked with gorgeous food options, and it’s a real day-to-night destination diner as well, with a gorgeous but casual farmhouse-style interior that’s

Fresh ideas: A huge variety of healthy eateries is on your doorstep.

as suited to solo lunchtime snacking as it is to celebratory (early) evening meals. If no meal is complete for you without a dessert to wash it down, fear not, as Pinkberry is on hand to satiate sweet teeth. Providing you can steer clear of the sugary toppings, their nonfat original-flavor frozen yogurt features 100 calories per half-cup: a guilt-free treat for those craving a sugar fix. A big obstacle to keeping health resolutions is boredom, as your carefully considered lunchbox becomes dull 10 days in. But with such a variety of fantastic food joints on your doorstep, there’s no need to let your routine get stale. Re-embrace this year’s fading resolution, check out these awesome eateries, and prepare to be checked out come bikini season.




The Magazine for Hell's Kitchen

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PLANETOF THE GRAPES Infuse your food and dine divine with wine, suggests Jeremy Kaplan of Veritas Studio Wines


njoying a special glass of champagne or bottle of wine with your Valentine is as romantic as any ritual. This time of year, wine consumption gets a pop with couples imbibing Champagne, new vintage rosé wine and special bottles from around the world. You could look for ‘Cru’ bottling from St. Amour in Beaujolais – light and spicy wines where love is right on the label. Of course, wine will be served with your Valentine meal, but it can also be a vital ingredient in many dishes. Is there any more romantic ingredient than wine? Reducing wine in sauces intensifies their flavor and brings an extra level of ‘umami’ to a dish. Deglazing a pan with wine allows a chef to recapture flavors otherwise lost. Marinating with wine helps break down meats and used in a braise, can elevate a dish. Wine can bring a dish together and create harmony. There are many classic wine dishes. For coq au vin, red wine is allowed to permeate browned chicken and create a luxurious, savory sauce. In beef bourguignon, chunks of beef are slow cooked with wine, mushrooms and bacon. In moules marinières, white wine is used to steam open fresh mussels. If you’re cooking at home, here are some simple rules for cooking with wine:

Never cook with wine you would not drink yourself (‘cooking wine’). Think about and match the origins of the dish. If you’re cooking a French stew that calls for wine, use French wine. Consider the ingredients. Red wine is more likely to be used with game and meats, white wine with fish and poultry. Consider the wine’s power – strong flavors or higher levels of sugar can impact your dish. When deglazing a pan, be careful – you may get flare-ups that could ruin your dinner (not to mention singe your eyebrows!).

• • • •

Above: Adding wine to your food can give a richness and depth of flavor.

If you’re going out for Valentine’s Day there are some great local places with ‘wine-centric’ dishes. At PRINT at the Ink Hotel (11th, 47th/48th), Chef Charles Rodriguez says that: “wine adds acidity and a complex array flavors to sauces that lifts the entire dish to a more complex and deep flavor profile.” Meghan Boledovich, Forager at PRINT, recommends a Listán Negro from the Canary Islands, or a Cabernet Franc from Saumur to pair perfectly with this dish. At Ardesia Wine Bar (52nd, 10th/11th), Chef Amorette Casaus uses an earthy red from the Languedoc in her chicken liver mousse. She notes that the wine adds a depth of flavor to the dish. Charlie Marshall, Chef and Owner of the Marshal (10th, 44th/45th) uses wine in almost a third of the main courses offered at his restaurant. Charlie recommends drinking the same type of wine with your meal that is used in the dish. The Lamb Shank is braised for six hours in NY state merlot – with several available on their wine menu. You see that wine can be used in a variety of manners to enhance a wide range of dishes. So this Valentine’s Day, match your love’s wine to their plate and guarantee an evening of luxury and romance.


ZWEIGELT FROM FAMILIE BAUER, AUSTRIA, 2011 For fresh, tomato-based dishes and dishes with garlic, try a bright Sauvignon Blanc or cool climate red like the Zweigelt. $15.


DOMAINE DES MALANDES, CHABLIS, 1ER, MONTMAINS, 2011 For fish dishes accompanied by a light wine sauce – think champagne, or a low acid, minerally white like a Gavi or a Chablis chardonnay. $33.15.


BAROLO – TORNESI, BRUNELLO, 2009 For a dish like beef bourguignon, where the wine is well integrated, we suggest something with bottle age – complex and gentle flavors that marry with nuances of dishes with long cooking time, like a Burgundy or Barolo. $54.



the art of craft Take shelter from the whipping wind and sheeting snow in your local bar, suggests Ciera Coyan


“The Lagunitas beer to drink right now is their popular Brown Shugga.” As for the rest of us, we’re well into the year, so we’ve all quit our resolutions, right? Good. Let’s get back to drinking! Few breweries make alcohol as fun as Lagunitas (pronounced ‘lah­ goo­knee­tuss’), a California brewery run by a bunch of brilliant yet irreverent types. The Lagunitas beer to drink right now is their immensely popular Brown Shugga. As the story goes, the company was attempting to make Olde GnarlyWine and something went wrong. They came up with a different


A LOTTA BOTTLE Peak Organic Winter Session Ale

www.peakbrewing.com An American Dark Wheat Ale. It has toasty notes from the malt and pineapple sweetness from the Citra hops sourced from a local farm. It clocks in at a modest 150 calories per 12-ounce bottle. Think of it as a winter beer designed specifically for a healthier start to the year.

Lagunitas Brown Shugga

Above: The Super Bowl is the perfect complement to a winter brew.

style altogether that they refer to as ‘Irresponsible.’ Shouldn’t we all be a little irresponsible right now? Without the bright lights of the holidays to cheer us up winter really starts to take its toll. The midst of midwinter needs a treat to take the edge off, making it the perfect time for a sweet and delicious beer like Brown Shugga. Then the 10 percent ABV creeps up on you. That’s why it’s called irresponsible. Cheers to that! The biggest reason to forget sobriety is, of course, the Super Bowl. Whether you’re drinking to enjoy the game or drinking to get through the game, we all know that at a Super Bowl party there will be drinking. The no­-brainer beer to take to parties is a Pale Ale – the ultimate crowd-pleaser. A well made Pale Ale has enough hops to please an IPA fan and will be balanced enough to not overwhelm friends used to Pilsners only. The relatively low alcohol content makes them ideal for all­-day drinking. Pale Ales are the party style, bar none.

www.lagunitas.com Available through January, but it should be on shelves into February. Hell’s Kitchen Brewtique is a bottle shop on Ninth Ave between 39th and 40th. They have it in the bottle now but get there quick! When this beer is sold out it’s done until next winter.

Other Half First Gold

www.otherhalfbrewing.com A growler of a trendy Pale Ale brew will impress your beer-nerd friends, while remaining accessible enough for ale amateurs. My current favorite is Other Half First Gold Pale Ale. Check your local rotating tap spots like The Pony Bar and Beer Culture for their picks. For a more traditional route, Beer Culture has genre-defining Sierra Nevada Pale Ale available in cans.


lright, we know it: January is a bad month for beer. People resolve to get healthier, lose weight, and spend less money. None of those things are facilitated by drinking. ‘Sober January’ wreaks havoc on dive bar till points and this freezing weather isn’t exactly conducive to a rooftop brewsky either. Fortunately, the first flush of 2015 is past us and we’re finally into February, ready to take back those bars that are rightfully ours and indulge once more in a winter tipple, all thoughts of health and fitness filed once again in the attic ready for next year. And you’re in luck, as the below brews are ideal to welcome you back into the fold. Peak Organic is an admirable little brewery in Portland, Maine actively devoted to health of body and planet. They’re perfect for people looking for a drink that’s both ethical and awesome. They’re a certified organic brewery, committed to sustainability, and work with local farms whenever possible. They even have a certified Fairtrade beer. This brewery is the planetconscious person’s dream come true.


The filter

Get shot of the old routine with these top local coffee options


all divides New Yorkers, with some lamenting the end of bikini season while others take joy in the autumnal rainbow of colors and refreshing nip in the air. December brings with it holidays and celebrations, reunions and gifts and feasting, turning frowns upside down with its litany of traditions. For most, even the gateway month January has its positives, as we excitedly look ahead to the New Year with a fresh anticipation for the road ahead. But February? By now, the sheen of the New Year has worn off, the resolutions have largely failed, and the weather has been stuck on ‘freeze’ for months. Mental fortitude and rubber boots are key tools for survival of the season. There is however, one advantage: this is the season for coffee. Coffee to wake you up when you feel like you’re

“The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar is a name on the lips of many caffeine-crazy local residents.” wrapped in duvets, coffee to warm numb fingers, and coffee to spread a little gladness into your heart. Below are a few top options for coffee lovers looking to stay out the winter and stave off the blues. Any coffee lover worth their salt will have heard the name ‘Blue Bottle Coffee’ before. This Californian brand is known for its high standards – only selling coffee under 48 hours out of the roaster, and only supplying its coffee to shops with equipment that meets its exacting standards. Locally, it’s available at Gotham West Market where it’s brewed on a custom-built Kees van der Westen Spirit, and also


The precise pour

Chill your beans: See the cold of February through with a coffee in hand.

at URBO Grind, brewed using the steampunk-alike Alpha Dominche. The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar is a name on the lips of many caffeinecrazy local residents. Its quirky A-board draws punters in, its friendly staff keeps them there, and its top-notch Stumptown coffee keeps them coming back. Single-origin coffees available include a sweet and balanced Costa Rican bean, with currant and almond notes, and the syrupy, peach-noted Ethopian Duromina. New kid on the block FIKA brings a Swedish-style coffee break to Hell’s Kitchen, along with Scandanavian snacks. Their signature Coffee by FIKA brand features Yellow Catuai beans from Brazil, and Twiga AA beans from Kenya, resulting in a rich and fresh drink with smooth caramel notes. With winter in full swing, fight the cold with a hot coffee and face February with a renewed vigor.

Gotham West Market & Urbo Grind: Blue Bottle Coffee For those looking for a no-compromise coffee, this is the one. Blue Bottle specializes in single-origin coffees, and has a fixation on how their brand is brewed – extensive guides for home brewers are available on their website. Not to be wasted on amateurs. www.bluebottlecoffee.com

The artisinal blend

The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar: Stumptown Coffee Roasters This Oregon-based roasters is accredited with helping customers view coffee as an artisinal product, a luxury commodity worth time, effort and money. www.stumptowncoffee.com

The smooth brew

FIKA: Coffee by FIKA In Sweden, ‘FIKA’ is a term that means drinking coffee, or coffee break, and is something of an institution. This blend of 100 percent Arabica beans, roasted in NYC, offers a welcome respite from the world outside, and boasts a balanced acidity and smooth finish. www.fikanyc.com



STAFF SURVEY sense that they would. REX is such a happy little place. I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Raphael KoehlerDerrick gets graphic about cold commutes and Stephen Colbert’s coffee of choice

What is the most fun part of working at REX? Turning on Michael Jackson when we get busy around lunchtime. Folks on both sides of the counter can’t help but groove a little to Thriller and Billie Jean… Are there other places you like to eat and drink in Hell’s Kitchen? I feel like I should say ‘no’ in hopes of gaining a little more job security (baristas don’t get tenure), but I’ll risk it. Burrito Box is a great spot for everything you need wrapped in a flour tortilla. For beer, it’s hard to beat the selection at Valhalla on the corner of 54th and Ninth.

How long have you worked at REX coffee house? I’ve been an employee for about a year-and-a-half, but somewhere in the middle I tried my hand at some office job downtown. Turns out working at REX is a lot more fun than not working at REX.

“To eat, hands down, our roast beef sandwich is the best thing since sliced bread. Plus, it comes on sliced bread.”


Where in do you travel from and how do you get in? I ride my bike through Central Park from my apartment in Harlem most days. It can be a little chilly on early winter mornings, but I love the commute. What is your favorite thing on the menu? To eat, hands down, our roast beef sandwich is the best thing since sliced bread. Plus, it comes on sliced bread. To drink: a cortado to stay. What is the question you are most often asked by customers? ‘What’s the Wi-Fi password?’

If you could serve anyone there who would it be? I’m 99 percent sure we’ve made coffee for Stephen Colbert in the past (12oz latte with three shots if memory serves), but he wasn’t there to receive his drink in person. I imagine if he walked through the door one day, I’d have some serious trouble keeping it together. What is the team atmosphere like at REX? After witnessing our interactions one morning, a few first-time customers asked us if REX was owned and operated by one big family. While the answer to that is, technically, no, it was heartwarming to hear them ask. And it makes a fair amount of

Above: Raphael with some of his designs, currently on the wall at REX.

Do you have a career outside of REX you are pursuing? Yes! In hot pursuit. I studied English as an undergrad, but I’m doing my best to sidestep into a graphic design career now. I actually got to design and illustrate a lot of the signs and labels used at REX, which was hugely fun! Right now I have some illustrations hanging up on the wall as well, so next time you’re in for a coffee, be sure to mention which weird drawing you find least offensive.

REX 212.757.0580 www.rexcoffeenyc.com 10TH, W56TH/W57TH






Activity Special





Keeping it real estate with the lowdown on high rises

THE HEIGHT OF LUXURY SEE PAGE 70 Ink48’s newly refurbished penthouse suite is a breathtaking venue boasting astonishing vistas



SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW The Metro is renovated and reinvented as upcoming condo 301 West 53rd Street


eal estate investment and development company HFZ Capital Group has announced a renovation project in Hell’s Kitchen, to create a condominium out of a rental building. ‘301 West 53rd Street’, the building formerly known as The Metro, is being entirely gutted and re-made into 250 luxury apartments of between one and three bedrooms. The 25-story building will come with several enviable amenities, including a fitness center, laundry facility, 3,000 square foot landscaped garden on the second floor deck, and a landscaped roof. Many of the apartments will benefit from views across to the Hudson River.

Prices for the apartments will be between $1m and $2m, depending on the bedroom count and views available. The Metro was originally constructed in 1979, and was a rental building comprised of 264 units. HFZ acquired The Metro in the summer of 2013, along with three other rental buildings in a deal that cleared $600m. At the time, HFZ developer Ziel Feldman told the Journal that they were unsure whether they would develop the buildings or keep them as rentals, but did comment that conversions were more cost-effective in the current climate due to the high cost of land. www.hfzcap.com

Main picture: A rendering shows what the completed building will look like.

A report looking at the last quarter of 2014 has shown strong rises in property prices. According to the Elliman Report, co-op and condo prices have grown 14.6 percent year-on-year, a strong figure although not as steep an incline as the “record volume” of the year before. They note low inventory remains a “challenge for the market”; however the report does observe this lacking supply coupled with above-average demand is the driving force behind the increased prices.




The largest piece of functional and decorative art in New York City is now in Hell’s Kitchen, according to a report in the New York Post. The newspaper say that a spokesman for The Moinian Group has claimed that the 605 West 42nd St project’s three stainless steel water features, which were installed in mid-January, are the largest of their kind. The water features were designed by Aqua Design Group, and include a 70-foot reflecting pool on the third floor of the building, which weighs in at a whopping 10,000 pounds.




The sky’s the limit at Ink48’s newly renovated penthouse


t’s no exaggeration to say New York City must be the most frequently depicted city on earth – be it on film, in photographs and as art. Even those who have never set foot in Manhattan are familiar with most of the sights and scenery of the area, and many homes around the world host art of (or inspired by) it. With the rest of the planet all clamoring for a piece of NYC, why would we hide our light under a bushel – or in this case, behind a wall? That seems to have been the driving force behind Ink48’s newly renovated onebedroom penthouse suite, which uses its stunning views across the city as a living canvas, an eternal artwork in every room. The spacious apartment uses its height to its best advantage, with panoramic views available through the many floor-to-ceiling windows or in the skin out on the 2,200 square foot private roof terrace.

“The two-story suite is thoughtfully arranged so as to maximize on its size and assets.” The two-story suite is thoughtfully arranged so as to maximize on its size and assets, and fitted out with luxury furnishings that include a king-size bed, oversized bathroom with deep soaking tub, and curated art collection. Since opening in December, the penthouse has already attracted keen interest from wedding parties looking for a honeymoon suite or bridal shower venue, fashion brands hosting product launches, and discerning travelers. Available as part of a range of packages, this stunning renovation is one of the most exciting new venues to come to Hell’s Kitchen in a long time.



Opposite page: By day or by night, the city vistas offer a spectacular backdrop. This page, above and below: Wake up inspired in this king-size bed Left and right: A variety of layouts are available, depending on your needs.

W59th St

8th Ave

12th Ave

653 11th Ave

W34th St

For pricing and more details for events, please email John Garone: john.garone@ink48.com www.ink48.com




Combine tactile materials with fine craftsmanship for an interior to thaw your toes: W42ST discovers the secrets of a warm reception


n the drift of winter, it’s not uncommon for our homes to become the only places where we are truly warm and dry – without sodden socks, sleet-streaked clothing or plunging temperatures. In February, the city that never sleeps takes a quick cat-nap as residents realize that actually, staying in with a hot water bottle and a night of trash TV sometimes does beat flagging down a taxi for half an hour in the rain. For those who have ceased to see their property as a pitstop shower point and instead as a holy shrine in which they worship at the altar of the radiator, a few simple points can elevate an interior into a warm and inviting space. John Willey is an award-winning local interior designer whose work has been featured in several national magazines as well as various design books. He describes his design style as “relaxed luxury”, with his interiors featuring “a confident mix of textures, colors, sculptural lighting and natural materials such as wood, stone and metal”. Willey has worked on projects throughout the United States including Los Angeles and Nantucket, although he predominantly styles New York spaces. “There’s a multitude of personalities in New York,” says Willey. “Some people want a relaxed, Zen-like retreat, others prefer a provocative interior infused with color, pattern, and art collections... One word that comes through a lot when people talk to me is ‘serene’, along with ‘relaxing’, ‘calming’, and ‘classic lines’. I think with the ‘city gang’ sort of dynamic, people want to have a bit of a pause from that when they get home because they’re juggling jobs, or juggling hectic schedules – they want a relaxed, low-key environment.” How would he describe New York style in three words? “‘Urbane’, ‘sophisticated’, and ‘very informed’.” For Willey, a warm interior is a multisensory evocation. “I don’t want to say the term ‘luxury materials’, as it sounds


Above: Textured walls add warmth to what can be considered a cool shade. Right: Cheerful contrasts and hot hues evoke a tropical climate. Opposite page, top: A barrage of cushions invite guests to take a seat. Opposite page, bottom: A careful interplay between busy texture and clean lines means the bed acts as a centerpiece.

PROPERTY like it’s for the well-to-do, but definitely a tactile kind of response. Soft, luxurious materials, quality craftsmanship.” Layering quality materials gives an elegant look that is simple to carry out but makes for an instantly inviting interior. Willey suggests cashmere, a soft wool, luxury velvet, or chenille. “You want to touch everything, and it creates a very warm result.” Soft furnishings and tactile materials are key to this design style, so don’t be afraid to expand these beyond curtains and cushions. Soft rugs underfoot, curtain drapes and throws can all add that much-needed texture that is vital to the creation of a warm space. Or why not go one further with fabric walling? “Upholstered walls are an amazing way to bring warmth and a cocoon-like effect to any room,” says Willey. “Plus, they’re great for acoustics.”

“‘Upholstered walls are an amazing way to bring warmth and a cocoon-like effect to any room,” says Willey. While many associate a warm interior with reds and oranges, according to Willey this is not a prerequisite. “To be warmer it does not necessarily have to mean earth tones, rust colors and reds. I have seen very beautiful, warm designs in cool shades of grays and blues. Really it comes down to how it is lit, and how the materials are contrasted and complemented against each other. And a roaring fire certainly helps!” Use intimate lighting arrangements that highlight set areas rather than one overhead bulb, and prioritize harmonizing furnishings over shoehorning in ‘conventionally warm’ hues. With New York properties typically being open-plan apartments with one central area for relaxing and dining (and sometimes cooking), there is a balancing act between keeping as much light and space within the interior as possible while still creating a cozy ambiance. For those with picture windows that reveal their daily doings to the world outside, curtains are a must. “Myself I prefer more of a clean-line drapery,” says Willey, “so

you have the flexibility to open and close depending on whether you want to create more of a cocoon effect, in your room. I think psychologically, most people in their space want to feel protected and having features exposed can make them a little anxious.” To counterbalance this feeling of intrusion, he recommends furniture that gives a ‘surrounding effect’, and seating arrangements that create an enclosed space to give a feeling of security and safety. While many do not instantly think of warmth when describing their ideal interior, nonetheless it is a vital component in creating a space with a welcoming atmosphere, one that invites guests in and laments their leaving. With the chill of winter still looming big over Hell’s Kitchen, spend a little time on a warm interior now, and you might find yourself reluctant to leave come summer! John Willey is a Hell’s Kitchen-based interior designer experienced in all areas of interior architecture services. His company, Willey Design, was founded in 2006 and has been recognized for its thoughtful and striking approach in many design publications. All photos on this page © Willey Design. www.willeydesign.com




Fight the cold and create a cozy interior with these soft furnishings


f you’ve been inspired by John Willey’s wise words in the Style Files (p72), the next question for you is where to begin. With this in mind we’ve collated a set of furnishings based on his advice to help get you started. When it comes to engineering a cozy interior, it’s clear that texture is king. A mix and match approach to soft furnishings is a vital aspect of creating a tactile home your guests just have to touch. The easiest way to achieve this is with a throw or cushion, which sits on your existing sofa but adds texture. Koromiko’s soft wool blanket feels wonderful on the skin, while the fringing and chevron pattern exacerbates the texturing. Even more impactful is this Mongolian Sheepskin cushion, shown here in snow white but available in many colors.





Urban Loft Online


“When it comes to engineering a cozy interior, it’s clear that texture is king.” Seize every opportunity to add texture in your home. Couture Dreams Chici Petal Curtain has a name as frilly as its design, and has a delicacy that will invite light but allow for privacy. Orbit wallpaper features velvet-alike flocking, making a feature of even the most overlooked of areas. Hairy Thing, in fact a footrest, adds vibrancy and interest, or at least the illusion that a giant’s head has sunken into your floor. With all those crazily contrasting textures, a simple sofa such as the Lincoln Loveseat could well be the best option for tying the look together. Alternatively, get that ‘cocooned’ feeling in your seating with the NAMIB Armchair, a velvet seat with a high back to entirely envelop the sitter. Last – but never least – is lighting. Demarcate cozy spaces with the Stella Table Lamp, while the Icarus Pendant Light will leave you feeling like your interior has been touched by an angel.



Miles & May Furniture Works



Thing Industries



Urban Loft Online

www.urbanloftonline.com HANDWOVEN BLANKET Koromiko



BRABBU Design Forces



Pillow Decor


ORBIT OFF-WHITE Walls Republic




#W42ST Hashtag your Instagram pics and they could star in the mag!

When Hell’s Kitchen freezes over, two types of people emerge. Or rather, one type emerges, keen to capture this cold new world on camera. The other type stays in bed until it’s over. Our Instagram friends are part of the former group, snapping the frost as the frost snaps at them. Get involved and tag your Instagram pics #W42ST – they might just end up in the mag!






MEANS TO A BEND Stretch and flex your way to a calmer, fitter you – Lisa Woods talks yoga Yoga Yoga – I don’t think there is a corner in NYC that hasn’t heard the echo of that word. Over the past couple of decades, yoga studios have flooded the city’s streets, offering an antidote to the hectic, driven New Yorker lifestyle, where people can come along for an hour or two to breathe, ground and

“Hatha yoga focuses on physical exercises and breathing technique.” remember that we are more alike than not. Yoga itself means ‘yoking together’, bringing your mind and body onto the same page. In today’s busy world, it’s sometimes necessary to remind ourselves that our mind and body are connected and that it’s okay to sit quietly, breathe and even break a sweat with our daily ‘om’. Those who have taken a yoga class may recognize terms like ‘vinyasa’,


‘hatha’, and ‘bikram’. If not, these names might seem a little intimidating – it’s like learning another language (Sanskrit in fact!). But don’t worry, you only need to know the basics to have some idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Hatha yoga is the umbrella term for many of the styles at your neighborhood studio. This type of yoga focuses on physical exercises and breathing technique (or pranayama). Hatha yoga usually denotes a slower, more gentle class – so you won’t break too much of a sweat. If you want a serious sweat factor, try a vinyasa class – also called power/flow – it’s a type of hatha yoga that moves a little quicker through movement so you’ll catch the ‘flow’ and sweat big-time. You’ve probably also heard about bikram yoga. Not for the faint of heart, it’s a series of postures practiced in 105-degree heat for ultimate cleansing. Sweating is unavoidable in this one. Just make sure you’re hydrated! Regardless of the type of yoga you fancy, they all have benefits in common – you’ll leave energized, grounded, less stressed, cleansed, flexible, toned and recharged. So hit the mat and make your local yoga studio your second home.

Above: Yoga is believed to have been practiced as far back as 1500–500BC..

Tucked into a New York City office building, this studio is anything but ordinary, and ideal for those looking to explore the spiritual side of yoga. Keshava and Radha opened their studio in 2012 offering a a gentle, soothing environment in which to practice hatha yoga, with small class sizes for individual attention. Yoga workshops and retreats are also available. W36TH/8TH, Suite 1006 917.849.9716 www.keshavaradhayoga. com


Come join the party! Offering vinyasa classes for all levels as well as one-of-a-kind aerial yoga and acroyoga, classes at Om Factory are exciting and innovative. A spacious studio with helpful instructors makes classes accessible and fun; keep a look out for their community events. W37TH/8TH, Floor 17 www.omfactorynyc.com



Sonic Yoga Never set foot in a yoga studio before? Or are you an advanced yogi? A yoga teacher in the making? Sonic Yoga has you covered. Since 2001, Sonic Yoga has been THE mecca for yoga in Hell’s Kitchen. Offering vinyasa-style classes for every level imaginable, including beginner workshops, community donation classes, teacher training programs, retreats... you name it! Founded by Lauren Hanna, a NYCgrown yogi since the early 1990s, Sonic Yoga is a breath of fresh air in the hustle and bustle of Hell’s Kitchen. Inside their doors, you’ll find yourself in a welcoming hub of all things yoga. Classes are offered all day long in their three beautiful studios, which accommodate people from all walks of life – from actors to executives, students to retirees. Sonic Yoga carries the feel-good, funky, eclectic Hell’s Kitchen vibe into every class they offer. Their specialty style is Prana Power Flow – a vinyasa flow (so get ready to sweat!). In addition to their huge class offerings, Sonic Yoga is big on community education and outreach. They offer teacher trainings all year round and really believe in fostering teachers to their full potential – there are no cookie cutters here and that’s what’s so amazing about Sonic Yoga – they really embrace people from all walks of life so that they all find what they individually need in their yoga practice all while fostering a kick-ass

“Sonic Yoga carries the feel-good, funky, eclectic Hell’s Kitchen vibe into every class they offer.” community of amazing teachers. Sonic Yoga’s founder Lauren Hanna takes the amazing vibes and power of yoga you find in their classes one step forward, with her organization Fresh Foundations, which offers yoga classes to the underprivileged in our community as well as acts of selfless service (local park clean-ups and donations). So whether you want to just get your feet wet or are a full-time yogi wanting to explore local options, Sonic Yoga has a class for you. So go on… get funky, yoga-style. Sonic Yoga: 754 Ninth Ave. 212.397.6344 Lisa Woods is Activity Manager for MoveUSA, a membership program that provides access to hundreds of NYC gyms. www.moveusa.com

Above: Sonic Yoga boasts a clean and spacious studio in which to work out.

The idea of practicing yoga in 105-degree heats for 90 minutes is definitely intimidating but the benefits of bikram yoga far outweigh any fears! Bikram Yoga NYC Midtown has been open since 1999, with classes running all day long. Perfect for New Year’s cleansing, the added flexibility gained from working out in the heat means participants will see results fast. 8TH, 48TH/49TH 212.245.2525 www.bikramyoganyc.com


Founded by Broadway and Olympic performer Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity Yoga’s NYC headquarters offers training sessions for all levels, allowing attendees to gain flexibility, become present, de-stress and strengthen their body. AntiGravity hammocks allow for a diverse set of movements to be mastered in a safe, fun and supportive environment. 37TH/8TH, Suite 1100; 212.279.0790 www.antigravityfitness.com



Reflections on love Valentine’s Day is sold as bragging rights for couples, but is there another way? Dr Tama Lane discusses celebrating friendship: a special kind of love


hh, Valentine’s Day – the day for romantic, grand gestures of love and sexpectations. Thus begins the herculean adventure of plotting, planning, waxing and grooming for the ultimate night between couples that are blissfully enamored. For many, the pressure begins in elementary school with the exchange of Valentine’s cards and continues through all stages of life – intimate relationships, friendships, professional relationships, and divorce or relationship endings. It is hard to see beyond the expectation of Valentine’s Day when we are bombarded with commercials depicting true love, romantic movies, and blinding blingbling ads. What does it mean for the lonely heart on Valentine’s Day? Does it mean ‘coping with’, ‘hiding from’, or ‘surviving’ the day? For the single person or couples experiencing conflict within their relationship, the day can be a cruel reminder of that special someone you do not have or the turbulent period when relationships unravel. Even if you are coupled up, remembering the original intention of the day and shifting how you view it makes a huge difference in how you emotionally prepare and, more importantly, how you feel about yourself.

Valentine’s Day 101:


In Finland Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which translates into ‘Friend’s Day’. As the name indicates, this day is more about remembering all your friends, not significant others. In some Latin American countries Valentine’s Day is known as ‘Día del Amor y la Amistad’, or ‘Day of Love and Friendship’, with it being common to see people perform ‘acts of appreciation’ for their friends.




Nobody’s perfect – not even the god of love. Sometimes Cupid has bad aim. From this perspective, Friend’s Day is a day to celebrate all the love in your life. Love exists in many forms besides romantic – think of your parents, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and pets (hey, this is New York!). This is a day where you can share your heart unconditionally and show love and appreciation for those you care about. What a fantastic opportunity to celebrate yourself and your friendships, and put something really positive into the world!

First Step: Let’s End the V-Day Insanity – no more love me/love me not.

“This is a day where you can share your heart unconditionally and show love and appreciation for those you care about.”

What happens when your last petal is a love-me-not? Find a new flower and keep plucking? Perhaps an easier way is to change the thoughts that underlie your loneliness, stress, and expectations of this alleged most romantic day of the year. Beliefs such as ‘I’m a loser. I’m never going to find someone to love’ leads to sadness, suffering, and feelings of diminished value and worth. We all have an innate need to belong, love, and receive love. When those needs are not met, we self-loathe, hurt others, numb out, or emotionally retreat. Instead of nurturing these destructive meditations, create alternative ways to view your life through another lens and remind yourself that Valentine’s Day is a social construct.

Romance can be as sweet as bonbons: remember sweetness and romance starts with the self: Romance is a wonderful thing. Even if you do not have a beau it is still important to show care and tenderness, generosity, and care to


yourself. Treat yourself and create a romantic moment for yourself. Celebrate the strengths and achievements that validate you as a whole and healthy person, a person who has space for love should it come along. In the words of Eleanor Brownn: “Be kind to yourself. Treat your heart with tenderness. Speak gently, with love.”

We are hard-wired for connection. Celebrate your friendship and connect:

I sometimes think that Valentine’s Day forces us to see just how disconnected we truly are within this society. When we lose our capacity to connect with others and self, we lose the ability for empathy and compassion. Use this day as a springboard to connect or re-connect

“In life, we all have the responsibility of connecting and maintaining bonds with others – even if relationships are strained, disconnected or broken.”

with yourself and others. Recently, a very wise woman told me that in life, we all have the responsibility of connecting and maintaining bonds with others – even if relationships are strained, disconnected or broken. Remember, even if you are not experiencing positive feelings now, do positive behaviors anyway. Research shows that behavior shapes emotion. The fastest way to change an emotion is to change the behavior attached to it. Therefore, have fun and plan unique ways to connect. Some feel that Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, has lost its way and become something of a commercial vehicle. This year, why not redress that trend, take a tip from Finland and Latin America and use it as a ocassion to celebrate all the love you have in your life.

Dr Tama Lane is a clinical psychologist who is a proud resident of W42ST. She has her own private practice on the UWS www.nypng.com and operates a pro bono site for survivors of trauma at www.drtamalane.com You can email her at drtamalane@gmail.com






Barnum My human’s name: Rachel. Breed: Daschund and maltese mix. Age: Five. Best friend: Oscar, Tallulah & Penny. What makes me bark: Not much! The words that describe me best: Schmushy, goofy, snuggly. My confession: I secretly put on the other actors’ make-up while they’re on stage!


Hobo Joe (Jojo) My human’s name: Betty. Breed: Shih tzu. Age: Two-and-a-half years old. Best friend: Lorenzo the chihuahua (opposite page). What makes me bark: I’m a quiet dog – so I guess unicorns!! Three words that describe me best: Asian, docile, awesome. My confession: I like to eat peepee I find on the street – it’s my secret shame!

Mickey My human’s name: John. Breed: Cairn terrier. Age: Eight. Best friend: Trixie. What makes me bark: Motorcycles. Three words that describe me best: Tenacious, loving, tenacious! My confession: I like to eat food off the street – it’s a walking buffet!


PETS These camera-happy canines took a time out from the morning stroll for a quick Q&A with W42ST

Precious Lorenzo My human’s name: Miguel. Breed: Chihuahua. Age: 18 months. Best friend: Rosie. What makes me bark: The doorbell. Three words that describe me best: Crazy, funny, gorgeous. My confession: I eat paper!

My human’s name: Pamela. Breed: Poodle. Age: Seven. Best friend: My human Pamela and her daughter. What makes me bark: The doorbell, and when I’m being blow-dried after a bath. Three words that describe me best: Quiet, snappy, munchy! My confession: When we’re out walking I always keep an eye out for chicken bones. Yum!

Sophie and Delilah Our human’s name: Frank. Breed: Pug (Sophie, left) and pitt (Delilah, right). Age: Eight (S) and 10 (D). Best friend: Eddie and Phoebe. What makes us bark: Other dogs, if we’ve been sitting in the same spot for a while. We get territorial! Three words that describe us best: (S) Narcissist, cute, needy. (D) Sensitive, manipulative, needier. Our confession: We scratch on the door when our human’s in the bathroom. Plus, we’re both gassy!



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Directory Animal Care

New York Beer Company

Grand Cru Wine & Spirits

Port Deli

730 11th ave - W52/W53 (212) 956-5822



Poseidon Greek Bakery

Coco and Toto


The Spot Experience 600 W42 st - 11th/12th (646) 767- 4199


Westside Animal Hospital 453 W46 st - 9th/10th (212) 247-8600


Auto Services

Cyber Tire and Car Care 726 11th ave - W52/W52 (212) 265-1177 www.cyberttire.com

321 W44 st - 8th/9th (212) 245-2337

Pacha New York

618 W46 st - 11th/12th (212) 209-7500

637 10th ave - W45/W46 (212) 586-2707

Veritas Studio Wines

Stiles Farmers’ Market


527 W45 st - 10th//11th (212) 581-3163

Beauty & Well-being

Cyclist Shops

Westerly Natural Market

495 9th ave - W37/W38

693 10th ave - W47/W48 (212) 247-3300


The Pony Bar

9th Avenue Barbershop


Albano Salon

506 9th ave - W38/W39 (646) 370-3578

David Ryan Salon

House of Brews

302 W51 st - 8th/9th (212) 541-7080


Iron Bar

713 8th ave - W45/W46 (212) 961-7507 www.ironbarnyc.com

Meemo Tapas Sport 735 10th ave - W49/W50 (212) 581-0400 www.meemonyc.com

Molloy’s Irish Pub

737 9th ave - W49/W50 (212) 247-3400 www.molloyspub.com

Mr. Biggs Bar & Grill 596 10th ave - W43/W44 (212) 246-2030


362 W45 st - 8th/9th (212) 757-6173

Schmackary’s Cookies

Bars & Clubs


Ninth Avenue Vintner – Liquor Store

681 8th ave - W43/W44

669 9th ave - W46/W47 (212) 664-946


450 9th ave - W35/W36 (212) 967-4726

Alquimia Bistro Bar

570 11th ave - W43/W44 (646) 682-9278


429 W46 st - 9th/10th (212) 956-1830


Erik’s Barbershop

660 10th ave - W46/W47 (212) 459-2884


Pura Dermatology 446 W38 st - 9th/10th (646) 706-7747


West Vibe Hair Salon 451 W46 st - 9th/10th (212) 265-6794 www.westvibe.com

Beer, Wine & Spirits 34th Street Wine & Spirits 460 W37 st - 9th/10th (212) 564-6830



Al’s Cycle Solutions www.alscyclesolutions.com

Enoch’s Bike Shop

480 10th ave - W36/W37 (212) 582-0620 www.enochsbikes.com

362 W45 st - 8th/9th


352 W52 st - 8th/9th (212) 582-3088

911 8th ave - W54/W55 (212) 586-5262


Fresh Cut Flowers, Inc. 444 W43 st - 10th/11th (646) 473-0274


Liberty Bicycles

Health & Fitness


315 W36 st - 8th/9th (646) 234-8425

846 9th ave - W55/W56 (212) 757-2418

Metro Bicycles – Hell’s Kitchen 653 10th ave - W46/W47 (212) 581-4500


Delis, Food & Drink

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen NYC www.crossfithellskitchen.com

Manhattan Plaza Health Club 482 W43 st - 9th/10th (212) 563-7001 www.mphc.com

Bread & Honey




941 8th ave - W56/W57 (212) 245-0007

330 W42 st - 8th/9th (212) 695-4444

Empire Coffee & Tea Company

Rolates Pilates



568 9th ave - W41/W42 (212) 268-1220

Garden City Deli

607 9th ave - W43/W44 (212) 974-0573

International Grocery 543 9th ave - W43/W44 (212) 279-1000

939 8th ave - W55/W56 (212) 247-9603

Professional Services Gotham Mini Storage 501 10th ave - W38/W39 (212) 931-5731



Want to meet other Hell’s Kitchenites? Connect for conversations with other locals via Climbing Fish.

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Hartley House

Bricco Ristorante

Lucky’s Famous Burgers




413 W46 st - 9th/10th (212) 246-9885

Jadite Custom Picture Framing

662 10th ave - W46/W47 (212) 977-6190 www.jaditeart.com

Keep Your Home Clean 353 W48 st - 9th/10th (646) 238-5924



304 W56 st - 8th/9th (212) 245-7160

The Cafe Grind

Market Diner



477 10th ave - W36/W37 (212) 279-4100

Cupcake Cafe

545 9th ave - W40/W41 (212) 465-1530


Dafni Greek Taverna

365 W36 st - 8th/9th

325 W42 st - 8th/9th (212) 315-1010

M2 Organic Cleaners

Green Nature Coffee House


826 9th ave - W54/W55 (212) 954-7417

Prudence Design & Events


555 W42nd st - 10th/11th (917) 916-9408


347 W36 st - 8th/9th

Hell’s Chicken

The ReGallery



362 W36 st - 8th/9th

641 10th ave - 10th/11th (212) 757-1120


Il Forno

Restaurants, Diners & Cafes


42nd Street Pizza

647 W42 st - 11th/12th (212) 594-4312


Afghan Kebab House

713 8th ave - W45/W46 (212) 247-1978

The Jolly Monk

701 9th ave - W48/W49 (646) 657-0080


764 9th ave - W37/W38 (212) 303-1612

Kava Cafe

Baluchi’s Indian Food


493 9th ave - W37/W38

Better Being 940

537 9th ave - W40/W41 (212) 353-1986 www.betterbeing.net


667 10th ave - W47/W48 (212) 581-3900 www.biscolatte.com

370 W52 st - 8th/9th (212) 247-6717

470 W42 st - 10th/11th (212) 239-4442

La Scarpetta

439 9th ave - 9th/10th (646) 484-5733

572 11th ave - W43/W44 (212) 244-2888

Nano Ecuadorian Kitchen

Ninth Avenue Vintner – Beer & Cheese 669 9th ave - W46/W47 (212) 664-946



830 9th ave - W54/W55 (646) 669-7828 www.noodiesnyc.com

691 10th ave - W47/W48 www.nanobarnyc.com

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Landmark Tavern

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Uncle Vanya Cafe

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Pom Pom Diner

610 11th ave - W45/W46 (212) 397-8395


Quinn’s NYC Bar and Grill 356 W44 - 8th/9th (212) 445-0131


Route 66 Cafe

858 9th ave - W55/W56 (212) 977-7600


315 W54 st - 8th/9th (212) 262-0542

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F & D Pawnbrokers 359 W54 st - 8th/9th (212) 586-3707

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Popular Carpet Distributors

Staghorn Steakhouse

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11th Avenue and 40th Street


n 1892, long before 11th Avenue was surrounded by luxury buildings and heavy traffic, it had earnt itself a gruesome nickname: Death Avenue. The area gained the unfortunate moniker from the street-level tracks north of Grand Central Terminal, where many people were struck down and killed by the freight trains that ran the route. Between 1846 and 1941, street-level freight trains serving factories and warehouses in the Meatpacking District caused numerous mutilations and fatal accidents, creating uproar among the community as the victims were mostly children. The death of seven-year-old Seth Low Hascamp was protested by nearly 500 children. In an effort to make the area safer, around 1850 men were hired


“In an effort to make the area safer, around 1850 men were hired by the railway company to ride on horseback ahead of the trains.”

by the railway company to ride on horseback ahead of the trains, waving a red flag in daytime or carrying a lantern at night to signal a train was approaching. These men became known as the ‘West Side Cowboys’. Unfortunately their efforts reduced but did not prevent the death toll. A new solution to the problem was needed. In 1929, the West Line Improvement Project began the construction of the elevated train lines separating pedestrians and car traffic from the factory/warehouse workflow. This became the High Line, which opened in 1934 and dispensed with 105 street-level railroad crossings and ran trains until 1980, when it lay disused until its repurposing as a park began in 1999.

Profile for W42ST Magazine

W42ST Magazine Issue 3 - Your Guide to Healthy Eats in Hell's Kitchen  

The free publication for Hell's Kitchen, New York. Celebrating the people, the food and the property – pick up a physical edition in your lo...

W42ST Magazine Issue 3 - Your Guide to Healthy Eats in Hell's Kitchen  

The free publication for Hell's Kitchen, New York. Celebrating the people, the food and the property – pick up a physical edition in your lo...

Profile for w42st