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W42ST What a difference a month makes! Since we launched W42ST we have been inundated with kind words (thank you all). But we aren’t ones to rest on our laurels. In the past 31 days we’ve been out and about feasting on the delights of the neighborhood’s restaurants, wondering at the amazing architecture, and finding out what’s on this month. Read on to experience the fruits of our labor in our Holiday special... THE TEAM THAT BROUGHT YOU W42ST PUBLISHER PHIL O’BRIEN phil@w42st.com PHOTOGRAPHER RICKY CAMP CONTRIBUTOR JEREMY KAPLAN












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Japanese visual artist Asae Soya tells us about the public art piece she has created for W45th Street.


Eighties cool hits the Hudson Hotel with their new club Half & Half. Plus, we find out what happened to the ‘Dude’ poster on 11th.


Citi Bike are expanding their area of operation and are asking that we the people cast our vote for new bike stations in the area.


Imagine 42nd Street turning into a vast swathe of green space topped off with a light railway system – that’s exactly what Vision42 asked. See the winners’ responses here.


URBO hosted a wonderful launch shindig for W42ST; take a look at the great and good who graced us with their presence.


Maribel Liberti of the Ninth Avenue Association shares her top tips in the neighborhood.





The only local social calendar you’ll need/there is.


All the drama that Hell’s Kitchen has to offer.





With a current alumni that holds 16 Pulitzers, 24 Tonys and more besides, the New Dramatists is a creative powerhouse that we should all be proud of. We talk to a resident playwright: Kristoffer Diaz.


A look at Sundays at Seven and ComedySportz to see what manner of belly laughs are on offer.


The holidays are often a welcome break but with so many chores and social arrangements that flood along the yuletide sometimes it’s good to have a plan: so we created one just for you.



We love the Columbus Circle Holiday Market but navigation can

sometimes be a little tricky. Not now though – as we’ve embedded the magazine with MAP TECHNOLOGY (it’s a map, of the market stalls).


Here are gifts for him and her and thou and thine... gifts for pretty much everyone, really.



Farm fresh food is on the way from Red Hen and couture cookies are on offer from a new pop up.


Cranberries aren’t just for Thanksgiving: take a look at the health benefits and also see who’s stocking them this holiday season.


There’s a lot of sushi out on the streets and these are just a few of our local faves.



Floor-to-super-high-ceiling views in this luxury penthouse, slap bang in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen.


Indulge in some three-bedroom splendor in this Gotham West pad.


Bebe Regnier from Lampworks Inc advises on getting lighting right.


Trip the light fantastic with this great selection of opulent lamps.


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Sculpt yourself a lean, strong bod with a selection of dance workouts. It’s exercise with built-in motivation!

Rock around Hell’s Kitchen with this guide to happy hours across the neighborhood – find out what’s on offer when.



Dr Tama Lane introduces some strategies for coping with family.






‘Put a little sparkle in your lives.’ Wise words from wine expert Jeremy Kaplan. ’Tis the season to be jolly says resident hophead Ciera Coyan with her top seasonal beers.



Hell’s Kitchen boasts one of Manhattan’s highest proportions of ‘no broker’s fee’ rentals.





Step-by-step instructions on how to make a both a Manhattan and Pajarita from Paul Hines at Kava. Two amazing recipes lifted straight from legendary Italian restaurant Carmine’s, to celebrate their new recipe book.



Yet again we took to the streets to interview the canines of Hell’s Kitchen.

Top treats for pets this season... santa paws outfit anyone?


Matt Robinson has grounds for delight with this selection of coffees for the holiday season.

Local businesses that have signed up to the #W42ST sticker get listed here... if you want to sign up too, email news@w42st.com



Just how does the cookie crumble? We asked Christopher Buckley of Schmackary’s to tell us.

We take a look back at the corner of 42nd Street and 12th before the Circle Line settled in.



See hear T

here’s a brand new art installation making waves in Hell’s Kitchen. ‘Ringing Waves’, a mural on the bridge on West 45th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, officially opened last month, on November 25. The temporary installation will remain there for 11 months, before making way for a new artistic piece to be showcased on the public artspace. Artist Asae Soya, from Japan, says the piece represents the dense layers of sound within the city: “When I arrived in New York City, the most impressive part was the full spectrum of sounds everywhere. This work visualizes the various sound waves that pervade this city, such as people’s voices, traffic noises, and music.” In addition, the different levels within the piece are representative of the many facets of NYC’s melting pot community. “The wavy forms in this work look different depending on your visual perspective,” Soya explains. “If you look at the purple, it seems to be at the forefront of


Groundbreaking dancer given nation’s highest civilian award Alvin Ailey, founder of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, has been posthumously awarded the USA’s

Top: Soya’s original sketch. Above: The finished piece on the bridge at West 45th Street.

“This work visualizes the various sound waves that pervade the city.”

highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The award comes 25 years after Ailey’s death in 1989, and 56 years after he first founded his now-famous dance company, with just seven dancers. It was in 1960 that Ailey premiered one of his most enduring works. Entitled ‘Revelations’, the dance was based on the segregation experienced during his childhood, and was widely embraced by the African-American

a white backdrop. But if you look at the white or the pink, the purple seems to act as the backdrop. These different perspectives symbolize this city, where different senses of values coexist. The sound waves circulate within the city, while also generating a powerful energy.” Soya was given the opportunity to create this piece through the New York City Department of Transportation’s Art Program, which partners with community organizations and artists to reinvigorate public spaces such as plazas, fences, diners and sidewalks. Soya says public reaction has been “great”, even while creating the piece. “As I was working, many people who walked by gave me positive feedback. Although it was a really cold condition to work in, I was encouraged by people so much. I often got asked, ‘what are you expressing through this painting?’ which made me realize the level of interest in art is really high in this city.” www.morning-picture.com community. Other works have explored similar themes of race and its meaning and Ailey’s groundbreaking treatment of the subject along with his enrichment of the modern dance genre brought him huge recognition. The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater now features a roster of hundreds of indiviiduals aspiring to take part in every aspect of performance. The company has just started its 43rd season at the New York City Center.



A new mural by Asae Soya expresses the cacaphony and community of New York City


DOUBLE UP Hudson Hotel’s newest event space features two halves of a whole new idea


hanneling a mix ’n’ match eclecticism pioneered by black and white cookies, Hudson Hotel’s newest event space Half & Half opened last month, bringing eighties cool and hip-hop style to the Columbus Circle area. The room, which officially opened on November 5, features a mad mash-up of dance hall and arcade space, flashily decked out with female soul dancers and billboards in stylized typography. Running down one edge is a bank of old-school arcade games, including such favorites as Ms Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, Frogger and NBA Jam, with a bar to the opposite side and dance floor to the middle. The design concept for the space centers around a rotating series of artists who will each be taking over the room for a few months at a time, continually

Clockwise, from top: Boyce’s design centers around bold graphics; duplicated soul dancers feature heavily; arcade games include Ms PacMan and Mortal Kombat.

Dude, where’s my sign? The retro ‘Dude’ poster on 11th Avenue, ostensibly advertising awesomeness and nothing but, is no more. In its place? A suited man riding a bicycle as a citrus sun sets. While control of the previous image was won by an employee of billboard owner Mother New York creative agency – leading to the oblique reference to sunnier climes – this latest poster seems to have more conventional roots, promoting White Pike Whiskey, also owned by Mother. “White Pike is the alcoholic brainchild of Mother New York,” confirms Steven Ljubicic, Brand Manager at White Pike Whiskey. “This billboard is part of our new ‘Mix Up Your Day’ campaign, encouraging people to mix White Pike cocktails during the day.” Responsibly, we’re sure. www.whitepike.com

evolving the interior. The current installation, entitled ‘Nostalgia’, is the work of photographer and videographer Harrison Boyce, best known for his commercial work with fashion designers Dries van Noten and global channel Nowness. His design draws heavily from the soul music dancehalls of the late 1970s and hip-hop scene of the early 1980s. Plastered on the walls are images of soul dancers, alongside bold, monochrome slogans. “Half & Half is inspired by the early days of New York nightclubs, when amazing young artists would use nightlife as a way to expose their talents to the world,” said Alan Philips, Chief Marketing Officer of Morgans Hotel Group. “[It] is an amazing opportunity to introduce the next generation of artists into our culture and guest experience.” www.morganshotelgroup.com



wheel deal Citi Bike announce a massive expansion plus the chance to get your cyber vote on



additioNal bikes by 2017





launch. (That m iles ridden since s, with the nu could get you to Ve helmet) right kind of


e all love democracy right? And we all love bikes right? Well, just so long as they aren’t glimpsed just-too-late hurtling towards us at the corner of W42nd and Ninth… so what better than combining bikes and democracy, right? Right! To that very end Citi Bike has recently announced that they will be doubling in size by 2017, with new neighborhoods starting to come online in 2015. As part of this expansion process, they have set up an online ‘Suggest a Station’ portal, which not only features a map of current bike racks, but also offers residents the chance to suggest areas the would benefit from a bike station.


Above: More stations, more bikes and more neighborhoods are coming online as of the New Year. Visit Citi Bike’s website to see if you can get a station placed more conveniently for you.

“Citi Bike has recently announced that they are doubling in size by 2017” A lot of local voters seem to be suggesting 41st, but if you live out on 34th that’s still a long walk to saddle up so what are you waiting for? Get your vote on! The announcement also states that NYC Bike Share will overhaul the entire fleet of bikes, service docks and kiosks this winter, begining expansion in the New Year. www.nyc.gov/bikeshare

641K short-term passes use d



new stations by 2017


visions of Vision42 asked designers to compete to 42nd st contemplate a green transport revolution


ow would you like taking a sun-dappled Sunday saunter down leafy 42nd Street to the Port Authority, entering a vast terrarium and climbing up around an immense tree? Or how about going for a mid-year meander down, the now entirely car-free, 42nd Street thoroughfare and stopping off at Bryant Park to glimpse through Inwoodian-foliage at Manhattanhenge? Does that illicit a twinge of appeal at all? Of course it does… imagine the delight we would all feel if 42nd Street was stripped of traffic save for a near-silent and

Above and left: A couple of visualizations from competition winners. Above right: Pictures from the reception for the four winners. These are still on display at The Lobby

“A ‘citizens-initiative’ to get the city to rethink its views on transport.”

Gallery, 4 Times Square.


Master map-maker Herb Lester turns his gimlet eye on Hell’s Kitchen We do love paper here at W42ST – you might have noticed that for yourself. So when we saw that Herb Lester had added to his ever-growing canon of cartographical compositions we had to sit up and take notice. The latest in his line of maps is Writing Manhattan – a guide to, as he

entirely eco-affable, river-to-river light rail line. This was the challenge set by Vision42, a self-proclaimed ‘citizens initiative’, to get the city to rethink its views on transport, which would give us dwellers “an alternative to

the current overcrowded sidewalks and sooty gridlock caused by cars and buses along 42nd Street.” In November W42ST went to a reception for the four winning designs and was blown away by the ambition and appeal. If you want to find out more about the project’s aims and the impressive visions, or even sign the petition, then head over to the website. You can also view the proposals at 4 Times Square on 42nd Street between Sixth Ave & Broadway, from 6pm to 8pm, until January 5, 2015. www.vision42.org

puts it: “78 of Manhattan’s most significant and intriguing literary sights, from former flophouse hotels to fancy bars, all the while alerting the reader to new books, authors and of course places to explore.” The map only features a light smattering of Hell’s Kitchen’s literary locations but is worth the lowly $6.25 price tag for all that. It’s the ideal stocking filler for the bookworm in your life. Go to www.herblester.com to bag one for yourself (and check out the other Manhattan maps on offer).



OUT & ABOUT The w42st launch party was a fun- and fan-filled success. Did you expect anything else?

November 13th proved lucky for the W42ST team, whose launch party at URBO was packed to the rafters with the who’s who of Hell’s Kitchen. Among the attendees were Larry Marner and James Barclay (pictured above with Editor-in-Chief Simon Kirrane), Nancy McGoff and Brenda Hutchings (left); Sarah Morgan and Keith Rand (center-left); Ahmed Yearwood and guest (top right); and photographer Sean Turi (showcasing his work, top-center).



Pictured top-left is W42ST Publisher Phil O’Brien with Ashley Albert, Gotham West Market inteviewee Julian Hitchcock came along with Katherine Stark (center -left), center is Claire Holmes, Lotta Karlsson & W42ST Launch Editor Tallulah Speed, above right is Alexes Lowe and Mark Karten leafing through the title. Left sees Benjamin Huntington and Elizabeth Foster surrounded by their new favorite mag, while right Atelier tower President Dan Neiditch and URBO IMAGES: JAIME TORLINCASI

CEO Vlad Lipkin strike a pose.




The Magazine for Hell's Kitchen W42ST is the only way to stay in touch with what’s happening in your neighborhood...



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My Hell’s Kitchen Ninth Avenue advocate Maribel Liberti shares her neighborhood faves Maribel Liberti is director of the acclaimed Ninth Avenue Association. It was founded in the winter of 1973 to bring attention to the restaurants and merchants along Ninth Avenue. The food festival that the group started is now the oldest and largest continuous food festival in New York City. Tell us about Ninth Avenue Association: who’s in it and what are its aims? At the Association we work to bring attention to the neighborhood merchants, we welcome the new merchants and support several local and national food-related charities. The members are as diverse as the neighborhood – they include founding member Lillian Fable of Poseidon Bakery, Jacqui and Chris of Flaming Saddles, David the Fruit Whisperer from Fruit Stand 43, Josh at Southern Hospitality, Richie Friendly from Mickey Spillane’s, Sean Patrick from Tagg, Mr Sam from The Amish Farmers’ Market, John at Anejo, and Carmela and Mitchel London over at Burgers and Cupcakes. What is your personal experience of Hell’s Kitchen? I began in Hell’s Kitchen, as a vendor at the festival, with my company ‘Drown the Clown’ a ride and entertainment company based in New Jersey. That was in the ’90s when the festival stretched beyond 42nd Street well into the ’30s. We were the premier ride and game vendors and had an entire section of family fun and games. Over time I became involved with the Association, assisting the Founding Director, Evelyn Reggerio, until she passed away. Where do you eat in Hell’s Kitchen? At Eatery NYC for their Chinese Chicken Salad, Mickey Spillane’s for the sliders, City Sandwich for their amazing Kale

Bar for drinks and small bites. Basera for amazing Indian food and Patron for tequila shots. What are you looking forward to in the holiday season? An amazing season for our merchants, peace on earth and of course ‘Good will from men and women toward each other’.

“If I could wave my magic wand and change one thing, it would be the traffic on Ninth Avenue to the tunnel.” Salad, Empanada Mama’s for, of course, the empanadas and margaritas, Green Rancho for the enchiladas and the tequila, Mercury Bar for the wings and beer, and hot dogs at Rudy’s. What bars or cafes would you recommend in the neighborhood? Gossip Bar and Restaurant for a gettogether with friends. Bar Bacon for just about anything that would horrify a vegetarian. Boxer’s for the Boys’ Brunch, a chill hangout at Atlas Bar, Rudy’s for a dive bar experience, Daltons to catch the game and enjoy a beer. Flaming Saddles for the entertainment and drinks, not to mention the Frito Pie! Medi Wine

What do you consider your favorite place in Hell’s Kitchen? Like a good mother with many children I love them all equally, sometimes some more and some less. They are an amazing group of business owners who open their doors and hearts to the world, and feed New York. What one thing do you think could improve the neighborhood? If I could wave my magic wand and change one thing, it would be the traffic on Ninth Avenue to the tunnel. I would make it smooth and easy, with no one blocking the box, ever! What is your favorite street or avenue in the neighborhood? That would be avenue, and of course it is Ninth Avenue but again I love all of our streets, avenues, alleys and passageways equally (like any good mother!). Who do you admire in the neighborhood? We have such a diverse population of amazing individuals who work and live here that it would be unfair and impossible to pick even five. I am inspired on a daily basis, by my merchants, my community board members, the ladies of the association, the artists, the political associations, the union officials, the Broadway community, the fashionistas who make up our front yard – the list goes on...

Maribel’s tips: Flaming Saddles 9th W49th/W50th Southern Hospitality 9th W49th/W50th Mickey Spillane’s 9th W48th/W49th Mercury Bar 9th W45th/W46th Rudy’s 9th W44th/W45th Gossip Bar 9th W49th/W50th Bar Bacon 9th W54th/W55th Boxer’s 9th W50th/W51st Atlas Bar 9th W50th/W51st Daltons 9th W49th/W50th Medi Wine Bar 9th W53rd/W55th Basera 9th W50th/W51st Patron 9th W43rd/W44th Anejo 10th W46th/W47th Burgers & Cupcakes 9th 35th/36th Eatery NYC 9th W52nd/W53rd City Sandwich 9th W45th/46th Empanada Mama 9th W51st/52nd Green Rancho 9th W50th/W51st The Amish Farmers’ Market 9th W49th/W50th Fruit Stand 43 9th W42nd/W43rd Tagg 9th W49th/W50th Poseidon Bakery 9th W43rd/W44th


what’s on


12 Dec Sun Xun exhibition 11 Dec Chatterbots

14 Dec Molotov

16–24 Dec Hanukkah

Ensemble Studio Theatre, 7pm

Back by popular demand, Eric Dufault’s play about loneliness in the digital age revolves around an AI program that convinces people it is a human being. www.ensemblestudiotheatre.org

Stage 48, 7pm

Sean Kelly Gallery

Internationally acclaimed Beijing artist Sun Xun starts a monthlong residency in New York with his latest exhibit, ‘The Time Vivarium’, a look at the disparity between historical fact and official, government-sanctioned history. Through January 24. www.skny.com


Every day’s a playday with our calendar guide to one-off events and ongoing offers around Hell’s Kitchen


The Grammy Award-winning Mexican alt-rock band will be bringing their infamous energy to New York for one night only. www.stage48.com

17 Dec Baile Cangrejero

18 Dec Zumba Holiday Dance Party

PRTT, various times

Ailey Extension, 6:30pm

21 Dec Tyler, The Creator

22 Dec One-on-One Computer Help

Warm up from the cold weather with the heat of Afro-Latino rhythm and poetry, touching on history, culture and literature in this limited spectacle. Through Dec 21. www.pregonesprtt.org

Terminal 5, 7pm

The 23-year old founding member of music collective OFWGKTA brings his versatile presence to Terminal 5, joined by fellow Odd Future member Taco. www.terminal5nyc.com





Bask in the warm glow of candlelight during the eight-day Festival of Lights, celebrating life, miracles and the Jewish faith. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/hanukkah

Burn those excess holiday calories with a workout like no other. Party the night away with the most popular dancefitness program in the world. www.alvinailey.org

New York Public Library, 12noon Want to see the sunshine behind the iClouds? Get the answers to your technology needs from people who are plugged in to technology. www.nypl.org

19 Dec The Mad Zoo Winter Roadshow

20 Dec 57th St Greenmarket

Pacha, 10pm

Balsey Park, 8am–5pm

25 Dec Christmas

26 Dec Eight is Never Enough

DJ Mat Zo brings us his eclectic style all the way from the UK. His North American tour might be coming to a close, but this party is going all night. www.pachanyc.com


The halls are decked, the gifts are wrapped, the bells are jingling and that scent of pine is filling the air. It’s beginning to look a lot like… www.christmas.com

This is the last day of this popular farmers’ market in 2014 so head to West 57th Street to stock up on your greens. www.grownyc.org

Broadway Comedy Club, 3pm

Get over the post-holiday slump with this hilarious improv group whose sketch comedy and musical numbers ensure no two shows are the same. www.eightimprov.biz

27 Dec Anthony Santelmo, Jr.

29 Dec Armin Van Buuren

Don’t Tell Mama, 6:30pm

Pier 94, 9pm

An evening (or, at least, 75 minutes) of music from the award-winning singer, accompanied by Barry Levitt in the popular piano bar/restaurant. www.donttellmamanyc.com

Legendary DJ Armin Van Buuren will be getting the New Year’s warm-up started while surrounded by breathtaking views of the Hudson River. www.pachanyc.com

31 Dec NYE at Hudson Terrace Hudson Terrace 8pm

Well that went by quickly, didn’t it? Ring in the New Year while dancing the night away and taking advantage of the five-hour top shelf open bar. www.hudsonterracenyc.com

1 Jan The Birdland Big Band Birdland, 7:30pm

Start off the year with some of the best live music in New York, as the Birdland Big Band kicks off 2015 with its weekly jazz event. www.birdlandjazz.com

2 Jan Gogol Bordello Terminal 5, 8pm

Romani rockers Gogol Bordello take to the stage to put on one of their critically acclaimed – and notoriously wild – shows. No doubt Start Wearing Purple will get an airing, alongside material from 2013’s album Pura Vida Conspiracy. Also on Jan 3. www.terminal5nyc.com

3 Jan Healthy, Flavorful Cooking

5 Jan Avenue Q

Sur La Table, 10am

New World Stages, 8pm

7 Jan Oyster Happy Hour

9 Jan Fundraising Concert

Make a New Year’s resolution to spice up your cookery skills. This healthful course features demonstrations of roasted veggies, quinoa, salmon and more. www.surlatable.com

Xai Xai, 5pm

This delicious daily offer features two hours where oysters can be bought for just $1 each, because oysters pair terrifically with wine (or anything else). www.xaixaiwinebar.com

10 Jan High Fly Design Intrepid, 10:30pm

It’s never too early to start a career in aerodynamics… this family program reveals the art of the paper airplane, from beginner to advanced aircrafts. www.intrepidmuseum.org

12 Jan iLuminate New World Stages, 7pm

Combining various genres of music with wearable technology, this award-winning dance troupe light up the stage in this vigorous, jaw-dropping spectacle. www.iluminate.com

14 Jan All You Can Bowl Lucky Strike, 8pm

It’s bowling. Unlimited bowling, ping pong, and billiards. For $22, every Monday and Wednesday. What more do you need to know? www.bowlluckystrike.com

A hilarious musical about love, life and coming-of-age in New York City, as told by a cast of foul-mouthed puppets who would make Big Bird’s beak drop. www.avenueq.com

The Barrow Group, 8pm

An evening of original live music with Seth Barrish and Dusty Brown to raise funds for The Barrow Group Theatre Company and support the creative arts. www.barrowgroup.org

17 Jan Film Chinois Beckett Theatre – Theatre Row

Be one of the first to watch this ‘noir infused’ spy drama, which follows an American operative sent to China on a secret mission. www.theatrerow.org





JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER Christmas cheer nothing – it’s about festive soul, thinks Hillary Reeves


here’s nothing like spending the holidays in New York. Central Park covered in a blanket of fresh snow, Fifth Avenue packed with excited shoppers – what could be more merry and bright? Well, at the risk of sounding like a bunch of grinches, we’ve just got to say it: we’re done with standing, packed shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of tourists while trying to get a glimpse at Macy’s window displays or the Rockefeller Center christmas tree. Which is why we feel lucky to have one NYC’s best Yuletide destinations on the outer edge of our patch. Columbus Circle’s got everything you need for the holiday season, but still feels a bit more

“Led by Wynton Marsalis and featuring special guest vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant.” under-the-radar than some of the city’s other overrun spots. Jazz at Lincoln Center is another such gem, featuring an impressive range of orchestras, soloists and late-night sessions on its roster. All of their concerts are festive and fun, but we’re especially looking forward to Big Band Holidays. Led by

Wynton Marsalis and featuring special guest vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant, the concert is a ‘new tradition’ in its fourth year, but makes for a joyous and jolly night out. While the event skips the congestion of venues like Madison Square Garden or Radio City Music Hall, the Rose Theater can still hold its own with up to a maximum of 1,233 seats, plus an ample 110 x 43 foot stage. Swing by for an enchanting, cool-cat night of cheer.

Razzmatazz jazz: Big Band Holidays features stylized arrangements of classic festive tunes.






Preview Preview SHOP ’TIL SHADY CHARACTERS YOU DROP There’s a fun party game theater geeks like to play. You start by naming any weird or trendy topic and then tag “… the musical!” on the end. You cast your pretend musical, imagine the 11 o’clock number and then describe your ridiculous Tony’s acceptance speech. You end up with ideas for potential blockbusters like Tinder, the Musical!, a tap dance-filled spectacle with a chorus of leggy dancers dressed as iPhones. This kind of self-aware silliness is exactly what’s so appealing about 50 Shades! The Musical Parody. The satire is told through the lens of a trio of girls at a book club, who are reading the steamy story. As they become drawn into the plot the characters of shy Anastasia Steele and brooding, complex Christian Grey come alive before them and start living the lusty tale in amongst a glory of song and dance – including such titillating titles as I don’t make love and There is a hole inside of me. Take all of the giggle-inducing moments of the EL James’ bestselling series and stick it on stage with a gaggle of good-looking guys in the cast, and a bunch of bachelorette party-types in the audience: you’re bound for a memorable night out!




We’re not totally sure what to expect from this world premiere, coming to Theatre Row early in 2015, but what’s not to love about a sexy, sneaky story of retail therapy gone wrong? The show, by Victor L. Cahn, is written for three ladies, and follows the story of

“ Villainous Company is described as a suspenseful cat and mouse drama.” what happens when one of these women returns home from a shopping trip to discover that a package is missing. Villainous Company is described as a suspenseful cat and mouse drama… which kind of leaves us hoping there will be some enticing Real Housewives-style drama. Would it be too much to cross our fingers for some of those “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” catchphrases and wine-throwing in Cabo moments? Regardless, we look forward to the all-female cast and are curious to see what tricks they’ve got in store.



Soul Doctor has returned to the Actors Temple Theatre, retelling the story of Shlomo Carlebach’s life and his unlikely friendship with Nina Simone. Actors Temple Theatre, W47TH, 8TH/9TH

BEARING ALL Kids rejoice, for the Berenstain Bears are on stage with Family Matters, the Musical! Keep repeating that as you learn the lessons of honesty, health and safety through the bears’ mistakes. MMAC, W60TH, AMSTERDAM/ WEST END AVE

LIGHTS OUT iLuminate is leaving Hell’s Kitchen as the dance show goes on worldwide tour. There’s still time to see the glow show before its final HK performance Jan 18 2015. New World Stages, W50TH, 8TH/9TH

Preview LOVE AND LIFE Prepare for a tear-jerker, folks. The Actual Dance comes to Theatre Row this January, after receiving a string of awards following its run at the Virginia Metro Theater in 2013. It’s a true story, but told through a series of mystical and out-of-body experiences that leave you with that dreamy feeling young love inspires. But the pieces begin to

“It’s a true story, but told through a series of mystical and outof-body experiences that leave you with the dreamy feeling young love inspires.” fit together as you discover that writer, Sam A. Simon, is putting together a play that tries to capture the confusing, terrifying, tender moments one has when your partner for over thirty years is diagnosed with breast cancer. The show features original music arranged for guitar and cello. It will leave you misty-eyed as Sam tells the tale of his lifelong love and the profound experience of navigating his wife’s sickness.








We’re huge fans of NEWSical The Musical, the ever-evolving OffBroadway hit. Now in its fourth year, undoubtedly one of the secrets behind its longevity is the way it changes its content to

File this one under things that make us wonder, ‘how did no one think of that sooner?!’ Better late than never, Disenchanted! tells the untold stories of the fairytale princesses. Long criticized for polluting minds with the picture-perfect, but unattainable standards for life and love, the princesses are taking to the stage to tell their side of the story. And we quickly find out that life isn’t all tiaras and glass slippers. After all, how would you feel if your real life was turned into some superficial happilyever-after tale? And on top of this, they’re being exploited in books, films and merchandise. It’s time for these sisters to start doing it for themselves, and wrestle back their lives and stories from the outside world. Written over three years, the show’s run at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival saw it win the 2011 Producers’ Award, and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. The all-female cast includes Jen Bechter, Alison Burns and Karen Burthwright. So, see what’s going on in the minds of your favorite royals, learn their true stories, watch as they sing their way through break-ups, drama with dwarves, and talking to teapots.

“The show tackles today’s biggest news items in the most ridiculous fashion.” stay abreast of what’s current in the headlines – with previous shows including allusions to Prince Harry’s strip billiards and Miley Cyrus’ twerking. The sketch-style format, guest stars, rotating cast and reactional content have earned the musical comparisons to The Daily Show (another Hell’s Kitchen-based star). As always, the show will tackle today’s biggest news items in the most ridiculous fashion. And, we’re just speculating here, but if past productions have been any indication, keep an eye out for fun guest stars joining in – last year the show welcomed the likes of LaToya Jackson and Carson Kressley.




NOW–JANUARY 25, 2015


NEWSical has some news: the cast welcomed Sheri Sanders to its core company in November. Sheri has previously starred in Fame, Urinetown, and most recently, Fiddler on the Roof.

HIGH ON SOLOS Look out for BeginAgain in 2015, Jan 14–18. The dance features two ‘paralell solos’ against a gorgeous backdrop of large-scale set design. BAC, W37ST, 9TH/10TH

THAT’S SO RAVEN One of the new slew of ‘reimaginings’ coming to OffBroadway is Nevermore, which from January 14 tells the fictional life and times of everyone’s favorite gothic poet Edgar Allan Poe. New World Stages, W50TH, 8TH/9TH

Preview LONG ARMS OF JUSTICE Once in a while there’s a show where all of the pieces seem to line up to promise a great night of theater. Wiesenthal looks like one of these gems. First, the names behind the new production include Tony Award-winner Daryl Roth and Karyl Lynn Burns (aka, women who know good theater when they see it). Second, it’s worth noting that it’s written by Tom Dugan, who also stars in the title role; the actor has racked up quite a reputation for leading one-man plays based on historical figures. He followed a 2011 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for this portrayal with a national

“Wisenthal tracked down over 1,100 Nazi war criminals during his career.” tour of another of his plays starring as Robert E. Lee in Robert E. Lee – Shades of Gray. Finally, the story of the real-life Simon Wiesenthal is as riveting, inspiring and action-packed as they get. A Holocaust survivor, Wisenthal dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice and tracked down over 1,100 Nazi war criminals during his career, earning him the nickname ‘Jewish James Bond’. This is a story full of wit and hope.







New Dramatists has been supporting playwrights for 65 years now. Hillary Reeves finds out more about this local enterprise and what it means to the artistic community



riting is a lonely job,” says award-winning playwright Kristoffer Diaz, as we sit down over deli sandwiches to talk about his experience with the New Dramatists. “But this place keeps you connected to a community, it gives you a connection to New York.” The vision of the nobly tortured, isolated writer shouldn’t feel like a new idea. If you think about the most successful writers, though, exactly the opposite is true. Writers requires readers, and the best writers tend to have trusted companions who get them through those early drafts. Dorothy Parker debated with her literary pals at their Algonquin Round Table, writing teams for shows like Saturday Night Live slave over scripts together late into the night, and even Hemingway regularly met over a cocktail with minds like Gertrude Stein and F. Scott Fitzgerald. This need for a community is especially true for playwrights, for whom dialogue is at the crux of their artform. But finding a trusted network of like-minded artists is not an easy task. That’s where the New Dramatists come in. Founded in 1949, the New Dramatists have been funding and supporting new work by promising playwrights for 65 years. Housed in a former Lutheran church on 44th Street, the organization remains an extremely spiritual place for its employees, artists-in-residence and supporters. Diaz called the building “an oasis”, but I’d argue that it really does feel more like a reverent – yet welcoming – religious home.


“This need for a community is especially true for playwrights, for whom dialogue is at the crux of their artform.”

Above and oppositetop: Shots from New Dramatists’ writers’ fundraiser, NOCTURNAL COMMISSIONS – a live auction of playwright commissions. (L–R) April Matthis, Keith Randolph Smith, Sue Jean Kim, Ed Vassallo, Vanessa Aspillaga, Robbie Collier, Jim Dale; background Melinda Wade. Opposite: Keith Randolph Smith.

Upon entering the building, smiling employees greet you from desks shoehorned into former clergical offices and chapel spaces. A few more steps takes you to The Library. There, a cornucopia of coffees, teas and pastries fill a few folding tables. Young artist-types sit, sunken into the cushions of worn couches and type away on their MacBooks. Others converse at wooden tables and chairs. Colorcoded binders fill floor-to-ceiling shelves. These binders house the unpublished works of the current resident playwrights, plus selections from a handful of alumni. The room is open to the public, and I’m told that theater students, especially, know about the space,

COMMUNITY but I can’t help but feel like I’ve stumbled upon one of New York’s hidden gems. Since its inception, the New Dramatists has had over 600 artists-in-residence. Those artists account for 16 Pulitzers (including eight of the last 12), 24 Tonys, 73 Obies, 17 Drama

“Since its inception, the New Dramatists has had over 600 artists-in-residence.” Desk Awards, four MacArthur Fellowships, and 12 Susan Smith Blackburn Prizes. That said, unless you’re a real theater enthusiast, August Wilson or Horton Foote might be the only New Dramatist alumni you’d recognize. The artists working here are prolific, but not famous. As Diaz puts it, “Broadway isn’t the goal for 90 percent of the residents here.” For working playwrights, the opportunity to become a resident at the New Dramatists is a major milestone. The residency is a seven-year process during which writers are given the freedom and resources to develop new work without any expectations or quotas to fill. Everyone who walks through the doors is interested in art being made, but is unconcerned with big audiences or box office success. “Nothing is asked of you,” extolls Diaz when I ask him what makes the New Dramatists unique. “Here, there’s no pressure to sell tickets, no obligation to make donations. All you have to do is communicate ‘this is what I’m working on’, and you hear back, ‘okay, here’s how we can help.’ Plus, just having a space in New York to work – that’s huge.” The place is pretty incredible. Creaky wooden floors and stained glass windows are left behind from the building’s former life, characterizing the sacred space. What used to be the sanctuary has been converted into a theater where shows are staged or rehearsed. Audiences can attend completely free of charge. Beyond The Library is a smaller rehearsal room.

As I poked around on the day of my visit, things were cut short by a stage manager calling “five minutes!” to a group of chit-chatting actors. It was one of the 70 to 80 multi-day workshops that happen every season. With every play that’s developed, the New Dramatists keep the writer first. Authors are also Artistic Directors and choose how to workshop and stage their show. Costs are covered by the organization. “It changes the quality of the work,” says Diaz. He talks about how playwrights often have a specific actor or designer friend in mind as they imagine their scenes. If he were to pay for these things out-of-pocket (as many artists have to), he wouldn’t be able to afford those professionals. Not to mention, theater spaces come

Above: New Dramatists is situated in a former Lutheran church on West 44th Street between Ninth and 10th.

and go. Whereas the neighborhood used have any number of small, experimental theater spaces that “trigger work,” as Diaz says: “those don’t exist in the same way.” He’s completely right, and with the demands of technology and modern life, it makes me wonder if something like The Algonquin Round Table could even exist today. Even Cafe Edison is closing, a longtime meeting place for theatrical types. Nowadays, people solicit feedback online. So, I think that’s exactly what is so special about the New Dramatists. When you walk in, the sense of old-school fellowship is palpable. Make no mistake, the New Dramatists are pushing boundaries and keeping up with the times. We talk about how Skype has been introduced as a major tool for communicating with contributing artists in remote locations. Plus, the writers themselves are diverse and challenging in new and interesting ways. Diaz, for example, is very much a writer of his time. His work deals with questions of ethnic identity and advocates for diversity. That said, at its core, the New Dramatists feels like a pillar of Old New York; a beacon in a place that’s constantly changing. “It’s unique to New York,” Diaz concludes. “In the midst of this gritty, intense city, you can find a place like this that personifies community... Every time I walk in, there’s a real sense of ‘welcome home’.”



Just for laughs Enjoy a strong dose of the best medicine at one of these Hell’s Kitchen comedy shows


Sundays at Seven



ne of the longest-running female-produced comedy shows in New York, Sundays at Seven began life as an openformat variety show, in which the stage was open for anyone to get up and perform anything they wanted. Over the years the concept has been fine-tuned, moving away from the open mic shows to a set billing, and away from the mishmash of variety acts towards comedy. Fiona Walsh and Anne Design’s Sunday evening show now features five comedy acts of around 10 minutes along with just one musician, perhaps as a nod to the event’s eclectic roots.

“Five comedy acts of around 10 minutes along with just one musician.”

Top and above left: The competition gets fierce


at ComedySportz; Above

Held monthly on perhaps an unsociable evening of the week, the event has taken a while to build its audience but boasts many loyal repeat attendees, no doubt in part due to Fiona and Anne’s policy of only featuring comedians whose acts they have personally vetted. Audience members have included Irish comedy writer David McSavage and local hero Kenny ‘the real’ Kramer. And it’s not just audiences who are keen – comedians are reportedly thrilled to have a real stage in an official Off-Broadway theater to perform on, and the ‘no mic’ policy means exuberant performers are uninhibited by technology.

right: High-octane stand up at Sundays at Seven.

December 14’s iteration of the show features a superb comedy line-up that includes MAC Award-winner Michael Brill; Nick at Nites’ Funniest Mom Nancy Witter; Boston Comedy Festival performer Kendra Cunningham; phonetically spelt funnylady Jeni Aron; and 2012 Ladies of Laughter winner Robin Fox. A musical interlude, providing blessed relief to aching sides, is provided by 2013 Kerrville New Folk Winner Honor Finnegan. With a strong following and great location, this long-running showcase is well worth braving the cold for.

n an instant-gratification world that favors Pot Noodles and the Internet, it’s perhaps a surprise short-form comedy (think Whose Line is it Anyway?) isn’t more prevalent. Step up ComedySportz, a rambunctious pell-mell of punnage delivered in rapid quick fire and with the added pressure of a sports game model. At ComedySportz, audiences are treated to a family friendly competition that pits the local New York team against one of the other 24 ComedySportz teams across the US, Germany, and UK. Each show is hosted by the referee, who guides players through a loose agenda of songs, sketches, scenes and games. Additionally, he calls fouls on teams for cursing, straying from the game, or just to make things interesting. At the end of each show, the audience votes on which team was most deserving of the oversized trophy. Winning teams go on to compete in the ComedySportz world championship. Putting the ‘can’ in ‘can I have a free ticket’, the charitably minded show allows 2014 attendees who bring along tinned food complimentary entry as part of the second annual ‘Canned Laughter’ initiative that seeks to benefit the New York food bank. Expect a night of fast-paced fun at ComedySportz. With its frenetic sporting bent combined with the accessibility and absorption of a show, this concept has an appeal broad enough for the whole family.

Sundays at Seven Next event: December 14 Irish Arts Center, W51st, 10th/11th www.irishartscenter.org

ComedySportz Saturdays, 6pm Broadway Comedy Club, W53rd, 8th/9th www.comedysportznewyork.com






We all know the holidays can create more stress than peace on earth, so if you’re struggling to stay positive as the festive season rolls in, tick off our top tips to banish the December blues


s the wind starts to bite, the long nights draw in, and the streets are aglow with lights; the shops are packed and those familiar tunes ring out, it can only mean one thing: the holidays are here. As Andy Williams once said, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, but if your schedule is already full before the festive season arrives, you might find it tricky fitting it all in with a smile. Shopping for gifts, sending cards and enforced socializing can strain even the most organized. Some struggle to stay positive when the holidays are on the horizon, so navigate your way through the long lines, dark days and obligatory get-togethers with our top tips for surviving this festive season.

Don’t coast on empty. Keep up with your exercise routine, take time for yourself, eat right, get your full eight hours sleep and remember to wrap up warm.

Deck the halls: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


Save your feet by buying bulky gifts online and having them delivered. But for those extra special stocking fillers, brave the cold and venture out to such local treasures as Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, open every weekend on West 39th Street & Ninth Ave. Get treasure hunting among the collectors and hagglers for antiques, vintage clothing, furniture, jewelry, and more. Or treat a special someone to one-of-a-kind handmade ‘wearable art’ at Très Chix NYC on 447 West 50th Street. You could also try Thrift & New Shop on 602 Ninth Ave. Stacks of unique vintage and second-hand gifts are on offer, and at bargain basement prices it’s definitely worth a visit.



Take the pressure off yourself by simplifying your shopping. Make a to-do list, set deadlines and stick to them. This will end the last-minute frenzy. You give better gifts when you take the time to organize a present-giving plan before hitting the mall. Instead of trying to buy for everyone, agree in advance who you will, and won’t, be buying for. This will ease the stress of shopping and be kinder to your bank balance when the New Year rings in.


This time of year your social calendar can fill up quickly, but don’t be drawn into overindulging. Burning the candle at both ends can lead to exhaustion. Be selective with your events: no party attendance is ‘essential’ (unless you’re the host).


“Navigate your way through the long lines, dark days and obligatory get-togethers with our top tips for surviving this festive season.”


Many of us end up dreading the impending festivities partly because we forget the true nature of the season. The holidays are the perfect time to reestablish an old bond with family members and rekindle past friendships. We don’t get many opportunities through the year to spend quality time with those we truly care about. Gifts, garlands and glitter aside, make sure you don’t forget to pay special attention to those most important – no matter how crazy they might drive you.


SURVIVAL SURVIVAL CHECKLIST Plan your present buying Set a budget and stick to it Don’t overdo the festive cheer Take time out for loved ones Reflect on the past year

OFFICE PARTY COMMANDMENTS Thou shalt not submit a dollar chocolate bar as a Secret Santa gift Thou shalt not be the first to start dancing (alone) Thou shalt not suggest drinking games with colleagues… they never end well Thou shalt not tell your office crush: ‘You are my office crush’ Thou shalt not have a few drinks then ask the boss for a raise… it won’t work





The holiday period is seen as a time for broad-brush indulgence before our resolutions come in, but why? This year, kick consumerism into touch with these alternative ways to spend the season



he words ‘holiday’ and ‘tradition’ go hand-in-hand. It’s the season of routine and repetition. We eat the same foods, go to the same parties and see the same old faces dancing drunkenly to a festive tune or two. It can be great, but it can also cause one year to blend into the next. Breaking any habit is hard to do but stepping out of your comfort zone at a time of year when we’re increasingly conditioned to overeat and overspend, might be no bad thing. Happily, there’s a wealth of alternatives to conventional forms of yuletide cheer. For some that might mean swapping out classic giftgiving with charitable donations on behalf of your loved ones, or shaking up the way you give with sites like www.buynothingchristmas.org – a nationwide movement against buying gifts that instead encourages a more sustainable festive culture through acts such as recycling or swapping unwanted goods. Also worth exploring this year is the growing number of urban horticultural hubs in Hell’s Kitchen. Groups like CultivateHKNY are encouraging people to spend time with their community, learn a skill and help grow organic foods with initiatives like the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project. One increasingly popular way of subverting the time-honored consumerism associated with the holidays is to try and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Forget armchair activism: Hell’s Kitchen is full of opportunities


Above: Collecting for charity can transform lives. Below: With festive lights, snow and bare streets, December 25 is a fascinating time for photographers.

“Helping others is surely closer to the spirit of the season than the desperate indignity of lastminute panic buying.” for hands-on altruism. Ask about volunteering opportunities at Common Ground Community (Eighth Avenue, 35th/36th) or Saint Paul’s House in the Theater District. These organizations depend on the kindness of ordinary volunteers – like you. After all, giving up a small portion of your time to help others is surely closer to the spirit of the season than the desperate indignity of

last-minute panic buying. Philanthropy done right is its own reward. Animal shelters, in particular, struggle at this time of year. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative needs volunteers to help foster and socialize street cats. If you’re so inclined there are also opportunities to adopt. Just make sure you’re prepared to be responsible for a kitty for their full lifetime. Of course, charity isn’t the only way to enhance your holiday season. While others are indoors, why not take advantage of the near-empty streets and see the city in a whole new light? Manhattan can be a different world on the morning of December 25 – the ideal playground for a keen photographer. With such a variety of things to do, places to go and people to meet right on your doorstep, it’s well worth your while mixing it up this year, even if only for the memories you’ll have of the time you did things a little differently.




TROUBLESHOOTER Venom-filled editor Tallulah Speed offers an unconventional approach to your seasonal dilemmas


I am single with a large circle of friends, including a few couples. Each year I buy them individual gifts while the couples give me one ‘joint’ gift. I want to get them something they want rather than presents ‘for them both’ but feel like it’s leaving me out of pocket. Should I say something, or just keep quiet? Society is based on the idea of reciprocity: you do something for someone, they do something for you. If your friends are ripping you off to the tune of one gift per couple this will cause something of a disturbance in the festive force – an unseasonable seasonal situation. While I agree that demoting your nearest and dearest to the gift category of ‘celebratory chocolates’ in the name of purchasing a gender-neutral, broad-brush offering is not ideal, this doesn’t mean you can’t take affirmative action to protect yourself from these skinflinty Santas. Here’s what you do: identify the separate roles of this conniving couple to discover who is doing the work and who is hiding behind them. Dig out last year’s card – who wrote it, and who just signed their name at bottom? The former is the festive powerhouse, while the latter is the present piggybacker. This year, pour your passive-aggressive efforts into buying gifts for each of them that only the giftgiver of the duo will like: upon unwrapping, the deep cut of disappointment will send a clear message to the indolent individual. Additionally, subtly singling out one of the party is a classic divide-and-conquer technique time-proven by many a warlord. In 10 or so years you can guarantee a gift from each, or their removal from your lives – bringing the problem to a close.


“‘Don’t worry about me’ is the kind of kindly intentioned waffle that provides the catalyst for all manner of social faux pas.”


I have no money, and I’m okay with that. But every holiday season despite my asking them not to, I get presents from friends, and bought drinks in bars, which I don’t have a hope of returning. How can I prevent well-meaning do-gooders from imposing financial favors on me? The burden of debt hangs like an albatross around the budgetconscious individual’s neck. With the holiday season stationed perilously close to the sober, resolution-filled reality of the New Year, many generous Ginas come to resent their immoderate actions in the hangover of January, and oftentimes forget your protests against purchase while facing a stark reminder of the deed from their bank balance. A firm ‘no’ can go a long way in these situations but for those bowled over by bold acquaintances, action is available to you. When you are given a gift, insist on opening it immediately. Slap your hand to your forehead, widen your eyes and allow your jaw to fall in a gesture of awed astonishment. ‘Gracious!’ you will exclaim, with every semblance of a spirit in great agitation. ‘Just wait until you see what I got you! I’ll bring it


over tomorrow.’ Then go home, wrap their gift back up and give it to them. At the bar, when coerced into accepting a drink, ask them what they are having and request the same. Then simply wander away to make chit-chat with someone else before returning 20 minutes later ‘with a drink for them’. Your problems will be over in a just few warm drinks’ time.


My son’s wife is a vegetarian – with a nut allergy! I am at my wit’s end as to how to accommodate this around the holiday dinner table. When I try and ask her what to cook she tells me not to worry about her, but I feel I must keep her nourished for my potential future grandchild’s sake. ‘Don’t worry about me’ is the kind of kindly intentioned waffle that provides the catalyst for all manner of social faux pas. How much easier if she could have cut through her well-meant reserve and sent through a recipe suggestion or two. To break through her veneer of social niceties, take the young lady for a coffee somewhere and bring up the subject of holiday feasting. Tell her you have been looking into vegetarian recipes without nuts and have finally settled on a ‘nuts roast’. Meet her eye with a slack expression as she informs you nut roasts contain nuts, then insist that’s not the case at all and that they are so-named for their crazy cooking style. Offer to cook grain-fed turkey instead, as it is vegetarian, ‘like her’. Continue along this vein until she starts offering suggestions of her own. Case closed.



STALLS AND NUMBERS A1 Bara Boheme Jewelry A2 Monkey Business A3 Seasonal Illuminations A4 Yumi Jewelry A5 Atlantis Jewelry A6 No Chewing Allowed! A7 Santa’s Pen A8 German Delights A9 Hot Hugs A10 Leather Charm Bands A11 Past Objects Art A12 Paul AudeDESIGNS A13 NY Ceramic Photo Tiles A14 India & Purry by Jessica Hollander A15 The Men’s Soap Shop A16 Umsteigen A17 Riverstone Jewelry


A18 Terry Ross Jewelry A19 Field Trip Jerky A20 Nanako A21 Three Bluebirds A22 Brooklyn Slate Co A23 Edward Owl A24 Shan Shui Gallery A25 Craftspring A26 Raquel NY Jewelry A27 Stern Design Works A28 Natchie Art A29 Carolyn’s Christmas A30 Nio – Dead Sea A31 With Roots Jewelry A32 Floga New York A33 Urbanrose A34 B5 Line NYC A35 Retro NY Metro A36 Rosehaven Alpacas

A37 My Vintage Christmas A38 Ice A39 Paste A40 Information Booth A41 CaraCruz Brooklyn A42 SM Wardrobe A43 Elementem Photography A44 La Savonnerie A45 Pozie Poems B1 Nirvanna Designs B2 Ecowrist, LLC B3 Pamela Barsky B4 Peter Charles B5 Lineposters B6 Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry B7 Art on Tights NYC

B8 Padhma Creation B9 Davikinyc B10 Bellero Design B11 Miroslava Palavicini Belts B12 NYcruets B13 Roobrics B14 Luckypalmtree B15 Saskia de Vries Designs B16 Diament Jewelry B17 Southern Hospitality B18 MrMarker – Gifts for Golfers B19 Raaka Chocolate B20 Ooak by Jinelle B21 United Leather B22 Rasany B23 Viva Sun Jewelry

B24 Kudu-Lah B25 Eight Thousand Miles B26 A&A Enterprise B27 Hazel Village B28 Prudence C B29 The Strawberry Shop B30 PJ Cobbs Arts/Phylosophy of Softwear B31 Studio DuArte B32 KJ Designs B33 GretaGEM B34 Freebird Designs B35 Dr. Sofskins Handmade Body Emporium B36 Mighty Balls B37 MMM Enfes Turkish Food B38 The Baking Bean B39 Bar Suzette Creperie

B40 Seoul Lee Korean BBQ B41 The Gumbo Bros B42 Macaron Parlour B43 Charlito’s Cocina B44 Spices and Tease B45 Feel Free to Touch Art B46 1980s NYC Subways B47 The Truffleist B48 Jolie’s Kronies B49 Domo Taco B50 Palenque Colombian Food B51 Hong Kong Street Cart B52 German Delights Bratwurst B53 La Sonrisa Empanadas B54 Judy Kaye

B55 Tree to Art B56 liveartonthestreet B57 Blue Butterfly Amazing Crafts B58 Angie Colombo Design B59 Fifth & Madison B60 Kubiya Games B61 Murano Artisans B62 Sabyloo B63 Avesta & Co B64 Earth’s Energy B65 Material Things B66 Mujus B67 Punkster B68 Leckerlee B69 Wafels & Dinges B70 Lil’ New Yorker B71 Eye Think Inc



MARKET LEADER The cheer of Columbus Circle Holiday Market will warm you right up on a cold December day

B B72 Marc Bernstein New York B73 Lotus Natural Beauty B74 Yania Creations Jewelry B75 Natural Olivewood B76 Silly Puppets C1 Scarf Maniac C2 Just-B-Art C3 Centuries Clayworks/ Carlos Silva C4 Ebb & Flow NYC C5 Leather Works C6 Windhorse C7 Flo+Theo Vegan Bath and Body C8 Silk Road Bazaar C9 Tribalhome

C10 Modern Tibet C11 Christmas in New York C12 The Sisterhood of St. Elisabeth C13 Julie Nolan Jewelry C14 Bertha Heide/ ProPueblo C15 Sand and Water Creations in Glass C16 Breezy Hill Orchard C17 Alyxia Leaf C18 DA Designs C19 Salt of the Earth Bakery C20 Magnifique Designs C21 AC Agates C22 Pob Chart Lab C23 J’s Jade

C24 Avalove C25 Lungta Handicraft C26 Garlic Grater C27 Homeart C28 Boom Box and Rock It C28 Magic Tees C29 Lady Bug Fashion C30 Karma Nepal Crafts C21 Avigail Adam C32 Slapz Photography

ringing tasty treats and unique gifts for all ages from more than 150 vendors, Columbus Circle Holiday Market is back. Nothing beats this seasonal event for unique gifts and an all-encompassing festive atmosphere. Braving the elements to shop al fresco around these individual marts is a must to kindle your holiday spirit. Organized by UrbanSpace, the people behind the Union Square Holiday Market, the annual bazaar has been set up to feel like a community of one-off traders, and gives local artisans and chefs a chance to showcase their wares to the city’s eager shoppers. Since the mid-1990s, UrbanSpace has helmed market projects across New York’s boroughs, from Columbus Circle to Downtown Brooklyn. Previous UrbanSpace events have included the Dekalb Market and UrbanSpace Meatpacking. The Union Square Holiday Market – UrbanSpace’s most famous bazaar – attracts more than one million visitors from the US and abroad each year. Each event features an ever-changing line-up of chefs, artists and makers. This year, the Union Square offering boasts more than 150 local and national vendors showcasing an impressive selection of handcrafted goodies.

The company says it uses the popup markets as a way to “give back to New York’s residents and tourists by stimulating economic growth and providing vibrant meeting places that draw millions of annual visitors.” Located at the southwest entrance of Central Park, this year’s Columbus Circle Holiday Market has more stalls than ever, and is expected to draw even larger crowds than in previous years. Shoppers can spend hours browsing the aisles of local handmade jewelry, one-of-a-kind clothing and funky accessories that will make for some truly alternative seasonal gifts. At the Punkster stall, visitors can pick up the cute and cheeky slogan T-shirts and rompers, aka ‘punksies’, which come complete with the company’s signature baby bottle packaging… cute! The market also plays host to a number of jewelry designers. Special gifts for a certain someone can be found at Edward Owl, where you can choose from a designer line of simple and statement jewelry in silver, gold, and select gemstones. CaraCruz offers handmade glass beads, semiprecious stones, charms and pendants, all custom-made by talented Brooklyn-based artists. Know someone who needs to relax? Pamper them with some Fifth &





“Shoppers can spend hours browsing the aisles of local handmade jewelry, one-of-a-kind clothing and funky accessories.”

Madison soy-based candles, flameless aromatics and bath & body products, all hand-poured in the USA. When you need a break from scouring the stalls for holiday gifts, grab a cup of hot apple cider, mulled wine or even a tasty snack from one of the many local food and drink vendors; the market offers a huge selection of cuisine to suit all tastes. From Turkish to Mexican, warming comfort food to high-end cuisine, there’s truly something for everyone. Why not sample the Asian-inspired dishes on offer at the Hong Kong Street Cart, from ramen and green mango salads to cold peanut noodles and Chinese dim sum. Or snack on some Raaka Chocolate while browsing the booths. Raaka makes organic, fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate by hand in its Brooklyn-based factory. If you’re counting the calories, opt for all natural, low fat and low carb Field Trip Jerky. But as it’s the festive season it would be wrong not to treat yourself after a hard day’s browsing. Macaron Parlour displays a huge collection of macarons that expand beyond traditional flavors. While paying homage to typical buttercream and ganache fillings, the bakery also provide unconventional options such as Earl Grey, pumpkin and even Cheetos… What better way to kick off the holiday season than to sample the local, handmade delights from the city’s finest. This year’s market is the perfect place to catch up with family and friends over a hot chocolate and a satisfying snack. The maze of open-air booths provides shoppers with a festive feast for the eyes and the stomach. It’s one outdoor experience well worth braving the cold for.


Clockwise from top: Shoppers seeking out a winter bargain; the Hong Kong Street Cart; jewelry at Edward Owl; Field Trip Jerky; beautiful bling from CaraCruz; the market at night; Punker’s Punksies in their baby bottle packaging; over 150 vendors will be at this year’s market; soybased candles from Fifth & Madison.

When: Now–December 24, 2014 Where: 59th Street and Central Park West

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10am



“The maze of openair booths provides shoppers with a festive feast for the eyes and the stomach.”

m–8pm; Sunday

When Now–December 24, 2014 Where 59th Street and Central Park West (Columbus Circle) Opening hours Monday to Saturday 10am–8pm; Sunday 10am–7pm Sunday; on December 24 market closes at 4pm.



W rap battles


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Outdo Santa this Christmas with one of these top gift ideas

For him


Perfect for shooting fish in a barrel, the Watershot Pro turns your iPhone 5 into a waterproof camera for stills and video, allowing the intrepid to journey for up to 195 feet into the deep. Two lenses complete the transformation from iPhone to iPhotographer. Watershot Pro, $140.74


The next time a troubled colleague has booze on their breath in the morning, don’t jump to conclusions – it could well be this delicious spread, made from 40 percent beer but containing no alcohol. Spreadable beer, $15.89

B&H Photo Video, www.bhphotovideo.com

Firebox, www.firebox.com


What do you get the woman who has everything? Things to cover those things, of course! Spotted with dots and oodles of doodles, this delightful design makes for a highly stylish case, with sturdy plastic inside to keep tech safe. Doodle Dots iPad Air Case, $68

Neiman Marcus, www.neimanmarcus.com

For her


Ink-printed cushions are a dime a dozen nowadays and deny chairs of the richness and texture that used to be so inviting. Take a stand – then a seat – with this quality tapestry throw pillow, a detailed replication of Van Gogh’s Vase with Twelve Sunflowers. Van Gogh throw pillow, $79.95

Pillow Decor, www.pillowdecor.com



Ideal for the glam girl on the go, this 3 x 2.6 inch two-mirror compact comes in a range of feminine designs and can be personalized with the recipient’s name, initials, or a term of endearment. Personalized mirror compact, from $20

PJ Greetings.com, www.pjgreetings.com


We’ve unknowingly ached for these adorable mountain, tree and cloud cushions all our lives. It’s too late for us now, but the younger generation can still benefit from these gorgeous creations, ideal for broadening their toys’ horizons. Mountains, trees and clouds cushions, see website

Claireoncloud9, www.claireoncloud9.com


We know what you’re thinking, but here’s the thing: they’re going to sing it anyway. But with a cable that connects to an MP3 player, this boombox and microphone will at least tether your young Mariah to one room. Frozen sing-along boombox, $63.51


We didn’t even know kids all had tablets nowadays, and apparently now tigers do too! This backpack with tablet means children can take pictures, play games and watch movies on the go, leaving mum and dad to concentrate on the journey. Tiger bag complete with tablet, $142.50

The Gift Oasis, www.thegiftoasis.com

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Because nothing says ‘I love you as you are’ like ‘conceal your face’, Smashbox have come up with a box of tiny bestsellers (foundation, primer, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss) girls will adore. It’s also great as a trial size or for travelers. Smashbox Try it Kit, $19

Macys, www1.macys.com



Because clothes will seemingly never stop rendering teens’ chairs unsittable, Thing Industries has come up with the next best, well, thing: an unusable chair. This trendy frame is the perfect stand for scarves, bags and other garments whose alternative home would be the floor. Sacrificial chair, $180

Decoupaged in vintage comic print, these solid wood bookends are ideal for Anna Wintour or Woody Allen. Luckily for those of us who aren’t buying for them, Bombus do the rest of the alphabet, too. Bombus comic bookend, $42.88

Bombus Ltd, www.bombus.co.uk

Thing Industries, www.thingindustries.com


You live in Hell’s kitchen, the rising star in the greatest city on earth! But you know few people! How do you get connected, meet new people, have new conversations, develop new ideas? Climbing Fish exists to curate real connections with like-minded Hell’s Kitchen-ites.

http://climbingfish.com http://facebook.com/climbingfish @Climbingfish






Chewing over the best of Hell’s Kitchen food and drink

TOP TIPS FOR TOP TIPPLES SEE PAGE 52 Kava’s head bartender Paul Hines talks us through making two cocktails: the classic Manhattan and the festive Pajarita. Bottoms up!




New restaurant Red Hen is coming to Ninth Avenue, offering flame-grilled, farm-fresh fare


resh restaurant competition is heading to Hell’s Kitchen in the form of Red Hen – and in this case, ‘fresh’ is the operative word. Red Hen’s ethos is focused on providing ‘farm fresh’ food, which comes straight to the plate for maximum taste and nutrition. Additionally, the chicken they use is antibiotic-free – antibioticfed poultry currently being a contentious topic following reports claiming such meat leads to the growth of superbugs that are impervious to treatment. Since early November the windows have been concealed while works are carried out inside the upcoming eatery, which lies on Ninth Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Street. At the time of press the company is currently in the stage of recruiting front of house staff. While there is yet to be an official


Island Burger and Shakes are saying ‘aloha’ to a new mural. The artwork has been slowly taking shape at the Ninth Avenue venue, with the finished piece revealed in the latter half of November. The mural has been created in the – perilously temporary – medium of blackboard and chalks, and depicts a comic-strip style guide to burger eating as well as the founder’s story.


Above: Red Hen will serve farm fresh, antibiotic-free chicken.




opening date announced, with their focus on healthy yet delicious food, and a prime spot on Ninth, Red Hen seems to be shaping up as a hot prospect, and one we’re already looking forward to trying.

What do you get when you cross a couture wedding gown maker with a custom wedding cake baker? Answer: the most beautiful gingerbread cookies we’ve ever seen. A holiday project between dressmaker Colette Komm and Amy Noelle of Sugar Flower Cake Shop, Cookie Collaboration takes place during the wedding offseason. The intricately crafted cookies are available from Cookie Collaboration’s website or Amy’s pop-up cake boutique at 336 West 37th Street (Eighth/Ninth). “This is such a fun project that I get to share with another designer,” says Noelle. “We are delighted to bring a little fanciness to everyone’s holiday table.” www.cookiecollaboration.com

Don’t give those less fortunate the cold shoulder, but warm shoulders instead with New York Cares Coat Drive. Those with a coat to spare can drop it off at Pinkberry, who are working with the charity to help deliver warm clothing to those who need it most. Pinkberry’s local branches are on Ninth & 42nd/43rd and West 58th Eighth/Ninth. Additionally, Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine (10th & 37th/38th) are also collecting for their annual toy drive. www.newyorkcares.org


Smith’s Bar poured its final pint last month after more than 60 years. The famous dive bar opened its doors in 1954, and with its position on Eighth & 44th has been for many years one of the few places left representing ‘old Times Square’. Smith’s was famous for its neon sign and authentic diveyness, as well as notorious as a venue in which a policeman committed suicide. No official announcement was made regarding the closure online or otherwise, the only sign of the bar’s new status being that www.smithsbar.com redirects to Smith’s sister site Social. And the blue sheets taped to the windows, of course.


SALES DIRECTOR W42ST is looking for an experienced and dynamic executive to join our startup team. We plan to grow our digital and print publishing model to other areas of New York and need someone who can roll their sleeves up in the startup phase to keep the cash flowing and monitor the bigger picture of an expanding publishing business.

Please apply with resume and covering email to

Phil O’Brien phil@w42st.com

EP-PAINTING INC Home improvement licensed contractor

Interior & exterior painting Bathroom & kitchen remodeling Tile + marble Wooden floors

First time costumers 20% off

Call 718-600-3639



Though principally considered a staple of the feasting table, cranberries can do a lot more than accompany turkey, as Tallulah Speed discovers



lood red berries with unripened white buds, clinging to a leafy green bough – is there anything that personifies winter quite like cranberries? This seasonal fruit is a humble yet mandatory part of any Thanksgiving feast, in addition to its high billing at the yuletide table. But with its undeniable undercurrent of bitterness, and competition for ‘sides’ from all sides, just how did this pea-sized berry rise to such seasonal superstardom? The cranberry’s marketing acumen all comes down to provenance and smart timing. Native to North America, the cranberry inspires the spirit of patriotism, as well as providing a livelihood for tens of thousands of farmers across the country. In addition, while most crops are sitting out winter in seeds underground, cranberries ripen in September up until early November – ideal for harvesting in time for the winter holidays. But while the Christmas cranberry is a national obsession, it seems we’ll consume it in any form bar au naturel – a whopping 95 percent of harvested cranberries are processed in some way, most commonly as juice, sauce, or dried and sweetened. As a symbol of winter, cranberries are also popular for use in crafts and decoration, and can often be found strung into garlands or pinned onto wreaths. Those who do ingest the berries will find themselves in line for an amazing assembly of health benefits. Cranberries are one of the growing list of produce touted as a ‘superfruit’, with a variety of anti-cancer flavonols, and polyphenols – the latter of which is also currently under research to examine its potential cardiovascular and immunity benefits. Cranberries also offer good levels of vitamin C, dietary fiber and manganese.

THEN THERE WERE THREE Can’t wait till Christmas? Get your cranberry fix at one of these local joints Hummus Kitchen

9TH, W51ST/ W52ND This small but elegant eatery draws menu inspiration from the Med. Try their Super-Healthy Salad with quinoa, walnuts, roasted beets and cranberries, topped with fresh lemon juice and a tasty mint dressing. www.hummuskitchen.com

Amy’s Bread Clockwise from above: Ripe cranberries have a vivid red hue; a heron soaring over Whitesbog, a cranberry farm in New Jersey; the cranberry flowers bloom in June and July.

Although bitter in its raw state, various recipes have utilized the berry’s tartness to their own ends. Sauces and jellies add sugar to channel a sweet and sour vibe that cuts through the richness of oilier offerings such as turkey and stuffing, while cosmopolitan cocktails use the strength of the flavor to drown out the taste of alcohol. In addition, cranberries add a bright burst of color that makes them a popular inclusion in cakes and cookies. With Christmas making its merry way into Hell’s Kitchen, cranberries are soon to follow. And offering versatility, popularity, verdance and provenance, be sure to take the time out to appreciate this tiny but mighty superfruit.

9TH, W46ST/ W47TH Festive foodies can gear up in advance with Amy’s Bread’s Turkey Sandwich on Semolina Raisin and Fennel Bread, dotted with cranberries. www.amysbread.com

Hell’s Kitchen

9TH, W46TH/ W47TH Offering a modern take on Mexican cuisine, this diner features amongst its number a scrumptious appetizer of Organic Mixed Greens with Pear, Jicama, Dried Cranberries, Goat’s Cheese and Shallot Vinaigrette. See you there! www.hellskitchen-nyc.com



Sushi roll call

This month, the W42ST team have been dining on platters of rolls from local sushi purveyors. Another raw deal... Vivi bubble tea

9th, 43rd/44th Lover roll, $9 The lover roll features eight heart-shaped pieces of heaven, while Vivi Bubble Tea is an achingly hip hangout staffed with what looks like the coolest kids in school. Though unlike in school, these ones will actually talk to you.

mouthful A m ighty s y luncher for hungr

A hearty heart-sh aped su shi helping

Abace sushi

9th 47th/48th Planet Tokyo, $11.95 A delicately formed set of eight that tastes as good as it looks. Abace have a hugely extensive menu filled with monikers like ‘Crazy roll’, ‘Pink Panther roll’ and ‘Rock’n’roll’ making this a fun find for the young at heart, while speedy service belies the quality of the goods.

Ai’s Sushi

46th, 9th/8th Dynamite roll, $7.25 Take two sets of chopsticks for this – they’ll need reinforcing to stand a chance of lifting any of these five hefty pieces, which come packed with spicy tuna and avocado. Pick-up only at this diminutive, pineapple-yellow shopfront.

d nd wrappe a d e k c a p Prettily of fish in ribbons Ajisai

9th, 43rd/44th Rainbow roll, $12 Wrapped in tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish and avocado, in this roll fluffy rice gets a big fishy hug. Alongside these striped rolls is a substantial selection of sizable ginger slices and a very generous serving of wasabi.


sh frenz y A fresh fi


Julienned cucum ber contrasts well with ‘crunc h’ shrimp

8th/45th Kodama roll, $10.50 Fish really is the dish of the day with this special roll, made up of seven kinds of fish plus flying fish roe. Quality ingredients kept us coming back for more – it’s unsurprising this popular eatery has spawned Black Sushi round the corner, a build-it-yourself spin-off for the tourists.



’tails from the sipped

Kava’s head bartender Paul Hines offers the recipes for two of his favorite festive tipples

3 4




The Manhattan With its jewel-like hue and rich whiskey aroma, this evergreen classic is particularly suited to the holiday season – and aptly named for Hell’s Kitchenites. YOU WILL NEED: 2 ¾ oz Rye whiskey ¾ oz Sweet vermouth Dash of bitters Ice Amarena cherry A cause for celebration


Above: The Manhattan is a



Assemble everything for the recipe. In addition to the ingredients you will need a pint glass, julep strainer, stirrer, cocktail stick and martini glass. If you like you can chill your serving glass beforehand by putting it into the fridge (dry) for at least 15 minutes before use.


Combine all the cocktail ingredients into a pint glass apart from the cherry and ice. Then add a hearty portion of ice – it should fill the entire glass. Using your stirrer, mix the drink for about a minute. The longer the drink

classic cocktail that never

is stirred, the more dilute the cocktail will be.


Spike your cherry on a cocktail stick and rest in the bottom of the glass. Unlike other cocktails there’s no need to ask how many the drinker wants – one is ample.


Strain your drink through the julep strainer and into the prepared martini glass. The drink can be either straight up or on the rocks; ask your lucky recipient which they prefer.

goes out of style.






The Pajarita This is Kava’s snow-white take on the jalisco gimlet and one of Paul’s personal favorites. Black pepper syrup, made in-house, keeps it interesting. YOU WILL NEED: 2 oz Tequila ¾ oz Black pepper syrup (see recipe, right) ½ oz Fresh lime juice ¾ oz Fresh grapefruit juice Ice

“‘Zest it’ by pinching the skin to release a fine mist over your drink”



Assemble your ingredients. Tools you will also need to hand include an old fashioned cocktail glass or tumbler, a cocktail shaker and a strainer. If you don’t have a shaker then no fear: metal water bottles, such as the type cyclists use, also work beautifully. Just remember to rinse before your next ride.

Above: Whatever the weather, you can enjoy a white Christmas this year.

Black pepper syrup YOU WILL NEED: 1 tsp Ground black pepper 1/2 tsp Clarified lemon juice 1 quart White sugar 1 quart Water





2 3



Combine your cocktail ingredients and add a generous portion of ice. Seal your mix and shake vigorously until well chilled. Fill your tumbler with ice and strain over the mix. Add a straw according to your drinker’s preference. To garnish, cut away about two inches of rind from a grapefruit with a sharp knife. ‘Zest it’ by pinching the skin to release a fine mist over your drink, then ‘kiss the glass’, running the rind over the glass, to accentuate the aroma for the initial sips.

Combine your freshly ground pepper with the sugar and liquids in a saucepan. Stir the mixture gently over a low heat, to dissolve.

Simmer the mixture for five minutes until some of the water has evaporated. Cool and strain through cheesecloth or a similar, very fine strainer. The syrup can be used in a range of cocktails to add depth and warmth – perfect for getting that festive fireside feeling.



Cooking up a storm

With Carmine’s Celebrates now out, we’ve hosted our own celebration by listing the recipes to a pair of the restaurant’s most popular dishes Method

Carmine’s rack of lamb

To make the sauce Preheat the oven to 450ºF/ 230ºC/ gas mark 8. In a medium bowl, combine the oil, neck bones, celery, carrots, onion, salt and pepper. Toss until all the ingredients are coated. Transfer to a roasting pan and roast, uncovered, for 30 minutes, or until all the vegetables and bones are nicely browned. Transfer the contents of the pan to a 2-quart (or larger) saucepot, scraping out the roasting to capture all the brown bits. Add the red wine to the pot and cook over high heat until the liquid has reduced by half. Add the brown sauce, stock, garlic, shallots and peppercorns and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook for 2 hours. (When the sauce has cooked for about 1 ½ hours, begin preparing the vegetables and potatoes.)

1 2

SERVES 4 TO 6 INGREDIENTS Sauce (yields about 2 ½ cups) ¼ cup olive oil blend (3 parts canola oil to 1 part olive oil) 2 pounds lamb neck bones, cut into 2-inch pieces 1 cup finely diced celery 1 cup finely diced carrots 1 cup finely diced white onion 1 teaspoon kosher salt ¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper ¼ cup red wine 6 cups brown sauce (see recipe right) ½ cup chicken stock 1 ½ tablespoons thinly sliced garlic 2 tablespoons chopped shallots 1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns ¼ cup green Cerignola olives, pitted and chopped ¼ cup black Ligurian olives, pitted and chopped ¼ cup julienned sun-dried tomatoes 1 tablespoon unsalted butter


1 2

Lamb 1 teaspoon dried oregano 1 teaspoon garlic powder 2 teaspoons kosher salt ½ teaspoon cracked black pepper Two 19- to 20- ounce New Zealand lamb racks, frenched 6 tablespoons olive oil blend (3 parts canola oil to 1 part olive oil) 6 slices white bread, finely chopped in a food processor 1 tablespoon chopped garlic 1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary 1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley ¼ cup grated Romano cheese ¼ cup unsalted (1/2 stick), melted butter


To prepare the lamb Reduce the oven temperature to 400ºF/200ºC/gas mark 6. In a small bowl, combine the dried oregano, garlic powder, 1 teaspoon of the salt and ¼ teaspoon of black pepper for the lamb and mix well. Thoroughly coat the lamb with this dry rub. Refrigerate and let marinate for about 10 minutes. Heat 4 tablespoons of the oil in a large saute pan over medium-high heat. Gently place the lamb in hot oil, top side down. Cook until the top side is nicely browned. Flip the racks and brown the bottoms. Remove and transfer to a sheet pan, or pans as necessary. In a medium bowl, combine the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil,

Above: Carmine’s Rack of Lamb is one of their most popular dishes.

“Thoroughly coat the lamb with the dry rub. Refrigerate and let marinate.”

3 4 5

FOOD & DRINK remaining 1 teaspoon of salt, remaining ¼ teaspoon of black pepper, the bread, garlic, oregano, rosemary, parsley, cheese and butter. Slather a generous amount of this mixture on top of the chop portion of each rack. Bake to the desired doneness. We recommend medium-rare; about 10–15 minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside.


To finish the dish Strain the sauce and add the olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Return to the pot and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the butter right before you’re ready to serve. Spread the roasted vegetables, along with the rosemary potatoes, in the center of a large serving platter. Slice the lamb racks into individual chops and arrange them around the vegetables. Pour the sauce over the lamb chops, drizzling a small amount over the vegetables and potatoes. Serve immediately.



Brown Sauce 4 tablespoons (½ stick) unsalted butter ½ cup finely diced celery ½ cup finely diced carrots ½ cup finely diced white onions Thyme leaves ½ teaspoon kosher salt ⅛ teaspoon cracked black pepper ¼ cup all-purpose flour 6 cups beef stock Method Yields 4 ½ cups • Heat the butter in a 2-quart or larger pot over medium-high heat. Add the celery, carrots and onion and saute until nicely browned, 7 to 10 minutes. • Add the thyme leaves, salt, and pepper and saute for 1 minute more. Add the flour to make a roux, and stir until absorbed. Reduce the heat to medium and cook for 3 to 4 minutes, being careful not to burn the roux. • Whisk in the stock and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat slightly and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the sauce thickens. • Strain into another container and discard the vegetables. Let cool at room temperature, then cover and refrigerate. The sauce will keep for 2 weeks.

Sea Bass Cioppino SERVES 4 TO 6 ¾ cup olive oil blend (3 parts canola oil to 1 part olive oil) 1½ pounds skinless, boneless Chilean sea bass, center cut, butterflied 1½ teaspoons kosher salt ⅜ teaspoons ground white pepper ½ lb. extra-large shrimp, shelled and deveined ½ lb. dry-packed jumbo scallops, side muscle removed 12 littleneck clams, cleaned 12 PEI mussels, cleaned 2 tablespoons thinly sliced garlic 1 cup thinly sliced celery 1 cup cored and thinly sliced fennel 4 tablespoons chopped fresh basil 4 tablespoons fresh flat-leaf parsley ½ teaspoon saffron 1 large dried bay leaf ½ cup white wine 1 tablespoon fennel seed 3¼ cups clam juice 1¾ cups canned whole, peeled Italian plum tomatoes



Heat 6 tablespoons of the olive oil in a large saute pan over a medium-high heat. Season the sea bass with ½ teaspoon of the salt and ⅜ teaspoon of the pepper. Gently slide the fish into the pan and brown each side, but do not fully cook the fish. Set aside. Repeat this process to cook the shrimp and scallops, seasoning them before cooking with ½ teaspoon salt and ⅛ teaspoon pepper. Set aside. Add the remaining 6 tablespoons of olive oil to the pan and saute the garlic until lightly browned. Add the celery, sliced fennel, 2 tablespoons of each of the basil and parsley, the saffron, and the bay leaf. Reduce the heat to medium and cook until the vegetables are just a bit tender and begin sweating.



4 5

Add the white wine and fennel seed and cook until the liquid has reduced by half. Add the clam juice, tomatoes, the remaining ½ teaspoon salt, and ⅛ teaspoon pepper and bring the sauce to a boil. Add the clams and mussels and cover with a lid. Check often and, as each one opens, remove and set aside until all of the clams and mussels are cooked; discard any that do not open. Increase the heat to high, and cook until the sauce has reduced by about 40 percent, about 15 minutes. Carefully return the sea bass to the pan and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes, or until just cooked through. Transfer the fish to a serving platter. Return the mussels, clams, shrimp, and scallops to the pan and cook for 1 minute. Place the shrimp and scallops on a platter along with the sea bass, and pour the sauce and shellfish on top of the bass. Sprinkle basil and parsley over the top and serve.

6 7 8

Carmine’s Celebrates is a brand new cookbook featuring 101 generously proportioned recipes both directly from and inspired by legendary Italian restaurant Carmine’s, at 200 West 44th Street (and five other US-wide locations). The title was written by Glen Rolnick with Chris Peterson, published by St. Martin’s Press and printed in the USA.




CLOCK Hell’s Kitchen is a hotbed of happy hours and drinks deals, but which ones are best suited to your social timetable? Tim Jones investigates


t’s a classic case scenario: you’re going out with a group of friends but nobody can decide where to go. You’re all anxious to cash in on the best local deals, but with so many happy hour offers around, how do you know which is best for you? Let’s start with the nine-to-five crowd. It’s a Friday night and you’re looking to get the party started. Embrace a bit of local culture at Mickey Spillane’s, a lively place to go at any hour, but every day from 4–9pm you can reap the benefits of $4 on select spirits and bottled beers, $5 drafts, and $6 wines and cocktails. The food is beyond your average pub fare, and they also feature $5 frozen margaritas all day, every day, so not only will your party start there, but may just keep going there all night. This time of year, it’s not uncommon to suffer from ‘New York Winter Blues’. Thankfully, if you’re on Ninth

“A good craft beer is about as American as apple pie when done right, and oh boy, does Pony Bar do it right.” Avenue and happen to see a big yellow surfboard, you can follow that right into Réunion in order to catch a wave of food and drink specials from 5:30–8pm weekdays. Indulge yourself with authentic Creole cuisine and cocktails that make it feel like summer all year round. For smaller fare at a more intimate venue, Concrete Bar offers a generous tapas menu and dimly lit booths to cuddle up in on date nights.






54TH/55TH, 8TH


A good craft beer is about as American as apple pie when done right, and oh boy, does Pony Bar do it right, boasting an ever-changing menu of beers made exclusively in the good ol’ US of A, as well as a mouth-watering menu of hearty plates. They do take happy hour very literally, with discounted craft beers available from 4:20-5:20pm daily, but be sure to check their website for a live feed of what’s brewing on their taps. If you fancy yourself more of a world traveler with your beverages, make your way to the heavenly place known as Valhalla. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a Viking to get in, but you’ll want to drink to make your ancestors proud with an array of over 40 beers on tap and 45 bottled, plus special events with brewers from all over popping up on their calendar year-round. For the late-night crowd, there are ‘angry hours’, featuring $0.50 wings between

45TH, 10TH





49TH, 9TH

40TH, 9TH


Raising the bar: Mickey Spillaine’s, Barcelona Bar, Concrete and McCoys Bar all have superb happy hour offers.

1am and 2am and $5 American drafts 3am–4am. Beyond the smaller craft locales, you’ve got more than a few options of overwhelmingly buzzing beer emporiums. The New York Beer Company resembles the kind of space Willy Wonka would concoct if he ran a brewery. Swap the Oompa Loompas out for an attractive staff with extensive knowledge of everything on tap, and you’ve got the idea. There’s so much to take in, that they’ve got two happy hours throughout the day to let you give the whole menu a try. Don’t have time to stick around? Grab yourself a 64oz growler to go and take the bar back home with you. Let’s face it: the Port Authority is not a destination venue. Re-route your journey slightly to find the much more desirable Beer Authority, which features an all-day happy hour, two

“Check out House of Brews, with locations on 46th and 51st, and a beer menu longer than a Dostoevsky novel.” floors of seating and a neon-soaked view of Times Square. Looking for even more? Check out House of Brews, with locations on 46th and 51st, and a beer menu longer than a Dostoevsky novel. The specials are limitless, featuring a weekday happy hour from the moment the doors open, to late-night specials that run until doors shut, and one of the last ‘bottomless brunch’ weekend deals in Manhattan, which are about

as tough to come by as a Blockbuster video these days – and endlessly more practical. If you’re looking for less of a traditionally romantic atmosphere, head to Blue Ruin for an authentic dive bar with a killer jukebox full of Motley Crue and Metallica as well as a 2-for-1 happy hour special. Oh, and there’s also a pool table, as if you needed another reason. If you’re a Jameson enthusiast, and like a more intimate venue with classic tunes to spare, head over to McCoys. They’ve got an all-day happy hour, and if the staff take a shine to you, they’ll give you some markers and let you decorate your own Jameson bottle to go on their wall and become a piece of Hell’s Kitchen history. Feeling more playful? Enjoy a game of Skee Ball over a brewsky, which can be played at American Retro over on 11th Avenue. From 12–6pm you





37TH, 8TH/9TH



51ST/52ND, 9TH





Beer today: An exciting array of brew houses abound locally.

can enjoy $3 domestic beers and $5 well drinks, but this place has made a name for itself on something else entirely – tater tots. Not your run-of-themill tater tots, but we’re talking ‘pizza tots’, ‘buffalo tots’, ‘disco tots’ and even ‘tot-chos’. Live locally? They also deliver. You’re welcome. While we’re on the subject of food you will surely become hopelessly addicted to, make your way to 10th Avenue and get familiar with 123 Burger Shot Beer. Their happy hour varies daily with food specials and reduced prices on mixed drinks, but as for the rest of the menu, it’s all in the name: $1 sliders, $2 shots and $3 beers. Included in those specials, Wednesdays are wing days, where you can get two orders for the price of one, giving you the opportunity to try the extra hot, the garlic BBQ or even the peanut butter wings. Their Sunday fun

day special deal is also not to be sniffed at – buy five sliders and get one free, or buy 10 sliders and get three free! Now back to business, and right now, that business is ‘shots’. There are plenty to be found out there, but if you’re looking for libation and a show, Barcelona Bar is the place to be. There are over 100 shots on the menu, including favorites such as ‘Harry Potter’, a concoction that requires a certain amount of magic (and fire) to prepare, and ‘Return of the King’, that only true royalty can ingest. That said, the staff will help you out by lending you a crown because you should always dress for the job you want, right? Finally, as a born-and-bred New Yorker, it would truly be blasphemous if I didn’t give a shout out to one of the city’s most iconic and best dive bars, Rudy’s. You’ll probably recognize it by the central location, the big red neon





40TH, 8TH

46TH, 8TH/9TH & 51ST, 8TH/9TH





50TH/51ST, 10TH


sign… oh, or maybe the six-foot pig named Baron standing guard out front. Yeah, probably that last thing. A staple since 1933, the local hotspot is known for a happy hour that begins from the second the doors open (and on Mondays–Saturdays, that’s at 8am) until 7pm, so you can enjoy reduced prices of their already staggeringly inexpensive drinks as well as free hot dogs all the time. In fact, spend enough time here, you might find yourself sharing an emotional goodbye with Baron on your way out. So there you have it. Now, have we covered everything the neighborhood has to offer? Not even close, but this list ought to get even the most seasoned nightlife connoisseurs to raise an eyebrow and go out exploring. With such a wealth of options available, use this guide wisely and you need never pay full price for a pint again.

44TH, 9TH


PLANETOF THE GRAPES For Jeremy Kaplan of Veritas Studio Wines, the winter holidays means it’s time to break out the sparkling wine


s the winter holidays approach, I find myself with an increased desire to drink all things bubbly. However, Champagne and other sparkling wines should be considered for yearround consumption. Most countries that make wine make sparkling wine as well, so there are many choices. But first – how do the bubbles get in there? Simply – most sparkling wines (and all from Champagne) go through two sets of fermentation. The first one creates the wine and the alcohol. The second creates the bubbles. Sugar and additional yeast are added to still wine. The yeast eats the sugar and creates CO� (each house has its own secret sugar/yeast recipe). The bottle is capped – and the CO� dissolves into the wine, reappearing when the bottle is opened. Voila! (There are some sparkling wines where the CO� is injected into the wine – but these are to be avoided.) GROWER CHAMPAGNE When looking for Champagne, try ‘grower Champagne’. These wines are broadening the choices we have here in the US. In Champagne there are 19,000 growers, but only 5,000 make wine. Of those, only about 130 make it to our shores. Look for the initials RM on the label – this means Recoltant-Manipulant and indicates a grower Champagne. These wines are more distinctive than the big Champagne brands like Moet, Mumm and Taittinger. Of the 300 million bottles of Champagne made annually, only nine million are grower. Grower or otherwise, quality Champagne will cost at minimum $45 and the sky is the limit from there – but the cost is usually worth it. Never use Champagne in a bellini or mimosa. PROSECCO Of Italian sparklers, Prosecco is king, and like Champagne the name is protected and can only be used on sparkling wines made in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Made from the glera grape, most

Above: Become a fizz whizz by following these basic rules to buying bubbly.



JEAN PERNET, GRAND CRU, MESNIL SUR OGER, NV 100 percent Chardonnay, these grapes come from the family’s Grand Cru holdings. Rich, bready, brooding – this Champagne is practically food! $48.


YORKVILLE CELLARS, CUVEE BRUT, 2011 Totally organic, this bottling from one of our favorite wine makers uses Cabernet Sauvignon in their blend to make this Champagne-like wine. $35.


MANTINA COLLI EUGANEI This Prosecco actually uses Chardonnay as well as Glera giving it a richer quality. Being extra dry means it has a faint touch of sweetness. Perfect for the dessert course. $14.

Proseccos are made where the second fermentation occurs in a steel tank rather than in the bottle. The quality can be far ranging – so I would recommend spending a little more on Prosecco to find the superb examples. Here, $20 or $30 can get you a top bottle. If you want to spend a little more, and stay Italian, look for Franciacorta – probably the closest thing to Champagne in Italy. DOMESTIC BUBBLES Though the United States does not have the wine lineage of either France or Italy, some excellent bubbles do come from California, Oregon, Long Island and yes, New Mexico. Like grower Champagne makers you can expect to find a wide range of styles using a wide range of grapes – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier are popular, but expect to find sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion and even Cabernet Sauvignon. As for glassware, the flute is the recommended choice, but I prefer using a glass with a larger bowl. With the bubbles rising out of the wine, I sometime feel the CO� gets in the way of enjoyment. Give it a swirl and dissipate some of that gas. But no matter what glass you drink from, or what country you choose, your celebrations will be more complete if you start with a glass of sparkling wine.



the art of craft Get into the spirit of the holidays with these crowd-pleasing crafts, says Ciera Coyan


rowing up in California I heard a lot about New York in the fall. People picture themselves crunching through leaves or admiring the rainbow foliage in Central Park. Is New York beautiful in the fall? Of course. But the secret those of us living here share is that nobody does December like we do. People get happy. People get friendly. There’s a certain cheer in the air. There’s a reason everyone starts throwing parties in December and beer is the beverage of those good times. Wine is for feeling sophisticated, liquor for serious drinking, but beer is for ‘cheers’ing with old friends or ones made minutes ago on the barstool next to yours. Belgians spend a lot of time fighting off the cold, so it’s no wonder their beers shine at this time of year. Belgian beers tend to have strong flavors that stand up very well against food. Their high ABVs (alcohol by volume) also help against those icycold winds blasting down the Hudson. A Belgian Tripel (or Triple) is a crowd-pleasing style to bring to a


“Belgian Strong Dark Ales have insanely complex flavors. They are dark, smooth, and malty.” party. To start with the superficial, they’re gorgeous beers. They have a deep golden hue and most create a thick layer of smooth, creamy foam. In the right glassware they feel just as posh as a glass of wine. A good Tripel should be both sweet and clean. The sweetness appeals to a non-typical beer drinker. Many people think they don’t like beer because they’re turned off by the bitter, thin, one-note flavor of typical mass-produced American



www.unibroue.com Although the Belgians created the Tripel, my favorite is a Canadian brand. Unibroue’s award-winning La Fin Du Monde is a masterpiece. The sweetness and clean finish make it ideal to pair with sweet/salty foods such as a Christmas ham. To try it out before stocking up to serve with your holiday dinner check out District Tap House on 38th Street between 7th and 8th.

Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw

Above: Embrace the holiday season with partypleasing craft beers.

pilsner. A Tripel is the perfect style to ease those people into the beer world. They’re also complex and layered enough to impress a beer enthusiast. The quintessential Christmas style, for me, has to be a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. These boozy beasts can seem intimidating but they are delicious. They are the beer version of a holiday dessert, partly because they’re often sold in large bottles which makes them great for sharing. Belgian Strong Dark Ales have insanely complex flavors. They are dark, smooth, and malty. Fruity notes show up to counteract all that richness. Added to the pot is usually a decent amount of spice, either peppery or sweet. To add another layer and to keep the sweetness from overpowering the palate they often have a subtle hop presence as well. These beers really open up when they get a little warmer, making them the perfect nightcap to a chilly evening.

www.hetanker.be For an absolute world-class Belgian Strong Dark Ale, you must try Gouden Carolus’ Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw. It’s a mouthful in name and flavor. With notes of rum, clove, butterscotch, chocolate and hops it’s the perfect holiday beer. Brickyard Gastropub on 9th Ave between 52nd and 53rd carries it in the bottle.

YuleSmith (Winter)

www.alesmith.com Although most beers celebrated this time of year are on the sweet side, hop heads need not despair! AleSmith Brewery has your back. AleSmith YuleSmith (Winter) is a hoppy Imperial Red Ale that blends the typical winter malt and booziness with a delicious hop punch. This beer can be tricky to track down, but it’s worth the effort. It’s the perfect middle ground for hop lovers to join in the holiday fun!


The filter

A coffee lover’s Christmas in Hell’s Kitchen, compiled by Matt Robinson


hristmas is just around the corner and your questionable choice of sweaters isn’t the only thing getting festive. If you’re a coffee geek, December is a fun time to get playful and experiment with big holiday flavors in your cup of Joe. Of course, if you’re a genuine coffee aficionado you’ll probably retch at the idea of adding syrup to your cup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rejoice when you find some natural sweetness. The expert roasters at Counter Culture, which supplies REX on 10th Avenue, have created a blend that they believe is naturally infused with holiday spirit. The limited edition Holiday Coffee is 85 percent CENFROCAFE from Jaén, Peru and 15 percent Idido Washed from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia with notes of brown sugar, bittersweet chocolate, and pecan.

“The expert roasters at Counter Culture, which supplies REX on 10th Avenue, have created a blend that they believe is infused with holiday spirit.” Those flavors are pretty festive and, what’s more, these are great origins to look out for in December: Peruvian and Ethiopian beans should be at the height of their roasting season. Another superbly wintery local roast is offered up by Brooklyn Coffee Roasters, whose HQ and espresso lab is on Jay Street in Brooklyn. Their Guat Antigua boasts flavors of maple butter, wood and cocoa – which sounds like the perfect Christmas evening by the fire.


The complex one

Winter comfort: Warming up with a hot cup of coffee is one of the perks of winter.

So far so wholesome… but if you prefer your Christmas fun a little more ‘festive’ you could celebrate the Irish way. Head to Molloy’s Irish Pub on Ninth Avenue and ask for an Irish coffee to get a rich, creamy and whisky-infused coffee served in an authentic Irish atmosphere. But Christmas isn’t just about boozy decadence; it’s also about presents. While you’re buying countless gifts for friends and family don’t forget number one. Make it a rule: you absolutely have to treat yourself at Christmas. Take time out and give yourself a gift by heading to Empire Coffee & Tea Co. Ninth Avenue (between 41st/42nd). Just wandering in here will make you smile at the happy chaos of the place wandering out you will also notice that you now smell of coffee, the place is literally infused. Ask to take a look at some of their gift baskets, stuffed not just with great coffee but also sweets and treats. Happy holidays and happy brewing.

Brooklyn Coffee Roasters: Guat Antigua Guatemalan can be one of the most complex central American coffees and this is a truly rewarding cup. Grown in volcanic soil, alongside cardamom and macademia nuts, this coffee has citrus notes and a Christmassy cocoa flavor. www.brooklynroasting.com

The gorgeous gift

Counter Culture: Holiday Blend A great gift choice, this Ethiopean and Peruvian blend has notes of brown sugar and chocolate. Plus, Counter Culture will donate a nickel per pound from all coffee sold during the holiday season to support improvement projects in communities around the world. www.counterculturecoffee.com

The smooth brew Heart Coffee Roasters: Kenya Chorongi

Portland Roaster Heart is currently partnered with Culture Espresso (W38th Street), so make this your first port of call when searching for this exceptional blend of fruit and caramel in a cup. www.heartroasters.com



STAFF SURVEY my Broadway stars all that well. I’m usually told who it was after the fact. I always joke with my struggling actor friends that I got to tell Audra McDonald how to do my job when she worked here for our Broadway Bakes charity event. If I could choose one person, however, I’d want Matt Groening to come in. He created The Simpsons, which is my all-time favorite show, and I’d probably just drop dead if he ever actually walked in.

Christopher Buckley talks tasty cookies, kooky families, and Flushing Queens How long have you worked at Schmackary’s? I’ve been with Schmackary’s since day one, so, about two-and-a-half years now. It’s crazy to think about it, the company has changed so much, yet still has that small business, family feel that I’ve always loved about it.

Are there other places you like to eat in Hell’s Kitchen? When I don’t pack a lunch for work, my go-to places are usually Lenny’s, Bareburger, 5 Napkin Burger, or a smoothie over at Smilers. For afterwork hours, my go-to watering hole is always Beer Culture.

“I always tell new hires that we’re a very different kind of business. We’re like a big, loving, kooky family. ” Where do you travel from? When I first started, it was from Flushing, Queens (not a fun commute) but now I live in Woodside, Queens, just outside of Astoria. The R gets me to work in 25–30 minutes.


What is your favorite thing on the menu? This is like choosing between my favorite children, how do I decide?! I’d say it’s between the Strawberries and Cream cookie in February, the Key Lime Pie cookie in the summer, and the Eggnog cookie in December. What is the most fun part of working at Schmackary’s? The most fun part is the fact that as the general manager I’m able to take the time to not only work with every employee, but get to know

Do you have a career outside of Schmackary’s you are pursuing? I went to film school for screenwriting, and my dream is to have my own animated television series some day. I’ve been reading up on playwriting as well, and want to try that out soon. I also just got into doing stand-up comedy, so I write material for myself whenever the inspiration hits me.

them as well. I get to develop more than just a work relationship with them. I’m able to show them that this isn’t just another job to help pay the bills, that this is a place where you’re more than just a team member, you’re a part of the family. What is the question you are most often asked by customers ‘How do you stay so thin!?’ People always want to know if I just eat cookies all day and how I’m not morbidly obese as a result. I tell them the secret is just nibbling on a cookie now and then... and lots of salads and running when I’m not at work. If you could serve anyone there who would it be? I serve Broadway celebrities pretty regularly, although I don’t know

SCHMACKARY’S 646.801.9866 www.schmackarys. com W45ST, 9TH/8TH

What is the team atmosphere like at Schmackary’s? I always tell new hires that we’re a very different kind of buisness. We’re like a big, loving, kooky family. I think everyone realizes pretty quickly that this is an amazing place to work, and that they can be themselves here. We still all work hard and get the job done, but most of our employees become close friends, even outside of work. Many of us go see shows together, or throw house parties where everyone is invited. I keep in touch with a lot of our former employees who left for different careers, and one of my co-workers is even going to be the best man at my wedding! Not every job can boast that!







Keeping it real estate with the lowdown on high rises

SWEETNESS AND LIGHT SEE PAGE 68 With one wall replaced by a window and offering marvelous views out across the city, the benefits of this W44th Street apartment are clear.



A HIGH ‘NO-FEE’ NEIGHBORHOOD Research shows Hell’s Kitchen has one of Manhattan’s highest proportions of ‘no broker’s fee’ rentals


ew research has ranked Hell’s Kitchen as one of the areas in Manhattan with the highest proportion of rentals offered with no broker’s fee attached. The data was compiled by apartment search site RentHop, who looked at all the November apartment listings on their website to determine which areas of the borough were offering the highest levels of fee exemption. Of the 28 neighborhoods, it was the Financial District that was ranked in first position, with approximately a third of all listings earmarked as such. Next was Nolita, which listed 22.2 percent of apartments as no fee. Hell’s Kitchen was the third on the list, with just over a fifth (20.5 percent) of

listings requiring no broker’s fee. On the far side of the scale was the East Village and the Flatiron District, in which just 2.6 percent and 4.5 percent of apartments (respectively) offered renters this financial incentive. While at first glance there does not appear to be a link between the highest- and lowest-positioned neighborhoods, there is a connection, according to RentHop co-founder Lawrence Zhou. His explanation is that it tends to be the large high rises and modern apartment complexes that offer this kind of deal to encourage quick uptake, while landlords with a single property would rather sit tight to get the full value. www.renthop.com

Main picture: Just over a fifth of Hell’s Kitchen apartments on RentHop were advertised with no broker’s fee.

A new hotel is in the works in Hell’s Kitchen, according to the New York YIMBY website. The hotel is being developed at 310 West 40th Street (8th/9th). The new building will be replacing a currently vacant lot and when complete will stand 42 stories tall. With 287 rooms, it will undoubtedly be a boon for tourists, and certainly offers an auspicious position for vacationers, next to travel hub the Port Authority and tourism hotspot Times Square.

WALK-UPS SNAPPED UP Two walk-ups located on Ninth Avenue were snapped up last month by a real estate investment group for a cool $21m. The swift purchase of the pair – 824 and 826 on Ninth Avenue – was due to the company’s desire to execute a 1031 exchange. A 1031 exchange refers to IRC Section 1031, which means companies exchanging property for property of like-kind to defer capital gains tax, giving them access to their full initial equity. The buildings hold a total of 42 apartments and offer approximately 25,000 square feet. Prior to sale, since the property has been owned by ROL Realty.



VIEWING PLATFORM City vistas abound at this unique duplex penthouse apartment


east your eyes on the glorious views offered at this apartment on tree-lined West 44th Street. As a penthouse, the property features a lofty vantage point that allows for far-reaching city views, and these are maximized by the two floor-to-ceiling windows that gaze out south- and westwards. And with a 232 square foot private roof terrace overhead, in summer the views are set to become more sensational still. While the penthouse invites ardent admiration of the outside world, it would be remiss of you not to turn your attention to everything the interior has to offer, too. Entering through the foyer, the open-plan living and dining room is right ahead, and wows from the first with its doubleheight ceiling that creates a sense of light and harmony rare in most New York apartments. The kitchen

“The open-plan living and dining room wows from the first with its double-height ceiling.” is appended to this space and with its selection of inbuilt storage and breakfast bar there is plenty of space to cook and eat. Also on this level is a second bedroom, which sits behind a bathroom with shower. Upstairs is the ‘den’, a light and spacious area well suited to a multitude of uses. The master bedroom lies behind, with its own balcony, while between sits a second bathroom, with bath and his ’n’ hers sinks. A light, airy and open apartment minutes from the food stretch of Ninth Avenue, this heavenly property offers views to die for – inside and out.



Opposite page: The living/dining room comes flooded with natural light. This page, clockwise from left: Stunning city views on tap; the floorplan reveals unusual space levels; the den creates further reception space; the second bedroom is no box room!

W59th St

8th Ave

12th Ave

464 West 44th Street

W34th St

Price: $2,950,000. Contact Brad Ingalls brad.ingalls@sotheby shomes.com or David Hsu david.hsu@sothebyshomes.com




Both lose yourself and find yourself in this 11th Avenue oasis


odern life is a smorgasbord of stress, and the New Yorkers’ life doubly so. With hurried schedules and harried offices, it stands to reason that your home needs to act as a counterbalance to the hectic hubbub of the outside world. This delightful Gotham West apartment (which sits atop the Gotham West Market fine-fare food court) offers just that: an irrestible retreat within which to relax and forget everything beyond your doormat. Available to rent, the property’s three bedrooms render it suitable for couples, families, sharers and single professionals alike, making this a versatile home and a flexible choice for renters. All three of the apartment’s


“An irrestible retreat within which to relax and forget everything beyond your doormat.” bedrooms are doubles, widening the potential for use further – spare spaces being large enough to be utilized as television rooms or even home gyms. Of the bedrooms, it is of course the master that stands out, for its size and huge walk-in closet. While the bedrooms are ample and all boast handsome city views, it is the living room that really impresses,

with its expansive, open-plan space that features double-aspect floor-toceiling windows along two sides. While highly desirable through winter, this floodlighting effect can be tempered in summer with the series of cool white blinds that run across the top of the windows. The kitchen is open-plan to the living area and fitted out with rich dark wood and black countertops that is a smart visual departure from the light of the lounge. A litany of storage optimizes the space and leaves room for large appliances. An apartment as well adapted for summer as for winter, this choice home is sure to be top of most househunters’ Christmas lists. Let’s hope you’ve been good!


Opposite page: A most welcoming reception: the open-plan lounge. Clockwise, from top left: One of the two bathrooms; the fitted kitchen with matching units; the spacious master bedroom; the second bedroom of the three has space to accommodate several set-ups.

W59th St

8th Ave

12th Ave

550 West 45th Street

W34th St

Rental price: $7,875 per month. For more information email: leasing@gothamwestnyc.com www.gothamwestnyc.com/tower



THE STYLE FILES One of the most important aspects of interior design can often be one of the most overlooked. Tallulah Speed talks lighting



here is perhaps no single element more critical to the overall ambiance of an interior than its lighting. In the eyes of the entrant, light done right can create a narrative within a home, drawing focus to key features of a room, and directing attention away from its less desirable attributes. Lighting can dictate everything from the shade of color on the walls to where you will sit in the evening, and should therefore be a central concern of anyone moving into a new space or planning a room redesign. “Always plan more light than you think you’ll need,” says Bebe Regnier, founder and lighting designer of local lighting showroom Lampworks. “Every space should have good ambient light – overall, general lighting. Then you need task lighting – reading, cooking, shaving and applying make-up. The more light you use, the larger your space will appear – a definite plus in a NYC apartment!” Considering your space and how you use it morning to night will pay dividends, but even then one of the central tenets of good, functional lighting design is to keep your space customizable. Bebe comments, “Everything should be on dimmers, so you can use various sources in


2. 3.



unlimited combinations depending upon whether you are working, dressing, cleaning, watching TV, or entertaining.” Like all interior features, lighting is subject to the waxing and waning of fashions. According to Bebe, the current trend is for “contemporary, clean designs”. This is seen in their current bestselling genre, the library light (1), which offers low-key but functional lighting that can be used in everything from highlighting a picture to providing reading light for the evening. With a variety of arms, back plates and decorative details, the customizability of library lights is no doubt a second key reason for their popularity. However, ‘clean’ need not spell ‘clinical’ and a number of styles keep the balance between unfussy lines and interesting design. At Lampworks, the ‘droplets’ series of hand-blown tinted lamps (2) has proven very popular, adding interest without overpowering an interior. For those looking for styles that won’t date, Bebe recommends floor lamps. “Classically styled fixtures such as adjustable floor lamps (3) have been top sellers for over 20 years,” she reveals. Invest in a neutral base and it should last decades; update the lampshade to fit your changing interior. One of the biggest gamechangers in the world of lighting is the growing accessibility and affordability of LEDs. While the high cost of quality LEDs is an inhibiting factor, home interior designs featuring them are currently being introduced into high-end designs and these will gradually trickle down to mass market level. While a pricier set up, the benefits to person and planet are clear, as Bebe explains: “A fixture that glows


“Classically styled fixtures such as adjustable floor lamps have been top sellers for over 20 years...”

like 400 watts uses only 15 watts of electricity and comes complete with the light source.” The advantages of LED lighting are not just environmental, however: the new fittings open up a world of possibility as designers find themselves uninhibited by conventional boundaries. “Because LEDs are available as flexible strips, lighting designers are no longer restricted to fixtures that have to hide clumsy-shaped bulbs,” explains Bebe. “We can make thin, graceful shapes, and use light engines, which are flat plates.” So for those living in an apartment, which is the best current energy efficient fitting? “It all depends on what you want to achieve,” says Bebe. “For apartment living, the ideal is to use less electricity to reduce bills, so the ideal would be to replace all bulbs with LED. They come in just about any shape and socket size. Make sure you choose those that say ‘2700K’ on the package, as this is the color temperature of incandescent bulbs. Many will also work on dimmers – but make sure it says so on the package.” Chandeliers were a major trend identified at this year’s High Point

Opposite page: Lighting styles available at Lampworks Inc. Above: These interiors demonstrate how lighting can transform a home.

Market, but most designs are impractical for the vast majority of New York apartments. “A chandelier is best where you have a high ceiling and want to lower the light source on a chain or rod,” Bebe advises. For those determined to prise a little medieval-chic into their home, try positioning a chandelier over the dining table, where seated eaters will benefit from light lowered from the ceiling (5). Smaller rooms are generally shown off to their best with an uncomplicated light fitting. Bebe comments: “The best way to light a small room is with one central, enclosed surfacemount. It can be made really bright or dimmed, and if the shape is simple, won’t distract from more decorative elements in the room.” As with so many facets of interior design, good planning is one of the most essential points in getting the lighting that suits you. And with so many new styles and exciting new industry innovations in the works, this is a superb time to start looking into redoing your lighting design. Bebe Regnier is founder and lighting designer of lighting showroom Lampworks Inc, which is located in the Film Center at 630 Ninth Avenue. www.lampworksinc.com




Brighten up winter’s shortened days with one of these magic lamps


ecember is the true start of the chill in New York, and while celebrations and the New Year might detract from that initially, come January 1 we’re all looking down the barrel of three months of winter. But before you jump on WebMD to self-diagnose SAD, try preventative measures – like introducing more light into your home, or a little retail therapy. Or why not both together? With modern designs and clean lines currently on the lighting catwalk, it’s no surprise there’s a German designer on this page – OPOSSOM design’s VEJTSBERG-L04 TISCHLEUCHTE is as romantic and homey as its name suggests. While most lights view their wire as a necessary evil, this lamp makes a feature of it, encased in a clear base. This is a method also used to great effect on the Tangle Globe Pendant light, a bowl that holds a gorgeous mess of glittery cut plated metal. Metallics continue to shine, so embrace this with an Anette Library Light, designed by Ralph Lauren Home. The Galliano Wall also uses metallic accents, and with a shape inspired by jazz music it’s perfect for Birdland regulars. Alternatively brighten every corner with the tripleaspect Triennale Floor Lamp. Lightology’s Puri Ceiling Flush Mount is a subtle fixture suited to low ceilings and smaller rooms. But if you’ve the height pendant lights will always be popular – Lampworks Inc’s Droplet Pendant is a sophisticated best-seller, while both the Glass Bubble Pendant and Jamie Harris’ Open Pendant make a feature of the bulb itself – despite looking as though they come from two entirely different eras. We couldn’t leave without a nod to the holidays – with the Surprise Surprise Pendant Light seasonal cheer can be yours year-round.

















Jamie Harris Studio










#W42ST Hashtag your Instagram pics and they could star in the mag! We think the energy, eclecticism, glamor and grit of Hell’s Kitchen perfectly lends itself to a lens, but come on! Don’t be that kid at Christmas: share. When you hashtag your pictures #W42ST they’ll be seen by our burgeoning online community, reposted and could even end up on these pages! So get into the frame game and share your view of your neighborhood.




Established 2010

Join up now using the code

W42St T and ge $75 off!*

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen 315 West 36th Street between 8th and 9th

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen - one of the original CrossFit gyms in NYC. 646-234-8425 anthony@crossfithellskitchen.com *Discount applies only to “Beginner/Barbell Basics” introductory month. Valid for new members only. Other restrictions apply, email for details.


MOVING TRIBUTES Dance classes offer both fitness and fun, says Lisa Woods from MoveUSA


Dance fitness Music pumping, people jumping, cheering and smiling, grooving their hips and letting go… no I’m not describing a nightclub… welcome to a dance fitness class! Dance has always been an important part of life, bringing people together, and helping them celebrate and destress. And of course, it also helps us stay fit. It seems only natural that dance fitness would find its way into every community around New York City. With the stress of the city that never sleeps, what better way to get your workout in than by dancing it out to great music and with fun people – all without the hangover. Dance fitness classes offer just that – a way to have fun, get your cardio in (without watching the clock), groove to some great tunes


“A way to have fun, get your cardio in, groove to some great tunes and let loose.” and let loose. Many teachers have also incorporated some light weights or bodyweight strength training into these sessions, interpersed throughout the class, so you get a double fitness whammie – cardio to burn fat and get your heart pumping and some weight training to sculpt long, lean strong muscles.


Offering classes in ballet, tap, jazz, theater dance, hip-hop, contemporary and more, BDC has it all. Since its 1984 opening, dancers and dance lovers have traveled from around the world to take classes at the venue, which houses many leading dance teachers and choreographers. 3rd Floor, 322 W45TH, 8TH/9TH 212.977.2202 www.broadwaydancecenter. com Above: Zumba at The Ailey Extension with Samuel Salazar.

With Hell’s Kitchen right on the cusp of Broadway (and a veritable goldmine of Off-Broadway shows) it can be easy for perspectives to get skewed as you see dance classes that require 11 years of prior training classed as ‘intermediate’. But these are not the same! Don’t be afraid to just dive right into dance fitness classes – many of the sessions are geared towards all experience and fitness levels. So regardless if you are new to movement or have two left feet (or are an athlete or past dancer), you can take part. In fact, dance classes often have a more forgiving atmosphere than others as there is more of an emphasis on enjoyment than some of the other workout classes. What makes dance classes even more fun are all the different style varieties – including zumba, hip-hop, Bollywood and African, to ’60s- and ’80s-inspired dance fitness classes – you get to try all types of dance styles in a fun, fitness-focused class full of good vibes and great abs.


Get ready to dance, sweat and laugh in M Dance & Fitness classes. Founded by Misty Clark, the company offers classes in zumba and hip-hop, Bollywood-themed dance fitness classes, kickboxing, strength & toning and more! Pearl Studios: 8TH, W35ST/ W36TH, & DANY Studios: W38TH, 8TH/9TH 212.361.9948 www.mdancefitness.com



Fitness Special




Dance Motivation Fitness… I can’t think of a better way to sum up this amazing dance fitness class, which incorporates liberal doses of all three. Participants get to dance their heart out to all different genres of music, to shape up with non-stop sweating cardio with strength training, and to get inspired by a teacher who will motivate you not only through the class but offer encouragement that will stay with you through the rest of your day. Founded by Lindi Duesenberg (NYC professional dancer and fitness instructor extraordinaire!), Dance Motivation Fitness (DMF) is the ‘ultimate’ dance party – that it is an amazing workout as well is just the icing on the cake. Jam-packed into 50 minutes, Lindi’s classes guide you seamlessly through dance routines choreographed for each song specifically so you get to play out your dance video dreams and rock some serious grooves. Do you secretly dream of letting it loose on the dance floor but the idea of dancing in front of others scares the bejesus out of you? DMF is completely no judgement and ‘pure fun’ – the teachers don’t care if you’re turning the wrong way or stepping on the wrong foot, as long as you’re sweating and having fun. Lindi was inspired to create DMF because she wanted more than just a repetitive follow-the-leader dance class. She wanted to create a class

Above: Party like it’s 1999 with this fun and inspiring workout class.

“Classes are meant to inspire, bring more joy and fun into your life and leave you with a new sense of confidence.” that is interactive and inspirational. All DMF classes focus on much more than just achieving your fitness goals – classes are meant to inspire, bring more joy and fun into your life and leave you with a new sense of confidence. How is that possible in only a 50-minute session? Believe me, at DMF it is – Lindi’s classes are contagious – leaving you uplifted, smiling and feeling ready to take on anything – even the office party... DMF classes are held at DANY Studios – 305 West 38th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. Lisa Woods is Activity Manager for MoveUSA, a membership program that provides access to hundreds of NYC gyms. www.moveusa.com



KP Dance Body offers a mix of high-intensity cardio intervals and body-weight toning to get long lean muscles, all while dancing your heart out. Don’t get intimidated as these classes are for all fitness levels – no experience necessary. By always keeping the body moving and challenged, KP Dance Body classes ensure you’ll get you’ll get fit and have fun doing it. 8TH, W55TH/W56TH www.kpdancebody.com


Located on the upper tip of Hell’s Kitchen, the Ailey Extension at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater offers adult community classes in African dance, ballet, capoeira, contemporary, dance fitness, hip-hop, modern, salsa, yoga and Pilates, for all levels! As an added plus, the facility is beautiful and you get to bump into young, aspiring dancers and professionals to give you added inspiration! W55TH, 9TH/10TH 212.405.9500 www.aileyextension.com



Holiday spirit The winter holidays shouldn’t leave you cold. Dr Tama Lane discusses strategies for dealing with the season of family and festivity


is the season to reflect on some of the important life questions that the holiday season can trigger, such as: ‘How the heck am I going to deal with my family for the entire weekend?’ ‘What excuse can I use to avoid the family gathering?’ and ‘How can I get my boss to send me on a Caribbean business trip?’ If this sounds like your internal dialogue, no fret – you are not alone. In fact, it’s likely that you have a whole heap of acquaintances, BFFs, and even family, who only look forward to moving ‘past’ November and December each year. Within New York’s booming holiday mecca, we are surrounded by the sheer excitement of the holiday season, the smells, sounds, commercials and good old movies that portray the ideal middle class happy family – festooned with permanent smiles. In reality, the holidays may not always be filled with such mirth and merriment, especially within family systems. Although the holiday season brings with it joy and anticipation, in addition family drama, strained parental and sibling relationships, divorce, grief and loss, depression, isolation, financial stress, travel, and seasonal trauma-specific triggers rank high as a source of mental and physical anguish during this time of year. We all want to feel connected and have a sense of belonging, especially during the holiday season. However, the idealization and family expectations that the holidays can spark often present numerous obstacles


and an additional layer of stress. Expectations are inflated due to family rituals and assumptions about ‘how the holidays are supposed to be’. Some of the assumptions we have about the holidays include: • ‘Holidays are supposed to be joyous and happy.’ • ‘I should not feel lonely, sad, or angry during the holidays.’ • ‘Holidays are times when families come together and enjoy each other.’ • ‘All conflict within the family will be forgotten or resolved.’ • ‘The bigger gift or the more we spend, the better.’

“Prior to any event, think about boundary options and visualize scenarios that provide peace of mind and comfort.”

While you need to embrace the reality that things never unfold perfectly as planned, there are some strategies that will help improve your holiday experience.

Don’t Expect Holiday Miracles on W42ST; Keep Expectations of Others and Self Realistic:

During the holiday season, we have fantasies that our family members will cease and desist from doing things that affect us like fingernails traveling down a chalkboard. Furthermore, the expectation and pressure to do the happy dance and pretend to have a good time can be anxiety provoking. Similar to the song, Let it Go, let go of the fabled perfect holiday or miraculous conflict resolution. Rather, try to accept family members and friends as they are, even if they don’t live up to all of your expectations. Also, to keep the peace, it’s not a good idea to use the holidays to ‘confront’



issues of the past or discuss ‘hot’ topics.

Setting Boundaries and Avoiding That Extra Glass of Eggnog: We all deserve to be happy and feel comfortable during this festive season. Spiked eggnog can help, but there are alternative and healthier ways to cope. Prior to any event, think about boundary options and visualize scenarios that provide peace of mind and comfort. When we acknowledge feelings and struggles we permit ourselves to seek honest solutions to the problem. How much quality time with your family is enough? How much is too much? If you have limited finances, do you really need to empty the piggy bank? Will Auntie Agnes be offended if you

don’t eat the dry turkey? Do you rent a car and travel solo so you won’t have to depend on relatives or friends for transportation? Also, give yourself permission to make a graceful exit when you want to bounce.

Be Mindful and Sensitive to Your Negative Emotions:

A downward spiraling mood and anxiety can occur as holidays approach, leaving the individual unable to experience positive emotions. Some may instead experience a pendulum of mental states or feel numb in situations where spirited responses are expected (such as at gatherings). Techniques such as selfmonitoring allow the examination of causes and change of symptoms

throughout the day or week. Rather than avoid symptoms, allow yourself to understand what scenarios trigger negative moods and coping strategies that are most effective in certain situations. Also, it is important to become aware of how unhappy/traumatic memories impact the holidays. If you associate the holidays with unhappy times, then the holidays can bring it all back. The experience of family gatherings during the holiday season is often overwhelming and distressing. When caught up in the bustle of December it is often difficult to see past them, but awareness and changing your outlook will ultimately go a long way towards creating a healthy, festive holiday season.

Dr Tama Lane is a clinical psychologist who is a proud resident of W42ST. She has her own private practice on the UWS www.nypng.com and operates a pro bono site for survivors of trauma at www.drtamalane.com You can email her at drtamalane@gmail.com



Wagging tales

These camera-happy canines took a time out from the morning stroll for a quick Q&A with W42ST Ella My human’s name: Natasha. Breed: Golden retriever mix. Age: Four. Favorite toy: My red ball. Best friend: My three-legged pooch pal Shelby. Three words that describe me best: Happy, sweet and loving. My confession: I would eat french fries every day if I could!

Rosie My human’s name: Chris. Breed: A mix. Age: Six. Favorite toy: Chris! Best friend: A pitt/border collie mix named Lily. The words that describe me best: Loyal, sweet and a lady. My confession: I like to bury treats and food in my human’s bed for him to discover as he’s going to sleep. I even make the bed afterwards!


Stella My human’s name: George. Breed: French bulldog. Age: One. Favorite toy: George’s shoes. Best friend: The two-year-old kid on my floor. Three words that describe me best: Sweet, stubborn and cute. My confession: When I have to do something I don’t like, I just start barking instead!

PETS Baxter My human’s name: Tamar. Breed: Beagle mix. Age: 11. Favorite toy: My bouncy toy that has treats inside! Best friend: Anyone who will stop and say hi! Three words that describe me best: Curious, follows nose. My confession: They feed me at home but I still love scoffing street food!


My human’s name: Joe.

My human’s name: Kevin.

Breed: A mutt.

Breed: Yorkie.

Age: Six.

Age: Two-and-a-half years old.

Favorite toy: I have a stuffed squash I really like.

Favorite toy: My rope toy.

Best friend: Schroeder. Three words that describe me best: Cuddly, quirky and shy. My confession: I consider my human’s bed to be my bed!


DIAL-A-DISH For most pets, there’s nothing quite as devastating as a missed meal, which can be an all-too-often occurance as their food runs out before there’s a chance to restock. And for owners, sacrificing their expensive steak or fish to feed their pet can be a ‘grin and bear it’ experience, too. Those with hectic lifestyles have a new savior in the form of local store Pets NYC,

Best friend: Sue. Three words that describe me best: Rambunctious, playful and loud. My confession: I love picking up random chicken bones I find on the street as a tasty, on-the-go snack.

which put not only the ‘liver’ in ‘deliver’, but also the ‘beef’, ‘salmon’ and ‘lamb’ too, with their fantastic food delivery service. Getting pet food is now as easy as ordering a takeaway, and with a wide range of top brand names they’re bound to stock something your pet will want. And the best news? It’s free! So save yourself the hassle of hauling around big bags on the subway and give it a go! Pets NYC, Ninth Avenue, 42nd/43rd www.petsnyc.com





Creature comforts Treats for cats and dogs have moved on since the days of kippers and sticks – check out these purrfect presents for new ways to cosset your pet





Foldable dog bowl, $6.99 A dehydrated doggie is no laughing matter, but cumbersome bowls can quite spoil a walk. DOOG’s lightweight, foldable bowl makes for easy-breezy carrying. DOOG USA, www.doogusa.com

Complete pawdicure set, $100 Get your trendy pet dressed up to the ca-nines with this complete range of nontoxic nail polishes along with remover and file. Let’s hope it’s quick-drying! B*tch New York, www.bitchnewyork.com


Houndstooth ceramic bowl, $9.99/$14.99 A range of patterns (and two sizes) are available on Nicole Miller’s sturdy ceramic bowl, but we think this houndstooth design is surely most appropriate. Wag.com, www.wag.com

Tic Tac Twirl, $18.29 In this surprisingly tricksy game, dextrous dogs will have to summon the pinnacle of their eye-to-paw coordinating powers to spin the doors and expel the treats. Wag.com, www.wag.com








Remote control mouse, $11.25 Surely even the cattiest of kitties will be won over by this realistic-looking remote control mouse. Once they’re spent, you can move your attentions onto terrorizing other family members... Suntek Store, www.suntekstore.com

Santa belly gourmet cookie box, $24.95 This box is not only styled after a Santa belly, but it will give pups a Santa belly too, packed as it is with tasty treats galore. A great way to keep your pet from lusting over the turkey come lunchtime. In the Company of Dogs, www.inthecompanyofdogs.com

Santa sweater, $29.95 Cross a sheep with a kangaroo and you’ll get a wooly jumper, so the old joke goes. But your best friend might be equally worthy of the term as they leap for joy on receipt of this sweet sweater. The New York Dog Shop, www.thenewyorkdogshop.com

Christmas tree dog costume, $35.99 Why decorate a tree when you can be the tree? The answer to the question your dog never asked lies within this spangly costume, available in sizes for pups between two and 25 pounds. Collar Planet, www.collarplanetonline.com

Pet stroller, $89 If God had wanted cats and dogs to traverse the roads like man he wouldn’t have made them look so darned adorable in strollers. This carrier is ideal for airing the injured, elderly, or just plum lazy. 11 Main, www.11main.com

Hide-A-Bee Dog Toy Gift Box, $17 Keep your dog as busy as a bee with these three squeaky plushes, which are packed tightly into their squashy hive. A challenging task sure to keep pooches occupied throughout Christmas morning. WelcomePup.com, www.welcomepup.com



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713 8th Ave (212) 961-7507 www.ironbarnyc.com

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Molloy’s Irish Pub 737 9th Ave (212) 247-3400


New York Beer Company 321 W 44th St (212) 245-2337


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David Ryan Salon

Alquimia Bistro Bar 506 9th Ave (646) 370-3578

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Stiles Farmers’ Market 352 W 52nd St (212) 582-3088

Westerly Natural Market 911–915 8th Ave (212) 586-5262

501 10th Ave (212) 931-5731

Jadite Custom Picture Framing 662 10th Ave (212) 977-6190


Keep Your Home Clean 353 West 48th St, 4th Floor (646) 238-5924



365 W 36th Street


M2 Organic Cleaners 826 9th Ave (212) 954-7417


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Fresh Cut Flowers, Inc.

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The ReGallery

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Want to meet other Hell’s Kitchenites? Connect for conversations with other locals via Climbing Fish.

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Afghan Kebab House 764 9th Ave (212) 303-1612

Baluchi’s Indian Food 493 Ninth Ave

Better Being 940 537 9th Ave (212) 353-1986


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Bricco Ristorante 304 W 56th St (212) 245-7160


The Cafe Grind 477 10th Ave (212) 279-4100


Cupcake Cafe 545 9th Ave (212) 465-1530


Dafni Greek Taverna 325 W 42nd St (212) 315-1010


Kava Cafe

Sangria 46



470 W 42nd St (212) 239-4442

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423 9th Ave (646) 484-5733

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Adam 99 Cents Plus 760 Tenth Ave

American Home Hardware & More

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Columbus Hardware Inc.

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Lucky’s Famous Burgers


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Crystal Art & Craft Design

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Market Diner

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Pom Pom Diner


Hell’s Chicken

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Quinn’s NYC Bar and Grill

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Green Nature Coffee House 555 W 42nd St (917) 916-9408

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359 W 54th St (212) 586-3707

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Morning Star News


Popular Carpet Distributors

Troy Turkish Grill


665 10th Ave (212) 262-5510

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Uncle Vanya Cafe

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Mon-Fri: 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. Sat: 9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.


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We offer Merchant and Contractor Discounts

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Corner of 42nd Street & 12th Avenue, 1915


ack in 1915, New York City was determined to expand its public transportation system by developing vehicles that would better serve the demand of the masses. This particular corner was very influential as it was the end of the 42nd Street crosstown streetcar route, and where it


connected to the ferry to Weehawken, New Jersey. While the streetcar is a relic, quickly supplanted by better technology, water towers such as the one pictured are still very much a part of New York. Contrary to what many assume, water towers are still operational. The simplistic approach

of using gravity to deliver high pressure water makes them ideal even in modern times. Most look older than they are, because they’re made using untreated wood – leading to the misnomer that they are disused. One tower can last up to 35 years, and they are actually easier to build and maintain than steel tanks.

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W42ST Magazine Issue 2 - Happy Holidays!  

The free publication for Hell's Kitchen, New York. Celebrating the people, the food and the property – pick up a physical edition in your lo...

W42ST Magazine Issue 2 - Happy Holidays!  

The free publication for Hell's Kitchen, New York. Celebrating the people, the food and the property – pick up a physical edition in your lo...

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