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MISSION STATEMENT At Romanio Café, it is our passion to provide customers not only the finest food but the most enjoyable dining experience. We believe that: “Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity”-Frank Wright Product

Romanio café provide our customers various choices of food from: Italian Pasta, French pastries, Japanese sushi and sashimi, Italian ice-cream, hot drink (tea, espresso, hot chocolate…), cold drinks (pops, bubble tea…) and cocktails.


Phone-free deliver (pastries and dessert for parties) Internet order (pastries, dessert and drinks for parties) Off-site catering (Weddings, birthdays, home gathering…)


720 Fifth Ave, New York City “Fifth Ave is ranked number one as the most expensive street in the world”-Forbes Magazine


According to the NRA’s 2009 Restaurant Industry Forecast: ( New York restaurants are an increasingly important part of the state’s economy. State economy: Every $1 spent in New York’s restaurants generates an additional $.98 in sales for New York economy Each additional $1 million spent in New York’s eating-and-drinking places generates an additional 23.4 jobs in New York




August 13th 2010.


FUNDING 40%: Personal Saving $

30%: Loan from Bank of America 30%: Loan from Chase Bank Tax deduction for new business through Stimulus Package



SUCCESS FACTORS 1.Restaurant is

According to the New York State Restaurant Association, New York

a growing

restaurants’ share of the food is rising and will register 27.8 billion in sales

industry in New

by 2009

York City


Tourism is a huge industry in New York City estimating about 47 millions foreign and domestic tourists each year ( According to “Business tourism is worth over $100 Billion in terms of its wide economic impact through associated delegate expenditure on travel, entertainment, shopping, pre-and post-conference tours”

3.Constant Events

Local events draw traffic to the city and our business in particular. New York City has tremendous amount of small and big events constantly happen every month: Sport Games: Yankees baseball game, Knicks basket ball game, Ranger Hockey game, Giants football game… Cultural events: Chinese New Year, Columbus Day Festival, St.Patrick Day Parade on Fifth, Easter Parade… Food Events: Chocolate Show at Metropolitan, Ninth Ave International Food Festival… Fashion Events: New York Fashion week, Designer fashion shows...

4.Traffic from

Romanio Café has many advantages in drawing traffic from surrounding




Retail stores: Abercrombie, Juicy Couture, Valentino… Hotels: Peninsula, Central Park, Courtyard… Restaurants & Café: Starbucks, Antique, Otto, Trump… Attractions: Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero, Times Square..




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E)Native American

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F)Asian, Pacific Islander

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