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When i was in nine grade, we turn the chairs up & run to the back of school. When the teacher arrived to classroom there weren`t any students there. The teacher went to the coordination to complaint. We ran so fast while returns at the classroom and we put everything in order. When the teacher came back with the coordinator we were sit in our chairs and reading… The teacher was turn confused and the coordinator got angry with the teacher because he thought that he was lying. I want to study politics, or be a very important lawyer. I‟m gonna be the best at the country, later work for all the people of the world or be teacher, write for a politic magazine or work in a public entry. CLAUDIA MARCELA SPINEL CORTÉS.


My LIFE At The School When I was in tenth grade, one day when I was with Pawis in the Bathroom door, she came up with the great idea of pushing me into the planter, she has much laughter, when I fell, I crushed one plant, and pawis had very much laughter, the plant gave a disgusting slime and my coat stayed dirty and smelling ugly. When I finished the school, I hope be admitted to the Universidad Nacional To study cinema and television production or, Present the probe in others universities for study Graphic design and advertising, I hope go to Italy, for riding horse and be happy with my Lover “Little thing�. I feel satisfied with everything I've done over the years and the changes that has taken in my life, I give thanks to my teachers to have me very patience and teach me about the life out, thanks to all my fellow for many experiences lived with everyone. With love Geral xD Peace and love.

MOMENTS WILL NEVER FORGET I remember the day that entered the multipurpose room to a conference with my classmates, we were sitting in the front and Yessica took off his shoe we started to pass it up to Stefany who launched it to the front, all we laughed but teacher scolding all are stages of life; today I can only say that for 11 years, and especially in the last six years of effort and dedication r 11 years, and especially in the last six years of effort and dedication, I was able to learn more, I was able to meet incredible people, I live close friendship. I learned the commitment of responsibility and train as a person, and as a woman! Hence forth my expectations are: -

To get high school degree To be a professional in business administration To help others To formalize a family


A MEMORY AND A DREAM An interesting anecdote was when at 10 ° to the teacher Nancy told him that I liked and wanted to be her boyfriend, she replied that only liked men of his age and bearded then smiled and blushed completely, my colleagues and I did not stop laughing for a while. Now I‟m focused on graduate me, follow sharing many experiences and cute things with the girl who steals all my life and my thoughts, spending too much time with my parents make so many projects. I will leave the country for new opportunities as an excellent football player if things do not exist because God wanted to return to Colombia to make my professional studies as electronics and telecommunications engineer, bring up my family, my life, my studies and that my future depends on them. From the best moments of my life the largest and most valuable is the time I have spent with you. You won a small space in my heart, you have taught me so many things, we laughed, and played, and cried, and fought together and never we have left them alone. I start thinking in silence in all the situations I lived with you and I am filled with nostalgia to learn that they won´t be the same after this, I want to thank to have met fellow like you, still reserve my tears for another special date.


THE MEMORY The memories that have of my live school always will be present in my mind like when I was in ninth grade i was new in the group one day we were alone in the class room and we went out and we started mining thought the courts and I fell i the front of my classmates I felt so embarrassed but finally we laughed a let. I will miss many things and many people but wish them good luck in their lives and they must remember that each one of them are in my heart and I thank them for these year of friendship.


MEMORIES We celebrate the end of a special time in our lives, we say goodbye to great friends and teachers, whom we thank for their support during all these years, we have in our memories, the day when we entered this wonderful school, full of emotions, curiosities, nervousness, joy .... Finally we entered the room and sat with other children, not knowing that many of us would share great moments for so many years. I remember, when in the ninth grade in 2011 we had to prepared a dance, everything was ready just was missing the costumes, so the girls were looking for the makeup, that could adapted very well to the dance topic, so they were wondering who gonna be the first one to try the makeup, no one wanted, so I said "me", the” I was looking like a mime, but this, was a fun day when most of the girls were able to practice their cosmetics skills. Now that I graduated my spectations for after school are: be a national champion route, being in the panamerican podium , also being able to be in the world cup and in the three Grand Tours (Le tour de France, Vuelta a España and Giro d 'Italia); then in the course of my sport career I will study medicine or architecture.


EXPERIENCE, EXPECTATIONS AND GRATEFULNESS To be our last academic year in the college I want to wish you all success, that all dreams and goals are met. All my colleagues thank you for having shared the year of madness and laughter. To those who are here to complete their academic work hope that as we leave a legacy that identifies as good santiaguinos.

I remember that one of my experiences, when we won the dance competition in the ninth grade in spite of the nerves at the end we had a great satisfaction to our new achievement, That same day was serving fifteen years, I remember also, that was carried out in the coliseum Parmenio Cรกrdenas

I also like all expectations have for my life i hope I can fulfill them. My dreams always have been to go out of eleven grade and to begin new adventures in the university, to expend my knowledge to be happy in the life and propose me new things; to fulfill to give me more confidence in myself.


THE GRADUATION One my great expectations is to belong to promotion 2013 and to star my life as a profession and can have new knowledge and experiences that make stronger my personality. Graduating means give another step in my life, I am pride of my parents .along these 11 years and especially the last six ,i was able to learn more with effort and dedication i could meet wonderful people i live close i learned commitment of responsibly and train as a person friendship.


WORDS OF FAREWELL My parting words from school are thanking the teachers, classroom friends, I thank you for your friendship, your support, I say thank teachers for their teachings and advice an anecdote was when I was in eighth grade, that all people in the classroom don´t enter to ´´ Emprendimiento ´´ class and coordinators were looking for us but all hid in the marze crop, my expectation when I come and to out of the school is to continue studying English to improve study civil engineering because that´s what I like .


A GREAT PERIOD OF MY LIFE Today we celebrate the and of a special time in our lives, we say goodbye to great friends and teachers, whom we thank for their support over the years, allowing us to be here, to come out of eleventh grade . Now in our memories we have, the day when we entered this wonderful school, full of emotion, curiosity, excitement and joy‌.. Finally we entered the room and sat with other children, without knowing that many of us would shore great moments for so many years, but all agree to feel that every one of our teachers have a special and unique touch to support us to learn to read and write. To reach every goal that we draw to us and give us the opportunity be someone in life. After leaving the school I want to study public accounting or telecommunication but also wont to work to and to help my family and feel proud of me after all these achievements would like a family with all the values I taught.


Whole life in school 1103 dear friends thanks for sharing these last two years. For having welcomed me to their group. These time so special of pranks, laughter and sadness I will never forget. Stay a memory of you in me. Al most finalized this year. I can only said you that fight for their purposes, and life plans. I remember about a year ago we were in physical education Frisbee playing, then Cristian hit Felipe with Frisbee, I and Cristian king, after Felipe was injured his nose. After high school in the year 2013, I will focus on choosing my career i want to study civil engineering. I will study English because I want to travel to USA, and I would start to work as a civil engineer in an office or in a work as supervisor.


MEMORIES During these six years of my school life I had spent great moments together to all those who I share every day. There is no single experience or prank done with people that always had been sharing with me, but there was a moment when Zamora took of a shoe from me and put it in the basketball of the basketball field, He lifted me as baby He took me up to the classroom and then He handed me the shoe. At the end my school life I hope to continue with my studies I will try to fulfill my dreams, but by now time the principal is to keep studying. Later I will take opportunities that are presented. Today is a special day to everyone, we begin new experiences in our life, but we feel sad too, because we are leaving our school with special people. I say good bye to my dear school where we learn to be person, with human feelings. Today, I say good bye to our uniform, the sound of bell to change the hour, sometime was difficult but beautiful too.


FAREWELL WORDS It is important to recognize that belong to school Santiago Perez; I had a valuable opportunity to meet people, to live and share moments that will be forever in my memory as part of a family do you taught and supported me. The most memorable moment was the students day, y shared a with my degree 1103 an unusual but something delicious breakfast it is was a nice time for all. Thanks to the orientation of my school teachers and get to put some goals and create some expectations of life: be a featured professional physiotherapist for my personal integrity training as much as here be learned not only a person but student. Thank every moment, every joy, laughter and tear with my companions and teachers are those people think of you always grateful stay. THANK YOU GRADE PROMOTION 2013 – 1103


A SCHOOL ADVENTURE When entering this institution I knew many friends that shared extends moments in my life like those moments when we played soccer and our other fellows. When I started my high school with my colleagues with whom we played soccer all the time jumping in the creek I fell and hurt my arm from that day I caught a little afraid to jump. The farewell is going to be very difficult since lived many important moments for my future which remains in my memories and it will not be easy to forget memories of tall kinds.


A GREAT MOMENT! Although I spent a short time in the school, I had lived many moments; but my favorite memory is when Anyi and I play a joke to Andres and Vanesa. We were in problems that day. We went with the coordinators the next day, but they told us not to make that again! We were afraid, we smiled but we were many nervous at the same time. Moments like that will be keep in my mind forever. I hope that I can progress in the life, also to make a great career and to get a job doing what I like; and someday I can meet with my old friends and talk about our lives, the anecdotes of the past; waiting that everyone does important things in their lives, for continue forward! I thank to my friends and my teachers for all these moments, and I hope their dreams are fulfilled!


MY DREAMS Today we celebrate the end of a special time in our lives, today we celebrate the culmination of years of effort with pen and notebook in hand, the end of a stage of achievements, and struggles. This moment is of absolute happiness and pride for all of us, because today we culminate a stage in our life to begin another, it is special and nostalgic, it was good to meet people who has joined us in the course of our lives; that certainly defines much of our history. It is difficult in, in a few words to write thee rain of sensations and spirits, on this day we express our thanks for the guidance of such a select group of teachers. Come to mind memories and some main expectation to fulfill in my personal issue. I finish my high school to enter at university, get a job for my personal nee ds and fulfill my dreams.


My Last Goodbye I remember the year 2009, when I was in 8th grade the school let us out to neusa to share ad travel; i miss these things, these moments that sometime made me happy. My Expectatives for 2014 its begin my university career at university national of Colombia, if I pass the admission test I will study Electronic Enginnery or study Ambiental Enginnery in the Distrital University Francisco José De Caldas and be the best in all i do. I‟ll miss al my Friends; because with them i shared some beautiful and unforgottable moments, and my teachers who taught me with care and dedication. To all my Friends i wish them the best. I hope you are the best in all you will do, fight for your dreams to become true. (Still fighting to become true).


THE FAREWELL This past year is a special year for all of us. This year ends a very important phase of our lives, because we ended our day at school. Together we meet the problems that confront us had, and that is why we are meeting one of the first goals we set when starting high school, next to the graduation is closed and have a combination of feelings such as joy and homesick. I remember the 8th grade when for a algebra is workshop; I had to work with Geraldine and Dayanna but I did not speak to much to them. But from that day we were friends, we went to movies and to the event 40, since that day I met two new friends. As for the expectations that I have of my life to are mainly to go to university and get a university degree in industrial engineering, have a good average to make a double titling in Germany; in Germany I will work to gain experience and start my own company future.


FAREWELL I have finished a stage in my life where i met many people and where i lived many unforgettable moments, as when I was in eleventh grade while teacher Vilma went coordinator room, she left us a work and instead of doing this, we recorded and danced the Harlem shake song and all desk were thrown to the ground. During this period of my life i knew a cute side from my mates, many wonderful memories put there comes a time when you have to think about having a good full of triumphs. The expectation that I have, after school is to rest for six months and later go to the sabanaâ€&#x;s university to study gastronomy and study English, then I will finish my university and I want to open a restaurant of oriental food with branches around the world, a goal that I will be achieved with dedication and effort.


Beautiful Experience Undoubtedly at school, I spent the best moments of my life, because I met new people and made many friends with whom enjoyed different times, but everything is already close to its end and it is time to say goodbye. I had a memory that I will always carry in mind, it is when Camila Samudio sang with Paula Pinzon in English class, she did it so terrible and sounded ugly it was so funny and we began to laugh … In generally I‟ll always have them in my mind and my heart. Individually the expectation that I have after school is to travel abroad to make a course in English and when return I want to study international business at university Javeriana that is located in the center of Bogotá. When I finish my career I‟m going to travel around the world with my boyfriend. Teachers, friends, companions It‟s time to say goodbye, the time to begin a new stage look and move forward and be prepared for a great future. Thanks, I wish them the best. Gina Chaves

An end and a new beginning

I remember that in the school when I was in 8th grade I broken the roof while the teacher was out of the class room.

When I finish the school I want to study top nursing I hope to work , can pay my college and be a professional , later I would like to have a family

My second home was, be and still be the school , where I expressed these words that come from my heart to thank to you guys, teachers . All of you have formed me for a responsible person, thanks to you teacher to so much knowledge acquired thanks and count with me for everything


THE LAST COURSE Something that I would not forget about all my years at Santiago PĂŠrez school, are my classmates who in some way have been our support .We sometimes played football as we all had too much fun and we shared as a group. The expectations that I have for my life is to graduate from eleventh grade getting into university, be professional , help my family and maybe later when i have a good economic position to start a family. To all my classmates I want to thank you for all the moments we shared, each of you will be carried in my mind and in my heart, but it's time to say goodbye and head out to meet the goals we have set over the years.

Lizeth Viviana Murcia RodrĂ­guez.

“Whatever had been our achievements, we always had somebody helping us to achieve themâ€? since I read those words, they have been echoing in my heart, and I think this is the opportunity to share then with all of you it is true and in the name of my classmates and mine, who today have the immense happiness to receive our diploma as high school graduate declaring that this step have not been because our effort eagerness, it also is due to the persistence and support if people around us and it is wonderful because our joys, satisfactions, memories and achievements are multiplied by each one of them. Nevertheless joy is not the only feeling that fill us today is a day to remember, to thank, to have hope, we have to remember what we have lived, have fought, have cried. What we have done or havenâ€&#x;t done, but always remembering the positive things such as the laughter, the anecdotes, the sacrifices and efforts that made us stronger and the life lessons which marked our lives. With this short reflection I wish that happiness and the satisfaction of having completed a task fill your hearts and it will be the starting point of a life of success and prosperity; see you later.


THE BEST OF MY SCHOOL LIFE Being in the school was my biggest adventure , one of my memories was when one day in ninth grade in a class of philosophy, we all had the idea of turn it over the desks before the teacher come and run out of the classroom. When we saw the teacher coming with the coordinator, we ran back to the classroom; they came and everyone were sitting on their desks. Was very funny, the teacher thought that he had imagined all. When finish the eleven grade I hope to go to university or to SENA , important is study and to become an excellent professional in the career that I like, my career ideal and that I love is INGENIERIA AMBIENTAL I donâ€&#x;t know if this been little or much but I am sure that the school is the best time of life, I lived many things with my friends and I will miss them very much.


Experiences that lasted for ever One history remembers was in sixth grade when the teachers took us to park Jaime Duque and while doing the course director at a time with two friends (Juan Pablo and Andres) with whom I was turn away from the group and ended up giving the tour with another school, after we realized we did not know where our course was, one of my friends call her mom and was able to communicate with her mom started screaming that ¨Bienestar Familiar¨ will take him if she did not come. After finishing school I have planned and organized the goal of studying architecture, which is my interest, I will perform in the workplace and thus provide benefits to others. In this last year of school I would like to thank all my friends and teachers for the company and help they gave me I also want to tell them that I hope everyone does well in the different paths and achieve their goals in the best way.



I remember an occasion when i played a war of books, because of that i was punished, i like remembering because all the friends of the classroom were united to play. After finishing high school in the year 2013, i will focus on studying at night and work during the day, i want to study “Technical in line of helicopters� to have a better future and for my parents. And finally today i want to say goodbye, thanks to everyone who was with me and helped me, thanks to my friends and my teachers



There are so many things that we lived with the 1103 grade but I will miss the most Geral‟s falls and the memory that I will always have is all the contests we won together. This year I keep from each one of you the best, I keep something that I learnt of you. I know I did not share my time with all but I know each one left a footprint and everyone collected it to save it. I want to tell you, all you, I hope your life will be good in the future, that you find yourselves in front of new goals to get. During the school and now I have been thinking about my future, and today my expectations for the life are: grow up like human being, study to be a vet, get my tittle of the university and help my family to give back them all their efforts because of me and overall, stay in touch with my friends. Today I want to tell you: I am going to miss you, ALL YOU. Over there, someone said 1103 is the best! Yessica Paola Álvarez Sánchez

MY EXPERIENCE AT THE SCHOOL I want tell one of my experiences in the school, when I was in eleven grade we had free hour of dance class; Marcela, Choco and Daniela wanted to throw me head down into a full rubbish bin. I ordered them to take me out and when they were going to do Camargo arrived and gave many turns to trash bin with me inside. When leaving there I was filled with trash, dirt and with spiders in all my hair,  I also smelled of rotten. “They are so cute”, but I love them. Now I‟m leaving and when I finish the school, I hope go to the University Nacional to study Cinema and Television production and take a photography course to become a professional photographer. I also hope to travel to New York and to study Music and Theatre and be happy with my lover♥. I‟m grateful for all you taught me, now I hope to continue my studies and what I experienced here will always be a beautiful memory. TOTAL THANKS 


Memories I will never forget

I remember the day when we the whole grade 1003 did a presentation about the eight years. I lost my shoes and in the school the next day. I didn't attend school at last I found my shoes When I finish. I want to be a great architecture, I will study at the Salle University to my parents be pride of me My dream is to go to Barcelona to specialize in a career in architecture. Later I will enter to the air force with the help of my uncle who works there I want to pursue my career as an architect doing some beautiful buildings and designs for the air force


MY DEAR FRIENDS Dear colleagues , today I am thankful all these years have been of joy and love for me .Thank you for all these years that have shared great stories , dreams , sorrows, joys and affections ….Everything was because during these years ,I learned to love them as a second family, I know that every day of my life will remember every anecdote and every fight, this is more than a memory , is the memory of the best times of my life .Now I also know that we will be apart and individual lives, but we meet and talk about our lives and remember those seasons where national brotherhood in grade 1103 . I want everyone to know that be always in my heart and I hope to share the story so magnificent that we lived together , really it is going to be memorable not only for me , then for all members of the 1103 course .Finally , I am very grateful to my friends, because they were always loyal and had strength to carry on our friendship …I am grateful with Choco, Dieguito ,Edwin , with Rochi that is very special to me , and with the other peers and teachers of the school Santiago Pérez . Always remember, that until now is the beginning of a new history that we can write all the course. Thank you my friends


My years of high school

In this last year of my high school I want to thank my companions and friends for all those such nice moments that they gave me, we live good experiences united, we laugh, we share, we support and even we fight, but I want to say that the good as the bad moments will be present forever in my memory. Three years ago my friends carried a birthday´s cake to school, the most funny was that they hadn´t brought cutlery for cutting and serving cake, they had just brought a spoon, I remember that day we had to eat with the spoon and we were with all face overcast of chocolate´s cake. Nowadays my expectations are graduate me prom eleven grade, enter to the university and I graduate as pedagogue infantile, I also expect to be a good teacher, I want to teach children all that I am, deliver the best of me, help children to constitute their future and most that all I expect to find wonderful people as my friends. LAURA BIBIANA LOZANO SUAREZ.




MOMENTS On this day, I want to say and remember the times we shared during the year, the moments we shared together. We finished all our years, and now it's time to remember the moments of joy and love that we live as companions. Thanks for the moments we shared, the fights, the joys and love. I hope to be your source of joy and be remembered as a cheerful and mind person. Each of you has left me interesting things to me; you have become my second family. We shared and celebrated the glory days we lived in school. Thanks for all folks, for your patience and tolerance, for sharing, for changing my live... Goodbyes are painful but it is a temporary farewell, because we know that someday we will meet and recap all lived.


My experience The memories of my life in the school always will be the best, because the people that i met are very friendly, funny and crazy people and made that be there with them wasn‟t bored, always had something or somebody that made us laugh as when we were in ninth grade, i remember that our English teacher was very funny because she scolded us and anybody paid attention, i fought every time with her because she said „‟oye cállese‟‟,‟‟oye siéntese „‟, and we began to laugh, she began to cry because we laugh every time when she said that, is why i will never forget this people, i will miss them so much but also i wish them the best of luck and i love them so much.


An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t. Anatole France

Farewell 1103  
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