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THE END OF A WONDERFUL ADVENTURE – ANGELA ALAPE I want to thank the teachers and peers, because of them I take great lessons, teachers for their dedication to my training, my peers for the lived moments; I wish them success in their lives. In 2013 I met people, each with a especial way of being, although very little shared moments, those moments are very special and unforgettable contagious laughter, bad jokes, thousands of hugs, new nicknames, group work in which we lost a whole afternoon laughing, moments in which to demonstrate our dancing skills or our ability to fly a kite. These and littler details are my mind and will be unforgettable for each of us. As I have expectations to fulfill my dreams, my goals, to accomplish, accomplish my studies, also to my colleagues I wish them much success, that all your goals are met, that life again allow the cross our path.

Most beautiful stages in my life – ERICA AREVALO The moment I entered to sixth grade it was very important to me because my parents were proud of me and I was proud of myself, from the first day I felt super rare because for me it was a very big school. I remember most that I always occupied first place in the group. And I got mention of honor. As soon as I finish school I will look for a job to help my dad to pay my college then I'll apply to the universities for medical career because that is the career that i want to study because i like a to help people in need and specially to my family. My Fellows, I do not pretend to say that we are the perfect promotion, as it would be untruthful. We are human beings and we have strengths, weaknesses and very different ways of thinking, which like it or not always brings some differences. In spite of this, all of us have grown up together, sharing a series of experiences and daily built strong bonds of friendship, respect and love that have been strengthened, especially in the last year.

A GREAT EXPERIENCE A great experience that I will always remember is my first day at school, as this was the beginning of the road to the realization of my goals.What I remember most is that along with my cousin we made very good friends, which I still remember with whom I have a good relationship.Also something to remember much was I called much attention for being the only girl out of uniform, thanks to this all asked me where I came from and why I had no uniform.My expectations after school are continuing to explore the career I want to fulfill as a veterinarian because I like animals. It hasthe experiences I had in school have been so nice, the knowledge I have gained and the people I’ve known. It is very sad to have to go through this stage, but the road goes on and we must move forward and succeed. Baleri Benavides


FINAL UNFORGETTABLE AN INTRIGUING WAY In the 2008 When We Were in 6 grade my friends and I class, liked playing in the ravine, but I said I did not want to jump and a classmate jumped for me but she broke her arm. Of 6-11 things changed a bit now all have many goals and expectations, mine are: start courses of music and language in order to get into a good college. but I will not forget, after 6 very specials years, I have lived moments with my friends, it’s time to say good bye, with a big smile in my face and happy because I had a lot of teachers that taught everything I know now. – LAURA BONILLA -


My name is Luisa Maria Casta単o Ramirez. I am study at the Santiago Perez since six years ago. Nowadays I am in eleven grades. My trajectory for the school had been good enough. T remember when I participate in the beauty contest, I was very beautiful to crush the 903 grade candidate. It was a wonderful experience.

Today I want to thank all those persons who supported me and advised me to come out ahead, all those teachers who believed in me ... And my companions who were with me during these six years of my time at school.

After finishing school, I'll start a new chapter in my life. Then start to university but always remember this school where I was born as a professional.

Leaving Footprint

ANECDOTE When I was in 9th grade my friend Yeka and I keep together all the time, we like having a lot of fun. One day we were doing homework in my house and my brother got sleep in my room with the notebook inside. After much time to think how open the door we decide push it. I ran push out to hard and the door falls down, it was so funny and that day it’s an amazing memory with my high school friend. MY EXPECTATIONS My expectations are to graduate, go to College and study graphic design, it what I like, continue in the theater learning, enjoy life and everything I have to improve and grow as a person. GOODBYE This day is very important; begins a new stage of our life.Thanks to all my friends who supported me over the years; I hope you fulfill your goals and dreams.


Part of my life – DANIEL DUARTE I remember well when I was in 7 grade and performed the dance festival school; it was organized every year where courses were facing a contest in which we had to create our own design and then we had to choreograph the dance in front of an audience and jury the dancing juries decided we were the winners of the child category and prize our course. When I leave the school I want to rest for two months and the I’m going to study at Sena ,then I will work to pay my college . I also want to push myself in my football team trying to improve every day and if possible become professional footballer, trusting in God. I want to thanks all my friends for all those joys and sorrows we have shared, for all those moments that remain stored in our hearts and to the teachers for their infinite patience and the love they have given us, it will be present in my life forever, thanks ¥

Goodbye mates

Now I must take my way, there are many stories I lived in this school as my first day of school. I remember that teacher Gerardo Rodriguez was my Eighth course director and that day I met my best friend Jessica Gomez who to this day, I have took a beautiful friendship. It’s time to go and in my life project I have to go further studying and being a professionally in medicine. Although it is sad to say goodbye because I spent most of my life sharing with all of you, learning to be a better person every day, I have to leave today. Thanks for all the lessons and moments spent with all of you‌

Andrea Ducuara Linares

My travel in the school

This year at this school, Santiago Perez has been a year of challenges, goals and expectations, a little uncomfortable participating in the institution, but in the end nice. A year of headaches, but wins, places and the base of the class, a lot of class work and the high notes definitely an extraordinary year, one year yearned and very well rewarded.

My dream is to study military career, I hope to fulfill my dream quickly, for Demosthenes what you dream can be fulfilled.

Finally I leave you saying not to forget what each of you is, and no matter how big we get, the important thing is what we intend to achieve. Thank you.

Laura Catalina Duran Barrera

My experience in the school I am Andrea Carolina Garnica Garnica, my best experience at school was in sixth grade we did a festival with choreography and queen, rehear seal the dance with great effort and we were very surprised when we won because we had danced good. My expectations will rest a bit after I finish the school, studying my chosen career (social communication) and be a good communicator in the future to make my parents feel proud of me. I just want to say to all teachers and students of this institution thank you for everything you have done for us throughout this shared time; they say that it hurts to dismiss at this school because it is like a second home for us, and if you have good reason it hurts to leave these teachers and principals who were like parents to us but it is a joy because we overcame as students and it is a big step for us.

My life Experience ‌ While I was in my school had unique, unforgettable experiences, I learned many things, I met many people, used to play football with my mates every day in the break, I always had good friends and never sought trouble for something.

Now we come to the end of basic education, the end of our study the most beautiful experience of every human being, I realize that there are many memories and that this will serve for our future.

At school I met the love of my life, It was a year ago and I am very happy to have met this girl.

My aspirations for my future are my dream, I pursue a military career and no last as long as necessary and if it i will study at a university career.

I can do all with effort and responsibility. Carlos Gomez !

WORDS TO REMEMBER – LUISA GUZMAN I remember the days when I was in 8°, those times that was obsessed by baseball, playing every day with my , never we had equipment to play, so with what you had on hand so was a tennis ball and a stick. It was very funny and more when raining because that meant a safe fall and hat was funny. I also remember those long hot days in which secretly filled with water balloons to launch, or those days where we would tell our secrets, or the days of dancing in what we laugh because we dance funny, but that it did with effort. Those times were wonderful. My expectation out of the school are: studying ‘’social communication and journalism’’ to order in the future to achieve a good job, be able to travel to different parts of the world, mature in terms of thinking and do what I like. To all you, my fellows, I wish you a very happy life in this new stage, hopefully fight for what you are passionated about and fulfill your dreams; don’t give up! Well see chance. Maybe bigger with boyfriend and family, and maybe I also changed but I always remember you, my brothers. PROMOTION 2013

I want to say: what will you do in a future?, and what will we be as classmates in a future?. Will we forget that beautiful time that we enjoy together?. I don’t want to forget this lovely time in which I studied in the Santiago Perez. I will always remember those crazy students who were my classmates. I wish you the best. And remember you won’t lose nothing if you look for what your soul angers. Recollection Some day at the break time in the school I was dancing with Ana. We tried to make, a hard dance and we couldn’t. after we think in other dance, but that didn’t result so she fell and we laugh so much. What I want to do after finishing my high school is to study some language. I would prefer English. This I could enter to the university in better conditions. I would like to study mechanic engineering or civil engineering. JUAN FELIPE HERNANDEZ

The good bye's words – GABRIEL JIMENEZ I remember when i was in eighth grade in 2010 when we played everywhere, passed the day through the orchard and we realized that had planted corn. That day some friend started getting down the corn that were good to take them, later a friend called me and gave me to corns, when I got to the house the first thing I did was cook and eat which were very rich indeed

When I finish the school I will to study engineering and get ahead hard work and commitment to face the challenges that life puts me, I will not give up and I will so create a company

I wish my colleagues and friends in this new way that comes to be filled with triumphs and good wishes to fight for everything they want and someday I hope to see you professionally

Speech of Farewell – MANUEL LUQUEZ It has passed six years since I came to this institution; it has been six years where I shared many moments with my friends and mates. Various emotions and sensations were originated when I began to study: happiness, sadness, pride, trophy, anger, victory; all caused by the determination and effort that I invested. One and all of us have held many achievement thanks to study. The school receive us with open arms for teach us to give the first to be better persons. Now the moment of going out the school Santiago Perez, I want feel good by having done it properly. I was finishing to school, I wish continue with my studies at University, approve the admission exam of Nacional University, and study Industrial Engineer, the profession that I chose for my life.

Beautiful experience It is the last year of this long but beautiful experience of my life, in wich I learned how to smile, dream and grow to be a good person This is not a good bye because I’m certain, you will always be in my heart this beautiful experience I hope to put in highest my college name, it was my second home during those last years and I owe to it my formation to be useful to the society My best wishes ‌

Lina Manrique 11-01

My life in the school

A moment memorable for me is when I fail ninth grade, that day I cried but thanks to that event I could meet wonderful people and thanks to they could progress in my study, share and learn new things

My dream is to study medicine but to attain it, first, I have to pass by two obstacle and one of those is to begin a course of infirmary and to work in the police after passing? those two obstacles i will study medicine, this is my dream.

To now my friends, dont forget i can fullfil your goals. Congratulation to us.!

Sonia Milena Martinez

A great and unforgettable adventure lived – LaDY MONCADA A great experience that I lived in the school it was in grade ninth I was playing with my friends and occurred a fall very funny I pushed two "friends" I will remember it forever. My expectations after school include: working, save enough money to pay my career, a get beneficial future to my mom and to me to fulfill all my dreams with the most important person in my life that is my mom. Today with sadness also with happiness, and with tears in the eyes I thank my teachers and classmates that accompanied me during all my years of study. Tomy friends the thank you is of heart for so much good and crazy things, I love them very much I will miss them.

VIEW PAST – DAYRON MONTAÑO I still remember the day I came to school Santiago Perez, vas very shy and a little nervous, I wanted to know that fellows, the day the new ones had to go, we were few, as was the whole school, I was surprised were many students. I will always remember the first day at school. Since I have memory, until bow, I have had many experiences. Studying is hard, years waiting for this moment to arrive. And now that I’m living it, I’m happy to have gone through all that way, the great experience that the school leaves, many teachings and reflections, many things learned and preparation for a better future. GOODBYE SANTIAGO PEREZ AND BYE BYE SCHOOL. It’s a very difficult parting, leave this stage in which more than five years shared with some colleagues, I will never lose the memory of with whom I studied and who were my favorite teachers, I’m sure many were going to miss, but always forward, and hope that we have life.

A little of my life and my desires – DERLY MURCIA

I am a student at Santiago Perez and I would like to share one of my experiences at this school; my expectations and give them a parting word. At this time I will tell you my experience at this school, I was in the school at 5:20 in the afternoon when the computer, teacher came in and as we were finishing the period began to dictate notes, I was sad, was lost in that's when I started to mourn because I do not want to lose the year. And this was my experience in school I will never forget. Now I want to know share my expectations for some years and those are: get a job to help my mom and dad for not working and there with my job's salary to pay for college so I can study I what want. Now I want to thank you for your company over the years, although we have not shared much about but that does not matter. I want to wish you well in their lives and in their studies and fulfill all their dreams and goals even in the distant future.

MY LIFE IN THE SCHOOL AND MY FUTURE Good Morning Today a will be marked in our lives because we culminated our cycle as high school students, today is a day to thank each one of those people who where supporting us in our intellectual, cultural and ethical development, thanks to all the teachers who guided us. I remember that day when I played my friend Jancy to push us and I did alongside my friend Leidy, and Jancy pushed me causing Leidy falls, it was very funny, she was angry with us and stood up and said: -Stupid’s-. My expectations after ending this year is to study a technician and English, to work and pay my career in International Trade and into 8 years at most to live in Korea with a good job. Thanks to everyone. STEFANNY OLAYA

JESSICA ORTIZ When entering this school I felt nervous because I believed that it will be very complicated to adapt me since I came from a private school but on the contrary it was a very fantastic experience since I learned how to be responsible and careful with my things, it was a very beautiful experience. During these years I have known great people that have helped me to leave ahead when I run out of patience and I don´t understand some topic of some subject. My expectatives when leaving the school are to study foreing trade to become a great manager; another of my big dreams is to be a great dancer, travel and win many prizes. Finally I want to thank my teachers because thanks to them I learned many things that in a new stage I will put into practice.

MY BEATIFULL SCHOOL In my life, I was seen beautiful things, I was knew beautiful people, and I was learnt so much, I’m proud of my school, because the teachers are very good, as persons and as teachers, my favorite teacher is the English teacher, because she is a person intelligent, pretty and sometimes so serious with me, But I love her because she has believed in me, and has impulse me to be better. I’ll miss to my classmates, they are so intelligent and so funny, I have learnt of them, they are a little lazy, but are persons so valorous for me, they have caused me anger, and laugh, and happiness, and for that I’ll always remember them. Finally, I say “Good bye” with tears in my eyes, and a big smile in my lips because I’m satisfied with the thing that I did, and the people I met.


In the ninth grade a day when wars break stones were playing in the creek which is forbidden at school, but even we did to be having fun there never thought anything serious would happen when he suddenly opened his head to the mate thing that brought us too many problems, since we never break the school rules.

My expectations for this year graduated, keep playing football waiting for the opportunity to play professionally, and the UDCA study sports science and share with my friends for life, never get away from them.

Thanks to my colleagues for being with me in good and bad situations that arose in the course of the year short'm going to miss, the'll take forever in the heart, and hope I never forget the 2013 promotion.


My life – JOSE REYES You fell It what I to my friends, when almost fractured my arm. They got frightened but I was joking. This happened in grade 8th , when we were playing football in a hour free. When every we were tired, the ball was far of where we were. Although Felix and me went to ball, Felix ma moment of exaltation push me and me fell above my arm and hurt myself. On the floor, I didn’t resist the pain in the arm but t could move it; when I began to cry my friend were scared and Felix was more scared than others but after I started to laugh and said . These years were good, my life changed and I won’t forget my friends. Good bye is the most important word in this moment. ¡THANK YOU TEACHERS! I learned a lot from you.

My course by the school – LAURA RINCON

I remember that day when I was very young when we started writing in a notebook every day on our adventures writing colors painted with crayons and paints in those we put a happy Experiences at school started when I begin to six grades I did not have many friends so I felt very alone but over the days I was integrating with several friends that reaches the ninth grade in this grade could with other people from with whom I have come to the eleventh grade my expectation are to rest a bit after i leave the school studying nursing superior and be a good nurse in the future to make my father’s feel proud of who i am because of them This day closes the notebook in which were reflected our best moments our worst moments, our smiles, our defeats everything reflected with great love. A seal that our parents and teachers fellow brothers friends helped us to reflected in our notebook that notebook that is our heart that magic book which is not erased


I initiate being grateful to the educational body that throughout six years received me in its educational community for restraining my caprices and foolishnesses. I thank for carrying for me in the way of the wisdom and never allow me to follow bad way. The most important moment was the first day that treads on this institution, it did not know anybody Iwas feeling me lost but in spite of itI always was welcome to the school. After finishing eleven grade my aspirations are to be a great civil engineer, to construct with my determination my own construction entaprise, to help whom needs it and to form a beautiful stable family.

PROM 2013 Nicolas Saenz Campos


MY SECOND FAMILY I remember my fifth grade; it was beautiful and prepared to me face a second phase in my life as it was this. That day, January 28, I began my studies at school Santiago Perez. The day before, spend several hours readying my uniform and cutting my hair for my first day to be perfect. I felt joy because; I was coming to the institution in which I attended for six years. My purpose for this New Year is to finish successfully passing all subjects, taking every minute with people around me and that made my college life was totally fun, and thinking about my future. I have only words of gratitude this school that form me as a person and taught me so much during this time, besides being my second family. I learned the values instilled in us, Thanks my teachers for giving me their trust, friendship, and especially convey their Knowledge and make my days beautiful. Thank You.

Felipe Salgado

MY BEST GRADE IN THE SCHOOL. My favorite regards at the school when i was ten years old; my grandmother gave me a expectaculary attention.

For I was very excellent in the school and that gift I win never forget, because it was very important for me all my life.

In the school I learnt from teachers and schoolparners, and they were my second family. Now we split for different roads and I would like see and done to they professionals. I would like to study in a university in Colombia or other country, graduate and have a lot of money ; and I would like to live in united kingdom.


MEMORIES AND DREAMS – LEIDY VANEGAS In 2011, I reached the Santiago Perez School, I went from the Salle school. I came a little scared because I did not know anyone, but gradually I got to know people very important to me, people who I trust and got into a beautiful friendship. My plans when I graduate are: first of all, go to college to study psychology or physicaltherapy, to get a job to help me afford my career and later to help people who need it most. Today I want to say goodbye to all‌ Thanking them for all those beautiful moments that I shared with you all, both teachers and partners, telling you that I will always carry you in my heart and thanks because I learnt wonderful things.


It was very important when I went to ninth grade, because it was another step in my life, at that moment I met very good friends, with whom I talk, play, work, etc.

After finishing ninth grade I passed to tenth grade and I began to wonder what I want to study, where I want to study?

Then I realized I had many goals to accomplish, came the long-awaited moment in which I passed to eleven grade, It was not easy, because all required effort and dedication. I wouldn’t come to this point without the help of my parents, my fellow, and the teachers. I will finish the school and start the university, where every effort of the life will bring a reward. Thanks for your support, your patience and your teaching.

I remember the moment i arrive to but high school at the beginning me felt discomforted but after some days and I knew very especial people in mi I, in this moment, I am comfortable but I confess that i right now want to finish of the high school and beginning to live new things.

I like to express my gratitude to my colleagues the people who I have the pleasure to calling ¨friends¨ who have given me their support and love, who stay with me in good t and bad time, I also extend my thanks to my teachers that with their wisdom helped me to get ahead and learn day after day. But not only in the intellectual aspect also in the personal I am now beginning a new way in which I hope to be able to fulfill my goals and dreams with maturity and responsibility. it a new beginning in which I'm hoping to go to university and be a professional in mechanical engineering and as well return to my family especially my mom a little bit of everything, they still provided me.



The moments that I will always remember from high school, were the festivals and fairs which we participated with dances, rides throughout the city, being in union with the course and doing our best effort to do well in a presentation, those days were the maximum. Time is passing, slowly approaching the time to complete a stage: the school stage where you learn, share, laugh, cry and every day you live a different experience. What I like through this stage is that: I met people with whom I learned something different, to enter into a partnership with many but I did a great friendship with as few of them. I will never forget this great stage. My expectations after school are to be able to get to an excellent college and better with a scholarship. If I need it, I will work to pay what I need to come true this dream. In the University I will learn everything I can make the most of a new stage, new people I also will find great friends and perhaps above all I´ll do that my family is proud of me.

Leidy Carolina Villamil Cuesta – 1101

Dear Students,

Keep in mind all the beautiful experiences you have lived and learn from those difficult ones. Remember that the good important things aren`t easy to get but never stop trying to reach your dreams and be happy.

I really hope all of you find the right way in your life.


Teacher Vilma Y. Garnica Olaya

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. ~Garrison Keillor

Farewell 1101  

Eleventh graders`final text production.