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This is Sittard-Geleen A place to love! #visitzuidlimburg 1

Welcome to Sittard-Geleen, a place to love! You are about to discover Sittard-Geleen ... A place which is a byword for diversity.


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Castles and convents


Magnificent churches


Working watermills


Terug naar de mijnen


Icon, poet, vagabond and troubadour


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Map of Sittard town trail


Map of three-country cycle route


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The historic town centre of Sittard

in the historic town centre? Or the

is famous for its magnificent historic

birthplace and chapel dedicated to the

buildings and characteristic half-tim-

canonised Pater Karel (‘Father Charles’)

bered houses. Its pleasant, winding

in Munstergeleen. Likewise, Sittard-Ge-

shopping streets all lead, as if by

leen is a Mecca for cyclists and walkers.

instinct, towards the quaint old mar-

Sittard’s Stadspark, for example, is

ket square. After a couple of hours of

the archetypal town park, whilst the

leisurely shopping or soaking up the

Schwienswei and the various wooded

town’s impressive heritage, the many

areas surrounding the town are the ide-

pavement cafes and restaurants, with

al setting for a brisk countryside stroll.

their heated terraces, are the perfect

The local network of cycle routes also

place to take a breather.

extends into Germany and Belgium. And why not hop onto the foot passen-

The renovated, modern-day centre

ger ferry in Grevenbicht and cross over

of Geleen is synonymous with com-

the River Meuse into Belgium?

fortable and convenient shopping. The shops are within easy access,

Add to this the many large and small

with ample car-parking close-by.

events that are organised every year, such as the St Joepmarkt (annual mar-

Within spitting distance of these urban

ket), the Oktoberfest, the St Rosafes-

centres are several pretty riverside

tival and Gelaender-Kirmes (fun fairs),

villages, such as Grevenbicht, Obbicht

and Wèntjerdruim (Christmas market)

and Schipperskerk, each with their own

and you will understand why Sittard-

individual charm and identity. And how

Geleen is a byword for diversity!

about Geleenbeekdal (nature reserve), Kasteel Limbricht (castle), Kasteelpark

Sittard-Geleen wishes you a fun-filled

Born (zoo) en Museum De Domijnen

voyage of discovery! 3


Sittard-Geleen is a place to love!

best! And remember, your terrace table

There’s a whole world waiting to be

is just one step away from the winding

discovered. Before you start explo-

shopping streets where you can pick

ring the town, this brochure gives

out a nice jacket or souvenir (→ page 22).

you some unmissable tips to make your holiday or day-out even more unforgettable!

1 Historic market square, Sittard

2 Pater Karelhoeve Visit the Pater Karelhoeve in Munstergeleen. ‘Father Charles’, known as Pater Karel van Sint Andries, was born here on 11 December 1821. The Vatican

In the summer, sit and relax with a

attributed two miracles to the inter-

nice refreshing drink in the old market

cession of Pater Karel and he was accor-

square, one of Limburg’s finest trea-

dingly canonised in Rome in 2007. In

sures! There’s a huge range of options.

1954, the outhouse outside his place

For drinks try out an olde-worlde pub

of birth was converted into a chapel. It

or alternatively, a trendy lounge bar.

is a place where you can find a source

Or dine out in one of the many local or

of strength and hope, come and say a

cosmopolitan eateries. In short, enjoy

prayer, light a candle, or simply wander

the good life, where Limburg is at its

around the garden. There is also a mu-



seum and a shop selling religious items

4 Historic town trail with a guide

(→ page 53).

3 De Domijnen museums Sittard

Visit Zuid-Limburg offers a number of walking trails with accompanying guide. With their amusing and unusual anec-

There’s no shortage of art and culture

dotes who better than one of these

in Sittard-Geleen. Discover the history

guides to bring the historic town cen-

of the town or marvel at the works

tre to life?! You can book one of these

of contemporary artists in one of

guided walks at the Visit Zuid-Limburg

De Domijnen museums.

shop in Rosmolenstraat, Sititard and discover its glorious past like never

Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen This museum of contemporary art focuses on the (inter)national avant-gar-

before (→ page 9).

5 Vibrant markets

de, displaying socially relevant objects in a critical or reflective manner. The

Sittard-Geleen enjoys a singular reputa-

temporary exhibitions are a mix of curi-

tion in the region when it comes to its

osity, individuality and creativity.

well-organised and especially vibrant markets and street fairs. For exam-

Erfgoedcentrum De Domijnen

ple, the annual Sint Joepmarkt, the

This heritage centre helps you under-

Geleen Jaarmarkt (annual street fair)

stand the present and the future by

or the weekly markets in the historic

exploring the past. As well as tempo-

town centre, Geleen Centrum or Born.

rary exhibitions, the centre houses a

Without exception, these markets and

permanent display of 24 objects which

street fairs have a unique international

tell the story of Sittard-Geleen from the

flair. Every Thursday the age-old market

Stone Age up to the present day. It also

square is just bustling with stalls and

houses the local and regional archives

filled with a profusion of aromas

(→ page 36).

(→ page 23). 5

6 Kasteel Limbricht The Kasteel Limbricht estate holds many surprises in store for visitors. Visitors can chill out in the Proeflokaal (brasserie) in the heart of the castle grounds. What’s more, the location is ideal for group events: take part in a guided tour or workshop with friends, family or colleagues, or try your hand at archery in the castle courtyard! There’s something for everyone, for young and old alike (→ page 44).

8 Secret gardens The historic town centre is home to many undiscovered green oases. Each and every one of these gems is waiting to be explored and reveal its own fascinating story! Take a peek behind the scenes and find out for yourself how diverse the town’s hidden oases really

7 Pinkpop Expo

are. More information can be found on (→ page 10).

Every Whit weekend, nearby Landgraaf is home to the Pinkpop music festival. But now it’s possible to experience Pinkpop all year round. The organisers, Buro Pinkpop, are based in Geleen, its original location, where there is now a permanent exhibition on the festival. ‘Pinkpop Expo’ takes you back to the early beginnings of the event. Come and discover this legendary festival for yourself! (→ page 39)



9 Kasteelpark Born Kasteelpark Born is an attractively designed zoo, just great for a stroll and enjoying everything nature has to offer. Take a walk amongst the deer, birds of prey, porcupines, camels, terrapins and monkeys. Indoors, in the Kriebelhuis, come face-to-face with all manner of stick insects, tropical frogs, tarantulas,

axolotls, iguanas and tropical plants. There is a large playground and outdoor cafe in the centre of the park (→ page 16).

10 Unbounded fun The region which surrounds SittardGeleen is geographically unique! The Netherlands is so narrow here that Germany and Belgium are within touching distance. You can cycle through three countries, historic towns, olde-worlde villages with distant vistas across the River Meuse and fleeting glimpses of pretty hamlets, nestled between the hills and valleys. Meandering through

11 Magnificent churches Those looking to combine quiet contemplation with cultural and urban heritage have struck a rich vein. There are five beautiful churches a stone’s throw from each other: the Basilica, the Mariapark, St Peter’s, the Dominican Friary and St Michael’s (→ page 48).

this magical landscape is the River Meuse, which can be crossed at various points by ferryboat. The cycle networks between the three countries are seamlessly interlinked. More information can be found at www.rivierparkmaasvallei. eu (→ page 14).

12 Fort Sanderbout This fort is the only stronghold left from Sittard’s former system of defences. The fort now accommodates three exhibitions: defence through the centuries; a Jewish cemetery; and a vineyard. Together, they tell the story of Sittard (→ page 52). 7

On foot and by bike

Tip! Check out and download all Sittard-Geleen is a favourite amongst walking enthusiasts because of its

the trails in Sittard-Geleen for free via

many woods, parks and gardens. There are countless walking trails in the environs. All trails have been set out as circular routes, so you always end up where you started. But Sittard-Geleen has much to offer cyclists too. Here you can discover the extensive flood plains of the Meuse, interspersed by charming Limburg villages with historic attractions. Alternatively, take the foot-passenger ferry across the Meuse into Belgium from Grevenbicht.

Sittard-Geleen also has a number of wonderful nature reserves where you can escape the crowds: from woodlands and riverbanks to old orchards, wetland forests and wooded hillsides. What would you prefer: a leisurely stroll through one of Geleen’s or Sittard’s town parks, an invigorating tramp through the Geleenbeek valley, a slow saunter in the woods of Limbrichterbos, or an unhurried cycle ride along the Meuse? It’s completely up to you!



Hiking Mecca for walking enthusiasts There are opportunities aplenty for walking enthusiasts in Sittard-Geleen. In Sittard’s vibrant historic town centre you can marvel at medieval buildings, magnificent churches and splendid town houses. In addition, throughout the municipality there are several villages which enjoy protected status, such as the centres of Limbricht and Grevenbicht. Recreational walkers with a taste for the wild can visit areas of natural beauty such as the Geleenbeekdal, Windraak, Limbrichterbos and Schwienswei. Not to be missed is the Grensmaas, a section of the River Meuse which is shared with Belgium. There are numerous walking trails here with various stop-off points for suste-

Hiking and cycling maps Visit Zuid-Limburg publishes four detailed hiking maps of the Zuid-Limburg region with tourist attractions, contour lines, starting points for waymarked trails and lots of information about the routes. There is also a map of the national cycle network, which enables you to put together the best cycling routes yourself. The maps can be purchased from or in the Visit Zuid-Limburg Shops.

nance along the way.

Sittard town trail Get to know Sittard, a historic town with a long European tradition. Those who visit the old town centre will soon get a feel for Sittard’s illustrious past. If culture and history are your thing, then Sittard is the right place for you. There are a large number of historic buildings scattered throughout the town, each contributing towards the town’s special character. 9

Tour guides will help you make sense of the town’s past, its historic buildings, leading figures, statues, gables and town walls, churches and Fort Sanderbout. Of course, you can discover the town on your own. For the town trail, there is a special folder (Stadswandeling Sittard) packed full of information and Zuid-Limburg Shop (Rosmolenstraat 2).

Discover the secret gardens of Sittard

If you’d rather wander around town

Did you know that Sittard has

without a folder or guide, use the map

countless green oases in the centre

on page 66.

of town? Many of these hidden

anecdotes, available from Sittard’s Visit

gems remain undiscovered, such For more information about the Sittard

as the Jardin des Rose or the

town trail, go to or

Ursulinentuin at Hotel Merici (in

call in at the Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop in

the grounds of an old convent).

Sittard (Rosmolenstraat 2).

There are many other charming


examples, each with their own distinctive story to tell. You can discover these hidden gardens with a guide every first Saturday of the month. More information can be found via the Visit Zuid Limburg Shop in Sittard and



The town parks trail This trail will acquaint you with urban spaces, such as parks and gardens, in the Sittard-Geleen

Elegant town parks Sittard-Geleen has an abundance of green open spaces within its municipal boundaries. Eye-catching in particular are the Stadspark in Sittard and the het Burgemeester Damenpark in Geleen. Above all in spring and early summer, when most of the trees and bushes are in full leaf, the parks are at their most captivating. The Stadspark in Sittard is a listed monument and a recreational attraction of which locals are justifiably proud.

municipality. For example, along the Geleenbeek, a tributary of the Meuse, which is well worth exploring. You can also explore the town parks of Sittard and Geleen. The Pater Karel chapel in Munstergeleen is one of the interesting sights along the route. Car parking is available at Laco Glanerbrook in Geleen. For the route, just follow the red marker posts. Download the trail (‘Van stadspark naar stadspark’) for free at

The Burgemeester Damenpark in Geleen is known for its tranquillity. It has an open, expansive character,

The Burgemeester Damenpark is also

sloping steeply towards its perimeter.

known as the ‘festival park’, home to

Sit down on the grass one sunny after-

the early days of Pinkpop, the oldest

noon and soak up the peace and quiet!

pop festival in the Netherlands!

Or just stroll around its undulating terrain and enjoy the ever-changing views. 11

More walking trails in Sittard-Geleen A summary of all waymarked trails

River and valley trails

in Sittard-Geleen can be found at All

Various rivers and streams in Sittard-

these routes can be downloaded

Geleen and neighbouring municipa-


lities, such as Geleenbeek and Rode Beek, have been cleaned up in recent

→ Grevenbicht langs Obbicht /

decades, The valley of the Geleenbeek

has become a real haven for wildlife

→ Heemtuinroute (garden trail) /

and is home to the European hamster.

The walk takes in orchards, meadows,

→ Historische stadswandeling

wooded slopes and wetland forest.

Sittard (historic town trail) /

If you’re early bird, you may bump into

3,0 km

roe deer or red squirrels. Keep your

→ St. Rosa route / 13,8 km

eyes out for kingfishers and marvel at

→ Swentibold-Rollenroute / 7,8 km

the spectacle of the mistletoe.

→ Van stadspark tot stadspark

Danikerberg is also close to the Geleenbeek. Daniken is a popular hilltop destination at weekends, with plenty of walking trails and establishments catering for walkers. Danikerberg is the highest point in the environs. The top of the hill affords great views of Geleen, Munstergeleen and Sittard. 12


10,1 km 8,2 km

(town parks trail) / 10,3 km

Tip! Drielandenroute Sittard-Geleen → 37,1 km

Cycling Ideal cycling region To most people, cycling in Zuid-Limburg is all about peddling up hills of which there are many in the region. For both recreational cyclists and those of a more energetic persuasion, Sittard-Geleen is an ideal region, with more than just hills.

Sittard-Geleen is the ideal base from which to explore three different countries. The Drielandenroute (or three-country route) takes in the meandering River Meuse, with its quaint riverside villages, and the German Selfkant region, a territory that was once part of the Netherlands for 14 years! Check out the route on page 68 or download the route for free via

By bike, you can discover wide plateaus and expansive flood plains, dotted here and there with picturesque towns and villages. You can also put yourself through your paces at the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park. Sittard-Geleen and the region lie at the heart of an extensive cycle network. The routes allow you to discover all the different nooks and crannies of the town and region.


Discover the RivierPark Maasvallei The RivierPark Maasvallei in the Meuse valley offers great possibilities for a waterside walk or cycle. This meandering gravel-bed section of the River Meuse is between Roosteren and

As you pass through these places, you

Maastricht. With no weirs, the river

will discover traditional dwellings, old

follows a natural course, with water

village centres, spectacular walks and

flows varying greatly. These dynamics

various historic attractions. There are

produce a river landscape which is

five passenger ferries along this part

unique in the Netherlands!

of the river, which are quick and easy to use and mostly free-of-charge. The

This stretch of the Meuse, running

cycle network is slightly different here,

contiguously with Belgium, has its own

but otherwise connects up seamlessly

natural beauty and is ideal for walkers

with other routes in Dutch Limburg.

and cyclists. Characteristic are the

More information at

typical fishing villages which line the

river, some which are within the boundaries of Sittard-Geleen. These include Grevenbicht and Obbicht, located at the point where the Netherlands is at its narrowest. 14


Cycle routes in Sittard-Geleen A summary of themed cycle routes

For mountain-bikers Mountain-bikers too are spoilt for choice in Sittard-Geleen. For example, there is the popular Windraak route (a diversified route which includes hilly parts along the Geleenbeekdal), the Watersley route, and the 2019 Dutch MTB championship route. The latter has some challenging uphill and downhill sections and is only suitable for technically advanced mountainbikers. Download all the MTB routes via

based around the (inter)national cycling network in Sittard-Geleen can be downloaded for free via → De Maurits en haar kleinkinderen

(mine route 4)) / 46,9 km

→ Drielandenroute Sittard-Geleen

(three-country route) / 37,1 km

→ Historisch Sittard-Geleen /

31,5 km

→ Langs mijn en water

(mine route 3) / 21,4 km

→ RivierPark Maasvallei Sittard

Geleen (Meuse valley) / 37,2 km

Tom Dumoulin Bike Park All cycling fanatics, whether competitive or recreational, can take advantage

height differences and challenging

of the most innovative and largest

curves. More information at

cycling amenity in the Netherlands:

the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park. This 6-hectare park has a 3.15 kilometre circuit, consisting of various road surfaces, 15

A day full of fun

A day out in Sittard-Geleen means fun

Kasteelpark Born

and excitement for everyone. There’s plenty of entertainment for kids in

One of the best days out in Limburg!

Sittard-Geleen, as well as for those

Kasteelpark Born is an attractively

who like playing at being kids!

designed zoo, just great for a stroll and

Immerse yourself in a world of thrills

enjoying everything nature has to offer.

and spills and enjoy fun activities,

The trumpeter swans will welcome you

unforgettable experiences and guilty

with their bugle call. The castle moat


has all kinds of swans, geese and ducks. In the park you can mingle with deer,

And if you’d rather just relax, Sit-

birds of prey, porcupines and monkeys.

tard-Geleen can provide that too. Sit

And whilst your kids play to the heart’s

back and unwind in one of our well-

content in the playground, you can

ness centres, for example.

keep a watchful eye on them from the outdoor cafe. → Kasteelpark 38, Born, 046-4851950



IVY climbing

and unique escape rooms in less than an hour.

IVY climbing is a multifunctional climb-

→ Helstraat 16, Sittard, 06-13537112

ing centre in Sittard. Fun, Lead, Boulder

and Speed: at IVY climbing, you have many sorts of climbing activities all

VR Experience Sittard

under one roof! Why not book an introductory lesson and acquaint yourself

Thanks to Virtual Reality almost any-

with the word of climbing?

thing is possible: shooting down UFOs,

→ Milaanstraat 115, Sittard

flying through the air like superman


or screaming on a big-dipper. The VR

Graviton Bouldergym

Rooms and VR Experience Sittard offer an exciting, challenging and educational array of experiences for all ages.

Bouldering is good for your stamina,

→ Helstraat 16, Sittard, 06-13537112

technique and insight. Graviton Boulder

Gym has over 200 boulders, short climbing routes of no more than 4.1

Magic Portal Outdoor Escape

meter, in all kinds of climbing grades.

Experience a magical and exciting GPS

→ Geerweg 2, Sittard, 046-4526434

adventure which combines real life and

augmented reality. Armed with an iPad

Escape Centrum Limburg

and a mysterious suitcase full of cool gadgets, you and your friends, colleagues or family must save the world

Are you good at solving puzzles and

within just two hours by solving puzzles

mysteries? If so, Escape Centrum Lim-

and other brain-teasers!

burg is the place to be. Your goal: to

→ Helstraat 16 Sittard, 06-13537112

escape from one of the many exciting 17

Petting farms in Sittard-Geleen


Streekboederij Daniken: a hands-on

If you thought dog-walking was fun,

experience for young and old. This pet-

how about a camel, lama or zorse

ting farm is located along the Geleen-

(a cross between a pony and zebra)?

beek at the foot of the Danikerberg,

Ever dreamt about swimming with a

a magnet for walkers. The farm allows

horse or sharing a picnic with a goat?

children to familiarise themselves with

Wandelkudde makes these dreams

animals and nature from an early age.

come true! The aim of Wandelkudde

How do animals live, what do they eat?

is to get (limited numbers of) children

Do they like being petted or not ?

and adults to enjoy the fun of being

→ Ten Eijsden 5, Geleen 046-4740253,

with animals. More information via

The Ophovenerhof petting farm is part


of the Ophovenerhof care farm. The petting farm has all sorts of animals,

Step into the shoes of a real gladiator

from cows and donkeys to guinea pigs

at UNIT13. This is the place to be for

and rabbits. In addition to the animal

lasergaming (12 years+) or airsofting (18

pen, there is also a playground where

years+). Experience an unforgettable

kids can run around and have fun.

day of thrills and spills!

And if you’ve had enough of the animals

→ Nusterweg 66 (gebouw BD), Sittard

why not take a look around the old


orchard or enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace. → Molenweg 57, Sittard 046-4519711,



Indoor playgrounds

→ Bowling centres Stardust Bowling, Rijksweg Zuid 210

Even if the weather’s not cooperative,


Sittard-Geleen offers a wealth of indoor

Centerpocket Sittard, Rijksweg Noord

attractions for kids and adults. There

26, Sittard,

are three fantastic new indoor play-

Bowling Fletcher Wellness-Hotel

grounds, with a myriad of slides and

Sittard, Milaanstraat 115, Sittard

climbing frames for restive kids. And if

you’d rather make a strike, why not visit one of our bowling centres?

Dive in!

→ Indoor for kids

Mad about swimming? If you want to

Ballorig, Lissabonlaan 36, Sittard

make a splash, Sittard-Geleen has a

number of pools for you:

Darteldome, Dr. Nolenslaan 128, Sittard

Laco Glanerbrook, Kummenaedestraat

45 te Geleen,

Clip 'n Climb Sittard, Lissabonlaan 30

De Nieuwe Hateboer, Sportcentrum-


laan 9 te Sittard, Het Anker, Ankersweg 52 te Buchten,


Laco Glanerbrook: swimming, skating and lots more Enjoy an active day out for all the family at the Laco Glanerbrook sports and leisure centre in Geleen. This multifunctional sports centre offers an

Enjoying elite sport

diverse range of fitness and indoor activities for all ages. But there’s lots

Sittard-Geleen enjoys an excellent

more: the subtropical pools with

sporting reputation with a several clubs

slides, Olympic-size pool and outdoor

competing at national level. Watch a

pools with a sunbathing area means

top-flight football match at the Fortuna

hours of fun. And where else in Limburg

Sittard stadium, enjoy leading handball

other than Laco would you go for ice-

team De Lions, or witness the rough

skating? Skate to your heart’s content

and tumble of the Geleen-based Eaters

on the indoor ice-rink or on the iconic

ice-hockey team. Whatever your sport,

400-metre outdoor skating track. If

there’s always a special buzz, whether

you’re a beginner Laco organises a

it’s before, during or after the game.

range of training courses so that you

More information:

can improve your skating technique.

→ Kummenaedestraat 45 Geleen,




Relaxing in Sittard-Geleen

Totally unwind at Thermen Born

BLUE Wellnessresort Sittard BLUE Wellnessresort Sittard is a luxury

If you like the spa life, why not pay a

beauty and wellness resort, just perfect

visit to Thermen Born? Enjoy the heated

for a day’s relaxation. Empty your mind

waters of the thermal baths, doze off

in one of the many saunas, enjoy a mas-

during a massage or give your body a

sage or beauty treatment, wind down

gee-up in one of the many saunas and

in one of the baths, and treat yourself

steam baths.

to a culinary surprise with one of the

→ Langereweg 21A te Born,

chef’s specials.


→ Milaanstraat 115, Sittard 0347-754760


Shopping in the historic town centre!

Shopping in the Sittard’s historic town

Shop in style in Sittard

centre is nothing short of a delight: uncrowded, stylish and relaxed.

Historic buildings, churches, monaste-

A place to feel at ease. What’s more,

ries and magnificent gables adorn the

the old town centre has many offbeat

old town centre in Sittard. Ideal places

shops and boutiques selling brands

to stretch your shopping legs are the

and products which are a little out of

characteristic market square, the town

the ordinary. And if you have any spe-

walls and the hidden gardens. And if

cial wishes, shopkeepers are always

you’ve not had enough, a town trail

happy to oblige.

(see pages 10 and 66) is certainly worth the effort. Want to know more about fun shopping in Sittard? Go to



Markets → Saturday market in Geleen from

Multicultural markets

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sittard-Geleen enjoys a singular reputa-

Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

tion in the region when it comes to its well-organised and especially vibrant markets and street fairs. Sittard’s historic market square is just bustling with stalls and filled with a profusion of aromas. The weekly market has the largest selection of fabrics and textiles in Limburg and takes place every Thursday against a backdrop of historic buildings. On Saturday mornings, there is a smaller market on Steenweg in

→ Weekly market in Sittard, → Fruit and vegetable market in Sittard, Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. → Organic market in Sittard (Steenweg), Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. → Weekly market in Born, Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon → Fresh produce market in Geleen, Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sittard selling organic produce: potatoes, vegetables, fruit, jam, juice, dairy products, bread, confectionery and meat.

The Saturday market is recommended for anyone looking for keenly priced

Meanwhile, Geleen’s colourful Satur-

top-quality products. What’s more,

day market is a melting pot of different

Geleen also has a compact and modern

cultures. Not only does this popular

shopping centre for stress-free shop-

multicultural market sell local products,

ping. More information at

diverse specialities are sold from all

corners of the globe here. And beating down a bargain here is just part and parcel of the fun! 23

Opening times and Sunday shopping Both in the historic town centre of Sittard and in the centre of Geleen, shops are open for late-night shopping until 9 p.m. on Thursdays.

A centre full of authentic speciality shops

An up-to-date list of Sundays when

For a perfect day’s shopping, Sittard

the shops are open can be found

caters for all tastes: fashionable bou-

here: www.sittardgenietenvoorop.

tiques and exclusive clothes stores,

nl en

countless speciality shops, and large (inter)national chains. Stroll through the old town centre and discover the latest

Why not also visit .... Do you like street fairs? If so, then don’t miss out on these annual markets and street fairs: St. Joepmarkt (Sittard), the Jaarmarkt Geleen and the Paasmarkt (at Easter) in Born (see page 30)

hotspots and the established fashion stores; there’s something for everyone. There’s even a prize-winning store or two amongst them!

Shopping routes In Sittard there are no fewer than 100 speciality shops, which means you’ll only find them in Sittard! For die-hard shoppers, the best shopping locations can be found on a couple of unique shopping routes: the Concept Store route, Meiden van Sittard route; and the Sustainable Shopping route.



Parking in Sittard-Geleen Sittard-Geleen has various (multilevel) car parks a short distance from the centre. Paid parking in Sittard-Geleen applies on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., for

Concept Store route

Sunday shopping from 12 noon to

Concept stores are all the rage! What

6 p.m. and for late-night shopping

makes a concept store so special is that

(on Thursdays) from 9 a.m. to 10

the passion, vision and lifestyle of its

p.m. For on-street parking and for

owners are often a source of inspiration

most car parks you can pay by

for and closely interwoven with the

debit card or coins beforehand.

store concept. If you’re a fan of this

The multilevel car parks are clean

type of store, then this is definitely the

and have good lighting and wide

shopping route for you.

spaces, so parking is safe and comfortable. For more information

Meiden van Sittard route

go to

The Meiden van Sittard (or ‘girls of


Sittard’) route is an initiative of independent female traders who own a speciality shop in Sittard’s old town.

hand goods. At all these locations, you

The Meiden take pride in their town

can find clothes, gifts and other must-

This shopping route is for women from

haves which have been made with the

all corners of the world.

welfare of humans and the environment in mind.

Sustainable shopping route This is the so-called sustainable shop-

Which shopping route is for you?

ping route (Duurzaam Winkelen) and

Check them out and download them

takes you past those stores that sell,

for free here: www.sittardgenieten-

e.g. fair trade, organic and/or second- 25

Enjoying the good life

Sittard-Geleen is a gourmet’s Mecca, to which its many bars and restau-

Dining and wining against a historic backdrop

rants bear witness. And the calendar is packed with events all year round.

The historic heart of Sittard welcomes

Its cultural heritage and multifaceted

you to a setting of ancient buildings

mix of events are meat and drink to

and characteristic half-timbered

culture vultures.

dwellings. Its pleasant, winding shopping streets all lead, as if by instinct,

In fact, night life in Sittard-Geleen is as

towards the quaint old market square.

diverse as the town itself. And this is

At night-time, the old market square

without even mentioning the fantastic

is a magnet for bith residents and out-

dishes so typical of the region.

of-town folk to meet and soak up the laid-back atmosphere. From schoolchildren to students, from young families to grandparents, there’s something for



Sittard’s ‘Brandslang’ The most appetising walking trail through historic Sittard! Only a few towns in the Netherlands have an everyone. For example, a traditional pub or a trendy new lounge bar. And if the weather’s working in your favour, the outdoor terraces go into full swing and the whole market square is abuzz. This is when the marketplace comes to life! Observe the comings and goings, in the sun or under the shade of a parasol, with a refreshing drink or snack. And the pedestrianised area means there are no noisy cars. Nevertheless, there is ample car-parking space within

official ‘Brandslang’ This ‘slang’ (or snake) connects up a number of bars and restaurants, all of which serve Brand beer, made by the Limburg brewery of the same name. This is a special partnership of catering establishments who together provide a guarantee of good hospitality, pride in their work, and a great atmosphere. For more information:

easy walking distance. Or you can just use the bike. Check out all the restaurant and pub

A culinary trip around the world

listings at Limburgers know how to enjoy the good life. It’s there to see, but you can taste it too. In Sittard-Geleen you can take a round-the-world tour when it comes to wining and dining: Spanish, 27

Prize-winners in Sittard! Sittard has several establishments Mexican, Mediterranean, Australian, South American, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Italian, French and fusion. You name it, Sittard-Geleen has it! But you can also make acquaintance with traditional Limburg dishes too. Spoilt for choice,

that have won food and drink awards, for example, Tapperie de Gats located in building dating from 1535 on the historic marketplace is one of the best pubs in the Netherlands, and you can enjoy


award-winning coffee at Coffee

Gastronomic delights

the Bib Gourmand cuisine at

Mundo and fine dining thanks to Restaurant Sylvesters.

But more gastronomic delights can be discovered away from Sittard’s old town too. For example, in the eateries and watering holes in Geleen town

Chocolate from Sittard

centre. A few metres further and you’ll find yourself in the old town centre of

Chocolate lovers should not miss out

Oud-Geleen, with its traditional pubs

on a visit to Rousseau Chocolade. Nico

and restaurants. Unique locations can

Rousseau started his business from his

also be found in surrounding villages

cellar in 1969 making peanut clusters.

with their small cosy inns clustered

His wife Wies sold them in the shop

around the church. These include Café

upstairs. It sowed the seeds of a flou-

Salden in Limbricht - for years voted

rishing family business which still enjoys

amongst the top 100 best pubs in the

fame in Sittard today. You can also visit

Netherlands – and the Auw Pastorie in

the factory shop and ask for a guided

Born, where you can enjoy cuisine from

tour. More information:

Northern Spain.



Regional delicacies

Make your own Nonnenvotten!

The Sittard-Geleen has its own typical

Ingredients for 40 Nonnevotten

delicacies. Such as Nonnevotten, which are deep-fried doughnuts in the shape of knots. No one quite knows where the name originates. Literally it means ‘nun’s buttocks’. One theory is that Fransiscan nuns, who ran a convent in Sittard between 1600 and 1700, gave this delicacy to those who gave their hand-me-downs to the poor. You should also try Sittard’s very own brew: Ambrass ( The brewery organises tasting sessions in their pub.

Culinary excursions In Sittard-Geleen your stomach never needs to rumble! There are culinary events galore. For example, the Loupentaere Hepkes Preuve, the Sittardse Brandslang, Pruifke & Zuuver Zitterd or the Sittardse Amusetocht: they are all food-sampling events or excursions. For more information visit the Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop in Sittard in Rosmolenstraat (see page 64) or go to the website at:

→ 1,000 grams of Kollenberger spelt flour → 100 grams of fresh yeast or 50 grams of dried yeast → 75 grams of caster sugar → 125 grams of butter → 500 ml of milk → 2 eggs → 2 sachets of vanilla sugar → a pinch of salt Make sure that the milk is at room temperature. Dissolve the yeast in the milk. Knead a dough from all the ingredients. Put the dough in a bowl and cover with a tea towel. Leave the bowl in a warm place. Allow it to rise for approx. 30 mins. Divide the dough into 40 equal pieces and roll into balls. Allow these balls to expand slightly. Roll these balls into long strings. Tie the ends of these together in a figure of eight. Allow these figures rise for a further 20 minutes or so. Deep fry in groundnut oil or frying fat at 180 degrees Celsius until the Nonnevotten are golden brown. Roll them in the sugar immediately after frying.


Events the whole year through

Sittard-Geleen is synonymous with events and festivals. These scintilla-

Curiosities during the St Rosa festival

ting annual events transform SittardGeleen into a world of music, theatre,

Traditionally, for Sittard-Geleen the last

song and dance. A place which is

Sunday in August is all about its patron

packed with activities for young and

saint, Rosa de Lima. This is celebrated

old alike!

every year with a procession from the Rosakapel to the church of St Michael for mass. As part of this Catholic celebration, the St Rosa festival is held throughout the town. The St Rosa festival is a celebration for young and old. For more information:



Oktoberfest Sittard Sittard has become a byword for its Oktoberfest, the largest of its kind in the Netherlands and the biggest autumn event in the southernmost part of the country. National Geographic - no less - has declared it as being one of the 10 best Oktoberfests worldwide. The

Tip! Pinkpop Expo Did you know that the famous PinkPop festival started life in Geleen? Visit the Pinkpop Expo in Geleen and discover the rich history of this world-famous music event. More information on page 39.

event attracts tens of thousands visitors from across the country and beyond and it has grown in stature in such a short space of time. The event offers a podium for some leading international artists, a funfair and crowded festival tents. This major festival has now become part of the town’s rich tradition. With or without the ‘lederhosen’, the Oktoberfest is a party for everyone. More information at


Tip! Oude Ambachten festival Einighausen Historically significant is the Oude Ambachten festival in Einighausen, where you can journey back in time and acquaint yourself with

Sint Joep: the largest and most colourful annual market in the Netherlands

traditional crafts and customs. See at first hand how the generations before us lived. More information at

Every year on the feast day of Saint Joseph on 19 March, the annual Sint Joep market takes place in Sittard. The market has been attracting large numbers of visitors for more than 200 years and is the first (and largest) annual market of the year in the Netherlands. Sint Joep is a household name and draws huge crowds every year! Each spring the market, which takes place in and around the centre of Sittard, attracts tens of thousands of bargain-hunters and visitors from across the Euregion. With no less than five kilometres of stalls filling the town centre, Sittard is a flurry of excitement.

Carnaval: there’s no escaping it! Ever wanted to celebrate Carnaval for yourself? There’s no better place than Sittard. Vastelaovend is Sittard’s very own Mardi Gras, with colourful Carnaval parades, the sounds of raucous street bands and great merriment to be had



Events the whole year through The events we describe here by all. And don’t forget Het Kanon van

are just a handful from the many

het Balkon event, an excuse for a big

events that take place throughout

knees-up in the old market square.

the year. Other events include:

Secret Gardens festival

Paasmarkt Born (Easter market); Mama’s Pride Geleen, Groove Garden Sittard and Marcellinus &

In the middle of June each year is the

Petrus (music festivals); Gelaender

Geheime Tuinen Festival. During this

Kirmes (funfair), Open Monument-

festival you get the chance to peek be-

endag (national heritage day); and

hind the walls and discover the hidden

much more.

gardens of Sittard. More information at

Wintertime fun

Check out the full listings of events and activities in Sittard-Geleen at For activities in Sittard town centre

Even during the winter, there’s always

visit www.sittardgenietenvoorop.

something going on in Sittard-Geleen.

nl and for Geleen www.centrumge-

For example, Wèntjerdruim Sittard (in

dialect ‘winter dream’), an enticing winter event which stages a diversity of activities. One of these is the so-called Limburg Christmas Circus, with a circus marquee set up just outside the old town.

Also recommended is the Sittardse Amusetocht which involves visiting numerous bars and restaurants in the centre of town, where you can enjoy some wintertime culinary delights.


Art & culture for everyone

There’s no shortage of art and culture

De Domijnen

in Sittard-Geleen. Discover the history of the town or marvel at the works

De Domijnen is the number one centre

of contemporary artists in one of the

for arts and culture in Sittard-Geleen,

famous De Domijnen museums. For

a meeting place for professionals,

music lovers there is Pop-podium Volt,

art-lovers and volunteers. It produces

the new centre for pop music. Enjoy

and puts on activities for everyone in

national stage productions at the

the region and consists of a theatre,

Stadsschouwburg (municipal theatre)

pop podium, art film house, library and

or pay a visit to one of the smaller,

museum. Together with all other cultu-

more intimate venues at Theater Kar-

ral centres in the region, De Domijnen

roessel or Pitboel Theater.

aims to encourage and increase the appeal of art and culture.



Municipal theatre

cible for new talent. Anyone is welcome

Sittard-Geleen’s bustling municipal

to come and enjoy the diversity within

theatre is home to a full programme of

the pop genre, but also to make a con-

exciting productions, such as cabaret,

tribution themselves!

music and theatre. The theatre puts on

→ Odasingel 88, Sittard, 046-4007353

a rich and varied programme of top-

class international, national and local productions and is the number one


meeting place in the region for artistes

Open from Wednesdays to Sundays,

and culture lovers. A place where

Filmhuis De Domijnen is an arthouse

the stars dazzle and audiences allow

cinema which puts on a varied pro-

themselves to become carried away

gramme of mainstream and alternative

by theatre, music, dance and other

films The Filmhuis is on the edge of the

performing arts.

town centre of Sittard in Ligne. Want to

→ Monseigneur Claessensstraat 2,

know what’s on? Check out the listings.

Sittard, 088-5995500

→ Ligne 3, Sittard, 088-5995533

Poppodium Volt This is a professional pop podium whose doors are always open. Its varied programme of pop music is a big draw for the locals. The centre has rehearsal and recording facilities for both established and up-and-coming bands. It is a place where artists can practice and perform, a meeting point for lovers of all popular styles of music and a cru35

Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen This museum of contemporary art focuses on the (inter)national avant-garde, displaying socially relevant objects in a critical or reflective manner. The temporary exhibitions are a mix of curiosity, individuality and creativity. → Ligne 5, Sittard, 088-5995544,

Erfgoedcentrum De Domijnen This heritage centre helps you under-

Tip: Brukt & Ateljee

stand the present and the future by exploring the past.

A fascinating place to sharpen

As well as temporary exhibitions, the

the senses through surprising

centre houses a permanent display of

combinations of vintage items,

24 objects which tell the story of Sit-

art and contemporary design.

tard-Geleen from the Stone Age up to

→ Everstraat 34, Einighausen

the present day. It also houses the local

and regional archives. → Kapittelstraat 6, Sittard, 088-5995577,



Het Pitboel Theater: inspirational

Theatre in Sittard-Geleen In addition to the municipal theatre and De Domijnen, there are a number of smaller theatres in Sittard-Geleen which put on entertaining shows and performances.

Theater Karroessel: close-up theatre Theater Karroessel is a small and intimate theatre in Geleen. It puts on performances for all ages; music from classical to rock, cabaret, (youth) theatre, poetry and lots more. The artists are mainly local, but others from outside the province also find their way here. The Muziekkarroessel (‘musical carousel’) and the youth theatre have grown to become real traditions, but these are just a couple of highlights from the fifty of so performances per year → Jupiterstraat 35, Geleen, 046-7850710,

The Pitboel Theater was established in 1989. During that time it has created many of its own productions and toured the Benelux. Generations of children, young people and adults have become acquainted with the theatre through courses organised by the Theaterschool. An inspirational setting where the magic of theatre comes to life. → Montgomerystraat 26, Sittard, 046-4584721,

Het Laagland: self-styled youth theatre Het Laagland is the number one professional youth theatre in Limburg. Whether in-house or on tour, this production company has the knack of wowing regional or (inter)national audiences with top-quality theatre productions aimed at children, young people and adults. Every year, Het Laagland produces (new) touring performances. → Engelenkampstraat 25, Sittard, 37

Tip! Foroxity cinema

For the latest arts listings and cultural establishments go to the events page on

Sittard-Geleen is home to the most centrally located multiplex cinema in Zuid-Limburg: Foroxity filmarena The cinema contains eight spacious theatres with a daily programme showing all the latest films. The multiplex also houses a bar/restaurant where you can enjoy a drink or meal before or after the movie. Check out the film listings and latest times on the website. With Foroxity you can be sure of a great evening out. → Rijksweg Zuid 271 Sittard, 0900-2228888,

Museums in Sittard-Geleen In addition to the museum for contemporary art and heritage centre at De Domijnen, Sittard-Geleen has an alternative history to tell too. Geleen, for example, is the birthplace of the oldest annual pop festival in the Netherlands, Pinkpop, and is also home the first professional football club in the country.

Fortuna Museum Discover the fascinating history of the Fortuna Sittard football club and its illustrious predecessors Sittardse Boys, VV Sittard, SV Maurits Geleen, Sittardia and Fortuna '54.



Geleen-based Fortuna '54 played a key role in the history of football in the Netherlands having been the first professional club in the country. → Milaanstraat 120, Sittard

Pater Karel Museum Between Sittard and Geleen is the

Pinkpop Expo

village of Munstergeleen, where

This exhibition takes you back to the

Joannes Andreas Houben, known as

early beginnings of the event. The

Pater Karel van Sint Andries, was born

‘expo’ includes legendary photos of the

11 December 1821. In 1954, the out-

crowds and many artists who played

house outside his house of birth on the

the festival, such as Mick Jagger and

Geleenbeek river was converted into a

Sting, but also Coldplay and Bruce

chapel. It is a place where visitors can

Springsteen. Stay awhile in the Pinkpop

find a source of strength and hope,

cinema to watch a selection of past

come and say a prayer, light a candle,

live performances. The exhibition takes

or simply wander around the garden.

you behind the scenes at the event. For

The museum tells the story of Pater

example, historical documents such as

Karel´s life and also has e.g. reliquaries

the first budgets, the contract with U2

on display.

in 1980, permits, correspondence, wrist

→ Pater Karelweg 1, Munstergeleen,

bands and other interesting items.


→ Mauritslaan 25, Geleen, 046-4752500,


A few days in a different world

Want to know more? Check out accommodation on A romantic break or a fun week away? Sittard-Geleen has suitable overnight accommodation to suit any excursion,

Special hotels

leaving you worry-free to discover the charm of this place. Is it wellness, a cu-

Relax and immerse yourself in the

linary sojourn or a cultural outing you

opulence and history in the delightful

prefer? Or perhaps a combination of

Kloosterhotel MERICI, a converted mo-

all three? Sittard-Geleen has them all!

nastery in the heart of Sittard’s refur-

And that is precisely what makes a

bished ‘monastic quarter’. If you’re loo-

stay in this place so rewarding.

king for a hotel with the historic market square on your doorstep, what could be better than Hotel De Limbourg? And how about combining an overnight stay with a spell of wellness? If so, then Thermen Born and Fletcher Wellness Hotel Sittard are just the places for you.



Regal stopover

Welcoming B&Bs

Have you ever wanted to wake up

Make no mistake: an overnight stay in

feeling like a prince or princess? Book

Sittard-Geleen might mean you’re a

an overnight stay in one of the B&Bs on

long way from home, but you’ll find all

the Kasteel Limbricht estate. Are you

the home comforts you need in one

coming with a larger group? Kasteel

of our B&Bs. Your day in a B&B starts

Grasbroek will be more than pleased

promisingly when you sit down to an

to welcome you. And why not surprise

extensive, homemade breakfast with lo-

your partner with an overnight stay in

cal delicacies. Yummie! And armed with

the smallest castle in the Netherlands

insider tips from your host or hostess,

at B&B Casa Mia?

an unforgettable day awaits.

Rest and contemplation

Sittard-Geleen has a wide range of welcoming B&Bs, such as the character-

Is it peace and quiet you are looking

istic farmhouse B&B at De Gete in Born

for? Stay in holiday home De Meule,

and the unusual garden-shed B&B in

next door to the Pater Karel Kapel.

Munstergeleen, In de brocante tuin. You

Alternatively, if you’re looking for se-

can also spend the night in an old farm-

clusion the Regina Carmeli is for those

stead, such as at Hoeve Hub Notermans

who are in search of silence, prayer,

or Biesenhof, from where you can em-

contemplation and inner strength.

bark on a journey of discovery through the beautiful Geleenbeek valley. 41

Castles & Convents

Castles, monasteries and convents with a colourful past. If it’s castles

Kasteel Obbicht restored to its former glory

and old monastic communities you’re interested in, Sittard-Geleen is the

Kasteel Obbicht is situated on the site

place to be! Within spitting distance

of a medieval stronghold which was

of each other, there are a whole host

destroyed by Spanish troops during

of castles, monasteries and convents,

the Dutch War of Independence. The

or their ruins. Although not all of them

castle underwent repair, but once again

can be visited, they are definitely

succumbed to the ravages of war at the

worth looking at from a distance, for

beginning of the 18th century. The ruins

example, during an invigorating cycle

were replaced by the current structure


in 1780. In 1954 the new castle burnt down in a fire, but thanks to successful renovations between 1975 and 1988, it



was restored to its former glory. The

the Van Bentinck family and became a

castle and the farm attached to it are

moated castle. The Van Bentinck-Van

now on the national register of listed

Breyll coat of arms adorns the gate-



→ Kasteelweg 19-23, Obbicht

→ Wolfrath 1-3, Born

Huize Holtum: fortified farmstead

Born castle ruins with beautiful Kasteelpark

Huize Holtum is a fortified farmstead

There was mention of a castle in Born

with its own moat and is mentioned in

as early as 1150, close to where the cur-

historic documents dating back to the

rent ruins stand. The castle fell into dis-

14th century. The current building has

repair in the early 17th century, where-

a 16th century undercroft with embra-

upon the De Leerodt family embarked

sures, with the upper section of the

on the construction of a new castle in

building dating from the 17th century.

1662. Sadly, that building, occupied by

The pediment and the bell tower date

the Barbou van Roosteren family, was

from approx. 1800.

destroyed in a deadly fire in 1930.

→ Grote Dries 1, Born

The gardens surrounding the ruins are

Kasteel Wolfrath, castle in the woods

now an animal park where you can discover a large number of exotic animals. → Kasteelpark 38, Born, 046-4851950

Kasteel Wolfrath, surrounded by woods and orchards was built between 1615 and 1663. The castle was originally a farmstead. At the beginning of the 17th century, the farm was enlarged by 43

Kasteel Limbricht Superbly located, close to the woods and on the edge of the romantic village of the same name, is Kasteel Limbricht. Kasteel Limbricht is a rare example of a castle built on a motte, a man-made mound. The current building dates from 1622, but the remains of a 12th century fortified tower are preserved in its cellars. The castle has a rich history. One of Europe’s last witch trials took place here and in 1813/14 thousands of Napoleon’s troops were treated here. Currently the castle serves as a multifunctional hospitality centre, with something for everyone throughout the year. → Allee 1 te Limbricht.



Salvius church Directly next to Kasteel Limbricht is the Salvius church. The church originated in the 9th century and has undergone several building phases. Restoration work revealed the oldest ever murals to be found in a parish church in the Netherlands. Read more about the Salvius church on page 55. → Platz 2, Limbricht

Sisters of Mercy, St. Agnetenberg convent in Sittard

Monastic quarter: Dominicanenklooster and Ursulinenklooster, Sittard

In 1648, Dominican nuns set up a com-

The monastic quarter in Sittard consists

munity in the town. The nuns called

of two religious communities: the

their new convent St. Agnetenberg,

Dominicanenklooster and the neigh-

after Saint Agnes, the patron saint of

bouring Ursulinenklooster. The Domi-


nican friary was built by Dominican monks in the 17th century. Over time,

After invasion by French troops in 1801,

various monastic orders occupied this

the nuns abandoned the convent.

building, including the Jesuits and the

Because there was a big demand for a

Franciscans. All three religious orders

centralised orphanage and almshouse,

provided education. Scholars from

in 1857, seven nuns from Maastricht

beyond the Sittard region would have

decided to set up an institution for

followed education in establishments

the care of the poor and sick here.

that bore high-sounding names, such

In so doing, a new congregation was

as: Collegium Albertinum, Collège

established known as the Daughters

Saint-Louis en Missiecollege Sint-

of the Precious Blood. Nuns still reside

Francisus Solanus. In the early 1980s,

here today. The convent is situated in

remains of a former hospice were found

Plakstraat and borders the old town

under the inner courtyard. The former

walls. The brick-built complex consists

Ursulinenklooster now houses the

of three wings, a convent church and a

splendid Merici hotel.


→ Oude Markt 25 te Sittard.

→ Plakstraat 24 te Sittard. 45

Casa Mia, the smallest castle in the Netherlands

construction more than 400 years ago. Today, the castle functions as a location for group events. → Bornerweg 33, Limbricht,

The centre of Sittard also houses the smallest castle in the Netherlands. The former coach house Casa Mia,



currently operating as a Bed & Breakfast in Parklaan, was known formerly

Abshoven is a former religious complex

as Den Diek. The birthplace of Sittard’s

and estate to the south of Munsterge-

most famous son, Toon Hermans, once

leen in the eponymous neighbourhood

stood in this street. Casa Mia has as rich

of Abshoven. Abshoven was built

history and is a listed building.

between 1715 and 1717 as an abbey

→ Parklaan 3, Sittard, 046-4528450,

farm, belonging to the Val Dieu abbey

in Aubel in Belgium. Thereafter, it was

Kasteel Grasbroek

lived in by several noble families and by the beginning of the 20th century it was a fully functioning monastery. The

Kasteel Grasbroek is situated between

monastery burnt down for the most

the two villages of Born and Limbricht.

part in 1995. After a successful restora-

The current building is a rectangular

tion, the old monastery now operates

two-storey house with cellars and is

as a brasserie.

compact in size. It has curved side-ga-

→ Abshoven 35, Munstergeleen,

bles which incorporate no fewer than


63 embrasures. The wooden core of the

stair turret is formed by a tree trunk which was integrated into the original 46


Some history

In 1918, when Belgium once again lay claim to Dutch Limburg, the citizens of Sittard finally felt fully integrated into

Illustrious Sittard

the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Since

Sittard is amongst the oldest settle-

1972, the town centre has enjoyed con-

ments in the Netherlands and has

servation status.

an illustrious history. In 1243, Sittard onwards, it came into the possession

Geleen and the Maurits coalmine

of the Duchy of Jülich, until 1794. From

Geleen witnessed spectacular growth

1798 to 1814, it came under the rule

after construction of Staatsmijn Mau-

of the French empire and was part of

rits, a state-run coalmine. Associated

the Département of the Roer, whose

industries soon followed, with the con-

préfecture was Aachen. The town was

struction of coal plants and chemical

liberated in 1814 by Cossacks and in

installations, which used coal that came

1815 became the last town to join the

from Maurits. The construction of these

Kingdom of the Netherlands.

plants led to the influx of huge numbers

received a town charter. From 1400

of workers and managers. As a result, Nevertheless, it took a long time before

Geleen’s population grew exponen-

its residents would feel genuinely

tially. Over a period of sixty years, its

Dutch, since Sittard was one of the

numbers increased tenfold. In 1920,

first towns to declare itself for Belgian

Geleen was home to 4,000 inhabitants,

independence in 1830 and in 1848 many

ten years later it was 12,000, in 1955 it

of its citizens worked in vain towards a

had grown to 25,000, and by 1980 the

reunion with Germany.

population had reached 36,000.


Magnificent churches

Looking to combine a moment of quiet contemplation with culture,

Cultural heritage alive and kicking

history and a elegant town centre? If so, you’ve struck a rich vein in

The ecclesiastical and historic past is

Sittard. There are no fewer than five

alive and well in the old town centre.

beautiful churches just a stone’s throw

It’s an easy stroll from church of St

from each other in the old town.

Peter’s, which has the tallest spire in South Limburg, past St Michael's or Paterskerk to the chapel of Agnetenberg or the famous Rosakapel and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Another feature is the beautifully restored neo-Gothic Mariapark opposite the Basilica, which was built for the



Tip! Many churches are included in the town trail Visit Zuid-Limburg has published a booklet especially for this purmany pilgrims who descended on the

pose, in which trails past the main

town. Regina Carmeli is a place where

churches are described: ‘Stads-

you can find some peace and quiet, a

wandeling Sittard’.

retreat or an overnight stay.

Church of St Peter’s and magnificent treasury

the choir) containing reliquaries, liturgical robes, chalices and other ecclesias-

The Great Church, or the church of St

tical utensils The tower was probably

Peter’s, in the centre of Sittard goes

completed around 1505, its massive

officially by the name of Sint-Petrus’

buttresses and band courses, creating a

Stoel te Antiochië. A single-nave church

strong impression.

stood on this spot around the time of

→ Kerkplein 4, Sittard

the First Millennium. The main fabric of the current church dates back to the

Imposing Basiilica, Sittard

end of the 14th century and is built in so-called Maasland gothic style, with

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred

the nave being the oldest part and the

Heart in Sittard was built at the end of

sanctuary the newest. The church is

the 19th century by architect J. Kayser

constructed in the shape of a crucifix.

from Venlo. The church is built in

The 15th century choir stalls are the

neogothic style, a style more common

oldest in the Netherlands and the

in the north of the country than in Lim-

pulpit, dating from 1774, is a wonderful

burg. Above the main entrance inside

example of woodcarving. Absolutely

the porch, a white marble plaque has

worth visiting is the treasury (behind

been inserted. This was made in Rome 49

Tip! Guided tours in the Basilica Guided tours in the Basilica take place at fixed times or can be arranged on request. Guided tours take around 90 minutes in which visitors are given a detailed history of the church and its interior. The tour also includes a visit to the sacristy, the galleries and the rood loft. You will also be able to admire the antique paraments and chasubles. Price: €5 per person. More information at, or order a ticket direct via

Mariapark Sittard, a resting place for pilgrims After a few years the Basilica was no longer able to cope with the large influx of pilgrims. To solve this problem, the Mariapark was built opposite the church. The name is misleading since in actual fact, this is not a park but a courtyard with a garden, surrounded by a neogothic quadrangle. The garden is hidden from the street by a wide front

and sent to Sittard in 1883, when the

porch, a place of rest for pilgrims. From

church - the first in the Netherlands

here there is a view into the interior of

- was given the status of basilica. For

the church. The level of the building

many years, the church has served as a

was deliberately built to the same level

place of pilgrimage. The church is still

as the church, which means that church

visited by modern-day pilgrims to give

services can be followed from this front

thanks or ask for a favour.


→ Oude Markt 23 Sittard

→ Oude Markt 14k, Sittard



St Michael’s church, Sittard: a unique interior The church was built by Dominican

The oldest Protestant church in the Netherlands As early as the first quarter of the 16th century there were an active number of protestant ministers from Wassenberg working in the Sittard region. In 1633, reformed citizens in Sittard bought a house in Gruizenstraat and converted this into a clandestine church. Above the entrance to the church are two dates superimposed: 1637, probably its year of construction, and 1680, the year of restoration after a major fire in the town. In 1860, the height of the tower was increased by 25 metres and

monks between 1659 and 1668 on the site of St Catharine’s hospice. The church is built in a baroque style typical of the South Netherlands. The small lion next to the entrance door is a reference to Asor, the escaped lion who walked into the church during mass on the feast of St Rosa’s in 1938. Notable in the interior is the impressive baroque altarpiece, unique in the Netherlands! Not to mention the richly carved oak panelling along both sides of nave. The artworks present in the church all reflect the time of the Catholic reformation. → Markt 24, Sittard

crowned with a trumpeting angel, a symbol of the Jülich synod. It currently houses a restaurant. → Gruizenstraat 3, Sittard


Tip! Exhibitions in Fort Sanderbout Former strongholds: Fort Sanderbout, Sittard Fort Sanderbout was a former bastion in Sittard’s system of defence works. It is the last part of the town’s fortifications that still remains. The fort, named after King Swentibold, or ‘Sanderbout’ (one of the first monarchs of the Low Countries) was probably built around 1565. It was originally a roundel

Fort Sanderbout now accommodates three exhibitions: defence through the centuries; a Jewish cemetery; and a vineyard. Three totally different themes which together tell the story of Sittard. The fort is open on every first Saturday of the month, in combination with a tour of the hidden gardens (Geheime Tuinen Sittard). → Fort Sanderbout 10, Sittard

which was put in place to defend the city wall and one of its gates, the Putpoort, against enemy attack.

The complex underwent a major restoration in the 20th century. Along with

In the second half of the 16th century,

the old town walls, Fort Sanderbout

it was probably upgraded to a bas-

is on the national register of listed

tion. Fort Sanderbout consisted of an


underground network of tunnels with two casemates which faced the northeast and south-east respectively. The

Sample the history of Oud-Geleen

northernmost of the two, including two embrasures, is still intact. After the de-

Oud-Geleen is the historic centre of

struction of Sittard in 1677, the system

Geleen. There is evidence of human

of defences was dismantled and the

habitation in (Oud)-Geleen in around

adjoining land turned into allotments.

5000 BC.



Tip! Walks De Vereniging Sittards Verleden has published two great books (in Dutch) for discovering historic Sittard on foot: Wandeling door het Kapittelgebied (historic centre) and Wandeling over en langs vroegere vestingwerken (fortifications). Both books are are available via Visit Zuid-Limburg.

Find solace in the Pater Karelhoeve Joannes Andreas Houben, better known as Pater Karel van Sint Andries, was born in Munstergeleen on 11 December 1821. For well over a century those with physical or mental burdens have been finding solace in Pater Karel. ‘Father

As such, it is one of the oldest inhabited

Charles’ was canonised in Rome in

regions in the country. At the heart of

2007. His birthplace is a half-timbered

Oud-Geleen is the church, which was

farmhouse, typical of the region and

founded around the time of Charle-

well worth the visit. To the left of the

magne (800-850). The current church

complex was the oil mill, and to the

tower, built in 1504, is the oldest

right the sawmill. In 1954 the outhouse

building in Geleen. The arrival of the

was turned into a chapel and is open

state-run coalmine of Maurits and its

from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also visit

official opening in 1925 marked a time

the museum and shop selling religious

of upheaval for Oud-Geleen. For the

items. Open from Tuesday to Sunday

locals, the many outsiders who came

afternoons from 2 to 5 pm.

to live nearby brought about huge

→ Pater Karelweg 1, Munster-

changes. Oud-Geleen is and remains a


unique neighbourhood with an allure that is in many ways unique. Why not visit the old centre and explore its historic character for yourself? 53

Schipperskerk: a meeting place for ‘skippers’ Are you planning a nice cycle ride

It is now often used for baptisms or

along the Meuse or the Julianakanaal?

anniversaries. In addition, the building

If so, make a detour to Schipperskerk,

is used several times a year for

a delightful settlement between the

exhibitions and recitals.

villages of Papenhoven en Grevenbicht.

→ Kluis 1, Geleen

In 1949, a church (‘Schipperskerk’) and rectory were built here to serve as a

Sint Rosakapel

religious and cultural meeting place for skippers navigating the Julianakanaal.

The Sint Rosakapel (or chapel of St

A small nucleus of houses formed

Rose) is on the Kollenberg, a small hill

around the church, named epony-

in Sittard. It is a small building with a

mously, where some skippers settled

long history. Built in 1675, the chapel is

down after retiring. The church itself,

dedicated to St Rosa, the patron saint

designed by architect Theodorus

of Sittard. In 1668 a dysentery epidemic

Lambertus Oberndorff, was dedicated

which claimed many lives broke out in

to the apostles Peter and Paul.

Sittard. Through the intercession of St

Sint Janskluis, Geleen

Rosa, the contagion ceased. In return, the city fathers promised to hold a procession on the last Sunday of August

This small building dating from 1699 is

every year from St Michael’s church to

one of the most eye-catching mon-

St Rosa’s chapel. Sittard has kept its

uments in Geleen. It is a three-sided

promise and since 1675 a procession

building made of brick with marlstone

of thanks has taken place every year.

banding and with a typical roof win-

In August the chapel is open to visitors

dow. After its most recent restoration in

from 2 to 4.30 pm

1985, the Sint Janskluis was converted

→ Kapellerweg, Sittard

into a small wayside chapel.



St Rosa and the lion Ob Sunday 28 August 1938 a curious incident took place in Sittard. During the festival of St Rose two lions escaped from their cages at circus ‘Friso’. One lion, Iris, was found wandering over the market square whilst the other,

Church of St Salvius, Limbricht

Asor (an anagram of ‘Rosa’) walked into the church of St Michael at the very moment holy mass was being celebrated. In the crowded

The history of the Salviuskerk dates

church, the lion knocked over a

back to the end of the 10th or the

few people, but otherwise did no

beginning of the 11th century. Of the

harm. The lion ended up walking

original single-nave church, only the

up and down in front of the altar.

pebble-built north wall remains.

By that time circus workers had ar-

During restoration work between 1977

rived, who managed to get the lion

and 1984, murals were found in the

back into its cage without much

chancel, the oldest ever found in a

further ado. They also managed to

parish church in the Netherlands.

overpower the other lion, Iris, in

These paintings date from around 1300

between the fairground rides on

and can be visited today. A brass reli-

the marketplace.

quary allegedly containing fragments of bones of St Salvius were also found. The church can be visited on Easter Monday and every first Sunday of the month from May to September (2 to 5 pm). Private visits with a guide can also be arranged by appointment. → Platz 2, Limbricht,


Working watermills

In the historic and rural surroundings of Sittard-Geleen, there’s lots of

Activity aplenty at Stadbroeker watermill

interesting mills to be discovered. Many have long and fascinating

On the fringes of Sittard, close to the

histories. Some are still in operation,

nature reserve of Schwienswei, is the

whilst other have been converted

historic complex of Stadbroekermolen.

into catering establishments.

A permit was issued for construction of the watermill by the William Duke of

So you can even discover a rich history

Jülich in 1582. From 1846 it came into

with a bite to eat and a drink!

the hands of the Roufs family. They sold wheat and rye flour throughout Zuid-Limburg and in Belgium and Germany and replaced the waterwheel in 1907 by a turbine with a grinding mecahnism.



In 1955, Roufs sold the complex to the

In the post-war years it served briefly

town of Sittard. The unique complex

as a sawmill to help with reconstruc-

was restored to its former glory in

tion. In 1973 the mill became the pro-

1990, including its water-powered

perty of the Jacob Kritzraedt founda-

propulsion. It is a friendly location for

tion, who returned the mill to full

parties and meetings. For more infor-

working order. A second restoration

mation go to

followed in 1998 which installed a

→ Jacqueline Roufsweg, Sittard

turbine for the generation of electricity,

powered by the flow of the Geleen-

Ophoven watermill

beek. The historic site now accommodates the Buitenplaats De Vief Heringe, a restaurant where you can savour

There was mention of a watermill in

the atmosphere of yesteryear with

Ophoven in 1348. The mill was the

wholesome meals, special beers and

property in fief of the Lords of Valken-

good wine. The unique atmosphere of

burg and later the Dukes of Jülich. The

the old mill, the miller's house, the old

mill once served as a grain mill and be-

miller's workshop and the two patio

longed to the Ophovenerhof, an farm-

areas on the waterfront offer, in true

stead on the opposite side of the road.

old-fashioned style, a friendly and warm

After the mill was used for the milling

welcome to everyone.

of oil, the building was reconverted for

→ Molenweg 56, Sittard

grain milling in the 19th century. 57

Op de Kingbeek: watermill with a singular history ‘Op de Kingbeek’ in Grevenbicht is the oldest known and only surviving of the four watermills along the Kingbeek stream. The first known mention of it was in 1548. The story goes that the mill was built as a corn mill to provide the local villagers with flour. For the construction of the mill and diversion of the stream a cooperative of 24 members was set up. Every member of the cooperative, which existed for no less than three centuries, received two weeks’ milling rights. These milling rights were sold off publically in 1820, after which the mill came into the hands of various different owners.



In 1887 the paddle wheel was replaced by a turbine. The owners at the time, the Roelofs family, installed a steam engine for auxiliary power, hence the chimney in the side wall of the mill. The watermill currently houses a small war museum which can be visited by the public. → Watermolenstraat 12, Grevenbicht.

Back to the coalmines Sittard-Geleen and coalmining are inextricably linked. In 1915, the staterun coalmine of Maurits was opened, remaining in operation until 1966. Today, there are still many interesting reminders of the former coalmining activities in the region.

A deep-seated coalmining past The mine soon became a major employer, both for the locals, as well as outsiders who came to work here. The new industry radically changed the face of the region. For example, new rail links and waterways were constructed for the transport of coal, such as the Sittard-Born railway line, the Franciscushaven in Born - today the largest inland port in the Netherlands - and the Julianakanaal with its special locks. These locks have been put on the national register of national monuments and are well worth seeing.

Tip! Discover for yourself! Do you want to discover the coalmining past for yourself? If so, why not follow either mine route 3 or 4 (cycle routes) which pass many of these reminders of the past. Available from the Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop in Sittard (see page 70)

Village centres, such as Geleen, saw an exponential growth duing this period. However, in the 1950s - with rising costs, increased competition and new forms of energy - coalmining went downhill. After the pits were closed, Maurits left behind an important source of employment, namely the chemical plants run by DSM (Dutch State Mines) and its suppliers. 59

Icon, poet, vagabond and troubadour

Every town has its own story to tell,

Toon Hermans, son of Sittard

with its own remarkable, iconic figures and this is no less true of Sit-

Toon Hermans, born and bred in

tard-Geleen. A number of these stories

Sittard, became one of the Netherland’s

can be found on the following pages.

greatest theatre entertainers.

During a walk through the town you

A legendary stage celebrity, famous in

will certainly see references to them.

the Netherlands and Belgium as an entertainer, bon vivant, showman, writer, painter, but most of all a clown. Toon wasn’t just able to make people laugh. He cheered them up and made them happy. And when people are happy, they laugh automatically!



Tip! Toon Hermans trail During this 1.5km walk, a guide will take you to the many places which provide a reminder of Toon and the years he spent in Sittard. For exam-

A bond with Sittard

ple the site of Toon’s old birthplace and where he first performed for next to nothing. This will give you a

Toon Hermans was born and is buried

good idea of Toon’s home town of

in Sittard. He grew up in the town and

Sittard. For the Toon Hermans trail

first appeared on the stage at St Jozef-

call Visit Zuid-Limburg at

gebouw in Wilhelminastraat.

0900-555 9798 (€1 per call)

In 1942, he left for Amsterdam, where he soon caused a stir on the national scene. With his warm words and droll facial expressions he was able to charm

Zefke Mols

both young and old. In 1885, Zefke was just 11 years old In many of his shows, songs, poems and

when she lost both parents and had

stories, Toon expresses his love for his

to move in with the family of his best

Limburg roots in Sittard. In 1998, the

friend Martin Marx. From 1907 onwards,

‘Toon Hermans Huis’ opened. Named

he travelled the length and breadth of

after the celebrity, this is a centre

Germany selling cigars for a German

where people with cancer can spend

company. Whilst he was staying in

time with their friends and family. After

Karlsruhe in 1908, during local festivi-

his death in 2000, Toon was buried in

ties, a man was murdered.

Sittard next to his beloved wife Rietje.

Zefke was arrested as a suspect and, without any evidence, was sentenced to life imprisonment.


During the day, Zefke would traipse through the town and shopkeepers would stop him and offer him anything and everything, from cigars and sausages to other titbits. He often accepted medals from people which he would then wear himself. In 1955 the town was shaken by the news that Zepke had died in his sleep, aged 81. Surprisingly, after turning 65, Zefke had never drawn his state pension. The municipality held back the money he had saved and used to send him to his grave with a right royal send-off. Between Begijnenhofwal and Walstraat, there now stands a statue of Zefke Mols.

Jo Erens, a genuine troubadour Erens lived on Rijksweg-Noord in In 1914, he was released when the real

Sittard. His father was a cabinet maker

perpetrator confessed to the murder.

and a member of the Sittard male choir.

The real killer preferred to go to jail

From an early age Erens performed for

than die in military service during the

the Sittard carnaval club 'De Marotte'.

First World War.

He enjoyed boundless fame and popularity, even in the province of Belgian

After his release, Zefke was in such a

Limburg. Erens’ popularity was, on the

state of shock that he took to an itin-

one hand, down to his musical skills;

erant life as a tramp in France. In 1928

he had a beautiful voice and composed

he returned to Sittard where he found

songs in the Sittard dialect which were

accommodation with his old friend

extremely popular with large sections

Martin Marx. He set up home in an old

of the Limburg population of that time,

shed on the corner of Walstraat. The

both in the Netherlands and Belgium.

town tolerated his stay in the shed and

On the other hand, Erens was a musical

records even stipulate that he would

hero for Limburg society, at a time

be permitted to use the shed until his

when the province was working hard to

dying day.

build its own identity.



Charles Beltjens Karel Michel Hubert (Charles) Beltjens was a Dutch 19th century poet who wrote exclusively in French. He was born in Sittard. His father came from Roermond and his mother’s family oriAlong with Chel Savelkoul, Sjef Diederen,

ginated from French-speaking Wallonia;

Frits Rademacher and Harry Bordon,

she was the daughter of a goldsmith in

Erens was a member of the so-called

Liège. Whilst he won major literary

‘Big Five’ Limburg troubadours from

prizes in Belgium and France, he remai-

the 1940s to the 1990s. They were an

ned virtually unread in the Netherlands.

important focal point for popular cul-

He enjoyed contact with famous French

ture in Limburg at the time.

poets, such as Charles Baudelaire and Stéphane Mallarmé.

Limburg-born classical composer Matty Niël wrote several works for Erens,

Beltjens also corresponded with the

including Blues and Drie Kerstliederen.

writer Victor Hugo. In 1872 he came

Niël also accompanied the singer for

back to Sittard where he died in

many years in the classical vocal reper-

seclusion in 1890.

toire. The baritone died in Amersfoort on 21 January 1955 after suffering

A bronze bust of the poet stands in one

a stroke. Thousands from all over the

of Sittard’s secret gardens, Le jardin

Netherlands and Belgian Limburg

d’Isabelle. The garden is name after

turned up to his funeral.

Beltjens’ unattainable love, Isabelle de Borman.


Sittard-Geleen on the map Must-do’s 1 Historic Sittard

22 Darteldome

2 Pater Karel Hoeve

23 Clip ’n Climb

44 Kasteel Limbricht 45 St. Agnetenberg

3 Musea de Domijnen

24 Jump XL


4 Historic town trail

25 Bowlingcentra

46 Monastic quarter

5 Vibrant markets

26 IVY climbing


6 Kasteel Limbricht

27 Escape Centrum

47 Casa Mia

7 Pinkpop Expo


48 Kasteel Grasbroek

8 Secret gardens

28 Unit 13

49 Abshoven

9 Kasteelpark Born

29 Wandelkudde

10 RivierPark Maasvallei

30 Thermen Born

11 Magnificent churches

31 BLUE Wellness

12 Fort Sanderbout

On foot and by bike

Art & culture for everyone

Magnificent churches 50 Fort Sanderbout Sittard 51 Oud-Geleen 52 Schipperskerk

13 13 Town parks

32 Municipal theatre

53 Sint Janskluis Geleen

14 Along rivers and valleys

33 Poppodium Volt

54 Sint Rosakapel Sittard

15 Tom Dumoulin

34 Filmhuis de Domijnen

55 Church of St Salvius

35 Ligne


Bike Park

36 Theater Karroessel 37 Pitboel theater

A day full of fun 16 Petting farms

38 Laagland theater 39 Foroxity

Working watermills 56 Stadtbroeker watermill

17 Laco Glanerbrook

57 Ophoven watermill

18 De nieuwe Hateboer

58 Kingbeek watermill

19 Het Anker 20 Fortuna Stadion /

Museum 21 Ballorig

Castles & Convents 40 Kasteel Obbicht 41 Huize Holtum 42 Kasteel Wolfrath 43 Kasteelruïne Born



Visit Zuid-Limburg 59 Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop



Illik lll kh ho hoven oven n N276




Holtum m

19 58


B hten Buchten


Nieuw ie wstadt wsta adt

Born B orn n



5 43

Obb Obb bichtt bicht

Is Isenbruc Isenbru Isenbruch



Greven Gr Greven ven enbich enbicht bich ht

nd erland de ed e Ne d and tslla Duits






Mille Mi Millen K1


G et Graetheide

44 40


Gu G utt tteco tteco oven ov o ven



Limbric Limb brricht bric icht chtt


Be Berg erg e rg




S ar Si Sittar ard rd rd




27 47


20 26







12 50



54 29









Munstergelee nste nster ster tergele ge elee een n

Geleen Gele Gel G eleen ele le een en





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8 4




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Einighause gha se g sen n




Windraak Wind draak d aak




24 A76

Elsloo Elslo loo oo



sweikhuizen weikhu weikh ikh izen ikhu

Pu Puth u

Neerbeek Ne eerbeek ee eek

Beek E25


Sp Spaube paubeek p aubee a

Schinne S c chin chinne h ne


Heins eweg

al W

Ov erh ov en ers tra


French monastery


Sta tion sple in

ra st m


we en Ste g

tion spl ein




n ve rho

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e Ov



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Rij ks we g

we en Ste

No or d




A vibrant historic town centre. W il elm Medieval buildings, manyhmagnificent ina str aa churches and imposing town houses. t Discover the historic market square!





sk e te Sj



Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop Sittard. Rosmolenstraat 2, Sittard ⟶ 3,5 km

at ess ens str a

id Zu g Rij ks we

De W




nk am ps tr aa


Pa rk


Discover the town of cabaret artist, Toon Hermans. But Sittard has much more! The town centre exudes the atmosphere of its historic past. The charming old town centre with its historic buildings welcomes you with open arms. There is a beautiful historic market square surrounded by pavement cafes. Sittard is amongst the oldest settlements in the Netherlands and has an illustrious history.



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Kle ine

Agric olast r




Ste eg

Holl ew eg



Historic town trail

Sports & leisure centre

ign eur




gs swe

d Sta



Casa Mia

Schouwburg De Domijnen




sw eg




Ha s


Vo o



ug st ra











De Domijnen museum of contemporary art





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Ju bi le

le Mo






Sittard town plan


Northern Shooting Fields


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Ha sp e ls

Ge lee nb e



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Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop Sittard

wal eten Agn En

Pu lle st



t ou




Protestant church Te



Nie u

ws tr

Sjie fbaa




Market square


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ls He

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s ek be en ol M





Church of St Peter

Jardin d’Isabelle







rkt Ma

rk Ke

de Ou





gi jn



fw al

De Domijnen heritage centre

Be gi jn e


Basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart




Fort Sanderbout


len ka m



t Schutt estraa





g we

er ek ro nb

ye Le


67 Schu

ttest raat

Drielandenroute Sittard-Geleen Three-country route

riverside villages, and the German

Sittard-Geleen is the ideal base from

Selfkant region, a territory that was

which to explore these international

once part of the Netherlands for 14

surroundings. The Drielandenroute (or

years! There’s plenty of stopping-off

three-country route) takes in the me-

places on the way for a bite to eat and

andering River Meuse, with its quaint

a drink.

Heild e






N78 19 ld






Obbicht 23












Lim 50 27 82

Berg aan de Maas















Starting point: Marketplace, Sittard Distance: 37.1 km Level of difficulty: Moderate

Cycle intersections 34
















we mp


Nieuwstadt Millen-bruch





Gu Gu utt ttec tt tteco ec co c oven o ov v ven

L 410

Tüddern 31






Sittard 111





Al le


34 46 32


Market square 39


Visit ZuidLimburg Shop

Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop Sittard 0900-555 9798 (€ 1 p.g.) Tourist information and more at Visit Zuid-Limburg Get to know all the great things about Zuid-Limburg in the Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop! The region is well-known for its wonderful scenery, its epicurean hospitality and leading international attractions. Our staff are only too pleased to tell you about the best places and the most exciting activities! Drop in for an extensive range of local products, gift items and VVV gift vouchers.

Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop Sittard The Visit Zuid-Limburg Shop Sittard is in Rosmolenstraat 2. The shop has an array of Sittard-Geleen brochures, such as the Toon Hermans trail and the Stadswandeling Sittard (Sittard town trail). Various maps are also available, such as the Cycle Zuid-Limburg map (showing relevant parts of the national cycle network) or the walking map of the Grensmaasvallei!



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