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Friday 29 MARCH 2013


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HESE are the words said by Magistrate Sam Makamu before his final decision of not granting the 9 Daveyton Police officers bail on the 12th of March 2013 at the Benoni Magistrate’s Court. The police officers intended to plead not guilty after being arrested on the 1st of March 2013 in the Benoni Police station cells. When appearing at the Benoni Magistrate’s Court for their bail application on the 8th of March, the same morning the 9th officer got ar-

rested with the same charges. During the bail

application process, affidavits of the 8 po-

lice officers were read before the court, while the 9th stood before the Court to tell were he’s been. The 9th accused took sick leave on the 4th soon after the 9 Police Officers were seen in a video footage handcuffing the 27 years old Mozambican taxi driver Emido Macia and dragging him some metres from the taxi rank to the Police station where he later on died on the 26th of February 2013. He said he did not know that he was also wanted regarding the matter until the investigating Officer contacted him on Thursday the 7th of March 2013.“The investigating offi-

cer told me to report at work before 09H00am on Friday. At that time I was in Limpopo to attend a funeral on Saturday. I dropped everything there and drove back to Gauteng so I could be at work as told. When I arrived at work, I submitted my Doctor’s note after I was told to go to Benoni Police Station. I was told by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate(IPID) that they are arresting me for the case of murder,” said the 9th accused Matome Ramatlou. The state Prosecutor grilled him with questions, asking how come he said he was sick yet he was in Limpopo to attend a funeral. “You were busy gallivanting Limpopo

whilst you are sick,” the state asked. The state accused him for delaying the Justice process. The state prosecutor discredited Ramatlou saying he was in no intention of coming upfront besides knowing that his colleagues being arrested. The IPID also submitted an affidavit that was read before the court opposing the granting of bail for the accused. Defence lawyer Elias Tshole said driver stated in an affidavit that he looked in the rear-view mirrors and did not see Macia. “If someone is underneath the vehicle there is no

Happy Easter Weekend to all our readers

way you will see them in the rear-view mirrors.” The prosecution had argued that Macia had suffered extensive injuries, culminating in hypoxia - a lack of oxygen supply to the body - causing his death.

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2 Vutha News

Police minister, Nathi Mthethwa in Daveyton

“The Minister must go visit Etwatwa Police Station. They arrest people who play dice and who drink alcohol rather than attending to serious crime cases” This is just one of the many complaints and pleas Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa heard during his visit at Daveyton recently. He held a meeting with different community structures including Community Policing Forums, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), youth formations, civic organisations, including interfaith organisations. Dozens of residents turned out to speak to the minister. The minister heard that the relationship between police and Daveyton residents has

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completely collapsed. Some residents went as far as to raise allegations of corruption against their local officers and said their cases were not investigated if they did not pay a bribe. They also claimed cases were not registered if they were brought forward against police. One Daveyton man told the Police minister he regularly noticed policemen harassing foreigners even if they had legitimate immigration papers.“Sometimes they come and want to arrest those immigrants. I don’t know why the police want to harass people in that way. I once witnessed it myself.”Another resident said the problem of drug abuse, and more

specifically nyaope , is out of control in Daveyton and Etwatwa because of police corruption.“We know people are selling drugs with the backup of police and even if you call the police, they come and they’re there for 10 minutes and then they’re gone but the person is still there. This is a problem in our society.”Mthethwa and Gauteng Community Safety officials were expected to respond to the concerns raised before leaving. During the visit, the Minister also visited the family of the late Mido Macia where he personally conveyed his condolences to the family. Furthermore, he held discussions with the Daveyton police management

Police arrest a suspect: two women killed in etwatwa

hunt for two other suspects is underway and police believe that a breakthrough will be made very soon. A Volvo Vehicle stolen at the crime scene was recovered in KwaThema. Constable Masilela alleges that the suspects confronted a 19 year old tenant and forced her to open the gate of a house while pointed with a firearm after 20:00 last night. people protesting outside the court are people who are unemployed and who probably got paid to ‘’dance and sing’’ outside the court to persuade the court to not grant bail to the accused. Accused lawyer, Advocate Leso told the court Sololo had hypertension and initially his condition had “seriously worsened” in custody. “Keeping him in custody might be dangerous to his health.” However the statement made by Leso made no amendment. The magistrate said Bail won’t be remedy. Even after the Defence Lawyers gave reasons for the Court to grant the accused with bail, Magistrate Sam Makamu said he felt it was not in the interests of justice to grant them bail. In delivering his ruling,

Police have  arrested a suspect (31) following the two woman Dina Masuku(62) and Phumzile Masuku (26) were killed in Etwatwa. A man-

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“Severe bruising to his arms shows he was desperately trying to fight for his life,” prosecutor December Mthimunye said. After giving out reasons for the court to grant the accused with bail Tshole got attacked by angry protesters outside the court who were listening to the court proceedings on the upper room of the court shown on the Screen. They told him outside the court that they’ll drag him down on his car just like Macia was dragged. The angry protesters reacted badly after hearing Tshole saying he has never seen anyone angry in Daveyton after the death of Macia. Tshole pointed out that he is a resident of Daveyton and he said his neighbour is a police officer of Daveyton. He said he has never heard his neighbour getting attacked by angry community and therefore he asked the court to grant the accused bail. Tshole also said the

and personnel to discuss and find solutions to some of the current policing challenges including tensions which have been experienced in the wake of the unfortunate death of Mido. The Minister was joined by the Gauteng South African Police Service (SAPS) Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Mzwandile Petros, his provincial management team, various SAPS Cluster Commanders and Station Commanders from the area.  Meanwhille, Macia’s family has indicated it will launch a civil case against the police and Mthethwa’s office over the death of the taxi driver.

Friday 29 MARCH 2013

Metro police official killed The Ekurhuleni Metro Police Officer died on Sunday, 17 March 2013, apparently after being punched by a Mozambican illegal food vendor who resisted arrest. A man who witnessed this said officers were ganging-up on an illegal trader last week Sunday when one official collapsed. “Police surrounded him (the suspect) and then one of them fell. He never woke up again.”But

the metro police said the man punched the police officer as he refused to be handcuffed. Officers were reportedly acting on a letter of notice issued to the accused on 13 March, to stop the man from trading at Daveyton Entrance in Esihlahleni. Gauteng Community Safety spokesperson Thapelo Moiloa said the death showed some residents have negative attitudes toward police.“There are those that are busy mobilising the community to make sure that Daveyton is unruly.” The man appeared in court Last Week Tuesday. It was found that the man had an extensive criminal history.

Accident seen when Minister Nathi Mthethwa went to Visit Mido Macia’s Family recently in Daveyton. A Metro Police officer ran into the Benoni SAPS Brigadier Mercedes Benz.

Cases of House Robberies and Theft. It is believed the suspect is moving between Daveyton and Johannesburg. Anyone with information that can lead in finding this man, urged to contact nearest Police Station or Call an Investigating Officer Warrant Officer Jan Siemens – 084 652 3789.

Have you seen the man on the picture? Etwatwa Police are looking for a man on the picture.  This man can assist Police with investigation of Multiple They entered the house and held her, the owner of the house, Dina Masuku (62) and her daughter Phumzile (26). A tenant and Phumzile are alleged to be raped repeatedly. At this stage it cannot be confirmed whether the elderly woman was also raped.  The owner of the house and her daughter were left tied up and their heads covered with Makamu said there were potential risks that Daveyton residents could try to seek revenge on the

accused. He expressed concern at the prospect of sending the men back to their homes in this “unfavourable” climate. However, the men’s financial security and that of

plastics bags wrapped and taped around their necks. The tenant was threatened, tied up, blindfolded and locked up at the backroom. In the early hours of the morning, she untied herself and escaped through the window and alerted the neighbours. Police were summoned to the scene and the owner of the house and her daughter their families could suffer if they remained in jail, because it was up to their employer to decide whether or not to pay them while in custody. It also appeared evidence had been lost or hidden. Macia’s shoes were never found. The pants he was wearing at the time of the attack were found between a safe and police cells, Makamu said. Earlier, prosecutor December Mthimunye argued that police station documents showed the accused had “tried to cover their tracks”. A lot has been said about Macia...He is probably turning in his grave now,” Mthimunye said.The memorial service for murdered taxi driver Mido Macia was turned into a political rally, attendees complained. “We need to be

were declared dead at the scene by the paramedics. It is suspected that they suffocated.   A vehicle belonging to the 26-year-old woman’s boyfriend and two cellphone were stolen on the scene.  At this stage, the police are investigating a case of murder, rape and house-robbery and they are following several leads to arrest the suspects. afforded space to bid farewell to Mido in our own way, but politicians took over this event,” said TA’s Chairman Mohanoe Masitsa.The gathered crowds seemed to agree, dancing and singing while Gauteng MEC for community safety, Faith Mazibuko, tried to address them. Faced with the noisy crowd, she said that mourners had to either close their mouths, or leave the stadium. Mazibuko had arrived at the Sinaba Sports Stadium in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, at about 1pm.The SA National Taxi Council’s July Msiza said incidents like Macia’s assault should be reported. He said that the police officials implicated deserved the death penalty.“We want to send a serious warning to SA Police Service, to stop declaring war against their people,” said Msiza. The Macia family, former first lady Graça Machel, and Mozambique’s ambassador, Fernando Fazenda, were among the people attending.

Friday 29 MARCH 2013

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Vutha News 3

Eskom shares knowledge with the community of Daveyton A customer day was held by Eskom within the surroundings of Daveyton Mall to highlight topics that were relevant to the community as how electricity is distributed following procedures that entail a legal route, to how energy efficiency can help pave a better future for Daveyton residents. Eskom gave an outline of what the IBT( Inclining block tariff) and FBI ( Free basic electricity) meant which was one of the topics that was on the agenda among others

such as Operation Khanyisa ,causes of power failure , illegal connections and energy efficiency. Lefa a Service Rap for Eskom echoed what the FBE which was electricity that you get every month depending on whether you qualified, if not it means that you are not registered. Lefa gave procedure of how to get registered which was through availability of your ID, Eskom Card then make your way to the next nearest Eskom service centres to

get helped. The Intriguing IBT abbreviation (Inclining

Daveyton – A Victim-Offender Dialogue session, which was organised by the Department of Correctional Services, has been held in Daveyton in the East Rand. Speaking on behalf of the department, Deputy Commissioner for Research and Marketing, Professor Musa Xulu, said the Victim-Offender Programme needed the participation of various professionals, including members of society. “High value should also be placed on ensuring that victims of crime are empowered. The Victim-Offender

Dialogue seeks to steer society in the direction of good citizenship,” he said on Thursday. One of the offenders who asked for forgiveness was Samuel Mtsweni, who is serving a 15-year sentence for a murder in 2003. Mtsweni made a passionate plea for forgiveness to the family of the victim and to the community. “While in prison I came to my senses and realised that what I did was wrong and decided to apologise to the family of the victim,” he said. According to him, he stabbed the victim after hear-

ing that his friend was being assaulted by a group of men. Mtsweni rushed to where his friend was being assaulted, with the aim of helping him. Mtsweni says he confronted his friend’s attackers. The men fled and one stayed behind. Mtsweni stabbed the man, who later died in hospital from his wounds. Mtsweni was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Three of his friends involved in the incident were also arrested and they were each sentenced to 10 years in prison. Another offender, Raymond Moeketsi

block tariff )was understood when Nhlanhla a Eskom

employee told residents and Vutha News it’s an increase in electricity. “Don’t let your electricity go over 600 kwh as it will cost 139, 31 more putting emphasis on using less electricity. As the program continued Tata Galada explained the process of safety inside citing that “don’t be 1 meter close to electricity with your wet hands. The scotching sun did not stop residents from Daveyton as there was entertainment and prises to be won the likes of Udumo Dance Group,

Mascots Power Play bought excitement to Daveyton residents. Gifts included caps, T shirts, water bottles, solar pots (induction cookers). Branch manager VC Maynard was happy at the turnout. “We have to educate people on how to buy electricity the more you buy the less electricity you get.” A very important request from Eskom was said and illegal connection seen around the community should be reported, a plea to sms this numbers 3211 which only cost R1-00.

Tau is serving a 20 year sentence at Modderbee prison for raping a two-year-old boy in Duduza last November. The victim’s family today took the first step towards forgiveness. Tau, who showed remorse, asked for forgiveness from the victim’s family and the community. “I’m aware that what I did is disgusting. I am sorry for my actions,” he said, adding that he smoked dagga on the day of the incident. “I regret my actions and I have brought shame to my family. I am sorry for my bad behaviour,” he said. During the

dialogue, it emerged that Tau and the victim are related, and at the time of the incident, he was staying with the victim’s family. Battling to come to terms with the incident, family members said they were willing to forgive him on condition that he changed his bad behaviour. “We are disappointed by what you did, but we forgive you,” said a family spokesperson. Last year in November, more than 3 000 people, including victims of crime, offenders, members of the public and government officials, attended the launch

of the Victim-Offender Dialogue at Secunda stadium in Mpumalanga province.  That marked the first leg of a series of Victim-Offender Dialogues across the country. According to the Department of Correctional Services, the aim of the Victim-Offender Dialogues is to encourage the offenders to realise the wrongs they have done and ask for forgiveness from those they have wronged. As part of rehabilitation, offenders are encouraged to read while serving their sentences. –

Barcelona complained when the TAC was running with their door to door campaign to find out why there are many default patients in the area. “People complained that they walk a distance to go to the clinic and when they reach there, they don’t get pills. HIV\AIDS patients are given pills which

only lasts them a week due to shortage of pills. The same patients will be seen in the Clinic after a week to collect more pills,” said Portia Serote of TAC. Portia also noted that the clinic is short of staff and due to that; Nurses don’t give patients full attention because they want to finish off the queues. When Vutha News spoke to the community, the affirmed what Serote had told Vutha News. Linda Xaba (43) a resident of EXT4 in Barcelona told Vutha News that she has been infected with the Virus since 1989. She started taking her treatment at Daveyton Main Clinic, however, due to her feet problem; the Doctor wrote a referral letter for her to take her treatment in Barcelona Clinic. She said

since last year December, she walks about 1km to the clinic to collect her pills every week because of shortage of pills. “I don’t even remember when last I got tested in the clinic,” she said. While Vutha News was still talking to Xaba inside the clinic, the cleaner was busy sweeping inside the clinic with patients inside. When Vutha approached him he said there is nothing he can do because he knocks off at 16H30 and he wants to finish off. The Etwatwa CCC Manager Nompumelelo Phakathi said the situation has improved. That is the report I got from the clinic head. With regards to the shortage of pills, I cannot comment on that because that is handled by the Provincial department.”

Victim offender dialogue session

Suspect arrested for robbing a shebeen

Last year, on the 28th of December 2012 an illegal shebeen owner in Sgodi was robbed. It was alleged that the suspect was covered with a blanket to prevent him from seeing the suspect. The victim did not report the matter to the police, because he did not know the suspects who attacked him. On the 26th of March 2013, the community identified the suspect and they brought the police after beating him up. Colonel

Mathebula said the community had taken the law into their own hands by beating the suspect and violating them. “We arrested 3 community members who were beating up the suspect, said Mathebula”. He said the shebeen will be closed because it has been operating illegally. Mathebula also said this month only; they have arrested 74 suspects in Daveyton for being in a possession of selling drugs.



Shortage of pills for hiv\aids patients Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) was distributing the stickers to taxi Drivers written “Open Windows, Stop the spread of TB” on Wednesday 27 March 2013. This came after TB patients in

Official opening of new Daveyton Metro Police Precinct The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD) is ready and prepared to ensure the highways and byways through the City of Ekurhuleni are safe as school holidays begin and the Easter weekend emerges. Ekurhuleni Mayor Clr MondliGungubele and Gauteng MEC for Community Safety Faith Mazibuko ensured to assured residents of Daveyton of their commitment to safety and security during this period, and into the future, through the official opening of

the new Daveyton Metro Police Precinct Station opened on Friday March, 22.“The precinct station is one of the first of its kind in Ekurhuleni and is expected to create a conducive environment from which the EMPD can render services such as municipal by-law enforcement, crime prevention activities, traffic policing and other security-related activities,” says EMPD spokesperson, Chief Supt. Wilfred Kgasago. The opening of the precinct took place against the backdrop of the death of a Metro Police officer on Sunday who was killed during a by-law enforcement operation in Daveyton. Gungebele and Mazibuko paid respect to the officer during the opening of the station.

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4 Vutha News

Friday 29 MARCH 2013

The Gauteng Economic Development is debating a ban on alcohol sales on Sundays. At present Bottle stores are open on Sundays in Gauteng, but if it were not, how would it affect your life?

Palesa Mofolo

Lumka Sokhweba

Karilito Mathe

Sbusiso Zulu

Tshwarelo Kgagara

Blondi Matshata

But that will also call for closing of pubs and all drinking places and most people do not like drinking from home. Next they will be saying they are banning alcohol sales during the week. I wonder if the closing of bottle stores will decrease the highrate of crime.

It won’t make any difference because we’ll buy too much of it on Saturday and drink what’s left on Sunday. There are serious issues that the Government must look into but they are busy with things that are far from them.

Government of S.A is now lame. There are big things to deal with, yet they are busy with alcohol issues. They are good in making money instead of helping people.

I don’t see any logic around this because we can still buy booze on Saturday and splash it on Sunday.

That’s ridiculous. They should just give the phrase “Not for sale to the person under 18” a true meaning

I do not drink so I won’t be affected by that. But the Government must not do that because people drink their own monies, not theirs.

Finding a footing for real men Men’s Forum was launched in ward 25 Daveyton Mina Nawe men came out in numbers to launch a new men’s forum which stands up for men and their issues in their households. A man was seen as hero Biblically but what was most concerning in the days and times of today was a man is a curse of all bad things. Men of today rape, steal, abuse and manhood is all lost. “The aim of this launch is to try to get the core problem of such behaviour said one community member”. The only root that could be later ploughed as fruitful was a great crop that was to be looked after. Implying that men must be organised for be respected by their wives at home. The forum was started by councillor Kgopa of ward

25 because of concern in the community, “let this forum be a life sentence” he echoed. The statement gave a lot of sense as it came to hard hitting issues that led men astray which was oppression in their own homes , being unemployed as a men actually meant being just a vegetable because all confidence is gone

which is a men’s pride . A man is as good as his last word, Vhangani Makgalemela, a

One on one with Fanyana MAVUTHA FUNERAL HOMES

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Who is the infamous but yet rising star Fanyana Mkhize? He is a business man, who started YAKHO Entertainment with his CO- Founder Mosa Shandug and in 2011 started his own solo company called Mavovo’s Project. What would you say has been your biggest break on the screens? I have been featured in the Big Up TV show and Gospel times on Mlungisani (I want

social worker in Daveyton uttered words of hope amongst men who were attentively

listening to important words and action plan. “Government will never give us work as one but as a forum we will make it some men here have different skills if we are joined the government may do something about the job unemployment”. As the meeting progressed potential leaders had to be chosen to make the forum stronger which was to bring the

to sing Gospel Session 1 winner). I also made my appearance on TOP BILLING as a nominee on TOP BUSINESS MAN in South Africa Wedding.

We plan to take the play to churches, youth gatherings, schools, and so forth before we shot the film.

Who have been your biggest clients? Since I have established my profound business I have worked with Ekurhuleni Municipality, Boston City Campus Business College and a wedding. You are currently doing a play, tell us more about it. THE HOPE is a moral based story that deals with peer pressure, drugs, gang rape and wrong decision making which are made by a South African guy who lives in the UK (street corner films).

Are you in need of any help, Funds etc? We wish that people can book us to come perform into their gatherings. We want the play to be in everyone’s lips. We also invite businesses that would like to donate funds, make-up, old clothes and other things to make this play effective in changing people’s lives. If you would like to donate or help Fanyana make his dream a reality, please contact him on 078 5421 705\ email:fanyana.m@hotmail. com Their website is www. mavovosproject.wozaonline.

forum into unison. Potential leaders with articulate perspectives were given an opportunity to be leaders. It was clear that they had to show characteristics of leadership. Meeting these requirements of a leader meant a leader should be trustworthy; leader looks out for the people’s best interest, leader should receive advice, leaders must serve others and a leader should sacrifice. Makgalemele echoed that “our vision is we want men to start their own cooperatives projects we will bring different stakeholders to help men achieve their goals and be real men in their homes”. A mans weapon should not be his capabilities but a weapon that is armed with the Holy Bible. Ward 25 Mina Nawe young men are urged to join.

Friday 29 MARCH 2013

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Friday 29 MARCH 2013

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Friday 29 MARCH 2013

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Vutha News 7

Scene Around

Kids entertained by Madluphuthu Vanessa Tsotetsi, the founder of DMC and the coordinator of the event said the reason for the visit was to entertain the kids. “Kids in township crèches don’t have enough entertaining activities so this was one that we thought would make them want to come to crèche

with excitement everyday. Mrs Ndlovu, the owner of the Crèche was delighted to see her kids happy like that when they saw Madluphuthu. “May God bless you and your family. May he give you all the desires of your heart,” she said.

Langa Propshaft Services cc The famous Madluphuthu and a group of energetic team of Dream Music Entertainment (DMC) visited the Try Day Care Centre in Etwatwa to show kids that celebrities are not only seen on TV but they can also be as normal as any other person. This is the first initiative visiting Crèches especially in his home town and he wishes not to end here. He visited township crèche because he believes that each

child does not only need to see him perform on TV, but they also need to hear words that will keep them going at an early age to give them strength to defeat difficult challenges that they might face when they grow. Madluphuthu encouraged kids to believe in themselves and to have confidence in whatever they do. He said that they must learn to pray and thank God for everything He does for them.

“If you want to be successful in life, be wise, work hard and do not forget to always put God first to guide, protect and shower you with eternal wealth,” concluded Madluphuthu.

24 Hours & 7 days a week service

Specialising in: Bearing pressing, sprinter conversion to lexus engine.

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Vutha News Friday 29 MARCH 2013

VKM Stars at their best

Invitation to all soccer teams in Vutha

Daveyton School of Soccer Non Profit Organisation will be hosting Easter soccer tournament from the 1 April 2013. We need more teams to play from under 12, under 14, under 19 and under 25. The games will be played at Railway ground behind Sgodi Phola. All interested teams can contact Raymond Chiloane on Cell: 0814851677\

0110394354 to collect team registration form and for more info. “We want to remove youth from the streets, drugs, alcohol and other related activities during school holidays. Ladies teams are also encouraged to participate,” said Chiloane. All teams must bring copies of all players birth certificates and Id`s for over 18 years.

Thabo is notorious for drugs, and children living in the area could easily become involved in the growing scourge. In response, Thabo Moseki who moved to the area of Daveyton in 2009, decided to start a soccer club named VKM Stars. “I started the club to get the children off the streets and encourage them to play sport. Shortly after the club was started we  started playing in the Rand Central Local Football Association league,” said  Moseki. He is a former professional soccer player and coaches teams of U12, U14, U17 and senior players. “Although the club started in Daveyton we have players from Etwatwa and Wattville, and we even have a player from Springs. I currently do  everything from coaching to marketing the teams. This is very challenging and

I desperately need an assistant coach,” said Moseki. Some of the players were invited to Moroka Swallows trials and the results seemed promising. Moseki added that most of the players wanted to make a career of soccer and were determined to make that dream come true. “The players are very committed and enjoy playing. Many of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds, but never let this hold them back.” The club has no transport and relies on public transport to travel to and from  matches. This was a challenge as the matches ended late and were sometimes played far away from home. “We desperately need a sponsor to help us with transport. “Trophy Africa donated 10 balls to the club which

Happy Easter Weekend to all our readers

we really appreciate, but we need more sponsorship to buy kits and bibs. “My dream is to have our own fields,” he said. Trials for the U12 and U17s start soon and Moseki encouraged children to come and try out their teams. Although there were no allgirl teams, girls were welcome to try and play with the boys. Details: 071-005-8032,

Vutha News 29 March 2013