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B B C C hildren in N eed G uidance on our grants K atie G reen Regional A ssistant – South W est

W e want our grants to‌

‌ make a positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

Local projects funded A von Sexual A buse C entre ÂŁ82,111 over 3 years provides a specialist 1 to 1 counselling service for young people who have been sexually abused or raped.

Local projects funded Life C ycle ÂŁ27,9991 over 3 years to enable disadvantaged young people from hard to reach backgrounds repair and build bikes as well as ride them safely. This will build cycling and road skills, as well as confidence.

T he basics – your organisation N ot for profit Must have: – A constitution or governing document – A management committee – A bank account with two unrelated cheque signatories – Annual accounts – A written child protection policy

T he basics – children & young people Aged 18 years and under Living in the UK D isadvantaged due to one (or more) of the following: - illness, distress, neglect, abuse - any kind of disability - behaviour or psychological difficulties - living in poverty or situations of deprivation

H ow much to ask for Small Grants £10,000 or less per year for up to three years Main Grants over £10,000 per year for up to three years Ask for what you need but… very few grants over £100,000

H ow to apply 1. Read guidance 2. Apply online at 3. First stage assessment Wait 4. Assessment interview by phone Wait 5. Informed of decision by letter

W hen to apply C losing date 15 January 15 April 15 July

D ecisions given 1 May 1 August 1 N ovember

15 O ctober

Mid February

T ips for success

1. Send us all the documents we need

T ips for success 2. Tell us about the children and young people you work with and how they are disadvantaged

T ips for success 3. Make the case why your project is not funded or delivered by statutory agencies 4. If your project takes place in school hours, make the case why it needs to take place then

T ips for success

5. Involve children and young people in how your project is planned and run

See participation works for further information and examples of good practice.

T ips for success

6. Make sure your project is focussed on children and young people

T ips for success

7. Tell us what difference your project will or has made

Examples of “outcomes�: improved self esteem/self confidence; improved school performance; improved sociability; better communication skills; more positive family relationships; ability to take responsibility etc.

For further help‌ helpdesk on 020 8576 7788 pudsey@ or Bristol office Katie Green & Emma Beeston 0117 974 6600

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B B C C hildren in N eed G uidance on our grants K atie G reen Regional A ssistant – South W est W e want our grants to… … make a positive c...