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The Line King: Al Hirschfeld

Deceased 2003:  Coming  to  Shreveport  March,  2010


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Storytime  at  Aulds  Library:ages  3-­5:10:00  am-­ setting:  Oreleone’s  Bistro:  8  pm:  204  Texas  St:   318-­742-­2337 Shreveport:  318-­946-­8332 (OOHUEH%DSWLVW3UHVFKRRO 0RWKHUÂśV'D\ The  Hurting  Kind:  Robinson  Film  Center:  1-­7   New  Album  Release  by  Rybird,  Nativicity:   Out:Contact  Becca  Barber-­798-­1988 pm:  A  girl  who  feels  no  pain‌.a  killer  who  lusts   trip  hop,  ambient,  rock.  All  Day  Concert:  www. Bright  Star:  Directed  by  Jane  Campion-­Robinson   WRLQĂ€LFWLWÂŤVRPHSDWKVZHUHMXVWPHDQWWRFURVV Film  Center-­617  Texas,  Shreveport 617  Texas  St.:  Shreveport Style  Camp:  Through  the  month,  675-­1122.  A   Bijou  Ultra  Lounge  Jam  Night:  Bijou  Ultra   Sam  Houston  State  Bearkats  vs.  Northwestern   program  for  aspiring  young  designers  ages  12  and   Wine  Bar:  6  pm:  500  Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport State  Demons:  Prather  Coliseum:  Natchitoches:  7   up. East  Coast  Swing  Lessons:  March  2-­  April  6:  St.   pm:  318-­357-­4268 IWALKWITHZOMBIES-­From  Legends  to   3DXOÂśV(SLVFRSDO‡ Barrage:  LeTourneau  University:  Longview,  Tx.  :   Nancy,  Us  From  Outside-­To  Speak  of  Wolves:   &DQH5LYHU&UHROH1DWLRQDO3DUN  Guided  Tour:   Barrage  is  a  high-­octane  string  group  that  features   Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas,  Shreveport,  7:00 1  pm:  400  Rapides  Dr.:  Natchitoches:  318-­352-­ an  international  cast  performing  an  eclectic  mix  of   Basic  Floral  Arranging:  LSUS-­318-­798-­4177   0383 music,  song  and  dance.   Corsages  &  Boutonnieres:  LSUS-­318-­798-­4177 City  Bar:  Karaoke  w/Reno:  9-­2  am:  Drink   Space  Travelers:  Tiki  Bar  &  Grill:  639  E.  Kings   Jazzercise  Classes:  St.  Luke’s  United  Methodist   &  shot  specials  all  night:  3104  Youree  Dr.:   Hwy.,  Shreveport:  868-­6355 Church:call  318-­868-­3613 Shreveport:  779-­0504 -RH\9DQGWKH9HQGLFDWRUV+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905   Opera  Workshop:  Anderson  Auditorium:   John  Wright:  Lee’s:  639  E.  Kings  Hwy.:   Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Centenary  College:  Shreveport:  3-­5:30 Maxfield Parrish Live  Drawing:  Explore  drawing  w/a  live  model:   BAC  Annex:  318-­741-­8310 NSU  Wind  Symphony:  Northwestern  State   University:  7:30  pm  :  1800  Warrington  Pl.  :   Shreveport:   Auditions:  The  Musical  Comedy  Murders   of  1940:  BPCC:  Bossier  City:  7  pm:  Call  Jim   Boyter:  678-­6021:  Auditions  are  open  to  the   Works  on  display  at  R.W.  Norton  Art  Gallery  this  month public  17+ Shreveport:  861-­2151 Concordia  Seminary  Men’s  Chorus:  Immanuel   Bob  Ingram  &  Deidre  Malbrough:  Wine   Lutheran  Church:  2565  Airline:  Bossier  City:   Country  Bistro:  4801  Line  Ave:  Shreveport:  629-­ Beach  Blues  Jam:  Lee’s:  639  E.  Kings:   9463 Shreveport:  861-­2151 Escaped  Images  Dance  Concert:  MOVE  IN:   JC  Melancon  live  at  Cheers  Sports  Bar-­ The  Women  Of  Genesis:  Community  Bible   Marjorie  Lyons  Playhouse:  10  till  noon: Free-­688-­8585 Study:  Centenary  College:  1:30  till  3:00:  Smith   2911  Centenary  Blvd.:  Shreveport:  318-­869-­5242 Three  Days  Grace  &  Breaking  Benjamin  with   Hall  #108 Bijou  Ultra  Lounge  Jam  Night:  Bijou  Ultra   Flyleaf-­Century  Tel  Center-­747-­2501 Shreveport  Art  Club  Monthly  Meeting  -­   Wine  Bar:  500  Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport:  6  pm  till   Twitter  Theatre:  Artspace:  Twitter  expert   “Painting  Springtime  in  the  Wintertimeâ€?  10:15am   Midnight:   Russell  Crews  presents  and  entertaining  comedic   to  noon  at  Hobby  Lobby,  1750  East  Kings   Embarrasing  Questions  About  Sex  Seminar:   interactive  Twitter  experience:  710  Texas  St.:   Highway:  Shreveport 12:30  till  1:30  pm:  Free:  BPCC:  Building  E:   Shreveport:  673-­6535 Drive  Angry:  Nu  Image/Millennium  feature   Room  206 2010  Southern  Gospel  Weekend-­Contact  Sheila   ÂżOP  starring  Nicholas  Cage  scheduled  to  shoot   Voice  &  Movement  for  the  Business   Pepmiller  at:  318-­428-­5282 3-­15-­10  to  5-­14-­10  in  Shreveport:  Resumes   3URIHVVLRQDO  Presented  By  Sculpted   Opera  Night  at  Ristorante  Guiseppe  w/cast  of   accepted: Entertainment:  318-­861-­9080 La  Boheme:318-­227-­9503 Community  Reinvestment  Act  Meeting:   Bears:  Lackadaisies:)5(()DLUÂżHOG$YH Funny  Bone:  Clinton  Jackson:  a  rare,  ‘clean’   Presented  by  the  NAACP:  6  pm:  Shreve   Shreveport:  674-­9660 comedian:  often  compared  to  Bill  Cosby:    130   Memorial  Wallette  Branch  Library:  318-­470-­0419 Plaza  Loop,  Boardwalk,  Bossier  City,  318-­549-­ Shreveport  Art  Club  Monthly  Meeting:   0829 ‘Painting  Springtime  in  the  Wintertime’:  Hobby   Naked  Vinyl:  Naked  Bean:  7:00  pm:  3307  Line   Lobby:  1750  E.  Kings  Hwy.:  Shreveport:  10:15   0D[ÂżHOG3DUULVK([KLELWLRQcomprehensive   Ave.:  Shreveport am sampling  of  Parrish’s  work  in  variety  of  printed   .LQJ2I7KH+LOO)DFWRU\6WRFN3UDFWLFH media.  R.W.  Norton  Art  Gallery-­4747  Creswell-­ Night:  Boothill  Speedway:  9144  Daytona  Dr.:   865-­4201-­Free  Through  April  11 Greenwood,  La:  318-­938-­5373 Storytime  at  Central  Bossier  Library:  ages  3-­5:   Adventure  Games  Strategy  Group:  Playing   7HUULÂżF7XHVGD\DW6FL3RUWadmission   10:00  am-­2206  Beckett  St.,  Bossier  City-­318-­746-­ modern/euro  strategy  card,  tile,  word  &  board   to  discovery  areas,  space  center  and  dome   1693 games:  Johnny’s  Pizza:  3915  Gilbert:  Shreveport:   planetarium.  Clyde  Fant  Pkwy.:  Shreveport La.  Tech  vs.  Centenary  College:  Women’s   7-­11  pm TruNiVerse  Open  Mic:  204  Texas,  Shreveport,   Softball-­La.  Tech-­Ruston-­6:00  pm %3&&5HJLRQDO6FLHQFH)DLU  Bossier  Civic   Full  Moon  Bistreaux,  8:00 Bluegrass  Open  Mic  Jam:  Naked  Bean:7:00  pm:   Center:  2-­8  pm:  Bossier  City Bossier-­Shreveport  Mudbugs  v.  Allen   3307  Line  Ave:  Shreveport Gator-­Dilla:  Sam’s  Town:  Casino  Floor:  315   Americans:  Century  Tel B-­Town  On  The  Map:  Gator  Entertainment,   Clyde  Fant  Pkwy.,  Shreveport:  318-­429-­0711 %HDFK3DUW\6ODXJKWHU  Hayride  Diner,  516   lil  weazy,  The  Sleeper:  Club  Ice:  8327  Texas  St.,   -RKQDQG)ULHQGV+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905   Texas,  Shreveport,  7:00  pm Bossier  City:  8  pm Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Beginning  Cake  Decorating:  LSUS-­318-­798-­ TruNiVerse  Reloaded:  R&B,  poetry,  Jazzy  type             4177

March 1, 2010

1870-1966 He lived his entire life at his New Hampshire home/studio, The Oaks, with his wife, who died in 1953, and his mistress and model, Sue Lewin, who survived his death at age 95.

March 4, 2010

March 3, 2010

March 2, 2010

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Mar 4 Cont.

you r gu ide to ever ything! calendar

Kyle  Stone  &  Sara  Vandine:  Wine  Country   Bistro:  4801  Line  Ave.:  Shreveport:  629-­9463 Martini’s  With  The  Maestro:  Artspace:  Music   Director  Michael  Butterman  speaks  on  the   upcoming  ‘Cirque  de  la  Symphonie’:  Free:  5:30   pm:  318-­673-­6535 TruNiVerse  Open  Mic:  Lil  Joes  Tavern:   Shreveport:  8  pm 6XPPLW(QWHUWDLQPHQWÂśVIHDWXUHÂżOP5HG starring  Morgan  Freeman  and  Bruce  Willis  will   begin  shooting  March  25  for  2  weeks  in  New   Orleans.  Please  send  resumes  to  redneworleans@ JEB  Design/Build:  Kitchen  &  Bath  Design   Seminar:  BPCC:  6220  E.  Texas  St:  Bossier  City:   318-­865-­4914

March 5, 2010 Actor’s  CafÊ-­420  Marshall-­Downtown-­6  p.m.-­A   true  cafÊ  style  thespian  experience.  Free Bossier-­Shreveport  Mudbugs  v.  Rio  Grande   Valley  Killer  Bees,  Century  Tel Magic  Happy  Hour  w/Rob  Jenkins:  Cantina   Laredo,  6535  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport,  6-­9:00 The  Situation-­Frantic  Clam-­The  Iveys:  Hayride   Diner,  516  Texas,  Shreveport,  7:00  pm Cirque  de  la  Symphonie:  Shreveport  Riverview   Theatre,  600  Clyde  Fant  Pkwy.,  Shreveport,  7:30   pm Terry  Allen  Band:  Wild  West  Saloon-­9  pm-­3033   Hilton  Dr.,  Bossier  City -XPSLQ-XSLWHU3DUHQWœV1LJKW2XWLeave  the   NLGVLQWKHLQÀDWDEOH]RQHIRUDIHZKRXUV( Texas  St.,  Bossier  City-­318-­549-­3633 Loretta  Lynn:  Horseshoe  Riverdome-­Bossier   City  

Beac h Par ty Slau ghte r Marc h5 8:00pm 3307 Line Ave, Shreveport End  Of  The  Trail  Riding:  barrel  racing,   pole  bending,  buddy  barrel  pick  up  &  more:   Youngsville,  TX:  337-­412-­5241 Written  In  The  Stars  Writer’s  Conference:   Holiday  Inn  Financial  Plaza:  5555  Financial   Plaza:  Shreveport:  318-­688-­1877 Family  Night:  Barnes  &  Noble:  bring  the  family   for  a  story  followed  by  a  craft  or  activity:  6646   Youree  Dr.:  Shreveport FUNtastic  Fridays  w/  Drag  Show  at  12  plus   VJ  Wade  &  DJ  Solo  till  6am:  Central  Station:   Marshall  St.:  Shreveport Shreveport  Spirit  Tours:  Caddo  Parish   Courthouse:  501  Texas  St.,  Shreveport,  La.  6  pm  

till  12  am:  $7-­$15:  A  90-­minute  ghost  hunting   tour  that  let’s  you  be  the  star  of  your  own  ghost   hunting  video!:  344-­7959 Dixie  Tradition:  Boomtown  Casino:  300   Riverside  Dr.,  Bossier  City:  8  pm Ambush:  La  Downs:  8000  E.  Texas:  Bossier   City:  318-­742-­5555 Ricky  Lynn  Gregg:  Sam’s  Town  Live:  315   Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport:  429-­0711 (YHU\GD\+HPLQJZD\+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905   Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Bourbon  Alley:  Rustic  Cowboy:  9  pm:  $5:   0DQVÂżHOG5G.HLWKYLOOH

 Trepid  is‌your  home-­town   Everything  Rock  band  that  fronts  Lana   Rothlisberger  on  gravely  vocals,  Brian  Young   on  lead  guitar,  David  Gorman  on  bass  and   Larry  Blevins  on  Drums.     It’s  just  what  rock-­n-­roll  is  supposed  to   sound  like.  Check  ‘em  out  March  5th  at  The   Riverside  Warehouse  9  pm:  630  Commerce   St.:  Shreveport:  227-­8041   New  album  release  from  Trepid   “Showdown  At  The  Double  D  Ranchâ€?  available   on

%DFN3RUFK%RRJLH%DQG7HUU\œV&DVK3RLQW  9  pm:  211  Cash  Point  Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 Kandu:  Lee’s:  639  E.  Kings  Hwy.:  Shreveport:   861-­2151 The  Warehouse:  Sypher,  East  of  Ember  &   Trepid:  9  pm  doors:  10  pm  show:  $5:  630   Commerce  St.:  Shreveport:  318-­227-­8041

March 6, 2010

Creswell  Ave.,318-­865-­4201 2010  Fishing  Classic:  Bass  Pro  Shop,  100  Bass   Pro  Dr.,Bossier  City,  1-­4:00 Las  Vegas  magician  Rob  Jenkins  tableside:   Ernest’s  Orleans  Restaurant,  1601  Spring  St.,   Shreveport,  6-­9:00  pm Twist  &  Tie  Bows:  LSUS-­318-­798-­4177 Willie  Stradlin  +  Seven  Hours:  9  pm  Rustic   Cowboy, Gary  Kyle  and  The  No  Standards  Band:  Wild   West  Saloon,  3033  Hilton  Dr.,  Bossier  City   Health  and  Safety  Fair:  Sci-­Port,  LifeShare   Blood  Centers,  DIGIKIDS  and  local  health   providers  offer  a  variety  of  screenings  and  talks   for  children-­11:00  am-­318-­424-­3466 6RPHWKLQ6LNN‡$QRWKHU%ODFN&RQFHSWLRQ   Hayride  Diner:  516  Texas:  Shreveport:  8  pm Magnolia  Guided  Tour:  Cane  River  Creole   National  Park:  Natchitoches:  1  pm:  318-­352-­ 0383:  Tour  Oakland  Plantation  and  outbuildings   of  Magnolia  Plantation.   Grambling  Baseball  vs.  Jarvis  Christian:  Tiger   Baseball  Field:  Grambling:  3  pm Serj  Tankian:  Elect  The  Dead  Symphony:   Robinson  Film  Center:  617  Texas:  Shreveport:   9:30  pm:   Read  across  America’s  Seussical  Storytime:   Barnes  &  Noble:  Youree  Dr.:  11  am 7KH3DFN6DPÂśV7RZQ/LYH  315  Clyde  Fant:   Shreveport:  429-­0711 &UDFNHUV+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905  Barksdale:  Bossier:   773-­7589 Willie  Stradlin  +  Seven  Hours  to  Southland:   Rustic  Cowboy:SP0DQVÂżHOG5G Keithville:  318-­775-­5327 /RVW%R\V7HUU\ÂśV&DVK3RLQW  9  pm:  211  Cash   Point  Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 Cookie  &  The  Kingcakes:  Lee’s:  639  E.  Kings   Hwy.:  Shreveport:  861-­2151 The  Warehouse:  Loud  Like  Leisure  Suits:   3RUFHODLQ$UPV,GOHRIWKH3HDFK  9  pm  doors:   10  pm  show:  FREE  SHOW:  630  Commerce  St.:   Shreveport:  318-­227-­8041 $UN/D7H[3XJ0DUFK0HHWXS  Just  Dogs   Gourmet:  7030  Youree  Dr.:  Shreveport:  798-­5858:   1:00  pm Serj  Tankian-­Elect  The  Dead  Symphony:   Grammy  award  winner  with  Auckland   Philharmonica  Orchestra:  Robinson  Film  Center:   617  Texas  St.:  Shreveport:  424-­9090 Miss  Gay  Louisiana:  Midnight  till:  $5:  Central   Station:  1025  Marshall  St.:  Shreveport 3RFNHW&KDQJH  Muddy  Waters  Sports  Bar:   FREE  5000  Benton  Rd.:  Bossier:  741-­7635 Bears:  Jaguar  Sharp:SP)DLUÂżHOG Ave:  Shreveport:  674-­9660

3RUW&LW\/RFDO0XVLF0DUWbuy,  sell  or  swap   your  bands  music.  H&H  Lounge-­221-­3199-­ Shreveport 5k/10k  Warrior  Run-­1st  Annual  Warrior  Run  at   the  Stoner  Boat  Launch.  Begins  at  9:11  a.m.-­673-­ 7837 Harmony  on  the  Red-­Showcasing  Barbershop   Quartets  from  Ok,  La,  Tx  and  Ark.  LSUS   Theatre-­797-­5283 Cabaret-­Strand  Theatre-­619  Louisiana  Ave.-­226-­ 1481 Historical  Home  Tour-­Tour  all  17  rooms  of  The   Great  Artists  Who  Just  Happen  To  Be  Women:   Logan  Mansion-­1897  Queen  Anne-­Through  June   R.W.  Norton  Art  Gallery-­2:00  p.m.  –  Free  –  4747   22-­459-­2285

March 7, 2010

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Drink Up With April:

Enter  City  Bar:  You  don’t  have  to  go  downtown  to  get  a  

downtown  atmosphere   This  is  the  place  where  you’re  guaranteed  to  be  treated  to  a   diverse  mix  of  people,  surroundings  and  daily  events.     The  totally  revamped  nightclub  hosts  an  array  of  20  to  40-­ish   artists,  business  owners,  attorneys,  writers,  architects,  entrepreneurs,   local  business  managers,  doctors  and,  well‌.a  real  mix.     One  forte  at  the  club  is  their  litany  of  cocktails;͞  they  actually   serve  a  sazerac-­the  almost  obscure  absinthe  drink  that  is  New  Orleans   RI¿FLDOGULQN0RVWLPSUHVVLYHZRXOGEHWKHYRGNDVRIIHUHG mixing  with  the  50+martinis  alongside  a  foray  of  stuffed  olives.   Your  Drink  Is  Your  Canvas:   If  a  martini  really  isn’t  your  style,  check  out  the  new  erasable   menu  on  Wednesday  and  mix  your  poison  on  a  marker  board.  When   you  have  all  the  fresh  juices  and  liquors  down  to  an  art,  turn  it  in  for  a   custom  drink.  Voila!   On  the  weekends,  order  up  Bottle  Service  for  the  couch  areas:   roped  off  with  your  very  own  private  waitress  and  your  own  personal   secluded  party,  you  can  indeed  get  very  V.I.P.  in  your  own  reserved   area.   6XSSRUW7KH3RUW   On  Wednesday  evenings,  hor’dourves  and  cocktails  mingle   with  the  locals  at  City  Bar’s  art  exhibit  featuring  local  artists   promoting  their  work.  On  the  evening  I  was  there,  Brian,  a  local  artist,   sold  2  paintings  to  patrons  amid  the  partygoers  and  festivities.  The   attitude  concerning  local  artists  at  City  Bar  is  simply  put:  they  don’t   charge  the  artist  to  display  or  ask  for  commissions  when  their  art  sells.   They  just  offer  their  space  for  the  venue  and  the  added  dimension.   Weekdays  include  happy  hour  &  shot  specials,  karaoke,  art  showings,   live  music,  D.J.  Solo  and  dance  nights,  ladies  night  and  whatever  else   is  dreamed  up  in  the  meantime

Lindsey’s Drink-Of-The-Month

What’s  your  specialty  drink? 30+  different  martinis-­pick   one What’s  in  a  Sazerac? The  key  ingredient  is  absinthe Random  comment:   You  don’t  have  to  go   downtown  to  get  a  downtown   atmosphere What  happened  to  your  leg? I  fell  in  New  Orleans  at  Mardi   Gras.  I  slipped  sober!

Napkin  Notes: Hours:  Tuesday  thru  Saturday  till  2   am Digits:  318-­779-­0804 Location:  3104  Youree  Dr.,   Shreveport Local  Artists:   Call  Lindsey  ahead  to  schedule  your   free  showing.

Blu  Icee 1  1/4oz  UV  Blue  Raspberry  Vodka 1/2oz  Peach  Schnapps 1/4  oz  Blue  Curacao Splash  Sweet  &  Sour Splash  Sprite  This  very  summery  concoction  tastes  exactly  like  the  Blue  Icee’s  from  any   &LUFOH.89LVDEUDQGRIYRGNDWKDWVSHFLDOL]HVLQLWVXQLTXHÀDYRUVDQG FRORUV7KHUDVSEHUU\LVDFULVSEOXHWKDWKDVDQDPD]LQJÀDYRUMXVWSXUHG on  the  rocks  or  enjoyed  with  a  splash  of  Red  Bull.  The  Blue  Curacao  and   3HDFK6FKQDSSVMXVWDGGWKDWH[WUDVZHHWQHVVWRJLYHLWWKDWVOXVK\ÀDYRUZH all  love.  Try  it!  I  promise  you  will  never  want  the  one  from  Circle  K  again!

Bethea Dog

Training and Walking There’s no such thing as a bad breed of dog. All sizes and breeds of dogs welcome. I travel to homes in Shreveport and Bossier

(318) 658-3393 Red Cross Dog First Aid certified.

Try  our  signature  1/2  pound  burger  on  Shreveport’s  biggest  butter  bun!

Bread  baked  daily     Open  late   318-­�869-­�6243

Bring  a  friend  for   this  burger! Gumbo,  Po-­�Boys,   Sandwiches  and   more...

1203  Shreveport  Barksdale  Hwy.  ,  Shreveport,  La In  the  round  building  next  to  Daiquiri  Express.

Harp &  Lyre-­Fit  for  a  King-­All’s  Quiet-­ The  Flood  Mercia:  Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas,   Shreveport,  6:00 Tim  Glennon:  O’Briens  Irish  Pub,  Boardwalk,   Bossier,  6:30  pm Great  Adventure  Race:  Trail  running,  mountain   biking:  takes  a  2-­person  team  through  adventure   packed  race:  Two  team  members,  Males,  Females,   or  Coed  Teams:    Lake  Bistineau  State  Park:   Register  @ Oscar  Night  at  The  Robinson  Film  Center:  6   pm:  617  Texas  St.:  Shreveport:  459-­4122:  The   RFC  will  host  an  evening  of  food,  fun,  games  &   giveaways.  The  Oscars  will  be  broadcast  on  3   Huge  HD  screens.   Baseball  vs.  Gonzaga:  Shehee  Stadium:   Centernary  College:  12-­3  pm:   The  Green  Lantern:  Warner  Brother’s  feature   ¿OPVKRRWLQJLQ0DUFKLQ1HZ2UOHDQV Construction  craft  resumes  to:  JUHHQODQWHUQ¿OP#

March 8, 2010 3RHWRI/DQGDQG6HD$OH[']LJXUVNLR.W. Norton  Art  Gallery  –  318-­865-­4201 *URZLQJ3DLQV&KLOGUHQ¶V&RQVLJQPHQW6DOH   10-­6:00  pm-­Uncle  Sam,  Bossier  City,  272-­0349 Monday  Night  Madness:  NO  cover,  Free  pool   &  $1.50  longnecks:  Central  Station:  Marshall  St.:   Shreveport World’s  Only  Tattoo  School:  20th  Artistic   Tattoo  Course:  Open  to  beginners  and   experienced  artists:  M-­S:  1-­8  pm:  Shreveport:   248-­968-­8961 NSU  Wind  Ensemble:  Northwestern  State   University:  1800  Warrington  Pl.,  Shreveport:  677-­ 3150  [Jane  St.  &  Warrington  Pl.] The  Last  Station:  Paul  Giamatti  &  Christopher   Plummer:  Biography/Drama:  Tolstoy’s  devoted   wife-­who’s  copied  out  War  and  Peace  6  times:   VXGGHQO\¿QGVKHUHQWLUHZRUOGWXUQHGXSVLGH down:    Robinson  Film  Center-­617  Texas,   Shreveport  –  459-­4122 3UHYLHZRI6KUHYHSRUW2SHUD¶V/D%RKHPHDW Symphony  House:  5:30  pm:  Riverview  Theatre:   Free

Shreveport: 318-­673-­7703:  $95 Google  AdWords  I:  On-­Line  Marketing:  8:30-­ 5:00  pm:  Petroluem  Club:  416:  Shreveport: Wine  Tasting:  Gain  some  ‘wine  sense’  and   drink  through  the  introduction  to  European  and   domestic  wines  and  add  cheeses  to  that  list.  21+   L.S.U.S.:  6-­8:30  pm:  798-­4177 NSU  Men’s  and  Women’s  Chorus:  Magale  Hall:   1800  Warrington  Pl.,  Shreveport:  7:30 Horticulture  Lecture:  How  to  Grow  and  Care   for  Orchids:  Lectures  at  10  am  and  6   pm:  $5-­$10:  Barnwell  Art  Center:  601   Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport:  673-­7703 -DPHV3HQGOH\:LQH&RXQWU\%LVWUR   4801  Line  Ave.:  Shreveport:  629-­9463 Men’s  Lacrosse  vs.  Kennesaw  State:   Mayo  Soccer  Field:  Centenary  College:   5-­10  pm Nature  through  the  eyes  of  a   Confederate  Soldier:  A  sneak  peak  at   an  upcoming  book  that  highlights  some   birds  from  the  time  of  the  civil  war:   L.S.U.S.:  Shreveport:  Free:  

In 1813, the game of craps was invented in New Orleans.

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March 10, 2010

Wednesday Night  Game  Group  –   Robinson  Film  Center  –  318-­424-­9090   –  617  Texas  –  Play  card  &  board  games   –  Free 2010  SWAC  Basketball   Championship:  Century  Tel  Center,   Bossier  City,  12:00 Rejuvinate  with   3LODWHV:LSUS-­318-­798-­4177 La  Leche  League:  Want  to  learn  more   about  breastfeeding?  Free-­10:30  am-­ 3950  Wayne  Ave.,  Bossier  City,  318-­ 742-­MILK Joey  V  and  the  Vendicators:  Harley’s   3XE  905  Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Spirit  Tastings:  City  Bar:  includes   wine,  vodka,  scotch  &  beer  while   embracing  local  artists:  If  you  are  a   local  artist  &  need  a  showing,  contact:   Lindsey@779-­0504:  3104  Youree  Dr.:   Shreveport:  779-­0504 Horizon  Entertainment’s  television   VHULHV7KH6HDQ3H\WRQ6KRZairing  on  Fox   Multicultural  Center  of  the  South-­Over  2000   and  shooting  in  New  Orleans  has  been  extended   exhibits.  401  Texas  St.-­424-­1380 past  the  end  of  Saints  football  season.  This   Scott  Kubala-­Vernon  Parish  Library-­Folksinger   project  is  currently  staffed  but  for  future  Horizon   &  songwriter-­Free-­7:00  P.M. Entertainment  productions  please  send  your   6LGHZDON3URSKHWV  –  Hot  Wheels  Skating  Palace   resume  to –  3000  Old  Minden,  Bossier  City,  6:00 Learning  to  taste  wine:  LSUS-­318-­798-­4177 Il  Divo:  Director  Paolo  Sorrentino’s  biopic  of   Italian  parliamentarian  Giulio  Andreotti:  Robinson   Chicks  With  Sticks-­learn  &  share  yarn  arts.   Film  Center:617  Texas  St.,  Shreveport Hamilton  S.  Caddo  Library-­Free-­5:30-­422-­1827 3DOHWWH.QLIH:RUNVKRS  Painting  with  a  knife  in   Casting  Crowns-­Century  Tel   Oil/Acrylic  Paints:  1-­5  pm:  Barnwell  Art  Center:   Center-­800-­745-­3000

March 9, 2010

March 11, 2010

Rising Lion:  Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas,   Shreveport,  8:00  pm The  Last  Station:  Robinson  Film  Center-­ Biography/Drama-­617  Texas  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­ 424-­9090 Funny  Bone:  Mark  Unger-­130  Plaza  Loop,   Boardwalk,  Bossier  City,  318-­549-­0829 3RHWV1LJKW  Naked  Bean:  7  pm:  3307  Line  Ave.:   Shreveport %RG\3LHUFLQJ&ODVV  Learn  standard  and  exotic   body  piercing:  Shreveport:  Call  248-­968-­8961 2010  SWAC  Basketball  Championship:  Century   Tel:  Bossier  :  5:30 Todd  Carey:  The  Warehouse:  Commerce  St.:   Shreveport:  7  pm Karaoke  at  Starz  Lounge:  9  pm:  1003  Gould   Dr.:  Bossier  City:   6:$&$OXPQL7LS2II3DUW\  10  pm:  Bijou   Ultra  Wine  Bar:  500  Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport:  318-­ 754-­3327 Rob  Schneider:  The  Funny  Bone  Comedy  Club:   130  Plaza  Loop,  Boardwalk:  Bossier  City:  8  pm Mustang  Sally:  Sam’s  Town  Live:  315  Clyde   Fant:  Shreveport:  429-­0711 2SHQ0LFZ-RKQDQG)ULHQGV+DUOH\¶V3XE   905  Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Homony  Ranch:  Bears:)DLU¿HOG Ave.:  Shreveport:  674-­9660

March 12, 2010 The Dixie  Swim  Club-­5  southern  women,   spanning  a  period  of   34-­years  that  meet  every   year  in  the  Outer  Banks-­a   hilarious  and  touching   comedy  about  friendships   that  last  forever:-­S’Port   Little  Theatre:  staged  at  the   Women’s  Department  Club:   802  Margaret  Place:  Shreveport:  424-­4439 Alive  After  Five-­S’Port  Opera  Performs  on  Main   Street-­Natchitoches-­6:00  P.M. Blacksmithz:  Lil  Joe’s  Tavern:  163  Kings  Hwy.,   Shreveport,  9:00 LA  Outlaws:  American  Legion  Post  #14,  5315  S.   Lakeshore  Dr.,  Shreveport,  6:00  pm   Green-­eyed  stare:  Naked  Bean:  8  pm:  3307  Line   Ave.:Shreveport LA  Regional  College  Career  Fair:  Bossier  Civic   Center:  8-­5  pm:  Bossier  City Kindertransport:  A  haunting  drama  about  the   prices  we  pay  to  protect  the  one’s  we  love:  LSUS   Theatre:  Shreveport:  318797-­5238 The  Complete  Works  of  William  Shakespeare:   through  the  21st:  A  parody  of  the  plays:  Zany:  East   Bank  Theatre:  630  Barksdale:  Bossier  City:  318-­ 741-­8310 &DLQ%XGGV&ODVVLFDO*XLWDU3HUIRUPDQFH   BPCC:  Bossier  City:  12:30  pm:  678-­6146:  Free NSU  Jazz  Festival:  Northwestern  State   University:  1800  Warrington  Pl.,  Shreveport:  318-­

Wanna add your event here? Email


.BSDItt$BMFOEBS Shreveport’s Hometown UIt5IF4JUVBUJPOt'SBOUJD$MBNt5IF*WFZTtQN Weekly Jamfest UIt)BSQ-ZSFt'JUGPSB,JOHt"MMT2VJFUt5IF'MPPE.FSDJBtQN Serving lunch daily


Haunted Ark-La-Tex

Louisiana is the #1 Most Haunted State in the United States.

Old  Ellerbe  Road  School:

The  Legend-­ Legend  has  it  that  several  elementary  students  and  the  school  janitor  mysteriously  vanished   from  the  school  and  never  returned.  Afterwards,  the  parents  closed  the  school  for  good.  The   sounds  of  children’s  laughter  and  cries  from  a  delirious  and  crazed  man  are  said  to  be  heard   emanating  from  the  grounds.   The  Facts-­ Ellerbe  Road  School  was  started  in  the  1950’s  as  George  Washington  Carver  High  School   and  eventually  closed  in  1973  due  to  an  inability  to  attract  enough  students.  For  years   afterwards,  the  school  stood  vacant  until  1981  when  Baptist  Christian  College  leased  the   property.  They  closed  the  doors  in  1985  citing  low  attendance.   However-­ Since  the  abandonment  of  the  school,  local  law  enforcement  and  thrill-­seekers  have   noticed  evidence  of  satanic  rituals  on  the  property.  

Despite  the  lurking  legends  of  the  school  and  grounds,  there  does  appear  to  be   something  ominous  going  on  there.  Drivers,  trespassers  and  passers-­by  have  reported   the  appearance  of  roving,  dark  shadows,  cold  spots  and  the  distressing  feeling  that  something   invisible  was  watching  them.  

Mr. Â Christopher

 It’s  not  such  a  cinch  being  a  musician  in  Shreveport  for  the  mere  fact  that‌well,  sometimes  you  don’t  get   paid  for  it.     I  met  Mr.  Christopher  one  chilly  afternoon  at  his  digs  and  found  him  to  be  a  complete  realist  in  contrast   considering  he’s  been  a  local  solo  artist  for  over  8  years.    Previous  to  that,  at  18,  he  played  the  circuit  with  a  local  band   DQGVHOISURGXFHGKLVÂżUVWDOEXPZLWKVSLGHUPLGJHWELWFKIURJ7KLVFOHDUO\LVDPDQZLWKQRLOOXVLRQV   He  now  has  a  permanent  studio  located  downtown  to  record  others,  be  it  music,  spoken  word,  audio  books  or   even  your  15  year  old  playing  his  electric  guitar.  At  only  $20  an  hour  recording  time,  he’ll  even  consummate  the  entire   package  from  recording  to  graphics  and  production  on  the  client’s  budget.  “I  have  some  happy  clientsâ€?,  he  quickly  let   me  know.   .  “This  one  has  a  lot  more  instruments     He’s  now  gravitating  to  production  of  his  new  album  entitled  ‘Less  Is  More’.  “This  one  has  a  lot  more  instruments   and  collaborations  with  other  musicians.â€?  Mr.  Christopher  likes  to  mix  genres  and  describes  his  music  as  eclectic  rock.   “The  hardest  thing  in  the  world  is  playing  onstage  by  yourself  in  front  of  a  large  audience.  It’s  very  scary.â€?   This  guy  is  a  formidable  caretaker  of  local  music.  “I  believe  that  what  happens  in  the  now  is  usually  not  appreciated   until  later.  It  would  be  nice  for  future  generations  to  be  able  to  check  out  what  was  happening  before  their  time.â€?   Still  being  a  bit  skeptical  about  sound  quality,  I  asked  to  hear  some  of  his  recordings.  On  the  way  out  the  door,  I  was  handed  a  Mr.  Christopher   recording,  sealed  and  complete  with  his  artwork.  Looks  and  sounds  like  I  just  bought  it  at  Best  Buy.   Check  out  some  Mr.  Christopher  tunes  at:

O’NEAL CHIROPRACTIC  Jimmy  Davis  Hwy  Suite  A                   1611

Back  Pain? Neck  Pain? Headache? Carpal  Tunnel?



‡ƒŽ•‘‘ƥ‡”’‹Â?ƒŽ‡…‘Â?’”‡••‹‘Â?ÇĄƒ••ƒ‰‡ÂŠÂ‡Â”ÂƒÂ’Â›ÇĄ and  Cold  Laser  Therapy.

Mar 12 Cont.

you r gu ide to ever ything! calendar

677-­3150:  Free 'LUWIRRW/LYHDW0DUMRULH/\RQV3OD\KRXVH   One  evening  of  live  music  and  dance:  2911   Centenary  Blvd.:  Shreveport:  318-­869-­5242 M.  Harris:  Mia’s  Pub:  2109  Market  St.,   Shreveport,  9  pm Tyler  Read:  El  Dorado  Casino:  Celebrity  Lounge:   451  Clyde  Fant,  Shreveport:  10  pm:  Shreveport’s   very  own  southern  rock  n  roll  band.   Jimmy  Wooten:  Sam’s  Town  Live:  315  Clyde   Fant:  Shreveport:  429-­0711 *RRG7LPH5RXQGHUV+DUOH\œV3XE  905   Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 :LOG7XUNH\V7HUU\œV&DVK3RLQW  9  pm:  221   Cash  Point  Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 Chris  Brade;͞  Wild  West  Saloon:  9  pm:  3033   Hilton  Dr.:  Bossier  City The  Warehouse:  North  Louisiana  Songwriter   Showcase:  hosted  by  Adam  Dale  w/Chris   Alexander,  Ben  Jenkins,  Landon  Miller:  9   pm  doors:  10  pm  show:  FREE  SHOW!:  630   Commerce  St.:  Shreveport:  318-­227-­8041 Raheem  DeVaughn  :  compared  to  legends  such   DV0DUYLQ*D\H&XUWLV0D\¿HOGDQG%DUU\ White:  Riverdome  at  Horseshoe  Casino:  Bossier   City:  800-­895-­0711 Lectures  on  Cancer  -­  LSUHSC,  1501  Kings   Highway  in  Shreveport,  LA.    The  Feist-­Weiller   Cancer  Center  at  the  LSU  Health  Sciences  Center   in  Shreveport  will  host  an  informational  lunch   featuring  four  talks  about  cancer.    The  lunch  is   free  but  you  must  have  a  reservation.    318-­813-­ 1056  to  make  your  reservation. Louisiana  Equine  Council  Expo:  The  Margie   Worley  Scholarship  6D  Barrel  Run.  Ike  Hamilton   Expo:  West  Monroe:  318-­355-­5675

March 13, 2010 Young  Artist’s  Night-­Just  a  little  cafÊ-­420   Marshall-­7  p.m.-­Sing,play,recite  poetry  or  dance.   Free Bloomin’  On  The  Bricks-­10th  annual  spring   &  garden  festival:  plants,  trees,  music,  food,   gardening  &  children:  Natchitoches  Main   Street-­9-­3  pm:  866-­941-­6246:  . 6W3DWULFNœV'D\3DUDGH-­Corner  of  Albany  &   Anniston  (Broadmoor)-­9  a.m.   Harbingers  of  Spring  Walk-­2-­hour  trail  walk-­ Walter  B.  Jacobs  Nature  Park-­10  a.m.-­  929-­2806 Brain  Awareness  Day:Dyslexia  –  Free-­Sci-­Port-­   424-­3466 La  Boheme:  Hailed  as  one  of  the  most  beloved   operas  of  all  time:  Puccini:  Shreveport  Opera-­600   Clyde  Fant  Pkwy.-­227-­9503 Black  Eyed  Susans:  Rustic  Cowboy-­9  pm-­   Stonewall 3  Chord  Truth:  Wild  West  Saloon-­9  pm-­3033   Hilton  Dr.,  Bossier  City Chuck  Kesilman/Beatles:  Naked  Bean:  8  pm:   3307  Line  Ave.:  Shreveport

Fit  For  A  King  w/The  Overseer:  All  Ages:   Spring  Break  Your  Face:  Sponsored  By  Shark   Mouth  Management  &  HappyGhost  Clothing:     Hayride  Diner:  6  pm:  516  Texas:  Shreveport:   Ratchet:  Spring  Lumberjack  Fest:  Festivities   include  live  music,  arts  &  crafts,  vendors,  food,   car  &  motorcycle  show  &  kids  corner:  Springhill,   La:  1  pm Louisiana  Zeta  Day:  Hilton  Hotel  :  Shreveport SDA  5k  and  Healthwalk:  8:30  am:  Begins   at  Stoner  Boat  Launch:  Shreveport:  packet  at   Sportspectrum:  7607  Youree  Dr.:  Shreveport NSU  Jazz  Festival:  Northwestern  University:   1800  Warrington  Place,  Shreveport:  318-­677-­3150 3HQQ\$FUH-RKDQQ:DJQHU+RXVH&RQFHUW DW)DLUÂżHOG6WXGLRV)DLUÂżHOG$YHQXH Shreveport:  $15:  A  musical  collaboration  between   3  up-­and-­coming  songwriters:  7-­10  pm:  318-­220-­ 0400 March  Green  Thumb  Seminar-­Lawns:  The   American  Rose  Center:  8877  Jefferson  Paige   Rd.:  Shreveport:  938-­5534:  $5:  Featuring  Dr.   Joe  White  at  10  am  in  the  Kilma  Rose  Hall:   Discussion:  Lawns:   6W3DWULFNÂśV)XQG5DLVLQJ'DQFH  Fund  Raiser   sponsored  by  Kiwanis  Club:  Sandy’s  Dance   Center:  100  Dalton  St.:  Shreveport:  $15-­$25 6:$&7RXUQDPHQW$IWHU3DUW\  Horseshoe   Casino  in  the  Riverdome:  10  pm:  Bossier  City:   800-­895-­0711 Cheer  Chaos  Allstars  Tryouts:  ages  3-­18:   Tryouts  for  the  new  team:  318-­572-­5322 &ROG)RUW\7KUHH3RS'UXQN7RXU    Lil  Joe’s   Tavern:  163  Kings  Hwy.  :  Shreveport:  9:30 Alice’s  Story  &  Scones  Tea  Time:  Barnes  &   Noble:  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport:  10:30  am 3DQGRUDÂśV.\Q0RMRV  203  Texas  St.:   Shreveport:  425-­5229 'RQ'XUKDPDQGWKH%DQG+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905   Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Black  Eyed  Susans:  Rustic  Cowboy:  9  pm:  $5:   0DQVÂżHOG5G.HLWKYLOOH

,GHQWLW\&ULVLV7HUU\œV&DVK3RLQW  9  pm:  221   Cash  Point  Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 7KH:DUHKRXVH&UDFN¿JKW.LOOWKH&OLHQW Black  Market  Ministry:  9  pm  doors:  10  pm   show:  $5:  630  Commerce  St.:  Shreveport:  318-­ 227-­8041 4D  Barrel  Racing:  Vivian:  11  am:  Show  to   follow:  318-­470-­8520

The  Honky  Tonk  Drifters:  Muddy  Waters  Sports   Bar:  5000  Benton  Rd.:  Bossier  City:  318-­741-­ 7635 Bears:  The  Good  Time  Rounders:  9:30  pm:  $3:   )DLU¿HOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW Louisiana  Equine  Council  Expo:  Events  include   colt  starting,  stock  horse  show,  lectures,  reining   demo,  mustang  take-­over,  etc.:  318-­355-­5675

March 14, 2010 7UDSSHG7UXWK6RFLHW\2SHQ3URVHDQG3RHWU\ Reading:  Johnny’s  Pizza  –  3915  Gilbert  –  318-­ 868-­8932 Floating  Action-­Bicycle  Octopus-­Brunch-­The   Bellys-­Electric  Dollhouse  Groovebuggy-­The   Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas  St.,  Shreveport,  8:00 86$&L6DQFWLRQHG(YHQW,03257)$&( OFF:  Free,  Gilliam,  479-­750-­0505 Bossier-­Shreveport  Mudbugs  v.  Corpus  Christi   Ice  Rays:  Century  Tel,  Bossier  City,  4:05 0RGL¿HGV 6XSHU6WRFNV  Ark-­La-­Tex   Speedway:  Vivian:  318-­375-­3470 /$3LDQR6HULHV,QWHUQDWLRQDO  Northwestern   State  University:  1800  Warrington  Place,   Shreveport:  318-­677-­3150 Import  Face  Off:  Thunder  Road  Raceway  Park:   Gilliam:  318-­296-­4466:   Louisiana  Equine  Expo:  Cowboy  Church:  9   am:  Freestyle  Reining  $500  added  @  3  pm:  FMI:   318-­355-­5675 March  15,  2010   Winter  Juried  Show  by  Creative  Art   Connection-­Free-­630  Barksdale  Blvd.-­741-­8310 Generationals:  The  Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas,   Shreveport,  7:00 American  Red  Cross  Babysitter  Training:   LSUS-­318-­798-­4177 3HUPDQHQW0DNH8S&ODVV  Shreveport:  248-­ 968-­8961 )5((+DLUFXWVRIIHUHGE\63$5DQG3UHPLHU &RX3DWH%DUEHU6KRS  Hollywood  Heights   Community  Center:  4-­6  pm Floating  Action:  Hayride  Diner:  516  Texas:   Shreveport:  9  pm NSU  Chamber  Choir:  Northwestern  State   University:  1800  Warrington  Place,  Shreveport:   318-­677-­3150 Lil  Joes  Tavern:  Soraia:  163  Kings  Hwy.:   Shreveport:  9  pm Music  and  Art  Classes  -­    Noel  United  Methodist   Church:  music  and  art  classes  :  art,  pottery,   drawing:    March  15-­April  24:  318-­221-­5207:  

March 16, 2010 The  Government  Inspector-­NSU  Center  for   Creative  &  Performing  Arts-­S’Port-­357-­4522 Bossier-­Shreveport  Mudbugs  v.  Mississippi   Riverkings:  Century  Tel,  Bossier  City,  7:05 Gringo  Starr:  Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas,  

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\¿UVWWKRXJKWXSRQGULYLQJWRWKH$URGDVL&HQWHUZDVWKDWWKHZRUGZDV*UHHN,W turns  out  that  Arodasi  is  actually  Isadora  spelled  backwards-­kind  of  like  Harpo  Productions.  In   my  conversation  with  Dorothy,  proprietor  of  Arodasi,  I  found  her  to  be  a  passionate,  lifelong   historian  of  Isadora  Duncan.            The  revitalized  1800’s  mansion  that  is  The  Arodasi  Center  emanates  Arodasi  the  moment  you  enter;͞  the   original  artwork,  the  window-­box  stage,  the  performance  areas,  the  yoga  center  and  the  healing  room.            One  could  incorrectly  assume  that  The  Arodasi  Center  is  strictly  a  performing  arts  center.  Inherently,  the  center  itself  is  a  healing   center  with  a  concentration  on  Feldenkrais  methods  with  Arodasi  Yoga  all  orchestrated  by  the  Reiki  Master  herself.            With  a  background  that  includes  performances  with  the  Performing  Arts  Laboratory  in  San  Diego,  an  Associate  Artist  with  The  Mary  Ann  Soto  Ballet   Company,  4-­years  of  Feldenkrais  training  in  San  Diego  and  13  years  at  Schumpert  teaching  Feldenkrais  methods  for  pain  management,  Arodasi  exuberates   a  novel  effervescence  for  healing  and  pure  relaxation  therapy.          Arodasi  Yoga,  a  registered  trademark,  is  offered  at  the  center  and  teaches  people  how  to  move  naturally  and  bring  their  mind  to  the  present.          The  Feldenkrais  method  works  with  the  nervous  system  to  change  the  patterns  causing  disorganization.  With  Arodasi,  healing  is  letting  go. $VDFHUWL¿HGSUDFWLWLRQHURI)HOGHQNUDLV'RURWK\ZRUNVZLWKWKRVHKDYLQJVSLQDOIXVLRQV¿EURP\DOJLDIDWLJXHV\QGURPHLUULWDEOHERZHOV\QGURPH anxiety  and  Osteoporosis.  Everything  is  accomplished  through  movement.     ,QHVVHQFH$URGDVLLQDOOIRUPVLVVLPSO\KHDOLQJWKURXJKJHQWOHPRYHPHQW¿QGLQJ\RXUQDWXUHERG\DQGDFTXLULQJ\RXUQDWXUDOUK\WKP Contact  Arodasi  at:  318-­834-­0948

Bizarre  Dating  Sites These  sites  are  a  pretty  good  indication  that  there  is  room  for  us  all.

Darwin Dating Yes,  online  dating  has  been  reduced  to  the  shallowest  end  of  the  mud  puddle  with  this  matchmaking   service.  The  criteria  to  join  is  super-­duper  picky  as  they  allow  “beautiful  people  only.�  And  that  does   not  include  inner  beauty.  Their  tagline?  “Online  dating  minus  ugly  people.�   not  include  inner  beauty.  Their  tagline?  “Online  dating  minus  ugly  people.�

Ashley Madison Agency

This  site,  dedicated  to  married/single  folks  seeking  out  “arrangements�  with  other  married  folks,  has   4,255,000  members.  Their  commercial  breaks  on  U.S.  radio  stations  contain  the  tagline:  “Life  is  short.   Have  an  affair!�  The  site  GUARANTEES  an  affair  if  you  simply  sign  up,  although  they  do  state  in   their  disclaimer  that  they  aren’t  personally  held  liable  for  personal  injury  or  death  should  that  happen   to  you  while  using  their  services.  

No Longer Lonely Are  you  schizophrenic?  Do  you  suffer  from  delusional  paranoia?  Well,  thankfully  a  site  has  been   created  to  match  people  like  you  with  other  people  like  you.  Costing  zero  to  join  with  full  access  to  all   of  its  features,  No  Longer  Lonely  boasts  it’s  the  only  dating  site  of  its  kind.  Now  what  could  possibly   go  wrong  here? Visit  us  online  at:  For  the  complete  listing  and  links.  

Mar 16 Cont.

you r gu ide to ever ything! calendar

Shreveport,  7:00  pm Live  Quarter  Horse  Racing:  Harrah’s  Louisiana   Downs:  Bossier  City: Elizabeth  L.  Noble:  Showing  of  Elizabeth  L.   Nobles  Art  along  with  other  contemporary  artists:   Gallery  Fine  Art  Center:  2151  Airline:  Bossier   City:  11-­5  pm 'U'DQ,PPHO3LDQR  Performing  Arts  Guest:   BPCC:  Bossier  City:  3:30  pm:  678-­6000:  Free $9%3URGXFWLRQVIHDWXUH¿OP7KH$PHULFDQV will  begin  pre-­production  in  the  spring  of  2010   with  shooting  scheduled  in  the  summer  of  2010   in  Shreveport.  Crew  and  vendor  resumes  should   EHVHQWWRF\JQHW¿OP#\DKRRFRPZLWKDWWHQWLRQ to  James  Gerrick  and  extra  resumes  to  the  same   address  with  attention  to  Gina. Jason  Sepulvado  &  Toni  Evans:  Wine  Country   Bistro:  4801  Line  Ave.:  Shreveport:  629-­9463 6LOYHU6FUHHQLQJV3UHVHQWV$OIUHG+LWFKFRFNœV Vertigo:  Presented  in  Cinema  HD:  Robinson  Film   Center:  617  Texas  St.:  Shreveport:  318-­424-­9090 Bears:  Lackadaisies:)UHH)DLU¿HOG$YH Shreveport:  674-­9660

March 18, 2010

March 19, 2010

Que’in  on  the  Red  BBQ  Festival:  nationally   sanctioned  barbecue  festival  :  competition  in  6   TNT  Express-­Free-­Trolley  tour  through   categories:  Alexandria:  318-­449-­5056:  Levee  Park   downtown  Shreveport-­5-­8  p.m.-­710   North  behind  Farmers  Market-­4-­10  p.m. Texas-­673-­6535 25th  Annual  Louisiana  Nursery  Festival-­over  50   Bossier-­Shreveport  Mudbugs  v.  Tulsa  Oilers:   vendors  with  crafts,  wares  and  plants.  Hwy.  112,   Century  Tel  Center,  Bossier  City,  7:05 Forest  Hill-­318-­748-­6300 Funny  Bone:  Sam  Demaris-­130  Plaza  Loop,   Bossier-­Shreveport  Mudbugs  v.  Missouri   Boardwalk,  Bossier  City,  318-­549-­0829 Mavericks:  Century  Tel  Center,  Bossier  City,   Unwind Downtown Pub & Culture Crawl 7:05 Shreveport  Opera  Xpress:  Barnes  &  Noble,   March 18th Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport,  7  pm,  Free Highspeed  Hayride:  Wild  West  Saloon-­9  pm-­ 3033  Hilton  Dr.,  Bossier  City La.  Tech  vs.  Southern  Miss:  6:00  pm-­  La.  Tech   –  Ruston 710 Texas, Shreveport 318-­673-­6535 6WRQH7HPSOH3LORWV  Horseshoe  Riverdome  :   Bossier  City:  from  the  moment  they  hit  the  scene   Pub Crawl registrants are permitted to walk or use the in  the  early  90’s,  STP  have  racked  up  15  singles   Pub Bus with an open container. and  won  Best  Hard  Rock  Performance:   Register at 5 at Artspace. Destiny  Dukes  and  The  Hazzards:  Boomtown   Plenty of drink specials & sidewalk cafes. Casino:  Bossier  :   Oleanna:  Bronson  Hall  at  L.S.U.S.:  A   Shreve  Memorial  Book  Club:  Shreve  Memorial   professor  &  student  have  a  power  struggle  over   Library:  424  Texas  St.,  Shreveport:  noon Ancient  Ship  Exhibit:  Karpeles  Manuscript   miscommunication  and  harassment  in  this  drama:   Spring  Break  Dance  for  Youth:  Bossier  Civic   Library  Museum  –  3201  Centenary  Blvd.,   1  University  Place:  Shreveport:  8  pm:  $10-­$18:   Center:  7  am  till  1  am:  Bossier  City Shreveport,  318-­861-­7615 318-­797-­5000 Nacogdoches  County  Championship  Rodeo:   Storytime  for  Babies  at  Broadmoor  Library:   Michelle  Marshall:  Sam’s  Town  Live:  315   18th  -­20th:  936-­564-­0849 ages  0-­3  years:  10  &  11:00  am-­1212  Captain   Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport:  429-­0711 GreenGrass  Bash:  Hope  Bike   7KH1RPDGV+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905  Barksdale:   Weekend:  Adult  Only:  Girls   About St. Patrick: Bossier:  773-­7589 contest,  jello  shots,  no  whiners,   Our  Final  Cut:    Rustic  Cowboy:  9  pm:  $5:   no  children,  free  camping:   0DQVÂżHOG5G.HLWKYLOOH St. Patrick superimposed a sun, a powerful Irish symbol, onto Hope,  AR:  870-­777-­7528 3RFNHW&KDQJH7HUU\ÂśV&DVK3RLQW  9  pm:  221   the Christian cross to create what is now called a Celtic cross, Kids  Club  Event:  Bossier   Cash  Point  Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 Parish  Library:  10  am  till  noon:   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!:  City  Bar:  DJ  Solo   so that reverence of the symbol would seem more natural to the NSU  Symphony  Band:   Youree  Dr.:   Irish. (Although there were a small number of Christians on Northwestern  State  University:   and  hourly  drink  specials:  3104   Shreveport:  779-­0504 1800  Warrington  Place,   8  Track:  Lee’s:  639  E.  Kings  Hwy.:  Shreveport:   the island when Patrick arrived, most Irish practiced a nature- Shreveport:  318-­677-­3150 861-­2151 %3&&5HFLWDO  6220  East   based pagan religion. The  Warehouse:  El  Oh  El:  Rockett  Queen:   Texas:  Bossier  City:  3:30-­4:30   On  Both  Feet:  9  pm  doors:  10  pm  show:  $5:  630   pm:  678-­6146 Shreve  Dr.,  Shreveport,  219-­1782 Commerce  St.:  Shreveport:  318-­227-­8041 Spring  Coffeehouse  Series:  Rodney  Branigan:   N.  Louisiana  Aspen  Ideas  Festival:  Robinson   3HUFXVVLRQ(QVHPEOH&RQFHUW  Anderson   Film  Festival:  617  Texas:  Shreveport:  5:00  pm:   Emotive  &  powerful  acoustic  music  that  blends   Auditorium:  Centenary  College:  7:30-­9  pm Featuring  sessions  from  the  Aspen  Ideas  Festival:   genres  including  folk,  American  roots  and   Wine  &  dinner  available:   Ă€DPHQFR%3&&%RVVLHU&LW\DP 2SHQ0LFZ-RKQDQG)ULHQGV+DUOH\ÂśV3XE:   6144:  Free 905  Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Mayhew  The  Traitor-­Jared  Grabb:  Bears   Mad  Scientist  Ball:Sci-­Port-­7  p.m.-­820  Clyde   2\VWHU+RXVH)DLUÂżHOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW Sam  Demaris:  The  Funny  Bone:  fast-­paced  &   Fant-­424-­3466 high-­energy  comedian:  130  Plaza  Loop:  Bossier   pm:   Willis-­Knighton  Master  Series-­Shreveport   City:  318-­549-­0829 6W3DWULFNÂśV'D\  Barnes  &  Noble:  Youree   Symphony-­7:30  p.m.-­227-­8863 Laddy  Norwood  Exhibit  Opening  Reception:   Dr.,Shreveport:  6:30  pm:  Storytime,  children’s   Winter  Jam  2010  Tour-­Century  Tel  Center-­Third   Artspace:  Laddy  gives  and  Artist  Talk  on  his   events:  798-­6066 Day,  Newsboys,  NewSong,  Tenth  Ave.  North  and   -RH\9DQGWKH9HQGLFDWRUV+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905   artwork  at  7  pm:  710  Texas  St.:  Shreveport:  673-­ )LUHĂ€LJKW 6535 Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Suckerpunch  Sally  Rally  &  Music  Festival:   Tim  Glennon:  Wine  Country  Bistro:  4801  Line   The  Shreveport  Film  Industry  March  Meetup:   Louisiana  State  Fair  Grounds:  Shreveport:   Broadmoor  Branch  Library:  7  pm Ave.:  Shreveport:  629-­9463 10  am  till:  live  music,  vendors,  food,  custom   Wild  Turkeys:  Bears:)DLUÂżHOG$YH Buddy  Flett:  Bears:)DLUÂżHOG$YH motorcycles,  hot  rods,  rat  rods  &  more.   Shreveport:  10  till:  674-­9660 Shreveport:  674-­9660


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March 20, 2010

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Find-A-Grave March’s  Find-­A-­Grave  clue  is:  6LQJHU3LDQLVWDQG5RFNDQG5ROO3LRQHHU%RUQLQ%RJDOXVD/RXLVLDQD%HJDQGDQFLQJRQ Bourbon  Street  for  tips.  Found  a  broken  piano  abandoned  in  an  alley.  While  a  member  of  the  Civilian   &RQVHUYDWLRQ&RUSVGLVFRYHUHGWKDWKHFRXOGDYRLGZRUNLQJE\SOD\LQJWKHSLDQRIRUKLVFRZRUNHUV        Find-­A-­Grave  and  identify  the  deceased  and  location  of  the  grave  and  win  a  Shreveport-­Bossier   In  The  Know  mouse  pad!  To  enter,  read  the  description  of  the  graves  inhabitant   below.  Figure  out  who  the  person  is  and  where  they  are   buried.  All  correct  answers  will  be  thrown  into  a  dog   bowl  and  personally  chosen  by  our  research  staff   DVVLVWDQW*L]PR7KHZLQQHUZLOOEHQRWL¿HGHLWKHU E-­mail  or  snail  mail  NAME  of  deceased  and   LOCATION  OF  GRAVE    to:sbintheknow@comcast. net  or    In  The  Know  P.O.  Box  44371,  Shreveport,  La.   71134 by  phone  or  e-­mail  and  announced  in  next  month’s   issue  of  In  The  Know.

Shiny, high-speed objects in the air: Early phenomena in UFO Shreveport/Bossier

Bar & Grill

1618 Market St. Shreveport

318-424-0650 Friday March 26th Wes Jeans No Cover Tuesday is Ladies Night 2-4-1 Jager Bombs 'RPHVWLF‡,PSRUWV

April  9,  1952-­A  C-­46  crew  from  Barksdale  AFB  observes  a  disc-­shaped,   Feb.  27,  1953;;Shreveport,  Louisiana.  11:58  a.m.  Witness:  USAF  airman/ SULYDWHSLORW)LYH\HOORZGLVFVPDGHFLUFXODUWXUQVÀXWWHUHGWKUHHRIWKHP cream-­colored  object  ahead  of  the  aircraft.  15  minutes  later  another  C-­46   YDQLVKHGDQGWKHRWKHUWZRÀHZHUUDWLFVTXDUHWXUQVIRUDWRWDORIPLQXWHV observed  a  similar  object  5-­6  miles  north  of  Barksdale  AFB. [See  FOIA  document  on  In  The  Know  website] 1952$WSPD86$)&WUDQVSRUWSODQHÀ\LQJQHDU Shreveport,  Louisiana  was  buzzed  by  a  disc-­shaped  UFO  estimated   to  be  35  feet  in  diameter.  Air  Force  jets  were  scrambled  from   Barksdale  AFB  and  chased  the  UFO  for  55  miles  as  it  headed  off  to   WKHQRUWK 6RXUFHV3URMHFW%OXH%RRN5HSRUW3URMHFW*UXGJH and  Project  Blue  Book  Special  Reports  1-­12,  report  dated  April  30,   1952).   During  the  summer  of  1947  a  bizarre  and  inexplicable  situation   developed  in  North  America.  Beginning  in  the  latter  part  of  June,  people  in   widely  separated  areas  from  all  walks  of  life  began  to  report  having  seen   shining,  high-­speed,  strangely  maneuvering  objects  in  the  sky.  In  most  of   these  reports  the  objects  were  described  as  round  or  disc-­shaped.  For  more   than  a  week,  sightings  were  made  in  continuously  increasing  numbers.  On   -XO\WKWKHUHSRUWVURVHVKDUSO\DQGVSRQWDQHRXVO\DQGIRU¿YHGD\VWKHUH was  scarcely  any  part  of  the  United  States  that  had  not  been  visited  by   these  strangely  elusive  aerial  objects.     As  most  people  familiar  with  the  history  of  the  UFO  phenomenon   are  aware,  the  events  of  1947  seemed  to  begin  on  June  24th,  the  date  of  the   VLJKWLQJPDGHE\.HQQHWK$UQROGZKLOHÀ\LQJDSODQHRYHUWKH&DVFDGH 0RXQWDLQVRI:DVKLQJWRQ7KHGDWHLVSDUWO\MXVWL¿HGIRULWZDVWKHUHSRUW PDGHE\WKLV%RLVH,GDKRSLORWDQGEXVLQHVVPDQZKRVROG¿UH¿JKWLQJ HTXLSPHQWWKURXJKRXWWKHQRUWKZHVWWKDWRSHQHGWKH¿UVWFKDSWHULQWKH modern  record  of  UFO  activity.     The  1947  UFO  wave  is  perhaps  the  most  fascinating  of  any  to   examine  because  of  its  unique  position  at  the  very  beginning  of  the   contemporary  period  of  UFO  activity  in  this  country.  There  were  no   attitudes  about  UFOs  in  June  1947.  There  were  no  preconceptions,  no   PLVFRQFHSWLRQVDQGQRSROLFLHVE\HLWKHUSUHVVRUSXEOLFRUE\DQ\RI¿FLDO agencies.

Mar 20 Cont.

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Founded  in  2002,  Sucker  Punch  Sally’s   continues  to  stay  true  to  their  traditional  biker   values  by  providing  the  best  stripped-­down   bobbers  and  choppers  at  the  most  reasonable   prices.  The  old  school  no-­nonsense  style  of   bikes  that  started  Sucker  Punch  Sally’s  are  the   bikes  they  still  build  today,  only  now  with  the   convenience  of  modern  manufacturing  practices.   The  Traditional  and  the  66  Bobber  both  received   industry  awards  for  2007  and  are  the  two   models  that  the  company  was  founded  on.  They   have  the  capacity  to  build  100  bikes  a  month  at   their  manufacturing  facility  in  Scottsdale,  AZ,   including  the  widely  anticipated  Swinger. Sculpted  Entertainment:  Building  A  Character   workshop-­take  your  acting  skills  to  the  next  level   –  318-­741-­8310 7KH&RPSOLDQFH3URFHVVHayride  Diner:  516   Texas  St.:  Shreveport:  6  pm MIKESCHAIR:  Century  Tel  Center,  8:00,  Center   Stage Spring  Turkey  Hunting:  Turkey  Calling  for   beginners:  Bass  Pro  Shop,  100  Bass  Pro  Dr.,   Bossier  City,  12-­3:00 Transgender  Support  Group  Meeting:  1  pm:   Philadelphia  Center:  318-­222-­6633 6WDU3DUW\5DOSK$:RUOH\2EVHUYDWRU\:   Nasa  Sun-­Earth  Day-­12-­4  pm-­8  miles  south  of   LSUS  on  Hwy.  1  [Youree  Dr.],  turn  right  on  Hwy.   175  for  1.7  miles Frank  Ott  and  Hell  Yeah:  Wild  West  Saloon-­9   pm-­3033  Hilton  Dr.,  Bossier  City Cruise  Night:  Show  off  your  wheels  &  meet   other  classic  car  owners!-­Sonic/Albertsons   parking  lot  in  Bossier  City-­Texas  St.  &  Hwy.  80-­5   pm Sherri  Jones:  Naked  Bean:  8  pm:  3307  Line   Ave.:  Shreveport Hooters  Annual  Motorcycle  Show:  Hooters  in   West  Monroe,  LA.  FMI  call  Squirrel  or  Sherry  @   318-­325-­9578 March  Madness/$1000  Wins:  Boothill   Speedway:  9144  Daytona  Dr.:  Greenwood,  La.:   318-­938-­5373 Ark-­La-­Tex  Gun  &  Knife  Show:  9-­5  pm:   Bossier  Civic  Center:  Bossier  City:   4th  Annual  Warhawk  Triathlon:  ULM:  100   Stadium  Dr.:  Monroe:  9  am:  318-­342-­1310

3DQFDNH5XQ  5k  road  race  and  healthwalk  in   BIT  Barrel  Racing:  Canton,  TX:  Donna  Wilder:   conjuction  with  Kiwanis  Pancake  Breakfast:  8:30   972-­476-­9974 am:  Register  at: Komfortable  Karaoke  at  The  Korner:  9-­Close:   3)/$**HQHUDO,QWHUHVW0HHWLQJ  10  am:   800  Louisiana:  Shreveport Philadelphia  Center:  2020  Centenary  Blvd.:   Men’s  Lacrosse  vs.  Stephen  F.  Austin:  Mayo   Shreveport:   Soccer  Field:  Centenary  College:  1-­4  pm Redbud  Day:  Louisiana  Redbud  Festival:   *URZLQJ3DLQV&KLOGUHQÂśV&RQVLJQPHQW6DOH   Downtown  Vivian:  8-­5  pm:  Booths,  Crafts,  Arts,   Uncle  Sam:  Bossier  City:  1-­6  pm:  318-­272-­0349 Food  &  down-­home  fun.  903-­796-­4781 Wes  Jeans:  Sucker  Punch  Sally  Rally:  Louisiana   State  Fair  Grounds:  12  pm Bethea  Dog  Training  Class:  Free:  Betty  Virginia   Science  Fiction  &  Fantasy:  Barnes  &  Noble,   Park:  Shreveport:  11  am:  All  sizes  and  breeds  of   6646  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport,  7:00 dogs  welcome.  There  is  no  such  thing  as  a  bad   A  Hero  A  Fake-­Before  There  Was  Rosalyn-­ breed  of  dog-­just  a  confused  owner.  Call:  658-­ Wretched:  Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas,  Shreveport,   3393  for  more  info.   6:00  pm Clifford  the  Big  Red  Dog:  Barnes  &  Noble:   Want  to  start  blogging?  :LSUS-­318-­798-­4177 Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport:  11  am:  Storytime  &   Jacob  Jones:  Bears  Oyster  House:  8  pm:  1401   costume  character: )DLUÂżHOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW GMB:  Noble  Savage:  417  Texas  St.:  Shreveport:   Jerry  Beach  Blue  Jam:  Lee’s  :  639  E.  Kings   318-­221-­1781 Hwy.:  Shreveport:  861-­2151 The  Roscoes:  Sam’s  Town  Live:  315  Clyde  Fant:   Bears:  Buddy  Flett:  Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist   Shreveport:  429-­0711 of  the  Bluebirds:  currently  with  Kenny  Wayne   7KH/RVW%R\V+DUOH\ÂśV3XE  905  Barksdale:   Shepherd’s  “Blues  From  the  Backroadsâ€?  tour  until   Bossier:  773-­7589 April  26th)DLUÂżHOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW 0DJQROLD%URZQ7HUU\ÂśV&DVK3RLQW  9  pm:   674-­9660 221  Cash  Point  Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 Twangsters  Union:  Wild  West  Saloon:   In 1834, Charles 9  pm:  3033  Hilton  Dr.:  Bossier  City Babbage (1792-1871) 3RFNHW&KDQJH/HHÂśV  639  E.  Kings   Hwy.:  Shreveport:  861-­2151 designed the Analytical 7KH:DUHKRXVH0XGĂ€DS-XQNLHV Engine, the precursor The  Blue  Eclipse:  9  pm  doors:  10   of the computer. He pm  show:  $5:  630  Commerce  St.:   Shreveport:  318-­227-­8041 was unable to obtain Art  Affaire  In  The  Garden:  Barnwell   funding for it from Art  Center:  an  arts  market  where  you   can  meet  the  artists:  10  am  to  3  pm:  601   the government, who Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport:  673-­7703 thought it would be Marcia  Thompson  Concert:  Anderson   worthless... Auditorium:  Centenary  College:  6:30-­10   pm The  Bottom  Line  Blues  Band:  Muddy  Waters   Sports  Bar:  5000  Benton  Rd.:  Bossier  City:  318-­ 741-­7635 Victorian  Day  at  the  Shreveport  Water   Finding  Fiction:  Naked  Bean,  3307  Line  Ave.,   Works  Museum:  The  museum  will  celebrate   Shreveport,  8  pm it’s  Victorian  era  history.  Come  in  Victorian   Swingin’  Swing  &  Salsa  Dance:  LSUS-­318-­798-­ Attire:  Shreveport  Water  Works  Museum:  142  N.   4177 Common  Street,  Shreveport Family  Fun  Night:  Enjoy  a  live  magician   Yogie  &  Friends  Exotic  Cat  Sanctuary:   and  balloon  artist  while  you  dine-­Cheeburger   Bake  Sale:  11-­4  pm:  Petco:  6596  Youree  Dr.:   Cheeburger-­7030  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport Shreveport:  318-­286-­1145 La.  Tech  vs.  Grambling  State:  Ruston-­6:00  pm The  Girl  On  The  Train:  Inspired  by  a  sensational   real-­life  media  furor:  Robinson  Film  Center:  617   Texas:  Shreveport The  Lost  Art  of  Letter  Writing:  Spring  Street   6WDU3DUW\Use  Sci-­Port’s  large  telescopes   Historical  Museum:  525  Spring  St.:  Shreveport:   or  bring  your  own-­through  March  26-­Sci-­ 10-­3:30  pm Port-­424-­3466 3RUFHODLQ$UPV-XQLXV%DWWOHÂżHOGV  Bear’s   The  Bare  Wires,  The  Mystery  Lights,  Lost  In   Trees:  Hayride  Diner,  516  Texas,  Shreveport,  7:00   2\VWHU+RXVH)DLUÂżHOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW pm:  425-­2327 pm

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Central  Station 1025  Marshall  St.,  Shreveport  318-­222-­2216 Club  Hush 1701  Marshall  St.,  Shreveport  318-­934-­0038   Never  Never  Land 1920  Market  St.,  Shreveport  318-­678-­0700 The  Korner  Lounge 800  Louisiana  Ave.,  Shreveport  318-­222-­9796

Bars/Pubs Bears )DLUÂżHOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW Bistro  6301 6301  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport  318-­865-­6301 Blind  Tiger/Karoake 120  Texas  St.,  Shreveport  318-­226-­8747 Connie’s  Hideaway 3975  Greenwood  Rd.,  Shreveport  318-­636-­9432 Coyotes  Bar  &  Grill 1618  Market  St.,  Shreveport  318-­424-­0650 Cricket’s 1738  E.  Texas  St.,  Bossier  City  318-­747-­7688 Cross  Lake  Bar 3162  Blanchard  Rd.,  Shreveport  318-­424-­3864 Fatboys 1305  Centenary  Ave.,  Shreveport,  318-­424-­1060 Fat  Tuesdays 2025  Marshall  St.,  Shreveport  318-­222-­2021   )DWW\$UEXFNOHV3XE 450  Clyde  Fant  Pkwy.,  Shreveport  318-­459-­1448 Friends 1655  Kings  Hwy.,Shreveport  318-­631-­8980 Hooters 545  Boardwalk  Blvd.,  Bossier  City  318-­752-­4447 Johnny  D’s  Bottle  Shop 0DQVÂżHOG5G6KUHYHSRUW Lil  Joe’s   163  E.  Kings  Hwy.,  Shreveport  318-­868-­6628 Martini  Lounge 211  Texas,  Shreveport,  318-­617-­4010 Maurice’s   2609  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport  318-­226-­1939 Mr.  Crows 3201  W.  70th  St.,  Shreveport  318-­686-­9195

Noble  Savage 410  Texas  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­221-­1781 2œ%ULHQV,ULVK3XE 310  Plaza  Loop,  Boardwalk,  Bossier,  318-­741-­ 1888 Oyster  Bar 855  Pierremont  Rd.,  Shreveport  318-­213-­6978 3KLOOLSV+LJKZD\/RXQJH 0DQV¿HOG5G6KUHYHSRUW 3XGJHœV%DU 2706  Barksdale  Blvd.,  Bossier  City  318-­746-­9676 Stray  Cats 222  Travis  St.,  Shreveport  318-­424-­4747 The  Cub 3002  Girard  St.,  Shreveport  318-­868-­9686 Tiki  Bar  &  Grill 639  E.  Kings  Hwy.,Shreveport  318-­868-­6355 Toms  Tavern 3816  E.  Texas  St.,  Bossier  City  318-­747-­3909 What’s  On  Tap 1207  S’port  Barksdale  Hwy.,  Shreveport  318-­869-­ 2422

Billiard Bars

Breaktime  Bar 6200  Bert  Kouns,  Shreveport  318-­686-­8080 Fast  Eddie’s  Billiards 1701  Old  Minden  Rd.,  Bossier  City  318-­741-­0010 Secrets 6950  Jewella  Ave.,  Shreveport  318-­631-­7173 Sidepocket  Billiard 2013  Nelson  St.,  Shreveport  318-­425-­8112 TK’s  Tavern 3100  Knight  St.,  Shreveport,  La.  318-­869-­1611

Country Rockin  Rodeo 1003  Gould  Dr.,  Bossier  City  318-­742-­7888 The  Boot,  211  Texas,  Shreveport, Wild  West  Saloon 3033  Hilton  Dr.,  Ste.  C,  Bossier  City    747-­2400

Frozen Drinks Cajun  Daiquiris 3306  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport  318-­868-­9620 Daiquiri  Express 1205  Shreveport-­Barksdale  Blvd.,  Shreveport 318-­869-­2220 Daiquiri  Express  2 0DQV¿HOG5G6KUHYHSRUW Don  Juanz  Baja  Beach  Tacos 2333  Airline  Dr.,  Bossier  City  318-­752-­3244

Gentlemen’s Clubs

Action  Central  Cabaret 1911  E.  Texas  St.,  Bossier  City  318-­742-­2030 DÊjà  Vu/Larry  Flynt’s  Hustler  Club 202  Commerce  St.,  Shreveport  318-­221-­2638 Wild  Orchid  Cabaret 3735  E.  Texas.  St.,  Bossier  City  318-­747-­3546


Bistros/Wine Bars/Martini Bars Abby  Singer’s  Bistro Robinson  Film  Center,  617  Texas  St.,  Shreveport   318-­424-­9090 Gigi’z  Martini  Room 420  Commerce  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­221-­2545 The  Village 1313  Louisiana  Ave.,  Shreveport  318-­424-­2874 Vintage  Wine  Bar  and  Spirits 6537  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport  318-­868-­5566

Comedy The  Funny  Bone Bossier  City  Boardwalk,  318-­549-­0829

Club  Ice 8327  Texas  St.,  Bossier  City Freddie  Mack’s 618  Commerce  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­222-­4350 Josh  Lounge/Jazz/Old  School/R&B 224  Spring  St.,  Shreveport  318-­681-­9960 Kokopellis 630  Commerce  St.,  Shreveport  318-­222-­5656 Disco  9000 3710  Hollywood  Ave.,  Shreveport    318-­636-­2434 Southern  Soul   1605  Marshall  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­673-­8338 Voodoo  CafÊ:  An  Art  Bar 622  Commerce  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­222-­6669

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Bistro  Byronz 6104  Line  Av.  Shreveport,  318-­â€?219-­â€?4848 Blind  Tiger ͳʹͲ‡šƒ•–ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjʹʹ͸njͺ͚͚͜ Cheers  Sports  Bar Buffalo  Wild  Wings  Grill  &  Bar 0DQVÂżHOG5G6KUHYHSRUW ;͚͡‘ƒ”†™ƒŽÂ?ÂŽÂ˜Â†ÇĄ‘—‹•‹ƒÂ?ƒ‘ƒ”†™ƒŽÂ?ÇĄ Fat  Cat’s ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnj;ͺͲͳ 3044  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport  318-­861-­1521 Cafe  Pierremont Fud’s  Bar  &  Lounge ͝ʹͲ‹‡””‡Â?‘Â?–†ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjͺ͸ͺnj;;͚͚ th 2459  E.  70  St,  Shreveport,  La.  318-­798-­2580 Cheeburger  Cheeburger 0LDÂśV6SRUWV3XE ͚Ͳ;Ͳ‘—”‡‡”—‹–‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͚͝nj 2109  Market  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­221-­1958 2006 Muddy  Waters Copeland’s  Cheesecake  Bistro ArtSpace 5000  Benton  Rd.,  Bossier  City,  318-­741-­7635 240  Plaza  Lp,  Louisiana  Boardwalk,  Bossier,   710  Texas  St.,  Shreveport  318-­673-­6535   N  Cahoots-­  Sports  Bar 318-­â€?550-­â€?0491 Baby  Huey’s  on  the  bayou 1303  S’port  Barksdale  Hwy.,Shreveport FatBoy’s   1709  Sligo  Rd.,  Bossier  City  318-­752-­9465  318-­865-­4541 1309  Centenary  Blvd,  Shreveport,  318-­â€?424-­â€? Buffalo  Wild  Wings Overtime  Sports  Bar 1060   375  Boardwalk  Blvd.:  Bossier  City:  318-­752-­3801 200  Travis  St.,  Shreveport  318-­673-­0048 Golden  Corral   Coyotes  Bar  &  Grill Rack  Em  Billiards  &  Sports  Bar ͚ʹ͡Ͳ‘—”‡‡”ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͝ͺnj͚͡ͺ; 1618  Market  St.,Shreveport:  318-­424-­0650 2648  Barksdale  Blvd.,  Bossier  City  318-­742-­7240 Heavenly  Ham +DUOH\ÂśV3XE Strange  Brew ͚͡;͝‘—”‡‡Â”Â‹Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjͺ͸͡nj͜͜ͳͳ 905  Barksdale  Blvd.,  Bossier  City  773-­7589 235  Wall  St.,  Shreveport,  La.  318-­222-­2337 Hooters  on  the  Boardwalk Hayride  Diner Stateline  Sports  Bar 545  Boardwalk  Blvd,  Louisiana  Boardwalk,   516  Texas  St.,  Shreveport,  La.  318-­222-­0156 11588  Hwy.  80,  Greenwood,  La.  318-­938-­6115 ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnj͚͜͜͜ Jayne  Marie’s Sulleys  Tavern IHOP  Restaurant 5301  South  Lakeshore,  Shreveport  318-­631-­0919 200  Travis,  Shreveport  318-­673-­0048 ͺͲͳͲ‘—”‡‡Â”Â‹Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͝ͺnjͲ͚͝͝ Lee’s T&T  Sports  Bar ͸ͳͲ͝ ‹Â?ƒÂ?…‹ƒŽÂŽÂƒÂœÂƒÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸͚ͳnj 639  E.  Kings  Hwy.,Shreveport  318-­861-­2151 3218  Barksdale  Blvd.,  Bossier  City  318-­742-­5335 Ͳ;Ͳ͚ Lil’  Joes  Tavern ͸͚Ͳ‘ƒ”†™ƒŽÂ?ÂŽÂ˜Â†ÇĄ‘—‹•‹ƒÂ?ƒ‘ƒ”†™ƒŽÂ?ÇĄ 163  E.  Kings  Hwy.,Shreveport  318-­868-­6628 ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜ͳnj͜͜͸͝ Mojo’s ͳ͝ͺ͝‹”Ž‹Â?‡Â”Â‹Â˜Â‡ÇĄ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnj͜͜͸͚ 203  Texas  St.,  Shreveport  318-­425-­5229 Jacquelyn’s  Cafe Muddy  Waters  Sports  Bar Sandbar ͳ;ʹ͜‘—‹•‹ƒÂ?ƒÂ˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjʹʹ͚njͺ͡͝ͺ 5000  Benton  Rd.,  Bossier  City:  318-­741-­7635 415  Spring  St.,  Shreveport  318-­212-­1718 Larry’s  Giant  Subs Naked  Bean ʹͳʹͳ‹”Ž‹Â?‡”Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnjʹ͚͚͡ 3301  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport,  318-­864-­2999 Logan’s  Roadhouse  Restaurant Noble  Savage  Tavern ͚͡ͳ͝‘—”‡‡Â”Â‹Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͚͝nj͝ͺ͡͡ 417  Texas  St.,  Shreveport  318-­221-­1781 Mel’s  Hot  Wings  and  Grille Superior  Grill ͝ʹ͜͡ƒÂ?•Ď?‹‡Ž††ǤǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸ͺͺnj͸ʹͲͲ America’s  oldest  rice  mill  is  located  in 6123  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport:  318-­869-­3243 Newks  Express  CafĂŠ New  Iberia  at  KONRIKO  Co. 7HUU\ÂśV&DVK3RLQW ͚͜ʹ;‘—”‡‡”ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnj͚͚͝njʹ͡ʹͲ Cash  Point  Landing,  Bossier  City  318-­746-­9275 Olive  Garden Tiki  Bar  &  Grill ͚ͳ͡Ͳ‘—”‡‡Â”Â‹Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͚͝njͺ;Ͳ; 639  E.  Kings,  Shreveport:  318-­868-­6355 Ruby  Tuesday  Restaurants The  Rustic  Cowboy ͚;ʹͲ‘—”‡‡”ǤǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͝ͺnj;͡͸͡ 0DQVÂżHOG5G.HLWKYLOOH ʹ͸ͳͳ‹Â?‹Â?‰”Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnjͳ;͚͝Ǥ The  Warehouse Vicki  &  Co.   630  Commerce  St.,  Shreveport  318-­227-­8041 1203  S’Port-­â€?Barksdale,  Shreveport,  318-­â€?869-­â€? Wild  West  Saloon 6243 3033  Hilton  Dr.,  Bossier  City,  Roadway  Inn  &   Suites:318-­629-­1450 Wine  Country 4801  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport:  318-­629-­9463 Chef  Lee ͸͜ʹ‡Â?–‘Â?†Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”‹–›;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnjͳʹͺͺ ͳ͚͡ͺǤ͚Ͳth–ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–Ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͝ͺnjʹͺͺͺ China  Bear Applebee’s ͝ͲͺͺƒÂ?•Ď?‹‡Ž††ǤǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸ͺͺnj͚Ͳͳ͜ ͺ͡ͳͲ‘—”‡‡”ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnj͚͝ͺnjʹ͸ͺͺ City  Bar Chengs  Garden ͳ͡ͳ͚Ǥ‡”–‘—Â?•Ȁ Â?†—•–”‹ƒŽ‘‘’ǥ 3104  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport,  La.  318-­779-­0504 ;;Ͳ͜‘—”‡‡”ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnjͺ͸͡njʹͲͲ; ÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͝͡nj͝͡͝͡ 3KRHQL[8QGHUJURXQG8SVFDOH1LJKWFOXE China  Dragon ʹͳʹ͸‹”Ž‹Â?‡”Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜ʹnj͜͡ͺ͜ 600  Market  St.,  Shreveport  318-­676-­0950 ͜͜ʹͲ‘—”‡‡”ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnjͺ͸ͺnjͺͺͺʹ

Live Music:

Sports Bars

Video Games/Sports Bar




Upscale Nightclubs

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China  Hot ͸Ͳ;Ǥ͚Ͳth  St.,  Shreveport  318-­â€?219-­â€?8862 China  Inn ;ͳ͡͡ǤÂ‡ÂšÂƒÂ•ÇĄ‘••‹‡”‹–›;ͳͺnj͚͚͜njͳͲͳͺ Dragon  Buffet ͸͚ͳ͡‹Â?‡•†ǥ–‡ͳͲʹÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸ͺ͸nj 2868 Hannah ;ʹ͜͜ƒ”Â?•†ƒŽ‡ÂŽÂ˜Â†Ç¤ÇĄ‘••‹‡”‹–›;ͳͺnj͚͜ʹnj 0356 Great  Wall ͚ͲͲͺ‹Â?‡•†ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnj͸ͺ͸nj͸͸Ͳʹ Hong  Kong  City   ͚͡ͲÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇŚƒ”Â?•†ƒŽ‡ ™›ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ ;ͳͺnjʹͳ͝njͺͺ;͚ Imperial  Cathay ͸;͡͝‘—”‡‡”ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnj͚͝ͺnjͺ;ͳͲ Imperial  Wok ʹ͡;Ͳ‡”–‘—Â?•͓ͳʹͳǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnj͸ͺ͚nj 6668 Ichiban  Japanese  Restaurant ͜͜ͳ͜‘—”‡‡”ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjʹͳ͝nj͝͝ͲͲ Jade  Express ͳ͜;Ͳ‹Â?‰• ™›ǤǥŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnjʹʹͳnjͺ͡͝ͺ Kobe  Japanese  Restaurant ͳͲ͜‡Â?–‘Â?†ǥ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜ʹnj͡͸ʹ; Lucky  Palace ͚͡Ͳ‹ƒÂ?‘Â?† ƒ…Â?•ÂŽÂ˜Â†Ç¤ÇĄ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnj 1888 ƒ›Ď?Ž‘™‡”Š‹Â?‡•‡‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?– ͜ͳͲͲƒ”Â?•†ƒŽ‡ÂŽÂ˜Â†Ç¤ÇĄ‘••‹‡”‹–›;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnj 8401 Ming  Garden   1250  Shreveport-­â€?Barksdale  Hwy,  Shreveport,   ;ͳͺnjͺ͸ͳnjʹ͚͜ͳ New  China ʹ͚;ʹǤ͚Ͳth  St.,  Shreveport  318-­â€?631-­â€?2551   ƒ…‹Ď?‹…‡ƒ”Ž ͝ͲͲͳ ‡™‡ŽŽƒÂ˜Â‡Ç¤ÇĄŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–;ͳͺnj͸ͺͺnjͳ͸͚ͺ Shogun  Japanese  Steakhouse  &  Sushi  Bar ͳ͜Ͳ͝Ǥ͚Ͳ–Š–ǤǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͝ͺnjͳͲͲͳ Sushiko  Sushi  &  Grille 650  Boardwalk  Blvd,  Louisiana  Boardwalk,   ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜͸njʹ͸ʹ͸ The  Four  Winds  -­  An  Asian  Restaurant   ͚ͳͳ ‘”•‡•Š‘‡ÂŽÂ˜Â†ÇĄ njʹͲš‹–ͳ͝ÇĄ‘••‹‡”ǥ ;ͳͺnj͚͜ʹnjͲ͚ͳͳ Wings  &  Rice ʹͳͲͲ‡Â?–‘Â?†Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnj͝;ʹ͚


Bodacious  Barbecue   ͚͜Ͳ͸ƒ”Â?•†ƒŽ‡ÂŽÂ˜Â†ÇĄ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜ͳnjͲ͚͚ͺ

Country  Tavern  Barbecue   ͺʹ;”‘‘Â? ‘ŽŽ‘™”ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͚͝nj ͚͚͜͜ Grady’s  Smokehouse  Barbeque 4125  Hearne  Ave.,  Shreveport,  318-­â€?635-­â€?6446 Podnuh’s  Bar-­B-­Q ͝Ͳ;ͲƒÂ?•Ď?‹‡Ž††ǤǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸ͺͺnjͲͺͳͺ 1146  Shreveport-­â€?Barksdale  Hwy,  Shreveport,   ;ͳͺnjͺ͸͝nj;;͚ͳ ͳͳͲ‡Â?–‘Â?†Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜ͳnjͳ;͜͜ ͳ͝ͳ͡Ǥƒ”Â?‡–ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjʹʹʹnj͚͜ͺͲ Silver  Star  Smokehouse ͳͺͲͳ‡Â?–‘Â?†ǥ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͡ʹnj;͸;; The  Hickory  Stick   ͜͜͜ͺ‘—”‡‡”ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjͺ͸ͳnj͚͡ʹ͚ Uncle  Henry’s  Smokehouse  BBQ   ͚͜ͳ͚ƒŽÂ?‡––‘†Ǥǥ‡Â?–‘Â?ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͝͸͡nj͡Ͳʹ͡

Louisiana  produces  24%  of  the  nation’s   salt,  the  most  in  the  country.

Bistros Wine  Country  Bistro  &  Bottle  Shop   4801  Line  Ave.,  Suite  14,  Pierremont  Mall,   Shreveport,  318-­�629-­�9463

Savoie’s  -­  The  Cajun  Restaurant ʹ͜ͲͲǤ͚Ͳ–Š–ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͚͚͝nj;ͲͳͲ ŠƒÂ?‡ǯ•…ƒ†‹ƒÂ?ƒ”ƒ™Ď?‹•Š ͡͝ͳ͜‘—”‡‡”ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjͺ͸͡nj͸Ͳͺͺ Vince’s  North  Port  Restaurant ;ͳ͜ʹǤƒ”Â?‡––ǤǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͜ʹ͜njͳ;͚͚ Vince’s  South  Port  Restaurant ͳ͸Ͳ͡ƒ•–‡”–‘—Â?•ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͡ʹ͜nj 3333

Catfish ƒ–Ď?‹•Š‹Â?‰ ʹ͚ͳʹ‹ŽŽƒ‰‡Â?Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͚͜njͳ͸͜͜ ”‡•…‡Â?–ƒÂ?†‹Â?‰ƒ–Ď?‹•Š‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?– ͚͸Ͳͳ‹Â?‡•†ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸ͺ͸nj͜͜͡Ͳ Cypress  Inn ͡ʹͳʹ‹”Ž‹Â?‡”ǤÍ“ÇĄ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜ʹnj͜͜͡͝ Jan’s  River  Restaurant   ͚͸͚͡‡•–͚Ͳ–Š–ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjʹʹͳnjͲͺ͸; ‘ŠÂ?Â?›ǯ•ƒ–Ď?‹•ŠĆŹ‡ƒˆ‘‘†   ͡ͳ;Ͳ‡”–‘—Â?• Â?†—•–”‹ƒŽÂ’ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ 318-­â€?686-­â€?3695 Shockley’s  Fish  and  Fixings ͳ;;ʹ‘„‹Â?•‘Â?Â‘ÂƒÂ†ÇĄ ƒ—‰Š–‘Â?ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͝ͺ͚njʹ;;; Wilson’s  Bistineau  Inn ͸;Ͳ ‘”•‡•Š‘‡‡Â?††ǥ‘›Ž‹Â?‡ǥ;ͳͺnj͝ͺ͚nj 2228


Coffee House

The  term  ‘Creole’  originally  described  the   descendents  of  white  men  and  black  slave   women,  or  women  of  mixed  heritage  that   were  often  freed  by  their  lovers  or  fathers.   In  today’s  Louisiana  Creole  refers  to  tho  se   who  are  a  mix  of  French,  African,  Native   American,  and  Spanish  heritage  that  were   Prima  Tazza  Coffee  and  Tea   born  and  raised  in  the  local  Creole  culture. 8835  Line  Ave,  Ste  500,  Shreveport,  318-­�550-­�

Ͳͳ͚͜ Starbucks  Coffee Bear’s  Restaurant  &  Sports  Bar ͳ͜Ͳͳ ƒ‹”Ď?‹‡Ž†Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸͚͜nj͝͸͸Ͳ ʹ͡ͳ͝‡‡Â?‡ÂŽÂ˜Â†Ç¤ÇĄ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͜͸nj;͸͸͝ ͜ͺͲͲ‹Â?‡Â˜Â‡Ç¤ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjͺ͸͡nj͚͚͡ʹ Copeland’s  Restaurant ;ͳ͝‡”–‘—Â?•Ȁ Â?†—•–”‹ƒŽ‘‘’ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ ͳ͸͸͡‡”–‘—Â?• Â?†—•–”‹ƒŽÂ’ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ ;ͳͺnj͸ͺ͚nj͜͜;͝ ;ͳͺnj͚͚͝njͲͳ͜; ͚Ͳͳ͚‘—”‡‡”ǤǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͡ʹ͜njͳ͸ͺͳ Crawdaddy’s  Kitchen   ͝;͚ͲƒÂ?•Ď?‹‡Ž††ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸ͺͺnj͚͡;ʹ ͳ͚͝͝‹”Ž‹Â?‡”Ǥǥ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǥ;ͳͺnj͜͡͝njʹͲ͚͜ The  Naked  Bean  Cafe ”ƒ™Ď?‹•ŠƒŽƒ…‡ ;;Ͳ͚‹Â?‡Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjͺ͸͜njʹ͝͝͝ 1865  Hwy  80,  I-­â€?220  Exit  26,  Haughton,  318-­â€? ͜͝͝nj;͚͝͝ Gumbo  Daddy’s  Cafe  &  Premier  Catering ;;ʹͲ‘”–Šƒ”Â?‡––ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͸͚͡nj 1869 Abby  Singer’s  Bistro Gumbo  to  Geaux ͸ͳ͚‡šƒ•–ǥÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͜ʹ͜nj͝Ͳ͝Ͳ 4100  Barksdale  Blvd.,  Ste.  112,  Bossier,  318-­â€? Bella  Fresca   ͚͜ͳnjͳ͝Ͳͳ ͸;Ͳ͚‹Â?‡Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnjͺ͸͡nj͸;Ͳ͚ Herby  K’s   Bistro  6301 ͳͺ;;‹‡””‡Â˜Â‡ÇĄÂŠÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‡Â’Â‘Â”Â–ÇĄ;ͳͺnj͜ʹ͜njʹ͚ʹ͜ 6301  Line  Ave,  Shreveport,  318-­â€?865-­â€?6301 Ralph  &  Kacoo’s Columbia  CafĂŠ ͳ͚ͲͲŽ†‹Â?†‡Â?†͓ͳ͜ͳǥ‘••‹‡”ǥ;ͳͺnj͚͚͜nj 3030  Creswell,  Shreveport,  318-­â€?425-­â€?3862 6660

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Contemporary Cuisine

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Olive Street  Bistro   ͳͲʹ͹Ž‹˜‡–ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹʹͳǦͶͷͳ͹ Mabry  House ͳͷͶͲ ”˜‹‰ŽǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹʹ͹Ǧͳͳʹͳ

El Compadre ͷͲʹǤ‹‰• ™›ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦͶͶ͸͹ El  Cortez  Mexican  Restaurant 1906  North  Market,  Shreveport,  318-­‐425-­‐4800 India’s  Restaurant El  Mariachi ͵Ͳ͵Ͳ‘—”‡‡”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦ͹͹͸ͳ ͵ͷͲͲƒ”•†ƒŽ‡ǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧʹ͵Ͷͺ Indigo  Bistro Moe’s  Southwest  Grill 2Johns  Steak  &  Seafood 8660  Fern  Ave.,  Ste.  200,  Shreveport,  318-­‐629-­‐ ͹ͳͶͳ‘—”‡‡”ǡ–‡͹ͲͲǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻ͹Ǧ 2151  Airline  Dr.,  suite  1500,  Bossier  City  318-­‐ Ͳ͹ʹ͹ 4202 841-­‐5646 Monterrey  Mexican  Restaurant  &  Bar 1800  Prime  Steakhouse  -­Boomtown  Casino ʹͻͳͲƒ”•†ƒŽ‡Ž˜†Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧ ͵ͲͲ‹˜‡”•‹†‡”ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺͶͳǦʹͲ͵Ͳ ͵͹ͲͲ Ernest’s  Orleans  Restaurant Carrabba’s  Italian  Grill Nicky’s  Restaurant 1601  Spring  St  South,  Shreveport,  318-­‐226-­‐ ͳ͹Ͳ͸͹Ͳ–Š–ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻͺǦ͸ͷͲͶ ͳͶͲͲ‹”Ž‹‡”Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͸Ǧͺͺͳͳ 1325 Chianti  Restaurant   ʹ͹Ͳͳ‹‹‰”Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧʹ͵͵ʹ Jack  Binion’s  Steak  House  -­  Horseshoe   6535  Line  Ave,  Shreveport,  318-­‐868-­‐8866   ͻͲͺͲƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺ͹ǦͳͶͶͳ Casino  &  Hotel L’Italiano  Italian  Restaurant ͸͹ʹͳŽ—‰‹‡•†ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸͹ͳǦ ͹ͳͳ ‘”•‡•Š‘‡Ž˜†ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦͲ͹ͳͳ ͹Ͳͳƒ”•†ƒŽ‡Ž˜†ǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧ 0811   Jayne  Marie  on  Cross  Lake ͹͹͹͹ Pancho’s  Mexican  Buffet   5301  S  Lakeshore  Dr,  Shreveport,  318-­‐631-­‐ Monjunis  Italian  Cafe  &  Grocery ͳ͹ͲͲŽ†‹†‡†͓ͳ͵ͺǡ ǦʹͲš‹–ʹͲǡ 0919 ͳ͵ͳͷ‘—‹•‹ƒƒ˜‡ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹʹ͹Ǧ ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͸ǦͻͶͲͺ Superior’s  Steakhouse ͲͺͶ͹ Pepe’s  Mexican  Restaurant ͺͷͷ‹‡””‡‘–†ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹͳͻǦͶͳʹ͵ ͹͸Ͳͳ‘—”‡‡”Ǥȋ‘”–‹…‘Š‘’’‹‰‡–‡”Ȍǡ 2040  Hwy  80  East,  Haughton,  318-­‐949-­‐2599 The  Village  Grille Š”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻ͹Ǧͻͻͻͻ Posados  Cafe ͳ͵ͳ͵‘—‹•‹ƒƒ˜‡ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͶʹͶǦʹͺ͹Ͷ Notini’s  Restaurant   ͳ͹Ͳ͵Ž†‹†‡†Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧ͸ʹͲͲ William  B’s  Steakhouse  at  Sam’s  Town   ʹͲͳ͵‹”Ž‹‡”ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦ͸͸͸Ͳ ͳ͵ͷͷǤ‡”–‘—•”ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͷʹͶǦ Casino Olive  Garden 2000 315  Clyde  Fant  Pkwy,  Shreveport,  318-­‐424-­‐ ͹ͳͷͲ‘—”‡‡”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻ͹Ǧͺ͵Ͳ͵ ͻͳ͸ͷƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺ͹ǦͻͲͶͲ ͹͹͹͹ PieWorks Tacomania,  A  Mexican  Cantina ͺͷͷ‹‡””‡‘–†ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦͷͳͲͲ ͸ͶͳǤ‹‰• ™›ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦͶͷͺͺ ͳ͵ͳǤ‹‰• ™›ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦͷͷͲͷ Tamolly’s  Mexican  Restaurant 1023  Provenance  Place  Blvd,  Shreveport,  318-­‐ ʹͷͲͻ‡‡‡Ž˜†Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧʹ͸Ͳͳ 688-­‐3535.   Trejo’s  Mexican   Ristorante  Giuseppe ͻͳʹʹƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺ͹Ǧ͸ͳͻʹ 4800  A  Line  Ave,  Shreveport,  318-­‐869-­‐4548 ͷͺͳͷ‘—”‡‡”‹˜‡ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͻǦʹ͵ͳ͸ Romano’s  Macaroni  Grill ʹͳͷ͹‹”Ž‹‡”‹˜‡Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶͳǦʹͲͶͶ ͹Ͳ͵ͳ‘—”‡‡”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻͷǦͲͶͻͳ Superior  Bar  &  Grill Sbarro  The  Italian  Eatery 6123  Line  Ave,  Shreveport,  318-­‐869-­‐3243 Mr.  Jims  Famous  Chicken ʹͻͷͲƒ•–‡šƒ•–Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧʹ͸͸Ͷ ʹͲʹͲ‘—”‡‡”ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹʹ͸Ǧͳͻ͸ͻ Southern  Classic  Fried  Chicken Tabasco  holds  the  second  oldest  food   ʹ͵ͷ‡•–͹Ͳth  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐219-­‐2444 WUDGHPDUNLQWKH863DWHQW2I¿FH Wingstop ͹͹ͻŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–Ǧƒ”•†ƒŽ‡ ™›ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ 318-­‐868-­‐3133   ͻͲͳ‡–‘‘ƒ†ǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͸Ǧ͸͸͸͸ Wing  Zone   B  &  R  Tamales ʹͳͳͻ‹”Ž‹‡”ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶͳǦͷ͹͹ʹ ͻͺͲͺƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺ͹ǦͲ͵ͻͲ Cantina  Laredo ͸ͷ͵ͷ‘—”‡‡”ǡ–‡ͶͲͳǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻͺǦ 6363 Counter  Culture Chili’s Albasha  Restaurant ʹ͹ͷͲŠ‡††ǡǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦ͵ʹͲͷ ͸͸ʹͲ‘—”‡‡”ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻͺǦͺͺͲͲ ͹Ͷ͸Ͳ‘—”‡‡”Ǥǡ—‹–‡ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻ͹Ǧ Don  Juanz  Baja  Beach  Tacos ʹͲ͵Ǥ‹‰• ™›ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͻǦ͵͸ͳʹ 1888 8320  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐869-­‐5003 ʹ͵͵͵‹”Ž‹‡”ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͷʹǦ͵ʹͶͶ Athenas  Grill  &  International  Grocery Cush’s  Grocery  &  Market El  Chico  Mexican  Restaurants 6030  Line  Ave,  Shreveport,  318-­‐869-­‐4260   ͻͷ͵ͷŽŽ‡”„‡†ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻͷǦͻͲͲ͸ ʹͳʹ͹ ”‡‡™‘‘††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͶʹͷǦ Greek  Corner Deli-­Casino  Sandwich  Shoppe ͹ͻʹͺ ʹͳͷ͵‹”Ž‹‡”Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͷʹǦͲͲ͸͸ ͳͷͳ͵Ǥ‡”–‘—• †Ǥ‘‘’ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ ͸͵͹Ǥ‹‰• ™›ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͻǦʹ͵͹ͻ Yeero-­Yeero Earthereal  Restaurant  &  Bakery   ͹ͻͺǦͷ͹͹͹ Ͷͷͳͳ‘—”‡‡”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹͳͻǦͲͲʹ͹ ͵͵Ͳͻ‹‡˜‡ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͷǦͺͻͶ͹ ͶͲͳͷ ‡”˜‡ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͷǦͶ͸ͺ͹ ʹͲͷͲŽ†‹†‡†Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦͶ͸ͺͷ


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Fertitta’s Delicatessen ͳͳʹͶ ƒ‹”ϐ‹‡Ž†˜‡ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͶʹͶǦͷͷͲͺ Good  Eats  Market ʹͳ͹͹‹”Ž‹‡”ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶͳǦͶͶͷͷ Jason’s  Deli 5810  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐861-­‐6952 Julie  Anne’s  Bakery  &  Café ͺʹͷ‹‰• ™›ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͶʹͶǦͶͻͻͷ

Brother’s Seafood  To  Go 4916  Monkhouse  Dr,  Shreveport,  318-­‐635-­‐ 1641   ”ƒ™ϐ‹•Š›‡ ͻʹͷǤ͹Ͳth  St.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐869-­‐0500 Herby-­K’s ͳͺ͵͵‹‡””‡˜‡ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͶʹͶǦʹ͹ʹͶ Joe’s  Crab  Shack 635  Boardwalk  Blvd,  Louisiana  Boardwalk,   Madison  Square  Garden  Restaurant Bossier,  318-­‐549-­‐2332 3839  Gilbert  Dr.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐861-­‐5918 John’s  Seafood McAlister’s  Deli Cheesecakes  and  More   1605  N.  Market,  Shreveport,  318-­‐222-­‐8331 ʹͷͳͳ‡‡‡Ž˜†Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦͷͷͲǦͲ͵͸͹ ʹ͹ͳͲ‡–‡ƒ”›Ž˜†ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹʹʹǦ ͵͹ͲͶ ‡™‡ŽŽƒǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸͵ͷǦͶ͸Ͷ͸ Papa  &  Company  Grill  &  Sandwich  Shop ͵͹͵Ͳ Kim’s  Seafood ͷͶͷƒ•–ƒ•Š‹‰–‘–ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͻǦ Cold  Stone  Creamery   ͻͲͳ‡–‘†Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͷʹǦʹͶʹͷ 2635 420  Boardwalk  Blvd,  Louisiana  Boardwalk,   Longhorn  Steakhouse Rollin’  in  the  Dough   ͹ʹ͵ͳ‘—”‡‡”‹˜‡ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻ͹ǦͲ͸͹ͻ 1333  Captain  Shreve  Dr.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐868-­‐ ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͸ǦͷͲͷͷ Cupcake  Gallery   Monkhouse  Seafood  Diner 6836 ͹Ͷ͵͸‘—”‡‡”‹˜‡ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͷʹǦʹʹͷ͵ 5205  Monkhouse  Dr.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐636-­‐ Roly  Poly  Sandwiches 3663 ͳͶͲͻ͹Ͳ–Š–ǡ–‡ͳͲͳǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻͺǦ ƒ‹”ϐ‹‡Ž† ”‘…‡”›Ƭƒ”‡–ƒˆ± ͸ͷ͵ͷ‘—”‡‡”͓ʹͲͻǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦ Outback  Steakhouse 2210 658kris ʹ͹ͳͷ‹ŽŽƒ‰‡Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦʹͶͲͲ Schlotzky’s  Deli 8825  Line  Ave.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐865-­‐0036 ͻͳʹ͸ƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸͹ͳǦͺͺͺͺ Lila’s  Cakes  &  Chocolate ͶͶͲŽ‹˜‡–ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸͹͸ǦͳͶͲ͹ Oyster  Bar  &  Grill The  Real  Pickle   Marble  Slab  Creamery   ͺͷͷ‹‡””‡‘–†ǡ–‡ͳͷ͹ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ 855  Pierremont,  Shreveport,  318-­‐869-­‐0931 ͳ͸ͷͷ‡”–‘—•ǡ–‡ʹͲͲǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ ʹͳ͵Ǧ͸ͻ͹ͺ ͹ͻ͹ǦͻͲ͸͹ Red  Lobster  Restaurant My  Pastry  Chef  Bakery ʹͻ͸ͺǤ‡šƒ•–Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶͳǦ͵͸ͳͺ ͶͲͳ ƒ‹Ž–‘†ǡ–‡ͳʹ͸ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹Ǧ Saltgrass  Steakhouse   1104 ͶͶͷ‘ƒ”†™ƒŽŽ˜†ǡŽ†‰ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦ Silver  Palate  Cakery  &  Gifts   ͺ͹ͺ͹ ͳ͹ͲͲŽ†‹†‡†ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦͶͶͶͷ Šƒ‡•…ƒ†‹ƒƒ”ƒ™ϐ‹•Š Smoothie  King ͻͳ͵͵ƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺ͹Ǧ͵ͳͻͷ ͸͸ͷͺ‘—”‡‡”͓ͳͺͷǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻ͹Ǧ Ͷ͹ʹ͸Ǥ‡šƒ•–Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦͺͳͳʹ ͳ͹ͻͻ Šƒ˜‡”ǯ•”ƒ™ϐ‹•ŠƬƒ–‡”‹‰ ʹͲͳ͵Ǧ‹”Ž‹‡”Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͹ǦͶ͸Ͷ͸ ʹ͹Ͳ…Ž‡›”ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͻǦͲ͸ͲͲ Southern  Maid  Donuts Superior  Steak  House ͵ͷͲͷ ‡ƒ”‡˜‡ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸͵͸Ǧ͹ʹͲʹ ͺͷͷ‹‡””‡‘–†ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹͳͻǦ͹͸ͻʹ ƒ›‘—ƒŽŠ‘’’‹‰–”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ Texas  Roadhouse 524-­‐3900 ͳͲͲͷ ‘—Ž†”ǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͹ͳͳͳͳ ͻ͵ͷͻƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺ͹ǦͳͲͷͲ Texas  Street  Steak  House   Ͷ͹Ͳͳ‡šƒ•–Ǥƒ•–ǡ‘••‹‡”‹–›ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦͷ͵ͷͲ ͵Ͳͳͷ‡šƒ•–ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͷʹǦͺʹͳͳ ͵ʹ͵Ͳƒ”•†ƒŽ‡Ž˜†ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶͳǦͳͲͲ͵ Tokyo  Japanese  Steakhouse Sunshine  Health  Foods  &  Cafe   ͺͺ͹Ͳ—‹’‡”ŽǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͻͺǦ͵͸͸ʹ Big  O’s Zocolo  Neighborhood  Eatery  &  Drinkery ͳ͵ʹ͹ƒ’–ƒ‹Š”‡˜‡”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺʹͺǦ ͵Ͳͳͳ‹”Ž‹‡”Ǥǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹Ͷ͸Ǧͻ͹ͺͺǤ ͷ͹ͷͳ‘—”‡‡”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹͳͻǦͶͲͺͲ Ͷ͵͸•ŠŽ‡›‹†‰‡Ž˜†ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹͳͻǦ ʹʹ͹ͳ The  Dough  Basket  &  Creative  Cakes   9536 Brenda’s  Kitchen ͹ʹͶœƒŽ‡ƒ”ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦ͸ʹʹͻ ͷ͸Ͳͺ ™›Ǥ͵ǡ–‡ ǡ‡–‘ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶͳǦ͸ͲͲͲ The  Wooden  Spoon Country  Kitchen  Family  Restaurant Ͷ͵ͷͲ‹‹‰”ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦ͸Ͷͺ͸ Ͷ͸ͲͲ‡šƒ•˜‡ǡ‘••‹‡”ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦͶͺ͹ʹ Cracker  Barrel  Old  Country  Store Glenwood  Village  Tearoom   ͸ʹͷͳ‡•–’‘”–˜‡ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺͺǦ͸ͲͺͲ 3310  Line  Ave,  Shreveport,  318-­‐868-­‐3652   George’s  Grill ͳ͹ͷƒ•–‹‰• ™›ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͳǦ͹ʹ͸Ͷ 20/20  Seafood  Restaurant  &  Market Laura’s  Kitchen Ͷ͸Ͷͷ ”‡‡™‘‘††ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͷʹͷǦ ͵͵͵ͶǤƒ”‡–ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸͹ͷǦ͵͸͸͵ ͲͲ͹͸ Piccadilly  Cafeteria Anthony’s  Steak  &  Seafood   1133  St.  Vincent  Ave.,  Shreveport,  318-­‐222-­‐ ͹ͷͲͶƒ•ϐ‹‡Ž††ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺͺǦ͸ͺ͵Ͳ ͺͲͷ͹ Becca’s  Steak  and  Seafood   ͹ͺͻŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–Ǧƒ”•†ƒŽ‡ ™›ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ ͸͹ͳͷ‹‡•†ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͸ͺ͸Ǧʹͺͳͳ 318-­‐865-­‐8861 ‘—–Šϐ‹‡Ž† ”‹ŽŽ ͵ͳͷ‘—–Šϐ‹‡Ž††ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹͳͻǦͶͳͶͺ Strawn’s  Eat  Shop ͳʹͷ‹‰• ™›ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦͺ͸ͺǦͲ͸͵Ͷ ʹ͵͵ͷ‹”Ž‹‡”ǤǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦ͹ͶʹǦͺͶͺͶ The  Cotton  Boll   ͳ͸ʹͶ ƒ‹”ϐ‹‡Ž†˜‡ǡŠ”‡˜‡’‘”–ǡ͵ͳͺǦʹʹͳǦͻ͵ͻ͹

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Mar 23 Cont.

you r gu ide to ever ything! calendar

Jacob  Jones:%HDUV2\VWHU+RXVH)DLU¿HOG Ave.:  Shreveport:  8  pm Open  Mic  w/Donald  Durham:  Muddy  Waters  Sports   Fourth  Friday  Astronomy,  Sci-­Port,  Free:  Use  Sci-­ Bar:  5000  Benton  Rd.:  Bossier  City:  318-­741-­7635 -XQLXV3RUFHODLQ$UPV%DWWOH¿HOGV%HDUV  $5:  1401   Portâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  large  telescopes  or  bring  your  own:  424-­3466:  7   pm:  820  Clyde  Fant  Pkwy:  Shreveport )DLU¿HOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW NSU  Dance  Co.  Concert-­150  Central  Ave.,   Natchitoches-­357-­4483 Wes  Jeans:  Coyotes  Bar  &  Grill:  1618  Market  St.,   Shreveport,  8  pm:  No  Cover 8  Track:  Rustic  Cowboy-­9  pm-­Stonewall Songwriters  in  the  Round:  ElDorado,451  Clyde  Fant   Storytime  at  the  Benton  Library:  10:00  am-­ages   Pkwy.,  Shreveport,    7-­11  pm 3-­5:  Courthouse  Dr.,  318-­965-­2751 The  Rose  Tattoo:  Award  winning  play  by  Tennessee   Friday  Night  Street  Racing:  Thunder  Road  Raceway   Williams:  Riverview  Theatre:  600  Clyde  Fant:   Park:  Gilliam:  318-­296-­4466 Shreveport:  318-­868-­5888 The  Louisiana  Film   Second  Northwest  Louisiana  Artistsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  Triennial   Festival:  Student   Competition:  Meadows  Museum  of  Art:  2911   Division:  through  the  27th:   Centenary  Blvd.:  Shreveport:  1-­4  pm 459-­4119:  Louisianaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Joey  V  and  the  Vendicators:  Open  Mic:  Harleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   RQO\¿OPIHVWLYDOGHGLFDWHG 3XE  905  Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 exclusively  to  showcasing   John  Wright:  Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s:  639  E.  Kings  Hwy.:  Shreveport:   the  original  work  of  K-­12   861-­2151 students:  Robinson  Film   Softball  vs.  Stephen  F.  Austin:  Softball  Field:   Center:  617  Texas  St.:   Centenary  College:  5:30-­8:30  pm Shreveport:  459-­4122 Bomb  Ass  Wednesdays!  The  Sandbar:  $3  bombs  and   The  Groove  Agents:   single  shots:  4:30  till  2  am:  415  Spring  St.:  Shreveport:   Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Town  Live:  315   318-­212-­1718 Clyde  Fant:  Shreveport:   LOCO  monthly  meeting:  Bistro  Byronz:  6104  Line   429-­0711 Ave.:  Shreveport:  318-­219-­4848 &KDUOHVDQGWKH%RWWRP/LQH+DUOH\¶V3XE  905   Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 8  Track:  Rustic  Cowboy:SP0DQV¿HOG Rd.:  Keithville:  318-­775-­5327 &URVV5RDGV7HUU\¶V&DVK3RLQW  9  pm:  221  Cash   7KH6FLHQFH 3KLORVRSK\RI7HDFKLQJ<RJD  Point  Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 Yoga  Therapy:  Barnes  &  Noble,  6646  Youree  Dr.,   Extreme  Caution:  Wild  West  Saloon:  9  pm:  3033   Shreveport,  6:00 Hilton  Dr.:  Bossier  City Damon  Moon  and  the  Whispering  Drifters:  Hayride   The  Warehouse:  Uncrowned:  The  Situation:  Idle   Diner,  516  Texas,  Shreveport,  7  pm 2I7KH3HDFK  9  pm  doors:  10  pm  show:  $7:  630   Storytime  at  Haughton  Library:  ages  3-­5:  116  E.   Commerce  St.:  Shreveport:  318-­227-­8041 McKinley,  318-­949-­0196-­10:00  am   Midnight  Drag  Show:  Central  Station:  1025  Marshall   3RHWV1LJKWNaked  Bean:  7  pm:  3307  Line  Ave.:   St.:  Shreveport Shreveport The  White  Ribbon:  Robinson  Film  Center:  Best   Louisiana  State  H.O.G.  Rally:  Hammond,  La.:   Foreign  Language  Film  Cannes  2009:  617  Texas  St.:   includes  guided  &  unguided  tours,  bike  games,  bike   Shreveport:  318-­424-­9090 show  &  entertainment:  318-­220-­6040:   Karaoke  w/Lance:  Muddy  Waters:  5000  Benton  Rd.:   Shakinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  the  Mess  Outta  Misery:  In  celebration   Bossier  City:  318-­741-­7635 of  Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  History  Month,  Mahogany  Ensemble   Bears:  TBA:)DLU¿HOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW Theatre  presents  the  story  of  a  young  black  girlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   674-­9660 coming  of  age  in  the  1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  south:  LA  State  Exhibit   Museum  Theatre:  3015  Greenwood  Rd:  Shreveport:   7:30  pm Spring  Festival  of  One-­Acts:  An  evening  of  theatre   6SULQJ)OLQJDW<HOORZ3LQH,QQtour  the  Inn,  plant   featuring  a  collection  of  plays  consisting  of  comedies   sale  &  swap,  collectibles  &  crafts.  318-­388-­3600 and  dramatic  works:  Rated  PG-­13:  BPCC:  Bossier   City:  7:30  pm:  678-­6000:  Free Stilettos:  Superior  Bar  &  Grill:  6123  Line  Ave.:   Shreveport:  6:30  pm Shinebox:  Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Town  Live:  315  Clyde  Fant:   Shreveport:  429-­0711 2SHQ0LFZLWK-RKQDQG)ULHQGV+DUOH\¶V3XE   905  Barksdale:  Bossier:  773-­7589 Ladies  Night  w/Motley  Crude:  Rustic  Cowboy:  9   SP0DQV¿HOG5G.HLWKYLOOH Ladies  Night  80â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Night:  City  Bar:  DJ  Solo  and   2-­4-­1  drinks  from  10-­12  am  with  shot  specials  until  2   am:  3104  Youree  Dr.:  Shreveport:  779-­0504

March 26, 2010

March 24, 2010

March 25, 2010

March 27, 2010

Saturday  Sabbath  Day  Drum  Circle-­Bring  your   instrument  and  join  in-­Free-­717  Hope  St.-­H&H   Lounge-­221-­3199 Eagle  Walk  Tour-­guided  hike  to  Bald  Eagleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Nest-­S.   Toledo  Bend  State  Park-­337-­286-­9075 19th$QQXDO023$51DWLRQDOV&DU6KRZ  First   Baptist  Church,  543  Ockley  Dr.,  Shreveport,  8:00  a.m. We  Shall  Behold  Him:  The  Strand  Theatre,  619   Louisiana  Ave,  Shreveport,  7:00  pm Marty  Christian:  Noble  Savage  Tavern:  417  Texas,   Shreveport,  10  pm   6WDU3DUW\:RUOH\2EVHUYDWRU\8  miles  south  of   LSUS  on  Hwy.  1  [Youree  Dr.],  turn  right  on  Hwy.  175   for  1.7  miles-­

Tom  Aswell:  Barnes  &  Noble:  Youree  Dr.,  Shreveport:   Author  signing:  11  am 3RLVRQ-XQJOH6DIDUL  6th  annual  safari  will  alert   adults  &  children  to  possible  poison  dangers  in  the   home.  12-­4:30  pm-­Caldwell  Zoo-­Tyler,  Tx.-­903-­593-­ 0121 Shinedown:  Horseshoe  Riverdome-­Bossier  City 4th  Qwik  RaceCar  Spring  Nationals:  Ark-­La-­Tex   Speedway-­Vivian-­318-­375-­3470 South  Highland  Tiger  Trot:  8:30  am:   Spring  Dance:  Music  by  Blue  Rhythm  Band:  7-­10   pm:  Kings  Hwy.  Christian  Church:  806  Kings  Hwy.  :   6KUHYHSRUW7ULVKÂ&#x2021; ,(35HODWHG6HUYLFHV:RUNVKRS  Free:  10-­11:30  am:   Find  out  how  to  request  services  for  a  disabled  child:   Shreve  Memorial  Library  /  Hamilton  Branch:  800-­ 766-­7736 Wendy  Wilson  Billiot:  Barnes  &  Noble:  6646  Youree   Dr.,  Shreveport:  Author  signing:  11  am:  Young   Readers Caravan:  Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Town  Casino:  315  Clyde  Fant:   Shreveport:  10pm Alan  Fox  Band:  Harleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  :  903  Barksdale  Blvd.:   Bossier  City The  Nomads:  Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Town  Live:  315  Clyde  Fant:   Shreveport:  429-­0711 No  MADS:  Terryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Cash   3RLQW  9  pm:  221  Cash  Point   Rd.:  Bossier:  746-­9275 Richard  Stuart:  Wild  West   Saloon:  9  pm:  3033  Hilton   Dr.:  Bossier  City Easter  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Eggsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;travaganza:   Centenary  College:  10   am  till  Noon:  Easter  egg   hunts,  hot  dogs,  games,  face   painting:  follow  the  signs  at   Centenary  College  Campus:   869-­5011 Kris  Shaw:  Funny  Bone:  

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Mar 27 Cont.

you r gu ide to ever ything! calendar

Growing up  Jehovah’s  Witness  will  do  this  to  you:  130   Plaza  Loop:  Bossier:  318-­549-­0829 Tiger  Trot:  ½  mile  run  starting  at  8  am:  5k  race:   Every  participant  receives  t-­shirt  &  goody  bag:  South   Highlands  School:   Crappie  USA  Fishing  Tournament:  Toledo  Bend:   877-­519-­1500 Shreveport  Bicycle  Club  Rides:  7:30  am:  Ellerbe   Road  Baptist  Church:  Shreveport Team  Roping  USA:  DeRidder:  TRUSA  Finals:  281-­ 450-­9127 Rickey  Smiley  &  Fantasia:  Century  Tel:  Bossier   City:  800-­745-­3000 Wake  and  Bake  Band:  Muddy  Waters  Sports  Bar:   5000  Benton  Rd.:  Bossier:  741-­7635 Keachie  Riding  Club:  Show  @  noon:  Do  not  have  to   be  a  member  to  ride:  318-­469-­5584 Oso  Closo:  Centenary  College:  Centenary  Blvd:   Shreveport:  2  pm

theatre: Cinemark  Tinseltown:  8400  Millicent  Way:   Shreveport:   Lackadaisies:  Bears:)DLU¿HOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW 674-­9660

March 31, 2010

Southern University  Museum-­collection  of  African   and  African-­American  art.  -­610  Texas  St.-­678-­4631-­ Free-­10-­5 Selections  from  the  Collection  of  Nicole  and  David   Holcombe:  Meadows  Museum  of  Art  at  Centenary:   2911  Centenary  Blvd.:  Shreveport:  9-­4  pm Noble  Savage  Tavern:  Open  Mic  Night:  12  am:  417   Texas  St.:  Shreveport Jason  Sepulvado  &  Toni  Evans:  Wine  Country   Bistro:  4801  Line  Ave.:  Shreveport:  629-­9463 Softball  vs.  Louisiana  Tech  University:  Softball   Field:  Centenary  College:  6-­9  pm Live  Boxing:  Shooters  Sports  Bar:  Texarkana,  Tx.:  8   pm:  870-­773-­4903 %3&&6RIWEDOO*DPH  Home:  1:00  till  5:30  pm:   Meadowview  Park:  4300  Shed  Rd:  Bossier  City:  678-­ 6XQGD\.DUDRNH7($3DUW\6  pm:  Central   6058 Station:  Marshall  St.:  Shreveport Hurricane  On  The  Bayou:  IMAX  Theatre:  820  Clyde    IMAX  Theatre:  820  Clyde   7KH3XUVHDQGWKH3HUVRQ  A  Century  Of  Women’s   Fant:  Shreveport:  424-­3466 Purses:  Louisiana  State  Exhibit  Museum:  3015   Just  Lucky:  Muddy  Waters  Sports  Bar:  5000  Benton   Greenwood  Rd.  :  Shreveport:  12-­4  pm:   Rd.:  Bossier:  318-­741-­7635 Shop  Til  U  Drop:  Arts,  Crafts  &  Gift  Show:  Bossier   Survive  The  Musical/Sunday  Sunday:  Bears:  1401   Civic  Center:  620  Benton  Rd.,  Bossier  :  318-­741-­ )DLU¿HOG$YH6KUHYHSRUW 8900:  Over  70  booths.  $3 Baseball  vs.  Birmingham:  Shehee  Stadium:   Centenary  College:  12-­3:00  pm Sea  Monsters:  IMAX  Theatre:  820  Clyde  Fant:   Shreveport:  424-­3466

March 28, 2010

The Old Girod Street Cemetery was March 29, 2010 once Leading Ladies:  Bossier  Parish  Community  College   Performing  Arts  Theater  –  Hilarious  comedy  –  6220  E.   located under Texas,  Bossier  City,  318-­678-­6021 the presentShop  Till  You  Drop:  Crafters  with  over  70  booths:     day site of the Bossier  Civic  Center:  10-­5  pm:  Bossier  City:  $2.00 Jerry  Beach  Blues  Jam:  Lee’s:  639  E.  Kings  Hwy.:   New Orleans Shreveport:  861-­2151 COLLECTOR’S  EYE  Exhibition:  Artspace:  An   Superdome. eclectic  exhibition  from  over  25  arts  collectors:  710   Texas  St.:  Shreveport:  673-­6535 Hurley  Orchestra  Concert:  Anderson  Auditorium:   Centernary  College:  7:30-­9:00  pm The  Alps:  IMAX  Theater:  820  Clyde  Fant:   Shreveport:  424-­3466

March 30, 2010 ArtBreak Talent  Show  Auditions-­710  Texas  St.-­673-­ 6535-­auditions  for  15th  annual  talent  show. The  Maid:  Best  Foreign  Feature  &  Best  Actress  at   Sundance  2009:  Robinson  Film  Center:  617  Texas   St.:Shreveport   3DLQWLQJ:LWK/LJKW  Use  your  camera  to  create   original  works  using  various  lighting  techniques:  5-­7   pm:  Bossier  Arts  Council  Gallery:  630  Barksdale:   Bossier  City:  318-­741-­8310:  $45 7KH%ODFN(\HG3HDV7KH(1':RUOG7RXU   Fathom  Events,  On  Select  Screens:  Watch  the   Black  Eyed  Peas  on  your  local  big-­screen  movie  

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ASK Y T R A M S PANTS By Hildebrand  McClure

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Luzianaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  Crossword   Puzzle



Dear  Smarty  Pants: 16

        My  dear  ole  Aunt  Madge  died  &  the  family   asked  me  to  cut  out  the  obituary  from  the   newspapers.  I  couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  help  but  noticed  that   everyone  died  in  the  order  of  his  or  her  name.   How  does  this  happen?  Has  it  always  been   that  way?



15 8 14 4




Still  Grieving  in  Gilliam, Jimbo 9

Dear  Einstein:

7 10

        Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  about  the  only  person  I  know   that  has  never  realized  that  people  die   alphabetically.  The  explanation  below  is  quite   simple.            According  to  the  laws  of  nature,  the   direction  of  annihilation  propagation  is   FRPPXWDWHGLQDJUDYLWDWLRQDOURWDWLQJÂżHOG contrary  to  Newtonian  conjecture.  This  is   commonly  called  the  â&#x20AC;&#x153;precession  of  the   perihelionâ&#x20AC;?,  because  it  causes  the  deportment   of  the  perihelion  to  move. Therefore,  all  people  die  accordingly  in   alphabetical  order.   Got  a  question  for  Smarty  Pants?  Send  your   email  to:





Across:   1.  Bonnie  and  Clyde  ambushed  in    3.  Barksdale  air  force  base  was   originally RI¿FLDOVWDWHGRJ ¿UVWERWWOHURIFRFDFROD    8.  originally  tallest  private  structure   in  Louisiana  in  1924    9.  bayou  folk  museums  famous   resident 16.  a  forerunner  of  paramount  pictures

17.  worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  largest  heliport  located  in 18.  tallest  state  capitol  building  in   America  is  here Down:    1.  highest  peak  in  Louisiana    4.  lake  located  in  both  Louisiana  and   Texas    5.  Shreveportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  home  for  independent   ÂżOPV    7.  nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  oldest  rice  mill

The Line King: Al Hirschfeld Deceased  2003:  Coming  to  Shreveport  March,  2010

 For  the  entertainment  art  collector,  a  collection  of  signed  and  numbered  lithographs  by  Al   Hirschfeld,  The  Line  King,  could  very  well  warrant  a  look.  And  a  second  look.   Smith  Mason  Legacies  on  Kings  Hwy.  recently  acquired  24  signed,  numbered  and  framed  Al   +LUVFKIHOGOLWKRJUDSKV7KHVHGUDZLQJVFDQEHYLHZHGÂľ3UH6DOHÂśWKURXJKWKHÂżUVWKDOIRI0DUFKDQGZLOO then  go  on  sale  at  the  hidden  antiquities  storefront.     The  iconic,  child  prodigy  known  as  The  Line  King  First  published  Politico-­Erotica,  a  sleek  line   drawing  in  1933,    as  an  early  attack  on  Hitler.  During  his  career  spanning  the  20â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  and  into  the  90â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s,  Mr.   Hirschfeld  provided  a  record  of  American  Entertainment  in  the  20th  century  using  only  a  pen.  Hirschfeldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   style  was  simple,  satirical,    black  &  white  ink  caricatures,  using  the  minimal  number  of  lines.   A  few  of  the  lithographs  contained  in  the  local  collection  at  Smith  Mason  Legacies  are: Â&#x2021;$OIUHG+LWFKFRFNÂ&#x2021;$QG\*ULIÂżWKÂ&#x2021;%HWWH'DYLVÂ&#x2021;0LNKDLO%DU\VKQLNRYÂ&#x2021;'UHZ&DUH\6KRZÂ&#x2021;'XNH (OOLQJWRQÂ&#x2021;(OYLV3UHVOH\6WDPSÂ&#x2021;0LFN-DJJHUÂ&#x2021;3HUU\0DVRQÂ&#x2021;5RVHDQQHÂ&#x2021;5XGROSK9DOHQWLQRÂ&#x2021;6HLQIHOG 79*XLGH&RYHUÂ&#x2021;+LUVFKIHOGKLPVHOIÂ&#x2021; Hirschfeld  permanent  collections  are  housed  at  the  Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art  and  Museum  of  Modern   Art  in  NYC.  Hirschfeld  died  at  the  age  of  99  in  2003.   &RQWDFW6PLWK0DVRQ/HJDFLHV(.LQJV+Z\6KUHYHSRUWÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2021; Thanks  to  Rick  Rose  from  Sudden  Link  for  lithograph  acquisition.

10.  the  superdome  is  built  over 11.  second  oldest  food  trademark 12.  la.  state  exhibit  building  has  oldest   frescoes  in   13.  Cajun  smoked  sausage 14.  Transylvania  is  located  in  which   parish 16.  tallest  lookout  tower  in  the  world   located  in   19.  evangelist  from  Ferriday

CLASSIFIEDS FOR  SALE USED  TOMBSTONE,  perfect   for  someone  named  Homer   HendelBergenHeinzel.  One  only     800-­863-­2662 SOCCAR  BALL    signed  by  either   Pele,  the  former  Brazillian  soccer   player  widely  renowned  by  most   H[SHUWVDQGIDQVWREHWKHÂżQHVW player  that  has  ever  existed,  or  by   some  guy  named  â&#x20AC;&#x153;Peteâ&#x20AC;?.  $75 1950s  Mechanical  SKEE-­BALL   Machine,  full  size  original    wooden   balls.    needs  cosmetic  work,  but   SOD\VÂżQH,DPDVNLQJ 584-­1034

+(/3:$17(' HAIR  STYLIST  NEEDED:   Commission  or  Booth  Rental.   Comfortable  salon  in  Bossier.  Call   James:  746-­1515 HAIRSTYLIST  needed  for  booth   rental  in  a  friendly  salon.  Close  to   Centenary  College.  Call  Virginia  at   868-­1941

3(5621$/6 SWGF,  63  and  young  at   heart,  seeks  feminine  equal.

jeans,  dog  lover,  beer  drinker.  Must   have  pickup.  Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m  pretty,  brunette,   smart  and  sassy.  All  others  need  not   apply.

6:,00,1*322/  Spring  Clean-­ Up  March  Special  $100.  Schedule   Now.  Jeff  @775-­830-­8559



([SHULHQFHG$'9(57,6,1*5(3  for  Newspaper  (Shreveport) Seeking  fun,  experienced  Sales  Rep   for  newspaper  advertising  sales  for:   Shreveport  Bossierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  First   Alternative  Newspaper. I  am  seeking  someone  that  can  sell   advertising  to  Bar/Club  Owners,   Restaurants  &  Unique  Businesses  in   Shreveport/Bossier.   Must  have:   Great  Personality   Automobile   Cell  Phone   References   Must  be:   Self-­Motivated   Ethical   Location:   Shreveport,  La.   Contact;Íž

86('&20387(56:$17('.    I  work  on  these  as  a  hobby.  If  you   would  like  to  donate  your  computer   I  would  appreciate  it.  828-­2688                                            

SERVICES  AIRCARE  HEATING  &   COOLING  SERVICES,  INC Service  &  Installation.  318-­ 525-­792

RED  RIVER  BOX,  INC   SWF,  Country  loving  gal,  52,  seeks   0RYLQJVWDFNLQJ¿OHDQG custom  boxes.  318-­868-­7000 SWM,  rugged,  handsome,  blue  


1999  ACURA  INTEGRA  -­  very   clean,  only  rolled  once  less  than  60k.   engine/trans/rear-­end/interior  all   good,  am/fm/cd.  $3500 2008  F-­150  ex-­â&#x20AC;?cab  4x4      18,988                   2009  F-­â&#x20AC;?150  ex-­â&#x20AC;?cab  2wd    22,988                     2003  Toyota  Tundra  ex-­â&#x20AC;?cab  auto   v-­â&#x20AC;?8      10,988,  2  Mustang  GTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s                                   call  Charles  @  584-­â&#x20AC;?1402

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Luzianaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  Crossword   Puzzle   Answers cemetery           konriko           andouille           tabasco         robinson       driskill       alexandria       gibsland         chopin         morgan  city   east  carroll       biedenharn       catahoula         swaggart         baton  rouge     united   states         barksdale   ÂżHOG slattery   building         strand         caddo

Shreveport Bossier In The Know-  

shreveport bossier city's only alternative newspaper featuring over 350 monthly events including live music, entertainment, arts, festivals,...

Shreveport Bossier In The Know-  

shreveport bossier city's only alternative newspaper featuring over 350 monthly events including live music, entertainment, arts, festivals,...