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Voices to Visions A Dust and Shadows Magazine

January 2011

1 Cover Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ ABOUT US MAGAZINE CONTRIBUTORS

Alice Mary Herden Cheryl Smeed Founder of Dust and Shadows, a Paranormal Investigation and Research Group Editor of Voices to Visions Alice is a freelance photographer and sports photographer for Hernando Today. Her experiences with the Paranormal go back to where she resided with her family in Largo. Encounters with the paranormal have been from breathing to a full black mass apparition. " The black mass was the craziest thing me and my little sister have seen, We were watching TV and I looked to the right and saw this black mass just floating towards the hallway, I turned to my little sister and asked her if she saw that and she said yes. Then we continued to watch TV like nothing happened. The breathing in my ear still to this day affects me. If I close my eyes and think back, I can still hear it."For this magazine, I wanted to share as much information about the paranormal without all the adversity. Showing ghost as creeped out artwork, like they are from some horror film, really upsets me. Don't get me wrong, I love dark gothic art, but reality for the paranormal that just doesn't fit. I do hope the readers learn as much as we do with each month we put this magazine together.

Workshop Articles “Cheryl is a certified parapsychologist with over 30 years’ experience and has taught classes and facilitated workshops on parapsychology throughout the years. I met Cheryl during our investigation of the West Pasco Historical Society and was completely drawn to her. She was like a magnet of happy energy. We bonded so fast, our friendship bloomed. I am so happy that she can squeeze time in to be in our Dust and Shadows group and write the workshop articles for our magazine.”

Karen Bashak Article writer for Famous places Karen and I work together at the same retail establishment for over 5 years. She is talented, smart, beautiful and just a joy to be around. I am so happy that she has time to write some for our magazine.

Jesselee Lang Concept Art for Paranormal Folklore Jesselee Lang is a superb 3D fantasy-based artist that tells astounding stories through


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ digital art. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where he provides design, artwork and graphics to the web, print, and video game industries. He offers free images for

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download at his website, and you can also find his art

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spray-painted on the sides of train cars. Jesselee enjoys

A special thanks to my husband, Don.

crafting powerful stories, projecting them into a single work of art for others to appreciate. His works put you in the middle of the action. I met Jesselee through a stock photography site. I enjoy in artistic view and creative imagination. He is a great addition to this magazine. Issue Contents All material and information gathered within this magazine are researched and/or solely opinions stated by the writer. You choose your opinions and beliefs upon your own conclusion with each expressed view or article written. Photography Artwork All photography and artwork within this magazine are property of the photographer and/or artist. Some photos are collected through, which credit to the photographer and/or artist is noted. Interviews Interviews are conducted via e-mail. If possible some interviews are conducted in person and recorded. Our Sponsors Vision-Vault LLC Merchandising Professionals LLC


You have been the light of my life and I love you will all my soul. Thank you for being a huge supporter in all my goals. I could of never lived without you. Don Capone is a voice over actor, very talented and very funny. Thank you for all your advice and help with the radio ad. His Website: Our Print Magazine is a nonprofit magazine, you are only charged for printing and shipping.

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ IN THIS ISSUE • Editors Views

• Famous Hauntings

Is this real?

Amherst Haunting

• Interview

• 101

Interview with Tara Bohren

Digital Recording 101

• Evidence

• Dust and Shadows Location


West Pasco Historical Society

• Encounters Did you see that?

• Famous Places Alcatraz

Digital Art by Jesslee Lang


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ EDITORS VIEWS Is this Real? Ghost, the meaning of the word; the spirit, image or presence of the dead, and yes, they are real. There is too much solid evidence not to support their existence. For the reasons why we can hear, see, or feel them is still really unknown to this day. Everyone and every religious belief have their own reasons and explanations why they are heard and seen by us. Until we have solid substantial evidence on why they are known to us, you can choose your own reasoning. For me personally, I feel they came back due to unfinished business, attachments (mine just might be this computer when I pass on), looking for someone or something or even trying to give a message. I do not know if there is a light that we see when we pass on, I do not know if we go to heaven or go to hell. No one really knows, and all the answers that have been stated are base on perception, opinion and religion. It’s nice to know if you do pass on there is a beautiful place where you go to, its subconsciously comforting, and of course, if you do bad things all your life, well.. Do not look up, so they say. Spirits are amazing, when you personally experience the paranormal, yes; you do get terrified, but is it how you take it. If you live in fear, then everything around you will consist of fear, if you live in happiness, love and laughter, well, there you go. These are actual events that have happen or are happening in your life that you experienced or are experiencing. This is hard to tell other people, because some cannot believe you are telling the truth. First, they think you’re crazy, then you are closed off, then it is off to go see a shrink, then subscribed drugs and final stage is to a mental hospital. That was back then, think how crazy that was, but now today, it is more widely accepted, with still some disbelief and even fear. These are encounters that you just cannot explain, sometimes you cannot see what is in front of you, and there is no logical explanation on what is happening to you or what has happen to you. What do they want? Why are they doing this to you? You do not understand. I am still battling that today. I know what happened at our old house, I still want to find out the answers.


Some say ghost existences are based on wavelengths. Kind of like sound frequencies in your cell phone, radio, TV etc. Which brings up an experience I had at the hospital, I was walking down the hall and was talking to my niece on my cell phone, I turn the corner and the phone got so static, and I heard help me, I stopped in middle of the hallway in total confusion. I said to my niece, what did you say? Hello? What did you say? Then the phone went back to normal. This is basically true, with the technology we have today, we can capture more evidence of the paranormal through digital recordings. Sometimes we can hear their voices so clearly, and sometimes listening back to a digital recording we captured what is called disembodied voices. And new technology is being development every year. So that explains that, but as far as people seeing apparitions or black masses and shadows is another area that needs some validation. Some state its ectoplasm, but that term is really hard to convince even me, most logical explanation is would be energy, because everything is pretty much made up of energy, so why wouldn’t spirits or ghost? Until we can actually capture even the smallest piece of an apparition in a jar, we will truly never know what they are made of, only conclude speculation. Are ghost really dead people or something else, like us in a different dimension? Truly, we cannot be the only life in this universe. Some believe, there are alternate dimension within the universe and sometimes we hit a wavelength or frequency that corrinside with ours. So therefore, at the moment we see the other side. Maybe, but where is the evidence. Imprints is a term being used today, meaning when that person had passed, the energy is imprinted within that space. More so, if the person has died violently or with so much anger, that the energy stains the surrounding space or objects where they passed. We know that dealing with what you are experiencing and knowing what you are experiencing is real. Some can deal with the fact that they are residing with spirits, others cannot. Depending on what you are experiencing. If things are way too terrifying for you, always seek help. But what help do you need? That depends more or less on your belief.

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ In note, it’s really up to you to make your own conclusion and explanations on the reasoning why ghost exist. All the information on the internet or books are available for you to make your own decisions upon the reality of ghosts. Also, you have to remember, respect! You have no idea what happen to these spirits/ghost when they were alive. You don’t know who they were, what they did, their personalities, characteristics, how they died.. Nothing.. So respect would be the essence of all mutual acceptance. Because, how would you feel if you passed on and you’re a ghost and people that lived with you, disrespected you? I


know I wouldn’t have any second thoughts on whether or not I should slap their face. A note to remember: what you do in this life, might just be carried out into the next. So live in peace and happiness and love. ~alice

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ JANUARY INTERVIEW Interview with Tara Bohren •Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started getting involved within the Paranormal Field? In addition to being the General Manager for the GAC, I am a full time case manager for the state of Oregon. I also volunteer for the police department as a field training officer and advocate for the domestic violence response team. I volunteer as a team captain and as the team development chair for my local Relay for Life event to benefit the American Cancer Society. I have a degree in psychology with an emphasis in grief counseling. I am a mommy (my most important job of all!), and enjoy paranormal investigation whenever I am able to travel. I have always had an interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. My first paranormal event was the Ghost Adventures Virginia City event, and I became addicted to the fun and excitement of the travel and reconnecting with other like minded folks from around the world. •Can you tell our readers what your day would be like being General Manager and Production Asst. for the Ghost Adventure Crew? It depends on the day! Most days involve some application processing. I receive and screen all the applications for official membership in the ghost adventures family. I supervise a couple of interns, so I check in with them as needed. I check in on our sites to make sure things are running smoothly. If we have an event coming up, I do event preparation such as ordering 8x10's, merchandise, or other planning. I often ship autographs to folks upon request. I communicate special requests to Zak, Nick, and Aaron as well as work with our partners in the field for coordination of special events and merchandising options. •Can you tell our readers of any paranormal experiences you have had in your early childhood? I have had many experiences throughout my life. As a young girl, I recall watching the wall at night and seeing what appeared to be figures walking towards me. I would keep my eyes open as long as I could, but when I would blink they would be gone. I also remember various experiences when I was a child in a particular home we lived in. For example, I would see a figure standing over my sister's crib at night. Balloons would follow us around the house at our head level, upstairs and down. The alarms would go off for no reason in the middle of the night. I later discovered that a former tenant had committed suicide in what was to become my room when we moved in. All my own experiences shaped my interest in the field as an adult. •Tell us about your own Paranormal Investigation group. My group is a motley crew! A1 Paranormal was formed out of a friendship I made at the first ever Ghost Adventures event with Mike "Habo" Haberman, who is currently one of my interns for GAC. As we continued to investigate together, Dave Schrader of Darkness Events dubbed our group at one event "A1" on our badges. The name stuck, and so did the idea of a team. As we attended each new event, we would immediately feel a bond with someone new. And so, A1 was born. My team lives all over the country. I have Mike in Maryland; Suzie in Utah; Stacy in Texas; Pete in New Jersey; Billy (from Ghost Adventures) and Jeff in Nevada; and several honorary members from all over including Mark and Deb Constantino; Dave Schrader; and the Ghost Adventures boys too. I consider myself fortunate to be blessed with such amazing friends and adventurers in this field. •Your education stated you majored in Psychology would this decision be a wise one knowing that facts of how some people have had to deal with some personal paranormal experiences. How has this helped you console people, and do you feel that sometimes the psychology side might be too much in overhauled as an logical explanation for some paranormal experiences? I think there is a delicate balance between the mind and true paranormal experiences. So much of our mind is untapped and unknown, it is easy for me to speculate about what we are or are not truly experiencing when we have a paranormal encounter. There is so much we don't know!! I use the skills I learned while studying Psychology and Grief Counseling quite often as


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ people react to a paranormal encounter or event. I believe that those who want to believe will ignore some of the possibilities that our untapped potential in our brains could present, and those who do not want to believe will point to psychology as an explanation. •Do you feel your education in psychology has helped dealing with experiences in the paranormal that have involved children? Absolutely. I think that children are so open to the paranormal, they need to be counseled differently than an adult about what they have experienced. I try to always allow a child to unfold their experience in their own words, and to feel comfortable with the idea that they have experienced something. Children are such sponges. It is a shame to limit their ability to be open to new ideas at an early age. •If you had a chance to do good for a lost soul that you encountered, who would that be and what would you do? I think that for those of us on my crew, our most touching experiences have been at The Washoe in Virginia City Nevada. Zak Bagans and I are on the board for the restoration project there, and it is truly my favorite location in the country. ( It is our belief and has been our experience that there are souls who are being kept tied to the Washoe by another darker entity. We continually work to free them if it would be there wish to move on.

Photos provided by Tara Bohren


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ EVIDENCE


Electronic Voice Phenomenon EVPs are disembodied voices that are captured thru the use of digital recorders. The voices recorded are from persons that have passed on. Most recordings captured are only based on a couple of words spoken randomly. Although when paranormal groups have asked certain questions, sometimes the response to that question has been recorded. There are 3 types of evps *Class A: clearly heard and understood *Class B: clear but different interpretations of the words *Class C: Faint This is truly one of the best technology and equipment to capture any type of evidence where a location is known to have paranormal activity. Please see our selection 101 in this issue for further details on evps and digital recorders.

You can listen to our EVPS on our websites

Photo by Alice Mary Herden Did you see that? That is what I asked my sister when we were sitting in the living room watching TV. There I was sitting in the recliner watching TV and I looked to the right and saw this black mass just floating along and heading down the hallway where our bedrooms were. I turned to her and asked her if she saw that. And this was during the day! Tara's Statement: On a Saturday morning, my sister Alice and I were watching TV in the living room of the house we grew up in. The living room was separated by a wooden shelve unit to the parlor area where there was a walkway to the bedrooms to the left and the kitchen to the right. As we were watching TV I saw a dark shadow figure, almost looked like a man wearing a top hat like Abraham Lincoln, the figure started from the kitchen, and walked to the bedroom hallways. Alice asked if I just saw that and I said yes. Now this house we grew up in had many, we believe, paranormal activities. Growing up, our mother taught us not to be afraid, so we were a bit stand offish to any experiences we had. There were many times, where lights would go out, feeling of someone sitting on the end of your bed, doors shaking while closed for no reason and TV channels changing for no logical reason. I guess we got used to it and just accepted it as a "normal" thing. This experience that Alice and I had was one of many, but stood with us forever because we experienced it at the same time. Seeing is believing: but capturing that vision is not as easy. What you see might only last less than a second or out of your provisional vision (corner of your eye). It comes and goes so fast it’s hard to tell if you actually even saw what


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ you think you saw. However, there are times and encounters that stare you right in your face. And really that would freak anyone out. Personally, that black mass was the only solid personal apparition encounter I have seen with my own two eyes, along with my sister. Hopefully, not the last. Some skeptics view these as disillusions, effects of light and shadow, your subconscious mind playing tricks on you. Which illusions of light and shadow can have an effect on what you see in the dark? Regardless of what others may suggest you saw, you have to determine whether or not it is paranormal.

you can dream up when you’re in your dream state. Woe! Most would tell you it’s sleep paralysis, when you have an encounter before you go to sleep and even when you’re sleeping and you wake up. What I encounter was not sleep paralysis. Please, that is the worst thing you can tell someone that is experiencing any paranormal encounters, after they state that they were awake. So when someone tells you that, say thank you for your educational analysis of my experience and walk on.

Catch me if you can: After seeing what you saw and running to find it again, you might have a 2% chance of actually seeing it again. So running, is it really necessary? The best way is video tape that area. You might see it again and you might not.. Every sighting is not on demand; it’s a hit or miss. So running your video camera just might do the trick. Then you can prove to yourself that this is paranormal. Face to Face: I think anyone that has actually been face to face with an apparition, has to deal with something that they seen for the rest of their lives, any paranormal experience you deal with the rest of your life, but face to face is completely terrifying. Smack right in your face. I could tell you I would probably pee my pants, and sleep with the lights on for years. Could anyone tell you how to deal with this? No.. Only you.. How you handle your experiences is based on your strength to carry on, let it go and enjoy your life. If you don’t, then it will ruin your happiness. I am not saying just shrug it off, share you experience, talk about it (which is the best way to do that is through paranormal forums, but be wary there are people out there that don’t have anything else to do in their shut out lives but smack down people that are sharing experiences, believe me I have been through that myself), so just write and don’t look at any responses. After effects NIGHTMAREs Thanks to the awesome movies that we just have to drag ourselves to go and see, can put a huge impact on how we deal with seeing apparitions. The nightmares can be brutal. Just remember those are movies and thought up by some very talented and awesome creators, with a huge imagination, and digital effect masters. That’s not real, but what you saw is. Take a deep breath. This is only a dream, not only does these creators of the movies have an imagination, so does your subconscious mind. The things


Photo by Alice Mary Herden In Ending If you know what you saw, and you are so sure it’s nothing other than something paranormal, you might want to contact your local paranormal group. What is important to you, is knowing what you saw is what you saw and nothing else. You’re proving to yourself that you indeed have had an experience with the paranormal. Could this ease your mind.. Maybe.. Will it always be there... Maybe. ~alice

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ FAMOUS PLACES Alcatraz Before 1934, Alcatraz was an army fort and prison housing Civil War prisoners back in the 1860s, along with some Hopi Native American Indians. During 1898 the Spanish-American war prisoners were housed within the prison. In October of 1933, Alcatraz prison is best known for its occupants, such as Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. Finally after years and years of occupancy the prison closed its doors in 1963, and now it only houses the ghost/spirits of those who have died within the walls of the prison. Alcatraz has been one of the most noted places of paranormal activity, as seen on every paranormal TV show. Paranormal claims have been reported as, screams, clanking noises, voices, shadows and of course the feeling of someone there. Most evidence of paranormal activity is digital recordings that have captured evps. But since Alcatraz has such a long brutal history, are the only lingering spirits of that of Al Capone, Bird Man and their companions? If you browse through the internet you can find more information about Alcatraz. This is one place that is on Dust and Shadows wish list to visit. Someday. Photo by arnoschwithal from Below photo by rollingroscoe from


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ FAMOUS HAUNTINGS Amherst Haunting As the story goes, it was a classic case of a poltergeist dated back in the 19th Century. The poltergeist centered around one young person named Ester. Her trials with this poltergeist, which they name “Bob”, literally tore the family apart and they became the towns curiosity. The dealings that Ester had went though started from her own bedroom, which she shared with her sister. From waking up with her body swollen nearly double its size to flying objects. Witness from other family members, to even the physician that was trying to help her. The physician routinely conducted his visits, administers sedatives and had the occasional object thrown at him. After all the news was getting around, the local clergyman was interested in this case. He contributed the incidents Ester was going through a phenomena to commercialized electricity. Ester had left the cottage to live with her married sister. There was peace and quiet around the house. Later she moved back in, and so did the spirit, but this time Fire was the output. Episodes of lit matches in her bedroom to small fires within the house. These little fires still lit up around the house, even after her father sent her to another home. Along came the actor, Mr. Hubbell.


He was fascinated by the happenings and was even more interested in making money off Esters torment. Nothing is later stated about Mr. Hubbell experiences after his little incident with “Bob”, with an umbrella and carving knife. Another clergy man arrives and is determine to end the family’s torment, but only to flee after hearing loud trumpets playing. End the end of all this, the landlord of the cottage asked the family to leave, little no less the house turned to normal. Ester married and had her own family. Although this case was never solved, only the beliefs from the family and witness as for the others in the community just didn’t think it was a spirit that caused all this. Now according to another source, Esther’s encounters happened after she was raped by a close friend. So if this is true, there could be an explanation on why she and her family had those experiences. This would fall in the psychological side, dealing with the effects of being raped, especially by a close friend. That must have been horrible for her and back in those times, things were a lot different. Just the emotional issues she had to deal with would be extremely difficult. So, finding out if that is true, with all different versions of this story, would be impossible.

Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ Ghost Stories

another story in this church facility. Today let me tell you about Mrs. Room.

Jody Randy Emelia In south Louisiana, people like to make large donations to the church. In the late 1890s / early 1900s, there was one such lady, Emelia Barnwell, who donated her house to the church that I currently attend . . . This church. . . This old church. . . That I attend. . . Many a strange coincidence have been seen at the old church and surrounding buildings. There are reports such as the late Fr. Browning sitting at his desk staring out the window, or the faint scent of beef stew drifting through the corridors that the good father would cook during the day. Nuns singing in the choir loft, mouth open but making no sound... Those strange events belong to


The church dedicated Emelia’s house as The Emelia Room. Somewhere through time, people forgot about Emelia Barnwell, so the lady and the house became known as Emelia’s Room or to some, simply Emelia Room. Who is she? Or should I say who was she? Emelia was a very wealthy lady that lived in a respectable house located next door to the church’s Adoration Chapel. Emelia was very dedicated to her faith, the church and her priest, so when she passed away many years ago the family donated her house to the church. Her beautiful home was used for years as the rectory, or residence, for priests that were serving in the diocese and surrounding area. Many a priest lived there at one time or another, though most of them are not alive today. Well, not alive in the material body. Who is to say where the spirit will reside? Eventually, the house became old, many church programs were hosted in the old house

and finally the facility was scheduled for demolition because of the church’s continuous renovation projects. The last program that will grace Emelia’s walls is a children’s ministry for the church and local community. Here is where my story truly begins Tonight, the evening of this story, the air was calm and pleasant, a very good night for a walk. The half crescent moon offered slivers of light, but not enough to chase away the darkness of the crouching shadows from the large oak trees in the front lawn. Per my usual routine, I pray at the chapel every Monday night. This particular evening, I have to stop at the Emelia Room before going to the Chapel and get a rubber band and glue that was needed at home for a school project. I knew that the children’s classroom would have the items that I could readily use. Approaching the Emelia Room, I notice that all of the lights are off. I hop up the steps, unlock the door and enter the facility. Quickly, I walk through the dark kitchen, turning on the lights as I reached each classroom. Where are the rubber bands? They have to be somewhere in this

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ classroom. As I look around the room, I see a red spot of something on the long children’s table in front of me. It looks like a stain of some sort, a melted crayon perhaps, one I’ve never noticed before. I rub at it with my finger, but it appears to be dry. This stain is odd I think to myself? At that moment, the hair on the back of my neck stands on end as

my eyes move up in bewilderment. I get that feeling that someone could be standing right behind me. Like a gaze burning into the back of my head. I slowly raise my head, afraid turn around, but more afraid not to. As I look up, the reflection in the glass cabinet in front of me reveals a beautiful young lady, transparent in nature, dressed

in a white flowing gown, which floats before me. A brilliant glow radiates all around her petite, five foot something frame. Her long white hair cascades around her shoulders, but she appears to be around eighteen to twenty years old. A blank expression haunts this young lady’s face as she stands there with her head turned in my direction.

Immediately, my back tingles and a chill runs through my veins. Tears enter into my eyes in fear, as I view this person of light and reflection. Is this just my imagination? Or is she real? I blink and my vision clears. Standing very still, I stare as she hovers behind me, just above the floor. Her eyes are fixed, as if she is looking through me. She then turns her head and with a quick flowing movement, exits into the kitchen and vanishes. Was that Emelia, back as a young woman? What did she want? My legs fly even faster than the questions buzzing through my head as I run through the house and exit through the front door! The door slams behind me and I don’t even stop to turn the

lock! I run straight to the safety of the Adoration Chapel! There I stop in the doorway to catch my breath, my heart still pounding out of my chest. Finally, I unlock the door to the chapel and sit down in one of the chapel chairs. Why did Emelia or this woman visit me? Did she know her house was on the demolition list? Does she know that we will relocate the children’s program to another house on the church property? Is she concerned about the children, or about her house and memories? I grab the rosary hanging on the wall and quickly make the sign of the cross, say two Hail Mary’s and one Our Fathers, then lean back in my chair to finish praying quietly. As I finish my

prayers, I remember that in my hurry, Id left the lights on in Emelia’s Room next door. I glance outside to confirm my suspensions. Hum. I’ll turn them off tomorrow, in the daylight, I say out loud into the darkness. I look through the stain glass window once again, and think. If I ever go back in there!


Jody Raney 10-14-2006 / 03-24-2010 Photo provided by Jody Raney

You have a story to share about your paranormal experiences, email us at


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ 101 Digital Recordings

If you have enough digital recorders, after you have done your walkthrough, note places where you can set your digital recorders at. When you turn them on to recorder, state your name, recorder #, time, area location and location of the place your are investigating.

Keep Away

Using Digital Recorders during your paranormal investigation. Before heading out to your investigation, make sure you have all previous recordings cleared and also fresh batteries, (always have extra batteries in your supply bag). Basic Recording Never whisper, state your name, date, location, time and area location (upstairs in the bedroom on the left), keep the questions short, never demand, just have a conversation. Also, watch what you say. Walk Around From the time you enter the location, always state your name, recorder #, time and area where you are at. If you do decide to stop your recorder, repeat this step each time you restart your recorder. When you are recording while walking around, if any heard noises, state what those are, ie: dog barking, so and so hit the desk, etc, if you don’t know, then state that as well. Place and Go


When you go into your location, digital recorders pick up a lot even far away, it might benefit you if you keep the recorder away from you and set it on the floor or somewhere within the area you are recording. Sometimes your voice, when you are holding the voice recorder close to you really distorts from any other voices that might be caught. It sometimes happens when you are talking, they are too.. So keeping it away from you, it might help other voices be more prominent. Introduce yourself First starting off, introduce yourself and whomever you are with. Tell them why you are there. It’s just the polite thing to do.

conversation with your team. Laugh and shed some light. You might be surprised what you get. Closing Session When you are done asking your questions, thank them and tell them if you did give us a message that you and your team will make sure your message is heard. Reviewing your Digital Recordings Time to listen to hours of recordings There are a couple of free downloads to listen to your recordings and there are some high priced ones as well. WavePad Sound Editor has a free download you can use I find it useful, although certain edits are only available when you upgrade, but until that time, this is good to use. If you hear anything weird or voices that are not yours or your teammates.. Write down the time, or mark that area on your editor.. Before you enhance any tags, get someone else to hear that.

Basic Questions

What’s Good What’s Not

When you find out the history of this location, start to ask questions relating to that time period. Nobody really knows if that is the person they state is the actual spirit that resides in that location. Even if its an historical location, the spirits could be before that time or even after that time.

A good EVP is a voice, VOICE, you can clearly hear with no enhanced audio editing. What’s even better is getting an answer that you or your team member asks.

Break it UP Don’t continue to drill with the questions, just sit and listen for awhile and have a basic

Anything you have to edit, enhance really isn’t worth it.. Kinda like distorting the original. So only use the ones that are SOLID.. This 101 section is based on my personal experiences and how I prefer to conduct digital recordings.

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ PARNORMAL WORKSHOP Cheryl Smeed Can There Be Proof of Life After Death? This is an excerpt from a series of parapsychology workshops I’ve facilitated throughout the years. I will continue to submit articles regularly, so please visit our website often! Life After Death has always been a topic of interest to those seeking answers and explanations for inexplicable paranormal experiences. While it may not seem plausible to be able to prove scientifically that there is life after death, intuitive parapsychologists along with technology have given us the tools to record, video, and measure the existence of paranormal phenomenon. As in all areas of parapsychology, there are always skeptics due to religious beliefs and lack of tangible proof of life after death. Scientific evidence, whether subjective or objective, does exist and has been demonstrated over time and space. Subjective knowledge includes all information which cannot be independently substantiated. Personal religious beliefs as well as skepticism do not carry any scientific substance so they are considered invalid. Objective knowledge is where the same results can be demonstrated over time and space getting the same results. Inevitably the objective always prevails over the subjective. However, not all paranormal science is or can be conducted in the scientific laboratory or demonstrated repeatedly with the same results. While we may know that ghosts do exist, we may not always be able to duplicate proof of their existence under laboratory conditions.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) have clearly shown this element of repeatability. Where there is inconsistency between objective information and subjective belief, there needs to be further investigation or a change in subjective belief. History seems to show that the more enlightened can accept subjective information more readily than those not as enlightened. We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs which are based on our personal experiences. But if you have a paranormal experience that you cannot explain, perhaps your subjectivity should be set aside and objectivity allowed to prevail until you have reason to believe otherwise! Photo by Alice Mary Herden


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ D & S LOCATION

West Pasco Historical Society This was our first official paranormal investigation with our group. The members that attended were Don, Michelle, Paul and myself.

Investigations don’t always go as planned, you want to go in there and get that evidence that spirits/ghost really exist. Thinking to myself, maybe we should do this at night, but I stood my ground, knowing what I have personally experienced and keep our time as listed. That decision did not fail us. We have captured some great EVPS during our investigation within those hours we were there. I want to thank everyone there at the West Pasco Historical Society for sharing your time, knowledge and friendship with us.

When we first got there Bob had told me that he had called Bay News 9, really didn’t hit me until he said that they were going to be there. I was so uncomfortable about this, knowing that this was our very first location we as a Dust and Shadows team have been to investigate. There were a lot of people during the beginning, but the overall experience was the best we could ever ask for. Bob is such a great person, with a huge giving soul. He has so much dedication to this place and most of his time is dealing with that. Meeting people like him, make this more interesting and full of dedication to having Dust and Shadows succeed to the goals I have set for this group.


Circle Dr., just off Main. (See photo) Did you know that: 1. The current location was at one time a Tocobaga Indian burial ground? Unfortunately, there were no laws in place to protect the grounds or possible artifacts from being destroyed or covered over by new construction. More than 700 years of historical data lay beneath the surrounding homes and museum site in Port Richey, Florida. For further information you can purchase the hard-cover book West Pasco’s Heritage, published by the West Pasco Historical Society, available for $15, or any of the following books for only $5.00 each: Tales of West Pasco Ralph Bellwood The Story of Hudson, Florida - Harry G. Miller Now and Then in New Port Richey - Kathleen Strode (line drawings) The Genesis of New Port Richey - Elroy Avery

Pasco County Historical Museum: September 2010 by Irene Patino

2. The original building was once the old Seven Springs School house serving students from 1913 to 1925. Further information on the history and chain of custody can be found on the internet.

In an interview with Terry Kline, director of the Pasco County Historical Museum, several interesting facts were discovered as he shared the events that led to the founding of the Historical Society in 1971. The museum is located on

3. After the grounds were cleared to make room for the museum building at Sims Park (originally known as Sunset Park), it was dedicated on January 16, 1983. It was Terry Kline that loaned the construction equipment to the operating crew.

You can view the evps that we captured on our Paranormal Group website:

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ leveled to top the dirt roads and alleys in the downtown area.

ask politely, he’ll share his rather moving, and personal, experience with you.

5. The Library addition was added in 1992.

The museum contains wonderful period pieces and many other items of interest. Two desks that were acquired stand silent witness to the Civil War.

According to Mr. Kline, The wall that separates the museum from the library is the original outside wall of the old school house. The windows are still there, they just covered them over. In other parts you can still see the wooden lathe and flooring from the original building (see photo).

4. According to Mr. Kline, the shell mounds that were located off Congress and Countyline were still smell the cigar smoke now and then.

The second desk, an 1850 courthouse civil war recruiting desk, is a letter desk donated by a Mr. Frenald. Prior to being a recruiter’s desk, it was used by Mr. Frenald’s mother who authored several children’s books.


6. To date, Mr. Kline is the only one that has shared past experiences involving a Native American. He has a small collection of bones and shells that date back to his early years as a child and young man in the Port Richey area. Perhaps, if you When the desk was donated it was thoroughly searched, and a letter was discovered stuck at the back of one of the drawers. The letter was addressed to the recruiter’s wife and children. A copy was made and filed by the museum staff. The museum then mailed the original letter to the surviving family. It would have been interesting to learn what some of his last thoughts might have been, but sadly, the letter has either been misfiled or is missing. It was in that room that we experienced a battery drain which could indicate an energy drain. Two

One desk belonged to a Colonel during the civil war. Meaning no disrespect to the cigar smoking Yankee Colonel, his desk was originally placed under a confederate flag. The Colonel still took it as an insult and, according to staff members, began to play tricks on the employees. He would hide things from them, or rearrange items on the desk. The activity stopped when the error of placement was discovered and his desk was moved to another room. Some say you can

of us experienced chills, that indicated a change in vibration, also in the area of the letter desk. Is it haunted? Is it spirit attachment? You decide. What I do know is that the museum has an interesting history and a special air about it. I personally felt strong chills and a decided difference in atmosphere when standing next to the letter desk. Do I think it is haunted? Not in the average or traditional way someone thinks of a haunting. There is nothing there to strike fear in ones heart. But, the essence of memory can sometimes have a strong sensation to it, and that’s what I felt. We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the museum and its

Voices to Visions _______________________________________ inhabitants, both past and present for giving us a personal tour. Photos by Alice Mary Herden WEST PASCO HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Location: West Pasco Historical Society Date: 09/05/2010 Claims: Apparitions of a Soldier Members: Alice Herden, Donald Herden, Michelle Sanzone, Paul Sanzone Equipment: Camera, Camcorder, (2) Digital Recorders Time: 3pm to 6:30pm Overview: Bob Hubach, President of the WPHS, accompanied us during our investigation along with other Members of the WPHS. Bob video taped us during our investigation and 2 other members with special insights accompanied us as well. Teams were assigned to each area of the museum. Michelle, Alice and Cheryl (WPHS member) first started out in the Library. Don, Paul and Christine (WPHS member) started out in the store. Each group preformed digital recordings. One group (Michelle and Alice) took photography as the other group (Don and Paul) recorded video. Special thanks to Bob for recording video with his camcorder mounted on a tripod taping down the hallway where the kitchen and restrooms are located. The team switched areas and at a later time we all sat in the center room and had the most wonderful conversations. Just talking about everything and anything. While this was occurring, we did have video running located on a tripod at the doorway of the library and also 2 digital recorders running, one located in the library and the other digital recorder on the desk in the museum section.

As for evidence of the paranormal, we have captured quite a few evps, unfortunately no video or photography. Personal experiences, which is just that, personal experiences and do not carry a solid base of evidence in collecting paranormal activity.


Voices to Visions _______________________________________ In conclusion to this investigation In my personal opinion, having too many people at this small location was not substantial to our investigation. Also having 2 other persons around with special insights may have swayed our investigation to other aspects of reaching who really is there and why they are there, if so true. For a future suggestion, if incase sensitive’s will be used, I would advise to have them enter and connect before or after a paranormal team investigates a location with paranormal activity. What was important to this investigation and much appreciated was learning the history of some of the donations that are displayed within the museum, and the history of the building itself and having this knowledge could have an importance capturing any paranormal evidence. We do believe that there are spirits that do occupy this location, who and why are still unknown. With future investigations and having captured these disembodied voices, have given us a base on where to start. Learning whom and why they are still connected to this location, and if, in fact there is something we need to know or need to help them with. Knowing that we are still in training, this experience has brought us closer to where we need to be, and what we need to know and apply ourselves to. We would like to thank everyone of the West Pasco Historical Society for giving us this opportunity to investigate and capture paranormal evidence. Evidence: The Evps on the CD/and or WPHS Website, Dust and Shadows Website are property of Bob Hubach (West Pasco Historical Society) and Dust and Shadows, and may not be used without the consent of both parties. Sincerely, Alice Mary Herden Founder Dust and Shadows Evidence of the Paranormal

Photos by Alice Mary Herden


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