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December 2012

Alice Herden

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Alice is the founder of Dust and Shadows, a Paranormal Investigation and Research Group. She is also a freelance photographer, sports photographer and graphic artist. She resides in Florida with her husband. Her experiences with the Paranormal go back to where she resided with her family in Largo. Encounters with the paranormal have been from breathing to a full black mass apparition.

Tara is my one of my sisters who joined Voices to Visions Magazine to contribute to writing articles. Tara also has experienced paranormal activity at our old house. She resides in Texas with her two boys.

Cheryl Smeed Workshop Articles

Richard Senate Ghost Stories Richard has been investigating haunted places since the night he saw a ghost in July of 1978. He has written 14 books about ghosts and worked as a consultant on TV shows since 1979. Richard also gives tours and conducts radio shows about ghosts and haunted places.

Cheryl is a certified parapsychologist with over 30 years’ experience. She is clairvoyant and remembers communicating with spirit companions from a very young age. Cheryl brings to our group the ability to communicate with disembodied spirits, providing information and insight to our investigations. “If you keep your mind open, you will see far beyond your beliefs.”

January marks are second year for Voices to Visions. I just want to thank Karen, Cheryl and Richard for everything you do to contribute to this magazine. I love you all! Links:

Karen Bashak Article Writer Karen and I work together at the same retail establishment for over 5 years. She is talented, smart, beautiful and just a joy! I am so happy that she has time to write articles for our magazine.

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Battlefield Ghosts


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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts If it wasn’t for those archeologists with the love of preserving history and those historians wanting to save any, even a small historical artifact we would not have anything to remember what our country went through to be where it is today. And I thank them for that.

Many battlefields are stained with so much energy, some might say, there is so much anger, hatred and even fear that fills the essence in even the smallest battlefields. It can be emotionally challenging, both in the physical world and the spiritual world. While Don and I were on vacation we visited Yorktown, Virginia. We sat on the battleground field where many, many men had died. We both just wanted to cry. It was extremely emotional for the both of us, it is like you could feel every emotion every single man felt, and it was overwhelming. As we look over the tall wheat grass and imagining how close each side was facing each other knowing that this may have been was their last sight. Will they live to see the next day or die in what would be called an honorable death? This battlefield was the Battle of Yorktown.

Being even a paranormal investigator or a paranormal enthusiast you have to learn about that history of what you are seeking. You are not only learning about what your country went through, but you are educating yourself and others. With collecting evps and having the time to visit that same location periodically you can find out more information that maybe the history books haven’t included. This is our only source of valid connection we have with the souls that died there or at any location. I feel they want to talk, I feel that they can see you. We can have that opportunity to do everything we can to help them, to give them those last words, to ensure them we know who they are and what they went through. To recognize them.

There are many battles that have been fought all over the United States, some are forgotten and the only recognition of a battle is by a historical marker erected along the busy street... does that really give the men that died there respect and dignity?

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Voices to Visions

December 2012

Photos I took at the Manassas Battlefield back in 2002.

The battlefield of history, regardless of how long ago they were fought every man, young or old, deserves a place in history. Unknown to the world, died for his beliefs and fought with pride. Let not their soul be lost. ~alice

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Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

Battlefield Re-Enactments I have photographed two of the Brooksville Raids here in Brooksville, Florida and I am hooked. I love the passion that these men and women of all ages and all backgrounds relive a part of history. Re-enactments are a huge part of some people’s lives and by their dedication they give us the knowledge and perspective of how things were taken place during that time. But do we really understand everything? Would performing these re-enactments stir up the spirits that are still there on the battlefield? To be honest with you, I really think there are some spirits that do stand near the tree line just watching these people act out their life. They are hearing all the commotion, cannons blasting, rifles firing, commands being voiced, if they heard all this again, do you think that maybe they were right back into the battle. Would the commands make any sense? Do they see the actors killed and then get up and become confused? There are some re-enactors that have experienced some type of paranormal occurrence, some might not tell they have, but others share their story with open arms. There is no doubt in my mind that these people aren’t experiencing something at one point during their events. Some might be more open to experience a ghost then others and that might be from being distracted with what the next step is during their re-enactment. And that is okay, but if you do experience something, you had the greatest moment in your life, and you should never be ashamed to share that experience. When you do share that experience, you are helping those souls that still roam on that battlefield, by

recognition, by honor and most important that they are not forgotten. Could an actor who was pretending to be dead lie on the ground and not hear whispers in his ear? Could an actor that looks into his small oval mirror hanging by a thin rope from the board of this tent not see a wounded soldier pass by while he trims his beard? Take a deep look at the area that they are re-enacting, take a look at the way they are dressed, hear the rifles and canons being shot through the air. This is just one step closer to the real encounter of that battle. I think this would make a great movie; I can vision all the scenarios in my head and call it Battlefield Spirits. Actually have the spirits interact with the re-enactors, tell them that is not the way it was, or just sit in a circle beyond the tree line and talk about how who’s doing what wrong or right lighting up their cigars, like “I would never do that, but yes, I would of done that!”. Just laugh and be so much at peace. I hooked up with my nephew, who as a hobby, been volunteering as part of a re-enactment group. * What started your interest in battlefield re-enactment? - (Civil War re-enactment). I was stationed at Fort George G Meade, MD. A few soldier talked me into going one weekend. I enjoyed the company and the gun powder on the battle field. I joined up and started going once a month but that turned into going to every scheduled event. * What battle re-enactment were you involved in, what position did you hold and how long were you a volunteer?

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Voices to Visions Most of the re-enactments was on private land, They are hardly ever done on the battle fields. Only 2 that I recall was on the actual battlefield and they were at New Market, VA and Cedar Creak, VA. The 1st group I was involved in as the 37th North Carolina State Troops, Co A. I was normal trooper, 1st Sgt. and LT. I was not a person that would take a higher position than what was needed at the time. So I never wore 1st Sgt. rank, I wore Sgt. Rank. The 2nd group that friends started I was a Captain but took the rank of 1st Lt. That was the 10th Virginia, Co B. Volunteer is not really the word I would use.. Civil War reenactment is a hobby. We may volunteer to go do a Living History event. I was in the hobby from 1994 to 2001. * In this issue of Voices to Visions, we are talking about Battlefield Ghosts. As many know any battle that has a loss of lives is devastating to everyone on both sides of the cannon. What are your feelings about this particular battlefield that has connected to you personally?

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December 2012 One battlefield that I connect to personally? Not sure if I really have one, maybe Gettysburg. There was so much going on. * Volunteers who act out the roles of the Soldiers during this battle. Have any of the re-enactors told you that they have felt, seen or heard something unusual while they are there on the battlefield during the reenactment, or have you experienced anything yourself? During a battle reenactment.. I haven’t personally heard of anything.. But only 2 re-enactments been to have been on actual battle fields. Have I experienced anything while visiting battlefields? No. Have I had friends experience anything during a visit? Yes.. It was on Remembrance Day in Gettysburg in 1998. They said they experience a cold spot near the Copse of Trees by the Angle. Also a few friends thought they may have saw something and felt cold spots when we were walking though Fort Delaware. ~Edward Quicksall

Battlefield Ghosts

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

"Have a good heart; our difficulties and dangers are over now, and as soon as we arrive at Fort King you'll have three days to rest and keep Christmas gaily." Major Francis L. Dade. It was a cold day on 1835; Major Francis Dade led his troop of one hundred and eight dedicated men to their destination north to Ocala. Little did Major Francis Dade know that Micanopy was on the path to take down Major Dade’s command. Ever since Dade’s troop headed out of Tampa Bay, the Seminole Indians stayed within the distance and followed them to where this preserved area is now. The Indians hid in the brush and watched below in the trees above were unknown to the troops. The first shot was heard. About two hundred Seminole Indians slammed Dade’s troops with a massive attack. Dade’s troops were lightly

armed and did not have enough time to reinforce themselves. It was finished before it even started. Only four soldiers survived the attack, two were able to tell the story. Four soldiers, all badly wounded, survived the attack. Among these were Privates John Thomas and Ransom Clarke of Company C, 2nd U.S. Artillery. Despite their wounds, Thomas and Clarke carried the news of the attack back to Fort Brooke. A third survivor, Joseph Sprague, also reached the fort before dying, but a fourth was killed before he could make it to Tampa Bay. Dade's interpreter Louis Pacheco, was either captured or voluntarily went over to the Seminole. We hope that all the spirits that have passed on are at peace, but truly knowing they are not. This surprise attack on December 28th by the Seminole Indians may not give closure for any of Dade’s men. How could there be? Listen to our evps on our Dust and Shadows Website.

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Voices to Visions

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts artillery and ammo from their wounded and/or dead comrades. Shortly after that delay, more ammunition was brought to them with the reminder Battalions as well as General Finegan. General Seymour realized the battle was lost and to prevent any other rout and to cover his retreat he sent in his last reserves, Colonel James Montgomery Brigade: 35th United States Colored Troops and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. As the sun set over the trees, the Union forces retreated back to Jacksonville. Olustee Battlefield th

February 20 1864, General Seymour’s army moved towards Lake City. The Union force consisted of over five thousand men, which was divided into three brigades; infantry, mounted troops and supporting artillery.

The casualties at Olustee were devastating. Two hundred and three Union soldiers were killed; one thousand one hundred and fifty two were wounded as well as five hundred and six were missing.

Days before General Finegan on the Confederate side, moved his army to the Olustee Station. When he heard about the Federal approach, Finegan ordered his cavalry to skirmish and drive them toward the Confederate main line. Before long the battle after the battle started it sure enough ended. Even though the Confederates were leading the battle their ammunition was running low, so low they were excavating

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Voices to Visions

For the Confederate side there were ninety three killed, eight hundred and forty seven wounded and only six that were missing. Trying to understand the area of this battlefield is confusing, well for me it is. I think for any battle during that time before we had advance in weapons and technology, it would be hard to comprehend. How their strategic plans would be and just the overall concept of conducting the attack, is staggering. Think about those weapons shooting range via target. They still had sharp shooters that could shoot up to 1200 feet, but their bullets were still being perfected, as well as the riveting inside the barrel of the rifle. So they would still have to be close to range. Right? And what baffles me more is the evp we recorded when we were talking

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December 2012

about this, you hear two different men say, I know, I know. I will be going to this battlefield again and find out more information so I can pass that onto you. ~alice

Battlefield Ghosts

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

December 2012 Europe on Sky TV. Belanger has written for newspapers like The Boston Globe and is the series writer and researcher for Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. He's been a guest on hundreds of radio and television programs including: The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Biography Channel, PBS, NECN, Living TV (UK), The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show, FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates, National Public Radio, The BBC, Darkness Radio, Australian Radio Network, and Coast to Coast AM. * Our issue is about Battlefield Ghosts; share with us some of your most influential experiences when investigating battlefields.

Jeff Belanger is one of the most visible and prolific paranormal researchers today, and he’s the founder of the new legend tripping movement. Since 1997, the journalist has interviewed thousands of eyewitnesses to paranormal occurrences. He’s the ultimate insider and knows how to connect with people from all walks of life when it comes to the unexplained. He is the author of a dozen books on the paranormal (published in six languages) including the best sellers: The World's Most Haunted Places, Weird Massachusetts, Our Haunted Lives, and Who's Haunting the White House (for children). He's the founder of, the Web's most popular paranormal destination according to, and a noted speaker and media personality. He's also the host of the cable/Web talk show, 30 Odd Minutes which is available in over 9 million homes in the United States and

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Battlefields are sacred sites. When you have even a basic understanding of what took place where you’re standing, it’s a transforming experience. Your mind wanders back in time to the days of the battle. You imagine what it must have been like hiding behind that rock, trying to hold this hill, or retreating into the woods while musket balls whiz past your head. This understanding of time and place makes you more open to tuning into the energy or spirit of the location. Nowhere is this more true than a place like Gettysburg. Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address acknowledged the place was haunted back on November of 1863. “We can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.” Gettysburg is haunted because it should be. If we start to forget, God willing the ghosts will remind us.

Battlefield Ghosts * Within the closing paragraphs of “The Alamo” you stated: “Maybe we need to think that our ancestors, forefather, or heroes from the past are still here and care about us. Maybe they do, and maybe it’s a grave injustice to discount those who fought and dies who didn’t show up the Alamo with a famous name of reputation.” This is an emotional statement and very true how we can forget the unknown soldiers on both sides that have passed but yet stayed. Has this affected your way on how you perform investigations? It’s natural and easy to pick a hero and a villain when looking at a battle. Who were the good guys and who were the bad guys? You have to remind yourself that the soldiers on both sides felt like they were in the right. When the echoes of the cannons have long faded away, I think it’s important that we show respect and honor to soldiers from both sides who served their countries. Battle sites require a different approach. Soldiers give so much, they deserve respect even in the afterlife

Walking the battlefields of Gettysburg weighed heavy on my heart and mind. I’ve been back many times since, it’s always a significant place. * Ghost of War, what was it that intrigued you put this book together and also having to conduct research for this book did you experience anything you haven’t shared that touched you personally. Ghosts of War was born because I noticed a lot of haunted locations had a connection to history and battle sites. If history left a mark—especially a bloody mark—ghost stories followed. Reading the soldiers’ journal entries and accounts of the battles was very moving for me. The eyewitness accounts are so genuine. It doesn’t matter which side the soldier fought for, the sentiment was the same: I want to get out of this alive, I want to protect my comrades, and I want to get home.

* Do you feel that some locations tag a historical figure to promote their location, when all in all that historical figure is not attributed to the location, and do you feel that the spirits, if any, that still reside at that location feel dismissed? Absolutely! There are plenty of locations that claim George Washington haunts their building because he slept there one night in 1782. President Washington must have liked the place so much he came back forever! Or… the place really is haunted and the building owners attribute the bumps in the night to the most famous person who ever visited the place. I’m not sure if the other ghosts feel slighted or find it amusing. I guess we can only speculate. If I were the ghost mistaken for Washington, I’d try to have fun with it. Maybe throw some wooden teeth at guests to try and beef up the legend.

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Voices to Visions * When wanting to acknowledge spirits on the battle grounds, what steps do you feel are important to carry out during the time at the location? Just speak your peace. If they’re there, tell them how you feel. Thank them for their service, and show respect. * Knowing that so many men died for either what they thought was right or compiling their duties as a soldier by their commanding officers, do you feel that there might be peace on the field between sides in the afterlife or are they still carrying out their duties? Any signs of battles from long ago are residual in nature. Plenty of locations have experienced the echoes of cannon fire and gunshots, or even seeing parts of the battle happen again. If the soldiers are still hanging around the battlefields where they served and died, I would hope their differences are settled.

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December 2012 * If you had an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with a spirit from any battle; which battle would that be, whom would it be with and what three questions would you ask? I would love to interview the spirit of Robert E. Lee on the battle of Gettysburg. Questions 1: Was it about the shoes or not? Question 2: At what point did you realize the battle was lost? Question 3: At what point in the battle did you think maybe the war was lost and invading the north again was going to be too devastating for the Confederacy. ~Jeff

Battlefield Ghosts

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

December 2012 for transportation to places outside the war zone. The decision was made to send these POWs too far away Australia where they would be out of the war (this was before Japan had entered the conflict). The Prisoners were packed onto the Queen Mary, sent though the Suez Canal and across the Indian Ocean. Because of the fear of U-boats, the big ship and her escorts zigzagged slowly to Australia.

The Voice of Lt. Carlo Giovetti of the Royal Italian Air Force By Richard Senate

Wars are terrible things. They leave both physical and psychic scars behind. The material scars can be fixed, the psychic ones take much longer to heal. The Queen Mary has many scars left over from the war years—perhaps the deepest resulted in the ship being used to transport POW to prison camps. One such voyage was a journey of death— perhaps one of the darkest days for the historic ship. It was 1940 and the great world war was being fought in the deserts of North Africa. The prize was Egypt and the Suez Canal, that vial conduit from the Middle East and India to war torn Europe. If England lost Egypt—she might well lose the war. Mussolini's Italy knew this and sent her best troops and planes to battle England’s deplete colonial forces. They were secretly assisted by the “Muslim Brotherhood Party” in Egypt who hated England and wished for a Free Egypt. If the fascists could reach Cairo they would be greeted as liberators by the Egyptian people. The battles were fought with fierce determination on both sides. England had superior weapons and supplies and pushed the Italians back, for the moment. Many POWs were taken as whole Italian armies were destroyed –these prisoners were taken to camps outside of Alexandria to wait

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The ship was designed for the North Atlantic and as such wasn't air conditioned. The heat grew to 120 degrees or more. The Italians, imprisoned below decks, started to die in large numbers. Many were wounded and weaken by the harsh desert war, when they died they were buried at sea. It was a hellish voyage. This chapter isn't one they speak of on the tour of the ship. They made only one voyage of this type. But the ghosts of the unfortunate Italians do not rest easy on the ship and the echoes of their awful trip sound even to this day. Debbie and I were doing a seminar on the ship though an organization called “the Real School” in LA. It was a sort of ghost hunt and séance on the old ship. It included talks on the history of ghost hunting and the many ghosts reported, at that time, on the Queen Mary. It was popular because then, in the late 1980s, the popular TV shows had yet to be envisioned. The real selling feature was a séance lead by my wife Debbie Christenson Senate. These events always were different—no two were ever alike. This one would prove to be the most unique—the most astounding we ever did. It was held in a meeting room. We kept the lights on as everyone sat at the table. There were about 30 people in the room and they ranged from believers to complete skeptics. We are very traditional and held hands as Debbie went into a self -induced trance. I recalled the door to the room came open—and being funny, I said to the open door, “Your welcome spirit to join us.” After I said this the door closed! The séance started and many spirit voices came though

Battlefield Ghosts Debbie, mostly ex-crewmen and the like. We got a telephone operator, a steward, an officer and most of the conversations were rather humdrum and pedestrian. Then, well into an hour of the séance, Debbie started to shout out in Italian! Now, Debbie does speak Swedish and Russian but none of the Romance Languages. I tried to ask questions but, in time the Italian became sort of broken English. The spirit proved to be a Lt. (She pronounced it Ten-net-tee) Carlo Giovetti of Napoli, Italy. He was a pilot in the Fascist Air Force. He hated the English and refereed to them in many foul words. It seems he was mistreated, or so he said, by the English “pigs”. He spent a great deal of time talking about the fighter plane he flew, A Fiat CR-42 Falco (Falcon). He really liked his plane even if it was a biplane and obsolete. He spoke of his squadron, his commander, and his last mission when his flight was jumped by British Spitfires and he was shot out of the sky. He flew it into a crash landing in the sand but injured both his legs. He was captured by British troops and sent to a POW camp. Now, Debbie is a pilot herself, so perhaps that was the mental link that caused Carlo to select her. He spoke of being “kangarooed” to Benghazi from southern Italy. I didn't really understand what he was talking about. He proved to be a fanatical Fascist as well. He thought Il Duce (Mussolini) was always right. He was a member of his fascist party and supported the war for Italy’s greatness. He also hated the English heaping on them many colorful phrases. The most common word he used was “Bastardi”. He said he was kept with common soldiers rather than officers—he was sort of an elitist in this regard. He may have been confined in some sort of general hospital ward. He didn't like the food they were given and the fact that there wasn't a proper Roman Catholic Priest on the ship—at least that he knew of. His leg became infected. It may have been amputated but whatever was done for him was too little and too late. He passed over crying for his “Mama”. He was buried at sea. He was just 24 years old.

the aircraft museum in Ontario, California but got little confirmation save for the fact that the Italians did use a biplane fighter, the Fiat CR 42-Falco, in the early part of World War Two. The tape rested in my drawer for almost a year before an English reporter, covering Hollywood, met with me and asked if I had any new investigations. I told him about the investigation on the Queen Mary, and he asked for the tape. I gave it to him when he came up to Ventura to interview a movie star. I didn't think much of it at the time. In four weeks I got a late night call from London. It was the reporter calling long distance from the Imperial War Museum. He asked if Debbie could read Italian. I reconfirmed, she did not. It seems that everything that came thought in the séance was correct! Much of the data was only published in Italian. I learned that the term Kangarooed was used. It meant that small fighter would be folded up and placed in large transport aircraft and flown to North Africa by air. The last mission Carlo flew was recorded as was the terrible voyage across the Indian Ocean in the middle of summer. The data was correct! The nightmare many wished to forget was revived with the séance and the account was even published in Italy. War brings out the best and the worst in men---one pilot’s pain and suffering was relived and reminded all that war is Hell. Since that day, the Italian Lt. Still walks the corridors of the ship, an echo of the grim world war that ended so many lives. Perhaps a Mass should be said for the soul of Lt. Giovetti and all who perished on the great ship?

The séance left Debbie exhausted and drained. As I do, I taped the whole thing. Later I tried to research the data with

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts and decided to make a pendulum out of it. Since it was made of wood I attached a piece of cotton string, by doing so made it not affected by electromagnetic energy. The rest of my story is obvious from this point on. I also am interested in specific non- wartime artifacts, ones that individuals will contact me with their concerns. I don't collect these however, if the individuals wish me to take it off their hands I will and keep in my archive. * Do you keep a record of any details and/or stories that are surrounded by that artifact to coincide with any paranormal experiences you may have with them? Absolutely, it is important to keep as many records as possible for future reference as well as use as a comparison to any re-investigations that you may have at the same location. Richard Kimmel Born in 1935, Richard has been leading a quiet but interesting retired life, sharing his home with some of the spirits connected to artifacts in his archive. Richard served in the United States Army as a combat photographer and continued with that profession. With his busy schedule, when not lecturing or at book signings, he still manages to find time to be a member of the New Jersey Ghost Organization. * What had been the turning point in your life that made you decide to collect artifacts from war, and is the only artifacts you collect are from WWII?

* After knowing the back story of a particular object you collected, which one of those artifacts are you more compassion about, and which one would be the least. Chapter 13 in my book - "Steve's Treasure". This artifact was given to me on one of my visits to my wife's brother in Long Beach California. He had served thirty plus years in the U.S. Navy with his service beginning just prior to WWII. I actually have none that I would consider as least simply because they all have either an interactive human spirit or a residual haunting connected to them. There are a couple that have both.

I have always had feelings from the wartime artifacts that had been given to me. As a young lad a couple of my neighborhood G.I.'s gave artifacts to me when they returned from the war back in 1945-46. However, I could not explain those feelings back then as I knew nothing about the paranormal, not until many years later. As it was most likely to be, that after my heart surgery back in 2004 I had been watching a program on television one evening where they were using pendulums, nothing serious, just playing games with them. In my mail the next morning I received a tiny blessed cross from a religious organization

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Voices to Visions * What are your thoughts about why and how spirits may attach themselves to an artifact? This is really a complicated question as there may be many reasons as to why. Most often is simply the fact that their reason is of sentimental origin. However there is another reason concerning wartime artifacts, especially those picked up on the battlefield and, that being the spirit simply does not yet realize that they have passed on; the trauma of their death, they've yet to realize. Then there are others who simple wish to remain on this earth plane and feel that they are not ready to cross over.

December 2012 Germany. He was appearing to the British collector and causing things to move in his home. When I received the flag, I simply took steps to welcome him into my home and ask only that he show me the same respect as I show him. Each morning as I pass my den I can smell the distinct odor of pipe smoke - many German pilots did smoke a pipe. At present the flag has had one session with one of my psychics and if you wish, I shall forward the results of that sitting. The below information was originally from the individual in the U.K. who first obtained the burial flag of the WWII German pilot that I mentioned. There is so much more to this story that it may put it in the category of paranormal unique.

Chapter 9 in my book "Ghosts of the Mask" is one that we're working on a present. This soldier is wishing to connect with his family, only there may be none to connect with.

Rudolf Sigmund When I had Sigmund's Items all in my den for about 10 years. I can tell you without a question OF ANY DOUBT.... That strange things happened and I could really feel a presence. My Wife would never go in and her Sister spent a night in there when they stayed over. I moved all the Nazi gear best I could but she had a terrible night...and the things she told me next morning made the hair on my neck stand up! She knew NOTHING about my collecting or Sigmund...yet said a Guy in a air force Uniform woke her up standing at the end of the bed and told her to tell me to leave the family alone and not keep bothering them! Laugh if you will BUT something must explain what made her say that and so accurate...At the time I had written to Sigmund's Sister about him, and The Mayor of the town asking for a photo of his grave, and I had been on with research into him for a few months. Definitely SOMETHING out there. I played German Marching Songs on my vintage Gramophone also for years much to the neighbor's enjoyment! At least 4 or 5 times over the months one particular track would not play and the arm and needle kept moving. It was a Luftwaffe Marching song also. I had a glass on it for scratches ...and nothing. All the rest played so I took it to a friend who had fancy system for discos etc.and it played perfectly as did all the others ...Very strange. I even adjusted the weight of the arm and everything played except that track when it was in my room. Can't explain it. Maybe Richard could throw some light on it! Tony

* Were you ever given an artifact that was known to have a spirit attachment, and has there ever been an incident where you had given an artifact that you perceived to have no type of spiritual attachment, but the new holders experienced paranormal occurrences when they received the artifact?

* While you are using your pendulum and asking questions about that particular artifact, do you use digital recorders to confirm any attachment that artifact might have, and if so, where can we listen to them?

* Any war and death of a soldier from any side of the line is devastating. The artifacts from that scene or space may or may not seize the energy of that person to it. If any spirit attachment that is bounded with these artifacts, how have you helped with these spirits have some type of closure?

Yes, a burial flag that was used to drape his coffin. This is of a WWII German Pilot killed over Germany. His main reasoning is that he is not happy about his sister selling some of his awards to a British collector, for obvious reasons of the feelings that existed between the British and

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I simply use the pendulum as a detection tool to see if there is any energy connected to the artifact. I never direct it however, the connection that is made between the artifact and my sensitivity works in harmony and should energy be

Battlefield Ghosts detected the pendulum will rotate clockwise. The speed of rotation is dependent upon the strength of the energy.

would that be and what information would you like to have answers to?

I wish to make clear that I am not psychic and cannot determine exactly what type of energy is being detected. This energy can be either that of an interactive human spirit or of residual. It definitely is not any form of magnetic energy as the construction of the pendulum, a tiny blessed wood cross connected to a cotton string, makes it impervious to magnetic energy in any form. Concluding that the energy detected is of paranormal nature my next step is to work with one of our groups psychics to make whatever or whomever is connected or attempting to communicate. That is the only time that a recorder is used, during this session or sessions, as a form of media for reference purposes when compiling the evaluation.

This is an interesting question as there would be many. If I had to choose one it, if still existing, would be the couch that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun sat on that fateful day when he took her life with a bullet to her head and allegedly took his own and the conversation that had taken place. This would have to take place in the actual bunker, the exact room and with the couch in the exact position; most importantly this would have to culminate on the exact day of the week and month that all this had taken place, not the exact numeral day of the week as this may vary. One would have to us a reverse calendar to see what day of the week the alleged incident had taken place to see what the day of the week was then and a current calendar to see what the day would be in the present. I hope that I have explained this clearly.

The recordings are kept in files however, in the limited times that I used the recorder no actual spirit responses have been detected. I have never published these recordings for public consumption. * Have you received any new artifacts? If so, what new artifacts have you received and have your found any spirit connection with them? No, I haven't received any physical artifacts since the receiving the burial flag of the German WWII pilot however, I have been contacted via email by numerous individuals sending me a photograph of an artifact they feel may be haunted in some way. I can also use the pendulum to detect any energy coming from the artifact in the photograph, either on screen or paper print. Should there be any energy detected I will then send the photograph off to one of our psychics for their evaluation. * If you had on piece of battlefield artifact you can using your dowsing method with, what battlefield artifact

Page 32

Voices to Visions

December 2012 will more often than not fail, if not provoking the spirit which may not prove very beneficial. * The myth and folklore about taking photographs in the mirror has some concern, more mentally I would presume. Would there be any concerns that you may have while performing this type of method, and have you ever had an artifact that you were going to shoot with reflective photography but had a feeling that you shouldn’t? I have never experienced this feeling but feel that if I ever should I would take heed


to it.

* Tell us what reflective photography is and how this method can assist within the paranormal field.

* With reflective photography, taking photographs at mirrors always seemed to be a must for me. I am always hoping that I might have an opportunity to actually capture a spirit looking over my shoulder. What is it that you want to accomplish using this method?

Reflective photography involves the use of mirrors that are of the same size, usually two, and placed in angles on either side of an object. Placed in a position so that the camera or photographerare not reflected in the, just the back and sides of the object. * Taking photos during your service in the Army have you ever encountered or captured something unusual at that time when you took that photo and have you ever gone back years later to review your photos? Unfortunately, I never kept any of my photographs however, I cannot recall having any experience. * Being a photographer yourself, you are aware of the effects that mirrors, glass, dust and the unstable hand have on photos. What would you suggest to other paranormal groups about capturing spirits with their camera? Capturing spirits in photographs is quite accidental, something that we all would like to have happen however, my feeling has always been, and there is no guarantee, that the conditions must be right and then only if the spirit wishes to manifest. Attempting to command them to do so

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I feel as you, and as you can see from some of the photos that I sent I have been fortunate to have the happen. ~Richard Kimmel

Battlefield Ghosts ~ On 26 February 1943, Sigmund shot down a USAAF B-24 four-engine bomber by day to record his 10th victory. ~ He recorded another day victory on 17 April, when he shot down a USAAF B-17 four-engine bomber for his 13th victory. ~ Sigmund claimed four victories on each of the nights of 21/22 June (18-21) and 25/26 June (22-25). Hauptmann Sigmund was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 2 August for 26 victories. ~On the night of 25/26 July, Sigmund and his bordfunker were wounded in aerial combat with RAF aircraft. ~On 15 August 1943, Sigmund was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of III./NJG 3. During the night of 3/4 October 1943, Sigmund and his crew were shot down and killed in Bf 110 G-4 (W.Nr. 5560) “D5 + AD” during aerial combat southwest of Göttingen.

This next part is the actual session which entails the photo of a German Pilot, German burial flag, the flag mentioned in Mr. Kimmel’s interview and a psychic.

Rudolf Sigmund was credited with 28 victories in 150 missions. He recorded 26 victories at night. Both victories recorded by day were four-engine bombers. ****************************************

Rudolf Sigmund was born on 5 March 1915 at Hardheim in Nordbaden. Sigmund was posted to NJG 1 in spring 1941. Leutnant Sigmund was assigned to 1./NJG 1. He gained his first victory on the night of 24/25 August, when he shot down a RAF Whitley twin-engine bomber near Wavre.


~In spring 1942, Oberleutnant Sigmund was appointed Adjutant of II./NJG 2.

APRIL 30, 2011

~By the end of 1942, he had increased his victory total to seven. ~On 1 October 1942, Sigmund was appointed Staffelkapitän 10./NJG 1.


SESSION BEGAN AT 9:15 PM AND ENDED AT 10:15 PM SPECIAL NOTE: When viewing these findings keep in mind that, when there is psychic communication with an interactive spirit, there is no language barrier or time factor as we know it.

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Voices to Visions

December 2012

SESSION: I began the session by placing the folded flag on the psychic's lap, where upon she immediately placed her hand on it. This apparently was the first time that the spirit had the opportunity to communicate with this realm via psychic intervention and was permitted to speak freely, expressing his feelings and information. Immediately presented to the psychic was a large letter "H". This was interpreted to be the first letter in the title of Hauptman (Captain). The psychic viewed this spirit that of a very intelligent man and immediately he stated that he did not want to follow Hitler however, he joined the military willingly and that he was good at what he did, but hated it. He continued by saying that he believed in, and wished for a perfect society but that what he fought for was not good, that he was doing his job but that the British portrayed him as an evil person keeps saying "British Propaganda". Stating that the war could have been over sooner, that he was pro-Germany all along but at the end he was anti-Hitler, making the statement that "Hitler died in 44". This was interpreted to mean that the war was, at that point in time, beginning to end, being lost, and that Hitler was on his way to defeat. He stated that he liked the Americans but the British had tarnished his name, that many others at the time were doing what he did. This was interpreted to mean other pilots and possibly ground forces were fighting and killing as well. He continued stating that he had nowhere to go, that if he did his family would had suffered, that back in the 30's he believed in what he was doing and that he was pro-country.

RESPONSES TO QUESTIONS: Q ... Can you tell me what I notice mornings as I walk past the room door where your flag is kept?

Page 35

R ... Psychic sees him smoking a big bowl pipe. I confirmed this, as most mornings when I go to the room to greet him I can smell the distinct odor of pipe smoke. No one in our home smokes nor is anyone permitted to smoke inside the home. Q ... What are your feelings about your flags present location? R ... He stated that he likes where he is now - my home, that he is happy, that he likes that I have the flag because I treat it not as a trophy, as others treat his items (referring to his awards) but as a historical item, that I do not place a money value on it, but rather a historical value - treat it as historic. Q ... When asked about his sister and his feelings, a large letter "N" appeared to the psychic. Interpreted to refer to his sister's name Lina Maria Sigmund-Nering. R ... He stated that he is a bit disappointed that his sister sold his decorations, not angry with her, but that he understands she needed the money. Q ... Asked if he occasionally visits his home, his gravesite? R ... He stated that his grave is not being taken care of, being neglected, people are negative. Q ... Asked how he makes his presence known to me, besides smoking his pipe? R ... He stated that occasionally he opens a glass cabinet the word "crystal". I confirmed this as on several occasions I have found the door to one of our glass cabinets open, where crystal is, when it is known to be closed. Q ... The last question that I asked was there a way that I might see him visually, possibly in taking photographs? R ... He responded by stating that I should take photographs near the fireplace. I do have an electric fireplace.


Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts Dust and Shadows

that spot back in 1835. We are walking the same path that these soldiers walked during the confusion that took place just hundreds of yards ahead of us. The final steps, how the adrenalin coming from the Seminole Indians must have felt upon each shot, knowing that they outnumbered these soldiers and how unprepared they were to respond. You can just feel the soldiers responding from being attacked off guard and in absolutely shocked so scared. The fear they must of felt is overwhelming. We did capture some evps, which you can listen to on our website: Personal occurrences: I did have a cold spot in front of the bench where Lt. Mudge’s Monument is located, and Bree did notice something different.

Dade Battlefield My husband and I went to Dade Battlefield to explore the grounds and to see if we could have some type of communication with the souls that still reside there. In the beginning of this issue I discussed a little bit about the historical event that took place at Dade Battlefield.

We did not have any other personal experiences and both us felt disarrayed. Probably due to the fact we knew the scenario of what took place here, you have this sensation of an overwhelming effect of the attack, it’s like you don’t know which way to go. The Evps we recorded where by the bridge and at the Sable Palm at the front of where the walk took place.

I like just walk along taking pictures, holding a digital recorder, and if I am able to place a spare digital recorder somewhere and let it run I do that. Don uses the camcorder and reads any information that is available while we are walking around. Like at any place we go to, I try to put myself in the places where the events happen, I try to understand what was going on and how I would feel and react to that event. It was a beautiful day, and Don and I were the only ones walking along the grounds. It was peaceful and serene as we approached each marker that marked the event that took place at

Page 40

Voices to Visions

December 2012 happen but the recorder stopped. I just kept asking questions and not even realizing that the recorder stopped. This is so frustrating to me, I don’t know what happen and I am upset because someone could have been talking to me and I do not have any recordings of that conversation. However we do have some recordings that we did capture, which you can listen to on our website: Personal Occurrences: While I was in the open woods thinking I was recording I was facing west into the woods, I felt something poke? punch?, my left back upper hip, kind of like a shot feeling, round ball type feeling hitting your body. I also felt like my perception was off, that they (Union) thought they were farther away but in fact they (Confederates) were not.

Olustee Battlefield

Both Don and I were more at peace here; there wasn’t any type of anger, fear or even scared nervousness. Just calming. Don believes that everyone has made peace with each other.

If you don’t walk around this area and not feel something other than the peace that this place seems to have you’re not opening yourself.

Peace, how in a war like this one? Well, my theory would be that there is a cemetery near the entrance of the Battlefield and in that cemetery are men that had served in the military.

Don, Debbie, Bruce and I, took the day to venture on the three hour drive up to Lake City, Florida. It was a nice ride all the way to the entrance of the battlefield.

I am sure that they are all sitting around at a campfire telling all the stories of their own expeditions. Sharing secrets they couldn’t tell before, having the freedom to be friends and to enjoy each other’s company. Most important, I feel that they are finalizing in their own way, how this country was built by their bravery and dedication to the United States of America.

I was shooting photography, and holding a digital recorder. Don was videotaping, Debbie had a digital recorder and Bruce was shooting some photography as well. We walked around the front where the visitor center was and began walking the Battlefield trail. At one point we decided to split up, since the trail is basically a circle, we would all meet up at one point. Don and I took the trail to the left as Debbie and Bruce continued to walk the right side of the trail. At the first bench, Don and I stopped. We were on the Union side. I wanted to get a feel of what was going on, trying to understand this event. I placed a digital recorder on a tree stump and let it run. I ventured out into the opened wooded area with one of the digital recorders. I don’t know what

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Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts with interests in military history, religious history, science fiction & fantasy, astronomy and space exploration. Most people find it very unusual that I do not care for horror films, yet I am interested in the paranormal. I don't get thrills from blood, gore, skulls, zombies and grim reapers. I am a bit of a spiritualist and an empathic sensitive, but I do not consider myself a medium. * What happen in your life that interested you in the Paranormal and to form your own group?

Phil Payette Director, Tidewater Paranormal * Tell us a little bit about you and your group. We are Tidewater Paranormal Investigations, based in Virginia Beach, Va. We formed in the Spring of 2010 as a group of like-minded strangers in an online meetup group. Several members have come and gone since then, but we continue with a core group of individuals who have become very close friends. We conduct private residential investigations in Virginia and North Carolina, and we also participate in ghost hunts at large locations, many of which have been seen on television. We usually do this with other groups and individuals in order to network and expand our knowledge and experience. We attended the very first session of T.A.P.S. Institute (then called T.A.P.S. Academy) which was conducted in Radford, Va. in 2011. We are members of the National Paranormal Society, the UFO Club of Virginia Beach, and the Praesidium of Warriors of St. Michael, a network of paranormal individuals involved in spiritual warfare within the Christian faith. This past year we merged with P.A.R.A. Hampton Roads VA but both groups will continue to operate independently as needed.

I was born into a haunted house up in New Hampshire. I was too young to remember anything there, but I have been intrigued by my sister's stories of her experiences in that house. I remember watching early paranormal television shows as a child such as "In Search Of..." and "Project U.F.O." And as I was growing up in Virginia I occasionally saw shadow people at night, but I never mentioned it to anyone at the time. Even in my adult years I still sometimes see shadow people. I had also had a couple of apparent UFO sightings as well. I started ghost hunting around the Fredericksburg area for fun with some friends in the late 1990's. Then one day in 2001 I had a close encounter with a spirit in an old fort in Maine. I never saw it with my eyes, but its presence was strongly felt and it was very unhappy with me being there. After that I decided to actually join a real paranormal investigations group. Unfortunately, the first couple groups I joined were not right for me, so I created my own with the assistance of two of my closest associates who shared my beliefs and ideas on how a paranormal investigations team should be operated.

I am the owner/director of this team of nine people with two members, Tara and Paul, being my co-founders. I am a 41-year old Navy retiree

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Voices to Visions * This issue is about Battlefield Ghosts. Stating on your website you made a personal mission, tell us about that. Seeing how Gettysburg, Pa. gets so much attention from paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, I figured all the battlefields in Virginia would have something to offer as well. I had become disappointed with the lack of attention our battlefields get, both from paranormal enthusiasts and amateur history buffs. During the Civil War, Virginia was the most contested piece of real estate in the country. I strongly believe Virginia should get just as much attention as Gettysburg, so I began to visit and investigate the battlefields here. Statistics would show that our battlefields should be just as paranormally active, if not more. Indeed, two of our battlefields here, Spotsylvania Court House and Cold Harbor, have been listed in the top ten of most haunted battlefields. I wanted to see why for myself. The rest of my team usually does not participate with me in my battlefield investigations. Only on two occasions so far has a team member accompanied me. I realize this means my own claims, should I have any, cannot be validated by another person. But I am okay with that, even if this affects the credibility of whatever evidence I collect. I enjoy road trips and travelling on my own. Visiting forts and battlefields has been a passion of mine for a very long time and now I am combining it with my other passion of paranormal investigating. * There are so many little battlefields that have been overlooked and shadowed by the most famous battles in the United States, have you and your team explored these battles in your area and if so what are your thoughts. I have investigated many of the lesser-known smaller battlefields and have more fun doing so as it brings me to new places I have never been before. I love driving across my state, learning its history and enjoying the scenery. Virginia is a beautiful state and yet it saw more death and

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December 2012 destruction during the Civil War than any other state. Gettysburg gets all the attention from paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, but that was only one battle. And that location tends to be overcrowded with visitors making it less enjoyable in my opinion. Virginia has so much more to offer paranormal enthusiasts and history buffs alike. I have discovered that our battlefields here don't get as many visitors and without their interference that makes investigating easier. Investigating can only be done, legally, during daylight hours and visitors' presence will always be a factor to consider. Also, Virginia was also involved in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. There are battle sites here related to those wars, too.

* What battlefield did you personally take more to heart when investigating, and how is that one different from the others? Having been raised in the Fredericksburg, Va. area, I was most interested in investigating the several battlefields surrounding that city. There are five Civil War battlefields within the National Park Service's Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial National Military Park: Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Court House, The Wilderness, Old Salem Church, and Chancellorsville. And of those, I think Fredericksburg is closest to my heart because the Catholic school I once attended was located on that battlefield next to the National Cemetery and the

Battlefield Ghosts battlefield's famous Sunken Road. That school no longer exists, and it broke my heart to see the buildings demolished. Every time I visit that battlefield I always find myself relishing the memories of my youth on those very grounds. Fredericksburg is also known for being where George Washington grew up. * What are your personal feelings about battlefield spirits, why they are still lingering on the fields and from time to time make a visual visit? I believe most battlefield ghosts are nothing more than residual haunts, a reemerging leftover "echo" of time which we could only speculate as to why they occur. As anyone could imagine, battlefields were once very energetic places to be during the course of a battle. Most deceased soldiers were buried in place until they were reinterred several years later in appropriate cemeteries. While visiting several cemeteries around Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Petersburg, I found many headstones marking unknown soldiers. As for any intelligent haunts appearing on our battlefields, I do not know why they are present, but I would sure like to find out why! * There are claims of paranormal activity being seen, heard and even felt during visiting hours at the battlefields, what is your most compelling evidence of the during a visit at a battlefield and which battlefield was that.

So far my only substantial evidence is what could be an apparition in a photograph taken at Cold Harbor Battlefield near Richmond, Va. I tend to think of it as a general, based on its appearance that I perceive. However, on a return visit I determined that the "apparition" is much taller than a normal human as its "head" was several feet above mine when I stood in that exact spot. I have shared this photo with others, and some see what I see, others say they do not see anything at all. * If you had an opportunity to speak to a solider from the Civil War, what battle would that be, whom would that soldier be and what three questions would you ask. On a recent visit to Sailor's Creek Battlefield State Park I had the pleasure of witnessing two re-enactors of Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant share their personal thoughts (in character) about the war and its effects and the anxiety felt by both men before the upcoming surrender at Appomattox Court House. It was a very emotional event. Grant felt bad for Lee, yet relieved that the war was finally ending. Lee was sad the war was lost of course, and yet he too was relieved to finally see the war end. All both gentlemen really wanted was to go home and live the remainder of their years peaceably. One question I would have asked Gen. Grant though, would have been about his feelings about Virginia, since he had spent a great deal of time here and knew and respected Lee, a native Virginian, for an even greater period of time since before the war. I also wish I could have witnessed the famous battle of the Ironclads that occurred in the harbor off Norfolk, Va. I would also like to compare the thoughts and feelings of the wounded veterans of that time with those of today. ~Phil Payette

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

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December 2012

Battlefield Ghosts

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Voices to Visions Credits Cover by Alice Mary Herden Page 3: Civil War by Alice Mary Herden ( photo Dover) Page 4: Photos of Yorktown, VA by Alice Mary Herden Page 5: Photos of Manassas, VA by Alice Mary Herden Page 7: Photo from the Brooksville Raid Re-enactment by Alice Mary Herden Page 8: Top photo from the Brooksville Raid Re-enactment by Alice Mary Herden; Page 9: Bottom photo of re-enactors provided by Ed Quicksall Page 10: Photo from the Brooksville Raid Re-enactment by Alice Mary Herden Page 11-13: Photo from the Dade Battlefield by Alice Mary Herden Page 15: Photo from the Olustee Battlefield by Alice Mary Herden Page 16: Top photo from the Olustee Battlefield by Alice Mary Herden, Portraits from Library of Congress Civil War Photographs Page 17: Photo from the Olustee Battlefield by Alice Mary Herden Page 20: Civil War photo Dover Page 21: Jeff Belanger photo provided by Jeff Belanger media page on his website; Civil War photo (Dover) Page 22: Scanned cover of Jeff Belanger Ghost of War book Page 23: General Lee portrait (Dover) Page 24: Solider by Alice Mary Herden Page 27: Fiat CR photo used with permission by Dick Spingler and Don Kaiser Page 29-32: Photos provided by Richard Kimmel Page 33: Top Photo by Alice Mary Herden, Right corner photo provided by Richard Kimmel Page 34 and 36: Photos and book cover provided by Richard Kimmel Page 40: Photos from the Dade Battlefield by Alice Mary Herden Page 41-42: Photo from the Olustee Battlefield by Alice Mary Herden Pages 46-48: Photos of Virginia Battlefield from Phil Payette (!/VirginiaBattl efields) Page 46: Photo of Phil Payette by Tony Surace

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Battlefield Ghosts

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December 2012

December 2012  

Voices to Visions Battlefield Ghost ~Jeff Belanger ~ Richard Kimmel ~ Olustee Battlefield ~ Dade Battlefield

December 2012  

Voices to Visions Battlefield Ghost ~Jeff Belanger ~ Richard Kimmel ~ Olustee Battlefield ~ Dade Battlefield